SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(3)

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Adaptive Server Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(2)
Adaptive Server Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(3)
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401954 New feature request to set a maximum wait time limit to SHUTDOWN. The new syntax is SHUTDOWN [WITH WAIT [ = "xx:xx:xx" ] | WITH NOWAIT ]
401988 Syconfig and other client applications will not able to connect to the Adaptive Server if it was booted with named pipe.
402002 The message 'Legal optimizer criteria must be INT' is printed when running some 'SET' commands.
402029 When performing a post error cleanup ASE may enter in the infinite loop trying to allocate memory. Very long stack trace will show multiple occurances of following sequence of calls : {s_handle,s_cleanframe,s_copytmps,memcreate,ex_raise}
402044 Incorect value may be assignment to the local variable if the query is executed

in the parallel and the query has a scalar aggregate. This problem may happen if

the showplan output shows multiple query steps with "Parallel result buffer merge"

execution strategy.

402075 When upgrading to 15.0 from 12.5.x, if the configured 'procedure cache size' is the default, upgrade may fail due to Error 701. To work around this, ensure that the procedure cache size is at least 12000.
402082 On the HP platform HTTPS (SSL) is not available for ASE WebServices. The HTTP transport is not affected, however.
402099 Many tools need to get an estimated cost from a query plan without executing the query. This cost is used to compare estimated plan cost in 15.0 vs the actual cost in pre 15.0 query plan. A new "set option" called show_final_plan_xml has been added that prints a query plan before the query gets executed along with its estimated logical and physical I/O.
402102 Job Scheduler utility scripts fail on Windows platforms due to error in statement to set an environment variable.
402115 On sol64 platform ,jcs.jar file didn't exist in the dir decripted by the former testcase ($SYBASE/ASE-12_5/Sample/JavaSqlXml/SQLX-examples). The jcs.jar file exist in the dir ($SYBASE/lib).So must be modified the testcase.
402171 (OPTIMIZER) The estimated total cost of the final plan as displayed by the output of traceflag 310 may be incorrect in the case of a query with joins on more than 4 tables.
402212 When the 'optimization timeout limit' option is configured via sp_configure, then the newly configured value is not reflected in the session (visible via the @@opttimeout global variable) that invokes sp_configure.

The query plans generated in the invoking session may thus be based on the previous 'optimization timeout limit' value instead of the newly configured value.

402274 Query with equi-sargs predicates containing IS NULL on indexed columns can result

in wrong selectivity estimation.

402310 ASE does not allow creation of tables with Unicode characters.

ASE will report the following error when trying to use Unicode

characters in a table or column name:

Msg 102, Level 15, State 1:

Server 'ase_125', Line 2:

Incorrect syntax near '琴'.

402324 The sybmon stack command has been extended to support dumping metadata for

all threads running a parallel query plan. The new command is:

stack family <alfa_spid>

Note, that alfa_spid must be the spid of the parallel plan's alfa thread.

402353 If a SQL update statement uses an assignment of an encrypted column

into a T/SQL local variable or parameter (@variable), Adaptive Server

may return Msg 15445: "The datatype of the ciphertext data (NUMERIC)

is incorrect for column ''."

402355 The message, process infected with 11 in 'proc__setdb_derived_table' is printed in the errorlog

together with a stacktrace containing the modules 's_getTreeOrPlan', 'proc_setdb' and

'proc__setdb_tree' when a SELECT statement containing a derived table expression is executed.

ASE must be configured with user defined tempdbs and statement cache on.

402362 ECDA DB2 UDB: ASE/CIS cursor date parameter was bound as datetime. The date parameter is now bound as date.
402435 Previously in 15.0 GA, DBISQL launch script "dbisql.bat" (Windows) and "dbisql" (Unix platforms) contained invalid argument "-path" that caused the script to fail. This has been fixed. (The correct argument is "-Dpath".)'
402438 sub-optimal performance may result when a query is executed in execute immediate mode.
402441 This CR implements 'dynamic partition elimination': when predicates such as 'where part_col = @v' appear in a query on a table that is semantically partitioned on 'part_col', the query execution engine will determine the partition that could contain matching values based upon the semantic partitioning conditions, at execution time, when the value of @v is known. The partitions that cannot contain matching values are eliminated from the scan operation. Dynamic partition elimination will also be applied to nested-loop join operations, where the substituted value of the column of the outer table is known before the inner table is scannned.

A new message will appear in showplan output when dynamic partitioning is active:

[ Using Dynamic Partition Elimination ]

402472 Historical Server playback mode returns incorrect information on 64bit platforms.
402476 The message "An internal memory management error has occured. Error code: Invalid slot id." may be reported in the error log

when Adaptive Server encounters some problems while distributing the work among worker processes

and ends up without proper clean-up of the worker processes in some rare cases.

402536 XPServer fails to start on linuxia64 platform with default value of "esp execution stacksize" parameter.
402574 Feature request for a way to have serverwide dbcc traceflag output go to a log file other than the errorlog.
402610 On the Windows platform, the message "KERNEL structure not padded correctly - size = 5288" appears at the start of the ASE boot sequence.
402615 Report values of SYBASE_LICENSE_FILE and LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variables as they are used to find licenses, if set.
402632 Backupserver might delete shared memory with id 0 when dump command fails.
402694 A SELECT SUBSTRING(...) statement on a proxy table mapped to a remote table on DB2 using the DirectConnect/DRDA results in an ILLEGAL SYMBOL error from DB2.
402717 After the cross platform dump and load (XPDL), the space utilization

is not handled correctly, and an index is unnecessarily rebuilt

by sp_post_xpload, if variable length index key was greater than

252 bytes. Also some page corruptions happen in DOL index root page,

in DOL non-leaf index page for UNICHAR NOT NULL index key in some cases,

and in a special case of slice control page if the database dump is from 11.9.x.

402725 UNION queries may return wrong results in very limited circumstances.

This may occur if the select list of the first SELECT contains duplicate

column references.

402732 This fix enhances the query optimizer's ability to find optimal query plans for complex queries more quickly without compromising on plan quality. The enhancement primarily comes from changes made to the ASE query optimizer's optimization timeout mechanism and greedy search strategy. The following user interface changes have also been made for the optimization timeout mechanism:

At the server level:

sp_configure "optimization timeout limit", <0..1000>

- this option is now valid for ad-hoc queries only

- the range has changed from <1..1000> to <0..1000>

- the value 0 represents "no timeout"

- the default is still 10

sp_configure "sproc optimize timeout limit", <0..4000>

- this option has been introduced for stored procedure queries

- the is from <0..4000>

- the value 0 represents "no timeout" at server level

- the default is 40

At the session level

set plan opttimeout <0..4000>

- this can be specified for both ad-hoc queries or stored procedures

- the range has changed from <1..1000> to <0..4000>

- the value 0 represents "no-timeout" at session level

- for ad-hoc queries, values specified above 1000 are discarded and default of 10 is used

At query level

select * from TabA ...


"(use opttimeoutlimit <0..4000>)"

- only <0..1000> can be specified for ad-hoc queries

- <0..4000> can be specified for stored procedures

- a value of "0" represents no-timeout at the query level

402733 ALTER TABLE DROP command with more than 9 text columns fails with signal 11 in oh_insert.
402768 Loading a dump of a smaller database into a larger one may cause the segmaps of fragments beyond the size of the dump to change.
402835 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'dbt_unkeep'

followed by a stack trace may be reported in the error log when a session

is detaching from an external transaction and the revert to the database

that was active at the time of the attach has failed. The modules

'xact__detach_external' and 'closedb' will also be reported. As a result

an implicit shut down of ASE will occur.

402846 The error 1945 "Cannot create unique index 'ix1' on table 't'. The table

partition condition and the specified index keys make it impossible

to enforce index uniqueness across partitions." will be reported

only when the user tries to create a unique local index; the issue

doesn't apply to a unique global index.

402855 A SELECT INTO using the the identity() function generates zeros for some rows when using a derived

table based on a UNION ALL or a view containing a UNION ALL.

402897 Performance problem could occur when a query has 2 or more IN lists that can be applied to the same composite index on different keys. The behavior was that the index will likely be chosen in the query plan, but if this index was a weak choice, then there could be a performance problem.

e.g. select * from T where T.a IN (1,2) and T.b IN (5,6) and ... some other predicates

suppose an index existed on T(a,b) and all rows of the index qualified with the above predicate, then a full index scan with lookup of all data rows will occur, which would normally be much slower than a simple table scan or some other index scan with the remaining predicates.

402902 For an INSERT ... SELECT query a 14108 error or 605 error can occur if all of the following conditions are met:

The rows to be inserted contain at least one LOB column (TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT);

The SELECT that generates the values to be inserted must access at least two distinct tables, each with a LOB column;

The query plan must use a HashDistinct operation, i.e. the showplan output contains:


The 14108 error can occur if at least one table in the query has no LOB columns. If all tables in the query have LOB columns, the 605 error can occur.

402918 Running ASE 15.0 GA, Load Database performed upon a 12.5.x dump of a database

that has replicated stored procedures can fail on this error:

Error: 632, Severity: 20, State: 2

Attempt to move memory with an incorrect length of -166. Maximum

allowed length is 16384.

402920 After dropping a column using ALTER TABLE, the computed columns defined after the dropped column as well as any function-based indexes do not work properly.
402922 After 32bit <-> 64 bit or cross-platform dump load,

if server is shutdown and boot again, accessing semantically

partitioned table or roundrobin partitioned table with global

clustered/placement index may run into segv.

402925 A stacktrace may occur when an error is raised while executing a query that has a hash join,

a hash distinct or a hash union operator in its plan.

This stacktrace contains the functions : LeHashOp::_LeClose() and soextdealloc().

402986 Installjsdb released with ASE 1253 ESD#3 on Mac OS is an incorrect version

and causes Job Scheduler not to function on Mac. This affects only Mac OS platform.

ASE reports in errorlog messages like "Incorrect Job Scheduler sequencer version found

within 'sybmgmtdb'", "Job Scheduler can not operate, Expected 0:27:27, Actual 0:26:26",

"Job Scheduler failed installing its required sequencer code",

"Job Scheduler Task failed to initialize", "Job Scheduler Task state set to stop".

403071 Update auditinit for sunx86 platform. Previous release has incorrectly shipped auditinit from other platform.
403075 Update auditinit for HPIA64 platform. Previous release has incorrectly shipped auditinit from other platform.
403077 Installjsdb released with ASE 1253 ESD#3 on Mac OS is an incorrect version

and causes Job Scheduler not to function on Mac. This affects only Mac OS platform.

ASE reports in errorlog messages like "Incorrect Job Scheduler sequencer version found

within 'sybmgmtdb'", "Job Scheduler can not operate, Expected 0:27:27, Actual 0:26:26",

"Job Scheduler failed installing its required sequencer code",

"Job Scheduler Task failed to initialize", "Job Scheduler Task state set to stop".

403079 When a transaction is aborted due to excessive stack usage, ASE prints only diagnostics related to offending task. It doesn't produce diagnostics regarding query context available before abort. This CR addresses problem by printing information on stored procedure nesting level and open transactions under new traceflag.
403129 The message 4408, "The query and the views in it exceed the limit of 50 tables." is raised with

severity 19. This severity is too high and should be 16.

403130 Some option settings may not be exported from login trigger to the

session level.

403208 the EBF/ESD installer should give option to run installmaster script...and...

...other scripts...

installmaster (instmstr on Windows) Script

installcommit (instcomm on Windows) Script

installsecurity (instsecu on Windows) Script

instmsgs.ebf Script Script (Sun Solaris only)

installhasvss (insthasv on Windows) Script

installdbccdb (instdbcdb on Windows) Script

...after all the files for the EBF/ESD are placed on the hard drive.

403382 CIS: In some circumstances, running sp_showplan on a multi-engine server with sessions involving CIS query or MDA tables may be infected with signal 10 or 11 and core dumps, or causes ASE to


403384 The sqlupgrade utility may initiate the upgrade process for the server before all databases in the server have completed recovery.
403391 Auditinit now ported to ASE15.0 in ESD1 on IBM64.
403392 When an update command tries to update a column with the result from a cursor fetch and

a deferred update causes the cursor position to be lost, a signal 11 and stack

trace including LeDMLOp::_LeOpClose() may occur.

403461 This fix is to update logic of counting physical processors considering introduction of SMT (Simultaneous multithreading) capable Power5 processors.
403462 This fix is to support additional license type "EV" for evaluation period license.
403476 The Sysprocesses.time_blocked column unexpectedly shows a NULL value for

server tasks being blocked by a detached distributed transaction.

403537 When using large 'sql text pipe max messages' and 'plan text pipe max messages', changing "current audit table" from 1 to 2 could causes MDA/FDP error.
403564 sp_displayaudit returns arithmetic overflow on Windows XP when auditing is configured at the database level.
403592 Error 4022 should have a severity of 10, but a severity of 16 is raised which results in ODBC connections being refused.
403597 sp_monitorconfig may report more active locks than found in syslocks.
403600 On HP-UX Itanium platform, the stacktrace in case of a crash doesn't include all the frames and may also report wrong function names even though we have the correct instruction pointer.
403638 The warning message 9827 reading "Control page <PageNumber> upgrade for partition number

<PartitionNumber> for object ID <ObjectId> in database <DatabaseName> may not have

been done correctly ..." may wrongly be reported under the previous object section for DBCC checkalloc.

403662 Fixed possible wrong result for queries whose plan
contains a DistinctSorting and one of the DistinctSorting's
projection is a column with a search clause <the column>=constant
on it. The wrong result typically only showed up under heavy server load.
403678 In ASE 12.5.3 ESD#1, ESD#2 and ESD#3 coverletter on Windows platform,

instructions for removing the "sybase" account from Windows system-defined group "Administrators"

after performing the steps needed to improve security is missing. This can leave the

"sybase" account with a higher privilege than needed.

403797 The XML for showplan_in_xml has been enhanced to cater to the changes in ASE for 15.0 ESD #1.

The new XML has information that tries to bridge more gap between the text version of showplan and the xml version.

For all Objects/Nodes the following Important attributes are added

1) Abstract Plan

2) Overall Cost

3) Resource

4) Optimizer Metrics

5) Optimizer Statistics [Including object for which stats is missing]

403831 Msg 12802, "Invalid partition number <number>. Valid partition number is a positive integer."

is raised when the UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS command is executed. The partition number is

omitted but instead the WITH SAMPLING <number> clause is used.

403842 In rare circumstances the message "current process infected with 11" in the

module 'senderror' may be reported in the error log together with a stack

trace when executing a prepared dynamic statement.

403910 A 14108 error "Could not find partition descriptor for objid 8, indid 255, ptnid 8

in dbid <value>." followed by the message "ASE is terminating this process." may be

raised when using datalength() built-in function on TEXT/IMAGE columns within a TRIGGER.

The stack trace being reported in the error log will show modules 'LeRun', 'textsize',

'gettxtpage' and 'open_partition'.

403968 REORG REBUILD on a single data partition is not supported

yet. Added an error message 11935 in rbld_main() to warn

the user.

403972 On SuSE 32 bit Linux platform (SuSE 9 SP1 or later), ASE incorrectly identifies AIO to be KAIO

while using Posix AIO. This can lead to ASE hang. Solution is to start ASE with trace flag 1630.

403975 If ASE has a default character set of utf8 and a client application

uses this same charset, then ASE may return the wrong number of characters

for the given column descriptor when a built-in function such as left()

is executed.

403978 Change...

Chapter 2 Understanding Component Integration Services

Proxy tables

Using the create proxy_table command


This section should also include the

statement...create proxy_table...updates

system tables sysobjects, syscolumns,

and sysindexes


...making it similar to the previous section on create existing table.

403979 Enables CTLIB API checking for dataserver. This is done through Traceflag 11297.
403986 In certain rare types of operations on non-clustered indexes,

fatal error 539 may be seen when out of log space.

403989 When a database has almost, but not quite, enough available space for upgrade, and the upgrade will need to create new tables in that database, the preupgrade utility may fail to detect that the database needs to be made larger.
403991 The compression API does not support multiple dump files per device.
403996 Job Scheduler Agent has problems with Japanese job command text.
404078 Previously in 15.0 GA, DBISQL launch script "dbisql.bat" (Windows) and "dbisql" (Unix platforms) contained invalid argument "-path" that caused the script to fail. This has been fixed. (The correct argument is "-Dpath".)
404090 The use of HAaseAgent for ASE 15.0 may lead to the failure of thorough probe for HAase resource

on Veritas Cluster Server.

404123 CIS: When a table is marked for replication with sp_setreptable, updating the table

with text or image data using UPDATE or INSERT-SELECT command from a proxy XFS table

results in 605 or 806 error.

404195 ASE 15.0 uninstall leaves files and registry key entries behind.
404291 QPMETRICS: Implementing a new 'filter' command for sp_metrics.

The syntax will be: sp_metrics 'filter', '@gid', '@predicate'

e.g. sp_metrics 'filter', '1', 'lio_max < 100'

which will delete all qpmetrics records in group 1 where

lio_max < 100.

404306 The SySAM License Server has been updated to use version of the Macrovision FLEXnet Licensing components. Additionally, the sysam script has been converted to Bourne Shell (previously Korn Shell) and modified to return an exit status.
404355 The system stored procedure SP_HELPCACHE may report an inacurrate name

value for a given user-defined cache, if it was created with a long name


404391 If a license acquired by ASE is not a permenent license or a license

cannot be acquired and is awarded on grace, a new error

message with severity 17, non fatal but requiring action, is printed to the

dataserver's errorlog. This error message is to inform DBA that license

will expire at a stated date.

404470 UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS raises error 9810 with a stacktrace containing the function call sl_update_ctrlpg_pagecnt
404472 Added support for allowing plan generation for multiple queries separated by GO statement.
404487 Monitor counters reporting Run-Time adjustment of parallel queries are functional

Monitor counters are:

total number of parallel queries

number of run-time-adjusted queries due to thread limit ('max parallel degree' or

session 'parallel_degree' setting.)

number of run-time-adjusted queries due to a lack of available processes.

404489 When doing text upgrade for compiled objects in ASE 15.0, the upgrade might fail with error 705.
404493 A 953 error may be unexpectedly raised while running the 'LOAD DATABASE' command for the master database, if ever one of the database living on the master device has been extended onto another disk device.
404643 CIS: When an error occurs while inserting data into proxy tables within a local

transaction, it results in partial commits on remote pre-DTM servers.

404649 Fixes missing information about plan version, statement number and line number for a stored procedure.
404650 For scan operators in some sqls the detailed report (xhtml tab) was not shown. This cr fixes that problem.
404651 Out of many Per Key attribute for an index scan operator, only the first one was shown. This fix now shows all the perKeys for an indexScan
404654 A signal 11 could occur in queries with non-correlated subqueries that are

executed with subquery cache statistics enabled. The stack trace will

include printSqCacheStats.

404666 Advanced tab is not shown for the versions of servers where it is inapplicable
404728 When resource manager and parallelism are enabled, we run into error 3630 and 11002, which aborts a query saying that it had exceeded its resource limit. This happens with queries which contain UNION/UNION ALL operators, because the query optimizer was incorrectly estimating the cost of those queries to be cheaper than they ought to be.
404738 Unexpected truncated data maybe inserted into a table when

the INSERT or UPDATE statement is executed inside a stored

procedure and a change in the underlying tables used by the

stored procedure caused more than one internal renormalizations.

404751 When the option SET ROWCOUNT is set within a procedure where SET EXPORT_OPTIONS is ON, the option is not exported to the procedure caller.
404755 An unexpected 515 error, "Attempt to insert NULL value into column 'column',

table 'table_name'; column does not allow nulls" may be raised when executing

an INSERT statement inside a stored procedure and the option STRING_RTRUNCATION

is ON and the value to be inserted only contains blanks.

404816 Separate object id/name and partition id/name parameters in the following

dbccs. The new syntax is shown below:

dbcc tablealloc(tablename | tabid

[, full | optimized | fast

[, fix | nofix

[, data_partition_name | data_partition_id ]]])

dbcc indexalloc(tablename | tabid, indid

[, optimized | fast

[, fix | nofix

[, partition_name | partition_id ]]])

dbcc rebuild_text(table | "all"

[, column

[, text_page

[, data_partition ]]])

404841 dbcc checkstorage and reorg rebuild, when run concurrently, may result in an

undetected deadlock due to missing wakeup in a rare window.

404919 When executing system stored procedure sp_helpdb and the option QUOTED_IDENTIFIER

has been set some unexpected errors may be raised and the procedure will fail.

404941 Dump with native compression to tape fails with error number 22. This has been fixed for the NT and Linux platforms.
404949 ASE returns conversion error 9502 when doing an implicit conversion from unichar to nchar.
404953 Fixed a potential sig 11 stacktrace during code generation for CIS query
involving subquery.
405000 Upgrade to 15.0 from a 12.5.x release containing the encrypted columns feature may fail while upgrading sysindexes. This occurs because column IDs for encryption-related sysindexes columns are different between the two releases.
405028 The system stored procedure sp_statistics returns extra data. In addition the order of data are

not consistant with documentation.

405034 Error 3121 "Index sysobjects.ncsysobjects (objid=1, indid=2) may be invalid..."

maybe reported in the error log during ONLINE DATABASE, after loading the database

that is dumped by a server using a different charset id than the current server.

A table created in pre-15.0 system and then altered into range-partitioned table with

char/varchar partition key column(s) may be marked as SUSPECT and thus read-only during

sort order/char set change that normally wouldn't make the range partition suspect.

405106 Feature Request : Functionality to be able to redirect jobs output to redirect to a flat file.
405112 When using parallel mode, a query cannot use an index on an inner table of a nested loop join. This is prevalent in a case where the partitioning of the inner table of a nested loop join is useless with respect to the columns in the join clause. This fix can only be enabled using a session level command "set replicated_partition 1".
405113 Possible different trailing spaces from pre-150 when assigning an
order-by char type column to a char type variable. Here is an example:
create table #t (c1 char(5) null )
insert #t values ('123')
declare @v1 char(10)
select @v1 = c1 from #t order by c1
@v1 would have different number of trailing spaces compared to
405118 Query performing view materialization using parallel strategy may return

incorrect results.

405125 LDAPUA feature enhancements to support:

1. Configurable timeout mechanism for

binds and searches to the LDAP server.

2. Configurable number of LDAPUA

native threads per engine.

3. LDAPUA error reporting improvements.

405315 If the "number of open objects" is under configured, the message

"current process infected with 11" in the module 'crc_ckconstr'

together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'crt_main'

and 'crt_constr' may be reported during the creation of a table.

Similarly, the message "current process infected with 11" in the

module 'procrm' together with a stack trace which includes the modules

's_recompile' and 's_rmpbuf' may be reported during the execution

of a stored procedure.

405328 Union queries that use a NULL constant in the select list

of the union's first select statement and are the source for an insert

statement may return wrong result or stacktrace. The following union

provides an example:

insert foo (c1, c2, c3)

select c1, c2, c3 = null from t1


select c1, c2, c3 = c1 from t2

The problem may not occur depending on how columns are aligned in the

underlying data row.

405329 Documentation errors in ASE doc "Configuration Guide Adaptive Server Enterprise for UNIX";pt=2093;nh=1?DwebQuery=user+objects#X

(1) Under Table Specifications, "User Objects per database" has the maximum value of

"231 - 100". This is incorrect and the expression should be presented as

2 to the power 31 minus 100.

(2) Similarly, the following entries are incorrectly presented:

Under Adaptive Server Specifications, Database Specifications:

(A) Maximum database size

" 243(8TB) Minus overhead for system databases"

The above maximum size should read 2 to the power 43 not 243.

(B) Maximum size of a database device (disk partition)

" 224(32GB) If the Operating System supports file sizes up to 32GB, then Adaptive Server supports file system devices up to 32GB"

The above maximum size should read 2 to the power 24 not 224.

405330 Some queries containing hash operators may attempt to allocate

large private buffer pools. These pools could require a large

chunk of contiguous memory which could lead to 701 errors even

though there is ample free space in the procedure cache. A 701

error can be traced to this problem by rerunning problem query

with traceflag 751 enabled. If the resulting stacktrace contains

sort_auxbufinstall(), then this is the problem.

405408 Real time messaging for JMS configuration fails with 'cannot load dll' and OS error 182 in the


This can happen on windows 2003 or windows xp systems where system32\libeay32.dll is an older

version than the libeay32.dll released with tibco.

TIBCO recommends to copy libeay32.dll from TIBCO\clients\c\bin to system32.

405460 At login time, if the password has expired, it is possible that a shared page lock on syslogins is not released after the login has completed.
405491 New license files added to the SYSAM-2_0/licenses directory or new licenses added to a license file may not be detected when ASE is currently running with graced licenses.
405510 Permissions for operations (decrypt, create/alter/drop encryption key) did not display properly in ASE Plugin.
405514 A cursor declared on a select statement with a where clause that searches an encrypted column using a literal value may fail to find qualifying rows. The failure occurs if the column being searched is encrypted by a key created with init_vector NULL.
405646 Incorrect result set ordering for an INSERT ... SELECT.. ORDER BY ...

query where some of the ORDERBY columns is not part of the INSERT

scalars. For example:

insert into t1 (col1) select col1 from t2 order by col1, col2 desc

In the above query, col2's ordering requirement may not be enforced.

405738 When using JCONNECT, if the query includes the db name, the dbname is not included in the TDSROWFMT2 response.
405739 Due to change in system catalog DDLGen was generating wrong DDL for database. This fixes the problem, by generating correct value of the database size.
405758 Optimizer doesn't cost LIKE CLAUSE properly. Customers may use force index to workaround.
405763 ASEPlugin reported wrong value for device size for data servers with 4k, 8k and 16k page sizes.

This is fixed to show the right values

405784 The "Add" items (e.g. "Add Database Device") in various folders, normally used for opening a wizard, are replaced by toolbar buttons (e.g. "Database Device" button).
405894 SQL Logging dialog now saves the previously set options. Two additional options are added: adding 'go' at the end of each SQL statement, and displaying row numbers in query output. Also, date/time output now contains the elapsed time of the SQL. Note the elapsed time, displayed as 'Execution time', include the time that ASE Plug-in spends before and after the query execution (preparing query and processing query results, e.g.)
405996 CIS: "create proxy_table" which maps onto a remote server supporting DECIMAL identity might result in message 11246 "Precision or scale mismatch in remote object..."
406003 Database Properties Usage page is modified. It now only reports the following information: database size, reserved space, used space (by data and indexes), unused space, and unreserved space.
406004 15.0 GA suffered the following problems

CR 406159 : Wrong Device Size in creation

and the current CR, i.e duplicate context menu items for a db created for load

These are fixed

406005 Downgrade from 1253a and then running sp_bindrule, sp_bindefault, etc causes stack trace because of the extra columns added in syscolumns for encrypted columns.
406060 An 8201 error "Keep count of descriptor ... was expected to be 1. Instead 2

was found." may be raised during LOAD TRAN or LOAD DATABASE, when the

configuration parameter "per object statistics active" is turned on.

406068 Encrypted columns of type CHAR, VARCHAR, BINARY and VARBINARY that are specified as nullable fail to decrypt using ALTER TABLE .. MODIFY .. DECRYPT.
406092 During Migration Tool (sybmigrate) setup using the graphical interface: on the repository database setup screen the drop-down that shows a list of potential devices to use for the creation of the repository database may be empty if no devices have enough free space. If the Next> button is pressed a java NullPointerException is raised at com.sybase.sybmigration.gui.SPWizRepositoryPage.validateInput(
406129 In the ASE Plugin, the Server SQL Execution tab has been made modeless, columns for SQL Execution Time and Number of rows returned have been added to the Messages tab, and a split panel has been added between the SQL Editor and output panes.
406143 Using External File Support (XFS) to read from a file larger than 2GB that has been mapped

to a proxy table can result in errors (for example, "Failed to seek to offset -NNNNNNNNNN").

406158 enhance ASE/CIS to send the...noholdlock...syntax through to DC/dcany/MSSQL

cross reference CR 406116...DC/dcany/MSSQL...add sqlxformation to convert...Sybase Microsoft with (nolock)

406166 Due to packaging error, ASE Plugin included in 12.5.3 ESD#3 and ESD#4 cause following errors.

When ASE Plug-in that is coded with JRE 1.4 is run with 1.3 JVM, it gives stack trace during

Create Table which results in a stack trace that says java.lang.NoSuchMethodError.

When ASE Plug-in that is coded with JRE 1.3 is run with 1.4 JVM,

focus error will be seen during Create Table.

406276 System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name.
406294 jsagent process terminates and core file is generated when the user issues the sp_js_wakeup "stop_js", 1 command.
406300 Fixed error 586/16/5 when running query with ORDER BY and IDENTITY.
406303 Upgrade process and system stored procedure sp_checkreswords cannot identify the following new ase15.0 keywords:







406313 Previously Databases folder was sorted incorrectly when connected to a 12.0 ASE. This has been fixed.
406314 The changes included in OCS 12.5.1 ESD#10 include fixes for the following issues:

SCL/Kerberos memory leaks on successful connections when using MIT Kerberos, CR 385928. After many hundreds or thousands of successful Kerberos connections, memory leak resulted in memory allocation errors in the errorlog and authentication errors returned to clients. The memory allocation errors reported: "Security Control Layer's memory allocation routine returned an error."

An API change occurred to OCS internal functions used by Security Control Layer (SCL) drivers called by ASE. The request ID changed to type long to handle 64bit request ID used by SCL and DCL drivers. CR 384600, the associated OCS fix, avoids a segmentation violation that can occur on 64 bit platforms when using Kerberos or Directory Services lookups.

406317 Java-based ASE Plugin interface does not provide a way for user with expired password to update their password.
406324 If buffer pool tuning is performed during recovery, sp_cacheconfig shows that "Config Size" for the default I/O pool in the 'default data cache" is smaller than the value configured in the config file.
406437 Stacktrace sometime occurs in sp_showplan for queries running in parallel.
406443 The error 18807 may occur when running sp_deviceattr for master device.
406454 Implement a NONTRANSACTIONAL PROCEDURE option for CREATE EXISTING TABLE to avoid blocking issues with SELECT INTO.
406473 ASE 12.5.1 or later versions prior to 12.5.3 ESD #5 and version 15.0

treat block device the same as raw device. ASE assumes all writes

have been committed to disk, while the modified pages may be retained

in the OS kernel cache. In the event of a power failure or other

system crashes, the cached modifications may be lost leading to

data inconsistency.

Using a shutdown with nowait by itself would not cause an inconsistency.

Recovery would of course take more time during the next startup if we

do a 'shutdown with nowait' though.

There is also a possibility that if theres a system crash or a power

outage during shutdown, it could lead to a data loss. However, note

that a system crash has to occur for us to encounter

this sort of situation.

406478 The order of tables in queries having a large number of tables in the FROM clause affects the plan chosen.
406502 The message "process infected with signal 11" in the module 'procstat_get' may be

reported in the error log together with a stack trace which includes the modules

'exec_dbcc' and 'memusage' when a DBCC MEMUSAGE command has been previously run

against a busy ASE system resulting in ASE shutting down itself.

406535 Enable monitoring tables to return data and statistics from multiple instances in an ASE shared disk cluster from one query and in one result set.
406547 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 11" or a timeslice error may be reported in the error log during boot time after recovery processes a PFTS log record that contains information about a bogus page number.
406591 Target DBMS: Oracle 10G

XML Schema def 1.0

In the XML model, the customer has used the Mapping Editor to create a mapping to the PDM.

In the Mapping Editor, they have added a user defined query.

When the generate the SQL\XML query, the where clause is not included.

406606 New sybmon command 'showrecovery' to print recovery information for a given database.
406623 SCL error messages are not available to display on engine 1 and greater.

Instead of the text message explaining the error that occured, the following message appears:

01:00000:00049:2005/10/12 15:59:25.84 kernel Failed to get the Connectivity Library (Security Control Layer) error message.

406630 When Kerberos or other SCL authentication mechanisms are used and 1601 errors such as the

following occur due to attempts to exceed the limit of "user connection" resources, then a memory leak occurs.

server There are not enough 'user connections' available to start a new process. Retry when there are fewer active users, or ask your System Administrator to reconfigure SQL Server with more user connections.

server Error: 1601, Severity: 17, State: 7

After memory in the pool used by these authentication mechanisms is exhausted, memory allocation failures and segmentation violations occur with continued authentication attempts.

Memory allocation failures appear with message:

server Security Control Layer's memory allocation routine returned an error.

Segmentation violations due to attempts to use invalid addresses appear with message:

kernel current process (0x11200025) infected with 11

kernel Address 0xff130988 (memset+0x74), siginfo (code, address) = (1, 0x00000000)

These messages may be accompanied with or without stacktraces in the errorlog.

406631 Performance enhancement for update statistics affecting minor columns.
406637 When a 11.9.x or 12.0.x installation is upgraded to ASE 15.0,

the configuration parameters 'enable surrogate processing' and

'enable unicode normalization' will not have the configuration

and run values set to the default value. Please see the system

administration guide for descriptions of the above mentioned

configuration parameters.

The work-around is to modify the configuration parameter values

in the configuration file and reboot Adaptive Server.

406718 Sometimes, mainly on single CPU machines, if the job scheduler is enabled, then

the job scheduler may fail to start and the message "Job Scheduler Task failed

to spawn an Agent" is reported in the ASE errorlog.

406761 install documentation should specify that the ASE started by install process must be stopped before ASE can be started as a windows service
406777 Queries with sort operators that have a large estimated input size

may encounter 701 errors. These queries can request large chunks of

contiguous memory in the sort manager for merge run processing.

The size of the requested memory is a function of the number sort

buffers. In previous releases, this was bounded to 500 by default.

The fix is to once again to bound the number of merge run buffers (how

many runs can be merged at a time) to 500.

This problem can be diagnosed from a memdump. The stack of the spid

encountering the 701 error will contain alloc_merge() in it.

406840 A stored procedure with the SQL query with an aggregate in the having clause may

fail to execute correctly raising error 2805 "Bad pointer 0x3294d04 encountered while

remapping stored procedure" or the execution may be broken and stack trace logged

in the errorlog file. Module "proc__mkworkrg" should be referenced in the backtrace.

406929 The error or warning messages do not display when enable/disable an existing invalid

trigger name on a table.

406934 The following problems have been addressed in DBISQL:

- CR401397

Previously DBISQL does not refresh database dropdown list when "create database" statement is inside a if...else statement. This has been fixed.

- CR404078

Previously in 15.0 GA, DBISQL launch script "dbisql.bat" (Windows) and "dbisql" (Unix platforms) contained invalid argument "-path" that caused the script to fail. This has been fixed. (The correct argument is "-Dpath".)'

- CR399694

DBISQL failed to import Excel 2.1 worksheet. This has ben fixed.

- CR400053

Previously Make Permanent button of Options dialog does not save preferences permanently. This has been fixed in build 3204.

- CR400479

Previously DBISQL command "output to" does not work for saving a single result set from a stored procedure, such as:



output to sp_helpartition.txt


This has been fixed.

- CR402435

DBISQL cannot be launched using the script file on Unix($SYBASE/DBISQL/bin/dbisql) and Windows (%SYBASE%\\DBISQL\\bin\\dbisql.bat).'

- CR386931

Previously DBISQL does not display query result similar to the that of command-line isql. This has been addressed by adding a "Text" output mode, in addition to existing "Grid" output mode. To turn on Text output, open Options dialog by selecting menu item "Tools"->"Options...". On Options dialog, select "Results" from the left-hand-side list and select "Text" radio button to enable text output.

406960 On a 64-bit platform, stored procedure "sp_helpjava" cannot display correct serialVersionUID.
407008 There could be more reasons for Large I/O to be denied as compared to what is displayed in sp_sysmon o/p as has been indicated in cr 256785
407021 Procedure cache management is enhanced to perform auto-tuned large allocation.

Procedure cache memory request start with chunks of 2k. Large chunks, upto 16k,

are allocated based on the past allocation behavior for the query. The enhancement

reduces external fragmentation in the procedure cache.

407031 When a named cache is configured too small for current demands, a message is posted

in the log and the associated spid may keep looping , waiting for free buffers.

The spid cannot be killed.

407033 A stacktrace may occur when invoking on-line help from within Sybase Central.
407057 A 702 error may be generated from queries that contain hash operators

with large estimated hash table sets (> 5.8 Gbytes).

407076 When Interactive SQL's Results panels is in Text mode, previously Export does not work (i.e. Export only worked in Grid mode.) This has been fixed so that Export works in both modes.
407088 Cross-platform load incorrectly fails to convert or initialize unallocated

pages. In rare cases, the unconverted page contents may mislead recovery

at some time in the future.

407117 A new feature request to create sybsystemdb on its own device, not master device.
407169 SLOW bcp into heap tables i.e. all cases except APL tables with clustered index, will behave like FAST bcp and do minimally logged updates when the db option 'bulk copy' is turned on.
407191 Stack trace when executing an update query on a table with parallelism enabled and when the table being updated has more than 8 referential integrity constraints are defined.
407208 Database 'sybsystemprocs' has a recommended size as well as a required size. The preupgrade utility should show both those sizes, instead of producing an error when it is below the required size and subsequently showing a warning when it is below the recommended size.
407216 Upgrading dataserver using sqlupgrade generates a new RUN_server file with the wrong pagesize.
407235 Sub-optimal performance for a query with a WHERE clause contianing col1 IS NULL

AND col2 = <value>, with an index in col1, col2 and a high number of rows with

col1 is NULL.

407262 User datatype information is not correctly send in the TDS packet for

cross database queries on tables with columns based on user defined


407265 Under circumstances, when ASE is running multiple engines and more than 50 connections, doing java functionality, the JVM use to throw various stacktraces when it calls GarbageCollector for recollecting memory.
407266 In rare circumstances a 712 error, "There is insufficient heap memory to allocate <count> bytes..." may be reported during an insert into a DOL table with a clustered index after several 1105 or 1204 errors.
407318 "auditinit" returns error 17285 (Procedure 'sp_addsegment' Message String: There is already a segment named 'aud_seg_01') when adding a device for the audit tables.
407327 TSQL statements that return rows wider than a database's page

and contain distinct clauses, unions, or group by clauses may

generate a 702 error if a hash operator is used.

407345 Dissociate index intersection and index union: don't try index

intersection anymore together with an OR clause index union when


Also, when index intersection properties (as partitioning) don't

match, abandon gracefully instead of continuing up to a failure.

407385 Sybase Central generates incorrect database DDL for database spanning devices
407400 Feature request to provide an option to DBCC LOG to limit output to a particular range of datetime values.
407404 When converting from univarchar type to unichar in assignments, blanks

are not padded at the end.

407419 Configurable Shared Memory DUmp (CSMD) may report that a shared memory dump was not performed because a configured dump condition has reached the maxdumps value even though no shared memory dumps have been performed for that dump condition.
407433 Rep Agent returns error 9254 and 9204 after cross-platform database load.
407435 Replication Agent stored procedures have been modified to format the output to the client based on the length of the data being displayed.
407460 SSL5 feature is supported on hpia64 platform for ASE 12.5.4
407522 A writetext command run on a replicate table could lead to 692 errors if the text/image column

was marked for replication using sp_setrepcol.

407533 DBCC ORPHANTABLES may fail to clean up an orphaned temporary table that

resides in a temporary database whose ID is different from the current

session's temporary database ID.

407541 A query like:

declare @v

select @v = 100

select @v = @v + id from sysobjects where id <= 3

returns 106 instead of 103, because every value of is added to

@v instead of just the last one. The expression, @v = @v + id, should only be evaluated

for the last qualifying row.

407543 A sub-optimal plan is generated if table alias is unspecified with a column name in SELECT list but

specified with the same column name in ORDER BY clause

407576 CIS: Error message 3708, "Cannot drop <table_name> because it is a system table."

and message 2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in <object_name> with unique

index" may be reported when executing a CREATE DATABASE ... FOR PROXY_UPDATE

against MSSQL backend.

407666 When comparing NULLs with fixed-length columns, stacktrace may

occur in LeOrScanContext::setOrVtuple().

407679 When an allpages table with more than one nonclustered index is

updated, if a nonclustered index is safe (index columns are not

updated) and if the second nonclustered index has one row in the

root page, the update may fail with error 2601 if the index is

safe index is unique. If the index is not unique, duplicate

index row will be inserted.

407687 Alter table add/drop/modify, Reorg Rebuild table and

alter table partition by... on table with local clustered

index and the number of partition >= 29 on 32 bit server

may run into error 632 .

407711 Feature request for incremental backups (accumulated dump and incremental dump) similar to that of Oracle's RMAN.
407720 Upgraded 11.5.1 ASE server may select a slower plan compared to a non-upgraded server.
407746 Adaptive Server running on RH3.0 64bit distribution occasionally hangs due to Red Hat kernel bug when kernel asynchronous I/O is enabled. The problem is fixed in RH kernel patch 2.4.21-27.6.EL or higher.
407754 A stack trace with command aborted message may occur while doing an insert into a table with indices. Stack trace with error 2618, "couldn't find duplicate key group" will be seen.
407785 execution of sp_setreplicate to turn off replication on a table with text/image columns should keep up to date syscolumns.status for those off-row columns.
407814 Feature request to set HOSTPROC and APPLICATIONNAME properties in the Connection object for sqldbgr so that sysprocesses fields program_name and host are populated at login.
407837 When JVM is active( enable java =1) and ASE has multiple online engines, stacktraces might occur after Garbage collection.
407867 After you run sp_engine "online" and an ASE engine starts up, sp_sysmon always reports 0% spinlock contention.
407920 When multiple sessions, at least one of which is a cursor scan, are doing DMLs within transactions, inconsistent results may sometimes be obtained, with serializable inserts not blocking even though a serializable cursor scan may be active in that range of keys.
407981 Error 515 is raised despite presence of default on column and use of DEFAULT keyword in the values list when insert statement includes list of column names.
408047 When a select statement has a predicate on a column, which is part of an inner

table of an outer join, extra incorrect row(s) are returned. This is due

to some plan for an outerjoin query could miss a predicate on a column of

an outerjoin inner table.

408066 create a function that returns the hostname of the physical or virtual host a server runs on from the OS.
408078 ASE should raise a warning when running on 64-bit AIX system configured to run on a 32-bit kernel.
408080 srvbuild should raise a warning when installing ASE on 64-bit AIX configured with a 32-bit kernel
408083 A query like: select @v = @v + id from sysobjects where @v +id < 104, which has an

expression in the select-list as well as an expression in the WHERE-clause can cause a

query plan to be generated that contains a RestrictOp as the parent of another RestrictOp:

One RestrictOp will evaluate the expression in the select-lis while the other will

evaluate the expression in the WHERE-clause. Although the query results are correct,

there can be a slight performance impact of having two RestrictOps when a single

RestrictOp could do the same processing.

408142 If a user task is moved from execution class EC0 (critical priority) to a non-critical priority class, the change is not immediate for that process, only on subsequent login.
408204 In the sp_audit stored proc while processing the "table_access" option, the generic 'all' value is incorrectly being validated using suser_id() function as if it were one of the uniquely named login_ids in the syslogins table (rather than the generic meaning of "ALL of the login_ids created").

1> sp_audit "table_access", 'all', 'all', 'on'

2> go

Msg 18226, Level 16, State 1:

Server 'EQTGDBLNUA_DS', Procedure 'sp_audit', Line 305:

'all' is not a valid user name.

(return status = 1)

408209 During shutdown, the XP Server was consuming all available CPU time due to a difference between Mac OS X 10.3.x and 10.4.x. A system function (dlclose())was returning failure, as expected, in 10.3.x, but was always returning success in 10.4.
408212 Reimplemented MDA table access (proxy tables mapped to native rpcs) without the need to use a network connection.
408242 In rare circumstances, upgrade of sysstatistics catalog to ASE150 might fail with the error message "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysstatistics' with unique index 'csysstatistics'"
408377 DSEDIT allows the creation of interfaces file entries that are not valid identifiers (contain hyphens, etc.)
408384 A 8211 error, "Mismatch found between the name and id descriptor

hash table for table <internal LWP name = (* + number + alfanumeric suffix) >,

objid = <negative number>. Descriptor hashed by name = 0x0 and hashed

by id = <hexadecimal number>." together with a stack trace which includes

the modules 'lwp_create' and 'des_lwpdescreate' maybe be reported in the

errorlog if a client application connection has executed a high number

of dynamic sql statements without disconnecting from Adaptive Server.

In the same conditions and if the same connection is holding a cursor open

which uses internally a worktable then the message "current process infected

with 11" in the module 'proc__install' may be reported in the error log

and it could bring Adaptive Server down.

408416 When the ALTER TABLE command is run in tempdb using a parallel query plan, a 202 error can

sometimes be generated.

408446 SSL5 feature is supported on RedHat Linux Opteron 64bit platform for ASE 12.5.3
408482 An infected with 11 in the function StMergeHistSargs::Stmhlncrement may result due to insufficient procedure cache during optimization
408492 A compute-clause query doesn't return groups correctly if the

by clause contains expressions. This has been fixed.

408596 In rare circumstances on a server that has been configured with large

buffer pools, 644, 2628, 2511 or other similar errors may be

reported after an update to a non-leaf index page table is lost.

408653 Enhance sp_displaylogin to accept wildcard expressions to list logins matching the pattern specified. Allow use of a suid in addition to a login name.
408726 CIS : When the UPDATE STATISTICS command is issued immediately upon creation of

a proxy table containing clusterd index in an Allpages lock scheme, an erroneous

entry in SYSTABSTATS with column id 0 (object id) will be created and the ASE internal

housekeeper task may monopolize the CPU utilization to 100%. During ASE shutdown,

an error message 6008, "Unable to write statistics for object <objid> in database

<dbid>. Please run update statistics on this table after boot-up or prior to

accessing the table next time" will be reported in the errorlog. Once ASE that

contains this fix has been started/rebooted, the entry in SYSTABSTATS with id = 0

should also be manually deleted.

408736 Client application based on DBLibrary API and executing

UPDATE statements using the TSEQUAL() function may fail

and the client server connection gets broken with TDS

protocol errors.

This is due to the extra result set sent by tsequal()

builtin which may not be correctly handling by

DBLibrary API.

408765 Configurable timeout periods in milliseconds are need for the ldap operations which ASE performs during ldap_ operations to be able to failback to ASE authentication in a timely manner providing guaranteed client login performance.
408772 When there are significant failures or changes in the processing with LDAPUA, provide server log messages about the activities. It should be possible to determine things like timeouts of authentications, failure of ldap_search() operations. It should be possible to determine if LDAP server operatations are failing by monitoring the log.
408774 Would like customer configurable limit of the number of internally queued login requests before ASE starts processing new requests with ASE Authentication. The idea is to prevent signicant delays in Authentication for what might be very short peaks of login requests.
408777 LDAPUA bind and search requests do not have configurable retries for failed operatations. There is also no configurable maximum number of ldapua descriptors per engine and no configurable ldapua error message and average time logging interval.
408860 In rare circumstances, running OPTDIAG with simulate statistics -i <input_filename> option might cause the optdiag binary to crash, if the input file is missing the title for the "default data cache".
408984 When you have a SELECT DISTINCT <all constants include scalar aggregates> as part
of your query, you might hit a siginal 11 during the call to CgpUnion::_cgpInit()
or get wrong result with extra rows.
409018 When a database created with "FOR LOAD OPTION" is loaded with a partial dump

(i.e. not all pages in the database are present in the database dump), the pages

that were not overlaid by the backupserver may present a recovery issue later.

An initialized page with a timestamp greater than the highest timestamp in

the database when allocated may cause recovery to skip this allocation if ASE

crashed before this new page gets flushed to disk. After recovery, the object

to which this page was allocated may become inconsistent.

409094 Some applications depended on certain metadata information about databases that was available in 12.5.4 and prior is no longer available in 15.0. Provide a builtin function to obtain and display that data to properly privileged users.
409170 Server might have unneccessary index page split due to uninitialized/incorrect pnextrno on an index page header
409199 The kill of a session that runs ALTER DATABASE will result in mistakenly

not reporting 946 error "A user interrupt has prevented Sysusages changes

for database <name> from being copied into memory. Please run sp_dbremap

to complete database space changes.". The side effect of this is the

inability to subsequently run ALTER DATABASE with success, 2601 error

"Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysusages' with unique

index 'sysusages'." is reported, until such a time ASE is restarted.

409285 1) There are limited password complexity checks when a new password is specified

or a password is changed.

409321 A presence of the named CHECK constraint in the temporary table definition

prohibits creation of multiple instances of the table.

User will see error 2714 with the message "There is already an object named 'constraint name' in

the database." when attempting to create a temporary table.

409337 Historical Server: Direct Load feature leaves open connections in the ASE used for the recording.
409347 Adaptive Server tries to flush a free descriptor from the local cache of engines' by migrating to the engine without looking at the count of free descriptors on that engine, leading to a small performance degradation when all descriptors are in use.
409405 sqlupgrade[res] does not abort the upgrade process when preupgrade tests failed.
409455 This new feature allows user to selectively display discovered servers based on a set of filters, e.g. version, platform. To create/edit filters, click Settings button on ASE Plug-in's logon dialog and select Server Discovery page. Click Filters button to proceed. Note that filters, along with other server discovery or LDAP settings, are shared between ASE Plug-in and Interactive SQL.
409471 Memory allocation in the network memory pool may fail in a boundary

conditions even when memory is available. The failure to allocate

memory may manifest as failure to allocate large network memory pools.

409494 Modify MDA table definitions in the installmontables script to access monitoring data through local connections. This eliminates the need for a loopback remote server definition when using the MDA tables.
409579 QPMETRICS: Add new sp_configure options for configuring thresholds of QP metrics capturing. The new sp_configure options are 'metrics lio max', 'metrics pio max', 'metrics elap max', 'metrics exec max'.
409605 If user enters blank schedule for a job, the job scheduler task within ASE terminates and job scheduler stops working.
409607 XP Server fails to start as service with error 1067
409640 On platforms other than Windows and MacOS, printing messages to console is now made non-blocking if permissions allow, in order to prevent the server from potentially hanging when console output is blocked (typically by a user leaving ^Q/^S terminal flow control in an off state by accident). This behaviour can be disabled using traceflag 4082.
409645 CIS: CREATE INDEX options IGNORE_DUP_KEY and IGNORE_DUP_ROW are not ignored when

executing an INSERT or UPDATE query to a proxy table in a remote ASE.

409802 signal 11 and stacktrace can be seen for CgpScan::_CgpScanPePredBmToScalar().
It could happen on an execution plan for a query with all three following
conditions satisfied:
1. it has a DISTINCT.
2. the best plan chosen has at least 3 subqjoins together.
3. the first subqjoin's result is used within
one of the other two subqjoins because of the transitive closures (equijoin
409864 For Adaptive Server Enterprise running on HP-UX systems with asynchronous I/O enabled, if /dev/async runs out of free ports, any attempt to online an engine causes ASE to shut down.
409943 The audit sub-system unexpectedly causes empty beginxact/commitxact pairs in a

database transaction log if the SELECT command is audited on a table and the

transaction mode is 'chained'.

409947 ASE db on raw devices is not locked and can be overwritten by other processes
410030 In rare circumstances, sysqueryplans capture may fail with error 3949.
410036 EFTS: txtsvr crashes/creates_core when memory usage reaches 264-220 meg on AIX only.
410121 Under dbcclog prompt when running some dbcclog command, pressing ^C will cause the dbcclog command

to return to the sybmon prompt rather than dbcclog prompt. Then all the loaded transactions need to be loaded again.

410174 sp_helpmaplogin truncates the display of client name and login name to 20 characters
410204 sp_metrics will support a new sub-command 'show' for the information of QP metrics groups
410272 When joining with a union-in-view(uiv) through an expression
on the uiv column, a stacktrace might be seen in
CgpUnion::_CgpInitProjection(). Here is an example:
create view v as select id from t unon select id from t
select * from v, t where*
410277 syconfig.exe can not configure the new server with NAMEPIPE connection type.
410289 CIS: Insert text or image data into ASIQ 12.6 may cause a hang on ASE. The spid needs to be manually killed from another ISQL session.
412040 Sybase Central fails to send sp_changedbowner with the true argument when the user checks the 'Transfer aliases and their permissions.'
414495 ASE does not shut down XP Server during a shutdown with nowait
414519 JS Agent may sometimes stop or/and report errors like "Failed to allocate memory for job output data row", "Failed to allocate memory for job output header" etc., in the JS Agent log file and bring down the Job Scheduler due to memory leaks in JSAgent.
414524 Automatic restart of JS Agent
414590 dbcc tune(ascinserts, 0, tab1) does not turn off the corresponding status bit on indstatus2.
414609 EFTS: When indexing PDF documents on HP-UX only, sp_create_text_index may fail with

Msg 20200, Level 15, State 0:

Server 'textsvr':

Error E0-0720 (I/O Filter): Could not load filter 'flt_kv -recognize' which is

named in your style.uni file.

414616 A 7114 error, "Page 0 is not a valid text page." may be reported in the error log after loading the master database in an ASE which has a smaller value for the configuration parameter "max memory" than in the ASE when the master is dumped.
414617 Assigment of incompatible datatypes will cause a infected with 11
414618 Query selecting from a view with UNION may fail with error 104:

"Order-by items must appear in the select-list if the statement contains set operators."

if in the parent query ORDER BY clause is used on the view column which is not present

in the parent's query SELECT list.

414661 JS Agent dies due to network problem.
414692 Error message:
Msg 586, Level 16, State 5:
Line 1:
Illegal identity value specified for identity field 'idcol' in table 't1'.
could be seen when inserting into a table with IDENTITY column
from a union/union all.
414725 Queries containing two or more nested subqueries under either a SELECT DISTINCT or a IN/EXISIS subquery could fail with a stack trace.
414746 The Reference Manual entry on EXECUTE incorrectly states: "create view cannot be used in procedures, either as a static command or as a string parameter to execute()."
414762 Conversion of smallint quantities into varchars could lead to wrong results.
414775 When a stored procedure fails then the error handling procedure tries to read the sysattributes table. But if the stored procedure itself failed because of a failure accessing sysattributes then the error handler can be triggered recursively leading to an infinite loop. The requirement to read sysattributes has now been removed from the error handler
414777 A table with suspect partition due to sort order change or

cross platform dump load may be treated as regular table

after clustered index is created on the table before the

suspect partition is fixed.

414778 Error 1511 when loading tran dumps containing index creation
414780 Attempts to load shared memory dump files on Linux may fail due to erroneous reports of memory segment overlap
414786 Previously, negative integer values exported to an Excel spreadsheet were exported incorrectly (the values were incorrect). This has been fixed. DOUBLE, FLOAT, NUMERIC, and REAL values were not affected.
414832 Specifying an invalid "optimization goal" name may cause infected with 11 in strlen() on Japanese environment.
414837 After you run ALTER TABLE ... LOCK command on a table with a non-materialized computed column,

you may get the wrong result from selecting the non-materialized computed column.

414853 EFTS: Request for EFTS to be built on Verity VDK 5.0.1 to include Verity bug fixes for indexing ZIP files. Fix does not apply to HP Tru64 platform of EFTS.
414875 Cause :

If the "allow nulls by default" dboption is on for tempdb, the installmaster script will raise error 2718 'can't specify Null values on a column of type BIT' in multiple places.

Fix: bit columns were defined as null

414876 Create clustered index with empty partitions (at the beginning like: 0, 0,

120,and 454 are the number of rows in each partition respectively) will result

in Error: 691. Severity: 20. State: 1.

414881 When you show a query plan view through Plan Viewer on DBISQL, you encounter java.text.ParseException because of unparseable date if platform is Japanese Windows.
414916 Stack trace when executing a query running with parallelism enabled that has a subquery. The error occurs only if a parallel plan is chosen for the subquery portion of the query.
414935 For numeric parameters, Replication Agent will print a meaningful error

message indicating the correct range of possible values for a given

configuration parameter.

414943 An 16130, SVRLIB error, "Procedure <procedure name> expects

parameter <@parameter_name>, which was not supplied" maybe

be reported by an Open Server application when Adaptive Server

is executing the procedure as a Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

requested by a client application and the value for the

parameter was sent by the application as a NULL value.

414960 When you run a SELECT DISTINCT statement on a VIEW which has a UNION clause,

ASE does not eliminate duplication from the result set.

414994 When the source and target ASE are not set to the same default character set and 'enable unicode conversions' is disabled on target ASE, sybmigrate handle the case as a warning during the setup phase.
415007 Add a note that when you run "dataserver ... -w master", it will use ascii-8 as the charset rather than iso_1. Also note that this may then be modified either by loading a dump of master or with "sqlloc", which requires that sybsystemprocs be present because it runs sp_configure.
415008 After an identity column is added to a table through alter table

without data copying, reorg rebuild on the table or "alter table

partition by..." on the table lead to column offset corruption.

415027 Msg. 103, 'The transactionname that starts with <name> is too long. Maximum length is 67.' is raised

using BEGIN TRANSACTION @variable whereby the @variable contains a transactionname greather then

67 bytes. Maximum allowed for a transactionname is 30.

415053 Column with type bigint, date or time cannot be encrypted. This applied to both create and alter table.

A column can not use both 慹ncrypt� and 慶ompute� options

These changes will be seen in Column Properties and Table Editor.

415058 When a user who schedules a job has a different user name on the target server than he has on the Job Scheduler server, the job does not run because the login to the target server fails at runtime.
415144 The format of a database dump that is created with DUMP DATABASE ... WITH COMPRESSION=<level> has changed in order that the dump may be loaded into an archive database.
415150 An insert into an identity column raises an incorrect error

when the inserted value is an expression.

415162 On a heavily-loaded system, the message "The Java VM associated with process <spid> is abnormally terminated" in the jvm module may be reported in the errorlog even though the client performing the java work terminates normally.
415236 The error 8240 with the message :

"The table 'table_name' in database 'db_name' is being created

and the transaction has not been committed yet. Please retry the query later."

may be raised if the parallel query is executed on a table created

in the same transaction.

415238 An INSERT based on a SELECT using a derived table expression in the FROM clause and an

ORDER BY clause can generate wrong results. Only the rows from the first UNION ALL side in the

derived table expression will be inserted.

415241 Customer would like get information from the db_table of the database from a database dump, by either using the load database command with headeronly or listonly. This can come handy if ddl's for the original database are lost and cannot be recover
415263 The country's legal system creaking under the strain... we need a fix!!
415296 Insensitive non-Scrollable cursor sends erroneous CURINFO3 token before the final TDS_DONE token.
415304 pre-15 XML schema with a "length" attribute instead of a "maxLength" attribute
415383 An error message "The configure size for data cache <cache name> is not sufficient to handle the sort buffers <value> requested. The data cache is waiting to claim sort buffers." will be printed to errorlog if there are no enough buffers in the cache to be claimed when doing the no-parallel sort on runtime.
415386 While an ASE reserved connection is in use, ASE cpu usage may be seen to rise to 100%
415403 "ddlgen" is not generating the correct sql for certain check constraints
415411 An UPDATE statement updating a text/image column with a FROM clause whereby the source and

target tables are in different databases could show <x> rows affected when the UPDATE

statement is finished. The affected rows however do not show any value being changed.

415412 DDLGen generates 'null' in permissions statements. For eg. for pubs2 database, 'titles' table, some incorrect statements generated are:

Grant null on dbo.titles to guest


Grant null on dbo.titles to guest


415531 In rare case, ddlgen db is not compatible with dump/load
415534 Adaptive Server hangs on call to a procedure on ASA or IQ using site handler RPC.
415544 The customers infrastructure team collects version/ebf & acts accordingly after logging in to SQL Server. It has been quite a challenge for their developers to get ebf# due to constantly changing format. Going forward the customer would like us to standardize the version string and publish the format in the documentation.

Below is the output of @@version for several SQL Servers versions:

SQL Version @@version output

1) 11.0.3 SQL Server/ 5.4/SWR 9122 ESD 7/OPT/Sun Jun 18 19:50:32 PDT 2000

2) 11.9.2 Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 10276 ONE-OFF/Sun_svr4/OS 5.5.1/FBO/Fri May 10 02:09:30 2002

3) 12.5.3(32-bit, Linux) Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF 12151/P/Linux Intel/Enterprise Linux/ase125x/1883/32-bit/OPT/Thu Nov 11 17:33:16 2004

4) 12.5.3(64-bit, Linux) Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF 12897 ESD#3/P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/ase1253/1916/64-bit/OPT/Wed Aug 3 18:14:45 2005

415549 sp_sysmon Disk I/O section uses udalloc_calls to capture counts of I/O requests, which includes both synchronous and asynchronous I/O requests. However, when we count completed I/Os, we do it using total_dpoll_completed_aios, thus only counting asynchronous completes. This is documented in CR 144252.

Customer is requesting that we change sysmon to either include both synchronous and asynch completes in the Completed output, or that we break them out into a section for synchronous and a section or asynch I/Os so we get a more accurate read on disk activity.

Customer is running Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF 12417 ONE-OFF ESD#1/P/HP9000-879/HP-UX

11.0/ase1253/1899/64-bit/FBO/Tue Feb 22 19:21:47 2005 .

This problem is not version- or platform-specific, as it is written in the source for sp_sysmon_diskio, again as documented in CR 144252.

415564 A 12323 Error, Level 20, State 7: "Internal error occured during rebuild of index id <indid> table <tabname> (id = <tabid>) in database <dbid> while processing page <pageid>. Run dbcc checktable to see if the index is consistent." may sometimes occur when running online INDEX REORG REBUILD on a table having the first page empty and a lot of deleted rows in the table. This may sometimes be followed by a signal 11 and and/or memory corruption.
415570 Error 7221, state 2, "Login to site %s failed." is received by a spid that attempts to use XP server if the login associated with that spid is configured to run a login script.
415595 If SYSGAMS is extended as part of an ALTER DATABASE command in a server configured with pagesizes greater than 2K, wrong page numbers will be found in the newly allocated extent for SYSGAMS.
415658 If table name is specified in the format of "dbname..tblname" for dbcc tablealloc and dbcc indexalloc, server will not search the table in the database specified in "dbname", rather it will only search the table in the current database.
415701 If table data copy fails on a table with an identity column, Migration tool may issue the error: "Unable to 'SET IDENTITY_INSERT' for table '<tablename>' because IDENTITY_INSERT or IDENTITY_UPDATE is already ON" on subsequent tables.
415721 dbcc checktable(syslogs) does not report space free/used/reserved.
415739 dbcc checkstorage will report 100039 (Incorrect extent oampage extent) after create index on very large tables.
415771 Feature Request to replicate encrypted columns to a not encrypted column server
415772 When you have a SELECT DISTINCT <all constants include scalar aggregates> under
union all, you might hit a siginal 11 during the call to CgpUnion::_cgpInit().
415797 Commands using large IO buffers like 'CREATE/ALTER DATABASE', 'LOAD DATABASE/TRANSACTION', 'DBCC CHECKALLOC' or 'DISK MIRROR' may hang instead of reporting an error when ASE rans out of memory.
415813 Session cleanup processing can encounter an "engine affinity stack overflow" during Kerberos authentication processing if the client disconnects during a narrow processing window.
415818 A query with a CASE expression that can select a LOB column (TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT) from

two or more different tables and that has an ORDER BY clause can return incorrect results for the LOB values.

An example query is:

SELECT c1, CASE when c1 = 1 then t1.c2 else t2.d2 end from t1, t2 ORDER BY c1

where t1.c2 and t2.d2 are LOB columns and c1 is a non-LOB column.

415882 Feature to audit LDAPUA state changes.
415889 Error: 913, Severity: 22, State: 4 may occur when Adaptive Server is booted

against a pre-15.0 installation and when sysdatabases has more than 1 data page

and if the master database's sysdatabases row is not on the first page.

The master database's sysdatabases row may not be on the first page if there

are other databases with the name less than 'master' in the sorted name order.

415912 Memory allocation in the network memory pool may fail in a boundary

conditions even when memory is available. The failure to allocate

memory may manifest as failure to allocate large network memory pools.

415916 A stack trace will occur when set showplan is on and the query has more than 166 eliminated partitions, i.e. partitions that wouldn't be scanned.
415924 Stack trace containing function encr_getinfo() may occur while updating tables with encrypted columns and referential integrity.
415945 A query violating cross database referentail integrity may sometimes

fail to report referential integrity error. Instead of this a client

session may get killed and the message reporting TDS packet synchronization

problem will be displayed.

416044 When there are many transactions to be redone or undone, a timeslice error may be reported during the recovery of a database.
416075 Query performing outer join between views with union may sometimes fail

to execute.

416138 If sqlserver was configed and setup during installation, installer will write the default connection profiles of ASEP.
416150 Executing a stored procedure which includes an insert ... select from an external file may result in a stack trace, which includes the routine fil__ins_infinite_loop.
416182 INSERT into a table with a VARCHAR column may incorrectly leave trailing spaces in the

VARCHAR column if the source of the data is a table with longer VARCHAR column.

416224 The following error may be seen in the ASE log: "Error 120510: ksmask__rpacket: Invalid tdslength value <length>".

This is usually caused when a non-TDS client connects to the port that ASE is using as its master listener,

and sends data that is not in valid TDS format. An additional message will now accompany this message

providing the IP address of the client in question, so that it can be tracked down.

In addition, traceflag 7845 can be used to suppress these messages if they cause a nuisance.

416246 A self-deadlock may sometimes occur if there are concurrent serializable and non-serializable transactions doing DMLs to a DATA-ONLY locked table.
416296 When a view is involved as the inner table of an outer join, and has character expressions in the select list, or has constants in the select list of the view, then incorrect handling of the view predicate could cause a wrong answer.

select * from t1 left join v1 on t1.a = v1.a

and the view is something like

create view v1 as select char_col + "au", ... /* character expression */

create view v1 as select 1, ... /* constant value or constant expression */

416317 Scheduled jobs that run with the property 憂o_output_log� will not have an entry created in the js_output table. But even though this property was set, the messages were logged into the js_output table and were viewable from the log file, after executing the job.
416329 Add "Data Source Administrator" for Sybase ODBC/OLE DB Drivers.
416357 A 631 error, "The length of <value> passed to delete row routine for the row at offset <value>

is incorrect on the following page ..." may be reported on Sysdevices when during the execution

of a DISK MIRROR command a buffer pool whose size is greater than 2K bytes is used by ASE.

416369 Added BlockedBy and BlockingState columns to the monLocks table. These columns indicate whether a lock is blocking other lock requests and the identity of the holders of blocking locks.
416412 In rare circumstances an ASE task my terminate with a timeslice error while a

configurable shared memory dump (CSMD) is being generated. This problem does not apply to ASE running on the Windows platform.

416500 Index selection appropriate for the minimum or maximum aggregate early termination was underestimated, and the advantages of EXISTS subquery early termination of a scan was underestimated. The result was sub-optimial performance in some cases.
416514 In a database upgraded to 15.0, creating a clustered index on a DOL table might lead

to loss of data rows. This problem will only occur if the table was partitioned in the

pre-15.0 server, and was then unpartitioned during the upgrade process.

416519 Stored procedure executing INSERT statement into a temporaray table from the remote table

may fail with error 208 "Object not found" referencing the temporary table if

the system is configured to use multiple temporaray databases.

416590 Queries having OR clauses on tables that are range partitioned does not eliminate all the partitions that do not participate in the query. This results in a large number of I/O leading to a performance degradation.
416593 Request to have SQLDBGR's SHOW WHERE command display greater than 255 characters of the stored procedure's input parameters.
416618 Improve HPIA64 stack printing capability by including argument list.
416622 Modified schedule is not saved when the repeating interval value is not explicitly selected by user in Schedule Properties window.
416629 Change to scheduled job owner from properties window is not saved.
416634 ASE gets segmentation violation in sec_recv_params() during Kerberos client login when an

unusually large security token is given by the client to ASE during authentication.

416667 Simulated statistics stored in sysstatistics is not upgraded to format

understood by Adaptive Server version 15.0, during upgrade to 15.0 from

prev-15.0 installation.

416677 Non-equi join predicates (joins not using = ) i.e. theta join predicates of the form

r.a <relop> s.a where <relop> is one of > >= < <= !=

were not being costed in most cases (except when an OR predicate was involved) so that plans that could be benefit from these predicates were given no preference over other competing plans. This could result in sub-optimial plan selection.

Also, a new theta join is now recognized

(r.a = s.a OR (r.a IS NULL and s.a IS NULL))

is really a join in which NULL = NULL, and is now recogized as such for nested loop join operators only.

416780 @@resource_granularity shows a wrong value even though it was set at a session level to a different value.
416795 ASE Plug-in's help include encryption columns information.
416839 Eliminate the duplicate character 0x before the address in stack trace information on all linux platforms.
416850 The producer.log and consumer.log files are consolidated into one. The name of the consolidated file is webservice.log.
416862 The message "current process infected with 11" maybe reported

in the errorlog together with a stacktrace which includes one

or more of the following modules: 'proc__free', 'procrm' or

'proc__grab' if many processes were concurrently executing

tasks that requires some quantity of memory and to satisfy

those requests some unused procedures had to be removed from

Procedure Cache for reusing their memory.

416965 In very rare circumstances the message "Infected with 11" together with module names "show_plan" can be encountered when using sp_showplan to look the plan of another process.
417097 The LOAD TRAN command may hang after raising a 938 error reading

"Database '<DBNAME>' is unavailable. It is undergoing LOAD TRANSACTION"

followed by the message, "Forced flush of database id <DBID> failed".

This may happen under very rare circumstances where the LOAD TRAN command is

used many successive times to recover a huge set of log records representing

around 1 billion page changes.

417155 PV now supports displaying partition information.

Each node of the tree now displays information as to which partition is in use Vs which ones are eliminated

417267 When an update command setting a variable without updating any columns, server

stack traces in LeVtuple::LeVtGetColumn().

417297 enhancement request for sp_dropalias error message to include "force" option
417301 The message "timeslice <negative number>, current process infected"

maybe reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which

includes the modules 'ns_handle' and 'ns_prep_stmnt' if a batch

including together a CREATE TABLE statement and a SELECT executing

java was being executed and an error condition happened.

417308 An attempt to create a placement index for a DOL table being empty but having

several allocated pages may fail with an error 3935 reading "Fatal protocol

error. xact_beginupdate() API was invoked in the wrong context. The transaction

is currently in 'Command-attached' state."

417317 INSERT query with UNION ALL may incorrectly insert too many rows if the target table

is also used as the source table in one of the union sides.

417425 Reduced procedure cache consumption when large number of tables are joined in a query.
417428 Query chooses a table scan even though it forces a unique clustered index via abstract plans on servers using a case-insensitive sort order.
417431 ASE simply displays an error message returned by the LDAP Server without explaining the reason(s) for the error.
417432 anonymous bind could not be performed then we should display appropriate error
417442 If ASE is set to start automatically as a service under Windows, and the ASE license is expired, Windows startup may be seriously delayed
417476 Japanese hankaku-katakana conversion from EUCJIS to SJIS corrupts a TDS packet


417483 referential interity involving more than 2 columns may not

be enforced. For example, a foreign key constraint on three

columns is missing the check on the second column.

417517 Infected with 11 in LeGroupSortedOp::_LeOpNext() when using group by in a query against a view containing scalar aggregates.
417542 Added support for nocase sortorder for Chinese and Japanese character sets. Under

the nocase sortorder, ASCII and accented characters are sorted in case-insensitive

manner, CJK characters are sorted in Unicode binary order. Please run sp_helpsort

to get the sort order id.

417573 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'ksmask__complete' together with

a stack trace which includes the module 'ksmasknserver' may be reported in the error log.

This stack trace may be repeated a few times followed by ASE listener failure with a

stack trace accompanied by the messages in error log such as

'kernel nopen: accept, Software caused connection abort',

'kernel nopen: accept, Invalid argument',

'kernel Listener with protocol tcp, host <host-name>, port <port-number>,

engine 0 is quitting after a fatal error.'

417647 Optimize select into by avoiding frequent access to the syspartitions

metadata cache to obtain the current last page of a data partition.

417707 In very rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may loop while allocating memory from procedure

cache, and the looping SPID can not be killed.

417712 A 221 message, "Column of type (BIT) does not allow nulls. It may not be compared with null." is raised when assigning the result of SELECT to a variable of type BIT. The SELECT is from a view with a UNION ALL clause with a select-list having a column of type BIT.
417717 The message "infected with 11 in ssql_reparse together with a stacktrace containing the modules

's_reinstall_lwp_tree', 's_getTreeOrPlan' and 'exec_proc' is written to the errorlog when

executing a stored procedure with a name which starts with '*' using the execute immediate


417737 The optdiag utility would report a very large value for Large I/O efficiency on Windows. This formatting issue has been fixed.
417861 The following messages are seen in quick succession:

'ubo_object_from_slot:Sybproc Invalid slot id 0' followed by

'kernel current process (0xb000b0) infected with 11'.

417897 JS Schedule wizard and properties window display an error when trying to create a schedule with a 1 day interval, but restricted to selected days of the week or days of the month.
417913 The sort operator's physical I/O is over reported when using

"set statistics plancost" or traceflag 9500 for performance

analysis. For large input sets, the number is approximately

50% more than it should be.

417918 DDLGen only works if hostname:portnumber is specified in the '-S' option. If servername is specified in the '-S' option then DDLGen gives an exception.
417927 Java objects may be unable to open sockets on NT and recieve the exception: Cannot create socket: Too many open files
418002 SYSAM SC Plugin under $SYBASE/SYSAM-2_0/SYSAMP for LM Server administration.
418011 Error 852 "Command Failed: Invalid request to move '<num>' buffers from the '<poolsize>'K pool of the '<cachename>' cache to the '<poolsize>'K pool. Source pool only contains '%ld' buffers. Retry the command specifying fewer buffers.", when raised,shows incorrect/garbled parameters.
418028 In a server having HA enabled, attempts to create a new user may fail with error 8013, "A CT-Lib operation failed during a native RPC," accompanied by a stack trace in the server error log.
418038 Simply add one more check box "Show agent attributes and operations" under "Enable Unified Agent (UA) related features" check box and the default is unchecked. This way we hide the Attributes and Operations panels by default.
418043 Performance improvements for tables with large number of partitions.
418053 sqlupgrade doesn't install all system procedures on Japanese environment.
418059 Cache binding information is not being written to unpartition restamp log record.

So, during runtime rollback, the pages are being fetched into the default data cache.

This is leading to the condition that a page is in two caches at the same time.

So, further attempts to fetch the page throws 693 error.

418088 When statistics are not available for the optimizer to make accurate estimates, the default selectivities could result in long compilation times before optimization timeout occurs, since the optimizer is searching for a better plan. The adjustment to cost estimates for joins when no statistics are available was to use a formula similar to pre-15.0, which based on the larger of the rows counts from either side of the join.
418096 Update the Meta Data stored procedures used by ODBC, OLE DB and jConnect drivers with upto date fixes. Following issues addressed:

jConnect: System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name. [CR 406276]

jConnect: DatabaseMetaData.geProcedures() does not return procedures owned by non-sa_role users if the current login holds sa_role prileges. [CR 394097]

jConnect: Request to support Savepoint feature as described in the JDBC 3.0 specifications. [CR 350092]

ODBC Driver by Sybase: Installing the Driver Meta Data SQL scripts will leave the Adaptive Server with 'allow updates' enabled. [CR 406722]

ODBC Driver by Sybase: System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name. [CR 406276]

OLE DB Provider by Sybase: Installing the Driver Meta Data SQL scripts will leave the Adaptive Server with 'allow updates' enabled. [CR 406722]

OLE DB Provider by Sybase: System stored procedures like sp_tables and sp_stored_procedures do not allocate sufficient space for the input paramater @table_name. [CR 406276]

418099 In rare circumstances one or more ASE engines may remain non responsive after a

Configurable Shared Memory Dump (CSMD) completes, causing an inability to connect to ASE.

This issue does not apply to ASE running on the Windows platform.

418114 When a select statement contains concatenation of builtin functions that result

in strings constants over 255 bytes, stack trace might occur in

LeRun() -> concat().

418116 Selecting a column from a view containing unions of proxy tables may cause the front end isql to crash in core dump and segmentation fault.
418117 Document states 9-13 for the 701 error message
418153 Signal 11 in PeBasicPredicate::PeAnySetAllPredBm occurs when "UNION ALL" is used in the SQL statement


418164 The Job Scheduler Administration dialog always indicates the Job Scheduler on pre-15.0 servers is not running, even when it is running.
418170 The message "current process infected with 11" maybe reported

in the errorlog together with a stacktrace which includes one

or more of the following modules: 'proc__free', 'procrm' or

'proc__grab' if many processes were concurrently executing

tasks that requires some quantity of memory and to satisfy

those requests some unused procedures had to be removed from

Procedure Cache to free up memory.

418179 stacktrace in _lopConsSequence() when a GroupBy query

has a constant projection and a Having clause with only

constant in it. Here is an example:

select 'x' from mytable group by mycol having 'abc'='abc'

418200 Adding instrumentation to diagnose the 696 errors.
418234 SELECT INTO (existing table) remote columns from remote TEXT/IMAGE source may result in Msg 280/3651/557 when the source columns comprise of more than one table from the same remote server.
418271 Plan Viewer now allows user to update state for tables/columns that are missing density.
418282 The process and locks folders has been modified to identify normal, blocked, and blocking processes via color codes (green, red, and yellow) respectively.

Also the process folder is now split into two tabs normal & blocked.

418295 Execution time increases, for an insert, as the number of partitions in

the table are increased. The performance degradation is due to redundant

memory allocation during DMLs.

418296 PowerDesigner include 10 & 11.x and 12.0 , fail to support XML Schema when the Schema file has Namespace with more than one attributes get same value (e.g. urn , uri or url etc) inside.
418322 ASE running on the HPUX/Itanium platform does not retry i/o operations in the event that they are interrupted by signals from the operating system. This can result in an operation being reported as 'failed' when simply retrying the operation would result in success.
418381 For the ASE plug-in in Sybase Central, the database usage properties no longer display logsegment utlization.
418409 Syconfig encounters an error when it attempts to increase the size of the sybsystemdb database on servers with a 16k page size. It alters the database with a value that is smaller than the minimum.
418448 Siginal 11 could happen in _lopConsCmds() when the query contains a correlated subquery and the correlation is on some outer query block other than the immediate parent outer query block. Here is an example: select 1 from t17a where 1 in (select cint2 from t17c where cint2 <= (select (select 100 from t17b where t17b.ctype = t17a.ctype)))
418459 While executing the jobs having job command text > 1800 characters, the jobs may not get executed and even jsagent process and Job Scheduler task in ASE may terminate.

As a result of Job Scheduler task terminating, messages such as "Job Scheduler Task set to stop", "Job Scheduler Task was not stopped by a Task shutdown request" etc. appear in the errorlog file.

418463 The message "current process ... infected with 11" in module "bufdlink" may be reported in the error log if the SYBSYSTEMDB system database has been bound to a user named cache. The module "bufpindirty" will also be reported in the stack trace.
418516 When ASE boots under graced license, it is not able to checkout expirable license for optional features despite possession of valid license. This CR fixes problem.
418517 List of existing schedules dislayed when creating a scheduled job may display two schedules with the same name. If either is selected, the first schedule will be attached to the scheduled job.
418519 Group and Distinct Hashing Operators have been modified to

support dynamically claiming more buffers from the tempdb

cache (if it is a named cache). This is done provided there

are still buffers available against the "max buffers per lava

operator" configuration parameter for the given operator.

This can significantly improve performance and reduce the

tempdb space used. Use "set statistics plancost" to check for

I/O against these operators or if you get an 1105 error.

418523 SYSTEMPROCS:sp_spaceused gave wrong result when set rowcount = 1
418567 Enable Encrypted Column feature on HP Itanium 64bit platform
418622 Possible wrong result with missing predicate on the primary key for a DISTINCT under
UNION ALL query .
418638 For bulk insert, 925 error (Maximum number of used databases exceeded) could be reported when some number of insertion attemps are failed
418693 Truncate APL table does not unkeep the buffers (kept for non-clustered index root pages)leading to 803 errors.
418696 JVM performance degrades after applying ESD #4 or ESD #5 on all platforms excluding sgi, hp and solaris 64-bit.
418815 WSDL files generated by the Perl SOAP-Lite toolkit fails to

be processed correctly by ASE Web Services Consumer. The

consumer.log file would contain two log messages similar to:

INFO [Thread-1] - Begin parsing WSDL File: [<URL for WSDL file>]

ERROR [Thread-1] -

418819 When checking a table having text columns having very long text values, dbcc checktable() or checkdb() may erroneously report error 15059 state 2, "Partition ID mismatch found while checking table 'X'".
418822 When performing a disk init specifying a virtual device number of 127 and a size of 32 GB, an error message 5115 is reported and the disk init operation fails during initialization.
418905 Previously Table Properties Space page contained incorrect information. This has been corrected by displyaing results from sp_spaceused directly.
418930 to solve the issue which the buffer manager cannot provide any more buffers when documents with large no. of namespace prefixes.
418949 In rare cases, when delete from #temp table and

there is a system attention, there could be a

stack trace printed due to the attention. This

doesn't mean corruption or any other problem with

the server, it happens only with certain exact

timing of the system attention.

418952 Error 2581 "Data page ... indicates that an overflow page is linked to it;

however, the next page ... has not been marked as an overflow page."

may be reported by DBCC CHECKTABLE on an All Pages Locks table that has

a clustered index whose overflow pages deallocations needed to be redone

by the recovery process either at boot time or after the LOAD TRAN command

was run.

419007 If the Korean locale is used, Open Client and Open Server application will fail due to a missing 'escape' character in the file $SYBASE/locales/message/korean/libinsck.loc [copyright] message.
419058 Instrumentation to diagnose corruption after hardware change. Options to verify disk writes by

the house keeper and log information about IOs in an event buffer.

419061 In rare circumstances, upgrade of SYSSTATISTICS rows on a 16k pagesized server from ASE 12.5.x to ASE 15.0 might result in "invalid column length" errors.
419085 Job Scheduler GUI: A Schedule's Between time option is not being saved when selected.
419141 After abnormal termination of a network listener, a new listener cannot be started on the same port.
419182 A new option 'isolation_level' has been added to the existing builtin function pssinfo in order to retrieve the transaction isolation level of a given spid.

Usage: pssinfo(<spid> | 0, 'isolation_level')

419279 Disable collection of data for the monOpenObjectActivity MDA table if a process encounters a stack overflow condition.
419343 DBCC CHECKTABLE will now report errors if these exist in the root key information area in the BTREE index root page.
419355 sybmigrate may fail with error 102, 137 and 156 if database objects (ex. stored procs, triggers) include Japanese text.
419370 Feature Request : Enhancement of sp_audit "cmdtext" command to support the "fail" and "pass" options.
419380 In rare circumstances, 511 error "Attempt to update or insert row failed because resultant row of size

1965 bytes is larger than the maximum size (1964 bytes) allowed for this table." or 9557 error "The

server failed to create or update a row in table 'sysstatistics' because a varying-length column would

start at offset 8192." is reported for sysstatistics during ONLINE DATABASE command after the

database was loaded across platform.

419384 In a server starved for procedure cache (701 errors), sessions may get a SEGV when attempting to unkeep buffers while closing a hash operator. This will only occur if the session received a 701 error during the acquire phase of said hash operator.
419404 Interactive SQL now accepts 'go' statement followed by a number. When executed, it repeat the comments the number of times.
419509 RepAgent gives error 9209:

RepAgent(8): Missing datarow in TEXT/IMAGE insert log record.

Transaction log may be corrupt.

when TEXT/IMAGE is inserted from XFS proxy table.

419513 DUMP TRAN will hang when attempting to truncate the log after an out-of-space error is reported in the scratch database of an archive database that is being dropped.
419526 The stored procedure sp_addumpdevice unconditioanlly sets the device size to 5 MB when initializing an archive database device.
419553 During query optimization, if a relation in the query is not available (dropped/database shutdown etc.) then the query optimizer may not be able handle this situation leading to stack traces. This fix ensures that the optimizer generates an appropriate error message for such situations.
419660 Under rare circumstances it may not be possible to drop a stored procedure,

unless ASE is restarted, if a session failed to execute this stored procedure

because of error 216 "Attempt to automatically drop temporary table failed."

that was hit due to disk space shortage in a temporary database and ASE has

also aknowledged an attention event (Control-C) emitted by this session

following these errors.

419687 Documented pre-required steps for cross platform dump database
419714 Statement cache remains on inspite of configuring 'set EXPORT_OPTIONS ON' and 'set statement_cache off' in a login script.
419722 A 691 error, "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object '8' in database '<dbid>'.",

623 or 806 error is reported by ONLINE DATABASE command after loading a database with a

cross-platform dump and the database is in read-only mode.

419753 A connection that uses encrypted passwords retains a lock

on syslogins while waiting for the client application to send

the password causing concurrency problems.

419772 692, 695, 697 or 903 error etc might be returned for the load target database or other databases

after load database, if the dump file is created by backupserver which is started with -m option

and/or BLOCKSIZE option of DUMP command.

419775 Job Scheduler database, sybmgmtdb, may not be freeing space as defined by the user in the the JS Administration window.
419801 ASE fails to start with TLI style interfaces entry
419817 Union ALL query with Compute clause could hit signal 11
in CgpPop::CgpInplaceUpdateVars().
419840 Previously when user clicked "Find..." on Connect dialog and could not find servers, the error message was an just an ID "ERR_NO_SERVERS_FOUND". The actual error message has been restored.
419846 After an INSERT_SELECT into a table with encrypted columns from a UNION of SELECT statements, a subsequent SELECT on the target table will generate the error, "Msg 15413, Level 18, State 5, An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (errorcode -1). Please contact Sybase Technical Support".
419878 Repeated execution of "sp_ldapadmin suspend/activate" command intermingled with creation of new user login sessions can lead to hung login attempts.
419974 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module

'ind__get_sysindrow' together with a stack trace may be reported in the error

log if a trigger containing "inserted" or "deleted" is fired on a table that

has been renamed and that the old table name is used on another object

(e.g. a view).

420011 On servers supporting encrypted columns, report mode (only) in sybmigrate gives error "Internal Error: 'Encryption Key' is not a valid migration task type" when executed in non-gui mode and 'encryption_key_migrate_list=<ALL_OBJECTS>' is specified in the resource file
420020 Joins between un-partitioned tables take longer time in parallel mode. In general query plans, where the number of producer and consumer processes are mismatched by a vast marging (a factor of 4 or more), the optimizer does not take into account the required slow down because of a blocked or empty pipe as may be the case.
420084 This is customer's request. For ASE15.0, no matter the client can support large identifier or not, the ASE will send the large identifier names to the client and this could cause the problem.

To fix this problem, the ASE will check if the client could support large identifier or not, if the client does not support large identifier and the identifier name is longer than 30 bytes, the ASE will raise an error msg; otherwise, sending the large identifier.

420096 Selecting max with merge join and backward scan may result in wrong result.
420135 Auditing Request : to have an event code for a specific dump tran command
420142 Plan Viewer now supports localization
420146 If during a cursor FETCH a severe error such as runtime conversion

error (overflow, divide by zero, format error, etc.) OR subquery

error like 512 OR a deadlock is hit, then a subsequent cursor FETCH

may fail with error 803 resulting in the session being killed with a

stack trace reported in the error log showing modules 'curs_fetch'

and 'bufkeep'. With this fix, the default behaviour is to end the cursor scan.

However, if Adaptive Server is started with the 589 trace flag, then

the cursor is implicitly closed instead.

420165 Reduced compilation of queries when a large number of tables are joined.
420186 XPSERVER on Windows: XPserver will be killed by the Service Control Manager if it is sent

an 'interrogate' event by utilities like "IBM Director" or sc.exe. Event viewer will show

"error 7016: The Sybase XPServer_JEK2K1253_XP service has reported an invalid current state 0."

420196 If the query has an equijoin under OR and the same joining column is also
part of an equality sarg under the same OR branch, e.g.
"... OR ( u.USERID = i.OFFERED_BY AND u.USERID = 'U01')",
sometimes the server could stacktrace around
CgpIndScan::_CgpIndSpecialOrPePredBmToScalar() or hit error
206(Operand type clash).
420204 Procedural object caching may result in signal 11 in some rare cases.

The signature of the stack trace will include: s_getTreeOrPlan()->proc_get()->


420205 A 206 error "Operand type clash: <datatype1> is incompatible with <datatype2>"

maybe be raised when executing a stored procedure containing a SELECT

CONVERT( <java datatype1>, <java datatype2>) statement in a database that

was loaded from a dump of a database with different dbid.

If the source database is dropped errors 913, "Could not find row in sysdatabases

with database id <dbid>. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases." and 11060

"This statement has exceeded the maximum number of recompilations (10). This

indicates an internal error. Please note the error prior to this one and contact

Sybase Technical Support" are raised instead.

420206 False 7930 error may be generated for index upgraded from 12.5.x when dbcc checktable is used
420392 Regression fix.

We should log seperate restamp log records for the following pages.

1. OAM pages

2. last page in the datapage chain of partition.

This is because these pages get modified after restamp operation.

For recovery to proceed properly, they should be logged seperately.

420402 In a highly active system, Load Transaction could in theory fail in rolling forward a sort, with unpredictable errors regarding the identity of the table or primary index that is the source of the sort.
420453 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'bufdlink' together with a stack trace that includes 'bufpindirty' may be reported in the error log when running DBCC CHECKALLOC on a database that has tables and/or indexes that are bound to a cache other than the 'default data cache' and the configuration parameter 'number of large I/O buffers' is too small.
420501 In the semi-graphical tree, diagnostic values get truncated when they exceed the widths of the node provided.
420535 The optimizer may choose to run a join query using sort merge join instead of nested loop join

while the nested loop join may show better performance.

420572 reformatting (store_index) costing can be way off (mainly due to wrong
row count number being used). It could, for example, cause an optimal
plan with reformatting not being chosen when useful index scan is not available
inner to a nested loop join.
420600 The root cause of the problem is: SQL statement "create proxy_table ..." failed to execute when a large (has more than 254 columms) DOL table has a lock scheme that is different from the server's default lock scheme.

The fix is: For a large DOL table, use SQL "create existing table ..." to create proxy table. Unlike "create proxy_table", "create existing table" allows definition of lock scheme. This ensures the proxy's table's lock scheme is the same as the source table's.

420626 Not all missing multi-attribute densities were shown when running the "set option show_missing_stats on" command that prints missing statistics for a query. This has been fixed with this resolution.
420740 If the tempdb cache has multiple pools (e.g. 2k and 16k), then it was possible

for queries with hash operator's to get into an infinite loop in cm_cache_wash()

(as seen from sybmon stack dumps). This was caused by the hash operator

incorrectly grabbing buffers from the tempdb's cache's largest pool. This

has been fixed. Note, that in these cases, the session could not be killed.

420797 Alter table repartition on table with

clustered index on descending column

can run into error 1530.

420814 Error 2513 may occur when dbcc catalogcheck is run on a database where columns are encrypted using more than one key from a different database.
420844 DDLGen generates partition spec definition of range partitioned tables in lexical order of partition names, whereas they shoud be generated in increasing order of partition range bounds.
420853 318 or 2601 error might be returned during ONLINE DATABASE after LOAD DATABASE across platform where endian

type is different, if UPDATE [INDEX|ALL] STATISTICS command was executed on sysstatistics, sysusers or other system

table before the DUMP DATABASE.

420870 Add Encrpyption Column feature to ase15x on linuxamd64 platform.
420916 The error "Could not find virtual page for logical page 9984 in database 'master'",

with a stack trace which includes the modules like 'log_to_virt', 'virtmap ', 'bufgrab ',

'getpage_with_validation', will be reported if the requested size for master database

is not multiple of size of allocation unit. The similar error will be reported in

case of model database also.

420951 CIS: Setting text or image to NULL on a proxy column from an external client

may cause 'remote i/o' hang on the spid.

421002 If sp_configure is used to change just the server's default sort order

(without changing the server's default character set at the same time),

and before rebooting, a subsequent change is made to nearly any parameter,

then after the reboot the new sort order appears to have taken effect

(according to the errorlog and sp_helpsort) but it doesn't in fact work.

421061 Multi-engine Adaptive Server on non-NT systems may go into an infinite loop, when client tries to connect to one of the ports added with "sp_listener" after bringing engine(s) online anytime after listener was started. Message "nopen: accept, Socket operation on non-socket" may be reported in the error log.
421076 After a SELECT-INTO, where encryption is specified on the target table and where the data is generated from a UNION of SELECT statements, a subsequent SELLECT of the data in the target table will generate the error, "Msg 154133, Level 18, State 5, An internal error occurred during an encryption operation (errorcode -1). Please contact Sybase Technical Support".
421083 CIS: The CREATE PROXY_TABLE command on an ASE with Allpages lock scheme will fail with error

msg 1767: "Number of variable length columns exceeds limit of 254 for allpage locked tables.

CREATE TABLE for '<proxy table name>' failed." if the remote table contains more than 254

variable columns.

421084 The message 2843, "The dynamic statement '%.*s' could not be found. This may be due to insufficient

metadata descriptors. Increase the serverwide '%s' parameter or the '%s' parameter." is incorrectly

raised when multiple spids are running the same LWP in a multi-engine ASE environment.

421127 During an upgrade in which statistics exist on an encrypted column, there is an inconsistency introduced into the statistics for that encrypted column. This fix will prevent the inconsistency from being introduced in the catalogs, so that queries can correctly complete when referencing the encrypted column.
421147 CIS: SELECT DISTINCT with a subquery might return duplicate rows if the backend server class is not defined correctly.
421245 If you execute "ALTER DATABASE master" enough times (how many times depends on the server's page size: 146 on a 2k page, more on larger pages), eventually the command will fail and the server connection will be lost. The server's error log will show the process "infected with 11", with an associated stack trace.
421270 An error message "File <filename> already exists. Can not open tracefile." will be reported if "SET TRACEFILE <filename>" command is issued on an existing file.
421325 Wrong non-NULL value was generated for an equijoin column

coming from an inner nested left outer join. Example:









AND T3.PNO > 'P1'))

ON (T1.PNO = T2.PNO)

T3.PNO may be incorrectly missing NULL substitution.

421330 Add new builtin reserve_identity("table_name", size), allowing a process

to grab a group of identity values reserved for that process.

421374 Adaptive Server Enterprise erroneously reports that license usage is in overdraft when an uncounted license is served from a License Server.
421381 Customer would like the srvbuild GUI to automatically change the sysproc.dat size when the page size is changed, srvbuild does this for the rest of the DBs that it defines.
421527 When run xmlextract() functions, got empty results.
421547 A client prepare statement including multiple SQL commands may not be completley executed

if at least one of SQL commands is using TEXT or IMAGE host variables and

the statement cache is active on the server.

421573 Update the installmaster script to address the following issues:

jConnect: The column names used to describe ResultSet MetaData do not conform to the JDBC specifications. [CR 419579]

sqlupgrade: Errors encountered when installing system stored procedures in Japanese environment. [CR 418053]

jConnect: Request to support getDatabaseMajorVersion(), getDatabaseMinorVersion(), getJDBCMajorVersion() and getJDBCMinorVersion() functions on the DatabaseMetaData class. [CR 416759]

421607 More efficient mergejoin/hashjoin plan might not be possible for MATCHNULL equijoin query. This includes the sybase extended column syntax query and the MATCHNULL join predicate coming from the predicate transformation on "r.a = s.a OR (r.a IS NULL and s.a IS NULL)".
421660 On platforms other than Intel/AMD, inserting data to a fixed-length

unichar column that is shorter than the actual length of the column,

and where the unichar column is not aligned on a 2-byte boundary in

the page may cause the process to terminate with a bus error.

421900 Cannot setup a license server to serve ASE Security and Directory Services license for both ASE 12.5.x and 15.0.x versions. This both releases use the same package name (ASE_SECDIR), but different package definitions.
421934 In the "Login Password Configuration" tab for the server properties dialog, the "disallow simple passwords" and "expire login" binary options in configuration list can be assigned values. With this change, these 2 binary options are no longer editable.
422003 A SELECT statement using a LIKE clause with NULL variables returns Msg 712.
422051 A query involving a semantic partitioned table will do a non-covered index scan of a non-clustered index, when it appears that the query can do a covered scan. This is because the query adds all partitioning columns of the underlying table, which can make the scan non-covered if the partitioning columns are not present in the nonclustered index. This problem has been fixed in the CR such that the partitioning columns are added only for the duration of partition elimination, but not to the actual query.
422089 BCP IN fails when the table has an encrypted column and a Java abstract data type (ADT) defined in it.
422177 JNDILocalName ( property is set as sybase-easerver-config.xml file, and can be used.
422191 Whenever a XML model (XSM)contain external shortcut to reference other model's

items, XML model will create a logical item without symbol.

However, it is reported that this external shortcut will affect the items

ordering of the XML Model in PD12, PD11 and PD10

422244 We take job scheduler down with sp_js_wakeup "stop_js",1 command. However, job scheduler comes back up automatically with server restart.

I hope you can appreciate my point: if I've explicitly told job

scheduler to go down, I think it's reasonable to expect it to stay down

until told otherwise.

422259 Query with union in view using DOL worktable for view materialization

may sometimes return incorrect results.

422281 Reformatting may not be selected as the best plan if you run a self-join query.

It may cause performance drop after upgrading from pre-15.

422296 Enable LDAP User Authentication feature on hpia64 platform
422303 In XML model of PD10, "shortcut" items (element, attribute), which reference

a Namespace's item , is still allow to map to OOM or PDM item.

However, in XML model of PD12, the "Mapping" Tab of items will disappear as

long as it become a "shortcut" by defining the "reference" property.

422355 When using the monDeadLock MDA table and a process executing a stored procedure or trigger is involved in a deadlock, the monDeadLock table HeldProcDBID and HeldProcedureID columns do not report the DBID and Object ID of the stored procedure or trigger.
422375 The expensive Lava operators (hash, sort, store (for reformat)) have been

limited to a configurable percentage of tempdb's pagesize buffer pool.

This percentage is controlled through the "max resource granularity" configuration

option. This value defaults to 10%. Before this checkin, each instance of

these operators could keep upto 50% of the MRU area of the pagesize buffer pool.

422381 ASE Plug-in used to selectively display information/warning messages even if user has selected "Show informational and warning messages". This has been corrected.
422388 During normal shutdown, the server only flushes free space counts from the first disk fragment of a database back to master.dbo.sysusages. Upon subsequent reboot, this causes the database disk map to have incorrect free space counts on all but the first fragment.
422423 Fixes parsing issue with server name entry of style "ipv6 mac adress:port no".
422434 When trying to parse large XML documents, ~3MB+, ASE will hit the 712 'insufficient heap memory' error.
422444 Enable Encrypted Column feature on Solaris AMD Opteron 64bit platform
422466 An undetected deadlock may occur when the database option 'ddl-in-tran' is active

and session 1 executes DDL and/or DML commands while session 2 is interested in

printing the execution plan for session 1 through SP_SHOWPLAN.

422537 If the generic form of a join is specified in an Abstract Plan using the "join" keyword, and the tables specified in the forced plan violates outer join semantics in the "from" list in the query, the query could return wrong results. Note that a work around was to specify the specific join, for example "nl_join" for a nested loops join.
422673 In rare circumstances, an 822 error, "Could not start I/O for request BLKIO flags..." or other recovery-related error may be reported during the failover of a primary server to a secondary server in an HA environment.
422674 A SELECT from a proxy table mapped to an RPC will abort the entire transaction if the RPC returns a status of 0.
422715 When large quantities of memory is allocated, from procedure cache,

for a single query, performance may be affected adversely due to lengthy


422719 set option show_missing_stats on

will print some spurious multi-attribute sets that cannot be corrected by update statistics

e.g. references to the "Rid" attribute, as well as references to BIT, IMAGE, TEXT attributes that cannot be placed in update statistics commands

this fix will limit the hints provided by the tracing to just those that can be corrected by update statistics

422771 Request for an option to return the data in encrypted form for the encrypted columns - in case the caller does not have decrypt permission.
422779 CIS: TSQL outer join query on proxy tables may return wrong result when part of the query (such as the search clause) is not forwarded by CIS to the remote for execution.
422805 The statistics displayed when SET STATISTICS IO is enabled will incorrectly be null on any table that has a trigger.
422809 The message 'current process infected with 11' in the module db_ekey_in_use maybe reported in the errorlog when dropping a database if there exists an archive database that has not been loaded yet.
422860 Listing the tables in the FROM clause in a different order

could result in a very different query plan, sometimes a very bad

performing query plan.

422867 The error 3208, "Unexpected end of file while reading beginning of dump" will be raised when an archive database device is unavailable.
422869 If an execute insensitive scrollable cursor is executed again, error 3806

"Both the READ ONLY and the FOR UPDATE options have been specified for cursor"

might be raised.

422966 Queries containing hash operators with large estimated input sets could

consume significant portions of the procedure cache and spend significant

amounts of CPU time in memalloc() (as seen from sybmon stack dumps).

This was the result of extraordinarily long subordinate PROC_HDR chains

where the subordinate PROC_HDR is effectively empty (as seen from sybmon

"procmem prphdr <main_phdr_address verbose" command). This has been fixed

by freeing and recreating the PROC_HDR as processing proceeds from one input

set to the next. Sessions in this state can significantly impact overall

system performance.

423035 Update Statistics Wizard's first page contains a list of table columns and their types. The column types are now displaying correctly.
423070 Corrects a performance issue with IN lists

If a table t1 has an index i1 on columns (a1,a2,a3) and multiple IN lists are defined e.g.

select * from t1 where a1 in (1,2) and a2 in (10,11) and a3 in (100,101)

the optimizer would only consider costing subsequent IN lists if the previous IN lists were reasonably selective. The change is to cost all IN lists, since strongly selective IN list can follow weak IN in lists, and then determine whether to avoid some less significant IN lists due to poor selectivity.

423158 The "quiesce database" status for temporary databases, as shown by the sp_helpdb

stored procedure, may unexpectedly survive a server re-start.

423209 Backup Server error[23] "The 'read' call failed for device 'device_name'

with error number 14 (Bad address). Refer to your operating system documentation for

further details." or error [105] "The 'uncompress' call failed for device

'device_name' with error number 0 (Error 0)." is returned, when a database dump file

that was generated with 'with compression=<compression_level>' clause is loaded

across platform.

423244 In extremely rare situations, recovery of the current database page timestamp can result

in a value a few increments lower than in specified behavior. The practical impact is

virtually nil, and any theoretical problem quickly resolves after a few new runtime


423251 When ASE dataserver is configured for High Availability on Sun Cluster, it may not release

database devices during failover if PID of dataserver process(es) is not removed.

423253 On Solaris, if ASE is configured for HighAvailability on SunCluster, the HA agent ase_monitor will initiate failover if it fails to run various SQL commands as part of thorough probe, though the error is a transient one such as no space in tempdb.
423255 Previously, the Input Wizard could crash if you double-clicked the "Finish" button. You could see this problem if your computer was busy when the "Finish" button was clicked. You could run into a similiar problem with the "Next" button if the table into which you were importing was locked and the "blocking" option was "on". This has been fixed as follows: The Wizard controls now prevent you from operating any control on the Wizard while it is busy interacting with the database. This prevents the crash.
423313 Customers would like the ability to enable auditing without having to reboot the ase. An extension to sp_audit "restart" would probably be best if we could allow it to work for newly configured installations as well as exisitng installations where the audit process has just died.
423347 While running dbcc upgrade_object() and a syntax error in the source text is found,

Msg. 11031 is raised. At the same time the error 'Invalid pointer

param number 4, pointer value 0x3' .*s invalid pointer param number 6, pointer value 0x2' is also


423371 Previously certain ASE Plug-in icons such as Indexes appeared cut-off. This has been corrected.
423374 The Commands Reference Vol 2 entry on CREATE TABLE still contains an reference to an old limit of 250 columns per table. The limit is actually 1024.
423383 Queries involving inner tables of an outer join query with predicates of =NULL returns wrong results. An example of such a query would be:

select 1 from r left join s on r.a = s.a where s.a = NULL

423395 When an ANSI outer join query has an equi-join in the ON clause and

one of the equi-join columns also has "col=<ct>" in the WHERE clause,

the optimizer will not consider using the MergeJoin algorithm,

although it's legal under these circumstances.

423396 DBISQL now allows user to change password if the login's password has expired.
423428 The message "current process...infected with 11" may be reported in module

"collocate" when a session runs a subquery whose execution requires a work

table to be sorted in parallel by ASE. The modules "psort_producer", "subst"

and "subconst" will be reported also in the error log.

423441 On IBM Power Linux platform, stacktrace does not report all the functions on the stack.
423509 sp_helpdevice displays devices ordered by device name, and shows free space for unused devices.
423530 A connection using LDAP authentication retains a lock

on syslogins while waiting for the LDAP server to respond,

which causes sp_addlogin to hang

423559 Increase limit of message parameter in syb_sendmsg TSQL function from 255 characters in length.
423575 A 625 error may be reported by sp_post_xpload if a user table is updated before index is rebuilt

manually or by sp_post_xpload, and after a database dump has been loaded across platform

and brought online.

423583 A UNION query such as: select a from x where 1=2 union select b from y, which contains a

predicate that is always false (in this case 1=2) in the first SELECT of the UNION may not

return all of the rows of the result set if the query plan chosen by the optimizer contains

a hash-based UNION operation. The presence of the hash-based UNION operation in the query

plan is shown in showplan by the line: HASH UNION Operator.

423674 On the HP Tru64 unix platform, ASE stacktraces sometimes show erroneous symbol references
423748 Previously when user right-clicked a table, "Edit..." menu item was missing. This has beeen added so that user can edit the table using Table Editor.
423783 Attempting "LOAD DATABASE master" from a dump where the disk map in the dump does not exactly match the disk map in the target server can cause ASE to encounter a page read error, which it reports as error: 695, state: 1. This causes the load to fail.
423796 When importing statistics in simulate mode resulted in some selectivities to be out of bound thereby causing poorer plans.
423806 Wrong results produced when selecting from a table that is list partitioned and the WHERE clause of the SELECT statement has a BETWEEN predicate on a column that is not the partitioning key.
423836 CIS: When retrieving IMAGE data, ASE may encounter a SEGV in routines omni_rly_row() and memallocheap().
423852 The stored procedure sp_who "spid" will return 0 rows when the parameter spid belongs to

a user with negative suid.

423878 Queries on range partitioned tables that contain range predicates that can become SARGs and

that contain unknown constants at compile time (i.e. local variables or substituted columns

of a join clause) can be used to eliminate scans of some of the partitons of the table based

upon the runtime values of the constants. For example:

create table t1 (c1 int, c2 int) partition by range (c1) (p1 values <= (50), p2 values <= (100))

declare @v1 int

set @v1 = 49

select * from t1 where c1 < @v1

The select statement contains a range predicate (c1 < @v1) that is unknown at compile time.

This predicate will be used at the beginning of execution of this statement, when the

value of @v1 is known, to determine

which partitions of t1 could possibly contain qualifying rows, and will cause the

elimination of the partition, p2 from the scan of t1 because its values of c1 are all

greater than 49.

423902 All partitions can be eliminated in queries against a partitioned table that is list partitioned and contains queries that has a predicate on the partitioned key that is used to eliminate partitions. The predicate must be composed of a BETWEEN clause on the partitioned key AND another predicate on the partitioned key that selects ONLY the partitions that would be selected by the BETWEEN predicate.
423913 Update table statistics command is enhanced to enable generation

of systabstats statistics for an index or an index partition.

423930 In rare circumstances, column data may not be translated if more than 127 contiguous columns data

are non-null values and all the columns require translation and all translation type is same length,

when database dump file is loaded across platform.

423931 DBCC CHECKTABLE may fail to report error 2510: "Key mismatch between index page <index pno>,

partition ID <ptnid>; at offset <indoffset>; and data page <data pno> (row ID <rnum>), partition ID

<ptnid>. Drop and re-create index ID <indid> of table '<tabname>' in database '<dbname>'." and

abort silently, or return "Invalid parameter" error with 2510 error message.

423962 If one element of the xml document contains attribute and text child, then the stack trace would be thrown out randomly.
423975 Enable LDAP User Authentication feature on Solaris Opteron 64bit platform
424130 Conversion errors, error code 257, raised during optimization when there is a constant expression in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement. These constant expressions involved VARCHAR data types.
424132 Increased size of sybsystemprocs database from 120MB to 132 MB.
424170 Create unique local index on range/list/hash partitioned table should be allowed even when the index key list sequence is not the same as that of partition key, as long as the partition key list is a subset of index key list
424173 CIS: If at compile time, a remote server's capabilities are already available, then avoid connecting to the remote server during compilation.
424174 Enable JS feature on linuxamd64 platform.
424176 Enable LDAP User Authentication feature on Linux Opteron 64bit platform
424188 When command-line trace flag -T450 is set, queries involving a group-by

clause (and having 32 or less distinct group-by columns) will have a

predicable ordering similar to that of ASE 12.5.x. Namely, in the absence

of an explicit order-by clause, ordering will be that of the group-by columns.

424268 Excessive compilation time when there are a lot of range or list partitions in the

joining relation(s).

424281 This fix is to update logic of counting physical processors considering the introduction of CMP and CMT capable processors.
424287 This fix is to update logic of counting number of physical processors considering the introduction of intel hyperthreaded processors.
424299 If path ends with \, dbisql.bat will gives java syntax error. Correct that by adding ; at the end of path inside dbisql.bat
424375 Adds Replication Agent support for alter table <table_name> drop partition.
424428 Enable MIT Kerberos feature on HPIA platform
424431 Enable MIT Kerberos feature on Linux IBM pSeries platform
424438 Previously, when connected to an ASE server, you could get spurious error messages of the form

"There was an error reading the results of the SQL statement. The displayed results may be incorrect or incomplete."

after calling stored procedures (e.g. sp_cacheconfig) in console mode. This has been fixed.

424463 sqlupgraderes can not boot old ASE in the upgrade process.
424587 A suboptimal plan could be chosen for a query that has a large "IN (values ...)"

WHERE clause and whose SELECT list columns would make a row too large to store

into a worktable.

424592 CIS: A stacktrace along with the message "NULL aghead pointer in var_expression()" might be observed in some SELECT INTO statements with join clauses involving local and remote tables.
424608 This fix is to support new license type "NA". "NA" stands for not applicable.
424632 sp_sproc_columns column column_type should return only 0 or 5. 15.0 docs are not consistent with 12.5.1.
424672 Queries with materialized view may use more worktables in ASE 12.5 release than in previous releases. In some cases the query which executed fine in ASE 12.0 may no longer execute in ASE 12.5 failing with error 251, "Unable to allocate ancillary table for query optimization. Maximum number of tables in a query (14) exceeded."
424722 Enable MIT Kerberos feature on ibmplinux platform
424733 Enable MIT Kerberos feature on HPIA64 platform
424736 The fine-grained algorithm enabling/disabling settings are currently available

at the connection level, through the SET XXX ON/OFF/DEFAULT, where XXX is

nl_join, merge_join, etc. There settings should be available also at the

query level using AP language extensions (as currently the case for the

optgoal and opttimeout settings).

424770 Via an XEM, the customer has defined a stereotype with a custom symbol for the Element metaclass. In the XML model, when the stereotype is associated with the element, the custom symbol is not applied.


This issue has been resolved in the PowerDesigner/PowerAMC 12.0.0 EBF4.


This issue has been resolved in the PowerDesigner/PowerAMC 12.1.0 release.

424826 When a primary key or a unique declarative clustered constraints for

an All Pages Locking table are dropped, ASE does not incorrectly remove

the status value "Index supports primary key/unique declarative constraint"

from Sysindexes. This results in incorrect SP_HELP output.

424846 The query plan for a query such as: select substring ('back yard', -1, -4) where 1 = 2,

which has an expression in the select-list, but also has an expression in the

WHERE-clause that disqualifies all rows will still cause the select-list expression to

be evaluated. In the example, the expression is invalid, so an error will be returned,

even though no rows qualify.

424848 When attempting to run Sybase Central on the HP Tru64 platform using the script the message "Unknown OS: 'OSF1'" would occur in the window in which the script was executed
424866 Make sp_sproc_columns to be odbc compliant
424867 The installs for the ebf are replacing any existing license.dat file with a one that contains a single INCREMENT line for ASE_DEV
424932 An archive database device incorrectly needs read/write permissions to be initialized.
424975 CIS only uses quoted identifiers around column name in select to remote server. CIS

should also use quoted identifiers around the table name.

424982 The sqlloc utility does not show charset gb18030 when 'Chinese' language is chosen.
425072 Query with a subquery flattened to the exists join and executed with special or strategy (showplan output showing "Using N Matching Index Scans") may sometimes return the same row multiple times making the total result set bigger than expected.
425127 When a user generates DDL for a table, partition names are generated even when they are are not user-defined and are system generated.
425162 Create clustered or non-clustered index on a UTF-8 server with non binary sortorder is very slow as compared to other character sets. Boot time traceflag 2409 needs to be turned on to enable the fix solution.
425183 "auditinit" didn't check if given logical device name is an valid identifier.
425273 When, on a table, 2 function indexes are created, and subsequently the first index is dropped, ASE stacktraces and terminates
425310 The Message Description from SYSMESSAGES:

Error 318: "sysstatistics catalog was read and an inconsistency was found, please run update statistics and contact Sybase Technical Support."

It doesn't tell what table need to run update statistics.

It doesn't tell what database need to run update statistics.

Customer would like to have error 318 giving more details on database/object level where there error occurs.

425319 CIS: Error msg 691 together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'txtimg_upd_table'

and 'amc_finish_command' may be reported in the error log if ALTER TABLE ... MODIFY a

column to null on a proxy table with any text or image column

425340 Previously (15.0 ESD#2 ASE Plug-in) BCP menu for a view is located at the end of its context menu. This has been moved to closer to the top of context menu to be consistent with other object's context menu.
425349 Database page might be initialized and result in 1142 error or error message 'Unable to find the

sysusages row that controls the allocation page <pageno> while doing the extents accounting for

OAM page <pageno>, object ID <objid>, index ID <indid>, database ID <dbid> (OAM entry nn).'

printed in the errorlog during ONLINE or 692 error during sp_post_xpload, after 15.0 database dump

file was loaded across platform if there is an un-upgraded allocation page in the 15.0 database dump

file. This problem happens only after a pre-15.0 database was upgraded to 15.0 and was dumped again

on 15.0, then loaded on 15.0 again across platform.

425376 If data length expansion possibly occurs due to character set conversion from client to server,

bulk copying data to a replicated text column with DB-Lib bulk copy routines may cause

error 7105.

425396 If the value of the 'max SQL text monitored' configuration parameter is greater than 16384 bytes and a n application submits a SQL batch larger than 16384 bytes, a query on the monProcessSQLText Monitoring Table may generate a 632 error.
425442 Incorrect percentages may be reported while dumping a database.
425446 Failure attaching to shared memory when Monitor Server & ASE are started from different Terminal Server sessions.
425471 Enable LOAD TRANSACTION on an archive database.
425482 The message "current process ... infected with 11" may be reported in

the error log in module "ind_dbinfologspacevalid" when the LCT_ADMIN built-in

is executed with option "logsegment_freepages" on a temporary database that

has not fully recovered yet. The modules "th_lct_admin" and

"th__logsegment_freepages" will also be reported in the stack trace.

425509 Resize all of the unstandard icons to standard icons
425574 The server may raise error 702 while running a large union query and "statistic time" option

is set to on.

425664 When a shared memory dump is performed on the Linux platform using the CSMD facility a message saying that "at least one engine failed to halt" may be written to the errorlog. This problem has been corrected.
425693 In rare circumstances, on a multi-engine system, the message "current process infected with 11" together with a stack trace in ubffree may be reported in the error log while loading java classes.
425696 Use of the dataserver -k command line option incorrectly generates

a usage error message and prevents ASE startup from proceeding.

425697 The command QUIESCE DATABASE FOR EXTERNAL dump can get a deadlock while

creating the manifest file with a process that holds a lock on a system

table or the log semaphore and it's suspended because it tried to write

to the database being quiesced.

425855 Database dumps taken on HP Tru64 platform using Backup Server of version 12.5.3 ESD#3 or earlier can not be loaded to other platforms with later versions. The fix is enabled with Backup Server traceflag D128.
425865 ASE Plug-in now adds log entries to Sybase Central Log Viewer when Unified-Agent-monitored ASEs under server groups go start/stop running. To open Log Viewer, select Tools -> "Log Viewer".
425923 An ASE stacktrace containing the modules ubo_object_from_slot and mda_get_kpid_by_spid would be generated with the error message "An internal memory management error has occured." if the monitoring table monLocks was queried with a where clause involving a search on SPID and the SPID value was 0 or negative, e.g. "select * from monLocks where SPID = 0"
425945 On IBM AIX 5.1, when ASE tries to allocate shared memory larger than 16G, the error message

"kernel os_find_good_keyfile: Found shared memory segment: key 0xce0013ac, id 1048593

kernel os_find_good_keyfile: If SQL Server using it is not running, remove it by hand

kernel os_find_good_keyfile: Too many dangling memory segments, nead a clean up

kernel kbcreate: couldn't get shmid for kernel region.

kernel kistartup: could not create shared memory"

may be reported in the error log.

426058 Enable the JMS message property "msgreplytoinfo".
426064 Enable the JMS message property "ttl".
426073 Wrong scalar aggregate (such as count()) result when all partitions

in the underlying table have been eliminated during compilation.

426097 Queries that have a large number of joining tables and also contain subqueries in the SELECT and the FROM clause can result in a stack trace if the opimizer times out before getting a valid plan.
426106 ASE REPLICATOR: Incorrect use of single quotes in

generating a RAISERROR statement in the script

following out of sp_addreplicateart.

426113 Values in the column TotalSizeKB for the monCachedObject monitoring table were not always correctly calculated.
426201 An INSERT SELECT ORDER BY query could require a Sort and run thus very slowly

despite the needed ordering being cheaply available form the existing indices.

426275 Previously Connect dialog's Server name drop down list would not update after user changed the LDAP setting (Settings button -> LDAP page). This has been corrected.
426278 To add/edit a JINI server discovery entry, ASE Plug-in now uses a spin box (instead of a text box) for accepting the port number of the entry.
426281 Previously Connect dialog displayed error message ID instead of the error message when server discovery through "Find..." returned no results. This has been corrected.
426283 ASEPlugin used to wait for acquiring connection when connected to a standard port (like telnet=23), sometimes it would be around 15minutes, causing ASEP to hang.

This fix adds a user settable parameter in ASEP->Settings Tab, to control the login timeout period. By default it is 30secs.

426292 Document difference between reserved_pgs() & reserved_pages()
426341 On some platforms (like Windows), the "upgrade" utility program might terminate abnormally with a segmentation violation or access violation if the program failed to execute an upgrade step correctly.
426342 DBCC CHECKTABLE may report error 15080, reporting an inconsistency in the root key information on BTree root pages of DOL tables. This will occur if an ALTER TABLE operation was performed on a DOL table to increase the length of a variable length column, and that column was used in some index. If this inconsistency is reported on a system catalog, use DBCC REINDEX to rebuild the specific index showing this inconsistency. For user tables exhibiting this condition, drop and recreate the affected index.
426403 In the Syconfig.exe configure new Backupserver options screen, the character set drop down list doesn't contain all valid character sets in non-English language.
426405 ClassCastException is encountered when Table Editor is opened.
426411 MSGCONSUME does not abort the transaction correctly for some RTMS errors, which will cause the consequent stacktrace.
426414 Built-in attrib_valid returns failure on action modify & delete, irrespective of attribute-value passed.
426482 Attempt to start SySAM License Server using "" script produces the following error: "Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (Cannot read data from license server (-16,287:22 "Invalid argument"))".
426533 During upgrade to 15.0, the HK WASH task may terminate with a message

"current process is infected with signal 11" in the module "ind__ides_getnext()"

The stack trace may include the modules, open_system_table(), ind_get_ides()

and ind__get_sysindrow().

426588 CIS: Use of SET ROWCOUNT on query that results in CIS to forward partial command to remote server may return wrong result.
426668 When ASE's license limits the total permitted amount of disk space used for data storage, and a DISK RESIZE command attempts to add space to a device, and the resulting total space is within the permitted limit, ASE will incorrectly report that the named device does not exist.
426674 Sybase Central ASE Plug-in provides the 'Generate DDL' option from the context menu of the following three objects only when the user has sa_role or sso_role - logins, roles and encryption keys. For all other users, this item is disabled.
426791 ASE hangs or crashes when 3604 flag is enabled along with 7825, 7826 or 7827 flags.
426828 DDLGen inserts extra white spaces (tabs) in check constraint definition if the length of the definition of a single constraint exceeds 255 characters.
426908 102 error given for "with override" option for load database on linux 32bit.
426942 Clustered indices for APL tables were being costed more expensively than

non-clustered index scans when sargs were being applied to data rows.

For the case of non-clustered indices, the benefit of sargs being

evaluated in the access layer was costed correctly, but this was

not the case for clustered indices. The end result was that

a clustered index scan was not usually chosen when strong filtering

predicates were applied after a weak limiting scan.

The end result is that for APL tables a slower non-clustered

index scan could be chosen over a faster clustered index scan.

426982 A SELECT from a proxy table on ASE 15.0 that is mapped to a remote table on an earlier version of ASE with a name 29 or more characters long will result in an Error Msg 103.
427014 There were some instances when interrupts and kill were not recognized and the query could not be aborted. More checks for interrupts and kill are added during execution of a query.
427028 The message "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" followed by the message "current process ... infected with 11" in module "lock__print_deadlockchain" may be reported in the error log when ASE encounters a deadlock situation and the configuration parameter "print deadlock information" is set or the "deadlock pipe active" MDA option is in use. The modules "pss_getunkept_pss" and "ubo_object_from_slot" will also be reported in the stack trace.
427031 ASE Plug-in does not display partition information of a table for pre 15.0 servers in the 'Partition' tab of table properties.
427127 SP_SPACEUSED <table_name> may report an innacurate value for "rowtotal"

if the given table resides in a temporary database.

427166 The SP_CONFIGURE stored procedure trying to change both the 'default sortorder id'

and 'default character set id' may not work correctly if the old and new values for first parameter

in sp_configure are same.

427193 sp_dboption fails with an error message "Cannot checkpoint database <db_name> because its status is:

offline, online for standby access, read only." if the database is set to readonly and an upgrade of

the database that was loaded from pre-15.0 version of ASE has not happened yet.

427320 Enhance dbcc tablealloc to clean up checkstorage 100025 faults.
427446 Signal handling for Mac OS X server process was not resetting signal mask, resulting in a 'frozen server' after first signal (SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, etc.) was encountered. No recovery of this situation was possible, other than killing the process and restarting the server.
427482 Resource Governor fails to kill process that exceed their allotted time when running in parallel
427509 Previously DDLGen did not use to generate "If exists" statement, this used to generate sql exceptions when someone used to run ddlgen output against a server where objects already existed.

This fix now adds "if/exists clause", and the object if already exists is dropped, before creating a new definition.

427590 The error " Syntax error encountered. Sizes must be of the form int[KMGP]. For example, a size of 5 megabytes may be specified as '5M'." will be generated if in the SP_CONFIGURE command both "default character set id" and "default sortorder_id" are changed together and second argument is 0.
427668 The value of the monProcessActivity table CPUTime column is occassionally reset to zero. As a result, this column may not report the cumulative CPU time for a process.
427705 Under certain circumstrances, When ASE is configured to use JVM( 慹nable java� set to 1) error 慚emory allocation request failed because of insufficient memory in Jvm Shared Class� appears in errorlog. ASE may get infected with SIGSEGV and throws stack trace in VMClassLoader::Destroy.
427884 The store index operator used in the reformatting strategy did not have the join keys created properly, so that instead of a nested loop keyed lookup, a cart prod was performed, although the costing expected that a keyed lookup would be done. This resulted poor performance when expressions were used in a join, which used a reformatting strategy.
427888 Error 2823 "Process x tried to remove a PROC_BUF 0xxxxxx name '*ssxxxxxxxxxxx'.." maybe produced when two sessions execute the same SQL in an ASE where "statement cache" is enabled.
427908 Transient I/O issue could cause timestamp mismatch error (12315) during btree scan.
427929 Enhance the alter table utility to avoid taking table locks on system catalogs.
428057 Connection time averages for LDAPUA are printed under traceflag(3637) instead of (3635).
428062 DB LIB function, dbdatlen(), returns a wrong result with fixed length char column in ASE15
428211 drop login/sp_droplogin does not drop local login mappings in sysattributes table,

due to which those mappings in the table have references to non-existent users.

428322 GRANT ALL command inserts rows of Dump Database and Dump Transaction actions into sysprotects table.
428341 When ASE is started with the Express Edition license, it is possible to exceed license limits on total disk space by using the "disk reinit" command.
428358 Adaptive Server Enterprise may crash with a stack trace pointing to terminate_process
428360 Normalization failed to remove NOT nodes for a query that projects a built-in function

with a subquery as the argument.

428402 Support statement cache with singleton insert statements. To use the feature, please

turn on both 'statement cache' and 'enable literal autoparam' configurations.

428433 In rare circumstances on 64-bit Linux AMD, Linux Itanium and Sun Solaris Opertron, the message "Arithmetic overflow occurred" may be erroneously reported when using 'Approximate Numeric Datatypes'.
428438 Previously a server discovery filter for finding servers with port number less than a number didn't work. This has been corrected.
428442 Native bcp allows invalid time into ASE, which is then picked up by Rep Agent.
428443 Users without the js_admin_role will see an error and not be able to open the Scheduled Jobs, Jobs, or Schedules folder if the Show All Users menu item is selected from the corresponding menu.
428445 An assertion failure and stack trace could be produced when:

- the query is unconnected, in that not all FROM clause tables are

connected with eachother through join clauses;

- a subset of the FROM clause tables form a STAR query, in that there is

one table that is equi-joined with each of the other ones;

- another subset of the FROM clause tables contains at least 2 tables,

that join with eachother but don't join with tables in the STAR subset.

428477 When enabled, set index_union limits the scan of a table with an or clause.Index unions (also known as an or strategy) are used for queries that contain or clauses. For example:

select * from titleauthor where au_id ="409-56-7008" or title_id ="PC8888"

If you have enabled index_union, this example uses an index on au_id to find the row IDs (RIDs) of all titleauthor tuples with au_id =409-56-7008", and uses an index on title_id to find the RIDs of all titleauthor tuples with title_id =PC8888". Adaptive Server then unions all RIDs (to eliminate duplicates). The resulting RIDs are joined with a RidJoin to access the data tuples

If index_union is disabled, Adaptive Server does not use an index union strategy in a query to limit the table scan. Instead it uses other access paths on the table (in the example above, it would use a table scan for table titleauthor), and applies the or clause as a filter in the scan operator.

428587 695 error maybe given when a load of a database has been aborted and another database is being dropped during cross platform dump and load.
428591 Under rare circumstances the "AUDIT PROCESS" system task and a user session

that is in the process of auditing may block each other without ASE being

able to solve this blocking situation.

428650 When creating a Job Scheduler schedule from the command-line utilities, the user may receive an error stating that the startdate is later than the enddate when the schedule enddate is specified but the startdate is not specified.
428692 ASE internal clock is not updated before the recovery processing is completed for all databases.
428694 Instrumentation code added to collect specific data points when error 12318 occurs. A retry logic also has been added to regenerate the offset table for the index page in question to see if we can recover from this error. Diagnostic messages will be written to the errorlog. To turn off the retry logic use "DBCC traceon(625)".
428757 The customer should run DBCC CHECKCATALOG with FIX option to fix the errors from collocate(), both in the sort code and checktable code paths. This should be done prior to running sp_post_xpload.
428893 Provide object id and page number in addition to text pointer value for messages 7123, 7125, 7126, 7127, 7128, and 7134.
428915 When a database fails recovery because one or more of its devices do not start correctly, or when there are I/O errors on a device such that a database becomes unusable, DROP DATABASE will not drop that database.
428922 Enhancement to sp_monitor to monitor deadlocks using monDeadLock monitoring table.

Interface is "sp_monitor 'deadlock'", followed by various arguments. An archival facility is

provided to store deadlock events in a user-specified table. Detailed usage information can be

obtained from: "sp_monitor help, deadlock" comand.

Connection monitoring is now enhanced with new command "sp_monitor procstack",

that reports on a task's procedural execution stack.

Use "sp_monitor help, procstack" for more details.

428932 Feature request : DISK INIT permits us unspecified device size on raw devices.

If device size is not specified, DISK INIT command automatically recognizes size on raw devices.

428948 Invalid dbid passed to built ins will report error 913 with higher severity.
428963 The error 644 "Index row entry for data row id ... is missing from index page ...

of index id 2 of table 'syscolumns' ..." may be reported when a syscolumns row is

being updated in the deferred mode as shown by sp_showplan and the row being updated

is the forwarded location.

429009 Occasionally on a multi-engine system, sp_monitorconfig "Active procedure cache" values might be higher than configuration value
429010 Added support of auto-parametize univarchar literals for statement cache, so the following two

statements will be sharing the same query plan:

select * from unitb where unicol = U&'\20ac'

select * from unitb where unicol = U&'5493\4e54'

429036 bcp wizard usibility improvments
429128 In rare situations during ASE shutdown a stack trace may be seen showing a storage access violation in ntdll.dll (this only affects ASE running on Windows systems).
429252 When the statement cache is configured for Adaptive Server, the

bcp 'out' command used with the '-C' flag fails with Msg 225

when copying out encrypted data.

429253 Adaptive Server Enterprise running on the Windows operating system does not correctly handle device file names when those names (or directory paths) contain characters outside of the standard ASCII range 32-126, depending on the local character set in use. CR 429253 fixes this issue when used in conjunction with isql -J which disables character set conversion between isql and ASE.
429295 Stack trace associated with error 14127

"Cannot drop or modify partition descriptor ...

as it is in use. Please retry your command

later. Total reference count ... Task reference

count ..."

May be seen rarely when create placement index

command is rolled back for resources reason.

429350 Web services folder does not open when ASE Plug-in is connected to pre 15.0 servers. It gives a stack trace when an attempt is made to open this folder.
429457 enhancement request where 'rowcnt' in ASE 15 is changed to 'ROW_COUNT'
429480 set option show_missing_stats on

reports missing stats on columns with BIT datatype, which is noise, since update statistics cannot be done on BIT datatypes

429481 An outer join query with an ON clause containing a join condition with constants would stack trace.

An example of such a query would be:


FROM (SELECT 1 AS Col1) TableA


(SELECT 1 AS Col2) TableB

ON 1=2

429483 When printing messages, the preupgrade utility refers to the new version's names for configuration variables. If a config has been renamed, this causes it to print the name of a config that does not exist in the old installation.
429499 Errors 950 and 5903 maybe given when dropping an encryption key if one of the databases is offline. Warning 15427 should be given instead and the key should be dropped.
429601 When a user generates DDL for database objects, a dialog shows up to allow user to exclude certain objects for DDL generation. The objects would be incorrectly selected when Table is selected and the list is sorted by clicking the column header. This has been corrected.
429620 A stacktrace may occur when a query is executed on the monProcessObject MDA table.
429624 If a Lava parallel query terminates abnormally, then a SEGV

could occur in terminate_process() effectively shutting down

the server engines.

429679 1) The message "SELECT permission denied on object <keyname>, database <dbname>

owner <ownername>" will be reported in the errorlog when a user with sso_role

specifies a column for encryption on a SELECT INTO statement.

2) When the "CREATE" audit option is set, encrypted column names and key names

are not added to the extrainfo column of the audit log for the SELECT INTO statement.

429755 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'void CgpPop::setDataIOHints(int,int,int)' may be reported in the error log if a query uses TOP on a local index.
429764 After creating a compiled object (view, stored procedure etc) in ASE Plug-in through the template, the next time when you try to bring up the template for creation of a new object of the same type, the template does not come up
429806 Queries involving constant predicates under OR (e.g. 1=@v1 OR r.a=5) could result in poor performance since the selectivity of the constant predicate (1=@v1) was not accounted for resulting in possible poor join orders. Magic numbers are now used for the constant predicates.
429864 A SELECT * from monLicense in a multi-engine configuration could result in a stack trace which includes VTABRemoteAccess::mdaStartScan.
429886 Previously ASE Plug-in did not close connections to Unified Agents, causing the agents to potentially run out of memory. Now ASE Plug-in explicitly closes all its connections to the agents when Sybase Central exits. Note this may cause a slight delay in closing Sybase Central.
429965 sp_chgattribute does not allow you to set identity_burn_max to 0 leading to first identity value of 2.
429968 A select from a very large table with an IN list greater than 40 may fail with a stack trace that includes CgLavaUtils::CgCompVirtualCol.
429969 Error message 5018, "Caution: You have set up this database to include space

on disk <n> for both data and the transaction log." may be raised in error

during CREATE, ALTER or LOAD DATABASE if the database has any disk fragments

allocated on virtual devices between 248 and 255.

429997 In 12.5 expression histogramming was used on LIKE predicates to estimate

selectivity of predicates which did not have limiting sargs.

A query such as... select count(*) from t1,t2 where t1.a2 LIKE "%abc" and t1.a1=t2.b1

would have no limiting sargs since the wildcard at the

beginning of the LIKE expression precludes this, yet the

histogramming can still be applied, by evaluating each

histogram boundary value with the LIKE expression.

In 15.0 expression histogramming was extended to all predicates

that were not sargs, including LIKE predicates, to estimate the


The improved selectivity estimate should result in better join

order selection.

430088 Backup Server process dies on HP Tru64 when a child sybmultbuf process dies or is killed.
430101 Sybase Central ASE Plug-in from 12.5.4 ESD#2 supports load transaction for archive databases.
430103 A convenient method for an administrator to look at logged-in spids, to determine which authentication mechanism (Kerberos, PAM, LDAP, ASE) was used for the login is needed.
430126 Cntr-C did not interrupt a long compilation prior to this bug fix, and would only be processed once the compilation was complete
430136 No best plan found when user specifies potential conflicting optgoal and optimization

criteria. For example, use allrows_oltp optgoal and turn off nljoin at the

same time could sometimes lead to the case because the only viable

join operator for some query under the optgoal would be nljoin.

430147 Wrong result (missing rows) could happen for query


which also satisfies:

1. there is some expression as part of the SELECT DISTINCT items.

2. some ORDER BY items are NOT part of the SELECT DISTINCT items.

430169 ASE running on the Windows platform may display a stack trace terminating with "NULL PSS on stack overflow" in the event that shared memory cannot be allocated at startup. Note that failing to allocate shared memory (maybe due to machine resource limitations) will always prevent ASE startup but should not cause the stack trace.
430251 In rare occasions, error 1156 may be reported

and stack trace occurs when trace 2901 is on

when create placement index command fails due

to resources reason.

430253 Planviewer used to perform poorly for stored procedures, since it did not make use of the cost section of the plan. This was because the tool assumed that the cost section of the plan was not accurate. However the reality was that the cost section is accurate. Planviewer is fixed to make use of this section, hence its performance is enhanced.
430259 Update sqldbgr script to reflect the latest updates to shared directory sctructure.
430304 Using the SET option PROC_OUTPUT_PARAMS to switch off the output parameters being returned by the

outermost stored procedure, will cause incorrect results when

multiple stored procedures are nested and returning output parameters.

430305 DDLGen does not generate the following attributes when generating DDL for a cache - partition number and cache replacement policy.
430337 SYBCPNRESDLL missing text from entries in the Event Application log
430347 When updating a record with timestamp column by "update .. where current of cursor_name" and the timestamp column is in the SELECT list, 594 error is raised.
430394 WHen large buffer pools are used, then there may be a tendency to be

overoptimistic on the PIO savings from large IOs, even though there

is a weak data page cluster ratio for the index.

The correction is that more PIO will be estimated due to a poor

data page cluster ratio that indicates that data pages are

not well clustered for the index scan.

430423 Occasionally, a shared intent table lock on SYSSTATISTICS table might be seen being held continuously by license heartbeat process when sp_lock is executed.
430428 modify sp_text_load_index to display progress messages
430433 Error 940 "Dbtable in wrong state for operation: ... keep = 0 ..."

may be reported in the error log in module "dbt_unkeep" during

the execution of an UPDATE command whose trigger has a cursor statement

that references TEXT/IMAGE columns. The modules "xact_commit" and

"xact_end_session" will also be reported in the stack trace.

430483 ASE REPLICATOR: In an environment with a large

number of subscriptions, 'sp_resumeXXX' command

may fail to resume a subscription or primary

connection; the status will not change from

'DOWN' to 'UP'. The condition may indicate that

the maximum number of threads used by Replicator

has been reached. The maximum number of threads

limit may be increased using 'sp_configrep'

command with the new 'max_threads' configuration


430496 When a database is bound to a named cache and that database is upgraded, the upgrade succeeds but ASE will report error 858, "Cache [name] does not exist" for that cache. The upgrade utility records this message as a failure.
430503 An INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE trigger interrupted by Ctrl C may not qualify the expected number

of rows from the INSERTED/DELETED table and the associated INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE statement

may not be rolled back accordingly.

430551 Adaptive Server Enterprise running on the Windows operating system may encounter

'invalid handle exception' during shutdown.

430552 Deadlocks on system catalogs due to two parallel tablescans on syscolumns.

These deadlocks are exposed because the table locks are removed as part of the project.

430553 An unexpected 557 error "The cursor '<cursor name>' can not be used as it could not be found. It is possible that either it was not declared or it is not available in the current context." may be raised or the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'execudf' may be reported in the errorlog if a JAVA user defined function that uses the internal JDBC ASE driver is executed a high number of times (more than 30000) by the same connection and at the same time one or more cursors are active on that particular connection.
430555 New Feature Request to add severity level to raiserror and sp_addmessage commands.
430559 Staled buffer could be used for index building, and wrong page could be used in index chain, raising wrongpage error or wrong ptnid error (12329 error).
430568 Feature request to increase or eliminate the current limit of 48 on number of execution classes.
430573 On 64-bit sytems sometimes the message "current process infected with 10"

in the module 'des_getval' together with a stack trace which includes

the modules 'd_procbuf' and 'exec_dbcc' maybe be reported in the errorlog

when DBCC PROCBUF command is executed.

430582 A SQL query with a correlated subquery can cause a stack trace to happen, when run under parallel mode. If the same query is made to run in serial mode, it works fine.
430597 In Sybase Central ASE Plug-in, when repartitioning a table with list partition strategy, you may get an 'Incorrect syntax error' if in the list partition spec dialog you enter blank values for the list partition set of values.
430615 An UPDATE or DELETE query with the outer join updating the inner table should not be executed.

Error 7720 "Update/Delete from a table which is the inner table of an outerjoin is not

allowed. Command aborted." should be raised.

430619 NullPointer seen when call Tool->datatypes from Table Editor.
430630 Aggregate(s) in a subquery could generate an incorrect parallel plan

and caused stacktrace from LePipeRWState::LePrwsRWVtuple(LeVtuple*,pipe_client_rwmode,int)

during execution.

430633 When a query plan has several occurences of a table for a single table occurence in

the query's FROM list (as for non-combinable aggregates, extended columns aggregation,

GROUP BY ALL, etc.), the Abstract Plan has no way to distinguihs between them. We need

to generate unique internal names in such a case to be able to apply lated such an AP.

430655 In XML diagnostic outputs alias names would be printed along with table names.
430703 When sending an RPC using cis rpc handling, if the rpc name length is greater than 30 bytes, an internal protocol error would result. This has been fixed in ASE 15.0.2
430714 The monOpenObjectActivity MDA table did not correctly distinguish the occurrence of table scans from clustered index usage on tables containing clustered indexes. Clustered index usage and table scans are now reported correctly.
430743 Import of abstract plans into another db does not work on 12.5.3 - 32bit
430748 Instrumentation to diagnose 12328 errors: "The calculated row offset '<offset>' of an index key on page '<pageid>' for object '<objid>'in database '<dbid>' is out of bounds (table offset on page = '<offset>', page status = '<pgstat>', local offset table address = <address>). Also, regenerate the offset table once to try to avoid 12328 errors, unless command line trace flag 625 is turned on.
430808 The following platforms are unable to set the minimum value for sp_ldapadmin set_max_ldapua_native_threads attribute to less than fifteen:

Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HPUX, Windows, Tru64.

430859 event 86 builtin functions is not clearly documented.
430862 The Job Scheduler Administration window always reports that the Job Scheduler is running, even when it is stopped.
430867 Nary-NLJs might return too few rows if they contain a filter predicate that contains an expression in an equijoin. The following query provides such an example:

select * from a, b, c where

a.a1 = b.b1 and a.a2 + b.b2 = c.c2

In this query, the predicate "a.a2 + b.b2 = c.c2" contains a virtual column "a.a2 + b.b2" as part of the equijoin.

In this case, the nary-NLJ might skip processing some rows of b.

Note that if the same predicate is written as a theta-join "a.a2 + b.b2 > c.c2", the correct result will be returned.

430868 When 'statement cache' is enabled and there are large in-lists (e.g. 15000 in-lists),

timeslice error may occur.

430886 A sub-optimal plan with unnecessary I/Os may be chosen for some MIN/MAX queries with non-equiSARGs (eg: column < constant) on the aggregate column. Use switch 390 to enable the fix.
430892 sp_cacheconfig will display wash size as '****** Kb' if the number of digits in the wash size is greater than 6.
430902 CIS: In some scenarios, query with a LIKE clause and builtin functions may prevent

some search conditions to be sent to the remote server.

430940 There was a problem in the hash distinct and hash aggregation

operations when processing large datasets. This could possibly

lead to duplicate rows in the distinct case and/or incorrect

row interpretation in the aggregation case.

430993 An error 9972, "An error 247 occurred while inserting the results into the dbcc_counters table" together with error message 247

"Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of INT value '576002052' to a SMALLINT field" in error log will be reported when

running "dbcc checkstorage" if installdbccdb script is not installed in master database.

431016 On MAC, ASE may start with incorrect IP address due to race condition at startup.
431034 Wants the ability to run specific stored procedures or SQL in parallel. My idea was the following:

1) Add an sp_configure option called 'restrict parallel execution' - 0 meaning no restrictions, 1 meaning only specific users could run in parallel.

2) Add a security role 'pqe_role' so that users could use the 'parallel' keyword on queries and 'set parallel_degree', 'set scan_parallel_degree' for sessions.

What would happen:

If 'restrict parallel execution' was equal to zero (0) then the system would function as it does now. 'max parallel degree' and 'max scan parallel degree' would determine whether or not queries ran in parallel.

If 'restrict parallel execution' was equal to one (1) then the system would not allow users without the 'pqe_role' to run any query in parallel. If a user had the role enabled they would then need to specify the 'parallel' keyword in the query or set parallelism using the 'set parallel_degree' and/or 'set scan_parallel_degree' for the session.

Sequence to Enable for SA user:

sp_configure 'restrict parallel execution',1


sp_configure 'max parallel degree',50


sp_configure 'max scan parallel degree',20


sp_role 'grant', pqe_role, sa


sp_modifylogin sa 'add default role', pqe_role


431037 Customer needs method to retrieve default value of parameter from stored procedure
431082 DBCC checkalloc may report transient 2529, 7989 and 2540 errors after

DBCC checkcatalog(<DBNAME>, fixall) has been used to correct Sysindexes


431084 A java.lang.NullPointerException is thrown if the user selects the key checkbox on the column encryption tab (within column properties) and subsequently selects the property button.
431107 The error 864 "Command Failed: Cannot bind object ... to cache because

you have active level0 scans on the target object. Retry the command

after terminating the scans." will be incorrectly reported when trying

to unbind an object from a named cache in a read-only database.

431125 Using existing RUN file with garbadge content to do upgrade, sqlupgrade core dump
431163 Only create BCPWizIdentityPage if the table has identity column.
431166 Set the fieldTerminatorTextField and rowTerminatorTextField with default values
431231 Query with a subquery accessing the fake system table sysprocesses may

fail with the error message 691 "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object '32'

in database '1'. This is an internal system error. Please contact Sybase Technical Support."

if the query is exectued in the parallel mode.

431232 The message content for eight resource-level insufficient-memory errors has been expanded to recommend an action. Each such message gains this sentence: "Raise the value of the configuration parameter 'procedure cache size'". The eight affected errors have these error numbers: 3001, 3103, 3161, 3162, 3228, 4201, 4979, and 5203.
431404 Currently the latest version of Outlook no longer supports the CMC API. Customer would like

Sybmail to support MAPI so that the default mail client can be used to send mail notifications.

- closed as dup of feature request 356901.

431417 Customer would like Interactive SQL to highlight the error in the SQL when one occurs similar to SQL Advantage. See screen prints attached to CR.

In SQL Advantage when you compiled SQL/query and an error was returned, if you double clicked on the error it would highlight the line in the SQL/query where the error was returned from, this is not the case with Interactive SQL.

431502 sp_dbcc_evaluatedb reports incorrect values for current scan and text workspace sizes.
431536 sp_showplan on a spid running a parallel query causes stack trace
431581 For SQLJ Functions ,SQLJ Procedure and Stored Procedures,

add functions to respond to commands by context menu item

"Print" and submenu "Search".

431694 When create clustered index on large partitioned tables (especially those just upgraded from 12.5), 832 error could be raised during the sampling phase.
431712 If 'statement cache size' is configured to a non-zero value in Adaptive Server,

a Replication Server session may report error 225 'Cannot run query--referenced object (NAME NOT RECOVERABLE) dropped during query optimization' when the query processes an encrypted column.

431786 Too few rows could be returned when dynamic partition elimination

occurs on DOL tables due to the ILA "Index LookAhead" optimization.

This will only occur if the access pattern for rows switches on

ILA at the parent level and the next access moves to a new partition.

This would generally occur when the table is on the inside of a NLjoin

strategy. Note, the problem does not occur with the ILA optimization

is done at the leaf level. Problem can be worked around using trace commandline

flag 12611.

431822 Feature request to allow the QUIESCE DATABASE command to be granted to users or roles other than sa_role.
431832 Job Scheduler Job Copy menu item is displayed but does nothing.
431855 Error:8419, Severity:20, State:3 may occur when an installation has not been

upgraded and a query had been executed. All users, other than the users with

sa and operator roles, are not allowed to access a database that is yet to

be upgraded to prevent errors in databases that have not been upgraded.

431873 When calling a SQLJ procedure, from jConnect, that returns multiple

result sets, only the first result set is returned.

431904 A database or transaction log dump that was taken using the

WITH COMPRESSION = <compression> and the AT <remote backup server> options

cannot be loaded using a local backup server (that is, without the AT

<remote backup server> option). In addition, the dump that is created

is not compressed despite compression having been requested.

431945 When executing a SELECT statement via DYNAMIC SQL Adaptive Server

could send incorrect or inaccurate information in the column format

descriptions for the user type id field. This only happens the first

time that the formats are sent after the DYNAMIC PREPARE command,

subsequent DYNAMIC EXECUTE commands return the correct format


432003 ASEPlugin did not consider the way length is evaluated for national character datatype.
432024 Enable DIRECT IO for block devices under trace flag 1648 on Linux.
432057 Any occurrence of "[gG][oO]" in the text of a job command will be considered as the batch delimiter "go" and hence, the job command will not be correctly parsed, resulting in the job failure.
432094 When 'statement cache' is enabled, server may stacktrace when executing

a select into query with nested union operators.

432175 When ASE resource governor is configured for transaction elapsed time resource limit,

stored procedure whose execution time exceed the configured limit may hit TDS protocol

errors instead of the expected 11005 error reading "Transaction's running time exceeded

limit of <TimeLimit>."

432216 The error "Invalid column name 'encrkeyid'" is generated by sybmigrate when auto_select_dependent_objects=yes is set in the resource file.
432292 For very large tables, with more than 2,200,000,000 rows, sp_spaceused reports lead to arithmetic overflow.
432354 Previously in 15.0.1 ASE Plugin, trigger did not have Print or Find/Replace on its context menu. This has been corrected.
432355 Previously ASE Plug-in did not select a server after connecting to the server. This sometimes lead to confusion, esepcially when there are other connected servers already. This has been fixed.
432377 DDLGen does not generate 'sp_cachestrategy' statements for tables, indexes and constraints when 'mru' and 'prefetch' are set to off.
432411 The LOAD DATABASE ... WITH HEADERONLY command, when executed on an archive database, has been enhanced to display the compression level and format, ansi version, block size, internal backup server buffer size, number of stripes and creation date of the first stripe.
432419 When ASE resource governor is configured for transaction elapsed time resource limit,

an 11005 error may be unexpectedly raised after a transaction has been explicitly

rolled back.

432469 There is no error message in the errorlog indicating shared memory is locked successfully into physical memory or otherwise.
432511 EFTS: txtsvr core dumps on Linux platform when vdkLanguage=uni
432526 The 12.5.4 Backup Server is unable to load a dump taken using the WITH COMPRESSION option, when the dump was originally taken remotely (using the AT option) but loaded remotely (without the AT option) and vice versa. Likewise, Adaptive Server is unable to load this dump into an archive database.
432548 The error message, "SybSQLException: The definition for column 'int' must include a datatype." may occasionally be reported by the Table Editor when creating a table. This occurs when the column name is edited and the definition is then saved.
432558 In rare cases the customer could face this problem. After a stored procedure is created which access some tables. First the tables' schema is changed with 'alter table' or 'create index' command, and then 'update statistics' are made for those tables, Now if the stored procedure is executed, Assertion failure and stacktrace could occurs.
432565 Incorrect percentages may be reported while loading a database.
432573 sp_setrepproc with no argument reports duplicated rows if multiple languages are installed to ASE.
432617 Consolidating the following fields into monProcess to remove the need to

correlate between multiple tables.

ObjectID, StatementNumber, OwnerUID,

CPUTime, PhysicalReads, PhysicalWrites


432633 A stack trace is encountered when querying a proxy table column mapped to a computed java column
432693 User without an Unix OS id were not able to use ASE RTDS messaging with MQ. This fix provides an option 'alter_user=yes' that allows such users to use RTDS messaging with MQ.
432700 Using integrated logins on Windows, user may see error 4002 'Login failed' from ASE if the user account name includes uppercase letters. Rebooting the Windows domain controller may temporarily fix the problem.
432754 Instrumentation: Investigate 'time to live expired' messages.

ASE may report in errorlog messages like

"kernel secleanup: time to live expired on engine <eng#>"

"kernel Terminating the listener with protocol tcp, host <hostname>,

port <port#> because the listener execution context is located on engine <eng#>,

which is not responding."

432955 Previously ASE Plug-in displays Platform and OS information for a Unified-Agent-monitored server differently depending on whether the server is connected or not. This has been changed so that ASE Plug-in prefers the info obtained from UA - platform and OS information from UA is more relevent to the server host.
432995 Trace flag 302 ouput is missing SARG index selection for certain queries that contain OR expression.
433062 Checks to see if literal parameterization have been moved to the parsing phase of query processing. If a query is parsed with literal parameterization enabled, then the query will be parameterized regardless of the settings at the time the query is executed.
433186 The StatementNumber column was added to the monProcessProcedures MDA Table.
433195 An outer join query, where the inner table of the outer join is range or list partitioned can result in wrong results. This is because the upper bound of the outer join or the entire partitioning conditions for the list partition on the inner table is being evaluated at the WHERE clause rather than the ON clause.
433203 Previously, in the "Export" dialog, if you clicked the "Browse" button and selected an existing file, you were asked if you wanted to overwrite the file. This prompt has been suppressed because you are asked this anyway when you click the dialog's OK button.
433206 After an alter table to decrypt a column, rows remain in sysprotects that describe

decrypt access to that column.

433209 Previously, when connected to an ASE server, exporting a result set to an Excel spreadsheet would use the column names rather than the column labels for the column headings. Now, the labels are used (which was the intent all along, and is what ASA does.)
433273 A user that is not valid in a database may gain access to objects in that database via a system stored procedure that is executed from a database different from the one where the procedure is created.
433315 There is an incompatibility between Adaptive Server and RepServer 15.0 when replicating an alter table statement that modifies an encrypted column to change the key or the data type. The data type of the encrypted column in the replicate database is changed to varbinary.
433386 All processes in the server can become blocked when auditing is enabled and the sybsecurity database is quiesced.
433437 When 'enable literal autoparam' and 'statement cache' are on, subsequent run of a

select statement with a literal followed immediately by a correlation name in the select

list may get assertion failure in sqtcache.c.

433439 The Transactions and Rollbacks columns in the monProcessActivity MDA table are not set to zero when a new connection is established. This may result in reporting incorrect values for these columns.
433456 ASE running on Linux kernel 2.6 and above on linuxia32, linuxia64 and ibmplinux platforms encounters I/O performance degradation. This is because librtkaio support has been withdrawn on these linux kernel versions and by default POSIX AIO is used. Enable trace flag 1649 to use Linux Kernel Asynchronous IO.
433485 When execute charindex with Unicode character U&'\+01d160' and 'enable unicode

normalization' is on, we may get wrong result.

433519 A sp_setreptable to turn on replication on a table with text image columns,in the context of a database marked for replication using indexes, mark incorrectly the table for replication, so that a writtext done on it could lead to miscelaneous errors.
433541 Backup Server: using the -Lfrench switch, load of compressed dumps fails with: Backup Server Internal Error: Unable to get current date and time. Internal error.
433563 Unattended installations of servers using setup response files or sybatch resource files do not complete if the hostname begins with a numeric character even if the actual supplied name begins with a legal alpha character.
433579 Remove duplicate reference to "dataserver" in External authentication chapter
433588 When a loaded database needs to be upgraded but its transaction log has passed the last-chance threshold, ONLINE DATABASE will report that it could not bring the database online but will not say why. (Reason: log is almost full, so upgrade could not happen.)
433601 UI: Use Icons to improve the look
433611 In some cases, the statistics "plancost" feature was over

reporting physical IOs. This was because it was accounting

for all physical reads rather than just the physical reads

used (in readahead cases).

433656 Under some circumstances the execution of a stored procedure when a procedure

contains statement like CREATE INDEX, UPDATE STATISTICS or DROP TABLE followed by a

SELECT statement from a view in a database different than the current database.

433676 Proxy tables are never considered for right side of nested loop joins even when this might have resulted in a better plan.
433691 When Job Scheduler executes a job, for some passwords, the job may fail and messages like "Login Failed" is seen in the job history The jsagent log also shows following errors :

"Client message: ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The attempt to connect to the server failed." and "ct_connect() failed."

433692 The error "No virtual mapping for logical page <pageno>" followed by a core dump of the backup server will happen if the command LOAD DATABASE WITH VERIFYONLY is run and the database from where

it is executed is smaller than the database being verified.

433740 The message "timeslice -501, current process infected" together with a stack trace which

includes different modules like 'memalloc', 'make_orstruct', 'parscpy' or 'q_or_find' may

be reported in the error log when a query with a long IN list is executed.

433746 An Adative Server messaging operation done inside a transaction may fail and print a stacktrace including all messaging function if there is not a valid licence for Real Time Messaging or the option has not been enable via sp_configure.
433759 For internal use only: For winx64 platform, it has diffrent exception process. adding EX_CLEANUP before return is the resolution for it. Just adding the missed EX_CLEANUP which may cause problems.
433781 When selecting data from an unprefixed table that is created in a stored procedure, if the same table exists owned by DBO, the data will be incorrectly read from the DBO owned table.
433834 For displaying statistics, the wizard didn't check whether the 'optdiag' utility version and the server version match or not, causing only error output in the resulting window. This has been fixed so that only matching 'optdiag' utility can be used for displaying statistics.
433980 When parallelism is turned ON and we have a join of two tables A and B, where both A and B are partitioned, we end up having to re-partition the scans of both sides. This results in not being able to push a join predicate to the scan of B, thereby not being able to chose a selective indexed nested loop join.
433987 Localized versions of ASEP may display a NullPointerException when the user opens the properties window for a Job Scheduler Schedule or selects the Time tab in that window.
433991 on ASE Plug-in Properties Preferences page, the check boxes under "Enable Unified Agent (UA)..." check box were not disabled when user clicks "Restore Defaults" button. This has been fixed.
434075 Feature request to enhance monOpenPartitionActivity and monOpenObjectActivity

to print partition-level and object-level housekeeper garbage collection queue statistics

434118 The error 803, "Unable to place buffer '0xnnnnnn' from cache 'default data cache' holding

logical page '<pgno>' in sdes for object 'sysprotects' - either there is no room in

sdes or buffer already in requested slot." followed by a process termination will happen when

granting access to a group that contains more than 11 users that already have the same access granted with grant option.

434146 The "Memory Used" value for sp_configure "total logical memory" is not updated when the size of a named cache is changed using sp_cacheconfig.
434149 The default for histogram tuning factor was previously 1, which disables the feature. In order to reduce estimation issues for skewed columns, the default will be 20, which should help isolate distributions with skewed frequency values, while avoiding the extra steps when a relatively uniform distribution exists.
434152 sp_displaylogin does not show the password as 'expired', when the password expires due to password policy option 'expire login'.
434201 Feature to retrieve ddl for all triggers for a table without table definition.

DDLGen generates ddl for all triggers of a table. The value to be supplied in the name parameter '-N' would be <dbName>.<tableOwner>.<tableName>.<triggerName>. Please note that if DDL is to be generated for all triggers of a table then in the above -N parameter '%' should be used for trigger name. Also note that -D parameter cannot be used when generating DDL for all triggers of a table.

434264 ASE 12.5.4 on Windows platform is missing diagsrvr.pdb file and

therefore symbolic names are not printed in stacktraces when running diagsrvr.exe.

434288 For an allpage locked table with a clustered index, built-in USED_PAGES() will now return the used pages for the data layer alone when queried with index ID of 0. And it continues to return the sum of used pages for the data and index layer when queried with index ID of 1.
434339 Allow a database dump of the master database to be loaded into an archive database.
434348 Occasionally, optdiag might report severely truncated 'unique_range' or 'unique_total' values.
434366 Wrong duplicate result rows in the result for SELECT DISTINCT cname=NULL, ... query.
434373 Bulk copying data using the BCP utility into proxy tables mapped to DirectConnect for Oracle (DCO)

version 12.6 and above may not return any error messages to the BCP client when a constraint

violation error is encountered while inserting data into the Oracle database.

434482 In rare circumstances, the error "ubo_object_from_slot:Pss Invalid slot id 0" together

with a stack trace which includes the modules pss_getunkept_pss, sysxacts__fmtrow_from_xdes

end sysxacts_materialize may be reported in the error log during select from SYSTRANSACTIONS

in a ASE with high transaction load.

434625 DBCC CHECKALLOC or TABLEALLOC may deallocate a log page considered to be the last log page in the dbtable. Enhance the fix option of these DBCCs to remove the reference to lastlogbp in the dbtable if this page gets deallocated because it is no longer the root page for Syslogs.
434627 New support for Logical Cluster in DDLGen.

A new type 'LC' is added for Logical Cluster. The syntax for generating DDL for user defined logical cluster is:

ddlgen -U[userName] -P[password] -S[servername | host:port] -TLC -N logical_cluster_name

434640 In rare circumstances, a deadlock may arise between a user task running RPC and the site handler task after which no more connections to the remote server will be accepted by Adaptive Server.
434657 When debugging a T-SQL batch putting breakpoints in procedures with long names, the

debugger just continues without stopping on the breakpoints set.

434658 When a temporary object fails to drop, the temporary object is queued for

HK Chores system process to retry the drop.

434731 When a jConnect based client application executes extremly large command batches using PreparedStatement the dataserver can get blocked sending protocol data to the network.
434781 ubffree gets infected with 11 during a disk init operation when attempting to free a memory fragment.
434784 Customer requests that the ASE datetime data type change its time precision to 1/1000ths of a second
434835 701 error or timeslice error happened when using "set forceplan on" for

a query with a lot of joining tables.

434865 Usage of local variables in execute immediate may sometimes not work as

expected for varchar and char variables : result of expressions involving

local variables may be trunacted.

434890 Concatenation between char varchar str_replace goes into infinite loop in while
434911 A query of the form 'IF (@v IN (1,2,3,..,41))', where the IN list contains more than 40 values can result in error 325 (Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement.) or a stacktrace that includes the routine _popDistCheckAndLazyEnforce.
434927 The option 'replication force_ddl' has a mispelling error in the system table spt_values.
434934 This CR has been fixed by

CR 435065 - Update the Meta Data stored procedures used by ODBC, OLEDB and jConnect drivers

434936 NoSuchMethodError is reported when ASA Plug-in and ASE Plug-in coexist in the same SC,

and user connects to ASA Plug-in first before connecting to ASE Plug-in.

435008 The options exported in a login trigger were not available in the process unless the server was started with trace flag 4073. From now any exportable option set or unset in a login trigger will take effect in the login process without the need of that trace flag. To avoid this nchange in behaviour the user can execute SET EXPORT_OPTIONS OFF inside the login trigger itself.
435065 Updated the installmaster with the latest jConnect Driver's MDA SQL.
435096 Occasionally. optdiag fails to dump or load statistics when the server and optdiag are running in different platforms.
435100 TraceFlag '1' has been extended to work with optdiag output mode along with input mode to ignore mismatch in server and optdiag versions.
435111 Column in a result set returned by the stored procedure sp_statistics are all varchar datatypes. Previously, some of the columns returned were integers.
435202 Under rare circumstances ASE responsiveness may become slow if a session sleeps

in module hk_accelerate() while it was in the process of creating a temporary table

and therefore holding exclusive locks on system catalogs. Other sessions that create

temporary tables concurrently will be blocked. The session could sleep due to ASE

having enqueued to housekeeper a request to flush to disk the systabstats statistics

for the being created temporary table. This proactive enqueue request is not deemed

necessary because the descriptor for a temporary table is expected to remain in cache

always. If this descriptor needs to be reused, ASE will flush its systabstats statistics

on disk first before reusing it for another object.

435216 SELECT FOR BROWSE may return incorrect table name/column name information.
435218 A session that runs a SELECT-INTO-UNION query that uses the identity() builtin

may hit error 8221 "Couldn't find the identity column for object <value>"

and hang forever while undoing the creation of the given target table.

435230 function setuser has no effect when creating a database
435233 Page count values are not imported during update statistics on proxy tables.
435235 A new feature to store the last date and time a checkpoint record is written and the last date and time a dump transaction is taken on a database. The new columns LastTranLogDumpTime and LastCheckpointTime have been added to monOpenDatabases.
435250 The client issuing job scheduler command with 'sp_js_wakeup' hangs forever.
435254 Enable support of literal auto-parameterization when server's default character set is a multi-byte charset.
435283 Error displayed regarding "Space available in the log segment has fallen critically" when installing Job Scheduler.
435376 Previously when user uncheck "Enable UA related features" check box on ASE Plug-in Preferences page and apply the setting, the connections to UAs remained visibile - the setting only took place when user restart ASE Plug-in. This has been fixed so that the effect is immediate.
435400 CIS: A 191 error, "Some part of your SQL statement is nested too deeply", may be reported when a query containing a very large number of conditions in the where clause is executed in quickpass mode
435430 Enable LDAP User Authentication feature on HPIA 64bit platform.
435482 Example 8 of sp_monitorconfig has incorrect syntax for ASE 12.5.3 & 15
435513 ASE running on Windows may output the following message to the log at startup: "KERNEL structure not padded correctly - size = <nnnn>". This is an internal matter with no consequence for the safe running of the server.
435623 In some cases, the nary-NLJ strategy could return too few rows. This could occur if and only if one of the inner scans was on a DOL table "T", the table had two or more SARGs on it where some of the SARGs were dependent on different outer scans (or a constant) and some instance of opening "T" qualified no pages/rows.
435639 A new command "create manifest_file" allows creation of a manifest file

without the requirement to either unmount or quiesce one or more databases.

435654 The error 678 "Invalid Buffer Cache Access: Could not open object '<value>'

in database '<value>'" may be raised mistakenly during the execution of

DBCC CHECKALLOC with the FIX option or DBCC TEXTALLOC with the FULL and

FIX options, if the object being corrected does not exist anymore in

the given database. This error results in the abort of the given DBCC command.

435692 Pattern matching with LIKE clause may sometimes provide incorrect evaluation when

it is done on unichar or univarchar columns.

435715 An 840 error, "Device '<devname>'(with physical name '<physname>', and virtual device number -1) has not been correctly activated at startup time", will be reported when trying to access an archive database at boot time, when one of the stripe devices has been physically deleted.
435910 A table with both an identity and timestamp fields will insert bogus timestamp values for all new rows.
435944 Under some circumstances a SELECT statement containing

subqueries in the target list could return incorrect

values for those subqueries if the same subqueries are

used within predicates in the WHERE clause.

435961 The initial directory and file name in Export Server Groups dialog used to be empty if there was no last-browsed directory. The initial directory is now either $SYBASE or $SYBROOT (in that order.)
435962 Queries of MDA tables that include sargs with the equal operator run much slower in 15.x versus 12.5.x.
436024 While upgrading auditing database 'sybsecurity', ASE can report that upgrade could not install item 244. This causes upgrade of sybsecurity to fail. ASE does not report the reason for the failure.
436073 The warning, "Invalid compression format found in device 'filename'. The compression will be ignored." is incorrectly reported when loading an uncompressed database dump that was generated using a 12.5.4 IR Backup Server.
436110 New feature to display the ammount of compression memory recommended to run DBCC CHECKSTORAGE in the stored procedures sp_plan_dbccdb and sp_dbcc_evaluatedb.
436136 Error 206 raised in some cases when correlation name in query includes a column list.
436160 When moving a server to a different server group, if the operation failed, ASEP didn't give any reason. ASEP now shows an error message when the server is still connected, or the server already exists in the target server group.
436176 The sqlsrvr.pdb file is now shipped with ASE on the winx64 platform. sqldbgr.pdb is used to debug ASE issues.
436213 Allow setting <xs:simpleContent> and selecting Complex Type as restriction base
436216 If "exec_procedure" audit option is turned on and you run a stored procedure with a parameter

containing double-byte characters over 255 bytes, the audit records may be split in the middle

of one of double-byte characters.

436330 Under rare conditions querying the monOpenObjectActivity table may result in error 14108 or a stack trace reported in the error log including the modules "mda_populate_monOpenObjectActivity", "mda__accumulate_ptnstats_for_obj" and "ind__get_sysindrow".
436410 Scheduled jobs with the properties 'no_job_header' and 'no_sql_batching' set may issue an incorrect job command. Job execution may fail with unexpected results and in some cases the error message, "Line 1, character 8: Incorrect syntax with 'select'"

may be reported and logged in the log. In addition, a job may be further processed even if the errors are reported.

436433 Add to installmaster a new system stored procedure (sp_spaceusage) to

capture and report the space usage characteristics, and an estimated

measure of fragmentation, for tables, indices, and transaction log of

a database.

436441 New Request for cross platform dump and load to support standard back up features including online backup and transaction log backup and load.
436456 JVM: Java SQL method call causes SIGSEGV in open_system_table()
436467 Feature request to have messagae 12974 identify at least one of the spids preventing the engine from going offline.
436667 Queries that contain a builtin function that can return a string (REPLICATE, STR_REPLACE,

STR, SPACE) in the select-list and that have literal values as arguments to the builtin

function and have literal auto parameterization enabled and have the statment cache enabled

can get output results from these builtins that are blank-padded up to a width of 255 bytes.

436734 Ability to set stmt cache at session level when it is temporarily disabled at the server level
436738 The new Optimizer and Execution Engine provide far more query execution stategies. This can result in a significant reordering when predicates and expressions are evalauted. As a result, expression evaluation errors may be reported because some filter predicates are eliminating the row before the problem expression is evaluated. Further, all virtual columns (expressions in equijoin clauses) are being evaluated before the filter predicates that reference them.
436746 ASE may now report in module collocate() the error message "Invalid DOL data row pointer:

row <value> with status <value> must be the forwarded row location instead of

the home row location." and the call stack of the given session as opposed to

silently continue.

436747 Initialization of kernel asynchronous I/O context through io_setup() fails with an error EAGAIN while bringing an engine online.
436790 Expression subquery on the SELECT list could be run unnecessarilly and it could cause error message 512 ("Subquery returned more than 1 value") for a query having subquery in CASE expression on the SELECT list.
436929 Error 530 when selecting from a view. Server cannot insert null value into worktable for intermediate values when the type is char, binary, or unichar. FIX restricted to trace flag 7721 in 441716-1
436961 Under rare circumstances error 803 "Unable to place buffer ... either there is no room in sdes

or buffer already in requested slot." may be raised with a stack trace in module

"pg__allocate_completion" leading to error 1127 "Internal Error: The OAM has no room

for new inserts ..." in module "pg__insertoam" during the execution of an INSERT command

in a table that has more than one OAM pages allocated to it.

436966 Under some rare circumstances if builtins are run in parallel with some DDLs,

there is a possibility of deadlock.

437012 Possiblely hit 1763 error(duplicate frequency) when reorg rebuild on table with global clustered index.
437030 In error message 531, print the dbid as well.
437093 Syntax errors of Abstract Plans will be reported if 'g_join' or 'm_g_join' clause is followed by more than two tables which is, however, supported syntax before Galaxy release
437096 A UNION query with a select statement (other than the first one) that returns no

rows will return too few rows if the optimizer selects a query plan with a hash-based

UNION operation. The presence of the hash-based UNION operation in the query

plan is shown in showplan by the line: HASH UNION Operator.

The following query is representative of such a union query where the second

select statement will return no rows:

select 1 union select a from x where 1=2 union select 2

437148 The boot time recovery of a database that has a big syslogs segment allocated to it,

irrespective of it being a dedicated log sergment or not, may take more time to complete

compared to a pre-15.0 ASE system. The recovery process will spend cycles in module

'pg_logdevusage' in reading each syslogs allocation page while establishing statistics

information in module 'systs_fill_catalogs' as opposed to only consider the statistics

information that was retrieved from the systabstats system catalog already.

437225 On 32-bit Linux platform while extending "secondary cache" by 2GB or more, server may encounter timeslice error.
437268 ASE 15.0 ESD#2 EBF13444 coverletter ref CR422375 incorrectly states:

> This percentage is controlled through the "max space granularity" configuration option.

The above should refer to the session config prop "max resource granularity".

437277 A 318 error, "sysstatistics catalog was read and an inconsistency was found, please run update

statistics" may be reported after an upgrade to 15.0. On little-endian platforms error

2601, "Attempt to insert duplicate key row in object 'sysstatistics' with unique index

'csysstatistics'" followed by error 511, "Attempt to update or insert row failed because

resultant row of size 1967 bytes is larger than the maximum size (1964 bytes) allowed for this

table." may be reported during an upgrade to 15.0.

437299 Fewer rows may be deleted than specified by a delete query using

a join to at least one additional table. This may occur if the

chosen plan uses a merge join, and the rows are deleted in 'direct'

mode (does not occur with deferred deletes). This may only happen

when deleting from APL tables and requires duplicate values in the

joined column.

437304 Timeslice error due to scan of a potentially long chain in mempmctrl_procinstall().
437317 New feature request to allow the SET command and DUMP TRANSACTION to be executed inside EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statements.
437321 RepAgent has incorrect encrypted password for dump database.
437369 A session may hit error 701 "There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure,

trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, or ask your SA to reconfigure ASE with more procedure

cache." while allocating memory from the procedure cache when the procedure's cache

memory is fragmented.

437403 The builtin audit_event_name(106) returns the string "Encrypted Column Administration", which is 31 bytes long. This exceeds the documented result length of 30 bytes for this builtin.
437414 Integer (not numeric) identity columns do not increment correctly when "identity gap size" is set to more

than 1.

437430 Sometimes an outerjoin ON clause was not considered as an index sarg

causing bad performing index scan when the ON clause was involving

expression on one side of the join. Also false join could be

added to the plan causing wrong results when there were nested

outerjoins in the query.

437443 While executing a parallel query, an exception may be encountered in the early

stages of the execution. In certain cases, a stack trace will be encountered

containing the method icp_crecvmsg().

437444 Error 696 occurs, in temporary databases, as a newly allocated page is

over-written by a work table oam page, in some rare cases.

437530 If a long running transaction is active in one database, garbage collector may sometimes fail to reclaim space in other databases.
437533 The message "timeslice -501, current process infected" together with a stack trace which includes different functions like stm_count_cell_types(), stm_process_step(), stio_xformvirtual() may be reported in the error log when creating index using huge number of histogram steps.
437547 In some circumstances, an 1133 error, "Page 0 was expected to be an OAM page for <id> and it is not" is reported in the error log when running DBCC CHECKALLOC() against an archive database. DBCC CHECKALLOC reports a 7949 and 7940 error to the console.
437551 When an unloaded archive database exists the execution of SP_CACHECONFIG will report error 966

followed by either error 18140 or error 10855 when respectively an attempt to create a logonly

cache or an attempt to drop a cache is made.

437692 Feature request to include some description of wait events in the documentation for the monSysWaits table.
437698 Feature request to allow an ASE webservices consumer to consume from an ASE webservices producer
437796 Invalid oampage errors (1131) are thrown if the table gets dropped (in a parallel session)

during the execution of builtins like data_pages(), reserved_page(), row_count() etc.

The traceflag 1116 can be used to suppress these errors in non-temporary databases.

In temporary databases, these errors are suppressed by default.

437810 When foreign key and primary key are encrypted with same encryption key and they are tinyint, smallint, bigint, unsigned bigint the referential constraint did not work properly. When the constraint is violated, error 15450 was given instead of 547, saying 'Both primary and foreign keys must be encrypted with the same encryption key.'
437869 Commandline traceflag 655 and traceflag 656 are used to disable "direct update"

mode for DELETE and UPDATE queries where there is a join or an RI constraint.

This functionality had not been migrated to Galaxy. This is fixed.

437881 Extra blanks are not stripped from the parameterized text for the parameterized literals

feature. This results in two statements that vary only by the amount of whitespace around

their literals caching two separate statements in the statement cache and two plans in

the procedure cache. For example, the following two statements will both be cached

with their own plans:

select 1, 2 from sysobjects where id < 10

select 3, 4 from sysobjects where id < 100

With the autoparam feature, these two statements should be considered equivalent.

437887 The message "Invalid column length: 12. Value must be between 0 and 10 for 'all-pages' row with

minimum row length of 64" together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'collocate' and

'translate_varcols' may be reported in the error log when a database dump from a previous ASE

version is loaded in a 64 bits ASE on IBM AIX.

437939 A stack trace may be reported in module "ptn_updlogroot" resulting in the

session being killed when ASE receives an external attention "Control-C"

while it was instantiating a database information in cache. The modules

"dbt_get", "dbt_removeall" and "des_discardall" will also be reported

in the error log.

437955 Dynamic configuration option 'license information' is requiring an ASE reboot for its new value to take affect. This is fixed to take effect immediately.
437974 SUBQUERY/REFORMAT: Sub-optimal performance may result when a query is executed which includes a correlated subquery without useful index on the correlated columns. Traceflag 15370 is implemented to enable reformat for the correlated subquery.
438042 When a cursor that joins two or more tables is declared with a FOR UPDATE clause, a subsequent UPDATE query using the the WHERE CURRENT OF cursor clause may cause a 594


The UPDATE WHERE CURRENT OF to the cursor '<cursor_name>' failed because column '<column_name>' being updated was not specified in the SELECT list.

The error can occur if the optimizer chooses to join the tables in an order that is

different from the order of the tables in the FROM clause of the DECLARE CURSOR statement.

438059 Inserting duplicate or overflowed identity values may be unexpectedly allowed

after sp_chgattribute "<TABLE_NAME>", "identity_gap", 0 has been run for a

table whose identity column has already reached its maximum value.

438155 A 913 error, "Could not find row in sysdatabases with database id <dbid>. Run

DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysdatabases." may be reported after loading a database and

executing a stored procedure that inserts explicit NULL values in columns

declared as java classes.

438200 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may produce incorrect costing for join order.

e.g. If there is a subquery that needs to be flattened to the outer query which has

an order by clause.

438233 Under rare circumstances error 821 " Attempt to unhash buffer in cache '<cache_name>'

at '<buffer_address>' with a buffer pageno of '<page_no' and database id '<dbid>' with

HASHED status set failed - buffer was not found ... " may be raised in module cm_bufunhash()

recursively resulting in ASE shutting down itself.

438272 A 3478 error, "During undo the page timestamp value is less than new timestamp from log ... ", may be reported during ONLINE DATABASE after loading a database dump that was taken when a SELECT INTO command was active (but incomplete).
438288 On a read-only database, select from an existing view/stored procedure may hit error 3906
438321 Installation progress bar displayed incorrectly with non-gui mode.
438330 Starting message of InstallShiled Java VM is garbled to read by SJIS console.
438342 When additional license sources are specified in the SYBASE_LICENSE_FILE environment variable then ASE fails to boot. The LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable can be used instead, however, it is recommended that all license files (including files that point to license servers) are placed in the $SYBASE/SYSAM-2_0/licenses directory, rather than ASE relying on a specific runtime environment to obtain it's licenses.
438354 The message "current process ... infected with 11" may be reported with a stack trace

in the error log in module "dbt_cacheremove" during the execution of dbcc dbcacheremove()

when execute cursors exist and are not closed in the database being uncached.

438358 sp_listener does not supply its subcommands when called without arguments.
438389 SEGV could happen in LeHashContext when executing a nested outerjoin

query involving remote tables.

438406 Fail to download report log file when the SC client and SYSAM server are on different machines.
438458 When building server from installer of ASE, installer uses 120MB as a default value of sybsystemprocs as a wrong value.
438509 An UPDATE may incorrectly set varchar column to NULL value instead of a single space.

This happens if the UPDATE is executed in the stored procedure and the value

to be set is passed as the procedure parameter and represents a string of spaces.

This problem happens only if the option string_rtruncation is set.

438558 The error 678 "Invalid Buffer Cache Access: Could not open object <value> in database <value>"

may be raised followed by the message "Illegal attempt to rollback transaction (xactname

'$chained_transaction') that has already committed" when committing a transaction that has

a select into command followed by a drop of the table just created. The problem is restricted

to use of large page allocation, objects with Data-Only-Locking, databases with "ddl in tran"

active and "set chained on" option.

438569 In console mode installation, line up the list of location tidily on Japanese environment.
438621 Request a compilation option for stored procedures that would optionally convert non-existing static object syntax to dynamic execution for those objects. Prefer that the syntax changes to the stored procedure all be made transparent to the customer with suitable warnings.
438656 Configuring ASE15.0.1 for High Availability on IBMAIX/HACMP cluster fails because the haisql binary cannot be loaded properly.
438660 SELECT queries may result in getting the system date, causing degradation in query performance.
438703 The option WITH NO_INFO is added to the SET SWITCH command syntax to suppress any informational

warning being sent to the client. This option has only effect on informational warnings, error

messages when necessary are still being raised.

438705 Under very rare circumstances, a 694 error reading "An attempt was made to read logical page '<Page Number',

virtpage '<PageNumber>' from virtual device '<DeviceNumber>' for object '<ObjectId>' in database '<DbId>'. The page

was not read successfully. You may have a device problem or an operating system problem." may be raised

for a page belonging to the log segment.

438707 Fixed the segment fault(core dump) while discovering the interface from ldap server on sunx64 platform.
438723 ALTER TABLE may raise error 206 when adding or modyfying a column and defining a

complex constrainst in the same statement.

438732 Comments generated as part of template job commands in lanaguages that don't use spaces will not display properly in Template and Job wizard summarys.
438748 When user select 'No' on the change password option, when 'expire password' option is set, the connection is not released. This fix addresses this issue by closing the 'pre expired login connection'.
438754 Error 806: Severity 21: State 1 may occur in some rare cases due to

exhaustion of time slice during rollback.

438815 In rare circumstances, The message "current process infected with 11" in the module

'LeHashContext::HashVtuple' together with a stack trace which includes the modules

'LeHashContext::GetNext' and 'LeHashContext::ProcessTuple' may be reported in the error

log when tempdb is bound to a name cache and the ASE is using a HASH operator to execute

the query. Other stack traces including modules like 'LeAlignedDataRow::readRow' and

'LeHashBufferReader::GetNext' are seen as well. The diagserver reports a 685 error.

438822 The message "The front end tool you are using does not support the feature

of bulk insert from host, please use the proper tools for this command."

may be raised followed by the message "current process ... infected with 11"

in module bufauxuninstall() during a bulk insert operation.

438848 On servers running multiple engines the data returned by queries on the monIOQueue Monitoring Table may be incomplete.
438854 A batch inserting data to the table which has a default referencing global variable may fail if there are some other global variables referenced in the same batch. Stack trace shows module subglobals().
438858 Error 14617: Severity 23: State 1, may occur when dbcc checkcatalog is executed due to a mismatch between the master device row location in sysdevices and the the corressponding anchor.
438859 The message "The database page size of 2048 bytes obtained from ASE is different from the database page size of -1024 bytes read from the dump header." appears in error at the end of the output for LOAD with LISTONLY against a remote backupserver.
438941 SUBQUERY: Occasionally, a sub-optimal plan is chosen when the query contains a subquery from an IF EXISTS clause. This is resolved under traceflag 15371.
438980 In 15 realeases (15.0.1 and earlier) queries with two or more outer joins may return wrong results (too many rows). This can occur when there is a predicate on the inner member of an outer join that will eliminate all null-supplied rows for that outer join. This predicate effectively "degenerates" the outer join into an inner join. If the predicates for the "degenerating" outer join should in turn degenerate another outer join, then wrong results could occur. For example,

select * from

(t1 left join t2 on t1.a = t2.b) -- OJ #1

left join t3 on t2.b = t3.c -- OJ #2

where t3.c = 5

In this query, the where-clause predicate "t3.c = 5" will eliminate all null-supplied rows from OJ #2. This in turn will result in all null-supplied rows from OJ #1 being eliminated. This problem has been fixed.

439024 When a table with a JAVA ADT computed column is marked for replication using sp_setrpetable, the JAVA ADT columns are internally set to no-computed column, which causes DML on this collumn to be returned with inaccurate results.
439123 With low cardinality tables i.e. the number of rows is less than the number of steps in a histogram, then there is a possiblity of having a 1 row range density selectivity, where the range density should be 0.0

optcriteria cr439123 needs to be on to see the change.

439173 An insert into a proxy table that has an identity column and is mapped to an ASE does not set @@identity on the local server.
439198 A stacktrace or error 325 (no legal plan found) could happen for a DISTINCT query on a UNION ALL derived table/view and the DISTINCT column is an expression from the UNION ALL.
439200 Delete queries with group by aggregate in correlated subqueries may execute slower as compared to 12.5.
439211 View containing subquery when called in select will cause infected with 11
439236 If statement cache is enabled, the value of the global variable @@error will be reset

if it is accessed in a batch together with a statement that gets cached.

439269 A SELECT with ORDER BY on a bit column may return the rows in descending order if there are more than four columns of bit datatype.
439273 CREATE INDEX w/ SET STATISTICS IO on does not display logical reads only display write
439391 The message "Msg 701, Level 17, State 3: Server 'XXXX', Line 1: There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, or ask your SA to reconfigure ASE with more procedure cache." can be generated by queries involving UNION of a large number of tables.
439399 Enhancement request for SPDC FAQ on Sybase Software Asset Management section:

"How do I save multiple licenses to a single file"

439445 Process hang in pg_oamscan_nextpage() and dol_oamscan_getnext() when using large data cache configuration.
439457 Excessive character '&n' is included in starting message of backupserver.
439503 Procedure cache memory allocation may fail in certain boundary cases,

if procedure cache request results in a procedure cache pool growth after

a new shared memory segment allocation.

439537 When unit specification is used with sp_configure to configure 搒yb_sendmsg port number�, the unit specification parameter is ignored and 搒yb_sendmsg port number� is set to zero.
439573 sp_deviceattr accepts directio=true even if the platform does not support directio.

sp_helpdevice shows "directio on" for the device as if ASE supported directio on the platform,

but ASE will activate the device using dsync on and deactivate using directio at startup.

439603 When estimating the selectivity for a local index, the qualifying pages is incorrect.
439619 Previously on Connect dialog, if previously-connected server entry had been removed from interfaces file, OK button would not be enabled, even though the server name was filled in. The has been changed so that if previously-connected server entry no longer exists in the interfaces file, Connect dialog will leave the server name as blank.
439804 Wrong result could happen when a subquery is correlated to

an outerjoin inner table.

439836 UI: segment policy page format inconsistent
439857 Error 102 and 105 may occur when inserting a single or double-byte single quotation mark

into a unicode character column on a proxy table.

439895 The error 1105, "Can't allocate space for object ..." may be incorrectly reported, if the "greedy allocation scheme" is enabled on a table that has text/image columns and non-clustered indexes that are affiniated to distinct user defined segments.
439908 Provide an uninstall script for sp_dbextend
439942 QP metrics is enabled for the statements inside triggers
439945 enhancement request to remove the limit number of work table for derived tables
440030 When complex password policy option "disallow simple passwords" is set, ASE checks for login name contained in the password are case sensitive. With this fix, ASE will do a case insensitive

comparision to avoid the use of login name with mixed upper and lower case letters in the password.

440031 When complex password policy options are set using sp_passwordpolicy, installmaster may fail with 9578, 17720 and 17231 error messages.
440046 When there are two different local variables used in both select list and order by list, query may generate wrong ordering based on select expression.
440052 ASE localization files are moved from $SYBASE/locales/{language}/{charset} directory

to $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/locales/{language}/{charset} directory in ASE 15.0.2 release.

440065 Currently it is extremely difficult to determine how much procedure cache should be configured on any particular system. There is a rule of thumb equation to calculate it but it does not cover all types of allocations from that area, neither is it very accurate. The customer wants a simple way to determine how large the procedure cache should be and how many other items should be increased/reduced, i.e. sort buffers, for this to be tuned properly. What I recommend is a stored procedure similar to sp_sysmon that can be run to collect the following information:

1) Current usage, maximum usage, minimum usage

2) Number of allocations

3) Type of allocation

4) Who/what made the allocations (including size, date/time, spid, user name and command name).

5) Average size (mean) of the allocations

6) Standard deviation from the mean

The stored procedure should be called sp_procmon with the following parameters:

sp_procmon <duration> [sample rate] [output table]

Duration is required and represents time in minutes.

Sample Rate is optional and by default would be one tenth of the Duration time so that only ten samples would be taken.

Output Table is optional and is for the raw data collected by sp_procmon.

This is just a suggestion and as log as the outcome for the customer is a simple way to monitor and configure procedure cache size I don't think they would care how we implement this feature.

440091 Creation of jpubs database hangs due to running out of log space.
440107 DBISQL the print statement do not work after a select 1.

DBISQL do not pickup the 2 Print in a batch like this.

print "Print test 1"

select "Select test 1"+

print "Print test 2"


440127 When an external login is mapped to an ASE login with a different name, if the external login password is changed, it should be updated in the mapped login if there is a one-to-one relation, but this is not happenening.
440142 Backupserver hangs when accept() returns an unexpected return value such as ENETRESET or ENOBUFS.
440159 syconfig.exe utility shows corrupted Chinese characters when the default language is set to Traditional Chinese.
440172 Select object doesn抰 show complex type either from same model or another model
440175 LDAP or PAM logins that were added using ASE older than 12.5.4 will not allow

external authentications to failover to ASE logins, if authenticated by ASE 12.5.4 or later

440204 There is no password related audit option.
440232 In 12.5.4, ASE Plug-in failed to re-open "Add Trigger (Template)", after a trigger has been created using the template. This problem is seen for all compiled objects - defaults, rules, procedures etc. when a template is used for creation of these objects.
440252 ASEP used to show no ASEs in the drop down box on Connect dialog if user's interfaces file contains any line that has white characters between "query" and "=". This has been fixed.
440272 DBCC LOGTRANSFER may interrupt scanning the transaction log, or report the error "Character or binary data returned from Adaptive Server has been truncated. The client application does not support more than 255 bytes of data as a result column or output parameter." when it skips a log record with object identifiers larger than 30 characters.
440278 sp_droplogin fails to delete related Sysresourcelimits row when

the configuration option 'enable ldap user auth' is on.

440282 The minimum expansion size of Automatic Database Expansion is 4MB.
440382 Contents written to "Provides" of StartupParameters.plist file are wrong.
440393 Wrong result may be returned from a select when unsigned bigints are

compared in a where clause.

440401 Lack of disk buffers, in some rare cases, may result in a segmentation violation

during a create database command.

440464 The ASE-15_0/SC-3_0/log directory is created as an empty directory in the release area.
440486 Stored procedure sp_datatype_info does not report correct 'create_params' information on nchar and nvarchar.
440492 ASE Plug-in, through component 'dsparser.jar', was not able to process server entries in a interface file that has multiple 'query' services, or services with filters (e.g. 'ssl'). This has been fixed.
440501 SSL: isql sessions hang when doing a select query and the negotiated packet size is

4096 or greater.

440567 Fully support custom packages and classes from JVM 1.4.x
440572 expand xml capabilitiesin ASE 15 to do updates in addition to query
440573 When a union view or union derived table is used within

a correlated subquery and the correlation involves some

join between the union projection and an expression,

following compilation error could happen:

Msg 403, Level 16, State 2 Invalid operator for datatype op: type: VARCHAR.

440600 Feature Request: Add support for encrypting coumns of type Text/Image/Unitext
440624 When literal autoparameterization is on, SELECT with FOR BROWSE may fail with TDS error if

there are literals in the where clause.

440654 Customer needs way to identify ASE spid in a network trace/TDS
440757 A new builtin switchprop() is added. Passing a switch-name or -number to the switchprop() builtin

will return a status which contains the switch properties.

440766 A new stored procedure sp_helpapptrace has been added for application tracing feature. This procdure lists all the sessions that are being traced, the sessions tracing them and the names of the tracefile.
440821 Add to installmaster a new system stored procedure (sp_tab_suspectptn) to list table(s) with suspect partitioning.
440832 Excessive character is included in Japanese of Japanese vertical line label of Summary Barchart Report.
440855 Query using multiple worktables to resolve aggregates or provide distinctness or the order

and performing dynamic index strategy to resolve OR predicate may fail with different

errors related to sort operations including error 1509 "Internal error encountered in merging rows;

resubmit query batch." Sometimes query execution may fail with stack trace logged in the errorlog.

The module shown in the backtrace is bld_dynindex.

440874 When a spid is killed on the remote ASE, the local ASE may be infected with signal 11

in ksct_startio when accessing proxy table mapped to the remote ASE.

440876 sp_help and sp_helpartition show the row count as zero for proxy tables
440880 Documentation of Pre-Installation tasks for Adaptive Server Enterprise version 12.5.4 on HP Tru64 Unix is incorrect.

The document needs to be updated to reflect the installation advice for Tru64 Unix.

440923 The message "current process infected with 11 in the module sendtext()" together with a

stacktrace which includes the modules 's_execute', 'exec_eop' and 'run' maybe reported in the

errorlog when running a SELECT with a UNION ALL clause and ORDERBY selecting text or image columns

from a table.

440924 ASE prints the User Connection Report at the 24hr interval irrespective of the license type.
440932 In rare circumstances, the message "current process infected with 10" in the module

'lddb__stat_translate' together with a stacktrace which includes the modules

'lddb__unscr_stat_page' and 'lddb__unscr_usro' may be reported in the errorlog

when running LOAD DATABASE across platform where the endian type is different.

Other errors, like 'Invalid column length' error, 1142, 692, or 12315 error may be


440969 Adding a built-in password_admin for password administration related operations.
441012 Enable the input parameter column size used in a web service proxy table to be automatically generated based on the ASE page size.
441015 Feature request to enhance dbcc tablealloc / checkalloc to report and fix a condition that results in dbcc checkstorage fault 100016.
441020 The minimum password length of system encryption password does not match the minimum password set in sp_configure.
441029 In rare circumstances, server might not boot up reporting 'max repartition degree' > 'max parallel degree'.
441060 Missing using a correlated predicate as a sarg underneath

a subquery when the predicate involves an expression with

correlated column(s). This could cause less performing


441070 A sort failure may occur while rebuilding clustered/placement index as part of AMC operation.

This may lead to improper rollback of AMC operation

(In our case, the partition rootpage is not rolled back properly).

A wrongpage error (605/696) will be thrown upon subsequent access of the table

441107 AUDIT: Request for login audit records to include 'programe_name' and 'clientapplname' information in it's extra information field.
441140 Under rare circumstances an undetected deadlock may occur between the

housekeeper 'HK_WASH' system task and a session that performs a DML

command in a table whose database has mixed log and data segments

when that table uses a cache that has a memory pool configured.

441188 When ASE has been configured to provide email notification of SySAM licensing failures, and the "email.helo.fqdn" property in the SySAM property file is set to the fully qualified domain name, the email messages should contain the specfied HELO token.
441249 DBISQL: If the command to create a stored procedure contains syntax errors, DBISQL incorrectly reports the error at Line 1, column 1.
441262 Stacktrace could happen for query with a DISTINCT clause on

constant_expression(s) only. For example,

select count(distinct 1+2) from t

441274 CREATE RULE statement incorrectly allows the creation of rules that use subqueries on its definition.
441278 Results aren't correctly sorted in some cases when the FOR BROWSE option is used with the ORDER BY clause in a SELECT statement.
441349 This behavior only occurs when the local variable is uninitialized.

Giving a correct usage would avoid this problem.

i.e. declare @var int select @var = <a value>

441376 Proxy tables cannot be partitioned in ASE 15.0.2.
441424 Following a seemingly successful installation of PC Client 12.5.4, two errors are encountered:

+ No mclib in java.library.path

+ This application has failed to start because javaai.dll could not be found. Reinstalling the application may fix this error.

441433 Under rare circumstances a session may hang forever during a lock request

despite ASE having granted the lock to the session. This is a side effect

from the fix of CR 399737. The modules "lock__semawait", "log__lock" and

"lock_psema" will be reported in the call stack of the hanging session.

441454 The MDA table monErrorLog does not record SySAM sylapi messages.
441490 In some cases the PRINT DEADLOCK INFORMATION output does not display the actual line of code that caused the deadlock to occur.
441498 Handle this situation: the "selector" is consist of blank characters when subscribing a JMS topic.
441514 For range or list partitioned table, if the partition bound value is specified

using unichar format U&'***', subsequent insert into the table may fail or insert

into incorrect partition.

441592 Join operators evaluated virtual columns before any of the filtering

predicates. As a result, they might raise user exceptions that could

otherwise be avoided if the evaluation was deferred until just before the

result is returned. This way, filtering predicates might eliminate the

row before the exception occurs. This is similar to the problem fixed

in CR 436738 (where the problem was fixed for scan, remote scan, or,

and restrict ops).

441605 Increase the trace_log_file value to accomodate paths larger than 30 characters.
441614 When using EAServer with RTDS 4.0 for messaging, the msgunsubscribe command may fail.
441664 Sig-11 will occur if a semantically partitioned temporary table is dropped,

while the semantic partitioning feature is OFF.

441690 Previously the default port number for Jini server discovery service on Edit/Add Discovery Setting dialg was 9999. It has been changed to the correct port number 4160.
441776 Historical Server version 12.5.4 crashes using the 'direct load to ASE' feature when executing hs_create_recording_session.
441785 Subquery LT/LE/GT/GE ANY/ALL syntax cannot be quickpassed to remote IQ server 12.6 and

above even though the IQ server supports the syntax.

441803 Forced join orders and other forced options can now be ignored in a query through the use of Traceflag 15307 and 15308. When Traceflag 15307 is enabled, join orders forced using FORCEPLAN will be ignored. When Traceflag 15308 is enabled, forced index/prefetch/parallel/replacement options will be ignored.
441814 When a predicate in a query needs data type conversion for literals that result in data loss, partition elimination does not happen. As an example, a query wih a equality predicate on some literal may result in no data loss and the optimizer may eliminate the respective partitions, provided a semantic partition exists on that column. But, if the literal is different with a higher precision, data type conversion will make the result of the predicate false, and the partition elimination functionality fails to eliminate the required partitions.
441858 sp_extrapwdchecks failed to custom password checks.
441869 Customer would like a built-in function similar to user_name() that would return the current process ID for use in a view. The customer cannot use @@spid as this cannot be used in a view.
441892 User with anonymous connection to UA could not open Roles folder because ASEP would not be able to display role mappings. The requirement is now relaxed so that user with sa_role/sso_role/anonymous-UA-credential can still open Roles folder. The role mappings column won't be shown in this case.
441932 An EX_INT lock was held on Syslogins when a connection logged into ASE, this is now changed to a SH_INT lock to help release this lock as soon as the scan is finished.
442010 Enhanced LOAD database WITH VERIFYONLY to be tolerant of database existance and size.
442045 DBISQL unable to access tables with large identifiers. It gets error:

The identifier that starts with 慳bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyznowi� is too

long. Maximum length is 30. Sybase error code=103

442062 The value of BufferPools column in the monDataCache MDA Table for the default data cache, is incorrectly reported as two when only one pool is created.
442080 When queries use a IN list or joins under ORs, the costing had flaws such that dynamic index strategies were chosen with a RID scan, instead of a sometimes cheaper special OR optimization using an OR scan. This would only occur if joins are involved, and the OR predicate can be applied to the inner table of a nested loop join operator.

In a query such as the following



, T.service_key

, sum(T.local_call_minutes)

, sum(T.local_call_count)

, count(*)


telco_facts T

, residential_customer C

, service S

, month M


T.customer_key = C.customer_key

AND T.service_key = S.service_key

AND T.month_key = M.month_key

AND M.fiscal_period = 'Q4'

AND T.service_key in (02, 03)

AND C.state = 'CA'



, T.service_key

if the join order chosen used nested loop joins, and the T.service_key table was not at the beginning of the join order, then there was a possibility for an incorrect costing.

442121 The execution of SELECT-INTO under the SET CHAINED option context

must not trigger the implicit start of a chained transaction.

442182 Adhoc queries with large batches allocate memory in large chunks resulting

in improved scans of the memory prochdrs. This improves response time in

queries where large chunks of memory are consumed.

442213 When running out of procedure cache, error 701 is returned, followed by the corruption of the stack guardword.
442249 sybmigrate may issue the message "Internal error: (com.sybase.sybmigration.lang.messages) Unable to get mneumonic 'GUI_MNEM_TASK_THREADS'." Although reported as an error this message was not a serious problem.
442289 Wrong result may be reported when a query id executed which includes DISTINCT or ORDERBY clause along with a 'outer join'.
442309 Some views containing a union all query will fetch superfluous columns from the base tables when a user query aggregates over the view.
442336 If a table column has a functional index on it and when we update this column, it could cause stacktrace.
442427 Migration tool fails to migrate server logins if Job Scheduler is installed.
442494 On IBM and Mac platforms, a 15760 error, "Invalid dump header when loading the database with ID '<dbid>'" is reported when an archive database is loaded using a database dump for which a sysdevices row has already been created using the 'sp_addumpdevice "archive database"' stored procedure.
442519 When performing 'disk refit' after 'load database master', ASE can find allocation units on disk that

are no longer part of a database and so should not be reflected in sysusages. Attempting to remove the

extraneous entries can encounter a segmentation fault and stack trace, causing disk refit to fail.

442521 Display login password encryption information using sp_displaylogin.
442525 A union with subquery in the result list may fail with error 530 ("Attempt to insert NULL value into column %d in work table (table id %ld); column does not allow NULLS. UPDATE fails.") if the subquery

is producing empty result set.

442529 sybatch - sample res scripts in 1501 release include paths for ASE 12.5 releases
442558 Cannot boot server due to the error "missing lib error with solaris-32 bit dataserver: __fabsf in"
442560 SSL ct_connect attempts fail intermittently when ASE is started with a TLI listener with the following error: Client MsgNo: 84083974. Client Msg : ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect.
442588 Subqueries that contain a group-by clause that references one or more correlated

columns (from an outer query block) may return incorrect results.

442601 Command "create database sybsecurity" fails. The named database contains upgrade items that are not present in model, so "use database" (part of the command's action) refuses access because sybsecurity is not fully upgraded. There is no workaround.
442629 Attention and kill processing is not working as expected for a process waiting for a RTDS message. The process may hang, without possibility to recover from that state. There is no workaround nor solution before the current fix.
442668 For less than 3 words verity generates null summary. suggested style file changes fix the issue.
442683 If truncation length is set to 0, no data is returned for text col in dbisql
442736 Incorrect results may be returned when executing a query

that involves several complex AND/OR predicates combination

involving multiple columns.

442752 Wrong comparison result might be generated when MixedDTSarg is used on money->binary,

unichar->char, char->binary, or unichar->binary casting.

442820 Sessions may SEGV when compiling heavily used procedures. This can occur

as the result of deadlock while compiling a procedure. A deadlock situation

during compilation should only occur when compiling a block that updates or

inserts into a table that contains computed columns and/or functional indices.

442902 The MDA tables monOpenObjectActivity, monOpenPartitionActivity and monProcessActivity are enhanced to include IOSize1Page, IOSize2Page, IOSize4Page and IOSize8Page columns to track large I/O counts per-spid/per-user process.
442944 The showplan ouput for a positioned DELETE or UPDATE query will show a 'TABLE SCAN' of the table being modified when the query execution actually uses a dynamic index.
443098 Incorrect results may be returned under special circumstances

when executing a query that involves a join with complex

expressions for the join predicates and the optimizer decides

to apply "reformatting" (store index) technique to the inner

table (i.e. substituting it with a worktable with an index

on it)

443194 Previously when closing DBISQL, if user's "$HOME/.isqlHistory9" file does not have read/write permission or if DBISQL fails to access the file, a stack trace would occur. This has been fixed.
443246 All ASE 12.5.x product manuals from 12.5.1, in which the XML features were introduced,

should mention the following character set related limitations:

+ The XML functions in ASE 12.5.x versions do not support i18N (those in ASE 15.0 do)

+ The XML outputs generated by ASE 12.5.x are restricted to the first 128 byte-points only

443258 The error 11206, 'Unable to connect to server' will be raised if a

user tries to access an MDA table from within a login script in

some 64 bits platforms.

443277 One or more hard faults with type code 100001, "The page id, next page, or previous page value in the page header is invalid." is reported by DBCC CHECKSTORAGE when run against an archive database on which a transaction log has been loaded that encapsulates an ALTER DATABASE command.
443295 If a partitioned table contains an encrypted column and if the encryption

key has been specified for encryption operations using an initialization vector,

then a paralellized update or select of the encrypted column may display the

following error message or a similar one, and the errorlog may show a

stack trace showing the function 'col_encrypt' or 'col_decrypt'.

"Error: 15414, Severity: 18, State: 3

01:00025:00021:2006/09/29 09:14:38.62 server An internal error occurred at end of symmetric encryption or decryption operation (error code 57606). Please contact Sybase Technical Support."

443332 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'uwdisconnect' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'err_pll_primary_processing' and 'pll_exec' may be reported in the error log when a query being executed in parallel on a multiengine server was aborted by CTRL+C or client application was killed.
443447 Execute immediate query performing query with LIKE clause using inherited local variables

or parameters fails during the compilation of the statement. Stack trace is dumped to the

errorlog file and shows modules opt_like, opt_like_and.

443457 Under special circunstances, REPLICATION AGENT started in recovery mode may fail to stop automatically after reaching the end of the log.
443497 On Windows xp_cmdshell with no_wait option fails to execute a script.
443537 DDLGen does not support SQL User Defined Function (UDF)
443557 sp_sysmon may report wrong values for Replication Agent counter "Longest Wait" in different sections: "Log Extension Wait", "Forward Schema", "Backward Schema" or "I/O Wait from RS". This may happen if Replication Agent sleeps for a elapsed time longer than the sample time stablished by sp_sysmon.
443558 A 15703 error,"Failed to delete row(s) from sysaltusages in the scratch database" will be incorrectly reported when trying to drop an archive database if the rows that describe the scratch database and the associated devices have been manually deleted from sysattributes.
443575 UPDATE() function inside a trigger may fail to

identify correctly which columns are affected

by an UPDATE statement that includes a local

variable assignment and that assignment is the

first one in the SET clause.

443584 When a special or strategy is used as a scan node (set) in an nary-NLJ strategy, then too few rows may be returned.
443596 Stored procedure may stop working returning errors related to too high number of worktables

used in the query. This happens if the procedure executes SELECT INTO with query producing worktables

(order by, distinct, group by, materialized views) and requires recompilation.

443605 SH_INTENT Deadlocks occur on SYSCOLUMNS when concurrent queries using cross-database objects are normalized while utilities (such as drop of an index) holding EX_TAB lock on SYSCOLUMNS are in progress.
443647 A new Kazahkstan Cyrillic charset KZ-1048 has been added in ASE. The sort order is binary.
443668 Under rare circumstances DBCC TABLEALLOC may hang forever when executed with the FIX option

to correct error messages "There are <value> OAM entries with zero used/unused page counts.

Run DBCC TABLEALLOC FIX ..." when the OAM entries needing cleanup are the first in the list.

443700 Add the ServerUserID column to the monProcess and monProcessWaits table and make the column a parameter,and also make the ServerUserID column a parameter in monProcessActivity table.
443742 If raiserror is followed by any TSQL statement, @@error gets overwritten.

Because of this sp_extrapwdchecks fails to return error in case of failed password, if the raiserror is followed by any TSQL statement.

443755 This fix introduces Abstract Plans syntax to request index union or intersection.

Pre-15.x, the "general OR strategy" was enumerated and costed by the optimizer when the WHERE clause contained OR clauses and all columns therein had indexes: each OR term was used in an index scan, then all resulting RIDs, after duplicate RID removal, were used to get the data tuples. This is actually an union-distinct mechanism and is implemented in 15.x as index union.

In 15.x, to request the pre-15.x general OR strategy on table T, i.e. the index union, an AP would use "(union_scan T)". To specify either the merge or the hash based union-distinct algorithm, use merge_union_scan or hash_union_scan. Index intersection is also provided for experimentation but not yet for production, through hash|merge_intersect_scan.

This functionality is used in the allrows_oltp "compatibility" mode (where the optimizer makes the best attempt to generate an execution plan similar to the pre-15.x one) when the legacy plan used the general OR strategy.

443769 A 691 error, "Encountered invalid logical page '0' while accessing object <negative id> in

database '2'" may be reported when there are more then 128 disk fragements for tempdb database.

443787 New features within ASE 15.0.2 require that we modify system catalogs. Provide support within ASE for detecting the need to do those modifications, and for downgrading to 15.0 and 15.0.1 servers. Upgrade must be automatic upon first boot of the new server, and upon online database after load database.
443811 A task waiting on completion of a remote process (such as backup) cannot be killed
443815 When the "histogram tuning factor" configuration parameter something other than 1, and the "consumers" phrase is used in create index, and/or update statistics in order to obtain parallelism, then there is a possibility of an extraordinary number of histogram steps being created on the respective histogram, and this becomes additive, i.e. each execution of update statistics will increase the requested number of steps. This could result in resource issues for compilation w.r.t. locks, procedure cache, and possibly compilation time.
443821 Customer is requesting that we make it possible to configure, at the user level, to eliminate this message from the dbcc output. As it currently stands the user cannot control whether this counter is setup or not.
443852 Occasionally, error message 9502 will be reported for a SELECT statement executed with 'set string_rtruncation on' for a SARG on char/varchar column that has statistics
443885 ssl_alloc() errors during Distinguished Name (DN) Lookup when binding the admin account, "the access account", can cause the security principal to be "locked out" because too many unsuccessful login attempts can be quickly attempted, exceeding the installation standards for unsuccessful retries.
444035 In rare circumstances, TIBCO JMS or EAS JMS messaging operations may fail with one or more error(s) reported in the JRTMSServer log file (rtms.log by default) saying a "lookup operation failed".
444044 Need to enable client-side character conversion BLK_CONV in CIS
444050 A SELECT INTO combining the PARTITON clause with a UNION raises a 205 error even though the column lists are identical.
444117 The auditing of login failures is enhanced to include the "Error number.Severity.State" in the "Other Information" section of extrainfo column.
444143 In rare circumstances, two transaction logs that were dumped within a fraction of a second of one another, can be loaded in either order. Using the wrong order will have unpredictable effects on database recovery.
444156 enhance CIO on Veritas Storage Foundation
444193 Occasionally, error message 9502 will be reported for a SELECT statement executed with 'set string_rtruncation on' for a SARG on char/varchar column that has statistics
444221 When ASE is shutdown while RTDS is enabled in a session, server could potentially stacktrace. Does not consistently reproduce but more likely on HP platform.
444264 Running Adaptive Server with an served license under a large workload may result in a stack trace.
444292 The common name in ASE SSL Certificates is restricted in that it must match the name of

the dataserver.

444343 create new server failed using syconfig after setting client charset to cp936 in locales.dat on Windows platform.
444387 A session running DBCC LOGTRANSFER may abnormally terminate with

the message "timeslice <value>, current process infected" followed

by a stack trace when ASE receives an interrupt (Control-C). The modules

"do_logtransfer" and "senddone" will be reported in the error log.

444395 If a block device is used as database device there is no warning either in errorlog or displayed to user on all platforms except on HP-UX, NT, Linux.
444474 Adaptive Server ignores 'authenticate with' semantics when user attempts a kerberos login.
444489 Lava operators that use a work table as backing store may loop endlessly

if a CTRL-C is issued while accessing the table. A merge-join with a very large

number of duplicate join keys in the inner stream is the mostly likely scenario

where this would occur. In the merge-join case, there is no way to kill

the looping session.

444516 Query with DISTINCT and ORDERBY directives may return incorrectly

sorted or duplicate rows if special OR strategy is used to execute

the query. For such strategy showplan information shows "Using N Matching Index Scans"

for a query step selecting from the table. This problem may happen only

if some non equality search arguments are used in the query like > or >=.

444532 Introduce a configuration parameter to indicate that the queries in the session/for the user, should not be aborted and rolled back in the case of an 'out of locks' error.
444541 If the bits used to mark extents with forwarded rows on data-only locked tables

are incorrectly set in all-pages locked tables, the command CHECKALLOC fixes them,


444548 Adaptive Server can assign the same virtual device number to multiple devices when

one of devices is not accessible while creating the new device.

444558 When a ASE session having RTDS 4.0 enabled is killed (kill -15), we could potentially see a stacktrace.
444563 When "real time messaging" option for TIBCO JMS or EAS JMS is activated at runtime for the first

time (since server start-up) and when that operation requires extension of the ASE shared memory

space, the issue occures. The symptom is the impossibility to use the JMS messaging operations

with crash of the external JVM named JRTMSServer. The reason is because the JVM attaches only

to the first ASE shared memory segment in the RTDS 4.0 release.

444577 Converting datatypes using Column Properties dialog fails
444698 Allow the expansion of a db without running into error 5030.
444701 sp_droplogin error message should include all the database names where login is valid
444723 On MacOS platform, printing messages to console is now made non-blocking in order to prevent the server from potentially getting hanged whenever console output is blocked. This behaviour can be disabled using traceflag 4082.
444905 srvbuildres -I parameter has no effect on the interface file
444913 hs_directload.sql was missing from 15.0.1 GA. The file is added to this ESD.
444992 The error 9947 with text "An attempt to allocate memory failed due to insufficient SQL Server memory." is not reported mistakenly but instead error 99 with text "Message empty." when DBCC CHECKVERIFY is run.
444993 "Msg 99, Level 47, State 17" is returned to user when this message should be:

Msg 9947, Level 17, State 10

An attempt to allocate memory failed due to insufficient SQL Server memory.

445025 Warning message displayed when login is not user of sybmgmtdb is unclear and displays at inappropriate times.
445102 Format the display to include proper spaces in role information for logins matching a wildcard expression in sp_displaylogin
445103 While trying to print the plan, it could cause stacktrace in getindexname() and Spinlock violation error sometimes.
445130 If a database device is unaccessible the database was being marked suspect.
445199 According to the documentation (See ability to add multiple tempdb's is suggested. By inference it appears not to be supported as an attempt to create a group yields the following error:

1> sp_tempdb 'create', 'newgroup'

2> go

Msg 18941, Level 16, State 1:

Server 'ase15_2k', Procedure 'sp_multdb_creategroup', Line 67:

Only the 'default' group is currently supported.

(return status = 1)

Customer would like the ability to add multiple tempdb groups and multiple databases to those groups.

445260 Error message 311 occurs when updating the primary key on a proxy table
445278 SELECT INTO a temp table having UNION ALL and encrypted columns could result in wrong data in the target table and a subsequent select from this table will result in 15417 error.
445284 In a Replication Warm Standby Environment marked to use indexes on text/image columns, a sp_setrepcol run to set the text/image replication status may fail if it is executed on a table marked for replication with sp_setreplicate.
445289 Add Role Activation menu.
445306 Execute immediate query with CASE expression using local variables inherited

from the outer scope does not work correctly producing stack traces.

445508 DBCC CHECKINDEX with bottom_up option may fail with error 15066, "No leaf row found for data page <datapgid> row <rowid> in leaf page <leafpgid> of indexid <indid>, table <tabid>", when there are variable length key columns in the index. A stacktrace with module collocate can be found in the errorlog.
445537 The 'REORG REBUILD' command or the 'ALTER TABLE ADD/DROP/MODIFY' command will

fail with error 3935 reading "Fatal protocol error. xact_beginupdate() API was

invoked in the wrong context..." when it is run for a Data Only Locked table

that has a clustered index created using a pre-12.5 ASE.

445595 Add a MaxOutstandingIOs column into monEngine for "Max Outstanding I/Os" per engine.
445625 DBCC stored procedures for reporting and clean up may have slow response time.
445676 A cursor application with a granted SH_INTENT lock is placed in the wait queue when requesting an EX_INTENT lock and another connection has a granted SH_TAB lock on a the object.

Once the connection holding the SH_TAB lock exists, the cursor application continues to wait even though its EX_INTENT lock is compatible with the granted locks of the object.

445746 When inserting into a proxy table that has a constraint on one of the inserted columns

and the inserted value needs a convert node (or perhaps any other builtin or expression)

we get a sig 11 and stack trace like LeRemScanOp::_checkConstraints()-> LeEvals::LeEvRun()

-> LeRun() -> bin__sqlhilo_X().

445749 When executing a stored procedure with an insert query that calls showplan_in_xml(-1),

if the stored procedure triggers recompilation and the XML corresponding to a

requested query plan can not be found, server may stack trace in

LeInsertOp::_LeOpNext() -> LeDataRow::writeRow().

445864 XML Model Mapping Editor: Unable to map table columns to XML elements

To reproduce:

1 Create PDM with a table and several columns

2 Generate from PDM an XML model using the XML generation option of "elements" in the Detail Tab

3 In the XML model bring up the Mapping Editor.

4 Set data source to your PDM source gen

5 Try to map table column to XML elements

The XML model only displays the 'database' element but no nested elements to map to.

If I change the embedded type on the database element from 'complex' to 'none', then all the elements are listed in the mapping editor.

445871 The SQLDBGR can be disabled using traceflag 4083. The traceflag is a STARTUP ONLY traceflag and has to be specified while starting up ASE. Turning the traceflag ON/OFF while ASE is running will not have any effect on the state of the SQLDBGR.
445872 ASE executes Java method in BOTH conditions of a CASE statement
445965 When replicating a cross database execution of a stored procedure using 'log_current' as its log mode and having at least one wide parameter, Rep Agent is terminating with errors 9254 and 9204.
445969 When replicating a cross database execution of a stored procedure using 'table' as its replication status and 'log_current' as its log mode, Rep Agent is terminating with error 9205.
445986 Incorrect join costing due to wrong filtering cost when subquery is

flattened for reformating.

445991 dbcc checkcatalog may terminate with signal 11 if there is an inconsistency

between sysobjects and sysprocedures for partition condition objects.

The stack trace will have the following signature at the top:


446007 ASE returns incorrect usertype for dynamic prepare statements
446015 Incorrect interfaces file name is printed in the backup server error log,

when no interfaces file name is specified in the backup server start-up command line.

446082 The T-SQL function identity() will not accept an unsigned integer as an argument.
446126 Adding new commands 'list in groups' and 'validate password options'
446207 ASE client SQL query with ANSI JOIN referecing a proxy table results

in CIS generating query with the "NULL IS NOT NULL" clause,

which gets error 403 from the remote server:

> Error 403, State 1, Class 16

> "Invalid operator for datatype op: is not null type: VOID TYPE"

446212 (Internal Only): Replication Agent functional specifications about the support for password enhancements.
446215 Feature request: SELECT on result sets from a few stored procedures.
446219 Feature request to support remote backupservers with cross-platform dump and load.
446272 When literal autoparam is enabled and we parameterize a string literal with delimiter (' or ")

as escape character,

the cached statement may contain extra characters at the end.

446293 CR 363894 causes 3250 error when using striping and Netbackup

The error 3250, "The devices '<backup api library name>::<filename>' and '<backup api library name>::<filename>' specified in the command should be different."

will be raised if the file names of two stripes are the same. This error should only be raised for normal or compressed files

and it is an error assuming that an external API cannot use duplicate names.

446329 A sp_setrepcol run to set the replication status using index may fail if the table was marked for replication using sp_setreplicate.
446389 Added a new DBCC command to release memory from procedure cache or engine local cache. The syntax is as follows:

dbcc proc_cache (free_unused | flush_elc) where

- free_unused: free unused procedures from cache

- flush_elc: flush pages from Engine Local Cache.

This DBCC needs to used with care and when the system is not in heavy use.

446391 Enhance monLocks table to display the location information for a lock.
446399 Up to 64K rows are now allowed for group by aggregates, which

reduces the need for join backs of non-combinable aggregates.

Previously there was a limit of the page width for an

aggregate row, which is now not the case.

446437 ASE does not correctly detect that some databases are already fully upgraded, so it attempts to upgrade them every time it boots.
446474 Model Dependencies not listed after changing target model of a Data Source
446521 The BlockedBy column in the monLocks monitoring table incorrectly reports a SPID value instead of the Lock Owner ID.
446568 A 414 (EXCEED_WORKROW) error may be inadvertently raised in

if the keylength exceeds 600 bytes (on a 2k page system).

446610 In Server Config, user cannot see the server name in the list when clicked "Configure Adaptive Server...", "Configure Backup Server...", or "Configure Monitor Server...".
446654 SQL query containing an illegal outer join request, including a sub-query, is not being identified correctly; resulting in error 11055 not being reported to the client application and the client connection being terminated.
446658 sp_sproc_columns performs 15 to 20 times slower in ASE 15.

This stored procedure uses another stored procedure, for formatting its output. This new stored procedure was added as part of 15.0, and causes a slowdown, owing to an expensive computation with it.

For purposes of this fix, the formatting stored procedure was backed out, for returning the performance of sp_sproc_columns back to 12.5.4 numbers.

The stored procedure in question(that causes the slowdown) is being examined, for performance enhancements.

446673 Unserved licenses cannot be used in a Terminal Server / Remote Connection.
446786 When statement cache and literal auto parameterization are on, the second

execution of a query with a string literal that can not be converted to the server's default

character set and has \ escape characters, may cause ASE to stack trace in


446789 Enabling the 'per object statistics active' configuration option may cause degradation in query performance.
446807 [Internal only] Rework the mechanism for discovering what a database's present minor upgrade level is, so that it no longer requires a function call.
446905 RTDS: Under certain circumstances the first time a session calls msgpublish() to a Tibco topic will fail with a 'Not permitted' error. Thereafter, it will succeed.
447012 Insert into index with large number of rows of duplicated index key value could fail due to incorrect split schema.
447044 MDA process which calls monlocks will cause timeslices when holding a spinlock.
447075 If server crashes before alter database of master database commits, in some

cases, recovery may fail with Error 14621, Severity 21 and State 1.

The modules undo_anchor() and anch_process_logrec() will be seen in the


447098 Problem:

Unicode support for Sybase ETL.


The level of Unicode support for Sybase ETL is as follows. Unicode characters can be extracted, transformed and loaded. Unicode characters in component properties are not supported. This includes file or directory names, metadata like table or attribute names, and connection settings like database, schema, user or password. Unicode characters in ETL object names or descriptions are not supported.

447103 If a computed column is defined using another base column, and when the value inserted in

the table is from a stored procedure parameters and datatype for parameter is VARCHAR while the

base column is CHAR type, wrong result may happen.

447111 When executing a stored procedure with a query that calls showplan_in_xml(-1),

if the stored procedure requires recompilation, ASE may stack trace in

LeStrmConst::write() -> LeStrmConst::read().

447124 When Interactive SQL was launched outside of Sybase Central, its Connect dialog did not set a login timeout. But the login timeout would take effect if Interactive SQL was launched from Sybase Central ASE Plug-in. This inconsistency has been resolved. User can set the login timeout by clicking Settings button on Connect dialog.
447188 On certain platforms and when statement cache and literal autoparam are on, server

may stack trace in s_compile_stmt()->oh_init_from_ob()->oh_insert() when executing

long statements with constant literals.

447197 This problem only occurs in systems using a non-binary sortorder. This problem only

occurs in distinct queries with an order-by clause. Further, the target list must

contain an expression, and there must be a character type column in the target list

or order-by clause, and the number of columns in the target list plus order-by clause

must exceed 32 columns. If all of these conditions hold, then the query may return

the wrong number of rows.

447210 Need updated/configurable java VM in ASE for upcoming changes to Daylight Savings time. related to Solaris issue

Customer would like to know the versions and date as soon as possible.

447316 On NT platform when failing to send/receive message to/from JMS message bus, no memory violation will happen.
447320 Feature request to:

1) Secure login passwords stored in syslogins using SHA-256.

2) Store the last login time in syslogins depending on the

"enable last login updates" option.

447371 If an ad-hoc statement inside a cursor requires creating worktable, then

the session assigned user tempdb can not be dropped after such

cursor is opened.

447396 Unable to start monserver using batch file when start sqlsrvr using windows service panel.
447400 set option show_missing_stats on was not reporting all the cases in which

statistics could be added to help the optimizer.

In particular, the LIKE predicate could use statistics for

expression histogramming, which were being requested by the

set option show_missing_stats diagnostic.

447492 New audit event 125 is logged under event type "password" whenever the "disallow simple passwords" policy is violated through the setting of a simple password.
447501 New feature to allow mounting databases from external files using different names to the ones stored in the manifest file.
447597 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'memmove' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'LeThContext::LeThContext()', 'LeXCHGOp::_LeOpAcquire()' and 'LeHashOp::_LeOpAcquire()' will be reported in the error log if firing a trigger which executes a stored procedure with a parallel query.
447674 XML support Default Namespace without prefix. PowerDesigner's XML Model should cover the

feature. For previous version of PDesigner, allows to define Default Namespace without

prefix. Problem occurs when migrates those XSM file. The non-prefix Namespace will be

removed automatically after the migrate to PowerDesigner 12.0 or 12.1

Check the NameSpaces of the Model:

URI - with Prefix - xs

URI - urn:oasis:names:specification:ubl:schema:xsd:UnspecializedDatatypes-1.0 with Prefix - <empty>

The Second one will get loss after migrate.

447769 The 692 error, "Server '%s', Line 1: Uninitialized logical page '%d' was read while accessing object '8' in database '%'." will be seen when loading locally or remotely a dump that has been taken using a local backup server version 12.5.4 ESD#3 at a remote backup server with a previous version. It will also happen if loading any sort of dump using a local 12.5.4 ESD#3 backup server and a remote backup server with a previous version. In the first case, the dump file generated is corrupted and it cannot be loaded in any manner. In the second case, although the dump file is correct, the combination of local 12.5.4 ESD#3 backup server and remote pre 12.5.4 ESD backup server will result in this correct dump being incorrectly loaded.
447788 Dumps taken using native compression ("with compression = <n>" clause) on Solaris sparc fail to load on Solaris x86.
447933 New Feature - Users can specify 'skip_alloc' parameter while creating a database device from 15.0.2
447936 New Feature - DDLGen generates 'skip_alloc' parameter for database devices for ASE whose version is greater than or equal to 15.0.2 .
448022 Job Scheduler not enabled in Shared Disk Cluster.
448043 The maximum length of the variables used in the command DUMP DATABASE TO @var1 STRIPE ON @var2, will be incorrectly set to the length of the value assigned to them if any of the file names used contains the library prefix 'compress::' and more than one stripe is used. If the variable is reused in the same batch to store a longer string, it will be truncated to the length of the shorter one.
448075 bcp in customer data results in 614 errors on 12.5.4, bcp into 12.5.3 is fine.
448080 When DDL replication is active, if the DDL occurs inside a user stored procedure, which is not marked explicitly for replication through either sp_setrepproc or sp_setreplicate, the DDL was not replicated when the enclosing stored procedure was executed. With this new functionality, such DDL commands are now replicated to the target database. This functionality is not extended to system stored procedures. Stored procedures replication functionality is not changed.
448119 enhancement request for concurrent transaction processing
448120 In data-only locked tables, DMLs may sometimes appear to hang on account of undetected lock-latch deadlocks if there are concurrent sessions running at isolation level serializable doing backward scans.
448161 Auditing cmdtext shows cleartext password of sp_password in sysaudits table.
448173 sp_dropuser should drop all key copies for the given user in current database.
448272 Unsigned integer identity columns may display a "d" after the value.
448274 The privilege level for project.max-shm-memory should be "privileged" if you set size of maximum shared memory to your project on Solaris 10.
448324 Query using ANSI outer joins with false constant clause in the ON list may return empty result set

if the optimizer is using reformat strategy to execute the query.

448326 An 'ALTER DATABASE' command blocked by a concurrent 'DUMP DATABASE' command

may not cleanup properly if interrupted by Ctrl C. As a result, Sysusages

and Systhresholds transactional locks may be unexpectedly left behind.

448402 The execution of a stored procedure created with the option

"with recompile" may fail the error 225 if it accesses a non

temporary table created inside the procedure.

448433 Enhancements to dbcc tablestats command.
448485 Support Direct I/O on Solaris Opteron 64 (AMD).
448507 If an earlier release maps a proxy table to a later release and the remote table makes use of functionality not available in the earlier release, this can result in errors. This is limitation.

Ex.1) A column is defined using bigint implemented in ASE 15.0, ASE 12.5.x CIS does not recognize bigint data type and will map to varchar.

Ex.2) If you maps a proxy table to ASE 15.0.x and run update statistics command on the proxy table on ASE 12.5.x, error 207 will occur.

448519 AP warning message may be displayed when executing nested subquery with forceplan on.
448533 sp_configure should avoid/warn if conflict between max mem and os shmmax
448556 Interactive SQL on Windows used to be launched by a batch file "dbisql.bat". This is now replaced by a Windows native launhcer.
448617 Executing sp_showplan and passing in the spid of a running bcp process can result in a stack trace which includes the module le_showE_Stmt.
448618 sp_helprotect <permission_name> should provide information for any specific permission granted in a given database.
448650 Under some circumstances optdiag output shows negative values for the forwarded and/or deleted row counts for DOL tables.
448661 When the stored procedure sp_modifystats is issued with MODIFY_DENSITY option,

Error Msg 553: "The number of parameters/variables in the FETCH INTO clause does

not match the number of columns in cursor 'new_densities' result set." is

raised. The output for 'Column Group' may be incorrect (show NULL) if multiple

columns are involved e.g. composite index.

448676 with Cell based HP Itanium server SPDC fails generate a license if the partition number is appended or SYSAM-2_0 fails to recognize generated licenses without partition number
448725 A timeslice error followed by the all_active_devices() and modules db_fill() may be raised when loading a very big archive database.
448733 A stack trace may occur when opening a cursor against a prepared dynamic statement with parameters that references proxy tables.
448868 Sort Order ID 53 should be case insensitive in Table 7-17 (Configuration Guide for UNIX) or Table 6-17 (for Windows).
448872 Process afftected with sig11 in GtqSingleSubqScan::GtInitGcPerGt(OptBlock*)

for 15.0.1 esd1 binary when there is a subquery under OR and a

LIKE predicate under OR at the same time. Here is an example:


where (user_name(o.uid) like @uname


(@nouname = 1

and not exists (select 1

from sysobjects o2


and user_name(o2.uid)=@uname)

and user_name(o.uid) = "dbo"



448907 Adds the PREPARE DATABASE command. This command is very similar to the QUIESCE DATABASE command, with the exception that it does not block write activity during the HOLD phase. The HOLD/RELEASE options can be used to execute a mirror split or snapshot on the database using a certified agent, to create a copy of a database on which transaction logs can be loaded.
448911 Queries containing a UNION ALL and an ORDER BY clause and having a column with a

datatype of TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT in the select list on one side of the UNION ALL and

a CONVERT builtin function to convert a literal string to a TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT

datatype will result in a segmentation violation with the function, sendtext in the

stack trace.

448912 Internal indexes created on replicate tables with text/image columns will use as index ID the firt free starting from 250, in decrease order.
448978 Under some rare conditions, the message "current process infected with 11" in the module 'qualpage' together with a stacktrace which includes the module 'getpage_with_validation' may be reported in the error log if a query is executed with materialized derived table.
448987 Wrong result could happen for union/unionall over outer join when

one of union/unionall projection is a column from an outer join inner


449011 Job Scheduler templates fail to install on Solaris.
449021 In a server configured to use a multi-byte character set by default, the replication of text being bulk copied could fail if the BCP client is using a single-byte character set.
449048 Customer needs Russian localization files
449148 The stored procedure sp_plan_dbccdb may incorrectly display archive database devices as recommended devices on which to install the 'dbccdb' database.
449177 The message: current process infected with 11 within the function, CgLavaUtils::CgSetAlign,

and a stack trace that includes the function, CgGenLava::CGConsMJOp can occur when the

optimizer chooses a query plan with a MergeJoin operation that includes literal values in

the projection list of the inner stream of rows to the MergeJoin operator.

449203 This problem only occurs in systems using a non-binary sortorder. This problem only

occurs in distinct queries with an order-by clause. Further, the target list must

contain an expression, and there must be a character type column in the target list

or order-by clause, and the number of columns in the target list plus order-by clause

must exceed 32 columns. If all of these conditions hold, then the query may return

the wrong number of rows.

449293 If there is a cursor fetch statement right before calling sp_helpartition and

if that fetch is from an empty table, 515 error might be raised from sp_helpartition.

449301 A 510 error, "Bad eop type 0x...", may be reported in the errorlog together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'execproc' and 'tdsrecv__dynexec' when executing a dynamic parameterized sql statement which used one of the following string manipulation functions: SUBSTRING(), LTRIM(), RTRIM(), RIGHT(), LEFT(), UPPER() or REVERSE() and the parameter's length value exceeds 255 characters.
449327 The following sequencer of queries will cause a segmentation violation:

1> set plan for show_execio_xml to client on

2> go

1> select showplan_in_xml(0)

2> go

The call stack will include the function, resetTraceObj.

449408 When a parallel query needs a runtime adjustment the runtime recompilation

may incorrectly identify query objects and raise spurious errors like

'Table not found' or 'Permission denied'

449417 'select on syscomments.text' configuration parameter doesn't restrict access to syscomments.text.
449423 In rare circumstances the error 403 will be raised and caused by the version 15.0.1 ESD#1.

Adding a convert() is a good workaround.

449478 ASE 15.0 System Administration Guide says that default values for abstract plan cache, abstract plan dump, abstract plan load and abstract plan replace are 1 (on).

But in fact they are 0 (off).

449492 It was impossible to change configuration parameter 'messaging memory' when 'enable real time messaging' equals 0 (RTDS option disabled). That CR addresses that issue, allowing the user to modify 'messaging memory' configuration parameter before enabling RTDS.
449498 New feature "deferred name resolution" that allows the creation

of stored procedures postponing the name resolution phase to

the stored procedure execution time.

449502 An existing Job Scheduler installation fails to start after 15.0.2 upgrade.
449518 It is possible to run ONLINE DATABASE after a LOAD TRANSACTION command that failed during recovery of the database.
449584 ASE will use kernel asynchronous i/o on Linux. Traceflags 1630, 1639, and 1649 are now obsolete. Synchronous i/o will be used on file system devices that do not support kaio, such as tmpfs.
449709 A query has a SQL derived table and the derived table has a column from a subquery.

If the query joins between the column on the derived table and a column on another

table using LEFT OUTER JOIN clause, the query will get error 325 (Adaptive Server finds

no legal query plan for this statement.).

449756 Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.4 ESD#2 running on unix platforms fails to provide a stack trace when an engine encounters a signal condition. Instead, the message "engine exited with signal <number>" is seen without any further diagnostics.
449779 Stack trace could occur during joins between local and remote tables with IN clauses.
449888 A "select into" with a partition clause from a view that contains a union may cause a stacktrace.
449908 Feature request for the ability to generate a shared memory dump for any error that causes ASE to shutdown because the spid was holding a spinlock.
449961 Enable a group of users working together to have equivalent object permissions for any objects created by a user in the same group, including dropping objects.
450005 When a stored procedure involving joins on regular tables and a derived table must be recompiled due to a schema change, column names might not be resolved correctly, yielding an erroneous "ambiguous column" error.
450010 Partition elimination does not happen if a disjunctive predicate is given to a query where each side of the disjunction can result in partition elimination and the same set of predicates on partitioning columns appear in each side of the disjunction. Ex. (col1 = 10 AND col2=20) or (col1=10 AND col2=30) will be rewritten by the predicate factoring functionality as (col1 = 10) AND (col2 = 20 or col2 = 30), which results in a partial match of the columns used in partitioning i.e. col1 and col2 with the conjunctive predicates and prevents partition elimination.
450039 srvbuild/srvbuildres:The order of -s parameters is different in RUN_Server files
450045 Job Scheduler work abnormally when startdate is earlier than 83 days from present date.
450066 Get msg 11060 when exec procedure which has SELECT INTO with encrypted columns.
450105 The message 'current process infected with 11' in module 'level0_restart' may be

reported in the error log when SP_SHOWPLAN is run or the configuration option

'plan text pipe active' is set and concurrent activity on table Syscolumns takes place.

Modules 'showplan', 'showKeys' and 'getcolname_level0_fromcache' will also be reported

in the stack trace.

450130 The error 8207 "Couldn't find an available descriptor for an object.

Raise the value of the configuration parameter 'number of open objects'

for more descriptors." may be raised in general, after errors 1204 were

reported "ASE has run out of LOCKS. Re-run your command when there are fewer

active users, or contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role to

reconfigure ASE with more LOCKS." when ASE runs out of locks during the

instantiation phase of a descriptor's meta-data, resulting in leaking

free descriptors mistakenly.

450238 When execute "sybatch.exe -r <resource file" to upgrade an ASE server, an error msg is printed to the console saying it can't find RUN_<server>.bat file in the new %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_ASE%\install directory.
450254 Tables with large number of partitions may spawn a whole bunch of worker processes without getting any positive scaling. This is due to the fact that the optimizer makes an assumption that a large number of partitions mean that the table can support a parallel scan with the same number of threads as the number of partitions, which may not be the case. Often times, users have a large number of partitions because of manageability. This bugfix allows user to configure the maximal number of threads for a table or an index using the sp_chgattribute stored procedure.
450261 There are 2 types of OR optimization (i.e. predicates involving IN list or OR lists)

One is the general OR optimization which requires a HASH operator to remove

duplicate RIDs and another which removes duplicate keys (e.g. sorts the IN list

to remove duplicates, which can be done at compile time if none of

the keys are variables). The general OR optimization is usually takes

more elapsed time, and the duplicate key approach should be preferred.

This change corrects costing that prefers the duplicate key approach

which could improve performance in some cases.

An example of the type of query that may be helped by this is the following.

select * from sysusers where name in ('dbo', 'sa_role', 'guest', 'probe')


450288 When it is a 13941 error where the expected message is

" Cannot partition table xxx because your release level does not support partitioning.",

it shows up as a 4941 error whose message is,

" You cannot drop a column on which constraints are defined.

Drop the constraints before dropping this column.".

450359 sp_monitor aborts with an error reporting that the server "loopback" does not exist.
450395 Previously Query Editor sometimes would not populate tables correctly. This has been fixed.
450398 Subsequent execution of a stored procedure with insensitive cursor with constant literal

in the select list may give incorrect result.

450458 When performing 'disk refit' after 'load database master', ASE can find allocation units on disk that are no longer part of a database and so should not be reflected in sysusages. Attempting to remove the extraneous entries can encounter a segmentation fault and stack trace, causing disk refit to fail.
450459 Expressions on sargs were not always evaluated when it should have

been possible to obtain a temporary value to be used for

histogramming estimation. When this was not done then

default selectivities were used for estimates which could

result in incorrect join orders.

All possible constant expressions are now evaluated at compile

time, if it could help with producing a histogramming sarg.

for example, "r.a > <some constant case expression>" would

not be used for histogramming estimates, and instead the

default selectivity of 0.33 would be used for this sarg.

451308 New feature to support plan sharing of cached statements across different users. Trace flag 7738 needs to be turned on to enable the feature.
451323 Add new options 'expire login passwords', 'expire role passwords', 'expire stale login passwords' and 'expire stale role passwords' to sp_passwordpolicy procedure to expire login and role passwords.
451355 There is a short-term memory leak for Lava hash operators that appear

in the inner side of a nested-loop join strategy or beneath a subquery.

A relatively small amount of memory is temporarily lost for each outer or

correlated row in the NLJ strategy or subquery respectively. If there

are a lot of rows in the outer side of an NLJ strategy or in the outer

block of a subquery, then the cumulative amount of memory temporarily lost

can be quite large. Note that this memory is given back to the system

once the query completes.

451412 In isolation 2, when we are doing ridjoin we are not holding locks on the pages till the end of the transaction.
451448 Queries that use the special or startegy and have a descending

order by clause may return results in the wrong order. This will

occur if one or more of the columns in the disjuncts always reference

the same literal value.

451453 A low risky stacktrace occurs when sending a message to Tibco JMS messaging bus if the Tibco JMS has been enabled before dataserver is booted and the dataserver is booted without setting environment variable "SYBASE_JRE".
451456 SYSAM2.0: If the Sysam Option file is modified to direct log files to a non-default location, the default log file is still created due to the '-l <logFile>' arguments coded into the sysam startup script.
451524 DUMP DATABASE WITH COMPRESSION will generate an invalid dump if the archive is a library created using the backup API. For example, DUMP DATABASE dbname TO "compress::myfile" WITH COMPRESSION=n.
451549 server might hit sig11 in CgpGlobal::CgpGenerate() when executing

a query involving a DISTINCT view and the part of the DISTINCT columns

has a unique index on them.

451650 Feature request to provide a way to estimate the amount of space required for a table containing encrypted columns automatically.
451682 Variables within derived table expressions within cursor declarations

within stored procedures are not initialized correctly during

execution of the stored procedure.

451690 There was an overestimate of PIO for tables which are bound

to a large buffer pool, and also have a reserved page count

significantly higher than the table pages. This was due to

a double costing of the page cluster ratio, in addition to

the sparseness of rows in the extent. Adjustments were made

to avoid the double costing so that PIO estimates for large IO

are more accurate

451696 Secure role passwords by storing them using SHA-256 in syssrvroles.
451739 QPmetrics are not captured for non-CIS related query after CIS connection has been established within a particular session
451749 Fail to consolidate repository when Item sequence changed in XML model.
451751 The authentication mechanism may be missing or truncated in the audit trail

for a login event when a Kerberos principal name and mapped user login name

approaches 30 bytes in length.

451760 When statement cache is configured, the QPmetrics for ad-hoc statement using statement cache will not be dumped into the SYSQUERYMETRICS system catalog instantly. Instead, the QPmetrics of respective ad-hoc statements will be dumped when the statement is flushed out from the statement cache or by commands such as sp_metrics 'flush' and dbcc purgesqlcache.
451812 In some cases, intelligent index scan may cause low LIO estimate and wrong index is

chosen for the plan resulting in poor performance.

451821 Deadlock occurs when a successful LDAPUA updates the syslogins password or the syslogins lastlogindate is being updated for the first time. This occurs when the update is on the same login row by two different login tasks.
451837 Default LANG of Japanese RHEL4.0 is "ja-JP.UTF-8."

But "ja_JP.UTF-8" is not included in Linux section of locales.dat.

Please add the following lines to linux section of locales.dat.

locale = ja_JP.UTF-8, japanese, utf8

451875 Excessive procedure cache used when too many statistics steps are configured. Consider reducing number of steps or histogram tuning factor.
451898 There are some inconsistencies in pre-15.0 statistics that

are corrected during upgrade. In this case, there were

range cells and yet the range density was zero, which

occurs occasionally due to a pre-15.0 problem in

update statistics in which the range cell only exists in the

last cell of the histogram and the remaining cells are

frequency cells. The inconsistency are now corrected during

upgrade to 15.0.

451900 Error 1013 will be raised if japanese object name is specified in an abstract plan.
451902 If you create a table and add a numeric identity column to the table, sp_create_text_index fails on the table with a message

"Datatype numeric ( Column 'xxx' ) is not supported in a text index.".

451928 When no valid license is available for the platform on which ASE is running, but licenses are available for other platforms, then ASE may crash on startup with a signal 11 after reporting "SySAM: Using licenses from" .
451934 Selecting from a decrypt_default table from a different database causes segment fault error.
451944 Loading a compressed archive database may hang if the size of the compression memory pool is set to the minimum size required that is the double of the dump blocksize. Even if the LOAD command succeeds, the hang can happen at anytime because the compression memory gets fragmented.
451945 When loading an archive database, the message 'Unable to determine the size of the device '<devname>'' will be raised for each device installed that is unavailable.
451966 HA command, sp_companion may fail for HA-enabled dataserver on Sun Cluster 3.1 running on Solaris 10.
452023 Union query with subquery could cause staktrace in s__mergelock_in_sub_steps().

This will happen only when there is datetype mismatch and implicit conversion is

need and also involve subquery in expression.

452033 Backup Server needs to print Open Server operating system related error message in error log as well as standard error.
452045 Provide encrypted colums support in the 12.5.4 64 bit linux release.
452118 If estimation errors occur with join cardinality estimations, or estimates with index scans on DOL tables, then update statistics with this fix may correct those estimates. The problem of inaccurate statistics occurs when the "with consumers" phrase is used on update statistics or a clustered index is created on a partitioned table.
452160 When it connects with server from Sybase Central v4.3 attached to ASE 15.0.x, Explanation of "number of open partitions" is wrong.

This Explanation is "cpu grace time."

452178 Optdiag input mode may fail with error message "At step <n> of the histogram for

<column>, the step value is not increasing" for variable length datatypes.

452189 Incorrect code execution on ibmaix64 for fbo mode may lead to difference in

selectivities for sarg.

452198 Bad offset in variable length offset table causes 9289 from RA
452199 Stored procedre creating a table with complex CHECK clause may fail with stack trace

when the execution is performed from the cached plan.

452221 ASE uses @@opttimeoutlimit and ASE documents use

@@opttimeout as a server global variable for the current optimization timeout limit.

452280 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module

'close_range' together with a stack trace which includes the

modules 's_estmt_loopend' and 's_execute' may be reported

in the error log if a DML statement is executed involving

a high number of tables, the table being modified has many

referential constraints and there is a trigger defined on it.

452368 Max and min vector aggregation can result in sigsegv when operate on unichar and univarchar


452430 Need to document maximum batch size for bcp. Maximum batch size is 65536.
452442 OR-clauses may not be evaluated if the query qualification references a column with the decrypt_default attribute. In SQL statements containing qualifications of the type WHERE dd_col = <value> OR non_dd_col = <value>, where dd_col is an encrypted column with the decrypt_default attribute and non_dd_col is a column without the decrypt_default attribute, the WHERE clause will disqualify all rows if the user executing the query does not have decrypt permission on dd_col.
452482 Encryption Column feature is now available on linuxamd64 platform.
452493 In rare circumstances, a spid waiting for reception of a JMS message may generate a memory

leak if it is interrupted by either a kill operation or reception of an ATTENTION sent by

the client application.

452558 Update the bundled JRE release to address the following issues:

1) The implementation of RSA signature verification in SSL/TLS, or other application scenarios, may incorrectly verify forged signatures leading to security vulnerability. See for more details.

2) U.S. Daylight Saving Time Changes in 2007, see for more details.

452610 The builtin function object_name() incorrectly returns NULL for any master-only system table in a database other than 'master', that has been loaded with a database dump of the master database.
452658 In rare circumstances, deadlock may occur on updating sysqueryplans after 'enable metrics capture' set to 1
452731 Added support of gbpinyin and gbpinyinnocs sortorders for Chinese character sets EUCGB, CP936, GB18030 and UTF-8. For existing installation, please run select sortkey(null, 'all') to populate syscharsets table with the new sortorders. And run sp_helpsort to get the new sortorder id.
452735 With traceflag 1649 active, ASE fails to initialize devices (like tmpfs) which does not support KAIO. Also databases on these devices (created before using traceflag 1649) fails to come online with error 823.
452764 Sybase Central sorts columns incorrectly should be able to sort by syscolumns.colid

so that the user can sort the columns in the same order as they were created.

452782 If a Kerberos login attempt blocks during security session establishment reading the security opaque token from the client, it can hold an engine-wide security semaphore effectively blocking all other Kerberos login attempts. A new trace flag 7850 is added to timeout security connections if no security opaque token is received from client in 60 seconds.
452801 Stacktrace in RcToAndOrTree() could happen when a column is

compared with a scalar aggregate result under an OR predicate

and the same column appears under the OR predicate

multiple times. For example,

(A >= (select min(A) from t2) or A >= (select min(A) from t3)).

452819 When the jconnect and ctlib send a varchar longer than 255 bytes,in some cases it could cause stacktrace in memalloc() with 702 error since it requests 2147483647 bytes memory.
452850 Synchronize the new options "expire login passwords", "expire role passwords", "expire stale login passwords" and "expire stale role passwords" added to sp_passwordpolicy on companion server.
452998 Server status was checked periodically even though user unchecked the plug-in setting. This has been fixed.
453005 ASE sends corrupt TDS converting to utf8 characters to jConnect clients causing the client to exit with error:

java.sql.SQLException: JZ006: Caught IOException: JZ0EM: End of data.

453021 The missing sample directories (JavaXml, esp, histsrvr, messaging, server, and sybmigrate) have been added back into ASE 15.0.2.
453032 Calling a stored procedure residing in IQ from ASE via rpc parameter names are ignored, they are taken as positonal parameters.
453037 The spelling of sybprocs in message Building sysprocs device and sybsystemprocs database .... sybprocs device and sybsystemprocs database created is not correct, it should be sysprocs.
453041 Problem:

ETL does not allow multi-byte characters to be used in the meta-data


The ETL product has been modified to handle multi-byte meta-data.

453088 In some exception case, print SQLTEXT could stacktrace from terminate_process().
453103 After primary service group fails over to secondary node, the primary HAase resource cannot go offline if the secondary ASE resource is already offline. The failure to go offline properly may also prevent primary HAase resource from going online on secondary node later even if primary ASE resource is brought back online.
453216 When the Windows eventlog is full and cannot be written, ASE repeatedly issues the warning message that the write to the event log failed, it should still issue the message but only at intervals.
453218 Improve login performance.
453273 In rare circumstances, concurrent dmls to very large data-only locked tables may cause index

corruption, resulting in 644 errors: "Index row entry for data row id <pageid, rnum> is missing from

index page <indexpage> of index id <indid> of table <tabid> in database <dbid>. Xactid is <xactid>.

Drop and re-create the index." Running online index reorg may cause self-deadlocks and 12311 errors,

and dbcc checktable may report corruption.

453275 Need to document new CIS server class RPCServer
453288 [internal only] A customer's database was broken, contained index entries for sysencryptkeys but no object entry. This caused upgrade to fail in upgrade step 7 with no useful error.
453339 When ASE is booted with 16k page size, installmaster script may fail to complete with following message: "The current 'max memory' value '32768', is not sufficient to change the parameter 'allow updates to system tables' to '1'".
453367 The query, "ALTER TABLE MODIFY <column_name> NULL ENCRYPT WITH <encr_key> DECRYPT_DEFAULT NULL", failed with an 13975 error message, "You may not declare a null-valued decrypt_default on column <column_name> because that column is not nullable".
453374 Concurrent executions of pageinfo built-in give different kinds of errors and stacktraces, like Error 833, "Attempt to read logical page into a buffer, that is hashed".
453380 Feature Request: "maximum failed logins" set to '-1' increments syslogins.logincount on every login failure.
453446 XPserver sometimes fails to come up on 64bit platforms with the following error in the errorlog, "os_syscmd: system function returned error. OS error string: Bad address".
453474 sp_help is enhanced to display the decrypt_default information for all decrypt_defaults declared on a table. This information consists of the internal name of the decrypt_default.
453503 When different data type comparison is done, ase returns wrong data.


create table cr453503 (deccol decimal(6,2),sintcol int)


insert into cr453503 values (1, 1)

insert into cr453503 values (2, 2)

insert into cr453503 values (3, 3)


select * from cr453503 where ( sintcol = deccol ) and ( deccol is not null)

ase will return 0 row.

453512 When server's default sortorder is one of Unilib sortorders, and the statement

matches a char variable in the like clause against an unichar column, 2432 error

might be raised.

453529 On occasion, the alter table function raises an exception in adc__update_sysreferences() and getnext() when a column is dropped from the original table definition.
453530 Avoid certain deadlocks involving Sysobjects, Sysindexes, Syspartitions, and Systabstats when partitioning objects in parallel with other maintenance activities such as DROP index, CREATE index.
453566 Print option 1 to DBCC PAGE will now decode the TIPSA region of 1st

text/image pages, and will print out the data for all text and image

pages as a byte stream.

453598 sp_who output inconsistent with sysprocesses
453604 New options: "with skip_global_index_rebuild" is added to

drop partition


alter table table_name drop partition partition_name [with skip_global_index_rebuild]

* If "with skip_global_index_rebuild" is provided, the global index will NOT be

rebuild and the index of the table will be labeled as suspect.

** If "with skip_global_index_rebuild" is not provided, the global index will be rebuild.

This is the default value.

453646 Configuration parameter 'number of open partitions' uses the wrong message number for its help message: it uses 10410, but should use 14010.
453742 ASE HA Failback fails with ServiceGuard A.11.17 but works on ServiceGuard A.11.16 and A.11.15. This is a compatibility issue with ServiceGuard A.11.17. ServiceGuard A.11.17 changes the message in its output from "cmhaltpkg : Completed successfully" to "cmhaltpkg: Completed successfully". A white space has been removed in the message between "cmhaltpkg" and ":" causing ASE HA Failback to fail.
453759 The count distinct expression may not return the correct number of rows on ANSI join queries involving subquery and ANY expression.
453794 Queries that eliminate partitions based a query predicate may chose a global non-clustered index scan that has a low data row cluster ratio over a table scan that would be more desirable due to partition elimination.
453831 A SELECT statement with a derived table that contains a UNION ALL of a proxy table and a local table results in a 207 error (Invalid column name) if the proxy table is before and the local table is after the UNION ALL.
453837 Wrong results could be obtained when a view or derived table which contains a GROUP BY clause is used in a query on the inner side of an Outer Join and the query SELECT list contains complex expressions.
453867 Problem: The uninstall script for the ETL Development product does not remove registry entries containing repository definition and general product configuration. This may be an issue when reinstalling the product, especially in a different directory structure on the same machine.

Resolution: Use the regedit application to remove the following keys:

If uninstalling Sybase ETL Development, remove


If uninstalling Sybase IQ ETL Development, remove


453881 Allow audit options to be available server-wide by default, one should have to set it for all user databases individually
453904 A process is abnormally terminated after an 1105 error occurs when creating a stored procedure in a database that has the "abort tran on log full" option set.
453918 dbcc checkcatalog raises a 7417 error when a 0 freepage threshold exists, even if the last chance threshold entry for logsegment is present in threshold cache.
453947 Surrogate pair characters such as U&'\D840\DC00' can't be inserted into unichar/univarchar/unitext columns using Unicode literals (U&).

Error 2433 will be raised with the message "Illegal byte sequence encountered in Unicode data.".

This behavior is expected.

ASE expects Unicode scalar values within the literal. Unicode scalar values include any unicode code point

except high-surrogate and low-surrogate code points.

So you need to specify Unicode scalar value U&'\+020000' instead of U&'\D840\DC00' in the sample case.

453993 Query with derrived table expression having TSQL outer join operator *= may return incorrect result if the inner table joining column is also present in the select list of the main query.
454022 A 325 error, "Adaptive Server finds no legal query plan for this statement." may be reported with a SELECT query when the opportunistic distinct view option is enabled.
454029 The message 'Could not execute login script for user <username>' will be incorrectly reported when the password has expired. In an HA environment, setting the password at the primary will fail to be replicated at the companion server with the same error message.
454129 User defined messages appear in master..monErrorlog always with ErrorNumber = 1 rather than the error number with which they have been defined. Severity is always shown as 0.
454137 The messages for errors 15082 and 15084 respectively "There are <value> OAM entries with zero

used/unused page counts. Run DBCC <value> FIX on objid <value> indid <value>."

and "The OAM has no room for new inserts. Run DBCC <value> FIX on objid <value> indid <value>."

should not report "Run DBCC CHECKALLOC FIX" if DBCC CHECKALLOC was the command being executed,

since CHECKALLOC can only be executed at the database level. Instead the relevant command

that needs to be run later in order to correct this non severe problem will be reported,


454176 If ASE 15.0.x is running using an installation that has not yet been upgraded from 12.0.x or before, and a user executes CREATE PROCEDURE in a database, then when upgrade tries to upgrade sysprocedures, ASE may produce messages warning about 'invalid column length', with associated stack traces.
454215 Disallow creation of 'dbo' login by customers
454220 Feature request to enhance dbcc checkstorage to validate index entries in parallel.
454283 The default stack size on AIX64 is increased from 96k to 104k.
454369 sybmigrate throws java.lang.NumberFormatException in com.sybase.sybmigration.AseUtils.getDbSizeInMb when attempting migration of a very large Database.
454434 System wide password expiration will be ignored and a user with an

expired password will be able to log into the server unless a password

expiration policy has been defined using the stored procedure


454453 In Warm Standby Replication environments where 'master' database is replicated, call to the stored procedure sp_config_rep_agent to configure the replication agent in the database 'master' was not being replicated.
454460 Query executed from the trigger and referencing tables INSERTED or DELETED may fail

with errors if the optimizer decides to apply a strategy which is using a worktable

based on INSERTED or DELETED table.

454493 In rare circumstances, the system might hit the signal 11 in compare_value() when update statistics.
454526 Problem:

Special characters in Sybase ETL installation paths.


Special characters in the installation path of Sybase ETL Development or Server may cause problems accessing databases.

For example, connecting to Oracle returns the following error when ETL is installed in a path containing parenthesis like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sybase...":

ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

Sybase recommends using installation paths that contain only alphanumeric characters.

454562 Turning off the direct i/o through DIRECTIO=false doesn't take effect even after restarting ASE if the device had the DIRECTIO option set to true before.
454609 Table scans on DATA_ONLY locked tables running at isolation level READ COMMITTED may sometimes fail to return qualifying rows if there are concurrent INSERTs/UPDATEs happening on the table.
454677 A SELECT query on a union-in-view with a large IN list (>40 elements in the IN list)

as part of the WHERE clause hits signal 11 in PeBasicPredicate*IsCorrelatedSarg().

454790 When a login password has expired in a High Availability (HA) environment

on both the master and companion servers, execution of sp_password silently

fails to change the password on the companion; the password change succeeds

only on the local server.

454927 Enable LDAP User Authentication feature on Windows X64 platform
454928 Enable Encryption Column feature on winx64 platform
454952 The command DBCC LISTOAM will incorrectly report the error 'Invalid Object Id <n>'

when the object is a master only system table.

454960 Creating an encryption key on platforms that don't support encrypted columns produces

a stack trace.

455016 Stacktrace could happen in CgpIndScan::_CgpIndSpecialOrPePredBmToScalar() if

an equijoin between two tables (such as t1.c1=t2.c1) under an OR predicate

is considered for the special OR processing on t1 and t2.c1 is also participating

in another TOP level equijoin predicate with t1. Here is an example:

"... where t2.c1=t1.c2 and (t1.c1=t2.c2 or t1.c1=t2.c1)"

455038 Enabling optgoal allrows_oltp incorrectly disables the optimizer from considering network latency when optimizing queries with proxy tables.
455042 Client connection which is bound to the LASTONLINE will hang when issuing the "sp_engine 'offline'" command.
455100 add BatchID field in table monProcessProcedures to improve sp_monitor procstack preformance.
455102 CIS does not forward the query if it contains the 'group by' clause without aggregration.
455146 Attempts to run dbcc report_al(db_name) encounter error 10334, state 80 (permission related internal error).
455175 explain more details in the doc related to unpartitioniong / partitioning
455176 Problem:

Sybase native connectivity for Windows


The Sybase IQ 12.7 Windows PC client does not include Sybase native (Open Client) connectivity. Thus, to use Sybase native connectivity from ETL to Sybase IQ, the native libraries must be installed from another Sybase product. For example, the native libraries are available in the Sybase Software Development Kit (SDK), which is an installation option of the Windows Sybase IQ 12.7 server or as a separate product. Contact your Sybase Technical Support representative for information about the best way to obtain Sybase native connectivity for your site.

Note that the ETL products for Windows are 32-bit applications. However, they can run on Windows 64-bit platform. If the 64-bit Sybase IQ server were installed on the same machine and the installation included the SDK, the 32-bit libraries would also installed and could be used.

455180 When running ASE 15.0 on an installation that has not yet been upgraded from 12.5.x or before, #temp table creation can create a table with a name longer than is permitted by the current tempdb.dbo.sysobjects. Some stored procedures, such as sp_configure, can cause this to happen. When it happens, ASE will produce an error message and a stack trace saying that a column on disk has an invalid length.
455195 The message "current process infected with 11" in the module

'HashBuf::HbBufSetRunInfo' together with a stack trace which

includes the modules 'LeHashPart::LePartGetConsumerId' and

LePipeRepart::LePipeWriteVtuple' may be reported in the

error log when a query involving more than 31 columns is

executed in parallel and "hash repartitioning" mechanism

was chosen.

455196 RTDS licenses obtained from DI, that did not contain the PE=EE string, would not work when used with ASE EE.
455197 If a compute clause's group-by list contains an expression and no rows

are returned for the query, then a SEGV or stack corruption could occur.

455275 Under rare circumstances DBCC CHECKSTORAGE may detect non-existent 100018

errors when run on an archive database.

455295 When table in IQ/ASA has name greater than 30 characters, creating proxy table in ASE that maps to it will fail with ASA Error -131: Syntax error near 'order' on line 1.
455326 The 110219 error log message has been reworded and now reads "Warning: There is no valid license for ASE_ASM and therefore the ASE_ASM feature has not been initialized".
455413 When parallelism is turned on, a query with several tables may cause a time slice error. This is because the optimizer has a large search space to traverse in the parallel mode and the timeout mechanism does not take that into account while comparing a large number of plan fragments.
455435 Using the top clause in a select statement that involves a

union all in a view (or equivalent derived table) in the from

clause does not limit the size of the result set as expected.

455481 Customer wants the set ciphertext command to be fully supported
455482 set ciphertext command does not propagate to stored procedures
455567 SQL queries having predicates of the form col = isnull(result of some scalar aggregation, or the result of a subquery), is not considered as a SARGable predicate, which means that such predicates cannot be used for index scans. This causes massive performance problems.
455570 For DBCC CHECKCATALOG, if the partition id order in the tree from sysprocedures is different from the partition id order in the syscomments, the 15911 error will be raised.
455601 Error 644 "Index row entry for data row id (<value>, <value>) is missing from index page <value>

of index id <value> of table '<value>' in database '<value'..." may be reported in module

"del_rownotfound" with a stack trace in the error log when an UPDATE command is run

on a Data Only Locked table and the scan index being used by ASE to perform the update

has one or more of its columns affected by the given update.

455611 HAaseAgent for VCS on Solaris and Linux executes one VCS system command with wrong syntax:

hagrp -display <service-group-name> attribute SystemList

The above command with correct syntax should be:

hagrp -display <serveric-group-name> -attribute SystemList

The wrong syntax will not cause any failure in HAaseAgent or HA function except that VCS engine may log some error message to its log.

455671 Multiple connections from another 15.0.1 ASE are left allocated.
455674 Under very rare circumstances, some 821 or 813 errors may be raised for

a very busy multi-engine ASE having a buffer cache shortage.

455698 Previously when ASE Plug-in connected to a server, it always restored/opened the last-opened folder. Users now have the option to turn off this behavior by unchecking "Open last-visited folder after connecting to server" check box by selecting Tools -> Adaptive Server Enterprise -> Preferences.


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