SAP PB Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(6)

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考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。
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306191 A systemerror in open event of a response window, is delayed until the window closes.

This is not a bug, but a result of the changes in 8.0 with exception handling. See CR 239632 for details.

306194 Problems when setting Autoscript Delay to 10 milliseconds with autopopup.
306278 Using the EncryptMessage function with SOAP, receiving the

following error:

SOAP Exception

Error while parsing SOAP XML payload: reference to invalid character number

The load file shows:




POST /Crypto/CryptoService.asmx HTTP/1.1

Host: localhost

Connection: Keep-Alive

User-Agent: EasySoap++/0.6

Content-Type: text/xml; charset="UTF-8"

SOAPAction: ""

Content-Length: 443











s:type="y:string">encrypt this</m:text>





HTTP/1.1 100 Continue

Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 14:09:09 GMT


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Server: Microsoft-IIS/5.0

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 14:09:09 GMT

Cache-Control: private, max-age=0

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

Content-Length: 449

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""><soap:Body><EncryptMessageResponse xmlns=""><EncryptMessageResult>gLS Hqlhl]( Iz6e'gJ.`oz</EncryptMessageResult></EncryptMessageResponse></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>

306282 PrintBitmap() function Does not print on page when using script directly out of PB 9 online help. In order for the Function to Work Properly, you need to change the Y coordinate, and the Height to Negative Numbers.


The following will return a 1, but will not print the BMP on the Page

li_ret1 = PrintBitmap(Job, s_bmp, 50,100, 1000,1000)

The following will return a 1 and prints the BMP in the Upper Left corner of the page

li_ret2 = PrintBitmap(Job, s_bmp, 50,100 * -1, 1000,1000 * -1)

306293 The EJB client proxies reflect the Java hierarchy and it would be really helpful to see the relationship of these objects in the Object browser
306327 Request to add the PBPack90.exe to in the Tools option or create a short cut.
306416 Cannot drag and drop objects from System Tree to scripts when the objects are located in PBDs (PBNI extensions). It works fine for PBLs.
306436 Need to put 'View Check Out Status' feature back into product.
306438 Include PBResMon in PB9 "What's New" within doc/on-line help.
306487 PB 9 Beta RC: PBPACK90.EXE - typo in 3rd groupbox: "componets".
306490 For an SCC workspace, any individual objects that reside on the file system are marked read-only once they are added to source control. These include .PBT target files, web & JSP objects, and exported PB source. If you later disassociate the workspace from source control (by changing the SCC connection provider to NONE), the file attributes for these objects are NOT automatically changed.
306538 When using the Update() function to update a field from a datawindow it returns a 1 (success) but the actual update on the db does not occur. This happens for the Emulator environment only. When using on Desktop it works ok.

Could not test on a PocketPC device.

*** Tuesday, January 28, 2003 10:21:31 AM *** kirchner ***


Tested build 12 and it works fine on Emulator 2000.

306540 Using a checkbox or a radiobutton inside of a datawindow, the controls do not appear inside of the dw at runtime. This happens for the Emulator environment only. When using on Desktop it works ok.

Could not test on a PocketPC device.

306560 Cannot use Oracle stored procedures with DataWindows in JDBC. Attempting to do so results in error: ORA-6550 followed by PLS-00306 error indicating 'wrong number of types in arguments'
306583 In the database painter properties, the definition for private synonyms is wrong.
306601 When using embedded sql to call a db2 stored procedure, the output parm is not returned.

The following embedded sql is used:

DECLARE sp_test PROCEDURE FOR Proc4 VAR=:ls_arg_in,VAR1=:li_arg_out


Execute sp_test;

When the execute statement is processed, the sqlcode return value is 100. When the fetch

statement is processed, the sqlcode return value is -1.

306615 DATE EditMask (MM/DD/YYYY) does not work with consistent behavior.
306621 Inherited svuo does not have ancestor non-visual objects.
306721 When using the compiled code (machine code) in a big application, that consists many libraries (~200 dlls) the error: Initialization of the DLL "name/path of dll" failed. The process terminated abnormally. This happens during the workflow of the application when already several dlls are loaded into memory.
306733 OS: Win32 (tested on W2K and NT4.0)

Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 7.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 7.03.10243 / 7.03.10256 / 7.03.10251 / 7.03.10260 - FAILED

7.03.10227 and earlier -> ALL WORK

8.03.9809 /8.03.9820 / 8.03.9850 - FAILED

8.03.9704 and earlier - All WORK

9.0.5058 - FAILED


If, from a response window, you close the window where the response window was opened PB will crash.

For example, in a main window open the response window

OpenWithParm(w_resp, parent)

On a button in the response window close the main window

// in the window open event

// iw_1 = message.PowerObjectPArm


Crash in PB 8.03.9850 is:

"Instruction at 0x000a0d29 referenced memory at 0x000a0d29, memory could not be read."

Crash Handler info in PB 7.03 (full file is in the repro zip)

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: unknown

File Version: unknown

Fault address=00000004 Section:Offset=00:00000000









SS:ESP:0023:0012E8B0 EBP:0000C000

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

00000004 0012E8AC 00000001 01EF3AB4 0000C000 01053C00 0000:00000000

113869D3 0000C000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0001:001659D3 F:\Builds\PB 7.x\7.03.10260\PBVM70.dll

306748 The problem appears after a script call to a PostURL function. Powerbuilder will cause a gpf in PB80.exe . The GPF occurs during development and as a PB executable.

The problem is a regression because PB 8.0.1 release is OK and does not cause a gpf.

306764 When trying to create an EJB proxy in PowerBuilder, receiving

the following error:

---------- Deploy: Deploy of p_ejb_proxy1

Retrieving Powerbuilder Proxies from EJB...

Generation Errors: Can't get information of example.ejb20.basic.containerManaged.AccountHome

Deployment Error: No files returned from server for package/component: 'example.ejb20.basic.containerManaged.Account' EJBServer error code: Unknown Proxy was not created.

---------- Finished Deploy of p_ejb_proxy1

306781 The COM/MTS project has been extended with two COM+ specific tabs, but the information there cannot be entered via the COM/MTS Component Wizard, nor are those options marked as COM+ in on the File->New dialog.
306782 The COM/MTS project has been extended with two COM+ specific tabs, but the information there cannot be entered via the COM/MTS Component Wizard, nor are those options marked as COM+ in on the File->New dialog.

It appears that none of the COM+ additions appear in doc.

306786 Select Objects dialog for COM/MTS project has some GUI issues:

1. two checkbox controls seem superimposed over two buttons at middle of the dialog

2. There is a properties button that always seems to be disabled at the bottom. I don't think it has any function and does this in PB8 too - so just remove it??

306805 Open and close of Web Target file appends null byte to file every time.
306825 Single char column for Yes/No (Y/N) value has an editmask of '!'(uppercase). When user tries to clear value by hitting 'Backspace' key (w/o selecting the text) and tabs out, the value comes back. All other types of editmasks clear value. Del key works.
306911 Uninstalled previous version, and installed

Powerbuilder build 5501 RC and the Sybase DataWindow PS driver is not installed.

In control panel/printers, the printer does not show up.

306913 On executing a sql statement "INSERT INTO TEMP TBL" a sql error is returned

in the database painter.

When connecting with Informix native driver IN7 or IN9 the temp table is

not created and the sql error is:

"Select error: Cursor is not open"

When connecting with Informix through ODBC then the temp table is

created but still there is the sql error is:

"Invalid cursor state"

306964 When in the datawindow painter and after you save the rows as a pdf file, Powerbuilder appears to be hung.

The datawindow has 47,000 rows.

From development - 2/3/2003:

A hourglass will now appear to show that PB isn't really hanging while the PDF is being


306970 Include additional file types for the PB/IM file editor like *.js (javascript), *.htm/html.
306979 Oracle RPCFUNC stored procedure call passes blob as OUT parm, but is not passing back the -1 returned when there is no blob data. It's returning a 0, and an error mesage of "ORA-24334: no descriptor for this position".

Reviewed by PB Engineering:

There is no problem here. Because the stored procedure captures all errors and exits cleanly, SQLCA.SQLCode in PB will be 0. When SQLCA.SQLCode is 0 then looking at SQLCA.SQLErrText is not valid. To capture the -1 returned by the stored procedure you need to call the proc as:

rc = SQLCA.blob_arg(ld_id, lb_col)

307000 Calling ConnectToNewObject() function in PB component causes PB client application to hang when component has been deployed to EAServer 4.1.3/4.2. Customer is using EAServer 4.2 and is trying to connect to OCX The same application works fine with Jaguar 3.6.1 (36114), PB version 7.0.3

Source of error after being looked into by development appears to be EAServer 4.2 but no final solution was found.

The following workaround worked for us and the customer :

Follow these steps.

1. Look for following entry in registry.


ClassID for QMSGEOSTAN.OBJECT should be {39A0EAB1-6E9A-11D0-8DA5-006097096AB9} as per test case. If not find it out.

2. Look for "ThreadingModel" string value under "InprocServer32". If not found create one.

3. Set the value of "ThreadingModel" to one of the followings

A. Apartment

B. Both

C. Free

D. Neutral

4. Start Jaguar and test it again

Try 4 values i.e, "Apartment" , "Both", "Free" and "Neutral" one by one. I am not sure which one will be suitable for client.

307131 OS: NT 4.0

Versions and Build #s Reported: 8.0.3 #9838

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.0.3 #9838 and 9.0 #6001

Database/Driver File/Version:

Comments: This seems to be related to CR 171038 BRC-6.5.00 Regression. Real(), Double() Powerscript/DW f(n) data corruption.

Step-By-Step Instructions: See "Repro" tab



0. create folder C:\TEMP\Sybase_supp , put there 99120S01.tif and 99120S01.tfw

1. put all other files in one other folder

2. set reginal settings decimal separator to "," and digit grouping symbol to "."

3. register dlls and ocx mentioned in the mo_reg.bat file

4. open the test_real_convert.pbl and run it

5. press the button "test convert" this shows the result of real('2,3456E2') and double('2,3456E2')

-> 234,559.... rounding issue!!!!!! and 234,56

6. press the "open GIS" button. that should show a map

I had some problems to get the OCX registered well on one PC. Intead of opening the window with the OCX just try to place the OCX on the window w_gis in the window painter. you will get a licence file error but if do step 7 you'll get the same result.

7. press the "test convert" button

-> 2 and 2 the rest of the values are not converted. It seems using the OCX did some internal settings in PB.


use instead of real('2,3456E2') the dot -> real('2.3456E2')

there are some more PBLs for testing the different behaviour with real() and double() which seems to be related to CR 171038.

Test Case (zip file) Name:

307144 DW column expression using IsRowNew() not working when column is auto sized.

Not a bug.

307154 On line help issue: The 'Dynamic Calls' page doesn't appear in the Index, therefore it has to be looked up via the Find
307173 DataWindow with a DDDW. Drop the DDDW down, close it. Move window to the left. Open dddw again. The opened dddw is painted were the window was before (i.e. to the right of the window).

Versions and Build #s Reported: PB

Versions and Build #s Tested: 6.5.1 build 1326 - NT 4.0 French & US OK

7.0.3 build 10243 - US English NT 4.0 OK


8.0.3 build 9850 - Windows NT4 French FAILED

8.0.3 build 9850 - Windows NT4 US OK

8.0.3 build 9850 Windows 2000 French OK


The Datawindow datetime editmask below does not display the seconds when run on French Windows NT 4.0

EditMask : [date][time]

Format : [shortdate][time]

Use Format : unchecked.

Also tested on a Spanish Windows NT 4.0 machine and not seen the problem.

Not tested this in all possible language versions of Windows. Only happens on a French NT 4.0 (it's not enough to change input locales , it must be a French NT 4.0 installation)

The value:

15/01/2003 15:12:48

Displays as:

15/01/2003 15:12 <-----No seconds show

On a French NT 4.0 installation using PB 8.03 or PB 7.03

307178 Currently, you have to go into the library painter to create a new empty PBL. This option should be availble from one of the tabs on the File->New dialog - possibly the PBObject tab.
307182 Animated cursors actually work as it is but the IDE needs a few tweaks.

You can assign an animated cursor to your controls via script. You should be able to pick these from the Properties Pane. Note: Once assigned Animated Cursors work great!

1. In the Properties panes for various controls, the File Open dialog on the Other tab for Pointer displays only .cur files.

2. When building an EXE, the .ani files are not included in the EXE or PBD even when using a .PBR file

307188 Create a new object, for example a window. In the window painter, use the default Layout just to be sure we are testing the same type of setup.

Add a button to the window on the Layout view. Double click the button to enter script.

Enter some invalid script.

Do not try to compile or save, just click on the Layout tab to look at the visual of the object.

Now double click the button again to go back to the script view.

The painter will bring you back to the script with the compiler errors displayed.

Note that the Layout tab remains the highlighted tab, even though now you have switched back to the Script view.

307204 The setting for Alignment for a static text control is not taken into account in a deployed application.
307225 Can't open 8.0.3 datawindow with computed field that calls global function that connects to the database and executes a cursor. You can in 7.0

Fixed in PB 8.0.3 build 9918 and PB 9.0 build 6050.

307237 The EJB Proxy Project displays 3 non-existent EJBServer properties.
307357 A PB EJB client cannot access public fields of an EJB object.
307367 EJB Proxy generation fails with "Class not found" when generating proxies for an EJB that involves a final class which includes a class variable that is an array
307400 All the proxy objects and the component

projects (except application) have items in the Edit menu that are nonapplicable/nonusable.

The items under the Edit menu are:

Paste Executable

Paste Executable's Resource

Paste Dynamic Library's Resource

When you select one of these, nothing happens.

307410 Apply button always disabled on Select EJB Component Dialog
307414 When changing the tabsequence in a datawindow programmatically,

to readonly and then using the HTML property to generate html, the columns that were changed to readonly appear editable.

Using the following code:



dw_1.object.customer_tab_id.border = "0"

dw_1.object.customer_tab_id.tabsequence = 0

dw_1.object.dept.border = "0"

dw_1.object.dept.tabsequence = 0

ls_html =

307416 When the project is not saved, even if user choses to deploy to the emulator instead of the device, it抣l still try to deploy to the device. Any changes to the project will not take effect until it is saved PocketBuilder will use the "stale" deployment configuration before changes were made.
307420 If I put a MessageBox in the Open event for the first window, the pop-up will appear but upon dismissing the pop-up, the first window will not have focus. I need to click AppList again to gain access to the window. Works fine on PC from IDE, problem occurs deployed to PocketPC.

The workaround could be "" BEFORE the messagebox function call in the window open function. It may be a while before this gets fixed, so use the workaround for now.

307428 When a new project is created and saved, every time Ctrl-S or Save is pressed, it will treat it as Save As. Closing and re-opening the project painter resolves the problem.
307431 Button of the fourth screen on EJB Proxy Wizard is too small and causes the folder icon to be clipped on the left.
307434 The JVM status and classpath can be obtained from the Tools->System Options Java tab, but it would be nice to have it always visible.
307443 Toolbar icon for Open Select Query Dialog does nothing in Datawindow painter.

Fixed in PB 7.0.3 build 10279, PB 8.0.3 build 9918 and PB 9.0 build 6050.

307448 EJB Proxy generator needs to ensure that proxies are not generated that clash with reserved PowerBuilder names. Cannot import EJB proxies that have class names which are also PowerBuilder reserved variables/types.
307576 OS: Win32

Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 9.0 RC Build 5058, 5501

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 9.0 Build 5058 and 5501 - Reproduced

PB 8.0.3 builds 9704 -> 9850 - Not reproduced


Pasting data into a dw editmask does not work if the editmask contains symbols such as dashes, slashes, brackets, commas, periods etc.

eg ##-##-## or aaa/aaaa-aaa or etc.

If you highlight the entire field with the mouse first and then paste, it works fine.

If the mask symbols are removed, it also works without the need to select the entire field.

Same behaviour with Window Edit controls

Possible related CRs:

CRs 231097, 228313, 228319, CR 296916

See also CR 298650 using the Paste() function.

307602 Opening and application that has a PictureListBox control on the window causes the device to freeze when you try to close the application. App works fine when run from IDE. Problem occurs deployed on ARM.
307608 Default XML template doesn't reflect grouping.
307610 Using the emulator, an app cannot be launched directly from the .exe. The following message displays: "The instruction at "0x00e45a48" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written"." For another app, similar message with "...memory could not be "read"."
307611 Put a Save Rows As... option on the template view context menu.
307613 Change default Save Rows As... file type to XML or PDF.
307628 In the IDE -> DataWindow -> Data Source, when the syntax (SQL statement) is converted to graphic mode via Design -> Convert to Graphics, the Where clause is constructed incorrectly (contains non-printing characters).
307656 When deployed to the PocketPC, Retrieving a datawindow that includes a dddw column appears to hang the retrieve. The result set is never returned.
307687 Description of Problem: At ActiveX html in PB 7.0.3 & 8.0.3 ,The browser is terminated by following execution steps.First , call/execute window contains DW control. Second , call/execute window contains EditMask control
307732 "C0085: Invalid variable declaration initialization" when saving controls if using following syntax: declare instance variable string CRLF="~r~n"

and using in code string ls_error = "this is an error" + CRLF


Change coding to :

string ls_error

ls_error = "this is an error" + CRLF

307737 New SYC feature TrimSpaces=0 dbparm seems to be ignored if the select behind a DW has a 'order by' clause
307748 When trying to use dw.SaveAs() using template with cp-1252 (windows-1252)

codepage in XML header and national characters in data, C++ runtime error occurs with "Abnormal program termination". The same XML in UTF-8 works fine. CP-1252 with no national chars is OK as well.

307756 When you search for an object that is not checked out and

you rmb on that object in the search results panel, selecting Edit Source will allow you

to open the object without giving any warning message.

If you select Edit from the search results panel, a warning message of: "object is not checked out and therefore cannot be overwritten. Open it anyway?"

307767 Powerbuilder crashes when you import a proxy for an EJB that returns java.sql.Date as generated by EJB2PB90. Also crashes in the IDE if you use a EJB Proxy project to try to generate the proxies.
307768 Provide a facility for export/import of Clip Window information.
307774 XP task bar shows "Sybase Product File" not "PowerBuilder" for multiple processes
307803 Would like a dropdown for printer name in the printer specifications tab, which would list the installed printers when using a custom PostScript printer driver.
307808 If you have menus on your application and you launch the deployed application from the EXE file instead of from the Applist, it fails. On PocketPC, the app appears to never launch. On Emulator, you get a GPF. If you run from the IDE, or launch the application from the Applist instead of the EXE, it works okay.
307810 Be able to deploy the app to a user-specifiable location on the PPC. This is especially important now that we can run the app without AppList. Also, consider adding icons to the programs and perhaps automatic shortcut creation.
307813 When selecting all the objects of a pbl by using ctrl-a,

the vertical scroll bar in the right pane (where the selection is taking place) jumps up and down. There's alot of flickering with the scroll bar.

307818 Pipeline: Oracle VARCHAR2 source columns show up as CHAR in destination
307829 DOCUMENTATION: Online help for SaveAs (DWs) needs to be corrected.

- If you look at the online help for SaveAs, you will find the following in the index:

"SaveAs method (DataWindows)"

- Select it and you get a choice between:

SaveAs method (DataWindows)


SaveAs method (DataWindows) (PowerBuilder Help)

- Both entries open up a dialog with title: "SaveAs method (DataWindows)"

but the first entry concerns saving the data in a GRAPH in the format :

integer dwcontrol.SaveAs ( { string filename, } { string graphcontrol, SaveAsType saveastype, boolean colheading } )

and the second entry decribes saving a (normal) datawindow or datastore with the format:

integer dwcontrol.SaveAs ( { string filename, saveastype saveastype, boolean colheading } )

- The following should be fixed:

#1: Distinguish the graph and non-graph syntaxes in the help index

#2: Distinguish the title of both entries

#3: Correct the prototype in the graph syntax from:

integer dwcontrol.SaveAs ( { string filename, } { string graphcontrol, SaveAsType saveastype, boolean colheading } )


integer dwcontrol.SaveAs ( string graphcontrol, { string filename,SaveAsType saveastype, boolean colheading } )

307830 Horizontal Scroll and Horizontal SplitScroll cause problems on deployed applications:

On device: when application initially comes up, the horizontal scrollbar is a "bleed through" area on the page. If you click on it, the scrollbar paints, and seems to work okay. The Horizontal Split does not work yet, though.

On the Emulator: the "bleed through" area appears and when you click on it the app freezes. I tested a couple of times and once I could close from the OK button, but another time I had to shut down the emulator via the taskbar.

Seems to work okay when run from the IDE.

307962 Enable PB to get a whole string of a stored procedure output paramter,without explicetly allocating memory before the call. In ODBC terms he would like to utilize the SQL_DATA_AT_EXEC call.
307982 Right click on a PBW file and select "Open With...". The option that got registered is "Sybase Inc. Product File". It should probably say "PowerBuilder" or "Infomaker"
307984 The Today( ) function does not return the date on an application deployed to the device, or on the Emulator. It's okay in IDE runtime.

WORKAROUND: This turns out to be a problem with the format when converting a date to a string. Workaround is to use the optional format string parameter. For example:

For example, change:

messagebox("date",string(Today( )))


messagebox("date",string(Today( ),"m/d/yyyy"))

and it will display the date.

307987 The structure painter crashes when you try to create a new structure. You can create a structure in PB and import it to PK as a workaround, but you cannot subsequently open the imported structure in PK. PK crashes.
307992 Window size at design time does not apply toe runtime for deployed application. Works okay when run from the development environment.
307993 When calling a Stored procedure with output parameter from an ASA database via ODBC it returns nothing in the bound parameter.
308023 Application with a datawindow button. In the buttonclicked event of the datawindow, if the button is clicked, writes a string to sel_1.text. This works if run from IDE but crashes the application when deployed to PocketPC and/or Emulator.
308027 When including the 4th optional argument (tab2) to the Print PowerScript function - Syntax 2, for printing text in a print job, PowerBuilder gpf's.
308032 Enhancement: Make full file paths an option in SystemTree and painter titles.
308037 Saveas to psr is not generating the psr file.

The return code of 1 indicates success but the no psr file is found in directory.

Used the following syntax:



Dupe of CR 275451.

308042 PB 9 Beta: For a graph datawindow, SaveAs(graphname, filename, PDF!, colheading) doesn't work, SaveAs(filename,PDF!,colheading) works...bug or documentation issue?
308048 Request for addition to 9.0 release notes regarding xerces-c_1_5_1.dll and PVCS.
308108 orcascript 'scc get latest version' fails with PBNative. Works fine with source control systems.
308120 Add the menu option to clear or delete a line for the

Having or Compute tabs in the datawindow painter. Also add the menu option of Insert

for the Where, Having and Compute tabs.

When you select either Where,Having or Compute in the datawindow painter and then RMB,

a menu displays. It would be easier for customers to edit a datawindow if the menu

option of insert and (either clear or delete) were added to those menus.

308130 Strange behavior scrolling to rows with protected columns.

Reviewed by PB Engineering:

PB engineering says it's not a bug, the behavior is correct.

308132 Accessing dw_1.Object.DataWindow.FirstRowOnPage crashes a deployed application. It works okay run from the development environment.
308139 Small application retrieve one datawindow and does a rowscopy to copy the rows to another datawindow. The application shuts down. Problem occurs when running from the IDE.
308173 After renaming a datawindow column in the datawindow painter detail band, getting prompted to save an XML template when saving the datawindow.
308183 If you run a PK application that does not have a title in the titlebar, the application does not show up in the list on the device when you select Start... Settings... System... Memory... Running Programs. This may be more critical during alpha and beta, but it does sometimes make if difficult to figure out what the status of your application is when something unexpected happens. You also cannot stop it with the "Stop All" button. Clicking that closing all of the apps running in the task list, but it will not stop the PocketBuilder application.

PER DEVELOPMENT: Not a bug: Windows now have a default caption of "Untitled". The behavior however, is not a bug, it's more a case of the user "shooting themselves in the foot" if they should choose not to have a title. The system will not put the entry into the running apps list if there is not title. If the app has been run from applist, then clicking on applist will bring up the app again and the user can use a button to close it, but if it is a standalone executable, starting it will start another instance of the application - in which case a soft reset is necessary to stop the app. This is only the case for an untitled window. It's similar to having a window on the desktop without any means of closing it, such as the control menu or X button. It is up to the user to ensure that there is a way to get back to the application.

308194 Adding a new string column to an external datawindow crashes PocketBuilder development environment when the default length is changed.
308201 In a grid datawindow, the user can alter the column widths by clicking the line between columns and dragging left or right. In PK, this works for an application run from the development environment, but not for an application deployed to the device or emulator. It is possible to drag, but your changes will only change the width of the first column, even when it appears you are altering the width of a different column.
308204 Making a dynamic call to a function and passing NOT boolean arg, fails.
308341 DOCUMENTATION: PB User's guide, Chap. 18, Saving data in an external file, 'System requirements for the distill method': <quote> On Windows DBCS platforms, you also need to install a file that supports DBCS characters to the Windows font directory, for example C:\WINNT\fonts. To use these fonts, the userconfig.xml file in the directory Shared\PowerBuilder\fop-0.20.4\conf must be modified to give the full pathname of the files you use, for example: <font metrics-file="C:\Program%20Files\Sybase\Shared\ PowerBuilder\fop-0.20.4\conf\cyberbit.xml" kerning="yes"embed-file="C:\WINNT\Fonts\Cyberbit.ttf"> For more information about configuring fonts, see the Apache Web site . </quote> That doesn't have anything to do with the distill method, it applies to the FOP XSL-FO method.
308446 The autoscript list for an object you are coding isn't refreshed if you change something on an object that you have previously shown the list for before.
308468 When connected to an Oracle 9i database using the O90 driver, and creating a datawindow from a stored procedure which expects a Date argument, an "ORA-01858: A non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected" error occurs.
308504 In a datawindow control it is possible to create a User Event that maps to "pbm_dwclosedropdown", and you would expect that it would fire on a DDDW close but it does not.
308583 Since 7.0.3 Build 10075 the update (13) action on a web dw causes the dw to return to the first page on ASP, even though the user had gone forward with PageNext button.

no workaround

308591 Please add support for doing "get latest version" and other scc operations on whole workspaces, targets and PBLs. Currently every object must be named in the script.

for instance with following Orcascript:

// all objects in a pbl

scc get latest version "C:\...\name.pbl" -allobjects

// all objects of a target

scc get latest version "C:\...\name.pbt" -allobjects

// all objects of a workspace

scc get latest version "C:\...\name.pbw" -allobjects

308596 When pasting a function into the function list view, it copies the function ok but PB opens up a blank function, unnecessarily.
308606 Getting gpf when opening a sheet with parm, then opening a response window, and closing the response window.
308613 When retrieving data in a datawindow using the MSS driver,

the fractional part is missing when using French or other international standard.

For example, a select statement of 'select 1.234 from customer' will only show the value of 1 when the regional settings of the control panel are changed to French.

Fixed by PB Engineering:

NOTE: The fix for this issue also requires the dbparm setting of 慡taticBind=0�.

308638 EJBClient functionality does not expose a way to see if JVM is loaded
308642 9.0 Doc issue with OracScript; remove /T switch documentation.
308671 Please document that the following error message

will occur:

Exception in CreateJavaInstance

Error calling method of a PBNI object

When the following line is not included when trying to connect a EJB client

to a application server:

connection.connectToServer(string properties[])

308674 Unable to catch a datawindow runtime exception in PB 8.0.3
308677 After generating a profiling trace and opening the trace file, the trace window is closed and PB crashes.

Fixed in PB 8.0.3 build 9918 and PB 9.0 build 6050.

308698 This is an issue in the implemenation of the PBNI JavaVM class.

I would like engineering to look at it just quickly to determine whether there may be a problem in the underlying PBNI to be shipped with PB 9 or if it's just an issue in the coding of the JavaVM extension provided in the example.

308776 Paste Special -> SQL does not copy statement into ISQL pane in DB painter.
308800 For the emulator, a window declared with the 揦� button will not have the 揦� button shown. It works okay when deployed to the Pocket device.


"SmartMinimize" is a new feature with PPC2002 - therefore it will not be available for any system running PPC2000 (namely the 2000 emulator).

308801 When deploying to a device, or emulator and device, the an error 揇eployment Error � please check the output view window� will be reported just below the output view, even though deployment is successful.
308811 The 揅lose (X)� checkbox may make more sense if renamed to 揗inimize (X)� because it抯 not really a close button. Also, both (OK) and (X) can be selected at the same time, this is confusing.

Also, I'm not sure if "Dismiss" is PocketPC terminology ? PB developers would be more familiar with the "Close" or "Exit" to terminate the application and "Minimize" label to minimize the app.

308824 When the datawindow resultset doesn't match the actual

resultset, the only error message is:

Datawindow Error:

Select error

A more meaningful error message is needed to alert users.

When you run an application, it will trigger the dberror event. The sqlerrtext says

"Select error". The sqldbcode is 2, which is not documented.

308831 PB90 - Poor performance and high CPU usage as compared to PB80 app.

Fixed in PB9 build 5506.

308840 Add a version of GetChild() function that takes a DW row and nested report object.
308841 Using the RetrieveAsNeeded property on a datawindow, when running from the IDE, the retrieval stops after the first set of rows. There is no problem on the device when the application is deployed, but it also appeared that the retrieval all occurred at once. Is this going to be supported ?


Retrieve As Needed will not be supported for Pocket PowerBuilder. It is not needed for the device.

308852 JSP build process mangles script resulting in non functional jsp.

From within PB all looks fine but the jsp does not work. From outside of PB when viewing the JSP in the build folder with an editor you can see the problem.

308956 Using the function blobedit to encode a date or datetime variable into a blob gives

errornous results when extracting from the blob and can lead to a crash afterwards.

This is a regression in PowerBuilder 7 around Build 10180 and later,

and in PowerBuilder 8 Build 9121 and later.

309011 Problems with objects getting corrupted in VSS source control after doing GetLatest version on whole application.
309019 If you have the "Prompt On Exit" option set for PowerBuilder and Source Control enabled on an application, when you shut down PowerBuilder, it disconnects from source control and then prompts you that PB is shutting down. If you click cancel at this point, PB does not shut down and you are now in the same application but without source control, risking possible uncontrolled edits.
309124 PB 9 Beta RC: ENH: Better display of the retrieval arguments in the DW painter, allowing entry of default values to be used in design mode to avoid the argument popup dialog.
309130 Application retrieves a datawindow that includes radiobutton and checkbox edit style fields. It works okay run from IDE. Running on the emulator, the radiobuttons and checkbox do not display. Running on the device, it freezes the device. The dw retrieves, you see the db initialized, but thereafter it is not possible to either get back to the running application or access the Start menu to try to do anything else. It is necessary to reset the device.
309174 When using the DIR driver and have input parameters

embedded with ? and ', Powerbuilder will translate them incorrectly.

Using different dynamic sql formats will produce different results. The input

argument will get translated differently.

For example, using the parameter of:


Will translate to:

Hello?World Hello'

309176 If you have the Applist open on the device and you deploy a new application, the exes shown in the Applist are not refreshed. It would be nice to have a way to refresh the list.
309178 User requested that the path of the deployed application be shown in the Applist, for example \windows\myapp.exe instead of myapp.exe. This CR depends on the enhancement request CR 307810 implementation (allow deployment to specific location on PocketPC)
309179 Enlarge the width of the selectionbox for the target and libraries listed when you do an "Inhert From Object". With any kind of path you just can't see the actual library names. It needs to be much wider or better yet put in a horizontal scroll bar if needed.
309180 Enh: Preserve function names with upper and lower case as users define them in the autoscript list, so users don't have to re-do them each time.
309259 Design time - when clicking on border of an ancestor datawindow userobject changes the size of the object

no workaround

309265 When using the functionality of PBNI eg. PBDOM in a COM server function, the PBDOM-functions are not executed, and the result is not ok.

Doing the same using an automation server, when calling the COM function, the erromessage: Bad Image: The application or dll .... is not a valid NT image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

*** Thursday, February 20, 2003 10:33:00 AM *** kirchner ***

Did test using path to filename and it does work. Two other CRs regarding further problems have been created.

309293 PowerBuilder is crashing when inserting a row in datastore with usehwnd=no if the current column was just modified.
309301 QueryMode does not work for datawindows.
309326 With an application under source control, if you have checked out an object and changed something in the object and before saving the object you try to checkin that object, you should be prompted to save object before the checkin.
309340 When connecting using the ThinWeb driver of ThinDriverj20SQL.jar,

receiving the "No Suitable Driver" error message from the database profile.

The jdbc log shows:


DriverManager.initialize: jdbc.drivers = null

JDBC DriverManager initialized

getConnection: no suitable driver

java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(

at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(

at com.sybase.powerbuilder.jdbc.PbjdbcSession.CreateSession(

SQLException: SQLState(08001)

Java PbjdbcSession::CreateSession SQLException thrown

------->SQLState = 08001

------->ErrorCode = 0

------->Message = No suitable driver

Problem happens using the following:

URL: jdbc:thinweb:conlabtt:1521/conlatt or


Driver: com.thinweb.sql20.jdbc20.ThinDriver

9/2/2003 - This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

309398 Versions and Build #s Reported: 7.03 / 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 7.03 GA & 7.03.10260 /8.03 GA & 8.03.9872 / 9.0 RC

Comments: Incorrect datetime format in SaveAs() function: in the text file generated, a colon (the ':' used to separate seconds from microseconds)is used instead of period ('.')

This causes difficulties when using the saveas() text file as source files for other software as this is not recognised as a valid datetime format.

According to the documentation :

A standard data type that is time in 24-hour format: hh:mm:ss.ffffff where:

hh is the hour (a number 00 to 23)

mm is the minutes (a number 00 to 59)

ss is the seconds (a number 00 to 59)

ffffff is the microseconds (a number 000000 to 999999)

The colons (:) and period (.) are required. Blanks are not allowed.

For example, 23:59:59.999999 is one microsecond before midnight.


The PBODBxx.ini files specify the period as the correct separator for seconds and microseconds

PBDateTimeFmt='\'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.ffffff\''


In PB 9.0 SaveAsXML uses the correct format (ie uses a period) for datetime columns


SaveAsAscii works if the dw has a column format of "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.fff" (Workaround)

309405 Function time (hh, mn, s, ms) returns 0 when ms > 32767

Per PB Engineering, this is not a bug.

This is the intended result, the last argument of Time() is really a PB integer type in prototype, but the value is microsecond.

309420 RTE control prints scrambled characters when depending on right margin set.

Tested with PB 7.0.3_10251 and 8.0.3_9838.

309466 On the IDE, popup! windows should have "Dismiss (OK)" checked by default instead of the "Close (X)". If you click the X from the Close(X) on the popup, control does not retutn to the "launching" window.
309470 PowerBuilder installs PBJDBC1190.JAR, this file is obsolete. It was required by the PBJDS driver which no longer ships.
309483 The EJBConnection lookup method can throw a NamingException or ClassNotFoundException. A proxy is generated for NamingException but not for ClassNotFoundException.

As a workaround you can create a ClassNotFoundException proxy manually, but this should be generated automatically for you.

309493 Job = PrintOpen( "test" ) hdc = PRP_GetDC( Job ) always returns hdc = 0; printopen works OK. FUNCTION long PRP_GetDC (long printjob) library "PBVM90.dll"

This works in previous versions of PB up through PB 9 build 2525 and appears to have been in use by customers since at least PB 3 but it is not documented and it is unclear if this is even supported.

309561 : Would like to be able to change the dataobject for dddw after setfullstate()
309603 Customer needs information on what OS components are accessed when inserting an OLE Object.
309613 When a non-pooled pb component is trying to instantiate the

Jaguar/Repository, receiving the following error:

User '' does not have any of the required roles 'Admin Role'

NO_PERMISSION: Jaguar/Repository (user)

SsytemException: NO_PERMISSION (Jaguar/Repository:home/create)

Problem happens when the pb component is not using instance pooling and

when no userid is used when connecting to jaguar server. CreateInstance

works ok when the pb component is set up for instance pooling even when no userid is

used to connect to Jaguar.

The call to instantiate the Jaguar/Repository is from the constructor event.

9/2/2003 - This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

309616 When using the Web DW plug-in, the HTML source generated uses closing </PARAM> tags. According to the HTML 4.01 specification such tags are forbidden.
309621 Create a new Database profile to connect to an ASA db via ODBC. You can just create a new profile to use the ASA Sample db. Leave the UserID and Password fields checked, but do not enter a value in either field. For the remaining fields on the Connection tab, leave all defaults, and do not make any changes on other tab pages. Save the profile and exit the Database Profiles window.

Click the DB Profile toolbar button and Edit the new profile you created. You'll see that there are corrupted characters (boxes, etc.) showing in the Driver-Specific Parameters field, even though nothing was entered there.

From this point on, attempts to make changes to anything, close the dialog, etc. usually will cause a crash.

Workaround: Either deselect UserID and Password, or enter valid values for them

309657 Enhancement request to add an option to recreate the .PBG files. When migrating an app that already has SCC archives, you don't go thru the "Add to SCC" option, and .PBG files are not created. There needs to be an option to create (or recreate) them.
309677 On Rebuild, error box with no message except "Text", Yes/No pops up


This is acting the way PowerBuilder and Pocket PowerBuilder are supposed to act.

The "clicked" event of w_sle:cb_2 has the script:

integer r = MessageBox("Title", "Text", Exclamation!, YesNo!, 2)

This statement is evaluated at _compile_ time, not run time. Hence, the message box comes up during the compile. Refer to the PowerScript book for specifying an initial value

to a declaration.

309702 Referencing the dwo argument in ds itemerror event fails in a Jag component when the [datastore behavior] entry in the EAServer PB.ini is usehwnd=no or there is no entry.

Fixed in PB 8.0.3 build 9918 and in PB 9.0 build 6053

309763 Copying descendant objects in Window Painter of PB 803 IDE and saving it causes "An internal error occurred" window to be thrown.
309764 DisableBind doesn't work for Dynamic SQL (SQLSA) with stored procedure. The same execution works fine for rpc and datawindow executions.


sql = 'execute SP_20310306_RPC(?,?)'

PREPARE sqlsa FROM :sql USING itr;

EXECUTE DYNAMIC myproc USING :arg_empid,:arg_empfname;

Workaround: use RPC calls or DW with Stored procedures


Development added a new BindSPInput dbparm for the feature

Example: SQLCA.DBParm = "BindSPInput='YES'"

Default value: 'NO'.

309794 When a Powerbuilder application is run on a multi monitor configuration the DDDWs and DDLBs appear on the primary monitor instead of the monitor where a PB app. is displayed. The customer has 3 monitors connected to the same machine, he drags a Powerbuilder application to any one of the secondary monitors but when he clicks on any of the Drop Downs (DDDWs or DDLBs) the dropdown gets displayed on the right edge of the primary monitor.
309805 Add support for displaying and creating Oracle function based indexs in the Database Painter.
309810 The tab order does not work properly in the Application Project Painter.
309822 If you continually toggle the ClientEdge property for a window object, eventually the window shrinks to nothing.

Easily remedied by toggling DefaultSize, but this should not be happening.

309835 When importing the ejb proxy BigInteger.srx into Powerbuilder, receiving a C0031 Syntax Error message.

The BigInteger.srx is of type java.math.BigInteger. Used ejb2pb90 to generate proxy. Problem also happens from EJB Client Wizard.

The following is a snippet from the BigInteger.srx:


$PBExportComments$Java Proxy for class: java.math.BigInteger

global type BigInteger from Number

end type

type variables


string BigInteger_javaname= "java.math.BigInteger"

BigInteger i__BigInteger__BigInteger

end variables

309840 Attributes in an export template are not stored in the order they were entered, but re-arranged when the edit attribute dialog closes.


Edit the source of the datawindow and change the order manualy if you like to import a different order.

309930 Enhancement Request to support XHTML from within the build process for EJB clients within PB. When using XHTML the case of the tags is important. Example JSP includes the familiar HTML tags in lower case (in compliance with XHTML standards), but when the JSP is deployed from within PowerBuilder all of the tags are converted to uppercase causing an invalid XHTML document.
309931 EJB Proxy generation fails because PowerBuilder doesn't recognize the 'and' function as a reserved word.
309941 If you have deployed a lot of applications, the Applist shows a vertical scrollbar. It is too long - the SIP icon at the bottom of the screen covers the bottom arrow.

Workarounds: Either scroll with the "thumb" of the scrollbar or launch the application directly from the EXE without using the Applist.

309976 The problem is with how PowerBuilder handles nulls with the division operator. According to the PB documentation, 1/NULL should return NULL. Instead, it returns a divide-by-zero error.
309990 PowerBuilder 8 doesn't let a user edit a large subquery.
310006 For a deployed application, if a window with a titlebar opens a popup window with default size selected, the popup window comes up underneath the titlebar of the original window. Occurs for both device and emulator. It works okay in the IDE.
310075 DynamiCube's ColHeading(pos,depth) function should return column heading string of the specified column at the specified depth. For some combinations of pos, depth the Function works fine but for eg. pos=1 and depth=1 it does not return the correct value, in fact it returns nothing.
310078 A crash occurs in the window painter when deleting all script of an inherited function and

selecting a different function in the function view without saving.

If you select another function using the function dropdown list of the scriptlist,

then there is no crash.

310091 FileDelete returns True, even though the file has not been deleted. Changing the directory and file permissions do not help.
310092 Description of Problem: FileMove fails with return -1, Error opening Sourcefile.
310093 Description of Problem: FileExists() returns correctly, but if the return value is False, EAS throws out "No such file or directory" to the console.
310131 After applying a filter that reduces the displayed rows to just one, the datawindow doesn抰 redraw properly. The summary band is partially overlapping the single row.


Call <DW>.GroupCalc() after <DW>.Filter() to get the Datawindow to redraw properly.

Fixed in PowerBuilder 9.0 build 6050 and PowerBuilder 8.0.3 Build 9918.

310154 Rows changed in the Filter Buffer not getting correct Item Status DataModified!

Not a bug. Changes made to the filter buffer do not apply as changes to be updated.

310259 ScrollToRow does not scroll to the current row specified using SetRow. Works in builds previous to build 8.0.3 build 985x. Eg 9838 works fine.
310269 Pasting a huge number in a numeric editmask control can cause a crash in PowerBuilder 7 and 8.
310313 If you make a change to the text property of a menu item that menu item appears to stop responding, and the text doesn't change. This occurs for applications deployed to the device and emulator. It works okay run from the IDE.
310317 If preview and design panes are tabbed, can't enter text into a newly created text object.

Fixed in PowerBuilder 9.0 build 6050 and PowerBuilder 8.0.3 build 9918.

310319 When a window does not have a menu, the location where a menu would exist is filled with the window抯 color. It should remain grey, the same color as the keyboard key.
310329 PBDOM_OBJECT getTextNormalize() and getTextTrim() methods return incomplete strings containing CP1252 national chars or throw PBNI exception. Only reproducible on Windows XP Polish Edition.
310340 Installing PB9 version 5507, SQL Anywhere is not mapping to the right shortcut of Sybase Central for version 8.x. It is using 4.0 which was packaged to 7.x, it should be using 4.1.
310407 PowerBuilder Runtime Packager should have some additional options, like:

(under 'Other Components') :

- PDF Distiller (which would deploy Ghostscript distiller and Postscript drivers)

- PDF: XLS-FO (which would deploy Apache FOP and related files)

(under PowerBuilder Base Components):

- Rich Text Support (if not selected, then PBRTC90.DLL is not deployed)

- Web DataWindow support (if not selected, then PBDWR90.DLL and PBDWRE90.PBD are not deployed).

- Java support (if not selected, then PBJVM90.DLL is not deployed).

Currently, the Runtime Packager creates an MSI file that always includes the following files:











All these files are not necessary to all applications.

310409 The Help files in build 19 are missing. If access online help, looking for: pkhlp10u.hlp
310420 3 issues in 8.0.3 with OLE DB (SQLOLEDB as provider) connecting to a SQL Server database. 1) You can't call the sp without supplying arguments with defaults. 2)Money columns in a database are created in a datawindow as decimal(18), should be decimal(4). 3) When you have a datawindow with column sizes that do not match the columns in the database, it lets you do that and later you sometimes crash. It should detect the mismatch and give a nice error message.

Fixed in PB 9.0 build 6044 and PB 8.0.3 build 9918.

310423 When running the Translation Toolkit and you select

Help/Contents, it will show Translation Toolkit for PowerBuilder Version 8.

Under Help/About, it does show the correct version.

310428 In template application wizard, the "Specify Template Type" dialog shouldn't exist since SDI is the only valid option, and the "Requires EAServer connection" option should be removed from the "Specify Connectivity" dialog
310432 The libraries/dlls provided to fix CR 289939 do cause stability issues with

smaller reports that worked with the predecessor version.

310433 When there is already a pbtrace.log on the machine (generated by PB), then the appended information generated by PocketPB is very difficult to read because of the difference in format.

Very likely the "fix" for this will be that Pocket PowerBuilder will use a different trace file name.

310442 Default BackColor for a new Window object should be White, not the current Button Face.
310445 A popup window displays on the XP operating system differently than it does on other Windows platforms. There is about a 1/8 more inch on the bottom edge.
310448 Requested static text background color on a window default to the same color as the window backcolor instead of Button Face.
310460 Add toolbar button support in the menu system.
310467 Running a deployed application, by clicking the edge of the window and dragging the edge, I'm able to resize the window. I don't think this is expected on the PocketPC.
310571 When you rmb on the pbapl90.dll and select the version

tab, it still shows 8.0.00.xxxx.

310576 Treeview nodes do not expand when deployed to device. Works okay run from IDE.
310624 If you create a submenu item with a text of hyphen, it will display in PB or in PK when run from the IDE as a separator bar. It does not display when an application is deployed either to the device or the emulator.
310629 I can export PowerBuilder objects and import them into Pocket PowerBuilder, but I cannot

export an object from PocketPB and import into PowerBuilder.

310631 PB Enhancement: Linux & MAC OSX runtime capability needed.
310641 PowerBuilder crashes in a destructor event of a datastore when the destructor code accesses a method of the datastore that involves the underlying datastore internals (like rowCount(), dbCancel(), modify(), etc.)

Fixed in PB 9.0 build 6044.

310669 OLE Graph on DataWindow is not working
310722 When a computed field is in the header band of a

composite report containing a nested report and you scroll up and down several times, the data disappears.

Problem happens in the datawindow painter in preview mode or in a datawindow control.

Scrolling appears to work ok when you just call up the nested report without composite report. Works ok with composite report when there is no computed field in the header band.

310757 The scrollbars on a listview do not work when the application is deployed to the device. If all of the items in the control are not visible, it is not possible to view or select items off the screen. The scrollbars work when the application is run from the IDE.
310763 Resizable datawindow control with StyleLowered! border displays as StyleRaised!
310767 Memory leaks when a function that returns type any is used in an expression.
310775 When previewing a datawindow that has data embedded

with carriage returns/newline characters, the dw shows different formatting when

the column has focus on it.

A table was loaded in with 2 fields,

CREATE TABLE "DBA"."text_text"


"id" integer NOT NULL DEFAULT autoincrement,

"text_lines" long varchar NULL,



The text_lines column is loaded with data that has carriage returns and new line

characters. When you preview the dw, it shows a different format when you actually

click in the text_lines column.

310849 Blank line inserted during import of an exported large objects
310868 Tab controls for PPC should not be 3D.
310875 In the datawindow painter, Alt-R does not bring down the Rows menu. This was reported for Pocket PB, but is also true in PowerBuilder.
310879 Requesting explanation or white paper on memory management SybHeap vs SmartHeap.

Information was given to the customer.

310915 User wants to be able to implement a ddlb similar to some examples available in applications on the Pocket PC. I'm not sure whether this would be enhancements to the existing ddlb control already available or whether it would be a new type of control.

He wants a) to not have a "box" around the text/selection part of ddlb control, which you can get close to by turning off the border. b) have a setable text property that could be shown when the list is dropped down.

To see an example of what he wants, check out the Contacts application and File Explorer on the PPC:

In the Contacts app: There is a dropdown in the upper left of the window which denotes which contacts to display. The default is All Contacts, and that displays in a bar at the top. If you click the arrow to show the list, the text changes from whatever the default was to "Show", and you are to pick what to "show" from the list.

In File Explorer, the same idea applies on the upper left - the dropdown shows what folder is current, and when you drop down, the text changes to "Show". On the right side at the top, the dropdown text is "Name" by default, and when you drop down the list, the text changes to "Sort by" and the list shows the options for sorting the files in File Explorer.

I think much of this could be coded by using user events, etc., but users would like this to be built in to either enhancements to the existing ddlb, or a new type of control for the window. Coming from the PC world, it looks to me like sort of a dropdown menu - but of course menus are on the bottom on the PocketPC.

You could also get very close to this look by using a dw control with button face background, transparent column(s) that are ddlb edit style, but there would be challenges in showing the current selection in the list, etc.

310935 Cannot edit a group in the dw painter. Selecting the group to edit from the Rows...Edit Group menu brings up nothing.
310942 Memory leaks with overloaded functions with argument of type ANY.

Fixed in 9.0.1.

311029 PB does not catch an exception from PBNI. If for example a PBNI extension returns a PBX_FAIL from a method to indicate an error (-1) the exception is not available in PB's catch block.
311045 Build 19 install creates the following registry entries (among others):

#1: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\App Paths\PB90U.EXE => this is invalid, this file does not exist.

#2: HKLM\Software\Sybase\PocketBuilder\1.0u\vendors => this is not a good name, the vendors should probably be included under HKLM\Software\Sybase\Pocket PowerBuilder\1.0u

#3: HKLM\Software\Sybase\Pocket PowerBuilder\1.0u => this is OK, but the uninstall fails to remove it

#4: If there is a PB 9 installed on the same machine, then the following registry entry:


InProcServer32= C:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\pbvm90.dll

gets overwritten with:

InProcServer32= D:\Program Files\Sybase\Pocket PowerBuilder 1.0\pkvm10u.dll

(NOTE: #4 was only reproduced internally on one machine, for most cases we could not reproduce it.)

311047 PB 8.0.3 compiler/Full Rebuild fails to detect duplicate variable names.

Fixed in PB 9.0 build 5031.

311066 Treeview drag and drop is not working.
311069 When running on the PC, in a couple of instances the code does a SetPointer to an hourglass, but no explicit call is made to SetPointer to set the pointer back to the arrow. It seems to happend automatically when the script completes when run on the PC, either from the IDE or from an EXE. When run on the ARM device, the pointer remains the hourglass-equivalent. Is this an environment difference that should be documented, or a bug ?

Workaround: simply add a call to SetPointer to set the pointer back to what you want.

311091 A composite report contains a nested report that has a header with a computed field in it. This composite is not printing correctly, the header overlays the data.
311094 You cannot drag and drop the columns of a grid dw to change the order of display when the application is deployed to the device or the emulator. It does work when the application is run from the IDE.
311097 In the PB Help - Datawindow object property 'Processing' is missing "6 - OLE".

Fixed in sources for PB8.x and PB9.x. Will be visible next time Help is rebuilt for a point release.

311107 If you create a datastore and retrieve the data, then sharedata with a dw control on the window, if the datastore is a local variable to the script (button clicked event) the data does not display on the device. If you use an instance variable, which is better coding practice anyway, then it works okay. In a way, I don't think this is really a bug, yet it does work okay if you run an application deployed on the PC. This is very minor, but I'm not sure why the difference on the environments.
311112 Small sample with a component with a datastore. GetFullState on the datastore. If two clients are accessing the same component the application hangs or in some cases gives a Corba Transaction Rollback in the EA Server Log and a Bad Mem Pointer and infinite loop of Abort, Ignore? on the Unix box.

Same app works fine on Windows.

311113 PB 9 DOCUMENTATION: Some additional info need on the filename argument for GetFileOpenName and GetFileSaveName in What's New.

Fixed. Rebuilt Help is in the install for PB 9.0.1 Build 6520+.

311189 For application deployed on emulator/device: Application opens with a window that has a menu. From that window, click command button to open second window that has a tab control. Close the second window, and upon returning to the first window, it's menu has disappeared. Works okay running from within IDE. In my tests, the problem did not occur until I added a tab control to the second window.
311205 PB 9.0 Enhancement Request in Project Painter.
311217 Search of PowerBuilder targets is not finding all it should...
311252 I can get into the structure painter without crashing now, but tabbing through the painter to create multiple fields causes a crash, as well as using the arrow keys to try to expand or scroll through the Type dropdown. Also clicking Save causes a crash unless I limited my structure to only on field.

The problems occur in both the "main" Structure painter and the Structure View of a window object.

311263 Both Composite and Graph datawindow styles are available to select as a dw style although the readme does not list them as supported. Not sure if this is a painter bug or a readme issue.

FIXED: Composite datawindows will not be supported and have been removed from the IDE. Graph datawindows will be supported.

311468 Excecuting MASP to EAServer 4.1 on IBM AIX 4.33 causes error 18232
311473 PB 9.0 RC build 5507

ASA 8.0.1 ODBC driver

On DBCS Window platform, DBCS data can't be inserted into and retrieved from easdemo9.db correctly by DSN "EAS Demo DB V9" which is created by PB installer.

Per PB Engineering:

It is not a bug, but an configuration issue.

In ASA, character set translation converts strings between character sets that represent the same characters, but at different values. In ASA 7, character set translation was turned off by default. In ASA 8, it is turned on by default. As a result, DBCS data cannot be inserted into or retrieved from the EAS Demo database when the ASA database engine is started with the default switches defined in the EAS Demo DB V9 DSN.

To turn off character set translation in ASA 8, add a minus sign after the -ct switch. In the Connection Profile dialog box, open the ODBC Administrator, select EAS Demo DB V9 from the System DSN page, and click Configure. On the Database page of the ODBC Administrator, add the -ct- switch to the command in the Start Line box. For example:

"C:\Program Files\Sybase\SQL Anywhere 8\win32\dbeng8.exe" -d -c8m -ct-

311494 OS: Win32

Versions and Build #s Reported: EAS 4.2 & 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: EAS 4.2 & 8.03 , OK in 4.1.3 and 8.03

Comments: Remote debugging a PB component is only possible if the breakpoint is triggered from another PB component (or PB client app). If triggered from a non-PB source (eg a java client, jsp page etc) then the breakpoint is ignored.

If the breakpoint is first triggered from a PB source then it is possible to step through the code from the non-PB source.

This worked OK in EAS 4.1.3.

311506 After installing build 22 I did a quick run of Process Explorer to see which dlls were being picked up.

According to Process Explorer, PK10U.EXE is loading the Program Files\Sybase\Shared\Web Targets\WtGenericServ80.dll file.

The ListDLLs utility does not report that dll as loaded, even when run together with Process Explorer.

311569 Web Service proxy generation is failing because a soap:address location attribute is missing a closing /. This is a general request to provide some useful messages when WSDL parsing fails.

Fixed in PB 9.0.1 build 6511, and PB 9.0 build 6086+.

311570 Enhancement for a property or a Powerscript function that will tell if you are running in the debugger.
311573 PB 9 RC: ENH: Support additional security options in the PDF generation.
311575 Customer would like a date/timestamp to be added in the output view during deploys, in order to help identify whether he is looking at the most recent deploy output or not, and whether he has deployed since last modifying an object.... Unlike "regular" PowerBuilder, when doing development with Pocket PowerBuilder it is common to deploy quite frequently.
311576 When you right click in the function painter definition area, there is a popup [Delete], [Delete Parameter] etc. If my intent is to delete a parameter and by mistake I hit "Delete", the whole function gets deleted without warning. A confirmation first will help.
311580 Enh: Make painters separate frames so they can float independently.
311581 PowerBuilder will crash if you run two queries in the ISQL DB painter and then try to do a SaveRowsAs() on the first query.
311592 If a window is a Response! window, then the titlebar does not show up for a deployed application. It works okay when run from the IDE.
311692 The autosizeheight setting on a detailband of a datawindow

may not take effect for generated HTML in a browser,

causing overlap of text problems.

311694 Ct would like to have the ability to set the connection to asynchronous mode by using a dbparm. eg. Async=1.
311748 PB crashes after launching IE browser to view a jpg file.
311758 Open a workspace and add a new target. For the target, select Existing application. When you select the PUL file to associate, the GUI flashes - I think it minimizes and then maximizes right away or something. It's quick, but VERY noticeable.
311759 In both 8.0 and 9.0 the exbm_m.exe and exbm_p.exe as part of the PowerBuilder examples to run the p-code and machine code benchmark are missing in PB8 examples and PB9 examples.
311775 The Connection Object Wizard includes EAServer connection options.


These options have been removed.

311884 Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.0 GA -> 8.03.9872 & 8.03.9890

9.0 GA


Blank rows appear in a DW with RetrieveAsNeeded and HSplitScroll set on if the dw control is resized and the DW is re-retrieved. It does not matter whether the Resize is done in code or with a resizeable dw control.

Workaround: SetRedraw(False) before Retrieve and SetRedraw(True)after call to Retrieve()

311898 Allow objects within pbl's in the library list to be selected/deselected for inclusion within the .pbd(s) to be built in 'Application Project' painter. Similar to the project painter for an EAServer component deployment where objects can be de/selected for deployment to EAServer.
311937 When accessing an object property in a nested report, the

following error will result:

PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0039)

Application terminated.

Error: Error accessing external object property emp_fname at line 3 in clicked

event of object cb_1 of w_testnested.

Used the following syntax:

is_name = dw_1.object.child_object.object.emp_fname[2]

311940 In Source Control, when one user moves an object from one PBL to another (First remove the object from Source Control, Move it, then add it back to Source Control), other users that do a Get Latest Version, see the object in both the original and new pbls.

PB Engineering says they can't do this in an automated way. Here is their explanation and suggested workarounds:

We do not have an automated way to perform this request in PB using Get Latest Version. If someone moved several objects from one PBL to another, two possibilities exist:

1) If the 2 PBLs are in different subdirectories, then the objects that have been removed from source control will appear unregistered in the old PBL and can be manually deleted. We do not automatically delete the unregistered objects because we don't have any metadata in the PBG file to distinguish between unregistered objects and objects that have been explicitly deleted from source control.

2) If the 2 PBLs are in the same directory, then all of the objects moved from one PBL to the other will appear to be registered in BOTH PBLs (as far as the IDE is concerned). However, the object name will only appear as an entry in one .PBG file. Orcascript will know the difference when reconstructing PBLs from scratch. Deleting the old objects from existing PBLs is indeed difficult. This is one of the reasons why we recommend, as a best practice, that each PBL in a source controlled target live in its own unique subdirectory under the local project path.

If this type of thing happens frequently at this customer site, they should seriously consider using Orcascript to reconstruct the entire target from scratch every night using Orcascript Scc Refresh Target. [Note: OrcaScript allows you to write batch scripts to process PowerBuilder applications and files without using the PowerBuilder development environment. It is a new feature of PowerBuilder 9.0. It is not available in 8.0] This only needs to happen once on a build machine each night. All object deletions and moves from one PBL to another would automatically take place because each PBL is being rebuilt from scratch, based on the latest .PBG file specifications. Each developer could then XCOPY the newly rebuilt PBLs to their local workstation each morning.

Of course, if they adopt this approach, developers must also make a habit of copying checked-out objects (and new objects) to a WORK PBL before downloading the refreshed target PBLs from the build machine each morning. For a large, volitile project, this is a vastly superior way to perform nightly refresh for an entire team of developers! Instead of a dozen developers doing target-wide GLVs and full rebuilds every morning, do it once on a build machine and copy down the finished product!

TeamSybase has some PBDJ articles that discuss using a work PBL in detail. They should be on our SDN site somewhere.

311943 Application opens a main window with a menu. Click on a row in the datawindow, and a detail window comes up. When you close the detail window, all but one of the menu items have disappeared.

In the simplest case of two windows with only commandbuttons, I could not reproduce this. There is another CR 311189 logged for the problem occurring when using a tab control. However this application does not use a tab control, but still shows the problem.

311950 Inadequate behavior of HyperLinkToURL() called with a URL that includes a passed parameter, it does not keep the web-session going, but rather always opens a new window requiring a re-logon into a new session.
311953 Proxy generation fails for a Java class that includes an inner class. The source of the problem may be a bug in javap output; however, it is something we should provide a workaround for.
312042 Build 22: A window with default size selected displays underneath the Start menu titlebar when deployed to the Pocket PC.
312090 PB 8.0.3, Oracle 9i using O90, problem calling overloaded SPs with date argument.

Fixed in PB 9.0 build 6050 and PB 8.0.3 build 9918.

312202 If you use the Template application wizard to create a new target, even sticking with SDI and db connection (no options not supported by PK, such as easerver) the window created is not sized properly for WinCE.
312209 The Datawindow ActiveX crashes on SetFullState in PowerBuilder 8 Build 9601 and higher.
312218 Listview data field is getting corrupted after storing autoinstanciated objects.

Fixed in PB 8.0.3 and 9.0.

312258 I have a menu item with code in the clicked event that alters the text properties of an SLE and a Static text control on the window. It works when run from the IDE. WHen deployed to the device, the menu does not appear to work. However when I add a submenu item to my existing menu item, the clicked event script runs at least partially as soon as the window is opened. There is no code in the clicked event of the submenu item.
312280 PPC, emu: For items with an icon, the icon is hidden when the item is selected.

IDE, PPC, emu inconsistency: For item with a long text (that are wrapped), the IDE shows a truncated label when the LabelWrap property is on, otherwise the whole text is shown. On the PPC device, a truncated text is always shown (will not un-wrap). On the emulator, if LabelWrap is off the whole line is shown, otherwise the text is broken into multiple lines (not truncated like the others).

PPC, emu: CheckBox property has no effect except when run from the IDE. Will this be supported, or should it be removed from IDE ?

PPC, emu: TrackSelection property has no effect except when run from IDE. (probably not supported, but should be removed if that's the case).

312348 Bad_mem_pointer error on AIX server with patch for CR 311112. New error occurred when an additional line of script was added to the sample.
312405 I have a menu with 3 top level menu items. The first item has 3 subitems. The clicked events of those 3 subitems execute when appropriate. For the other 2 top level menu items, however, the clicked events doe not fire when the app is deployed. They work okay when the app is run from the IDE.
312501 WSDL fails in JSP Proxy generator but works in Web Services proxy generator.
312513 Checkboxes on source control file selection dialog windows are missing on XP operating system with a PB.exe manifest file.

Fixed in PB 9.0.1 build 6516.

312534 An editmask of ###,###.0, entering a number after the decimal, then delete that number, then enter a number before the decimal the decimal goes away and can only enter two numbers into the field.
312571 Calling datastore.describe("compute_1.expression") causes the component to hang on EAServer running on AIX. Customer is using the new patch provided to fix CR 311112 (AIX9506_030313.tar.Z).
312701 In PowerBuilder 8 Build 9850 and later there may be a crash on

grid style datawindows with computed expressions.

312709 A Try Catch block in a user event has a return statement in the Try section, and also a return statement in the Finally section. When the user event is called and the calling script attempts to use the return value, it crashes.
312752 Open a dw object in the dw painter. Select a couple of columns, and then select the Format menu. Look at the submenu items for Align, Space and Size. All appear as if they should have additional options. I tried to align a couple of columns horizontally and the menu also appears to not function - i.e. I tried to align them centered and neither column moved, though they were not even close to being in alignment.
312755 On properties sheet for dw column, mask for editmask style is in italic
312765 This is a regression from 7.0.3 in which this works. A SetRow to a row that is currently out of view followed by a ScollToRow to the same row, but it does not scroll the row into view.

Fixed in PB 8.0.3 build 9943 and PB 9.0 build 6066.

312766 I created a new datawindow that included most of the columns in the employee table. The defaults are too large for me to want to use for the PocketPC, so I select all columns and change the font size to 8, likewise for all of the text controls in the header. Then I work one at a time to make each column as narrow as possible but still showing all the data in the Preview View. This may be hard to recreate, but I did it in two datawindows after doing some work. I select the first column, use the mouse to shrink the size as narrow as I can without covering the data. I then do the next column, both shrinking the width and dragging it over so it is next to the first column with its new size and position. After doing this for a few columns, eventually one of my columns disappears from the painter display. The data still shows in the preview view. I can select the column via the control list, but only the "four little squares" showing it's corners shows up, and I cannot resize or drag with the mouse. When I save the dw and reopen the dw in the painter, the "disappearing" column is now listed at the top of the control list. Also now the data no longer displays in the Preview View. I select the column via the control list and look through the properties. Everything seems to be okay - I just can't see anything in that column.
312869 Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.03.9890 / 9.0 GA

Database/Driver File/Version: PBOLEDB with SQLServer 2000 (only)

In dw painter, if a SQL syntax error occurs the dw painter gives the warning

"SELECT change has forced update specification change."

followed by the syntax error but the user is not given the chance to correct the error and all columns in the dw are lost.

The correct behaviour (ie with other dbms) is to display the syntax error first and offer the developer the opportunity to change the error or discard changes.

eg "SQLState = 42S02...invalid object name 'pbcatcolsss'

Do you want to correct errors? Yes No

This only happens when using Microsoft SQLServer 2000 with the PBOLEDB driver and either SQLOLEDB or MSDASQL (via ODBC). Same scenario using SQLServer 7.0 or MSS & SQLServer 2000 works OK.

This is very similar to CRs 213498 and 239877 (for Oracle)

312916 An ActiveX object in an OLECustomControl (Created with the Insert Control Tab) on a window does not resize properly. It will resize on the open of the window fine, but after an increase of the window's width, the ole control expands, but the border of the ActiveX stays as before.
312937 A problem calling Oracle stored procedures with overloaded functions. If you null out an argument and pass it to an Oracle function, you get the Oracle ORA-06553: PLS-307: too many declarations of 'TestDate' match this call. This happens with both O84 and O90 drivers.
313008 Make SetFullState() available as a DataWindowChild method. We need it to copy a data window control's state info to a child data window in a composite data window object.
313010 EAServer encounters a SYSTEM_EXCEPTION when trying to invoke a PowerBuilder component with an argument that is an array of structures and the component is marked to accept null arguments.

When app is run from a java client, receiving the following error:

About to call method with short array passed by value:....OK

About to call method with short array passed by reference....OK

About to call method with structure array passed by value....FAILED

org.omg.CORBA.TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACK: minor code: 0 completed: No

at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Native Method)

at java.lang.Class.newInstance(

at com.sybase.CORBA.iiop.Connection.createSystemException(Connection.jav


at com.sybase.CORBA.iiop.Connection.invoke(

at ams._st_n_genapp.valstructarrayarg(

at ClientTest.main(

RESOLUTION: The test case works ok on solaris in PBVM build 9704 and on NT builds

except build 9704. Closing cr.

313012 While working with datawindows the painter frequently crashes on exit. I do not see it in every instance, but quite often. Below are steps which do fairly consistently crash. NOTE: Changes are not lost.
313048 Need ability to build run time library (PBD) without ANY recompiles/regens
313056 In a JSP target, the size of Context Parameter Values is limited. Can it be expanded?
313058 The gray line for group datawindows (see CR 264969, 288264) does not really appear to be related to a page in Pocket PB. It appears to show up somewhat randomly. I assume this is related to the shift from PC to WinCE. Should hidegrayline be true by default for Pocket PB?
313061 The events and methods for controls like the listview use an integer index to refer to the item number selected. Not of much use if the user is working with > 32,000 items.
313156 Converting a date to a string by calling mystring = string(datevalue) does not work. Empty string or null value is returned.
313161 Example retrieves a freeform dw that includes the employee start date in a row of the employee table. If you run from the ide, the date displays properly, for example "3/20/2003". When you deploye the application, that date will instead display as "??3????" on either the device or the emulator. The field in the datawindow uses a plain Edit style with no format or editmask.
313168 It would appear that the PB VM is inherently unstable when nearing the limits on memory. However to make this issue much worse, fragmentation of the memory increases the likelihood of the PB VM failing. The issue (from a stability standpoint) is that there is absolutely no way for an application (client) to trap this error and therefore attempt to handle the exception gracefully.

Update from PB Engineering:

See CR 319543 regarding 2 new environment variables "PBOnFatalError" and "PBRollbackOnRTError".

313306 Passing an array to a Oracle Stored Procedure by making an RPC call from Powerbuilder and when the call is made gets the error "Maximum array size 32512 [39732] exceeded for (procedure name)".
313370 The fop.bat file provided references lib\xercesImpl-2.0.1.jar, but the jar file provided is actually lib\xercesImpl-2.1.0.jar.
313471 Connecting to SQL Server DB using ODBC (SQL Server driver), bind variable fails.

Not a bug. SQL Server does not support bind variables. In the native (MSS) driver PB ignores a disablebind=0 and always disables binding. ODBC of course allows the disablebind=0, and you get the resulting database server error.

313474 When creating a crosstab datawindow in the dw painter,

pb crashes with the following error:

The instruction at 0x1150b88c refrenced memory at 0x000000008. The memory

could not be "read".

The crash handler shows the following results:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: C:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE80.dll

File Version:

Fault address=1150B260 Section:Offset=01:0000A260









SS:ESP:0023:0012CEFC EBP:06769360

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

1150B260 0012D120 06769360 0012D140 02220002 06727398 dwCrosstabDefDynamic+100

12021D6E 0012D1C4 07296C58 067AAE98 06727398 0222006C pdwPreviewStyle+25FE

12021A60 0012D1E4 07296C58 00010011 00000111 00000001 pdwPreviewStyle+22F0

1200817E 0012D390 00000C9D 00000001 00000000 00000111 PBWS_CreateDataWindowLayoutView+16FE

12013EA5 0012D3A8 064872F0 00000111 00000C9D 00000001 DWControlListViewCompareFunction+485

12006F4C 0012D3CC 064872F0 00000111 00000C9D 00000001 PBWS_CreateDataWindowLayoutView+4CC

120E0B1F 0012D3F4 000B0528 00000111 00000C9D 00000001 0001:000DFB1F C:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWP80.dll

77E11B60 C0000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 CreateWindowStationW+291

OS version:

Windows NT 5.0, Build Number: 2195, Service Pack 2

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 261552K

Available physical memory: 41204K

Total virtual memory usage: 276748K / 1060420K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 199764K / 2097024K

313475 Only Main! and Response! windows will be supported for Pocket PowerBuilder. The other window types must be removed from the IDE and wizards.

Migration/Import from PB will need to alter window type appropriately.

313478 3D will not be supported for any controls. Remove references from IDE.


The defaults are for 2-D.

The references to 3-D will remain for the customer.

313486 The Retrieve option "Rows to Disk" will not be supported in Pocket PB. Needs to be removed from interface. In DW painter, Rows...Retrieve Options...Rows to Disk sets"disk"
313489 Only BMP and GIF file types will be supported at this time. Other file types should be removed from the IDE. (For example, add a picture control to a Window. The Select Picture dialog includes BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG, RLE and WMF file types.)
313510 If you have an app that doesn't have a menu, the keyboard icon is not "refreshed". If you run another program that doesn't have the keyboard icon (say the Today screen) on top of that menu-free PPB app and swap back to the PPB app, the keyboard icon is gone; if you then run a program that has the keyboard (say the Calculator) and swap back to the PPB app, the keyboard is back again.
313608 -----------------------



OS: Win32

Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: PB 8.0 GA -> 8.03.9890

PB 9.0 GA

Using Find function in a dw.

When the first string argument includes a call to Double () then the PB app accesses ALL dynamic libraries in the library list. With identical expressions which access functions such as Long (), Integer(), Number () the PB app does not access any libraries in the liblist.

With applications containing long library lists or if dynamic libraries kept on a server there is a performance hit.

For example, the following shows the problem,

dw.Find ( "n1=Double(20)", 1, dw_find.RowCount())

Whereas these examples do not...

dw.Find ( "n1=Number('20')", 1, dw_find.RowCount())

dw.Find ( "n1=20", 1, dw_find.RowCount())

313618 Choosing Delete Row when editing data from a table selected in the database painter causes a crash.
313625 PowerBuilder crashes in comctl32.dll on Windows 98 when running application. Customer has also reported the crash on Win 2000 machines but we have not been able to confirm this. Application is a PFC based application and the crash appears to be related to the TreeView Control.
313631 Customer has a problem of EAServer AIX hanging after 30-45 minutes in production server. They have noticed that while calling PB comp, there is constant increase in memory even though the component is pooled and even after client is exited the memory usage is same and does not seem to be released.
313665 Error handling/return codes differ run from IDE vs. deployed to device. Example contains intentional errors - datastore references dataobject that does not exist.

SetTransObject returns -1 on both PC and device.

Retrieve returns -1 on PC, 0 on device.

InsertRow returns -1 on PC, 0 on device

SetItem fails but does not crash PC, but on device the app disappears at this point.

313669 PB crashes when dragging a file (.pbl) from dialog box to library list.
313671 Enhancement Request: Improve database trace capability with Oracle.
313800 Ability to set page breaks in a DataWindow instead of being confined to group headers' and nested reports' properties. The ability to force a page break in the detail band if a condition is met or to force the summary band to the next page.
313802 When assigning a big decimal value (-7.950000000011642) to a decimal variable the . is placed in the wrong place when the regional settings are different than English United Sates. I tested with Portuguese and French.
313835 Customer has a farely complex composite report with two newspaper columns. When they print the report the page numbers are incorrect. When viewed on the screen one cannot scroll past page 15 of 29, 15 of 29.

If there were no newspaper columns the report would have 58 pages. Once put into the newspaper columns format there should be 29 pages. According to CR 188109 the numbers under this situation should be 1 of 29, 1 of 29, 2 of 29, 2 of 29, 3 of 29, 3 of 29, .........29 of 29. When viewed online the numbering seem correct except that you can only scroll to page 15 of 29. When the report is printed you get page 1 of 29, 1 of 29 and then a second page of 1 of 29, 1 of 29. You do get the entire 29 pages printed but the last pages are numbered 15 of 29 and not 29 of 29.

313858 On the device, a datawindow using Graphic select that accesses tables containing reserved words fails on retrieve with a SQL error reference to whatever the reserved word is. It works when run from the IDE.

WORKAROUND: In datawindow painter, Design...Datasource... Convert to Syntax solves this problem as a workaround.

313994 Jaguar hangs (100% CPU) when PB component is instantiated from a java service component on HP/UX.

Solution: It is not a PB problem. EAServer on HP/UX issue which is solved in EAServer 4.2

313995 The ability to Resize objects/controls in Pocket PowerBuilder will only be supported in code. Resize properties will be removed from the IDE.
314010 Graph displays differently run from device vs. from IDE (with same data).
314044 There is no support in WinCE for different pointers so the concept of a different drag icon does not exist. Probably references should be removed from the UI.
314171 There will be a limit on the number of menu items supported on the menubar. (These are top level menu items.) Currently the limit is 6. The reason for the limitation is that a new menu cannot be created. An existing menu must be replaced. This requires that PPB use a "dummy" menu which will be replaced with a menu object at runtime. So it is necessary to have some fixed value limit on the number of menu items on the menubar.

Top level menu items on the menubar will not have associated events. Only submenu items will fire events on the PocketPC. (Possible exception of the "New" menu which is not actually on the menubar on the PocketPC, but this would not be until after release 1, if it is even possible to implement.) So for example, code in the clicked event of a top level menu item will not execute when that menu item is clicked. (Will the events be unavailable in the Menu Painter ? Undecided at this time.)

314175 When comparing two unequal structures where one of the columns has a datatype of Any, causes Access Violation error in Powerbuilder.

The application is copying the rows of a datawindow to the structure

lstr_array.depid = dw_dept.object.dept_id.primary


Array depid

Char colname

Which appear to be making it 1 structure with array of depid. That is being compared

to just a structure.

The crash handler shows the following:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: C:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM80.dll

File Version:

Fault address=10CDCDCF Section:Offset=01:001DBDCF









SS:ESP:0023:0012E72C EBP:064911C8

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

10CDCDCF 0012E72C 063EEF78 063FEF88 00000000 0012E790 ot_is_array_eq+1F

10CDDBF6 0012E764 063EEF78 00000002 00000002 0012E790 ot_is_struct_eq+A6

10D8F997 0012E780 063EEF78 0648CB8C 00000000 0012E7A8 0001:0028E997 C:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM80.dll

10CECDE4 0000090C 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 rt_set_pcode_to_line+6B4

OS version:

Windows NT 5.0, Build Number: 2195, Service Pack 2

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 261552K

Available physical memory: 33056K

Total virtual memory usage: 292392K / 1060420K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 178016K / 2097024K

314176 Regression: A window with a tab control and tab pages crashes on a save. Worked OK in build 10180 and prior.
314184 Datawindow painter crashes in Column Specification view when you enter a Validation Message and tab off or click Save. There is not problem entering the Validation Expression.
314217 When you run the dbpaint example application on the emulator it it not possible to select a DSN in the application. Seems to be okay on the device.
314221 Deploy and run the dwexam example application on the device and emulator. The datawindows will not display when you select one from the Datawindow... menu. Works okay from IDE. Possible menu click problem.
314328 If you press the "delete" key in an editmask DW and the move the cursor right end of the line ( or empty ) you have to press the next key twice before it is visible on the screen

no workaround (PB 8.0.3)

Works fine in PB9

314335 OS:Win32

Versions and Build #s Reported: 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 7.0 GA -> 7.03

8.0 GA -> 8.03

9.0 GA

Treeview control does not process the CTRL+TAB combination of keys. If an application uses a treeview on an MDI sheet window then it is impossible to navigate between sheets using the CTRL+TAB combination of keys if there is only a Treeview on the window. All other window controls tested process these keys correctly and change the active sheet window.

If there is another control on the window the CTRL+TAB is interpreted as a TAB and focus is changed to the other control where a second CTRL + TAB is then processed correctly (assuming the 2nd control is not another treeview).

314336 When executing a ASE 12.5 Stored Procedure, which is

dumping a transaction log, is causing PowerBuilder to hang.

The same stored procedure works ok when executing it from a ASE 11.9.2 database

server from Powerbuilder.

Works ok when executing SP outside of PB from isql. PowerBuilder will also hang

when executing SP from database painter.

314345 PB crashes if DBMS parameter is improperly set to Trace Trace O84.
314377 Using the down arrow when focus is on a ddlb on a window causes the SelectionChanged event to fire even though nothing shows up in the ddlb.

This is not such a big deal on the device since it is not likely to be commonly done, but may be more of a problem on the emulator where users might be more apt to use the arrow keys.

314502 Customer got some errors (Assertion Failure) when using small reports .

They're running 50 clients with small reports and are facing 2 Assertion Failures errors during 7 minutes of test.

Test environment is the same as with BIG reports (PB 9879 Patch + PBDWE80.DLL Build9885 with 3 GB memory option)

314506 When updating a Web Datawindow, getting the following


Error: Action Failed = -1

ora-01401 : inserted value too large for column No changes made to database. UPDATE

"CUSTOMER" SET "FNAME" = :1 WHERE "ID" = :2 and "FNAME" = :3 AND "LNAME" = :4

AND "ADDRESS" = :5 AND "CITY" = :6 AND "STATE" = :7 AND "ZIP" = :8 AND "PHONE" = :9


In the Jaguar.log file,

HTMLDW: GetLastErrorString() = 'ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column

No changes made to database.

Update works ok in datawindow painter.

314629 When a below computed field made, that value was shown but after close that DW or

after having retrived .. the value of computed field was disappeared ..

The computed field is composed with another computed field.

These conditions are ..

salary : the column ( datatype : numeric )

compute_1 : Last ( salary for group 1 )

compute_2 : sum ( compute_1 for all distinct compute_1 )

The value of compute_2 is disappeared only once ,the value showed at first creation.

After retrieving or reopening or executing .. the value is disappeared .

314663 New feature request. Allow Oracle IN OUT params and DECLARE Procedure SQL statement.

According to our documentation (See also CR 305383) this is not supported currently.

314716 It appears an ORCAScript command is limited to 1023 bytes. This becomes an issue in the set librarylist command when the liblist is contains over 1010 characters
314986 You can use the "PowerBuilder Intersolv OLE DB Administrator" to set up data sources for all drivers *other* than the ones for ASA. With the ASA drivers, the utility GPFs.
315068 Feature request: Request that DBName will take the table-name via PBSELECT first and if hardcoded SQL is choosen like "SELECT titles.type, titles.price FROM titles" from the statement itself.
315154 The Project Painter uses D as the shortcut key for both the Deployment Target: Device and Version: Product Name.
315157 With a combination of Decimal symbol = comma and Digit grouping symbol = space in the numbers settings of the Regional Options in the Control Panel, data entered into a decimal column with an editmask (###,###.00) fails datawindow validation.

Verified fixed in PowerBuilder 90 Build 6053.

315221 In PowerBuilder 9 an editmask control of type stringmask! and empty mask does not accept any input characters.
315235 In PowerBuilder 8 and 9, adding pbl's to the librarylist in the

properties of the target may fail if there are too many pbl's selected

at the same time in the Select Library window.

The limit lies around 8500 characters of the sum of the filenames.


Add the pbl's in two or more steps.

315263 If any of the directories in the local project path contain a dot character in the directory name, then SCC inaccurately names the .PBC file for this workspace.

Example: c:\pbls\dot.test\test1.pbw

PBC file should be c:\pbls\dot.test\test1.pbc

Instead, the PBC file gets created as c:\pbls\dot.pbc


The old bug doesn't really hurt anything. PBC file gets written to wrong filename but it also reads this same incorrect filename next time you connect, so the user should never notice a problem. When this fix is applied, the next time you connect to this workspace you'll get an error message in the output view saying "Unable to restore status cache from nnn.PBC". Ignore it. At shutdown, a new PBC file will get created under the correct filename, and there won't be any more problems.

315301 The user wants to have user defined layers available to the datawindow. Allow putting objects and controls on any layer with the ability to show/hide layers.
315423 The underlying C calls for FileRead, FileSeek, and FileWrite are obsolete 16 bit calls.
315435 When an ole sound control is running in

powerbuilder and you hit a keystroke, that keystroke is not being captured in 9.0.1.

The ole control is of type sound recorder (sndrec32).

315519 implement exception handling (TRY ... CATCH) for machine code (DLL) executables.

In PB8 / PB9 exception handling it is only supported for P-Code (PBD) executables

(see CR 299793 and CR 267895)

315524 In PowerBuilder 9 GA, numerical Datawindow editmasks may not work correctly with

European control panel settings, i.e. decimal separator comma and grouping symbol a dot.

When entering a value 45 and tabbing out, the value may change to

a value like 450 or 4500 depending on the mask.

315536 Request MAPI or at least MailSend support in Pocket PowerBuilder if OLE and PBNI are not yet available in release 1.
315559 When stress testing a web datawindow running on EAServer 4.2

on solaris, causing the following error:

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003: SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003: si_signo [11]: SIGSEGV 11* segmentation violation

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003: si_errno [0]: Error 0

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003: si_code [1]: SEGV_MAPERR [addr: 0x3B959320]

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003: stackpointer=cb20f404

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003:

Full thread dump Classic VM (JDK-1.2.2_010, native threads):

"Thread-27" (TID:0xd2661eb0, sys_thread_t:0x137a7e0, state:R, native ID:0x41) prio=5

"Thread-26" (TID:0xd265ac38, sys_thread_t:0x1377ce8, state:R, native ID:0x40) prio=5

"Thread-25" (TID:0xd263e5c8, sys_thread_t:0x1353778, state:R, native ID:0x36) prio=5

"Thread-24" (TID:0xd257b800, sys_thread_t:0x1f4eaa8, state:R, native ID:0x3f) prio=5

"Thread-23" (TID:0xd257cae0, sys_thread_t:0x1f4d758, state:R, native ID:0x3e) prio=5

"Thread-22" (TID:0xd2587738, sys_thread_t:0x1f46960, state:R, native ID:0x35) prio=5

"Thread-21" (TID:0xd2587f48, sys_thread_t:0x1b423c8, state:R, native ID:0x34) prio=5

"Thread-20" (TID:0xd2588120, sys_thread_t:0x19f9770, state:R, native ID:0x3b) prio=5

"Thread-19" (TID:0xd2589a50, sys_thread_t:0x1b40888, state:R, native ID:0x3d) prio=5

"Thread-18" (TID:0xd258b078, sys_thread_t:0x1b3dfe8, state:R, native ID:0x3a) prio=5

"Thread-17" (TID:0xd258b928, sys_thread_t:0x1b3d9c8, state:R, native

Apr 10 12:52:46 2003: Java VM aborting...

315563 In the group band of a datawindow, a column with dddw edit style is diplaying the data value rather than the display value after a GetfullState/SetFullState.

Verified fixed in PB 90_6066

315648 PBCATALOG behaviour for DB2 should be the same as for all other DBs if using PBCatalogOwner: Because of the DB2 limitation with SYSIBM we should thing about a new way to use the PBCATALOG so that we can use it in all DBs in the same way.

Or we should implement a way that hides the different usage of the PBCatalog for DB2 from the users. Maybe it is possible to implement code that avoid to edit the DB2SYSPB.SQL script to change all instances of PBOwner to another name.

our documentation:

If you use the DB2SYSPB.SQL script to create the extended attribute system tables in a DB2 database and replace all instances of PBOwner in the script with the name of a nondefault table owner, owner_name must be the same as the owner specified in the DB2SYSPB.SQL script. .....

When you connect to a DB2 database, you can use the DB2SYSPB.SQL script to create the extended attribute system tables. If you use the DB2SYSPB.SQL script, keep the following in mind:

穀ou can edit the script to change all instances of PBOwner to another name, or leave the table owner as PBOwner in the script (the default).

Specifying SYSIBM is prohibited You cannot specify SYSIBM as the table owner. This is prohibited by DB2.

穀ou can set the PBCatalogOwner parameter to the owner you specified in this script or to PBOwner if you did not edit the script.

315675 Update fails if modification was made to column in the filter buffer. From PB engineering: This is not a bug and PB has always behaved this way. Changes made to rows in the primary buffer that are then filtered, will be updated on an update. But changes made to rows in the filter buffer by direct manipulation will not be updated, and forcing the status changes to rows in the filter buffer as well will not work.
315677 OS: Win32

Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.0 GA -> 8.03.9913

9.0 GA

Comments: In the following circumstances the dw RowHeight () function recalculates incorrectly

1) Detail band has autosizeheight set ON

2) RowHeight function is called in an expression to change the size of a visual dw object property in the group detail band.

3) DW must be printed - problem shows only after printing dw (on screen & on paper) .

Tried calling RowHeight in a computed field in the detail band and referencing the computed field in the dw object property expression (ie no not directly ref the function) - Still gives the problem

If the call to RowHeight is removed from the expression for dw object property then it calculates fine.

Changing dw units to pixels/inches/cms does not make a difference

Maybe related to CR 276802

315695 Application has 2 datawindows using ShareData. Call update on either the primary or secondary dw and the application will freeze.
315709 Menu item set to be Checked for a Window. When opening another Window and go back to first Window but display does not show check symbol.
315720 HTML generated for dw column sized too small for data, wraps and overlays in ie 5.5 if ie 5.x is selected as the browser.

Verified fixed in PB 803 build 9970. Verified fixed in PB 901_7011.

315735 When using the o90 to retrieve and update, when you try

to update a column it appears to be in read-only mode. You have to use the backspace

key and then insert data into the column.

After data is retrieved and you select a column. The first time you select, the

entire column is highlighted. The second time you click into the column, the cursor

is placed in your column. If you try to add data at this point, you cannot.

You have to use the backspace key and then add the data.

Works ok using the o84 driver.

315746 When deleting a row and calling the setchanges,

pb is not deleting the row.

Setchanges returns a 1. The update returns successful. Once you hit retrieve again,

the row is still there.

315919 Edit->Replace does nothing in the Datawindow painter.
316012 Closing a response Window crashes Powerbuilder 8.0.3
316015 Is Sybase Datawindow PS printer driver installed correctly on Windows XP? Printer indicates that the installed driver is 'Win NT 4.0 or 2000'.

From Engineering: Not a bug. The OS's/platforms listed simply have to do with the version of the Microsoft PostScript Printer Driver. We're redistributing pscript.dll version 0.2, originally bundled with NT4 and W2K. This was superseded by pscript5.dll version 0.3, bundled with W2KSP3 and XP. However, no features or bug fixes were added relevant to our use. Recommend continuing to redistribute pscript.dll, as this is certified on the older OS's (while pscript5.dll is not) and back-compat by XP. Also the latest Adobe Acrobat Distiller (for PDF) PPD-based Pscript minidriver we're redistributing (version 5.0 ca. 2000) was certified with pscript.dll.

316041 Add a 'tabsnotshown' option for the tabposition property of the tab object. This would make it much simpler to create wizard type dialogs by using code driven tab page changes instead of multiple windows.
316046 Creating a new Standard Visual User object using a tab crashes the development environment.
316054 There is a dw control/object on the child window. A column object on the datawindow has focus. If a message box is popped up and closed, the column object can not regain focus when clicked. Similar to CR 156272, but that problem only occurred when the child window had a titlebar, and in this case it does not.

Problem does not occur if the 'launching' window is of type Main!

11 Feb 2004

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

316068 SaveAs PDF is using the wrong Print Processor when there are multiple print processors installed.

Fixed in PowerBuilder90 Build 6066.

316097 select on nonexisting table returns wrong error "An error occured but could not retrieve the error text due to a failure in the error handler." errorcode 999. Happens only if language settings are set to Deutsch ( xxxx ) except Deutsch ( Deutschland ). With Deutsch ( Deutschland ) it returns the right error SQLState = 42S02 ungueltiger Objektname (unknown object name)

Workaround: set Language seetings to Deutsch (Deutschland) / German (Germany)

316116 Wants to force tablename as prefix for column names (dbname) in datawindow syntax even when logged in as the table owner and creating single table datawindows. Wants a DBParm for SYC similar to the ODBCini property PBTableOwner.
316150 Customer requests PocketPB have the ability to attach options to the WinCE "New" menu on the Today screen, standard in most applications.
316158 RowFocusChanged problems in shared datawindow after a RowsDiscard.

Verified fixed in PB804_10501. Verified fixed in PB901_7006.

316246 The OpenOffice ( spellchecker object isValid method returns null after calls making it impossible to use the method.
316251 The select target dialog that pops up with multiple targets in the workspace doesn't display icons for the target type.
316253 When executing a stored procedure using the default disablebind, causing the following error:

ora-01008 Not All variables Bound

Works ok if disablebind=1.

Problem happens using the o84 and o90 drivers and using Oracle 8.1.7 and Oracle 9.0.1

clients in PB 8.0.3 (build 9907).

316486 Request multi-level menu support - WinCE screen shot supplied. See also CR 310915
316528 Several problems reported with the online help and or functionality for Adaptive Server Enterprise in PB 9.

1 -In the "Database Profile Setup - Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise dialog box" section of the online help, there is a DBParm listed under Sytax called "ModifySyntax". There is no such parameter.

2 -There is a "TrimSpaces" parameter listed under Sytax on the dialog that is not included on this page (though the help topic does exist in the help file).

3- The KeepAlive parameter listed under the Network tab is also not documented as a valid parameter in this section of the online help. There is an online help topic on a 'keep connection open' parameter, but it's actually called 'keep connection alive' in the database profile dialog.

4 - In the Directory Services portion of the ASE Connection Dialog, Not able to modify the value for "Directory Alias Entries". Noticed that toggling the values of certain parameters on this tab of the dialog did not always result in the correct settings in the preview tab of the same dialog. In particular, toggling the Enable Failover entry usually resulted in the value of DS_Copy (Use Caching) being toggled in the preview instead.

316658 PowerBuilder 8 Build 9601 or later and PowerBuilder 9 cashes

when connecting with an empty ConnectString in the DBParm parameter,

i.e. DBParm="ConnectString=''"

Work-around is to put a space within the quotes.

316721 HTML DataWindow with a DATE column with edit style as EditMask ('DD-MMM-YYYY' mask), gives a validation error for any day/year and September month.
316738 The preview pane of an OLE 2.0 datawindow is not scrollable, so you cannot see all of the data.
316846 The test case submitted was for a different issue. It was built using build 45. When I open the target with build 54, I can regenerate and open all objects. However, when I open the deployment project and change the properties to do a Full Build instead of an Incremental build, and then deploy, I get compilation errors on the window w_start. I subsequently cannot open the window in the painter. If I export the window, then re-import it, I can again regenerate the window. I can do a Full Build on the target from the System Tree. I can open the window in the painter. But going back to the project painter, when I deploy using Full Rebuild, the same problem occurs.
316848 Create DW using Syntax view when connecting to other database like Oracle, ASA report errors like invalid column name and takes back to the SQL syntax.
316862 After opening an Ole Storage and using the memberexists(),

the boolean argument in the function is always returning False even though the return

value returns 0 for success.

OLEStorage ole_store

OLEStream ole_stream

ole_store = create OLEStorage

ole_stream = create OLEStram

li_status ="c:\mysavedbmp.jpg")

li_status = ole_store.memberexists("|Ole10Native", lb_olenative)

The lb_olenative is always returning false. Opened the jpg using DocFile Viewer and

the substorage name is |Ole10Native. (There is also a tool called stg.exe that

works just like Docfile Viewer.)

RESOLUTION: Customer resolved issue by using the following

ole_Store.MemberExists(char(1) + 'Ole10Native',lb_olenative)

Also to open the stream they also used the enumerators in the open:, char(1) + 'Ole10Native', StgReadWrite!,StgExclusive!)

316866 Autosize height property for columns: Could be there a minimum height setting so if there is a null value retrieved and the user wants to input some data, you would have a visible field.
316884 An Editmask on a window with an event mapped to pbm_settext, errors on the identifier 'text': "The identifier 'text' conflicts with an existing property with this name.
316897 In the DW painter, a datawindow migrated from PB 7 crashes (or hangs the CPU) when trying to edit a computed field, but only if the preview pane is open.
316911 Request an option to add a PPB application to the Start Menu of the device/emulator
316941 Customer getting a intermittent crash that's happened

twice in 2 weeks. They are using the web datawindow which is instantiated

on a jsp.

The customer has a core dump that they hope will help shed some light on the problem.

317031 Copy/Paste of a datetime field in a dw with editmask 'mm/dd/yy hh:mm AM/PM' fails to copy the 'PM' part.
317036 Connecting to Microsoft's XMLDOM parser from PB. It connects fine but crashes while calling the parseError method . It seems that parseError pointer no longer exist with this patch. It works fine in PB 7.0.3 Build 10193.

Resolved with build 10286.

317060 Printing graph dw to a PCL printer causes the data to show up in back ground. There display doesnot show the problem. This works if printing to a PostScript printer.
317077 For a new ODBC Profile, the Data Sources available in the dropdown are drawn from the User DSNs and System DSNs defined via the ODBC Adminstrator. User would like option to include File DSNs as well. (See ODBC Adminstrator, note tabs for User/System/File DSNs.)

Workaround: Add "FileDSN=filename" to the Driver Specific Parameters portion of the dialog and leave the DSN field blank.

317176 PowerBuilder 8 and 9: GPF with drag and drop on datawindow.

A crash can occur in drag\drop operations when deleting a row of a datawindow

that is still in drag mode and a MessageBox is put up in the dragdrop event.

The crash occurs when moving the mouse back to the datawindow where the row was deleted.

A work-around could be to call Drag(end!) before deleting the row.

317203 Since Build 9860 of PowerBuilder 8, the syntaxfromSql function and datawindowow

may generate incorrect syntax in some cases for multitable select statements.

In the syntax the table name may be missing for column names and dbnames and

column header text and names.

317204 Regression: PB crashes when shared object accesses object in main thread.

Verified fixed in PB803 build 9961 and PB9 build 6511.

317260 9.0 Regression: An empty dddw column is displaying the display value for 0.

Reviewed fixed in pb90_6066.

317302 Edit mask problem PB 9 only.

Issue with edit masks.

Following are the various scenarios :

1) If there is an edit mask control of string with mask of (###) ###-#### and the text is highlighted on focus, nothing can be typed into it.

2) For numeric edit mask controls, with edit mask of currency, the control inserts decimals and can not insert dollar values when the field is highlighted.

3) For datawindows:

1. numeric field with mask of (###) ###-#### will allow input, but does not pass validation

2. strings with mask of (###) ###-####, input can not be added when field is highlighted.

3. numeric field with mask of currency has same problem has numeric edit control, highlighted field enters in decimal area and dollar values can not be entered.

317397 Columns properties specified in database painter are not included in syntax generated by function syntaxfromSQL. (Regression)
317420 Regression in 7.0.3. Inserting a report on a datawindow when there are more than 256 reports in the library list, crashes PB.
317456 Filter works incorrectly on a dddw in a datawindow populated by SetFullState. If the dddw column is protected, then un-protected, the dddw column is no longer filtered.

Verified fixed on PB804_10501 and PB901_6533++++.

317463 Customer had large report with groups, autosize height. Was okay in build 9890. Moving to build 9918 the autosize height property does not appear to be applied correctly at runtime. This results in large gaps between rows/groups and the report prints about 15 times larger.
317646 LibraryDirectory function not reading object comments from PBD files.

PBD files do not have comments. They have compiled code only. The example submitted was a re-named PBL and so it had comments.

317686 The database painter Sort Dialog should have Horizontal ScrollBars or allow the sections to be resizeable.
317773 SaveAS: dw SaveAs() works only for type Excel5!, all other types return -1.
317792 PB9 crashes if you have a dw column of editmask [currency]. If you use [currency(x)] instead it is okay, but [currency] alone worked in PB8 and PB7. If you create a new dw in PB9 and you try to use this mask, PB crashes. If you migrate an app from PB7/PB8 that uses this editmask, when you try to open the dw in PB9, PB crashes.
317809 PB8.0 generates mangled function names for EAServer components which use proxies for other EAServer-Powerbuilder components. The proxy component does have overloaded methods but the component being deployed does not.
317843 When you click on the graph object in the design pane of a graph datawindow pb gpfs. But only if: a) You don't have the preview pane open. And: b) You have Retrieve on Preview unchecked.

verified fixed in PB 90_6075 and PB 803_9943.

317850 An array is declared to be of an autoinstanciated object type. The array is then assigned elements using an arraylist. If the array list contains only one element, it does not seems to assign to the arrary element correctly:

lnv_array[]= {lnv_test1} // Results in an invalid array element for lnv_array[1]

317860 PB 9.0 Web Service Proxy Wizard is unable to parse a valid WSDL file.
317914 Versions and Build #s Reported: 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.03.9704 and earlier OK

9809 and later - Crash

9.0 GA and later - Crash


Regression, broke in 8.03.9809.

Calling a global function in a datawindow validation rule. The code in this function opens a response window which will crash PB on closing the window. A non response window does not crash and neither does MessageBox.

Calling a response window from the DW ItemChanged or ItemError event also works fine

Example crash in 8.03 build 9918 (but it varies)


The exception Breakpoint

A breakpoint has been reached

(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x002a1609


317920 Error creating WebService Proxies from WSDL file for the Web service.
317921 I cannot create a new datawindow with PPB beta build 62. As soon as I select a display style (any style) and click OK, PPB crashes.
317923 Cannot create a new Target with PPB beta build 62. PPB crashes as soon as I click OK, after selecting any of the 4 icons on the Target tab. New...Target...(any icon)...Okay...GPF
317944 Enhancement:Ability to use a global variable in the SQL query of a datawindow
317946 Enhancement:Ability to choose the data points, font, and the colors in a graph.
317957 Datawindow migrated from PB7 to PB9 crashes the dw painter. Appears to be related to a combination of a Group in the datawindow and a computed field that uses the "Len" function in its expression. If either the Group or the Computed field is deleted, the problem does not occur.
318060 The position func. of RichTextEdit returns wrong position value compared with that of PB 5.x. After movement of cursor on RTE, the position value showed correctly.

<<---------------- NOT a Bug -------------------------------------------------------->>

From PB7 to PB9

1. The position Func in Key event of RTE returned the same position from pb5

2. The position Func. in post user event call which called in Key event of RTE

returned different from pb5

( confirmed append ret.Paste()in user event after position func.)

This is reported in PB8 help doc. (refer below)

"When you post a function or event, it is added to the object's queue and

executed in its turn. In most cases, it is executed when the current script

is finished, but if other system events have occurred in the meantime, its

position in the queue may be after other scripts. Its return value is not

available to the calling script.

All events posted by PowerBuilder are processed by a separate queue from

the Windows system queue. PowerBuilder posted messages are processed before

Windows posted messages, so PowerBuilder events that are posted in an event

that posts a Windows message are processed before the Windows message.

For example, when a character is typed into an EditMask control, the

PowerBuilder pdm_keydown event posts the Windows message WM_CHAR to enter

the character. If you want to copy the characters as they are entered from

the EditMask control to another control, do not place the code in an event

posted in the pdm_keydown event. The processing must take place in an event

that occurs after the WM_CHAR message is processed, such as in an event

mapped to pdm_keyup. "

318064 ReadOnly setting not working properly in DropDownDW columns.
318080 When adding an object to an existing project, the following

error message appears:

Access to SCC Provider Failed during SccCheckin(). Try Again.

Works ok from XP to remote drive that is not novell.

318136 CloseQuery event does not fire on the device.


The CloseQuery event is triggered by the windows WM_QUERYENDSESSION message.

This message is not supported in WinCE. Processing that would normally be done in a CloseQuery event script must be moved to one of the other event scripts.

e.g. Use the Close event or the "SuperMinimize" (Resize event).

318214 Customer thinks that PB/IM WordCap function should behave similar to Microsoft Word, Format --> Change Case --> Title Case and it does not. In PB you need to have a space before the beginning of a word or not have it in quotations. Using wordcap datawindow expression to convert the first character of a string to capital.

Example of observed behavior for both PB/IM and MS Word :

Input String

i work in building six ,in "concord"

i come here five days a week

In Microsoft word if you do Format --> Change Case --> Title Case then the string will be like this :

I Work In Building Six ,In "Concord"

I Come Here Five Days A Week

But using PB/IM 7/8/9 Wordcap will give this :

I Work In Building Six ,in "concord"

i Come Here Five Days A Week

318282 When the soft input (keyboard, transcriber,etc) pops up it reduces the screen size by about 30%. If the control for entry is at the bottom of the screen the soft input area obscures it. Is there any way that we can get an event added to the window/app object to detect that the soft input area has been popped up so that we can take resize/rescale/refocus actions meaning the input area is still visible.
318294 Add properties to support/display the SIP icon
318300 Application crashes upon selecting a menu option twice in a row.
318311 If customer sets an initial value in an editmask that uses a code table, then clicks on Up arrow in spin control, he sees wrong value in editmask. The value jumps to the first value assigned in the code table. After that you cycle through the values as expected. This worked correctly with PB8.
318316 OrcaScript crashes when doing scc refresh target "full", with no local PBLs.

Verified fixed on PB901_6532.

318370 Datawindow with graph object in a header group. The data is displayed fine until you use SetSeriesStyle(). The display changes, ie. the groups are arranged differently.
318387 Reported for both PocketBuilder and PB 8. Descendant menu and disabling the inherited "ShiftToRight" property. Initially the menu item is positioned correctly, but after closing/reopening it displays at the right.
318397 Ability to insert a new group between an existing group

in the Datawindow painter. For example, if you have 4 groups in a datawindow,

and you want the ability to insert a new group between groups 2 and 3. The

new group becomes 3 and automatically changes the existing groups to 3,4,5 (3 becomes

4, 4 becomes 5).

The agregate fields, etc in the moved groups should also be moved.

For example when group 4 becomes 5 (in the above example) all the aggregate fields,etc

should also move.

318625 GPF when running application within PB and opening a window. Tested with 8.0.3 9820/9838/9933 and 9/0 6053


This issue was resolved by having the customer make some coding changes to their application.

318630 Cannot create DW from Stored Proc that has an Oracle Out parameter.
318664 PB 8.0.3 - Oracle 804 native driver is slower than Oracle O73 native driver.

According to PB Engineering this is caused by different OCI behavior of o73 and o84. It is not a PB bug.

318682 The transaction object property of sqlreturndata not returning a value.

According to documentation, this property is supported for ODBC, Informix,and Oracle.

In PB 9.0 (build 5507) using ODBC and ASA, sqlreturndata is returning a value of 'Adaptive Server Anywhere'. In the latest builds of 8.0.3 and 9.0, it is not returning a value.

In PB 8.0.3 and 9.0 using Informix, sqlreturndata is returning 0 when inserting a row

into a table. Sqlreturndata is not returning a value by just connecting to the database.

In PB 8.0.3 and 9.0 using Oracle, sqlreturnata is not returning a value.

318689 Creating a new Group style datawindow which uses multiple columns in the group definition crashes the dw painter.

Workaround: Create a different dw style and do Rows > Create Group instead.

318761 When the tabsequence on a radiobutton is set to 0, it can still be changed on the HTMLDW. On IE, the dot disappears completely, on Netscape the option can be changed.
318787 XMLParseFile gives error message: Unknown Element 'xs:schema'when parsing a xsd file.


Documentation about pasing xsd files has been updated. See PB 9.0.1.

318793 Enhancement request for better error messages in project painter build failure
318804 The default for a new window with build 69 appears to be to have the SmartMinimize setting turned on instead of Close. In most cases I would think customers would want the default to be Close.
318805 The install of ASA802 that is bundled with PPB does not have 'Adaptive Server Anywhere for Windows CE' enabled by default, even though it would be most often selected by users. Can install be updated to have this turned on by default ?
318811 SCC Help in PB 9.0 still showing some old 7.0 descriptions.
318982 PB8.0 and 9.0 do not pick up password expire message at run time.

Verified fixed in PowerBuilder 8.0.3 Build 9961.

319086 Reading a file using Linemode fails when run on the device. Using Streammode works okay.

User Error: Line mode reads UNICODE files only. The DSN file is an ANSI file.

319106 The incorrect classid for the pbrx90.ocx and pbrxs90.ocx is listed in the PB 9.0 Application Techniques Manual.

For example, pages 636,639,640 and 641 show the classid for pbrx90.ocx as:


The classsid has changed for pbrx90.ocx and it should be:


The classid for the pbrxs90.ocx is:


319114 PB 9 Web Services do not work with proxy servers requiring authentication.
319122 DW with a Union clause in the SQL fails with ORA-00933 error with O84 and O90.

Verified fixed in PB 803_9961, PB 90_6086

319234 FeatureRequest : Centralized Deployment Profile for EAServer Deployment
319254 Want to be able to return an array in an any function return value.
319266 Add a way to save a DataWindow's attributes as an XSLT. Currently have XSL-FO but Microsoft currently does not interpret that template.
319276 PB 9.0 Gettting started - Ch10 has a tutorial programming error.
319298 Disable() and Enable() do not work when menu item is not visible.

Verified fixed in PB9 build 7048

319306 When applying a edit mask of [date][time] to a datetime

column field in the datawindow painter and once you tab off the format property,

the error message of:

Specified edit mask is invalid

319379 Multiple retrieve() calls on a DataWindow/DataStore which shares data with another DataWindow using sharedata gives an OutOfMemory error (migh be also infinite loop). When using on Desktop it works ok.


Checked with PP1.5 - Fixed in PPB 1.5

319433 Feature Request for distribution of ghost script with Powerbuilder 9.0

The current implementation of printing pdf files does not lend itself to easy distribution to a large user community. If someone has to distribute their PB9 app to their 500 users(say) and wants the functionality to save the datawindow as pdf then they need to install Ghost script in each of those 500 machines. This issue needs to be addressed in future releases which will

1. not require a freeware driver (write our own?)

2. provide a packaging option when building an exe?

319437 When we preview a DataWindow in the IDE, there is a printer icon on the powerbar. Click on it and the printe dialog will be displayed. The "Printer" name on the dialog is represented by a "?" symbol instead of the full path of the printer name.
319484 "" by default for shared components.

On your internet site: we read :

6.1 Unexpected deadlock errors If you see unexpected deadlock or slow database throughput when executing transactional components, check for the following setting in

the properties of the component that initiates the transaction:

This setting causes the transaction to run with serializable isolation

level ...

Per PB Engineering:

1. When we deploy a PB component in Jaguar, PB never creates the "Transaction Isolation Level property" for the component. So for any component, pb does not write "".

2. When a Database is connected from PB application or component, if we don't set the transaction isolation level explicitly, the default isolation will be depend on how your database is configured.

3. Isolation level of a transaction object is handled trough the "Lock" property (e.g. Sqlca.Lock = value). You can refer to the PB Help for the value of the lock for different DBMS.

319488 PB IDE GPFs when entering SQLPainter for a datawindow containing a computed field with an unclosed quote. e.g. :


The datawindow will preview acceptably with no problems. But if you try to edit the SQL PB GPFs.


Edit source shows the following: SELECT DIVISION_CODE, '~"' FROM DIVISION".

If I change the source to read: SELECT DIVISION_CODE, '~"~"' FROM DIVISION" PB no longer crashes.

319520 When the setrow and setcolumn are called from a javascript

function, the focus is not being set for the Web Datawindow row and column. The following function is being called from the onload event.

<script language=JavaScript>function setrow_and_column()




The onload event appears to work ok because if you add dw_1.SetItem(1,2,'new dept name') to the function, it changes the first row, second column's dept name to the new value.

The javascript generated for the setrow function is:

function HTDW_SetRow(row)


var result = -1;

row -= 1;

var colNum = this.currCol;

if (colNum != -1)


var colObj = this.cols[colNum];

if (typeof colObj != "undefined" && colObj.displayGobName != null)


var control = this.findControl(colObj.displayGobName, row, true);

// if we can't find a control, then we can't set the row

if (control != null)


// force focus onto the found control,

// the onFocus event will change the currency variables


result = 1;




return result;


The javascript generated for the setcolumn is:

function HTDW_SetColumn(col)


var result = -1;

var colNum = this.getColNum(col);

if (colNum != -1)


var colObj = this.cols[colNum];

if (typeof colObj != "undefined" && colObj.displayGobName != null)


var control = this.findControl(colObj.displayGobName, this.currRow, true);

// if we can't find a control, then we can't set the column

if (control != null)


// force focus onto the found control

// the onFocus event will change the currency variables


result = 1;




return result;


319521 SaveRowsAs dbase3 in datawindow does not create valid dbase file.

Verified fixed in PowerBuilder 804 Build 10501. Verified fixed in PowerBuilder 901 Build 7011.

319543 In PB 7, when there is a runtime error in a series of database operations, including updates, and one operation fails, the entire transaction is rolled back. When this happens in PB 8 and 9, the updates that occured prior to the failed one are committed. If a RunTimeError is caught in a TRY-CATCH block, a SetAbort can be performed so that the behavior is the same as in PB 7.

PB Engineering:

In PB 8 and 9, the default behavior has been changed so that for stateful components, the default behavior is the same as in PB 7, i.e. the transaction is rolled back. This issue was fixed on February 27, 2004, and is included in all PB 8.0.4 and PB 9.0.1 EBFs created after that date (which can be determined by looking at the datestamp on the PB EBF DLLs). This change does not apply to stateless components. A new CR 347702 has been raised to restore the default behavior for stateless components to the behavior in PowerBuilder 7.

Also introduced 2 new environment variables "PBOnFatalError" and "PBRollbackOnRTError".

PBOnFatalError environment variable:


Controls whether or not to restart server on PBVM corruption. Three case-insensitive values are available: "continue", "restart" and "shutdown". Default value is "continue", which will rollback the current transaction, but let the server continue running.

PBRollbackOnRTError environment variable:


If a runtime exception is raised by a PowerBuilder component running in EAServer, in PowerBuilder 7 the transaction is rolled back and the exception is thrown back to the client. In PowerBuilder 8, the behavior was changed so that the transaction is committed before the exception is thrown back. You can control this behavior by using the new PBRollbackOnRTError environment variable. To specify that the transaction is committed before the exception is thrown back to the client, set the PBRollbackOnRTError environment variable to 'n', 'no', or 'false'. When this environment variable is set to 'y', 'yes', or 'true', the transaction is rolled back before the exception is thrown back to the client.

These environment variables were introduced on August 13, 2003, and are included in all PB 8.0.4 and PB 9.0.1 EBFs created after that date.

319544 Transparent background images do not show up as transparent when deployed to Dell Axim and contained in a datawindow. The same images on a window do show up with transparent background, and customer reports that running on a Cassiopeia the images are also transparent.

PER DEVELOPMENT: the problem is this: A transparent gif allows the container window color to show through. Overlapping transparent gifs will not always work as expected because now the transparent pixels are using the container window color, not the colors in another object under the gif. Transparency happens when the picture is instantiated, based on its container color, it does not happen dynamically. Moving a gif programatically may also give unexpected results. The IDE produces a similar efect, but the container color used there is always button face (just as in PB9). We cannot get it any better than it is now in this release.

319555 With usehwnd=no, a modified datastore does not save as PDF file correctly.

Verified fixed in PB 901_7011.

319556 Customer is using a script with PrintOpen and PrintText functions since he needs to print a DW to a dot matrix printer. The code was working fine in PB 8 but after the migration to PB 9 he had problems.

Workaround to the problem:

This is how the workaround works and the necesary files to use it.

The following is the code I added to the of_imprime_formulario function of the nvo_nf

It does following:

1. Delete a file temp.pdf if exists

2. Get the printername the user choosed

3. runs a command called print.bat (this batch copies the temp.pdf file to the printer.)

The print.bat file should be placed in the running directory (where the exe is) it will save there the pdf

The only problem I found was when using printers that have spaces in the name for example "My printer" in this case the workarround won't work I suggest to rename the printer to "MyPrinter" for example.

string ls_printer, ls_command

FileDelete("temp.pdf") // To be sure the file does not exist

pds_nota_fiscal.SaveAs ("temp.pdf",PDF!,true)

ls_printer = left(PrintGetPrinter(), pos (PrintGetPrinter(), "~t") -1)

ls_command = "print.bat "+ ls_printer

run (ls_command, Minimized! )

The print.bat file is as follows:



IF "%ARG%" == "" GOTO Print

set Printer=%Printer% %ARG%




copy temp.pdf %Printer%

319565 Cannot call a registered .NET dll from PB. Get a return of -3 Object could not be created.

According to MSDN.

To overcome .NET and COM differences, the runtime provides wrapper classes to make both managed and unmanaged clients think they are calling objects within their respective environment. Whenever your managed client calls a method on a COM object, the runtime creates a runtime callable wrapper <cpconruntimecallablewrapper.asp> (RCW). RCWs abstract the differences between managed and unmanaged reference mechanisms, among other things. The runtime also creates a COM callable wrapper <cpconcomcallablewrapper.asp> (CCW) to reverse the process, enabling a COM client to seamlessly call a method on a .NET object. As the following illustration shows, the perspective of the calling code determines which wrapper class the runtime creates.

In most cases, the standard RCW or CCW generated by the runtime provides adequate marshaling for calls that cross the boundary between COM and the .NET Framework. Using custom attributes, you can optionally adjust the way the runtime represents managed and unmanaged code.


This seems to indicate that there needs to be nothing new done from the client side. However I still get the "-3 Object could not be created" error.

319675 The ancestor definition fields are incorrectly enabled in custom user events. Minor because although there is no error on Save, no changes to the ancestor are really saved. Attempts in the descendant script to use changed values will still generate an error message.
319679 Insertfile on an OLE control fails in PB 9.0 on Windows XP.


This is an XP Operating System problem. The same problem happens in VB on XP.

319699 Dragging the pointer off of a spinning editmask corrupts the display value.
319721 Tab control right/left arrow scrolling does not work on device.
319851 Doubleclicking on a field with DW EditMask ##,###.00 (Format ##0.00) places the cursor on the right side of the field.
319855 GPF / crash when using case()...when.. statment expression with computed fields (referencing other computed fields).
319880 Selecting a different printer using the Object.Datawindow.Printer property does not

work for datastores. The printout is always directed to the default printer.

This is a regression in PowerBuilder 8.0.3 Build 9601 and later.

To work-around the issue use the PrintSetPrinter function or

add the following section into the pb.ini file:

[Datastore Behavior]


319887 SetDetailHeight(row, row, height) doesn't work if row is the last row in dw.

Verified fixed in PB901_7026

319895 When user runs PPB install and accidentally enters the drive letter for a CDROM drive instead of a hard disk, the user is given a "Catastrophic Error" message from the installation. Although this is user error, the error message should handle this better.
319913 When calling a com object from PowerBuilder's IDE, the com object

stays in memory until you exit Powerbuilder. The reason is the com object is hosted in the same process that Powerbuilder is.

A side effect to this behavior is if you call a com object and then go back and make a change and then try to regenerate the com object (from the project painter), you will see

errors such as:

CGEN: Compiling 'c:\case\powerbuilder9x\_tmpguid.cpp'

CGEN: Compiling 'c:\case\powerbuilder9x\_tmpclas.cpp'

CGEN: Compiling 'c:\case\powerbuilder9x\_tmpserv.cpp'

CGEN: Linking... cannot open pb9bug.dll : unknown error I/O error processing pb9bug.dll : Permission denied

You will need to exit and restart PowerBuilder to remove the object from memory.

oleobject lole_comapp

lole_comapp = create oleobject



disconnect lole_comapp

319915 DW Graph: The labels marking the category axis in a bar graph (where the text would normally display vertically, for lack of space horizontally) do not display at runtime (emulator or device)
320012 HANDLE(this, TRUE) in application object does not report another instance running.


For applications, the Handle function does not return a useful value when the previous flag is true. You can use the FindWindow Windows function to determine whether a Windows application is already running. FindWindow returns the handle of a window with a given title.

320013 Bitmap (.BMP) in a DW disappears at runtime on device with build 75.


Fixed in latest builds.

320024 Corrupted file, invalid character � appended to a window's name everywhere in the .srw

We have not been able to recreate the problem internally, so this may not be solvable.

320033 PB crashes on a retrieve of a datastore if the transaction object is disconnected.

Verified fixed in PB 804_10501. Verified fixed in PB 901_7011.

320046 When trying to retrieve data from a view created on a

remote database using dblink, receiving a ora-03113 end-of-file communication error.

Problem happens using:

Oracle Client -> Oracle 8i db -> o84

Oracle Client -> Oracle 8i db -> o90

(Works ok using Oracle 9.0.1 client)

Works ok using:

Oracle Client -> Oracle 9i db -> o84

Oracle Client -> Oracle 9i db -> o90

Works ok when retrieving from a datawindow. Problem happens when using embedded sql.

RESOLUTION: Works ok using PB 8.0.4 (build 10538) and PB 9.0.1 (build 7048) and Oracle client Upgraded Oracle client per tech doc

320065 9.0 Regression: A null datetime value was 00/00/00 in 6.5 but now is 01/01/00.

Fixed in PB 901_6516.

320164 OS: Win 2000 (2 CPU)

Versions and Build #s Reported: EAS 4.0 GA with PB 7.03.10108

Versions and Build #s Tested: As above (not reproduced outside production env)

Database/Driver File/Version: ASE 9842


2 Jag servers in a cluster on multiprocessor W2K machines running PB 7.03.10108 components

Both servers crashing randomly each day with no messages in the log. As this is only happening in the production env the ct is unwilling to test an upgrade without guarantees the upgrade will fix the problem. This consult is to ask if engineering can analyse the user.dmp files from these crashes to gives us evidence that this crash is due to a known CR which is fixed in later versions of EAS/PB.

*** Wednesday, June 04, 2003 2:36:21 PM

The problem has not repeated itself since bind.thread=true was set for the PB components.

320170 GPF when using closewithreturn in an application running in the IDE, deployed to the desktop. Works fine on PDA.
320197 Memory leak with stored procedure returning empty string and called as RPC
320199 Execution of a RPC leads to truncated data. It works fine in PowerBuilder.

create PROCEDURE DBA."dbp_test_parameter" ( in @argstring varchar(6) )


print @argstring;


subroutine dbp_test_parameter(string argstring) RPCFUNC ALIAS FOR "~"dba~".~"dbp_test_parameter~""

Use in a customized transaction object : code


-> The ASA log will show only 123.


Fixed in builds after in 6/17/03 build.

320205 A column in a DB that returns a name of a .BMP and setting the 'Display as picture' property so that the .BMP can be displayed. Design time its OK, running in IDE and on the device it does not display.
320233 Dropdown datawindow which has been created on table that just has one column, so the dddw that same data and display col. When he tries to use this dddw in datawindow, rows in dddw don't get populated.

Workaround: assign one column for the data and a different column for the display in the dddw style column. Then it works fine.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

320242 PB MDI Notepad example, Search->GoToLine doesn't work.
320243 Cannot drag visual objects from the system tree to the window painter. It keeps the circle/line mouse pointer. Also cannot drag non-visual objects from system tree to non-visual object list pane.
320246 Application and database close with no message if datastore.Update() is fired. When running on PocketBuilder Desktop using running man Update works as expected.
320361 Ability to set the position of a docked toolbar in the Painter
320366 PB Help for the SetToolbarPos PowerScript function (Syntax 1 For docked toolbars) has an error. In the description of the 'offset' argument it refers to the value of a 'replace' argument. That should be the 'insert' argument.

Verified fixed in PB 804 build 10501++ and PB 901 build 6533++.

320425 1. Connect to any ASA database in the DB Painter of PPB.

2. Right-Click on "Users" under the connected database. Click on "New User...".

3. Under the "User properties" page, enter a new user name and password, as well as confirm the new password".

4. Right-click on "Save Changes" in the "User properties" page.

5. Right-click on "Users" under the connected database. Click on "Refresh...". Nothing shows up under "Users".

6. Repeat steps 2-5 but this time work on "Groups" under the connected database.

If we open up PowerBuilder after creating the users and groups and connect to the same database, we can see the new users and groups created successfully.

320509 SP Datawindow does not get updated after changing the data source.
320514 The SCC status of an object is wrongly represented. To cause this wrong condition leaves itself by the fact that for an individual object A ' GET Latest version ' is accomplished.

workaround: do an refresh on the object to show the right status.

320515 OS: Windows 2000 - 4 CPUs or more

Versions and Build #s Reported: EAS 4.2 & 8.03.9704

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.03 Builds 9704 -> 9838 EAS version

Some background info:

Tried to repro on a single CPU machine, on a dual CPU machine and when binding the Jag process to just 1 CPU on a machine with 4 CPUs and not able to see the problem. Only able to reproduce the problem when using 4 CPUs or more.

All PB components are deployed as standard, non-transactional, threadsafe components. Instance pooling and automatic demarcation supported.

Bind thread is not selected (this is PB 8.03 on EAS 4.2 and no datastores are used)

(Tested with concurrency & pooling on and off, with of without transaction support or dbms access)

On the client side (PB) the app uses shared components to simulate concurrent users on separate threads.

On the Jaguar server, there is a component that accepts the request and

launches another component for executing the business logic.

So launching 5 concurrent clients gives 5 + 5 components active/concurrent on the Jaguar server.

The components seem to respond sequentially which didn't happen in PB 8.0.1. Giving the impression that one component waits for the other to finish, or places a lock somewhere...

Behaviour Difference observed with 8.03 and 4 CPU machine.

Counting the number of method invocation in a given amount of time (10 secs) with 2 simultaneous components and with 20

With Powerbuilder 8.0.3 Build 9704 or 9838

2 components / 10 seconds 927 method invocations

20 components / 10 seconds 975 method invocations

With Powerbuilder 8.0.1 Build 8004

2 components / 10 seconds 825 method invocations

20 components / 10 seconds 2450 method invocations

With PB 8.03 20 simultaneous connections process almost the same number of method invocations as 2 simultaneous connections ( 927 vs 975)in the same time (10 secs)

With PB 8.01 20 simultaneous connection process 3 times as many method invocations as 2 simultaneous connections

On a single or dual processor machine (or on the same machine with the jag process bound to 1 CPU) the results are similar as those for 8.01

320526 Versions and Build #s Reported: 9.0

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.03/9.0


The horizontal and vertical scrollbars in the DW control cannot be disabled when there is less than 1 page of data, they are hidden when not required. This NFR raised to display the scrollbars Greyed Out when there is not more than one page of data. Or add a property so the developer/user can decide to have scrollbar disabled or allow it to be hidden (current behaviour).

320559 When a Popup menu is used, window references get confused.

Verified fixed in PB 901_7011. Verified fixed in PB 703_10305.

320564 A syntax error is in the .srx file for a Web Service proxy to a Cold Fusion web
320646 2 shared DataWindows using sharedata: when running SetFilter() on primary DW, the Event rowfocuschanged() and rowfocuschanging() of the secondary DW is triggered. Also on the Filter()that is called afterwards the same events are triggered again.
320667 SYC Interface returns "Login Failed" when executing RPC for the 1st time.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This issue does not happen when both logins and passwords are equal in primary and secondary ASEs.

Resolution: This is not a PB defect. It's just a behavior changE between ASEs 11.x and 12.x. From 12.x on, there's new transactional model for RPCs. So, it was possible to reproduce the same issue by using isql and SQLAdv. Solution is to map and use CIS + external logins in ASE.

320670 In printing/previewing of nested N-UP DW which consist of "newspaper columns across", it always was produced one more blank page.

3/2004 Update from PB Engineering.

This is not a bug. This problem can be solved by shrinking the bottom space room of detailband to a height less than zero. The previous fix will be reverted.

320711 PowerBuilder 8 and 9 can crash when you try to move the application object from

one pbl to another pbl if you use RIGHT click and drag and drop in the systemtree.

The active application can not be moved. To move it, select a second application

and use the Move popupmenu item without drag and drop to move the object.

320714 Add an option to the application project painter so that

all the pbd check boxes can be click with one option.

For example, add an "Check All" check box.

320752 After stress testing, EAServer will stop responding after many

iterations. You cannot log in to Jaguar Manager.

The client application is set up where the timer event creates a shared object instance and then calls a function from that shared object where a connection to EAServer is made and then a getfullstate is done on the server side. The datastore is retrieving aprox. 4000 rows.

I was able to capture the following from win2000:

Full thread dump Classic VM (JDK-1.2.2_010, native threads):

"Thread-28" (TID:0x25ed10e0, sys_thread_t:0x42441810, state:R, native ID:0xc44) prio=5

"Thread-20" (TID:0x25ddb420, sys_thread_t:0x423c2a88, state:R, native ID:0xb38) prio=5

"Thread-13" (TID:0x25ece420, sys_thread_t:0x422eb950, state:R, native ID:0x910) prio=5

"Thread-2" (TID:0x25e6f9e0, sys_thread_t:0x42197ab8, state:R, native ID:0xc24) prio=5

"Thread-1" (TID:0x25e71370, sys_thread_t:0x403edd80, state:R, native ID:0xc70) prio=5

"SymcJIT-LazyCompilation-0" (TID:0x25e0f380, sys_thread_t:0x4019f850, state:CW, native ID:0x950) prio=1

at SymantecJITCompilationThread.DoCompileMethod(Native Method)

at, Compiled Code)

"SymcJIT-LazyCompilation-PA" (TID:0x25e0f3a8, sys_thread_t:0x4019f6e0, state:CW, native ID:0x900) prio=10

at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)

at java.lang.Object.wait(


320759 When calling a stored procedure that has numeric or smallint as datatype there's an error


Error 999 (rc -1) : [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]The DBMS returned an unspecified error.

320842 SIP icon gets lost under certain circumstances. Very similar to CR 313510. However, for 313510, you can work around the problem by activating some application, e.g. Calculator, that shows the SIP icon, then reactivating the PocketPB application. That workaround fails here. Perhaps because the window is not a Main! window, or not of default size?
320851 When your library list contains a compiled library (.pkd) , right click on the target to do Full Rebuild. The process should ignore these libraries and only do the ones with source in them (.pkl).
320854 Enhancement request. When columns are added to dw source, prompt to change the update properties since they are not modified automatically. When columns not involved in the update are removed, do not force update prop changes.
320883 In the SQLPainter, when you use Paste "Value" in the Where clause, the PopUp dialog's fonts are unreadable.
321037 Using the SetRowFocusIndicator(HAND!) method activates the indicator, but the image needs to be scaled down and, it's background made transparent. This was reported by the customer for the Emulator, but behavior is the same on the device, and actually in the IDE when the row height is so "short". Is this a bug, WinCE behavior, or a design issue ?
321043 Customer migrated their app from PB5 to PB8. Old behavior can be seen through PB 6.5.1 build 1137.

User opens worksheets through a Treeview control, depending of what he/she wants to do. To activate a worksheet, the user doubleclick on an item. The ENTER key simulates the DoubleClick. Also, a sheet can be closed by pushing the ESCAPE key.

The problem:

User Doubleclicks on an item. It opens a new sheet but the first control does not have focus. User presses ESC to close the sheet, but instead, it closes the sheet with the Treeview control.

321056 In NVO, if you declare a variable and then initialize the variable in the same statement to the value returned by a user defined global function and then press CTRL-L (compile) and it will seem to be OK. However, this fails to save and often will cause PowerBuilder to crash. You will not see any errors using CTRL-L but when trying to close the painter if you choose to save the changes you will see errors.
321185 Provide Orcascript SCC commands for checkin and checkout.
321202 If we specify a series to be added to a graph datawindow of "Pie" or "Pie3D" graph type, the series label will not be displayed on the graph running on the device or emulators.

Other graph types (eg. bar, column, area) will have no problem displaying the series label on the same graph datawindow.

321205 If we have a graph datawindow of any graph type other than "Pie" graphs and change the legend property of the datawindow to either "Left" or "Right", the legend information will be rendered incorrectly.
321434 Line not drawn between tics when there is no data for the x and y axis. You have data plotted on the x and y axis and then no data is plotted (for several days) on the chart. No line is drawn between the tics on the graph.

Problem worked ok in PB 7.0.3 (build 10180) and started happenning in (build 10197).

This reported issue is probably due to cr277649. Other issues that were similar were

cr302489 and cr289495 (issue #2).

321437 PBPACK90.EXE If "XML Support" is checked ON in the options group, then the file xerces-c_1_5_1.dll is packaged into the MSI. PB9 apps that use XML require xerces-c_2_1_0.dll.
321439 In a gatewayless scenario, client applications may be accessing only RPCs on the mainframe. In such a case there may be no language handler transaction and so the COMMIT/ROLLBACK issued on a disconnect from PB causes an error.
321449 Enhancement request for the Datawindow painter to remember the last values placed in the retrieval arguements fields.
321520 Enhancement Request:

Define a property or format to display #### when a value is too big to fit in

the text box of a datawindow field or column.

An alternative might be:

- Define maximum or minimum values and change font or background characteristics

when the value exceeds it.

For example an expression like the following can be defined for the

strikeout property:

if(dept_head_id > 999, 1, 0)

321521 Retrieving unique identifier column (uniqueidentifier datatype) from MSSQL Server via OLEDB causes PB to crash.
321528 Migrated application from PB7/8 which sends control codes (escape sequence) to a printer using printsend to enforce duplex printing no longer functions in PB9.
321577 I have a registry entry that refers to "PocketBuilder" as well as one for "Pocket PowerBuilder".


It has "1.0u\Wizards" keys underneath it.

The other keys I have are correctly under:

HKCU\Software\Sybase\Pocket PowerBuilder\1.0u

321579 An enhancement request is to provide PFC support in Pocket PowerBuilder.

NOTE: Check out code exchange. Third parties are already working on building application frameworks appropriate for the Pocket PC.

PER DEVELOPMENT: A framework such as PFC is not planned for Pocket PowerBuilder, but as noted above, one or more are posted on Sybase's Code Exchange website.

321587 An inherited visual user object without a subscript can find it's parent(window) however the same object as a subscripted array has no parent although the object does appear in the window control list.

WORKAROUND: Appears to be caused by using the array subscriptor max value. If you initially set the array one higher than what you need, the reference will work.

In this example, change the w_main open event from:


iu_pb_box[5,5] = Create u_pb_box


This.OpenUserObject( iu_pb,10,364)




iu_pb_box[6,6] = Create u_pb_box


This.OpenUserObject( iu_pb,10,364)

321654 PowerBuilder 9 crashes when trying to use or define a stringmask larger than 63 characters.

This happens both with datawindows and editmask controls.

321656 App launcher (Applist) uses the directory path "Program Files" on the device. When having german OS on eg. iPaq there is no Program Files. App launcher should remember the last path used instead


No Plan To Fix any AppList bugs

321670 The saved "WindowState" setting for the MDI frame, when saved as "Maximized", does not work upon application startup during runtime (exe with PBDs or DLLs). When the last WindowState was Maximized, the MDI frame opens up in a normal state in the zero zero position instead of Maximized. This occurs only in the compiled executable. It works fine in the Powerbuilder development environment (Version 6 and 7), and works fine in the original Powerbuilder 5 executable where it was originally written.

WORKAROUND: This appears to be some sort of timing problem as to when the window paints and when the Open event completes. I found two workarounds, and users may find other methods. First, I added a Messagebox call to the Open event of the window to double check the return string from the ProfileString function call. That caused the behavior to be fixed, i.e. the EXE opened Maximized, as the user desired. Second, I found that I could take out the Messagebox call, and add "this.hide()" to the beginning of the Open event script, and "" to the end of the Open event script, and this also worked around the problem. Another possibility that I did not test might be using a 'splash' screen that timed out and closed on its own, etc.

11 Feb. 2004:

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

321675 Please add a report header band to the DataWindow/DataStore objects. The current dw header band is a page header. We want a header that prints once at the beginning of the report but not on subsequent pages. Similar to summary band at end of DataWindow.
321725 Customer would like the option to export/import from either UNICODE or ANSI text in order to make it easier to move back and forth between PK and PB. Doesnt want to have to do an entire target as provided in the Tools.

NOTE: You can export an entire target by using the "Export CE to Desktop" tool on the "Tools" tab of the PK IDE.

321772 Datawindow SaveasASCII function replace the non-printable character "Linefeed" 0x0A

and "Carriage Return" 0x0D from database by White space 0x20

321796 Problems with the generated names for Stored Procedures in the PB IDE. There is an added ;0 at the end of the name, that causes an error, and the Stored Procedure call fails.

Errormessage: SQLSTATE = 42000

321816 Start Pocket PB and do not open a workspace. Select File... Open. You get a dialog that doesn't seem to be able to do anything. If you do the same in PB 8, you can open files, and you can open a Workspace from here if you want to. In PPB, it only appears to handle objects contained in the current workspace. If this is by design and not a bug, then the Open menu should be disabled / greyed out unless there is a current workspace open. Probably it ought to function in a similar manner to PB8.

PER DEVELOPMENT: Current behavior is correct. PB8/9 only allow opening web-target style objects.

321828 Tried to create nested tab controls by inserting standard tab control on a window. Select first tab to give focus. Tried to insert new tab control on tab but it goes onto the window instead. Works in PB 8/9.


This is not a bug. The tab control defaults to the full size of the window. If you resize the second tab _control_ (not the page), you will see that the page appears as it would in PowerBuilder.

321846 An inherited visual user object without a subscript can find it's parent(window) however the same object as a subscripted array has no parent although the object does appear in the window control list. See also Pocket Power Builder CR 321587.

11 Feb 2004:

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

321937 Editmask with more then 63 characters for mask crashes PB 9.0 application.

Fixed in PB 901_6511.

321940 pwdialog not displaying popup in runtime for SYC -

When a password is set to expire in x number of days,

the popup window is not displaying when a runtime application is using the

dbparm of pwdialog=1.

When connecting from the development environment, the popup window does appear.

321971 Changing zoom value of dw psr then restoring it to 100 changes some row heights.
321974 The dialogs that appear for an Oracle failover have "PowerBuilder" for the title. That's meaningless to end-users. The title should either be customizable, or at least pick up the name of the application. The developers know what PowerBuilder is, but the end-users don't. This is an issue in PowerBuilder 8.0 as well.
321986 9.0 Treeview old handle in SelectionChanging event after an item delete is 0.
322067 Versions and Build #s Reported: 9.0 GA

Versions and Build #s Tested: 8.03.8870 OK 9.0 GA -> 9.0.6075 Problem

When source control provider is on a remote server or on any server where access is delayed a little, when you connect to source control the system tree collapses.

This is not dependent on the source control provider as it has been reproduced with VSS & PVCS. A fast connection (eg connect to source control server on the same machine) does not give the problem.

Opening the library painter also helps to 'slow down' the connection to source control as the views in the library painter need to be redrawn - sometimes opening the library painter helps reproduce the problem

322077 The icons on the 'New Datawindow' window are all wrong except the graph type. Compare the icons to those used by regular PB. For example the one for Grid is supposed to be Freeform.
322127 When running an application in PB 9.0 that is using printsend, it

causes an access violation. The following is the crash handler results:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM90.dll

File Version:

Fault address=10BA2044 Section:Offset=01:000A1044









SS:ESP:0023:0012E61C EBP:02668CD8

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

10BA2044 0012E630 7E0A0D20 4E4F4653 10BA0A0D 02668CD8 print_job::Printer_Escape+84

10BA278C 0012E654 0222000C 02668CD8 FFFFFFFF 00000002 global_print_job::Printer_Escape+1C

10C359C5 0012E684 00000000 00000002 027A0068 025D4150 fnPrintSend+95

10C65CDC 0012E6D8 00000000 00000000 026700E5 017C69BA OB_RUNTIME_CLASS::invoke+38C

10C65940 0012E724 025D4150 00000000 026700E5 00000002 OB_RUNTIME_CLASS::invoke+1F0

10CCF18B 0012E74C 025D4150 00120000 0258525E 026740B9 ot_process_class_call+AB

10DA9CD4 0012E77C 025D4150 026715CE 00120000 0012E7A4 sf_class_call+44

10CE3963 00000002 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 rt_exec_pcode+403

322261 A ListView control working in Large Picture mode. Problem: The large pictures disappear when selected. Same problem with small pictures in list view.


Fixed on PDA. If still happens on emulater, than it is a emulator bug.

322271 PB 7.0.3/SCC/ClearCase: 'Refresh Status' on locked object causes incorrect icons. Identified a scenario in which the 'user icon' (man w/ sunglasses) appears in the registered pbl instead of the locked icon.

11 Feb 2004:

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

322325 PB90/80 crashes with tab and tabpages, deleting/moving a control from the tab pages.

This issue is not reproducable in later builds of 8.0.3, or 9.0.

322334 When workspace under SCC control is opened in PB 9 and 10, the systemtree expands then collapses. In 8 it expands to the same object as when it was closed.
322346 PB 7.0.3: SCC: ClearCase 4.x: When a user tries to check out an object that has already been checked out by another user, he gets a "confirm version to check out" dialog, asking whether he wants to check out as unreserved. 'No' or 'cancel' is ignored.

11 Feb 2004:

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

322399 *** Thursday, April 22, 2004 11:09:17 *** ssturm ***

refferring to CR 306009. In PB9 (PVCS 6.8.1) the liblist is updated and libraries are there but objects in libraries are absent after "get latest version" on target level.

New objects created by developer 1, are not delivered to developer 2, by using GetLatestVersion. PB9 get an updated liblist and the new PBL's. But these PBL's are still empty.

322460 Versions and Build #s Reported: PB 8.03

Versions and Build #s Tested: All versions

Database/Driver File/Version: Powerscript Reference - SetTransPool

Help docs for SetTransPool () state:

"The maximum value specified for a transaction pool limits the total number of database connections made by the application. When the transaction pool is full, each attempt to connect will fail after the timeout interval has been exceeded."

In the example it states

"When the maximum number of connections has been reached, each subsequent connection request will wait for up to 10 seconds for a connection in the pool to become available. After 10 seconds, the server will return an error to the client."

This is slightly inaccurate as SetTransPool does not return an error. Nothing is returned to SQLCode to indicate an error has occurred. The first we know about an error is if SQL is sent to the db using this (unconnected) connection.

The help could mention that DBHandle will confirm if a connect to a TransPool connection is valid or not

322465 Pocket PC hangs during recursion. This may be a memory issue, but the IDE lets it go during testing. It may also be a video issue as the objects manipulated are visual.

This leads to questions about how the application developer can test on the Pocket PC for remaining memory / resources, etc. Can this be handled by the Pocket PB runtime ?

322484 When using a Listview with scrolling set to true the documentation in the Objects and Controls manual states the following:

"Specifies whether the user can scroll vertically when not all of the items in a control are visible"

When this is run what appears is a horizontal scroll bar and not a vertical scroll bar and it doesn't actually scroll but seems to paginate the items in the list vertically by using a horizontal scrollbar.

If this is the way it should work then the documentation needs to be corrected.

322535 Issue warning when exiting while PB is performing a long process
322545 When generating a sp datawindow via OLE DB (ASAProv.80) there is no resultset available.
322550 When generating a sp datawindow via OLE DB (ASAProv) there is a gpf happening.
322566 List of paper sizes on a datawindow object is different in PB8/9 to the list in PB6.5 and the user is unable to select the paper size he used to use in PB6.5
322572 Opening times of windows may be slow if certain stock icons have been used

as toolbar icon for a menu item.

When a network drive has been mapped and had been added to the path environment variable,

then PowerBuilder could be searching for these icons on the network drive.

With the following icons the problem may be experienced:

[ AppIcon!, Application5!, AppRectangle!, Asterisk!, CreateLibrary5!, Database!, DataPipeline!,

DataWindow5!, Debug5!, DisplayCurrentLibrary!, DosEdit5!, Error!, Exclamation!, Form!, Function!,

Hand!, Information!, JaguarProfile!, Library5!, Librarylist5!, LibraryOpen!, Menu5!, OleGenReg!,

Project!, Query5!, Question!, Report5!, RunReport5!, StopSign!, Structure5!, UserObject5!, Warning!,

WebPBWizard!, Window!, WinLogo! ]

322586 This is a regression in both 8.0 and 9.0 with an Oracle connection and datawindows that have database functions in the SQL. When you click on the SQL icon in the datawindow painter for these datawindows, PB crashes.

Fixed in PB 901_6520+ and PB 803_9977.

322594 Copy/Paste into a dw character column works on some columns and fails others.
322596 Provide an attribute (Y or N) that prohibits Computed Field from resolving more than once. When resize or change in magnification occurs, a Computed Field may contain a global function, the re-executes multiple times.

In the DataWindow painter, you can place a Computed Field. The Computed Field must contain an expression. We will occasionally use this approach to include additional database data (i.e. text from a blob as the value of the computed field. For example, suppose the computed field is named comp_field1 and contains the global function: fn_get_text(id_value). When the fn_get_text executes, the value is retrieved from the database and placed in comp_field1.

When sort/filter/resize the DataWindow , the function will re-execute (again-and-again). We would like to suppress additional executions of the expression once the value has been resolved, we should not need to re-execute the expression/function once the value has been determined. This only slows down performance and irritates our uses.

322608 Using PB native Oracle drivers and retrieving many rows from an Oracle database is significantly slower when using O84 driver as opposed to using O73 driver. Using the O9i driver is even worse and more than doubles the retrieval time of the O73 driver.
322613 Adding a format exprssion to a dddw edit stlye column in a datawindow, crashes PB at run time if you click on the dddw column and tab off.

Verified fixed in PB901 build 7011.

322622 Using the down or up arrow on the vertical scroll bar of a

datawindow control, will result in scrolling row by row.

When you run the same test case in PB 7.0.3, it will scroll one page at a time each

time you hit the down arrow.

322738 The window painter does not allow you to make the window size smaller than the default size by dragging the edges. You have to either change the size by entering different values in the Height and Width properties, or change the size in code at runtime.
322744 PB crashes when calling an EJB method and passing a large array.

Verified in PB901_6531

322746 Use Export CE to Desktop on a PPB Target that includes a window of type Main! When you open the PowerBuilder version of the Main! window, the properties PaletteWindow and ContextHelp are selected - but disabled. If you create a new Main! window in PowerBuilder, PaletteWindow and ContextHelp are NOT selected, but are still disabled. The WinCE should convert to the same settings.
322752 Customer has a long running query in onmessage method of MessageListener. Until that long running query finishes, no message gets processed. There is only one instance of MessageListener running in EAServer although it is supposed to be asynchronous. Shouldn't there be more instances created to process other messages?
322783 With an editmask format of ###.00, iif we type in something (example 33.4) and press backspace, the period (.) goes away. Now if I retype the period you get a GPF.
322831 The connection to DB2-400(AS400) failed with PB9.x. on the other side, it succeed with PB8.x

Per PB Engineering, this is a Third Party Problem:

The customer succeeded in connecting to DB(DB2-400) in PB9 with CA400 V5R2M0(SI08894).

(This is caused from SI07675 which caused the crash by returning a invalid value).

322908 Printing the datawindow causes detail band to expand.
322909 Using PowerBuilder 7.0.3 source control with ClearCase, customer problem cannot be reproduced internally.
322978 Under Korean OS environments..( tested only Korean OS )

in PB 8.x and PB 9.x , in typing DW's column , press Tab , Locale-toggle-key(right-alt-key) was toggled automatically without user's intention.

in PB7.x it works well.

323060 A request to create in PowerBuilder a new configurable parameter that would allow users to specify the memory threshold at which the datastore "large blocks" strategy is employed rather than having it fixed at 256kb. A key component of the "large blocks" strategy is having the datastore's physical memory returned directly to the O/S on destruction, once the datastore has exceeded the 256kb memory threshold.
323066 'Refresh status' of locked object by another user is seen as 'Clear checkout status', and answering 'yes' to the 'clear checkout status' message causes the object to be deleted from the work pbl of the person who had checked it out.
323139 Incremental build doesn抰 regenerate the descendant object where its ancestor was retrieved using GetLatestVersion
323163 When the negative symbol is inverted in the format of a datawindow column then

the resultend display may not be as expected.

For example:

The following format is used: "-#,##0.00;#,##0.00; "

When entering 1.05, then displayed is -0,001.05 instead of the expected -1.05

To work-around it, a computed column could be used, displayed on top of the column.

The expression would be minus the column value with format "#,##0.00;-#,##0.00; "

323187 Add a new method to the PBDOM_DOCUMENT class called GetElementsbyTagName.

A call to GetElementsByTagName will immediately place you where you want to be and

save a significant amount of DOM processing dy drilling down directly to the content.

From TeamSybase:

Consider the following XML document fragment:

<LoginResponse defaultCommunityId="10" defaultLocale="en-us"




<Community id="10">Product Information (PI)</Community>




<Role>PI Member</Role>



If I want to extract the list of roles from this document, I currently have


Get the root element

Call GetContent() on the root element

Loop through the content array of PBDOM_Object, calling GetName() on

each object until I get to the <Roles> element

Call GetContent() on the <Roles> element

Loop through the content array of PBDOM_Object, calling GetName() on

each <Role> element to obtain the value

Now consider a call to GetElementsByTagName( "Role" ) which will

immediately place me at step #4 above. It can save me significant amount of

DOM processing by drilling down directly to the content I'm interested in.

323191 Add ToString method for the PBDOM_ELEMENT class so that

expensive processing can be saved.

From TeamSybase:

If I wanted to send the following fragment of the XML above, e.g.:



<Role>PI Member</Role>


Currently, I would need to do one of two things:

Write the new XML to file then call use ReadFile to store the XML in a

string variable, i.e.:

a. Construct a new PBDOM_Document

b. Detach the <Roles> element from it's original document

c. Attach <Roles> to the new document

d. Call document.SaveDocument()

e. Open the resulting file

f. Read the file contents into a string variable

Assemble the string programmatically, e.g.:

String ls_xml

Long length, i

length = UpperBound( rolelist )

ls_xml = "<Roles>"

FOR i = 1 TO length

ls_xml += "<Role>"

ls_xml += rolelist[i].GetText()

ls_xml += "</Role>"


ls_xml += "</Roles>"

323196 Ability to define resulting codepage, especially in the

EAServer environment, where PowerBuilder component co-exists with Unicode Java.

From TeamSybase:

Translating XML that was originally authored in say, CP1250 into another code page requires conversion to Unicode first, or else data is lossed. Maybe an overloaded versions of GetText(), GetTextTrim() and GetTextNormalize() that return a Unicode blob

would work in the interim, at least until PB9.x or 10 is Unicode-enabled.

323263 When you hit the down arrow, pb scrolls down from row

1 to row 5 (last row) in PB 8.0.3 and 9.0. This is a change in behavior from

PB 7.0.3 where if you hit the down arrow, pb will scroll down only 1 row.

The test case has the dw_1.scrollnextrow in the scrollvertical event. If you take

this out in PB 8.0.3/9.0, than the behavior works ok. When you press the down arrow,

pb will scroll down only 1 row.

It appears that in PB 7.0.3 when you hit the down arrow, the following events are

triggered in the order of:

1. ScrollVertical

2. Rowfocuschanging

3. Rowfocuschanged

4. Itemfocuschanged

In PB 8.0.3/9.0, the following events are triggered:

1. Rowfocuschanging

2. Rowfocuschanged

3. Itemfocuschanged

4. Scrollvertical

Since the scrollvertical event has the scrollnextrow() coded in the event, it causes the rowfocuschanging event to fire which causes the rowfocuschanged to fire..... This

chain of events continues until it hits the last row (row 5).

RESOLUTION: Not a bug. Behavior as expected.

323385 Regression: Accessing Word active window state via OLEObject dot notation fails with:

"Cannot convert string in Any variable to extobject at line..."

Verified fixed in PB 703 build 10312+.

Verified fixed in 8.0.3 build 9977.

Verified fixed in 9.0.1 build 6531.

323393 Regression: PB 9.0 fails when using an OLEObject to open a Word document and attempting to print the document using dot notation. The error is: "Cannot convert string in Any variable to extobject at line...".

Verified fixed in PB 703_10312+ , PB 803_9977 and PB 901_6532.

323434 Syntax used to reference OLEObjects and properties in PB 703, fails in PB 9.0.

Verified fixed in 9.0.1 build 6531. Verified in PB 703_10312+

323479 There are some errors related to the datawindow SaveAs function in the development as well as the runtime mode:

Development & runtime (deployed to device) environment:

1. Calling dw.saveas for a text format will return a resultset that's not correct. It will contain strings like:






The resultset from calling dw.saveas for a text format with header is OK!

2. Calling dw.saveas for a SQL format in the development environment will trigger a datawindow error message:"Line 31 Column 2: incorrect syntax". The SQL file is still created but it contains garbage data. A similar error message is triggered if we do a "Save Rows As..." in the database painter. On the device, saving as a SQL format will not return an error message but no SQL file is created.

3. Calling dw.saveas for a Excel format in the development environment is OK. But with the created Excel file opened, calling dw.saveas a 2nd time will cause PPB to crash.

Calling dw.saveas for a Excel format on the device will create an excel file which cannot be opened by PocketExcel. PocketExcel will trigger the error message "Unable to open. The file format is invalid."

There is no problem saving as a Excel5 format instead.

323483 Map3DColors functionality (on PictureButton, Picture, PictureHyperLink controls) fails on Windows XP desktop theme. The background of the controls turn white when pointing (clicking) on them, or when the window (containing the control) loses focus.
323487 The editmask is of format XX.X.XX.X.XX.X and shows to much dots in PB9

settext to add text to a field on a datawindow with an editmask set, it is displayed differently in version 9 compared to version 7 and 8. Final dot is added at the end after item changed

323543 DateTime column with hh:mm editmask behaving improperly.

The null part of this issue is to be addressed by enhancement CR 171033.

The date portion of this issue is deemed by engineering to be too risky to fix.

323558 Want more control of the how the checkbox displays. Want the ability to control the background color of the checkbox (the area inside the actual checkbox) and the check graphic itself for all three states.
323580 Composite report with two newspaper columns scrolls up and down instead of left and right when the left and right arrows are used to navigate the report.
323592 Oracle Database 9i/8i - Support Foreign Key Constraint rule of: ON DELETE SET NULL in the PowerBuilder Database painter
323643 Cannot import XML string containing arabic/greek/hebrew into a DW.
323659 A web datawindow that has a user defined dw button that

is called from a JSP page randomly opens a html page in background.

The JSP page has two examples, one where a html button opens the html page with:

<input type="button" value="HTML Button" STYLE="width:1.500in; height:0.238in" onClick='childWin=open("popup.html","ChildWin","scrollbars,height=600,width=700");'>

When this button is clicked, the popup.html will always open on top of the jsp page.

When clicking on the DW user defined button:

function dwTransfer_ButtonClicked(row, objName)




var strURL;



The popup.html will sometimes open on top of the jsp page and sometimes it opens in behind the jsp page.

The code that is generated for the html button is:

<TD><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="b_but_0" VALUE="DW Button" onClick="{dwTransfer.buttonPress('',0,'b_but'); dwTransfer.restoreFocus();}"></TD>

323668 For Tabular datawindow deployed to device, the following code is in the RowFocusChanged event of a dw:



When the user scrolls using the device scroll dial, the code works okay until user scrolls to the row *after* the initially visible set of rows. Then the SelectRow(0,false) appears to fail - rows continue to highlight and remain highlighted as the user scrolls through the dw.

323705 PB crash on an update of a datawindow when only an update SP is specified, and no Delete SP is specified. Normal delete SQL should be generated if there are rows to delete.

Verified fixed against PB8-10561. Verified fixed against PB9-7061.

323717 When PowerBuilder parses a SOAP response and it encounters a numeric value with a decimal point, it cannot parse it and throws an exception if the regional settings of the machine do not have a period as a decimal point separator.
323788 Regression: PB GPFs trying to view the SQL for DW with "," and concatenation when in syntax mode.

Fixed in PB 901_6531.

323794 When you select "Modify Datawindow" from a datawindow

control or standard visual user object of type datawindow, a new datawindow object window

will open even if its already opened.

PB should be able to check if the datawindow is already opened before opening

another datawindow.

This behavior is in PB 7.0.3,8.0.3 and 9.0.

323836 Possible small memory leak.
323919 When rename a P-Code deployment library from PBD to PBL, and include this PBL to a library list, PowerBuilder developer will able replace the object inside the PBL. After rename the PBL back to PBD, the original executable .EXE run successfully , but it loads the new replaced object.
323949 When using the Template application wizard eg. creating a SDI app, no db connection you'll get the message:

Wizard Error:

Error generating <path to the library>

Reason is: Error opening the gen template or the source library.

323960 When the limit property is used for a multiline edit field

on a Datawindow, it is not limiting the characters on a Web Datawindow.

In the dw painter, the limit property works ok with a sle and mle. On a Web Datawindow,

the limit property will work with the sle only.

In javascript, the maxlength is not supported with textarea fields. The DW mle field

maps to a textarea. The sle field maps to a text field which does support the maxlength

property. The maxlength maps to the DW limit property.

The following is HTML generated:

<TD>Single Line Edit column</TD>

<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="test1_0" SIZE=69 MAXLENGTH=60 VALUE="" onFocus="{htmldw.itemGainFocus(0,1,this,htmldw.gobs.test1); htmldw.selectControlContent(this);}" onClick="{var ret; ret= htmldw.itemClicked(0,1,'test1'); return ret;}" onChange="{this.bChanged = true;}" onkeypress="DW_EditKeyPressed(-1)" onBlur="{htmldw.itemLoseFocus (this);}"></TD>

<TD>Mutiline Edit column</TD>

<TD ROWSPAN=2> <TEXTAREA NAME="test2_0" ROWS=3 WRAP onFocus="{htmldw.itemGainFocus(0,2,this,htmldw.gobs.test2); htmldw.selectControlContent(this);}" onClick="{var ret; ret= htmldw.itemClicked(0,2,'test2'); return ret;}" onChange="{this.bChanged = true;}" onkeypress="DW_EditKeyPressed(-1)" onBlur="{htmldw.itemLoseFocus (this);}"></TEXTAREA></TD>

324186 The rulers of the datawindow painter don't move - eg. in default layout.
324187 Datawindow options : if you set "snap to grid" X < 4 or "snap to grid Y < 4, theses values are stored correctly in the PB.INI file but when you open again the dw painter, snap to grid X=4 and snap to grid Y=4.
324194 Developing on a high resolution display with large fonts selected. "Default Size" check box incorrectly sizes the window. When deployed to PDA the main windows are too small. Checkbox works OK if small fonts are used for the display options.
324241 Backspace key does not backspace on a string EditMask Control.
324244 When displaying tables in the 'layout' pane of the PB Database Painter, support foreign keys (FK) to reference either a primary key (PK) or a unique key (UK).
324341 If checkboxes property is set on a treeview it displays in the development and desktop runtime environment but not when deployed on a PocketPC.
324409 Changing the icon on the properties for the application object and saving it gives error 'Illegal type specification for 'sqlda'. '' must be defined and must alsobe a descendant of type 'dynamicdescriptionarea'.
324459 When calling the importfile function for a text file on the device or emulators, a wrong error code -8 (Unsupported file name suffix) is returned even if the file does exist on the device or emulators.

Normally if we pass a NULL filename into the ImportFile function, we will have a file dialog box which displays for the user to select the file to be imported. In this case I use it to select the text file on the device and emulators but Importfile function still returns -8.

On both instances, the importfile fails and nothing is imported on the datawindow for the device and emulators.

324477 This is a problem with an Active X in which the OCX is not properly

redrawn when increasing it's size.

The picture gets cut-off and the remaining part only shows

the background color of the OCX.

To work-around it, make the the control very large at design time

and set the required size at opening time.

324483 PowerBuilder 7, 8, 9.

When you have an argument specified for a nested report in the base datawindow,

then this expression is not copied into the Modify Expression dialog like PowerBuilder 6 did.

324583 A modify statement (setting the tabsequence) causes RowFocusChanged event to be triggered with argument currentrow set to 1, even if the current row is another.
324594 Setting an edit mask "!!!!" for a column in the datawindow painter crashes PowerBuilder if the number of '!' is greater or equal to 32.
324650 Enhancement Request: Please add the functionality to automatically case powerscript as setup by Sybase. PB Help shows powerscript in one case yet everything is set to lowercase.
324669 SharedObjectRegister function is failing in certain circumstances.
324704 editmask "datemask!" format "dd/mm/yyyy" does not allow the entry of dates correctly. Further testing of date correctness fails due to this problem.
324718 If a date has a special format eg. dd/mm/yyyy and the system settings of the device are also dd/mm/yyyy the date function formats the return value to be of type mm/dd/yyyy. Also functions like isdate() return false upon values like 30/06/2003.

Example Date() function:

30/06/2003. -> 01/01/1900

02/07/2003 -> 07/02/2003

Example IsDate() function:

Isdate("30/06/2003") -> not a valid date

UPDATE: on 2003/08/12 15:50:28

fixed -> CR324718 - date/time format using old technique

324724 When entering a value on a edit mask control, it

results is the wrong value. For example, if you enter in the value of 999 and then

point the cursor at the beginning and then enter in 123, what happens is after entering

the 1, the value becomes 1,999.00. The cursor now jumps to after the first 9. When you type in the next value of 2, the edit mask value becomes edit mask of 19,299.00. After entering the 3, the value is now 19,239.00

In PB 8.0.3, the same value entered will result in:


324813 Unable to modify DW SQL Select with DECODE and NVL functions

Changeing SELECT with Modify for instance where ls_sql is

SELECT Decode( col , 'xxx', 1) FROM xxx WHERE xxx= :xxx AND xxx = 'xxx'


SELECT CASE WHEN xxx = 'xxx' THEN 1 END FROM xxx WHERE xxx= :xxx AND xxx = 'xxx'

and then doing a

ls_ret=dw.Modify("DataWindow.Table.Select='" + ls_sql + "'")


use the SyntaxFromSQL and Create DataWindow methods : that way, he can pass some "non-ansi" functions like DECODE or some statements like CASE...WHEN.

324855 Korean char. displayed broken under PBVM 803.9704 on solaris with MSSQL 2000 JDBC (sp1)ConnCache.(EAS 4.2.1)

under same environments, in windows PBVM(i.g 803.9890) , it dispayed well.

324864 Source Control with PowerBuilder 9.0 and WinCVS 1.2, Jalindi Igloo 1.0.01

When requesting a "Refresh Status" the status of the object errornously changes to checked out.

324893 Full Rebuild does not work for some objects
324924 A datawindow shared from a datastore, doesn't display a nested report.
324975 Updateblob throws error when database name used without owner name.
325064 Save Rows As ..." doesn't work for "SQL" format, in DataWindow
325132 Select Report dialog window is empty for a new composite report on an Insert->Control->Report in the datawindow painter.
325192 Application icon does not work for desktop and emulator deployments
325336 After adding un-selected columns into order-by clause in data source syntax mode ,

order-by clause disappeared after converting graphics mode and return syntax mode,

also order-by clause disappeared.

If order-by columns added in select-list , no problem.

325357 Dynamically setting the datawindow locks the file it came from. There doesn't seem to be a way to unlock it.


LibraryImport (datawindow)

use datawindow

LibraryDelete -> fails

325429 When a select statement has a computed column containing

replace and the replace function has a argument of '~~~"', its causing PB to crash.

The following is the syntax of the export dw:


REPLACE( ST_NM, '~~~"', '@' ) display,

ST_NM code




ST_NM <> ' '

" sort="display A " )

The following is the output from the crash handler:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSQL80.dll

File Version:

Fault address=12505C8F Section:Offset=01:00004C8F









SS:ESP:0023:0012E9F8 EBP:00000000

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


RESOLUTION: Could not reproduce problem in PB 9.0.2 (Build 7672) and PB 10.2 (build 8049)

325430 Powerbuilder crashes in the Window Painter when you delete a command button on a tab page and then save window, if there are other scripts that reference the command button.
325434 Enlarge block size to current limits on the o84 and o90 Oracle native drivers.
325581 dw.print() should display cancel dialog by default as it did with PB 8. With PB 9 it is necessary to explicitly pass a TRUE boolean to the dw.print method. TRUE should be the default value. Calling dw.print with no parameter no longer causes the cancel dialog to display. Also, using File...Print Report from the Preview View in the dw painter displayed a cancel dialog in PB 8. It no longer does with PB 9.

Workaround in code: call dw.print(true) instead of dw.print() to display the cancel dialog. No workaround for the dw painter problem.

325617 "Arrange Tables" inside Database Painter causing Pocket Powerbuilder Crash.
325619 Unlike PowerBuilder, at the datawindow DESIGN PANE, the edges of objects and columns in datawindow are NOT shown in Pocket PowerBuilder by default.
325623 The fromunicode/tounicode functions show a difference (garbage characters are added at the end) which should not occur.
325688 Regression: From PB 7 to PB 8 & 9, when passing 2 dimensional string array to a COM dll.
325749 When saving to XML format when a template is set up

with children, the following is the results:

- <shoppingcart>

- <item


<title>A Walk in the Woods</title>



It should look like this:

- <shoppingcart>

- <item>book</item>

<title>A Walk in the Woods</title>


The template is setup as:

- shoppingcart

- item



- title


- author


325808 If adding a watch like "len(test)" causes a GPF if pressing {step in} in debugger
325824 Regression: The editmask date does not allow values starting with a 3 to be entered.
325825 Search in Library Painter crashes/gpfs when many objects in the library will be selected. GPF in pbdevxx , eg. pbdev80.dll
325829 Crash in debugger if breakpoint removed and then inserted again and expression in watch is set.
325863 PB application that worked ok in 10180 is now crashing

when closing the application in build 10290.

The following is the crash handler log that customer sent:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: C:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll

File Version:

Fault address=11385171 Section:Offset=01:00164171









SS:ESP:0023:0012FAC0 EBP:03871F60

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

11385171 0012FC80 00050252 00060262 00000435 000003F8 ob_create_consolidated_library+411

77E8479C 01423C00 01423C00 01A000F8 01A00068 00000000 GetMessageTime+6B3

01423C00 1149B080 11361E10 00000000 113633F0 11363410 0000:00000000

11361E00 1149B0E8 1136AD40 00000000 1147E6C4 1147E6C4 ob_convert_chararray_to_string+470

OS version:

Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 521620K

Available physical memory: 365012K

Total virtual memory usage: 138072K / 1027088K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 77772K / 2097024K

325884 PowerBuilder 9.0.1. The import files dialog for a JSP target should have a filter for java file types (.class, .jar, etc.).
325891 When closing an application that contains pfc, the application

will crash will the following error:

pb90.exe - Application Error

The instruction at "0x77f87ece" referenced memory at "0x10dc14b8". The memory could

not be "written".

The following is a crash handler log:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM90.dll

File Version:

Fault address=10DA13F9 Section:Offset=01:002A03F9









SS:ESP:0023:0012C3D0 EBP:013B15E8

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

10DA13F9 0012C3EC 013B15E0 10B53EDE 013B15E8 10C8476A PbHeap_free+2B9

10BCA081 0012C3F4 013B15E8 10C8476A 014003D0 013B15E8 shtokenReject+A4C1

10B53EDE 0012C3FC 014003D0 013B15E8 03787D40 02740108 pbstg_fee+E

10C8476A 0012C424 02740108 02740108 00000000 10C8FFBD ob_create_interface_in_library+AEA

10C84C2C 0012C434 00000000 00000000 10DBDBD5 02740108 ob_create_interface_in_library+FAC

10C8FFBD 0012C440 02740108 03787D40 10CE4123 02740108 ob_destroy_rtinst+D

10DBDBD5 0012C44C 02740108 028E02B4 02740108 0012C474 0001:002BCBD5 E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM90.dll

10CE4123 03787D40 00000000 00000000 0000000F 00000000 rt_set_pcode_to_line+793

OS version:

Windows NT 5.0, Build Number: 2195, Service Pack 3

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 261552K

Available physical memory: 32848K

Total virtual memory usage: 281212K / 1060304K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 132864K / 2097024K

325995 When opening an existing datawindow, and you add a selfjoin to a table, meaning you open a table two times in the SQL Painter (will result in table_a and table_b), select the same field in both tables and in the painter eg. create a compute field : the columns are listed with the same names in the list. you can see in the list : field and field instead of field and field_1.
326067 When calling SyntaxFromSQL function in PB8.0.1 & PB9.0 5507 the function returns just the columns names. In PB8.0.3 & PB9.0 build 6096, it returns with tablename_columnname combination. There was a change in behaviour.
326125 PB8 build 9970 on Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Group datawindow has its header missing on all but the first page when viewed via as a PSR on a different platform to which it was saved on.

Per PB Engineering, this is not a bug.

1. The problem happens only for the PSR's having Paper Size in Printer Specifications of the corresponding DW is set to Default(0) value.

2. Once, the paper size is set to default value, the report's page height will become a machine dependant value and the value will be set according to the default page size of the machine's default printer setup.

3. If the default page size (default printer setup) between two machine is different, then a PSR file created in one machine will no longer be portable on the other machine. This is because of the difference of the report's page height in different machine. If the page size differs with machine, the number of rows in a page will also differs and that will cause the problem.

4. To resolve the problem, just change the report's page size to a non-default value and make sure that the new page size is supported by the printer drivers of both the machine.

5. This is not a PB bug and requires no changes in source code end.

326134 Regression since PowerBuilder 8.0.3 9882. Nested report in summary is not displayed completely even when you make the band wider.
326135 Print Alignment Problem on DataWindows that have righttoleft support enabled.

for a normal size report:

When printing the datawindow basically prints out from left to right aligned, not as expected right to left. On the right hand side there will be some empty space left.

for a large width report:

When printing the datawindow in landscape mode basically prints out from left to right aligned, not as expected right to left.

On the overlapping pages (the ones that are extra pages because of the width) the print is also started from the left to right.

326170 Customer would like Skins support in PowerBuilder version 9.0 and higher.

Information on skins can be found at:

326178 In the PowerBuilder Extension reference:

1. Source code examples using the PBDOM methods should no include the ref keyword or the & characters. Below are two examples, but there may be others:

SetContent under PB_DOM_ELEMENT shows the following line of script

pbdom_doc.GetRootElement().SetContent(ref & pbdom_obj_array)

that should become


BuildFromFile shows:

pbdom_doc.GetRootElement().GetChildElement & ("data").GetContent(ref pbdom_obj_array)

and that should be

pbdom_doc.GetRootElement().GetChildElement & ("data").GetContent(pbdom_obj_array)

326195 With an editmask of YYYYMMDD when entering data and you reach the last Y the cursor skips to the last D entering the date incorrectly.
326201 When a PB client is trying to access a PB web service where

basic authentication is set, the following error message appears:

Application terminated.

Error: Unexpected return code: 401 Unauthorized

From the Soaplog.log file the following appears:





Host: duquette-w2k:8080

Connection: Keep-Alive

User-Agent: EasySoap++/0.6

Content-Type: text/xml; charset="UTF-8"

SOAPAction: "calc/n_calc.add return,short,return in,short,i_1 in,short,i_2"

Content-Length: 402

















HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Content-Length: 47

Connection: Keep-Alive

WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="newtest"

Content-Type: text/html

Server: Jaguar Server Version 4.2


Connection Disconnected

326207 DW column display format expression with String function displays incorrectly.

This is not a bug. The String format was being used incorrectly. In the string format you must always use the US standard. Then the regional settings are plugged in to the runtime display, so you will aways get the regional settings display.

A workaround is to use Escape characters in the column display format (The String format). For example, try with '#\.###\,00'. But the problem in this case is, the characters will be treated as ASIS characters and display will not be proper if the mask length is more than actual data. For example, if we use the above mask and specify an initial value 123456, the data will be displayed perfectly, as per their requirement. But if we change the initial value to 12345 (data length is less than mask length) there will be a problem.

To avoid this, they can set the display format in script. Before applying the format , they have to call a function, say GenerateMask(). Let's say the function will take 5 parameters - data, generated mask string by ref, number of digits after decimal position, digit group length and $ or Uro or other currency flag. They have to put code in the function, so that it will form the mask string (depending upon the currency flag) whose length will be exactly same to the data length. Then this mask can be applied.

326214 What's New for the 9.0.1 release in the help file has a topic called PBNI source files in public directory that says you can rebuild pbni.lib from files in SDK/PBNI/src, but that directory doesn't exist.
326234 An 8.0.3 regression that last worked in buld 9620. Using GetFullState and SetFullState to populate a datawindow that has nested datawindows 3 deep. The 2 outer most nests display and there is room made for the 3rd nest, but it does not display.
326242 Columns with editmasks of date or string not firing editchanged event on a delete of the column data.
326301 PB needs an equivalent to the VB getObject function, in order to get a valid object reference for further function calls.
326365 A regression in 9.0 from 7.0.3. Cusotmer has datawindows that scroll vertically fine in 7.0.3, but when migrated to 9.0 you can't scroll all the way to the bottom.
326373 Autosized nested reports that display fine in 7.0.3 overlap when migrated to 8.0.3.
326451 Freeform dw with groups. When doing QueryMode ON and then QueryClear, there is a GPF in PBDWE. The error is related to the size of the datawindow, ie. when the dw height is small compared to the object (a vertical scrollbar is visible.).


eg. replace the code in the clicked event of the queryclear button

dw_2.setredraw(false) //disable flickering

dw_2.height=1388 //set to a larger size


dw_2.height=984 //set back - eg. to original value !


326480 When calling an external function on a transaction object that calls an ASA stored function, it fails with a SQLState S1090 error.
326518 New Feature Request:

It would be helpful for customers if the SybHeap dump output could be directed to a specific file, so customers do not have to dig through to get output and piece together for analysis. Customers should be able to specify a file name to send the dump to.

PB Engineering created 2 new environment variables:


The PowerBuilder SybHeap memory manager can provide diagnostic output that helps you troubleshoot memory allocation issues in your application. The PB_HEAP_LOGFILENAME environment variable lets you set the name and location of the file to which this output is written.

If you specify a file name but not a directory, the file is saved in the same directory as the PowerBuilder executable, or, for a PowerBuilder component running on EAServer, to the EAServer bin directory.

If you specify a directory that does not exist, the file is not created, or, for a PowerBuilder component running on EAServer, output is written to the EAServer console.


PB_HEAP_LOGFILE_OVERWRITE is a boolean environment variable that specifies whether diagnostic output should overwrite or append to the existing data in the file specified by PB_HEAP_LOGFILENAME. Values are:

true - overwrite existing data in the log file

false - append to existing data in the log file

326543 PB 9.0 New dialog on XP shows only 4 columns of icons on Project tab.
326630 A datawindow object name is different in the system tree after migration of unnamed object than it is in the datawindow painter.
326638 Nested datawindow with a large text column displays OK in one nest but not another. It's chopping of the bottom of the last line of characters.
326826 Regression in PowerBuilder 9.x : Cancel dialog box is displayed with canceldialog set to false for Richtext datawindow : dwcontrol.Print (false) -> the dialog is shown
326835 Inherited object from modified pfc_u_dw / u_dw object cannot be saved if adding a object function before saving. Causes GPF if doing it twice.

Workaround: save object and close object and then reopen and add the function

326865 Doing a datawindow Paste function to a column with an editmask doesn't work properly. You call the paste function and you'll see the new pasted value in the edit control. But when you tab out of the column the value disappears and it reverts back to the previous value.
326923 After switching from inappropriate db profile to accurate profile, (i.g MSSQL -> ASA )

and after appending sql in query then return, PB is crashed.

326965 Application retrieves a Crosstab style dw. Then uses GetFullState on the first dw, SetFullState to populate dw2. The display for dw2 overlaps and cannot be read from build 6086 and later. The application worked okay with build 6075.
326976 PowerBuilder crashes while attempting to edit the SQL for a datawindow which uses an Oracle function in its Select clause and the function accepts 2 or more parameters. The function must also be qualified with its owner name.
326985 Application the creates menus dynamically and built using C-code hangs.
327045 At first in syntax mode , after adding between sql query then convert to graphics mode ,

between query isn't interpreted well in graphics mode .

At once first adding between query in graphics mode , converting to syntax and graphics mode , it doesn't matter.

327066 doesn't recognize unsigned integer data type. New datawindow created on a table with a column "unsigned int" will represent the datatype as long. This cause DW Error 22003 "Numeric value out of range" on retrieve and validation message on update.

Workaround: dw column type from long to ULong and use Disablebind = 1

327072 Once a JSP page has called a Web Datawindow container, the component is not returning to the pool when the timeout property is set. The

problem happens using EAServer 4.2.1. The component is returning ok

to the instance pool once the component timed out using EASErver 3.6.1 C5.

From the srv.log, you can see that the deactivate and canbepooled events are fired in

EAServer 3.6.1 C5.

Resolution: Determined to be an EAServer issue and that EAServer engineering determined the reason that the component is not timing out is that there is a transaction that is still active. The component 'requires' a transaction and so one is started. No action is done by the component to ever end the transaction. In addition the HTMLdw component returns the ContinueWork primative after each method call via the PB EnableCommit() method. The means that the HTMLdw is giving it's blessing to a Commit, but is not issuing one.

There are two timeout variables. Instance timeout and transaction timeout. The component has set an instance timeout, but no transaction timeout.

WORKAROUND: Set the transaction timeout to the desired time. This property can be found on the 'Resources' property tab of the component properties. The same tab as the instance timeout property. This will give the component the same behaviour as 3.6.1.

327097 When a source control pbl is in a folder where the total

path in length is 90 or greater and you copy an object into the pbl, pb will crash.

The following is the crash handler results from PB 90:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: unknown

File Version: unknown

Fault address=70617369 Section:Offset=00:00000000









SS:ESP:0023:0012F3FC EBP:0273F168

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

70617369 0012F3F8 72756F73 6F636563 6F72746E 6973756C 0000:00000000

7265646C 0273F168 00000001 00000001 00000001 00000001 0000:00000000

OS version:

Windows NT 5.0, Build Number: 2195, Service Pack 3

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 261552K

Available physical memory: 95124K

Total virtual memory usage: 242280K / 1060304K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 118660K / 2097024K

327178 Customer has created a WebService in the Websphere Studio Application Developer 5.0 and we are trying to use these WSDL files and the WebService from a PowerBuilder client. We have been able to step through the WebService Proxy wizard in PB but when we try to deploy the proxy we get an error and the proxies are not created. Can we use this WebService that is created locally with WebSphere from PowerBuilder? What else do we have to do to be able to use these from PowerBuilder? The webservice has been created and temporarily "published" but do they have to be officially published to be able to use them from within PowerBuilder?
327180 PowerBuilder 8.0.3 9977 severe memory problem in production that works with citrix.
327195 When an application is on a network drive and

you are trying to do a saveas to PDF using ghostscript, the process takes much

longer than if the application was running on a local drive.

For example, it took 33 seconds to save a datawindow to a PDF from a network drive. When

the same pbl was on a local drive it only took 4 seconds to save to a local drive and 5

seconds to save on a network drive.

327212 Object name not returned in a Web datawindow when clicking on a picture control.
327294 Cannot delete an object from PBL when using Perforce, even when you have removed it from SOurce control.

Workaround: Manually remove object from PBG and PBC files, making sure to remove it from the 'master' copy as well as local copy. Reopen the workspace *working offline* so that you are *not* connected to source control. At this point you should be able to delete the object from the PBL. Then close workspace and reopen, connecting normally to the source control system.

327295 Objects in Perforce source control that have OLE controls periodically display as out of synch, even though the object on the desktop isn't any different that the object in source control.
327400 ability to add blobs to a external datawindow -

perhaps using the GetPicture function if getting the blobs using SELECTBLOB but cannot add those pictures to the dw.

327416 With 1 user calling the web datawindow component, a large amount of memory is consumed. From the vmstat report below, you can see the amount of swap and free space used up although the free space stabilizes while the swap space continues to drop.

A vmstat shows the following:

procs memory page disk faults cpu

r b w swap free si so pi po fr de sr dd dd f0 s0 in sy cs us sy id

0 0 0 2286904 234096 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 307 57 49 0 0 100

0 0 0 2071584 7912 0 0 0 49 69 0 10 1 3 0 0 317 297 272 3 0 97

0 0 0 2070800 7904 0 0 0 36 48 0 4 1 3 0 0 317 438 439 2 0 97

0 0 0 2068680 7888 0 0 48 99 158 0 25 5 2 0 0 354 484 313 4 1 95

0 0 0 2067736 7912 0 0 0 41 58 0 8 2 2 0 0 318 282 277 2 1 97

0 0 0 2067000 7904 0 0 0 43 66 0 9 1 3 0 0 318 296 277 2 0 97

0 0 0 2066216 7936 0 0 0 42 59 0 7 0 2 0 0 315 283 269 3 0 97

0 0 0 2065416 7912 0 0 0 36 57 0 8 1 3 0 0 315 284 271 2 1 97

0 0 0 2064600 7936 0 0 2 42 62 0 8 1 3 0 0 317 275 273 2 0 97

0 0 0 2063904 8024 0 0 18 62 88 0 14 2 2 0 0 320 309 286 3 0 97

0 0 0 2063088 8064 0 0 18 30 36 0 3 2 3 0 0 321 303 272 2 1 97

0 0 0 2062296 7928 0 0 0 48 63 0 10 1 3 0 0 318 277 270 3 0 97

0 0 0 2061504 7904 0 0 0 44 67 0 9 0 2 0 0 316 305 276 3 0 97

0 0 0 2060712 7904 0 0 0 35 55 0 7 1 2 0 0 315 274 271 2 0 97

0 0 0 2059920 7880 0 0 7 48 76 0 12 1 3 0 0 317 293 275 2 0 97

0 0 0 2059080 7936 0 0 0 48 62 0 7 0 2 0 0 315 276 270 2 0 97

0 0 0 2058296 7912 0 0 0 48 66 0 10 1 3 0 0 318 291 271 2 0 97

0 0 0 2057488 7896 0 0 0 36 53 0 8 1 3 0 0 317 289 277 3 0 97

0 0 0 2056704 7920 0 0 0 48 71 0 10 0 2 0 0 316 283 270 3 0 97

procs memory page disk faults cpu

r b w swap free si so pi po fr de sr dd dd f0 s0 in sy cs us sy id

0 0 0 2055880 7896 0 0 0 42 63 0 9 1 3 0 0 315 294 275 2 1 97

0 0 0 2055088 7920 0 0 4 44 59 0 7 1 3 0 0 368 329 289 2 0 97

0 0 0 2054304 7904 0 0 0 36 51 0 6 0 2 0 0 438 433 307 3 1 97

0 0 0 2053504 7880 0 0 3 43 66 0 11 1 3 0 0 426 409 307 2 1 97

0 0 0 2052720 7880 0 0 4 54 78 0 10 1 4 0 0 319 309 280 3 1 97

0 0 0 2051888 7920 0 0 8 41 60 0 9 1 2 0 0 316 276 274 2 0 97

0 0 0 2051112 7888 0 0 48 62 110 0 18 7 3 0 0 328 302 290 2 1 97

0 0 0 2050312 7904 0 0 0 44 64 0 9 1 3 0 0 318 327 319 3 0 97

0 0 0 2049520 7880 0 0 0 41 64 0 8 0 2 0 0 314 276 272 2 0 97

0 0 0 2048712 7888 0 0 1 43 71 0 11 1 3 0 0 317 302 281 3 1 97

0 0 0 2047920 7944 0 0 0 42 56 0 7 1 3 0 0 315 262 275 2 0 98

HTMLGenerator80 Stats (Counter on jsp page was 192)

Method Invocations: 1170.0

Instances Active: 0.0

Instances Pooled: 1.0

Transactions Completed: 975.0

Transactions Rolled Back: 0.0

Last Maximum Method Invocations: 0.0

Last Maximum Instances Active: 0.0

Last Maximum Instances Pooled: 0.0

Last Maximum Transactions Completed: 0.0

Last Maximum Transactions Rolled Back: 0.0

Peak Maximum Method Invocations: 1170.0

Peak Maximum Instances Active: 1.0

Peak Maximum Instances Pooled: 1.0

Peak Maximum Transactions Completed: 975.0

Peak Maximum Transactions Rolled Back: 0.0

The pmap.txt included with the test case shows the following:

23284: /apps/Sybase/EAServer/bin/jagsrv Jaguar

00010000 360K read/exec /apps/Sybase/EAServer/bin/jagsrv

00078000 56K read/write/exec /apps/Sybase/EAServer/bin/jagsrv

00086000 1032920K read/write/exec [ heap ]

B17FE000 16K read/write/exec [ anon ]

B1872000 64K read/write/exec [ anon ]




FF390000 8K read/exec /usr/lib/

FF3A0000 8K read/write/exec [ anon ]

FF3B0000 160K read/exec /usr/lib/

FF3E8000 8K read/write/exec /usr/lib/

FFB70000 24K - [ stack ]

FFB76000 488K read/write/exec [ stack ]

total 1179080K

RESOLUTION: Fixed in PB 8.0.3 builds after 8/11/2003.

327427 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_126:

Ability to 'freeze' one or more columns on a datawindow, to allow horizontal scrolling while still seeing 'frozen' columns, similar to the 'Freeze Panes' functionality in Microsoft Excel.

327446 The control menu does not display on a maximized MDI sheet in Windows XP.
327558 As you add arguments and save the object, memory usage, both physical and virtual, rises very quickly.
327561 Date Editmask does not allow you to change a date by typing over it. This worked in PB 7 and PB 8.
327564 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_058 - Enhance the SCC API (PVCS) Interface in PB.

In PB 6.5, the Library Painter interface to SCC API (PVCS) is very poor. We would like the following enhancements : (a) It must display all revisions of all objects directly in the Library Painter (similar to the interface used by PVCS Client s/w) and it must be possible to select any revision of an oject to be used for building the EXE and PBDs. (b) The Registration Directory dialog box must provide the flexibility to choose the way the objects are listed (for e.g, alphabetical, librarywise, etc.). (c) Provide the facility to assign Version Labels to Tip and Previous revisions of an object. Currently, this has to be done thru the PVCS interface only.

327624 After editing sql syntax in syntax mode at pipeline , next time viewing the sql syntax ,

the sql statement are shown in long one line

327646 Used the date editmask dd/mmm/yy.

If you type in 31 in the day portion (dd) and then type in the character 慉�, PB8 correctly sets the month field (mmm) to 慉UG�, but PB9 does not allow you to type in anything (probably because APR is the first month beginning with 慉� and it does not have 31 days).

Alternatively, if you type in 31 in the day portion (dd) and then type in the characters 慗U�, PB8 correctly sets the month field (mmm) to 慗UL�, but in PB9 you will end up with the month part being 慏EC� (here again JUN is the first month starting with 慗U� and it does not have 31 days).

To see this behavior you can use either an editmask control on a window with date mask dd/mmm/yy or you can use an external datawindow with a date column having the editmask dd/mmm/yy.

327688 A Delete of a row in a table with a delete trigger fails if connected by OLE DB.

This is a duplicate of CR 354030.

327774 It seems that PB Component fail to make connection with File DSN ODBC. Howerver , two-tier PB application can successfully make the File DSN connection using similar code.
327810 Cannot Modify the UpdateWhereClause property of a column if not part of the Control list of the Datawindow.

Workaround: exclude the column from the Where Clause in the datawindow painter, using the Update Specifications dialog.

327915 Edit mask regression starting in build PB 9 build 6096. Highlighted values are not overwritten.See the follwing szenario: Using editmask '##0.00' on a decimal(2) column.

Expected behaviour:

If the user tabs into the column (existing value not highlighted) and enter 1, the result is 10.00.

If the user double clicks the column (existing value highlighted) and enter 1, the result is 1.00.

Problem behaviour: IN PB 9 newer builds:

It makes no difference if the existing value is highlighted, the result is always 10.00

328067 GRANT EXECUTE ON sp_proc statement in PB ISQL pane, results in syntax error.
328092 Regression: DW column color expression with global function call is a slow performer in build 6531. No problems in build 5507
328196 PB 8: Customer wants to select treeview by typing keys (Autosearch functionality), Example: if user types Sym1, treeviewitem with lable Sym1 gets selected but if label has space in it, search fails. Example: if treeview has "Sym 1","Sym 2","Sym 3" and he type "Sym 3", "Sym 3" doesn't get selected.

This worked using PB 6.5 but does not work with PB7 or greater. This may be controlled by the Microsoft treeview control, and it may not be possible to fix in PowerBuilder 8.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release". This change is due to using the Microsoft Treeview control and cannot be controlled within PowerBuilder.

328202 PB 9.0.1 RC - Build Runtime Library of PBD with incremental build doesn't work.
328321 Enhancement Request:

If the target is added to source control there is no ability to scroll the library list when there are more PBLs then the window's size and without disconnect SCC.

In PB8 and PB9 you only can scroll the if you check out the target file.

The scrollbar is not grayed and suggest that you can scroll through the library list.

329075 Asking customer to use SQLOLEDB rather than MSS (255 char limit) and getting new issue:

select * from tableA where id = "b" gives error: Invalid column name 'b'. No problem if single quotes are used instead of double quotes.

The workaround:

execute immediate "set quoted_identifier off" using sqlca;

This doesn't apply to design time, only runtime.

25 - April - 2005:

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

329119 In app migrated to 9.0 from 6.5, closing a userobject in the painter crashes PB.
329210 In PowerBuilder 9 the script painter has a memory leak so

that memory is not released when objects are closed.

In PowerBuilder 8 no such memory leak was experienced.

329230 DW Edit Mask ##0.00, behaves diff in PB 9 than in PB 7.0.3 / 8.0.
329464 A editmask defined as !!-!!-!!-!!-!!-!! and format=[General] will add an extra hyphen when you tab out of the field.

The problem appears to happen a new row is inserted and a value from a previous row

is placed in this field and then you modify it. A value is added to this field by setitem(). Once you tab out, it will appear as:

B -A -AH-AC---

Instead of

B -A -AH-AB--

Customer does have the following workaround in the wf_getdetailrowitems and the

itemchanged event of dw_1 of w_program_view.



d_group_code = dw_1.getitemstring(l_row, 'group_code')

if pos(d_group_code, '-') > 0 then

do until pos(d_group_code, '-') = 0

d_group_code = replace(d_group_code, pos(d_group_code, '-'), 1, '')


dw_1.setitem(l_row, 'group_code',d_group_code)


end if

//d_group_code = dw_1.getitemstring(l_row, 'group_code')

w_program_view/dw_1/itemchanged event:

string ls_chg

string ls

if lower( = 'group_code' then

ls_chg = data

do until pos(ls_chg, '-') = 0

ls_chg = replace(ls_chg, pos(ls_chg, '-'), 1, '')


if ls_chg <> data then

post setitem(row,, ls_chg)

post accepttext()

end if

end if

329482 On the PDA the PointerX() and PointerY() functions return goofy numbers.

Created a window with a couple buttons and a listbox for results.

Each button and the window...

The "clicked" event log the:

int ptrX, ptrY

ptrX = this.PointerX()

ptrY = this.PointerY()


ptrX = parent.PointerX()

ptrY = parent.PointerY()

..log parent coords..

Get really goofy numbers for the X & Y pos.

329539 When retrieving an Oracle LONG column (used to store binary character data) that is large (>32k) via the Oracle O84 driver, PB reports a "Select Error:" in a messagebox.

Happens eg. in the DW or DB Painter.

329541 Cannot create Powerbuilder Catalog tables with DBASE.
329579 On OCX that captures keystokes captures the tab key in PB 5.0 and 6.0, but doesn't capture the tab key in7.0 and 8.0.3.

PB Engineering investigated this issue and has determined it is not a bug. The tab is the character that PB uses to change the focus for controls on a window. Tab to move forward in the tab order, shift tab to move in reverse order. PB is trapping the tab and shift tab for that purpose and the ocx doesn't get them. It was actuallly a bug in 5.0 and 6.0 that there was no keyboard way to navigate to other controls in a window. And it was fixed. The behavior now in 8.0.3 is correct.

329580 When using a DW Expression to set the "Visible" property of an object (column, Text or Button, etc), the DW does not repaint the screen properly.
329590 When date or time editmask column has modified background color, the data shows as zeroes when the column gets focus. Occurs on desktop as well as device.
329625 DW checkbox does not refresh display properly when checkbox is deselected.

The checkbox display is "shadowed" when deselected.

329630 Loading a jpeg file into a picture control hangs PowerBuilder.
329725 When setting up a dual monitor configuration and having an application spanning over the two screens, dragging and drop is not working when moving from one monitor to the other.
329734 the protect attribute is not set for a Checkbox field for the first row
329738 Calling the datawindow SaveAs method on a datawindow with more than 3 columns will cause the device to hang. There's no problem on the emulators and IDE.

Steps to reproduce error:

1. Create a new datawindow using the product table (you can use any other table as well).

2. Select any four columns from the table.

3. Insert the datawindow control on a window and call the datawindow SaveAs method from a commandbutton.

4. Deploy the application to the device.

5. On the device, retrieve the datawindow data and then click on the commandbutton triggering the SaveAs method.

6. Give the filename as "prodtxt" and filetype as the default "Text with headers". You can also try saving as text or other formats. Click "OK". The device will show an hourglass pointer that turns non-stop. The saved file is created but there's no content in it. Calling the SaveAs method a second time will cause a return code of -1.

329745 When entering in data that has a editmask of !!-!!-!!-!!-!!,

the cursor will skip.

For example, after inserting a new row and enter in the following:


The cursor will skip to where the y is instead of in the x position:

B -AB-xy-xy-xy-xy

329746 PB90 Source Control Enhancement Request: Would like to see dialog window giving an option to select a different PBL when checking out objects.
329762 When printing a composite datawindow that has

nested reports, some of the data is not printing on the report. There is

no indication or message that this data is missing.

The data does appear from print preview.

The composite datawindow (d_po_hardcopy_internal_main) has the following nested reports:











The problem is in the d_po_hardcopy_internal dw. If you call up this dw and print it,

than all the data is showing ok. If you create a new composite dw and place this dw on it,the print problem happens.

329768 The PowerBuilder Help definition of Polymorphism is incorrect.
329869 New Feature Request to add some algorithm to encode/decode at deployment and runtime.
329896 For PPB 1.0.1, please add the DW Syntax Utility.
329898 OCX inside dw does not scroll together with rest of datawindow control. Tested and reproduced in PB 8.0.3_10002, 9.0_6121 and 9.0.1_6531.
329915 Listview control: In reportview, the rows are only partially highlighted when they are selected, if the 1st column is under a certain width.
329932 Italic font on nested text display cuts off last line of text
329955 A large autosized text column in a nested report overlays header information on 2nd page.
330036 In PowerBuilder 8 and 9 a crash can occur in the debugger when expanding

the properties of a dynamically created control through the create statement.

When defining a standard visible user object and dynamically creating it using

the OpenUserObject function, then there is no such crash.

330043 When changing at the same time both visible and width DW column properties using modify the result in PB 9.0 is not correct.
330056 User Icons not displayed with LargeFonts.

3/2004 Per PB Engineering, this is not a bug.

The application should prepare several images for one icon, including different sizes, 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 etc, for the supplied .ico file. Refer to MSDN on icon usage.

Note: The issue that PB Engineering did fix, was for a "side issue".

330059 The last line of a large nested text column gets clipped off in a datawindow report.
330063 When printing a datawindow that has a large amount of

data, the same data near the middle of the report keeps repeating.

The datawindow is a nested report (d_po_hardcopy_terms_and_conds_main2) but the problem can be reproduce by just calling up the nested report (d_po_hardcopy_terms_and_conds2) and printing that.

330109 WebDW container deploys with debug flag set to true.
330116 The title of the script painter pane changed in 8.0, 9.0 and it makes no sense.
330174 On Windows PocketPB IDE, open an existing External Datawindow object and append or insert column will eventually cause it mess up. Problem occurs when all column is string but with different length. It is observed that the data lenght of those columns be wrongly changed.
330176 Path values being lost, when PB9 is installed and path variable is long.
330200 Some instabilities issues were discovered in testing a

PowerBuilder/EAServer application with a modified heapmanager for CR327180\320515.

These instabilities are related to threading (also SharedObjectRegister) and can

occur in particular with multi CPU PC's or under higher load conditions.

330217 Update properties are changed if you want to delete a column and the datawindow contains three tables.

Similar to CR 183985, but this is an extension to it. The Allow updates checkbox is unselected and all other properties as well when having three tables in the select, whereas in 183985 only one table is reffered to.

330276 With an editmask of ###.00 when the current value is selected and one inputs a '1' the result is 100.00 when it should be 1.00. This regression appears to be a result of a fix for a similar editmask regression ( CR 327915).
330359 This is a request to remove the following statement from the connection

routine deferring it to be executed when acutally needed:


330384 With remote debugging it is not possible to inspect long string values

within the debugger nor can you save them to the EAServer logile.

Work-around is to write a function to write it to a custom file

or a loop to write it in parts to the log file.

330389 If you select "Show system procedures" on popup menu of a connected ODBC database's folder, it marks it checked but the stored procedure list does not change. ODBC does not support this, so the menu option should be greyed out.
330390 When a exception happens in a pb web service called

from a pb client, that exception is not properly returned back to the client.

The error message returned to the client is:

Error: Soap Fault: Soap Server Error

If logging is turned on, the full exception message is in the log file but not

returned using soapexception, runtimeerror or pbxruntimeerror.

The message in the log file is:


Invocation Target Error:

"Divide by zero at line 3 in function add of object n_calc.;1;3;n_calc;n_calc;add;"


The message that is appearing back to the client is from the following:

<faultstring>SOAP Server Error</faultstring>

330405 PowerBuilder needs a project deployment location environmental variable or a profile that deployment projects can share, making changing deployment to a different application server easy in one step, rather than having to edit multiple deployment projects.
330412 Running application will crash in PB 8.0.3 and 9.0.1.

The following is the results of the crash handler:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE80.dll

File Version:

Fault address=1162FCED Section:Offset=01:0012ECED









SS:ESP:0023:0012EE6C EBP:0012EED0

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

1162FCED 0012EED0 07E30A70 00000113 000007D2 00000000 dwWinProc+76D

77E72CED 0012EEEC 1162F580 07E30A70 00000113 000007D2 CallWindowProcA+11

77E72D0B 0012EF0C 1162F580 07E30A70 00000113 000007D2 WaitMessage+12

10B70996 0012EF44 07E30A70 00000113 000007D2 00000000 PBC_NormalProc3D+76

77E72CED 000007D2 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 CallWindowProcA+11

OS version:

Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 196024K

Available physical memory: 54988K

Total virtual memory usage: 299416K / 415332K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 97540K / 2097024K

If the uo_button\constructor event is commented out then the app works ok. If the uo_dw_updateable\losefocus event is commented out then the app also works ok.

330529 PowerBuilder 9 Build 6140 has editmask regressions on

editmasks like:




When selecting the entire column and entering 1.5

The columns will not show the expected values.

330554 PB 8 and 9 : When PB and .NET is installed on the same machine the following error appears: - open Object Browser -> OLE > doubleclick on programmable objects crashes PB

Update: Works fine in PB10.2 build 8045

330595 Dayname() function returns an empty string upon a valid date.

WA: Daynumber() function works ok.

330659 Can't change the selection of a RadioButton column while it has focus, after a backcolor modify on that same column.
330745 Image not displayed in a JSP generated by PB9
330756 When printing a nested report or saving to a pdf file,

the nested report changes appearance in the dw control and the pdf and print

out shows a large white space between the numbers.

When printing or saving to pdf the d_test2, it will generate many unnecessary

pages of output.

330762 Line control not displaying in Nested report.

When displaying the nested dw by itself, the line control appears ok. When viewing

as a nested report, the vertical line does not appear. Works ok in PB 9.0 (build 5507).

330788 Error Message "Invalid DataWindow Row/Column" does not identify the

DataWindow, nor what the real problem is. Please change this to indicate

which DataWindow has the problem, and whether the column specified does

not exist, or whether you're referencing a row that doesn't exist.

330793 Please add an enhancement for the debugging of DataWindows. What would be really useful would be the following.When I am stepping through code and the code is accessing a DataWindow in some way (getting data, setting data etc), it would be EXTREMELY useful if one of the Debugger Panes could actually show the

DataWindow Object, even if you were really accessing a DataStore.

330798 Using the WebSphere Application Developer 5.0 tutorial and PowerBuilder 9, am not able to invoke the web service. Receive an error message of "Unknown error, problem with soap client".
330816 Isvalid on a scriptdefinition returntype returns true when it should be false.
330832 When a column has a editmask of !!-!!-!!-!!-!!-!!, the

field values are no longer held if they are left blank.

For example, in PB 8.0.3 and 9.0 a column will appear as:

B -A -AA-AA--

In PB 7.0.3, the same column will appear as:

B -A -AA-AA- -

330953 On French keyboards or keyboards where the numbers are located in

the shift position, a date datewindow editmask doesn't advances the

cursor location when inputting <shift> <1> etc.

When the Caps Lock key is used instead, dates can be entered normally.

331121 When you enter an object name followed by a period, the autoscript does a good job of detecting what operations and attributes are available except for when you enter dw.object.....

It would be fantastic if the autoscript would, at this point, list the columns in the DataWindow, and/or some of the other object types such as column, etc and then allow for further drill down.

It would also be nice if PB could validate the entries made in a DataWindow get or set operation before runtime.

331122 When an expression is set for the x property of a

nested report, the expression of the property is not working consistently.

The final outcome of the report should be that the nested report is staggered as follows:

(where as X represents the nested report position on the datawindow)







That affect is not being achieved. The appearance is:







The first row is always taking the value or the position of the last row in the report.

The expression of the X property is location_1 * 3. The value(s) of location_1 are: 100,200,300.

The first row of the report should have the nested report staggered as:

(location_1 * 3 where location_1 is 100)


The next row has the following value (location_1 * 3 where location_1 is 200)


The last row should be (location_1 * 3 where location_1 is 300).

When the location_1 value is 100, it is always placing the nested report in the

position for whatever the last value for location_1 would be in the report. In this

test case, it is 300.

331123 Memory leaks when using the Evaluate function in script to evaluate datawindow expressions, and a datawindow visible expression leaks when mousing over the column.
331174 When trying to compile and save a script where the stored

procedure has 11 or more parameters, receiving the following error message:

(0031): Database C0038 name11 is not a parameter for procedure country_sel

Not able to reproduce the problem here using two different stored procedures for testing--getuid2 and country_sel. Customer is only able to reproduce the

error using the Informix jdbc driver. Works ok using the IN7 and odbc.

The following is the customer's jdbc log:

DriverManager.initialize: jdbc.drivers = null

JDBC DriverManager initialized

registerDriver: driver[className=com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver,com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver@8e9b3b17]


trying driver[className=com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver,com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver@8e9b3b17]

SQLWarning: reason(Database has transactions) SQLState(01I01)

SQLWarning: reason(Informix Dynamic Server database selected) SQLState(01I04)

SQLWarning: reason(Informix extension to an ANSI-compliant standard syntax) SQLState(01I06)

getConnection returning driver[className=com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver,com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver@8e9b3b17]

SQLWarning: reason(Informix extension to an ANSI-compliant standard syntax) SQLState(01I06)

SQLWarning: reason(Informix extension to an ANSI-compliant standard syntax) SQLState(01I06)

SQLWarning: reason(Informix extension to an ANSI-compliant standard syntax) SQLState(01I06)

SQLWarning: reason(Informix extension to an ANSI-compliant standard syntax) SQLState(01I06)

The customer provided the following logs:



protocolfile.log (Generated using the informix debug jdbc file and setting PROTOCOLTRACE=3)

informixjdbc.log (Generated using the informix debug jdbc file and setting TRACE=3)


331260 *** Tuesday, September 09, 2003 16:23:18 *** sghayal ***

After reproing the issue locally it seems the issue is either with JConnect or Power builder (most probably Power Builder).

I am seeing the query being executed properly for the connection and appropriate results being got. But it seems Power builder is not able to handle the results got back.

This is not an EAServer Bug. As EAServer is only resposible for providing valid connection to the component, which EAServer did provide it.

This might be critical bug at PB level.

331270 In N_up datawindows the autosizeheight feature of text columns do not autosize.
331274 some color cannot be displayed correctly on PocketBuilder Datawindows e.g. ToolsTip
331304 Application icon is lost when reconstituting an application object with version control or export/import.
331316 A problem with datawindow group boxes not displaying in the XP Operating System when running an exe built using the New Visual Style Controls.
331395 When customer used Radio Button as the styletype for a colume within a

datawindow, the circle should be displayed as a normal circle. However,

when customer checked for "Scale Circles", the circle will be displayed

as a "Star-like" image within the datawindow, during run-time, when running

on a Pocket PC.

331475 Create a workspace for the PowerBuilder 8.0 Examples application.

Add the examples target to this workspace.

Right click the target and do a search on "if"

You should get a GPF or PowerBuilder will disappear.

331523 Oracle syntax error when retrieving SP datawindow via ODBC connection.

There is a new DBParm available that solves this problem:


This DBParm is available from PB 7.0.3 onwards.

331592 Cannot get Turkish characters in a DW with JDBC on Solaris.


Use an ODBC connection instead of JDBC.

331609 Can enter alphabetic characters into a numeric editmask.
331635 PBv9.0.1. is supposed to support the XP features. However, running a generated EXE, the DataWindow columns that have the 3D lowered border style do not take the XP look.
331663 Copy/Paste to an editmask column seems to work, but tab off the field then old value returns. Regression in 9.0.
331687 Getting error "image is too wide for this implementation" when attempting to load a jpeg file into a picture control.
331708 They have a currency column with a format of $###,###,##0 specified. In 7.0.2 with regional settings of English UK they were seeing displays like $124, with no leading zeros. Now in 8.0.3 they are seeing leading zeros: $000,000,124.
331811 In PB 9.0.1, popup menus display oddly - sometimes showing items disable, sometimes showing a separator line instead of the menu item. Appears to occur only in MDI sheets and is related to the MDI window menu's configuration.

Apparently occurs when 1) the list of open sheets is displayed under the first menu item, and 2) there is only one submenu item underneath the first menu item. May not be limited to these circumstances but as yet we have not found others.

Workaround: Either display the list of open sheets under a different menu item, or, if possible, add another submenu item to the first menu item.

331820 The JDBC interface in PowerBuilder does not handle the lack of a 'schema' within the backend database. See CR 299101 for one example that was partially fixed. The problem manifests itself when issuing metadata queries to bring up table lists, build a datawindow, etc.
331822 A regression from 9.0 build 5507. With an OLE DB connection to MS SQL Server, and a datawindow that is in syntax mode (as opposed to graphic mode), when you click the SQL icon to go to the SQL Painter there is a very long delay before the SQL syntax appears in the SQL painter.
331824 When data in a column has carriage returns, that column appears to overlap with other rows in a web datawindow.

There are two datawindows, d_prod1 and d_prod2 (updatable). Both datawindows are defined with the following columns:

id integer

description char(30)

When d_prod2 description column is updated with the following data:





The appearance in page10 (d_prod1) description field overlaps with the rows below.

page10 (d_prod1 - before update)

<SPAN CLASS=dw-1B7 STYLE="position:absolute; left:0.551in; top:0.021in; width:2.958in" onClick="{return dw_1.itemClicked(0,-1,'description');}" >Tank Top </SPAN>

page20 (d_prod2 - before update)

<TEXTAREA NAME="description_0" ROWS=5 WRAP="off" CLASS=dw-1EE TABINDEX=2 STYLE="position:absolute; left:0.499in; top:0.010in; width:3.792in" onFocus="{dw_1.itemGainFocus(0,2,this,dw_1.gobs.description); dw_1.selectControlContent(this);}" onClick="{var ret; ret= dw_1.itemClicked(0,2,'description'); return ret;}" onChange="{this.bChanged = true;}" onkeypress="DW_EditKeyPressed(-1)" onBlur="{dw_1.itemLoseFocus (this);}">Tank Top </TEXTAREA>

page10 (d_prod1 - after update)

<SPAN CLASS=dw-12E0 STYLE="position:absolute; left:0.551in; top:0.021in; width:2.958in" onClick="{return dw_1.itemClicked(0,-1,'description');}" >This<BR>is<BR>a<BR>test</SPAN>

331844 Menus appear to be drawn in a single color and when using an XP theme like Forever Blue, they do not look like other application's menus which are shown in gradated color.
331996 PB 9.0 components deployed to EAServer - functions overloading ancestor functions are not generating correct name mangled IDL. Unable to call these functions.
332150 Customer has a report that displays a datawindow nested in the report header, and another in the Summary band.. After moving to build 10011, the full dw does not display in the header, and the dw nested in the Summary band is also missing a row.
332198 Errant characters appear at right of properties pane when resizing.
332270 When running from IDE, windows CheckBox is TICK, and Datawindow CheckBox is also TICK.

However, when running on Emulator 2002 and PPC2003, windows CheckBox is TICK, but Datawindow CheckBox is CROSS.

332295 When viewing a web datawindow, columns with a datatype of long,

char, or varchar display as textareas in the browser. The side effect is that scrollbars

are displaying when they don't need to.

In PB 7.0.3 (build 10047):

<SPAN CLASS=4 STYLE="position:absolute; left:0.875in; top:0.031in; width:0.907in" onClick="{return .itemClicked(2,-1,'code_code_desc_1');}" >Student Transfer</SPAN>

In PB 9.0.1 (build 7006):

<TEXTAREA NAME="code_code_desc_1_0" ROWS=5 WRAP CLASS=htmldw5 TABINDEX=-32766 STYLE="position:absolute; left:0.875in; top:0.031in; width:0.907in" onFocus="{htmldw.itemGainFocus(0,22,this,htmldw.gobs.code_code_desc_1); htmldw.selectControlContent(this);}" onClick="{var ret; ret= htmldw.itemClicked(0,22,'code_code_desc_1'); return ret;}" onChange="{this.bChanged = true;}" onkeypress="DW_EditKeyPressed(-1)" onBlur="{htmldw.itemLoseFocus (this);}">Student Transfer</TEXTAREA>

332305 If you select "Show system procedures" on popup menu of a connected ODBC database's folder, it marks it checked but doesn't appear to work for PB 8 or 9. In PB 7.0.3 the option is greyed out as it looks as though it should be in both PB 8 and 9 as checking it has no effect.
332348 Customer needs to implement failover support in PB 9 application connecting to Oracle 9i RAC (Real Application Cluster). He has specific questions relating to implementation of the OCI's callback routines in the O90 driver. As we do not document our support for this Oracle feature we are requesting some confirmation/information from development on this.

Answers from development on customer's specific questions regarding PB 9 support of Oracle 9i RAC:

====Question #1







Ans ==> PB natively suuports OCI calls only .OCI calls takes

care of the TAF ( Transaction Application Failover ).

=====Question #2







Ans ==> We normally make API calls which in turn may call TAF aware API

calls . Through PB we are able to connect to Oracle Failover servers.

"......Oracle OCI client applications can take advantage of automatic

reconnection after failover, replay of interrupted SELECT statements, and

callback functions that help to automate state recovery....." ( from the

sites reffered above)

========Question #3







Ans ====> In Oracle documentation I also found the following statements .

"Database Manipulation Language Clients

Database Manipulation Language (DML) database clients perform INSERT,

UPDATE, and DELETE operations. Oracle handles certain errors and performs a

reconnect when those errors occur.

Without this application code, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations on the

failed instance return an un-handled Oracle error code. Upon re-submission,

Oracle routes the client connections to a surviving instance. The client

transaction then stops only momentarily until server-side recovery


====Question #4



Ans ===> Answer to this directly relates to the answer to question 3 above.

332365 PDF file from datawindow SaveAs, can't be searched in Acrobat Reader
332435 During remote debugging choosing "Edit Variable" causes PB to GPF.
332439 This is an enhancement request on datawindow HSplitScroll

to allow scrolling in script of the right pane when the

HScrollbar is not enabled.

332446 When using the printdefinefont with the HP LaserJet 4100

PCL driver, it will default to the WingDings font even though Arial is specified

in the printdefinefont function.

job = PrintOpen("Jim")

lr = PrintDefineFont( job, 2 , "Arial", -10, 400, Variable!, Swiss! , FALSE, FALSE )

IF lr = 1 then

PrintText(job, "This is a test", 2000, 2000, 2)


MessageBox("Error", "Print Define Font failed")



Using the filemon utility, you can see that PB is querying the wingdings.ttf file

instead of the arial.ttf.

332467 Calling DW-Retrieve directly from ItemChanged event will sometimes make the application look busy forever.

If I post it, I get a general failure system error, Exception: oxc00000005,

Address:01fb8860, then the application is forced to be closed.

332489 Enhancement Request: When a value assigned to a variable is larger than the datatype of the variable, raised an exception rather than overflowing.
332516 Append HTML Syntax is not working for picture controls in a datawindow
332517 Createinstance is failing with a distributed service error message.

The same app works ok on the same machine in PB 7.0.3 and 8.0.3 but fails in the createinstance in PB 9.0 (build 5507).

The Jaguar.log shows the following:

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: Library: '' for component type 'pb90'

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: AFLIB Message: 18011/11/0: DLL lookup for '' failed, OS Message: ' /../duquette/EAServer/bin/jagsrv: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory'

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: AFLIB Message: 18011/11/0: DLL lookup for '' failed, OS Message: ' /../duquette/EAServer/bin/jagsrv: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory'

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: DynamicLibrary::lookup: af_dll_lookup (, new_JagComponent) failed

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: CTS_JagComponent::load: failed to load component model library

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: CTS_Component::load: failed for component 'sedcsm_pkg/n_sedcsm'

Sep 17 16:30:10 2003: SystemException: OBJECT_NOT_EXIST (sedcsm_pkg/n_sedcsm:Home/create - @

332563 When Jaguar will be restarted during a PB remote debug session Jaguar will crash after Restart and continuing the debugging.

workaround: shutdown and restart Jaguar with Jaguar Manager

332572 possible to scroll with DDDW columns in readonly mode

Tabular DW with a DDDW column. DW is read-only.

cannot use the Up or Down Arrow keys if the DDDW has the focus.

332598 Adding several rows to displaydata on editmask spin control causes GPF in window Painter. Works fine in PB8 or with PB9 and stringmask!

No workaround.

332638 When saving a datawindow with a column of more than 255 charcters to excel8, will result in that column being truncated to 255 characters

in excel.

The problem happens using the Save Rows As from the IDE or using the saveas().

From the excel online help, the column width limit is 255 but the length of cell

context (text) is 32,767. Only 1,024 display in a cell; all 32,767 display in the formula bar. Having wrap text turn on will result in a column having 32,767 instead

of 255.

332787 press backspace twice then enter in the script painter => GPF
332788 Enhancement Request: Add function that returns group # for band that the expression is in. Instead of sum(col_x for group 1) sum(col_x for group 2) We could do: sum(col_x for group getbandgroupnumber())
332795 execute a double query in the DB-Painter ISQL session, and do a "save row as ..." results in a PB crash. Datas are saved fine.
332817 Displaying a ActiveX Datawindow in IE and once you

select File/New/Window, the ActiveX Datawindow will display but the javascript

events will stop working on the new window.

When using IIS, the error in the log file shows a 304: Using the following code:

META http-equiv="Expires" content=-1

SCRIPT language=javascript event="MouseDown(Button, Shift, XPos, YPos, Row, Name)" for="mydw2" alert("MouseDown");

OBJECT id=mydw2 height="100%" width="100%" classid=88881503-8888-1000-8000-080009AC61A9 name=mydw2

332821 Buttons on a WebDatawindow are not working. The

WebDw was created thru the Web/JSP Datawindow Page wizard and deployed to a

existing ASA dynamo web site on solaris.

When com.sybase.datawindow.trace is turned on, the trace shows that the

Update, Delete or Insert are not even being called.

332825 If you add additional layouts to an object painter, PB starts leaking handles badly. Every keystroke in a script painter leaks one or two handles.
332828 Enhancement Request: In the RMB menu in computed columns in the DataWindow painter, add remote stored procedures (i.e., functions).
332835 Enhancement request for virtual/continuous scrolling of freeform datawindows. Currently if the scrollbar is clicked and the actual datawindow fits into the control the click brings the next row into the datawindow control and using the up/down arrow keys does the same. If the actual datawindow row is too large for the datawindow control clicking on the up/down arrow keys brings the next row into the control but clicking on the control itself scrolls within the row.

Customer would like the ability when the actual datawindow row is too large for the datawindow control to specify some sort of virtual/continuous scrolling so that when the up/down arrows are clicked the action initially lets one see the remainder of the current row but then with an additional click brings up the next row.

332947 Datawindow with a nested report in the summary band.

When retrieving the dw, the nested report is displayed OK.

However, if you print the datawindow, the nested DW is not printed and it disappears from the screen.

332969 Customer is migrating from PB7 to PB9. They found some significant and undocumented changes with how sethtmlaction() interprets the action property on a datawindow.

Customer would like the -5 return code documented, explaination of why this is occurring and better documentation on this function and the HTMLContextApplied event.

332972 Please make PowerBuilder CITRIX compliant. All script painters need to be able to scroll through use of wheel mice. Use of function help via function highlighting in script painters (i.e. F1) key access needs to work through CITRIX.
332984 Consult: When PB applications are running and you switch

from one application to another, its causing an access violation and the

application crashes.

The system has one main PB application using the run() to kick off several PB applications. Its switching between these applications when focus is on a cb that will cause the crash.

Switching between the individual PB apps works ok when not invoked from the main

PB app with the run function.

Customer generated a user dump file and dr. watson files and it appears that the

problem is in:

pbvm80!EvtDefaultKillFocus(struct HWND__ * hWnd = <Memory access error>, struct HWND__ * hWndSet = <Memory access error>)+0x48 (CONV: cdecl) [fnevents.cpp @ 1060]

The disassembly code where it fails is:

10c4dbb6 7437 jz pbvm80!EvtDefaultKillFocus+0x7f (10c4dbef)

10c4dbb8 39b8c8000000 cmp [eax+0xc8],edi ds:0023:014d1468=????????

10c4dbbe 752f jnz pbvm80!EvtDefaultKillFocus+0x7f (10c4dbef)

Using the kd utility results in the following output from the memory.dump (nm.dmp) file:



7ffe0304 c3 ret

EXCEPTION_RECORD: 0012eea8 -- (.exr 12eea8)

ExceptionAddress: 10c4dbb8 (PBVM80!EvtDefaultKillFocus+0x00000048)

ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)

ExceptionFlags: 00000000

NumberParameters: 2

Parameter[0]: 00000000

Parameter[1]: 014d1468

Attempt to read from address 014d1468


BUGCHECK_STR: 80000003


PROCESS_NAME: a_nm32.exe

CONTEXT: 0012eec4 -- (.cxr 12eec4)

eax=014d13a0 ebx=055f17c0 ecx=0000c000 edx=00001901 esi=0006035a edi=00060374

eip=10c4dbb8 esp=0012f190 ebp=0006035a iopl=0 nv up ei pl nz na po nc

cs=001b ss=0023 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0038 gs=0000 efl=00010206


10c4dbb8 39b8c8000000 cmp [eax+0xc8],edi ds:0023:014d1468=????????

Resetting default scope

LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 00000000 to 10c4dbb8


0006035a 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 PBVM80!EvtDefaultKillFocus+0x48



7ffe0304 c3 ret


SYMBOL_NAME: SharedUserData+304

MODULE_NAME: Unknown_Module

IMAGE_NAME: Unknown_Image


STACK_COMMAND: .cxr 12eec4 ; kb

BUCKET_ID: 80000003_SharedUserData+304

Followup: MachineOwner

The customer confirmed that application crash is happenning when there is focus on the

windows command button and switching to other PB 8.0.3 apps. It doesn't happen if there is focus on other windows controls. There is no script in the Losefocus command button.

The application worked ok in PB 6.5 (Build 1219) and problem happens in PB 8.0.3 (build 9918/10011).

An application using the run() to kick off PB applications

333053 Regression in PowerBuilder 9.

The datawindow painter may crash when going back to the DataSource,

if you have a computed column as select in Syntax mode.

The problem was found using the SYC interface.

333073 When trying to create a machine-code executable for an application using PBDOM, then the PBDOM90.DLL in the shared/PowerBuilder library can be overwritten by the dll compiled from PBDOM90.PBD.

When renaming the PBDOM.PBD before adding to the librarylist and creating a m-code executable then in run-time there will be an error R0021 Bad runtime function reference.

333090 PB8/9: Stored procedure that use "bit" datatype as input param do not work right when using the OLE DB database interface and connecting to SQL Server 2000. The same code works with MSS database driver.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

333232 Instances Active not released in a custom Web DW container when changing Sybase Web DataWindow DTC Properties "control -> override Weight"

no workaround

333299 SIP keyboard persists even when window it was being used on is closed. Is this correct behavior ? Shouldn't the SIP keyboard minimize at this time ?
333302 After a Sharedata, a DDDW in the secondary dw with AutoRetrieve is not populated, if the primary dw has no transaction object.
333311 WebService proxy generation ignores <xsd:simpleContent> tags
333358 Running out of file descriptors/handles on Solaris when components opened
333426 Dbparm 'NumbersInternal' gives wrong numbers with Oracle decimal datatype
333546 Function declared with readonly decimal parameter results in memory leak.

Per PB Engineering:

The problem only occurred with PB 8.0.3 and is no longer reproducible with 8.0.4.

333557 With a string Editmask, if the mask property is blank, two problems exist at runtime. One is that characters entered cannot be deleted by backspace. Another is that inputting more than chars(255) PowerBuilder will crash.
333576 composite Datawindow enhancement:

provide a propertie like "new page" but only if the child datawindow is splitted over one (or more) pages.

333597 Enhancement Request: Support HTTPS secured Web Service calls to any independent Web Server and not just EAServer.
333601 By default, the SIP button should be shown when Window property checked "Show SIP Button". However, under certain conditions, the SIP Button will be hidden.


"Check the MenuBar option of the Window and provide a dummy menu if it is Respond window"

333619 In the window painter if you drag the right edge of the window to the left or right to increase or decrease the windows width, when you drop the edge, the window height jumps up.
333788 Calling lookup on transaction server causes a memory leak.
333792 isnull function being called on ANY datatype causes memory leakage
333804 Internal Request for PBVM804 Solaris with SMP changes to Heap manager
333810 In PB runtime when using the SaveAS function and the specified a file has an invalid path, PB crashes.

Verified fixed in PB 9.0 build 7056.

333831 In PowerBuilder Build 6039 a problem is found with popup menu's

in which at run-time a certain popup menu subitem is not showing.

Instead a separator line is showing. The sub-menu also contained invisible items.

333866 When clicking on a cb in a pfc app that is coded with a

halt close, the application appears to close but the process is still remaining

when viewing thru the task manager.

The pfc application is coded with 2 yields in the destructor event of n_cst_peat.

The application was closing properly in PB 8.0.2 (build 9506) up thru build 9631. The change in behavior begins in build 9636.

When viewing the output of the PBDebug trace in build 9506, it doesn't appear that the

yields were executed and the last line of the trace is:

End class function +DESTROY for class PEAT, lib entry PEAT

When viewing the output of the PBDebug trace in 9636:

Executing class function YIELD for class SYSTEMFUNCTIONS, lib entry _TYPEDEF

The end of the trace log for build 9636 shows that the class for Peat is never destroyed:

End event +CLOSE for class PEAT, lib entry PEAT

End class function OPENWITHPARM for class SYSTEMFUNCTIONS, lib entry _TYPEDEF

End class function TRIGGEREVENT for class W_S_PROJECTLIST, lib entry W_S_PROJECTLIST

End class function +PFC_MESSAGEROUTER for class W_S_PROJECTLIST, lib entry W_S_PROJECTLIST

End class function OF_SENDMESSAGE for class N_CST_MENU, lib entry N_CST_MENU

End class function OF_SENDMESSAGE for class M_PEAT_MASTER, lib entry M_PEAT_MASTER

Executing object function +DESTROY for class N_CST_MENU, lib entry N_CST_MENU

Executing instruction at line 2

Executing object function TRIGGEREVENT for class N_CST_MENU, lib entry N_CST_MENU

Executing system dll function

End class function TRIGGEREVENT for class N_CST_MENU, lib entry N_CST_MENU

End class function +DESTROY for class N_CST_MENU, lib entry N_CST_MENU

Executing object function +DESTROY for class DWOBJECT, lib entry _TYPEDEF

Executing instruction at line 2146

Executing object function __DESTROY_OBJECT for class DWOBJECT, lib entry _TYPEDEF

Executing system dll function

End class function __DESTROY_OBJECT for class DWOBJECT, lib entry _TYPEDEF

End class function +DESTROY for class DWOBJECT, lib entry _TYPEDEF

Executing object function +DESTROY for class DATASTORE, lib entry _TYPEDEF

Executing instruction at line 4105

Executing object function DATASTOREDESTROY for class DATASTORE, lib entry _TYPEDEF

Executing system dll function

End class function DATASTOREDESTROY for class DATASTORE, lib entry _TYPEDEF

End class function +DESTROY for class DATASTORE, lib entry _TYPEDEF

If you remove the yields from the destructor event of n_cst_peat, than the app

closes ok and there are no left over processes.

333872 By using the GetContextKeyword of Context Service, Memory leakage is observsed.

Whenever there is long name (128 byte) pass to the function, there will be around 8K memory leakage.

333883 Customer would like the Data Source entry to be an additional View in the Datawindow painter instead of a separate design area:

"Move DW data source into additional tab page in DW painter to eliminate need to exit painter via SQL button or any right mouse clicking."

334054 8.0.3 PB crashes when calling Oracle 8.1.7 RPC stored procedure and passing null array item.
334159 Numeric format with comma as decimal separator (### ###,00) not displayed correctly in a JSP web datawindow deployed on EAS/Solaris : returns ###.###.00
334172 When the DisplayOnly property for a EditMask control is changed

at runtime to false, you cannot enter any data into that control.

The problem only happens when the DisplayOnly property is set to true in the PB IDE

and then changed to false at runtime. It works ok if the property is not checked

in the PB IDE and then during runtime it is changed to true.

Problem is only for editmask. Multiline, singleline and rich text controls work


334213 RESOLUTION: EAServer issue (see cr337295). Not a PB bug.

When using the generateresultset in a PB component called

from either a PB client or Java client, it will result in a Sybase Heap Manager Exception.

The following code is used:

f_generateresult return resultset

resultset rs

Datastore lds

lds = create Datastore

lds.dataobject = "d_import"


return rs

From the Jaguar.log file:

ct 01 12:32:14 2003: Sybase Heap Manager Exception:

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: commitVM(425984) failed

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: _______________________________________________________________________________

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: Sybase Heap Manager Exception:

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: alloc(type JagOctet*, size 263402) failed

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: _______________________________________________________________________________

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: Heap Summary:

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: _______________________________________________________________________________

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: #blocks #blocks #blocks #bytes #bytes #bytes size index | range

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: free in use total free in use total

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: ________ ________ ________ __________ __________ __________ ___________________

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 1 11065 11066 80 885200 885280 00 | 0..8

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 6482 6482 0 570416 570416 01 | 9..16

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 116 2008 2124 11136 192712 203848 02 | 17..24

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 28 341 369 2912 35464 38376 03 | 25..32

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 147 1385 1532 17640 166200 183840 04 | 33..48

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 19 112 131 2584 15232 17816 05 | 49..64

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 3 54 57 504 9072 9576 06 | 65..96

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 2 24 26 400 4800 5200 07 | 97..128

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 3 15 18 792 3960 4752 08 | 129..192

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 3 3 6 984 984 1968 09 | 193..256

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 3 20 23 1368 9120 10488 10 | 257..384

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 3 4 7 1752 2336 4088 11 | 385..512

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 1 0 1 840 0 840 12 | 513..768

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 25 25 0 27400 27400 13 | 769..1024

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 2 2 0 3216 3216 14 | 1025..1536

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 2 2 0 4240 4240 15 | 1537..2048

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 10 10 0 41680 41680 17 | 3073..4096

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 1 1 0 6216 6216 18 | 4097..6144

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 2 2 0 16528 16528 19 | 6145..8192

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 13 13 0 213928 213928 21 | 12289..16384

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 1 0 1 65536 0 65536 25 | 49153..65464

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 1 1 0 98304 98304 26 | 65465..98232

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 1 0 1 262144 0 262144 28 | 163769..262072

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 0 453 453 0 192970752 192970752 29 | 262073..425912

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 6 0 6 502816 0 502816 unused small blocks

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: ________ ________ ________ __________ __________ __________ ___________________

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: 331 22022 22353 871488 195277760 196149248 VM size: 196575232

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: _______________________________________________________________________________

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: committed bytes: 123428864 (total)

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: in small blocks: 502816 (unused), 40992 (free), 2208704 (in use)

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: in large blocks: 120676352 (in use)

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: permanent bytes: 0

Oct 01 12:32:14 2003: _______________________________________________________________________________

Oct 01 12:32:16 2003: CORBA Runtime Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method f_generateresult in testresult/n_testgenresult.

Oct 01 12:32:16 2003: SystemException: NO_MEMORY (testresult/n_testgenresult/f_generateresult - jagadmin@

Oct 01 12:32:21 2003:

334233 The percent sign in a editmask (format #.00%) results in the number entered being rounded.
334344 Enhancement Request for the Picture Button.

The request is to have greater flexibility in setting the size and position

of the text and picture of the PictureButton control, positioning them separately.

334366 When changing the column width and the visible

property on the last fields in a datawindow at runtime, its causing the last

column to wrap around to the first column even though the visible property

has been set to false and and the width property set to 0 for these columns.

There are 10 columns on the datawindow:











At runtime, the following code is in the constructor event of the w_testapp_datawindow:

This.object.s_outage_start_date.protect = 0

This.object.row_tag.width = 0

This.object.error_flag = 0

This.object.protect_flag = 0

This.object.row_tag.visible = false

This.object.error_flag.visible = false

This.object.protect_flag = false

However, by moving the order when the properties are set as follows, than the

application works ok:

This.object.row_tag.visible = false

This.object.error_flag.visible = false

This.object.protect_flag = false

This.object.s_outage_start_date.protect = 0

This.object.row_tag.width = 0

This.object.error_flag = 0

This.object.protect_flag = 0

334377 In an editmask with a trailing format character like a minus sign, for example ###-###-####-, autoskip is not working. When you fill the mask, the bell starts to ring, instead of it automatically going to the next control or field.
334448 There is observed memory leakage when passing Reference Resultset as argument of objection function.
334450 When PB exceptions are thrown, and to try catch it by code, there will be observable memory leakage
334505 In calculations and datatype conversions involving the longlong type,

inaccuracy can occur due to implicit conversions to the double type.

Conversion to the decimal type may improve accuracy.

334523 Can't paste into an editmask without first selecting the current contents.
334548 If you check out objects and then make changes to global variables and check the objects back in, the changes only get made to the local application object. Since the application object wasn't checked out, those global variable changes are not in the master copy, and are lost to the user who changed them on the next GetlatestVersion.
334626 Under stress Test with PB Component, the restart of EAServer will CORE dump.
334742 Wrong display of WebDW when UseFormat option activated on the format tab of a column that has an Editmask.
334808 RPC stored procedure call to ASA 9.0 not getting OUT argument value returned.
334813 Tab characters embedded in the data for a datawindow display as square boxes when the row is not the current row. Once the row is selected the formatting intended by the tab ( ~t) is reflected in the display. The current customer views this behavior as a bug and not an enhancement request and as it was many versions of PB since this has been evaluated this is initially being opened as a bug but may later be changed back to an enhancement request.

This behavior has been noted since at least PB 3.0b/4.0. An old enhancement request ( CR 153870) was opened but never implemented. The CR was closed as part of a review as 'Not targeted for any future release'.

Current behavior is:

FOCUS ON: Tabs are interpreted correctly by the edit control.

FOCUS OFF: Tabs become "square or rectangular boxes".

The customer believes this current behavior is a bug and that the embedded tabs should be formatted in the datawindow column even when the focus is not on that row.

Printing the datawindow displays all rows with the embedded tab spacing.

334924 SetRedraw PowerScript function is documented correctly with:

"If the window is not visible, SetRedraw fails."

SetRedraw method (DataWindow) is missing the above line of text.

334954 Importing from DBF file into datawindow multiplies numbers by 100 when Regional Settings is set to Portuguese. Workaround is to use English (USA) Reg Settings.

Tested and reproduced in PB 9.0_5507, 9.0.1_6533.

335021 Database painter error when retrieving data from table with column name containing "I" Turkish character (ASA DB - Turkish charset : cp1254) :

ODBC error : Column not found: Column 'id' not found

335088 This is an extension to CR 189973. CR 189973 addresses some of the Gif transparency issues, but does not address the problem when SetRowFocusIndicator() powerscript function is used.
335114 If you copy a datawindow column from one datawindow and paste it onto another, assuming the second datawindow also references the same database column, the pasted DW column may end up being assigned to a different database column. The id value for the datawindow eg. "column: column(band=detail id=7" apparently gets copied in the process, so the new datawindow column points to whichever database column has that same id value in the second datawindow. Should the behavior be to bring up the dialog that appears when you insert a column instead ? (Insert...Control...Column brings up a "Select Column" dialog. It seems like this would make the Copy/Paste functionality more user friendly.)
335206 When the TransactionServer Lookup function handling a WRONG or INCORRECT Namespace

<package>/<compoent>, the Jaguar Console will be thrown an exception :

" No handler for exception."

335213 The EJB proxy generator only asks after the Remote EJB interface, and then assumes the naming convention with suffixes -Home and -Bean for the Home interface and the implementation. This is a limitation when customers having valid ejb's that don't adhere to the naming convention
335230 Memory for a string array is not released to he O/S in PowerBuildr 8.03 9704 and later

and in PowerBuilder 9.

335241 If an OCX has not implemented the IPersistStorage interface, then the following error

will occur when trying to use it in an OLE container control:

"OLE Control Is Missing Critical Interface 'IPersistStorage'"

This is an enhancement request to support also other Interfaces

IPersistStream, IPersistStreamInit.

335319 Enhancement Request: When you do a Tools->Stystem Options->Workspaces->Clean Up, it should remove invalid workspaces from the Recently Workspaces menu as well.

Resolution notes that this needs to be addressed for both PowerBuilder and Pocket PowerBuilder.

335420 When connecting through the Oracle 8 O84 native interface to a Oracle 7 database, a crash

occurs when trying to create a datawindow on a stored procedure that returns multiple resultsets.

No crash occurs either connecting through the O73 Oracle7 native interface or connecting

to an Oracle8 database.

335443 Make a painter pane available that displays instance variables, local external functions, etc. the same way events and functions are shown now. You can sort of do this with the Variable View now, but user would like a Variables view that it a list, similar to the Functions view, that shows all of the variables, and then you can double click and PB will bring you to the right script. Also, if you use the Variable View now, when you close and reopen the painter, the Variable Views all revert to Declare Instance Variable, so you have to re-select whichever other variables you might want to see.
335462 When retrieving a large table with 10,000 rows in

either the datawindow painter or database painter, it takes 50+ seconds to retrieve

in PB 8.0.4 and PB 9.0.1.

If the same table was retrieved from PowerBuilder 6.5 (build 444 or 620), it takes

only 10-15 seconds. I realize that PB 6.5 isn't supported anymore but there is

a difference in performance even in PB 6.5. Performance is 45-50+ seconds using

PB 6.5 (builds 1137 and 1326).

335477 Object Browser opens for Edit Checked-In objects that are in source control. No warning message is displayed as shows when opening the object in painter from the System Tree or the Library Painter. The message shows up only if object is modifed and a save is issued.
335478 -Enhancement Request - to also provide Source Control functionalities (Check-in/check-out etc) within the Object Browser RMB menu, as "for very large projects, the object browser is about the only reasonable way to find objects sometimes."
335486 In PB 8 DW Painter, using OLEDB connection, trying to access a predefined retrieval argument on 'Where' tab of the SQL view of the datawindow, causes PB to crash. It works fine with ODBC or MSS connection.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

335550 not possible to change the password of a DB2 user by script with the NEWPWD property, if invoking a remote PowerBuilder Jaguar component.
335569 Sometimes (but no always) when you open a window, the buttons don't draw

correctly, or it looks like sometimes parts of the keyboard

are drawn overtop of the buttons.

This is on windows which contain a data-window along with

common controls like command buttons.

This does NOT happen every time, but rare - like once in 25 windows...

335585 The OCX events are not fired when data is passed from the serial port.

Customer is using PB 8 to attempt to build an application to communicate

with a serial port device. They are also using an OLE object ('IO.OCX')

for the actual communication functions. This OCX has specific events that

are supposed to fire whenever a character is added to the serial port buffer. This doesn't seem to happen in PB but does with the OCX supplied VB sample application.

Using a Visual Basic demo application one can see the events firing when

the device is in the initialization stage, however the PowerBuilder

application doesn't seem to recognize that the device is adding

characters to the buffer.

The ocx is available from - it comes with

its own demo application in VB.

The hardware they are using is a Ingenico eN-crypt 1200 pinsmart card reader

machine, In the initilization mode it sends <ENQ> charactors in RS-232 protocol toggling

between 4800 and 9600 baud.

Workaround that worked for this situation:

First delete the ole object that had already been inserted. (We can backup the code we had written on the object before we delete it. )

Second insert IO Control from tab 擨nsert Control�. Name it and write its code as the original ole object. You will find it will works.


1. Open the window that you wish to place the OCX control on.

2. Choose Controls甇LE to invoke the Insert Object dialog.

3. From the Insert Object dialog, select the third tab titled Insert Control.

It is very important that you use the Insert Control tab instead of the Create New tab.

When you use Create New tab, it inserts the control as an OLE Automation object.


335600 Customer wants the messagebox code he has in his PB NVO should pop-up on the client when accessing the NVO from EAServer. Right now the messagebox pops up on the machine that hosts EAServer.
335603 The PowerBuilder install reads the date of DLLs already installed on the machine, and will not overwrite DLLs with a date later than those being installed. In general, this is okay. However in rare circumstances when the code has been branched for a new point release but EBFs for the earlier point release have been made available, the install can fail to update machines to the latest PowerBuilder version.
335611 PB crashes when retrieving a datwindow after Query mode with a computed column.
335623 When calling the AsinSearchRequest function in the Amazon

web service, the following error returns:

Unknown error, problem with SoapClient

There is no errors in the soap.log file. The ASinSearchRequest is defined with the following arguments: asin,tag,type,devtag and version and returns a structure of type ProductInfo.

The ProductInfo structure contains:





The details structure contains many arrays and structure arrays. When viewing

the debug code, it appears the problem may be getting the return value (productinfo).

335718 Datawindow QueryMode (via Modify or dotnotation) does not work on Solaris PBVM 8.0.3 9704
335752 PB9 crashes when running debugger and hovering on variables using TipWatch
335799 We need an improved Pipeline object model to use it with ease at runtime similar to a datawindow (but not as complicated as the datawindow) with just enough functionality to modify its various attributes with ease. Currently, the pipeline object supports only the

PBSELECT that is difficult to alter in case of multi-table joins and complex SQL statements. Further, changing the object definition at runtime is not currently being supported (similar to changing a datawindow's attributes) that confines this wonderful object inside a limited scope. To use a 'different' pipeline object for each piping operation is redundant if we can achieve it by just modifying its definition/select-statement/where-clause... dynamically with ease like a datawindow.

335942 If a webservice returns a complex type that is a class, and this class contains an instance variable of the type of another class, and this instance variable is not instantiated (=null),the wsdl will describe this class as nilable=true. But the PB soap client will still try to access this class when recieving the soap message and then throw a SoapException : cannot find element !
335944 BuildFromDataStore writes temporary files to the system root directory.

BuildFromDataStore will fail if the end users have restricted access.

336019 The value from Field1 is mysteriously placed in Field3 after entering Field2. This only happens when Modify("Field3.edit.required=yes") is Posted from Itemchanged Event of the Field1.

Workaround: Do not Post the call to Modify, or if possible, do not use the ItemChanged event. Other events also worked even when the call was posted.

336138 Enhancement Request: Ability to be able to print from AIX and HP.
336159 Cannot enter “(“ using keyboard (shift & 9). Even Alt & 40 combination is disabled. However, can enter “)” using keyboard (shift & 0). Alt & 41 combination also works fine.


1) Click on the left parenthesis “(“ button.

2) Copy and paste “(“

3) Return to script painter to enter “(“

336161 Regression in PowerBuilder 8.0.4

The global function painter may crash when saving a function, after

the application has been run.

336170 When you use PWDialog=1 option for Oracle and user changes their password, the success message says "Password was changed successfully. Please update current Database Profile".

At a minimum, the part about "Please update current Database Profile" should be removed. Some developer control over the message would also be advantageous.

336196 When calling a ASE stored procedure via RPC and the output

argument is a decimal, the following error will result if the decimal field is not

initialize first before calling the stored procedure:

241: Scale error during implicit conversion of decimal value to a decimal field

The following is the stored procedure called:

create proc getdecimal_9 (@val decimal(18,9) output) as select @val = convert(decimal(18,9), 0.123456789)

The output variable is defined in PB as:

decimal{9} decvar_9

336288 Wrong script language for client script (JavaScript) in JSP page if client script was added after a server script (JSP).


add first the client script or change the <SCRIPT language="Java"></SCRIPT> to <SCRIPT language="JavaScrip"></SCRIPT> in the source directly

336290 Do not display the scollbar for a textarea in a Web Datawindow, if not needed.


Add: style="overflow: hidden". In the Web datawindow, it can be added for the column in the field 'Append Html Syntax'.

336291 Add a new method to release the component HTMGenerator.
336292 SetItem does not work on CheckBox and RadioButtons in a WebDW.

Works fine on DDLB and Edit fields, but for CheckBox and RadioButtons no values can be preset visually, the values in the buffers are ok.

336308 Customized colors not rendered in a JSP Web datawindow.
336323 Application with multiple tab pages. When the First tab page is populated with data through a retrieve, one of the other tab pages does not redraw when it is clicked. The others are okay.
336340 In machine Code, Powerbuilder application will crash when use PFC m_dw popup menu to click function "Restore".
336348 When using openwithparm and passing a parameter of type structure, an access violation will occur when using garbagecollect().

s_open_window_parms lstr_parms

istr_parms = lstr_parms


//open event of w_import_revision_300

window lw

lw = this

open(w_version_compare, lw)

// open event of w_version_compare

garbagecollect() <- powerbuilder will crash


If you don't use a structure in the openwithparm, than application works ok. Passing

a string or double instead of a structure will work.

336379 Customer is not able to enter numbers correctly when she enter backspace after ' - ' character.

This is for with Phone edit masks (###)-###-####, if I type the number say as 624 637 5, and then hit a backspace, the cursor goes

before the dash (-) just after number 7 of 637. Now if you try to type in anything, it does not allow you unless you move the cursor one postion to

the right. In PB 8.0 and previous releases, cursor used to remain after the dash (-) and hence you could start typing the number directly.

336498 Calling Saveas() to save in Excel format of file will crash PB if the file is open when the function is called. It does not return a -1 and calling in try catch block does not help either since its a gpf and throwable cannot catch it.
336503 Calling ScrollToRow in the RowFocusChanged event of a datawindow causes PowerBuilder to crash.

Workaround: Post the call to ScrollToRow().

336505 crash creating crosstab datawindow using string(sales_order_order_date, "dd/mm/yy") expression in column of the "Define Crosstab Rows, Columns, Values" window during crosstab wizard


1. create crosstab without String(sales_order_order_date, "dd/mm/yyyy")

2. Add the String(sales_order_order_date, "dd/mm/yyyy") directly by edit the source

columns = "string(sales_order_order_date,~"dd/mm/yyyy~")" rows = "....

336617 group datawindow with nested report in the trailer. The display of nested depends on argument. The problem is that last row is not displayed.

No workaround

336638 Supportability issue of PowerBuilder DataWindow Web Control for ActiveX on Windows XP Sp1a.
336645 DataWindow Regression in PowerBuilder 9 Build 7031.

Editmasks of type #0.00 ###0.00 00.00 do not

enter digits properly when selecting the fields.

In an editmaks "#0.00" entering 1234 results into

1.23 instead of 12.34

336653 mouseover effect in XP on dw controls does not work if moving mouse fast.

If choosing a control (button or ceckbox etc.) in the datawindow, hover over it, then whish your mouse away very very quickly -> the control will still have the effect on it.

no workaround

336669 If a PB DateTime datatype is sent off as a soap message and the OS regional setting has a comma as decimal separator (eg. Locale set to German(German), the message is not formed properly.

-> SoapException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: Unexpected characters

in the log:


<faultstring>java.lang.NumberFormatException: Unexpected characters

336676 When using pfc_print and the datawindow paper orientation

under the print specification tab is set to landscape, that property is not

passed on to the print dialog box. When the print dialog window opens, and you click on the layout tab, it always defaults to portrait.

In order for this to work, the paper orientation must be passed to the s_printdlgattrib

structure and it appears that must be manually coded. You must code that in the

u_dw/pfc_preprintdlg event:

string ls_orientation

ls_orientation = this.object.datawindow.print.orientation

astr_printdlg.i_orientation = integer(ls_orientation)

Even if the s_printdlgattrib is coded with the paper orientation, the code in the pfcprtdg.cpp does not populate that property. For example the following code

is needed before the print dialog opens (LONG lReturn = PrintDlg(&pd):

If (pAttrib->i_orientation == DW_PRINT_ORIENT_LANDSCAPE)

pDevMode->dmOrientation = DMORIENT_LANDSCAPE;

The pfc_print calls the pfc_printdlg. The pfc_printdlg calls the pfc_preprintdlg and the

of_printdlg. The of_printdlg calls the external function pfc_printdlg(ll_hwnd, astr_printdlg). This is located in the pfc_n_cst_platformwin32.

336734 When retrieving a composite report that has a

datawindow in the header, detail, summary and footer, the last line is missing

is the header and footer bands.

336807 When add a largescale workspace to scc,will get many system write error during add to source control,and at the end pb will crash. This may be a memory problem.The following is message from windbg/visual studio debug. New Build number and restart pb ,some message may be different. The exception is 0xc0000008(mean "Invalid handle")
336817 When Add a new workspace(applcation) under SCC, will get message as following

:unable to initialize scc status cache from backup (your workspace directory)\(your workspace).pbc"


This is an informational message only.

You can safely ignore it.

336839 Button does not get javascript onClick() if it has a picture associated with it or the action default picture is activated.
336850 Picture Control: SetPicture( blob-bitmap ) does not work.
336851 Modifing the data source for a window from regular joins to outer

joins, and when the query gets executed, the names of the tables get

chopped off to a few charecters. If I enter the syntax manuallly in the

Data Source it works fine.

336854 SQL Paste function works fine in the DB Painter but broken in the Script Painter.
337022 DataWindow Group with new page on Group Break. When save DW as PDF file in XSLFOP format, the break page is lost.
337024 When using backspace in an edit mask, ####-##-## for example, when cursor is to the left of '-' user cannot revert to continuing to type characters into the mask. Have to use Arrow Keys. When navigating using the arrow keys the cursor jumps as expected and the mask works fine. The mask is not working correctly after backspace is pressed to bring the cursor before a '-'.

no workaround

337057 For PB 10, it should be a high priority to redesign the Rows->Update Properties and Stored Procedures dialog. This entire issue arose because of the poor UI here. It appears we 'slapped on' a new stored procedure dialog versus rethinking the whole Update Properties scenario. For any datawindow, a developer has the option of a stored procedure OR a SQL statement for each of the three actions of UPDATE, DELETE, and INSERT. A SINGLE dialog should be designed to reflect these options. That dialog could actually allow more flexibility by allowing SQL Updates, Inserts, and Deletes to target individual tables.
337064 PowerBuilder crashes on Datawindow stored procedure update when the application creates the stored procedure to be used in the dw.update.
337075 Application uses a user event that maps to the pbm_dwnkey event id. The event traps for keys, including KeyDelete! KeyBack!, and KeyInsert! Using PB8, these keys are not trapped. It worked using PB7.
337186 GPF on RichTextEdit controls with selecttextall/Replacetext copyrtf()/pastertf() functions when used many times (in a loop).
337194 HTML DW in JSP, getting unresolvable validation errors in browser. This only seems to happen with columns that are represented in the DW definition as PB datatype ulong.

no workaround

337205 EG. using EAServer 4.2.2 : Strange errors in Jaguar.log file when connecting to Oracle 9 from PB Component via Connection Cache.

Oct 27 11:09:58 2003: Library: 'pbjag90.dll' for component type 'pb90'

Oct 27 11:10:03 2003: OCI9: Session End Error: -2

Oct 27 11:10:03 2003: OCI9: Server Detach Error: -2

Oct 27 11:10:07 2003: AFLIB Message: 18011/11/0: DLL lookup for 'af_dll_lookup()' failed, OS Message: 'oraclient8.dll'

Oct 27 11:10:07 2003: AFLIB Message: 18011/11/0: DLL lookup for 'af_dll_lookup()' failed, OS Message: 'oraclient8.dll'

Oct 27 11:10:07 2003: DLL lookup failed for CM xagetconn

Oct 27 11:10:07 2003: OCI8: Session End Error: -2

Oct 27 11:10:07 2003: OCI8: Server Detach Error: -2

337225 When using the ImportString to import a string of type XML!

and the string contains a character entity of , any text after this value will be on the next row.

The importstring parses the xml. It appears to process the character entity of

as the carriage return. It processes the character entity whether its the ascii

value ( ) or hex value ( ).

337240 A dddw populated by a getfullstate/setfullstate in which

a filter was applied, causes the dddw to have duplicate rows.






337357 DataWindow Error using O84 or O90 native interface : Ora-24334 "no descriptor for this position" when a Dynamic cursor is called in RetrieveRow event of the DataWindow.

When using the O73 driver, the retrieve works OK.

337359 If we try to paste a SQL/Cursor statement on the function painter using "Paste Special->SQL..", nothing is pasted on the function painter.

Steps to reproduce problem:

1. Open up the function painter.

2. Right-click and select "Paste Special -> SQL -> Select".

3. Select a table and some columns in the SQL painter. Click "Return" to get back to the function painter.

4. Nothing is pasted on the function painter. The same thing happens if you select "Paste Special -> SQL -> Cursor Declare".

There is a similar problem with the window script painter (CR336854) that has been fixed.

337361 If we use the SQL Paste function to paste an SQL statement on the menu painter, PPB will crash with an application error.

Steps to reproduce crash:

1. Open up the menu painter.

2. Right click and select "Paste Special -> SQL -> Select".

3. Select a table from "Select Tables" dialog.

4. Select any columns from the table. Enter the approriate into columns for the select.

5. Click on the "Return" button on the SQL painter to return control back to the menu painter. PPB will crash with an application error.

The same crash will occur with other Paste Special functions such as declaring cursors.

337379 In PowerBuilder 8 and PowerBuilder 9 a crash situation has

been found with a very large modify statement.

337399 Cannot get Euro symbol in a PDF file on Solaris using XSLFOP method.
337475 Line's pen width isn't display by width expression at runtime
337550 I have korean language folders in PC, when this folders are opened in PPB library painter , PPB crashes.
337562 Multiple calls of SetFilter on a child datawindow (DDDW) in conjunction with changes to the column's background color, crashes Powerbuilder/application.

This works fine in PB 8.0.3 Build 9704. The crash can be delayed by posting the calls to SetFilter() and Filter().

337563 Using the App wizard we get a main window of 232 x 260 pixels (claims to be 1097 x 1280 units). using the new window menuitem we get a main window of 238 x 266 pixels (also claims to be 1097 x 1280 units).

To reproduce - New->target->template application then take defaults and see the true size of the generated main window using SPY or some other tool. Compare with file->new->PBobject->window and use SPY on that window (paint surface) to see the difference.

337575 PowerBuilder 9 and versions of 8 after 8.0.3 crash when generating proxies for a component in EAServer with the prepend package name checked. Suspect it is a length issue; however, identifiers are all less than 40 characters even when succesful in 8.0.3
337710 Have a simple PB component returnning a resultset with 30000 rows. It used to work with EAS4.2 but after migrating to EAS 4.2.2, Jaguar crashes in libjcc.dll (see log below).

if I copy the 4.2 libjcc.dll to EAS 4.2.2 it works fine. The reverse crashes EAS4.2.

This is an EAS issue. Problem is fixed in EAS 4.2.2 EBF 11594 which includes a new version on libjcc.dll.

337726 When hitting the browse button to select the location for the library and then selecting an existing pbl, dragging the *pbl is causing a access violation.

The following is listing is from the crash handler:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.DLL

File Version: 5.00.3502.6144

Fault address=78325641 Section:Offset=01:00034641









SS:ESP:0023:0012C2B8 EBP:0012C4EC

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

78325641 0012C4EC 001A1408 00000000 0140E990 00000000 Ordinal683+AC9

002E9F03 0012C520 0140E970 001A1408 00000001 00000174 PB_CreateDragDrop+1F3

77B13619 0012C554 001E0540 000303F0 00000000 00000001 StgGetIFillLockBytesOnFile+D111

77B13720 0012C594 000303F0 00000001 001DCE20 001A1408 StgGetIFillLockBytesOnFile+D218

77ADA4B3 0012C5D4 00000000 000303F0 00000000 001DDCB0 CreateDataCache+60B7

77ADA8CA 0012C618 001A1408 001DCE20 001DDCB0 00000000 DoDragDrop+131

77ADAD40 0012C66C 001A1408 001DDCB0 00000007 0012C6D0 DoDragDrop+5A7

783426F5 0012C6A0 00030376 001A1408 00000000 00000007 Ordinal187+78

78373FF0 0012C6D4 001A1408 00000005 001E1140 0000004E Ordinal183+2519

7837492E 0012CA6C 0012CD18 77E172FD 001E1140 001E1140 Ordinal183+2E57

78374F9D 0012CA84 0012CD18 C0000000 0000004E 00624260 Ordinal12+1FB

7831C493 0012CBF8 000703A2 0000004E 00000001 0012CD18 ShellExecuteExW+825

77E3A244 0012CC18 7831BF7F 000703A2 0000004E 00000001 SetProcessWindowStation+4

77E16362 0012CC48 00624260 0000004E 00000001 0012CD18 IsWindowVisible+65D

77E17341 0012CC68 000703A2 0000004E 00000001 0012CD18 SendMessageW+84

7171603F 0012CCF8 001DB580 FFFFFF93 0012CD18 0012CFFC Ordinal337+354

7173874A 0012CD74 000803A0 00000000 0000015F 0000005B PropertySheetW+97

71738A28 0012CD94 001DB580 00000000 0000015F 0000005B PropertySheetW+375

717171B9 0012CF04 000803A0 00000201 00000001 005B015F Ordinal342+415

77E3A244 0012CF24 717160D2 000803A0 00000201 00000001 SetProcessWindowStation+4

77E145E5 0012CFB0 0012CFFC 00000000 77E2EB7D 0012CFFC TranslateMessageEx+625

77E1A792 0012CFE0 00030376 00624318 000B034C 00000001 PeekMessageW+3D

77E33398 0012D01C 00030376 000B034C 00000010 00000001 MessageBoxA+142

77E43ED5 0012D040 76B30000 001D57F0 00000000 76B55E0D CheckRadioButton+CD

77E38B25 0012D060 76B30000 001D57F0 000B034C 76B55E0D RegisterClassExW+EB

77E3EA21 0012D080 76B30000 001D57F0 000B034C 76B55E0D DestroyAcceleratorTable+1B

76B56510 0012D0CC 00000000 00000001 76B39F32 0012D190 0001:00025510 C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll

76B565B7 0012D158 0012D190 76B3A447 028261BC 00000005 0001:000255B7 C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll

76B4060E 0012E220 0012E294 76B3A447 10BF48D2 0012E294 dwLBSubclass+2932

76B39E13 014119B4 014119B4 01410640 01407450 0000009E GetSaveFileNameA+E

014119B4 10DCB790 10C58740 00000000 10C59F40 10C59F60 0000:00000000

10C58730 10DCB7F8 10C63320 00000000 10DAA020 10DAA020 obFreeDebug+4D0

337733 When viewing the from the online help or the

datawindow reference manual, it states the following:

A string whose value is the name of the predefined DropDownDataWindow style associated with the column. Named styles are defined in the Database painter and can be reused. Specifying a name that has not been previously defined associates the name with the column but does not define a new edit styleCall GetChild after setting dddw.Name to get a valid reference to the column's DropDownDataWindow

Actually when you run the command:


It will return the name of the dddw datawindow object and not the style name. To get the

style name, I used the following:


337740 After checking in an object after you branched, the

object will show the out of sync icon after you do a "Refresh Status".

The following is the log file from using sccloglevel=3:

10/31/03 11:17 Source Management Initialization...

Scc Provider: PVCS Source Control Capabilities: 1382070013


Project Path: /branch1?PVCS Version Manager?D:\sourcecontroltrunk?

Aux Project Path: ?PVCS Version Manager?D:\sourcecontroltrunk?

Local Project Path: D:\pse-90\10976971\branch1

Diff_Strategy: SccDiff

Scc multi-threading set to TRUE

Connection to source control established

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\test1trunk.sra): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\m_test1trunk_frame.srm): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\m_test1trunk_sheet.srm): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\n_test1trunk_sheetmanager.sru): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_about.srw): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_basesheet.srw): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_frame.srw): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw): RC=6

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet2.srw): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet3.srw): RC=0

SccDiff(d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_toolbars.srw): RC=0

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\test1trunk.pbt Status: 0 (NOT CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\test1trunk.sra Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\m_test1trunk_frame.srm Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\m_test1trunk_sheet.srm Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\n_test1trunk_sheetmanager.sru Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_about.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_basesheet.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_frame.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw Status: 33 (CONTROLLED | OUTOFDATE)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet2.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet3.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. d:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_toolbars.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

Getting the latest version of selected items . . .

PVCS Source Control Info: /branch1/w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw Checked out revision

Importing w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw . . .

Compiling types for w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw . . .

Regenerating w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw . . .


D:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw OK OK OK

SetRefreshStatus: D:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw Status: 1 (CONTROLLED)

Successful get of D:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\test1trunk.pbl(w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw)

Operation Completed

SccDiff(D:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw): RC=6

StatusAndDiff2002: Cache Updated. D:\pse-90\10976971\branch1\w_test1trunk_sheet1.srw Status: 33 (CONTROLLED | OUTOFDATE)

337741 A problem has been found with scripted events with phGantXControl.ocx

in PowerBuilder 9 around Build 6029 and later but not in PowerBuilder 8.

An access violation occurs due to memory relocation.

337792 When connecting to PVCS 7.5 for the first time and you click

on the browse button next to the "Project" on the source control tab of the workspace,

you can open the PVCS database but none of the projects show up.

You can create a project thru PB, but the next time you try to connect to PVCS, it

won't find the project.

337800 A workspace with a chinese target name - the workspace can be saved, but when reloaded, that particular target can't be loaded.
337878 PowerBuilder 8 and 9.

When using the event view and clicking on scripts within this view,

then under certain circumstance a confusion may occur between

ancestor and descendant scripts.

If ancestor scripts are edited this way then a crash may occur

later when trying to save the script or the object.

337912 Enhancement request to integrate the PBUnit unit testing tool (PowerBuilder Unit Testing Framework) into the PowerBuilder IDE. Or to provide an easty way to integrate it into PB. This tool allows developers to write and run tests in the PB IDE and to highlight test errors and jump to the line in the test case where it occurred.

PBUnit ( is a unit testing tool based on the JUnit tool written for Java by Eric Gamma and Kent Beck.

337915 Enhancement request to have the display of dwname.Saveas() not give the user the PDF option as this requires external software installed.
337962 For performance improvement, bind variables in where clause for the Selectblob and UpdateBlob.

For select and update statements, variables in the where clause can be bind. This

is controlled by the disablebind dbparm. That parm does not have any effect for the

selectblob or updateblob.

The following pbtrace shows the difference in binding for the select and selectblob:


BLOB READ: COLUMN=note TABLE=cbnote CLAUSE= from cbnote WHERE ( cbnote.source_relation ='DEALCO' ) AND ( ='1241-188634' ) AND ( cbnote.cbid ='1230' ) (430 MilliSeconds) LENGTH=19968


select source_relation from cbnote WHERE ( cbnote.source_relation =:1 ) AND ( =:2 ) AND ( cbnote.cbid =:3 )

337966 First, use insertrow() to make a new DW row, then use setitem() to set its value to a value 3 characters wider than the DB column definition. Issue a dw.update() to save the new row to the DB. Now that the save succeeded, use deleterow() to delete the first row (i.e., the new row), and issue a dw.update() to get rid of the row from the db. This second call to dw.update() causes a GPF at runtime, or using the debugger.
338032 The Datatypes Unichar and Univarchar do not exist under Metadata Types folder for ASE12.5 with native driver. But these datatypes are existing for ASE12.5 DB with DataDirect ODBC/DataDirect OLE driver.
338052 When trying to use pbrx90.ocx in the Visual Basic script editor in Excel, you will get a GPF in PBVM90.dll
338067 SaveAs PDF! file in a COM component not working when called from IIS active page.

This is not a PB bug, but an IIS condition. Under IIS COM runs as a predefined user (an IWAM Account) in the IIS process area. This user account has debugger user privilege. But debugger privilege is not enough for Ghostview to convert to pdf correctly.

As a workaround you can promote the IIS user account to have the Administrator privilege. The IIS user account has a prefix of IWAM. Change the group member from "Debugger users" to "Administrator". This workaround has security implications for IIS. Also note that there is no mechanism for PB to know the results of the PDF creation in IIS. The SaveAs in PB script will return success even if the IIS process is unable to create the PDF file as in this case.

338245 GetChildElements returns true even if there are no child elements.
338302 Request for a new datawindow function for group reports that have ResetPageCount = yes. This new function would make the absolute page number available to the application and enable the user of the application to script function to print a range of pages in the group report. Several old CRs have reported or requested this in the past ( CR 239084 and 161641 for example) but the new feature has not been implemented.
338305 DragDrop not working correctly for button and picture button controls.
338362 Request for more result option from search facility
338364 I have an external datawindow and i created a datastore with it's dataobject assigned to this external datawindow object. I then tried to import a text file (exported from department table) into this datastore. On the device and emulators, the return code of the importfile function is always 0, which means no rows were imported. On the desktop, the importfile function returns 5, which is correct.

When deploying the same application as a PKD. But the fix on this is to always deploy selecting PKD option if external DS or Dynamic DW is used in the application.

338390 Issues with an UNUSUAL EditMask.

Notice the value set vs. the value read.

Failed to set data in EditMask Control. MaskType=numeric Mask='000###000' Value Set='123456789' Value Read='123456792'

Failed to set data in DW Column. MaskType=numeric Mask='000###000' Value Set='123456789' Value Read='123456792'

Pass. Test data successfully set in EditMask Control. MaskType=numeric Mask='000###000' data='-123456'

Pass. Test data successfully set in DW Column. MaskType=numeric Mask='000###000' data='-123456'

Failed to set data in EditMask Control. MaskType=numeric Mask='000###000' Value Set='-123456789' Value Read='-123456792'

Failed to set data in DW Column. MaskType=numeric Mask='000###000' Value Set='-123456789' Value Read='-123456792'

338405 ActiveSync is required to run Pocket PowerBuilder. The Readme.htm file lists ActiveSync as required to run with Windows CE. The error that occurs is "RAPI.DLL file not found on specified path." There should be a more descriptive error message, and the readme should specify that ActiveSync is required even only to run the IDE, if that is the case.
338416 Enhancement Request: In script painter RMB pop menue, goto item, add all ancestors and decendants.
338457 2 problems are described in this CR.

1) PB crashes while adding an object to source control.

2) Script vanished during "Get Latest Version"

338487 A large text column in a dw with an alignment of justify, is cutting off text on the right side.
338510 Data symbols for graph on DW printed as black box.
338527 Running PB component causes 100% CPU usage. Caused by user error not caught by compiler.Refer to CR 350160 for compiler improvement.
338557 Syntax LEFT OUTER JOIN conversion from version 11 to 12.5 does not work correctly.

The generated SQL will produce different resultsets.


go into dw -> syntax mode and use the correct syntax:

SELECT a.ida,a.dato,b.ida,b.idb,b.dato FROM a LEFT OUTER JOIN b ON a.ida = b.ida AND b.idb = 2

or, select release 11

338638 In PowerBuilder 8 the painters may crash when working with a tab control that has no visible tab pages.

There is no such gpf in PowerBuilder 9 Build 7031 and later.

338666 When selecting a column in the DW painter connected to

a Firebird database using the Gemini odbc driver, pb is crashing in the pbdwpxx.dll.

If you close out the properties view in the dw painter or if you turn off the

extended attributes (in the db painter), than no problem. You can click on any column

without PB crashing.

The following is the crash handler from PB 8.0.4:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: C:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWP80.dll

File Version:

Fault address=120A86D4 Section:Offset=01:000A76D4









SS:ESP:0023:0012F718 EBP:06AD07F0

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

120A86D4 0012F728 0664DDC8 00000000 06AD077C 06DA7E90 CMT_DW_TYPE_columnGob::PopulateNameList+44

120A8165 0012F758 06AD38B4 06A7CA74 0012F814 120E5888 CMT_DW_TYPE_columnGob::OnAdjustPropertyView+195

120AB90E 0012F774 06DA7E90 00000000 1208B7CE 06AD0784 CMT_DW_TYPE_esEditGob::OnAdjustPropertyView+1E

12089FDA 0012F780 06AD0784 06DA7E90 00000000 0012F814 CMT_DW_TYPE::MyOnAdjustPropertyView+1A

1208B7CE 0012F7A0 06AD0784 0012F814 00000000 70000025 CDW_ExtraProps::OnAdjustPropertyView+6E

12004701 0012F7B8 06ACD6D8 70000025 0012F814 00000000 CPBWS_DataWindowPainter::OnNotify+321

002EA8DC 0012F7DC 06DB7520 06DA7DA0 70000025 0012F814 CPB_Publisher::Notify+5C

00322238 0012F81C 06AD0780 00000000 0012F97C 06AC2158 CPB_PropertyListView::OnMTTypeSelected+1C8

003222A1 0012F914 06DA7D80 06AC2158 0012F97C 002EA8DC CPB_PropertyListView::OnMTMultiSelect+41

00322050 0012F924 06DA7DA0 70000024 06AC2158 0012F97C CPB_PropertyListView::OnNotify+60

002EA8DC 0012F948 06A7CFF4 00000000 70000024 06AC2158 CPB_Publisher::Notify+5C

120B7CB0 0012F97C 06A8BC34 06DA4ACC 06DA0478 06DA0478 pdwMTSetPrp+140

1203E18B 0012FAD0 06BC6238 06DA0478 00000000 00000001 eventObjectSelect+5FB

1203CC36 0012FAEC 00000000 06DA0478 00000111 000F07BE eventObjectHit+F6

120073AF 0012FC98 00000001 000F07BE 00000002 00000111 CPBWS_DataWindowLayoutView::OnCommand+43F

12013EC5 0012FCB0 06D8DF20 00000111 00020001 000F07BE CPBWS_View::Message+35

12006F4C 0012FCD4 06D8DF20 00000111 00020001 000F07BE CPBWS_DataWindowLayoutView::Message+44C

120E0D4F 0012FCFC 000F0728 00000111 00020001 000F07BE PB_WndProc+12F

77E3A244 C0000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 SetProcessWindowStation+4

In the odbc sql.log, the following error is listed:

pb90 a00-5fc ENTER SQLExecDirect

HSTMT 025519B0

UCHAR * 0x0012F3F8 [ -3] "select pbe_name, pbe_edit, pbe_type, pbe_cntr, pbe_work, pbe_seqn, pbe_flag from sysdba.pbcatedt order by pbe_name, pbe_seqn\ 0"


pb90 a00-5fc EXIT SQLExecDirect with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR)

HSTMT 025519B0

UCHAR * 0x0012F3F8 [ -3] "select pbe_name, pbe_edit, pbe_type, pbe_cntr, pbe_work, pbe_seqn, pbe_flag from sysdba.pbcatedt order by pbe_name, pbe_seqn\ 0"


DIAG [HY000] [Gemini InterBase ODBC Driver][INTERBASE]Dynamic SQL Error. SQL error code = -104. Token unknown - line 1, char 88. . (-104)

338756 PB9 IDE shuts down when adding new object to source control via library painter
338758 We all understand that SetNull(null) and SetFilter(null) is not supported on the PDA.

However, calling this (accidentally) causes a memory error.

String ls_null





String ls_null




On the device, the sort or filter dialog will not appear. On the emulators, there will be a memory error message as appended:

"Memory error: Freeing previously freed memory or freeing using different anchor! Generate GPF?"

338775 Composite reports are not recreated properly with getfullstate/setfullstate when eg. the same nested report is put into the composite more than once.
338825 Toolbar of PB objects does not match the object placed in PD workspace. Eg. when you select a new window, you'll get a structure.

When selecting a nvo you'll get a proxy.

338884 Enhancement Request: Add PowerBuilder ODBC Drivers and syntax for MySQL, Firebird, and PostgreSQL Databases. These databases are becoming increasingly popular.
338912 Specifying extended synchronization options causes a "Synchronization error 1" message, which corresponds to an "Invalid option string" error from dbmlsync. This error occurs whether extended dbmlsync options are specified while running through the "MobiLink Synchronization for ASA" wizard, or if they are specified at runtime via the generated configuration dialog.

To reproduce, specify "lt=share" or "sv=salesdb" for extended options either during the wizard or at application runtime.

338987 Number array as a Retrieval Arg in a nested datawindow does not work
339009 Using Save Rows As and selecting HTML. Examining the html in a browser one of the column headers is dropped
339016 Calling the datawindow GetRowIDFromRow() or GetRowFromRowID() functions will cause the application on the device to crash out. There's no error message triggered. There's also no problem for the functions to work on the IDE.
339017 Calling the datawindow SaveAsAscii function will cause the application to crash on the device, with no errors triggered. There is no problem calling this function on the IDE.

eg. i_rc = dw_1.SaveAsAscii(".\dept_ascii.txt","/","-")

339039 With the MSS database interface, using Paste Special>Remote Stored Procedure to declare a MS SQL Server stored procedure as a local external function translates SMALLINT and TINYINT as LONG instead of INT. Also, REAL translates as DOUBLE instead of REAL. The REF keywords are missing, but this is reported in CR 274045. There are similar problems using the OLEDB database interface as well. These are reported in CR 339042.
339113 Using ejb client to call Java functions of JDK. Functions with arguments of type any seem to throw nullpointerexceptions. Functions with no arguments, or arguments or working fine.
339122 Seems CR 265087 is back in VSS. Show blank line if doing "Show differences" after adding blank after instance variables of an user object.

no workaround

339129 Regression in PowerBuilder 8 Build 10521 on datawindow editmask when using European settings.

When in the control panel the comma is used as decimal separator, PowerBuilder 8 crashes

when entering a value behind the decimal in a column with editmask ###.00

339166 Datawindow EditMask does not let one enter Feb 29th without entering the year part first. You need to enter a valid leap year and then enter the day for this to work. This used to work in PB7.x.

Not reproducible in PB 8.0.4 build 9882.

Fixed in PB 9.0.1 build 7119 and PB 10 build 3014.

339308 Install only PowerBuilder on a machine where ASA 9 has not yet been installed, you'll get a Warning dialog indicating that "Adaptive Server Anywhere 8.0 is not installed on your machine." This should refer to ASA 9.0 instead.
339309 Remove MSS and O73 db interfaces from installer options since they will not be support by PB 10.
339318 Upon 'convert to graphics', the where clause is lost if the Where tab is visible. If another tab is visible, then it works fine.
339346 Saveas to XSL-FO on an external datawindow when there is

no data in the datawindow and controls in the footer band will cause PB to crash.

When a row is inserted and then the saveas to XSL-FO is performed, than no problem. The footer band of the external datawindow has a computed field, text and a round rectangle. When the controls are removed from the footer band, than no problem. Saveas to XSL-FO works ok when there is no data in the datawindow. Even when the controls in the footer band were moved to the summary band, than it worked ok.

The crash handler log reports:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE90.dll

File Version:

Fault address=1166F42D Section:Offset=01:0016E42D









SS:ESP:0023:0012E4EC EBP:0283088C

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

1166F42D 0012E78C FFFFFFFF 00000000 7FFFFFFF FFFFFFFF dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+11F4D

1166EDC3 0012E7A0 02831E8C FFFFFFFF 00000000 0280C884 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+118E3

11630813 0012E7DC 0012E800 00000000 00000000 02830B9C DW_SortDlgProc+1253

1166F6C6 0012E814 0280C884 0282E760 00000000 0012E840 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+121E6

1166F77E 0012E974 02830B9C 0012EA24 00000519 01000000 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+1229E

1155B0CD 0012EC78 02830B9C 00000000 00000000 C0000000 CreateImportDataList+17ED

11645C2E 00000519 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 dwWinProc+116E

OS version:

Windows NT 5.0, Build Number: 2195, Service Pack 3

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 261552K

Available physical memory: 33100K

Total virtual memory usage: 309616K / 763108K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 131916K / 2097024K

339407 Restart and external function causes PB to fail to "recognize" global structure.
339470 The data value of an Autoincrement column does not get returned when using a proxy table.
339472 If a function is declared with an argument of type ANY e.g. myany and a local variable is declared with the same name i.e. ANY myany. When the script was compiled (CTRL L).

PB 8.x and earlier versions of PB (PB 6.5, 7.x) does NOT give a compilation error.

NOTE a compiler error is displayed for all other types e.g. integer

PB 9.x and 10 would produce the following compiler error message:

C0166: Variable name conflicts with parameter name:myany

Enhancement request is to "back port" this feature back into PB 8.x, so that the compiler error message also appears in PB 8.x.


PSE recommendation to avoid this scenario is to use a good naming convention when declaring function arguments and variables. Function arguments should be prefixed with ai_myint and aa_myany[] and local variables should be prefixed with li_myint and la_myany[].

Here is a couple of sections from the on-line help:


General information

In a well-planned application, standards determine how you will name your PowerScript variables. Naming conventions make scripts easy to understand and help you avoid name conflicts. A typical approach is to include a prefix that identifies the scope and the data type of the variable. For example, a prefix for an instance variable's name typically begins with i (such as ii_count or is_empname), a local integer variable's name would be li_total and a global integer variable's name would be gi_total.

For information about naming conventions, see Application Techniques.

X and Y as variable names

Although you may think of x and y as typical variable names, in PowerBuilder they are also properties that specify an object's onscreen coordinates. If you use them as variables and forget to declare them, you will not get a compiler error. PowerBuilder will assume you want to move the object, which may lead to unexpected results in your application.




Overusing the Any datatype

Do not use Any variables as a substitute for selecting the correct datatype in your scripts. There are two reasons for this:

� At execution time, using Any variables is slow PowerBuilder must do much more processing to determine datatypes before it can make an assignment or perform an operation involving Any variables. In particular, an operation performed many times in a loop will suffer greatly if you use Any variables instead of variables of the appropriate type.

� At compile time, using Any variables removes a layer of error checking from your programming

The PowerBuilder compiler makes sure datatypes are correct before code gets executed. With Any variables, errors that can be caught by the compiler are not found until the code is run.


339480 The value of the autoincrement field when using proxy tables with ASA is not properly returned to PowerBuilder. This was reported originally for PocketPB where proxy tables will most likely be frequently used. See CR 339470, which is cross-referenced in this CR.
339481 Please add a new Native Object for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
339570 Under normal conditon, DropDown Datawindow will scroll to the page to display the first row of data with match up the character on the edit control. In this case, it seems that DDDW fail to scroll with chinese character. e.g. 0xB35C or 0xD25C, or 0xA55C in Big5 code.
339587 During load, when more than one stateless component and the shared component is executing embedded SQL statements at the same time, the query will fail with either of the following errors:

SQLDBCode: 1007

SQLErrText: ORA-01007: variable not in select list


SQLDBCode: DBCode: 0

SQLErrText: Mismatch between retrieve columns and fetch columns

339592 When hitting the F1 key when your in the Tools/Systems Options

causes the following error to occur:

pb100.exe - Application Error

The exception unknown software exception (0xc00000fd) occurred in the application

at location 0x10db5636.

339613 Clicking on dw columns, the leftbuttonup event doesn't fire as it does with other dw objects.
339620 When columns on a datawindow are right aligned and italic

is selected, the right most character is partially truncated.

The problem is most noticeably using Tahoma. Problem also happens with a

static text field on a window.

339627 When creating a JSP target and you click thru the

defaults, on the "Choose File Deployment Options", the text of "option is checked.)"

is partially truncated under the "Deploy Only Successful files".

339632 Regression. In 8.0.3 the customer opens a print job and prints some text and then a datawindow to the same print job. They both print on the same page. In 9.0.1 there is a page break between the text and the datawindow.
339633 When in a jsp page and you select the Web DTC,

pb does not respond anymore. Its just hangs.

339639 The effect happens with a shared global datastore/ local datawindow pair.

Implicit destroy the datawindow (by closing the window

containing it) but *don't shareDataOff the DW*.

Reopen the window (shareData called again), and code

ds.setItem(...). The next script line will never executed,

program hangs or GPF's. This causes no problems

if the program runs from the IDE.

339642 A text object with a transparent background is rotated using the escapement property. Visible nderneath the text are the rows of the datawindow. If the rows are scrolled the text bleeds and becomes distorted.
339652 When entering in a editmask of HH for a datawindow datetime column, the following error appears when trying to save the changes:

Specified edit mask is invalid. In PB 8.0.4, you are allowed to enter HH for a


339720 In the library painter, if you right click on an object and choose properties, you are able to change the SCC version.
339739 How to get the new database password after it expired.
339755 Enhancement Request: Now that PB is only supported on newer OS, support some of the windows messages that are only available on those: WM_MOUSELEAVE, WM_NCMOUSELEAVE, etc.
339761 When customer prints RTE datawindow with one printer driver and then changes printer driver to another type (like acrobat Distiller), all the fonts in the datawindow are messed up.
339762 This is an enhancement request to support changing the

definition of the numerical separators in the control

panel while PowerBuilder applications are running.

Currently (datawindow) editmasks may not function properly

after changing the symbols for the decimal separator and

thousands separator and require the restart of the application

or the development environment.

339771 Using PB DATADirect OEM 4.10 dBASEFile (*.dbf) alows invalid update to execute.

Executing a SQL statement from PB DB painter like this :

UPDATE table1 SET col3=1, col3=1 where col3 = <some value>

doesn't produce any error But according to SQL standard "Columns may not be specified more than once on LHS of assigment operator in SET clause of UPDATE statement."

If you run the same type of sql to EAS Demo database , it will not execute.

339787 This is a duplicate of CR 327915 which was fixed in build 7011. That fix caused a regression when the editmask was ###,###.00 (CR 330276) and that is now fixed, but now the original problem is back with an editmask of ###,##0.00 in build 7048.

EditMask : ####,##0.00

If you highlight the column and enter 15 , it will be 1.50.

339839 Returning a blob data causes Sybase Heap Manager Exception.

Reviewed by PB Engineering "Not a Bug", running out of memory.


1) increase the physical memory installed on the machine

2) using Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server Edition

3) using /3GB flag to start Windows 2000

4) Increase PB_HEAP_SIZE to a large value

5) change PB_POOL_THRESHOLD to find an appropriate value to save memory

6) Make sure that your swap space is double your available RAM.

7) change the program logic if possible, don't fetch large data in a time. only retrieve the data actually needed.

339856 PB 9.0.1 build 7048 has introduced a severe memory leak, which impacts customers trying to create executables with "large" applications. With very large applications PowerBuilder will eventually give an out of memory message.

The memory leak is also evident if a "full rebuild" is initiated from the workspace.

339885 The definitions of the Blob functions are as follows:

blobedit ( ref blob b, unsignedlong o, any v ) returns unsignedlong

blobmid ( blob b, unsignedlong o ) returns blob

blobmid ( blob b, unsignedlong o, unsignedlong c ) returns blob

With blobedit the blob b is passed by reference while with the blobmid function the

blob is passed by value.

Passing by value means that a copy must be made of the variable which can be very

slow with a sizeable blob.

339904 When saving a group datawindow to XML when no template

is specified under the Data Export tab, pb shuts down without any warning. Problem

happens either from the PB IDE or using dw_1.saveas to XML!. If a template is specified

under the Data Export tab, than no problem.

According to the online help for saveas:

If no export template is specified, the default template is used.

When running with the crash handler exe, the following log file is generated:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE90.dll

File Version:

Fault address=1165FA8F Section:Offset=01:0015EA8F









SS:ESP:0023:0012E158 EBP:00000000

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

1165FA8F 0012E6E4 02874C28 0012E6FC 00000000 0012E758 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+246F

1165F67D 0012E70C 00000002 00000001 1165E42D 01225008 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+205D

11660B7D 0012E718 01225008 00000519 01000000 00000000 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+355D

1165E42D 0012E974 01225008 0012EA24 00000519 01000000 dwXMLGetDefaultEncoding+E0D

1155B095 0012EC78 01225008 00000000 00000000 C0000000 CreateImportDataList+17B5

11645CDE 00000519 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 dwWinProc+116E

OS version:

Windows NT 5.0, Build Number: 2195, Service Pack 3

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 261552K

Available physical memory: 32084K

Total virtual memory usage: 418988K / 763108K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 132980K / 2097024K

339906 This is a duplicate of CR 287478 which was closed in the CR 'cleanup'. I do not think it's wise to change PowerBuilder behavior; however, I think this behavior could be documented, so this a documentation CR request.

The PowerScript Reference states:

If you do not qualify a function name with an object, PowerBuilder searches for the function and executes the first one it finds that matches the name and arguments. It searches for a match in the following order:

A global external function.

A global function.

An object function and local external function. If the object is a descendant, PowerBuilder searches upward through the ancestor hierarchy to find a match for the function prototype.

A system function.

and the DataWIndow Reference states:

User-defined functions in PowerBuilder

You can include user-defined functions in DataWindow expressions. The data type of the function's return value can be any of the following: double, string, boolean, date, DateTime, or time. The function must be defined as a global function so that it is available to the DataWindow object.

Both manuals should be updated to reflect that built-in datawindow functions cannot be overriden.

339916 DW updates after dynamically changing the update table, no longer work.
339930 10.0 Alpha - PD Reverse engineer dialogue box should resizeable.
339995 Deployed PPB app is crashing during a retrieve - happens on device (here HP) only !

When doing a retrieve several times on a datawindow having slightly more than 100 rows there is a gpf on the device:

Application mawi.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists contact the prgram vendor.

Exception: 0xc0000005


Works ok on a fresh PPC with PPB 1.5 GA.

Also newer builds have an improved memory management.

340021 Datawindow computed field expression function list is not alphabetized correctly
340027 When using a exported datawindow in the setdwobject

and calling a jsp webdatawindow, the following error displays in the jaguar.log:

Entering SetDWObject('d_tabular.srd','')

Doing SRD

Entering Create()

Exiting Create() = 'Datawindow syntax has incorrect release number.'


SetDWObject: ERROR - Create from SRD failed for 'd_tabular.srd', Error String =

'Datawidnow syntax has incorrect release number.'

340045 WebDW retrieving incorrect microseconds when using getitem.

The following is DW HTML for a row that contains a datetime


d_query_offload_expenditure_niin.rows[0] = new HTDW_RowClass(

"((1 0 '002029473')(5 0 'H')(6 0 '2003-05-06 07:13:00:043000





When the GOB is created for the datetime cell it separates the

date and time pieces into separate values. If the microseconds

contain a leading zero that zero is lost because the value is

treated as a number rather than a string. Note the bolded

values above. When the datetime is represented as a string it

correctly contains the leading zero on the microseconds

("043000") but when the date and time parts are passed to

DW_DatetimeClass the microseconds are passed as a number

(043000) and the leading zero is lost (43000). As far as I can

tell the only date and time part that is hurt by losing leading

zeroes is the microseconds. All others are evaluated properly

without the leading zeroes.

340050 Enhancement request: Make source control PBG entries relative to the target instead of the workspace.
340109 PB IDE crashed when saving rows as pdf with empty rows. Resolution: Error msg instead of crashing in build 7066
340242 Using the PBSOAPCLIENT90.PBD file in their library path, if they choose to create an application using machine code DLLs, when the project is built/deployed, the PBSOAPCLIENT90.DLL file in the PB build is overwritten. Subsequent attempts to either run the application or deploy the project result in an error message "Error creating PBNI Object" and then PowerBuilder crashes. The error occurs even when you change the project to use PBDs again instead of DLLs.

WORKAROUND: What's happening here is that when he tries to build the app using DLLs, PowerBuilder attempts to write the PBSOAPCLIENT90.PBD as a DLL. This overwrites the PBSOAPCLIENT90.DLL file that ships with the product. He'll need to re-apply PBSOAPCLIENT90.DLL from the build he is using. Then he can write the project using PBDs.

340280 Systemkey event fired twice.


Under one combination of keydown(keyp!) and sleobject.triggerevent(rbuttondown!), the event runs once.

340299 Menu not appearing on response window when parent window is response window.

Per development: Response windows by definition do not have menus. This is not a bug.

340377 When clicking on the Help cb on the "Targets - To Be

Migrated" dialog, nothing happens.

340418 The database driverPBMSS10.dll is not installed in 10.0
340422 Can't display a VB form in an ActiveX DLL using an OLEObject in PB.

This is not a PB bug. It is common bug that is described in MSDN. You can read it at As a workaround try using the modal form instead:

form.Show vbModal

340514 Window Date editmask or Datawindow editmask of PB8.x and PB9.x incorrectly validate the key in value. e.g. in mm/dd/yyyy format, and try to insert value '02/29'. PB will not allow to accept the digit '9' when the year part is still '0000'. As long as a valid leap year be keyed in, PB will accept the '02/29'.
340521 In the dw SQL painter where clause tab the value list displays garbage characters.
340549 StaticHyperLink - If I fill in the URL

and click on it with the stylus it works fine. If I fill in the URL

and try to programmatically trigger the clicked event (shl_1.event

clicked()) nothing happens. If I create a user event on the control

and trigger it, the user event works fine.

340550 Regression: A window EditMask with spinbox, doesn't fire the pbm_enchange event on each change if the spin arrow is held down.
340580 An external API call returns a string of garbage characters in 10.0
340583 PB install for build 2009 is installing the pbvm90.dll (version


340666 HTMLGenerator instances stay active after overriding the DTC weight properties.
340697 In the database painter ISQL pane, executing more than one select at the same time results in multiple Results panes. If user highlights one of the rows in one of the Results views, and then does a File... Save Rows As, PowerBuilder crashes.

Initially reported for PowerBuilder 9. Also reported for Infomaker 8.0.4.

Workaround: If you need to do "Save Rows As" for a result set, get the results one SQL statement at a time.

340700 When you create a new datawindow and the Template View is one of your default views, if no changes are made to the results shown in the datawindow, when you Save the datawindow you are prompted only to give a dw name. If, however, you make a change such as removing a column from the detail display, when you Save, you are first prompted to save the datawindow template prior to saving the datawindow itself. This is unexpected if you have made no explicit change to the template yourself.
340701 When 2 nested reports are on a datawindow followed by a

computed field and text field, you will see that the 2 nested reports are overlapping

each other by scrolling thru the report in the dw painter.

340711 PowerBuilder crashes when reopening a crosstab datawindow that has a non-visible column. The problem occurs when the datawindow Preview View retrieves. So if you have the "Retrieve on Preview" option turned on in the datawindow painter, you will see this problem occur as soon as you open the Datawindow Painter, assuming the Preview View is open in your current layout.

At least in the simplest case, can work around this by setting the column height to zero instead of turning off the Visible property.

340779 For a Date-Edit-Mask, spin type.

At runtime on the device.

When the cursor is positioned at the and of the date-field AND the date is

not selected AND then I click the spin-control.

Nothing spins.

340780 Hebrew characters lost after Migration.

Not a bug. Need to set Locale Language to Hebrew before running the migration.

340784 When inserting a numeric data into a dynamically created dw, O90 interface returns ORA-01722 error

OS: Win2000 SP4

PB Version and builds TESTED in: 9.0_5507, 9.0.1_6533, 9.0.1_7031 and 9.0.1_7048

This happens only when using O90 interface. Works fine with ODBC.

340785 When 2 nested reports are on a datawindow followed by

a text field and computed field, these fields overlap onto the nested report.

340794 Implement environment variable for PBHeap tracing to direct output to a file
340795 Regression: GPF when full rebuilding an application in 8.0.4 build 10551 and after.
340798 Lbrary list MLE is disabled when the target is registered to SCC, but it should still be scrollable to see all the PBLs.
340801 Crosstab datawindow displaying incorrect results. It's displaying a row data that is not in the table.

Tested in: PB 8.0.4_10551, 9.0_5507, 9.0.1_7048, 9.0.1_6533

340819 When a datawindow accesses an ASA proxy to Oracle 8i table has a 搇ike� operator in the Where Clause, an error occurs. 揝elect error: SQLSTATE = 07002 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere] Count field incorrect: Not enough values for host variables.�

The error does not occur if you turn on DisableBind

340820 Regression: Datawindow expressions calling global functions now leak memory.
340827 At runtime, Null object reference when using "this.classname()" in a Global Function The code will compile without an error.

Use of 'this' pronoun in global function should be flagged as compiler error.

PowerBuilder crashes when you call ClassName or TypeOf in a global function.

340881 stringmask! editmask with a mask including separator characters like "##-##-##" or "##/##/##", there was a built in functionality that caused the cursor to move on to the next section of the mask if the user entered the separator character.

no workaround

340910 Some ICO files will GPF the IDE.

This seems to be very icon dependent, possibly even related

to the tool used to create the icon.


a) In the window painter - set the "window icon", browse to the "ship.ico"

b) press <open>

c) GPF - referenced memory at "0x00002e"

340943 Controls at the edge of a window sheet can be positioned

partly outside the sheet when the sheet is opened with a

larger Windows 'Active Title Bar' sizes set than at design time.

340967 Response window on top of response window lost the focus if try to switch the focus backward and forward to other application before succesfully opening the last response window.
340974 Please introduce a new EditMask property that will allow the developers to disable the validation of the day section of a date.
340977 Focus Problem with ContourCube ActiveX OLEObject. When the OLE control is placed on a window and gets resized the focus cannot get onto the controls within the ole control (like dropdownlistboxes or scrollbars).
340979 FIX to CR 335942 works - only if there is one subclass in the response structure. IF there is more then one substructure inside the response

structure we got an error :

"Could not find Element by name versiontns1:TipiVersionen"

In this case there is a need of two substructure inside

the returned structure (not only one !).

340985 Sending severall calls to a WebDw crashes Jaguar
340986 A stability issue may exist with Anylex generated applications (converted APT applications).

The crash found occurs during garbage collection and may go away when setting

the GarbageCollect Time Limit to a very high limit (for example 1000000).

The root cause of this problem was found to be passing powerobjects to

external functions which is not supported.

340987 When using Drag(Begin!) in the clicked event of eg. a picture control - it does not work on device - causes Application SystemError()
340995 A master/detail report generated from generatexhtml

sometimes looses the format of the detail report.

When the detail report is larger than the frame to display the report in, the format

appears to get scrambled.

341027 When running a query and the database is put into

Quiesce hold after it is released, the query is cancelled in PB and there is a datawindow

error of:

Datawindow Error:

Your query is blocked because it tried to write and database 'pubs2' is in quiesce state.

Your query will proceed after the DBA performs QUIESCE DATABASE RELEASE.

No changes made to database.

The query does not proceed, its cancels and indicated by the following pbtrace.log:

7474848): INSERT INTO test ( id, name ) VALUES ( 744, 'Test Row 744' )

(7474848): SRV 10 #880 Your query is blocked because it tried to write and database 'pubs2' is in quiesce state. Your query will proceed after the DBA performs QUIESCE DATABASE RELEASE. (0 MilliSeconds)

(7474848): SRV 10 #880 Your query is blocked because it tried to write and database 'pubs2' is in quiesce state. Your query will proceed after the DBA performs QUIESCE DATABASE RELEASE. (0 MilliSeconds) (7561 MilliSeconds)


Error 880 (rc -1) : Your query is blocked because it tried to write and database 'pubs2' is in quiesce state. Your query will proceed after the DBA performs QUIESCE DATABASE RELEASE.

(7474848): CANCEL: (0 MilliSeconds)

341072 Uninstalling PB 9 destroys OLE functionality on OS.


There is a zip file that has been staged on our ftp site that contains the

.reg files (IStorage.reg, IStream.reg) and can be downloaded from:

Copy the .REG files and double-click on them to update.

341091 Select blob fails with OLE DB driver - works fine with native MSS driver.
341092 揋et Latest Version厰 immediately after 揂dd to Source control厰 will add a blank line to the source for all Instance, Global and Shared variables.
341110 Editmask regression: SetMask function and MinMax property don't work as in 7.0
341164 In a Web DataWindow, Clicked event not triggered for an image button.
341185 Changes to a project are not taken after using saveAS.
341212 Using Popup Menus & HsplitScroll Property In a DataWindow: It can be very difficult to use the "Horizontal Split" on a Pocket PC. It would be an excellent improvement if this worked better because of screen size limitations.
341219 The PD Customize Toolbars... menu item is not available from PowerBuilder.
341224 File->Save fails to save an open oom file in PowerBuilder.
341226 LastPos is not working as expected when the string length argument is specified. It searches for a string beyond the string length, instead of limiting the search within left-most "x" characters.
341229 When pb10 is installed in the same shared/powerbuilder

directory as pb9 and you try to run a pb9 web services client, a runtime function

reference error will result.

341235 When using pb_heap_debug=true, pb will crash when

freeing the datawindow memory or pbheap_dump(0).

The following error appears:

pb90.exe - Application Error

The exception Breakpoint

A breakpoint has been reached.

(0x80000003) occurred in the application at location 0x10da78a4

341240 GPF when running machine code exe on NT. Works on fine on XP & Win2000.
341275 Querying of table having over 33 columns occurred error "ORA-01001" under Oracle7 with oci8 on PB8/9.

Per PB Engineering, this is not a PB bug:

This problem is caused by Oracle client interface version 8 (OCI8) not caused by PB. There is no problem with OCI9 (query table of Oracle 7 and Oracle 8).

341294 But PB9 IDE will crash on opening the Library Painter after modifing "Your locale (location)" to "US English".
341310 When you RMB on the workspace or target and you select,

deploy, the project (to create an exe) does not get deployed. In the output

view, it just shows:

-------Deploy:Deploy of project p_project_1

-------Finished Deploy of project p_project_1

If you RMB on the project and select deploy, the exe does get generated.

If you RMB on the workspace and select properties, under the "Deploy Preview" tab

you will see that the project name is truncate. It shows p_project_1 instead of

p_project_1_test_this. If you also RMB on the target and select properties, under

the "Deploy" tab it also shows the project name truncated.

341316 When clicking in the window painter when a window is in resize mode (left right arrow)

then the height of the window increases.

341324 A crash occurs on a editmask control when entering a fractional number when

European Control Panel Settings are used (decimal separator comma ',' and thousand separator a dot '.').

This is a regression in PowerBuilder 8 Build 10521

341470 Add the "Show SIP" Property to the DataWindow Control.
341495 PB10 install overwrites registry entry for PB9, breaking Web Service proxy in 9.0.
341513 PB 10 Web Services does not support anyType and some others in XMLSchema.
341514 Datawindow with 'Rows to Disk' retrieve option, fails to update.
341613 In a script of an application that has a window, say w_1, the code:

powerobject p

p = w_1


will not compile but

powerobject p

p = w_1


does compile. I would say neither should compile.

PER DEVELOPMENT: This is not a bug.

The powerscript is a kind of script language so that it has no strict type checking and type casting. For arguments passed by reference, the PB compiler does a strict type checking to make sure that the passed arguments must be same to the function prototype or be a descendant of prototype argument. For arguments passed by value, the PB compiler relaxs the limit, besides a situation as shown above, the PB compiler thinks that it is OK if the passed argument is a ancester of prototype argument.

According to the prototype of the function Open(), the prototype argument is passed by reference. So, the compiler will give out an error for passing POWEROBJECT. Otherwise, the prototype argument is byvalue in the prototype of the function Close() and POWEROBJECT is the ancester of WINDOWOBJECT, it can compile properly.

341617 Launch PowerBuilder not DW Builder when selecting "Edit Datawindow Object" within Visual Studio.Net. Currently DW Builder is launched when one selects Modify Datawindow Object on a Datawindow.Net control.
341623 DW.Net does not have DropDown, ButtonClicking and ButtonClicked events. Code for these events can be put on a Clicked event as a workaround, but does it offer the same amount of detail (arguments like buttonname etc.) as these other events?
341658 When connected to the ProvideX database using odbc,

only 1 table appears in the db painter view or the table list when creating a


The sql.log files shows the following error:

pb80 ce4-7d4 ENTER SQLExecDirect

HSTMT 02552600

UCHAR * 0x01260D40 [ -3] "CREATE TABLE pbcattbl ()\ 0"


pb80 ce4-7d4 EXIT SQLExecDirect with return code -1 (SQL_ERROR)

HSTMT 02552600

UCHAR * 0x01260D40 [ -3] "CREATE TABLE pbcattbl ()\ 0"


DIAG [37000] [ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found: <identifier> (1015)

pb80 ce4-7d4 ENTER SQLErrorW

HENV 02551540

HDBC 025515E8

HSTMT 02552600

WCHAR * 0x0012E260 (NYI)

SDWORD * 0x0012E2AC

WCHAR * 0x0012DE60


SWORD * 0x0012E2B4

pb80 ce4-7d4 EXIT SQLErrorW with return code 0 (SQL_SUCCESS)

HENV 02551540

HDBC 025515E8

HSTMT 02552600

WCHAR * 0x0012E260 (NYI)

SDWORD * 0x0012E2AC (1015)

WCHAR * 0x0012DE60 [ 71] "[ProvideX][ODBC Driver]Expected lex"


SWORD * 0x0012E2B4 (71)

You can connect to excel and see all the tables. The log file from ProvideX shows the following when connected to excel:

<3140> ISAMOpen: Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\providex.ddf , returns fhFile=1496064

<3140> <Customer Classes> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\clsfile , fhFile =1549832 , maxksz=35

<3140> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table Customer Classes - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3140> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 11264 estimated, 0 used

<3140> <Customer Classes> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\clsfile , fhFile =1548352 , maxksz=35

<3140> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table Customer Classes - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3140> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 11264 estimated, 0 used

<3140> <Salesman> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\smnfile , fhFile =1548352 , maxksz=35

<3140> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table Salesman - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3140> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 4096 estimated, 0 used

<3140> <Salesman> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\smnfile , fhFile =1548352 , maxksz=35

<3140> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table Salesman - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3140> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 4096 estimated, 0 used

<3140> ------------------------------

<3140> SELECT DISTINCT SMN_NAME FROM ""Salesman Salesman


When connected thru PowerBuilder, you don't see it getting past the first table--customer:

64> ISAMOpen: Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\providex.ddf , returns fhFile=1964064

<3364> <Customer> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\cstfile , fhFile =1975680 , maxksz=35

<3364> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table Customer - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3364> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 9216 estimated, 0 used

<3364> <customer> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\cstfile , fhFile =1972664 , maxksz=35

<3364> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table customer - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3364> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 9216 estimated, 0 used

<3364> <customer> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\cstfile , fhFile =1972664 , maxksz=35

<3364> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table customer - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3364> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 9216 estimated, 0 used

<3364> <customer> Open file D:\pse-80\10987656\Nomads\cstfile , fhFile =1972664 , maxksz=35

<3364> ISAMCloseTable: Closing table customer - 0 file reads, 0 re-reads, 0 writes, 0 removes

<3364> CACHE STATS - 0 reads, size 9216 estimated, 0 used

SOLUTION: Add the following to the pbodbxx.ini file:

;ProvideX odbc driver




341665 Unable to run PB10 or apps. made with Pb10 on a M/C that does not have .Net Framework 1.1. Powerbuilder applications complain about MSVCR71.dll being not in the system path. This DLL is supplied with .Net Runtime Framework v 1.1
341711 Comma instead of dot is used in soapmessage when using german regional settings when passing a double datatype. The error does not appear on the first call to the webservice - it appears when calling several times.
341719 Some chinese characters are ovewritten when an edit mask was defined.
341722 Because of CR336340, customer apply PB9.0.1 bld 7056 to fix it.

The CR was fix by this build as customer successfully test on tripped down PB App. However, customer found that fail to build on his True Application. Got error on compilation : Compiled segment size exceeds 64k


Fixed in PB 9.0.1 EBF builds 7066 and >.

341782 When executing the following stored procedure thru isql in

Powerbuilder, getting a '"X" not a parameter for procedure select_hello_world'.

From isql using the following syntax will generate the error:

execute select_hello_world 'X';

But qualifying the server name,database and userid to the procedure will execute ok:

execute TBONE.ts_data.tsmaint.select_hello_world 'X';

In PB 8.0.4 and 10, giving the following error when using execute select_hello_world 'X';

SQLState = 42000

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

Could not find stored procedure 'select_hello_world'


341825 Opening PB8 IDE throws error everytime on Windows machines without MS JVM
341829 ToolBar sometimes disappears from the window painter. I can only see it's presence from the control list.
341830 1. I insert a toolbar control on a window. It's default toolbar alignment is alignattop!

2. I switch from AlignatTop! to Floating!.

3. I switch from Floating! to AlignatBottom!. Nothing happens and the toolbar remains at it's floating position instead of moving to the bottom of the window.

341844 Customer wants the ability to assing a string ( which needs to be converted to a Blob) in the right OLE format to the objectdata property of an OLE object/control.

Example: OLE contol is WORD Document or OpenOffice

Blob ibl_data

ibl_data = Blob("hello") // if comments this line, no error ???

ole_1.objectdata = ibl_data


341864 Offsite activation of an olecontrol for Word, leaves PB window on top not Word, but only on Windows 2000 SP4.
341874 A MDI application opens a window either by using a shortcut on the menu or clicking on test_1. The window has a inherited visual object of datawindow on it. The script in the datawindow creates a windows and then opens it.

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM90.dll

File Version:

Fault address=10DA8A79 Section:Offset=01:002A7A79









SS:ESP:0023:0012D444 EBP:01271454

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

10DA8A79 0012D460 0127144C 10B5401E 01271454 10C991DE PbHeap_free+1A9

10BCEE51 0012D468 01271454 10C991DE 01407450 01271454 MemFreePtr+11

10B5401E 0012D470 01407450 01271454 0124EC14 012730BC pbstg_fee+E

10C991DE 0012D488 0124EC14 01271454 0124EC14 01272A44 ob_dynarray_free+7E

10CA6A65 0012D49C 0124EC14 012730BC 01271034 0127162C ob_narray_free+45

10C70AC4 0012D4B8 0124EC14 00000001 0127162C 0124EC14 ob_free_array_data+64

10C89DD0 0012D4E0 0124EC14 0124EC14 00000000 10C9568D OB_OBJECT_LOCAL::deinitialize+1C0

10C8A2CC 0012D4F0 00000000 00000000 10DC5435 0124EC14 OB_OBJECT_LOCAL::destroy+1C

10C9568D 0012D4FC 0124EC14 0127162C 10CE98F3 0124EC14 ob_destroy_rtinst+D

10DC5435 0012D508 0124EC14 0125D410 0124EC14 0012D530 sf_destroy+25

10CE98F3 0127162C 00000000 00000000 0000000F 00000000 rt_exec_pcode+403

341898 A listview item's associated checkbox is not working correctly
341940 Decimal EditMask plays up when the column width is resized
342010 Doing a RMB>Deploy on a web service proxy in the system tree causes error: "wrong library list returned for operation"
342011 PB 10: ENH: Web Sevice Proxy wizards should display more UDDI options such as UDDI on localhost and UDDI on TrySybase.
342015 PB 10: ENH: Web service proxy wizards need option to specify proxy (firewall)
342016 Customer connecting to Foxpro db via the PB datadirect dbase odbc driver gets error message that PowerBuilder catalog tables cannot be created and are not available for use.


PB 9.0.1 EBF build 7096 verified that this issue was resolved.

342051 PB9 MDI sheets with tab controls are considerably slower to open than in PB7
342091 Using "Quick Select" data source to create a datawindow erroneously adds a (not sorted) value for the criteria of columns. This results in a error message "Cannot create datawindow" at the end of the datawindow creation.
342098 IF there is more then one substructure inside the response

structure it does not contain data. In the sample there is an array that is filled by the webservice but the data is missing in the structure. The data is being received completetly (can be traced in the log) but it is not transferred into the struct.

342107 The IDE painters seem to interfere with the FormulaOne 6.1 OCX when

for example inserting cells in which borders are wrongly set.

The interference seems to be between the system tree and the OCX

or the window painter and the OCX, if a window was opened containing the OCX

and running the application.

342165 SCC API: PB objects with names of 40 characters (the maximum limit) have improper status when PB is opened in MS VSS or StarTeam Source Control Systems.
342263 Enhancement Request to change the behavior of the filter buffer as described in CR 315675

The request is to provide full support for edit operations through script for rows that

are also in the filtered buffer and provide consistent behavior upon all buffers.

342271 Two new dataypes were added in ASE 12.5.1 . They are DATE and TIME. When you create a table with a date column in ASE and insert some rows , and query the table from DB painter of PB , the datatcomes back with datetime format with 00:00:00 in time part. If you expand the table and double click on the column with date datatype. and go to the properties, it doesn't show you anything under Datatype. We need to incorporate support for these newly added datatypes in ASE 12.5.1. in PB.
342275 When connected to SQLOLEDB and retrieving a database column

of type money will return 0.00.

The datawindow was created in an earlier version and the database datatype had changed. The result is the dw column is of type number and the database column is of type money.

The source of the datawindow looks like this:

table(column=(type=number updatewhereclause=yes name=money_1 dbname="v_testmoney.money_1" )

When connected to the same database with the MSS driver, the money_1 column will

display 50.0.

The pbtrace shows the following for the OLEDB:

125fc60): PREPARE:

(125fc60): SELECT v_testmoney.money_1 , v_testmoney.money_2 FROM v_testmoney (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): BIND SELECT OUTPUT BUFFER (DataWindow): (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): ,len=44,type=FLOAT,pbt=3,dbt=0,ct=0,prec=0,scale=0

(125fc60): ,len=88,type=DECIMAL,pbt=4,dbt=0,ct=0,prec=0,scale=4

(125fc60): EXECUTE: (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): FETCH NEXT: (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): COLUMN= COLUMN=50

(125fc60): FETCH NEXT: (0 MilliSeconds)


The MSS driver shows:

(125fc60): PREPARE:

(125fc60): SELECT v_testmoney.money_1 , v_testmoney.money_2 FROM v_testmoney (16 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): DESCRIBE: (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): name=money_1,len=44,type=MONEY,pbt=17,dbt=12,ct=0,prec=19,scale=4

(125fc60): name=money_2,len=44,type=MONEY,pbt=17,dbt=12,ct=0,prec=19,scale=4

(125fc60): BIND SELECT OUTPUT BUFFER (DataWindow): (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): name=money_1,len=44,type=FLOAT,pbt=3,dbt=12,ct=0,prec=19,scale=4

(125fc60): name=money_2,len=44,type=DECIMAL,pbt=4,dbt=12,ct=0,prec=19,scale=4

(125fc60): EXECUTE: (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): FETCH NEXT: (0 MilliSeconds)

(125fc60): money_1= money_2=50.0000

(125fc60): FETCH NEXT: (0 MilliSeconds)


342285 Having a corrupt pbl in the same folder as your app, will crash PB when you try and expand the folder from the library painter even if the PBL in not on the library list.
342381 When an ejb returns Java classes eg. java.lang.Double or java.lang.Integer the ejb client proxy generator fails to generate the proxies successfully.

Generation Errors:

Warning: A full or incremental rebuild should be performed.

342401 Enhancement Request: Add a "Test" button on the properties for Transaction.Net. Also, shouldn't the password fields be screening out the entered text with "*", like PD does?
342406 When an oledb stored procedure is fully qualified using

server.databasename.owner.sp, the second resultset is not returned.

The stored procedure used is as follows:

create procedure multi_rs as

select 'A', 'B', 'C'

select '1', '2', '3'

Works ok when sp is not fully qualified. Problem happens using format 3 and format 4 of

dynamic sql calling sp.

342422 Recommendations for changes to SaveAs types, some of these may apply to PowerBuilder as well.

DataWindow.NET is going to support a subset of SaveAs types, but that list needs to be further refined. Currently the list includes the following, and there are comments next to those that require action.


Csv (comma separated)

dBase3 - There is no dBaseIV or dBaseV so the existence of dBase3 seems very odd here. Is dbaseIV and dBaseV format all that different? can we implement it? This is really a DataWindow engine issue, I know, but it makes DW.Net look 'old'.

Dif - Document Interchange Format dates to the late 70's as a way to convert Visicalc to Lotus 1-2-3. It's ANSI only, so will have limited use in Unicode. Do we want to fix bugs with DIF if it fails in the Unicode builds??? Drop this format, a DW.NET user will gravitate to the Excel formats anyway.

Excel and Excel5 and Excel8 - Excel and Excel5 are formats for older versions of Excel which are no longer supported by Microsoft. Excel8 should be renamed Excel and the other older formats should NOT be supported. I know that engineering may disagree here, so in the VERY least, Excel should refer to the new version and the Excel, Excel5 options should be renamed to be more reflective of the actual Microsoft product name, like Excel95, Excel97 (or whatever they are).






Text - this is really Tab separated text, which isn't completely obvious from the enum name. TSV would be consistent with CSV, but I'm not sure that's all that user-friendly.


342424 PB 9.0.1 GPF at runtime on Windows 2003 calling an SP.
342499 This is an extension of CR 320142. If more than 5 pages are being displayed at any one time for Composite or Crosstab DataWindows. The WMF files generated by the SaveAs powerscript function begins to get corrupted, as the text and grid lines begin to "overlap".

Workaround: we would suggest to the users to add a Top clause (for example, "top 20") in the Select statement for the Composite DW, to make sure only the first page of the Composite DW displays in the Web UI. In this way, the display on the Web should be clear, and the user can use the PDF print functionality provided in Appeon DataWindow menu to view all the data in the DW as a PDF document in a separate browser Window.

342510 When locale Language is set to Hebrew, HTTP caching does not work after calling a PB component.
342515 PB10: IDE disappears (crashes) when creating a datawindow from stored procedure. When I try to view the stored procedure information in database painter, I get a Low Virtual memory message and then PB crashes.
342517 How do I make external function calls to pkodb15u.dll ?

PER DEVELOPMENT: We do not support or document directly calling into the Pocket PowerBuilder DLLs.

342522 Match all the PB 10 SaveAs types in with equivalent types in DW.NET. Known new types that are not included are the Enhanced Metafile (Appeon driven) and we should have a newer dBase version.
342530 Unable to view the sql syntax in the datawindow painter

with OLEDB and sql server 2000. The behavior is different between PB 8.0.4 and PB 9.0.1. In pb 9.0.1, when selecting the "sql" or "datasource" from the menu, pb will hang.

In PB 8.0.4, when trying to view the sql syntax, the error of:

Select Error: SQLSTATE=42S02

Microsoft OLE DB provider for SQL Server

Invalid object name 'rb_cat'

342531 Need to clean up mis-spellings of "default" in 2 places in the EAServer Component Wizard.
342536 Dragging a window with tabs over another window with tabs causes choppy movement.

From Engineering: This is caused by a combination of 2 things; 1) Unchecking the OriginalSize property on a PB picture control and resizing the picture. 2) Poor performing video cards.

Getting a better video card will eliminate the behavior. If that is not possible then a workaround is to check the OriginalSize property. Note: Do not resize the picture in PB painters. If you need to resize the picture, please use image tools to do that.

342580 1) Create a POOMTask object.

2) Create a POOMRecurrence object with properties set and updated.

3) Call SetRecurrence function and it returns -4.

342657 EBF/Maintenance Release installer enhancement request to allow the selection of options that were not selected in the previous install.
342725 PowerBuilder 9

If you have the following editmask #,##0.00 and tab to the column

(cursor at the beginning) and enter 1234, you may end up with 12,304.00

If the column is made wider then you get the correct 1,234.00

342726 Wants the ability to deploy individual documents from a JSP target.
342728 The N_up datawindow seems to get confused when tabbing to a checkbox editstyle and entering a space.

If you have N2 two rows in the detail band and you tab to the second checkbox,

the second gets selected. But when subsequently you alter the value using the spacebar

the first checkbox gets changed (which was not the selected one).

342730 Multiline static text objects in a nested DW that are being changed dynamically (using modify), don't wrap words to new line correctly.

Regression started with PB 9.0.1 build 7066.

Works fine with eg. PB 9.0.1 build 7061.

Works also fine with NON-Nested dw object. !

Workaround: Add a blank at the end of the string to be assigned to the text property of the static text object.

342750 The property sheet for a DataStore in VB.NET has a button with ellipsis to bring up a dialog to select a datawindow object from the PBLs in the supplied library list; but that button doesn't do anything. It DOES work for DataWindows though.
342753 PB 10 Beta ENH: PB to keep track of last PD workspace opened independent from PD.
342757 An editmask for a char(12) phone number is "(###) ### e~xt: ####". This displays the number correctly, but if you edit the last 4 digits and tab off, one digit is dropped.
342761 Beginning with version of the StarTeam SCC integration software, PB9 customers will enjoy the benefits of "Diff by version number". Moreover, it will no longer be necessary to keep PB generated object files on the local project path in order to correctly determine whether objects in the PBL are in sync with the SCC repository.

Once the new StarTeam software is installed, PB9 will automatically begin using the new "Diff by version number" feature. PB9 users are strongly urged to install EBF build 7056 or higher to take full advantage of the new "Diff by version number" feature.

342823 Crosstab datawindow saved as html, has extra spaces in a few places.
342824 When opening a datawindow on a networked drive where the drive has only read and execute privileges and the folder where the pbl is located has read/write/execute privileges, results in the following error:

Export/Import Template XML

Temporary File Creation Failure

Error Parsing Template

Problem was reproducable when running Powerbuilder on XP and pbl was located on win2k machine. Could not reproduce problem when Powerbuilder was running on win2k and pbl was located on winnt machine or vice versa.

RESOLUTION: PB 9.0.1 EBF build 7087 verified that this issue was resolved as a result of the fix for CR 335944.

342836 Add what is missing to the System tree so we no lonber need the PB Library Painter: multi object selection, viewing "rapidly and for all" the object and library comment, viewing the size of object, creating a new library, etc.
342843 PB 10 Beta: Build 2505 plugin does not recognize PowerDesigner 10 build 1049.
342844 When using Microsoft's jdbc driver and trying to

retrieve a text and datetime column, the following error will result:

Select Error:

[Microsoft][SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC] ResultSet can not re-read row data

for column

342845 DBParm SvrFailover = 'YES' is being ignored by PB (PBSYC80.dll) with ASE 12.5.1.
342882 calling AddFlow ActiveX move function in the resize event does not move the ole control to the right place anymore.

Workaround: post the move function of the ole control in the resize event.

342904 When displaying a master/detail in a IE browser, results

in the following error:

Done, but with errors on page.

Line: 1

Char: 27

Error: Syntax Error

Code: 0

URL: http://localhost/Sales/SalesDetail.jsp

The format appears to look ok and clicking on any of the hyperlinks work ok. The format

looks ok for the detail report. Works ok using GenerateXHTML(). Works ok if the jsps

are called separately--http://localhost/Sales/SalesDetail?id=2004. Problem appears when calling the SalesFrame.jsp which calls the SalesMaster.jsp and SalesDetail.jsp.

342922 PB 10 Beta/PD: When you use an external editor such as NotePad to edit implementation script, the edits are lost and never reflected in the operation implementation body. It works in PD standalone.
342928 Enhancement: Customer is using a lot of correlated subqueries in SQL SELECT statements. In the PB SQL Painter, please allow another instance of the SQL Painter to be invoked from a Compute line, just like choosing SELECT option from a Where line.
342956 Datawindow numeric editmasks issues in PowerBuilder 9.

Several issues has been found with selecting text and entering keys on

numerical editmasks with multiple leading zero's in the editmask like

000.00 00.00 #00.00

For example:

- Editmask 00.00

Enter the value 45.67 in a new row

Select the first two digits 45

Then press the key 1

The result is 00.17 instead of 01.67

342978 Add a POOM contact with Birthday and Anniversary dates assigned in any acceptable date format e.g. dd/MMM/yy or yy/MM/dd with corresponding system date setting. Open the added contact in edit format, the Birthday and Anniversary fields display "none" instead of the assigned dates.
342984 Autosize height affects an object height and rowheight() computed column value.
343013 Hovering within debugger will crash PB.
343022 A PB component with a large ResultSet return value causes a Heap Manager exception. This worked fine in EAServer 4.2.0, but is now failing in EAS 4.2.2.
343061 Can't access data in delete buffer in PB901.7066 .

There is no problem in other PB versions.

343073 Cannot scroll in a column having an edit mask.
343075 PB 901 regression: Repainting issue when resizing an OLE control with an OCX.
343077 I can choose 4 values on my PPC2003 device: Free, Tentative, Busy

(default!!) and Out of office

PPB allows only 3 values:

BusyFree! (default)



Sooo, I miss BusyBusy!

343078 When entering in a value that has a leading zero, the cursor will jump to the right of the decimal.

Possible workaround is to use #,000,000.000.

343093 PB 10 Help states that it is possible to directly convert a string to a blob, but the code sample does not compile.
343143 can't access a object at a second call component loaded by AddToLibraryList ,

although library already loaded.

343156 Roud-Robin does not dispatch load properly with PB components doing inter-component calls
343173 HTMLDW returns -5 (undocumented return code) when context has single quote character embedded (O'Brian) and HTMLContextApplied aborts the action.
343233 Operation result of some computed field in DW is wrong.

Case #1 : different result by a parenthesis

formula #1-1 : round ((3+2.69+1.3+2.59)/4 ,2)

formula #1-2 : round (((3+2.59+2.69+1.3)/4) ,2)

Case #2 : different result by order of operand

formula #2-1 : round((3 + 2.36 + 0.14 - 3 )/4,2)

formula #2-2 : round((3 - 3 + 2.36 + 0.14 )/4,2)

343275 PB 10 Beta: UDDI Proxy object does not return error if UDDI server unreachable.

From PB Engineering: This is not a bug. Internally in our PB wrapper class we call method setInquiryURL() of the UDDIProxy class, and this does not return a value, so it is not possible to know the success or failure of the UDDI method execuation in PB.

343371 Tabular DW with groups is not scrolling properly clicking the down arrow on the scroll bar. The header jumps down and scrolls with the detail rows.
343372 When using a Netscape browser and NetscapeLayers=yes,

its causing a Corba error org.omg.CORBA.INTERNAL: minor code:0 completed=yes.

The problem appears to be in the n_webdw/Generate function and once PB hits the

ids_datastore.Describe("DataWindow.Data.HTML"), it immediates goes to the destructor


Further testing with Netscape and PB 9.0.1 (build 7087) revealed:

Netscape version NetscapeLayers='N' NetscapeLayers='Y'

4.7 Works ok Corba Error

6.2 Browser hangs Corba Error

7.1 Corba Error Corba Error

The jaguar.log shows the following:

Jan 08 15:53:52 2004: SPID: 12 DEBUG: epicinfocase/WebDW/generate

Jan 08 15:53:54 2004: SPID: 12 Fatal Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method generate in epicinfocase/WebDW.

Jan 08 15:53:54 2004: SPID: 12 Fatal Error Occurs in PB Component, Transaction Rollbacked.

Jan 08 15:53:54 2004: SPID: 12 CORBA Runtime Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method generate in epicinfocase/WebDW.

343474 After applying changes to a datastore with setchanges(), a setitem is called that sets a new value to a column in the datastore. Once

the update(false,false) is completed another getchanges is called and the blob

is returned to the client. The client calls a setchanges() but the change from the setitem is not reflected until the next retrieve is called.

RESOLUTION: Move the getchanges() call before update(false,false)

343477 strange results when comparing strings with the '-' character. For example:

1) "A-" > "AB" Returns false

MessageBox("A- > AB", "A-" > "AB")

2) However, "A-B" > "AB" return true

MessageBox("A-B > AB", "A-B" > "AB")

3) Even stranger "A-B" > "AC", return false

MessageBox("A-B > AC", "A-B" > "AC")

NOT A BUG: lstrcmp in the Win32 API using Visual C returns the same results.

343482 If the last column in a datawindow is an editmask with autoskip, when the field is full the cursor stays just in front of the last character allowing extra keystrokes to change the last character.
343547 A Client Appl which contains DW using oracle inlineview with EAServer 4.2.2(#42211)& PBVM (804.10501) in multi-CPUs was hang.
343586 Problem in PDFs generated with XSL-FO.Some Text is missing.

PER DEVELOPMENT: This is not a bug. This is due to difficulties with fop (and similar programs/situations) not being able to directly translate the exact same font and font size. Small modifications are needed in the report allowing extra space in fields to provide for variations in font sizes. Reports must be designed and tested to allow for variations in font mappings.

343588 Problem in PDFs generated with XSL-FO. The report is landscape , but the pdf generated is portrait and also some text is overwritten.
343589 After saving a datawindow with multiple groups as PDF in ASLFOP format, the group headers are missing from the 2nd page onwards.
343597 Describe returns quotes as part of text string if it includes ~r~n.
343609 First sentence of first screen reads: ... build proxies for web service. We need to add an 'a' in there "for a web service."

Last sentence of first screen reads: ... click Next to proceed. Otherwise, click Cancel. 'Otherwise' is a subordinating conjunction, so it should read " Next to proceed; otherwise, click Cancel."

Second screen: ".. path, or URL" remove the comma

343612 PowerDesigner splash screen is modal during PB startup. At the very least, make the splash screen application modal, but not system modal, so that you can switch to some other application while PB/PD is loading.
343616 PowerBuilder crashes on exit when PowerDesigner plug-in is enabled.
343617 When a textarea field on a jsp page contains (#, &, + or %) and the form is submitted for update, the page will return blank.

The jsp page (contact_form_sample.jsp) calls a javabean (shdrcontBean) and the javabean calls a pb component which connects to a mssql2000 table and updates the table.

The jsp page calls request.getParameter("sample_context") and that value gets truncated

after the special character. For example:

(sample 0)(43 )((ModifyRow 0 ((1 0 '5')) ((2 0 'AAAA

Instead of:

(sample 0)(3 )((ModifyRow 0 ((1 0 '5')) ((2 0 'AAAAAAAA')))(row 0)(sortString '?'))

On the client side, the update calls save_form() and save_form calls refresh_form.

Refresh_forms calls sample.GetFullContext() calls getChanges and escapeString. getChanges

calls generateChange.

Per PB Engineering:

This is not a PB bug. Some sepcial characters can't be used in URL, please see the "Unsafe" information on the website:

343662 This problem occurred only on windowXP, not happened on w2k.

IF ddlb's property "showlist" is set as TRUE ( ddlb_ward.showlist =TRUE )

When focusing or mouse movement in area of ddlb in window or selecting item in ddlb,

the area of ddlb is shaking heavily under conditions when display theme is set to "WindowsXP"

IF the display theme is set to "Traditional Windows theme", then no shaking occurred.

343672 Space,NL in a column lost after save to XML and then re-import data.
343680 Performance problem in PowerBuilder 9

On a datawindow with dropdowndatawindows attached to certain columns and a sort

expression is defined that uses the lookupdisplay function on these columns, it was

found that the retrieval time in PowerBuilder 9 was much longer than in PowerBuilder 8.

One factor found was that the type of the data column in the dddw was of type number

instead of type long or decimal(0). Changing the type to long reduced the retrieval time.

343681 Unable to expose PowerBuilder methods that take arrays of simple datatypes as arguments. Works fine with EJB. An array of simple datatypes should not have to be defined as a user defined datatype, the soap servlet should manage it as it is.


write a java wrapper class that makes an intercomponent call to the PB component.

343692 When optimizing a pbl from either the workspace system

tree or from the library painter, the objects are no longer listed under the

file/open. Cannot open an object and they are not display under file/menu.

RESOLUTION: Not able to reproduce problem in PB 9.0.2 (build 7672) or PB 10.2 (build 7516).

343703 Ability to move around child elements more easily in a

xml template so that if you delete a parent element, you don't have to recreate

all the child elements again.

343711 New feature request: support bitmaps next to menu items
343718 When executing an Oracscript batch file in 10.0, the "Set LibList" will fail if your relative path specification is incorrect. The starting point for all relative paths in Orcascript is the DOS current working directory. The current working directory is the path that you see at the DOS prompt.
343721 Beta PB 10: Run the install for PowerBuilder alone. The dialog that show the progress of the install as files are being copied is noticeably shifted to the right.
343728 MS SQL Server 2K (ODBC), in dw SQL painter an invalid computed col name does not allow user to make changes, it throws you back into the dw design mode painter.
343731 Inconsistent options on DW .NET installation
343831 Problem with editmask mm/dd/yyyy overtyping the month on a full field. If the current value is 12/29/2003, you can overtype the 12 with 03 through 09. But 01 and 02 are not allowed. Only 02 is invalid, 01 should also be allowed.

Additonally: Another scenario is a change from 31/01/2000 to 31/10/2000 that should be allowed. Furthermore 31/01/2000 to 31/12/2000 should be allowed.

343838 Resize of OLEControl (Microsoft web browser) causes X, Y position to change.
343918 Unable to generate web service proxy for WSDL created using VS.Net, Error "Cannot parse the WSDL file" in his build. XMLSPy reports that the document is well-formed.

PER DEVELOPMENT: In this instance the problem is that the customer's Web Service returns an ADO DataSet to the client. Unfortunately, WB Web Service don't support DataSets being returned.

Reclassified CR as a New Feature Request: Add Web Services Support for ADO Datasets.

343927 First character is ignored after highlighting editmask. Different behaviour is exhibited when the currency setting is set to � (pound) or $ (dollar) for the following 2 edit masks $###,###,##0.00 and $###.00.
343930 Allow other files - not just PB files/objects - to be checked in and checked out from the library painter when using source control mechanism other than PB Native.
343931 Unable to input desired characters after highlighting editmask.
344026 Enhancement request: OrcaScript Documentation needs more examples and all commands documented.
344028 When remote debugging a component running on EAServer 4.2.2 on solaris, causes pb to crash with a access violation in pbvm70.dll.

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: e:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll

File Version:

Fault address=1139A649 Section:Offset=01:00179649









SS:ESP:0023:0012FA98 EBP:00000000

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

OS version:

Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:

Total physical memory: 196024K

Available physical memory: 56128K

Total virtual memory usage: 239500K / 375844K

PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 78500K / 2097024K

344055 Selecting or highlighting a value with a editmask of

###,###.00, when you enter in a new value the first digit is ignored.

Problem happens with a editmask control and datawindow editmask.

344170 Tested and reproduced with 9.0.1 and 8.0.4

Customer would like both graph control and dw graph to have real numeric scaling for X axis, with the same functionality we have for Y axis today, for future releases of PowerBuilder.

344196 dw.find method return incorrect row no. sometimes when try to search for value on a DECIMAL type column.
344216 The SetValue method applies to the DataWindowChild object

and that needs to be reflected in the online help.

344228 The SetRowFocusIndicator should also list the syntax

when the focusindicator argument is a picture control.

integer dwcontrol.SetRowFocusIndicator ( picture p {, integer xlocation {, integer ylocation } } )

From online help it currently list the syntax for focusindicator using the RowFocusInd enumerated datatype:

integer dwcontrol.SetRowFocusIndicator ( RowFocusInd focusindicator {, integer xlocation {, integer ylocation } } )

344259 Problems executing an oracle stored proc without a public synonym.
344305 Port Powerbuilder over to the Mac and have a Mac


Why not port the PowerBuilder (Unix version) over to Mac OS X? With this new stable and robust OS this may be a nice market to dominate for Enterprize apps in Mac shops.

344326 When you add a Toolbar control in the Window painter, the Right Mouse Button pop-up menu support does not work. User reports that this is also true for the ToolBar User object created in the UO painter. Tap-and-hold fires the rbuttondown for Window objects and most controls.


344331 Regression: DW Filter() not firing the rowfocuschanging and rowfocuschanged events
344332 In PowerBuilder (and Pocket PowerBuilder) Application Painter, the Icon and Variable Types tabs should be moved from the Additional Properties (of application object) window and be on the main property sheet.
344334 When trying to execute a set of sql statements that

has a comment (/* This is a test */) in the isql view and "Strip Comments" is unchecked,

a syntax error will result.

Works ok when "Strip Comments" is checked. PB doesn't appear to process the standard

comment syntax in isql.

344348 ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Ability to turn off group headers on page boundary for each additional page after the first (PB9).
344353 ENH: Add hyperlinks to Objects and Methods in the script painter.
344360 Full support of *.PNG format graphix files in menu toolbars, picture controls, datawindows, listviews and treeviews. png also supports transparency and more colors than gif.
344368 NoUserPrompt DataWindow object property is supposed to prevent dialogs from appearing, but it does not when the datawindow is a crosstab.
344408 EJB client fails to handle custom exception if the ejb on websphere returns an array of objects.

It will just raise an PBXRuntimeError: Error calling method of a PBNI object instead of the Custom Exception.

344411 A dw column (or editmask control) with a spin

control is not incrementing properly.

The column has the following properties set:





When trying to increment the value, the results are:




Instead of:







344448 When copying one line or several lines from a jsp page

and then pasting either to a text editor or to another jsp, nothing gets pasted

or garbage characters are pasted.

344493 Menuitem that has no submenu items stays highlighted.

If you have a menuitem which has no submenues in a MDI application, that menu item will continue to have a focus rectangle after the focus is lost. This makes it very ugly on XP display schemes. This is also a problem on Win 2000.

Workaround: Please the following code in activate event of the window which is being called from the menuitem:

//m_main.item[1].visible = false

//m_main.item[1].visible = true

344499 In On-line help, select "NumericFormat DBParm parameter" from the Index tab.

Click the Examples button and notice the extra bolding and the inclusion of the Example 2 line in the stream of text.

344518 No rollback on a transactional EAS PB component on an Application Execution Error.
344536 In Data Pipeline object, cannot insert a Null value into a DateTime columns. Even if column alllows Nulls. Error: "Restricted data type attribute violation" and same query works in in isql or query analyzer.
344543 10.0 must have SYC driver support for new ASE date and time datatypes. (And maybe SYJ support too).
344581 Wants the ability to choose the folder of temporary file used by saveAS.
344648 ProfileInt not reading the ini file. Using truss

to capture output and no entries show up in log file for ProfileInt.

Works ok using ProfileString

344651 PowerBuilder binds numeric retrieval arguments to float values in most cases. When using a decimal retrieval argument this can cause full table scans because the datatype does not match that of the primary key. Add support of decimal retrieval arguments.
344679 Oracle 9 has a new syntax feature in creating char and varchar columns.

You can use the CHAR qualifier, for example VARCHAR2(10 CHAR), to give the maximum length in characters instead of bytes. A character is technically a codepoint of the database character set. CHAR and BYTE qualifiers override the setting of the NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS parameter, which has a default of bytes. The maximum length of VARCHAR2 data is 4000 bytes. Oracle compares VARCHAR2 values using nonpadded comparison semantics...

CREATE TABLE new_table (




When this syntax is used connecting with O90 or ODBC the column sizes are multiplied by 3 or 4 depending on the NLS_CHARACTERSET when viewed in the database painter or in SQL select in the DataWindow Painter.

Currently as a trade-off the DATA_LENGTH for char and varchar2 columns

and the CHAR_LENGTH for the nchar and nvarchar2 datatype is shown.

With the Or9 interface also a connection to an Oracle 8 database can be made and this version does not have the qualifier construct. The painter therefor shows the number of butes for the char and varchar2 column and not the

number of chars as for nchar and nvarchar2 columns.

344717 PB 10 Beta: Using OLE DB to connect to MS SQL Server. When connecting to a newly created database that has no PB Cat tables, PB is unable to create the Cat tables and gives the error: "Catalog tables could not be created and are not available for use". PB 9 works fine.
344735 PB10Beta: Install/unistall DW.Net causes error if .Net Framework is not installed:

when (un)installing: Severe: .Net framework is not found, ADO .Net DB driver cannot be (un)registered.

344738 PB 10 crashing when trying to connect to a SQL Server 2000 db via ADO.Net
344753 Requesting CR 309764 fix be applied to the PB 9.0.1 pbo7390.dll
344791 When a computed field in a DW has the expression eg. relativetime(compute_1, 360) and the computed field is accessed via eg.

getitemtime() or dot notation the result is always: 00:00:00

344797 Numeric or Decimal editmask get regression after PB9.0.1 build 6533.

The problem occur when try to modify the value after highlight the previous value.

When type "123.45", it become "001.23".

344801 PowerBuilder 9 executables that have been compiled with the option "New Visual Style

Controls" don't show the background colors of datawindow buttons and groupboxes when

run on XP.

This happens when XP uses a Theme and not when the display is set to Windows Classic in the control panel.

344806 Remote debugging of components in EAServer 4.2.2. Values set to null show values as set to zero or empty string.
344811 The dbname generated by the DW painter is wrong when using a sql syntax and when the connected user is not the table owner.
344819 If the columns appear in the wrong order in the imported XML file. The datawindow creates 2 or more rows for one row of the xml file, If the order is for instance like: col3 col1 col2

no workaround

344831 Ability to convert Keycode to a string without using

a Choose case statement.

The keycode is a enumerated type for the keydown(), systemkey, key, pbm_dwnkey,pbm_lvnkeydown,pbm_renkey,pbm_tcnkeydown,pbm_tvnkeydown, keyevent ()

and now it must be converted and each keystroke checked.

CHOOSE CASE a_key // for a..z, we convert to lower case at the end of the function.

CASE keyA! ls_Key = 'A'

CASE keyB! ls_Key = 'B' //and so on for every character that there is on the keyboard.

344832 Enhancement request for DW.NET. The Sybase.DataWindow.Blob object could include additional methods, notably a RowCount and perhaps a subdivision of how many inserts, deletes, and updates are individually included in the blob.
344856 After installing the PB10, the SoapConnection object in PB 90 fails.
344860 Enhancement: Add an optional argument to the FileDelete function that would allow the user to empty the Recycle Bin.
344864 The Source Control context menuitems are hidden during SCC whenever a secondary thread is launched to refresh the SCC status cache. SCC requests are not allowed while the 2nd thread is running - however, you can continue to edit checked-out objects and perform other operations in the IDE. You will also see the word (Initialization) in the Library Painter title bar during this time.

10.2.1 EBFs and 10.5 EBFs built after 11/1/2006 contains fixes to prevent the system tree and library painter treeview from collapsing and scrolling unexpectedly after SCC refresh completes.

344922 EditMask controls on windows. You cannot use the "." on the numeric keypad to enter decimal numbers in a editmask ###,###.00 if reginal settings are set to Spanish (Spain).

workaround: use the DW Edit Mask.

344973 When a ole control on a mdi sheet and several

sheets are opened and the ole controls are activated, switching between the sheets

shows inconsistent behavior that are listed below:

Once you open a sheet and activate the ole control, the mdi toolbar does not display.

After both sheets are opened and both controls are activated, once you switch back and set focus to the first sheet, it appears that the ole control is still activated but the original mdi menu shows (instead of the ole control menu and mdi menu merged together) with the toolbar from the ole control.

Now switch back and set focus on the second sheet, the original mdi menu appears but

the ole control still appears to be activated (you can still use the paint brush in the control.)

Now switch back to the first sheet again, the mdi menu appears and the ole control appears

to be deactivated. But if you switch back to the second sheet again, the ole control appears to still be activated. You cannot deactivate it.

344974 Source Control Enhancement: Would like Powerbuilder to manage libraries automatically.
344977 Customer would like to see a NoMerge option listed

under the MergeOption on a menus property page.

The reason is the customer is using a mdi application a sheet contains a ole control.

When they use activate(inplace!), the customer does not want to see Ole control menu.

They only want to see the mdi applications menu.

344979 Although the PBVM readme.txt includes the following statement:

PowerBuilder components deployed to EAServer on a UNIX platform can have neither graphical dependencies nor dependencies on the Windows application programming interface.

It may not be obvious for some of the saveas filetypes (SYLK! or DIF!), which ones are not supported on unix. The documentation and online help should make this clearer.

I sent an email to engineering to verify what filestypes are supported on unix and here's

what I got:

PBVM Saveas Types Supported on Unix









PBVM Not Supported on Unix











345048 IF IsNull(double(the_structure.the_element))then ... //the_element is of type any

Regression: The above powerscript construction may cause crashes or painter hangs in

PowerBuilder 8 Build 10538 or later and in PowerBuilder 9 Build 7031 or later.

Additional fix info from PB Engineering:

The object which contains calls to system function IsNull() need to be rebuilt.

345052 The following code causes PowerBuilder 10 to crash:

String err, s


SQLCa.DBParm="ConnectString='DSN=EAS Demo DB V10'"

connect using SQLCA;

s = SQLCA.SyntaxFromSQL('select 1 as a from sys.systable', "", Err)

345059 Datawindow .Net: Enhancement Request for new overload(s) of GetItem/SetItem to accept array arguments, thus mimicing dot notation in PowerBuilder.
345098 Consult: Printsend fails to print barcodes and icons properly in PB 9.x
345102 PB10 Beta: Identification issue in Add/Remove Programs: Common Installer and Sybase Datawindow.Net do not have obvious version information displayed. You must click on the Support Information link to find it. This might be overlooked by some customers. It would be more consistent with other products and versions, and would not cause confusion to add the version in the title, such as "Sybase Common Installer 10.0" instead of "Sybase Common Installer".
345104 Regression in 9.0: ScrollToRow fires rowfocuschanged before scrolling to the row.

3/1/2004 Fixed by PB Engineering:

Changed the dw.scrollrow function behavior:

Before: rowfocuschanging event and rowfocuschanged event were trigered before the scrolling action.

Now: rowfocuschanging event was trigered before scrolling action and rowfocuschanged event was trigered after the scrolling action.

345181 Beta 10 issue: LibraryExport generating incorrect source code.
345183 Deleting a utility in DB Profile painter does not prompt for delete confirmation.
345189 SaveAsAscii("C:\TEMP\customers.txt","","","") creates a file with no data, instead of a file with no character separators, no quotes, and no line ending character.
345198 When deploying a Datawindow ActiveX with a jdbc connection,

the pbvm90.dll and pbjvm90.dll are required whereas in pb80 you didn't have to

deploy pbvm.

345199 DataWindow.NET IsItemNull() returns true for a date column with the default initial value of 01/01/1900.


This turned out to be the same behavior as PB and so was deemed not a bug.

345281 No input arguments are listed after generating

web services proxy with wsdl file.

The web services functions updatecircuitsummary, updateticketsummary and updateequipmentsummary have not input arguments listed after proxy is generated.

345286 The Power Tip text of an invisible Tab Page still displays in place of a visible tab page's Power Tip.
345311 In menu preview (WYSIWYG View) pane, menu items at the very right, and/or submenu items that are either long or items, are truncated, even when the horizontal scrollbar is present, it does not allow scrolling to the very end.
345382 Open an empty script window, enter the following text: int a[9, compile it, correct the error by closing bracket and deleting the '9', recompile a couple of times. PB crashes
345429 Enhancement Request: When in a script painter users should be allowed to open other classes and functions by performing a certain action (e.g. right click) on a class.function_Name
345430 With an ODBC connection to Oracle something is limiting the number of characters to 1000 for a bind variable parameter.
345435 PowerBuilder crashes when altering the SQL of a datawindow with Oracle native connection via O84 driver.
345533 Under Native Traditoinal / Simplified chinese Windows 2000, the Richtext Edit Control does not show Truetype Fonts in the drop down listbox on the toolbar. Only fixed size fonts available.

Can manually type the Fonts Name at the RTE dropdown listbox. But not possible if try to use Double Byte Character Fonts.


Install a default printer.

345547 Background threads for status updates are started if you double-click on PBL or by clicking on the + icon to the left of the PBL name, but not just by single clicking on the PBL itself -> Library Painter.
345554 Group box control on a dw with a text colour set eg. to windows text shows up as black when run via exe when exe is created with XP style visual controls.

The default should be blue in XP default style.

The groupbox window control behaves as expected, it will show the text in blue.

345563 When expanding a pbl in the library painter, causes

a lag time before the expanded pbl appears in the listview. Cpu usage can reach

up to 100% and the hourglass appears.

345581 When status refresh is performed on an individual object,

the position of the selected object is changed once the refresh completes.

Problem was reported for the system tree and library painter

345593 User has objects with 40 character names. SccDiff (quiet mode) fails with log message:

DIFF2002 SccDiff error. Unable to read PBL source for (f_add67890123456789012345678901234567890.srf).

345597 Enhancement Req: Source control window that shows up on "Add to Source control" action or "Get Latest Version" action should have diagonal marks at the bottom to indicate that it is resizable. Also, it should remember it's previous size.
345727 There are inconsistencies in the IDE behavior between PB and PD that should be resolved.
345735 SyntaxFromSQL is generating incorrect syntax. Before the syntaxfromsql is called, several functions are called. They call the sp_helprole(),sp_helprolemember() and sp_helpsrvrolemember(). If the datawindows are commented out that execute these sp, than syntaxfromsql works ok.

The sql that is generated is:

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_glbuh_name dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_glbuh_name")

column=(type=char(43) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_nabor_razd_buh dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_nabor_razd_buh")

column=(type=char(43) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_nabor_razd_fin dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_nabor_razd_fin")

column=(type=char(43) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_razdel dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_razdel")

column=(type=char(43) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_glbuh_name_1 dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_glbuh_name")

column=(type=long updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_doc_id dbname="uf_doc_id")

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_acc_section dbname="uf_contr_acc_section")

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_buh_section dbname="uf_contr_buh_section")

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_glbuh_name_2 dbname="uf_contr_glbuh_name")

column=(type=char(50) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_nabor_razd_buh_1 dbname="uf_contr_nabor_razd_buh")

column=(type=char(50) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_nabor_razd_fin_1 dbname="uf_contr_nabor_razd_fin")

column=(type=char(30) updatewhereclause = yes name=uf_contr_razdel_1 dbname="uf_contr_razdel")

Instead of:

table(column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_glbuh_name dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_glbuh_name" )

column=(type=long updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_doc_id dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_doc_id" )

column=(type=long updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_doc_id dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_doc_id" )

column=(type=long updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_doc_id dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_doc_id" )

column=(type=long updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_doc_id dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_doc_id" )

column=(type=long updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_doc_id dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_doc_id" )

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_acc_section dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_acc_section" )

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_buh_section dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_buh_section" )

column=(type=char(20) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_glbuh_name dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_glbuh_name" )

column=(type=char(50) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_nabor_razd_buh dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_nabor_razd_buh" )

column=(type=char(50) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_nabor_razd_fin dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_nabor_razd_fin" )

column=(type=char(30) updatewhereclause=yes name=uf_contr_razdel dbname="DocALF_摒桎梓羼觐錩腓鲱__single_1_0001.uf_contr_razdel" )

In the w_err_debug/cb2, the f_set_alefuserrole is called. That calls the f_check_alefuserrole and f_check_user_admin, f_check_db_role.

345738 PB 10 Beta ( build 3007): DW.Net install creates incorrect registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SOFTWARE\Sybase\DataWindow.Net

instead of: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sybase\DataWindow.Net

345763 DLL version information obtained through Win APIs calls GetFileVersionInfoSize, and GetFileVersionInfo on PowerBuilder dlls such as pbvm100.dll, do not contain build version information in 10.0. This is a regression from 9.0 PB dlls which do return build information.
345904 OLE - Microsoft Web Browser does not resize in PowerBuilder Build 7066 and higher when changes are made to the width and height properties using UnitsToPixels.
345980 PB8 regression (works correctly using PB 9.0.1): QueryMode doesn't work edit mask columns on a PB/EAS application. Follow up on CR 300746.


Use PB9.

IN PB8: Use a Dw column that has no edit mask defined.

346011 Numerous processes are lefting hanging on the Oracle server

machine, Powerbuilder does not close a connection to the Oracle TNS listener.

346025 Hebrew not rendered in OLE call from a PB component.
346028 When connected via OLE DB to MS SQL Server, PB crashes trying to add a retrieval argument to a DataWindow where clause.
346046 In the Examples, the icon that means "enhanced since 5.0" is a bulldozer and that can be mistaken to mean "under construction".
346055 A regression in PB 10.0. Command buttons with the default and cancel properties checked are not working.
346057 GetItemTime and GetItemDateTime functions throws exception in Datawindow.Net when a datetime column has a non zero value in the millisecond part.

Exception information is:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException' occurred in mscorlib.dll

Additional information: Valid values are between 0 and 999, inclusive.

346058 When executing stored procedure using OLEDB driver on Microsoft SQl Server 2000 , a 5 character input parameter is returned as an output parameter. It is returned as 4 characters.
346124 Enhancement request to increase the allowable length of identfier names.

The current limit is 40 characters (see on-line help on identifiers).

346131 New Feature Request: When EAServer is using FOP generator to produce the PDFs, it spews out a lot of unwanted information in the Jaguar.Log. Customer needs a switch from PB to turn off these messages to be written in Jaguar.log.

PB Engineering:

We introduced an environment variable called as PB_FOP_SUPPRESSLOG. When it is set to 0 (or not set), PB will default to the normal behavior and continue to log into the jaguar.log. If it is set to 1, PB will not not log into into the jaguar.log.

346138 Support the AppName and Host dbparms for all databases

and include them on the database profile setup.

Currently AppName is supported with SYC, DIR and MSS and Host is supported with MSS and


346159 Resizing a dw control on a tabpage is resizing the entire user object tab control.
346230 A validation rule is set on a column having a dropdowndatawindow.

When the value is changed to NULL using the dddw then the validation

rule and validation message may fire, but still the focus is allowed to change.

To disallow it enable the required property of the column.

346258 When trying to create a new table in the DB Painter there is only one choice for a datatype and that is 'char'. All other datatypes are missing.
346261 Enhancement Request: Add support for the PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image file format. See details about PNG image file at:
346264 Column names are missing when creating a datawindow with a 'where' clause.
346270 Entering a value after highlighting a numeric column having editmask , ignores the 1st keystroke. For example if you try to enter a number say 25 , it will enter just 5.
346271 Changing the Format to Configure property on the Data Export tab to PDF from XML does not display properly in the painter but is changed correctly in the source code.
346339 DB2 8.1.

selectblob does not work when using the IBM ODBC driver 4.1.

Works with DataDirect 4.2 driver.

346366 In 10.0 a number of SaveAs enumerated types have been removed from the product. However in the PB Code examples for the WebDW we supply a pbl (Pbdwrmt.pbl) that still references the old enumerated types, and thus does not compile any more.
346389 When tracing between different PB versions, the formatting is different in the log file. For example, if you generate a pbtrace.log for PB 9 and then switch to PB 10 (or vice versa) and use the same pbtrace.log file, the pbtrace.log will show:

(124dd08): ROLLBACK: (0 MilliSeconds)

(124dd08): DISCONNECT: (20 MilliSeconds)

(124dd08): SHUTDOWN DATABASE INTERFACE: (0 MilliSeconds)

/ * - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - * /

/ * 0 2 / 1 3 / 0 4 1 3 : 3 3 * /

/ * - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - * /

( 1 1 7 6 5 d 4 ) : D I A L O G C O N N E C T T O T R A C E O D B C :

( 1 1 7 6 5 d 4 ) : D B P A R M = C o n n e c t S t r i n g = ' D S N = E A S D e m o D B V 1 0 ; U I D = d b a ; P W D = s q l ' ( 3 7 5 5 M i l l i S e c o n d s )

( 1 1 7 6 5 d 4 ) : T A B L E L I S T : ( 1 7 0 M i l l i S e c o n d s )

( 1 1 7 6 5 d 4 ) : C O L U M N S I N F O R M A T I O N : T A B L E = d e p a r t m e n t O W N E R = d b a

It doesn't matter if you start with PB 10 and then switch to PB 8 or 9 or vice versa,

the log file will show a different format.

346415 Enhancement: The SaveAs method for DataWindows has a Clipboard! option (SaveAsType enumerated value), but the "Save Rows As..." -> options ('Save as type') in the DataWindow painter doesn't. That would be nice to have there too.
346417 Retrieved data for Web XML Datawindow is not displaying

in a Netscape browser. The trace file shows that it retrieved the data ok and shows:

Entering SetBrowser('Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; WinNT4.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20020508 Netscape6/6.2.3') .

However, instead of the retrieved data the following appears:

DataWindow output goes here

When I highlighted this text and selected View Frame Source, the following appears:

xml = loadDocumentIE(xmlfile);

xsl = loadDocumentIE(xslfile);


function loadDocumentIE(filename) {

var document = new ActiveXObject("MSXML.FreeThreadedDOMDocument");

document.async = false;


return document;


function doTransform() {

var xslTemplate = new ActiveXObject("MSXML2.XSLTemplate");

xslTemplate.stylesheet = xsl;

var processor = xslTemplate.createProcessor();

processor.input = xml;


document.getElementById("webDW").innerHTML = processor.output;


346478 Idle function does not work when Windows taskbar is auto hide and the taskmanager is minimized.
346526 When trying to update a datawindow, getting the error

message of "Row changed between retrieve and update". The column that is generating

the error is of type number and in mss sql server that column is defined as a float.

According to engineering, a number has a 15 digit precision. If the column has 14 digits of precision, the update works ok but 15 or more, the value does not show up properly and

when trying to update, getting the row changed between retrieve and update.

31.60000000000005 (14 digits of precisions, update works ok)

31.600000000000005 (15 digits of precision, update fails)

346570 PocketPC-2003 only. PocketPB 1.5.1 beta only (ok in 1.5)

Switching between different graph legend location (top, bottom, left, right) or between graph types (bar, pie, line etc).

The moment I change the graph legend location or graph type, the graph application will exit.

346571 Add an option that enables / disables debugger behaviour when an exception occurs.

enables - always jump into debugger if exception occurs (behaviour in PB9)

disables - no debugger jump back to the debugger - code will be continued - display the PB Application Error messagebox and exit to the debugger only if an uncaught runtimeerror was encountered.

346742 Using a SelectBlob in embeded SQL causes a memory leak when connected using the IN9 driver for Informix.
346760 The Profiler is crashing when viewing a pbp file. A pbp file opened with Profiling Routine View gets "Array boundry exceeded at line 22 in function of_displaysource of object k70_base" error after clicking on rows in the Called By pane.
346830 Cannot regenerate an application when external functions are defined with character @.

Per PB Engineering, this is not a bug:

From the PowerBuilder Help (pbhlp90.hlp) in PB9 directory. Open it, and select "Index", enter "identifier names", then we will find the following documentation:

Rules for identifiers:

� Must start with a letter or an _ (underscore)

� Cannot be reserved words (see "Reserved words ")

� Can have up to 40 characters but no spaces

� Are case insensitive (PART, Part, and part are identical)

� Can include any combination of letters, numbers, and these special characters:

- Dash

_ Underscore

$ Dollar sign

# Number sign

% Percent sign

Sample Solution:

Change the external function call from:

FUNCTION int _b_actfil@4 (ref string nk) LIBRARY "simplebd.dll"


FUNCTION int _b_actfil( ref string nk ) LIBRARY "simplebd.dll"

346838 E:

Application designed using Sybase PowerBuilder (PB)V9.0.1 accesses DB2 UDB Binary Large Object (BLOB) data - all on Windows 2000


PB application works correctly with IBM DB2 V7.1 Client and IBM DB2 V7.1 Server.

However, it encounters ODBC Function Sequence error when accessing IBM DB2 V8.1 using IBM DB2 V8.1 Client, PB's UPDATEBLOB receives the following ODBC error:

>[S1010] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error


� The PB Application receives the above error whenever it attempts to execute UPDATEBLOB to modify a BLOB column in a database on the DB2 UDB V8.1 Server

� Switching from the IBM DB2 Connect V8.1 Client to DataDirect DB2 UDB Driver V4.2 allows the UPDATEBLOB procedure to execute successfully

Notes Apr 7, 2004 - The above is not a Sybase PB product issue!

IBM (through TSANet call) has diagnosed a defect in DB2 Connect Client software - see IBM APAR JR19872 (see URL below):

346849 Wrong computation in an expression on W2000 Arabic
346850 A datawindow with validation criteria is failing validation when it shouldn't. Working fine in PowerBuilder 10.
346883 Using the Oracle O84 interface, varchar2 fields show garbage characters in the database painter via Edit Data, and in the datawindow painter in the Preveiw View.
346900 IsItemNull is returning false when it should be returning true.
346977 datawindows where the rows are separated by lines. When previewed these lines are absent and printed erratically. When the dw is sent to the printer, the gap between the columns increases by centimetres

no workaround

347013 When you run an application that includes the new visual controls, the radiobutton and checkbox controls display differently whether they are on a window or displayed within a datawindow control. When the object gets focus the behavior in Windows 2000 was that the text of the control gets a border outline rectangle which shows that the object has focus.

On Windows XP the objects on the radiobutton and checkbox controls placed on the window do not show this focus rectangle but they do within the datawindow control. They should follow the XP standard behavior and should be consistent whether on a window or within a datawindow control.

347017 Customer requests that all functions that return a numeric index for items in a LISTBOX control have a return type of LONG. Currently the return type is INTEGER. However, a directory can contain > 32768 entries invalidating any index returned if populated with DIRLIST. To accomodate this, these functions to return LONG. (Examples: AddItem, SelectedIndex, etc.)
347069 Enhancement: Allow multi-select of columns to make their edit styles the same.
347071 Enh: Provide a function that would return the SCC status of an object.
347073 When users double click an editable col in a DW (editmask [currency(14)]), the value in the col is highlighted. When type a new value the 1st number typed clears the value instead of inputting the value. This has changed since PB 8.0.3.
347193 When trying to pass a transaction to shared object you get a system error R0077:

"Object passed to shared/remote object method is not a nonvisual user object"

Passing custom class nvo's is supported but not a system class or descendant

like a transaction.

347210 Blank lines and other formatting glitches in the "Convert to Syntax" datasource view when using the WITH RECURSIVE option in ASA 9 within a PowerBuilder DataWindow. THe statement is still syntactically correct, but the format changes could make maintenance more difficult.
347223 Enh: Add the ProvideX ODBC parameters to pbodbxx.ini.
347279 OLE control on windows doesn抰 resize correctly when the window size changes
347291 At the moment, Solaris (all unix platforem) PBVM does not support Double Byte Charset

i.e. DBCS. PBVM Solaris ( ver. 8.x and 9.x) will incorrectly handle some double byte character by adding extra tilde character "~" on it's high byte or low byte.

347304 Dw footer band not displayed in HTML when no rows were found.
347319 When printing script, have PowerBuilder use the same font

and coloring that is in the script painter.

347435 PowerBuilder ODBC connection to Oracle 9i Light

When selecting a sum of a column to an Oracle Light database that also has Null values,

the select fails and you get a MessageBox with the error:

- - - - - -

POL-5104 Null values eliminated in aggregate function computation

Cause: Aggregate functions such as SUM and AVG discard any NULL values they encounter.

Action: No action is required. This is simply a warning.

- - - - - -

Such warnings are treated as errors, since in general we do not know what the warning means.

It could be a benign warning but it could also be a data truncation error

possibly leading to data corruption which is considered far more seriously.

347441 Error trying to pass a JSP page with > 3843 spanish chars. Follow up CR on CR 305263.
347477 PB10 (and PB 9) need to support Oracle 10g.
347511 Tables in an ASE database using role based permissions are not appearing in the 9.0.1 DB painter under the tables folder. It's a regression, as they do show up in PB 8.0.4 DB painter.
347532 Doing a Saveas() to Excel with a filename that is already open in Excel, crashes PB.
347594 Support Oracle 9.2 new features in PowerBuilder 9.0.1 and

PB 10.

Currently Oracle 9.2 is supported (using patch or and patch set 2)

but the new features are not supported.

RESOLUTION: Please see cr347608 for future updates

347608 Support Oracle 10g new features for PowerBuilder 10 and 9.0.1.
347629 PB10 Beta1: The ContextInformation object in PB's System Class does not contain a method to get the PB Build Number. This is inconsistant with the GetEnvironment method!

In a later beta build there is a GetFixesVersion method that I think should pass back the build. It does not work.

347693 On Solaris PBVM804.10501 , N-UP DW is displayed only one row per detail.
347702 When deploying a PowerBuilder component as stateless, and a runtime error happen, PowerBuilder VM is committing the data instead of performing a "rollback". This is not correct and a rollback should occur.

If deploying component as stateful, default behavior is currently rollback and this is correct, but if deploying a stateless component, the current default behavior is to commit.

This issue happen on PB9 build 7127, and PB8 build 10624.

347735 Enhancement: When getting the latest version in source control, add a filter on the Get Latest Version response window which allows only the selected objects to be displayed.
347755 Datawindow has one of the column of datatype decimal(0). When retrieved using OLEDB driver, an incorrect value is stored in the column.
347756 The context information for a user defined exception is incorrect.
347918 Inserts into a temp tables do not work when connected via OLE DB (MSDASQL provider) to an ODBC dsn (SQL Server driver) to an MS SQL Server database.
347920 PDF saved using XSLFOP has incorrect Page Number reference. In the example provided, the pages in the PDF are listed as "1 of 7", "2 of 7", ... "8 of 7".
347946 A datawindow is shared with a datastore using Sharedata. When the datawindow reference is used to set a column to null to clear out a value entered, it works. But if the datastore reference is used to do the same thing, it doesn't work. Both references should work the same.
347957 A regression in 9.0.1. A report that is 2 pages prints correctly in 7.0.3 and in 9.0 GA. But in 9.0.1 the report print previews correctly at 2 pages, but when printed, it's 71 pages of output.
347958 When starting the PB IDE, if a library is invalid, in addition to displaying a message concerning the invalid pbl (current functionality), please enhance this message to include the target(s) this refers to.
348037 A PowerBuilder ejb client application gets error message "Error calling method of a PBNI object" when trying to access an empty array coming from an EJB Jaguar component.

The intention is using that array as an argument of a function call, but as soon as that array is addressed (as the argument), error happens.

Another problem is that you can't even check (eg. isNull() or isValid()) whether that object is ok or not, since you'd be addressing it, which, again results in the same.

When the array has 1 or more items then this works fine!

348087 When connected to MS SQL Server 2000 via OLE DB, and attempting to create a datawindow using a select statement that involves a user-defined function and a datetime retrieval argument, PB throws an error and is unable to create the datawindow. It works fine with the MSS driver.
348089 PowerBuilder crashes after call to CategoryName for a DataWindow Graph when window is closed.
348201 Gets an error when calling a PBNI object from a pooled-component.
348221 When you try to save an invalid EditMask control, which is on a tab control that has more than one tabpage, you will get a GPF in the IDE.


Do not use invalid editmasks.

348226 PB 10.0 Can't delete a library from the library painter.
348228 When dynamically creating a column that includes a editmask for

a n-up datawindow, powerbuilder will crash in the pbdwe90.dll.

348249 PB 10 Beta: ENH: Accept some enumerated values for optional parameters in SaveAsAscii()


348273 The customer has a 2 pbl app with 4 0r 5 objects. When trying to Reverse Engineer this app from PowerBuilder with the PD plug in, it fails with the error "Invalid File".
348400 When creating a datawindow with two tables and they have

foreign keys, the foreign key is not mapping correctly in the dw painter.


gl_transaction_group_id (primary key) (foreign key)

gl_tran_number (primary key) (foreign key)


gl_transaction_group_id (primary key) (foreign key)

gl_tran_number (primary key) (foreign key)

348458 GetBandAtPointer() incorrect after scrolling a grouped DataWindow. When clicking in the header bands and the dw has more than one group it will report always header.1, and not the correct value, eg. header.2 etc.
348459 incorrect after scrolling a grouped DataWindow. When clicking in the header bands and the dw has more than one group it will report the value "datawindow" instead of the real name eg. p_plus
348471 The new PB and IM icons have a nice look, but they need more contrast. They look very bad in the task bar or in Explorer. The larger version is OK on desktop. The 'spotlight' effect on the icon washes it out too much.
348491 SetSeriesStyle fails when passed a VARIABLE of either FillPattern, LineType, or grSymbolType. It works if passed a literal value of one of those enumerated types.
348515 Debugger session causes PB to go CPU bound. Possibly this is a dupe of CR 237213
348518 A column in an ODBC ASA database is a long varchar column and it contains a string longer than 32766. Retrieving the column in a datawindow retrieves all the data for the column. But when doing a select in embedded SQL the column's data is truncated at 32766.
348524 PB/IM typical install lists PB DataDirect OEM 4.20 SQLBase as a native driver.
348580 Connecting to https web service, got unknown error with soap client
348600 File descriptors not released after calling a PB component.

Dupe of CR 333358.

348608 Make the object FullStateBlob serializable. When trying to use .NetRemoting , currently you can not pass FullStateBlob from host-app to client-app. When you try to do this you get an exception "FullStateBlob is not marked as serializable."
348614 Changing a graph series to not be an overlay also changes the fill pattern.
348637 Three issues with line width, in decreasing severity:

1. When line width > 1 in a graph, LineStyle always reverts to Continuous!

2. When line width < 0 in a graph, it's intrpreted as Abs(linewidth), e.g., -4 is same as 4

3. Linewidth of 0 and LineWidth of 1 are the same - should a line width of 0 be transparent?

348639 Connected to MS SQL Server 2000 via OLE DB. When setting up a datawindow to use a stored procedure for update, the arguments do not display after selecting the stored procedure. They display as they should when connected via MSS.
348644 Incorporate the Oracle's BULK COLLECT INTO feature in Powerscript embedded sql
348657 Two line issues:

1. You cannot specify a background color for a window line control, so the dash, dashdot, and dashdotdot options show 'white' for the gaps versus transparent. This works OK in a datawindow line.

2. It appears that you cannot specify a non Continuous! style for a line wider than 1 pixel.

348696 The 揁� symbol no longer valid in External functions definitions in Pb 9.0.1 build 7066.


Not a Bug. Dupe of CR 346830.

348723 Enhancement request on exception handling and the SystemError Event.

The request is for a mechanism to throw an error to the systemerror event.

So that you can handle part of the exception locally and then throw the

event further for global processing.

Currently the systemerror event cannot catch a thrown exception.

348724 French characters are not rendered on a Win2K Hebrew machine.


Use a font which do not have hebrew characters: eg. Verdana

348733 A regression starting in build 7056 probably due to the fix for CR 334377. If you have an editmask that includes non-formatting characters (such as /, -, $, %) and the last character of the mask is a formating character (such as #), and autoskip is set, it skips too far when the field is full, it skips over the next field in the datawindow tab order.
348734 Please add back into the debugger the ability to print the variables and values in the variables window.
348757 When printing a scatter graph, the data points appear only in


Problem happens using cutepdf printer driver, HP Color LaserJet 5/5m ps.

348759 Enhancement: Have the DataWindow control support the WM_PRINT message. Currently, using Windows API calls and CreateCompatibleBitMap, etc., PowerBuilder windows will paint to a new device context. But datawindows don't.
348762 Enhancement: An option to populate only modified objects in source control on a Get Latest Version.
348767 Customer has created a menu and put it on a window. Below the menu he has a toolbar. One of the item on the toolbar is a cascade menu. when he drops down the menu and points his mouse pointer on the item he gets the text description of the item. He wants to be able to display the description of the item without having to place the mouse pointer on it to get the description.
348775 Clearing the Product Version or File Version fields in an application project will generate an error message when you save the project object. The error needs to be specific along the lines of "Product Version can not be blank."

A secondary problem in this situation is that even though the error occurs, if you click OK to the error message the project object appears to be saved anyway (it should not be saved). But you can't re-open that project object. The object should not be saved in the first place.

348834 Datawindows containing a dddw the mouse scroll button works fine if the dw is in normal mode, but when the dw is put into query mode the drop down datawindow cannot be scrolled through with the mouse wheel.
348860 Memory leak when repeatedly calling ConnectToNewObject & DisconnectObject

The memory leak is observed when the following code is executed repeatedly:

OLEObject lu_object

integer li_code

lu_object = create OLEObject


li_code = lu_object.ConnectToNewObject("PB80.n_genapp.1.0")

IF li_code <> 0 THEN

MessageBox("ERROR", "ConnectToNewObject: "+string(li_code))




li_code = lu_object.DisconnectObject()

IF li_code <> 0 THEN

MessageBox("ERROR", "DisconnectObject: "+string(li_code))


destroy lu_object

end try

348874 The Itemactivate event in listview does not trigger on click.

No matter if OneClickActivate and/or TwoClickActivate are checked.

Happens on the device (Ipaq). When running on the desktop it works fine.

348876 Regression in PowerBuilder 9.0.1 and 8.04:

When no printers are defined then the function PrintGetPrinter returns garbage

and PrintGetPrinters crashes

348892 PowerBuilder 10 GPFs when trying to set a column value via dot notation for a NON-EXISTENT row, but only if no columns in that datawindow appear on the layout (e.g., you have only computed columns visible).
348915 PB EJBCLIENT: CreateJavaInstance() on the EJBConnection object should logically be placed on the JavaVM object.
348925 Currently there is no way to make a distinction between native PB nonvisuals and proxies. Sometimes, we need to dynamically create these objects and need to be able to make a distinction between both. If not, one ends up issueing Create(JavaInstance)s for the wrong type of object.

When you do a normal PB create on a proxy, isValid() will say it's a valid object, but as soon as you try to use it, you'll get a PB Runtime error.

In order to prevent these issues, ading an isProxyObject() function would be very helpful.

348932 A datawindow with a stored procedure insert, inserts the wrong value when a computed field is mapped as the value passed to the sp and multiple rows are inserted.
348936 Provide View->Check Out Status option for PB Native.
348988 GPF on editchanged event on Windows 98 ( Build 4.10.1998 ).

It does not happen on Win 98 SE, NT4 SP6, 2000 SP4, XP SP1.

349027 Tabbing in a rich text control adds spaces
349037 You can't drag/drop a stored procedure from database painter onto ISQL window to get the syntax (you could in earlier versions), but you can drop it onto the 'error' window and then get the syntax in the ISQL window.
349038 Tabbing in a rich text control adds spaces.
349063 Problem tabbing to the next column in a user object of type datawindow.

It works ok in PB 6.5.1 (build 1326). In PB 6.5.1, a post call to w_screen_build/ue_tab is made. Before ue_tab is executed, getfocus is called on the sle_screen_id in w_screen_build and then the w_screen_build/ue_tab is executed. In PB 9.0.1, a post call to w_screen_build/ue_tab is made. Before ue_tab is executed, getfocus is called on dw_screen_tank_column. The dw_screen_tank_column calls the ue_register event.

The customer used a workaround where they changed the return 1 to return in the ue_keydown event of dw_screen_tank_column and dw_screen_meter_column. The problem is that

shift+tab would not work.

Resolution: PB engineering found the root cause and provided the workaround of changing the taborder to 0

in the uo_screen_tank_column.dw_screen_tank_column.

349074 Datawindow saved to PDF format using XSL-FO. When using Landscape mode, the datawindow header and several rows of data are lost on the printout unless several print properties are manually altered in Adobe Acrobat Reader v.5 and v.6. Default size should fit on a printed page so manual user intervention is not required.

PER DEVELOPMENT: This turned out to be a problem in the Adobe Acrobat software and is being closed as a third party problem.

349093 When scrolling several user objects of type datawindow on a page and trying to keep the scrolling in sync, once you scroll to the bottom of the page and you continue to scroll the scrolling will become out of sync.

If you remove the following computed expression from the d_screen_tank_column, the scrolling appears to work ok:

if (getrow() = 1, 147, if( activity_date[0] <> activity_date[-1], 147, 0))

RESOLUTION: Engineering did not recommend changing the code. A workaround was provided in the sample code.

349131 SCC SET TARGET <target_name> [refresh_type] [refresh_option] must preeceed the SCC REFRESH TARGET < full | migrate | incremental >.

In order to perform the required set-up processing, Orcascript must know the target name and the refresh options before it actually starts the refresh procedure. Also, it must know if the user wants to exclude certain libraries from being refreshed via the SCC EXCLUDE LIBLIST command.

So, the target name does not appear on the SCC REFRESH TARGET command.

The correct syntax is SCC REFRESH TARGET < full | migrate | incremental >

349147 editmask with ! or ^or x accept CTRL+ and CTRL+SHIFT+ key combinations. Requested is a propertie to switch this behaviour off.

String editmask of type x or ! or ^ allow to insert non diplayable characters like CTRL+Q = ASC(17) or CTRL+K = ASC(11) which is displayed as rectangle, if they are no used as a shortcut in a menue for instance.

349197 With PBNative source control, if you do a File->Save As, PowerBuilder allows you to save two objects with the same name in the same directory, this causes the 'new' object to reflect the same scc attributes as the original.
349218 PB 9.0.1 crashes when changing the background color of an edit mask field.
349228 After removing data from a group of columns and

RMB into the column again, the selected row becomes out of sync.

RESOLUTION: Engineering did not recommend changing the code. A workaround was provided in the sample code.

349239 Customer has a large application that is gpf'ing when

garbage collection is done on a datastore destroy.

Customer has submitted a user dump file to help isolate where the crashing is occuring.

349248 A datawindow has an expression for the background color of all the columns in a row as follows:

if( id = 104,355,536870912)

355 is a dark red, and 536870912 is transparent. When the datawindow is displayed and after each scroll there are some inconsistencies. Some rows are the incorrect color. In the testcase the rows before 104, are correctly transparent. Row 104 is correctly dark red. Rows after 104 are incorrectly black.

349355 SharedObjectUnregister doesn't seem to destroy resourses used by shared object right away.

Resolution: It destroys them, it just takes a bit. The testcase was not a good one and didn't show the real problem. The workaround to use unique instance names solves the problem.

349410 Trying to call OLE object from PowerBuilder app fails with error "Name not found calling external object function <func name>".

For example: using Lotus' ST30COMToolkit. Works fine using VB.

349415 Cannot save changes on an inherited window migrated from PB7
349456 Problem exporting/importing a datawindow having a text field containing ~n~r.
349739 Memory Leak when using IN clause with Filter. Possible dup of 216930.
349744 If you have a PB target under source control and an object is not checked out, you can not change that object in PB unless you first check it out of source control. But if you use PD and reverse engineer the PB target, get an oom, modify objects in the oom, and generate them back to PB, it overwrites the checked in objects with the PD modified objects. This should not be allowed for checked in objects, only for checked out objects.
349747 ResetDataColors resets the Fill Pattern as well, but for a overlay it does not reset the symbol type. This seems inconsistent.
349749 Customer is using the "PB DataDirect OEM 4.10 dbasefile (*.dbf)" ODBC driver to connect Infomaker to Foxpro files. When he tries to create a Group in the datasource (SQL painter) he gets the following error:

"SQL State 37000 : [Datadirect][ ODBC dbase driver] Unknown Function : DELETED

Do you want to correct errors ? "

349753 Pasting a large amount of text to a string editmask causes PB to crash.
349799 The datawindow find and filter fail to work correctly when the criteria is a decimal number that is 17 significant digits. It works fine at 15 significant digits.
349894 Concatinating an array of any variables (containing string variables) causes a crash (gpf) in PB.
349899 When using a numeric EditMask with the following mask:


You get strange behavior in data entry situations when the user types in new values after the decimal separator, relying on the EditMask to move focus to the decimal bit of the input field. The first two digits entered after the decimal separator will appear in reversed order.

Example 123,456.78 would show as 123,456,87

349945 Provide the abililty to disable a drop down datawindow when generated as a Web DataWindow. There is a "disabled" attribute for a SELECT in HTML that can do this.
349952 CreateInstance() fails when using SSL connection and ORBSocketReuseLimit=1. The error happens when the PB copy of libjcc dll is loaded. It works fine whne EAserver copy of libjcc is loaded.
349959 When adding a column to a list view in report mode, the first column is always left justified, despite a different alignment passed in the alignment argument in the AddColumn call.
350033 DW ActiveX refresh problem when scrolling in a browser.
350041 A datawindow contains a picture object with a jpg file of a document. When printed using the Datawindow Print method Syntax 1 for printing a single datawindow, the result is a clear readable printout. When the same datawindow is printed using the Datawindow Print method Syntax 2 for printing a visual object in a print job, the result is a fuzzy unreadable printout.

Engineering says this is not a bug. With syntax 1 the datawindow is drawn directly to the printer and gives the best quality. But with syntax 2 the image is captured first then the image is printed, and you are limited to the quality of the image (The print out looks exactly like the window does at runtime). A workaround for this customer is to use a composite report that has the 2 datawindows side by side. Display this single composite report on the window in place of the 2 datawindows side by side. Then use syntax 1 to print the composite report and get the better print quality.

350069 Observed a memory leak when connecting/disconnecting to ASA 9 from a PB component running on EAServer.
350072 1) PowerBuilder GPFs when calling GetDataValue against a series that has value of type date. The GPF happens not when calling GetDataValue, but later when you return from the routine that made the call.

2) PowerBuilder does not provide a way to determine the type of the values in a graph datawindow (the grAxis.DataType property does not exist for DataWindow graphs, but it does for the graph object).

3) When calling GetDataValue against a series that has value of type date, it succeeds for Date, DateTime and Time overloads. However, the column is specifically a date type, so the DateTime and Time overloads should fail. Especially considering there is no way to determine dynamically the data type of the series values (number 2 above).

4) When calling GetDataValue against a series that has value of type date, the overload for Double succeeds and returns a value of 1. GetData also returns a 1. These are definitely bugs as the value is a date.

350078 You can't create a graph that has a value axis that is a string. Actually you can create it, but it does not work. There an also an override of GetDataValue with a string, which implies this should work. If it is not possible to create a graph with a value axis of type string, then don't allow it in the painter, and there is no need for an override of GetDataValue with a string.
350147 Background colours not displaying properly in composite DataWindows
350180 ORBCodeSet ConnectionObject option default value value is documented to be iso_1, but is in fact utf8.
350193 The multi file select feature of the GetFileOpenName dialog does not work in a machine code exe. You can only select one file. It works fine when running in the IDE and in a pcode exe.
350198 In PowerBuilder 8 the datawindow property "suppress repeated value"

does not work correctly when the relevant column contains empty strings

or NULL values in between. The next column may be suppressed incorrectly.

350219 Painters are leaking handles leading to crashes if you open and close a painter over and over again.
350229 In a local script painter you can use the Declare a Procedure context menu to declare a procedure. But if you then try to use the Fetch From Procedure context menu in that same script, you will get the "There are no instance, shared, or global procedures declared". Why isn't the locally declare procedure enough?
350232 According to the online help, FromAnsi and ToAnsi will become

obsolete in a future version of PowerBuilder. When you migrate an application using

these two functions in PB 10 or use the Migration Assistant Tool in PowerBuilder, there's

no warnings messages that these functions will become obsolete.

350360 Setting the Shade color for a wedge in a pie graph (using SetDataStyle) incorrectly resets the color that appears in the legend.
350364 The Clean Up Workspaces dialog has a missing word. "The following keys were found to have no associated"
350394 GetSQLSelect() on DW with SQL in graphical mode returns keywords SELECT, FROM, WHERE, etc. in lowercase. In previous versions, they where uppercase. This change breaks the dynamic select modification logics.
350402 Would it be at all possible to get the PD browser and the PB system tree combined through the plugin? Same request with the PB output pane and the PD output and/or result list pane.
350414 I'm not sure if this should happen before the functions are obsolete. I couldn't find any functions through online help to test that were not already obsolete, whereas for FromUnicode the help says it will be obsolete in the future. ToUnicode it does not say anything about being obsolete.
350420 When a field on a datawindow with a radio button edit style does not have a value, the focus rectangle goes to the last item in the button group, it should go to the first item to allow for easier navigation via the keyboard.
350454 Getting "row changed between retrieve and update" error when updating DW
350463 Corba Exception in Jaguar log
350488 New Visual Controls build option causes a regression

in the DataWindow. When using for example selectrow() on rows/columns that have taborder set to zero, the column becomes unreadable (white text on grey background) and has a blue highlight border around it.

350497 In Citrix, users can see not only their own printers in the printer setup, but all other users as well.
350514 If you try to update a column of a result set in the database painter where the result set was generated from select * from customer in the isql,

the Update and Insert icons on the powerbar menu are greyed out.

If you execute select * from dbo.customer, then the Update and Insert are enabled in the

powerbar menu.

There appears to be an inconsistency because although the Update and Insert icons are

greyed out after you execute a select * from customer, if you execute a update statement

from isql without referencing the dbo, the update works ok.

350660 PB crash saving a window with OCX compiled in VC++.Net (VC7).

Works fine in VB6 and VB7

Solution: download the patch from MS to solve the problem as MS had confessed it is a bug in MFC71

350669 Enhancement request for the Webdw Webdatawindow:

The serverside getrow function currently always returns 1 as this function

needs to be called at the clientside.

The request is to make this information available at the server side so that it can be

used for further processing.

350692 PowerBuilder crashes when hitting the Delete key on the first line of the script after having used the backspace to delete several lines.
350695 Datawindow EditControl Cut/Paste/Copy operations do not refresh display until you give focus back to the datawindow. With other controls the refresh is immediate.
350698 When calling Cut on a DropDownListBox control on a window, no text is cut and it returns zero. When using Paste in a DDLB, it always pastes at the beginning and not at the insertion point.

PB Engineering says this is not a PB problem. The problem resides in the Windows common control "ComboBox", which is used for the PB DDLB. The behavior of the combo box in VB is the same. A workaround is to use the shortcut keys Ctrl+C and Ctrl_P to cut and paste.

350706 A datawindow editmask of: (###) ###-####. You can cut the phone number out of the field, but if you try to paste it back, it won't go, you hear the bell. If type the 'end' key, then the paste works. But it should paste right back in without having to type the 'end' key.
350779 A string parameter is passed to a function in an external DLL. If PB is compiled into machine code script the local data is overwritten in some circumstances. If the same pb code is compiled into p-code everything works as expected. It also works in the IDE.
350839 The Scroll method returns one less than the currently visible row of the edit control. [Note: this is the method that scrolls the edit control, not to be confused with the ScrollToRow, etc. methods that scroll the entire datawindow]. You pass to it a number of lines to scroll and it is supposed to return the line number of the line it scrolled to. If you are on line 1 and scroll foward 3 lines that takes you to line 4, but the scroll returns a 3. It is always off by one.
350916 Copy a function in the function list from one window to an other window by copy and paste. If you open for instance an Internet Explorer and do copy the URL PB IDE will crash immediately.
350941 A shared datawindow with a filter and scrolltorow in

the rowfocuschanged event is causing a access violation in the pbdwe90.dll.

The crash handler reports:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb90\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE90.dll

File Version:

Fault address=1164CDB1 Section:Offset=01:0014BDB1









SS:ESP:0023:0012D71C EBP:012761B0

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

1164CDB1 0012D770 00000001 0012D7F4 77F43C16 01274BF8 dwTabSortCmp+1151

1164CA0A 0012D78C 012761B0 0012D7F4 0000000F 00000400 dwTabSortCmp+DAA

1153E612 0012D8A8 01274BF8 1D0108A9 00000000 0000000F dwPaintDC+7A2

11645D45 0000000F 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 dwWinProc+365

350959 Creation of a PBD exe (or machine code) fails when a certain icon is set as the application icon. I suspect that this is a newer icon that is not currently supported by PB. However, I used the icon as a menu tollbar icon and it works. If it works there it should work as an application icon as well (if it is a legitimate icon).

This is not a bug. The so called icon was a renamed bitmap. This is not a valid icon file and will fail.

350963 Ghostscript installation instructions need correction.
350977 When a jsp calls a pb component and that component has a print statement, it causes easerver to use up alot of memory.

The pb component is first retrieving about 300,000 to a datastore but its when a print

statement is issued that easerver appears to choke.

Works ok when easerver is taken out of the picture. Problem also happens when a pb client

calls the pb component in easerver. Not jsp to pb component specific.

From the jaguar.log file it shows:

Fatal Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method memtestreport in memorytest/memtest.

Mar 30 09:14:06 2004: SPID: 16 Fatal Error Occurs in PB Component, Transaction Rollbacked.

Mar 30 09:14:06 2004: SPID: 16 CORBA Runtime Error Occurs when try to invoke PB method memtestreport in memorytest/memtest.

Mar 30 09:14:18 2004: SPID: 16 SystemException: INTERNAL (memorytest/memtest/memtestreport - )

350980 Documentation should indicate that for end-user applications to create PDFs, administrative privileges are required.

Refer to CR 350988 that is an enhancement request for engineering to provide a small utility that will install the Sybase DataWindow PS printer and drivers. PowerBuilder developers that distribute end-user applications can run that utility (as administrator) within the larger context of installing their end-user application so that end-users themselves do not need administrator privileges to run applications that generate PDFs.

350987 In the Datawindow painter when creating a datawindow from a stored procedure, in the Select Stored Procedure window, if you toggle the "System Procedure" checkbox a few times, you will get a error with some garbage info. Then more following errors occur.You need an ASE database with a large list of stored procedures to see the problem.
350995 If you RMB on a method in the system tree, a properties dialog is displayed. This is mainly for PBNI users and appears in the PBNI Reference, but a quick mention in the User's Guide would be a nice-to-have, if only to direct people to the PBNI doc.
351002 A regression. A datawindow has a computed field that has the expression: "Bitmap( bitmapname )" where bitmapname a bitmap filename. The computed field has Resize Border selected. The bitmap displays, but the border doesn't appear. This worked in PB 9.0.1 Build 7066, but starts failing to display the border in builds 7096 and after.
351004 When you have a radio button edit style, you cannot cycle through all of the options using the arrow keys. Contrast this to common window behavior where when in a Radio Button group you and use the arrow keys to cycle REPEATEDLY through the options.

NOTE: PB9 has the same behavior. This could possibly be revised to be an enhancement request.

351089 Redraw problems in tabular datawindows if I scroll with the key-pad

and I have expressions in the "graphical" properties of the columns

(example: Border="If (getrow() = currentrow(), 1, 0)") or simply if I have

checked 'Show Focus Rectangle' in edit properties of a column

351093 Calling functions with readonly object references in a response window

gives null object references after closing the response window

as the objects have been garbage collected.

Work-around is to change the argument type from readonly to value.

351097 In the online help for JSP web target, it list the syntax

and example for PSJaguarConnection with the following:

PSJaguarConnection(serverName, userId, password, componentName, bOneTrip)

The serverName in PB 10 can either be the servername or an EAServer Profile and that

information is stored in the file that gets deployed with the JSP target.

The example for PSJaguarConnection shows the following (needs to be updated for PB 10):

jagConn = new PSJaguarConnection ("my-desktop:9000", "jagadmin", "", "DataWindow/HTMLGenerator90", false)

351102 In the system tree, you can open the treeview for any object and open the function or event folder. When right clicking on a function or event, and selecting properties, when the Propeties dialog window opens the function or event signature is highlighted and the cursor is all the way to the right.
351106 If you have tab characters within your script and then from menu File --> Print Script , print the script , the print out is dislocated . Bottomline is the printout is not similar to what you see in the script painter. But if you do File--> Print it prints properly.
351115 Consult: Customer is looking for guidance in working with various Oracle charsets when moving to PB 10 Unicode.
351134 Trying to create a datawindow in syntax mode using the following sql:

SELECT sign(employee.start_date - :adt_date - 1)

FROM employee

In PB it gets: Error "ORA-30081 : invalid data type for datetime/interval arithmetic"

351137 Customer also wants a Enhancement request : To provide a checkbox , if selected the Hard Tab Characters within the script painter will be treated as spaces. This would apply to printing (See CR 351106) as well as the issue described below.

An issue with having hard tab characters built into the script code is that the column indicator on the bottom of the window does not accurately indicate the column that you are actually on.

As an example, if you use spaces, the column indicator on the bottom of the script painter window for a given line indicates 6 for six spaces. On the next line, if you tab twice with a tab size of 2, it will be indicate you are on column 3, which actually you are on column 5.

Product Support Engineer compared to a couple of other products. Treatment of tab character with regard to current column is not consistent. Some treat tab as a single character, others as multiple space chars, when it comes to setting the column value.

351138 Enhancements for Search capability requested.

1. Make the seach dialog box non-modal, but always on top, and leave it open after the search is complete in case another search is desired.

2. Allow search results to be concatenated in the output window, so a subsequent search doesn't overwrite the existing contents. This should be a configurable option - checkbox on the search dialog.

351146 During migration from earlier PB versions to PB 10.0, it inserts ;ansi at the end of the Alias clause of External Function Declarations. But if the Alias name doesn't have quotes around it the ;ansi get's put in the wrong place resulting in a syntax error. If the Alias name has quotes around it, the migration seems to be successful.
351206 Change in behavior of line thickness display (pen.width) at runtime in the datawindow when calling modify.

Additionally a difference occurs between preview and runtime when the pen.width is set via an expression.

351222 This is an enhancement request to suppor hyperthreading.

Hyper-Threading Technology is a hardware solution that enables multi-threaded software applications to execute threads in parallel.

351224 Text displayed differently after installing SP1 of XP.

This a MS issue.

351237 In the datawindow painter, Export/Import template XHTML view, when deleting an element from the XHTML template, it shows an empty messagebox with a YES/NO option. If you click yes it deletes, if you click no it doesn't. The message in the messagebox itself is missing.
351238 Customer is using pvcs Tracker Link Version Control this product works in conjunction with Visual Source Safe to keep track of his application changes. With powerbulder 8 everything has been working fine in powerbuilder 9 he gets an error when checking out objects:

---------- Source Control

Checking out selected items . . .

SccCheckoutEx called with 1 files. 0 callbacks processed.

Non Specific Error performing SccCheckoutEx()

SccCheckout for C:\PB9\test\d_dddw_states.srd appears to have failed.

Operation Completed

---------- Done Source Control

The customer is trying this with powerbuilder 9.0.1 build 7119.

If he uses regular pvcs Source control everything seems to work fine he is able to check out and check back in normally.


Manually edit the PB.INI file that normally resides in the program files\sybase\PowerBuilder 9.0 directory. Add the following entry to the [library] section of the pb.ini file:



This will turn off all calls to SccQueryInfoEx, and should fix the problem completely. PB will revert back to using SccDiff() to determine if objects are out of sync with the SCC repository.

351242 Using embedded sql to execute a stored procedure, a decimal value of 42064.19999999999488 pass to a proc argument of decimal(14,2) is rounded using MSS but not using OLEDB.
351244 In the Language tab of the System Tree, if you select any of the items under "Syntax" and ask for Help, you will be misdirected. It will take you to the "Other Resources" section of the Web Target Help. Almost every link to an external web site in that section of the help is invalid. Either it is marked as out of date (most of the Netscape links) or returns a Page Cannot be Found error (the MSDN links).
351246 When opening a window from another window. The 2nd window is then closed. After this any time when MessageBox is used, focus returns to the control that caused the 2nd window to open, and not the control that had focus before the MessageBox was displayed.
351248 In DataWindow painter - "Specify Retrieval Arguments" dialog (menu Design -> Retrieval Arguments) - Add keyboard shortcuts for "Add", "Insert", "Delete" buttons for specifying retrieval arguments.
351269 The memory manager makes a call to TryEnterCriticalSection which is an API not available on Win9x.

The PBHeap memory manager implementation includes a call to TryEnterCriticalSection which is an API call not available on Windows 95 or Windows 98. We supposedly support Windows98, so the question is whether or not this API call might preclude applications from running on WIndows 98. A Sybase proserv person was at a client site where this was a problem running and end-user app on Windows 95 - the message TryEnterCriticalSection not being found in kernel32.dll was the error message. While we don't support Windows 95 for anything, we do support Windows 98 for deployment and this method according to Windows API docs is not supported on Windows 98 either.

However, the TryEnterCriticalSection call is made within an IF statement within pbspheap.c, therefore it's very possible our testing did not hit the right set of circumstances to cause the failure.

RESOLUTION: TryEnterCriticalSection was implemented in win98 kernel32.dll so no problem

using PB memory manager on win98.

351322 Only on Solaris PBVM804.10606 , Array insert works wrong.
351348 Importing a comma separated string does not work.

Tab separated works just fine, but not comma.....

351349 The DBase 2/3/4 file import/export options don't work AND they consume space we can't spare. These options should be removed.
351365 The migration of an application from PB 8 or PB 9 to PB 10 consumes too much virtual memory to the point where PB crashes.
351371 If you have a PB app and you then reverse engineer it in PB, if you go in to PD and generate PowerBuilder for an object without making any changes to the object in PD, the syntax written for that object has changed from what it was before. It compiles OK in PB, but if you then rename a control on a window in PB, you can't save the window due to a compilation error.
351377 We would love to have the ability to add custom component properties in the PB deployment project instead of having to add them to each component manually using Jag Manager or jagant. For a complete list of these properties please refer to pages 455 - 460 in the powerbuilder 9 application techniques manual.
351393 Virtual Keyboard disappears when moving between datawindow columns. Pkt PB help states that setting an Edit Field's property SIPonFocus to "No" does not open/close SIP automatically. Moving between fields that do not have SIPonFocus set should not close SIP automatically.
351464 PB webservices client (implemented with easysoap++) does not support the WS-Security specification eg. to be found at:

Spec on webservice security ws can be found at

351477 When connecting to an OLEDB and you selected the

Impersonate option from the Security's Tab Impersonate Level property, powerbuilder

will crash with the following information:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION

File Name: E:\pb10\Shared\PowerBuilder\MSVCR71.dll

File Version: 7.10.3052.4

Fault address=7C350582 Section:Offset=01:0000F582









SS:ESP:0023:0012CAB4 EBP:7C35056A

DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000


Call stack:

Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

7C350582 7C35056A 09EB570C 74C98566 46424211 0E8B6646 wcscmp+18

24748B56 0424548B 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000:00000000

351509 Enhancement request: For PowerBuilder to utilize an array of objects when doing a GetLatestVersion rather than one at a time. See CR# 231796.

Per PB Engineering this will not be implemented. There are two better methodologies:

1) The customer should Issue a target-wide "Refresh Status" request prior to doing a target-wide GetLatestVersion. Refresh status was purposely re-designed in PB 9 to indeed call SccQueryInfo with an array of objects. It also has the benefit of running on a background thread so the user can continue working while the refresh status takes place in the background! Status info gets cached so if the workspace expiration interval is set to 20 minutes or more, you can run the target-wide refresh status and immediately follow it up with the GLV request. GLV won''t need to do any SccQueryInfo calls because it has up-to-date info in the cache.

2) Orcascript refresh target is a far superior methodology for refreshing the target and it too uses array of SccQueryInfo. Orcascripts can be run at night, further enhancing productivity.

351510 When a PB transaction object that has an RPCFUNC call is reverse engineered, the syntax of the external function declaration is changed in the oom from what was in PB. If you then try to Generate PB it gives a compilation error, but still writes the PB object with the incorrect syntax.
351511 Commits fails, If PBNewSPInvocation='Yes'" & "DefaultProcOwner='proms'" set in DBParm
351516 Debug the following code in the debugger and click on the olestorage or olestream variable in the local variable tab in the debugger.

OLEStorage olestore

OLEStream olestr

olestore = create olestorage

olestr = create olestream

If you click on an olestorage variable, you get a R0051 execution error: "Application terminated. Error: Bad argument list for function/event: get_documentname at line <line#> in clicked event of object <controlname> of <windowname>"

351581 The DW edit field does not support the microsoft intelli mouse mode.
351601 When calling a stored procedure and it triggers a raiserror,

that raiserror message is not returned back to the application when MS DTC is used.

When not using MS DTC, the raiserror is returned back to the application.

Also tried using different syntaxs for the stored procedure and that didn't work. For example instead of using:

CREATE procedure GeacTest


RAISERROR 50001 "Geac Test of raiserror 50001."




RAISERROR 50001 "Geac Test of raiserror 50001."



Also tried

RAISERROR (50001,20,-1)

returm -1


Or adding the message using sp_addmessage

RAISERROR (50002,20,-1) with log

return -1

In this case, the error message was seen in the application log file but not returned in the application

RESOLUTION: Customer has removed the instantiation of callback functions from the DLL and now raiserrors are working fine.

351602 Virtual Keyboard disappears when moving between datawindow columns. Pkt PB help states that setting an Edit Field's property SIPonFocus to "No" does not open/close SIP automatically. Moving between fields that do not have SIPonFocus set should not close SIP automatically.
351604 Add support for PL/SQL records and objects as PB structures in remote procedure calls in PB10.

A PL/SQL RECORD is a composite datatype. In contrast to a scalar datatype like NUMBER, a record is composed of multiple pieces of information, called fields. Records can be declared using relational tables or explicit cursors as "templates" with the %ROWTYPEdeclaration attribute.

351612 PB and DW.NET have different behavior in GotFocus/getfocus and LostFocus/losefocus.

This scenario was tested using a .NET listbox and the following code for the GotFocus event:

Private Sub lb_1_GotFocus(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles lb_1.GotFocus

MessageBox.Show("lb_1 got focus")

End Sub

The results were the same as with the DataWindowControl, repeated MessageBoxes and you cannot close the form. According to development we have to defer to the .NET behavior and will not attempt to make this work like PowerBuilder.

351645 The return datatype for the OLEStream Write function is incorrect in the online help. The help indicates that it returns an integer, it really returns a long.
351699 Description of Problem: Select the "Automatically convert DBCS String-Manipulation Functions" option, the migration GPF due to the conversion or will have syntax errors and code is not converted properly.
351701 When using a ole control and referencing it from a cb,

getting a null object reference on parentstorage.

Using the following code:



351724 This is an enhancement request that perhaps there is another way to get a stored procedure resultset description without actually executing the stored procedure when creating an sp based datawindow.
351747 The example in App. Techniques, Chap 18, Using OLE in an application, Advanced ways to manipulate OLE objects, opening and saving storages...could be improved.
351749 Enhancement Request: When an OLE control is inserted, its functions, events and other information can be found by going to the Browser pane, under the OLE tab and navigating to the control. Would like to see the same information in the OLE control properties pane itself and be able to drag and drop the functions from the properties painter.
351751 Enhancement Request: DataWindow property while running application: Right / Left Arrow to scroll grid DW grid horizontally
351753 Enhancement: DataWindow has a lack of events: onHideBefore, onHideAfter, onShowBefore, onShowAfter. These events could be triggered with dw_control.Hide() and dw_control.Show() functions, and especially after clicking the "close" button on title bar of DataWindow.
351754 Enhancement Request: PowerBuilder 10.0 Beta 2, In the System Tree -> "Workspace tab" (main navigation object window in PowerBuilder) might have additional options:

- Search option with history, saved after closing PowerBuilder (and a shortcut for it). Right now it has only simple search option.

- Regenerate option to target, single pbl, and a workspace (and a shortcut for it) - it means: the possibility of regeneration all objects inside selected object but not rebuilding them.

- "Properties" of pbl (user description of pbl) displayed optionally after the name of pbl

- Right mouse key on KEYBORD (not on mouse) for selected object (it works on "components tab" and on "language tab", however not correctly).

351815 When importing a XML file with a CDATA section, the following

error results and the import fails:






XML Import Error

No matching DataWindow column reference within XML template.

The XML file to be imported is:




<![CDATA[ 000000000000009]]>



<![CDATA[ 000000000000124]]>




The template is set up as:


------------------------- < - Detail Starts



![CDATA[~t idss ]]

351819 Documentation request: Add another example for FileWrite to show technique used with large files, eg. could use example from PFC: pfc_n_cst_filesrv: of_filewrite()
351840 Provide AdoTransaction support for SqlConnection, OracleConnection, OdbcConnection in Datawindow.Net. They all implement IDbConnection interface. Currently AdoTransaction object only supports OleDbConnection
351856 Unable to update a table when calling a c++ function from within

Powerbuilder and connected to a MS Sql Server 2000 database using OLE DB and MS DTC.

Customer believes that a ReturnCommandHandle is needed for a OLE DB connection to that

the proper handle is returned to their c++ dll.

351937 pbm_dwnkey event does not work for KeyRightButton!

I think this is not a bug and the KeyLeftButton! is processed by the Clicked event and the KeyRightButton! is processed by the rbuttondown event and the processing never gets to the pbm_dwnkey event. Checking with development on the KeyMiddleButton!. Request documentation note if this is correct behavior.

351947 This is a request to document the Datawindow SaveAs function as several enumerated types have been discontinued in 10.0, including EXCEL5!, WK1!, WKS!, and WMF!
351962 Unable to create a Datawindow from a stored procedure when using OLE DB driver. One gets an error message procedure 'xxxx' expects parameter @<param name> which was not supplied. This happens for stored procedures which have an input argument.

Per PB Engineering: This is not a bug. The supplied stored procedure does not return a resultset. PB requires a resultset returned for stored procedures to be used as datawindow sources.

351966 SyntaxFromSql memory link.
351970 CR 300345 introduced a new Oracle DBParm called Timestamp. In 9.0.1 this DBParm could be set only in script. This is a request to add a checkbox to the Oracle connection Profile for the Timestamp DBParm.
352037 Customer wants to access properties and methods in OLEStorage objects and wants the capability to do that.

Customer wants to be able to take an arbitrary OLE compound document and interrogate it to get the stream name and any property sets. This cannot be done with the current functionality is the storage class though, because that class doesn抰 exposed methods that would allow to enumerate the streams or retrieve the property sets.

Visual Basic also can抰 read property sets, so Microsoft provides an ActiveX that allows them to interface with some compound OLE documents.

What I'm basically looking for is this: OLE Compound Documents are composed of three types of data:



Property Sets

The problem with PB's implementation is:

1. I can only access storages and streams, I can't access property sets


2. I have to know the name of the member in order to access it. There's no way in PB to query the object for the names of the members.

I want to be able to get the names of the members, and I want to be able to pull property set information.

352038 Deletion of objects referenced in other objects require manual editing of the referencing objects to resolve the situation. It would be nice to have a way to automatically remove references to deleted objects.
352053 With a rather large library list, none of the PBLs show up in the Open or Run dialogs, though they all show in the Inherit dialog.
352062 PowerBuilder crashes with memory error during connect MS SQL Server 2000 (8.00.760) database using access using udl file and sql server security.
352070 The clicked and doubleclicked events of a datawindow have a row argument. With a label style datawindow, sometimes this argument is incorrect. Intermitently it reports the last row on the page instead of the label you clicked on.
352127 PB 9.0.1 (6533) Solaris, HP, and AIX PBVMs:

The fop.bat references lib/logkit-1.0.jar and lib/jimi-1.0.jar and those two files are not in the fop-0.20.4/lib directory.

RESOLUTION: Apache intends for these to be optionally added by the FOP end-user, but they keep these in their CLASSPATH in anticipation.


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