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考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。
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214559 1. Create a new user and attach it to a group having the Connect RIght.

2. Go to the Rights tab of the User prop sheet. Note that the Connect right has not been added to the user.

We should have a mechanism a checked-grayed box for inherited rights.

It could also be a "show inherited rights" icon like in member tab for a group.


BUG when creating repository tables. No confirmation message to say "Finished creating tables."

I know that this is not a major issue, but from the customer's perspective, they need to know when a PowerDesigner process has completed.


During consolidation of large models, PD shell stops responding to Windows (doesn't update display, etc). Need more than just "Saving the local document in the repository..."

1) Import model into PD7 and save it

2) Then consolidate that model into your favorite repository.

3) When it gives you the "Saving the local document..." message, launch the TaskManager and check out the PowerDesigner program.

NOTE: It will be listed as "Not responding".

4) If you have another application open, move its window around in front of the PD GUI.

Notice that it doesn't refresh the display. This is not good.

It takes a long time (anything over a minute or so is too long, but I'm talking 30 minutes and longer here) before it will update the GUI.

What I want to see is more GUI refreshes and some kind of status update in the message window, like what happens when I Reverse Engineer a database. The old MetaWorks gave me more information than this when it was working. Just giving me an hourglass is not acceptable


When creating the repository dictionary on DB2, there is no way to specify Create Table options that are allowed in DB2. Also, there is no way to obtain a copy of the DDL script for modification before the repository is created.
In PD6, there was a SHOW option in MetaWorks too provide access to the Dictionary creation script.

This functionality needs to added back into PowerDesigner 7.5.x.


In the PowerDesigner Repository Users Guide Part 1 "Using the Repository" chapter 7 topic "Understanding consolidation conflicts," there is a paragraph that reads as follows:

Updating PowerDesigner models

When you update PowerDesigner models, the merge dialog box
displays differences between models and lets you define merge actions.
In the merge dialog box, the local model is the source model displayed
in the right pane, and the repository model is the target model that will
be modified in the left pane of the merge dialog box.

Where it says that "the local model is the source model displayed in the right pane, and the repository model is the target model that will be modified in the left pane of the merge dialog box" THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE, THE TARGET MODEL WILL ALWAYS BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE AND THE SOURCE ON THE LEFT. [Passing along customer's upper-case emphasis there, that comes from confusion we had working with the Merge dialog in the Betas.]

The doc is wrong and needs to be updated because Source-Target is potentially confusing.


BUG in Repository Extract, Select Packages dialog box. The list of packages is NOT SORTED. With over 125 in a model, this doesn't work well. Also EXTREMELY SLOW getting just one package.

228693 **** Fri Dec 01 15:55:48 EST 2000 *** ahill **** build 137 &

Allow the user to build folders by reading a directory and then to consolidate that into the repository, or go the other way.

We have all of our models organized into a fairly complex directory structure on a network server. I want to duplicate the hierarchy of the directories directly in PD. Then I want to duplicate that into the repository. Now, when I extract something from the repository, it should default to the correct folder in the workspace, and from the workspace it should automatically save to the proper directory on the server. This should be a General Option like "Keep all folders in sync".

228859 Upgrading Repository from 7.5.x to 8.0.132, the output window displays a line for each object in the repository, at least once. Actually, it displays the SQL statement for every command issued in upgrading the repository database.

It would be nice to send that SQL stream to a text LOG file, maybe put messages in the output window such as "Updating PMREFR table..." (one per table) or something to that effect. At the end, put a note that says "The entire SQL stream can be found in the file C:\Program Files\Sybase\PowerDesigner 8\RepositoryUpgrade.LOG" or something like that.

NOTE: The displaying of all of those statements (and I had thousands upon thousands) actually slows down the process significantly. Logging them to a text file could actually make it run faster.

231367 **** Fri Jan 12 17:44:51 EST 2001 *** ahill **** build 172

Please provide the user with some guidelines as to how large to make the repository database (at least for starters). There could be recommendations for a small, medium, and large model. And all the disclaimers can still be documented.

232516 **** Fri Jan 26 14:46:43 EST 2001 *** ahill **** Build 184

Consolidation of a model into the repsoitory takes a significant time if number of entities is large (> 100). It would be very helpful to see a progress bar showing % of consolidation completed.

234493 **** Mon Feb 26 11:50:01 EST 2001 *** ahill **** build 203

When you look at attributes of an entity in the Repository tree view, they all appear as "Entity Attribute" and their property sheets have Name and Code blank. The tree view should show the Name of the attribute, and the property sheet should have the Name and Code value for the attribute.

To Reporoduce (I used Sybase ASE 12.0 on NT for the Repository and build 203 on NT for PD8):

[ 1] Open PD8 Examples\project.cdm and consolidate into Repository.
[ 2] Tools -> General Options -> Repository check on "Show objects" in Browser group if not on already.
[ 3] In Repository Object Browser, expand model node and Entiities node under that. Node entries are shown for the entities in the model.
[ 4] Pick one -- for example, CUSTOMER and open its node. Open the attributes node under that. For CUSTOMER, there are six items in the tree list that say "Entity Attribute" -- these should show the attribute name.
[ 5] Open the property sheet for these items. They all have the Name and Code fields blank. They should contain the correct values for the Name and Code of the attribute.

234495 **** Mon Feb 26 12:00:18 EST 2001 *** ahill **** build 203

There is no icon to open the property sheet of the parent object as you can do when you are in a CDM, PDM or OOM. The Property sheets for shortcuts in the Repository are not connected to the parent objects. For example on a shortcut entity, you cannot get the property sheet of the parent object. You cannot see its data item attributes, and the identification of the object's parent model and package is not clear. This functionality should be added.

Also, the General tab has a field called Location that has a value "Project management" -- the model name, telling you that this shortcut is in the model level of information. On the Attributes tab, there is a line entry also called Location that says "\CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT" -- reflecting the package where the entity resides. This is a little confusing. In the property sheet for shortcuts in the workspace, these fields are called "Target model" and "Target package" which is clearer.

[ 1] Open PD8 Examples\project.cdm and convert the two submodel diagrams to packages.
[ 2] Consolidate into Repository (I used Sybase ASE 12.0 on NT, with Build 203 of PD8).
[ 3] Make sure "Show objects" is turned on in Tools -> General Options -> Repository -> Browser groupbox. Look at the tree view of the Repository Object Browser and see the shortcuts for entities at the model (top) level. Open the property sheet for one, for example, CUSTOMER.
[ 4] See that there is no way to get at information about the parent object.

258912 **** Mon Sep 10 13:12:05 EDT 2001 *** ahill **** build 373 &

The problem appears to only occur when composite primary keys are being used and the first column of the primary key has a distinct value less than 100%.

To reproduce:
1) Create a new PDM
2) Create two tables
3) In table_1, add two columns and make them both part of the primary key.
4) Change the Distinct Values to 40% on the first column of primary key (column_1)
5) In table_2, add two columns and make them both part of the primary key.
6) Change the Distinct Values to 40% on the second column of primary key (column_2)
7) Consolidate the PDM (Note: Do not allow the extraction of the PDM)
8) Compare the PDM in the repository with the PDM in the workspace.
Note: In table_1, the distinct value percentage of column_1 has been changed to 100% in the repository.

264254 Within PowerDesigner various SQL errors are not visible to the end user. This could be possible for all actions (consolidation, create/modify/delete branch,/config etc...).
265511 **** Mon Nov 19 17:23:56 EST 2001 *** ahill **** build 436

Enhancement Request: In the Merge window pane (upon consolidation): you must uncheck each specific Sybmol's checkbox, this could take alot of effort... Somehow offer the user the ability to be able to "DESELECT ALL SYMBOLS" for each diagram. And then go to a specific diagram and select all the sybmols within that Branch. Or have a Select All/Unselect all symbol objects in the Symbols branch. But, it would be nicer to be able to go to a diagram node under symbols and be able to select all/de-select all the symbol nodes in a specific diagram.

To reproduce the behavior:

a) User1 extracts the current version of the model to their workspace.
b) User2 extracts the current version of the model to their workspace.
c) User1 changes the fill color of entity1 symbol on diagram1 from white to blue.
d) User2 changes the fill color of entity2 symbol on diagram2 from white to red.
e) User1 consolidates their workspace to the repository. The repository recommends (by prefilling in the check box) that the local change for entity1 be applied. The extracted model reflects the new color of blue for entity1. Entity2 is (still) white.
f1) User2 consolidates their workspace to the repository. The repository recommends (by prefilling in the check box)that the local copy for entity2 be applied. The extracted model reflects the new color of blue for entity1.
f2) BUT the repository also recommends (by prefilling in the check box)that the local copy of entity1 be applied - even though user2 has never made any change to diagram1 or entity1. The extracted model reflects the old color of white for entity1.

Per Product Development:

In PD 8.x, currently, the changes to symbol's attributes (fill color, line style, background color, font style, font style etc...) are not updated by a modification date in the Version info tab on that object. The Modification Date only concerns the object itself (adding/deleting a column, change a data type, add in description, comments etc..). So merge during the consolidation does not know when the change has been done on the symbol and cannot propose a correct check box. So when you make a change on the symbol, merge proposes a default checked check box but it can be turned on to be the wrong result. The best way to solve this issue would be to manage a modification date on all symbols. Although, it will be memory consuming...

265915 When you modify Database properties in a PDM Name, comments ..., nothing is updated in the repository

Repository Database : Informix 8 and 9

I reproduced on Informix 9 and ASA 7


Steps to reproduce

- new pdm - 1 table

- consolidate and extract

- modify the PDM like that

Models --> Modeles properties --> Database --> New

add few properties : Database name, Comments, notes

- consolidate with update

- extract again, all Database properties still like before nothing has been updated.

Reproduced with PD 7.5, 8.01 build 289 and 9 build 437

268242 PD version : 8.01 and 9

Repository : ASA 7

Error message:

" Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Alias of object Query Column Object

The consolidation of the document has been canceled."

After modify a view in a pdm by adding a new alias or adding a column from a new table and then consolidating the model using update, results in an error:

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Alias of object Query Column Object

268679 **** Thu Dec 20 16:27:38 EST 2001 *** ahill **** &

There is no way to update the repository with a change made to the order of an object, send backwards or bring forwards. If this change is made, consolidating the model does not show any differences. If an object is modified so that the consolidation occurs, the change in object order is not updated to the repository.

Steps to repro;

1) create a new CDM
2) create 2 entities (entity_1 & entity_2)
3) position the symbols in such a way that entity_2 is overlapping entity_1 in a cascading fashion
4) consolidate the model (I used Oracle 8.1.7 rep using Merant 3.70 ODBC) using all the default settings
5) extract the model (do not update model in workspace, create a new model). You now have two models in your workspace with the same name
6) right-click on entity_1 >Order>Bring to front. Now it wil be overlapping entity_2. If you try to consolidate it at this point, no consolidation will occur becuase PD shows no differences between the local copy and the repository copy.
6a) You will need to make some other type of change to get the consolidation to complete. I changed entity_1's name & code to entity_10.
7) consolidate the model using all the default settings (update)
8) Extract the model and again do not update the workspace model. This will create a 3rd model in the workspace all having the same name.

NOTE:The name & code change remains intact however entity_2 is now in front of entity_10. The change made to the symbol was not recorded in the repository. PD is ignoring the object "order" information.

271770 "Repository User's Guide>Ch.5>Using Folders in the Repository" needs to explain the naming of new folders better.

One of the bullets in this section states the following:

The Name of the folder. This name must be unique in a hierarchy of folders.

However, when actually naming the folders, the name must only be unique at each level of a hierarchy. For example, I can create a hierarchy of folder_1>folder_1>folder_1. (This makes the above bullet incorrect.) However, if I try to create a second folder_1 at the root level, I will receive a message stating that this name already exists.

A suggested description could be ....

The Name of the folder. This name must be unique at each level in a hierarchy of folders.
The title of the CR should read....
Please clarify the Using Folders section of the repository documentation.

272284 Customer has consolidated a PDM. On the Attributes tab of a stored procedure, the customer is trying to review the text of the stored procedure. This is very difficult to do because the entire procedure text is written on one line. The customer would like the ability to open an expanded view to see the entire text of the stored procedure.

background information:

User is trying to perform a visual comparison between a consolidated procedure and one in the local model. Based on this comparison, they would then like to copy sections of the consolidate procedure and paste them into the local procedure. (The way to accomplish the customer's comparison issue is to compare the two models, but the customer does not prefer the option.)

278643 In the browser in the repository only the latest version is displayed. Customer wants to see all the versions in a tree view structure without right clicking on the name and then on versions tab.
279936 The Replication Server installation script 'rs_install_systables.sql'

('rsinssys.sql' on Windows NT) contains the non-localized date value

'Jan 1, 4000' (and is used to represent a maximum date value). When the

ASE hosting the RSSD is using a non-English default language such as

Chinese, the date value is considered an illegal value and prevents the

proper initialization of the RSSD. To work around this issue, edit the

installation script and replace 'Jan 1, 4000' with '01/01/4000'.

286066 When attempting to replicate 'unichar' and 'univarchar' values which are

greater than 127 unichars (or 254 bytes) in length, the Replication

Server terminates with the following messages in the error log followed

by a stack trace:

N. 2002/05/22 15:08:19. INTERNAL ERROR #20020 DSI EXEC(103(1)

PDS.pubs2_rep) - (7958) The packer failed to pack a command.

F. 2002/05/22 15:08:19. FATAL ERROR #1029 DSI EXEC(103(1)

PDS.pubs2_rep) - (7958) CS-Library error: Error: 33816868,

Severity 1 -- 'cs_convert: cslib user api layer: common library

error: The result is truncated because the conversion/operation

resulted in overflow.'.

To work around this issue, limit the length of a 'unichar' or

'univarchar' column to 127 unichars (or 254 bytes).

286584 Preparing to upgrade servers with

replicated databases

dbcc gettrunc can return two different column headings. One is ltm_trunc_state, as the doc mentions, and the other is secondary trunc state. If the value is 1 under either heading, then replication is enabled for that database.

Regarding subscriptions, the paragraph is confusing. Using the check subscription is a good idea for checking for "valid" subscriptions. Explaining about "create subscription" is confusing.

In the bold note in the first part of this section, we state that it is NOT sufficient to have data in the inbound queue of Replication Server. Yet, if the customer follows the instructions in this order, suspending the DSI connections before ensuring the transaction logs have been drained will put data in the inbound queue. The section for suspending the DSI connections should be after the section on draining the transaction logs.

Also, formatting wise, some of the 2>go commands appear on the same line as >1

Status: Reviewed Sep 2002. Fix targeted (but not commited) for the 12.6 release.

286778 The RepAgent was not have replicating stored procedure calls, if the procedures were executed by triggers. Procedures called by triggers are now replicated.
286934 Missing parameters in stored procedure rsm_where_list causes Replication Server Plug-In to suspend indefinitely when adding a 12.0 or 12.1 Replication Server.
287170 If the Replication Server and the replicate ASE are both configured with

differing character sets, the Replication Server relies on the replicate

ASE to perform the necessary character set conversion on the replicate


If the replicate ASE is configured to always use Unilib character set

conversion (the 'enable unicode conversion' configuration value is set

to '2') but configured with an insufficient 'size of unilib cache'

value, the ASE will issue the following warning and will not perform any

subsequent character set conversion.

Msg 2420, Level 17, State 1: Unable to load Unicode-based

character set conversion table 'sjis' - Unicode conversion cache

is full. Please notify your system administrator to add mode

unicode buffers.

The Replication Server ignores this ASE warning message, which results

in replicate data not undergoing the proper character set conversion.

To work around this issue, configure the ASE with a larger 'size of

unilib cache' configuration value. Validate that the new configuration

value is sufficient by confirming that the above-mentioned error message

does not appear when contacting the ASE using the 'isql'. Be sure to

invoke 'isql' with the appropriate '-J<charset>' parameters so that

'isql' uses the same character set as the Replication Server.

287366 Feature request to filter out error message "Failed to find table object with name..." and generate DDL of repdef that exists in RS,

but primary table does

not exist in database.

Status: Reviewed Sep 2002. Fix targeted (but not commited) for a release beyond the 12.6 release.

287415 TITLE: The Installer will not install critical files if the user choses

"No to All" when the Installer asks about installing over existing


If the Installer attempts to install a new file over an existing file,

the Installer will ask the user how to handle the conflict. If the user

choses "No to All", critical files will not get installed.

When the user attempts to start 'rs_init', 'rs_init' will terminate with

the a message similar to the following:

INTERNAL ERROR: Unable to load messages for product 'rs' using

language 'english' and character set 'cp850: could not locate

the localization file


To avoid this issue, install the Replication Server in a separate


287775 TITLE: The Replication Server will not start if installed in the same

directory as an older version of the Replication Server

If the Replication Server is installed in the same directory as an older

version of the Replication Server, critical files (e.g. 'libunic.dll')

will not be updated.

Without these updated critical files, the Replication Server will fail

to start and issue a message similar to the following:

Cannot find Procedure entry point unisort_DataCompare in Dynamic

link library libunic.dll.

To avoid this issue, install the Replication Server in a separate

directory from other existing Sybase products.

Additionally, it may be necessary to update the 'libunic.dll' file


To do this, copy the file ...


... to the following location ...


If this does not resolve the issue, copy the file ...


... to the following location ...


287959 Turning on repserver trace "CM,GENERAL_1", "FSTR, GENERAL_1", etc will cause repserver to coredump.
288036 S130 & S138 abend
288371 An earlier screen claims that RSM will add the maint_user login for you. This is only

true if dump/load option is not selected.

Final screen of "add standby database wizard" should include following information:

If you choose to Initialize standby database using dump and load option, RSM will

not create the maint_user for you. See RS Admin Guide, "Adding the Standby Database

Maintenance User"

Status: Reviewed Sep 2002. Fix targeted (but not commited) for the 12.6 release.

288460 INFORMIX ONLY: Transaction ids are sometimes

negative. To fix this required changing the

schema of the XLog.

If you are creating an XLog, the new schema

will be used.

If you have an existing XLog with the new

schema ( where xxx >= 215 or

12.5.0.yyy where yyy >= 302), you need do

nothing special.

If you have an existing XLog without the new

schema (12.0 or where xxx < 215 or

12.5.0.yyy where yyy < 302), you must do the

following to migrate the schema:

1 - login to the RepAgent and verify that

scripts run automatically:

ra_config pdb_auto_run_scripts, true

3 - shut down the RepAgent and apply this EBF

3 - start the RepAgent in ADMIN mode

4 - lock the primary database to prevent the

marked primary tables and/or the marked primary

procedures from calling the ra_get_tx_info_


6 - at the RepAgent login, issue the pdb_xlog

command with no parameters

7 - unlock the primary database

8 - resume replication

The migration adds the ra_txid_seq_ table that

maps Informix transaction-id-related

information into a sequence number,

drops/re-creates the ra_get_tx_info_ procedure

to use the new table, and increments the

database generation id. Some additional

housekeeping entries are added to the

ra_xlog_system_ table, and, for Informix 7, the

tran-id rollover procedure (ra_txid_rollover_)

is created.

This new schema uses the following global


ra_begstamp_ (new)

ra_connected_ (new)



ra_pid_ (new)



ra_txid_hi_ (new)

ra_txid_lo_ (new)

Note that this fix does NOT migrate an XLog

created on Informix 7 to the appropriate schema

for Informix 9.

288594 Cannot create LDAP connections to Repserver 12.5 on Linux
288843 RepAgent crashes when it tries to wrap system.log

on start up.

289054 ORACLE ONLY: Oracle JDBC driver

causes a ClassCastException. This fix changes

the schema of the XLog and requires migrating

the XLog (see below). This fix also certifies

RepAgent 12.5 against Oracle 9.2, and supports

the Oracle TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL data types.

IMPORTANT: It is NOT recommended that you use

the Oracle 9.2 JDBC driver against Oracle 8i

because it causes the loss of time precision

from DATE columns in the XLog tables. Instead,

for Oracle 8i, use the Oracle 9.0 JDBC driver.

The following drivers have been certified:

for Oracle 8i, use JDBC thin driver for

JDK 1.2 & 1.3 (

for Oracle 9i (optionally for 8i), use JDBC thin driver for

JDK 1.2 & 1.3 (


If you are creating an XLog, the new schema

will be used.

If you have an existing XLog, you must do the

following to migrate the schema:

1 - login to the RepAgent and verify that

scripts run automatically:

ra_config pdb_auto_run_scripts, true

2 - shut down the RepAgent and apply this EBF

3 - if replicating out of Oracle 9i, upgrade

your JDBC driver to

4 - start the RepAgent in ADMIN mode

5 - login to the RepAgent and issue the

pdb_xlog command with no parameters

When the command returns successfully,

migration will have been completed and you may

resume replication.

Note that, regardless of how many fixes in this

release require migration, you need migrate a

given RepAgent instance only once.

289444 When using a resource file (i.e. "batch" mode) to add a database to a

replication envionment, 'rs_init' reports the following OCS errors ...

CONNECTIVITY ERROR: CT-Library error: 'ct_connect(): directory

service layer: internal directory control layer error:

Requested server name not found.'.

CONNECTIVITY ERROR: Login attempt failed: server = ''.

Despite this error, the database appears to be correctly added to the

replication environment.

289692 12.1 RSM, If you enable an event for a database, the RSM upon restart issues ERROR #49056 repserver failed to find connection: ds.db (where ds.db is your dataserver.database)
290153 INFORMIX ONLY: On Informix 9, truncation of

operations from shadow tables and tranlog table

will fail where opid_lo > 2147483647.

290247 INFORMIX ONLY: Update-statistics parameters

(pdb_update_stats_type and pdb_update_stats_count)

are reset to default values at quiesce.

290389 INFORMIX ONLY: Truncation appears to be stuck on

the ra_txid_seq_ table if it's busy.

290674 RS12.5 configuration guide Chapt 3 "Mixed-version replication systems" clarification.

Request to change topic "No RSM Client, no new features at source Replication Server"
to "No RSM Client, new features not yet implimented at source Replication Server"

Current wording could be misinterpreted that no new features were ever going to be used.

292606 After appying ebf 10156 (which includes fix for CR 269228) customer still receives

_dsi_qm_free_cmd -> exc_unlink_ele

Status: Reviewed Nov 2002. Fix to be targeted (but not committed) to the 12.5.1 release.

293092 DBLTM may have sent a "use database_name" command to RepServer and RepServer would have responded with "Error 2057: Line 1, character 1: Incorrect syntax with the keyword 'use'", if the environment variable SQLCONNECT contained the key word "dbn=database_name". This problem is fixed now.
293128 The ASA Replication Agent, DBLTM, was not able to replicate tables with BLOB columns that were not included in the replication definition. For replication of tables that contained BLOB columns, DBLTM would send RepServer the LTL of rs_datarow_for_writetext to describe the details of the BLOB columns. But if the BLOB columns were not defined in the replication definition, RepServer could complain "Function 'rs_datarow_for_writetext' is not defined for table 'table_name'" and then shut down the DSI thread. This problem is fixed. Now, DBLTM uses rs_insert, rs_update, or rs_delete to send non-BLOB columns, as well as to describe the details of the BLOB columns and then it uses rs_writetext to send the BLOB data.
293255 Creation repdef or subscription may take a long time due to reloading system tables into sts_cache every time a new repdef/sub is created.
293856 The ASA RepAgent on NetWare (dbltm.nlm) works as expected, but when it was shut down, it would have hung forever. This then required the NetWare server to be restarted. This has been fixed , dbltm will now shut down.
294146 create route ... set save_interval to 'xxx' does not work.
The route create command does not update twosave column of rs_queues.
294755 Repserver core dumps at starting time or RSI connection retry time if
Open Server or Open client tries to report errors.
295856 Collection information is not resolved for various PDM objects. Per the online help, an example is provided for the CDM of adding a business rule to an entity. After consolidating the model, the business rule is displayed on the collections tab of the entity in the repository. If the same is done for a table, pk or fk index, then the collection is not shown. If the rule is added to a non pk or fk index or a column then the collection information is displayed.
295868 rs_init fails to recognize raw partition on XLV or XVM devices under SGI 6.5.Recieved more information on this issue from an SGI engineer on site.
295886 ASE tables modified with the ASE command ...

set identity_update <table name> on

... will not replicate properly when the table's identity column is

updated with the T-SQL UPDATE command ...

update <table name> set <identity column> = <identity value>

Under these circumstances, the Replication Server will ignore any change

to the identity column.

295891 After upgrading from PD 9.0 to 9.5, extracting, modifying and then consolidating a PDM fails to consolidate. This problem only happens when the PDM is already in the repository when the upgrade is done.

Version: PD 9.5 DBMS is Oracle 8i2, DB2 and ASA8 (This has been reproduce on each DBMS)

Steps to reproduce:

1. In PD 9.0 consolidate a PDM into the repository. (I used project.pdm)

2. Upgrade to PD 9.5 (using the web download)

3. Connect to the repository and run the update tables script. (connecting with ADMIN and DBA rights)

4. Extract the PDM model in the repository into PD 9.5

5. Make a change and consolidate it. (I changed the data type of a domain and added a table)

6. The following error message will occur:

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object Group 'PUBLIC'

The consolidation of the document has been

295944 In the Repository Browser, selecting any object, you see a Versions(1.1, 1.2, 2.1) and Version Info tabs. The customer is asking to have this information combined and displayed on one tab.
296164 Allow use of integer only component on a numeric datatype in a where clause (e.g. a=1 should be allowed versus a=1.0)
297042 If a TEXT/IMAGE column is modified at the primary ASE via the

'writetext' command, and the TEXT/IMAGE column does not appear in any

replication definition at the Replication Server, the Replication Server

DSI will suspend with Error #32021 ("Function 'rs_datarow_for_writetext'

is not defined for table '<table>'").

297048 A stack trace may occur after issuing the Replication Server command

'resume connection ... skip transaction' to skip a transaction that

contains modifications to TEXT/IMAGE columns. If a stack trace does

occur, the stack trace will contain the routine name


297680 Customer has many tables in a database. Some are uni-directional and some are bi-directional. Customer would like an easier way to override default action on individual tables since function strings work on entire databases.

For example, as an extension to autocorrection, per a replication definition, eliminate the command rather than delete/insert the update.

297742 Provide an easy mechanism (e.g. maintenance user id, sessions setting, etc.) that would allow a customer to make massive change to the active database without it replicating to the standby database.
297752 Provide consistent flag information between "send warm standby xacts" and "send maint commands to replicate" for warm standby listing on sp_help_rep_agent.
298253 When there are multiple replication definitions with searchable columns for a same table and there is
where clause for subscriptions of the related replication definition, an update may not replicate at all even
though incoming data match the condition of the where clause of the subscription.
298789 With increased security, more customers are now changing their passwords on a regular basis. However, for most user changes, it requires that the Rep Server be quiesced. This request is to make it easier to change passwords on a rep server.
298790 When a Replication Server's connection

to an ASE is broken unexpectedly, the

Replication Server will attempt to

report the event. However, due to a

defect in the Replication Server, the

event is not properly processed and the

Replication Server will terminate

unexpectedly with internal error #12025.

299074 Replication Server 12.5 may require increase of max_threads_proc.
299248 Need OCS CR 212652 fixed in RS 12.1
299427 Repserver accepts in-coming connections with encrypted passwords, i.e., isql -X.

Repserver can be configured to send encrypted passwords for out-going connections.

299878 RS enhancement request to allow Class Level Translations to be inherited. Currently, a child function class does not inherit class level translations from the parent function class.
299904 The Replication Serve Installation program, 'rs_init', will fail to
install a Replication Server or add a primary or replicate database to
the Replication Server if the Replication Server's RSSD, primary
database or replicate database is located on a ASE configured
with a logical page size greater than 2KB.
300087 ORACLE ONLY: Column PRIMARY_NAME in table

RA_PROCACTIVE_ is varchar(30) should be 61.

This fix changes the schema of the XLog and

requires migrating the XLog.


If you are creating an XLog, the new schema

will be used.

If you have an existing XLog, you must do the

following to migrate the schema:

1 - login to the RepAgent and verify that

scripts run automatically:

ra_config pdb_auto_run_scripts, true

2 - shut down the RepAgent and apply this EBF

3 - start the RepAgent in ADMIN mode

4 - login to the RepAgent and issue the

pdb_xlog command with no parameters

When the command returns successfully,

migration will have been completed and you may

resume replication.

Note that, regardless of how many fixes in this

release require migration, you need migrate a

given RepAgent instance only once.

300169 The PINGRS utility is giving erroneous "success" messages when it has actually failed.
300239 If a site's UACC for their BATCH profile of their DSNR class resource is

set to NONE, SETUP00 must contain SYSADM parameter.

300673 DRL@LGGX of size 000155D0 uses high CPU
300677 PREV QID is after CURR QID
300849 Request override capability for charsets. The

ability already exists in RepAgent to set the

various connections' charsets except for

RepServer's. So, rs_charset has been added as

a configurable property.

NOTE that, just because RepAgent provides a

pds_charset property, it does not mean that the

charset will actually be set at the vendor's

JDBC driver. Most vendor JDBC drivers provide

no way of setting the charset.

300910 modification of save interval on a warm standby logical connection only affects outbound queue of logical connection
300912 Attempting to turn on STS,GENERAL_1 trace may produced a stack trace.
300966 RS hangs if RSSD log is full; when RSSD_prim stuck due to "Log Suspend"

Feature request to return message if RSSD log full to RS.log to help diagnose RS hang problems.

301141 Feature Request to embed RS version string within all scripts.
(ie. on $SYBASE_REP/scripts)
302193 Repserver does not support raw partitions with the "add partition" command. Raw partitions are also not supported by rs_init: the raw partition name entered into the partition-name field of rs_init is summarily rejected by rs_init. rs_init waits for you to input another value but no value is accepted.
302309 After the first tibco CM message is sent the the queue, the repconnector transaction hangs.
302546 RSM 12.5 dies when an event script is triggered

ERROR #44048 dSERVICE( ) - /sysproc.c(189)
Error occurred while waiting for a child process.
Exiting due to a fatal error

302911 Consolidation attempt of the attached *.oom to the 9.5.0 repository installed on DB2 v. 7.2 fails with [IBM][CLI Driver]CLI0120E Memory allocation error using DB2 driver OR fails with [Merant][ODBC DB2 driver][DB2] X396 Literals are not supported as stored procedure parameters;using Data Direct 3.7.0 driver.

Using the Data Direct 4.1 DB2 Wire Protocol driver in 9.5.1 fails with the following error:

[DataDirect][ODBC DB2 Wire Protocol driver][DB2]L964 SQLSTATE = S1000

303094 If a shutdown request came in after DBLTM has completely scanned the active transaction log, DBLTM could complain "Shutdown caused by fatal error". However the shutdown was actually requested by the user. This has been fixed.
303451 When Replication Server DSI applies the following new ASE T-SQL

command to a ASE ...

set identity_insert ...

... the ASE returns the following new informational (i.e.

severity 10) message to the Replication Server DSI ...

Message: 11065, State 1, Severity 10

''SET IDENTITY_INSERT' is ON for table '<table>'.

The Replication Server DSI will stop when encountering this

informational message because, by default, 12.5 Replication Server (as

well as earlier versions) does not define an error action for this new

informational message. If no error action is defined for any message,

informational or otherwise, the default action for the Replication

Server DSI is to stop.

303462 Rep Agent self-initiates a "normal" shutdown sequence on it's own.
303468 If Codepage is specified as CP500,force,utf8 and replication is done from the DB2 CHAR/VARCHAR to ASE UTF8 CHAR/VARCHAR , and DB2 string has unprintable chars, then replication won't happen.

Workaround (prior to EBF 10867) is to substitute unprintable chars for X'40' (space) or any other printable symbols.

304308 Replication of 'create table' fails if that warm-standby table has a reserved word... because 'set quoted_identifier on' is not replicated. Therefor, standby unable to create table due to error.

This is also problem for any/all reserved words replicated by RS: insert, update, delete... Not just 'create table'

304315 Default behavior of warmstandby is to use all columns of table to generate
where clause. This is bad if timestamp is one of those columns. In that case, because timestamp value different at standby database than active, where clause for update and delete commands fail to effect any rows.

Workaround is to create repdef for standby table do not include timestamp as part of primary key set

304551 rs_helprep lists replication definition twice when logical connection name and physical connection name are the same.
304733 Varchar primary key on primary table breaks LOB

replication with a syntax error.

304998 subscriptions displayed in RSM client that have a period in the name will shutdown Sybase Central.
305419 admin stats_intrusive_counter, { 'on' | 'off' } is RS 12.5, and plural (admin stats_intrusive_counters, { 'on' | 'off' } ) in RS 12.1.
305420 admin stats_intrusive_counter, { 'on' | 'off' } is RS 12.5, and plural (admin stats_intrusive_counters, { 'on' | 'off' } ) in RS 12.1.
305550 Oracle replication is incompatible with some datatypes used in two tables of the repository installation script

Table PMLBIN and Table PMXFIL

Datatype Long Raw

So to be able to replicate all columns datatype, long raw has to be replace by : LOBs (CLOBs).

306800 Install RS an attention event handler. If a Rep Agent orRSI User

tries to break its connection while Repserver waits for the

completion of some tasks, an attention event can bring Repserver

back to handler the disconnection event. This may prevent Rep

Agent or RSI thread hang.

306842 The use of RSM events to trigger user-defined actions does not work correctly in RSM 12.5 on the HP platform and causes RSM to hang or unexpectedly terminate.
307456 If regular replication is set up first and the identity is mapped to numeric, the warm standby replication definition is not used.
308078 Rep Server stacks when replicating text to char or varchar.
308179 Would like the keywords NOT and OR to be valid as a comparison operator in a where clause for a non-publication subscription.
308198 Replication Server Installation Guide for UNIX contain incorrect releases of OS. The Release Bulletin accurately reflects the minimum release level for Rep Server 12.5 on UNIX.
308506 Customer migrated from to 9.5.1. The customer extracts a PDM and then consolidates the model back into the repository. The consolidation fails with the following error

"Changing relative position of object table 'data_source'

linked to physical diagram"

Upon investigation in the merge screen, this table and a few others are being added to the 'symbols' section of the model. All the metadata properties, name, column,etc... is listed under symbols. This should not be possible.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Make a connection to the repository I have created on conlabtt using the customers repository dump or restore dump from attached zip.

2. Repository login is xxxx and database info is Username: xxxx, password: xxxx

3. Extract the model PDM_MPVAR_test.pdm

4. Consolidate(update) it.

The following is the error message you will get:

Consolidating the document 'E:\program files\sybase\PowerDesigner 9\MPVaR_test.pdm'

- Extracting the repository document 'PhysicalDataModel_MPVaR'...

Updating model version from to

- Comparing the local model with the repository model...

- Updating the repository document...

Create Physical Diagram "PhysicalDiagram_1" in the Package "testpackage"

Create Package "testpackage" in the Physical Data Model "PhysicalDataModel_MPVaR"

Create Table "Table_1" in the Package "testpackage"

Create Table "Table_2" in the Package "testpackage"

Create Table "Table_3" in the Package "testpackage"

Create Table "Table_4" in the Physical Data Model "PhysicalDataModel_MPVaR"

Create Package Symbol "testpackage" in the Physical Diagram "PhysicalModel_ALL"

Create Table Symbol "Table_1" in the Physical Diagram "PhysicalDiagram_1"

Create Table Symbol "Table_2" in the Physical Diagram "PhysicalDiagram_1"

Create Table Symbol "Table_3" in the Physical Diagram "PhysicalDiagram_1"

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing relative position of object Table 'data_source' linked to Physical Diagram

The consolidation of the document has been canceled.

308686 LAL@ICSR module was not distributed
308861 When extracting a file from the repository, the "Save as Type" selection of the "Save As" window should be the same as the "File\Save As' window. Currently, the "Save as Type" will always default to 'XML'.

Note: The file does extract to the appropriate file type as specified in CR 216181.

To reproduce:

1) open project.pdm

2) select File\Save As and save as project2.pdm (binary file type)

3) select File\Save As a second time and note that binary is now the default type

4) consolidate project2.pdm

5) in the repository browser, right click on project2 and select extract

6) open the "save as" window

Note: The default file type is xml. It should be binary based upon the changes made in cr 216181.

309001 Invalid LTL gets sent when a column is in the

repdef but not in the primary table AND

RepAgent column_compression is on. RepAgent

now adds the column (with a value of null) to

the LTL.

309047 bit datatype map to numeric causes stack
309187 RepServer is shutting down with the following errors :

E. 2003/01/29 22:06:01. ERROR #60036 GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) -


Failed to acquire lock on sync element

'rsinfo_global_rshandle_mutex'. Info 8.

E. 2003/01/29 22:06:01. ERROR #60027 GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) -


The Rep Server failed in an attempt to unlock the mutex for sync

element rsinfo_global_rshandle_mutex. (392)/servmain/rshandle.c.

E. 2003/01/29 22:06:01. ERROR #12020 GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) -


Internal error. The free routine for resource type '2' did not

unlink a resource allocated at 'ic/useful/interapp.c(103)'

F. 2003/01/29 22:06:01. FATAL ERROR #18028 GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) -


Initialization failed. Server is shutting down.

From these messages it appears that a client appliction is attempting to connect to a RepServer that is in the middle of starting up. The attempt must have timed out, thus the return code of 8 from srv_lockmutex() - "attention received while waiting for lock". But as a result, RepServer's exception handler, assuming that the lock is held and needs to be released, tries to unlock it. This causes a chain of events that ultimately crash RepServer.

While notification of the failed login attempt needs to be retained, RepServer should not crash in these situations.

309281 Second consolidation with update of pdm with views : error message

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object View Column

The consolidation of the document has been canceled.

309402 Customer is upgrading from 9.0.0 to 9.5.1. When they attempt to upgrade the repository with anuser with administration rights, they get the following error message: The repository does not contain all of the required definitions. Only an admnistrator can update it.

The repository is installed on ASE 12.5

In PD 9.0.0, the repository users were added without passwords. When upgrading to PD 9.5.1, the repository upgrade fails.

If the user has a password in PD 9.0.0, then the repository upgrade will complete.

This appears to an issue with ASE only. When I followed the same steps with ASA8, the repository upgraded for each scenario.

To reproduce:

In PD 9.0

1) Create a repository with ASE as the DBMS

2) Add two users and assign administrator rights to both

user: sa password: <blank>

user:sapass password: sql

3) Close PD 9.0

In PD 9.5.1

4) Connect to the repository with user 'sa'

Note: you will receive the error messages previously mentioned

5) Connect to the repository with user 'sapass'

Note: the upgrade process proceeds as expected.

309410 Increase Repserver configuration parameters, DB_PACKET_SIZE and RSI_PACKET_SIZE,

limits from 8KB to 16KB.

309418 The customer has a pdm in the repository that contains references with incomplete join criteria. (This was introduce in CR 309417.) Within the PDM is a view. The model is corrected and then consolidated again in update mode. This consolidation ends with the following error message:

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object View Column

The consolidation of the document has been canceled.

To reproduce:

1) Consolidate model CID1.PDM. Have the extract after consolidation check box checked.

2) Open CID2.PDM and merge into CID1.PDM. Select all merge actions.

3) Consolidate(update) CID1. PDM again. Have the extract after consolidation check box checked.

4) Close and detach CID2 from the workspace.

5) Open CID3.PDM and merge into CID1.PDM. Select all merge actions and manually synchronize the diagrams, CORPORATE_DATABASE with M_CID_DB. The process succeeds but has three errors with incomplete joins (reported on CR 309417)

6) Consolidate CID1 in update mode.

7) Close and detach CID3 from the workspace.

8) Open CID31 and merge into CID1. Select all merge actions.

Note: This merge corrects the join criteria for the references in step 5

9) Consolidate CID1.

10)In the merge dialog box, Select all merge actions

Note: That the view object may be included eventhough it has not been modified. Also, if it is present, check the query information. I have been receiving two entries where one contains GUID information.

11) The consolidation fails.

The error text is:

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object View Column

The consolidation of the document has been canceled.

309541 Rep Server configuration parameter so that: Columns in repdef that do not match the incoming primary table column names, should print out warning in Rep Server log
309585 The DBLTM should have an additional switch for endless reconnect tries every 60 seconds

if the ASA connection went down

309717 To replicate bit datatype to Sybase IQ, specify the published datatype to be either int or tinyint.
309817 Transactions in SQT supporting a Warm Standby appear to become stuck. There are a number of closed transactions showing in the cache but the DSI is not picking them up. And typically SQT shows one open transaction that never closes.
309910 Customer would like to have also options for interactive mode

Use my change and keep repositoy change like that in merge window, object will be check or not in the repository part.

310034 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Mark script not

correct when column name has spaces.

310129 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: RepAgent now uses

left and right brackets instead of double

quotes when delimiting identifiers in create

and mark scripts. This allows identifiers to be

delimited, even when the SQL Server

QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS option is not set. Note that

you must still use double quotes when

delimiting an identifier in a RepAgent command.

310280 The ManagedConnectionFactories configured with AutoStart=true in EAS 42 does not start


310342 A character string of length 0 must be sent as one blank for Oracle compatability.
310614 Enhancement Request for support of Multiple ISAs in single physical file.
311149 "create subscription .... incrementally" is very slow when table has two binary(8) columns.
Problem specific to IBM AIX... and only with two binary(8) columns.
Problem with both RS 12.1 and 12.5...
311196 278 inbound map is request only - New Feature Request: add map or enhance for response map inbound
311198 Documentation to be enhanced to provide ability to access and extract claim and status info from HDR.
311296 With Internal Commit Control turned on, large transaction rollback is not handled properly causing the DSI to become stuck.
311727 The allowable length of the logical partition name specified for the Disk Affinity feature of Replication Server should be up to 30 characters. Currently, a logical partition name of greater than 8 characters causes the Replication Server Manager (RSM) to abruptly terminate execution.
312086 The internal Commit Control feature issues a query against the Replicate database to determine if the executing thread is holding any locks required by any other threads.

The function string is:


the query is:

select count(*) 'seq' from master..syslocks where id in (select id from master..syslocks where spid = @@spid) and spid != @@spid

When there are conflicts, this query should return the number of threads that have outstanding (INTENT) requests for locks held by the thread.

However, when isolationlevel_3 is used, it appears the (INTENT) requirements are not displayed in the master..syslocks table.

Normal isolation:

1> sp_lock

2> go

The class column will display the cursor name for locks associated with a cursor

for the current user and the cursor id for other users.

fid spid loid locktype table_id page

row dbname class


------ ------ ----------- ---------------------------- ----------- -----------

------ --------------- ------------------------------


0 1 2 Sh_intent 448004627 0

0 master Non Cursor Lock

0 15 30 Ex_intent 2032010270 0

0 pdb1 Non Cursor Lock

0 15 30 Ex_page-blk 2032010270 770

0 pdb1 Non Cursor Lock

0 26 52 Ex_intent 2032010270 0

0 pdb1 Non Cursor Lock

(4 rows affected)

With isolationlevel_3

1> sp_lock

2> go

The class column will display the cursor name for locks associated with a cursor

for the current user and the cursor id for other users.

fid spid loid locktype table_id page

row dbname class


------ ------ ----------- ---------------------------- ----------- -----------

------ --------------- ------------------------------


0 1 2 Sh_intent 448004627 0

0 master Non Cursor Lock

0 15 30 Ex_intent 2032010270 0

0 pdb1 Non Cursor Lock

0 15 30 Ex_table-blk 2032010270 0

0 pdb1 Non Cursor Lock

(4 rows affected)

312407 Add ASE's 11065 error message on Repserver's ignore list
312413 When non-default Transaction Partitioning is used, the DSI becomes stuck. This "stuck DSI" issue is a bit different from the others in that RepServer's CPU usage is high and "admin who" shows one of the DSI/E threads always "ACTIVE".
312788 The SMP Replication Server provides a new feature called Internal Commit Control, which includes four new connection parameters. The Replication Server plug-in and the RSM Server were modified to allow you to view and modify these new connection parameters. The new parameters are located on the Connections Properties dialog box in the Replication Server plug-in.
312925 Allow user to delete prior versions of model stored in repository. User consolidates PDM w/ freeze option 5-times. The Version tab has v1 - v5. User may only want to maintain last 2 versions in repository. Need to delete v1,v2,v3.
312985 When using resource file, you have to set rs.rs_needs_repagent=yes when

adding the standby database for a warm standby system.

313265 A number of memory corrption related RepServer crashes have been reported out of the SMP Beta. Here is an example from the RepServer log:

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:07. (230): Thread DSI(193 DS_STANDBY.ops) infected

with signal 10


T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): ***************STACK TRACE***************

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): *****thread DSI(193 DS_STANDBY.ops)*******

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): pc: 0xfa228, dbg_dump_stack ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): pc: 0x748d8, exc__appDumpStack ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): pc: 0x75650, exc_terminate ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): pc: 0xba260, bsd_catch_signal ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:08. (230): pc: 0xb9b54, sys_init_signals ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:09. (230): pc: 0x48040, ll_ins_after ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:09. (230): pc: 0x3c8fc, exc_unlink_ele ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:09. (230): pc: 0x4fef0, _sync_cancel_sleep ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:09. (230): pc: 0xdce54, sqt_LoadCache ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:09. (230): pc: 0x29b00, dsi__SchedulerBody ()

T. 2003/03/14 17:17:09. (230): pc: 0x296e8, dsi__SchedulerWrapper ()

And another:

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:24. (27): Thread DSI(193 DS_STANDBY.ops) infected with

signal 10


T. 2003/03/15 11:15:25. (27): ***************STACK TRACE***************

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:25. (27): *****thread DSI(193 DS_STANDBY.ops)*******

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:25. (27): pc: 0xfa228, dbg_dump_stack ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x748d8, exc__appDumpStack ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x75650, exc_terminate ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0xba260, bsd_catch_signal ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0xb9b54, sys_init_signals ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x4804c, ll_del ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x74cb4, _exc_alloc_element ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x3c7f8, exc_link_ele ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x4fe94, _sync_will_sleep ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0xdcf0c, sqt_LoadCache ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x29b00, dsi__SchedulerBody ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x296e8, dsi__SchedulerWrapper ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0x291a8, _dsi_qm_cmd_retry ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0xc3195838, signal ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): pc: 0xc0044afc, signal ()

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): *****End of stack trace.****

T. 2003/03/15 11:15:26. (27): Internal error. Attempting to produce a core


313824 Updating a blob column of a replicating table with a blob that was greater than 3000 bytes in the primary database would have caused a RepServer warning; "DSI encountered an error when processing an rs_writetext command for object ... This rs_writetext command is marked as the first chunk for the column. However, there is already a previous rs_writetext command marked as the first chunk.". Then RepServer would shutdown the DSI thread. This is now fixed.
313970 PD 9.5.1 ebf 1 : broken

PD 9.5.2 build 856 : fixed

Consolidation with update does not preserve an operation associated to a message inside a sequence diagram when Actor and object are shortcuts.

314734 Regression BUG:(seeCR# 234493) Repository browser displays entity attributes with a name of "Entity Attribute", if you double click the entity attribute, in the Repository Object Properties window the NAME/CODE fields are empty. Note: The first attribute of each entity displays correctly, but all subsequent attributes display the described behavior.

This is reproducable only when repository tables reside on a Ms Sql Server 2000 database.

NOTE: I cannot reproduce on Sybase ASE 12.5, ASA 7.0.x, ASA8.0.x or Oracle 8.1.7 dbms...

Tested using either of the following ODBC drivers:

Microsoft Sql Server v. 2000.81.9001.00 SQLSRV32.dll 2/19/2002

PB DataDirect OEM 4.10 32-BIT Sql Server Wire Protocol v. PBMSSS18.dll 2/15/2002

PB DataDirect OEM 4.10 32-BIT Sql Server v. PBSS618.dll 2/15/2002

To reproduce:

1. Consolidate (no auto extract) the sample "project.cdm" file to a Ms Sql Server 2000 database.

2. In Repository browser, select the Entity folder > select a specified entity and expand it's tree. You will see entity attributes listed as "Entity Attribute" and not it's given name.

3. Double click a entity attribute that is displayed as "Entity Attribute" to get it's properties window. You will see it's Name and Code entries are empty.

NOTE: it appears to only be a display issue in the Repository. Because, when you extract the model and view it in the workspace window, the list of entity attributes are displayed and listed correctly.

314822 A new feature is required to support SonicMQ JMS.
314831 Feature Request:

Option to only replicate DDL and not DML for WarmStandby.

something like...

sp_reptostandby <PDB>, 'DDL only'

or have sp_setreptable 'false' prevent tables from replicating

314837 Need a doc to officially state "Sybase does not support any procedures to make a non-Id repserver into Id_repserver"

Document in the "Starting RS" Chapter of Admin Guide... Guidelines for Adding RS Domains.

315325 Feature Request to add ASA function strings to the $SYBASE/REP-12_5/scripts dir

Specifically add ASA custom function string rs_triggers_reset to allow set triggers off option. Default rs_function_string_class rs_triggers_reset does not work for ASA.

315874 Extraction of a logical data model, LDM, with the "extract dependencies" option selected takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. However, when the "extract dependencies" option is deselected, it takes less then 1 minute to extract the LDM.

When this option is set, the PC using 100% of the CPU and performance is affected on the server where other application cannot access other dbms on same server.

The customer has installed the repository on ASA 9 and ASE 12.5 with the same results.

PSE has tested on ASA 8 with the same results.

To reproduce:

1) Consolidate the customer's models into a repository.

The models inlcude a LDM which was then used to generate three PDMs with different target DBMS. The files are 2.8, 4.3, 4.8, and 5.3 MB in size.

2) Extract the LDM, 2.8 MB, it takes 47 seconds.

3) Extract the same model, LDM, and select the 'extract dependencies' option.

Note: It takes about one hour to extract the model

315888 The administrator GUI is now Section 508 compliant

as much as JRE 1.2.2 supports.

316074 Feature Request to allow the "IN" operand with the subscription where clause
316078 rs_helpsub incorrectly displays the where clause info with multiple replication

The where clause colname is not listed by rs_helpsub

316367 Running rs_subcmp gets a lot of warnings like

"WARNING: unexpected result (2) from comparing two previously inconsistent rows.


when comparing univarbinary/univarchar datatypes.

316674 Numerous messages like the following are no

longer logged in the system.log because they

are (trace) informational only and fill up the

log unnecessarily:

E. 2003/04/15 14:55:12.64.


Attempt to retrieve column precision for

column of SQLType <2004> failed.

<NumberFormatException> thrown by JDBC

Driver. Precision being set to 0.

317794 The customer has consolidated and extracted a PDM model. In Model Properties, they add a comment and text to the description. When they consolidate the PDm in update mode, the consolidation fails with the following message:

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object Shortcut of Column 'ENTY_PRFL_ID'

318646 IBM UDB ONLY: Trying "pdb_xlog remove, force"

does not work.

319231 aio_write() fail with errno equal to 0 on AIX
319343 ORACLE ONLY: Update using empty_blob() or

empty_clob() does not replicate.

319513 The JMS message containging RepEvents must be consistent even though there is no

listening client activated. The parameter setup for message persistency is needed before

sending out the JMS messages to the assigned JMS server that doesn't implement the

default persistency of J2EE standard.

319552 Today, we have the following permissions for models in repository:

Full, Write, Read and List.

Customers would like to have a new option to Visualize or Not the model in the future, without dropping the User Group for that model.

Today, it's possible to disallow some user to visualize a model by dropping his user group (PUBLIC (All Users), for example) from that model, only.

319603 Feature Request to allow creating multiple function replication

definitions per replicated stored procedure.


create function replication definition <name>

with primary at <dsname>.<dbname>

with all procedures named <sproc name>

"with all procedures named" would allow function definition name

to be different than the procedure name. Therefor, you would then

be able to create more than one function replication definition

for that one replicated stored procedure.

Currently, the function definition name must be the same as the

pdb.procedure name... and customers must create multiple procedures,

each with their own function replication definition.

319723 Additional information from ra_version_all now

includes the RSSD version as well as more

complete jConnect version info.

319947 Signal 11 when replicate text to varchar
319996 Repserver may hany when configure with multiple-byte character and execute

"resume connection skip transaction" command.

320044 Version String for RA DB2 EBF11156 reflects incorrect EBF number (EBF111112)
320401 RS12.1 and 12.5 may crash on AIX4.3.3 with ML11.
320540 INFORMIX ONLY: RepAgent is not correctly

replicating a complex stored procedure.

320707 REP 12.5: The "Replication Server Reference Manual" (, says in Chapter 3 for sysadmin dump_queue under the

Usage section: Use sysadmin dump_queue to drop the contents of a Replication Server stable queue.

This should be: dump the contents of the queue!

320743 SMP EBF: rs_dsi_check_thread_lock does not exist and RS stacks
320783 iso_1 to utf8 route does not complete
320895 In case of error 7035: "Additional allocation would exceed the memory_limit...." currently the RepServer is halted. A enhancement request is made just to stop the thread

which is requesting the additional memory which request can't be satisfied

320933 dsi does not suspend when image replicates to long raw and image = NULL
321284 RA DB2 stops replicating on SMO data sharing systems
321474 The documentation states that to create or modify a folder, the user must have 'write' permission on the root/parent folder. However, this does not currently work. With this permission, the repository user is unable to add or modify the existing folder.
321484 The addition of Replication Server SMP functionality introduced new Replication Server parameters for Replication Server Manager (RSM) to monitor and update. For all RSM executables delivered after the introduction of SMP Replication Server(including EBF updates), RSM requires its sql scripts (rsmxxxx.sql) to be revision 2 scripts.
321512 Feature request to remove redundant DSI threads from hetrogenous connections that are really created for log transfer only.
321667 When the General Options > Repository > Auto-connect option is selected, no error/warning message is displayed if the connection fails. However, if you select Repository > Connect, an error/warning will be displayed.

To reproduce:

1) Create a repository definition to an ASA 8 repository

2) Select the General Options > Repository > Auto-connect option

3) Close PD

4) In Windows explorer, either rename or move the database file listed in the ODBC DSN used for the repository connection

5) Open PowerDesigner

NOTE: No warning messages and no connection to the repository

6) Select Repository > Connect

Note: An error message is generated

321797 Model - N401 City name defined as varchar20, should be varchar30 per IG
322215 The new feature supporting TIBCO AE Wire-format is implemented

with the persistency of messaging for multiple subscribers.

322305 Sync Element handle memory leak on each connect/disconnect cycle, up to 16K of memory.
322530 5140 when multiple repdefs replicating to same connection
322624 Description: RepConnector must handle the messages with unique messageIDs. Also, the messages must be sent OnlyOnce.
323323 sysadmin hibernate_on may result in 'loss detection'
323382 S 0C4 in DRL@OBJ
323439 Repserver places a NULL at the wrong place for UNICHAR and UNIVARCHAR columns.
324936 LAE0158E Unable to format data change log record for table
325133 Documentation Enhancement Request on cleaning up the key sequences in the HIPAA Repository. Currently this is not documented and the customer would like to see it added.
325460 When RSM Server (HP platform only) encounters more than one used-defined event during one RSM monitoring cycle, (1) only the first event triggers its corresponding user supplied script/executable, and (2) the RSM hangs and does not allow isql access.
326047 RepAgent is not truncating

[var]char/[var]binary data that is longer than

255 for RepServer 12.1 and earlier.

326087 Add 'reorg rebuild' transac-SQL command to list of supported commands and system procedures replicated by sp_reptostandby. Allow replication of the 'reorg rebuild' command to the standby database.
326094 This info builds on the CustDesc of CR #318566.

If you want the repdefs generated by RepAgent to use the heterogeneous datatype definitions defined in RepServer, set the lti_use_hdds parameter to true before either issuing the lti_gen_repdefs command or before resuming replication (this last assumes that you have already set lti_auto_gen_repdefs to true).

326143 Customer request for a tool/dbcc command to check RSSD:

that is from a Repserver 'system' tables point of view

check references/inconsitencies amongst them.

326153 Moving RSSD log info incorrect on page 16-22, step 10
326360 Bad DBRMLIB distributed: SQLCODE = -818
326560 Replication of image value 0x1f8b is replicated

as 0x1f3f when RepServer is cp850. For more

details, see description of fix for CR #349444.

327316 Dropping a failed subscription, causes a stack trace,

and immediately terminates Replication Server.

327699 Feature Request to allow RSSD_prim user to connect with RSSD's configured db_packet_size connection parameter
327920 Customer would like the ability to upgrade the database schema in place rather than create a new DB and then migrate the data as suggested by the Installation Guide.

Right now the upgrade is too cumbersome to apply to a production system. See page 52 of the Installation and Configuration Guide for 4.1 EBF 2

328146 On Solaris 2.9, Replication Server fails to properly retrieve a SYSAM license
328265 Feature Request to provide workaround to CR#188235, RS generating extrainious update commands that update key column to itself.
328269 Feature Request to minimize sp_serverinfo calls by repserver. Minimizing sp_serverinfo

calls with a traceflag or 'configure connection' option could increase RS performance...

328983 Description: RepConnector must start all of the ManagedConnectionFactories with the right configuration. In the case of failed configuration it should stop retrying the connection.
329553 RepAgent needs more flexibility in terms of

charset setting and conversion. For more

details, see description of fix to CR #349444.

329613 TranslationEngine doesn't support AM/PM indicator in UDDs
329813 Provide functionality to branch at the model level instead of the repository level.
329816 UTF8 connection code is not functioning due to incorrect defaults.
329824 New udds and translations for Oracle 9i timestamp have been added.
329897 Customer is requesting that we add a feature into the Repository Browser where the user can have the ability to move models and/or folders containing models to other folders in repository.
330306 If you have a primary Replication Server version 12.0 or 12.1 that you plan to upgrade to version 12.6 and you have a replicated Replication Server already upgraded to version 12.6, use route_upgrade in the Replication Server Manager instead of the rs_fast_route_upgrade stored procedure to upgrade the related route to the replicated Replication Server.

A route version should reflect the lower value between the site version of your primary Replication Server and the site version of your replicated Replication Server. For example, if the site version of your primary Replication Server is 12.1 and the site version of your replicated Replication Server is 12.0, the route version should be 12.0.

However, the version of rs_fast_route_upgrade provided in Replication Server version 12.1 and earlier erroneously sets the route version to the higher value. For this reason, the earlier version of rs_fast_route_upgrade automatically upgrades the route version to 1260 even if your primary Replication Server has not yet been upgraded to version 12.6.

If this applies to your replication system and you are upgrading to Replication Server version 12.6, the upgrade script stops and tells you to fix the route version before upgrading to version 12.6.

330434 Bind of plan fails for DB2 V 6.
330453 Memory_limit value greater than 2048MB does not allow RS to boot up. Also, memory message in RS log shows negative value.
331157 RA 12.6.1 returns incorrect RC for non-APF datasets.

The Sybase Log Extract (called only from 12.6 if LogExtractor=LTMEXT) does not return the proper return code when it detects the load libraries are not authorized (Authorization Program Facility or APF), it returns a pointer to the return code instead of the value 8.

332029 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent does not recognize the

"AS" keyword in a stored procedure, only the

"IS" keyword.

332068 When ASE plug-in is used to issue a DDL, ASE plug-in will use fully

qualified identifier in DDL. If MSA is used to replicate this DDL and

the replicate DB does not have the same name as the primary DB, MSA

will not be able to apply the DDL and DSI will be suspended.

332319 Description: RepConnector running in the EAServer cannot connect to the JMS queue configured in the WebLogic server. EAServer's components cannot call the WebLogic's JNDI client for some error from WebLogic.
333894 The old client is repserver 12.5 or earlier version. The table schema is:

create table datetime

(row_num int,

datecol date,

timecol time,

ndatecol date null,

ntimecol time null,

comment varchar(50) null)

When repserver tries to query from the table at de-materialization, repserver gets the following error message:

Message from server: Message: 247, State 2, Severity 16 -- 'Arithmetic overflow during implicit conversion of DATE value 'Jul 7 *''*' to a DATETIME field .

Workaround solution is to drop subscription without purge then manutally purge the replicate table.

333918 Feature request to provide Uninstaller to remove Sybase service from the Windows registry
333932 While upgrading to Replication Server 12.6 using rs_init, make sure that RSSD has atleast 10 MB of space. Lack of space in RSSD can cause the upgrade to fail.
334216 When displaying "where clause" data, RSM C++/Client and Server convert and display the binary data stored by repserver depending on the data type. When using the ASA-based Embedded RSSD feature of replication server, the conversion is incorrect for the following datatypes: date, time, and numeric/decimal.

When using the traditional ASE RSSD, these conversions are processed and displayed correctly.

334540 INFORMIX ONLY: When marking and the RepAgent

property pdb_convert_datetime is true, then a

DATETIME field may not get converted to Sybase

format correctly.

335243 Can not integrate an existing model in another one

You'll get the error message:

There is already a model that has the name ... in the folder ...

PD uses the old foldername and it is not possible the foldername for Integrate.

335296 Customer would like a method, that generates just RAO trigger logic (not logic that is merged with other trigger code).
335632 Owner qualified tablenames can be used.
335781 When Use_repdefs = Y, Minimal_cols must also be set to Y.
335801 In extracted CDM/PDM pair, the target model(s) referenced have been changed. When the models are consolidated in update mode, the changei reflected in the merge window, but the change is not updated in the repository.

This may be related to Cr 295333

To reproduce:

1) Consolidate customer's models, cdm_shrtct1.cdm, ProMan_target1.cdm, and pdm_shrtct1.pdm, without extraction

2) Extract customer files to a different folder, repos, or as a different file name

3) For the repos\cdm_shrtct1.cdm, select Target Model and change the files to those extracted to the repos folder, repos\ProMan_target1.cdm, and repos\pdm_shrtct1.pdm, and save the model

4) For repos\pdm_shrtct1.pdm, select Target Model and change the file to the one extracted to the repos folder, repos\cdm_shrtct1.cdm, and save the model

5) Consolidate repos\cdm_shrtct1.cdm and repos\pdm_shrtct1.pdm (update mode, freeze version, and no extraction.) Select all actions.

6) In the Repository Browser, select Target model for either document

Note: Both remain at version 1 and they reference the orginal target model(s)

336683 RSM 12.1 stacks with netp_process_request_thread.
336875 The "Switch Active" and "Abort Switch" commands do not appear on the logical connection menu under the logical server icon in Sybase Central. The menu items only appear on the logical connection under the Replication Server抯 logical connection folder.
336876 Table objects on the Sybase Central desktop can be expanded as if they were containers, but they contain no child objects. If the user expands a Table object on the viewer, the list view becomes blank.
336879 If a logical connection is created from an existing physical connection, the Replication Agent on the active connection will suspend when the logical connection is created. The Replication Server抯 log contains an error stating that the warm standby option 朩 must be set on the active database's Replication Agent. The plug-in correctly configures the Replication Agent properties for the database, but the user must manually resume the connection.
336882 The logical server object that is displayed in the Sybase Central tree view is not removed immediately when the associated logical connection is deleted. The user must refresh the screen to remove the logical server object.
337118 On startup, RepAgent now prints to the

system.log ALL the Java

This includes such information as the

java.class.path and the file.encoding (the

default character set). This may help when


337408 The un-install process for the Replication Manager plug-in does not un-register the plug-in from Sybase Central. The user must log into Sybase Central and un-register the plug-in. As startup, Sybase Central will display an error stating that the Replication Manager plug-in cannot be found. The user can ignore the message.
337976 ORACLE ONLY: When marking, RepAgent is not

properly checking for errors in the primary database.

338066 The Replication Manager plug-in has several different configuration parameter tables with entries that can be changed by the user. For all of these tables, entries that have alphanumeric fields such as 'on' or 'off', fail to stop the user from entering non-valid entries. The properties table also fails to catch users entering numeric entries into alphanumeric fields.
338169 Timestamp at the microsecond is not be replicated correctly.
338321 In RepConnector Manager, the Profile Status in the properties View Window is not immediately updated when you have successfully connected to RepConnector or have successfully disconnected from RepConnector.

Workaround: You will need to left mouse click on the Connection profile before the Profile Status is updated.

338323 In RepConnector Manager, the properties view is not greyed out on the read only fields.
338468 The Replication Manager plug-in is automatically registered at install time. Additionally, the user can use the registerRM script to register the plug-in. However, if the user needs to register the plug-in using the Sybase Central plug-ins dialog, they must supply the plug-in specific classpath. The following jar files should be added to the classpath for the Replication Manager:






Note, $SYBASE should be replaced with the actual sybase directory.

339114 Error 32050 raised for text column that is marked as dropped in rs_columns when RA sends

text data that is null, while the original DROPPED replication definition has not null

defined for the text column. This will happen when mutiple repdefs are created on one table such that repserver creates an internal overall repdef.

339209 Feature Request to not use 'sa' password for any RS activities

Currently, RepServer requires that the sa login has the same password on the primary

database and replicate database when using 'create subscription' to materialize a table

subscription. RS logs in to primary as 'sa' and does a 'select' upon the table to

create a materialization queue of data.

339461 When the $SYBASE directory name has a dot

( "." ) in it, the instance configuration file

is backed up to the incorrect directory.

339516 Increase size for subscription name; repdef can be 255 chars but subscription only 30.
339808 rs_subcmp charset incompatibly between -j and -J
339816 The Repository "Getting Started" (Tutorial) documentation concerning Locking and Freezing models needs to be expanded to explain more about what these functions do, why either would be used, and, how they are different. Please add examples to the Repository Tutorial "Getting Started"documentation with respect to using locking and freezing features in the Repository.


From the Customer

The tutorial area is the place to put the "why" and "how" information about this functionality. The user needs to clearly understand the distinctions between all of the repository functions (freezing, locking, branching, consolidating, extracting, etc). The current documentation is too focused on the "and then you click the button" step-by-step type descriptions, without enough context of "you would click the button if you wanted to...".


Overall the current tutorials for the entire suite are very weak. There have been previous cases logged about errors in the tutorial (when you follow the instructions for the tutorial, the tool doesn't respond as documented). I have submitted cases in the past about reworking the tutorial to be more of an interactive walk-through (308825). This would mean that the PowerDesigner interface would be "driven" by the tutorial, which would instruct the user to do certain things, and monitor what the user actually did, and either proceed (correct action) or clarify the step (incorrect action).


This issue has been addressed in PD 11.0.0.

340262 "Generate DDL" on RS 12.5 plugin incorrect custom function string.
340363 When updating a PDM in the repository, the column order of the PK has been changed. The merge window notices the change, but does not select it by default.

To reproduce:

1) Create table with columns A, B, C (in this order)

2) Add a primary key with column order B, C, A

3) Consolidate/extract model

4) Change PK column order to A, B, C

5) Consolidate

Note: The move action is detected, but it is not selected. It should be.


This issue has been addressed in PowerDesigner 11.0.0.

340990 If the configuration file specified by command line option -C, or the default configuration file dbltm.cfg, did not exist or could not be opened, DBLTM would have failed with an error. If it is running as a service, clicking the "Shutdown" button could have lead to a crash. This problem is now fixed.
341199 Using rs_configure to set sts_full_cache_tablename on a non-cacheable table causes stack.
341386 "isql -I" allows users to specify the interfaces file used by isql.

Feature Request to allow rs_init to reference a specific interfaces file.

For Example:

rs_init -I <interfaces_file>

341487 Insert compensation records are being sent as inserts when the configuration is set to "Y". However, delete compensation records are being sent as well. This is not correct.
341541 Queue dump does not correctly display the transaction. Sending the transaction to the exception log does not accurately send the transaction
341631 Failed to start instance with "administrator"

under Windows 2000. The code has been fixed,

but you may need to manually repair the .bat

scripts in %SYBASE%\rax-12_5\bin. For each

script, if you see a "%*" on the command line,

change it to enumerate the parameters instead:

%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

341653 When creating configurations, the user would like the ability to drag and drop documents (single, mult-selected, or an entire folder) from the Repository browser to the member tab of the configuration property sheet.

Also, to right-click on documents and have a menu item that will add the document to a configuration.

If all docs are V1 only, then just bring the list into the configuration. If any docs have multiple versions, bring up a list **of only the multi-version docs** in a dialog box, showing a "2 across grid" with the documents down the left side and their current version on the right. Each version cell field has a pull down of all valid versions of that document. Clicking OK will populate the member list as appropriate.

341666 Customer is requesting a change to the configuration window property sheet. They would easier access to configuration members attributes, in particular the version information.

Customer's comments:

Basically, there needs to be improved functionality to be able to change which version of a specified document that participates within the members tab page of a configuration. The displayed list of documents could be displayed in a grid format or dropdownlist format, where the cell field holding the version number is editable (meaning this field lists all the version #'s in the current branch and the user can select which version they want in the configuration). Also, this feature would only be available to those Repository users/groups who have the proper permissions to create, delete, edit a configuration.

341669 User is requesting that Configurations need permissions (List, Read, Write, Full) just like docs and folders. Please add a Permissions tab to the Configuration properties dialog box.

Tse/customer comments:

The Repository Right called "Manage Configuration" allows a user to create, modify, and delete configurations. However, the customer would like to have additional control over the "access permissions" to the configuration itself, consider the configuration as another object in the Repository like a folder or a document. Allowing the user who created the configuration or someone with more permissons (manage repository) to set the access permissions on a configuration...

This is a important feature to managing a team development environment... Let's say we have 20 documents in the Configuration, each document has a different version level. We are ready to release our application to production. The members of the Configuration at this given point (the production release time) contains all the versioned documents that represent the application version. We need to be able to know this collection equates to the production release and minimize anyone who has 'manage configuration' rights from changing it using the 'access permissons' to control that (list, read, write, full). Now, an update occurs to the production application. So, we have new versions of documents, so we want to change the version of the documents contained in the configuration. Today, we have to delete a document and then add it's newer version to the configuration. Now, our configuration is updated. The configuration is not a static thing... it becomes is a living/evolving archive of our production work. This is our thought process on the use of the configuration.

341793 When a compressed table is loaded improperly, compressed data is not decompressed by the IBM routines. The Sybase log extract continued to attempt to process the data rather than marking the error and following normal error procedures.
341907 Have capability to replicate text to varchar and varchar to text without customizing function strings.
342168 Enhancement Request: Ability to specify on a connection whether other commands within a transaction should be applied, even when one command within the transaction fails.
342371 Implement Retry Connect for DSI: if conection fails after the retry connect value then automatically shutdown the DSI.
342410 TransactionNotFoundException sends Mirror RepAgent to ADMIN state.
342452 hds_asa_setup_for_replicate.sql should refer to rssetup.sql in ASA product
342768 Invoking a second instance of a Rep Server that is already running, cause a core of the Rep Server that is running.
342783 Make rs_db2_function_class an inherited class.
342828 Translation from 284 Spanish/EBCDIC to 850 European/ASCII is not supported by RAD 12.x

LTMLOG shows the following error:

> LTMMGR Received log message = I. Mon Dec 22 12:51:41 2003. 09093 - The setting for Codepage is '284' and ,force is 'being used'.

> LTMMGR Received log message = I. Mon Dec 22 12:51:41 2003. 09175 - The setting for RS_ccsid is '850'.

> LTMMGR Received log message = I. Mon Dec 22 12:51:41 2003. 09174 - Codepage and RS_ccsid combination not supported.

> LTMMGR Received log message = E. Mon Dec 22 12:51:41 2003. ERROR �12020 (H.R126.C(LTMMGR)) - //DSN:DSMITH.R126.C(LTMMGR)(332) 12020 - Configuration of the MVS LTM failed.

Jan 19, 2004

Ct tested successfully the ENG supplied pre-release of LTMCNTB link lib module with new codepage conversion from Spanish EBCDIC CP284 to RS Ccsid 850

342834 RAD 12.0 EBF 11287 with zap PDR20014 aborts with System 0C1 in the 3rd party vendor's Log Extract program DRL@LGGX

+ DRL@LGGX fails in a "catch-all" trap in the branch table with the following entries

4780B56C 47F0B854 47F0B590 4700B590 00DEAD18

NOTE No DB2 utility is being used

342898 The new Task Monitor feature introduced in RAD version 12.5 is a very valuable tool in not only checking to see the RAD components (subtasks) are active but in sizing the amount of replication work done over time.

As a result of an ongoing performance tuning exercise of the RAD installations, a customer has asked for additional information to be collected and displayed by the Task Monitor:

+ Wait time in mini-seconds per RAD component

+ The Name of the other Subtask being waited on, if applicable

342972 Rep Server start up does not complete, and shuts down without error message in the Rep Server log.
343168 When in ADMIN mode, unable to set truncation_type

property to "default" value.

343388 RSM-12_6 (with ASE/traditional RSSD) crashes when adding Replication Server to replication environment.
343584 If a Repserver is configured to use ERSSD, and one of its replicate repserver or dataserver is down, Repserver will call dbping in a loop while trying to establish DSI or RSI connection.
343697 Customer has changed the firing order on several triggers. When they consolidate the PDM, the results list states that the triggers have been updated, but the changes are not updated to the repository.

To reproduce:

target DBMS: ASE 12.5

1) create a table with several columns

2) Add two triggers, ord_1 and ord_2, both using the delete trigger template

3) Ord_1's firing order should be set to 1. By default, the firing order for ord_2 is 2.

4) Consolidate and extract the model

5) Change the firing order for ord_2 to 1 and ord_1 to 2.

6) Consolidate with freeze current version

7) In the merge window, you must 'select all' actions ( not sure why, but the actions are not selected by default)

8) complete the consolidation

9) Compare version 1 and 2 of the model.

Note: they are identical.

Also, tested merging the models and the models merge successfully


This issue has been addressed and will be GA in the PD 10.1.0 maintenance release.

343917 Isolation level and serialization method are independent settings for a database connection. Replication Server has had the two coupled together and prevents the user from having complete flexibility. The change has made the two independent settings.
343934 Several features in RSM required permissions to modify tables and execute stored procedures in the RSSD. When adding a Replication Server to an RSM environment, the Add Server wizard requests a primary RSSD user and password. The primary RSSD user must have permissions to insert, update, and delete tables, create and drop tables, and execute stored procedures in the RSSD. Note, the primary RSSD user created by rs_init does not have the necessary permissions.
343949 This CR adds some icons to indicate the status of the login to the RepConnector server and start/stop of the connections.
343973 Sybase Central writes a registry file in the user's home directory. Replication Manager stores environment information in that registry file. If the user does not have write privileges on the home directory, Sybase Central will not save the information. Note, Sybase Central does not notify the user of the error, it just does not write the information. The environment information will not be saved, and the user will have to recreate the environment when they restart Sybase Central.
344221 Modify ASE Replication Agent and Replication Server so that all updates on the primary key can be replicated successfully to the target without using a stored procedure.
344247 Unable to process Oracle LOB datatypes when routing events from messaging system to Oracle database.
344270 Clarification to RS Admin Guide,

Chapt 13 - Managing Warm Standby Applications

Setting up warm standby databases

Both "dump database" and "dump transaction" can be used for dump marker

Change "...dump operation"

to "...dump operation: dump database or dump transaction"

344385 Two sql script files, rs_install_primary.sql and rs_install_replicate.sql, were not included in the Replication Server Manager (RSM) installation for version 12.6. These files are necessary for RSM in creating database connections.
344506 REPLICATE_NAME in LTMOBJECTS is not being used.
344649 Error message 32058 incorrectly reports the maximum target length.

...adding +1 to the real Maximum target length.

Reporting Maximum target length 11 when repdef column defined at 10.

344687 When replication is suspended from the RS/LAN side, RAD 12.6, on resuming replication, may not re-send the LTL data which were inflight earlier.
345317 Feature request to allow RSM/Sybase Central-RSP additional functionality of

creating and managing new error classes.

345425 RSM-12.6 scripts fail to load on a pre-ASE-12.5.1 RSSD.
345598 On NT, move command doesn't work if the destination file exists. This causes failure when moving ERSSD backup directory and database/log/mirror files.
345769 This security enhancement puts a new login dialog with the configured host, port, username and a blank field for password to log in to the profile. Now you need to enter the password whenever you log in to the RepConnector server.
345792 In RepConnector manager, if you right mouse click on the RepConnector connection to display the menu list, this menu list is not always updated to reflect the current state of the RepConnector connection.


You will need to left mouse click on the RepConnector connection and then right mouse click on the RepConnector connection to display the correct menu list.

345898 Provide visible warning in Rep Server/RSM that sqt_max_cache_size has been reached or sqt cache is being "compromised".
346044 Feature request: ability to have different passwords accross replication path in MSA

or warmstandby for DDL and subscription materialization.

Allow customers to specify 'login as' option to allow for different users/passwords.

346311 Conversion of certain ASE DECIMAL values (e.g.

7465869701.847564537284756) to DB2 DECIMAL values results in (1) values

that are over padded (e.g. 7465869701.8475645372847560000), (2) values

that are over truncated (e.g. 7465869701.8475645) or (3) the unexpected

termination of the Replication Server.

346380 When using rs_helpsub without parameter, rs_helpsub will report syntax error. This only happens with embedded RSSD.
346385 Rollback LTL format incorrect for rollback records.
346422 Successive start ups may skip some rows for replication.
346791 sysadmin hibernate_on/hibernate_off in Rep Server, causes RA DB2 to shutdown.
346892 Configuring a property to "default" executes the

setting of it twice.

347058 Replication of values for identifiers enclosed in brackets does not work.
347188 "send standby all columns" does not use the overridden column name.
347641 Need More Robust Handling of Failures from SYNC_SLEEP
347892 When consolidating a branch the version numbers jump from 2 to 2.1.1. Ct expects 2.1. Ct would like to have the ability to specify the branch version number steps.
348254 RSM Client: clicking on begin, execute rs_update_lastcommit, or commit when displaying an exception, does not bring up the edit window so that the transaction can be reapplied.
348305 SASL certification of Rep Server
348363 RSM server crashes when long commands are re-committed to target.
348896 UNICHAR and UNIVARCHAR columns get truncated with 3 byte characters in utf8
349041 When consolidating documents, the list of folders is sorted according to the 'cdate'. The user would like the sort to be changed to an alphabetical sort order. This would match the sort order of the repository browser and make it easier to locate the desired folder.
349340 When putting a LPAR with an active RAD process into hardware quiesce, should the RAD process be terminated before or after the quiesce, instead of resuming replication successfully on LPAR Program Status Word (PSW) restart, RAD would fail with System 0C4 abend in module LTMVERSN's SAS/C API stub.

NOTE The LPAR must be re-IPL'ed to avoid the system 0C4 abend when restarting RAD.

Apr 19, 2004

SAS Eng requested sample SYSUDUMP

May 04, 2004

The Engineer in SAS, 3rd party vendor of SAS/C, tracked down the cause of the System 0C4 abend to C load module LTMVERSION being called by RAD's main LTMMGR program without having R1 initialized properly (i.e. in regular batch job scheduler's convention in passing a parameter area using R1). Sybase ENG will formulate correction and fix in due course.

349444 Up to now, RepAgent has been using a

StringBuffer to hold LTL commands before

sending them to RepServer. This has caused

problems with some binary and character data.

To correct this, RepAgent now uses a byte

buffer for LTL commands and does any required

charset conversion to *only* character data

instead of having jConnect do charset

conversion on the complete LTL command.



Charset conversion is handled as follows:

1 - Be sure that the system default charset on

the machine on which RepAgent is running is the

same as that of the primary database. Sometimes

this is insufficient and you need to set it

within the RepAgent run script(s):

Edit the various RepAgent run scripts to add

the 'file.encoding' Java system property to the

Java command line. The property (including the

double-quote marks) should follow the memory

property and precede the 'install.root'

property. The format of the 'file.encoding'

property is:


where 'xxx' is the Java (not Sybase) name of

the default charset (note that the charset name

is case sensitive). For example, inserting the

following property in the Java command line in

the 'ra' script


sets the default charset for RepAgent to

Windows Cyrillic.

2 - If your RepServer is using a different

charset and you wish RepAgent to convert from

its default charset to the one used by

RepServer, set the 'rs_charset' property to the

same Sybase charset that the RepServer is

using. If you want RepAgent to send data to

RepServer using the default charset that you

have configured, do not set rs_charset.

Be aware that converting from one charset to

another is not recommended and may lead to data

corruption because of charset


Note that, for all non-Sybase primary

databases, setting 'pds_charset' does nothing

because those JDBC drivers do not provide a way

of setting the charset. Also, it is not

necessary to set 'rssd_charset' because the

jConnect JDBC driver will determine the charset

to use when the RepAgent connects to the RSSD.

349459 RS12.6 crashes on DIST thread when DSRE releases internal memory.

This may affect database level replication.

349502 Replication Manager search, highlights the search word so that it cannot be seen.
349527 Occasionally, after issuing a "sysadmin purge_first_open", the DSI Scheduler thread may spin in a "tight loop" causing transactions from that DSI to stop being sent to the RDB and may cause the administrator session to hang up. An inspection of the process will show 100% CPU utilization with a stack trace revealing the following thread "spinning":

----------------- lwp# 36 / thread# 36 --------------------

ff21b91c yield (1, 1, 16d018, 238264, 0, 0) + 8

00238274 srv_yield (0, 56e8e8, 56e9b8, 0, 8, 2000) + 14

0005d210 _sync_spinlock (29b3900, 447abc, 10, 29b3880, fe50e634, 1) + d0

0016dc68 _sqt_del_from_cache (29b36c8, 194ec30, 29ac308, 483084, 29b3478, 4ba828) + dc

00168fd0 sqt_delete_tran (29b36c8, 194ec30, 29ac308, 1, 1, 194ec48) + 40

00178690 _sqt_purge_open (29b36c8, 0, 29ac308, 25, 194ec30, 2f3bf70) + 38c

00168cd0 sqt_read_stmt (29b36c8, fe50fd28, 29ac308, 2000, 1, 29b3478) + 27c

000ad18c _dsi_read_queue (18cf838, 29b36c8, 404ca60, fe50fd28, 29ac308, 0) + 48

0009b6c4 dsi__ProcessSpecial (18cf838, 404ca60, 29ac308, fffbffff, 0, 20000) + 1a0

0009a1d4 dsi__DispatchGroups (18cf838, 29ac308, 0, 0, 20000, 1) + 58

00099720 dsi__SchedulerBody (18cf838, 29ac308, 0, 5, 3, 3b9c00) + 190

000994bc dsi__SchedulerWrapper (7, 3b9c00, 29b23e0, 554400, 29b23e0, 0) + 724

00237a44 srv__start_function (769770, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) + 1c0

ff260694 _lwp_start (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)

349889 With smp_enable on, the Replication Server sometimes core dumps with sig 11.

The stacktraces most often occur in either an SQM Writer thread or a Distributor thread and are typically related to the functions exc_unlink_ele(), _exc_alloc_element() or exc_link_ele().

After a crash upon reboot, Replication Server sometimes crashed immediately again, sometimes it will run for a while.

349895 Replication Server created mutexes that were not being used. This had the potential to cause Replication Server to exceed the maximum number of Open Server mutexes allowed in some environments. This CR eliminates the creation of the mutexes that are not required for correct operation of Replication Server.
349986 Some trace flags used for debugging purposes on the Windows RSM-12_6 diagnostic executable no longer work.
350009 On Warmstandby environments: A drop table command would not be sent to Standby DB if the command has been issued by cross-database transaction.
350051 LEX0003 Unable to obtain virtual storage in module: module.


LTMEXT attempted to obtain storage of length zero.

350082 DSNT408I SQLCODE = -204, ERROR: message is truncated.
350177 Sometimes dump command is wrongly logged during resume .. skip transaction.

This happens when a dump command is in the queue and skipped by the DSI due to

default configuration and the next command brings the DSI down.

Workaround would by 2 times skip transaction

350859 Echo QID value in JESMSGLG
350996 The JRE 1.3.1 shipped in the shared-1_0 directory of Replication Server 12.6 causes the lmgr utility of Sysam and the Java version of Sybase Central to fail on Linux Red Hat 3.0.
351023 RS error message generated when DB2 timestamp is updated.
351029 Request that RepServer NOT raise 6038 fatal errors cuased by using RSM to view queues....
351111 Last few commands, including commit, are not sent to Replication Server in a timely manner.
351389 rs_subcmp core dumps when any column is larger than char(516) or unichar(258), and inconsistency exists between primary and replicate.
351664 Unnecessary replication of rs_databases table across route could result in deadlocks

or poor performance.

Feature Request to limit rs_databases replication to global system changes,

create/drop/alter connection, and not replicate local RS information across route to other replicate RepServers.

351688 Feature request for a traceflag to suppress following message:

"A parallel transaction has failed in database XX. The transaction will be executed individually."

351832 RSM Server stacks when adding connection to Rep Server.
351876 RSSD primary user created by rs_init, does not have all the authority that is needed to add the Rep Server to a RSM domain, or to Add a connection.
352083 The Sun JRE 1.4.1_05 causes a VM internal error of

4F530E43505002E6 01.

352189 DSI does not batch transactions after "resume connection....execute transaction"
352202 QID trace does not print QIDs for all commands. Console command for QID trace requires a number for any qid to print
352295 0C4 in LTMEXT followed by 0C1 in LTMLTI when e,trace=qid
352580 This CR fixes the problem of bidirectional adapters not supporting SQL commands as strings.
352593 Allow rs_init to delete appropriate files if rebuilding a Rep Server that currently uses an ERSSD.
353039 Parameter names should be sent to the replicate site for stored procedure replication.
353049 The ASA default character set is cp1252, this is not a supported character set in RS. This character set is compatible with all characters sets RS does support, but RS will report a warning message about this fact.
353325 NoRepdefCmds counter in admin who, dist counts number of commands that did not have table replication definitions. Table replication definitions are not required for MSA or warmstandby, hence this counter can increase and replication continues normally.
353417 Install instructions are only valid for c shell users.
353440 When marking and unmarking stored procedure for replication, the permissions on the stored procedures are not maintained.
353589 When extracting a model, the value of the Model Properties 'last modification date' does not reflect the date of the previous changes. It appears that the value of the first consolidation of the model is the only value that is stored.

To reproduce:

1) Open project.pdm ( make note of the 'last modification date' on the Model Property version tab)

2) Consolidate and extract the model (the date is fine)

3) Wait 1 or 2 minutes and then add a new table to the model

(make note of the 'last modification date' on the Model Property version tab)

4) Consolidate and extract the model (the date is fine)

5) Extract the model to a new file or in memory

6) Compare the 'last modification date' of the new model with that of project.pdm

Note: The value will be that of the orginal original 'last modification date' of project .pdm.

353694 Default rs_dsi_check_thread_lock can cause premature rollback of DSIs.
353816 Pre-12.5 RepServers cannot handle an LTL command batch larger than 16K and will return an error. However, the MRAgent does not adjust the size down when it detects an older RepServer.
353817 For 12.5 RepServers and later than can handle batch sizes larger than 16K, ltl_batch_size should be exposed so that the user can better tune MRAgent.
353954 Feature Request for 'drop partition ... move segment' repserver command

to force valid segments onto another partition. This should allow partitions

stuck in ON-LINE/DROPPED/ state to be removed from repserver without having

to wait...

353959 Currently disk_affinity must be set for each route or connection.

Customer Feature Request for...

configure replication server set disk affinity "partition_name"

354121 Replication Agent fails to log messages to the log

when the disk is full.

354365 Provide a error class for Oracle return codes.
354486 Insufficient information in localized error message: Command <ra_init> failed - Replication initialization failed because: {0}
354495 "ra_updatedevices" should not overwrite existing device path mapping. This fix includes changes to the "ra_updatedevices" and "ra_init force" commands so that they no longer modify existing device path mappings. The output of ra_devicepath/ra_helpdevice now contains additional information including the disk mirror path and a status indicating if it is accessible or not. Columns are: ID - the id of the device in ASE; Database - the name of the database the device is associated with; Device Name - the logical name of the device in ASE; Server Path - the path to the device at the ASE server; Disk Mirror Path - the path to the device at the mirror location (a value of DEFAULT indicates that the mirror path is the same as the Server path); Mirror Status - indicates if the mirror path is NOT_VALID, ACCESSIBLE, or OPEN (indicating accessible and currently open/reading by MA). Also, a new trace flag has been added: DBCONTEXT traces activity in the ASEDatabaseContext.
354504 If the values provided to ra_devicepath have single quotes as delimiters (double quotes are okay), resuming replication fails.
354553 Provide an interface that updates the complete repository by re-synchronizing information, but not overwriting existing information. In particular, it should not overwrite existing device path entries. See description of the modification to the "ra_init force" command in fixed bug #354495.
354872 This CR fixes the problem where users were not able to enter both the channel name and the port number in configuring RepConnector connections with MQ or MQJMS messaging.
355006 Using jConnect EBF 11656 or later may cause a

SQLException "S0022 column not found" error.

355019 When a single quote mark is not doubled in the

resource message, two things happen:

- the quote mark does not show up in the

localized message

- if there is/are parameter placeholder(s) in

the resource message, then the actual values

do NOT show up in the localized message;

instead, the placeholders themselves show up

355084 When a logical connection and active DB have the same name then a standby DB is added,

then the standby connection is dropped, the "admin logical_status" will report the

old standby is still available. The cleanup of the rs_database is not correct. The

situation can be resolved by updating the rs_database table to show a single row

with ltype = 'P'. The logical reference (ltype = 'L') can be removed.

355094 RAD 12.6 does not support DB2 LOG LOG=YES utility contrary to the statements in the following product docs:

(1) In RAD 12.6 Installation Guide: Chapter 3, Heading "Understanding DB2 database consideratios", Subheading "DB2 utilities"

>You may now use the DB2 LOAD LOG=YES utility to assist in replicate materialization.

(2) In RAD 12.6 User's and Troubleshooting Guide: Chapter 3, Heading "Task3", Subheading "Materialize replicate table", Topic "Using bulk utilization"

>Replication Agent for DB2 supports use of the DB2 LOAD LOG YES utility to assist in replicate materialization.

(3) In RAD 12.6 User's and Troubleshooting Guide: Chapter 4 "Replicating Source Table", subheading "Using bulk utilization", topic "DB2 Load Utility":

>Replication Agent supports use of the DB2 LOAD LOG YES utility, and it is one of the methods currently available for materialization.

355134 Creating a connection to Rep Connector when Rep Connector is not UP will crash Rep Server.
355155 Would like to add enhancment to RS tracing (dsi_buf_dump, sts_print_dbproc)

to send tracing information to a seperate file and not the RS log.

355157 Feature Request that Sybase Central RSM latency graph use

"select convert (char(26), origin_time, 109) from rs_lastcommit..."

method to report latency time +/- 1/300th second.

355179 DSI status does not display for the physical connection on the active side of a warm standby.
355181 Add capability to "Add a logical Connection" to Replication Manager.
355555 Stopping the Replication Server service, does not shut down the ERSSD database.
355712 MRAgent log file cannot be read by the RepServerManager Server.
355925 In Review by Engineering
355937 This CR fixes the problem that ratool command returns a FileNotFoundException message even though the command runs successfully.
355944 In Review by Engineering
356398 ORACLE ONLY: To improve performance, two

additional indexes have been added to the

TranLog table and, where appropriate, queries

explicity use them. This fix changes the

schema and requires migrating the XLog.


If you are creating an XLog, the new schema

will be used.

If you have an existing XLog, you must do the

following to migrate the schema:

1 - login to the RepAgent and verify that

scripts run automatically:

ra_config pdb_auto_run_scripts, true

2 - shut down the RepAgent and apply this EBF

3 - start the RepAgent in ADMIN mode

4 - login to the RepAgent and issue the

pdb_xlog command with no parameters

When the command returns successfully,

migration will have been completed and you may

resume replication.

Note that, regardless of how many fixes in this

release require migration, you need migrate a

given RepAgent instance only once.

356452 When dropping an article which has a where clause, repserver will drop the searchable columns from the corresponding repdef, leave the columns in rs_columns as non searchable, but leave the entries in rs_rules and rs_whereclauses tables.
356466 RSM Server crashes when "First Trans" field is too long from admin who, sqt command.
356660 Feature Request to suspend DIST after 32050 error
357236 Repserver will core dump if environment variable SYBASE_REP is undefined.

With this fix, Repserver will set SYBASE_REP to default value if it is not already set.

357342 SYSABEND dump provides the basic info to diagnose RAD abends

SYSMDUMP dump provides all desirable info but it is large (> 160Mb)

SYSUDUMP dump is a good compromise to meet most diagnostic requirements

357367 Replication Server hangs
357387 RS could rapidily exceed memory limit when running Replication Server on a very fast machine and the SQT is processing transactions faster than the DSI can apply them. Behavior was found on IBM, HP, and Solaris machines.
357466 Inside a repository, when a folder is created, is visible from any of branches created even if it has been created in another branch.

Customer would like to be able to create a folder inside a specific branch and to let it visible only in the branch where it has been created.

357560 QIDs are not in ascending order
357969 With an ASA non case sensitive

create a model with some objects anme 'Axxx' and some others named 'axxx'


search in repository A* or a* (case insensitive)

you'll find all objects

search in repository A* or a* - case sensitive

you'll find nothing

358029 RepServer rescan message is erroneously logged

when LTI component stops.

358534 To be consistent with other Sybase products and for easier management, output that would normally go to trace.log or debug.log now goes only to system.log (i.e., no more trace.log and debug.log) -- but exclusive logs remain the same.

For the same reason, the name of the log file is now based on the agent instance name (instead of system.log). For example: $SYBASE/MRA-12_6/my_instance/log/my_instance.log Also, the "log_trace_name" command is now hidden but still available for backwards compatibility; it returns the same value as the "log_system_name" command.

358675 Remove old instructions for setting up replication to DB2 on the mainframe.
358685 Replication Manager does not default boxes correctly, or in pressing the Back button, will change entered values back to default values.
358798 Replication Manager allows a database to be set up as a primary to two different Replication Servers.
358853 dsi_commit_check_locks_intrv is killing the transactions in the DSI

every few seconds, DSI stops, rollback, and individually executes

transactions every few seconds. This should not have happened; at the

default of 1000 DSI should wait 3 minutes not every few seconds.

This action resulted in very poor performance at the RDB DSI

358985 sysadmin hibernate_on followed by sysadmin hibernate_off corrupts the TRUNCPT which means that RA DB2 will have an invalid startup when restart is attempted.
359098 The extract multiple documents window shows all the documents selected with default properties for Lock,Merge, Open, Add and RO ; You can change this by editing the properties.

the customer would like

A check box to select all or unselect all documents and a check box by document : to be able to extract what he wants like other selection dialog box inside PDesigner (example : Generate database --> Tab selection).

It could be also nice to have in this window, a check box by setting to be able to select the setting directly in the window extract multi documents instead to open per model its setting (example table --> properties --> Tab column)

359263 Null password cannot have comments on the line in the LTMCFG
359282 RSHost must be commented out or machine name must match when IP address is supplied.
359298 TRUNC=NEXT changes the TRUNCPT dataset back to 0s.
359565 RS error 15449 produced when second RepDef on a table has been dropped and attempted to be recreated with different columns as were used in the second Repdef. Error message reports datatype ID of column does not match other replication definitions.
359566 ORACLE ONLY: Occasionally, RepAgent hangs

because there is at least one operation listed

in the tran-log queue without a corresponding

entry in the shadow table data queue. When

RepAgent is re-started, replication works

just fine.

RepAgent now recognizes the mismatch between

the queues, prints an error message, and goes

to ADMIN state.

In addition, a new property called

'lr_attempt_recovery' is now available. The

default value is FALSE. However, if set to

TRUE, the RepAgent, upon recognizing the queue

mismatch, will attempt to retrieve the missing

shadow table data instead of going to ADMIN

state. Sybase recommends that you change this

property only on advice from Technical Support.

359613 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Cannot replicate LOB

data if primary column is 'ntext'.

Since RepAgent 12.5 does not support the

RepServer 15.0 UNITEXT data type, when

replicating TO MsSQL, the RepAgent's encoding

of the character stream affects the byte order

of data when it is applied at the replicate.

For this reason, RepAgent now has a new

user-configurable property called

'lr_ntext_byte_order' that allows the user

to set the byte order that RepAgent should use

on ntext data -- either BigEndian or


For example, if the replicate is an ASE on

Unix, set the property to "big"; if the

replicate is a MsSQL on Windows, set the

property to "little". The default value of

'lr_ntext_byte_order' is "big".

359670 ERSSD: rs_zeroltm sets locater to incorrect value.
359837 If RS is too busy performing queue processing

during RS startup, RS may generate thread fatal

error messages regarding failures to acquire

locks due to RepAgent connection failures due to

time out. This behavior is acceptable. Once

queue processing is complete, RepAgents can

connect successfully. Therefore, remove the

generation of the thread fatal error messages

since they cause unnecessary concern to the


360108 Replication Server may stack trace when standby datbase is offline and a connection is dropped.
360121 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Identifiers (table

and column names) that begin with a digit are

valid so should be delimited.

360505 Replication Manager: stored procedure rs_update_lastcommit is not marked for replication.
360509 RM does not disconnect from the standby database after completion of the Configure Replication, warm standby setup, wizard.
360513 ful/sync.c(5434) Failed to assert 'element_ptr->sync_spinlock_owner == RSHandle' at 5434, 'eneric/useful/sync.c'. on unsuccessful DSI login with AIX ML 2.
360790 Add support for the Sybase Mirror Replication Agent (MRA). This will function identically to the other LAN replication agents that are supported by the RSM Server.
360911 Execution of sp_retostandby can take a long time if the user tables in the database have large text columns.
360920 MSA fails to filter transactions after dropping other subscriptions for the same MSA database repdef.
360933 rs_subcmp fails to detect inconsistency in text/image column

when that column is greater than 32K.

360956 Extend "LEXTRACE" to show additional detail.
360989 The RSM Server generates an error message stating that the log file cannot be found when the user attempts to add a Replication Agent to its list of managed servers. The error occurs when the user selects the option to get the log file name from the server.
361259 On multi-member datasharing LEXTRACE Read Error rc=00000008 reason=00E60864 is received.
361260 LEXTRACE Read Error rc=00000008 reason=00E60864.
361266 Resource bundles not found when locale is non-English.
361379 ra_truncatearticles command causes MRAgent on Unix to hang
361659 Start up of DIST causes RS to come down.
361749 If MSA is used, turning off dsi_exec_request_sproc causes 5158 error.
361915 Memory limit message is displayed on RSM Server on AIX.
361916 ORACLE ONLY: Shadow table column is not wide

enough for DATE.

361993 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Marking needs to

handle user synonyms of system datatypes.

362019 When we drop pubsub without purge and there is also an existed dbsub, repserver will complain "There is dtabase subscription in charge of replicating table <tablename>. Subscriptions for this table cannot be dropped with automatic de-materialization".
362093 Feature Request:

Quiesce command should just suspend the RAT , It shouldn't kill RAT

Currently, ASE command "quiesce database" kills RepAgent

362409 Migration of repository from v. 9.5.2 to 10.x: the repository Update script in v.10 requires modification of 2 UPDATE statements when repository tables reside on ASE 12.5.x database system.

Scenario: version 9.5.2 PowerDesigner. was used to create repository tables that resides on Sybase ASE 12.5.x database (Unix platform), then the end user connects to the repository using version 10.x PowerDesigner to update it. The repository update script dialog pops up. The end user executes it and during the transactions, the generation log produces 2 errors on the last 2 UPDATE statements:



*** Executing statement 1032:

update PMEMDL set TOID=(select POID from PMOBJT where OBJT=TOID) where exists(select 1 from PMOBJT O where PMEMDL.TOID=O.OBJT)

[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'TOID'. SQLSTATE = S0022

*** Executing statement 1033:

update PMEOBJ set TOID=(select POID from PMOBJT where OBJT=TOID) where exists(select 1 from PMOBJT O where PMEOBJ.TOID=O.OBJT)

[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'TOID'. SQLSTATE = S0022

Resolution from PD Development:


Run PowerDesigner's (auto-generated) update script outside of PowerDesigner UI (in an ISQL session) AND modify the 2 update scripts by adding in the alias (PMEMDL and PMEOBJ) for the TOID column in the first select statement as follows:

update PMEMDL set TOID=(select POID from PMOBJT where OBJT=PMEMDL.TOID) where

exists(select 1 from PMOBJT O where PMEMDL.TOID=O.OBJT)


update PMEOBJ set TOID=(select POID from PMOBJT where OBJT=PMEOBJ.TOID) where

exists(select 1 from PMOBJT O where PMEOBJ.TOID=O.OBJT)



This issue has been addressed in PowerDesigner 11.0.0.

362605 Data in a DATETIME column is sometimes corrupted when preceeded by a DB2 VARCHAR column.
362667 Support for replication of encrypted columns has been added as a feature in RS 12.6. Further documentation can be found on this new function in the updated online RS 12.6 documentation.
362697 When E,XSTATUS console command is entered against the RAD 12.5 batch process, the user receives one block of details for the DB2 data sharing group (under LAE0180I ) and one for each of the members being replicated (under LAE0182I). In RAD 12.6.3, there is much less details without any breakdown by member.
362867 The Replication Agent dbltm, may have hung with zero CPU utilization on Unix platforms, if it had been running for more than 36 minutes, and it scanned the online transaction log faster than the log has growing. This has been fixed.
362975 Provide user with option to specify an user defined version# for branches
363066 The function strings created to support Heterogeneous Datatypes must have an expiration date of '01-01-4000' when an Embedded RSSD is used.
363327 INFORMIX ONLY: RepAgent sends bad/strange LTL

message after being interrupted. For more

details, see description of fix to CR #365503.

363607 In non-English locales, the class containing

result set headers and valid states in which

commands can be executed cannot be found

causing an error similar to the following when

the user tries to set properties or issue


Cannot load resource bundle,


for TDS header print out, <Can't find

resource for base name

com.sybase.ra.resource.RACLIResource, locale


363786 ORACLE ONLY: Query in RA_GET_TX_INFO procedure

returns multiple rows when Oracle is parallel.

363856 Upgrade to RS 12.6 is only allowed from versions 11.5.1 and newer.
364141 The correct name of the parameter 'RS_enc_pw' is 'RS_send_enc_pw'.

This is one of the doc bug.

364257 S0C7 in LTMEXT for OFFSET=0002B12
364435 client needs to be able to sync at databases level for his MSA environment

Request for Enhancement per peck:


Extend "set autocorrection" semantic

to support autocorrection at a whole-database


Currently, we only support autocorrection

for specifically-identified tables, as


set autocorrection { on | off }

for replication_definition

with replicate at data_server.database


Also Support:

set autocorrection { on | off }

for database replication definition db_repdefname

with primary at data_server.database

with replicate at data_server.database

364702 RepAgent for Informix 12.50.302P1 on Windows 2000 has its Log Reader process halted due to Informix access locking conflict with ct's high volumne batch transaction run despite ct's Informix is configured with 2 million locks. Batch run updates the index (INSERTS) where process_seq = 0 which conflicts with the RAX Log Reader procedure's where process_seq = 0 (RAI times out and attempts recursive resume/restart, which gives rise to "rogue" LTL send to RS - see CR 363327)
364890 NullPointerException in ASETransactionContext sends MRA to ADMIN state.
364977 NullPointerException out of LTLFormatter sends MRA to ADMIN state.
364988 NullPointerException out of ASESchemaChangeContext sends MRA to ADMIN state.
365057 The RSM Server will reach its memory limit when reading a large log file that is being updated continuously by the Replication Server. The RSM Server cannot read and send new entries to the RSM Plug-in as fast as the server can add new log entries. This only occurs when monitoring a very active Replication Server when the DSI buffer trace is turned on.
365077 'rs_helpdbrep' does not provide accurate subscription information
365209 In cases where a Replication Server may be configured to support a large number of connections, say 25 or more, it is possible when the "smp_enable" configuration is set to "on" that at startup the Replication Server process will seem to "hang" while consuming large amoutn of CPU. In fact, if stack traces are taken several minutes apart one can see that the threads are making progress, only slowly, and that if one waits long enough, depending on the number of connections and the number of available CPUs, RepServer will eventually resolve all the thread initialization issues and be ready for work.

The difficulty here is one of the various threads thrashing about in contention for an internal resource required to complete their initializations. This resolution addresses the issue by enforcing "tighter" thread serialization at startup and putting threads to sleep until it is their turn to initialize, thus reducing CPU requirements during this initialization phase.

365379 When the logical page number within the truncation point's oldest open transaction is negative, replication fails with an error message similar to:

Device Usage Map entry for database <4>, logical page id <-1> not found.

365503 Operation sent out of order causes RepServer to

throw out un-replicated operations as "duplicates."

365577 The installation file transfer to mainframe fails on some machines.
365623 When Use_repdef=Y and Stop_on_error=Y and there is no repdef defined for the table, the message returned by the RA DB2 is not specific to the error.
365753 Default "DD" entry for "RPCLIB" should reference back to "STEPLIB"
366058 Replication fails when primary contains columns

with same names but with different character case

(e.g., "MyColumn" and "mycolumn").

366059 Replication fails when it encounters a record of type XREC_DOL_DNOOP.
366104 This CR fixes the problem with RepConnector not supporting NUMERIC data types for ASE12.5.1
366110 Added an enhancement to handle the ownership information of tables with the same table name but

different owners.

366287 If the primary database allows a table (or

procedure) to have more than one column (or

parameter) with the same name but different

character case (e.g., "myCol" and "MYcol"), then

when replicating, RepAgent replicates the value

of the first column to *both* columns.

366409 The attention handler that the replication server installs makes

illegal calls at the interrupt level if the trace OSRV, OS RV_TR_ATTN

is turned on. The trc_print functions that are called to write

messages require a mutex to be locked via a call to srv_lockmutex().

This is not allowed at the interrupt level by Open Server. This

results in an endless loop of attempting to report an error until

the server runs out of memory and crashes.

366474 Add in the sample VBS-scripts a skeleton for

a. Browsing packages in the repository

b. Extract each package from it

c. for each of these models, create a report and generate html file

366482 Wouldn't be interesting to provide some views that are indeed more intuitive like

a table with all classes 'flatten', another with attributes,and a FK that refers to the classes tabels (instead the relationship table), ....

366523 Two new parameters have been added to the

mra_admin utility to allow a Mirror Replication

Agent instance to be created and configured using

a resource file.

Resource files are text files that you can modify

with any text editor. They contain information

that identifies the resources and configuration

values to be used by the mra_admin utility to

create a Mirror Replication Agent instance.

To create a resource file, copy the template file

found in the init subdirectory of the Mirror

Replication Agent installation directory and edit

the copy as needed. The template resource file

contains descriptions of each of the values and

options that you can set.

Once the resource file is created, you can execute

mra_admin with the -vr or -r command line

parameter, specifying the resource file that

mra_admin will use for input.

New mra_admin parameters:

-r <resource> Creates a Mirror ReplicationAgent

instance based on the contents

of the resource file specified.

-vr <resource> Validates the contents of the

resource file specified, without

creating an instance.

Note: Sybase recommends that you validate a new

resource file by using the mra_admin -vr parameter

first, before you create the instance using the -r




This section explains how to prepare a resource

file for mra_admin.

1. Make a copy of the template file and rename

it to distinguish it from the original.

For example:


2. Use a text editor to edit the new resource


To use the vi editor, for example, enter:


See "Editing a resource file" below for


3. When you finish editing the resource file,

properly set your Sybase environment

variables and start mra_admin from the

operating system prompt, using the -vr or

-r parameter. For example:

$SYBASE/MRA-12_6/bin/mra_admin -vr


Resource files list the attributes to be defined

during an mra_admin session and the values for the

attributes. Attribute entries are in this format:



attribute - is an item for which you are

supplying information, such as a

server name or network protocol.

value - is the value you want to assign to

the attribute.

mra_admin ignores blank lines and lines that begin

with a pound sign (#). No spaces should separate

the attribute, equals sign, or value.

If a Sybase-defined default value exists for an

attribute, you can specify the default with the

special value USE_DEFAULT.


Note: Before you can invoke Mirror Replication

Agent utility mra_admin, you must first make sure

that the Sybase environment variables are set.

Refer to the "Mirror Replication Agent

Administration Guide" section on "Using Mirror

Replication Agent utilities" for more information.

Each execution of mra_admin with the -vr (validate

resource file) parameter returns information about

the validation and the result. When complete, the

last message displayed is "Admin processing

completed" or "Validation encountered failures."

If you encounter the "Validation encountered

failures" message, review the previous messages to

determine the exact cause of failure, correct the

necessary values in the resource file, and re-run

the validation until it executes successfully.

You can re-run the validation process as many

times as necessary. No entities are changed or

created as a result of this process.


Each time you execute mra_admin with the -r

(resource file) parameter, it attempts to create a

Mirror Replication Agent instance using the

resource file as input.

Note: Executing mra_admin with the -r parameter

creates files and other resources. Any attempt to

re-run this command will fail unless you first

remove those resources as described at the end of

this section.

Each execution of mra_admin returns information

about the instance being created and the result.

When complete, the last message displayed is

"Admin processing completed" or "Admin processing

completed with errors". If the "Admin processing

completed with errors" message is returned,

review the previous messages to determine the

exact cause of failure, and correct the necessary

values in the resource file.

Note:Before you re-run the mra_admin with the -r

parameter, delete any instance created during the

previous execution by using the mra_admin -d


$SYBASE/MRA-12_6/bin/mra_admin -d <INSTANCE_NAME>


$SYBASE/MRA-12_6/bin/mra_admin -d pubs2_mra

366586 RA DB2 says stop_on_error says terminate, when stop_on_error has value of N.
366750 The RSM Server generates an error message in the log file during the ping cycle if a data server associated with a connection is not included in the set of managed servers. Customers should not be required to monitor all data servers in a replication environment.
366751 Add support for the Mirror Replication Agent (MRA). The RSM Server will monitor the status of the MRA, set configuration parameters, and display the MRA error log file.
366760 Replication fails on an updated null Text/Image across tables in same transaction.
366767 The Replication Server Manager Server (RSMS) fails immediately after

startup with the error "ERROR #7035 BROKER(1) - /mem/mem.c(242)

Additional allocation would exceed the memory_limit of '20971520'

specified in the configuration." Increasing the memory limit via the

'memory' configuration line in the RSMS configuration file has no

effect. This behavior is more frequently observed when RSMS invokes

multiple event scripts.

366856 Messages sent from User Exit to RA DB2 show up as "internal errors"
366863 The server event dialog was not saving processes defined for the server events: invalid, shutdown, or quiesce. The dialog was not sending the RSM Server the command to save the server events. The dialog now allows the user to assign processes to the server events listed above.
367211 " LEXTRACE RBA cannot be found in DB2 log." needs reason code included on the message.
367212 Message from Rep Server does not indicate that it will stop RA DB2, however it does.
367241 Enhancement to line up the RBAs returned in STATUS and LOGINFO commands for easier comparison.
367245 Add URID to the line that contains dbid and table information for each log record that was replicated.
367255 Message that shows ECSA/CSA that is allocated
367268 Replication fails on XBEGIN record type.
367270 Log records for DBCC SETTRUNC commands are not recognized.
367360 Replication fails on XREC_DOL_INSIND record type.
367379 Oldest open transaction list is not guaranteed to be ordered correctly.
367576 RA DB2 does not retry connection when sysadmin hibernate_on and then sysadmin hibernate_off is issued at the Replication Server.
367601 Replication Manager with dump marker option leaves standby connection in "Waiting for Enable Marker" status.
367615 This CR fixes the problem where the RepConnector and the RSSD passwords are displayed in the properties window in plain text.
367669 Date conversion error causes the Mirror RepAgent to go to ADMIN state.
367713 Modify rsupgr.sql script to improve performance of upgrade.

And/Or add additional indexes that will improve performance

of rsupgr.sql upgrade script

367741 Mirror Replication Agent fails to find the

maintenance user unless it exists in sysusers.

367784 Add subpool number to CSA/ECSA message in JESLOG.
367792 RA DB2 fails to detect a disconnect to Rep Server and fails to reconnect.
368191 A timing error causes Mirror RepAgent to return to ADMIN state but shows up as either ClassCastException or "Illegal log record type" error. However, a timing error can potentially have other, different manifestations.
368352 RepServer should not be affected by default external Open Client configuration file ocs.cfg.
368372 Be able to customize the occurrence of informational messages in the Rep Server log.
368599 Support use of firewalls with RSM and RM, and provide configuration parms and process that would keep an active connection through the firewall.
368703 SybaseCentral RSM Plugin, Replication Definition DDL:

The owner.table syntax gets generated incorrectly.

It should be owner."table" instead it generates "owner.table"

368768 Incorrect Mirror RepAgent processing of update operations causes data loss at the replicate.
368975 If the default charset is an invalid Java charset,

then during replication, a NullPointerException

may be thrown.

369294 Research into...


Failed to acquire lock on sync element 'rsinfo_global_rshandle_mutex'

369355 Replicating a rollback of a range of operations in a large transaction causes the Replication Server distributor error "Invalid command encountered in distributor. smd_cmd = 114"
369400 The RSM Server will fail when retrieving SQT thread data when the first transaction field is longer then expected. The field size was increased in Replication Server version 12.5. The RSM Server retrieves SQT data when displaying queue properties and queue data.
369474 LEXTRACE Read Error rc=00000008 reason=00E60865.
369512 INFORMIX ONLY: Running "pdb_xlog create" causes

a syntax error when the XLog create script is


369527 Mirror Replication Agent produces error: ASE date <0x83950000 0x71e42200> conversion error of date type 1
369601 The truncation point and validation point are not updated in Mirror RepAgent on re-initialization.
369748 Diagram 6-4 does not correctly show an usupported route schema. The description that goes along with diagram 6-4 does not correctly describe an unsupported route schema.
369795 When sending LTL commands, RepAgent sends the

whole byte buffer (including 0x00 bytes)

instead of only the LTL command within the


369949 Missing commands (including commit) could occur if network connection is broken between RA DB2 and Rep Server.
369991 To make it easier to adjust the Mirror RepAgent

Java max memory, all the executable scripts in

the $SYBASE/MRA-12_6/bin directory and the RUN

script for any instance created after applying

this EBF now contain a variable called

RA_JAVA_MAX_MEM. Before setting it to a default

value, the executable scripts first check to see

if it has already been set. This allows you to

customize it by setting the RA_JAVA_MAX_MEM

variable in either the instance RUN script

(MRA-12_6/<instance>/RUN_<instance>) or in your


370359 Feature request:

Add delay between command_retry for deadlocks;

...add command_retry_delay parameter to DSI connection.

370553 Repository on DB2 OS/390

ODBC Driver : IBM ODBC driver or Datadirect wire protocol

When extracting a model from the repository, the following error message occurs:

SQL0104N An unexpected token "COUNT" was found following "".

Expected tokens may include: "+ ) - ". SQLSTATE=42601

This results in an unreadable file.

370626 Feature Request for future support of Windows XP,

Request support to start repserver as a service

370627 Update the rs_sqlserver_error_class error actions of the following ASE errors

to "ignore", Errors 4985, 4986, 4987, 4988. Currently, these ASE errors are not

defined; defualt to "stop replication"

370868 Unnecessary CHECKPOINT command execution results

in permission failures during pdb_quiesce


371403 Replication Manager will not successfully create MSA replication when it has to create the connection, the database replication definition and the database subscription.
371408 Logical connection names that are not valid "DS.DB" names, should be allowed for input when setting up MSA. These panels need to allow for any logical connection name, even when the logical connection name does not match an entry in the interfaces file.
371417 Cannot change the Charset name to something other than iso_1 or utf8/utf16
371716 Repserver stack dump mechanism is not accurate or broken on several platforms.
371745 Provide graphical interface tool for rs_subcmp to create the file, as well as the option to run the program from the tool.
371959 RA fails after RS is restarted.
372207 _resume_ret trigger alarm handler which triggers crash
372268 Graphic data containing SJIS and EUCJIS must be translated. Currently, graphic data is always sent to the client in Binary form.
372733 After LPAR being taken down abruptly and restarted, RAD terminates on startup with the following error messages:

> LEX0024 Connection established to DB2 subsystem DB2W.

> LEX0062 QID: E2E3D6D7000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000130A1200

> LEX0025 Log processing to begin at log RBA D6D700000000.

> LEXTRACE Read past end of log, check the truncpt.


> LEX0026 Sybase log Extract terminating with return code 0.


+ The QID appears to contain the EBCDIC character string "STOP" (xE2E3D6D7)

+ All DB2 transactions pending replication before the unscheduled/forced LPAR re-IPL are not received at the Rep Server

372960 This CR enhances the customization functionality of RepConnector with supporting the configurable customization for the custom sender and formatter plugins. With this enhancement, the same plugin class can have different configurations with it's own configuration file.
373392 S0C4 in LTMEXT or LTMGMSG when working with compressed records.
374071 This CR fixes the problem where a socket is keeping it's file descriptor open after it's session is removed. This causes EAServer to consume 100% CPU time.
374081 Maintenance user must exist prior to execution of resource file, when setting up standby side of warm standby and requesting to initialize with dump and load.
374240 The mra_admin utility for Windows platforms

incorrectly invoked the debug version instead

of the optimized version.

374242 This CR fixes the problem where the RepConnector XML parser fails when no condition or operators are given with more than one element in the oldValues clause.
374378 MSA: Cannot define more than 10 databases without rebooting the Rep Server
374618 Eliminate msg 14082 from Replication Server log if this is a result of a standby database being set up.
374853 JMS byte messages are trimmed of white spaces in 1024 size blocks and then appended to the whole message. If there are any necessary white spaces at the beginning or end of the 1024 size block they can be lost.
375142 Remove the SYSMDUMP DD card and put in a SYSUDUMP DD card in LTMPROC
375152 The null value of the URL of the SchemaLocation attribute in the error message for the messaging to JDBC routing was fixed in this CR.
375242 In LTMCFG, if the password or Hostname is null, the rest of the line cannot contain comments.
375261 Unresolved parameter in message: LEX0028 Definition of table %0s not found.
375263 Invalid from RepServer warning when running UTF8 charset with utf8_nocase sortorder

W. 2004/12/13 15:52:48. WARNING #13061 DSI(106 mcdon.fbidb) - seful/cm.c(5699)

Server mcdon is using 'utf8_nocase' sort order, which is different from this Replication Server's sort order.

375275 With a new function string class inherited from rs_default_function_class,

repserver will generate default function string rs_select for it when we

drop a subscription with purge. However, if we create a customized function

string rs_select for it that does NOT match the subscription where clause,

then dropping the subscription with purge will cause DSI to shutdown with

the message:

"Cannot find a matching function string for function 'rs_select' and function string class 'xxx_class'. "

The correct behavior is for repserver to generate a default rs_select as

long there is no matching rs_select instead of shutting down DSI.

375310 Need facility to write application messages to a log file other than the default.
375386 Replication definitions for heterogeneous parimaries do not display on Sybase Central.
375388 Cannot display some replication definitions from heterogeneous servers.
375437 TRUNCPT is not updated if DB2 is active and no data to replicate or on a low activity DB2.
375495 Document the console commands for RA DB2
375650 Multiple entries of the command admin sqm_readers with the debug binary, will cause Rep Server to stack.
375671 S0C7 when column names do not match and use_repdef = Y
375887 RSM Server: Increase the default msgpool value
376032 The mra_admin utility fails to add a new instance

using a resource file when the Replication Server

physical and logical connections are the same


376110 "sysadmin hibernate_on" may cause RS to crash. Turning on "hibernation" forces the RS distributor threads to shutdown and cause this error in the RS log file:

INTERNAL ERROR #21 DIST(100119 ASEPRD01.SFINANCE_IT) - t/sqtext.c(1061)

Open server call to routine 'srv_putmsgq' failed.

I. 2004/12/22 01:02:15. Open Server error: Error: 16113, State: 0, Severity

10 -- 'Invalid object id found in srv_putmsgq'.

376204 (1) In the product manual "Replication Server 12.6 Installation Guide for Windows" under:

> Chapter 2 Installing Replication Server

> Heading Installing Replication Server

> Sub-heading Checking for a valid install

point 2 refers to an incorrect location for the file:

> Verify that the file has been written in the $SYBASE directory

should read

> Verify that the file has been written in the Windows directory (see enviroment variable "windir")

(2) In the product manual "Replication Server 12.6 Installation Guide for Windows" under:

> Chapter 2 Installing Replication Server

> Heading When you have finished installing

> Sub-heading Starting Replication Server and RSM Server automatically

the texts refers to incorrect locations where the RUN_RS<servername> and RUN_RSM<servername> batch files are generated by the installation process:

> c:\sybaseREP\REP-12_5\install\RUN_RSservername.bat

should read

> c:\sybaseREP\REP-12_6\servername\RUN_RSservername.bat

> c:\sybaseREP\RSM-12_5\install\RUN_RSMSservername.bat

should read

> c:\sybaseREP\RSM-12_6\servername\RUN_RSMSservername.bat

376225 This CR fixes the logging problem that logging messages of the log4j loggers in other components deployed in the application server interrupt into the repra.log file.
376397 When an internal alarm expires at the same time the alarm is being cancelled the potential exists for the Rep Server to core dump. Alarm cancellation has been modified to prevent this.
376526 The incorrect setting of the nullable text/image columns may cause an error #32021 on RRS.

The resolution is to modify the repdef correctly.

376597 RS may fail accessing memory due AIX methodology in multi threaded applications.
376722 When updating a PD 10 repository to PD 11, the update fails if the connected 'repository login'

has a password assigned to it. If the password is removed from the login in PD 10, the update

to PD 11 will succeed. This is the current workaround.


This issue has been fixed and made available in PD 11.0.0 EBF1.

376731 Negative values with digit greater than 0 in the last decimal column, with preceding 0s (e.g. -.002 in a precision of 3 decimal places) will replicated as positive instead of negative.
376849 Rollback qid is incorrect on delete compensation record
377196 Replication stops when sts_full_cache_rs_locater is turned on in RS 12.6
377253 Map ASE errors 4987/4988/4986/4985 to ignore or warn
377288 RSM Server 12.6 crashes after memory allocation error and open server error.
377343 RA DB2 may leave an open transaction
377639 LTMCFG parm maximum_connect_retries is not used.
377725 Rep Server orginated error message 37020 Username is not in the RSSD does not reveal the "unknown" username (see sample below). Identifying the "unknown" username is difficult as the first challenge is to track down what the username may have once been after the event.
377895 License information about free/open source

third-party products/code is now installed

when the product is installed.

378123 RS 12.6 cores on aix_get_lock
378521 Replication Manager allows a database to be set up as a primary to two different Replication Servers.
378593 Client was like a feature request that would enable one to replicate from Primary db to the *same* primary db but into a different table.
378707 Stack trace reporting mechanism has been updated for the Windows and Linux platforms.
378943 When using slow bcp with ASE and RS Parallel DSI enabled, if the dsi_num_large_xact_threads is enabled(1 or 2) The large DSI/E will

hold a lock on index pages and never move. These pages stays blocked

and phsical_io is stopped.

378963 rs_helpdbsub not reporting correct status at PRS
378966 Foreign key violation error may not generate rollback LTL to Rep Server.
379236 The behavior of the QUIESCE command

has changed. The QUIESCE command waits until all

data in the primary log has been read and sent to

Replication Server before moving the Replication

Agent to ADMIN state.

Previously, the command only waited until the

Replication Agent's internal queues were

processed before moving to ADMIN state.

Customers who need a more immediate transition

of the Replication Agent to ADMIN state should

use the "SUSPEND" command.

379260 The new GraphicType=Char configuration causes graphic data to be translated as if it were char data. The graphic data is being truncated by half its size(Graphic data is double byte) and DB2 never stores the leading SO and trainling SI character in the column. The product was modified to send double byte instead of single byte and to supply the SO and SI chracters when it translates the data to LTL. This configuration is useful for customers who wish to send graphic data to tarket databases that do not accept hex format for graphic data translated to a charset like sjis or eucjis. GraphicType=Binary is the default.
379272 Repserver core dumps if sts_full_cache is set for a non-cached table. If an RSSD table is not cached, and customer has "sts_full_cache_rs_xxx" set to "on" in rs_config table, repserver will core dump.
379700 The options menu on the RCL Editor tools menu displays the wrong dialog when run on a Linux computer.
379790 When run on Unix systems, the Log TRansfer Manager would have ignored the settings of the configurable parameter, scan_retry, and continuously asked for the truncation point from Rep Server after it has reached the end of the online transaction log until activities were resumed on the primary database. This problem has been fixed.
380010 12.6 rs_init reports there is not available space on database partitions for RSSD. rs_init must calculate available disk space differently in ASE 15.
380057 Replication Server 12.6 may contain open source and other free download components. Third party license terms and other third party-required notices are provided in a file called "ThirdPartyLegal.pdf" found in the Sybase directory $SYBASE/REP-12_6/ThirdPartyLegal on unix systems and in %SYBASE%\REP-12_6\ThirdPartyLegal on Windows platforms. This file is also included for the Replication Server 12.6 PCClient in the directory %SYBASE%\PCClient\ThirdPartyLegal.
380303 Tested and reproduced issue in lab:

OS: Win 2000

Product: PD 10.1.0_1969

While consolidating the model, you will get the error:

Error: "Another object already exists in collection Parent Key"

380396 MSA not replicate all columns when warm standby rep def and send standby all columns.
380762 RSM 12.6 on Linux calling UNIX script on event, leaving "defunct" process on OS
380847 Significant CPU resources consumed by L$CHEAPO with high volume and no user exit.
380851 If there are multiple records involved in a mini-transaction, the rollback to a savepoint will not rollback all records in the savepoint.
380879 Invalid values for some LTMCFG parms are not flagged as errors in LTMLOG. Current values for some parameters, are not displayed in either LTMLOG or via console command.
380888 Invalid message when creator.LTMOBJECTS does not exist.
381227 New ASE 15.0 backup server error message number (418811) will be ignored by Replication Server.
381760 Spinlock code that was causing the assertion failure on AIX platforms has been fixed.
382229 The table subscription properties dialog does not display the primary connection or the table information.
382329 On start up, DB2 table property DATA CAPTURE is not reflected in LTMOBJECTS or the RA DB2 traces.
382349 Changes to LTMOBJECTS are not reflected in the RA DB2 log or trace.
382384 Mapped column names in pre-existing repdefs not carried down in new routes to RRS_RSSD

The "as replicate column name" does not replicate to the RRS_RSSD with

the create route. RepDefs created later, after route is finished,

do have replicate column name in RRS_RSSD.

382527 RS may crash with signal 6 in dsi_handle_db_errors because Repserver is no long able to allocate memory.
382875 H/W RBA and H/O RBA in the LOGINFO display is truncated
382880 LOGINFO does not show information for all members of a data sharing group when DataSharingOption=Multi .
383117 The Customer requests a progress bar during repository extract to get feedback to the user about the estimated remaining time
383142 Create Rep Agent control functions so that they can be issued from Rep Server as well as ASE.
383220 Replication stops for table after many tables are enabled for replication in LTMOBJECTS.
383624 "Configure replication server" command updates the "run value" with new memory_limit parameter when the memory_limit parameter requires a reboot before it is the run value. This is because the "configure replication server" command updates the rs_config table and does not update the status flag in the rs_tvalues table to 1. This bug happens on any command that requires a "reboot of Rep Server" to take effect.
383820 Request rs_locater (type 'D') updated at suspend distributor time
383941 Name of DB2 log dataset which is currently being processed, needs to be displayed/accessible through a console display of RA DB2.

The following new configuration parm must be added for each member of a data sharing group where member is the DB2 member name and dsn is the dataset name of the BSDS for that member:


383997 The table subscription properties dialog incorrectly displays the status of the subscription at the primary Replication Server. The state at the primary site will display as 'Unknown' when the actual state is 'Valid'.
384106 During expansion of Msg 6024, the string parameter representing "OS Dependent Error" is not correctly populated.
384591 RA DB2 does not process certain delete compensation records with Support_DB2_comp_rec = Y
384642 sqm_purge_queue of large queue cause RS to stack.
384984 If Replicate DB returns man error messages(ususally DSI error message 7035) a memory leak will occur and RS will crash.
385583 RSM Server: error encountered an error while reading logfile
386261 The status of the active connection's DSI thread and the standby connection's Rep Agent are hidden in a logical connection. When a switch active process is executed, where the active connection becomes the standby connection, the hidden flags are not reset correctly.
386456 The user cannot specify a user when creating a subscription. The subscription is created using the user and password that the Replication Manager uses to connect to the Replication Server. This has implications when using atomic materialization.
386554 When dropping a table subscription, the Replication Manager will report the subscription status as 'Dematerializing' even if the user selected the 'Do not purge' option. This is an intermediate status that will not effect the drop process.
386691 In the current implementation the users must download the templates to their file system before they can use them as templates. We would like to have the option to create a new model based on a template stored in the repository without prior download. This would allow us to change the templates or to deploy new ones without having to ask the developers to first download them to their local file system.

In general this should be possible for all similar things, like DBMS and model resources.

386899 SOC4 in LTMIFI at offset=00000206
386946 Replication Server hangs and then stacks on lock on RSSD
387053 On SLES 9 Linux, the Mirror Replication Agent throws an IOException on attempting to swap to a new trace log. This occurs at startup, or after running and generating a log of the maximum size. Many zero byte log files are generated.
387073 Executing "sysadmin log_first_tran" in an infinite loop, cause the repserver to crash because of memory shortage after thousands of repetitions.
387229 The unused lr_update_trunc_point configuration

property is no longer available.

387234 The background process that creates a database subscription for a logical connection does successfully complete, but will execute indefinitely until the user cancels the process. The database subscription is never being reported as 'valid'.
387351 The IBM JRE does not work correctly on SLES 9.
387432 Cannot replicate an identity datatype to both identity column and numeric column.
387895 The Upgrade Routes menu item on the Replication Server context menu has not been implemented.
387914 ERROR #60024 Synchronization model CONDITION VARIABLE, element Executor needs to be handled more gracefully.
387922 Sybase Central provides a central log where each plug-in can write error messages and details about its execution. Sybase Central does not limit the number of entries in the log so it is possible for it to use up all available memory and hang. The Replication Manager provides an ability to log all SQL commands sent from the plug-in to managed servers. If this setting is turned on, then commands at every monitoring interval will be written to the Sybase Central log. Eventually this will cause the log to fill up and Sybase Central to hang.
388510 Current functionality exists in PD 9.5.2, 10.1.0, 11.0.0, 11.1.0

In the Browser, the customer has a closed model. They then extract the same model from the repository with the 'merge document' and 'open document' setting selected. When the mdoel is extracted, the model is open, but its default diagram has not been opened. The customer would like this diagram opened.

388515 Customer has been using the repository for a while and they have consolidated and extracted a lot of models over a period of time. In the Repository menu under the List of Activites window he has a list of all the things he did. This list is very large and he wants to delete some of the oldest activites. There is no way of doing that. He wants the option to delete records *for ADMIN only!*
388575 The Sybase Central "Connect" button provides the ability to connect to a server using one of the registered plug-ins. The RMP uses this button to log into previously defined replication environments. If an environment has not been defined, Sybase Central will display the message "Login attempt to 'null' failed.". Use the "Add Replication Environment" option in the RMP to define the new environment.
389303 ORACLE ONLY: The ra_helpxxx admin commands

will fail if the primary database is down.

389790 allow capability to drop column in alter replication definition so that rs_helprep and generate DDL, display a correct repdef without dropping and recreating the replication definition.
390157 sybsystemdb is listed as a potential database that can be involved in replication.
390214 RBA not found with DataSharingOption=Single
391024 Be sure that the system default charset on

the machine on which RepAgent is running is the

same as that of the primary database. Sometimes

this is insufficient and you need to set it

within the RepAgent run script(s):

Edit the various RepAgent run scripts to uncomment

the line(s) for RA_JAVA_DFLT_CHARSET and set the

value to the Java (not Sybase) name of

the default charset (note that the charset name

is case sensitive). The following examples set

the default charset for RepAgent to Cyrillic:

Windows (should be all on one line):








echo " "


391236 NULL and empty string not supported in where clause on subscription. rs_helpsub displays where clause incorrectly.
391658 Enhancement request to have certain Rep Server Auditing feature
391820 Requirement of a unique identifier for text, image, and rawobject replication, should be emphasized in the text/image areas of the manuals.
392001 System log messages regarding transaction log

truncation are inaccurate and numerous.

392281 LTI trace message "LTI received request to start

replication" is misspelled.

392336 Sentence referring to Rep Agent in 6th and 7th bullet under Usage for alter logical connection is incorrect and if kept, refers to the Distributor.
392433 When the LTI inbound queue is full and a

replication error occurs, the LogReader

SenderThread does not shut down properly,

causing LTL to be sent out of order to RepServer.

392667 RS reports "Error from unpacker or parser" when processing trasactions on a MSA connection. If connection is resumed parser will read the transaction OK and no

transactions need to be skipped.

392715 ASE Message 4966 needs RS errorclass default changed from STOP to IGNORE
392728 Feature request to optimize/speed up queries in rsupgr.sql for upgrading RSSD.
392825 When there are a lot of rows in LTMOBJECTS, RA may take a while to start up. This related to the time it takes to load the internal table from LTMOBJECTS, SYSTABLES and SYSCOLUMNS. This is dependent on DB2 performance.
393407 Tested and reproduced with PD EBF7

This is a new feature request only:

Today, even setting Tools - General options-Repository-Merge Document to false, when customer extracts a model, the Merge Document is still available for checking. Customer would like this option to be disabled since a General Repository option (Merge Document) was changed.

393713 If the tempdb log of the ASE hosting the RSSD is full when Replication Server is starting, Replication Server may core dump.
393861 Feature Request for RS to provide command like ASE's "sp_listener"
394043 If a replicated target returns Repserver an error message longer than 800 bytes,

Repserver may hang or crash due to memory corruption.

394345 The ASA RepAgent, and SQL Remote for ASE, would have crashed at startup on Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 3 and 4. This was due to the fact that the Open Server/Open Client libraries, version 12.5 that was shipped with ASA, did not support these distributions. This has been fixed by installing a newer version of the Open Server/Open Client libraries, version 12.5.1, that is certified for Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 3 and 4.
394601 "map to" feature in "create replication definition" does not work when mapping to binary datatype.
394730 On non-datasharing DB2s, the rollback qid does not match the qid of the command.
394844 New command to change API_QID_request_interval. "F RAGENT,C,APIQIDRI=value"
395437 LTI loads database-level repdefs only the first

time a start replication is requested. From that

point on, the database-level repdefs are never

refreshed, so any new or altered database-level

repdefs are ignored until the Replication Agent

is stopped and re-started.

395464 Create a mainframe DB2 class that can be inherited and acts the same way as the other heterogeneous function string classes.
395498 rs_delexceptions to delete a range of entries
395679 Displaying a subscription that was created on a RS that is not included in the RSM environment, results in closing of Sybase Central window.
395979 For DB2 6.1, do the following:

In RA.LINKLIB, rename LTMINFO to LTMINFO7. Rename LTMINFO6 to LTMINFO. In the PDRBIND job, change the member name from LTMINFO to LTMINFO6 and run the job.

396180 Even if an user has only the read permission on a package, it is possible to consolidate an activity diagram with a new sub-object.

Steps to reproduce

New Activity diagram

2 packages P1 P2

In P1 diagram D1

1 activity : A1

In P2 diagram D2

1 activity A2

decompose the activity

in the new diagram D3 add a new activity A3

Consolidate the model as ADMIN

In the repository : new User : U1

On P1 : permission add user U1 full permission copy permission to all children

on P2 : permission add U1 : read copy permission to all children

Disconnect ADMIN and connect U1

Extract the model

In P1 add a new activity A11

in P2 D2 add a new activity A22, in D3 (sub-diagram) add a new activity : A33

Consolidate with update

got a warning : which is correct

Merge windows, have a look

it is possible to add A11 which is correct

It is not possible to add A22 which is correct

But have a look at the diagram D2, it is possible to add A33 which is not correct

click OK

check the repository : A33 has been added in P2

396183 Repository Update script (from v.9.5.2 to 11.1.0) problem. After upgraded repository, the PDM models having views will not consolidate into the updated repository.

Get following error consolidating to Ms Sql Server 2000 repository db:

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver][Microsoft Sql Server] syntax error converting the varchar value materialized to a column of data type integer. SQLSTATE = 22005.

Get the following error consolidating to ASA 9.0.2 repository db:

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Cannot convert MATERIALIZED to a int

SQLSTATE = 07006

note: it appears to be a datatype (int to varchar (254))change on the PMPDMTABL.otyp and PMPDMVIEW.otyp column between the v. 9.5.2 repository creation script and 11.1.0 repository update/creation script.

396842 Resume distributor command should not raise an error, it should provide an approriate message not a fatal error.
397307 Thread dALARM( ) infected with signal 10 when replicating purge process
397504 Provide trace to show why a transaction was ungrouped.
397618 Pd 10.1 ebf 11

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Source Text Offset of object

PD 11 and PD 11.1 ebf 2

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object

In all versions the error occurs at the same level

Delete Class "Stichprobenergebnis"

Delete Shortcut of Class "Stichprobenergebnis"

Repository : Oracle 8.1.7

ODBC driver used : Datadirect OEM 4.20 Oracle wire protocole, OEM 5., Oracle driver



ct is woring in 10.1 version but I also got the problem in 11.1 ebf 2 version

When doing the consolidation in 2 steps

- consolidation 1

Delete Class "Stichprobenergebnis"

Delete Shortcut of Class "Stichprobenergebnis"

both unchecked

-consolidation 2

Delete Class "Stichprobenergebnis"

Delete Shortcut of Class "Stichprobenergebnis"


It is working

When consolidation with "create baseline version" it is working

Could not isolate much the problem

No ODBC Trace

Steps to reproduce

Consolidate the server.oom and extract it

Merge into server.oom the local.oom

Select all actions

consolidate with update the repository

in merge windows Select all actions

Have a look

Package 0_Diagramme --> Fachliches Objektmodell

classe : shortcut Stichprobenergebnis is going to be deleted

Package Backend --> 0_Gesch鋐tsobjekte

Class : Stichprobenergebnis is going to be deleted

Error message

Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Changing value of attribute Creation Date of object

If both are unchecked no problem

397637 Add MySQL (open source)dbms to be able to store/install the repository tables.
397648 Format of LEPHYSTB changed. Sample exit and doc does not reflect the change. Format is now in previous format unless the names are too long for the field. If the names are too long, the first byte will be x'00' and the next for bytes will be a pointer to a varchar name (2 byte length prefix).
397786 Parameter to limit the size of a queue, or to designate a queue to a specific location.
398133 Provide more correct instructions in entering character set and sort order when using rs_init to build a new Replication Server.
398220 Steps to reproduce the problem

PD 11

New PM informix 9

1 table : T1 with column C1

create one view (using Tool create view or not)

SQL Query


case when T1.C1 = ' ' then 1 else 0 end case as C_view



consolidate using datatdirectdriver without extraction

upgrade the rep to 11.1 and to 11.1 ebf 4 using Informix driver

extract using informix driver

Model graphic is empty

the objects have been extracted but the view has no columns anymore

When you add another column to the table and to the view (new column before and/or after the case expression: no problem anymore

But it is a strange behaviour because in the ct model, the views have many columns and I had the problem

you will find


my_model_1 1 table, 1 view with a case expression in SQL query : broken after extraction

FIKS_3_1_small_repro_33 small repro from ct's model : broken after extraction

FIKS_3_1_small_repro_33_45 which contains a views with only case expression (from ct model): OK after extraction

*** 26 August 2005 14:58:13 *** mtinevez ***

PD 11.1 ebf 2

Repository : Informix

Driver ODBC used : Informix ODBC driver

Steps to reproduce

PD 11

- consolidate the model which contains few tables, views and view references

- extract : result OK

- Upgrade to PD 11.1 and after to PD 11.1 ebf 2 using Informix ODBC driver

- extract the model consolidated with PD 11.

Have a look in the graphic, nothing, objects are there but they are not visible

view references parent and child : nothing

View column : no name

model used to do the test


398309 RAM hangs. Desire flag similar to CR 359566 that was created for Oracle.
398410 Request is to force READ COMMITTED by explicitly setting this in the relevant ra_ procs

so that they won't fail if the apps is running under another isolation level

398928 short ltl keywords is mis-typed as short Itl keywords in the RS Commands Reference Manual.
400099 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent has been

enhanced to allow archived redo logs to be

accessed when required data no longer exists

in the on-line redo logs.

Configuring the Replication Agent to include

access to archive logs also removes the

requirement that Oracle automatic archiving be


When the Replication Agent configuration is

changed to include archive logs, the Replication

Agent will no longer issue archive commands to

Oracle, requiring that automatic archiving

in Oracle be enabled, or that archiving be

performed by a mechanism other than

Replication Agent.

The following three new configuration options

can now be used to configure the Replication

Agent to include archive log usage, obtaining

the archive logs from the location specified

and optionally having the Replication Agent

remove the archive log files when they are no

longer needed for Replication.

1) pdb_include_archives

New configuration property pdb_include_archives,

when true, indicates that Replication Agent

should read Oracle archive log files in addition

to on-line redo log files. When false, only

on-line redo log files are read, and the

Replication Agent expects to control the Oracle

archiving process (Oracle automatic archiving

must be disabled).

Default value: false

Allowed values:

true: Enables reading of archived Oracle redo

log files from the path specified by

configuration parameter pdb_archive_path.

Configuration of Oracle automatic archiving is

supported under this mode. Removal of old

archive logs (no longer needed to support

replication) may be provided using configuration

property pdb_archive_remove.

false: Only on-line redo logs files will be read.

Oracle automatic archiving must be disabled.

The Replication Agent will execute Oracle archive

commands to archive the redo logs once they are

no longer needed for replication.

Comments: Set this configuration to true when

use of archive logs in addition to on-line redo

logs is preferred or when Oracle must be

configured to perform automatic archiving. Set

this value to false if accessing only the on-line

redo logs is preferred.

2) pdb_archive_path

New configuration property pdb_archive_path

identifies the directory path where the

Replication Agent will expect to find

archived Oracle redo log files. Valid only when

configuration parameter pdb_include_archives is


Default value: none

Allowed values: A valid directory path on the

machine hosting the Replication Agent, pointing

to a location where Oracle will place archived

redo logs.

Comments: Setting of the configuration parameter

is required and must be set to a valid location

before the Replication Agent can be placed in a

replicating state when configuration parameter

pdb_include_archives is also set to true. If the

Replication Agent cannot find an expected log

record in the Oracle online redo logs, the

Replication Agent will search this directory for

the archived log file containing the required

record. Archived log files can be removed from

this location by the Replication Agent, if

configuration parameter pdb_archive_remove is set

to true.

WARNING: The Replication Agent process must have

access to this directory, and 'read' permissions

on the individual archive log files. Access

failures will prevent the Replication Agent from

maintaining a replicating state.

3) pdb_archive_remove

New configuration property pdb_archive_remove,

when true, indicates that Replication Agent

should remove archived log files from

the directory specified by pdb_archive_path

during log truncation processing. Valid only

when pdb_include_archives is enabled.

Default Value: false

Allowed Values:

true: Enables removal of archived Oracle redo

log files from the path specified by

pdb_archive_path. Removal occurs based on the

execution of command pdb_truncate_xlog, or the

timing of automatic truncation based on

parameters truncation_type and


false: Disables Replication Agent removal of

archived Oracle redo log files.

Comments: Set this configuration to true when

the path specified by pdb_archive_path is

established solely for Replication support, and

automatic removal of unneeded archived log files

is desired. If the path specified

by pdb_archive_path is shared by other processes,

or the removal of archived log files is expected

to be performed by processes other than the

Replication Agent, this parameter should be

false. Parameters truncation_type and

truncation_interval, and command

pdb_truncate_xlog have no impact when this

configuration parameter is set to false.

WARNING: When the pdb_archive_remove parameter is

set to TRUE, the Replication Agent process must

have UPDATE access to this directory, and

'UPDATE' permissions on the individual archive

log files. Failure to provide the necessary

permissions will prevent the Replication Agent

from removing old archive files.

After the three new configuration options

have been properly set, Replication Agent

command ra_updatedevices should be executed

prior to resuming replication. This command will

query Oracle to obtain the 'log_archive_format'

value from the v$parameter table. This format is

required to allow the Replication Agent to

recognize the archive log file names.

Once ra_updatedevices command has been run and

the three new configuration parameters have been

set and permissions to the archive log files and

directory have been granted, the Replication

Agent can be placed in Replicating state

and automatic archiving in Oracle can be enabled.

400316 LEX0005 message is not clear enough.
400595 RS may stack trace when "dataserver" does not have a corresponding entry in the interfaces file and the "drop connection" command is executed.
400889 Incorrect LTL is generated for rs_dump procedure


400958 In a warm standby setup, when a stored procedure is marked for replication at the active (with sp_setrepproc), only its execution is replicated at the standby. Therefore, triggers associated with inserts/deletes on the tables that the procedure touches will not fire at the standby. This may cause inconsistencies in the data at active and standby and can be worked around by using 'set triggers' code in the body of the replicated stored procedure.
401777 Block database subscriptions in mixed version environment
401955 LTMEXT abends with 0C7 - data exception due to DB2 log rec compresson/expansion
401974 When configuring the log directory

(ra_config log_directory, xxx) where "xxx" is an

invalid directory name, no error is returned.

401975 When using ra_config command to set log_directory

property to the default value, the resulting path

does not include the instance name.

402069 Expansion routine crashes with 0C4 in LTMINFO when many tables are marked for replication.
402221 During the repository installation, PD could create pre-defined repository user groups ("Administrators", "Developers", "Business users" - as PD help suggests) associated with reasonable access rights.


A repository creator can customize or delete these more easily.

402228 The customer has submitted the following request:

The repository setup scripts could contain a few lines of metadata, similar to a "generate database as script" generation option. Some explanations what to do next or in case of failure or incomplete setup could also be placed in the SQL comment.

In an effort to clarify this request the customer was assked the following questions:

What specifically are you looking for?

Other metadata such as

date created,

created by user,

a general description of the purpose of repository database,

suggestions for a naming convention,

security issues (database level),

size recommendations....

What do you want for 'what to do next'?

In case of a successful rep setup, Perhaps a hint for the username and password that must be used to connect the repository.

In case of an unsuccessful setup: Hints what to do besides the three

choices (ignore - ignore all - abort). Explanations what "ignore",

"ignore all" "abort" mean, respectively. What are alternatives (e.g.,

retry) and consequences

In what scenario are you encountering an incomplete repository setup?

In the general scenario. Clicking on Powerdesigner menus and dialog boxes.

Sometimes the rep setup script is 13000 lines long, sometimes it has

19000 lines (for no apparent reason)

Submitting the dialog box with the setup script to the server with the

repository database. Creates above mentioned cryptic error dialogs.

The repository setup process is pretty awkward. A *general* redesign

(perhaps by means of a wizard) would be appropriate, IMHO.

402340 S0C4 in LTMEXT at OFFSET=00004220 with compression
402421 Use of NULL on where clause should throw syntax error.
402424 The SQL Anywhere RepAgent now supports long table names, column names, procedure names, function names, and parameter names. The maximum length for these names is 128 bytes and that is identical to the maximum length of identifiers in SQL Anywhere.

In order to use this new feature, the Rep Server and the Open Server/Open Client must be equal to or greater than version 15.0. Versions earlier than 15.0 still support these objects using the old maximum identifier length of only 30 bytes.

402443 ENH: Offer a more streamlined document displaying how the repository meta-tables and their columns are linked.

Customer's comments:

Current need:

Reporting of high level objects and information against the models in the Repository like, "How many CDMs, PDMs, OOMs are in the repository?", "What models are in which folder?" "What is the repository version number of each model?".



A user could (with some effort) certainly derive the desired meta-data out of the existing sample models and documentation that PowerDesigner Development has to offer to produce queries. However, it would be more beneficial to the end users if you could provide a more simplistic form showing the mapping (linking) of these tables and columns to each other, or maybe a hierarchical document that shows how one could 'mine the data' of an object in a model type. This hierarchical document would show the descending levels of metadata. A white paper of sorts.

Additionally, when maintenance updates are provided and it affects the repository (new tables, new columns, new datatypes etc...) then provide what has changed in the 'What's New' documentation. (ie) Adding the dragging of models and folders feature to the repository browser was a big change but, no mention in the 'What's New' documentation of what changes were specifically made to which repository tables. As an end user, while I understand that structure changes need to be made to a repository structure to enable enhancement, I have a couple of concerns:

1. Is the MetaModel in the examples directory updated with the latest changes?

2. Will my reports (queries) still work and if not will I have to redo all of the initial discovery work with the model to determine how to modify my report (queries) to work again?

Please, give the end user a heads up (document changes) which can curb time and effort in addition to building trust in the tool set.


This enhancement has been reviewed and will not implemented. Per engineering, the repository metamodel.pdm in Example directory must be used to understand repository structure.

402645 When configuring the log directory

(ra_config log_directory, xxx) where "xxx" is

either an empty string or a space, the RepAgent

will hang on startup.

402702 When status changes for connections in a warm standby environment, the active and standby logical connection columns for logical connections are not being updated, but the logical connection icon does update. This means that a user needs to do a manual refresh for those two columns to update.
402867 ORACLE ONLY: The shadow table columns created by

the Replication Agent may have insufficient size

to accommodate a primary table column defined as

type number without explicit precision.

The fix provided in this ESD affects only newly

created shadow tables (created when an object

is marked for replication). For shadow tables

that already exist, the column size will only

be corrected if the object is un-marked and

re-marked. Note that un-marking and re-marking

should only be performed if all data from the

affected tables has been replicated.

To manually perform the modification, without

un-marking and re-marking, the size of the shadow

table columns may be increased by altering each

column so that the shadow table columns size is

increased to varchar2(40).


ALTER TABLE <my_tab> MODIFY (colx varchar2(40));

Note that this modification is necessary only if

the existing shadow table column size is less

than 40 for a primary table column defined as

NUMBER without any precision.

402905 Trace command stops replication.
403008 rsupgr.sql is inefficient and does not use indexes in join
403519 High CPU and low latency
403643 Document that IPV6 certification is available as of 12.6 ESD #5.
403687 Change in behavior: Before you can start

replication, you must set the configuration

property rs_charset to match the character set at

RepServer. If rs_charset does not match

RepServer's character set, then RepServer will do

character set conversion on the complete LTL

commands it receives which will corrupt the origin

QIDs and transaction IDs.

403736 RA DB2 terminates without providing adequate information on why it shutdown. Restart is successful.
403825 QIDs are not ascending message resulting from incorrect calculation for RBA when a logical log record spanned physical log data areas.
403929 Replication Agents for DB2 UDB (RAD) for OS/390 terminates after one of the DB2 members is stopped and LOGINFO command is issued.
404037 MSA with table replication definition and minimal columns does not behavior the same

as warm standby.

404131 After an invalid console command has been entered and ignored, RAD 12.6.8 beta would abend with S0C4 within module LTMMMGR when it is subsequently terminated using the correct console STOP command:




404196 The ASE RepAgent Thread requires the ASE to be properly named with the 'sp_addserver' system procedure. If the ASE is not properly named, an attempt to start an ASE RepAgent Thread will result in an error. Replication Manager needs to check if sp_addserver has been run, and if not, run it before starting the ASE RepAgent Thread.
404249 0C7 after DB2 LOAD REPLACE with DD DUMMY
404274 The Rep Agent sends the LEX0044 message after a shutown was requested.
404401 <set ciphertext on> session property is not recognised by IQ (ie 125) and DSI is in limbo state. The function string for this connection will require adjustments to support IQ.
404559 Updating a non-BLOB column of a table in a primary database would have caused the data of nullable BLOB columns to be lost in the replicated database. These nullable BLOB columns of the updated rows in the replicated database could have a NULL value after the update.

This problem has been fixed.

404673 rs_config table has column named comments instead of comment.
404758 Tested and reproduced with: PD 11.0, 11.1, 11.1 EBF#5

Today, when deleting an object from a model directly in repository, customer would like a warning to be displayed telling that there are respective shortcuts in other models in repository that also need to be deleted.

404984 ORACLE ONLY: Oracle datatype TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE is replicated without including the time zone displacement value.

In order to support inclusion of the time zone displacement, new configuration parameter pdb_timezone_file has been added to allow the customer to specify the exact location of the Oracle timezone file to be used.

This configuration parameter must be set to $ORACLE_HOME/oracore/zoneinto/timezone.dat or timezlrg.dat, depending on which timezone file the Oracle server has been configured to use.

405076 ORACLE ONLY:After executing "trace" command, the error message "Could not find Resource Bundle containing index: xxx" is shown on the console for LOGRECDBG and ORACLETYPMAPDBG debug flags.
405227 Three parameters "log_wrap", "log_backup_files"

and "log_append_existing" are supported in

exclusive debug logs.

405228 ORACLE ONLY: Replication fails if the last attribute of a user defined object type is null and the object type is the last column of a table.
405382 Upgrade script does not mark rs_dbreps and rs_dbsubsets as replicated tables.
405562 When distributor is resumed, rs_writetext causes 7034 (unable to obtain system memory).
405968 Reproduced in PD 11.1 EBF#6

When consolidating OOM model into repository for the 2nd time with "Freeze after consolidation" set, actor, message and objects are moved down improperly inside diagram. Other objects like rectangle are kept in correct place.

406038 ORACLE ONLY: The DDL replication configuration

setting (the 'pdb_setrepddl' command) is reset

after invoking the 'pdb_xlog init, force' command.

406052 admin statistics, repagent, bytesxferred shows negative value for BytesXferred.
406165 Request for RepServer to allow more than 2gb of memory, removing the 2gb limit on setting memory_limit.
406275 The customer has executed 'Find Objects' in the repository. They then try to copy/paste the result set, but they are unable to do so. However, if the execute Find Objects on an open model, the result set can be copied and pasted.

The customer is requesting the same functionality for the result set of the Repository find objects.

406620 Event triggers that you create are executed by RMS on startup, which should not happen.
406876 ORACLE ONLY: If CREATE SEQUENCE privilege is not granted to pds_username,

"pdb_xlog init" fails resulting in the following error message in the log:

Work is being rolled back because of problems executing script:

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.

406888 ORACLE ONLY: Initialization of the RepAgent instance fails in some Oracle environments with a NumericOverflow error.
407133 ORACLE ONLY: Replication of a large LOB value

fails with a BufferUnderflowException.

407377 Tested and reproduced with PD 11.0 and PD 11.1 EBF#6.

A model in repository has package1 and package2. Package1 has a shortcut dependency from Package2.

if we uncheck "Extract Dependencies" and extract Package, obligatorially PowerDesigner displays: "Your package selection has been automatically extended to include target packages referenced by internal shortcuts".

According to PD help, no shortcut dependencies should be included in package extraction.

407434 ORACLE ONLY: When a table is marked with a

different replication name with the command

"pdb_setreptable <priName>,<repName>,mark" or

"pdb_setreptable <priName>,<repName>,mark,owner",

replication fails because RepAgent does not use

the replicate name. This fix requires

Replication Agent migration.

ALL PRIMARY DATABASES: How you specify the owner

of the table in a replication definition has

changed from that described in the Reference

Manual. Now, you must always use the "owner"

keyword if you want to enable the SEND OWNER mode.

When marking, if you do not specify the replicate

owner, it will default to the primary owner.

In the following examples, the leading letter

indicates either primary (p) or replicate (r):

Example 1:

pdb_setreptable ptable, rtable, mark, owner

the table in the replication definition will be:


Example 2:

pdb_setreptable ptable, rowner.rtable, mark,owner

the table in the replication definition will be:


Example 3:

pdb_setreptable ptable, rowner.rtable, mark

the table in the replication definition will

not be owner-qualified:


407527 RAD 12.6.8 beta reports setting ERROR_CODE (in LTMOBJECTS) to 16 instead of the documented 12 when, before RAD job startup, the DB2 DATA CAPTURE CHANGE was set to NONE for a DB2 table marked for replication:

> 14.57.37 STC01191 LTMINFO Replication stopped for TWCLRFXD because data capture changes none



> 14.57.38 STC01191 LEX0068 Replication updated for table JEDB21 .TWCLRFXD

> 14.57.38 STC01191 LEX0070 Column ERROR_CODE changed to 16

407547 ORACLE ONLY: The 'ra_locator zero' command fails

to clear the stored locator value.

407549 ORACLE ONLY: has a new feature for creating and

removing replication definitions at RepServer.

This feature is included not only as a command,

but replication definitions can also be

automatically created when tables, or procedures

are marked, and removed when they are unmarked.

New command "rs_create_repdef" creates replication

definition at the configured RepServer.


Creates a replication definition at RepServer

for a marked table/procedure, or all marked



rs_create_repdef <ALL>

rs_create_repdef <TABLE_NAME>


- When rs_create_repdef is invoked and the

parameter "all" or "ALL" is entered, a

replication definition is created for all

tables and procedures that are marked for


- When rs_create_repdef is invoked and the

name of a table or procedure that is marked

for replication is entered, a Replication

Definition is created for that table or


- A result set is returned for each table

or procedure that a replication definition

create is attempted. The result set

contains the replication definition name

and status of the create. If the

replication definition was created, the

status will be "Created". If an error

occured, the error message from

RepServer will be returned for the status.

- The character case of the object names in

the replication definition will be set

according to the "ltl_character_case"


- Replication definition names for tables

always begin with the prefix "ra$", and end

with the suffix "_rd" and use the

replicate table name (possibly modified)

in between. All non-alphanumeric characters

except the underscore, and period are

removed from the replicate table name. The

period ("." ) is converted to an underscore,

and the resulting name is truncated, if

necessary, to 24 characters (repdef names

are limited to 30 characters). For example,

for a replicate name of "My Table", the

resulting repdef name is "ra$mytable_rd".

For an owner-qualified replicate name of

"wbeck.MyTable", the resulting repdef name

is "ra$wbeck_mytable_rd". For an

especially long replicate name of


(30 characters), the resulting repdef name

is "ra$mytable89012345678901234_rd".

- Replication definition names for procedures

are the same name as the procedure.

New command "rs_drop_repdef" drops a replication

definition at the configured RepServer.


Drops a replication definition at RepServer

for a table/procedure.


rs_drop_repdef <TABLE_NAME>


- When rs_drop_repdef is invoked a replication

definition for that table is dropped at

replication server.

- A result set is returned for the table

or procedure that a replication definition

is dropped. The result set

contains the table name and status of the

drop. If the replication definition was

dropped, the status will be "Dropped". If

an error occured, the error message from

RepServer will be returned for the status.

- The character case of the object names in

the replication definition will be set

according to the "ltl_character_case"


- Replication definition names for tables

always begin with the prefix "ra$", and end

with the suffix "_rd" and use the

replicate table name (possibly modified)

in between. All non-alphanumeric characters

except the underscore, and period are

removed from the replicate table name. The

period ("." ) is converted to an underscore,

and the resulting name is truncated, if

necessary, to 24 characters (repdef names

are limited to 30 characters). For example,

for a replicate name of "My Table", the

resulting repdef name is "ra$mytable_rd".

For an owner-qualified replicate name of

"wbeck.MyTable", the resulting repdef name

is "ra$wbeck_mytable_rd". For an

especially long replicate name of


(30 characters), the resulting repdef name

is "ra$mytable89012345678901234_rd".

A new property "pdb_auto_create_repdefs" allows

replication definitions to be automatically

created and dropped at RepServer for tables and

procedures when they are marked and unmarked

for replication.


If set to true, when tables and procedures

are marked for replication, a replication

definition is automatically created at

RepServer for that table or procedure.


ra_config pdb_auto_create_repdefs,true

ra_config pdb_auto_create_repdefs,false


- When pdb_setreptable is invoked to mark a

table or tables, a replication definition

will be created at RepServer for each table

that gets marked for replication if this

property is set to "true".

- When pdb_setrepproc is invoked to mark a

procedure or procedures, a replication

definition will be created at RepServer for

each procedure that gets marked for

replication if this property is set to


- When pdb_setreptable is invoked to unmark a

table or tables, the replication definition

will be dropped at RepServer for each table

that gets unmarked for replication if this

property is set to "true".

- When pdb_setrepproc is invoked to unmark a

procedure or procedures, a replication

definition will be dropped at RepServer for

each procedure that gets unmarked for

replication if this property is set to


- When pdb_xlog is initialized and table auto

marking is enabled, a replication definition

is created for each table that is marked for

replication if this property is set to


- The character case of the object names in the

replication definition will be set according

to the "ltl_character_case" setting.

- Replication definition names for tables

always begin with the prefix "ra$", and end

with the suffix "_rd" and use the

replicate table name (possibly modified)

in between. All non-alphanumeric characters

except the underscore, and period are

removed from the replicate table name. The

period ("." ) is converted to an underscore,

and the resulting name is truncated, if

necessary, to 24 characters (repdef names

are limited to 30 characters). For example,

for a replicate name of "My Table", the

resulting repdef name is "ra$mytable_rd".

For an owner-qualified replicate name of

"wbeck.MyTable", the resulting repdef name

is "ra$wbeck_mytable_rd". For an

especially long replicate name of


(30 characters), the resulting repdef name

is "ra$mytable89012345678901234_rd".

- Replication definition names for procedures

are the same name as the procedure.

407896 When a member of a DB2 data sharing group is taken down, incorrect DB2 log DSN information for the inactive member is displayed in response to the console LOGINFO command.
407913 RA DB2 terminates after restarting a DB2 member involved in multi-member datasharing.
407926 LTI statistics that are dependent on the LTL

command-size calculation are invalid. The invalid

LTI statistics are:

Total bytes sent

Avg LTL command size

Avg Bytes/second during transmission

Avg 16k LTM buffer utilization (%)

Avg LTL commands/buffer

407940 ORACLE ONLY: Redo log is not archived because oldest open section of locator value does not change.
407953 ORACLE ONLY: Procedures containing the

RETURNING keyword are not successfully

marked for replication.

408081 ORACLE ONLY: Replication of a large LOB value

fails with a NullPointerException.

408103 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent fails to handle

ALTER TABLE DDL operations containing constraint

changes. This fix requires that the RepAgent

PDS_USERNAME user has the SELECT privilege in

Oracle on the SYS.CON$ and SYS.CDEF$ tables.

This fix also requires that you re-initialize

your instance using "pdb_xlog init, force".

408237 View of data of a queue in Replication Manager plug-in may make Repserver hang, until the data in the window is completely scrolled thro'.
408373 *** Monday, October 31, 2005 2:24:24 PM *** ahill *** 11.1.10 EBF6

In the repository the customer would like the ability to update the permission of a 'child' with the parent's permission. However, they do not want to lose the 'child's' permission.

For example:

In the repository, create two groups

Add two folders. 1 - folder is the parent and the second folder is the child

Add group_2 to the child folder

Add group_1 to the parent folder

From the property sheet of the parent folder, if you click the 'Copy permissions to child folder' tool, the permissions of the parent folder are copied and replace the permissions of the child folder. (this is expected.)

However, the customer would like to have the parent permissions updated to the child folder but to have an option to preserve the divergenet permissions already associated with the child folder.

408485 Event triggers that you create are executed only if Replication Manager (RM) is connected to RMS. Event triggers should execute regardless of whether RM is connected to RMS.
408699 ORACLE ONLY: Marking or listing tables or

procedures that contain an underscore in the name

may result in the following error: Could not list

metadata for table <WZB_TS_TST> because: Too many

entries found in <or920tm1> for <WZB_TS_TST>.

Specify owner.

408788 RA DB2 without replication activity, attempts to restart at a log record whose DB2 log has already expired.
408981 ORACLE ONLY: Message "Error initializing change

vector" received when an insert statement using a

SELECT INTO clause contains a NULL value.

409346 ORACLE ONLY: "OracleDDLException: Failed to create

a procedure" error occurs when DDL for a procedure

with a BOOLEAN argument is encountered.

409357 ORACLE ONLY: Message "Skipping operation because

the transaction context does not exist." occurs

too frequently.

409412 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent cannot handle a CREATE TABLE

operation with any of the system-defined types in



409524 ORACLE ONLY: "Failed to alter a user" error

message received after altering an Oracle user

in the Primary database.

409547 Replication Server reports parsing errors in the unpacker or parser, transaction will complete if connection is resumed.
409644 ORACLE ONLY: "Failed to alter a user" error

message received after altering an Oracle user

in the Primary database.

409908 ORACLE ONLY: Invoking the 'pdb_xlog' command with

no option results in a ClassCastException after

applying Replication Agent/Oracle 12.6 ESD #1

Build 5200.

410006 ORACLE ONLY: Failed processing a redo log record


410026 rs_locater entry for route can disappear from rs_locater table.
410135 ORACLE ONLY: Error "Error occurred processing

operation <> RBA <>: Failed to create a table.."

occurs for a table that is recreated.

410232 New configuration parameter DetectDataCapture. Valid values are Yes and No. Default setting is No. A setting of Yes causes RA DB2 to read substantially more log records to detect when the DB2 table is toggled for datacapture changes/none and print messages in the JESMSGLG when detecting the change.
410254 The VM % Max Memory Used statistic is always 0.
414514 Repository history:

Originally created 10/3/02 (PD 9.5.x?)and migrated PD 10, 10.1, 11.0 to PD 11.1.0

The customer is consolidating a PDM that contains views. Whether consolidating as a new model or as an update, the consolidation fails with the following ODBC error:

[S1010] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error (0)

[22018] [DataDirect] [ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver] [Sql Server] Implicit conversion from datatype 'INT' to 'VARCHAR' is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.

Using the customer's repository, this issue is reproducable. Using a newly installed repository, the customer's PDM consolidates without problems.

In review of the ODBC trace file, the problem appears in the PMPDMVIWC table.

In the customer's repository, the 'CCMT' column has a datatype of 'Varchar(254)'.

In the newly created repository, this same column has a datatype of 'int'.

In both instances, the insert statement for this column is inserting an 'integer'.


This issue has been addressed via CR 398220 which has been resolved in 11.1.0 EBF6

415044 ORACLE ONLY: IllegalArgumentException logged


415152 On AIX, RS cores on ll_del and aix_get_lock
415246 After shutdown request is made, RA DB2 will sometimes issue an 0C4
415270 ORACLE ONLY: NullPointerException in

OracleSessionContext sends RepAgent to

ADMIN state.

415273 ORACLE ONLY: The database generation ID

configuration setting (the 'pdb_gen_id' command)

is reset after invoking the 'pdb_xlog init,force'


415281 RepAgent has a new command -- ra_migrate -- now

used to migrate the installed RepAgent version to

the current version.


Performs migration tasks (as necessary)

between releases of Replication Agent.




- When you apply an EBF of the Replication

Agent release, you may be required to run

this command to upgrade to the latest

version of the Replication Agent.

- When ra_migrate is invoked, it will migrate

the installed Replication Agent version to

the new current version.

- It will update the XLog system table with

the latest build version if the Replication

Agent was previously initialized.

- This command does not support migration to

an earlier version of Replication Agent.

- This command must be run in ADMIN mode.

415396 ORACLE ONLY: When a table contains null columns,

a NullPointerException occurs.

415559 Refactory code to enable user

to support localization.

415906 No confirmation of trunc=next command completion.
416121 Charset for eRSSD is automatically selected to match RS charset closest during rs_init.

However, sometimes the ASA charset has a slightly different name (especially on NT), if we can't find the same charset in ASA and the default for the OS is used.

In these cases, we print the following message:

W. 2005/12/08 16:28:08. WARNING #13092 GLOBAL RS(GLOBAL RS) - seful/cm.c(5833)

The Data Server 'erssd' is using the 'xxx' character set for

Database 'erssd'. The Replication Server is using the 'yyy' character set.

Unexpected results may occur.

416322 ORACLE ONLY: Agent initialization used only the

Oracle database instance to locate the

timezone.dat file. This could be inaccurate under

certain conditions. Now, the agent first uses the

ORACLE_HOME environment variable, then the Oracle

database instance before reporting an error.

416326 No message in trace log file indicating that it

has filled up and that it is no longer being used.

416352 Add to doc:

Run rs_subcmp when Primary changes are not occurring.

416407 ORACLE ONLY: When the command

"insert into select from with all NULLs "

is executed in Oracle, this can cause

Replication Server to fail with the error:

ERROR #1028 DSI EXEC(105(1) or920sh2.or920sh2) -


416423 ORACLE ONLY: Executing 'ra_devicepath'

command with a non-existent device id

results in a NullPointerException.

416427 Add 4985, 4986, 4987, 4988 return codes from ASE to default action ignore in rs_sqlserver_error_class
416457 ORACLE ONLY: The new configuration parameter

'pdb_automark_tables' now determines whether

or not the Agent automatically marks user

tables for replication. If the value is set

to true, user tables are marked during

initialization and DDL replication (when

replication of DDL commands is enabled).

If the value is set to false, user tables

are never automatically marked; they must

be explicitly marked using the

pdb_setreptable' command. The default

value is 'false'.

416476 Parallel DSI causes a memory leak when

'dsi_sqt_max_cache_size' is set to a large value

(e.g. 1MB) and 'dsi_max_xacts_group' is set to a

value greater than 1.

416484 Modify rs_helpfstring to ensure the order of the text is in rs_systext.sequence order.
416489 Determination of owner mode is incorrect.
416492 Minor memory leak in DSI unpacking function, pak_unpack_command().
416684 ORACLE ONLY: When initializing and the timezone

file is not configured and ORACLE_HOME is not set,

RepAgent returns a garbled message: Replication

initialization failed because: Could not find

Resource Bundle containing index: FILE_NO_EXIST

and args=String index out of range: -1

416919 ORACLE ONLY Command pdb_xlog create fails with a


417173 The RM Plug-in does not provide the hide connection status feature for an RMS domain. The RMS EBF #1 provides the ability to hide the status of either the rep agent or DSI thread in a connection. The RM Plug-in will support this feature for an RMS.
417549 ORACLE ONLY: When the command

"rs_zeroltm rao, pdb" is issued to

Replication Server system database and

"ra_locator zero" is issued in

Replication Agent, the Replication Agent

starts the log scan with an incorrect


417874 ORACLE ONLY: When replicating Oracle DDL commands,

stored procedures created with compile errors

return error code 4025. By default Replication

Server stops processing when this error code is


In order to allow Replication Server to continue

processing after receiving this error, Replication

Server must be configured to list a warning

message instead of stopping replication.

Issue the following commands to instruct

Replication Server to produce a warning message in

the Replication Server log when return code 4025

is received.

1 Create an error class for Oracle.

2 Initialize the new error class.

3 Assign the action 'warn' for error 4025.

4 Alter any Replication Server connection

that replicates TO Oracle to use this

new error class

1 Issue this command in Replication Server

to create the oracle error class

>create error class oracle_error_class


2 Issue this command in the RSSD

to initialize the oracle error class

>rs_init_erroractions oracle_error_class,



3 Issue this command in Replication Server

to update the oracle error class

>assign action warn for oracle_error_class

>to 4025


4 Issue this command in Replication Server

to alter an existing connection to use

the oracle error class just created

after changing {pds}.{pdb} to the

appropriate values for your connection.

>alter connection to {pds}.{pdb}

>set error class to oracle_error_class


417884 ORACLE ONLY: Similar to support for table and

procedure replication, Oracle Sequences can be

individually marked for replication using the new

Replication Agent command pdb_setrepseq.


Description: Returns the sequence replication

marking status; marks specified sequence for

replication; unmarks all marked sequences or a

specified sequence; enables or disables

replication for all marked sequences or a

specified sequence. This command is available for

Oracle only.


To return sequence replication marking status:



To unmark, enable, or disable all marked


pdb_setrepseq all, {unmark[, force]


To mark, unmark, enable, or disable a specified


pdb_setrepseq sequence_name, {mark|unmark[, force]


To mark a specified sequence for replication with

a replicated name:

pdb_setrepseq sequence_name, repname, mark



The name of a user sequence in the

primary database. The sequence_name option can be

delimited with quote characters to specify the

character case. If mixed character case (both

uppercase and lowercase) is required, the name

must be delimited. For example: "Sequence".

The sequence_name parameter can be owner-qualified

to include the primary sequence owner name, with

each element separated by a period. For example:


Note If you must use an object name case that does

not match the setting of the ltl_character_case

parameter, the object name must be delimited. If

an object name contains any non-alphanumeric

characters, such as spaces, periods, and so forth,

it must be delimited with quote characters. For


"sequence name"

owner."sequence name"


The replicated name of the sequence to be updated

at the replicate site, if desired to be different

than the sequence name at the primary site. The

repname option can be delimited with quote

characters to specify character case. See the

previous description of the sequence_name

parameter for details. By specifying a replicated

name, sequence updates can be replicated to a

sequence in the replicate database that has a

different sequence name from the primary database.

The repname option can be owner-qualified to

include the replicate sequence owner name, with

each element separated by a period. For example:



A keyword that refers to all user sequences in the

primary database. By using the all keyword, you

can unmark all user sequences, or apply an enable

or disable operation to all marked sequences.


A keyword that refers to marking user sequences

for replication.


A keyword that refers to unmarking marked



A keyword that refers to the unmark operation.

When the force keyword follows the unmark keyword,

the pdb_setrepseq command immediately unmarks the

specified sequence in the primary database,

without first checking the enable status of the

sequence. When the force keyword follows the

unmark keyword and the all keyword, the

pdb_setrepseq command immediately removes

replication marking from all marked sequences in

the primary database, regardless of their enable



A keyword that refers to enabling replication for

marked sequences.


A keyword that refers to disabling replication for

marked sequences.


Understanding Sequence Replication

Logging of sequence information

Individual sequence changes are not logged in the

Oracle database log file. But changes to Oracle

Sequence do impact (update) the Oracle sys.seq$

table. These changes do not occur with each new

sequence value generated. Instead, the sys.seq$

table is updated periodically, based on sequence

caching refresh activity or other system changes.

The value stored in the sys.seq$ table for a

sequence is the 'next' value to be assigned

'after' the existing cache of values has been


As an example, a newly created sequence starts

with a value of 1, increments by 1 and has a cache

value of 20. These are all default values and can

all be customized. The value stored in the

sys.seq$ record for this new sequence is 21.

This indicates that the 'next' value to be used by

the sequence, after the existing cache of 20

numbers is used, is 21. The record in sys.seq$

does not change until the sequence value hits 21.

At that time, Oracle will 'cache' the next 20

values for the sequence, and the sys.seq$ record

will be updated to 41. It is this value (41)

recorded in change to the sequences sys.seq$

record, that will be used for replication. The key

point then is recognizing that not every

individual sequence update is recorded in the log,

and is therefore not available for replication.

Replicating sequence changes

When a sequence is marked for replication, changes

to that sequence against sys.seq$ are captured and

sent to Replication Server in the form of

parameters passed to a procedure. The procedure

(rs_update_sequence) must be installed at the

standby site as part of system setup, as well as a

function replication definition for that

procedure. At the standby site, an implementation

of rs_update_sequence will increment a same-named

sequence until its value is equal to that at the


Scripts are provided to create the

rs_update_sequence stored procedure and function

replication definition. The scripts can be found

in the Replication Agent installation as:





Performance considerations

Compared to the performance of incrementing a

sequence at the Primary database, particularly

where sequence values are cached, the effort to

increment the same sequence at the standby site

may be less efficient. The stored procedure must

dynamically determine the sequence to increment,

and must loop internally, incrementing the

sequence until the primary value has been reached.

The loop is required because there is no way to

'assign' a specific value to a sequence.

Since the name of the sequence is passed as a

parameter, Oracle cannot pre-compile the procedure

for efficiency. With the addition of the looping

activity required to properly increment the

sequence, the performance of the solution may

impact some environments where a large number of

highly used sequences is the norm.

Sequence replication alternatives

If the performance of sequence replication is a

concern, there are other alternatives to

replication that support primary and standby use

of the same sequence. These alternatives are

currently suggested by Oracle and others

interested in providing sequence coordination

between multiple sites.

1) Assuming the sequence is being used to generate

primary key values, the sequence at each site can

be concatenated with something unique to the site.

For example, use a sequence number concatenated

with the database name, site name or something

similar. This technique allows each site to

maintain a unique 'range' of sequence of numbers.

Each site having a unique range would mean there

would be no value in sending (replicating) changes

of one site's range to another site.

2) Similar to concatenating, each site could

obtain a different range of numbers by having

different starting points, or increment values,

for the same sequence. As an example, the sequence

at one site could start at one and increment by

two to generate odd numbers (1, 3, 5, etc) while

the other site starts at two and generates even

numbers (2, 4, 6 etc). Again, each site would

have a unique range and could avoid any need for


3) A third option is available to standby

solutions, where the standby site is for read-

only, and does not access the sequence value until

fail-over. Rather than continually replicating a

sequence's value, the value of the sequence at the

standby site could be updated as part of the

failover tasks. After failover and before the

standby allows connection to client applications,

a script or procedure could query the last used

sequence value (based on the last table to use it

for a primary key) and update or redefine the

sequence once, based on that calculated value.

418003 ORACLE ONLY: Executing 'ra_helpfield' with

a non-numeric value for the version or

field id field results in a


418021 The add server wizard fails to add a server and does not display an error when the interface file entry for the server to be added is incorrect or if the server to be added is down.
418026 When a remote RMS is added to a 3-tier environment, the reason field in the detail window is not updated until the user does a manual refresh.
418128 In a 3-tier/RMS environment, the roll-up status for an ASE may not accurately reflect the state of its components.
418136 RMS is not sending updates on changes to its own status to other client applications.
418171 Connection established to materialize a subscription may not get closed after the materialization procedure completes.
418268 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Server script

hds_oracle_setup_for_replicate.sql is missing

synonyms required for DDL replication.

418272 ORACLE ONLY: Date datatype value fails to

replicate when pdb_convert_datetime is false.

418624 ORACLE ONLY: Re-initialization will clear

out the repository if the connection to the

primary database is not available.

418646 ORACLE ONLY: Redo log truncation fails with SQL

error ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded.

If redo log truncation fails, Oracle will

eventually run out of log space, which will cause

all primary database activity to stop.

418751 RS doesn't release memory when MSA repdef and subscription is on the same database as table repdef and subscription.
418781 Introduce a server wide Repserver configuration parameter, deferred_queue_size, for setting

OCS deferred queue size.

418789 PowerDesigner does not close all connections when disconnecting from a repository hosted on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. A repository connection remains open on MS SQL Server for each connection made to the repository. As a result, the amount of open/orphan connections increases by one on the server for each repository connect/disconnect process.

To close the open/orphan connections, either shutdown the PD application or kill the processes in Sql Server.

418803 Failed to assert 'element_ptr->sync_spinlock_owner == RSHandle' at 5434,

'eneric/useful/sync.c' with debug binary.

418961 ORACLE ONLY: The configuration parameter

'truncation_type' is incorrectly initialized to

'interval', not 'locator_update'.

419049 ORACLE ONLY: Marking a table or procedure that has

a delimited name fails with an error similar to:

Table <"qa1_Char"> could not be marked because:

Table <"qa1_Char"> is not in database <or920sh3>.

419094 RS stacks after deleting row from rs_subscription.
419176 RS suddenly slows down for no apparent reason and stays slow
419212 Replication Server stack traces on windows when a lot of routes are being dropped at the same time.
419300 The SMP feature is not available on Linux in GA RS 15.0 release.
419311 ORACLE ONLY: The 'ra_updatedevices'

command does not update the devices


419312 ORACLE ONLY: Warning message for invalid (null)

DDL operation is unnecessarily filling up the log.

419342 High extracted RBA and High extracted LRSN in the status display, may not be from the same DB2 member.
419394 ERROR_CODE should be set to 04 for tables in LTMOBJECTS that do not exist.
419425 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent log reader is

always using iso_1 for char/varchar column

encoding, regardless of the default JAVA

file.encoding or the RA_JAVA_DFLT_CHARSET

environment variable setting.

419517 0C4 in module LTMAPI while handling an incorrect DB2 IMAGE COPY file
419599 DSI does not translate numerics correctly with DB2 function string class on utf8 RS.
419769 ORACLE ONLY: Un-marking of a table

followed by re-marking of the same table

allowed un-marked rows to be replicated.

419786 ORACLE ONLY -- Workaround: A bug exists in

Oracle UTF8 with the and

Oracle JDBC drivers. The bug occurs when selecting

from a column defined as char(1) -- instead of the

select returning a single character, it returns

the character plus a blank (for example, "A ").

The workaround is to use the Oracle

JDBC driver.

419790 Data is replicated when DATACAPTURE CHANGES and LTMOBJECTS.ERROR_CODE is 12.
419838 InstallShield considers the French, Chinese and Japanese languages as components to RS 15.0 and therefore they are not listed specifically listed in the RS Language Modules as part of a "Full" install. These languages will be installed as part of the "Full" installation.

This could be confusing to the user who would expect to see all of the "feature" languages (which are listed) as well as the "component" languages which are not.

419922 ORACLE ONLY: Un-marking of a table

followed by re-marking of the same table

failed to reflect change in owner mode.

419971 ORACLE ONLY: On Unix, when starting the

Replication Agent as a background process in a

Korn or Bourne login shell, the Replication Agent

System Database (RASD) would shut down when

logging off or causing other signals to be raised.

420168 Include ERROR #21 DSI(157ds.db) - open server call to routine 'srv_spawn' failed. message in the Troubleshooting Guide.
420195 Maclib members, APIXITCA and LECMDEXT, required for user exits are missing.
420208 To use batching in replication to DB2, alter connection to set batch_begin to "off" and set dsi_cmd_separator to ";"
420212 hds_xxx_connection_sample.sql implies that batch must be off and the batch clause cannot be included in the create connection command.
420232 ORACLE ONLY: Inability to find the Oracle

timezone.dat file is reported after the Oracle

database metadata is loaded.

420384 ORACLE ONLY: Objects that contain unsupported

data types can not be marked for replication.

The unsupported data types for tables are:

SYS.UriType, SYS.DBUriType, SYS.HttpUriType,



MDSYS.SDO_GEOMETRY, all reference types, all

opaque types, the nested table and VARRAY

collection types and the MLSLABEL type.

The unsupported data types for procedures are:

all user-defined data types, including object

types, all reference types, all opaque types,

the nested table and VARRAY collection types,

the MLSLABEL type and the BOOLEAN type.

420403 When Replication Server 15.0 is installed on top of existing Replication Server 12.6 directory and SYSAM has already been installed as a service by Replication Server 12.6 installation, SYSAM needs to be re-installed again in order to use Replication Server 15.0 release.

In order to do this:


and run

sysam uninstall

sysam install

This will install and start SYSAM service using Replication Server 15.0 release.

420474 Value in High Extracted RBA is for the wrong DB2 member when DB2 member display does not list members in ID order.
420502 The SYNC module has a small memory(16K) leak when memory for the key value is not de-allocated on the global memory header when the SYNC module is managing pointer handles.
420553 ORACLE ONLY: 'pdb_setreptable mark' command

does not return all marked tables.

420554 ORACLE ONLY: When a new user is added to

the owner filter list and the RepAgent is

restarted, the objects owned by the user

are not filtered out for replication.

420612 ORACLE ONLY: Tables that include long columns may

be incorrectly read. Fix requires that

pds_username have 'SELECT' privilege on table


420634 These two files are not used or needed in the 15.0 release of Sybase Central and the Replication Manager Plugin. Execution of these scripts will result in an error, but will do no harm. The 15.0 installer automatically registers the RMP. If a user ever needs to manually register the plugin, they should use the procedure documented in the Replication Manager online Help (select Tools | Plug-ins, click Register, and then specify the plug-in either by registration file or JAR file (you can also browse for the file).
420645 Extra rows are put into rs_routes when a new route is created that is already a source of other routes.
420772 ORACLE ONLY: On Linux, putting the Replication

Agent instance in the background causes the

Replication Agent System Database (RASD) to

shut down when logging off or causing

other signals to be raised.

421079 Repserver may read uninitialized memory when when executing _sts_free_or_transfer_obj().
421237 Prompt does not return from suspend connection if replicate site is in log suspend status.
421335 MSA replication definition is case sensitive, in a nocase enviroment.
421548 Detect and handle local member stop and start.
421587 ORACLE ONLY: When marking a table or procedure

with a replicate name, the replicate name is not

being correctly set.

421783 SQT cache controls modified to support the SMP feature were affecting RS 12.6 latency. This SQT change may not account for all of the increase in latency, it certainly has played a role.
421955 ORACLE ONLY: When all the tables are

marked for replication, the transactions

prior to the marking are also getting


422063 Function that can be used in where clause that will allow a search on a part of a date.
422135 ORACLE ONLY: The user defined data type for

Oracle ROWID was missing.

422273 When a replication definition cannot be found, the

object name in the error message is that of the

primary object, not the replicate object.

422278 ORACLE ONLY: Timestamp values replicated to

Oracle are incorrectly formatted.

422279 ORACLE ONLY: Type created with compilation errors

fails in Replication Agent.

422280 ORACLE ONLY: System table object IDs vary between

9i versions.

422689 Configuration Guides should reference ASE 12.5.1, not ASE 12.6.
422702 Primary Database Guide incorrectly states maximum size of varchar and nvarchar is 2000. It is 4000.
422713 ORACLE ONLY: Initialization fails if the user

specified as the PDS user in the pds_username

configuration parameter is on the owner filter


422714 ORACLE ONLY: The pdb_xlog init command fails


which means the RepAgent thinks it has found a

table with multiple long or long raw columns.

422762 On startup, RA DB2 does not issue message, LAE0155W, for non-zero LTMOBJECTS entries.
422819 ORACLE_ONLY: SQL execution failed message

when marking while in replicating state.

422842 This CR fixes the problem of passwords getting displayed and logged in clear text.
422887 ORACLE ONLY: Null Pointer exception occurred

replicating UDD with numeric attribute.

422970 The RepAgent may have crashed when run on Unix platforms, if a client (for instance, a RepServer monitoring product) was attempting to connect to the RepAgent through JDBC. This problem is now fixed.
423024 ORACLE ONLY: Procedure replication fails

when a procedure is dropped and recreated.

423044 ORACLE ONLY: A small procedure

marked for replication is recreated

with the wrong owner.

423071 ORACLE ONLY: If a procedure is marked for

replication, and subsequently deleted in the

primary database, DDL processing will remove

the marked article, but the shadow table is not


423143 RA DB2 needs to set LTMOBJECTS ERROR_CODE to 08 for LEX0070 error.
423215 ORACLE ONLY: Can't mark partitioned table for


423223 ORACLE ONLY: Initialization error is not clear:

"Could not find Resource Bundle containing index:


423337 Received the following error when starting SYSAM-1_0 daemon on HP-UX 11.11:

12:37:14 (SYBASE) Vendor daemon can't talk to lmgrd (Cannot read data from license server (-16,287:22 "Invalid argument"))

12:37:14 (lmgrd) Please correct problem and restart daemons

To correct this, edit $SYBASE/SYSAM-1_0/bin/ as follows:



# P1 = component directory

ulimit -n 1024

ulimit -H -n 1024

cd $1

$1/bin/lmgrd -c $1/licenses/license.dat -l $1/log/lmgrd.log \

2> $1/log/stderr.out &

Then restart the daemon using this command:


423353 Abend when using image copy of a compressed tablespace in a 16k buffer pool.
423434 ORACLE ONLY: Owner SYSTEM is missing from

the default owner filter list in parameter


423529 ORACLE ONLY: NullPointerException occurs

processing Sequence change on Oracle 9.0.1.

423584 Installation Guide: with RS 12.6 and later, Rep Server can be installed in the same $SYBASE directory as other Sybase products.
423586 ORACLE ONLY: Deadlock occurs while

processing Large LOB.

423621 ORACLE ONLY: Failed to recognize a

stored procedure parameter type of ROWID.

423622 ORACLE ONLY: Owner filter does not prevent

DDL for new procedure from being processed.

423740 ORACLE ONLY: The behavior of the QUIESCE command

has changed. The QUIESCE command waits until all

data in the primary log has been read and sent to

Replication Server before moving the Replication

Agent to ADMIN state.

Previously, the command only waited until the

Replication Agent's internal queues were

processed before moving to ADMIN state.

Customers who need a more immediate transition

of the Replication Agent to ADMIN state should

use the "SUSPEND" command.

423840 RS Java plugin does not allow non-numeric version numbers.
423895 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Server script

'hds_oracle_funcstrings.sql' is not ERSSD

compatible. If you are using Replication Server

12.6 ESD #6 or earlier, then use the script that

is in the RepAgent installation scripts directory

(after applying this EBF). If you are using a

later release of Replication Server, then use the

Replication Server version of this script.

423904 Unicode columns do not replicate correctly when Replication Server is configured with non-utf8 character sets. To replicate unicode columns correctly, turn on trace "RSFEATURE,RSFEATURE_UNICODE_FORMAT_ASE" in Replication Server. This trace will only be available in this 15.2 1OFF.
423927 ORACLE ONLY: "pdb_xlog init,force"

command fails with a Null Pointer Exception

423929 ORACLE ONLY: "pdb_xlog init,force"

command fails with error "Article

with id <> not found".

424109 ORACLE ONLY: Error from OracleArticleException

"The position <> is out of bound for the article <>"

is seen when processing a table row that is very wide

(has many columns and/or many columns populated

with large values).

424125 ORACLE ONLY: Replication of LOB data

fails with ClassCastException.

424261 use primary key of table with text to improve perf of writetext and replication
424383 Allow function replication definitions to be created with a name that is different from the replicated stored proc in the primary database.
424459 ORACLE ONLY: An update operation to a table

with more than one unique index fails

in Replication Server because the 'where'

clause contains no value.

This problem is related to Oracle behavior,

and what supplemental data is written to the

Oracle redo logs.

If a table has no primary key column defined, and

that table has more than one unique constraint

defined, Oracle will record only one of the

constraint column values in the redo log. The

selection of which column will be logged is

determined arbitrarily by Oracle.

To insure that a table with no primary key

column has the correct primary key designation

in any replication definition for that table,

the replication definition primary key list

should include ALL of the columns represented

by unique constraints. This will allow

Replication Server to use whichever constraint

columns are logged for that table as the

primary key.

424482 User who runs set replication ['on' | force_ddl | 'default' | 'off'] requires replication_role
424602 ORACLE ONLY: Migration doesn't set the current

build number in the repository.

424620 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Server user that

supports Oracle replication (defined to

rs_username configuration parameter) requires

"CREATE OBJECT" permission be granted in

Replication Server. This permission is

required in order to create replication

definitions automatically or using the

rs_create_repdef command.

424815 DDL commands performed by a guest user generates a

TransactionException: User with id <2> not found.

424855 ORACLE ONLY: A BufferUnderflowException

is seen. The stack trace includes the

parseSupplementalData signature.

424950 Provide a trace that shows all log records not sent to the Rep Server because they were rejected by the User Exit.
425147 The ASA Replication Agent (dbltm.exe) fails when the RMS attempts to establish a connection. Apply the following EBF to the dbltm.exe: ASA v8.0.3 EBF(5369), ASA v9.0.2 EBF(3272) and ASA v10.0.0.
425150 The RMS reports inconsistent and false server status when you execute multiple UAF servers on the same computer. At UAF server startup, the RMS generates the following message in the error log if a UAF server is already running:

2006-03-10 12:57:16,520 INFO [main] RMIService(136) - Starting RMI Service...

2006-03-10 12:57:16,629 ERROR [RMIRegistryThread] RMIRegistryServiceStarter(34) - Failed to start rmi registry.

java.rmi.server.ExportException: Port already in use: 9999; nested exception is: Address already in use

at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.listen(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPTransport.exportObject(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint.exportObject(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.transport.LiveRef.exportObject(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.server.UnicastServerRef.exportObject(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.registry.RegistryImpl.setup(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.registry.RegistryImpl.<init>(Unknown Source)

at java.rmi.registry.LocateRegistry.createRegistry(Unknown Source)


Caused by: Address already in use

at Method)

at Source)

at Source)

at<init>(Unknown Source)

at<init>(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.transport.proxy.RMIDirectSocketFactory.createServerSocket(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.transport.proxy.RMIMasterSocketFactory.createServerSocket(Unknown Source)

at sun.rmi.transport.tcp.TCPEndpoint.newServerSocket(Unknown Source)

... 9 more

2006-03-10 12:57:17,799 ERROR [main] RMIService(142) - Failed to start RMI Connector server. Cannot bind to URL [rmi://abonner-sun:9999/agent]: javax.naming.NameAlready

BoundException: agent [Root exception is java.rmi.AlreadyBoundException: agent]

425157 The RMS heartbeat process uses the Replication Server rs_ticket feature. This feature is only supported by Replication Server version 12.6 and later. However, Replication Server 12.6, unlike Replication Server 15.0, sends rs_ticket transactions to versions of the Replication Server earlier than 12.6, and this causes connection suspensions.
425285 ORACLE ONLY: LONG or LONG RAW values

with a length of more than 32K fail

with an "Invalid token length encountered"

error message.

425504 ORACLE ONLY: Setting ltl_origin_time_required

fails to include the origin time.

425670 rs_helprep does not report UDDs used in column/parameter defintions or the use of "map to" clauses defined for columns/parameters.
425674 Queue latency triggers continue to execute at each monitoring interval even if they are set up to only execute once.
425676 The API used to create a trigger for a connection does not allow the user to distinguish between the Rep Agent part of the connection and the DSI part.
425836 ORACLE ONLY: The generated replication

definitions are not automatically dropped

when you unmark all the tables.

425863 ORACLE ONLY: Before this bug fix, the name

generated for a Replication Definition could

duplicate a name that was previously generated.

This duplication caused the Replication Definition

creation request for a subsequent object to be


Replication definition names were generated as


Table name Replication Definition Name


order$req ra$orderreq_rd

orderreq ra$orderreq_rd

my.orderreq ra$orderreq_rd

your.orderreq ra$orderreq_rd

Now, a unique identifier is added to the

replication definition name. The unique

identifier is a maximum of 8 characters,

and the total name length is a maximum of

30 characters.

Replication definition names are now generated as


Table name Replication Definition Name


order$req ra$0x794a_orderreq

orderreq ra$0x7952_orderreq

my.orderreq ra$0xa154_orderreq

your.orderreq ra$0xa155_orderreq

425990 ORACLE ONLY: An error occurs when marking a

table for replication that was created by

Replication Server.

426112 If a dump database occurs before a bad transaction, sysadmin log_first_tran will incorrectly log

the dump database command... not the bad transaction. The Workaround is to resume the connection

with a skip transaction to skip the dump database command, then run sysadmin log_first_tran to

log the correct transaction in the exceptions log.

426134 ORACLE ONLY: Error "Error adding session

<SessionNumber=?, SerialNumber=?, User=null>

to repository" is encountered.

426203 RS126x. alter replication definition with map fails
426287 The JRE 1.4 that is used by Sybase Central 4.3 contains a security hole in the JPasswordField. A user can cut or copy the value in the field then paste it into an editor to see the actual password. The RM Plug-in does not populate JPasswordFields with the actual password. However, a user can still get access to the password if the field is filled out but the dialog is not closed.
426300 ORACLE ONLY: A Replication Definition

was created incorrectly for a table

containing a column of type OBJECT.

426309 The AIX version of RS 12.6 may have memory optimizations that cause problems. Specific synchronizations procedures must be provided on AIX to guarantee update order of shared memory locations.
426408 RA DB2 fails decompressing data using the data dictionary from a full image copy if the DB2 datasharing member had previously been QUIESCed and followed by some inserts.
426438 Repserver is not trapping all signals, in particular, Signal 4 will terminate a repserver. Even when trapped, Repserver will not produce a stacktrace, nor will Repserver produce a core file.
426444 RA DB2 truncates a 255-byte string to 250 for a DB2 CHARACTER(255) column when the config property, Long_varchar, is set to "Y".
426455 Replicating encrypted columns may not work correctly. The replicated data may have garbled text that can not be decrypted if the "set cipher text" command result is not processed completely(in some version of ASE) this situation may arise.
426602 DDL (eg "create table") replication to an MSA target database

not configured for "ddl in tran" succeeds of the source database

is a "logical connection," but fails with ASE error 2762 if the

source database is a "physical connection."

426644 IllegalStateException in LTI LTLFormatter sends

RepAgent to ADMIN state.

426698 rs_helpdb system procedure cannot output state of 'suspend log transfer' and 'suspend connection' correctly.
426705 If value of rs_databases.dist_status/src_status column is 0x3, there is no description of about in refarence manual.
426986 RMS must be upgraded to support Sybase UAF version 2.0.
427012 ORACLE ONLY: A Replication Definition

could not be successfully created for

a table containing a column of type


427137 S0C7 abend while decompressing data from a compressed partitioned DB2 tablespace.
427202 Parallel DSI options "none" and "wait_for_start" can cause problems for RS in some situations.
427276 If the ASA Replication Agent lost it's connection to the Rep Server while running in continuous mode, it would have shut down immediately and reported a fatal error. The Replication Agent will now remain running and retry the connection to the Rep Server every 60 seconds until it connects again, or the user shuts down the Replication Agent.
427279 The Rep Agent must be stopped or non-existant on the the active database, before the switch active is issued.
427480 Enhancement to provide a RS command that will allow customers to put messages in the RS log.
427708 Enhance create route design so that it happens faster and does not lock up ASE resources.
427868 rs_helprep fails to show published datatype & len after 'map to' clause was used
427885 RS executables 'rs_init' and 'repserver' do not

allow the use of Veritas raw partitions.

428030 ORACLE ONLY: Replication of rollback to savepoint


428388 Encountered NullPointerException in


while attempting to retrieve a row on a page

during replication.

428391 Encountered IllegalArgumentException in

ds.ase.device.Page.getBufferSlice() while

attempting to retrieve a row on a page

during replication.

428412 Add example of create statement for warm standby repdef.
428449 The default values and upper limits of serveral RS configuration paramters have been extended in RS 12.6 ESD #7:

exec_sqm_write_request_limit: default: 1MB, upper limit: 2GB

md_sqm_write_request_limit: default: 1MB, upper limit: 2GB

sub_sqm_write_request_limit: default: 1MB, upper limit: 2GB

rsi_batch_size: upper limit: 128MB

For exististing replication environments the user will need to manually change the above parameters detault values.

428988 The RM Plug-in will provide the ability to create connections, database rep defs, and database subscriptions for the ASE master database. Master database replication is only supported in ASE 15.0 ESD #1 or greater.
429030 RS stack trace reporting in RS log file is not complete. Debug binary stack trace is OK.
429124 The RM Plug-in displays the threads that are currently executing in the Replication Server. Each thread displays a corresponding icon. When connected to an RMS environment, the icons do not display the correct status. Additionally, the user threads do not display the user icon.
429152 Alarm Handler should not expect sync elements to be accessed. RS errorlog will report, Sync element NULL does not exist in the dynamic element list. RS should not report this problem.
429435 Reflect changes of user-passwords done in RepServer in the config file and the ASE

holding the RSSD database

429482 Dropping an existing RMS from the RM plug-in causes a Java stack trace.
429506 RepConnector does not preserve the

white spaces on column data containing

only white spaces or leading/trailing

white spaces when it generates the

XML document.

429508 Due to an Oracle 8, 9i database limitation

on the size of a string literal, when

replicating events from messaging to

database, RepConnector is unable to

process LOB data containing more

than 4000 characters.

A "ORA-01704:string literal too long"

error will be returned by Oracle when

processing data greater than

4000 characters.

429511 When replicating events from messaging to an Oracle database,

RepConnector is unable to parse Oracle formatted datetime.

429843 On Unix, when starting the Replication Agent as a

background process in a Korn or Bourne login shell,

the Replication Agent System Database (RASD) would

shut down when logging off or causing other signals

to be raised.

429844 Exception "java.lang.IllegalStateException:

Device <log_raw1> is not open" is seen after

initialization or re-initialization of the

Replication Agent.

429938 Replication Server and RepAgent threads may hang when RS reports "Stable Device full" error. The thread wakeup routines are blocked by this message will not allow the connection to progess. Having one RepServer managing 2 Warm/Standby connections, when a RepAgent thread is stopped due to lack of free space in Stable Device, one Warm/Standby RepAgent restart and continues where the other one continues to "hanging" even there is free space in Stable Device.
430224 Provide new RCL in Rep Server that will allow a Rep Agent to notify RS to change and activate a new truncation point without stopping any process.
430414 Add monitoring capability via console command.
430416 In the event for certain business reasons that a sizeable group of "unwanted", long DB2 transactions should be excluded from replication, some customer may like to see RAD enhanced so that the action of unmarking a table in the LTMOBJECTS e.g. using a specific ERROR_CODE as an indicator, would take effect immediately
430470 rs_init with resource file, completes before the standby connection is completed.
430478 rs_init enhancements: additional verification that RA box is checked, ability to let the customer take appropriate action if a RA is already configured on a database, verify that RA on active database is up as a condition for completely standby side setup.
430696 During the initial install of the Replication Agent, the installer was failing to install the file objectid.dat. This would have lead the dsedit utility to fail with the error: "Fail to Initialize LIBTCL.DLL". This is fixed by adding the objectid.dat file.
430853 The RM Plug-in does not display logical connections in an RMS domain. The RM Plug-in will display the logical connections in a folder under the controlling Replication Server.
430855 Added optional parameter 'zero' to the ra_locator

command. When used with the ra_locator command,

the 'zero' keyword instructs the Replication

Agent to set the value of the LTM Locator stored

in the Replication Agent System Database to zero.

If the value of the LTM Locator returned from the

primary Replication Server is zero, the

Replication Agent uses the LTM Locator value

stored in the Replication Agent System Database

to determine the point in the transaction log

from which to start reading data.

If the value of the LTM Locator in the

Replication Agent System Database is also zero,

the Replication Agent starts reading the

transaction log based on the database's secondary

truncation point setting.

431012 The RM Plug-in does not display the properties dialog when a server's status is down. If the properties dialog is not available, then the user cannot reset usernames, passwords, or connection information. The user must be able to change the information that is used by the RM Plug-in or the RMS when a server is down.
431133 ORACLE ONLY: Replication fails for update

operations that are chained across multiple log


431316 RS may fail when a transaction is is partially removed from the outbound queue and has not been assigned a destination DSI thread. This issue may appear when the db_packet_size is set > 512 and/or SMP turned on and there are multiple replicate DBs and one of the DSI connections gets behind the others. RS error log will likely report a problem in Thread dALARM().
431328 After LPAR being taken down abruptly and restarted, RA DB2 terminates on startup with JES2LOG showing the QID containing the EBCDIC character string "STOP".
431422 SySAM extracts license of different version, when ASE_DRECOVERY key shipped to RepServer12.6 is expanded. SySAM extracts license of RepServer12.5 to license.dat.
431424 License version of RepServer contained in ASE_DRECOVERY key is the same.

When versions of ASE_DRECOVERY and RepServer differ, RepServer cannot use entered license.

431524 ORACLE ONLY: Encountered NullPointerException in



431663 rs_helpsub on an MSA database subscription, provides incorrect listing on rs_helpsub
431672 If the UAF is started from a directory other then $SYBASE/ua/bin, the RMS will create a directory structure, configuration file and log file in the wrong directory. Additionally, it will not be able to find the RSSD SQL scripts. The user must change the directory to $SYBASE/ua/bin before starting the UAF.
431674 The configure connections command displays the configuration parameters correctly, but does not set a value correctly. The RMS incorrectly reports that the connection parameter was changed.
431676 The RMS reports the Replication Server status as 'Active' when the ASE RSSD is down. The state integer constant is correct but the status value is incorrect.
431682 ORACLE ONLY: A table that was dropped and

re-created was not re-marked for replication


431704 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: The "pdb_xlog init"

command may return an error similar to the

following: Msg 32000, Level 20, State 0:

Server 'raevdevl', Procedure 'pdb_xlog init',

Line 1: Command <pdb_xlog> failed - String index

out of range: -3

431734 stable device not released after processing an "empty" transaction (one with just a begin and commit)
431970 Allow automatic materialization of multiple ASA databases with the same ASA database name
432107 Provide capability to override start point easily and the ability to remove an open transaction from the RA DB2 list of inflight transactions.
432182 ORACLE ONLY: TransactionException:

"Could not set article <SYS.IND$>"

encountered during replication.

432263 dALARM thread sometimes encounters signal 11 and Replication Server goes down with a core file

if SMP and parallel DSI are enabled.

432304 ORACLE ONLY: "Error initializing change vector"

is seen along with a "NoSuchElementException"

432680 ORACLE ONLY: Error "Error initializing change

vector" occurred, including an


432821 batch set to "off" does not display as part of the ifnormation in rs_helpdb on an ERSSD.
432904 ORACLE ONLY: Encountered "IllegalArgumentException:

Unknown replication status -1" error when a column

from the primary database did not match the

position of the Replication Definition for the

same column.

433210 On Windows and Linux operating systems, after

migrating from any version prior to release

12.6.4049P7 and starting replication, a Runtime

exception during date conversion will send MRA

to ADMIN state if the LRTRACE trace flag is


To work around this issue, disable the LRTRACE

trace flag and re-start replication. Once the

truncation point is updated by Replication

Server, the LRTRACE trace flag can be re-enabled.

433292 Add user configurable parameter to update the truncation point during time of no replication activity.
433597 ORACLE ONLY: Encountered an Iterator Exception

against table SYS.IND$

433671 Decompression fails and loops, repeating the message "LEXTRACE LTM Loading Image Copy file ..."
433693 Create a new command or extend an existing command so that RS will update the type "E" row in rs_locater for a connection. This CR is similar to 430224.
433973 Error expanding compressed data from current log.
434105 Assertion failure after stable device is full, RS will crash. It can be restarted and a new partition added immediately.
434248 ORACLE ONLY: Replicating datatype nchar receives

an error in Replication Server:

ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column

434314 rs_locater is not updated when "get truncation" command is received.
434624 Failure decompressing data reading the dictionary in image-copy.
434659 The admin utility fails to list the

verifiable Replication Agent instances.

434812 coordinated dumps fail to replicate when just publication subscription is used -- dumpdb & dumptran fail to replicate


create a simple subscription to a simple repdef


create a subscription to a function replication definition

434908 RS will generate an incorrect RUN file if the path to the %SYBASE% location is very long.
434958 In RS 12.6 GA the maximum SQT cache size of the inbound queue of the DIST thread is controlled by global parameter 'sqt_max_cache_size', all the maximum SQT cache sizes for of the inbound queues must be the same. Now we added a new parameter 'dist_sqt_max_cache_size', every inbound queue has a maximum SQT cache size for the DIST thread can be configured individually as follows with the command:

alter connection to data_server.database set

dist_sqt_max_cache_size to 'value'

After restarting the Repserver, you can check the newly configured value using the following command(verified with the field named 'SqtMaxCache'):

admin who, dist

435228 Memory leak fix in RSM ESD #3, does not appear in later EBFs.
435249 RS admin commands display OCS thread ID making it difficult to map RS threads to OS threads. RS will now use the OS thread ID. For backward compatibility, add a new trace, RS_OCS_SPID. This trace can only be openned through RS configure file. Once Repserver starts, we cannot switch spid. Turning RS_OCS_SPID on or off after Repserver starts does not make any effect.
435367 Added support for replication of encrypted columns

available in Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.4.

435380 SYGW3 missing from 12.6.9 MACLIB
435479 Tested and reproduced with PD 12.0 and PD 12.0 EBF#4

When working in group and using Repository using models with replicated objects, the replicated objects lose the reference from the original object when source model objects to be replicated are changed, consolidated again, and then the target models are extracted.

435555 RS "stats_sampling" has problems, when it is turned "on", issuing the "admin stats" command with a nonzero time period does not turn "stats_sampling" off. And when "stat_sampling" is "off", issuing "admin stats" with a nonzero time period does not turn "stats_sampling" on.
436182 To turn on encryption, the RSSD_primary_user of the Rep Server must have replication_role or sa_role.
436304 When using rs_init to turn on password encryption, the screen blinks with no message indicating if the action is successful or not.
436490 Support IQ identity syntax
436686 ORACLE ONLY: NCLOB data, and CLOB data

from multi-byte databases, are

replicated as type 'image' to

Replication Server version 12.6.

436944 ORACLE ONLY: Received error

"A commit is seen, but a multi-record

operation reference is still open".

437188 Changed the behavior of RS handling of CS_SV_API_FAIL, instead of this being a fatal error, this error will now cause the corresponding RS thread to suspend instead of core dump.
437280 Invalid value in hds_msss_funcstrings.sql for function string "rs_dsi_check_thread_lock" causes failures in MS SQL Server function string.
437436 ORACLE_ONLY: Command pdb_skip_op fails

with NullPointer Exception

437947 Improve text processing to warm standby

supports Windows authentication only with the

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver version

1.1 (June 2006). For details on how to configure

RepAgent/MsSQL to use this driver, please see

the description of bugfix #438563.

438257 RA DB2 fails decompressing DB2 log data if there is one image copy per partition in the partitioned tablespace with either "IEC020I GET ISSUED AFTER END-OF-FILE" or "LEX0032 Error expanding compressed data".
438259 RS 12.6 esd#6 does not detect deadlock error 1205 from ASE
438262 A series of Reorgs, updates, inserts, and image copies causes an 0C7 abend.
438493 Repository update from 11 to 12 fails with error on Sybase ASE

The customer is upgrading from PD 11.0.0 <no ebfs> to 12.0.0.

During the upgrade, they get the following error message:

Msg 207, Level 16, State 4 Server 'SYBDEV32', Line 1 Invalid column name 'OTYP'.

In testing, this issue has been reproduced when the repository is installed on ASE.

For my tests, I used ASE 12.5.4.

To reproduce:

Repository DBMS = ASE 12.5.4

1) Create a repository on PD 10.1.0 EBF12

2) Updated the repository to 11.0.0 GA

3) Updated the repository to 12.1.0 GA

4) In the generation log, search for ODBC, it will bring you to the error.

*** Executing statement 2429:

update PMPDMVIEW set TTYP=(select pt.TDAT from PMTEXT pt where pt.TXID=OTYP)

[DataDirect][ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver][SQL Server]Invalid column name 'OTYP'.


438496 The RMS documentation does not contain the list of parameters that the RMS passes to a process when an event trigger is executed.
438511 Set rs_charset to an acceptable default value during installation
438563 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: RepAgent now supports

the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver version

1.1 (June 2006) along with the DataDirect SQL

Server JDBC driver that is distributed with


NOTE that in order to replicate from Microsoft

SQL Server 2005 requires that you use the

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver. To replicate

from Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Sybase recommends

that you also use the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC

driver instead of the DataDirect SQL Server JDBC

driver that is distributed with RepAgent.

If you wish to continue to use the DataDirect SQL

Server JDBC driver, be sure that the RepAgent

property pds_connection_type is set to "MSMERJDBC"

(without the quotes). For details, see the

Replication Agent documentation.

By default, new RepAgent/MsSQL instances that you

create after applying this EBF are configured to

use the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver. You can

use this driver on both Windows and Unix systems.

To use the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver:


1. Obtain the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver

from here (the URL should be all on one line):



Install the JDBC driver on the machine on which

RepAgent is running or where RepAgent can

access it.

2. Before starting the RepAgent, add the location

of the JDBC driver to the CLASSPATH environment


On Unix:

setenv CLASSPATH /path_name/sqljdbc.jar:$CLASSPATH

where path_name is the path where you installed

the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver.

On Windows 2000 or 2003, go to

Start-->Settings-->Control Panel-->System-->

Environment, and add the following to the

existing CLASSPATH environment variable, using

the semicolon (;) as the path separator, or

create the path in the User Variables panel:



drive is the drive letter, and

path_name is the name of the path where you

installed the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver

Click Apply, then OK.

3. For an existing RepAgent/MsSQL instance to pick

up the new value of the CLASSPATH environment:

On Unix, stop the RepAgent instance, define the

CLASSPATH as described in step #2, then restart

the instance.

On Windows, stop the RepAgent, close the DOS

window, open a new DOS window, then restart the

RepAgent instance.

4. For an existing RepAgent/MsSQL instance, in

ADMIN mode, configure the pds_connection_type

to use the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver:

ra_config pds_connection_type, MSSQLJDBC

then stop and restart the existing instance.

For new instances of RepAgent/MsSQL that you

create after applying this EBF, MSSQLJDBC is

the default value.

5. In RepAgent, configure the following properties

(for details, see the Replication Agent

documentation) using values appropriate for the

primary Microsoft SQL Server:

ra_config pds_server_name, <server>

ra_config pds_port_number, <port>

ra_config pds_database_name, <database>

ra_config pds_username, <ra_user>

ra_config pds_password, <ra_pwd>

To use Windows Authentication with the Microsoft

SQL Server JDBC driver:


When running RepAgent/MsSQL on a Windows platform,

you have the option of configuring RepAgent/MsSQL

to connect to Microsoft SQL Server so that it will

use Windows credentials to authenticate the user.

NOTE that this feature is available only when

RepAgent/MsSQL is running on Windows 2000 or

Windows 2003 and requires Microsoft SQL Server

2000 SP 3 (or later) or Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

To use Windows Authentication:

1. In your primary Microsoft SQL Server, add the

<ra_user> as a Windows-authenticated user,

including the user's domain as appropriate.

For details, please refer your Microsoft SQL

Server documentation. Be sure to also add the

<ra_user> to the primary database and grant

appropriate permissions.

2. On the machine on which the RepAgent/MsSQL will

be running, add <domain>\<ra_user> to the

Windows user account. If no domain, then add

just <ra_user> to the Windows user account.

3. On the machine on which the RepAgent/MsSQL will

be running, copy the sqljdbc_auth.dll file from

the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver location

to a directory on the Windows system path.

When you installed the Microsoft SQL Server

JDBC driver, the sqljdbc_auth.dll files were

installed in the following location:


NOTE: On a 32-bit processor, use the

sqljdbc_auth.dll file in the x86 folder. On a

64-bit processor, use the sqljdbc_auth.dll file

in the x64 folder.

4. On the machine on which RepAgent/MsSQL will be

running, login as the <ra_user> and start the

RepAgent/MsSQL instance.

5. Log into RepAgent and configure the

connectivity properties described previously

(up above in step #5), though you can omit


6. Also configure the RepAgent

pds_integrated_security property to "true":

ra_config pds_integrated_security, true

By default, this property is set to "false".

7. Continue configuring/using RepAgent as

described in Replication Agent documentation.

438722 Request to provide summarized information by transaction per queue including where the begin is located per transaction, how much space is being consumed by transaction and number of commands in transaction (regardless of state).
438850 Desire a better license methodology for small businesses
438866 ORACLE ONLY: The "alter package compile" command

fails when the package was originally created

with errors.

439102 Primary user lacks permissions to perform the upgrade script.
439352 Class level inheritance for datatype translations
439701 RA DB2 does not detect Datacapture being set on or off.
439715 RS 12.6 ESD #7 does not move transactions to the inbound queue fast enough.
439963 The Add Server wizard retrieves the wrong connection specification for a server if the connection specification contains extra spaces at the end of the line in the interfaces file.
439986 RS goes down and also hangs when dropping large number of replication defintions and subscriptions in a short period of time.
440658 Request for Add Partition and Create Partition to check raw device size against requested partition size to ensure that the requested partition size isn't greater than the raw device size.
440890 Add support for 'NT Authentication' as a connection option for the Repository Proxy Server.

For direct connections to the repository, the customer uses NT Authentication.

They would like to use this same for the proxy server.


This issue has been reviewed by engineering and has been closed with the status 'Not to be fixed' and the following explanation for this decision:

We currently do not intend to let the dabase connection user be changed with proxy.

There is only one db user that can be defined in the proxy configuration tool. We do not see why there is a need to deduce the db connection user from the NT user on the client. We do not see which advantadge the customer could have from thid.

Even if this is possible today with a direct connection, this is really not recommended....

Right management in repository is based on repository user not on db user.

440908 When executing Find Objects from the repository browser, 'entity attributes' are returned without a name or code. As a result, end users are unable to search specific text strings.

The workaround is to search a specific CDM from the workspace browser

440978 Improve consolidation performance via the Proxy server. The 12.1.0, Proxy server only improved extractions. Thus this is only a partial solution for WAN environments.
440980 "admin statistics, dsi" doesn' report any information when connection name > 40
441244 ORACLE ONLY: Shadow table columns RA_TRAN_ID_ and

RA_OP_ID_ are created with precision 9 instead

of 19.

After applying this EBF, you must migrate each

existing Replication Agent instance that has

marked tables or procedures:

1 - Start the Replication Agent instance

2 - Login to the Replication Agent instance

and issue the following command:


After the instance migration is complete, you may

resume replication:


441344 rs_subcmp: Capability to write "reconciliation" statements to a file.
441360 The RMS loses its configuration if the UAF is started as a Windows service. Servers added to the RMS when the UAF was started from the command line will not be part of the domain if the UAF is restarted as a service.
441994 Check for valid value of memory_limit at startup.
442044 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent's repository procedure

handling maps system object ids prior to system

object id map completion.

442079 RSI stacks with signal 11 and ll_next
442163 The RS executable 'rs_init' incorrectly displays

the date in the 'Configure a Server Product'

option as 'Sep 18 106 17:54' rather than 'Sep 18

2006 17:54'.

442273 Allow RS principal name to be different from RS server name.
442325 If SMP enable is off, RS code should send 1 for the number of CPUs needed.
442464 Drop connection is allowed during switch active
442478 Replication Server may core dump in DSI due to memory issue.
442570 Capability to have a warm standby over a route. This includes the abilility to issue a single command to "switch active"
442587 Allow custom function strings for warm standby connections
442640 ORACLE ONLY: Rep Agent fails with error:

"A commit is seen, but a multi-record

operation reference is still open"

442701 If a database-level subscription exists, using an ISQL script to drop

multiple replication definitions may cause a deadlock cycle that spans

the ASE server and the RS server (i.e. an application deadlock). If the

ISQL script is interrupted with a Ctrl-C.

442814 When define with dump marker and a load is NOT done at the target, the connection suspends because activate subscription is not ignored.
442921 CPU license checking uses obsolete implementation to derive CPU count
443080 ERROR #30022 DIST: Invalid command encountered in distributor. smd_cmd = 114, status = 8000000 on rollback command issued by RA DB2.
443118 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent does not report an error

when user attempts to unmark an unmarked object

(table, procedure, sequence).

443197 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails

with error: LTI unable to process

unsupported operation: -1(UNDEFINED)

443289 ORACLE ONLY: Primary key data is missing

from update to large table.

443777 LTMAPI abends with 1403.
443802 RS deadlocks when one thread holds the FSTR_GLOBAL_FSOBJ_MUTEX_C and attempts to access the rs_subscriptions table, while another thread has rs_subscription table locked and attempting to obtain the FSTR_GLOBAL_FSOBJ_MUTEX_C.
444045 rs_subcmp cores on strcmp when key columns are included in select statement more than once.
444062 hds_msss_funcstrings.sql script missing asterisk for ending a comment.
444311 Allow the MSA replication to honor the "send standby all columns" capability available in warm standby.
444312 ll_del when customer shuts down target ASE server while RS connections are active.
444460 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent does not correctly read a

certain type of commit log record.

444596 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent does not correctly process the

rename option for an alter table DDL command.

445067 RepAgent can lose data when Replication Server

terminates abnormally.

445068 Replication Agent goes to ADMIN state without

retrying connection after Replication Server


445204 Rep Agent abend, 818-18, when log records for a partitioned table space are being processed.
445206 Rep Agent goes into a wait state when a table space that RA is using is stopped.
445287 Added new Replication Agent command



Allows one or more tables to be 'disabled' from

replication. Allows previously disabled tables to

be re-enabled, and allows the current status of

existing tables to be listed.

This command can be used to disable replication

of tables whose content need not be replicated.

Disabling replication in the Replication Agent

overrides the marking status established in the

primary Adaptive Server Enterprise database by

ASE commands sp_setreptable and sp_reptostandby.


To return replication enabled status:

pdb_setreptable {tablename|enable|disable}

To enable, or disable all marked tables:

pdb_setreptable all, {enable|disable}

To enable, or disable a specified table:

pdb_setreptable tablename, {enable|disable}



The name of a user table in the primary database.

The tablename parameter can be owner-qualified to

include the primary table owner name, with each

element separated by a period. For example:


This parameter can be delimited with quote

characters to specify the character case.

If mixed character case (both uppercase and

lowercase) is required, the name must be

delimited. For example:




A keyword that refers to all tables in the

primary database. By using the all keyword you

can apply an enable or disable operation to

all marked tables.


A keyword that refers to enabling replication for

marked tables.


A keyword that refers to disabling replication

for marked tables.

Usage notes:

If pdb_setreptable is invoked with no parameter,

it returns a list of all marked tables in the

primary database for which replication is

enabled. Note this is the same result returned

when the enable keyword is supplied.

If pdb_setreptable is invoked with a table name,

it returns complete marking information about

the specified primary table.

If pdb_setrepable is invoked with the enable

keyword, it returns a list of all marked tables

in the primary database for which replication is


If pdb_setrepable is invoked with the disable

keyword, it returns a list of all marked tables

in the primary database for which replication is


If pdb_setreptable is invoked with a table name

and the disable keyword, it disables future

replication of activity which occurs against

the specified marked table.

If pdb_setreptable is invoked with a table name

and the enable keyword, replication is re-enabled

for the specified marked table that was

previously disabled.

When pdb_setreptable is invoked with the all

keyword and an action keyword (enable or disable)

the action specified is applied to all marked

tables in the primary database.

If pdb_setreptable is invoked with the all and

disable keywords, it disables replication for all

marked tables in the primary database.

If pdb_setreptable is invoked with the all and

enable keywords, it enables replication for all

marked tables in the primary database that were

previously disabled.

Note that the output from command pdb_setreptable

contains several columns of information,

including the table's owner, name, mark and

enabled status. Only the result of the 'Enabled'

column can be changed using the pdb_setreptable

command. Other column values are only


Note that the output from command pdb_setreptable

contains some column values which mimic output

from other Replication Agents and their usage is

not applicable to ASE. The results from these

columns are returned as "N/A".


pdb_setreptable authors

This command returns replication marking

information for the table named authors in the

primary database.

pdb_setreptable disable

This command returns replication marking

information for all marked tables for which

replication has been disabled.

pdb_setreptable all, enable

This command enables replication for all marked

tables in the primary database.

pdb_setreptable authors, enable

This command enables replication for the marked

table authors in the primary database.

445288 If the user configures the RSSD login information

incorrectly then resumes replication, the RepAgent


445292 When executing "admin stats", RS tries to clear existing stats. If the last statistics run was large, the RS initiates a transaction in the RSSD that will insert rows in the rs_statsdetail table. The RSSD log may suspend causing the RS to hang.
445355 RepAgent for DB2 UDB terminates with user 1402 abend when DB2 returns CCSID zero and the RepAGent's Codepage "force" option is not set on.
445371 ORACLE ONLY: Executing quiesce command during

large LOB processing can causes Replication Agent

to hang.

445413 Username returned from "get maintenance user" command can be incorrect
445432 Create trace for maintenance user and parse the maintenance user from RS to get the correct maintenance username.
445437 Some errors during runtime are logged as "Could

not find Resource Bundle containing index: XXX"

where XXX is a message key.

445592 Though documented, the 2-parameter version of the

pdb_get_procedure_parms is missing. This version

of the command returns the list of all parameters

for a specific owner and procedure.

445606 If an RS server user thread (i.e. ISQL) suspends due to locking issues,

interrupting the RS server user thread with Ctrl-C will sometimes cause

the RS server to terminate immediately.

445691 Transactions done by the maintenance user are replicated.
445759 In a WS environment, if the active

database is not replicating transactions

at the time a switch active is

initiated, when the switch active

completes, changes to the new standby

(former active) database is incorrectly

written into the inbound queue of the

logical connection.

446024 New JREs are required in order to correctly support

the USA's change, effective in March 2007, as to

when Daylight Saving Time starts and stops. The

following JREs, which have the Daylight Saving Time

fix, also have a bug related to the use of the

JISAutoDetect character set:

Solaris SPARC, Linux, Windows: 1.4.2_12

HP PA-RISC: 1.4.2_11

As a workaround, RepAgent currently does not

support this character set on *any* platform.

The JISAutoDetect character set "Detects and

converts from Shift-JIS, EUC-JP, ISO 2022 JP

(conversion to Unicode only)".

446030 rs_subcmp when attempting to reconcile tables with text columns and a the value of the key column include a "%", error messages 105 and 102 are raised reporting "Unclosed quote before the character string '='" and "Incorrect syntax near '='"
446198 Allow ASE specific function strings (especially rs_set_ciphertext) to not be triggered or to not send anything (not even a line terminator or blank) to the target server.
446282 RepAgent for Oracle cannot be worked as Windows Service.

ra.bat cannot be entered into Windows Service.

446289 When First Segment of SQM moves by one transaction, if Rep is rebooted, Block# of First Seg will be set to 1.

But Block# is returned to the correct position, when new transaction begins.

6146 errors will be caused if quiece_check is executed by the way in this state. But this error is mistake.

446410 Output for statistic

"Log reposition point locator"

has an invalid hex value indicator.

446705 High CPU use when Support_DB2_comp_rec=N on non-datasharing environments.
447261 When RA is run as a started task, the started task userid must have sysadm authority on DB2.
447265 sysadmin sqt_dump_queue produces assertion error and stack.
447271 RA DB2 abends with RS 15.0 and use_repdefs = Y.
447318 RS may hang or be non-responsive for a short

interval, due to the incorrect calls to the

non-thread safe routine 'localtime()'. Calls to

this routine are replaced with calls to the

thread safe routine 'localtime_r()'.

447740 Define subscription command with dump marker will put message in RS log indicating that data can be replicated prematurely.
447749 Define MSA subscription without "use dump marker" clause does not replicate data to target.
447765 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent incorrectly reads the log

record that is generated when a table is altered

by dropping a column with data rows.

447797 This issue appears to be related to CR 396183.

Repository server : MS SQL Server 2000

Target DBMS: DB2 8 common server

Proxy server: PDM with views fails to extract from migrated repository

Customer has upgraded from PD 11.x to PD 12.1.0 EBF2. Via a direct connection to the repository, they can consolidate and extract all models. However, via a proxy server connection, they get the following error message when extracting a PDM:

PowerDesigner � Error

A command sent to the repository proxy failed.

22005 (SQLSTATE [Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] Invalid character value for cast specification)

When reviewing the proxy server log, the following warning is documented after this ODBC error:

ExtractModel: Failed when extracting OBJT = xxxxx

Upon querying the PMOBJT table, this object id belongs to a view

For repositories created in v12 or 12.1, this error does not occur.

447973 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Trying to replicate an

ntext column results in the following error:

Failed to Open LOB data stream.

447980 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: When a table that

contains a LOB column is marked for replication

and the LOB column is enabled for replication, a

user other than the pds_username user gets an

error when inserting into the primary table.

IMPORTANT: This fix works only for tables that are

marked AFTER this EBF has been applied to

RepAgent. The WORKAROUND for existing marked

tables is the following:

1 In a text editor, open the mark.sql script for

the desired table. The script will be in:


where <inst> is the RepAgent instance name and

<tbl> is the table name

2 Find and copy the text for creating the shadow

row procedure to another file.

3 In the new file, edit the shadow row procedure

by owner-qualifying the name of the blob-shadow

row procedure as this snippet indicates:




IF @dummy > 0


EXEC qa3bsrp_d @tranid,@opid,@intype


END -- not = 'a'




IF @dummy > 0


EXEC <rausr>.qa3bsrp_d @tranid,@opid,@intype


END -- not = 'a'

where <rausr> is the name you configured in the

pds_username parameter, or possibly 'dbo' if

the <rausr> was granted full SA permissions.

4 Save this file.

5 In SQL Server, lock the primary table to prevent

any modifications (so replication won't lose any

operations or transactions against this table).

6 In SQL Server, drop the existing shadow row


7 In SQL Server, re-create the shadow row

procedure using the saved SQL script you edited.

8 In SQL Server, unlock the primary table.

448358 When sending parameters to a trigger script for a route status event, RMS incorrectly sends values in the "thru_type" and "thru_name" fields for a direct route. These fields are only used in indirect routes when there are intermediate Replication Servers.
448370 The status of a Replication Agent is not displayed correctly when a route is created between two replication servers that are configured to use embedded RSSDs.
448444 Stored procedure executed by WarmStandby is executed also by PrimaryDB of the same sqlserver.
448537 ORACLE ONLY: The primary key for a table whose

primary key includes more than one column is

incorrectly identified.

448625 Customer requests some improvements to the consolidation process outside of Proxy
448657 after ebf1385 sybase central stack trace err when clicking the "connect" button
449198 Replication Server stack traces if bigint datatype is used with the "map to" clause to map to a non-Sybase datatype.
449201 ORACLE ONLY: RepAgent does not correctly process

the drop column option for an alter table DDL


449215 RA DB2 is not replicating some updates.
449428 When replicating LOB data, if a character type

primary key column contains single quotes,

RepAgent may go to ADMIN state with an error

similar to: Unclosed quotation mark before the

character string ''.

NOTE that to replicate character data that embeds

single quotes, RepAgent must be configured to use

structured tokens:

ra_config structured_tokens, true

449655 In the Repository explorer the refresh of a view column's user-defined name/code

is not correct. The same behavior can be observed with local merging.

449700 ORACLE ONLY: LTI error resulting from error

processing alter table DDL command with rename


449770 Upgrade from RS 12.6/12.5 to RS 15.0 fails on duplicate interfaces entries and lack of .cfg file in REP-15_0/install directory.
449820 Executing pdb_execute_sql may return a

NullPointerException instead of returning the

database's error message.

449991 Upgrade of RS 12.6 to RS 15.0 may not be able to drop the rs_dump_stats stored procedure if user who created the procedure is not the primary RRSSD user. The upgrade script will be unable to drop the procedure and the upgrade script will fail.The stored procedure will need to be dropped from the RSSD before the upgrade can be restarted.
450122 Adding a database with a long name combined with long maintenance user name will result in core in rs_init

example: when maintenance user > 24 characters and dbname = 21 characters ...... the number of combined characters of the database and the maintenance user id is > 42

450318 If you update the repository even if views are not modified their version numbers are increased
450456 Based on CR 449655 - Code / Name Display in Repository.

The display of this info as it is an Internal information, it should not been displayed specially when in Tools --> display preferences, Code is selected.

450485 The parameters panel used on various properties dialogs in the Replication Manager does not update the run value in the parameter table when you press the Apply button. Closing the dialog then re-opening it will display the correct values.
451349 Type(8) update incorrecty identified as compressed.
451385 IBM UDB ONLY: RepAgent for UDB now supports

replication of inserts/updates/deletes from

Multidimensional Clustered Tables.

451440 RepAgent fails to start up under a

non-English(en_US) locale. It fails

with the following message

''Encountered an invalid build date.

Reason: Unparseable date: ''Fri Nov

17 19:08:41 MST 2006''.

451504 DSI does not release memory properly causing Replication Server to consume all allocated memory. Replication Server will stay up longer if the "memory_limit" is increased.
451585 Add a datetime datatype of format DD MON CCYY hh:mm:ss:ttt to the existing MS SQL udds.
451727 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Replication Agent fails

with a NullPointerException when executing

a pdb_setrepproc command to mark a procedure

that contains no arguments.

452007 Repository code for pdb_init.
452313 Emptry transaction processing by Replication Server may cause a single empty transaction to be deleted from the "open" list twice. Replication Server would report a problem in "sqt_delete_tran()".
452354 Maintenance user transactions may still be

processed the first time a Replication Agent

reaches replicating state.

452528 When upgrading a repository one version to the next, the customer would like PD to rollback all executed statements if an error occurs during the upgrade process.
452633 RS negotiation with OCS for encrypted passwords is not working correctly, SVR_ENCRYPT should be evaluated as an integer not bit value. If both SRV_EXTENDED_ENCRYPT and SRV_ENCRYPT are on, Repserver should allow connections even if RS does not support SRV_EXTENDED_ENCRYPT.
452763 Improved system log and trace messaging


452806 Replication Server may stop replication to a target database due to

an application deadlock with the ASE server when the Replication Server

is configured to use Parallel DSI and is applying transactions to a

table containing TEXT/IMAGE columns.

When this situation occurs, the Replication Server 'admin who' command

will display the Replication Server thread 'DSI EXEC' in either the

thread state 'Awaiting Commit Order' or 'Awaiting Batch Order'. The

thread state of the thread will not change over time.

To correct this issue, suspend and resume the Replication Server DSI

connection. If the Replication Server DSI thread fails to suspend,

re-start the Replication Server.

452894 The commands in a mini rollback section of a transaction are filtered out by Repserver

and never applied at databases replicated through subscriptions. They are not applied

at warm standby databases if the transaction is not a large transaction.

For large transaction replicating to warm standby, if the DSI is fast, the commands

in the mini rollback section may be applied at standby and then rolled back. These

commands may cause error at standby and cause DSI to shutdown. Users should resume

connection to clear out the error.

452899 When using dynamic SQL and Replication Server with warm standby or MSA and the user

creates a repdef which adds columsn to the internal repdef. If the new repdef lists the

columns not in the order listed by the table definition, the column order DSI sends to

the warm standby or MSA will not match the prepared dynamic SQL statement. This could

replicate the data out of column order or suspend the DSI. The problem can be avoided by

suspending the DSI before the repdef is created.

452913 On SUNX86, creating a partition larger

than 2GB may fail depending on the size

of the partition. In some cases, error

6125 is generated after the failure. In

other cases, no error is generated after

the failure.

452919 Option to make stored procedure replication and DDL replication be applied by the maintenance user id, instead of the originating user id.
453158 RS has small memory leak in DSI module, likely to occur when dropping large number of subscriptions at the same time.
453309 rs_helpsub on a MSA subscription returns a display that indicates the subscription is corrupt when it really isn't.
453332 Uninstall of Replication Server must use the same JVM as was used at install of the release. For instance if -is:javahome JVM was used at installation then the identical JVM must be specified in order to uninstall the release.
453418 Example 1 in admin translate command shows incorrect time format
453752 For internal use only (new development):


Repository code for mark/unmark.


Module(pdb_setreptable and related pdb_xxx

properties ,ra_helparticle,ra_helpfield...)

453844 A connection deadlock occurs when shutting down Sybase Central when there are more then 2 environments open. The problem only occurs if monitoring an envirnment where at least one of the servers is down. The problem only occurs when the total number of server connections is greater then 10.
453878 The subscription wizard attempts to display all table replication definitions associated with a primary table. The wizard retrieves the replication definitions and filters out those that do not match the current replicate table and owner name. The wizard is not filtering the list correctly.
453898 Compile HP RS executeables with SHMEM_MAGIC

In SQL Server 2005, the sys.syslockinfo system

table is now presented as a denormalized view. To

allow user access to this system table, which is

needed when the RepAgent "ra_get_tx_info_" stored

procedure is called during change data capture,

you must grant VIEW SERVER STATE permission to


454006 Enhancement for 64-bit executeables in RS.
454224 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: During unmark

processing, triggers for tables owned by owner

other than 'dbo' may not be removed.

454228 UDB ONLY: RepAgent can now replicate

individual rollback


454346 upgrade rs_helpexception with order by to list rows sequentially by "Xact ID"(sys_trans_id)...the following order by statement should be added to the rs_helpexection stored procedure...order by #tab1.sys_trans_id asc
454375 The Replication Manager Plug-in does not display the parameters for non-ASE stored procedures if the interface server is a Replication Agent or Mirror Replication Agent from a version before 12.6 ESD #6. The parameters for a stored procedure are displayed in the stored procedure properties dialog and the create function replication definition dialog.
454404 ASE ONLY:

complete the implementation of

repdef generation automatically

454472 When installing the Replication Agent, the installer updated the system path with the incorrect location of Open Server. This has been fixed.
454484 Signal 11 with stack and no core, when grouped transaction is rolled back and commands will be applied individually.
454491 If TRACE(MON) is shutdown while RA DB2 is active, RA should stay up.
454506 upgrade rs_delexception to delete a range of Xact_ID's
454522 In Replication Server 15.0.1, the following Replication Server

configuration options have a wider valid range ...




If you increase any of these configuration options after upgrading to

Replication Server 15.0.1, these configuration options must be decreased

to their former default values before downgrading to Replication Server

15.0 or earlier.

454523 When upgrading Replication Server 15.0 to Replication Server 15.0.1, the

RSSD stored procedure 'rs_helpfstring' is not properly updated.

454524 When upgrading from any version of Replication Server to Replication

Server 15.0.1, the RSSD table 'rs_statcounters' is not properly updated.

This results in either missing counters or incorrect counter labels and

descriptions when using the following RSSD stored procedures ...



454600 ASE ONLY: Command ra_migrate does not support

automatic upgrades from release 12.6 to 15.0 or

Adaptive Server version upgrades from version

12.5 to 15.0

454759 A synchronization issue within the Replication Manager will intermittently generate a stack trace when the user disconnects from a two tier environment. The problem occurs when monitoring many servers with the monitoring interval set to a low value (e.g. 10 seconds).
454767 The columns panel in the table replication definition dialog does not match the table's initial datatype with a valid datatype in the replication definition drop down list. If the table's datatype is in uppercase, the dialog does not find the corresponding lowercase datatype in the list. It will default to the first item in the list. This can cause a replication definition to be created with incorrect column datatype fields.
454798 Due to improper synchronization of the SRE,

various internal linked lists may become corrupt

causing a failure in the RS internal routine


454882 ASE ONLY: Fix missing resource bundle key for


454884 For table rs_datatype, the column named dbname, should be documented as dtname.
455172 In a 3-tier environment the add server wizard incorrectly lists the following server types as being available to add:

Oracle DBMS

Microsoft SQL Server

IBM Universal Database

These types of servers are not possible to add to a Replication Monitoring Services, 3-tier environment. They are not supported in a 3-tier environment.

455337 Improved efficiency in formatting LTL by enabling

the use of table replication definitions when

configuration property use_rssd is set to true

and the Replication Server connection is

configured for warm standby or a database level

replication definition.

Now, in a warm standby or database replication

definition environment and with configuration

property use_rssd set to true, for tables that

have a table replication definition defined in

Replication Server, only the primary key columns

defined in the replication definition will be

used when formatting the LTL before image for

update and delete operations.

Note that this change in behavior could conflict

with any custom Replication Server function

strings that depend on before image column values

for update or delete operations. If custom

Replication Server function strings do have a

dependency on non-primary key columns in the

before image for update or delete operations, the

configuration property use_rssd must be set to


455689 "admin config" RCL command needs to be executed using 12.5 isql or later. Repserver will shut down if an earlier isql is used.
455993 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: 'pdb_xlog init'

command add a new system procedure

'ra_lct_sql_' to support Log Truncation.

456049 PowerDesigner 12.1 will Crash after Consolidate several times to MSSQL 2000 Repository Database. From the Dump file, there is "Stack Overflow" and "Access Violation" exception.
456109 UDB ONLY: RAU initialization procedure has been

updated to support UDB version 9.

456216 Description for first occurrence of wait_for_commit is for the value wait_for_start.
456332 ASE ONLY: Reposition point processing might not

wait for refreshed locator from Replication


456365 ASE ONLY: DDL replication fails after

upgrading ASE from 12.5 to 15.0.

456560 Replication of unitext data generates an

invalid LTL exception because unitext LTL

is sometimes sent in little endian byte


There is a new property "ltl_big_endian_unitext"

that controls if "unitext" data should be

converted from little endian to big endian before

sending LTL to Replication Server.

The possible settings are "true" or "false".

When set to "true", unitext data that is little

endian byte order will be changed to big endian

byte order.

When set to "false", unitext data byte order is

not changed.

The default setting is "true".

456631 ASE ONLY: Replication of sp_changegroup generates

a NullPointerException.

456697 ORACLE ONLY: A deadlock can occur when marking

activity occurs in parallel between log reading

processing and manual pdb_setreptable execution.

456717 RM Plugin should default maintenance user password to <dbname>_maint_ps
456739 List the individual paramters in the syntax section of alter logical connection rather than use a generic line.
456762 The comment in the instance configuration file

may not indicate the correct product.

456878 Batch on for DCO gets Message from server: Message: 933, State 0, Severity 16 -- 'ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
460690 Tested and reproduced with PD 12.0.0 EBF#4 and 12.1.0 EBF#6

When extracting a model from a 12.1 migrated repository and consolidating it again, the version is altered from v1 to v2.

460704 Replication Manager Plugin: It is not possible to sort the list of Replication Server Queues in size order.
460730 RepAgent may have sent duplicate transactions to RepServer, if an online transaction log was truncated when the RepAgent was still busy scanning it. In normal situations, these duplicate transactions should not cause any problems, because the QIDs for the duplicate transactions should be identical to the ones that had already been sent to the RepServer. However, it could create extra network traffic, and delay data replication. This has now been corrected.
460749 A database replication definition without table repdef or function replication definition, will use default function strings, perform minimal column replication and will not transform data.
460757 Explanation of warm standby repdefs and the send standby clause is confusing.
460764 Minimal columns behavior is influenced by the replicate_minimal_columns setting of the logical connection when a table repdef is used for a warm standby and send standby is off.
460769 With logical connection set with "replicate_minimal_columns" = off, database repdef to a second database still defaults to replicating minimal columns with a warm standby.
460778 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY:enable/disable DDL

replication (pdb_setrepddl [all signatures])

460900 ORACLE ONLY: A failure to find an archive device

produces an error message similar to: "An Archive

file was not found. Reason:<Could not find

Resource Bundle ...". The correct error message

should be similar to: "An Archive file was not

found. Reason: Archive log file for LSN 1030 is

not found. File C:\sybase\ARC01030_05999892.001".

461031 Add quiesce as a keyword in the Reference Manual index
461055 Little endian unitext data was converted to big

endian without providing trace information

indicating the conversion occurred.

461238 Using the access mode "List" on a Document requires that the Parent Node (folder) must have

at least "Read" access permission. That means if Parent folder with "List" access mode will

hide all the Documents inside the folder. However, it is reported that Repository function

"Find Objects" does not care the access mode. Though the "Find Objects" function does not

allow to search the Content of Documents, the function can expose the name of hidden

documents of the folder.

461298 The Replication Agent may have crashed if it was not able to start. A global structure was being freed too early. This has been fixed.
461301 UDB ONLY: marking of a table with a large CLOB

column fails with the error message

"Could not get column meta data for primary

table <XYZ>."

461420 Issuing 'rasd_restore' prior to ever issuing

'rasd_backup' prevents the RASD from functioning



enable/disable LOB columns (pdb_setrepcol

[all signatures])

461612 If the NULL attributes of a replication

definition does not match those of the

asscociated replicated table, error 32050 will

be raised and prevent the truncation of the

inbound queue. However, warm standby

replication will continue to behave correctly.

If the RS is used exclusively for a warm standby

topology, the error may go un-noticed until the

stabel queue is full.

461700 ORACLE ONLY: A synonym passed to command

"pdb_setreptable" fails to identify the

underlying table name.

461729 admin stats, "all", save command reports an error in the Replication Server error long, reporting that the "TRUNCATE TABLE command not allowed within multi-statement transaction."
461963 send standby clause changes table owner qualification and insert text with nulls than without the send standby clause.
462032 RS will generate warning message 32020 when a

database replication definition exists but the

corresponding database subscription is not yet

valid. If the database subscription takes a

long time to become valid, the RS may generate

excessive numbers of warning message 32020.

462157 In an MSA environmvert the rs_subscriptions.materializing bit won't clear on PRS_RSSD even though the corresponding subscription has promoted to VALID. This residue will cause problems with "sysadmin hibernate_on" issued at the PRS, and will cause problems when one attempts to upgrade the PRS to a subsequent version of Repserver.
462183 After performing a "drop database subscription" in an Multi Site Availablity environment, a drop subscription directive can persist indefinitely in the target database's outbound queue and can report that the subscription can not be found.
462220 Fail to migrate an instance from version 12.6

to 15.0 using the *_admin utility.

462339 Defining a database subscription using the dump marker, the subscription should not be limited by the num_concurrent_subs, triggers rs_subscriptions_ins and rs_subscriptions_upd values. When the subscription is activated by the dump marker, the repserver will set site id of activation marker to the rs id, this will cause the activation marker to be treated as a duplicate by SQM and discarded.
462358 Failed to add a row to RSSD 'rs_statdetail' table due to duplicate rows.
462392 UDB ONLY: when pdb_convert_datetime is set to

true and UDB timestamp column is converted to

SYBASE datetime column, the milliseconds

precision is lost.

462451 In some cases, the Replication Agent does not

include the table owner in the LTL sent to

Replication Server.

462468 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent encounters

OracleDDLException: Failed to create a procedure

while modifying or compiling a Package.

462470 15.0 to 15.0.1 upgrade instructions missing.
462603 RMS: The Replication Monitoring Services plugin com.sybase.rms cannot be started by the Unified Agent (UA) when it has been installed into a directory that also has ASE 15.0 installed.
462618 ORACLE ONLY: An IndexOutOfBounds exception

processing an update operation sends RAO to

ADMIN state.

462973 QIDs do not always increase in the inbound queue.
463076 ASE ONLY: Processing the system stored procedure

'sp_setrepcol' with the value "null" for column

name, the Replication Agent generates a


463086 ASE ONLY: Replication of 'sp_export_qpgroup'

halts replication with an AricleNotFoundException.

463099 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent has been

enhanced to support Replication Server's

"subscribe to truncate table" option.

Previously, the truncate table command was only

replicated from Oracle when DDL replication was

enabled. Now, the truncate table command can be

replicated whether DDL replication is enabled

or not.

With this change in behavior, the truncate table

command is replicated to databases which

explicitly subscribe to truncate table.

For replication environments with table level

replication definitions and subscriptions, each

subscription must be altered to "subscribe to

truncate table."

For replication environments with a database

replication definition, but no table level

subscriptions, the database subscription must be

altered to "subscribe to truncate table."

If the database subscription does include the

"subscribe to truncate table" clause, then any

table level subscriptions that exist must also

include the "subscribe to truncate table" clause.

Please refer to Sybase Replication Server

documentation for more information on subscribing

to truncate table.

463205 When LOB columns are enabled for replication,

issuing the pdb_setrepcol command with no

parameters results in redundant rows in the

result set.

463209 UDB ONLY: Replication Agent for UDB now supports

DB2 UDB version 9.

463367 ORACLE ONLY: A NullPointerException in

LTLFormatter.compareFields() is encountered on

an update to a table with over 200 columns

463486 Document replication of the master database in the Design Guide.
463554 When an oom is including a shortcut of another diagram, during the repository update : Unexpected error while updated an OOM with a shortcut of the diagram

The consolidation of the document has been cancelled

463577 During a second update, the changes made by another user are checked by default in the merge even if the current user didn't modified the objects. Due to that during one update, an user can cancel all the work done by another one.
463756 ASE ONLY: Mirror Replication Agent now supports

the "interval" type of truncation, in addition to

the already-supported "locator_update" and

"command" types. The two configuration parameters,

truncation_type and truncation_interval, govern

how often truncation automatically occurs.

truncation_type - Configures transaction log

truncation behavior of the Mirror Replication


Default: locator_update

Valid Value:

command - Mirror Replication Agent truncates

the transaction log only when the

'pdb_truncate_xlog' command is invoked.

interval - Mirror Replication Agent truncates the

transaction log automatically at the intervals

specified by the 'truncation_interval'

configuration parameter.

locator_update - Mirror Replication Agent

truncates the transaction log automatically

whenever it receives a new LTM Locator value

from Replication Server. The frequency of

these locator updates is specified by the

'lti_update_trunc_point' configuration


truncation_interval - Specifies a time interval,

in minutes, between automatic truncations of

the transaction log.

Default: 0

Valid Value: an integer from 0 to 720


* If the value of truncation_interval is 0 (zero)

and the value of truncation_type is "interval",

then automatic truncation is disabled.

* The maximum truncation interval is 720 minutes,

or 12 hours.

463813 When there is a lot of activity in the database

log, but none of it is for replication, the

database log will fill up because RepAgent

does not update the truncation point to the end

of log.

463942 Rows lost when table is dropped from the LTMOBJECTs
463943 Abend, S80A, with table of 32k
464188 Provide a mechanism in RS so that switch active does not hang when many switch actives are requested within the RS at the same time.
464190 ORACLE ONLY: The underlying table can not be

replicated if materialized view is created with

"for update" option.

464311 Invoking the RM plugin on Windows, should start up the .bat file, not a shortcut on the .exe file (which uses the "current settings" for the environment variables.
464496 If RS is enabled for SMP, the RS will appear to

be unresponsive during heavy work loads. This

behavior is caused by improper synchronization

of the asynchronous disk I/O notification


464639 Under certain conditions, a NullPointerException

is generated on an attempt to start replication.

464675 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent incorrectly

assigns "identity" for column data types when

creating replication definitions if the column

is named "COLUMN_NAME", "TABLE_NAME", or


464686 ORACLE ONLY: An update to a large table whose

last column value was previously NULL failed with

an error: "OracleArticleException: The position

is out of bound for the article"

464895 new RS function invoked by dump tran with standby_access for use with coordiated dumps.
464910 ASE ONLY: Issuing the pdb_setrepddl command

multiple times returns inconsistent results.

465031 ORACLE ONLY: Transaction Origin Time is

incorrectly calculated.

465033 ORACLE ONLY: When replicating from Oracle 10g,

the LTL has the incorrect origin time for

the operations.

465135 RSM Plugin: New Feature Request to extend support to function string classes, partitions & datatype classes.
465186 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent failed to

correctly execute all transactions executed in


This correction changes the format of the origin

queue ID value used to uniquely identify each

operation to be replicated. The existing format

of the origin queue ID is described in the

Sybase Replication Agent 15.0 Primary Database

Guide, Chapter 3, under section "Format of

origin queue ID".

The new format of the origin queue ID is:

Character Bytes Description

0-3 2 Database generation ID

4-15 6 System change number

16-19 2 System change number sub-index

20-27 4 Log sequence number

28-35 4 Block number

36-39 2 Block offset, relative to the

start of the block

40-47 4 Oldest active transaction begin

log sequence number

48-55 4 Oldest active transaction begin

block number

57-59 2 Oldest active transaction begin

block offset

60-63 2 Available for specifying


In order to correctly implement the change in

origin queue ID format, specific migration

procedures must be followed. Failure to follow

these procedures during installation of this EBF

may result in the sending of duplicate data to

replicate databases.

Migration prerequisites:

1) The primary database environment must be

quiesced during implementation of this EBF.

There should be no database activity generating

data to be replicated.

2) All prior data to be replicated must have

been successful. There should be no

transactions in Replication Server that are 'in

progress' from the primary connection supported

by this Replication Agent.

Migration Steps:

Step 1.

Verify the existing Replication Agent is in a

Replicating state. Use command "ra_status"

to verify:

> ra_status

> go

State Action

------------ ------------------------

REPLICATING Ready to replicate data.

If the Replication Agent is not in a replicating

state, issue the 'resume' command to place the

Replication Agent back in replicating state.

Step 2.

Issue Replication Agent command "quiesce" to

force the Replication Agent to process any

remaining log data and suspend replication once

the end of the Oracle online redo log has been


Step 3.

Shutdown the Replication Agent using command


Step 4.

Verify Replication Server has no outstanding

(un-applied) activity for this Primary database

connection, or its Replicate connections.

If the only Primary and Replicate connections

defined to your Replication Server are for this

Oracle Primary connection and replicates, you

can use Replication Server command

"admin quiesce_check" to verify all activity has

been processed.

> admin quiesce_check

> go

Replication Server prs1 is Quiesced

If the Replication Server is not quiesced, verify

all Replicate database connections are active,

and repeat the command until Replication Server

is quiesced.

If the Replication Server supports multiple

Primary database connections and the Replication

Server can not obtain a quiesced state due to

activity on these other connections, you must

manually verify the inbound queue for this Oracle

Primary connection has been read out, and all

outbound queues for Replicate databases for this

Oracle primary have been read out.

Contact Sybase Technical Support if you require

assistance in determining if all data for your

Primary database has been processed by

Replication Server.

Step 5.

Apply the EBF for this replication agent as

described in the "Loading Instructions" of this

EBF letter.

Step 6,

Start the Replication Agent.

Step 7.

Issue Replication Agent command "ra_migrate".

This command will convert all origin queue IDs

stored within the Replication Agent to the new


> ra_migrate

> go

Server 'my_ra', Procedure 'ra_migrate', Line 1:


Step 8.

Migration is complete. You may now resume

replication in the Replication Agent.

465393 UDB ONLY: If replicating state has never been

initialized, log truncation fails with the following

error message:

An error occurred getting transaction log file for

LSN <number>, in log path <path>. Offending

SQL <CALL <prefix>get_log_name_(?, ?, ?, ?)>,

SQL execution failed.

465399 RRS DSI does not release memory after DSI has finished applying transactions.
465738 MICROSOFT SQLSERVER ONLY:Support RSM commands

(pdb_get_xxx ,pdb_execute_sql) and support

ra_marker,ra_dump commands and fix some

pdb_xlog command bugs .

466026 ASE ONLY: When the system stored procedure

"sp_rename" is replicated, an error occurs at

Replication Server when the next DML is executed

against the renamed object.

466098 User ids on the mainframe of 7 characters will always be replicated in RA DB2
466199 When attempting to turn on Dynamic SQL using an "alter connection" command the Replication Server may crash.
466206 Replace_null_in_char cannot be set to replace a low value to a space.
466452 ASE ONLY: The command

"pdb_setrepproc qai_proc,rep_name,mark"

sets the replicate name incorrectly.

466475 sp_rename is wrapped within a transaction.
466547 PowerDesigner allows RichText format in some areas(Attributes Note's description & annotation).

However, there is no corresponding data type allow to hold the format in Extended Model Definition.

The request here is to allow user to extend PD meta model using Extend Model Definition to

store attribute with RTF format.

With current PD version, user can create Extended Attribute to store text value.

There is only two data type for characters which is 'string' and 'text'.

Neither of these 2 give PD user RTF palatte

like in Description and Annotation) to enter and store formatted text.

466568 RM Plugin: Because Windows is case in-sensitive, if the sql.ini contains wrong ASE server name, RM plugin can report or display erroneous and odd results.
466596 rs_upgrdb.sql script needs to be reviewed for correctness. At a minimum, rs_initialize_threads and rs_update_threads is not valid for row level locking and > 2K page size in the upgrade script. It appears that the rs_threads table and index and rs_check_repl_stat are correct.
466686 Enhancement request to drop a subscription while DSI is down or suspended.
466703 ORACLE ONLY: Error "OracleRuntimeException:

Off-row LOB leaf update contains unexpected

values...unexpected cvdatasize <2> for op type 2"

causes the Replication Agent to suspend


466859 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails to

correctly replicate a table that

contains a virtual column.

466867 ORACLE ONLY: Replication suspended with error

"IllegalStateException: No applicable system

object found for DDL command <null>"

467009 Incorrect translation from CCSID 037 to iso_1 or CP850 for US cent sign, not sign and pipe sign. In addition to this change, the ltmcfg parameter rscsetname can be used to prevent the RS from translating the character from iso_1 again.
467226 Replication Manager Plug-in will hang (using 100% CPU) when adding 8 or more servers to a 2-tier environment.
467247 For the purposes of licensing with SYSAM-2_0, RepServer incorrectly sees a hyperthreaded CPU as 2 CPU machine.
467285 ORACLE ONLY: Replication suspended with error

"IllegalStateException: No applicable system

object found for DDL command <null>"

467305 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: marking table with

stored procedure

467541 Ability to alter the RS environment architecture.
467682 RMS 15.0.1 date_time argument passed to event script is passed in multiple arguments and the full argument is delimited by single is an example...


argument__03 'May

argument__04 3

argument__05 2007

argument__06 11:45:56:000'

467701 RMS API & Sybase Central RepServer Plugin connected to RMServices...modify event triggers rather than delete and re-add

Using the Replication Monitoring Services API and/or the Sybase Central RepServer Pugin connected to RMServices, presently the only way to do what the customer is wanting involves a two step process...

1) delete the event trigger

2) add back the event trigger with the modifications

the customer wants is the ability to...right click...on a event trigger and choose something modifications to items like...

1) connection type: connection

2) event type: status

3) component name: replicate DS.DB (a6s_prs1501e2spt.db4)

4) status changes to: suspend

5) wait before executing: 0

6) script:


467709 ORACLE ONLY: The command "pdb_get_primary_keys"

would return nothing when query table name

parameter contain '_' or '%' char, or when no

parameter is provided.

467859 ORACLE ONLY: NullPointerException encountered

processing drop table command with constraints


467885 Provide fully supported process to change a RS from eRSSD to ASE RSSD.
468036 ORACLE ONLY: Empty rollback change operation

locator stack during rollback processing sends

the Replication Agent to ADMIN state.

468296 ORACLE ONLY: If a primary key is not defined

for a table, when the Replication Agent is

automatically generating a replication

definition for the table, it will use

all columns in the primary key clause for

the repdef. If the table has columns that

are float, real, or any other inexact datatype,

replication will fail if a comparison needs to be

made at the replicate. Comparisons fail because

floating point values may have different precisions,

and are generated differently on each platform.

468325 RS fails to validate configuration parameters

for correctness. Thus, incorrect non-numeric

configuration values can be set when only

numeric configuration values are allowed. When

RS reads the incorrect non-numeric configuration

value, the actual configuration value used is


468444 ORACLE ONLY: A chained operation processing error

that occurs because an operation is not the

first operation in a chain and a chained

operation is not active sends the Replication

Agent to ADMIN state.

468612 ORACLE ONLY: Transaction fails to replicate

because the QID for the transaction's begin

operation is less than the QID of the previous

operation sent to Replication Server.

468620 PRS hangs when RRS is down.
468645 pdb_setreptable invalid returns no error
468711 MICROSOFT SQLSERVER ONLY: If RepAgent option

'pdb_auto_create_repdefs'is set to true,

RepAgent will create replication definition

automatically for the marking table/procedure.

'rs_create_repdef' and 'rs_drop_repdef' can

be used in RepAgent command line to create or

drop replication definition in RepServer.

468789 UDB ONLY: RepAgent requires that LOGARCHMETH1

database configuration parameter be set to


468879 When multiple warm-standby pairs are switcheed in quick succession Replication Server may hang or fail to complete the switch properly.
469008 Increase the upper limit of dsi_max_xacts_in_group
469030 UDB ONLY: pdb_setreptable command

error messages are inconsistent with error

messages generated by other Replication


469183 The deallocation of dynamic SQL statements may cause Replication Server to stack trace and core dump.
469325 Provide a gateway that allows data to be "pulled" into Replication Server
469339 ASE ONLY: When Mirror Rep Agent tries to

reposition, the operation locator may be

incorrectly generated.

469386 Nodewell can be rpetty long to open

esepecially if the repository browsre has not been displayed after connection

469598 Using Dynamic SQL from RepServer to UDB can causes syntax error in UDB, RS is incorrectly sending:

"<column_name> is ?" Replication Server should send "<column_name> is NULL" or "<column_name> = NULL" in the where clause.

469620 Replication Agent configuration "rs_packet_size"

is reset to the default value when the

Replication Agent is restarted.

As part of this correction, the minimum value

allowed for rs_packet_size has been increased

from 512 to 2048.

469952 pdb_get_procedure_parms command returns all types

of parameters for the specific procedure instead

of displaying only the input parameters.

470166 When using RCL editor, Customer would like to have

automatically double quotes around columns name when create a replication definition.

It will be specially useful when the table contains column name using keyword as name otherwise, script generated will be incorrect and an error message will occur.

470242 ASE ONLY: When marking a table in ASE using

sp_setreptable and specifying a different

replicate name, Mirror Replication Agent

throws an LTIException.

470415 Sybase Central Download for version 15.0.1
470448 Rep Agent abends because a log record is still compressed, meaning its flags are turned off that say it is compressed. The data gets passed to PACKASM as if it is valid and PACKASM gets negative length values. This causes an S0C4 (related to 470449)
470449 The IFI API passes compressed records to the Rep Agent wth the flags marked as if the record is expanded causing abends, conversion errors, or bad replicate data.
470450 A decompression error is caused because a table is locked. The IFI API returns a log record that is not expanded yet it says it is. In this situation it causes a conversion error. (see related QTS 470449)
470748 MICROSOFT SQLSERVER ONLY:(1)fix pdb_xlog remove

bugs,(2)implement skipOPs command,(3)check LOB

data type when mark a procedure.

470780 RS HDS scripts require modification to support

the Oracle user-defined datatype.

470879 Replication Server fails to replicate an

Update command with error:

Message: 102, State 1, Severity 15 -- 'Incorrect

syntax near 'FAILED'. The message is generated

due to a set clause that has been constructed

as "update ....set ASSERTION FAILED where ..."

The ASSERTION FAILED text is generated when

no before image column data is present to

identify which column or columns is being

updated and no after image data is produced

because the updated columns contain the same

data as they did prior to the update, and the

Replication Definition has the 'send standby

all columns' clause but not the 'replicate

minimal columns' clause.

A new property "ltl_send_only_primary_keys" allows

administrators to control when the Replication

Agent sends only primary key columns data for the

before image for update and delete operations.



Determines whether the Log Transfer Interface

component sends only primary key columns,

or sends all columns, in row before images

for update and delete operations.




true - sends only the primary key

columns in the LTL

false - sends all the columns in the



- When ltl_send_only_primary_keys is true and

a replication definition exists that

identifies the primary key column(s) for

a table, only the primary key column

value(s) are sent for the before image in

update and delete operations. Sending

only primary key column data reduces the

amount of data sent to Replication Server,

since only primary keys are used to

construct the where clauses for update and

delete operations.

- When ltl_send_only_primary_keys is false,

before image values are sent for all

columns available, regardless of primary

key definition.

- Setting of ltl_send_only_primary_keys to

false, is only recommended when additional

before image values provide benefit, such

as for supporting customer function strings

at the Replicate database, or for resolving

other issues where additional column data

provides benefit.

- Primary keys are defined within a table

level Replication Definition. If

configuration use_rssd is set to false,

the setting of ltl_send_only_primary_keys

has no impact, since Replication Definition

information will not be gathered from the

Replication Server System Database (RSSD).


support lr_ntext_byte_order Configuration


471233 MICROSOFT SQLSERVER ONLY:There were not Distributor ,

Distribution Database and Publisher in the MSSQLServer

,RepAgent failed to be initialized.

471270 RS HDS scripts require modification to support

the Oracle sequence object datatype.

471585 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent goes to ADMIN

state when trying to replicate chained operation with

missing null columns image on the table without

primary key.

471598 UDB ONLY: When the following command sequence is

used at the start of replication, when both

RepServer and RepAgent locators are zero,

the data entered into the marked table while

RepAgent is suspended is lost:

resume RepAgent

mark a table

suspend RepAgent

insert rows into the marked table

resume RepAgent

471737 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: The Replication Agent

can send an incorrect transaction which causes

Replication Server Distributor error 9022

"Cannot deliver a command ... since no

transaction is open."

471789 ORACLE ONLY: Repeated executions of


Replication Agent to stop replicating with error

"OracleDDLException: Failed to handle the DDL

operations because there is no object

information in the LogRecord."

471792 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: The create trigger script

is incorrectly created with the pds_username

as the trigger owner.

471803 UDB ONLY: New feature that removes archived log

files from the archive log directory that are no

longer needed by the database and Replication

Agent for UDB.

UDB archives log files to a specified directory

when the "LOGARCHMETH1" database configuration

parameter is set to "DISK:<path>", where "<path>"

is a valid directory path on disk.

Example windows setting:


logarchmeth1 DISK:C:\users\BLL_DB_ARCHIVE\

When UDB archiving is enabled with

"LOGARCHMETH1", a second archive location can be

configured by setting UDB configuration parameter

"LOGARCHMETH2" to "DISK:<path>". UDB will then

archive logs in two directories. Replication

Agent for UDB, however, will only remove archives

from a single directory.

Enabling Replication Agent Truncation

The Replication Agent must be configured to

truncate by setting the Replication Agent

property "truncation_interval" to a value

greater than 0, and by setting the

Replication Agent property "truncation_type" to

a setting that enables automatic truncation.

New Replication Agent for UDB Properties:

Replication Agent for UDB has two new properties:

"pdb_archive_path" and "pdb_archive_remove".

Both are required to enable archive truncation.

Property pdb_archive_path

The directory path that archive logs will be

removed from when Replication Agent for UDB

truncate executes. The path must be a valid

directory path that corresponds with either

"LOGARCHMETH1" or "LOGARCHMETH2" path settings.

If "pdb_archive_remove" is set to true, then

"pdb_archive_path" cannot be set to NULL, an

empty value i.e "", or the default value.

Default Setting:

<not configured>

ra_config pdb_archive_path, default

Sets "pdb_archive_path" to "<not configured>"

Example windows Setting:

ra_config pdb_archive_path, C:\users\BLL_DB_ARCHIVE\

Property pdb_archive_remove

When set to "true", enables archive log removal

when Replication Agent for UDB truncation

executes. Archives are removed from the directory

specified by the "pdb_archive_path" property.

When archive removal is enabled, only archives

are truncated. Logs in the active directory are

not pruned. This property cannot be set to "true"

when "pdb_archive_remove" is NULL, an empty

value i.e. "", or its default value i.e.

"<not configured>".

Default Setting:


ra_config pdb_archive_remove, default

Sets "pdb_archive_remove" to "false"

Valid settings:

false, true

471816 ORACLE ONLY: DDL commands with text greater than

4K are not replicated.

471829 Before adding a partition, RS will check to see

if there is enough available disk space for the

requested partition size. However, if the

partition is a raw partition, no such check is


472036 ORACLE ONLY: A deadlock can occur causing the

Replication Agent to hang when the Replication

Agent is resumed and is repositioning the

transaction log.

472621 ORACLE ONLY: NullPointerException occurs during drop user


472754 Customer would like to be able to research objects in the repository using the attribute "comment", "description text" , "annotation text" etc. in advanced tab for any object.
472793 Repository Find Objects: allow results to be copy/paste into external applications

When you execute 'find objects' on a model, PD provides an option to copy the 'find results'. If 'find objects' is executed via the Repository menu, there is no option to copy the 'find results'. The customer would like funtionality to added to PD.

472802 ORACLE ONLY: Invalid truncate table LTL command

causes Replication Server replicate connection

DSI to come down.

472822 ORACLE ONLY: A BufferUnderflowException during

Oracle log scanner processing sends the

Replication Agent to ADMIN state.

473202 Extracting OOM using Oracle Native driver loses existing diagram symbols and report content.
473205 \\neo\cir\...\473205

New repository installed on Oracle 10g

Extracting PDM using Oracle native driver adds a space to the end of name, code, and constraint name for tables and columns.

To reproduce

1) Create 2 repository definitions: one using the Oracle native driver and the second using an Oracle ODBC (Used datadirect 5.20 wire protocol driver)

2) Connect with ODBC definition

3) Consolidate project.pdm

4) Extract model as new model, project_odbc.pdm

5) Disconnect from the repository

6) Connect to the repository using the native driver definition

7) Extract model as new model, project_native.pdm

8) Compare project_odbc.pdm and project_native.pdm

NOTE: the constraints for all objects are different. A space has been added the project_native.pdm

In the project_native.pdm do the following:

1) Open the properties of a table

NOTE: the extra space at the end of the name and code

2) Select the Preview tab

3) Select the General tab

NOTE: the extra space has been removed from the name and code

473246 SMP option of Rep12.6 for Linux edition is not available.
473254 Memory allocation with debuggable Replication Server when allocating memory for error condition may cause Replication Server to fail. Condition occurs when using ERSSD.
473309 ORACLE ONLY: IllegalStateException: Invalid

(null) change data after image during create

table DDL operation processing causes the

Replication Agent to go to ADMIN state.

473310 ORACLE ONLY: TransactionException during truncate

table command processing sends the RepAgent to

ADMIN state.

473342 When creating replication definition for table with identity column, using 15.0 Replication

Manager Plugin, the replication definition datatype is default to "numeric" instead of "identity".

473344 When using 15.0 Replication Manager Plugin to generate replication definition, RCL editor does

not generate correct owner information for primary table.


Following DDL commands are not supported and will

be filter out during replication:













473732 Replication Server may report error

#28154 when refreshing a subscription

for a publication. This can occur when

the user refreshing the subscription is

different than the user who created the

original publication. In addition the

user who created the original

publication must no longer exist.

474284 During update of repository, error message The consolidation of

the document has been cancelled when the value of "mapped to" to an attribute is going to be added or deleted.

474351 Replication Server is leaking a small amount of memory with each de-allocation of Dynamic SQL statement in Replication Server.
474370 ASE ONLY: pdb_get_columns,pdb_get_tables,

pdb_get_procedures fails to return

information from the database identified by


474372 Replication Agent returns incorrect number of rows

affected when invoking pdb_setrepcol command to

enable lob columns in a table.

474501 UDB ONLY: If the user re-creates the xlog

after resume-suspend command sequence,

or resets the locator to 0 after replication,

RepAgent does not reposition to the end of

the log.

474729 RS may terminate unexpectedly due to a Unicode

conversion error. This can occur when (1) the

primary and replicate ASE servers are configured

to use the 'iso_1' character set, (2) the

replicated table contains a UNIVARCHAR column

and (3) a user-defined 'rs_insert' function

string is defined.

474757 In an MSA environment, when attempting to perform a

materialization operation for a database via the

'define subscription' command, RS will correctly

generate an error message if another mateialization

operation is already in progress for a different

'define subscription' command. However, the

error message is inadequate and should display

more relevant information such as the databases


474900 A small memory lead occurs when dynamic SQL is configured on a DSI connection and the connection is shutdown.
475036 Stack when issue sysadmin sqm_purge_queue when request to hibernate the RS is not complete. Same stack occurs when log for tempdb is full and RSSD is on the same server and the ASE server is brought down.
475162 Documentation references LTMCNFG. The real name is LTMCFG for the LTM configuration file.
475176 ASE ONLY: After migrating from ASE 12.5

to ASE 15.0 and if the device containing

the log data is expanded, Replication Agent

will fail with a message like "Device Usage

Map entry for database <4>, logical page

id <1,114> not found."

475458 Ability to alter the tablename or owner.tablename for replication definitions.
475644 OpenServer version 15.0 ESD #7 causes RS to leak memory on each connection closure and re-establishment.
475645 Improve performance of processing the data in a queue (especially routes), if a connection or subscription has been dropped
475861 The installer of REP15.0.1 may be installed by the type which has not been selected. After the issue selected the installation type of those other than "Full", when an installation type is changed into "Full", it is reproduced.
475996 When setup with "-console" is executed,some parts of License Agreements in Japanese are unreadable.
476092 UDB ONLY: The error message is not

informative when a marked table has

both LOB and [VAR]GRAPHIC columns.

476256 Replication suspends with error:

"java.sql.SQLException: JZ006:Caught IOException:


JZ0C0: Connection is already closed."

476333 On Solaris, if RS uses raw partitions, RS

startup may be excessively slow. In some cases,

RS may terminate unexpectedly. The issue is

resolved by changing the asynchronous disk I/O

notification methodology from a signal-based

methodology to a polling-based methodology.

476394 Need better tools to diagnose and recover from block inconsistency errors
476580 When using Dynamic SQL with multiple primary source database, Replication Server re-allocated the prepared statement causing overhead in Replication and a performance degradation.
476642 Wwould like to use the topology view in Sybase Central when using plug in replication manager for replications server 15.x
476719 RM: Put back in function string managment into the plug-in
476767 Some starting messages of InstallShiled Java VM are always EUCJIS characters even though LANG environment variable is ja_JP.SJIS.
476780 When you set japanese or ja_JP.SJIS to LANG environment variable, some messages of creating sample Replication Server from InstallShield can not be read.
476784 If you set RS_language=japanese and RS_charset=sjis in cfg file, some japanese startup messages in Replication Server error log are corrupted.
476788 Even if creating the sample server fails when you create sample Replication Server in installation phase on japanese environment, the message 'Installation has completed successfully' appears.
476808 When you install Replication Server with selecting "Custom" installation, there are some missing files under locales/german directory.
476859 Startup of RS will reprocess a previous 32058 message even though a resume distributor skip transaction was issued prior to shutdown.
476947 Provide better tool/identifying information so that commands that suspend the distributor can be accurately found in the queue.
477045 After upgrading to Replication Server 12.6 ESD#9

or Replication Server 15.0.1 ESD #1 or higher

version, Replication Agent fails to get to

replicating state with error


String index out of range: -1".

477165 Replication Agent fails to start up on

an AIX platform with SMT due to licensing

errors encountered in incorrectly

reporting the number of CPUs on the



are returned when 'pdb_get_procedure_parms'

command is invoked and the procedure parameter

names specified does not begin with '@'.

477212 ORACLE ONLY: If the ltl_origin_time_required

configuration property is enabled, the origin

time for each LTL command is incorrect.

477217 32058 message does not display and RS stacks
477274 When upgrading Replication Server 12.6

to Replication 15.0 or higher, the

upgrade may fail due to a failed 'create

index' command. The 'create index'

command fails because the column

'logical_name' in the table

'rs_diskpartitions1500' is incorrectly

declared as 'varchar(20)' rather than


477363 UDB ONLY: When the pdb_xlog_device parameter is

set to a tablespace name, pdb_xlog create

command fails to create an index on the xlog

system table. The command generates the

following error: XLog could not be created

in database <db_name> because: Auto execute

failed:[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/OS] SQL0109N

The "IN" clause is not allowed.

477428 The value for parameter 'dbname' for command

ra_dump will not accept a value with a length

of more than 10 characters.

477508 The Replication Agent license error message "There

is no valid license for 2 CPUs on this machine for

Product <2>. Please install a valid license by

contacting Sybase, Inc." specifies an incorrect

product name in the message.

477713 When the report template file is consolidated as an external document, error message

The consolidation of the document has been cancelled.

477784 Connect to replication server fails.
478005 S0C4 abend with reason code 11 in module LTMIFI occurs when started using an ID without the appropriate DB2 permissions granted on TRACE and MONIITOR2.
478029 ORACLE ONLY: Replication fails with error:

"Transaction context not found for commit


478327 rs_helpdbrep <dbrepdef>[, data_server[, database ] ] shows incorrect replicate ds.db
478366 ORACLE ONLY: Timestamp datatype fails to replicate

to Adaptive Server Enterprise database. Error:

"Class Level translation for column/parameter

failed. Source DTID is 'rs_oracle_timestamp9'.

Target DTID is 'datetime'"

478368 rs_helpdbrep examples are incorrect.
478490 Rollback oqid command displays truncated generation number.
478526 "The replication environment is not configured

to allow DDL replication" exception is thrown

when setting configuration properties

pdb_auto_create_repdefs to true and use_rssd

to false.

478528 clearly document all details related to replicating master db with WS and MSA
478585 Could not consolidate file type .xem. Error message appears: "The source document and the target document do not have the same document type. You should change the source document or the target document"
478662 On resetting QID to earlier values after a batch job completed in udpating tables with replication stopped, RAD 12.6.9 on restart hits 0C4 abend after processing 9 tables in 9 tablespaces in a non-datasharing DB2 subsystem in module LTMIMG at offset 0x6A6.
478804 Transactions in outbound queue are not labelled uniquely identified by source.
478935 ORACLE ONLY: Replication suspends with error:

OracleDDLException: Failed to create a table.

479048 Enable autocorrection on databases replicated with MSA
479073 New JREs are required to fix a Daylight Saving Time

bug in the JRE when using EST, MST and HST abbreviations.

Solaris SPARC, Linux, Windows: 1.4.2_15

HP PA-RISC: 1.4.2_15

IBM AIX: 1.4.2 build ca142-20070317

479087 ORACLE ONLY: Replication suspends with error:

exception: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

479256 SQT down at startup does not produce message in the Rep Server log
479537 Missing permissions on newly created packages in repository.


1.Let the ADMIN give the rights to the package


2. developer can do the first consolidation with the package

479701 ORACLE ONLY: When processing several archive log

files that do not contain any data to be

replicated, the archives can not be removed

because no updated locator has been sent to

Replication Server.

479820 Upon reboot of Rep Server, the distributor should come up in the same state as what the distributor was when the Server was shutdown (like how DSIs work)
479854 Change the default for dynamic_sql_cache_management from "mru" to "fixed" and

default for dynamic_sql_cache_size from 20 to 100 to avoid thrashing in the cache.

"fixed" means once the cache is full, there will be no new prepared statements.

With "fixed", users can always see a performance improvement. With mru, users will

most likely get performance degradation because of thrashing once cache is full.

"mru" is probably only useful in the rare cases where users truly don't have resources

for a larger cache, and they have some tables rarely replicated (so that once these

tables fall off the cache, the most used tables don't get de-allocated).

Cache size 20 has been deemed too small in most customer cases.

479977 MSA define subscription with dump marker on the second set of databases on RS with routes, does not suspend the DSI connection.
480102 /f jobname,c,version does not display the version
480171 ASE ONLY: A logged writetext of NULL would

generate a DSI error 7130 when the replicate did

not have 'select into/bulkcopy/pllsort' enabled.

480201 New feature is requested to set hostname parameter in rs_subcmp login.
480231 All replication stops after STOP DATABASE is issued in DB2 V8 and V9.
480320 Replicate fails for Data Sharing option, single.
480325 Occasional S0C4 abend following /P jobname cmd.
480511 Using an encrypted column in a database replication definition and table replication definition is not completely documented.
480657 RA DB2 15.0 allows for longer tablenames.
480687 Updating a field from NULL to some value with

column_compression=true can replicate the

incorrect value.

480751 New message, LTM02013, added to display messages from Replication Server.
480800 UDB ONLY: the replicate column in pdb_setreptable

command output misses the owner name.

480911 S0C4 ABEND expanding some compressed images.
480933 Bad compare on replicate table caused occasional 0c4 abend
481065 For internal use only(new development):

UDB ONLY:RAU Repository Implementation.

481129 PD 12.1 EBF#9 and PD 12.5 EBF#2

Customer would like the option in General Options - Consolidate - "Freeze after Consolidation" to be enabled/disabled only by Repository Administrator users, or at installation moment only. The others would not have the ability to enable such option, .

Customer would like the same for the "Merge Models" option.

481156 disk_affinity to limit connection to only use the identified partitions.
481244 Not all thread states documented
481412 If a table has been replicating through dynamic SQL and it's repdef is dropped and recreated, the prepared statements will be de-allocated and prepared with every statement being sent. The object id was not cleared and the benefits of Dynamic SQL will not be seen. The error handling code for Dynamic SQL is improved to report OCS errors when executing prepared statements.
481525 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent does

not check for 'IMPLICIT' when verifying

Oracle supplemental logging.

481531 Destination user incorrect when logging DDL command to exceptions log.
481762 Occasional ABEND when replace_null_in_char is used and the last character in a column is null.
481809 The Find Objects option shows a bad performance searching an object in the Repository.
481916 ORACLE ONLY: Error initializing change vector

during log record processing sends the

Replication Agent to ADMIN state.

481991 e,root uses wrong QIDs, causing RA DB2 to shutdown.
482429 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Replication Agent may

truncate the accuracy of float/real data.

482430 The Replication Server can terminate

unexpectedly when a 'drop subscription'

command is issued with the 'with purge'

clause. This is caused by the mis-use

of the synchronization element used to

govern DSI threads.

482438 Microsoft SQLSERVER ONLY: If a table containing

persisted computed columns is marked, RepAgent

will not send the values of these columns to


482528 async I/O request completed with error and RS stacked.
482532 Incorrect syntax near 'where' after creating repdef for a table in warm-standby
482992 The use of the word "function" is ambiguous in the create database replication definition and alter database replication definition commands.
482994 Another reason to use table subscriptions is to apply autocorrection to a table.
483056 ORACLE ONLY: A mini rollback of the first

operation in a transaction causes Replication

Server to fail with error number 9022.

483099 The "admin stats" command running as a background process may hang and cannot be cancelled.
483102 The "admin stats" command can produce skewed data, for instance, the command "admin stats, "all", save, 60, "00:05:00" is supposed to generate M&C counters at 60 seconds intervals. But when rep server is loaded and busy, the results will be skewed and unreliable.
483344 ORACLE ONLY: A truncate command against a table

whose owner is listed in the Replication Agent's

owner filter list causes the Replication Agent

to fail with a TransactionException: Article not


483479 ORACLE ONLY: A change to an Oracle system table

may cause Replication Agent to go to ADMIN

state with a TransactionException similar to:

Could not concatenate chained operation

<OP:[0x05010b10 CHGMD...(0033)}> because

it is not related to the unprocessed

split operation



483556 Integrating a version into another version does not increase document version if you previously created a baseline version in the branch.

More, the 'Update' consolidation mode is not available anymore.

483584 STATUS command is displaying incorrect information for some log files.
483641 RS should be more backend aware. RS should send correct statement to the TARGET for the parameter that are configurable on the DSI.
483722 If two users change the same property of an object, the 'Consolidate Model' dialog box only allows to apply the changes or to cancel the update.

Cust would like to be able to edit and change the value, not only to compare property values.

483741 Java Column Replication under MSA fails with Msg 206 "Operand type clash: VARCHAR is incompatible with Address" unless table-level repdef provided.
483745 ORACLE ONLY: The system log references a database

name of <<not_configured>> when the Replication

Agent is configured to use a tns connection name.

483756 UDB ONLY: Replication of a long vargraphic column

from UDB to ASE, using Replication Server 15.0 or

later fails with the following error message in

the log: "The value given for <column> cannot be

translated from datatype 'text' to the required

datatype 'unitext'".

483820 ORACLE ONLY: LOB data inserted by

Delphi ADO Control with a length greater

than 4K bytes is not replicated.

483850 Replication Server installer may hang on some machines due to missing InstallShield patches.
483905 Specifying a maintenance user who has been aliased, will stop rs_init from successfully creating the connection
483977 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent fails with an

error similar to "LTI unable to process

unsupported operation: <-1(UNDEFINED)>".

484044 Inconsistent versioning when consolidate with reports.

Ongoing consolidation after having merged reports into repository. Hitting "Cancel" inside the merge dialog increments the version for model root, package root

484148 Closely related to CR 484044, but work with closed models instead of open models and generates a wrong message "This repository model will be frozen automatically before consolidation as it needs to be upgraded from version 12.0.2199 to current version"
484210 RS has a severe memory leak when replicating a

column having the type 'varchar(15000)'.

484491 Command that can be issued on RRS to prevent PRS to connect to it.
484593 New counters added to provide amount of time

spent in RSI and Repagent User Threads as

scheduled by OCS.

484669 When searching in the repository, search criterias are ignored in "advanced" tab. All models are retourned, without critearia selection.
484690 ORACLE ONLY: Error "Invalid rollback metadata

locator encountered" is seen for an update to a

LOB column that is stored off-row.

484796 Improve the error messages that RS generates

when RS processes incorrect LTL such that the

offending LTL command is displayed.

484885 Request capablity to populate, via paramater ie, without recourse to coding a custom message formatter, the "environment" property of the <dbStream> element with the source connection name.
484893 ORACLE ONLY: The primary key columns identified

in a Replication Definition created by the

Replication Agent may be incorrect if the column

is defined in more than one constraint.

484998 Better diagnostic message when SQL Server message: msg 203, level 16, state 2 "The name '' is not a valid identifie
485165 Currently, after an MQ queue-full condition has been raised causing the reconnector to disconnect, manual intervention to restart the connection must be performed after the queue-full condition has been resolved. We'd like to see repconnector automatically restart the connection when it somehow determines that the queue-full condition has been resolved.
485246 On the repository for CR#464366, on database server sql server 2000 on VMJULIETTE, I did a search on all objects from folder "Z3 - Model Samples"

This stops before end and increase log of more than 6Go, this is huge compared to the database size (8OOMo)

485353 consolidating a model containing a replication in update mode, adding another object / replication, the replication breaks in a way that the Source Object is shown as "unknown".
485385 Enhance the 'rs_ticket' feature to use

the new Version 2 format.

485673 ORACLE ONLY: LOB data with a length greater than

4K bytes is not replicated a second time.

485706 If you create a repository using the MS SQL Server native driver, the repository is not created in the database specified in the connection profile.

Instead, the repository is created in the default database associated with the user/login. However, when you view the connection information in PD, the displayed information shows that PD is connected to the database listed in the connection profile.

485722 include date in timestamp in repra.log.
485773 WINDOWS ONLY: Double byte CLOB data is not

replicated correctly.

486102 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails with a

ClassCastException during LOB processing.

486109 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent fails with an

error similar to "OracleArticleException: The

position [12] is out of bound for the article.

The right range of the field position is

[1 - 11]".

486297 Heterogeneous Data Source names not visible in Rep Manager Plug-in's Exception Queue filter combo box pulldown list
486337 Document logging properties for RepConnector.
486616 ORACLE_ONLY: Timestamp with time zone value

may not be replicated correctly.

486700 Install RAX as a Windows Service.

User can create ,remove,start or stop a windows service using this tool

486770 Replication Agent locks table spaces so CA DB2 utilities cannot use those table spaces even when the table spaces are unrelated to tables that are being replicated.
486981 A repository user can consolidate objects in a model containing a package on the model root level if he has write/full permission on the package level and read permission on the model root level. This however should not be allowed due to missing permissions.
487020 0C4 in LTMINFO at offset 00002B42 after inserting many transactions into LTMOBJECTS
487081 UDB ONLY: When replicating an update for a table

created with the value compression clause,

extra characters are appended to the end of

the last column's data.

487165 drop connection produces stack
487270 UDB ONLY: Replication Agent for UDB now supports

ra_dump command.

487338 Replication Manager Plug-in: Connection status folder is NOT refreshed manually using the Refresh menus or Icons.
487352 The customer will now be able to select a different log file for the connection being configured, and have the ability to specify the name and location of the log file.
487403 Release Bulletin needs to include detailed requirements for Linux versions that have been certified.
487427 modify rs_dump_stats to only get a subset of the available data
487432 ASE ONLY: Replication Agent fails to replicate a

rollback operation with error "Caught an unexpected

fatal exception: Could not get locator for operation

to rollback".

487506 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent processing causes

the Oracle session information in the Replication

Agent System Database (RASD) to fill up which

will affect the performance of replication.

Issuing the 'ra_truncateusers' command will only

solve the problem temporarily.

487598 Memory leak in Replication Server when interfaces file entry for target server does not exist. This is Sybase Connectivity bug (CR 483926) fixed in OCS 15.0 ESD #12.
487621 WINDOWS ONLY: The pdb_date, ra_date commands return an

incorrect month if the OS region is set to Chinese.

487732 ORACLE ONLY: If pdb_execute_sql is used to execute

certain SQL commands such as "pdb_execute_sql

"create table test(id int)", the following errors

is returned "CT-LIBRARY error: ct_results(): protocol

specific layer: external error: There is a tds

protocol error. An invalid numeric precision was


487784 ORACLE ONLY: When RepAgent processes a "truncate

table" on a temporary table, it errors with

a java.lang.NullPointerException.

487798 Add unique index on partition id in table rs_diskpartitions.
487802 All partitions should be listed in the RS log at startup.
487809 ORACLE ONLY: A rogue rollback command is sent

to Replication Server, which causes the

Replication Server to fail with error "#9022 DIST

Cannot deliver a command from DS.DB since no

transaction is open."

487830 UDB ONLY: Replication Agent incorrectly

enables the owner mode based on the owner

qualified replicate table name.

487870 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent fails with

error: "java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid

supplemental data format" when a table has

been defined with "rowdependencies" enabled.

487944 RMServices three-tier Replication System management console in Sybase Central does not support users who have the '@' character in the password.
487999 ORACLE ONLY: Automatic generated replication

definitions for tables containing char and

varchar2 data types are generated incorrectly

if the primary database is double byte character

set. The data sent to Replication Server causes

the Replication Server to fail with an

error "ORA-12899: value too large for column".

488021 LINUX ONLY: Command rasd_restore may fail with

an error message "Could not stop database


488166 Change RS code to remove the character case restriction for column named seq in rs_threads.
488346 Replication Agent command rs_create_repdef failed

to include the owner name in the "with replicate

table named" clause.

488347 UDB ONLY: Replication Agent incorrectly sends

the "character for bit data" column in character

values to Replication Server.

488391 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent does not process

the rollback for an off-row LOB update. The LOB

value is applied when it should be rolled back.

488429 ORACLE ONLY: NULLPointerException on DDL create

table and create user command processing causes

Replication Agent to go to ADMIN state.

488462 ORACLE ONLY: Automatic generated replication

definitions for tables containing CLOB data type

are generated incorrectly if the primary database

is double byte character set.

488531 ORACLE ONLY: If parameter "log_archive_format" of

Oracle primary database contains "%T" or "%S%",

Replication Agent will fail to find archive log

files under "pdb_archive_path" directory.

488555 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent generates an

incorrect Log Transfer Language (LTL) for the

Data Manipulation Language (DML) command on the

Oracle Cluster Table.

488568 ORACLE ONLY: Replication fails with error:

"IllegalStateException: No applicable system

object found for DDL command".

488681 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails while

processing DDL commands generated during upgrade

of Oracle from release to

488701 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER AND UDB ONLY: pdb_setreptable

command output does not display the owner name

information in the replicate name column.

488714 ORACLE ONLY: Command ra_truncatearticles

removes Articles that are still in use.

488734 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent sends an empty LTL

to Replication Server for an insert into a table

containing more than 128 columns.

488751 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent stops

replicating while processing a DDL command for a

new user defined type. The error is similar to:

"IllegalStateException: Could not find data

type with TOID".

488752 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails with the

following errors while attempting to process a

DDL command for a type object: "Failed to

create a user defined data type."

"SybSQLException: ASA Error -195: Column

'objectName' in table 'oracleObject' cannot be



New immediate option for marking tables:

"pdb_setreptable tablename, mark, immediate",

Marked objects with immediate option may have

the capability of being replicated prior to

truncation point. But the schema of the objects

to be marked with immediate option must not be

changed from replication start point to now.

Old marked information would be removed, which

could result in previoulsy unreplicated

records being replicated.

Only curent schema is used for all records.

Only existing marked objects can be changed

to 'immediate'.

488770 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent failed with

UnsupportedOperationException error while trace

flag RASDTRC was enabled.

488829 RS 12.6 may occasionally crash showing stack-trace with ex_disconnect_handler() -> _sync_drop_element() -> ll_del().
488871 ORACLE ONLY: Maintenance user transactions are

not filtered because the user assigned to the

transactions is the 'SYS' user.

489010 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Server ignores the

error: "ORA-04043: object xxx does not exist

for replicate database."

The script to create error class

oracle_error_class has been updated to correctly

stop replication when this error occurs.

If the error class oracle_error_class already

exists, you can issue the following commands in

Replication Server to apply the same


assign action stop_replication

for oracle_error_class

to 4043


489105 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: A NullPointerException

error is thrown when replicating DDL transaction

whose name size is not multiple of 4 bytes.

For example:

begin transaction a

create user/table


489114 ORACLE ONLY: Command pdb_date fails

with an exception when the OS locale

is set to Chinese.

489206 UDB ONLY: pdb_xlog remove command generates

an incorrect error message if a stored procedure

not created by Replication Agent but owned by

the pds_username exists in the database:

Replication Agent Stored Procedures { names }

in schema { pds_username } have not been

dropped from the database. Please drop the

procedures,and rerun the pdb_xlog remove


489254 Monitor & Counter information cannot be collected to RSSD
489322 Table 3-23 and 3-24 are identical.

Definition Not Found Exception will be thrown

when a table with a case sensitive name is marked

for replication.

489422 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent stops

replicating after reporting error:

"TransactionException: Transaction context not

found for commit operation".

489521 From documentation

"When you delete a version from a configuration you do not delete the document version from the repository, you detach it from the configuration."

It does delete the document version in the repository if the document version you removed in configuration is the current version in the repository.

489557 stack with i386_lock and sqm_get_queue_handle
489726 ORACLE ONLY: When attempting to verify or

create an instance using a response file

against Oracle 10g, Replication Agent

response file verification will fail with

"ERROR: Automatic archiving of redo

logs is not enabled." if the "log_archive_start"

parameter in the primary database is set to


489780 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails with error:

"TransactionException: Could not set article for

operation" for a table that contains a VARRAY


489820 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Sybfilter fails to

start up on 64-bit Windows Vista with error

"ERROR: Could not connect to filter: 0x80070002".


When the Replication Agent has been configured to

get Oracle or Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

connection information from a tnsnames.ora file,

the pdb_xlog init may fail with an error

indicating the Oracle instance name cannot be


490295 During consolidation using branch mode, the version number is based on the latest frozen version, not the version you extracted.
490338 ORACLE ONLY: During processing of a resource

file, Replication Agent lists only the values

of parameters that are invalid. The names of

the parameters that are invalid are missing.

490344 When using a response file to create,

start and initialize an instance, the

error messages are not clear about how

to restart.

490346 RAX checks log_archive_start in Oracle 10g even though the parameter is obsolete and Oracle does not have the correct setting.
490361 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Replication Agent does

not replicate an ntext column in the correct byte

order when ltl_big_endian_unitext parameter is set

to true and lr_ntext_byte_order is set to little.

The ntext column is incorrectly sent in little

endian byte order to Replication Server.

490704 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent sends data in

an incorrect order, causing Replication Server

to ignore some operations.

490742 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent stops replicating

after logging an error similar to: "Error.

Index offset calculation produced a negative


490961 ORACLE ONLY: A CLOB value whose default value is

EMPTY_CLOB() is incorrectly replicated as a null


491159 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails with a

SQL "numeric overflow error" when restarting

replication and the transaction id value is

greater than the maximum allowed in an integer.

491319 Command pdb_date failed with exception

"Could not find Resource Bundle containing


491430 ORACLE ONLY: Oracle cluster database (RAC)

replication performance degrades significantly

if one or more cluster database instances is


491541 ORACLE ONLY: A table can not be marked for

replication if any of the columns has a datatype

that can not be replicated.

Replication Agent command pdb_setreptable has

been changed to allow marking of tables that

contain column datatypes that are not supported

for replication. This change allows the supported

column data to be replicated, instead of

excluding the entire table from replication.

The "force" keyword option can be added to the

command syntax for any pdb_setreptable command

"mark" request to force the Replication Agent to

mark the table for replication.

When a table has been marked for replication

using the pdb_setreptable command "mark" and

"force" keywords, only columns with supported

datatypes will be replicated. Any column with an

unsupported datatype will be excluded (no data

for those columns with unsupported datatypes will

be sent to Replication Server).

Changes to command pdb_setreptable:

Syntax changes:

To mark a specified table:

pdb_setreptable tablename, mark[, owner][, force]

To mark a specified table for replication with a

replicated name:

pdb_setreptable tablename, repname, mark[, owner]

[, force]

Parameter changes:


A keyword that refers to either a mark or unmark


Note: The combination of the "mark" and "force"

keywords with the pdb_setreptable command is only

valid for Oracle.

When the "force" keyword follows the "mark"

keyword, the pdb_setreptable command will allow a

table that contains one or more columns with

unsupported datatypes to be marked for

replication. No data for the unsupported columns

will be sent to Replication Server. As a result,

any replicate table must have a suitable default

value defined for the unsupported columns, as no

data will be received by the replicate database

for inserts into those unsupported columns.

The force keyword can not be used in combination

with the "all" and "mark" keywords. Tables with

unsupported datatypes must be individually marked

using the pdb_setreptable command and the "force"


In addition, tables with unsupported datatypes

are not automatically marked when configuration

property "pdb_automark_tables" is true. Tables

with unsupported datatypes must be individually

marked using the pdb_setreptable command and the

"force" keyword.

Note: If a replication definition is created

using command rs_create_repdef, for a table that

was marked using the "force" keyword, only

columns with supported datatypes will be listed

in the replication definition. Any column with

an unsupported datatype will be excluded from

the replication definition.

Usage changes:

Oracle Only:

If a table contains a column with a datatype that

can not be supported for replication, the

pdb_setreptable command using the "mark" keyword

may fail with an error similar to:

Command <pdb_setreptable> failed - Table

<MYTABLE> could not be marked because:

The table contains an unsupported data type.

To force the table to be marked, excluding the

unsupported datatype columns from replication,

add the "force" keyword to the pdb_setreptable


491669 Enhance RA DB2 so that latency of transactions from the mainframe can be measured.

is marked for replication, then dropped and

recreated, the Replication Agent incorrectly

displays the deleted table's mark status.

491883 Delete mapping between CDM Entity attribute and OOM Class attribute, repository update fails:

"The consolidation of the document has been cancelled."

Delete mapping between CDM Entity and OOM Class, repository update ends up with:

"Unexpected error while executing the following action:

Removing Link between object External Inheritance Attribute Mapping and object External Inheritance Mapping '..Mapping_1'

The consolidation of the document has been cancelled."

492046 ASE ONLY: The Replication Agent fails to process

a drop table command for ASE release 12.5.4 when

running on an AIX platform, with error

"ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0"

492048 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication agent system log has

warning messages describing operations that are

skipped because either a session id or matching

transaction context was not found and primary

database changes are not getting replicated.

492088 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails to create

a replication definition if the primary key

column in a table contains an Oracle NUMBER

data type without any precision and scale.

The automatic generated replication definition

will omit the primary key for the "NUMBER" column.

492154 ORACLE ONLY: The Replication Agent fails with a

NullPointerException, with a reference to


492186 ORACLE ONLY: Two new Replication Agent commands

have been added that allow the user to obtain

detailed information about database operations

and database operations in a transaction in order

to provide additional trouble shooting


Command ra_helpop


Command ra_helpop displays database and

Replication Agent information for a specified

operation in order to help trouble shoot a failed

operation, or transaction. The time the operation

executed, the user that executed the operation,

the object name and id, operation type

(i.e. insert, update, or delete), if the object

is marked for replication, and other database

specific information is displayed.

If the Oracle script


has not been installed at the primary database,

an error will be reported indicating it must be

installed in order for the ra_helpop command to

properly operate.

If the new permissions that must be granted to

the "pds_username" are not granted at the time

ra_helpop is executed, an error will be reported

indicating the following permission's must be

granted before the ra_helpop command will

properly work:





Syntax: ra_helpop "opid | locator"

Opid - The Replication Agent operation id for a

database operation

Locator - The Replication Agent locator for a

database operation

Example 1:



This command returns operation information for

an operation ID.

Example 2:




This command returns operation information for a



The ra_helpop command returns the following

information for the operation specified by a

locator or operatin ID:

- The Replication Agent operation id in the



- The Oracle SCN for the operation as logged in a

redo log file

- The Oracle thread that executed the operation

- The name of the user that executed the


- The date and time the operation executed

- The Oracle database id for the object

- The Oracle object name

- The operation type, i.e. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE

- YES if the object in the operation is marked

for replication by the Replication Agent

- The Oracle id for the transaction the operation

is part of

- The Oracle SQL that can be used to replay the


- The Oracle SQL that will undo the operation

- The Replication Agent command that will cause

the operation to be skipped by the Replication

Agent while replicating

Command ra_dumptran


Command ra_dumptran dumps all operations for a

specified transaction to an exclusive log file

in order to help trouble shoot a failed

operation, or transaction. The time the

transaction was executed, the user that executed

the transaction, the name of the log the

transaction was dumped to, and additional

database specific information is displayed as a

result set.

If the Oracle script


has not been installed at the primary database,

an error will be reported indicating it must be

installed in order for the ra_ dumptran command

to properly operate.

If the new permissions that must be granted to

the "pds_username" are not granted at the time

ra_ dumptran is executed, an error will be

reported indicating the following permission's

must be granted before the ra_ dumptran command

will properly work:





Syntax: ra_dumptran "opid | locator"

Opid - The Replication Agent operation id for a

database operation

Locator - The Replication Agent locator for a

database operation

Example 1:



This command returns information for the begin

operation in the transaction specified by an

operation ID.

Information for every operation in the transaction

is written to a file in the Replication Agent log

directory. The file is named with the prefix

"XID" followed by the transaction ID and ".log".




Example 2:




This command returns information for the begin

operation in the transaction specified by an



The ra_dumptran command returns the following

information for the begin operation specified by a

locator or operatin ID:

- The Replication Agent operation id for the

transactions begin operation in the format:


- The Oracle SCN for the transactions begin

operation as logged in a redo log file

- The Oracle id for the transactions begin


- The name of the user that executed the


- The date and time the transaction executed

- The Oracle thread that transaction was executed


- The Replication Agent command that will cause

the transaction to be skipped by the Replication

Agent while replicating

- The name of the file the transaction is written


The ra_dumptran command wtites the following

information for for all operations in

the transaction specified by a locator or

operation ID:

- The Oracle SCN for the operation as logged in a

redo log file

- The Oracle thread that operation was executed


- The Replication Agent operation id for the

transaction begin operation in the format:


- The Oracle id for the object the operation


- The Oracle name of the object the operation


- YES if the object in the operation is marked

for replication by the Replication Agent, No

if it is not marked for replication

- The operation type, i.e. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE

- The Oracle SQL statement for the operation

492210 Event trigger parameters are not being parsed by the RMS correctly. Parameters with embedded spaces are being separated and passed to the execution script as multiple arguments.
492340 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: pdb_get_columns command

returns the column data type for varchar(max),

nvarchar(max) and varbinary(max) incorrectly as

text, ntext and image.

492467 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Automatic generated

replication definitions for tables containing ntext

data type are incorrectly mapped to

text data type.

492671 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent fails with an

error similar to "IllegalStateException: Could

not concatenate chained operation because: Error

processing record with supplemental data whose

column index duplicates other data".

492682 ORACLE ONLY: IllegalStateException during log

scanner log record sort comparison sends the

Replication Agent to ADMIN state.

492817 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Replication Agent throws

a java.lang.NullPointerException error when

replicating update text column value to NULL.

493013 MICROSOFT SQL SERVER ONLY: Replication Agent

defines an incorrect 'XXXcheckobjects' table

name in the Replication Agent system stored

procedure 'XXXmark_'. Replication Agent defines

the 'XXXcheckobjects' table using default

xlog prefix value (ra_) instead using the

value defined by the pdb_xlog_prefix parameter.

493098 rs_init can change the local server name after creating Replication Agent.
493103 Added two new commands, QUIESCE and RESUME.
493353 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent doesn't return

information for tables, procedures, functions,

or sequences when using 'pdb_setreptable',

'pdb_setreproc', or 'pdb_setrepsequence' admin

commands if the requested object has been dropped

and re-created.

493445 Change RSSD to prevent locking on high volume RSs and cases where monitoring (RMA) is done.
493447 Enhancement Request to make the presence of faded out message and reconnect message configurable.
493452 When installing Replication server ESDs over an existing installation, all modules are installed even if they were NOT selected for the original installation.
493530 Customer suggests to provide an option in interface Consolidation , the option allow to

clean up local copy in the Workspace. Though PowerDesigner provides option - "Extract After

consolidation", it is different to clean up the local copy.

493594 Customer would like the ability to update a model in the repository in real time without the need of having to consolidate the model.

Customer's text:

Currently, we are working in a "disconnected" mode in PowerDesigner. We make our updates locally and consolidate with the respository. We would like the additional ability to work in a connected mode with the repository, thus enabling us to update the requirements in real-time when connected to the respository. This may require that we actually lock the requirement, update it and unlock it. In this connected mode, we would not need to consolidate since our updates would be applied directly to the model in the repository.

493622 The Replication Server may fail to

shutdown after being issued the

'shutdown' command. This can occur if

the Replication Server fails to

terminate an associated 'dbltm' process.

An associated 'dbltm' process is created

when the Replication Server is

configured to use an embedded RSSD and a

route exists to a target Replication


493719 Change RSSD scripts to make all binary columns that rely on the full length of the binary (e.g. rs_locater.qid, rs_lastcommit, etc.) be explicitly declared as 'not null'
493723 Provide trace or configuration parameter that would allow DIST to skip commands automatically if "bad data" cannot be translated correctly by the DIST.
493735 When the Replication Server is sent corrupt data

(e.g. when BCP is incorrectly used at the

primary database), the Distributor thread

successfully detects the corruption and

terminates while the warm standby DSI thread

fails to detect the corruption and replicates

the corrupt data.

493748 The SySAM warning message that reports

that Replication Server functionality

will be disabled on a certain date is

too vague. Specifically, the

Replication Server functionality that

will be disabled is not clearly defined.

The SySAM warning message should

explicitly state that the entire

Replication Server will be disabled.

494064 ORACLE ONLY: Replication Agent generates

replication definition containing incorrect column

length for columns whose datatype is nchar,

nvarchar or nvarchar2.

494192 ORACLE ONLY: ConcurrentModificationException

occurs during skip operations list truncation.


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