SAP PB Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(4)

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考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。
在SAP Support Portal网站或者google上搜索Targeted CR List for ASE,可以看到针对不同版本的CR(CR表示Change Request)简单描述信息列表。
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以下提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息!

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216897 When you change a computed field created by manipulating NUMERIC columns (na + nb) and one of the column values in the expression is NULL, the computed field becomes "0" after you change it's expression. (to, say "na")

If na and nb are numeric columns and compute_1 is made up of 'na+nb' and na and nb are null, the computed field will turn from NULL (blank) to zero when the expression is changed to "na". It should remain NULL since one or both of the columns is null.

216901 The dw export file from PB5.x does not migrate nor import correctly to PB7.x if property HSplitScroll is enabled. Repaint problems happen when the VScrollBar DownArrow is pressed.
216906 PB 7.0.2 build 8026 regression from PB 6.5.1.

Datawindow with string/character colum with an editmask. Highlight value in column and press the Delete key. When user tries to reenter data the first character input is ignored and does not appear. All subsequent characters are fine.

As an example if a character column has an editmask on it and the string is 'ABCD'. Highlight the entire string and hit the delete key. Try reentering 'EFGH' and you will only see 'FGH'.

216909 7.0 Regression. The TableCriteria/TableOwner setting used with PBDIR to DB2/MVS causes a GPF in PBVM70.DLL when either opening the table list in the database painter or anywhere the 'Select Tables' dialog is presented (as in the datawindow painter, SQL Select datawindow creation).

Appears to work fine in 7.0 builds > 8025

216930 Filter expression with "column in (<list>)" causes memory leak. This can become severe with a high number of iterations.
217051 In runtime a Datawindow of style grid is not refreshed sometimes. If dragging (very fast) another window e.g. Explorer over a grid dw it could happen that a black square appears.

Map the pbm_paint in the window and place following script in the event:
dw_1.visible = FALSE
dw_1.visible = TRUE

217054 Large memory leak printing when using the rich text edit control (native). After 10 iterations of a small rich text file (with embedded graphics) using rtf.print(), it leaks 300k with a simple 130k file. Also leaks 11 handles in NT.

Rich Text Datawindows also leak when printing - about 2MB for 10 pages (with metafile)

217066 The CrossTabDialog() function does not work in 16-bit in PB6.5.

The dialog comes up but the selections does not apply after closing the dialog

--> This problem is not going to be fixed due to 16-bit PB6.5 version is nearing end of life.

217089 PowerBuilder Wintel client applications GPF when calling remote functions on Jaguar on Solaris. An example would be if you redeploy a PB Component to Jag 3.5 (to fix a bug - no changes in methods). You would think the client application was OK - ie - any proxies (stubs) are OK since the interface didn't change.

If you don't do a Library Painter/Full Rebuild (regenerate) on ALL the client objects - esp the proxy object - before re-running the client application AFTER RE-DEPLOYING COMPONENTS WITH NO INTERFACE CHANGES TO JAGUAR - you will GPF on the CLIENT or HANG at the first remote function call.

After regenerating the client application, the client will immediately begin working again.

217105 Memory usage goes up when an app is running

in development or runtime (p code and machine code), when isnull

is used with the any datatype.

The test case has a do while loop that runs with 10000 iterations

any test_string

do while myint < long(sle_1.text)


myint ++


Memory usage goes up as follows for a pcode exe:

Memory VM Size

1. 4488 2456

2. 4572 2540

3. 4652 2620

4. 4728 2696

217134 GetFullState () hangs for dw with large amount of data (e.g. 2000 rows X 31 columns) when integrated with Jaguar 3.5 on SUN Solaris 2.6. However, its work fine with small amount of data (e.g. 100 rows).

On the other hand, it works perfectly for large amount of data when using Jaguar 3.5 on Win NT accessing the same ASE database on SUN Solaris.

217135 Datawindow Print Orientation isn't working fine if no printer is defined.
Different PB releases have different behaviours.
If no Printer is defined and you create a composite datawindow it's not possible to change the Orientation. it will always displayed in Portait format or in PB 6.0 build 444 the print preview becomes the size of the frame.
Because in PowerBuilder 7 we have the posibility to define the paper size in the dw, we should be able to put the orientation correctly according to the paper size in the preview of the dw. Then if default paper size is used it will take the system parameter ( but when no printer is defined only portrait will be used or something like this).
More over I notice that when no printer is defined, the paper size is ignored.
217136 Has a PB nvo with a method of_pass_string (string as) which just does return as.
When a client calls this method passing a string containing french or german or hebrew characters (above ascii code 127), it receives garbage.
217147 This problem only appears to be an issue with Times New Roman font.
In the DW painter if you change the font from Arial to Times New Roman via the toolbar is set to 2, if you try to change the font from Arial to Times New Roman via the column properties, then is set to 1. On some printers the output will be incorrect, a different font will be used instead of Times New Roman.
217152 Using PopMenu on a menu item which is not visible will pop-up this menu.

Easy WA:
Just code: (Example)
IF m_genapp_sheet.m_edit.Visible THEN

217155 The client would like to have the ability to set the background color of columns as a default style setting.
217160 7.0 Regression. If you create a crosstab and don't own the table, and you use just ONE table for your SELECT statement, the columns the crosstab wizard creates are fully qualified (employee.emp_id) and this causes the computed fields for the crosstab to be corrupt and show no data (esp Grand Total computed fields in the footer band that show blank)

This has been reproduced in ODBC and SYC which rules out some ODBC interaction with owner in PBODB70.ini.

CR207744 was a GPF building a crosstab. Fixed in 7.0.2 8011 or so.

This fix requires at least PBWIZ70.DLL and PBDWE70.DLL.

217162 OLEDB missing profile dialog UI for FormatArgsAsExp. Without this, large integers in retrieval arguments will be converted to exponential notation. The property would be a checkbox on the Syntax tab as "Format Arguments in Scientific Notation"
217164 On hpux, trying to connect using the or8 driver with
oracle client 8.0.4 will give the following error:

DBMS or8 oracle 8.0 is not support in your current installation.

Works ok when using oracle 8.0.3 client. Works ok using oracle 7.3 and the o73

217166 PowerBuilder SaveAs() should include the new HTML Datawindow Generator for datawindows and datastores. The new generator created has more features than the currently supported HTMLTable! output and this would be a great tool for both PowerBuilder (and even InfoMaker) users.
217180 7.0 Regression. Bad behavior. Regenerating the last object in the library painter (where there is more than one "page" of objects, causes the list to scroll back to page 1 when finished. In 6.5, it stayed with the object you regenerated.
217232 In 7.0, the property sheet for an inherited object will contain the instance variables as part of the "General" tabpage for the properties sheet shown at the RIGHTMOST pane (default layout). We do this for default values like "Enabled", etc, why do we lower case all instance variables that show up in descendant areas.

Also, in the script painter, right -mouse/paste special/instance also shows all instance variables defined in the ancestor object or in the CURRENT descendant object in lower case.

217234 A full rebuild will show inconsistent results on
several attempts. In the library painter when you run the full rebuild,
it may show no errors. Run a full rebuild again and app will show
217244 OpenWithParm will return control back to the script that called the window before the window is closed.

Developers Comments:
This is not a bug. This doesn't work because of the close in ue_retrieve of w_cancel. The doc indicates that the post messages are written to a different queue from the window's message queue, therefore you don't have control over either message. What is happening is that the return of w_cancel is not occuring until after w_info has been opened. If you had script following the OpenwithParm of w_cancel, you would see that this isn't occuring until after w_info is closed and there is nothing in the message object because the OpenWithParm for w_info cleared the message object.

217270 Running nvo in debug causes constructor to fire later in painter when saving nvo.
217276 6.5.1 Regression. Rowfocuschanged not firing on NUP datawindow when the user clicks from NUP row to NUP row.
217286 DB2/MVS Outer Joins not allowed in SQL query

This problem happens for PB SQL painter regarding ODBC connection to DB2 on MVS. The 2 join selections unsupported are :-
= = and rows from table1 that have no table2
= = and rows from table2 that have no table1

PowerBuilder ODBC to DB2 UDB on NT is OK.

217325 Editing Global Variables while in function object substitutes variables for script. This seems to only happen on GLOBAL FUNCTION objects, not user objects. (Keywords: disappear, gone, missing, swap, corrupt, deletes)

This might be because the script painter is slightly different for global functions. They only have


in the listbox and (Declare) only has Global Variables and Global External Functions. A user object would have:
and (Declare) would have 5 different items, (Global, Instance,Shared variables, Global, Local External Functions)

7.0 GA build 5031 and 7.0.1 build 6012 have this problem. 7.0.2 (build 8003) or higher seems to work fine.

217346 7.0.2 EBF Regression. Right Mouse menu to Paste Retrieval Arguments in the datawindow painter "SQL" view has disappeared in 7.0.2 Build 8026. Instead you get the Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All menu.

The WHERE Tab has the columns "Column, Operator, Value". You used to be able to right mouse on the "Value" column in an EDITABLE field and get the popup menu containing:


In 7.0.2 8033, the menu does appear but only when on the 'Header' part of the tab (when placed over the header label "Value" in the value column.).

217353 Printing a structure from the painter, pops the save dialog window and does not print the structure.
217356 6.5.1 Regression. Group band background color outside band in preview mode (not print preview). Grid datawindow shows this best where the color is above the grid line by about 5%-10%.
217466 Typing Control-End on an empty datawindow in print preview mode GPFs in in PBDWE050.DLL, PBDWE60.DLL, etc depending on version of PowerBuilder.

Appears fine in versions 6.5.1 620 and 7.0.1 6012.

Note: This could also happen in InfoMaker in the report painter or in a runtime executable since it's always in print preview mode.

217471 If you evaluate in the dw clicked event when the pointer is over a text field of a dw command button, it evalueates to "datawindow" instead of the name of the text field or button. When you click on a dw command button, the buttonclicking and button clicked events do not fire.
217472 Enhancement. Make 'Format Arguments in Scientific Notation' "NO" the default in ODBC and OLEDB connections and any other connections when you either build a new profile or when running in runtime.

The default behavior causes the where clause to produce a scientific notation for a numeric (integer or long) retrieval argument.

Ex: where id = 1.3e1

which can often cause table scans if the numeric retrieval argument is large. There is no way for the average developer (or InfoMaker end user) to know the effect of this DBPARM default value on their queries.

217486 7.0 Regression: In dw painter, can't change name of graph or OLE object for a graph or OLE presentation style datawindow.
217494 UO Painter. GPF replacing an object whose ancestor has been deleted.
Problem with inherited objects that are user objects or menus. Windows do not appear to have the problem.
Example of problem with user objects is :

I have three objects A, B, C. C is inherited from B and B is inherited from
A. I delete B and create a new object D, inherited directly from A.
A this point, I have object A and object an object C that is no longer
valid - the object it is inherited from, B, no longer exists.
If I try to save the new object D with the same name as object C,
overwriting C, PB GPFs.
In previous versions the new object would be saved without a problem and would overwrite the object with the missing ancestor.

217550 Some values are computed differently when using the Round(0 function in Powerscript and in the Datawindow.
Powerscript value after rounding = 312.8300 However, in the DataWindow, the value is 312.82.

Use Round(Truncate((( sj_b_npric * ssj_sh_qty) + 0.000001),4),2).

217555 Save As... from the menu for a new global function to a second PBL causes the function definition (arguments + return value) and script to disappear. You must have 2 PBLs and do a Save As.. to the second PBL when you FIRST save the function

Happens in NT and Win98 (suspect Win95 too). Also, PowerBuilder 5.0 and 6.x have this behavior but 7.0 does not.

217572 When attempting to inherit from a descendent with a missing ancestor as soon as the ancestor is chosen you will receive a PB 70.exe Application Error. The instruction at "0x1131bc97" referenced memory at "0x01820760". the memory cannot be read.

In PB 6.5.1 if you try to choose a descendant ot inherit from that has a missing ancestor you will get the standard Inherit of 'xxxx; failed Possible causes 1- Object does not exist"

Let's say you have a base menu 'm_base' and create a descendant called 'm_level2' and then inherit 'm_level3' from 'm_level2'. Now delete 'm_level2' and try to open 'm_level3'. You will get the standard: Open of menu 'm_level3' failed. Possible causes: 1 - Object does not exist, etc. You will also get this error message if you try to inherit from this menu in PB 6.5.1 but in all versions of PB 7.0 tested when you try to inherit from this menu with a missign ancestor you will crash.

217646 If the date format used for ShortDate in the control panel Regional Settings includes a SPACE, the library painter, Modification Date, Compilation Date and comments get corrupted.

5.0.04 - 04 25 2000 07:05:21 (1543) 2000 07:05:21
6.5 - 04 25 04 25 2000 07:05:21 (1543) 2000 07:05:21
7.0.2 - 04 25 04 25 (1543) 2000 07:05:21

217649 A memory leak occurs when populating a string array in a PowerBuilder Jaguar component that has instance pooling disabled.
217669 SQLSTATE 07006 (Restricted data type attribute violation) using an ODBC driver against MS SQL Server 6.5 or 7.0. This is caused if the statement contains a backend Convert() call in the WHERE clause that contains a retrieval argument.

convert(varbinary(1),:ts_1) +
convert(varbinary(1),:ts_2) +
convert(varbinary(1),:ts_3) +

Workaround is to use Disablebind=1 in the DBPARM (Profile painter, transaction tab)

217771 dw.reset GPFs when dw is shared with multiple reports in composite dw.
217776 When there is an editmask of ###.## on a numeric column and the data value is highlighted and then the Delete key is clicked. At this point the cursor will be to the left of the decimal point. If in PB 6.5.1 the Delete key is again clicked you cannot get to the decimal portion of the number unless you click in the decimal portion. In PB 7.0 GA through build 8030 when the Delete keyis hit a second time you will be to the right of the decimal point and the column will be displayed as .0. The same thing will happen in PB 8.0. In Pb 7 if you then realize that you need to be to the left of the decimal point and click there or hit the 'Home' key and enter 1-2-3 the value will be displayed as 2-3-1. In PB 8.0 the value will be displayed correctly as 123.

If the editmask is ###.00 the behavior is the same in both PB 7.0 and 8.0 in that you can get past the decimal point ( which may be an intended change in behavior in both PB 7 and 8 but I could not find it documented), but the data entered into the column is correct.

217810 Tray Selection (Paper.Source) not working for POSTSCRIPT printers.
use non Postscript drivers if possible or setup the tray in the printer setup.
217824 7.0 Regression. For a group style datawindow, the group band property "Reset Page Number on group break" is now called "Reset page count" by mistake.

Development: We made a conscious decision in 7.0 to expose the datawindow syntax as much as possible (consider it a way for the user to learn syntax ) .. and .. ResetPageCount is the syntax (property) for what was once "Reset Page Number on Group Break".

217866 When an edit mask is used on a real column, there can be a rounding error for certain numbers.
A numeric value like 9.4 stored in a coltype real column can get truncated to the value 9.3 in the
editmask instead of rounded to 9.4.

Work-around is to export the datawindow and change the column type from real to number.

217872 PB crashes with a segmentation fault after
calling a external function.

External function is user defined. Generated in c++ and calling
the java jvm. Using jdk/jre 1.2.1. PB crashes in development and runtime when

217874 When opening the w_examplemain window in the PFC examples the following error occors: PowerBuilder Application Exection Error (R0023) Error: Cannot assign object of type mdi_1 to variable of type pfc_w_frame'mdi_1 at line 6 in create event of object pfc_w_frame. To fix this: Export w_frame from exmmain.pbl and remove these two lines:
"type mdi_1 from mdiclient within w_frame
end type"
and then import w_frame back in.
217885 When a com/mts component is generated on a win95
machine and you then open the project and select objects from the painter
bar, the checkboxes don't appear to work. (see for screen
print shot)

Problem only happens on win95. Ran a test on win95a,win95b and problem
happens on both. Also installed dcom95 and checked the security and problem
still happens. It appears to be environmental because on one win95 machine,
problem doesn't happen. Both machines are running dcom95 and pb 7.0.2
8026. Also ran msinfo32 and both machines are using the same system dll's.

Need to know what conditions pb is checking for a com/mts project/select objects.

217914 PB 7.X regression. When adding a computed field to a datawindow that displays wingding fonts the default font is used. If a PB 6.5.1 datawindow is migrated to PB 7.0.2 the correct wingding font is displayed.
218041 In DB Painter, open a table having a primary-foreign key relationship with another table.
Rightmousebuttonclick on primary key - open dependent tables - fails
In PB 6.5.1 + built 1180 you'll get a GPF in pb60.exe
The instruction at 0x109f7e01 referenced memory at 0x00000000.
218042 Concurrent clients hang PB7 component in EAServer3.5 (Solaris) at GetFullState()
218045 A pb component fails in Jaguar on solaris when a dw
used in that component has a updatable datawindow. The component
creates a datastore and assigns the dataobject.

The dw is using a sp and is set to updateable from rows/stored
procedure update. When you call that component from a pb client,
the component fails on the settransobject only on jaguar on solaris.
Works ok on nt. If the sp update is reset from rows/stored procedure update
so that it isn't updatable, than the data is retrieved back to the client. No problems.

Happens for an ASE stored procedure and Oracle. Doesn't appear to be
db specific.

218057 7.0.2 ebf Regression. Graph datawindow with query datasource is not displaying graph after retrieving.

Works up through 7.0.2 8003.

218111 Nested reports within composite datawindows are renamed after migration to PB 7.

In Powerbuilder 7, empty names for nested reports within a composite DW are not allowed anymore.
Then, during migration, any nested report is renamed with the syntax dw_{x} (based on the Design/Options/Prefixes setting for a nested report) if it was created without a name in a prior version.

If you happen to use a name similar to the dw_{x}, you could get into trouble.

For example, if a composite datawindow had 4 nested reports (in PB 6.x) named :
dw_1 / <empty name> / my_nested_1 / dw_2

After the migration (from PB 5 to 7 or PB 6 to 7), the names are automatically changed to :
dw_1 / dw_2 / my_nested_1 / dw_3

So any script reference to the nested report dw_2 now refers the second nested report while it refered the fourth one before the migration. (You'll get strange behavior with GetChild(), perhaps with dot notation, etc).

The collision is caused by the naming conflict. The user might go in ahead of time and change the default 'datawindow' naming prefix from 'dw_' to 'dwn_' before migration.

218115 "A prototype is needed for this script" error in function painter when adding a parameter and saving object.
When adding a new argument to an object function you get the error above IF:
- The object has more than one function
- The function does not have a return value.
- You use the mouse to choose the datatype of the new argument from the DDLB.
218145 Debug crashes when stepping into Create of object with deep inheritance.
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 8046 (EBF C3)
218165 Edit masks ending in #.00 allow more than 2 decimal digits to be entered.
Verified fixed in 6.5 build 1199.
218188 If you create a uo with a simple function and save then the object PB causes a gpf.
The object is saved but PB crashed.
218192 Depending on the DW Control size (height property) and on the detail band size (height property) of the datawondow object, the last row of the DW control is hidden.
218193 The Intersolv ODBC drivers supplied with PB are version 3.11.
The latest version on the Merant (Intersolv) site is 3.6
We can download an evaluation copy of these drivers from the web or we can buy them but can we get official upgrades of these drivers licensed for PB?
218217 6.5 EBF Regression. Rowfocuschanged not firing after Reset() on a datawindow that contains rows.
(somewhere between March 31, 2000 and April 7th, 2000 builds)
218219 7.0 Regression: A response window with SetFocus(this) in the open event GPFs.
218224 Using dot notation to assign a null value to a CHAR variable will crash a PB app if compiled with machine code
Datawindow can be in a datastore or datawindow control. Insert a row in dw but do not add any data...

With 7.0 build 8026 the crash is.
"Instruction at 0x1133d5d4 ref'd memory at 0x00000000...could not be READ."

char charvar
charvar = lds_tmp.Object.a[1] // Crashes

218265 An array of powerobjects is treating nvo elements as if they were structures by copying them on assignment into the powerobject array.
218272 If an expression is defined for the Graph Value axis using the standard functions :
SUM() or COUNT()
Series sort: Unsorted
Category sort: Unsorted,
then in preview the datawindow will force the category to display columns in an ascending character order.
Graph style(s) e.g. Column, Line, Area, Bar, 3D Area, 3D Bar, 3D Column and other
linear styles are affected...

Only PB6.5.1 does not exhibit this problem. From this analysis, I believe PB6.5.1 produces the correct result and the other builds have regressed with respect to the functions SUM() and COUNT() ;

218285 The PowerBuilder IDE crashes in PBVM70.DLL when the database profile has no database specified and you're using PBDIR, PBMSS or PBSYC drivers. The "Test Connection" button on the database profile, "Preview page" when there is no 'database' specified on the "Connection" tabpage in the Profile Painter can cause this.

PowerBuilder goes down faster than the NASDAQ on a bad day.. (SYC, MSS) are affected. All other drivers seem to be OK.

There are several other ways to get this GPF, all related to the profile NOT having a database specified. In these cases, if the "Change Database" dialog comes up and you choose to Cancel out of the dialog without selecting a database, PowerBuilder will GPF. Here are some scenarios (anywhere there is a connection tried):
1. Last connection is one without a database specified in the database profile. Go into PB and open a datawindow but cancel out of the "Change Database" dialog. You will soon GPF (DW Painter)
2. Script painter with embedded SQL. When you save script and are not connected to a database, the IDE will attempt to connect - "Change Database" dialog comes up - cancel out - GPF.
3. Compiling a script manually (Control-L) and cancelling out of the dialog "Change Database".
4. Opening the database painter (same scenario)
5. Creating a new datawindow.
6. Data Pipeline

218293 Pagedown key positions vertical scroll thumbnail all the way down before it should.
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 8046 (EBF C3)
218308 datawindow (HTMLDW) or datastore retrieve return -1 using winfree_interim.tar
218315 In a crosstab dw some columns are printed to to wide if using Units="1/1000 Centimeter"

use PowerBuilder Units

218316 Need support for the retrieval of Procedure text for Oracle ODBC drivers in several areas of the product where PowerBuilder can query this (Script painter, datawindow painter, etc). You'll always see "The database does not currently support retrieval of procedure text."

The actual SQL in the PBODB70.ini that the native driver uses is below (where &objectname is something like 'PROC1' and &ObjectOwner would usually be 'SYS'

[Oracle 7] or [Oracle 8] section of PBODB70.ini

''&ObjectName'' and OWNER = ''&ObjectOwner'' ORDER BY


When placed in the PBODB70.ini, it doesn't seem to work.

218335 This is a possible regression or intended change in behaviour from PB6.x ; The change in behaviour hinders fast deployment and upgrades for applications.

This problem occurs for "user" object functions. When a library pbl is incrementally
rebuilt as machine or pcode, the minor changes in the source code of
"user" object functions causes an incorrect runtime display ;

I tested this with small changes to function scripts e.g. comment lines, code lines etc. and
NOT argument interference like datatype(s) which are factors necessitating a full rebuild'.

I verified that "window" and "menu" object functions are not affected by this behaviour.

a)Why has PB made differences in the export order syntax ?

b)Can this influence be removed so as to revert to PB6 behaviour ?
If "No" then PB documentation needs to be changed from "Building individual dynamic library"
to "Necessary for full application recompile".
See PB7 'Application Techniques' Manual.
Page 724: Building individual dynamic libraries.

There are 4 workarounds which will help to deploy "individual" pbds.

218342 Typing backspace on selected data in an editmask deletes the selected data but also inserts a character represented by a square. Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 8046 (EBF C3)
218364 If a bitmap on a Rich Text Datawindow is changed to anything but the original size, then it is shrunk every time the dw is opened.
218366 Enhancement:
In PB 5 when they went to powerbar => rightclick=> select show text =>
You could still see the horizontal separtion lines between the icons. In PB 6.5 and 7.02
they no longer see it.
218378 PowerBuilder 7.x :
In the EndLabelEdit event of a treeView control, the RETURN 1 does not prevent the new text from becoming the item's label.
218386 7.0.2 Consolidated maintenance upgrade CD (contains all upgrades, InfoMaker, Desktop, Professional, Enterprise) doesn't upgrade PB Desktop 7.0 to 7.0.2. When running setup, you receive the error:

"You do not have the required version of 7.0 or 7.0.1 Enterprise installed on your machine. Please install those products and then run PowerBuilder 7 maintenance setup again."

The artwork on the CDs is wrong. PB Professional and Desktop customers and InfoMaker customers can download the "PowerBuilder 7.0.2 EBF#2" from "MySybase". These customers must already be using PB 7.0x in order to apply this EBF (PB 6.x customers need to upgrade to version 7).

218438 "Select rowid from table" leads to display a column having 5 characters length instead of 18.
Doing the same with sqlplus leads to show a 18 characters column size.
218442 The stored procedure list brought back from the datawindow wizard (any datawindow type) takes 2-3 times longer than it did in 6.5 - more noticeable when there are a lot of procedures.

Seems to be a similar problem to the composite wizard slowdown CR214970. It appears to hang.

218455 Using a VC++ MFC window with PB window ActiveX (V6 and V7) leads to debug assertion failed message
when closing the VC++ MFC window
218480 In the datawindow painter, if you enter an expression for the Y2 property of a line, the expression gets saved as the expression for the X1 property.
218608 Database : Adaptive Server Anywhere
DW based on a JOIN sql statement (JOIN t2 ON t2.col1 = t1.col1) cannot be modified in PB 6 or 7, but it worked fine in PB 5
The error message is : "Database Error."
218620 Starting with PB7, users cannot redeploy only "some" pbds in an application. Prior to PB7, this may have been possible - but should always have been cautioned. In PB7, the object manager will change the order of object functions whenever the function is editted (for any reason). This affects the v-tables.
218624 Using powerdynamo with netscape 3.61 on solaris
and the html dw on solaris will result in the following error in a web browser:
unable to initialize the vm (check that the path and classpath environmental
variables are set correctly)

When the classpath and ld_library_path point to jdk 1.22 the error occurs.
If the classpath and ld_library_path point to jdk 1.1 then no error.

218640 The HTML Generator changed from 7.0.1 to 7.0.2 to enhance the rendering of tabular data more accurately and consistently in IE 5.0 and Netscape 4.x. The table width in 7.0.2 is now fully defined in the form header and will include fields that contain only spaces (4 spaces) as table elements. In PB 6.5 and up through 7.0.1, you could add these space elements and they would not get their own HTML table entries.

In 7.0.2, the output of some of these migrated datawindows are displaying the wrong width (too wide) causing bad rendering of tabular data in Internet Explorer vs Netscape.

(Generally, the behavior causes data that fit in the page width to now widen beyond the page)

Discussion: With the recent fixes to the HTML generator to help Netscape positioning, it's possible old workarounds useful in PowerBuilder 6.5 using "SaveAs(HTMLTable!)" don't work. One trick was the addition of fields containing just spaces to help 'space out' tabular data. These are so-called placeholder fields helped to better position and size the real columns but in 6.5 and 7.0.1 they did not get rendered as actual HTML table elements. In 7.0.2, these placeholder columns now become table elements and cause the HTML to "Space out" the data causing the output to look wrong. Users using this method should review their tabular datawindows and take out the placeholder columns.

Here is an example:

[column] [ placeholder ] [ column] [placeholder] [column]

The 'placeholder' fields would just contain 5 or 10 spaces. In 7.0.2, these become table elements so instead of having 3 columns of tabular data, you have 5 columns of data.

218662 dw column of datatype NUMBER or REAL with DISPLAY FORMAT e.g. 0.0000. Rounding problem happend
e.g. 1.58465 become 1.5846 expect 1.5847
3.23465 become 3.2346 expect 3.2347

Workaround :
Problem can be workaround by export dw object and change relatedt NUMBER or REAL datatype to DECIMAL(5) and reimport into the dw object.

218676 6.5 EBF Regression. Sort() invoked on primary datawindow of a sharedata pair is not displayed on secondary datawindow.

This was broken around 6.5 1189 and 7.0.2 8030.

218682 Regression Pb 6 (>build 1176) and 7 (>build 5031)
RowFocusChanged and RowFocusChanging events are not triggered when a retrieve returns no rows,
even though the current row has changed to 0.
218685 When the NT 4.0 desktop Appearance is changed to Windows Standard ( extra large) the data value in an editmask spin control is truncated when filling the spin control. This did not happen in PB 5.0 or 6.5.1.
218745 Retrieving on htmldw where ea server 3.5 is
running on solaris,the following error appears ea server console:

SmartHeap error handler recursively reentered
Abort, Retry

The following error appears in the srv.log file:
May 17 08:40:48 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetSelfLink('testjdsbonnoamt.htm','')
May 17 08:40:48 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetWeight()
May 17 08:41:00 2000: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
May 17 08:41:00 2000: si_signo [6]: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
May 17 08:41:00 2000: si_errno [0]: Error 0
May 17 08:41:00 2000: si_code [-1]: SI_LWP [pid: 14648, uid: 1001]

218752 When retrieving a htmldw running on ea server on solaris,
the following error appears in the console:

mem_bad_mem pool error
abort, retry

The following errors appear in the srv.log:
May 17 09:53:03 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Generate()
May 17 09:53:21 2000: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
May 17 09:53:21 2000: si_signo [6]: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
May 17 09:53:21 2000: si_errno [0]: Error 0
May 17 09:53:21 2000: si_code [-1]: SI_LWP [pid: 15309, uid: 1001]
May 17 09:53:21 2000: stackbase=0, stackpointer=CCA11B4C

Per Development:
Made the following change to testhtml.htm and problem went away:
I found that the following line in the .htm file maybe the cause that hangs the server:
dwMine = new PSDataWindowClass("htmlDW", true, jagConn, dwCource, dbConn);
You should change this to the following and have a try:
dwMine = new PSDataWindowClass("htmlDW", false, jagConn, dwCource, dbConn);
With the second parameter set to "false", a SetComplete() will happen after the Generate() method (of the HTML Generator) is called. This allows the HTML generator to be deactivated and pooled.

218756 graph control hangs PB when altering axis values and use scale type log10! or loge!
For example if you type in for example 10E-10 in the MinimumValue and tab to MaximumValue in the Axis propertie tab then PB hangs up.
218765 7.0.2ebf Regression. A string editmask (such as for a phone number) now returns trimmed values for Gettext() or if the underlying data does NOT fill the editmask. In the past (3.0 to 7.0.2 8024), when a char(10) field had 3 characters in it, and an editmask of (###) ###-####, (10 total mask characters), the Gettext() would always return '123<7 padded spaces>'. And as such Len(Gettext()) in script would also show 10.

This was caused by the to CR208886 in 7.0.2 8025, after this, several behaviors are noticed:
1. A partial value "123" in a 10 character phone editmask now shows "(123" without the closing paren ")"
2. Gettext() and/or for the char(10) field with 3 characters (not completely filled field) returns only 3 characters.

Also, in the past, if you entered "123" in char(10) field, The datawindow would put "123<7 padded spaces> in the buffer so with Update() and subsequent retrievals, the mask was always "Filled" to 10 characters.

In other words, in the past, no matter how many characters were in the char(10) column buffer, Gettext() ALWAYS padded the data in the past.

218812 When using the ODBC driver for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 "SQLSRV32.DLL", version 3.70 against a SQL Server 6.5 database with NO SQL Server service packs installed, datetime fields will retrieve into datawindows or in the database painter with question marks (01/??/01 00:00:00). This only seems to happen in ODBC and with PowerBuilder 7.0 (all versions) and SQL Server 6.5 with no service packs.

This is not a PowerBuilder bug but is being noted since a lot of customers will hit this upgrading from prior versions of PB (4.0-6.5) to PB 7.0 and using the SQL Server 7.0 ODBC driver "SQLSRV32.DLL" version against SQL Server 6.5 databases and ODBC version 3.51. This is not a problem in prior versions of PowerBuilder.

To tell what service packs (if any) are installed in SQL Server 6.5:
Issue the following in the ISQL_W tool for SQL Server or in the database painter, ISQL view

Select @@version

You should get back a version string... Here's the decoding:
6.50.201 - Original SQL Server release.
6.50.258 - Service Pack 3

An ODBC trace might reveal:
DIAG [01000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The ODBC catalog stored procedures installed on server <XYZ> are version 6.50.193; version 07.00.0523 or later is required to ensure proper operation. Please contact your system administrator. (0)

We also made updates to the pbodbxx.ini files for the newer driver:
(an ODBC trace will identify this driver as "Microsoft SQL Server" - which will be used to look up a section in the pbodb70.ini.

Original pbodb70.ini
[Microsoft SQL Server]

PBDateFmt=''{d '\'yyyy-mm-dd\'' }''
PBTimeFmt=''{t '\'hh:mm:ss\''}''
PBDateTimeFmt=''{ts '\'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.ffffff\''}''

New pbodb70.ini
[Microsoft SQL Server]

PBDateTimeFmt='\'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fff\''

Solution: Upgrade you SQL Server 6.5 to at least service pack 3 and check your PBODB70.ini for compatibility.

218830 Getting a mem_bad_pointer error when a
intercomponent call is made to a component when an argument is
passed by reference. The component being called is in a separate
package and returning an integer. The component also has a
argument passed by value.

May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1 (constructor)
May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1/$Activate (bind)
May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1/solarisbug__N
May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1/$Deactivate (unbind)
May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1 (remove container 686)
May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1/$CanBePooled (poolable)
May 18 12:16:20 2000: DEBUG: ravitest/n_pbsolarisbug1 (destructor)
May 18 12:16:26 2000: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
May 18 12:16:26 2000: si_signo [6]: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
May 18 12:16:26 2000: si_errno [0]: Error 0
May 18 12:16:26 2000: si_code [-1]: SI_LWP [pid: 19008, uid: 1001]
May 18 12:16:26 2000: stackbase=0, stackpointer=ECD21F0C
May 18 12:16:26 2000:

218845 Migrated test case from pb 7.02 to 8.0 while recreating
com/mts object, fails to build in project painter. Fails on component server build.

The following are the results of the build in pb:

---------- Deploy: Deploy of p_testcrash6
Performing Incremental Rebuild of Objects
Parsing User Object uo_testcrash6...
Beginning generation...
Generating IDL file...
Generating IDL file...
Generating Type Library...
Generating the PB COM Server
Generating GUID source file...
Generating Interfaces header...
Generating Classes header...
Generating Server Data source file...
Generating Classes source...
Generating server resource file...
Compiling GUID Source File ..
Compiling PB COM Object Source File ..

Compiling PB COM Server Source File ..

Linking PBCOM Server object files

Generation Results:
Instance variables:
Instance Variables: PASSED

Functions: PASSED
IDL File Generation: succeeded
Component Server Build: failed
---------- Finished Deploy of p_testcrash6

218865 Documentation. Timeout property of transport object should be documented as being in milliseconds, not seconds.
218869 Whenever a User is not specifying the query starting in row 1 the Querymode where clause is not correctly moved into the table select statement and additionally without proper error handling the message "Specified criteria Invalid " appears.

Possible Workaround:
Start specifiying the query in row 1 of the dw.

218873 TriggerPBEvent not working on a html frame window
when two activex controls are on a frame window and one frame is sent
to another page using href. The other activex -- TriggerPBEvent does not

When the frame is put back so that both activex controls are showing than
triggerpbevent works.

218875 Using the activex control and getlastreturn to find
the return value of triggerpbevent or invokepbfunction, the getlastreturn
always returns NaNa.
218935 if dw Label style with a word wrap column is invisible printing is incorrect.
the dw will be printed with overlapping lines. Only happens with Generic/Text Driver on W95.
218956 UO Painter. Certain changes to cyclic dependencies can cause stack overflow and pbl corruption.
218985 creating events in nvo with several parameters (between 15 and 30)
causes a GPF in PowerBuilder.
219034 Listview Itemchanging and itemchanged events fire additional times in 7.0.

This is not a bug but a behavior change due to starting to use the Micrsoft native listview (also treeview) starting in 7.0. PFC and the PFC examples are not affected as there is no code in the itemchanging, and itemchanged events. Customers that have code in either of those two events may be affected and should review the code in light of the behavior change. This CR has a good description and a table of the change in the number of times times the events fire and the arguments passed to them. A possible workaround is to declare an instance variable for each event and save the value of the index argument as the last thing in each event. At the start of the event compare the passed index to the instance variable to determine if an item has changed.

219079 Database : Microsoft SQL Server
DW based on a JOIN sql statement (JOIN t2 ON t2.col1 = t1.col1) cannot be modified in PB 6 or 7, but it worked fine in PB 5
The error message is : "Database Error."
219086 7.0 Regression. PB7 has stopped reporting runtime errors in the Jaguar srv.log.

This has been fixed in builds beyond May 24, 2000. (pbvm70.dll)


New function should be provided or Dec(string) should only interpret numbers in a string with the syntax we use in PowerScript if you declare a decimal value.

DEC does not return 0 for a failue if decimal sep = "," and group sep = "." with a group length of 3
String is for example:
",123" -> 123223,123
"" -> 1234
There the DEC fucntion should return 0 becuase it is not a legal decimal value.

219142 change the German sharp 'S' to 'ss' in a dw does not trigger itemchanged event and rechange the 'ss' back to the sharp 'S'
219150 7.0 Regression. RPCs (Remote Stored Procedure calls) can't be painted in Local/Global External Function script.
You could in PowerBuilder 6.5.
219223 I have deployed a component to Jaguar 3.5 on Solaris build 35036, which contains a method of_connect.
I also deployed the same component to Jaguar 3.5 for NT build 35036.

ds_1.saveas() works fine if the Jaguar 3.5 is on NT, but fails if Jaguar 3.5 is on Solaris.
A empty file is created.

I also verified that the saveas powerscript function worked by creating a standalone application with the Solaris version of PowerBuilder 6.5

219230 When using the group style datawindow, you cannot edit the group expression while walking through the wizard. It only allows you to select columns. If you group by STATE, the group style in the painter (or wizard in 7.0) adds a the columns to both the SORT expression and the GROUP expression.

If you want to CREATE a group datawindow with a group by, say, Month(Birth_date) - and this is important - UP FRONT - you can't do this. You have to use "birth_date" only (which puts it in sort & group expressions) but you then have to remember to GO BACK and edit the sort and group expressions or your result set will get all messed up.

219241 Using ODBC, you get "Data Source Not found" a bogus error caused by a combination of "Prompt for database information" ON in the profile "General" tab and "Connect Type" on the Options tab of the database profile set to

SQLSTATE IM002 - [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data Source name not found and no default driver specified.

Workaround: Set "Connect type" to the default "SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE".

219270 Error usually occur when there are Multiple HTMLDW Clients request on medium size resultset (e.g. over 20 row) to retrieve or update. Either single machine with multiple browser or one browser each on multiple machine.

When Error occur, following symptom may be observed :
a) occur on browser -
request from browser never come back from webserver, Jaguar server failed to respond HTMLDW request.

b) occur on Jaguar Manager : Runtimes Monitoring : Datawindow : All Component
no. of INSTANCES ACTIVE will be raised up and used up all INSTANCES POOLED. i.e. each additonal HTMLDW request will add one more ACTIVE instance. And all ACTIVE instance will not release back to system or instance pool.

c) occur on Jaguar Console -
MEM_BAD_POINTER Abort or Retry ?
BAD_MEM_POOL Abort or Ignore ?
If choose ABORT, Jaguar will stop and trap all context information of each thread into srv.log.

d) occur on Jaguar Console -
SmartHeap Error Handler

Set the component (DataWindow/HTMLGenerator) property using Jaguar Manager to disable the "Concurrency" item on Instances Tab.

219300 Document PB feature INDIRECT Instance variables.
219323 When a calendar ocx is put on the dw detailband accessing the ocx on the datawindow in either preview mode or when running the dw on a window is not possible. You won't be able to click on the calendar.The same ocx on a window can be accessed without problems.
219333 PB 7.02 build 8033 regression : IF a HTML DW is generated with the options "Generate JavaScript", "Client Events" and "Client Formatting" checked, then a JavaScript error is fired in the browser when a Date or DateTime column gains the focus.
219340 When editing a treeview item at runtime with PB 6.5, the escape button does not allow you to cancel changes you may have made. PB 7.x does allow this.

With the Edit Labels property checked a user can edit a label at runtime but when pressing <Esc> nothing happens. Not able to capture the escape key once a treeview item is being edited.

Ct needs the standard Windows functionality supported in PB 7 treeviews so that when the ESC-key is pressed the old value is recovered

219355 Pb7.x /Jag 3.5. Rollback doesn't work under Jaguar and ODBC if the component is marked "Not Supported" for transaction property. If you make a Database connection using ODBC, and set UseContextObject to 'NO', and autocommit to 'FALSE', when you try to rollback the DATABASE transaction does not rollback - it is committed to the database.

Fixed around 7.0.2 9012.

219366 PB 7.02 - checkboxes that are flat (not 'scaled' or '3D') do not highlight properly
219368 Sybase Virtual University example available using


for Jaguar 3.5 and 3.6. This is not in the Sybase menu.

219374 dw.print() leads to GPF (HPF9XDRV0.DRV 0002;000002f5) when the dw includes a bitmap with driver HP 840C driver
219391 If you use GetChanges()/SetChanges() twice on a datawindow created using SetFullState(), the second set of changes may not be applied. The second call to GetChanges returns the number of changes, but the blob may not contain the changes.

Development has indicated that this is not a bug with the following statenment:

GetChanges()/SetChanges() are designed to work in symmetry. When you do a getChanges() from a client, a set changes on the server is assumed, followed by an update and get changes on the server and SetChanges() on the client().

The first getchanges() leaves behind markers indicating .. we've sent some data for remote update and the expectation is that we will hear back from the server that the updates completed, at which point the markers are cleared.

The first GetChanges() loads the data into the blob to be sent and sets the flags indicating "remote update pending".. A second get changes on the client sees those flags and acts accordingly.

It is important to remember that client->getchanges..server->setchanges..server->getchanges... client->setchanges is one logical operation and should be done in this order to succeed.

219423 Small 7.0 bug in function painter. If the number arguments overflow the prototype view, on startup, the vertical scrollbar is disabled. If you resize the view (just touch it a little), the scrollbar is now active.

Development: This appears to be a Microsoft bug. The information they are given when they do not
enable the scroll bar is exactly the same information they are given when the user resizes the window and they enable the scroll bar. it appears to somehow be related to timing.

219443 7.0.2 EBF Regression. You cannot click on LAST row if Horizontal split scrollbar on on certain datawindows. If you scroll row to row using the thumb of the vertical scrollbar, it should produce a "last row" that is "clickable". In certain cases, this is no longer true.

Believe it's related to CR215513 and CR214817.

219444 If you connect and disconenct from an Oracle 8 database, the disconnect may cause an error if no connection cache is used.
219448 Using datawindow.print.filename doesn't create
a file when the component is running on jaguar on solaris.

No file is created.

219452 Trying to print a datastore from a pb component running in jaguar on solaris will return -1. Nothing gets sent to the print queue. Works ok on nt.

Per PB Product Management, this is not a bug (This issue has been submitted as a New Feature Request/Enhancement Request, CR 224087):

The following information is from the PB 7.0.3 Maintenance Release "readme":

The PowerBuilder 7.0.3 version of the PowerBuilder VM must be available on the server.
The PowerBuilder VM includes PBVM70.DLL, PBJAG70.DLL, PBDWE70.DLL, and other
PowerBuilder files required at run time.

On UNIX, the shared libraries are called libpbvm70x.ext, libdwe70x.ext, and so forth, where
ext is the shared library extension for each UNIX platform. These runtime libraries do not
provide support for Windows API calls or graphical operations, including printing. If you deploy
a PowerBuilder component to an EAServer host running on UNIX, the component can have
neither graphical dependencies nor dependencies on the Windows application programming

219471 6.5 EBF/7.0.2 EBF Regression. "DBMS is not supported in your current installation" message using "Generate Trace" and ANY driver (ODBC or native). You get 2-3 "Database Trace is enabled" dialog boxes but the PowerBuilder never connects to the database.

This happens in development or at runtime using SQLCA.DBMS="TRACE <any driver>" in script.

Observed around build 6.5 1195, 7.0.2 8037.

6.5 1195 - Error. "Could not load database interface". OK in 6.5 1191.
7.0.2 8037 - Error. "DBMS not supported in the current installation".

219488 There appears to be a change in behaviour. In previous versions of PB 5 & 6, this scenario does not trigger an audio sound beep or wave.
In the treeview "Key" event, when the script checks for the <ENTER> key, PB automatically
causes the operating system to trigger the default sound whether the computer has a sound card hardware or not.
219612 Creating a new graph datawindow crashes PB on preview.
Fixed in 7.0.2 build 8044
219614 Creating a new OLE datawindow crashes PB on preview.
Fixed in 7.0.2 build 8044
219615 The Profiler will cancel with the following error (from crash
handler) after opening the trace file and selecting either class view, routine view or trace view:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: d:\pb70\shared\powerbuilder\PBVM70.dll
File Version:
Fault address=11318EFE Section:Offset=01:00177EFE

219621 After fonts were upgraded from office2000, pb experiences enlarged leading space before the column in a singlelineedit (SLE). The datawindow seems unaffected.

Fonts affected most: Arial, Tacoma, Times New Roman

The Arial.TTF from Office 2000 is dated 10/16/1998. The one that does not exhibit the leading space is dated 11/18/1999.
The Tacoma.TTF that exhibits the bad behavior is dated 11/18/1999 exhibited the problem.
The Times.TTF that exhibits the bad behavior is dated 10/16/1998. The 11/18/1999 version seems to be OK.

In summary, it appears users should get the 11/18/1999 fonts - EXCEPT FOR Tacoma.TTF.

To see what version you have for Arial, go to \winnt\fonts and doubleclick on arial.ttf.
- bad version 267KB, Version 2.50 dated 10/16/1998
- good version 148KB, Version 2.50 dated 11/18/1999
Arialbi.ttf, ariali.ttf, arialbd.ttf are the others of the arial family.

219644 FileOpen() does not work as documented. It returns -1 if the user does not specify a FULLY QUALIFIED pathname to the file. Ex: c:\windows\win.ini. The documentation states that if the file is on the relative search path, it should find it. The same behavior occurs in Win95/Win98 and NT 4.0.

filename - A string whose value is the name of the file you want to open. If filename is not on the current directory's **relative search path**, you must enter the fully qualified name.

219645 Using a case expression for a computed field or expression in a datawindow (not script) causes a slight memory leak when used at high repetitions when the computed field has to repaint after evaluating the expression. The memory may leak about 400k after 50,000 repetitions. The process memory for PB70 looking at the process memory continues to grow, though it shouldn't.
219664 7.0.2ebf Regression. Editmask on a window (and datawindow). If a string editmask is partially initialized, the meta character "-" disappears. Worked in 6.5 through 7.0.2 8003.


is initialized with em_1.text='0000000'. In older builds, this would produce:

now it produces 0000000 without the '-' and you can't finish or type into it.

219682 PowerBuilder 7.0 and ODBC. Creating a stored procedure sourced datawindow (crosstab) without checking the Manual Result Set option - you get:

SQLSTATE 37000 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere] syntax error or access violation.

If you've downloaded the 7.0.2 ebf builds after May 2000 (after 7.0.2 maintenance) and you still get this error, it might be the ODBC driver versions you're using. Make sure you're using 3.5 ODBC (ODBC32.DLL, etc of 3.51).

To test if this is the issue, connect to EAS Demo DB V3 and create a stored procedure source datawindow with the stored procedure 'sp_sales_orders'.

219685 Inter-component calls that pass arrays fail in Jag Server running on Solaris.
Verified fixed in the 8046 build delivered to PSE on 6/26.
219686 I have deployed a component to Jaguar 3.5 on Solaris 2.6 build 35036, which contains a method of_connect.
I also deployed the same component to Jaguar 3.5 for NT build 35036.

I instantiated a second datastore lds_store.

lds_store.rowcount() returns inconsistent results from Jaguar on Solaris, but works fine on Jaguar for NT
The rowcount is correct sometimes and 0 is returned at other times, there is no consistent pattern.

219712 dw.find function does not find the correct row in specific circumstance. It fails when column type is decimal {0} and the value searched is 16 digit . Fails means that an wrong row value is returned.
219749 6.5 ebf/7.0.2 ebf Regression. 6.5 Build 1197, 7.0.2 Build 8042. Editmask problem (window or datawindow) with a mask with a trailing zero.
When you highlight all and type over, it always adds a 0 to the end.

####0 causes this problem on a window mask or datawindow mask on a numeric column with no decimal part.

219757 Regression : Inserting a visual control on a userobject and then embedding the userobject in a
userobject of type tab causes an error.
219805 6.5ebf/7.0.2ebf Regression. When a nested report (even a simple external datawindow) exists in the header, footer, summary, group header, group trailer band (basically in any non-detail band) and autosizeheight is OFF for the detail band, the page/pagecount will be Page 1 of 4, page 1 of 4, page 1 of 4. The Page() computed field seems broken in these cases.

6.5 1141 was OK
7.0.2 8003 was OK, 8011 broken.

Workaround: If possible, turn autosizeheight ON for the detail band. (on some designs, this might not be possible.)

219817 Regression : Crosstab report based on a SP created using result set causes a gpf
219839 When RowsToDisk option is set for dw object querymode field get populated with garbage on the second attempt
219881 GetFullState/SetFullState inconsistent in Jag Server running on Solaris.
Verified fixed in the 8046 build delivered to PSE on 6/26.
219893 When a component running in jaguar on solaris calls
another component and the createinstance contains a package or component
that does not exist in jaguar, the jaguar server consoles returns the following
Run-time exception error; current exception: OBJECT_NOT_EXIST
No handler for exception
Bus Error
Press return to exit

The following appears in the srv.log:
Exception 'CosNaming::NamingContext::NotFound' in Session::lookup for
component 'Cust1Pkg/n_cust_balance'
SystemException: OBJECT_NOT_EXIST (Session/lookup - jagadm)

On nt when the same scenerio is run, the following appears in the srv.log:
PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0002) Application terminated.
Error: Null object reference at line 30 in function cust_txn of object n_cust_txn.
Jun 09 15:30:20 2000: DEBUG: CustomerPkg/n_cust_txn (insert container 409)

The server does not crash on nt. The following error appears in the pb client:
Unknown System Error/Exception
ErrorNo: 20502, Text:Null Object Reference

219917 7.0.2 ebf (all versions of 7.0). Though we do not support 7.0.2 on Windows 2000, there are several font problems customers run into and this CR is an effort to document them.

- go into 7.0.2 ebf into any script. Right mouse. Design/Options. Pull font tab forward.
- Select Small Fonts and size 7 points. Notice the font used in the script shrinks but is OK from a readability standpoint.
- Change the font size from 7 to 8 or 9 (keeping Small Fonts). Notice the blotchy, block font you see that is bold and unreadable. This is what a user is seeing in Windows 2000 on SOME machines for the font used in some system views (titlebars) and in the library painter.

PB 7.0.2 will have the blocked fonts until you use the workaround in article "Q198389 - WD2000: Dialog Box Text Truncated" which basically says set your SYSTEM font to SMALL FONTS from LARGE FONTS using the desktop properties.

219929 6.5 Regression. (Build 444) Inserting a new row into a datawindow containing groups causes painting problems. The group headers (if any) are painting over the top of the data lines.
219935 In the build 8037 of PB 7 :
On delete the character gets deleted but the cursor also moves to the character on the right instead executing the behavior as was in build 8003. It adds a space in the word where the character was deleted. Does it only for fields of type char. If datatype is Numeric or Date it seems to be correct.
219984 Changing the paper source when using the print service
of pfc always prints from the default paper source. When the print dialog box
appears and you hit "properties" and select a new paper tray, the report will
still print from the default.

The print cb calls the pfc_print from pfc_u_dw. The pfc_print calls the pfc_printdlg.
The pfc_printdlg calls the pfc_n_cst_platformwin32. This object has an external
function called:
pfc_printdlg(ulong hwnd, ref s_printdlgattrib printstruct) library pfccomm32.dll.

Per PB Development:
This is not a PB bug. The people who write the printer drivers have the option of following the pre-defined tray-designations, or coming up with their own driver-defined tray designations.

Workaround: Use a third party utility to determine the tray numbers. One example:

220002 SetRow and ScrollToRow on a dddw behave differently when applied to a dddw of a column in a datawindow.
Verified fixed in build 9016.
220039 7.0 Regression. Adding a nested report to a parent report doesn't automatically set Autosizeheight on the detail band. In prior versions, it did. This causes immediate overlap problems when the datawindow is retrieved that can be hard to figure out (since the user isn't used to checking autosizeheight after nesting a report - it was always set before and they got the right preview). It also more importantly doesn't set "Slide Up-Directly Above" as the slide attribute on the NESTED report (Position tab). It does correctly set autosizeheight on the nested report.
It doesn't matter which band you place a report in, the painter should always set autosizeheight of the detail band.

Users might see "blank space" areas due to this bug.

220045 When using the function SetDynamicParm() in dynamic 4 SQL format there is a memory leak.

I have tested with minimal database parameter settings i.e. None/nothing, dbparm=''
for an ASE11.92 database for native and ODBC interface.

This memory leak appears to be for PB7.x release only.
PB651.x has some memory leak for PB native ASE driver.

220051 7.0.2ebf Regression. When you have a nested report retrieval argument of type string and the associated database column contains a single space, the nest associated with this value is always missing (blank).

7.0.2 8003 worked OK but 8011 exhibited the problem.
7.0.2 8025 and above is where this is fixed.

220073 In the Application Techniques manual, chapter "Building a COM or MTS Component", "Restrictions on coding",

com objects can take arguments that use datatypes of:

- Standard OLE automation data types

- Custom class (nonvisual) user objects

However when trying to pass com objects registered thru MTS, i.e.

an intercomponent com object passing an nvo by reference,

will give the following error:

Error Number: 20535

Error Text: Error calling external object function im_method2

Error Object: n_mtscomp1

Error Script: im_method1

Error Line: 23

Acording to Development:

Passing NVOs by reference with intercomponent com objects is not currently supported.

However, passing NVOs by value should work but does not.

Passing nvo's to client applications is never supported by the COM/MTS project because they would not be in the same thread.

220110 PowerBuilder 7.x :
DataWindow Update based on a stored procedure fails using JDS or JDM interface and jConnect. (JDBC connection to database)
This problem occurs both on Adaptive Server Anywhere and Adaptive Server Enterprise
220137 Memory leak from calling a UOF from a proxy object.
220138 Bad return code from setfullstate() if replacing existing datawindow object in the destination with composite type datawindow object. It returns a "3" when it should return a "2" - "datawindow objects do not match, replacing"
220145 An instance variable is created in an ancestor object. The
same instance variable is created and assigned a value in the descendant object and
then saved.
Adding one or two instance variables and then saving the object will not
save the instance variable. A message will appear about a compiler warning
but the object saves. If you go back into the instance variable's of the object,
the instance variable that you just added won't be there.
220148 6.5ebf/7.0.2ebf Regression. Rowfocuschanging, Rowfocuschanged not firing on reset().
Rowfocuschanging should fire with newrow=0 (currentrow could be 1,2,3)
Rowfocuschanged should fire with currentrow=0

Broken in 6.5 1197 and 7.0.2 8030.

220166 PFC Linkage Service enhancement. The PFC linkage service, when it initially retrieves a linkage chain, will retrieve a detail window in the chain multiple times if it does not retrieve any rows. If it has rows, it only gets retrieved once. This is because during the initial retrieval process several of_refreshes are done on the linkage chain, and if an already retrieved datawindow has a rowcount of 0 it is always retrieved again.
220199 PB 7 Regression :
Perform a SetItem on a drop down datawindow column fires a GPF when :
- The value assigned to the column is not in the DDDW's data
- The option "Rows\Retrieve options\Rows to disk" of the DW is set on
- The option "Always show arrow" of the DDDW column is unchecked
220215 Using the Netronix OCX - xgannt within a PB application and some of the OCX events are not firing.
Trial version of the OCX is available at:

Ocx name = Netronic varchart xgannt. Vendor = Netronic.

In the sample using PB 7 if you use the Browser all the OCX's event look fine. Some events fire and some don't. The ones that fire are standard clicked, doubleclicked the ones that don't are the OCX's events like "ondatelinemodify", : "onnodelete" and "onnodecreate".

220230 Oracle 8.04 (using o84 driver and Net8).
Updating a column with a NULL value crashes PB if SQLCache has a value > 0
But SQLCache not useful w/Oracle8 as previously networked calls are now local (& not recyclable by Oracle8).
Workaround is to change SQLCache to 0
PB Version: PB 7.02.8003 -> PB 7.02.8037
OS: Win32

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: E:\Builds\PB 7.x\PB7Latest\pbO8470.dll
File Version:
Fault address=02F6492F Section:Offset=01:0000392F
(full file in

220238 The Start Wizard tab "File/New/Application" The first wizard "Specify New application and library" has a question mark in the statement. "Enter the names....?"
220268 The ImportFile function returns -8, when used with the PB7 DataWindow Web ActiveX
220272 Stored Procedure text being truncated. DW Wizard/Stored Procedure source, DB Painter. This appears to be a problem in PowerBuilder 6.5 and 7.0 using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 or 7.0 with an ODBC or native driver (MSS).

Choose sp_addlogin and you'll see it truncated to 4000 bytes - even if DBTextLimit is set. The datatype for the stored procedure text column is nvarchar in the DB Painter.

220299 Graph dw does not display data correctly
220318 PB7, slow performance in development environment
220357 Open the nvo and make a change to one of the functions,
and then try to save the nvo causes pb to crash.
220403 When SetFilter() and SetSort() are being called in a Loop, after >600 iterations the following GPF occurs:
pb70.exe appliccation error (pbdwe70.dll access violation)
"The instruction at "0x105ed273" referenced memory at "0x02962000". The memory could not be "read".
220412 6.5 EBF/7.0.2EBF Regression. Cannot tab out of last column/last row of a datawindow.
Broken around 6.5 1197, 7.0.2 build 8042.
220446 SQL Painter. Microsoft SQL Server/Sybase SQL Server.

SQL Painter. Cannot switch from design to SQL mode in datawindow painter when the user is not logged on as 'sa'. If you create a datawindow as "sa" (dbo) and the select looks like Select au_id from authors (pubs database) in Microsoft or Sybase SQL Server and then log on later as "user" with access to authors, when you click on the SQL button in the datawindow painter, you get "Could not reconstruct the statement graphically. Do you want to continue in graphic mode?"

You can RUN the datawindow as non-dbo "user" but the SQL painter won't let you edit it.

NOTE: Using 'Select au_id from authors' works in Microsoft SQL Server's ISQL tool without using dbo prefixing when logged in as "user".

1. Create an alias for "user" called "dbo" for the database (pubs in this case)
2. Prefix all SQL with dbo (Select dbo.au_id from dbo.authors)

220499 7.0.2 8011 Regression. During creation of a crosstab which contains columns from 2 tables, the painter GPFs in PBDWE70.DLL after completing the crosstab definition wizard page (Define Crosstab Rows, Columns, Values) and hitting Finish at the end of the Wizards.

This was fixed in later builds and works fine in 7.0.2 8045.

220519 Computed Field - Count (dept-id for all) does not display 0 when there no rows retrieved. Worked in PB 6.5.1and also works in PB 8.0 but does not work in any version of PB 7 tested.
220520 The customer has a DPB application where a lot of users connect. The application would fail after a certain number of users have connected, but this number is inconsistent.
220564 Process memory for PB70 goes up each time refresh the library painter view or use "Current Library" in conjunction with refresh.
220660 Deploying a PB service NVO Component to Jaguar fails if the NVO is inherited.
When the project is executed the following error occurs: SystemException: com.sybase.CORBA.idl.SyntaxError: file '<package>::<nvo_name>', line 1: ':': expected ','

Workaround: use standard component instead of service component

220662 GPF just after pasting any ACTIVEX on a html page
220741 Only one horizontal page is shown in a report (base) spanning multiple horiz. pages if nested report is included.
The problem occurs on preview, and hence the printout is wrong.

place another "empty dummy" nested report in the right corner of the dw ie. if your columns extends across 3 pages horizontally put a nested report at the top right position.Make it invisble with adjusting the background color to the col. of the base dw

220749 When entering data in a "column edit mask date or numeric " that isn't wide enough and alignement property is set to center or JustifyPowerBuilder crashes (GPF).
220793 If you have a DataWindow which uses an identity column connected to MSS 7 via the OLE DB driver and a new row is inserted. The identity column does not get updated on the DataWindow until you do a re-retrieve. This is NOT a problem via the MSS native driver or the MSS ODBC driver.
220813 The return value from calling a dataWindow print dialog modal window, cancelling the print job is incorrect for PB6.5.x ; The function returns +1 instead of -1 when the in fact the print job has been aborted.
li_ret = dw_1.print(true)

The return value is correct for PB7.x when the "cancel" cmdbtn has been clicked i.e. li_ret = -1 ; because the print job is aborted by the user.

The impact of different PB version return values is confusing to the system developer because of the inability to successfully react to whether the end user has aborted the print.

220838 This is a regression problem in PB7.x from correct behaviour in PB6.x;

PB7 is erroneously displaying a picture for some treeview items even though the row item properties have been set to 'none' i.e.
PictureIndex = 0 , SelectedPictureIndex = 0

With a simple scenario:-

The result is that :
Level 1.2(i.e. D) AND siblings (except for 1.1)
Level 2.0(i.e. B)
will display the picture assigned to PictureName #2 ;

220862 If ole application is word for a database blob the insert/update does not work.
220864 Changing tab order in a dw causes a gpf
220910 When invoking the scrolltorow method on a dddw, you may get a gpf.
220922 Getfullstate( ) does not return Blob for Dw presentation styles CrossTabular, RTE, N-UP.
220938 When a getfullstate is done on the client app that has
a dw with a dddw and the blob is sent to a jaguar component so that a datastore
can be populated with a setfullstate, the script stops executing on the setfullstate
in the jaguar component.

The message of "No such file or directory" also appears on the jaguar server

If no dddw is included in the dw on the client side, than no problem.

220944 PB 7.0.2 8046 C3 Regression. PB GPF's when trying to open Data Window through File>Recent Objects which was already deleted. Notice that the reference to DW still exists under File>Recent Objects (it's not supposed to be there because DW was already deleted). Worked OK in 7.0.2 8011.
221013 7.0.2 EBF Regression. OLE control; Making changes to Word doc and saving by using "File/Close and Return" causes PB error R0051 "Bad argument list for function/event SaveObject". Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 9023.

This works in 7.0.2 8003 but fails in builds 8033 and above including 7.0.2 8046 C3.

Workaround: Create a user event on the OLE control called
"SaveObject()" with no arguments and no return type (None). Add just a comment line in the event.
This feature was added by customer requests, and is a full-fledged event in PowerBuilder 8.0.
Typical logic for this event would be to retrieve the blob "ObjectData" and save it
away someplace.

221077 ListView / TreeView EditLabel function doesn't work if editlabels = FALSE.
Calling this function should make the label editable even if the propertie editlables = FALSE.
Workaround: set the editlables property to TRUE then the editlabel function is working fine.
221080 There seems to be a limit of displayed users in the dropdown listbox showing the available users eg. for a sybase ASE database.
Use Sybase Central or sp_adduser via isql.
221091 Using Setfullstate() then invoking Sort()/Filter() against the parent report breaks links from nested result set to parent report row. The nested result sets retain their original order (they are not included with the parent row). This causes the wrong nested reports to appear under parent rows after invoking Sort()/Filter().

This has actually never worked in any build of PowerBuilder 6.x or 7.x

Fixed in 6.5 EBF and above in builds after 7/27/2000.

221101 6.0.00 Regression. CreateEventA() call to KERNEL32.DLL GPFs .
221182 If you pass a decimal variable by reference to a database RPC call, the precision of the variable will be 2 if the variable was not initialized. If the variable was initialized, the precision will be based on the value assigned to the variable. This is a limitation in the RPC feature. Decimal variables passed by reference should be initialized with a value containing the desired number of decimal places.
221183 Draging the vertical scrollbar on a dw with a gourp causes space between rows.
221193 Pb7.0 stability problem on Win 95. GPF's intermintently in WIndow painter
221195 In PB7 script cannot be printed in the global function painter.

Work-around : print the function from the library painter or copy paste it the scrip to a file editor

221197 When an ole control is linked to word and activated offsite, if you
change a menu configuration (such as hide the ruler) and then change to inplace
activation, you cannot get focus back to the ole control. You cannot toggle between
inplace and offsite activation.
221198 Changing the menu configuration of a ole word control
when activated offsite and then minimize and then maximize the pb app, the
changes revert back to the way it started.
221217 Error event on JaguarORB is not firing.
221247 When a getitemstatus is done in a pb jaguar
component where a datastore was just populated using setfullstate,
the rowstatus still says NotModified!.

A new row is inserted and populated with data on a pb client app. A getfullstate
is done and that blob is sent to a pb jaguar component. A setfullstate populates
the datastore and a getitemstatus returns the item status. The item status from
DWItemStatus RowStatus
shows NotModified!

221279 The problem is that when First() and Last() are used in a dw expression, the value returned
is null or zero when the dw is a nested dw/ report object.
For example calling First(getrow() for page) or Last(getrow() for page) does not produce a correct result.
221280 When using n-up datawindow columns and a user specifies link arguments they are evaluated to NULL in the resulting HTML code.
Using the column names as link arguments is not possible.
221301 You cannot extract datetime values from a datawindow using GetItemDateTime() or dot notation if the values contain milliseconds and were retrieved into the datawindow using the OLEDB driver.
221313 Sheet toolbar disappears on close of 2nd sheet (1 sheet still open) when response windows are used in the sheet open event.
221355 6.0.00 Regression. Sharedata from a primary datawindow to a secondary datawindow which is a child on composite datawindow GPFs when destroyed on the SECOND iteration if sharedataoff() is not explictly called. This is assuming the secondary composite datawindow of the sharedata() is destroyed by some means (closing a window the secondary datawindow resides on, destroying the datastore the secondary datawindow resides on) and recreated for the second iteration.

Workaround: Always use sharedataoff() before destroying the secondary datastore or datawindow in the sharedata. The secondary datastore/datawindow might be destroyed explicitly with DESTROY or implicitly when an object or sheet is closed. For the case of a sheet close, the sharedataoff() is typically coded in the close event of a sheet (if the secondary datawindow in the sharedata is visible).

221356 7.0.2 ebf Regression. Small autosizeheight scrolling bug with 7.0.2 8046 (PBDWE 6/28/00) but this started earlier after 7.0.2 8011.

When you have a typical tabular with autosizeheight on all columns and slide up directly above, it appears the last row or couple or rows are being hidden and can't be scrolled to. This sometimes requires higher resolutions to see but the example supplied shows the problem at 800x600.

221373 Column-Validation-Initial Value property is broken for PB7.x release in the DB Admin painter;
If the "Initial Value" property is set to anything except 'None', when one does
an insert new row for the table, the column will display the fixed string instead of
the action defined.

In PB7, this property can be set in the DB Admin painter (by selecting the appropriate column, and setting the 'Initial' property on the Validation tab to a value) or set using pb script.

221389 Invalid row/column specified error in crosstab wizard when you click in an empty space in the rows/columns/values wizard listboxes while creating a crosstab datawindow.

IN 8003, 8011, and 8046 you get....
Application Execution Error [R00006]
Application terminated.
Error: Invalid DataWindow row/column specified at line 5 in doubleclicked event of object dw_rows of k13_definition.

This works correctly in 7.0.2 9012.

221404 Almost all rows disappear in N-up report detail band when detail band AUTOSIZE HEIGHT is on.

Problem was not happened on PB 7.02 #8011, #8025, #8037
Affected version PB 7.02 #8045.

221466 If a set of PBLs are located on a network drive and the local machine is running WIN NT sp6a, then the user will experience severe delays in the opening times of their objects.

Check out this article...(mentions changing a registry entry to fix it)
Slow Network Performance with Service Pack 4, 5, 6, or 6a

221491 dynamicly changing dddw in dwndropdown event causes the change of all rows, if the rows are inserted and not modified. IN PB4 now following rows are changed if the dddw in the first row is changed dynamicly.

Workaround: Insert only one new row / avoid that several new rows are inserted.

221537 Using a partial EditMask of mm/yy, the non masked portion of a field should take a DEFAULT value according to the following published editmask behavio. But MM/YY>>12/99>>12/01/1999 results in a Datawindow Error of not passing the Validation Test.

According to the "PowerBuilder Year 2000 primer - A practical guide for detecting Year 2000 (Y2K) coding and date ambiguity problems" on Sybase's website the following is how partial editmasks should be handled.

April 24, 1998 12:15:35 - or today's date after the UPDATE.

When a partial editmask is used for input to a date, time or date time field we will set the NON MASKED portions of the field to DEFAULT values. PowerBuilder will make no attempt to preserve any database values for portions NOT represented in the editmask.

Examples of defaults:
YYYYY with value 1970 will result in January 1, 1970, 0:0.0000
MM/YYYY with value 04/1970 will result in April 1, 1970, 0:0.0000
MM/DD/YYYY with value 04/02/1998 will result in April 2, 1998, 0:0.0000
HH:MM with value 2:45 will result in January 1, 1900, 2:24.0000
HH:MM with a retrieved date of 1947 will send back January 1, 2000 2:24.0000

BUT, according to CR 213449 this may have changed since then. The following note is extracted from CR 213449:

With the fix made in this CR, there will be an impact for other customer applications.
This concerns date display controls where the editmask is of DATE datatype though not neccessarily displaying the full date for user-entry.
E.g. Editmask of DATE datatype : Mask is mm/yyyy -
Error does not pass validation test because PB will validate for day = 00, mm = user-entry, yyyy = user-entry.
Editmask of DATE datatype : Mask is yyyy -
Error does not pass validation test because PB will validate for day = 00, mm = 00, yyyy = user-entry.

Is this the new correct behavior? If so, then are partial editmask in the datawindow are no longer allowed? Why do they still work with an editmask control, shouldn't they be consistent:?

221538 Infinite validation loop with web datawindow in Netscape frames
221556 GPF in project painter on regenaration during 2nd pass. Application can regenerate but not fully rebuild. Incremental rebuild works ok.
221581 computed object if dependendent on another computed object which involves goups and is depenedent on a third computed object but not the values in the detail band returns a 0 value for the first preview.
221593 DBParm setting DBTextLimit='0' is ignored, causing text field return value to be set
-for MSS native to length 1
-for ASE native to length 4000
when in fact the application should default to the maximum length text field defined in the respective db server.
221606 GPF's intermintently in Script painter selecting script.
221617 After deleting code from a user object event, other actions in the object painter, such as deleting a function, may cause a GPF.
221623 Profiler detail files (.PBP) do not conatin detailed script line info if they are produced from machine code (or DLL) executables.
221657 Customer would like to be able to scroll a right aligned dw edit control which is
only partially visible.
This feature is standard for a left aligned dw edit control where the additional
characters scroll along to the right when the edit control size is smaller than the column defined size.

The problem appears when the dw edit control data cannot scroll to the right if column alignment property is 'Right', edit tab - Auto Horz scroll: ON, control is sized shorter on the dw than the actual length of the control.
E.g. column "phone" might be length char(10) and the visual display might be
allow char(6) for the window font and screen resolution etc.
The scroll will stop at position char(6) when in fact there are more chars after that.

221674 PowerBuilder 7.0. Full Rebuild GPFs in PBVM70.DLL on 2-4th full rebuild. The rebuild GPF's based on inheritance, etc but definitely fails when rebuilding the MetaTools Library.

Related to CR221556.

Fixed in 7.0.2 9012 PBVM70.DLL. Need 7.0.2 8046 C3 + PBVM70.DLL from build 9012.

221695 Code itemchanged event using GetFullState/SetFullState.

After itemchanged event has fired once, this code prevents the event from getting fired again.

221752 6.5 EBF/7.0.2EBF Regression. If you have a datawindow that contains a select statement with a LEFT OUTER JOIN and make any change in SQL syntax mode (drop a column, even just add a newline), you get a 'database error' when you click on the SQL button to return to design mode..

2 workarounds:
1. Use the {oj ..... } syntax to surround the LEFT OUTER JOIN.
2. Enclose the entire LEFT OUTER JOIN clause in parenthesis (parens) ( )

This should allow you to edit the statement in syntax mode.

Ex: This statement gives a "Database Error:

SELECT customer.company_name,, sales_order.order_date
FROM customer LEFT OUTER JOIN sales_order ON = sales_order.cust_id

SELECT customer.company_name,, sales_order.order_date
customer LEFT OUTER JOIN sales_order ON = sales_order.cust_id


SELECT customer.company_name,, sales_order.order_date
customer LEFT OUTER JOIN sales_order ON = sales_order.cust_id

221757 Enhancement. Would like to be able to create crosstab datawindows dynamically using SyntaxFromSQL. Crosstab is not listed as one of the presentation styles available for this method.
221758 PB 7.02 only - In the Window Painter: Window with UO of type DW. DW has a user event defined with basic script. Make a change to the UE script and go back to the window, PB will cause a Dr. Watson or Page Fault.
IF the event is not user defined or it's compiled before going to another object the crash does not occur.
221767 With the increased functionality and improved design of the window painter in PB7, it is no longer possible to modify an existing user event name from within the dialog box/ dw painter.
There are several workarounds.

However in PB6x, it is possible to select Declare User Event dialog and modify the name of an existing event.

221806 6.5EBF/7.0.2EBF Regression. Windows 95 (Win95) and Windows 98 (Win98). When printing > 7 pages to an HP PCL (such as HP4si or HP4050) or Lexmark 5700 (PCL) printer or POSTSCRIPT, pages 1-6 or 1-7 print OK but the rest of the pages print only the header and footer. The detail area is blank (missing) for pages 6-n or 7-n. This only happens in a composite - nested works fine in Windows 95 or Windows 98 with more than 7 pages.

Print preview shows all the pages - this is a printing problem only.

This is a generalized problem with HP PCL and Postscript printers under Windows 95 and Windows 98.
The postscript printer starts it's blank pages at page 12 or 13.

Started with 7.0.2 8033. (5/10/2000)
6.5 builds affected should be 6.5 1191 and up through 1209. Builds after July 17th, 2000 should have the patch.

221813 7.0 Regression. SetDropHighLight() does not highlight a treeview item as it did in 6.0. If after dragging and dropping an item, when you click with the mouse the item is selected but upon releasing the mouse button the highlight disappears although the focus remains.

You can see this using the PB Examples Treeview Drag/Drop in PowerBuilder 6.x and 7.0

Workaround: The problem can be fixed in the Code Examples by adding a call to SetDropHighlight(0) in the dragdrop event.

221877 Unable to delete a object if it is associated with the man with sunglasses
If somehow a object in your a pbl gets associated with the symbol that is used to define a userid or a man's face with sunglasses then one cannot not delete the object, nor can you check out the same object from the registered pbl into the pbl that has the problematic object.
221887 The DataWindow painter will hang if DISTINCT is used as part of the DW SQL select syntax.
221910 REGRESSION: ( Concurrency property set to FALSE upon PB component deployment into Jaguar.

Problem started in 7.0.2 8033. In builds prior to 8033, this property wasn't written to Jaguar at all and thus defaulted to TRUE for new components, and left this property unchanged for existing components ( leaving it at whatever it was set at).

221916 Enhancement Request: AM/PM editmask to accept upper and lower case
221961 OS: WIN32
PB Version and Build: 7.0 GA ->, PB 8.0.1290

In the script painter you cannot navigate to an event by typing its full name in the event listbox. This was possible up until the new PB 7GUI.

Although this is possible using the event view you must still use the mouse to select the event (the enter key does nothing).

Can also press the same letter various times to scroll through all the events beginning with that letter but this is not so good if all the the events begin with 'U_' or 'pfc_'

221966 If you set up one Jaguar server (a) as a name server, point a second one (b) to use this name server and give both initial contexts (a and b respectively), you will not be able to connect to server A and access PowerBuilder components on server B using it's initial context.
221970 Dynamically changing the column visibility of columns in a crosstab datawindow causes summary
computed fields to display in the incorrect column, sometimes appearing over the value in the
grand total field.
222007 HTML DW on html page created in PowerSite deployed with PowerDynamo and Jaguar Server.
The datawindow has a stretched field (done in dw painter) so that user can hit <enter> when inputing data, thus inputing two lines. Htmldw retrieves these as

Step 1: Create a user defined JS file that includes a method that will place focus on the column with the <BR> tag.
function setFocus()

Step 2: Set the following properties either in the htm file or in the HTMLGenerator component:
DataWindow.HTMLGen.UserJSFile = <file.js>

Step 3: Call the method after the Generate().

222043 The Currentrow argument is 1 in the Rowfocuschanged event after a Filter has been applied that moves all the rows into the filter buffer.The primary DW has no rows and should have the currentrow set to 0.
222051 Control object VTrackBar's property "position" is ignored for initial settings.
222054 UpdateBlob sets Textsize to the size of the blob being updated but does not set it back afterwards.
Consequently if a dw retrieves data from that table after the updateblob the textsize is still set to the size of the last blob updated.
If this last value happens to be shorter than other values in the dw for that col then they will appear truncated.

Workarounds exists but as this is not the same behaviour as other drivers eg tested in O84, ODBC (with ASA & ASE), MSS etc the ct would like to see PBSYC reset textsize

222065 Running a pb stateless component in jaguar causes the component
to go immediately to the deactivate event once it hits getfullstate and causes
the pb client to hang.

Problem happens in the n_data/f_get_data (n_ds ds_data[ ],s_data s_data) routine:
integer i,dwcount,rc
blob initblob
for i = 1 to dwcount

The s_data structure is:
blob{188614692} datablob[]
string dberr[]
string windowname[]

The problem happens in the n_risk_position/f_risk_position routine. The
last line that is processed is f_select_currency_position. Using that to
remote debug n_position/f_select_currency_position it calls the f_get_data.
You can see it goes to the deactive event in remote debugging.

222082 The ODBC.INI file that ships with PowerBuilder does not contain a TableListType entry for Oracle ODBC drivers to include 'SYNONYM' in the table list selecion
222083 Fractional truncation error using ODBC driver with decimal parameters and rpc calls to stored procedures in 6.5.
Verified fixed in 6.5 build 1219.
222091 If a row in a DW is not completely displayed, then the buttonclicked event of the DW control is ignored.
When you click the button on the row, the row is scrolled up vertically.
222093 6.0.00/7.0 GA Regression. Under certain conditions, a datetime column used a in crosstab shows 01/??/1900 (question marks) if the column is one of 2 or more columns in the crosstab definition "Rows"..

Note: this happens for all databases that support datetime. Oracle native driver O84, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.x Native driver MSS and Sybase.

Works fine in 5.0.04, 6.5 gold (build 444) and above and 7.0.1 6012 and above.

222108 Running a pb component in jaguar causes a MEM_BAD_POINTER
error message to appear in the jaguar console. On the PB client, the following corba
error appears:

Powerbuilder Application Execution Error (R0094)
Application Terminated
Error: Corba System Exception
CORBA_COMM_FAILURE at line 66 in e_select event of w_risk_position

The pb client calls the n_risk_position/f_risk_position component. This is
the entry point. It then calls the n_position/f_set_price_profile nvo. This
nvo calls the n_retrieve/f_retrieve(s_data lstr_data,s_criteria s_criteria,string additionalwhere, boolean append) returns s_data. (The f_set_price_profile has a for/next loop. It's in the third iteration
that calls the f_retrieve where the error happens.)

The problem appears to be in:

222160 Pass by Reference string argument variable in a non-visual user object (NVO) function GPFs in Web.PB (WebPB) when you assign a local string to the argument .

This happens most often when Client/Server nvos are ported to run in Web.PB. (See example)

Function Of_setsomething (ref as_stringarg string)
string ls_sql
ls_sql = 'test - made it past assignment'
as_stringarg = ls_sql
return ls_sql

222163 Heavy manipulation/iterations using variables of type double cause a major slowdown in processing in the executable only using Machine Code. This is NOT a memory leak or process leak but a weird slowdown (100x or more) using a double variable heavily. There is no slowdown in pcode or development.

Also, if you use machine code and a variable of type DECIMAL instead, there is no problem.

Project 'Optimization' settings don't make a difference (Speed, Space, No Optimization)

222191 Running a pb stateless component in jaguar causes the
component to go immediately to the deactive event once it hits setfullstate. It
causes the pb client to hang.
222204 6.0.00/7.0 Regression. Composite datawindows. Computed fields in header/summary/footer (depending on version) don't paint (are missing, blank) in a composite until a Retrieve() is invoked.
222214 6.5 EBF Regression. Date and numeric editmasks meta characters get deleted when using backspace (when the field is NOT fully autoselected but when the cursor is placed at the END of the data.

For example, the "slash" in the date or the $ and decimal separator in the currency or numeric editmask would be deleted.

222222 Running a PowerBuilder component under Jaguar 3.5 (both on C3) causes a error in the srv.log ORA-01000 maximum number of open cursors exceeded.

The component has instance pooling, auto demarcation/deactivation off but a SetComplete() to return the instance back to the pool.

NOTE: This works fine with the Oracle 8.0.5 client but DOES NOT WORK with the Oracle 8.1.x client (Specifically the 8.1.5)

Fixed in PB 7.0.2 9012 in PBO8470.DLL so it now works under both Oracle 8.0.5 and Oracle 8.1.5. You will need the Jag 3.5 and PowerBuilder C3 releases (PB 7.0.2 8046) plus PBO8470.DLL from 7.0.2 9012. libjcm.dll is required for Jaguar and is part of the C3 patch.

222226 of_SetUpdateOnRowChange is causing an application error if the DataWindow is on a tab user object inherited from u_tabpg.
222227 PFC of_insertitem has lines commented in pfc_n_cst_lvsrv_datasource object
222232 PB will stop processing after 6 or 7 iterations of
running application on unix. App is using sharedobjects. Problem happens in development
and as a pcode executable. Happens in the destroy statements.
222246 Memory leak of 256K was observed in IE 5.5 with the use of Windows Plug-In. Customer has developed a website which is often down. Korea TS suspects that the problem could be due to this memory leak.
222254 Related to CR 207204. This still crashes in 7.02.8046 when using conditional expressions which modify row/col/value properties

For example the conditional expression for property background.color ...
IF (salary > 200, 255,0)
Will give the following crash in build 8046
0x77f2ba00 referenced memory at 0x695f656e (memory could not be read)

222262 This problem has been identified with MS Word as the OLE server.
The scenario is that a request to open a non-existing document file triggers a top level
PB application SystemError event but ignores the code in the ExternalException event
AND the Error event (when code in ExternalException is commented out).
222313 When you scroll a datawindow with group headers using the vertical scroll arrow, the group heading dsiappears when you reach the bottom of the datawindow.

According to development , this behavior occurs when the datawindow designed by the user does not have enough room to display the following on one page:

Report Header band
all group headers
all group trailers
summary band
footer band.

To remedy the problem you must either modify the datawindow design or increase the height of the datawindow control.

222318 A pb component running in jaguar on solaris causes
a MEM_BAD_POINTER error on a setfullstate call. On the pb client, the
following corba error appears:

Powerbuilder Application Execution Error (R0094)
Application Terminated
Error: Corba System Exception
CORBA_COMM_FAILURE at line 66 in e_select event of w_risk_position

The pb client calls the n_risk_position/f_risk_position component. It then calls
the f_select_oil_position. This component calls the nvo_data/f_set_data.
The f_set_data(n_ds n_ds[ ], s_data s_data) return integer has the following
integer i,dwcount,rc
blob initblob
dwcount=upperbound(dw_data[ ])
for i = 1 to dwcount

222319 Using the oledb driver.
DW retrieve gives the error "Column lists do not match" when the DW SQL is dynamically changed from...
SELECT col1, charcol2 FROM table
SELECT col1, NULL FROM table
using Modify("DataWindow.Table.Select=...)

The column being changed above is correctly defined as char (10) in the dw. When retrieving the new SQL the NULL is described as LONG hence the above error.

However the same code with O84, SYC, ODBC, MSS drivers does not cause this error. The new hardcoded NULL remains correctly described as CHAR.

This same code with oledb and, for example ASA via oledb, also gives the same error so this is not just a MSSQLServer issue

222325 Exporting Package created in PB fails: Invalid IDL file.
222326 This problem has been identified with PB connect ODBC interface to MSSQL 7 for column datatype CHAR. Behaviour for column datatype VARCHAR is correct.

The column data is compared to "match string" that can include special
symbol "%". This symbol is supposed to match any string of zero or more chars.
Branch.county LIKE "%" -> Should return all rows
Branch.county LIKE "L%" -> Should return rows where "county" begins with "L"
Branch.county LIKE "%e%" -> Should return rows where "county" has letter "e" in it

222344 If a graph datawindow's Text Object: Value Axis Text is changed and saved, when reopened the
display format is listed but it does not display correctly. The Text Object can be found on the Text Tab of the dw property menu. This worked in 6.5.
222385 ActiveX OLE object events with the same names than PB Events are replaced by PB events instead of being renamed.
It only occurs when their signature is different from the PB event signature
222388 The documentation for _Narrow () function needs updating for calling EJBs running on Jaguar CTS from a PB client.

The example shows the following...


This will not work for EJBs if the the java package name follows the domain-name.package name format which the EJB/PJ docs recommend.

It works fine if the java package name is the same as the Jaguar package name. The only way it works is by passing the classpath and home interface to the _narrow method - e.g. myexample/simplebeanpackage/simplebeanhome (where the EJB package is created as myexamples.simplebeanpackage -> this creates directory structure in %JAGUAR%\html\classes called myexamples\simplebeanpackage containing all the classes )

So calling the ejb this way...
//Component name or Package/Component name does not work, whereas this does...


This needs changing for the _Narrow() function and also for the example for String_To_Object function

222391 Simple application with many numeric instance variables on a user object performing a lot of calculations runs quickly in development and with a pcode executable but slows down or freezes when run with a machine code executable in all versions of PB 6.5.1, 7.0.2 and 8.0 tested.
222397 Current Documentation has SaveAs description as the following :
Saves the contents of a DataWindow or DataStore in the format you specify.
When using SaveAs (excel) only the information that gets saved is from the primary buffer, not the info that one might have in computed fields or group bands, in other words info that is calculated at runtime is not saved. It would be helpful if this documented in the documentation as many customers open cases because of this.
DW Reference Guide = MC0013
222438 IN9 and IN7 native connection to Informix 9.20 (works fine with Infomix 7)
Tablenames are incorrect in database- and dw-painter.
Instead of "tablename" (if user is owner) or "owner.tablename" PB shows
"owner tablename.tablename"
When trying to create DataWindow this returns Error -201 (rc -1) : SQL error -201 : A syntax error has occurred.
222442 Passing a null value to a Any datatype in a structure
causes a error of:
Powerbuilder Application Execution Error (R0091)

Application Terminated
Error: Cannot convert any in Any variable to a string. Possible cause of uninitialized value
at line 17 in clicked event of object cb_2 of w_test

222444 Tabbing out of a dddw that contains a NULL in the list causes the value to revert to NULL
222450 This problem has been identified in the DW painter.
For datawindows which have group(s) of 1 or greater, they exhibit a display problem when box/thumb on vscrollbar is moved in little increments. The incorrect page display is sporadic. Some pages have extra blank lines at the page break section.

This display problem does not occur when the vscrollbar arrows are clicked using the up/ down arrows on the vertical scroll bar.

222454 When a folder has a dot in its name and you select set
root to a directory, the treeview is blank.
222457 GPFs accessing variablelist initialvalue property of a classdefinition object
222462 8.0 Beta 1: Next/Previous Error menu items and icons should be disabled
222463 8.0 Beta 1: The system tree view displays items in descending sort order.
222478 1) Wordings in the messagebox when no Jaguar servers are set in the components tab is wrong
2) No visible behavior when Yes is selected
3) When No is selected the tree does not refresh properly.
222479 When component is deployed to Jaguar and a Delete is done after a GetFullstate issuing
a ResetUpdate does not clear the delete buffer.
222482 PB8Beta1 : Select only profile name in EAServer Servers rather than the complete row.
222483 PB8Beta1 : exported source of dw says Release 7 instead of Release 8
222488 In PB ide, select "window - clip". This would open a clip window. The delete button on the window overlays the vertical splitter bar. The concern is that it can be accidentally clicked in the process of resizing the window.
222504 PSE Notes : hchaudha 08/01/2000
PB8Beta1 : Takes > 3 minutes to load Java Applets tree
222508 In PB GUI, open up the system tree view.
1. The system tree view docking window does not have a expand button.
2. The splitter should also be wider.
3. The LinesAtRoot property of the treeview (TVS_LINESATROOT Windows style) should be turned off .
222541 Running the pbsyc.sql in isql.exe for a ASE 12.0
causes the following errors to appear:

Functions may only be nested to level 10
Msg xxx, Level 15, State 1

222562 GPF occurs while repeating destroying UO instance
On NT 4.0 it works fine. GPF occurs only on win95 and after some iterations
Creates (5700) Destroy (590) invalid page fault in pbvm60.dll
222602 PB 7.x : The datatype of a structure's member variable of type ANY is not correctly set when copying a NULL variable into it.
222607 When installing PB 8 beta 1 on a win98 machine , after about 75% of the install is over one gets the following error :
ComponentMoveData Error Information
Component:Client Install (PowerSite)\Program Files
File Group:Program DLLs(ps)
Error Number:-145
222623 7.0.2 EBF Regression build 9010. (Works OK in 7.0.2 8003 and C3 Build 8046) Simple date editmask of mm/dd/yyyy "day" portion skips right to 'year' part of editmask after you have typed in only 1 number for "day".
222648 PB7.02 slow performance on datastore CREATEFROM on handling large resultset.
222655 In PowerBuilder 6.x if you have a window object which contains a UserObject control which is inherited from an existing UserObject. You cannot open and edit the UserObject if the window object is open.
222657 Short Desc:
Sql against db2 with a where clause doing a look back of 1 month fails when the current month has 31 days and the month it is looking back at has less then 31 days.
222662 Memory Leak in PB 8.0 when opening a large srd file from file editor. PB hangs.
222663 Description of Problem: Library painter shows files of all types of extensions on your drive (e.g; exe. txt., dll, doc etc). Also sorting by "name" requires numerous clicks. Should sort in an alphabetical order on a single click.
222679 OLEDB driver is deleteing the preceding 0's in milliseconds when going against a MSS 7
The only workaround for the time being would be to use the Convert function :
CONVERT(character, datetime_covercall.date_info, 9)
222776 using webpb to transfer an "exe" file, the exe retrieved is corrupted..
222790 The problem is with RowsMove method (DataWindow, datastore, dwc);

Memory is allocated and never released during a batch process which utilises this method.
Could not see a problem with the RowsCopy method because when isolated, the memory is allocated and deallocated in a consistent manner. Whereas with the RowsCopy method, memory is incrementally allocated and never released. For example in a batch process, this will mean the computer will eventually run "out of memory" if the method is used.

222837 There should be a note on crosstabs in the doc when values are blank. A crosstab by it's very definition can have most grids return nothing (null).

Since the output shows some numbers and some (maybe most) nulls, it could be confusing.
Most users want either a number shown or zero for a null (no records).
The default crosstab behavior is to have "blank" for no "val" return from the crosstab query.

(take the simple crosstab from imtutor.pbl and you'll see the blank areas - emp_count_by_salary_and_dept - it's a salary crosstab that shows that many ranges of salaries have no employees at that range)

The easiest way to put a zero in these null fields is to add a FORMAT to the "val" field.
- Click on the Val field. Look at it's properties.
- Pull the format tab forward in the property sheet
- Change [General] to something like ###0;###0;0;0


is the format of the FORMAT expression. Since we tell it to represent nulls as "0" (the 4th expression), it fills in the nulls (blanks) with zeros.

222838 6.5EBF/7.0.2 8046 C3 Regression. Grid lines in Grid DW paint problems (disappear, missing) after insertrow().

What you see is the RIGHTMOST vertical grid line describing the outer boundary of the grid datawindow disappears and reappears at different times while scrolling with holding the thumb. As soon as the insertrow() is invoked, you can see the grid line disappear in the visible screen. Internal grid lines between the columns also are gone. The printout seems fine in 6.5 EBF and 7.0.2 C3 even when the screen display is bad so this is a display problem only.

(6.5.1 and 7.0.2 8003-8045 worked fine)

Workaround: Setredraw(true) doesn't seem to work. Filter() works but won't work in all cases depending on program logic flow.

A better workaround is:

Place this after the insertrow(n) statement. It does the job and doesn't influence the display (it's not in print preview anyway if you're doing inserts).

222840 Library filter fails after copying an object to a new pbl
222859 Select statements that contain computed columns without aliases may cause select errors with Oracle 8
222869 PB8 Beta1: WorkSpace unusable after deleting a datawindow.
222870 PB8 Beta1: You can edit objects during a Full or Incremental Rebuild, causing crashes
222889 If you modify the expression of Columns, Rows or Values while creating a crosstab DW, PowerBuilder will give you an application error.

This is only a problem if more than one table is involved. The expression generated by PowerBuilder is invalid, after you correct the expression and try to create the DW, PowerBuilder will give you an application error.

222891 PowerBuilder 7.0. If you create a SQL select datawindow and complete the wizard, under the Window menu item, you'll see item 1 is disabled and empty and item 2 is (untitled) correct.

There should not be an empty item 1. Works fine in 7.0.2 8046 C3.

222892 The BorderStyle StyleBox! (Box) does not work for groupboxes on windows in the painter or at runtime. It does work on datawindows in both the painter and runtime (where supported).
(hasn't worked back to 5.0.04)
222922 There is about a 30k to 50k process memory leak in the window or user object painter ever time you open an object or save. The PB70.exe process memory increases by that much.
222940 Ole Automation fails. PB can't access functions and properties.
Accessing properties and functions of the OLE Automation server for GeoPres2.MapController fails

code in VB works fine
Private mc As New GeoPres2.MapController
Private Sub Form_Load()
Set mc.Map = Map1
mc.ShowMap mc.MapGroup.DefaultMap, Nothing, Nothing
End Sub

222945 Scrolling a dw with large number of rows is not as smooth as it was in PB 6.
The behavior seen is :
- clicking on the thumb-button, or dragging the thumb-button, in a regular display,

sometimes causes it to jump up from under the mouse
- large blank areas appearing when dragging slowly back-and-forth across PrintPreview page


222946 REGRESSION: 6.5.1 Graphs with ranges that include negative numbers.
222951 GetItemDecimal is adding some precision value at the end.
The value being returned into a decimal variable using GetIemDecimal is showing the value to be as 229.1700000000000256 instead of 229.1700000000000000, that is why when you do a setitem the value being inserted is the the same. If you run the app in debugger it shows the wrong value in ldc_temp which is a decimal variable and if you put it into a dw column using Setitem or just display it in a SLE the value is wrong.

workaround is to use variable datatype decimal{4} instead of decimal for info for GetItemDecimal

222956 According to the online help there should be a menu item Design-Migrate in the library painter but is not present.
The only way I know how to migrate older version pbls is by creating a Target based on a Existing Application. I think it is a documentation error or a feature that has not been implemented yet.
222961 When in the library painter and you want to add a pbl

to your existing target, the browse button on the "set library search path"

is not easy to find or see.

222993 6.5.1 620 Regression. Editmask regression using percent symbol (##0%) in window and datawindow editmask. Using this with a numeric or Decimal(2 or 4) column, you type in a whole number like 5 or 23 and get a large number when you tab off. What should be stored in the buffer is .05 or .23. (See CR150201 for how it's supposed to work).

Related problem in 6.5 EBF/7.0 5031/6012 - Typing "23" shows 2%3. You should never be able to type past the percent sign.

Works OK in 5.0.04, 6.5 444, build 1253 and 7.0.2 8003, 8046 C3.

222999 Short Desc:
If the original password for JAGADMIN is changed from blank, pb proxy object does not like it. You get a Corba exception error on deploying the the object.
Error: EAServer repository not available. EAServer Host = localhost, Port Number = 9000, Logon ID = jagadmin. EAServer error code: SystemException: CORBA::NO_PERMISSION, exception code: 23
Generation Errors:
Deployment Error Accessing Host 'localhost' At Port 9000 EAServer error code: SystemException: CORBA::NO_PERMISSION, exception code: 23

Workaround : After creating the project object , open the properties dialog within the project painter and re-type the password. Build the project and this time it will be successfull.

223009 If a system error or GPF occurs in a PowerBuilder component deployed to Jaguar, the database updates done up to the point of the error are not rolled back. Jaguar thinks that the component call succeeded because it receives no SetAbort().
223030 6.5.1/7.0 Regression. Rowscopy() causes 'out of memory' before the system pagefile is exhausted when copying large blocks of rows.
223031 PB 8.0 Beta1- install on NT 4.0 ignores file locale chosen by user
223084 In the script painter, copying a function using Control-A and then cutting the text out using Control-C/Control-X and switching to an event script causes function deletion/GPF in PBVM70.DLL. The function script doesn't show any compilation errors.

There are 2 side effects that can be seen.
1. If you SelectAll/Cut and save the function, the function is deleted.
2. If you SelectAll/Cut and switch to the event tab and select an event of_exporttostring(), you'll get a GPF in PBVM70.DLL and it appears it dies trying to delete the function you came from when switching to the event tab..

223093 When connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 with the native driver (PBMSS), if the "Client for Microsoft Networks" is NOT installed on the Win95/Win98 machine, you will not be able to connect. You will get one of the following errors. "SQL Server does not exist" OR "SQLServer request resulted in bad return code or status but no error message was returned"

If you connect to SQL Server 6.5, everything works fine. ODBC will work fine without the network client installed.

Resolution: Third Party Problem (Microsoft)
Refer to the following Microsoft article which specifically mentions PB and includes a workaround:
PRB: Legacy DB-Library Application May Fail to Connect After You Install SQL Server Client Tools
NOTE: The information from this Microsoft article is intentionally not being copied and pasted here just in case MS makes any changes to it. Please use the URL above to see the actual article.

223094 Calling a stored procedure with parameters fails using Oracle with ODBC driver pbodb70.dll from PowerBuilder 7.02

RESOLUTION: Not a bug but a syntax error in testcase. Executing Oracle stored procedures are different from executing ASE stored procedures. Refer to PB HELP / Declare Procedure/ORACLE Declare and Execute.

223096 HL 9/6/2000
OS : Windows NT
PB Version and Build : PB 6.5 Build 1216, PB 8.0 build 1313 ,Different behavior in PB 7.0.2 build 8046

Customer sample shows where he is sharing a datastore with datawindow and then retrieving, when he resets datawindow, rowfocuschanged does not get fired.

Question was asked of development to determine the correct behavior and it is as follows and is now consistent in all current builds of PB 6.5.1( build 1219),
PB 7.0.2 ( build 9023) and PB 8.0 beta (build 1313)

Per Development - This is not a bug and is this is the expected behavior.

Click normal retrieve of DW - Rowfocuschanged fires and the current row is 1
Click Reset CB - RowFocuschanged fires and the current row is 0
Click Sharedata and then retrieve CB - Rowfocuschanged fires and the current row is 1
Click Reset CB - RowFocuschanged does not fire

Explanation for this behavior is that when DataWindows are shared, ALL activity is routed through the Primary, Parent DW. For example if you do an
insert row on a shared DW, we take the message and reroute it to the parent for actual processing, when it is processed, we will then synchronize
ALL the shared children to the state of the parent.

When a dw_x.reset is done and dw_x has some shared DW children, sharing is turned off so we can cleanly release dw_x's storage.
When the reset is complete for dw_x, sharing is reinstated for all the shared DW children. The effect is the same as if sharing is not turned off, the
parent DW and all the shared children turn up empty.

The reason you do not see a RowFocusChanged when you reset when the share is in effect is because you are sharing a DataStore to the DW
and (momentarily) the DW is not shared during the reset.

223098 GPF when using RetrieveAsNeeded, RetrieveRow event, and Async=1. Problem w/ several drivers.
Verified fixed in 7.0.3 build 10003
223125 For composite report with few horizontal page (e.g 5 vertical pg. & each vertical pg. with 10 horizontal pg.), the print out report will be blank after EACH 3th horizontal page.
223138 System treeview does not refresh with F5 or View/Refresh.
223149 PB8 Beta1: Out of date links in on-line help.
223151 A pb component calls a java component. The java component
creates a datastore and does a setfullstate. The setfullstate says it succeeded
but the rowcount returns 0.

Works ok on nt using jaguar 3.5 (build 35042) and pb 7.0.2 (build 8046).

The srv.log shows the following:
/export/home/duquette/jaguar35/bin/jagsrv: fatal: relocation error:
file /export/home/duquette/jaguar35/jdk/jdk1.1.8/lib/sparc/native_threads/
symbol NameAndTypeToHash: referenced symbol not found (

Aug 18 13:23:35 2000: DWObject Error: load: invalid number of columns: got 50331647 instead of 2

223178 The datawindow validation messagebox is not tied to the parent window (sheet) on which the datawindow resides.
This causes an infinite loop when you use the default error message (and default messagebox to display it) and you code an Accepttext() in an event posted from the losefocus event of the datawindow control. (as documented).

You can see the behavior clearly by watching the taskbar in Wintel systems. The validation messagebox should not appear on the taskbar - it should be tied to the parent sheet.

Workaround: Use a response window instead of the system messagebox in the ItemError event.
- Make sure the response window Open() call specifies a parent window.
- Return 1 in the ItemError to suppress the system messagebox.

// Simple case - datawindow on a window
Open(w_resp, parent)
Return 1

223179 The problem is with PB native connection using 'Open Client' v11.1.1, v12.x Adaptive Server Enterprise database v12.

When the checkbox "Prompt for database information" option is selected on "Connection" tab. In Powerbuilder 7.x, the result is a gpf when attempting to connect to db.

223180 Follow-on to CR214754. It is possible to get duplicate entries in the MRU (Most Recently Used) list of objects - File/Recent Objects list. In the general case, CR214754 addressed this problem with applications but it's a more wide-spread problem where the entire string is case-sensitive for objects.

If a user picks a library from the Select Application [Browse...] dialog, you will always get the drive letter case (upper) and path F:\CRs\cr200000\test.pbl; pasted EXACTLY as it shows in Explorer. If the user TYPES IN the library list (or part of the library list) such as f:\crs\cr200000\test.pbl, the same object will show up TWICE on the recent objects list (you must exit PB, etc first)..

223194 The problem is with PB (at runtime) sending a print to an EPSON Stylus Scan 2500 (Multi-Function Product)
This is a 'Combination' product that integrates Printing, Copying, Faxing*, document e-Mail*, and Scanning in to one simple-to-use device...

The dwcontrol.print function does not print the contents of a DataWindow control or DataStore as a print job. The return value for this function is +1 (successful). However, the print job:
-does not print preview(option set ON the actual printer properties)
-does not appear in the printer queue
-does not display any errors

However a possible workaround is to use the PrintDataWindow() function to send data to the printer (though this method is normally used for printing multiple datawindows to send as one print job rather than printing 1 dw).

223196 PowerBuilder activates a invisible custom control on window loading which is not the case in VB, this

causes appearance of a white box at the corner of the desktop.

223200 Desc : PB8Beta 1 : Default EXE name created using the wizard and not the wizard is different
If the application object name is different than the pbl name and if you create a project object using the Application wizard then the exe name will default to the pbl name.exe, whereas if you use just the Application icon in the Project folder and create the exe and click on the browse button then the exe name will default to the app_object.exe. This is the same in pb 7 as well. This inconsistency should not exist, both the exe names should either depend on the app object or on the pbl name.
223226 Observed a memory leak of between 4K - 26K in the PB 7.02 Server application when connecting and disconnecting a PB client application. The amount of memory lost was about 360K after 20 successive connect and disconnect by the same Client.
223231 Enhancement. No ability to force case on DDDW (dropdowndatawindow) edit style with "Allow Editing" OFF. It's set to ANY by default and the field is not editable when "Allow Editing" is unchecked.. The current behavior is to allow the choice of the CASE of the text field only when "Allow Editing" is ON.

The DDLB, a similar edit style allows case selection even if the field is read only (Allow Editing OFF)

223232 7.0 Regression. Select File/Print to print the script from a global function in the development environment sends nothing to the printer.
223234 PowerBuilder 6, 6.5 only problem with Date editmask MM/DD/YYYY and Null values

When you click on a column with this editmask and format value null,
the displayed value changes from 'null' to' 00/00/0000'.
However when you click on the same column in a different row the displayed value
stays '00/00/0000' and does not revert back to 'null' as it should.
The problem does not occur when tabbing to a different column.

Workaround: post an event in the rowchanging event and then set the
focus to a different column and back in the posted event.

223236 7.0 Regression. 'Search Selection Only' in conjunction with "Replace All" in Edit/Replace dialog in the script painter doesn't work correctly. Instead of replacing the From (Replace:) with the To (With:) for all occurances in the selected text, it deletes the entire selected text and replaces it with the string in the "With:" edit field.
223241 Modifying Word documents via ole automation decrease memory until Word had no memory left. Word aborts with the message: "Out of memory ".
This happens if modifying around 500 documents.
Workaround is to split it in 2x250 and reconnect to the word ole server again to avoid that word is running into the low memory problem.
223244 7.0 Regression. UO function with 2500 character prototype causes GPF in PBUDO70.DLL/MSVCRT.DLL in painter..
223247 PB8.0 Beta1:
Color palette in Window and DW painter. Tooltips are behind palette. And you only really see the ones furtherst to the right, ie the color purple in first row, last box.
223251 SQL Painter. When you join a table to itself (select it twice) and in the WHERE tab of the SQL Painter, right mouse and pick "value.." menu pick, you will receive various errors depending on what database you're connected to. It seems to be using the correlation name (alias) and not the real name to query the table. For instance, if you join the employee table to itself, you'll see employee_a, employee_b in the SQL painter. The 'Value..." menu pick on the right mouse seems to be using the alias "employee_a" instead of the real name "employee" to query the table for values.

Typical errors you get:
SQL Anywhere - S1002 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Table or view not found: table 'department_a' not found
Sybase SQL Server - Select Error: dialog that is empty.
Oracle (native) - Select Error: ORA-00942 Table or view does not exist.
Informix - SQL error -206: The specified table (department_a) is not in the database. ISAM error -111 error, no record found
MS SQL Server - Select Error: invalid object name "department_a"

223264 Connecting to JDBC. If the SYSTEM CLASSPATH is greater than 512 characters and the user tries to connect with JDBC, you will get an error in PowerBuilder as if the "" path was missing off your CLASSPATH environment variable.

Java Exception: Unable to find java PbjdbcSession class. Check CLASSPATH.

223266 Customer has a pbl with approximately 950 datawindows in it. In PB 6.5.1, all versions tested, it takes approximately 6 seconds to open in the Library Painter. In PB 7.0.2 C3 build 8046 it takes over 20 seconds to open in the library painter. Customer understands that there are additional views in PB 7 but thinks this is a bug/regression to have increased the open time in the library painter by a factor of 3. Is this increase expected with the new PB 7 view technology? Can the open time be decreased?
223301 JDBC Database Connect (JDS,JDM) gives "Java Exception: Unable to find java PbjdbcSession class Check CLASSPATH"

If you're using JDK 122 on your CLASSPATH, JDK122 doesn't have the javai.dll in it and that is what we use for the JDS driver.

Workaround: Switch CLASSPATH to use JDK117 or JDK118.

223302 Response window opened in ItemError event of datawindow does not prevent execution of script after the response window Open(). It should suspend script execution in the itemerror event until AFTER the user closes the response window. This works OK (somewhat) with the system messagebox.

The response window works correctly in the clicked event, for example - not allowing any script execution after the Open() until the user closes the response window.

This has been the behavior back through 5.0.04.

223305 When connecting using ODBC within an MTS environment, you may experience an invalid handle error on a call to ODBC API function SQLDriverConnect(). The handle passed is valid, indicating a problem on the ODBC side.
223313 If you set breakpoints in an object and then open the debugger without closing the object script, clearing all of the breakpoints apparently clears them in the object script, but they return if you open a different script and then go back to the script that had the breakpoints. Also after clearing the breakpoints in the debugger, the 'add breakpoint' option is disabled in the object:
223315 7.0.2C3 Regression. Script painter crashes switch between event/functions and saving script in-between.

Edit a script (but don't save)
Switch to functions or declare (tear off tab) without doing anything.
Switch back to script you were editing and save script.
Switch to (functions) using the script pane dropdown list which contains (Functions),(Declares), etc

223316 The problem is with PB DW function SetDataStyle(). If the graph object layer is set to "Background" - problems with scrolling, paint and colour switching for the column data display.
On a tabular dw which has a graph object, calling this function will make tabular columns appear blank.
Click on the column lname, some data displays.
Click in a blank column, some more data displays.
Click and drag the dw vscrollbar, data is displayed when "dragged". However when the scrollbar is released, the columns display blank till one or more column items receive focus.
223317 When installing pb (from internal location - iad_drops), the
following error appears during the install:

Install crashes
Copying Powersite client program files
ComponentMoveData Error Information
Setup encountered the following error:
MediaName: data
Component Client Install (Powersite)\Program Files
File Group DLLs (ps)
Error Number: -145

223319 After installing pb 8.0 (from internal location), two keyhh.exe
files are installed on the machine in:

c:\winnt keyHH.exe 7/17/00
c:\winnt\system32 KeyHH.exe 1/6/99

223321 It's too easy override a SYSTEM FUNCTION and create an object level function (user object, menu object or window object) that has the SAME NAME as a SYSTEM function using the function tear off tabs in the script painter.

We should issue a warning (Example ClassName()):
You are overriding a PowerBuilder SYSTEM FUNCTION "Classname()" . If you choose to continue, the object level function you're creating will run instead of the SYSTEM FUNCTION and you will not be able to execute the system level function. Do you want to continue? <YES><NO><Cancel>

223323 (i)There are documentation errors in the PB 7.x help file and manual. The correct number of arguments required for function GetItemStatus is 3.
(ii)Note that the Java example code {specified after the PB code} also requires the SAME modification to call the function AND the java storage variable remains as status(datatype short);
223334 Build time has increased by more than 40% after migrating an application from PB 5 to 7
Full rebuild of the pfc app :
PB 5.04.76 - 11 min
PB 6.5.1219 migrated from pb 5.04 - 13 min
PB 7.02.8046 migrated from pb 5.04 - 17 min
PB 7.02.8046 migrated from pb 6.5.1219 - 17 min.

As per Development this is not a bug :
"The reason there is an increase in time for a full rebuild to complete is a result of many changes that were put in over a 3 to 4 year period. Features have been added to increase functionality, along with fixes to reach the goal of accuracy which all combine to make PB a more robust tool. The cost of this unfortunately is that things will take longer.

You will notice the performance increase between 5 and 6 was not far from the increase between 6 and 7. The total increase from 5 to 7 does appear to be large, however, it has been done over time. Hence this is not considered to be a bug and does not cause a Full Rebuild or something else to fail in PB."

223341 Using OLE to spellcheck text in Excel is limited in Office2000
223383 custom HTML DW based on a stored procedure in a ASE Server. retrieveex() gets a -1 in 20%. 80% of the retrieves are ok. This happens if using a connection cash in the connection string of the settrans() function.

Using a odbc connection to the ASE Server.
jagObject.settrans("ODBC", "ConnectString='DSN=ASEODBC;UID=sa;PWD='", "", "", "", "", "");

223386 Powersite client files get installed irrespective of your choice, it should get installed only when PB is chosen not when other components are chosen.
223387 Eventhough the path to Powerdynamo directory exists in the autoexec.bat, the install program does not recognize it.
223388 This is a duplicate of CR 192831 which has been fixed in PB 8.0 but not in PB 7.0.2.
When there is a computed field on an External Datawindow it does not display when either previewed or run unless there are rows in that are rows in the datawindow.

Workarounds include doing a dw_1.insertrow(0) in the open script to insert a row into the datawindow or saving the datawindow with a dummy row.

223401 The Word OLEControl Activate Inplace! behavior is causing failures based on context. Seems to be working when script on different CB's but not when on same button.

Update from Development: Not a bug. This turned out to be user scripting errors when using OLE functionality.

223428 Enhancement request:
The Datawindow in PowerBuilder/PowerJ should be possible to handle a return code from a stored procedure, direct. An easy way to have access to the return code of a SP.
Not the way over the dberror event from which you could pick up the return code.
223429 PB6.5 build 1195 and later Builds and 7.0.2 C3 8046 Regression. You only get white space displayed with a N-Up nested datawindow except for the last of the N-Ups.
for CR# 210557 - Tag values are missing for columns when crosstab datawindows are switched to staticmode. Enhancement should enable to switch to static mode without running into the tag value problem.
223486 PB allowing to enter an invalid date in a date field, when using a date mask of yyyymmdd
When we have a editmask of type YYYYMMDD on a date field the month and date validations are not working appropriately.
When you have a year field like 2222 and date says 31 then pb allows user to enter 02 for month.
223498 Memory Leak when opening and closing window instance
223513 EAServer supports proxy connections to database caches in two ways: 1) proxying to the Jaguar client id (e.g., Jagadmin) and 2) proxying to a database user id provided at runtime.
Method 1 is accomplished by EAServer solely through the inclusion of a props file entry. Method 2 requires that entry along with a coding change. Specifically, the JagCMGetConnection routine that is now used to get a cached connection needs to be changed to JagCMGetProxyConnection. The latter call also requires an input value of the userid to be proxied to, so a new DBParm (or some other device) would be required to feed that function call inside of the PB code.
The affected drivers here are ODB, JDB (and JDS/JDM, although since deprecated we could leave those out), and SYJ (SYC). Although Oracle caches are supported in EAServer, Oracle does not support the SET SESSION AUTHORIZATION statement that EAServer uses to implement the proxy connections; therefore; setting this up for ORacle connections would be a wasted effort UNLESS theres' some indication that support for that ANSI SQL statement will be included in an upcoming Oracle release.
223517 When creating a new target one of the wizards is to migrate an "existing application". Once the application object is selected it should look into the old pb.ini file at this point to see if the application is listed there and if it does, automatically add the library search path.
223544 7.0 Regression. Oracle 8 ODBC drivers from Oracle (8.0.5), Intersolv (3.11) and Microsoft 2.573.3711 return the wrong SQLCODE on INSERT into a table with a duplicate primary key. They return 100 when the SQLCODE should be -1. The ODBC driver from SQL Anywhere 6.0 works fine.
223548 In PB 7.0.2 if you repeatedly save your script when in the function painter eventually you will crash and all script will be lost. When the function is reopened all the script is lost.
223554 When doing a compact install of PB8, you get a list of components to be installed and that list includes the Informix driver, Oracle driver, MS SQLServer Driver, Direct Connect driver, and the JDBC driver, but it does not include the ODBC driver.

PBODB80.DLL is actually installed though, so it's not a big deal, but the list of drivers in the summary (Direct Connect? but not ODBC) doesn't seem logical for a COMPACT install.

223555 One of the questions was whether the Web Target functionality should be a module that customers can select to install or not. If it were to be a module, I'd suggest that compact installs not include it...
The compact install as is seems to go quickly up until the 85% mark or so when a boatload of GIF and HTM files are installed under the WebTargets directory - pehaps that could be skinnied up even if we do not provide a way to bypass installation of the webtarget capability.
223556 In general, we should not see the word Powersite in PB8 (except for the context of migrating old PowerSite 7 projects)..

suggest doing a global search in the Install scripts, etc. to see that we caught all these.

223558 Performance problem calling MS SQLServer stored procedures from PB.
Not a bug. The sp has DDL statements which in SQL Server are not transactional. An sp with DDL must be called with autocommit = true.
223564 The GetFolder function has a second argument indicating (by reference) the path of the selected directory... it's not clear from the doc, but you can set that BEFORE the call to have the dialog open the desired folder - can we make that more explicit
The examples actually shows doing just this! but is not mentioned in the doc.
What's missing is explicitly saying that you can set the value BEFORE the call so that the dialog will open to a specific folder.
223568 If you have the Text File Editor opened when you close the workspace (or open a different one) the File Editor window is forced to close as well and asks if you want to save - why can't it remain open?
223571 If you look in the system tree under the list of functions, what you'd want to see in the method signature is the
fact that this exception is raised. I suspect they'll consider it an enhancement, but the browser/system tree is only 50% functional if that information is not there, after all it's just as important as the arguments and return value at this point.
223574 PB8.0 Beta1:
Options under menu items Tools -> System Options -> Workspaces, the second checkbox option takes precendence over the first. It probably should be an either/or choice.

"Show start dialog at startup with no workspace" | If both are checked then
"Reopen Workspace on Startup" | this one is the one that is executed.

223591 PB 8.0 Beta: Would like to be able to scroll through output DURING migration.
223597 PB8.0 Beta1: 2 problems with LibraryDirectoryEx function
223632 PB Version and Build: PB 7 ->, PB 8.0 build 1290. OK in PB 6.5

Creating a column in an external dw which contains a blank space in the name will crash PB as soon as you click the finish button.
With 7.0.2 build 9010 - Gives error in pbdwp70.dll - Instruction @ 0x10847f96 referenced memory @ "0x00000000" - memory could not be read
In PB 6.5 and earlier an error message appeared and user was forced to change the name

223640 PB8 Beta1: PBORCA_LibraryEntryInformation returns too large an ObjectSize for project objects.
223646 PowerBuilder Crashes on the SetFullState( ) function for composite datawindows.
223674 A simple newspaper dw with two columns in a composite dw causes printing problems.
The first row of the second column is printed over the first row of the first column.
Printpreview looks fine but the printout is not ok.
No possible workaround available.
223677 Regression: Informix 7 DB Driver : Adding decimal values in an embedded SELECT returns rounded values when the hostvariable is a decimal.
223698 PB8Beta1: Problem with implementation of LastPos () in PFC
223701 PB8 Beta 1:You can close a workspace even if there are errors in a script you are working on, the object
painter stays open, but the system tree shows the workspace closed
223738 The problem is in Powerdynamo where the Powerbuilder HTML DataWindow generator translates Powerbuilder system function RelativeDate() incorrectly.
Follow the steps in the CR repro tab -
In "Output of EuropeAssistance.html" window, search for javascript function description DW_RelativeDate.
Notice that in the FOR LOOP, the error is with the increment variable "i++".
This should be "month++".
Possible error message "waiting for an object" when trying to update date field.
223739 The problem is in Powerdynamo where the Powerbuilder HTML DataWindow generator incorrectly references
a variable :-
var DW_dayTable = new Array(); {Note: uppercase "T"}
However this variable referenced later (one occurrence) in the code as DW_daytable {Note: lowercase "t"}

Possible error message "waiting for an object" when trying to update date field.

223741 The problem is in Powerdynamo where the Powerbuilder HTML DataWindow generator incorrectly references

a function :-

DW_dayOfYear() does exist in the script file.

However function day_of_year() does not exist and is referenced in DW_dayOfCentury() ;

The correct function call should be made to DW_dayOfYear() ;

Possible error message "waiting for an object" when trying to update date field.

223742 If the sort order is set on any column and a row was deleted from the DataWindow control then is you scrolled to the last row, you will notice that the last row was blank. If you were to scroll back up from the last row, then you will notice that all objects have vanished, apart from column objects.
223759 06/14/2005:

This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

PB8 Beta1: Migration of large app from 6.5 to 8.0 completes successfully, but GPFs when run in development mode. 6.5 to 7 migration runs OK. 7.0 to 8.0 migrations fails in the same way.

223806 In a dw containing a left outer join and having subselect statements in the query, columns move (disappear from other bands) to the detail band when changing the sql in the sql painter. This happens while changing back to the design painter.
223812 7.0.02 regression: Validation rule executed for a numeric field without any Valid. rule
223817 PB C3 Regression. PB Crashes in PBVM70.DLL on selecting 'FUNCTION' item from the drop down list after a File/Save As.. to save a new object like a Window or custom VISUAL user object.
223819 If you take the following dpb test case ( and migrate it to PB 8.0,
it migrates without any errors.

From the PB 7.0 release notes, version 7.0 will be the final
release of Powerbiulder which will incorporate Distributed Powerbuilder functionality.

DPB app should return errors during migration. You should not be allowed to migrate it.

223821 Webpb dlls and pbo7390.dll are in the pb 9.0 build as well as 8.0.

Please remove them from the build!!

The dlls that should be removed from PB 9.0 are:







The webpb dlls are included in the pb 8.0 beta 1 install.

From the Powerbuilder 7 release notes, version 7.0 will be the final release of

Powerbuilder which will incorporate Distributed Powerbuilder functionality.

Please remove the following dll's from the install:






223825 Filtering and sorting a member datawindow of a composite datawindow may caused blank space to appear where data sholuld be when displayed in an appliction
223826 The following dpb references are still included in pb 8.0:

1. The transport object appears in the ddlb under
pb objects/standard class.
2. Transport object appears in the browser under the system tab

From the pb 7.0 release notes, version 8.0 will be the final release of
Powerbuilder which will incorporate Distributed Powerbuilder functionality.

223828 GetFileOpenName does not open the default folder when the Open Dialog comes up
223858 Cannot enter some hebrew characters in an editmak column
223865 When trying to open a workspace with a target who's PBLS no longer exist, you are prompted that the target will be deleted... The help button on that dialog doesn't do anything
223873 Enhancement Add a SaveAsXML option to datawindow
223879 6.5 EBF/7.0.2 8046 C3 Regression. The itemerror is being fired before Itemchanged on date columns that are left as 2000/00/00 for example. The firing order is ItemError, ItemChanged, ItemError. It should change the date to 2000/01/01 automatically and only fire the itemchanged event.
223910 In the db Painter, create a view, if you set a compute field, it's impossible to set an alias for it. see closed CR 196018.
Workaround: use db tools like sql central
223926 Error messages in the output window are differentiated from other messages as the text is blue in color instead of black. When one highlights an error message the row selected color turns to Dark blue and the text to Red, which is unreadable.
It would be nice if either the text is turned to white or the selection color is lighter blue so that the message is readable.
223959 7.0 GPF creating a new function object. If you simply change the return type to "string" and select the [declare] item in the 1st dropdown listbox in the function header, you will get 'Discard Changes' response window. If you click on no button, you will get a GPF in MSVCRT.DLL.

This only happens in the function object painter.

223961 If client software for a database is not locally installed but is being used using a mapped drive, one is not able to register the native dll.
223973 The erroneous situation is when one treeview item is selected and then immediately a different item is RMB (RightMouseButton) clicked and a delete operation is performed. The actual item DELETED is the first one that had received focus rather than than the one chosen by the user.

In the treeview control RightClicked event, REPLACE il_tvitemhandle = handle WITH il_tvitemhandle = this.selectitem(handle) to get the actual handle of the specified item.

224004 Works in 7.0.2 8003. Does not work in 7.0.2 8046 C3.
7.0.2 EBF Regression. OLE Database Blob column in a datawindow using Microsoft Word 8.0 does not work. Data is not saved to the datawindow blob column when the user clicks "Close and Return" from Word.
You also cannot close Word at this point and nothing is in the blob column to save to the database.
224007 PB8 Beta1: (re)deployment of PB component sets property to false.

Update from Development:
For pb7.0.3 and PB8 this flag has been exposed in the UI to the user. By default in pb7.0.3 standard components can have and false... For Service and shared components is set to false and cannot be modified by the user.

For pb8 there is a slight diff in behavior...
Standard comps...
Shared comps...
Service comps 1 instance(default)
Service comps. more than one instance

224024 This problem occurs for PB NATIVE connection to Oracle db using Oracle 8.0.5 client.
This incorrect mapping for Float datatype occurs when a dynamic datawindow object is created within the PB application using function :-
integer dwcontrol.Create ( string syntax {, string errorbuffer } )

PB error appears regardless of dbparm setting DisableBind = 0 or 1 ;

224064 PB8 Beta1: Cannot generate proxy for EJB
Problem specifically occurs because IDL for the RemoveException does not result in the creation of an Exception user object on the client side (as part of the proxy generation process).
224075 7.0.2 EBF (9023) Regression. Doubleclicking on a user object function script in function tab of script painter causes GPF in MSVCRT.DLL.
224087 When trying to print using the print() function on unix, nothing happens. No data is sent to the print queue.

The test case is creating a datastore and then associating a psr file. It then uses the print() powerscript function to print out the datastore.

Per PB Product Management, this is not a bug. This CR has been submitted as a New Feature Request/Enhancement Request:

The following information is from the PB 7.0.3 Maintenance Release "readme":

The PowerBuilder 7.0.3 version of the PowerBuilder VM must be available on the server.
The PowerBuilder VM includes PBVM70.DLL, PBJAG70.DLL, PBDWE70.DLL, and other
PowerBuilder files required at run time.

On UNIX, the shared libraries are called libpbvm70x.ext, libdwe70x.ext, and so forth, where
ext is the shared library extension for each UNIX platform. These runtime libraries do not
provide support for Windows API calls or graphical operations, including printing. If you deploy
a PowerBuilder component to an EAServer host running on UNIX, the component can have
neither graphical dependencies nor dependencies on the Windows application programming

224105 Regression 7.02 build 9023: Datawindow with a compute field, filter condition dw_1.retrieve causes GPF
224114 The File/Open dialog is too small for PBLs on paths that might have more than 48-50 characters.

Development: This dialog is resizable though it looks like it's a modal, non-resizable dialog.

224139 Enhancement Req: Functionality should be added to find open window of dos exe
224186 When a large number of PowerBuilder client applications connect to the Jaguar server simultaneously an excessive amount of memory is consumed by the Jaguar server. 20 client applications in my test case. When the same number of instances are connected manually the memory usage is less than 50% i.e. one after the other.
224189 Memory leak when successively opening and closing workspace. Running NT Task Manager and monitoring the Performance the memory usage continues to climb as you open and close different workspaces. Memory does not seem to be released until PB itself is closed down.
224207 This is a list of enhancement requests for the PB DB trace functionality:-
1. Disable dialog window when "TRACE" has been specified for the PB application.
2. In "pbtrace.log", specify DATE stamp when SQL is executed.
3. In "pbtrace.log", specify TIME stamp when SQL is executed.
4. Create new TRACE parameter to enable/ disable FETCH row data to be written in
log file.
224211 With consolidated PBD and duplicate object names, the last object is put in the Jaguar deployed PBD, the opposite of what happens in a normal library search list with duplicate named objects (first object found is used).
224221 Connecting to Your Database makes the following references to Unicode (which is no longer supported in PB7):

1. Page 90 - Unicode reference and references to PBO8470U.DLL, PBO7370U.DLL and PBOR870U.DLL should be deleted.

2. Page 96 - #5 Titled "Powerbuilder for Unicode Only" should be deleted.

3. Page 110 - Reference to Unicode and PBSYBC70U.DLL (not shipped with product) should be deleted in chart

224222 Generation of proxy for PB service component produces incomplete proxy
'Build' the proxy, you can place the proxy object in the same PBL, and you'll get the following error in the build process:
Warning: A full or incremental rebuild should be performed.
The following object(s) may not be usable in their present state.
Rebuild the application, you'll then get a more meaningful error
Object: n_srvtest
n_srvtest Class Declaration
(0001): Error C0001: Illegal data type: genericservice
224249 Using PB 7.0.2 build 9023 with a datawindow with column and an editmask. If the column is highlighted, and the delete key is pressed the EditChanged event is not firing. Fails for numeric, string, and date editmasks. Works in PB 6.5.1 (build 1219). If the editmask is removed the event fires. Fails the same way in 8.0.3 as well.
224253 Simple objects automatically appear in system tree
after they are created, but those created via wizards do not appear in system
tree. You need to do a refresh to see them in system tree.
224256 When chosing DataWindow Update stored procedure ";0" is added after the name of the stored proc - as in "EXECUTE REMOTE PROCEDURE: SYSTEM.DEL_DEPT;0".
This causes error ORA-06550 PLS-00103 on execute:
ORA-06550: line 1, column 31: PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "0" when expecting one of the following...
Workaround: Export DataWindow, modify syntax and reimport
224257 cannot edit source for a proxy object
224264 This is an enhancement request.
When one or more group breaks are defined for a Grid, Tabular etc. datawindow, the <UpArrow> & <DownArrow> keys perform a scroll by PAGE mechanism rather than scroll by row.

Note: This is different behaviour to e.g.
-Grid or tabular datawindow (with NO group breaks), performs scroll by row.

224266 PB8 Beta1: Crashing when editing a web page, selecting Color/Fonts from Options.
224283 This is an enhancement request.
Would like to have an estimation of the SQL statement for an Informix db command "SET TRIGGERS ..."
In PB7 ISQL session, "Explain SQL" gives a PB msg "No plan was returned by database interface" if there are no execution plans or if support is not there for the sql syntax;
224290 If you implement the getPin function in SSLCallback and then generate proxies for CTSSecurity, it generates Informational C0146: warning messages that 'sessioninfo' conflicts with a global variable of the same name. For getPin sessionInfo is an argument name, for CTSSecurity it is a proxy object.
224292 Selection of row using a downarrow in a dddw does not work is row retrieved is one.
The behavior of not being able to select only happens if one uses GetFullState/SetFullState

when setting data in a datawindow control via a datastore. If I assign the dataobject to the

control at runtime and do a insertrow, then try tabbing into the nested dw's and using the

arrow keys it works fine.

Workaround :
Set an initial value for the dddw so that it gets populated automatically.

224297 After a new row is inserted and a column is populated with
setitem, the row status is NewModified and the column status is DataModified.
Changing the column status to NotModified using setitemstatus does not
appear to work.

According to the documentation, changing a column status is simple.

224307 An EAServer Proxy for CTSSecurity package will generate
*Exception objects. Open any one of those objects will crash PB.
From the crash handler, the following is generated:

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: E:\pb80\PBUDO80.dll
File Version:
Fault address=1275BFE0 Section:Offset=01:0005AFE0

SS:ESP:0023:0012D868 EBP:80020002
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
1275BFE0 80020002 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 PBWS_DlgCLDebugProc+1F10

OS version:
Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 5

Memory Status:
Total physical memory: 196024K
Available physical memory: 113084K
Total virtual memory usage: 146620K / 410744K
PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 103156K / 2097024K

224312 When you want to add a PBL to an open target, allow the PBL to be dragged from the library painter and dropped into the workspace, and automatically update the library path
224314 When saving script when the "Ignore compilation warnings
and lose changes" appears, if you hit yes, the changes are saved anyway.

Add the possibility to use the Windows regional settings format instead of the US notation in numeric datawindow expressions.
If "comma" is specified as decimal separator, then numeric expressions accept european format ( eg 12,34.)
If "period" is specified, it accepts US format (eg 12.34)

224369 PB 8.0 beta 1 crashes when clicking to change a workspace and/or target in system tree, non-reproducible but crash handler output is attached from three separate crashes.
224406 When ActiveX control calls form "Modelessly" get message: "Runtime Error: 406" "Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in this host application from an ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Control, or Property Page." Similar to CR: 198123 but with a different error message

Use Modal Form

224414 System tree behavior not in line with Windows Explorer.
For example, if you right mouse click in the white space you see "Set Root", etc.
In windows explorer, an item gets highlighted and a popup menu appears
for the associated highlighted item.
224462 7.0 Regression. Informix native driver PBIN7070.DLL. Select into using a decimal indicator (host) variable in powerscript truncates the output to an integer value.

select 42.19 / 2.42 from department;

Works correctly in the DBA administrator (datawindow) and returns 17.43388429752066 in PBIN7070.DLL and ODBC but this doesn't work in embedded SQL with:

decimal deci
select 42.19 / 2.42 into :deci from department;

will truncate "deci" at "17" (an integer)

Workaround: Use double datatype.

224463 If a TableCriteria is specified in the dbparm parameter for an O84 connection
then no tables are displayed in the database painter for the connection.
224464 When a HTML page of type "Frameset Page" is created and when you try and preview the HTML page the frames in the preview tab are not visible until you click on another tab and click back onto the preview tab.
224466 6.5 EBF /7.0.2 C3 Regression. Editmask of type date no longer autocompletes days when you type a "3" in the first position. In the past, if the day was "19" and you typed a "3" over the "1", the datawindow automatically changed "9" to "0" so with typing one character, it changed "19" to "30".

This behavior no longer happens in 7.0.2 C3.
6.5 builds > 1220 have this behavior.

224470 PB8 Beta1: GUI covers arguments when fn prototype has more args than last fcn
From development: Not a bug, use scroll bar.
224489 If you build an application project for which the directory structure is no longer valid (e.g., you move from one machine to another), the library list is updated on the fly, but all the checkboxes in the PBD/DLL column are cleared.
224503 PB8 Beta1: Some errors on building a project show up in error window, some in modal dialog boxes, would like this to be consistent, preferably all in the Error dialog (to allow unattended install, for instance.)
224513 SetSeriesStyle() is called for a to connect datapoints with a continuous line. In PB 6.5 and 7.0 GA this works as expected connecting datapoints from left to right. In current builds on PB 6.5.1( build 1219), 7.0.2 (9025) and {PB 8.0 beta the lines connecting the datapoints are not correct but are appear to be connecting in the order of the data not right to left.
224558 REGRESSION PB 7.x
Trying to view the SQL statement of a DW fires a GPF if :
- Oracle Database is used (7 or 8) and the SQL statement contains :
1 Alias at least
AND 2 tables at least
AND a where Clause.

Ex : SELECT TONE_ID AS alias1,TTWO_ID AS alias2
WHERE TONE_ID = '12345'

224561 Grid DW - headers are defined 3D but the 3D effect is lost
224564 Make access to library list item on context menu of target or toolbar, it was an adventure trying to find where it is.
The only way to get to it is - RMB on target - go to properties and it is the very first tab.
224565 1) Suggestion here is to separate the Progress info from the Error info (Make them a tabbed pane or something). With larger applications, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate errors (without using the Next/Prev error options).

2) add a RMB option to "go to" the object causing the error. Edit and Edit course are great, but just being able to go to the object in question would be real helpful as well.

224566 when trying to add an exception to a function that overrides another function that does NOT throw that exception there is no clear message that this is not permitted

For this particular example, this is not the crux of the problem; however, the GUI could handle it much nicer. I believe that adding an exception that is not defined on the 'ancestor' function should get the same type of error as trying to override a function and changing only the return value. The compiler catches the later case and probably should catch the similar case with exceptions.

224567 A numeric editmask control is on a window. When the data value is highlighted and deleted and then the user tabs to another control the Modified Event fires. But if the user highlights the data, deletes it and then while re-entering the data backspaces and then enters the data then the Modified event does not fire. Also if instead of deleting the data the user backspaces over a digit and then enters the new data and tabs out the Modified Event does not fire even if originally the user had highlighted and deleted the data.

This is not a problem with PB 7.0.2.

224568 When a spin control edit mask, either on a datawindow or as a control, is slightly smaller than the size required to hold the entire datetime column and it has a justification of either Right or Center is clicked it initially blanks out and when clicked again results in an Application Error with the following message.

The exception unknown software exception (0xc00000fd) occured in the application at location 0x1134d95c.

Customer reported this as a regression but further testing revealed that the problem was in previous builds of 7.0 but that a recently fixed CR 216105 changed the size of the actual arrows which resulted in this customers editmask being too small. Other spin controls with other data types did not seem to have the problem.

Also when run in PB 8.0 beta the application error did not occur although the edit mask was unusable as it simply blanked out.

Simple workaround is to simply increase the size of the control.

Refer to CR 216105 for an explanation of that fix.

224571 SSLCallback and SSLServiceProvider functions do not throw exceptions but should to enable appropriate behavior with EAServer

The SSLCallback object was created to allow SSL connections to EAServer. The functions provided on this object are getPin, getCertificateLabel, getCredentialAttribute, and trustVerify. The first three of these functions are supposed to throw a userabortedexception to cancel the SSL request; however, since the PB SSLCallback object functions do not have these exceptions defined on them, it is impossible (by design) in the painters to override the function to add a throws clause. Because of that it is impossible to cancel an SSL request once it has begun.

The other methods on the PB SSLCallback and SSLServiceProvider object also do not throw exceptions and so would need to be investigated as well.

224640 In PowerBuilder 7 the retrieve of a datawindow with two retrieval arguments in an UNION

can give the following error:

Select error: ORA-1790: expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression

Work-around is to enclose the retrieval arguments in an expression, e.g. to_number function.

224649 cr 146942 which is an enhancement request for only part of the problem described above
224675 PB7.x - N-up datawindow - item focus not consistent - sometimes a different item in the same row as the item clicked on gets focus. Verified fixed in 7.0.3 build 10048.
224712 PB Solaris 6.5 - Disconnect from ASE crashes PB and gives fatal error when using Open Client 11.x ebf 9065- replacing with older version of Open Client resolves problem.
224713 Sort/Filter dialog not accessable in datawindow plugin. They should be accessable from the right mouse and datawindow buttons.
224714 7.0 Regression. GPF in PBVM70.DLL selecting/pasting multiple stored procedures as RPCs from the "Remote Stored Procedure" dialog into a user object of type transaction in the "Declare Local External Functions" section in the user object painter.

Works fine if you paste ONE at a time.

224716 Enh Req PB8: Paste Special > Object enable for all painters
224731 During a long running task in PB, such as migrating
the PB Examples, and you alt-tab to another process such as the Netscape
browser and then alt-tab back to PB, you will see the Migration Application
window, then Netscape. The PB IDE is no where to be found when
using alt-tab. It stays in the background.
224743 Passing a resultset from a MTS component to a
ADOResultSet seems to convert the date to 10/03/1818
and they are all the same date.
224745 In a N-up dw if a column's (say col 1) visible property is a expression based on a second column (say col 2) then the tab order set on the col 1 does work , in some cases even if the col is invisble one can tab into it and sometimes when the col is visible you cannot tab into it.
224785 HTML DW output skewed in IE 5 when the RIGHTMOST column is RIGHT justified and CSS (Generate Cascading Style Sheets) ON. The last column, rather than being WYSIWYG, goes to the far right of the browser screen. This does not happen in Netscape 4.5.
224790 does not retrieve complete data

The lenght of data being retrieved into a string in PB 5 and 6 is about 196K where as the dw
has data of about 248K+. The complete data does get retrieved into the string variable in PB 7 or later. I have tried the retrieve into a blob but it is the same thing, I think it is the retrieve itself that is not working.

224793 Since the connection object will now be of use only in targeting EAServer (no longer DPB servers), a couple of suggestions:

1) make the driver property optional
2) update errcodes to be more EAServer friendly - usually all we get is a 50 or 57 which isn't too descriptive
3) let the trace property specify a file that the IIOP client trace will get written to... the existence of this property would trigger PB to automatically set ORBLogIIOP and ORBLogFile when initializing the ORB

224794 There are a number of settings that can be made in the options property of the connection object to initialize the client-side C++ ORB (e.g., ORBSocketReuseLimit, ORBProxyHost, ...), in this way these properties are very much like DBParms for database connections.

The EAServer connection dialog could be extended to include these ORB initialization properties so that the options string would be built automatically when picking an EAServer connection in the connection object wizard. With a Preview tab, like on the database connection, customers would also be able to paste complete EAServer connection code directly into their application.

224802 When a new user object is created, the user object cannot be saved if PFC and any SCC API provider is used.
224808 PB 7.02 Regression: PB crashes when copying text into a datefield on datawindow that has a edit-mask of mm/dd/yyyy defined on it
224813 Deploying a PB jag component with create() function, fails to create IDL for the function.

It's apparently colliding with some reserved word in PB or Jaguar, and it fails to create the correct IDL. This is a problem for the Web Datawindow component that is shipped with Jaguar, in that this PB component does have a function named create() and it does have the correct IDL. So if a developer makes any changes to the Web DW component (a likely senario) and then redeploy's it, the create() function is no longer in the IDL.

224850 Regression in PB6.5 after Build 482 and PB7
Calling a MS SQLServer 6.5 or 7 Stored procedure with a large text datatype argument
in embedded sql causes a GPF.
224860 Opening 6 datawindows in PB 8.0 appears to be using up all the system resources when on a Win 95 platform. In NT 4.0 I was able to open 16 dw's before I seemed to have a resource problem and PB simply closed down. At this point I had to reboot my machine as when I reopened PB the datawindows were opening and closing in the order I had opened them previously.

In my case, after successfully opening 6 dws, the following warning popped - up from the resource monitor:

"Low Resources: Ninety percent or more of your system resources are in use. To free up system resources, quit any programs that you are not using. If you do not, your computer may stop responding".

This can be confirmed after clicking "OK" to the above warning and checking the resource meter. If you now try to open yet another dw, crash handler message comes up and PB crashes.

Additional Observations

Closing the datawindows doesn't seem to return all of the resources, but closing PB8 and restarting it does - I closed dws one by one and saw resources recoup ( all the three - System\User\GDI)

224882 PFC Resize doesn't work correctly on sheets opened with Layered!
224906 Copy/Paste does not work in the script editor when using Context Menu
224915 Unable to compile COM object having a function with more than 31 arguments
225009 Editmask control on a window with change to alignment property (Alignment = Left!) in the getfocus() event. Does not matter what the alignment is changed to as any change to the alignment in this event causes a gpf when on WIN 95/98 in user.exe. When the same code is place in other events the problem also does not occur.

This happens only when one clicks on editmask control, if you tabs to the control and then enter data eveything works fine.

Problem does not occur on Win NT 4.0 but only on Win95/98.

225012 Regression: Nested report does not display in n-up presentation style.
Verified fixed in 7.0.3 build 10030
225056 Check-out does not fail when archive and object in public library are different as stated on page 141 of
PowerBuilder 7.0 User's Guide
225059 WIndow painter perfomance problem in 7.0.2 vs. 6.5.1 when opening a window with lots of controls.
225113 Windows 2000. The library painter (set to Default Layout) comes up slowly - hangs - (30-45 seconds) if mapped drives exist that are no longer accessable (machine turned off, network down). Windows 2000 clearly shows the mapped drives in the library painter and a red 'X' through the ones it can't reach - though again you wait 30-45 seconds. NT 4.0 does not have this performance problem. NT 4.0 also displays ALL drives (whether accessable or not) WITHOUT the red "X" through the mapped drive definition.

Using the 'File, Select Library, Browse' also has the 'hang' issue.

From PB Engineering: This is not a PB bug. If I bring up winfile and one of my drives is inaccessable, it takes a lot more time than if all the drives are accessable just as PB does. Also Win NT does not mark inaccessable drives with an X so PB is doing just what NT does.

225125 Graph datawindow category text is truncated when font.escapement is changed in script to 600 (60 degrees). 900 (90 degrees) and 450 (45 degrees ) seem to work properly.
225128 Solaris version of driver fails with Oracle 8.1.6 client software.
It tries to load Oracle libclntsh.1.0 dll which no longer exists in 8.1.6.
Verified fixed in build 10030 of PBVM on solaris.
225189 Using oracle 8.1.6 client software on solaris 2.6 and pb 6.5.1,
the following error message appears when trying to connect to a 8.1.6 server
using the o84 driver:

DBMS o84 orcle 8.0.4 is not supported in your current installation

When trying to connect to a o73 server with oracle 8.1.6 client, a message
appears that it cannot load the

Works ok using the oracle 8.1.5 client software and the workaround listed
in tech doc 1002125. The workaround for 8.1.5 client is

ln -s

225252 Enhancement Request Sent to Development:

"Is there anyway you can add a Java target to the PB8 environment? I'm
not talking about including PowerJ as part fo the IDE, but more like the
file painter with a compile and possibly a deploy to EAS capability."

But for the purposes of PowerBuilder and the Powersite functionality now included, it's reasonable to include a mechanism to generate and compile Java stubs from EAServer components. Currently in order to build a Dynamo page accessing EAServer, you have to access Jaguar Manager to first generate the stubs and then a separate DOS window to compile the stubs. EAServer 4.0 is supposed to have a wizard approach to doing this and at some point there will be a command line interface to EAServer to accomplish this (3.6.1 timeframe?). If at all possible this should be considered for GA .

225259 Cannot insert a static text field in a datawindow design with certain view setup (preview and design as two overlapping views). As you type in the text to the text object, it only accepts the last character typed.
225268 Using Microsoft Outlook Express the mailsend fails
when using mailrecipienttype = mailoriginator! Works ok when using
mailrecipienttype = mailcc!

According to microsoft knowledge base article q25317 - Getting MAPI read
receipt functionality over the Internet Mail Service, Outlook Express uses a different
mail message property for read receipts and simply ignores the property used by
Outlook MAPI client. Outlook Express uses this property for read receipt requests:

Outlook uses this property for read receipt requests:

If this is the case, than Powerbuilder should accommodate Outlook Express.

225279 PB8 Beta1: Datawindow contains a computed column. The computed column is also one of the two columns in the sort criteria. When the computed column is deleted, immediately, a datawindow error "Expression is not valid" pops up. Click "OK" - another error "Sort or GroupSort is invalid. Datawindow has been saved without the sort expression." pops up. The computed column now disappears.

If you go to 'Rows - Sort' - the computed column is still there under 'columns' and remains checked for 'Ascending'. I think it shouldn't even be there. If you uncheck it - same sequence of errors.
However, if you drag the computed column into 'Source Data', it successfully disappears and you're back in business.( a workaround)

225338 Enable SaveAs( ) to .xls and .dbf to save more than 255 chars per cell
225343 Criteria specified by the user are NOT added to the SELECT statement
225349 7.0 Regression. If you attempt to change group band properties such as "Group", "New Page on Group Break" or "Reset Page on Group Break", when you exit the painter, PB/IM does not prompt to save changes.
225360 Enhancement Request

With everything going the way it is, (JSP's J2EE etc), would it be
possible to add a Java Class as a web target? What I found is that I can
use the PB8 file editor to edit my java classes easily enough, which
allows me to use such features as indenting, block commenting, etc. Nice
features in the PB editors. When I create a Script file in a web target,
and I import my java code, it color codes some of the java stuff for me
(recognizing enough from the javascript capabilities it has no doubt).
But this editor does not have the block indenting/commenting
capabilities of the PB script painters (not needed for javascript etc).
Also, if I save this file with a Java extension, it appears in the
treeview under my web target, which is great, but if you then
double-click on it to open it, it tries to open Wordpad, my default
.java association, instead of using the script painter inside of PB.

I know it sounds more and more like PowerJ integration, but I leave
PowerJ to do things like EJB's which it is well suited for. For simpler
stuff, I would ordinarily use Wordpad or the PB File Editor. Now that
I've seen the javascript script painter in there, it seems like it would
not be too much to allow .java files to be included in that list.

225390 PBODB70 ODBC error during connection may not be detected. Builds 10002 - 10006 only.
225418 Post C3 Regression: Graph control does not scale negative value axis (starting from minvalue).
Also when changing the minvalue in the painter eg. to -1 PB starts to hang when leaving the field.
225420 The problem is that there is a GPF for PB7.x native connection to MS SQL 6.5 when the user does not have permission to access the table.
225435 PB7.03_beta1 crashes when clicking 'preview' after modifying library list
225440 PB crashes when Insert NVO and immediately do Edit->Undo Add in the Application, Window and User Object Painters and the Non Visual Object List view is open.
225448 Enhance clip window to allow categorization of entries via tree view, tabs, or multiple clip windows.

I expect this window to grow steadily in content, and it
would be great if I could easily categorize the things I put in there.
Use of Tabs, Treeview or even multiple clip windows would be great.

225501 Using oracle 7.3 client connected to 7.3 database, pb
will crash when clicking on the sql button in the dw painter using the o73 driver. The sql is
complex and has numerous joins and unions.

Powerbuilder crashes with the following error:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: D:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSQL70.dll

225514 PB Version and Build: PB 6.5 -> build 1219,
PB 7.0 GA -> 7.03 build 10007, PB 7.02 build 9025
PB 8.0 build 2041

DB/DLL: PBIN7, PBIN9 for PBs 6,7 and 8
Extended Attributes from pbcatcol are not getting picked up by IN7 or IN9 drivers when connecting to an
Informix ANSI db and creating a new datawindow.

Works fine with:
- non-ANSI db
- Extended attributes from other pbcatxxx tables (eg fonts, validations etc)
- The same pbcatcol attributes can be seen correctly in the table using db painter (click the
- The same pbcatcol attributes can be seen correctly in the dw wizard.

- the extended attributes from pbcatcol are NOT applied to the final datawindow
- Pipeline (with 'include extended attributes' checked) also ignores the pbcatcol attributes

225553 Rebuild occurs when painter is open despite the following
message appears:
Powerbuilder cannot rebuild while painter is open

Rebuild still happens if you look in the output window.

225577 ConnectToNewObject to a COM object always return value -3.
This is caused by PB,because the PB DirList changes the current directory which is needed by the COM object.
Declaration de Global External Functions :
FUNCTION ulong GetCurrentDirectoryA(ulong BufferLen, ref string currentdir) LIBRARY "Kernel32.dll"
FUNCTION ulong SetCurrentDirectoryA(ref string currentdir) LIBRARY "Kernel32.dll"

Call the GetCurrentDirectoryA before and SetCurrentDirectoryA after the DirList function call of the listbox.

GetCurrentDirectoryA(l_buf, ls_curdir)
listbox.DirList ( "path" , 16 )
SetCurrentDirectoryA(ref ls_curdir)

225612 When retrieving data that has a date field either thru htmldw
or a pb component, the following error appears using ASA that was included
with Jaguar.

Error: Retrieve Failed = -1
Select error: SQLSTATE = 37000 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server
Anywhere]Syntax error or access violation: near 'date' in,webdw.[date]

The error happens when the column name is "date". Problem is only on
solaris. Works ok on nt. Using a date field that has a different column name results
in the following error :
[Javascript Application] Item '??3????' does not pass validation test error.

Problem happens only with htmldw on solaris. Works ok when a date field
does not have the column name of date with pb components on solaris.

225666 Cannot create ASA database in PowerBuilder with the default codepage for "Collating Sequence" parameter. (there is a similar problem with SQL Central in that it's "codepage" wizard page doesn't enforce the user picking other than "Default" and Default does not work in the SQL Central or PowerBuilder case)

The error you get is:

SQLSTATE 08004 [Sybase][Adaptive Server Anywhere] Database Server rejected connection: Database Creation failed.

This happens when using the Profile Painter/ODBC section/Create ASA Database dialog with leaving the "Collating Sequence" as <Default>. Once you pick a codepage, the database is created fine.

225683 Cannot overwrite target file. As you are able to overwrite both workspaces and pbls why not targets??

If this is not considered a bug then it needs to be changed to an Enhancement Request.

225685 Call an nvo function from a window. The unbounded array
is defined as an integer. The nvo function returns the unbounded array
as type Any. It causes pb to crash.

If you change the unbounded array to a bounded array than it works ok.

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: D:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll
File Version:
Fault address=11362518 Section:Offset=01:00161518

SS:ESP:0023:0012F538 EBP:01804A48
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
11362518 0012F544 01223C10 026F0500 026E0F60 01223C10 ob_copy_rtinst+D8
1136119A 0012F568 01804930 026E0F60 01860ED0 01223C10 ob_get_group_instlist_as_shlist+37A
1135BD47 0012F584 01223C10 00000000 011C04CE 000003E8 ob_run_garbage_collection+197
1132CBF1 0012F6A8 011C04CE 00000111 000003E8 021F04FE fn_txnservice_create_instance+42A1
112CDC7E 0012F714 011C04CE 00000111 000003E8 021F04FE FN_WindowWnd+8FE
77E727FE 0012F750 112CD380 011C04CE 00000111 000003E8 IntersectRect+54
1126A50F 0012F778 011C04CE 00000111 000003E8 021F04FE PBC_MainProc3D+1AF
77E71FF1 0012F7A4 008ECA30 00000111 000003E8 021F04FE _IsWindowVisible+37
77E73122 00000111 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 WCSToMBEx+64

225714 If the size of the field holding a decimal column with editmask "#########.####" and right
aligned then one is not able to add complete data and it gets corrupted.
If the size of the field is big enough to hold the complete data as specified in the editmask then there is no problem. If the field is left aligned then as the data starts
exceeding the size of the display field the data starts scrolling, which is not the case if
it is right aligned.
225726 When you go to any object and select Design/options/Layout
and you click the "Save As" several times, pb will crash in comctl32.dll. Happens
only on windows 98.

The crash handler reports the following:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Version: 5.80
Fault address=BFC0AC43 Section:Offset=01:00009C43

225770 The problem is the Getrow() returns the LAST row of the N-UP row. For a 4-up, it will return 4,8,12,16,20. Getrow() is supposed to return (and always did in the past) the FIRST row of the N-UP row for example a 4-Up would return 1,5,9,13, etc. We also have to make sure the Rowfocuschanged fires correctly and the clicked event "Row" argument is correct as the user clicks around the N-UP.

The effect in a simple 4-UP datawindow shows the first 4 rows (the N-UPs first horizontal row) is completely gone.

225784 Trying to insert a picture control of type jpeg file or
adding a computed field of type bitmap(e:\jpeg_8bits.jpg) will crash pb
either in the insert or trying to retrieve.

PB crashes as follows:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: D:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll

225794 Regression: crosstab dw with dddw crashes on retrieve
using build 9023. Works ok using build 8046. Crashes with a pb70.exe
abend error.
225859 "any" dataype variable initialized by a double variable having a null value. When this any variable is returned
in a global function then , the value is recieved as ZERO instead of NULL.
225877 Using the mss driver to connect and disconnect from
a sql server database causes an excessive amount of memory usage
and performance is slow.

For example, a test case that is just connecting and disconnecting shows
the following thru the task manager:

mem usage vm size
7436 5308
154592 202172
158756 202172
159716 202172
74476 103768

Memory is release from time to time but if its not released in time, the
following error can appear on your machine:
System Process Out of Virtual Memory
Your system is running low on virtual memory. Please close some

225907 SetPicture - different result with different db drivers
In PB 6.5.1 and 6.5.1236 there is no gpf but the return value from the function is -1 and

the control is blank, when going against the Access db.
PB 7.03.10007, 8.0.2055 :
Access DB using ODBC Driver - crashes(Crash handler for 7.03.10007 file is attached

ASA (EASDemodb) using ODBC Driver, does not crash but returns -1
Oracle (tbone server) using O84 driver - crashes.
ASE (11.9.2 server on tbone) using SYC driver - works fine.

226075 Reproduced in PB 6.5, 7.02, 8.0 Beta 2
Constructor event in user-defined Message object does not fire when running an application after having had a PB runtime error.

When using a standard class Message user object in place of the system Message object the Constructor event of this user object does not get fired when the application is run from the development environment and after a PB application runtime error has occurred.
If PB is rebooted the Constructor event will fire correctly again.
The problem seems to be how the Constructor event is called. If the source code for the user object is exported
and the following line of code is changed then the problem no longer occurs...
TriggerEvent (this, "constructor")
this.Trigger Event Constructor()

226076 7.0 Regression. PBDIR connections are not validated all the way to the mainframe upon connection. This is a change in behavior from the PBNET interface which it replaces.
226077 The design is external tabular datawindow with string column which has an edit style of 'DropDownDW' (another external tabular dw).
Assume the datawindow is initialised and an insert row operation performed. Next type a character for a pattern match on the existing data rows. For the first scroll of the dropdown, the highlighted row displayed is wrong in the sequence and correct for the pattern match.

This is a regression problem in PB 7.x ;

226096 Assignment of an instance to a structure the second time causes an application error

a_structure = lstr_structure
a_structure = lstr_structure

The second assignment causes the error :
"PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0023). Application terminated. Error: Cannot

assign object of type a_structure to variable of type window at line 6 in function

function_3 of object w_window"

226104 If a dw object name is assigned using upper or mixed case the deployed component (Jaguar on Solaris)
will not assign the dw object. when running pb client. This works when component is deployed to Jaguar on NT.
226117 Documentation on the NumbersInternal DBParm says supported by O84 and OR8 only... OR8 is not part of PB 8 - should this be O73?
226120 JDBC implementation was introduced in PB in 7 not 6
226124 Selecting help on Java tab in system options adds junk in the classpath.
226174 The design is to create a menu which has some menu items AND sub menu items.
The menu is associated with a window of type main! In the window rButtonDown event, there is a call to display the popmenu (i.e. one menu from the menu bar).
The problem is that the script coded in the menu option
- to toggle ENABLED option of the menu bar
- when EXECUTED from the popmenu
does not have an effect(is ignored) for the menu bar.
This is broken in release PB65x and 7;
226184 Grey bar displaying when using the arrow in scrollbar (grouped reports)
226238 EAServer is discontinuing support of MS VM in version 4.0, should our JBDC DBParm option, JDM driver be dropped? not documented? or documentation should include the fact EAServer doesn't support after version 4.0.
226246 Exporting a mss table from the database painter that has a primary key will crash pb.
226284 Creation of jaguar component using wizard requires connection to jaguar, at the time of giving a package name, the wizard automatically tries to connect to the Jaguar server and tries to load the package list. On not being able to connect it results in the following error :" pbeas_CreateRepositoryService failed with return code -1"
If one clicks ok on the messagebox one is still able to continue and create the component without further problems.
226287 Inconsistent behavior when using clip window in Web vs. PB target

This is probably due to the different editor used here, but hopefully we can get some better consistency

226289 PB 8.0 build 2051, 2055
selecting a clip item when another's name is being modifed causes deletion of the first item without warning
1. Add two clip items to the clip window
2. Select one of the items to rename it and delete all the characters
3. "Accidentally" give focus to the other item and the one you are renaming is GONE! It should not delete at this point but require a valid name be given (like Windows Explorer)
226290 Enhance 'THROW' to 'ThrowNewException' which automatically creates the exception object. This would eliminate the need to have a 'Create' done first.
226314 PB 8 BETA
When modifiying the properties of a band eg. setting the color to a system-color (like 'Active Title Bar' or 'button face') It will result in painting it black. Problem occurs only in dw-painter, design view. Preview or run is OK.
226344 When a double value is converted to a string using a format (of either "[currency]" or "$00.00") it incorrectly rounds 3 decimal places down, but not consistently.
1. using round() function before using String() function
String(round(1255.965,2), "$000.00")
2. save the double value into a decimal and then using the String() function

When using the delete key in the clip window, it should
delete the item clip window as well as what is in the script painter. It now
only deletes whats in the script painter.

226356 PB 8 has a new clause "Throws" in the function painter. However, if you wish to add multiple exceptions, they have to be comma delimited. This is also stated clearly in online help on "THROWS". Customer thinks it would be better if you can add exceptions one per line - just as you can right click in function painter and 'Add parameter' which opens up a new sle of sorts.

Happens with PB 8.0 (build 1313 and 2051)

226416 When a datawindow is dynamically made updateable through script and it is forgotten
to specify a key column as in dw_1.object.emp_id.Key='Yes' ,
then a crash occurs when trying to update.
226438 PB8 Enhancement Request:
Suggestions to improve handling of tabbed panes in the IDE when the window is not large enough to accommodate all the panes
1) allow tabs to be stacked/multiline
2) when scrolling, have them scroll a tab at a time versus some number of pixels (as it seems to now)
226464 Short Desc:
Anchor symbol '$' causes a wrong conversion into decimal from a editmask control
Editmask Control has a editmask of type $#,###,##0.00;[red]($#,###,##0.00);$0.00;$0.00
PB 6.x :
Display Initial value is 0.0
After assigning 1000 to em_1 - it becomes 1000.00
Converting it to Decimal the value returned in a messagebox is 1000
PB 7.02.8046 and up
Display Initial value is $0.0
After assigning 1000 to em_1 - it becomes $1000.00
Converting it to Decimal the value returned in a messagebox is 0
PB 8.0.2055
Display Initial value is $0.0
After assigning 1000 to em_1 - it becomes $1000.00
Converting it to Decimal the value returned in a messagebox is 1000
226500 The number of digits keyed is not limited to the number of digits specified in the editmask.
The constraint can be bypassed if you enter data while the thousands separator is selected.
EX: EditMask = #,### (comma is a thousands separator)
If the number is 1,234, you can select the comma and enter a 5th digit : 15,234
226537 Control-S should be a default shortcut in the function painter
226554 PBDIR. Direct Connect Interface to DB2. A database field of char(3) is being converted to decimal(1) in the datawindow painter. It works fine in database painter.
This doesn't happen using the ODBC driver.
Workaround: Export the datawindow and change the decimal() definition to char(3) and re-import.

NOT A PB BUG, Cannot reproduce it inhouse with PB 7.03. In the customer's situation it turned out to be a privelege issue. Once they used the correct userid, they did not have any problems.

226557 When you click on "expression - click button" the argument properties for a nested
report, the argument of type "string array" or "number array" will show up in the
column lists.

In PB 6.5.1, if the argument is type "array" the argument will not show up under
the arguments tab. From cr 159615, the array type arguments are not offered
for nested report. The argument should not show up in the list.

226592 An external dw has 562 columns and when adding
another column, thru the column specification view, the following error

Out of memory
Abort, Retry?

If you hit abort, the message of "Insufficient memory to continue" appears.
From the task manager, the vmsize of the pb70.exe doesn't appear to go up

226594 When you expand the system tree down through an object and get to the Events or Functions list, is there anyway that the icon can indicate the presence of script for that event or function?
226619 PB 8 Beta Build 1313, 2055
1) Give the ability to define how I want targets to appear:
a) Sort by name
b) show name only (no path)

2) Allow the ability to rename the targets in my workspace using an interface similar to explorer. (Click on the target, use F2 or a second click to allow the name to be modified).

226627 Unable to edit a text box in design view if design and preview view are set as tabs , such that only one of the two is visible at a time. When you try typing into it only one character is visible and it gets overwritten everytime one keeps hitting the keys.
226643 PSE Notes:

PB Version: From 6.5.1 Build 620 -> Build 1236 (OK in 6.5 build 444), all PB 7 builds and PB 8 betas


If the SQL syntax is edited by hand in pipeline painter (SQL -> convert to syntax) then the next time you view the syntax using the 'convert to syntax' option all the carriage returns are lost and SQL appears in one long line.

If same is attempted in the dw painter no formatting is lost.

Converting to graphics (and back to syntax ) will recover the formatting.

226730 7.0.x Library painter sessions take memory and don't return it.
226738 Font.Escapement does not work with non TrueType Fonts , Is this a bug or behavior ?
226797 PB 7.0.03 Beta: Changing Library List PowerBuilder crashes in PBCMP70.DLL.
226830 MailLogon returns mailReturnFailure! if Jaguar is running as a service.

PB 7.02 build 8046 & Jag 3.5 build 35042

A mail component is deployed to jaguar and is being called from a PB client. If the jaguar server is running as a service then the mSes.mailLogon(as_profile,"",mailNewSession!)

returns an error. If I shutdown the service and start Jaguar from a shortcut then the same call is successfull and can successfully send mail

When Jaguar is running as a service the password box for MailLogon does not pop up (might be linked to the cause of the failure). Even started the Jaguar service with Administrator's userid but still no difference.

226842 Unable to insert data after the 1st delimiter in an Editmask of type StringMask in window

If I have a editmask of type "###-##-###" then I cannot enter more than 3 numbers in the

editmask in the window painter. If I have a similar editmask on a dw column the insert is

fine. One is able to insert numbers until one reaches a delimiter this could be a '-', '

','/' etc. Happens only if you have a number on a stringmask, if you have a alphanumeric or any character it is fine no problems.

226843 Depending on where the cursor is when doing the Undo / Redo you will find that sometimes an extra character gets deleted on a Undo and if you do a Redo after that the extra delete character dissappears.
The behavior seems to be somewhat similar in a Userobject's script painter or a window's script painter.
226876 Datawindow print problem if background color and the pen color is set. Objects are not printed on laser printers.
For example the backround color of an oval is set to "Black", brush color to "White" and the pen color is set to "Navy".

If background color is set to White or Transparent it works fine.

226877 If you turn on a DB trace and connect to it using a userdefined transaction (instance variable) in PB 6.5.1 the messagebox saying that tracing is on only pops up once on the first connect and then never returns. (in 6.5.1 if you connect using SQLCA the messagebox comes up everytime). If you migrate the same .pbl to PB 7.02.9028 and beta 7.03 and do multiple connects using the user-defined transaction you will see the messagebox everytime, as well as if you connect with SQLCA.
226886 When using the "rows as needed" option and there's a
db error, it can mask the sqldberrtext and sqldbcode.

When "rows as needed" option is NOT checked, the following error message
Database Error
Error Code: 208 Error message: Select error: t41074381 not found. Specify owner.objectname
or use sp_help to check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of

Datawindow Error
Select error: t41074381 not found. Specify owner.objectname or use sp_help to check
whether the object exists (sp_help may produce lots of output).

When "rows as needed" option is checked, the following error message appears:

Database Error
Error Code: 0 Error Message: Select error:

Datawindow Error
Select error:

Problem is not db specific. Problem happens using dot notation too of:
dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Retrieve.AsNeeded = "yes"

226897 PowerBuilder crashed while doing a Saveas of a jaguar component.
Opening a Jaguar Component and then saving under a new name. (Old name = n_p3_jag_printer saving as n_p3_jag_printer_impl).
226906 PrintGetPrinter() causes crash when no default printer is defined.
226910 If you create a target from an existing application and specify to save the target in an invalid directory, there is no feedback that you cannot do this and the wizard will not proceed
226911 AutoHelp 'activate only after dot' behaves strangely. In some situations it appears to not work when it should and in others it appears to work when it shouldn't.
226913 Connection object wizard opens the user object painter after completion, the Jaguar component wizard does not
226946 EA Server 3.5 (Solaris) build 35042 limits PB Oracle connections prematurely.
When it does, ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name errors occur.
226975 Modifying the in-line styles on a static field
in a 4gl web page are not reflected at design time. If you add a
static text field and then change some of the inline styles for a
static text field and then select the preview tab, they don't show up.
226976 When you add items to the list box in a 4GL Web page, you have to press the insert icon after each one,

it should allow you to tab to insert a new row.

226980 If you make modifications to a HTML page and deploy without explicitly saving,
your changes are not incorporated nor are you prompted to save.
227022 When a PB component deployed to Jaguar instantiates many large objects the size of the memory the PBVM can allocate in Jaguar reaches a threshold and then finally crashes Jaguar server.
227024 Oracle o84 and 073 SQLNRows returns previous RowCount on updateblob when SQLCache is set and no explicit commit is issued
227025 PBLs which are located on the WAN refresh very slowly when browsed via the library painter.
227054 Customer is running a VC ++ 6 console executable, that attempts to make DDE connections. When a PowerBuilder application and the executable is run at the same time, the PowerBuilder application crashes. When tthe PB application is run with pbdebug the last entry in the log file is "Executing System dll function".
Other abnormalities are seen when icons and parts of the C exe 'bleed' through the PB application. Tried running the C exe with other applications and no abnormalities were observed but not sure if C program is doing something that they shouldn't be.
227056 Enhancement Request: Multiple selects in ISQL with multiple result sets. Doing a Rows -> RowsSaveAs will save all Output views. No option to save just one or the view that has focus.
227068 PB 7 : Reading a row from MSS 7.0 table causes a page level lock on the table.

This was determined to be a Microsoft issue according to the customer:
This was a known but yet unpublished defect in SQL Server 7.0. The locking was related to the new prefetch access during certain nested loop inner joins.

227078 EAServer 3.5 hangs when PB comp executes Insert/Update/Deletes using 08.1.6
227103 Major GridLine property not saved properly in a datawindow graph object.
MajorGridLine displays incorrect line after saving the object and reopen it:
None displays Solid, Solid displays dash Dash --> dot, dot --> dashdot, dashdot --> dashdotdot, dashdotdot --> none

1. export the dw
2. edit the dw and set the major gridline property in the exported file to the right value.
3. import the dw
4. create the executable without touching the dw

227166 Calling the MODIFY function on a complex dynamically created DW (many groups and fields) in an iterative way, PB crashes with a GPF.
227185 Enhancement Request

The customer would like the ability to link the system treeview and the listview of the library painter so that when you click on a PBL in the system tree, the list view shows its contents. You can drag the objects into the listview but customer finds that rather inconvenient.

227209 Enhancement Request. If you expand the system treeview to the event and function level in any object - RMB on any coded event or function should have an "Edit Source" or some similar option that shows the script in that event\function in "read only" mode. Customer thinks this would be a "giant leap forward from the maintenance perspective."
227211 Special character (for example, Alt + 137) in menu item causes syntax error in PB 8 if the special character is at position >6 in the menuitem. Was OK in PB 6 / PB 7. Prevents migration from PB 7 unless changed prior to migration, and may cause to crash.
227237 Setting a filter on a datastore before retrieving leads to a crash at the end of the retrieveend-event.This happens only when there is a computed field in the detail-band.
This can be reproduced ONLY in 9028.
use newer or older EBF
227245 The dbtextlimit dbparm returns a sqlcode of -1 when set to a value
that is greater than 31999. When retrieving a text field the length of the field returned
will be 0. If the dbtextlimit value is less 32000 than the sqlcode returns 0 and the
text field that is retrieved from a select statement will show a length equal to what
the dbparm value was set to.

From the online help, the text size limit is 32765. Anything less than this size should
return a sqlcode of 0.

227271 PSE Notes:

PB will crash when you try to view spin control edit mask in the db painter. This only occurs with certain dbms and always when using ODBC. There is no database activity when the crash occurs as the data is already cached in memory so this is not strictly a dbms issue but a problem of how the dw/db painters are interpreting that data.

Reproduced with the following combination of PB/DBMS/ODBC driver
PB 6.5, PB 7.02.9028 and earlier & 7.03.10007
Not able to reproduce in PB 8
Reproduced with DB2 using ODBC driver supplied by IBM (DB2CLI.DLL Ver 5.02). Also with...
Informix 7 using ODBC drivers from Merant and Informix
Informix 9 using Merant ODBC
ASE 12 + Merant ODBC
Not reproduced with Oracle and ODBC or with ASA and ODBC (yet)
Not reproduced using any native drivers

227274 PB8Beta2: Library List in target properties does not accept any spaces after ';'
227294 PB 8 Beta 2 build 2051 :
Custom install of pb , choosing the o73 and in7 interface , fails to self register. Manually trying to register also causes a Load Library error. On the Oracle side made sure I have the required support dlls for the 7 client piece but still get the error while registering the dll, same goes for the in7 interface.
227295 The ASA 7.01 install which is a pre-req for PB 8 Beta 2 . When you run setup.exe eas3 : Sql Anywhere is mentioned in the following places -
InstallShield wizard on start says SQLAnywhere 7 instead of ASA 7
Installation folder by default comes up as c:\program files\sybase\sqlanywhere 7
Default Program Folder says Sybase Sql Anywhere 7
227331 When running a htmldw on solaris and you hit the "reload"
button several times, jaguar crashes with either a mem_bad_pointer error
or SmartHeap error handler recursive re-entered error.

The test case is using powerdynamo 3.5 and netscape 3.6 web server on
solaris. Also the cgi helper (csrv03) and the dycgi03 in the cgi-bin
directory of the web server. The test case is using a dynamo dynamic file base
setup too.

The following messages appear on the browser too:
There was a problem performing the action: SetDWObject. Error code: 0
There was a problem performing the action: SetHTMLObjectName. Error code: null
There was a problem performing the action: SetSelfLink. Error code: null
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Remote DataWindow Component logging enabled
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Default Library List = 'pbdwr70.pbd'
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Loaded component properties:
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: sourceFileName = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: dwObjectName = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: HTMLObjectName = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: modifyString = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: fixed = 'no'
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: serverSideState = 'no'
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.dbms = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.dbparm = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.lock = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.logid = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.logpass = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.database = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: trans.servername = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: serverServiceClasses = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Activate()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetDWObject('tsdw.pbl','d_psafdc10_2block_ase')
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Doing PBL/PBD
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: SetLibraryList(pbdwr70.pbd,tsdw.pbl) = 1
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Modify('DataWindow.htmldw='yes' DataWindow.NoUserPrompt='yes'')
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Modify() = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering of_initializeFromDeclarative()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting of_initializeFromDeclarative() = 1
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetDWObject() = 1
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetTrans()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetTrans() = 1
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetWeight()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetWeight() = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetHTMLObjectName('htmlDW')
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetHTMLObjectName() = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetBrowser('Mozilla/4.7 [en] (WinNT; U)')
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetBrowser() = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetSelfLink('PSAC-2TEST.htm','')
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetSelfLink() = ''
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Retrieve()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: Server Message: - 2409/11/2/ZZZZZ: Cannot find the requested character set in Syscharsets: name = 'utf8'.

Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: Server Message: - 2411/10/1/ZZZZZ: No conversions will be done.

Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Retrieve() = 88
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 12:57:17 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Generate()
Nov 8 12:57:18 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Generate(), length = 813392
Nov 8 12:57:18 2000: HTMLDW: SetComplete()
Nov 8 12:57:18 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Deactivate()
Nov 8 12:57:18 2000: HTMLDW: resetting state
Nov 8 12:57:18 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Deactivate()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Activate()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetDWObject('gates_web.pbl','d_html_ma_query')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Doing PBL/PBD
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: SetLibraryList(pbdwr70.pbd,gates_web.pbl) = 1
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Modify('DataWindow.htmldw='yes' DataWindow.NoUserPrompt='yes'')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Modify() = ''
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering of_initializeFromDeclarative()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting of_initializeFromDeclarative() = 1
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetDWObject() = 1
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetHTMLObjectName('dw')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetHTMLObjectName() = ''
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetBrowser('')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetBrowser() = ''
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetTrans()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetTrans() = 1
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetSelfLink('matab.htm','apoe_apc='"null"'|apod_apc='"null"'')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetSelfLink() = ''
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetAction('InsertRow')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetAction() = 1
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetAction('null')
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetAction() = -5
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Generate()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Generate(), length = 80493
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: SetComplete()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Deactivate()
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: resetting state
Nov 8 13:01:51 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Deactivate()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Activate()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetDWObject('gates_web.pbl','d_html_ma_query')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Doing PBL/PBD
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: SetLibraryList(pbdwr70.pbd,gates_web.pbl) = 1
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Modify('DataWindow.htmldw='yes' DataWindow.NoUserPrompt='yes'')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Modify() = ''
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering of_initializeFromDeclarative()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting of_initializeFromDeclarative() = 1
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetDWObject() = 1
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetHTMLObjectName('dw')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetHTMLObjectName() = ''
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetBrowser('')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetBrowser() = ''
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetTrans()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetTrans() = 1
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetSelfLink('matab.htm','apoe_apc='"null"'|apod_apc='"null"'')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetSelfLink() = ''
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetAction('InsertRow')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetAction() = 1
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetAction('null')
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting SetAction() = -5
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: EnableCommit()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Generate()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Generate(), length = 80493
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: SetComplete()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Entering Deactivate()
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: resetting state
Nov 8 13:02:00 2000: HTMLDW: Exiting Deactivate()
Nov 8 13:02:03 2000: HTMLDW: Activate()
Nov 8 13:02:03 2000: HTMLDW: Entering SetDWObject('gates_web.pbl','d_html_ma_query')
Nov 8 13:02:03 2000: HTMLDW: Doing PBL/PBD
Nov 8 13:02:03 2000: HTMLDW: SetLibraryList(pbdwr70.pbd,gates_web.pbl) = 1
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: si_signo [6]: SIGABRT 6* abort (generated by abort(3) routine)
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: si_errno [0]: Error 0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: si_code [-1]: SI_LWP [pid: 2166, uid: 1001]
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Full thread dump:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-8"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd3216588
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x1c8fe18
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@34
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xcc923b98 threadID:0xcc923de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-7"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd3217c20
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x9c1e90
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@32
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xcc9c34d0 threadID:0xcc9c3de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-6"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd3222d30
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x9c2ca8
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@25
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xccbf2bb8 threadID:0xccbf3de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-5"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd3223310
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x99b248
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:CW
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@10
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xedd31d18 threadID:0xedd33de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0xedd32460, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-4"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd321a870
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x9aa4e8
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@31
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xcca121f8 threadID:0xcca13de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-3"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd31a18f0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x97c3d8
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@30
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xcca63ba8 threadID:0xcca63de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-2"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd319c238
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x8861a8
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@23
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xeccd3ba8 threadID:0xeccd3de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x42000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "SIGQUIT handler"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd31982a0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x7ad2b0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@22
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xecd23af0 threadID:0xecd23de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0xecd23d74, stack_size:0x22000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Finalizer thread"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd3198088
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x7ad220
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:CW
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@21
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xed6b3a30 threadID:0xed6b3de0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0xed6b3d74, stack_size:0x22000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=1
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "main"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (TID:0xd31980b0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sys_thread_t:0x76fcc8
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , state:R
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , thread_t: t@1
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , sp:0xefffee60 threadID:0xa03b0
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: , stack_base:0x0, stack_size:0x800000
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: )
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: prio=5
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Monitor Cache Dump:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unknown key> (0x99b248):
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Waiting to be notified:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Thread-5"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (0x99b248)
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Registered Monitor Dump:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Thread queue lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Name and type hash table lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: String intern lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: JNI pinning lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: JNI global reference lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: BinClass lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Class loading lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Java stack lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Code rewrite lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Heap lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Has finalization queue lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Finalize me queue lock:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned>
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Waiting to be notified:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: "Finalizer thread"
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: (0x7ad220)
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: Monitor registry:
Nov 8 13:03:13 2000: <unowned (mutex held)>

227338 PB 80 Beta 2: library painter: listview not populated with target contents.
227430 PB 8 build 3009
It would be nice to have Remove From Source Control in the dropdown for right mouse click just like Add to Source Control.
227431 Info gets added into the log file only after an object has been successfully added to source control . if there is a failure during add the info is only viewable in the error window pane in PB, is this intentional
227434 PVCS 6.7 SCC interface (From DDLB - PVCS Source Control), PB 8 build 3009
PVCS and PB 8 if the workspace.pbg file does not already exist in Source Control then a label and description box are required to be filled out for the pbg file in addition to a label and description box for the object. On every subsequent new objects (whose source does not exist in Source Control) that are added not source control a new description is required by PVCS for the pbg files in addition to the one for the workitem. If a copy of the source already exists in PVCS then the description box does not pop up twice.
In PB 7.02 build 8046 , only one description messagebox comes that is the one for the workitem.
I am not sure why PVCS automatically version the pbg file.
227437 PVCS 6.7 SCC interface (From DDLB - PVCS Source Control), PB 8 build 3009
Create a new workspace.
Any previous version app (Pb 6/7/8 Beta1) not under Source Control, add as a target, goes through successful migration, connect to PVCS, add an object to source control it fails .
Error Window shows:
---------- Source Control
Adding selected items to source control. . .
PVCS Source Control Info: File d:\SCC Tests\PVCStest\w_test_ole.srw was dropped from the Add To Source Control operation.
Failed to add d:\SCC Tests\PVCStest\w_test_ole.srw
PVCS Source Control Info: File d:\SCC Tests\PVCStest\pb6test.pbg was dropped from the Add To Source Control operation.
Operation Completed
---------- Done Source Control
227439 PB8 build 3009
If I have a workspace under Source Control, create a new target based on existing pb6/7 pbl , when it goes through the regen and rebuild procedure, if there are any compilation errors or warnings they dissapear immediately because the following message appears in the error window
---------- Source Control
11/9/00 11:41 Source Management Initialization...
---------- Done Source Control

The above should be appended to the migration info not overwritten.

227440 On my machine , I had PVCS VM 6.0 installed which came with SCC ver 5.1.1, after that I upgraded by PVCS to 6.7 as a result of which I have two SCC interfaces to PVCS , ver 5.1.1 and ver 6.7. In my installedSCCproviders in the registry I have PVCS Source Control (pointing to ver 6.7) and PVCS Version Manager (pointing to 5.1.1).

In PB 8 build 3009 if I connect to ver 5.1.1, SCC connection is successfull, but one is unable to add objects to Source control from PB. The project I try to add from pb is a valid project and I can add file to the project from Version Manager successfully.
If we do not support the version then we need to document the versions we support

227441 PB8Beta2: Drag a pbl from Sys TreeView to Lib ListView, RMB options fail.
227511 PB 8 build 3009
when you select Log All Source Management Activity it should default to PBSMS.LOG filename as indicated in the documentation, it is blank.
227513 PB8 beta 2 build 2051: OS - NT, Win98, W2K
Clicking Display Most Recent Object crashes PB.
In build 3009 instead of the crash listview in the library painter goes blank
227520 PB 8 Beta 2 buidl 2051 :
1. Run setup.exe for Beta2_2051. Go through custom install.
2. Select 'Native Database Interfaces' and click 'Change'.
Under 'Select Sub-components' , Oracle 8.x native driver is described as "Oracle 8.0.4 / 8.0.5". It should rather say 8.0.4+/ 8i+ or similar as its good for 8.0.5 and later versions.

3. Click continue - next - next until you reach 'Start Copying Files' screen which gives you a summary of the options you chose to install.
Under Native Database Interfaces you will find
" Oracle 8.x Interface (O84)
Oracle 8.0.4/8.0.5"
This is a repetition.

227590 Memory leak with ADOResultset generated from datastore resultset
227609 PB 8 build 3009, PVCS 6.7
Select Entry | Source Control | Advance Options or Select Entry | Source Control | Run PVCS Source Control
both of them will open the PVCS Options window, from there one can go into VM but not directly from the Run PVCS Source Control menuitem.
If you look at the same menuitems when connected to Visual SourceSafe the Run VSS opens VSS manager and the advance options shows the Options, two seperate menus have two seperate funcitonalities.
227613 GetFullState/SetFullState fails to capture OCX datawindow completely. Works fine as a regular datawindow, but no graph appears when using GetFullState/SetFullState.
227615 The design is to create a menu which has 1 menu item, 1 second level sub menu item and 1 third level sub menu item. The menu is associated with a window of type main!

This scenario has a script which causes the SECOND level sub menu item to lose focus e.g. messagebox(). On Win98 operating system, PB will gpf in USER.EXE (in development environment and runtime);
On NT4, this scenario does not gpf.
[ From PB help:-
Because MessageBox grabs focus, you should not use it when focus is changing... ]
The gpf on Win98 does not occur if the sub menu script keeps focus.

227652 OLE scripting against Word 6 in German. When using german commands containing Umlaute, the script will not compile giving a C0031 syntax error.
227658 PB 8 build 30009 :
When using PBNative as Source Management tool, it should populate the user and Storage Location automatically depending on the last one when using the workspace. It comes up as blank.
227721 Jaguar only finds htmldw.js is it exists in the folder Jaguar is started from. When starting Jaguar outside of $JAGUAR/bin you receive error: DW_LibMain() - open htmldw.js: No such file or directory
CdwHTMLRenderer::loadTemplate() -g_lpstrWebDWRsrcBuf NULL: No such file or directory
227761 When a line of script has a breakpoint associated with it and the code is selected and cut, PB gpfs.
227767 In PB 7 multiple windows (or other objects) can be opened simultanously. When having more than 15 windows open at the same time (sometimes less) PB just disappears.
227800 According to the documentation the PrintSetPrinter() PowerScript command should return 1 is successful and -1 if an error occurs. It returns 0
227861 PB 6 & 7: Problem displaying certain Universe Condense font characters in an sle, text box. Worked okay on the text of a button. The characters do appear properly in the properties page.
227875 In a HTML DW, a long (or ulong) column keyed with a leading 0 is replaced by a dummy value when the column loses the focus.
For instance, 0700 gives 448, 08 gives 0, 0777 gives 511.
227877 PB7: Column name specification field not getting updated after changing property
227888 Close of the window which is of type Response! causes pb to crash , the crash handler file is available in the zip file.In debug the crash seems to be happening after successfull execution of the open of the response window.
The response window in turn calls a popup window which has a OLE control on it and a dw control (this dw control has 6 ole controls on it) All the OLE controls used here are the Pegasus Image OCX.
w_test_parent -
Clicked event of the button - Open(w_test)
w_test -
Clicked event of the button - Open(w_notice_printing) & script to load the ole on the window and dw.

PB will not crash if atmost 2 ole controls are populated in the dw(parent window of the window containing dw is Response!). OR if the window is of type Main! then there is no problem with the number of OLE Controls being populated. Looks like there is some kind of limit when using a Response window in terms of memory cache, which does not get released at the appropriate time.

This is NOT a PB BUG :
" When a child window of a Response! window is closed, the child window's "garbage" (unused objects) are "piled onto" the garbage bin of the parent Response! window. If the parent window is not a Response! window, then garbage collection is performed when the child window is closed. "
You should force GarbageCollect() in the close event of the child window.

227940 This problem is a regression and occurs in the development environment object painter

e.g. Window painter, UO painter, Menu painter.

For example, in any of the object painters (mentioned above), there is a "Script pane" there are 3 dropdownlistboxes :-

- Object/Functions/Declares

- Script/Declare Type

- Ancestor/Descendant

The "Ancestor/Descendant" ddlb is disabled after the save object operation.

This failure happens for ALL objects which ARE inherited and OVERRIDE ancestor functions:-



-User object

The impact is that the PB developer cannot switch to ancestor nor descendant script.

PB6.x: N/A, feature not available in this release.

227963 Unable to tab from one field to another in
third party ocx. The up,down arrows do not work either. When
positioning the mouse in a field, you can enter data but you cannot
tab thru the fields.
227995 find/replace in the window scripts painter does not close with ESC key
228003 OLE Browser does not show up COM server when the Inproserver32 entrie has
file name such as %SystemRoot%\filename.dll
228006 If an expression is set on the visible property of a column querymode ignores the column value in the where clause, ie. query mode does not work.
228025 When in the dw painter and you try to change
the value of a graph under the "data" tab, pb will crash.
Works ok in PB 6.5.1 and 8.0.
228091 The netscapelayers property is not
formatting multiple datawindows on a page. First
dw is formatted but subsequent dw's are not. Using
the following format:

ls_ns = "datawindow.htmlgen.NetscapeLayers='yes'"
ls_ret = dw.Modify( ls_ns )

228104 A crosstab datawindow that has a column
with a dddw will gpf in the dw painter when you select
retrieve. Happens in pb 8.0 (build 2055). No problems
if column has no dddw associated with it.
228122 PB8 Beta2: Column validation error occurs in 8.0 and not in 7.0 in a shared datwindow dddw column on an insertrow.
228125 export of syntax of a table does not export Unclustered indexes.
Both db interfaces only Clustered indexes are exported , unclustered are not.
228126 1. Create a workspace and target.
2. Create a datawindow (any style).
3. Click on a column and bring the properties up under the general tab.
4. The enhancement request is for a new type of "Border" . See the dropdown options under the border. Customer would like to add a 'TopLine' as an opposite of already existing 'Underline'.

A 'topline' would make summary fields easier to differentiate (as a separator from rest of the fields) - e.g, totals or any other computed fields.

228156 HTML Datawindow JavaScript Caching.The first click on a required column having a dddw as Edit property, fires an itemerror event claiming that the field is required. This happens with IE and not with Netscape.
228174 When a toolbar item is the first item
and it is in a cascading menu and you dynamically
change the following properties:

this.m_tools.m_pencil.visible = false
this.m_tools.m_pencil.enabled = false
this.m_tools.m_pencil.toolbaritemvisible = false

The tool bar item still appears when running app. As soon
as you select another item, than that toolbar item
can no longer be seen. If you physcially move pencil
after glasses and rerun app, than pencil doesn't show up.

228223 PB7 / PB8 Translation ToolKit. Datavalue of a DDLB (editstyle of a column) in a datawindow lost after translation

add the datavalue after translation again

228239 PB 8 build 3009
Create a new dw of type freeform, on the selection for border choose shadow box/3d lowered/3d raised for text and column , finish the dw , notice the text border does get reflected as requested during dw creation but the column border comes back as 'NONE'
228240 PB 8 build 3009
Description of Problem: When you build a project without a name (for the project), the output window shows as follows:
"---------- Deploy: Deploy of "
1. Create any small target application.
2. RMB the target and 'New - Project - Application'.
3. Choose an exe name and click build.
4. The output window displays " Deploy of " with no name.
It should contain some name such as the executable name itself.
228242 Resizable property when set to True/False in script for OLE control does not change the border type to Resize/default
228272 When adding or deleting a column from the datasource of a very large datawindow (many hundreds of columns)
an OUT OF MEMORY error can occur.
Work-around is to modify the datawindow by exporting it and making the changes in the exported source.
228290 Cannot create table with col of size >255 for Varchar when using MSS driver.
create table gives error : The maximum width for varchar column is 255
In PB 7.03 and above, on trying to save the table it blanks out the column after the
messagebox and another messagebox saying Value for item required.
Create table is successfull using the ODBC driver (sqlsrv32.dll
228334 Customer would really like PB's tab control to expose TCS_BUTTONS style. In general it would be nice for PB's wrappers of common controls to expose all the styles available. To be more specifc, he is looking for the ability to add taskbar buttons - which when clicked, open up tabpages which inherently are of TCS_BUTTONS style.
228335 The "..." for a browse button in the library search path dialog should show "Browse" and not the dots - its hard to locate and is not that intuitive to the user.

RMB the workspace and select 'New - Target - Existing application'. You will see this button in "Set library search path" screen. If you don't look carefully you could easily miss that it is even there. Please replace with a Browse button so that it is easier to use.

228351 Paste Special Instance popup window isn't wide enough to display the entire variable name/s. There are scroll bars on the window, but it is annoying not to be able to see the full variable name and have to scroll to view prior to making your selection.
228352 Drop down pick lists in the IDE should not restrict their width to the width of
the drop down control but instead display more/all of the text of each item in
the list.

Dropdown pick lists in IDE are limited in width to the control, but that obscures some of the information in the list... The lists should be allowed to be wider when expanded (like we allow for dddws)

This behavior occurs throughout the IDE, so it would be a big effort to locate all occurrences but all occurences should be addressed.

228353 Cannot add an ActiveX component to a web page in HTML editor - nothing happens
228361 Property fields of objects with integer types allow values higher than 32767 up to eleven digits to be entered. However, because they are integers after tabbing out of the field 32767 is entered.

This is because all the object properties are of type integer. The customer feels that the fields in the
properties view should only accept valid input and not revert to this value if larger numbers are entered.

228370 Datawindows that contain unions and dw was desinged in syntax mode. when tries to open in C3 or C4, dw ok but sql gpfs. If takes text syntex and edits () he can paste into sql
228429 PB8 Beta2: Crash when double clicking HTML page in system tree to edit
228435 Description of Problem: 4GL web page elements are not centered when viewed with Netscape browser

OS: Any
Version and Build #: 8.0 2051
16 bit/32 bit: 32
Database/Driver File/Version: N/A

When viewing the source, it appears the <P align=center> tags are in the right place, but they don't seem to be interpreted by Navigator 4.7 correctly. Could be considered a navigator bug, but we might be safer using a DIV tag which does work for both IE and Netscape

Step-By-Step Instructions:
1. Add Target1.pbt target to an existing workspace
2. Configure a deployment for the target to a dynamo website
3. Deploy the target
4. View the page untitled.html in an IE browser and in Netscape and you'll notice how all the controls except for the static text are NOT centered.

Test Case (zip file) Name:

228458 OpenChannel Runtime function and its behavior.
If I have the following script :
long ll_ret
ll_ret = OpenChannel( "","SendMail", Handle(parent) )

The applname argument for the function is null in that case everytime this code is executed a new handle number is returned into ll_ret instead of a -1 or some other error.

228461 PowerBuilder hangs on trying to re-deploy a PB Service component that is running.
228491 When using rtrim in a computed column (example converts a date from 2/2/2000 to February 2, 2000 in the
back end) the results get truncated. This works in sql and the db administrator.
228521 PB 7.03 SQLCA values returned from RPC handled different in PB 5 & PB 7
228531 Customer has a long list of distinct Modify function statements, and they get part way through the modifys and then get an "access violation" (0xc0000005 address 0x105ca00a). Reproduced in small sample application after about 490 simple modifies. This was addressed but not fixed in CR 205097.
228538 An error in a dot notation to a nested dw object at run time fails to fire Error event.
228613 PB7.02 - Calling RPC results in results pending error
228619 Cannot create c:\temp\...pbd when deploying to EAServer
228621 VM Size jumps by about 500M on a DW SaveAs to a WMF at random in pb dev environment causing incomplete data to be saved if you have a column with autosizeheight set to true.
If you have a column whose autosizeheight is set to true and in pb dev run sometime on the DW SaveAs the VM Size will jump as mush as 500M which causes no error but the data supposed to be in the column with the autosizeheight does not get saved. This behavior can be created but is very random in pb development. Once this happens the memory i snot released until you physically shut down pb, just shutting the application does not work.
If you create an exe you can reproduce the VM Size jump on the very first saveas.
I have tried SaveAs excel/txt/htmltable and was not able to repro the memory jumps, it only seems to be related to WMF! file.
In PB 7 there is no such memory jumps on the SaveAs.
In the customer's case he gets a dr watson, I was not able to repro the dr watson, in my case the VM size went about about 890M , I even tried opening a number of sheets and clicking on the save quickly but no change or error other than not saving data .
228735 Sybase database interface:
Repeatedly creating new logins in the database painter can cause a crash, when the
login already existed.
Work-around :
To test if a user already exist, you can also use a select statement like:
select name from syslogins where name = <specified name>
228747 Customer would like to see the Powerscript functions added to the Autoscript enabling.

See online help:
PowerScript reference>Statements, Events and Functions>Powerscript Functions
for a list of all the functions.

228750 Suggestion to have a base class from which datawindow and datastore are both inherited - or perhaps inherit datawindow from datastore?
228761 Please add an option to cancel out when opening a wrong workspace/target/pbl, etc If the user double clicks on the wrong library or directory then one has to wait for it to be completely displayed before being able to switch to the correct one. Especially in PB 8, the loading of the libraries is time-consuming.

Suggestion that this option could use the 'ESC' key or perhaps the 'Ctrl-C' combination.

228770 Repaint problems if HSplitScroll is selected and the dw control does not have a horizontal

scroll bar created at runtime.
The problems seems to be only if you have HorizontalSplitScroll + Grid/Tabular combination.
If it is grid then complete data is not seen in its entirity, if it is tabular then you see

an extra row half visible at the bottom of the control.
On unchecking the HSplitScroll box repaint is ok.

If the horizontal scroll is not there on the dw control because there is not enough data

horizontally to scroll in the control, then you will see the repaint problem and the tag to

pull the split scroll cannot be clicked to create a split in the control.

228824 UseFormat propertie is missed in describe of datawindow. Because UseFormat propertie is not included if doing descibe this can causes problems if using for instant the datawindow create() function.

add "editmask.UseFormat=yes" in datawindow syntax created by the describe() funktion
set the property dynamicly before retrieving -> dw.object.colomnname.editmask.UseFormat='yes'

228830 Add the new file system functions to the Help under System Functions by Category>File Functions, the new printer functions to System Functions by Category>Print functions, etc...

The following functions:
are listed under What's New>Miscellaneous>New PowerScript Functions
under the heading:
New File System Functions
they also need to be added to the Help under:
System Functions by Category>File Functions
Same is true for all the other functions listed under the "What's New" section.

228834 The online help indicates "String. Returns the current printer name". Actually, what it returns is the printer name, printer driver and port in a tab delimited string (as the PrintGetPrinters function does for the entire printer list)
228835 Enhancement request: add a system function: ChooseFont()
Just like there is now a ChooseColor() function, would like to have a ChooseFont() function
228839 In on-line Help, position attribute of MailFileDescription object is marked as read-only, when in fact it is required to be set to properly send a message with multiple attachments.
228840 GetFileOpenName ( title, pathname, filename {, extension {, filter } } )
should be updated to support everything that Win32 supports (setting the directory to start in, setting the default file name to use, and add support for the explorer style dialog with multi-file selection capability).

Enhancement request for GetFileOpenName function: Add the following functionality:
- start-in directory
- setting the default file name to use
- multi-file selection cap

228842 When a menu is inherited from a menu and saved as the same name as one of the submenu items PB hangs.
228846 Columns in library painter can be hidden, but not reordered. Request is to allow this here and for all other cases where such tabular list views are used.

Assuming the WIndows Explorer list view paradigm, this is a capability provided there so we should be following tthe standard behavior.

228870 Suggestion to streamline the migration process and eliminate one of the two steps at which you can specify additional libraries when migrating your application.

When migrating there are two separate points in the wizard where you can enter a library list? Can one be eliminated?

The two screens allowing you to do this have separate purpose, I think. One is for an existing application (which may or may not require migration) and the other is for specifically migration. However, in the case you do require migration from an existing application, it seems redundant and it should 'know' that it's already asked for library list info.

228877 When deleting directory through library painter, deletion fails with error "Cannot delete directory <name> due to items that were not able to be deleted." or an error saying that it could not be deleted because access is denied.
Additionally, the prompt to confirm deletion has a double entry for the directory if the directory you try to delete is at the root of the drive. When D:\pbldirectory is RMB and delete selected then when the confirmation box comes up the directory name will be duplicated and will show as D:\pbldirectory\pbldirectory.

If it is not supported to delete entire directories then the option should not come up and this should be documented.

Individual pbls are successfully deleted when deleted this way but not directories.

228888 Documentation says, "When working in a painter, setting the font face name causes the correct font family to be selected." which seems to allude the fact that you change only FaceName to get the appropriate settings for FontPitch, FontCharSet, and FontFamily. PB7, however, allows you to change these independently. If we are disallowing that in PB8, then remove these items on the Font tab. Presently FontPitch, FontFamily, FontCharset are disabled in IDE.
228957 Enhancement Request:
Add an event to the vtrack and htrack controls that maps to
pbm_sbnthumbposition (Integer scrollpos) so that controls
will work with intellimouse.

Now you have to add this event manually to get the intellimouse to work.

From development on why the move event doesn't work with intellimouse:
Thumbwheels generate the same WM_HSCROLL/WM_VSCROLL
message but with a diffierent notification code as opposed to the
situation where the mouse button is used. The notification code is
stored in the low word of the WPARAM that comes with the Windows

When the mouse button is used to drag the horizontal/vertical
scroll box, the windows message WM_HSCROLL/WM_VSCROLL
is sent to the scroll bar control with the notification code
SB_THUMBTRACK (value 5).

This notification is mapped by PowerBuilder to pbm_sbnthumbtrack.
Thus, if an event-handler function for pbm_sbnthumbtrack is
defined, it will be fired.

When the intellimouse's thumbwheel is used, the windows
message WM_HSCROLL/WM_VSCROLL is sent to the scroll bar
control with the notification code SB_THUMBPOSITION (value 4).

This notification is mapped by PowerBuilder to pbm_sbnthumbposition.
In the current example, no event-handler function for pbm_sbnthumbposition
exists. Therefore, the expected behaviour did not occur.

228959 Enhancement Request:
See cr 228957. Add an event to the w_trackbars/vtrack and htrack controls and map it
to the pbm_sbnthumbposition (integer scrollpos) so the the vtrack and htrack controls
will slide up and down when the intellimouse is used.

The new event will also need the following code:
dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Zoom = scrollpos
dw_1.Title = "Zoom is " + String ( this.Position ) + "%"

Once a new event is generated automatically for vtrack and htrack (see 228957) than only
the following code will need to be added from above.

228961 Enhancement Request:
Change the name of the printgetprinters() function to printgetprinterlist. It's too
close to printgetprint() and might cause confusion in the end.
228981 The pbdwrmt.pbl is included with PB 7.0 on windows.
If any changes are made and then the pbl is redeployed
to unix, the librarylist for the HTMLGenerator component in Jaguar shows up as $PBDWRMT.pbd.
This is a problem on unix because unix is case sensitive. The
pbd is deployed on unix in lower case. When running a htmldw, it cannot
find the pbdwrmt.pbd because the librarylist is $PBDWRMT.pbd.

If you look at the pbdwrmt.pbl thru windows explorer, it shows up in lowercase.
If you select the pbl thru pb, it shows up in upper case. The ms-dos name
is in upper case.

Workaround:Modify the librarylist under the HTMLGenerator component
and change PBDWRMT.pbd to pbdwrmt.pbd

229028 Java dataWindow (Power J)
Documentation problem concerning the JAVA datawindow :
Property does not contain Javascript but only HTML.
229146 The date format MMM or DDD does not work on PB/Solaris
229147 Calling Pipeline.Start() from a button and disabling the button (with this.enabled = false) before calling Start() causes access violation
229181 Using the new PBVM (Build 10037) and Jaguar 3.6, cannot
return data back to client. Only returns 1 row and it appears to be part of the
select statement.

Using a pb component in jaguar that retrieves data to a datastore. Data
retreived from datastore is 1 row. A getfullstate returns a blob to a pb client.
A setfullstate shows the data in the dw. Happens when Oracle 8.1.5 and 8.1.6
client is used. Used the

229186 Large dataset retrieve in dw causes an "Out of memory" error
229231 The losefocus control of the ole container is not triggered when changing the focus from an ole container/control to a datawindow.
When comming back to the control with back tab the focus will not be set into the editable region.
229260 Jaguar 3.5 Server on Solaris , Core Dumps for Oracle 8.1.6 client
229261 EAServer 3.6.1 PBVM 10037 on Solaris Crashes with Oracle 8.1.6
229271 Enhancement Request:
Customer would like to extend functionality of PrintSetPrinter to dynamically create a local profile for a printer if one does not exist.

PrintSetPrinter will change printers; however, customer would like capability to detect the fact that a UNC encoded printer path is not installed on the machine and have it automatically download the drivers and set up the printer defintion for you.

His rationale follows:

On WinNT and W2K, you can dynamically define a printer connection (the
related Windows API call is AddPrinterConnection):

All you pass is the name of the server and printer share. If the WinNT
or W2K machine doesn't have the printer drivers, it downloads and installs
them automatically from the machine hosting the share.

I don't believe that this is particularly important for client
applications. However, it would be an important feature for server based
applications, either native PB or EAServer hosted objects. A developer
shouldn't be required to create a local profile on the server for every
possible printer that a server based application may need to print to.

What I'm looking for is a version of the PrintSetPrinter function that
would take a UNC formatted servername/sharename argument, and dynamically
create a profile for that printer if one doesn't already exist, and of
course then make it the default. And, of course, if this call was made
from a Win9x client it should simply return an error.

229300 OS: Tested on NT 4.0/98
PB Version and Build: 6.5/7.02/7.03/8.0 Beta III

Only happens with machine code.
Also reproduced with user events (posting or triggering)
Worked in PB 5, broken in PB 6.5
Workaround - Call Yield just before calling Trim

On 7.02 Build 9028 it gives the following crash in PBVM
0x1139F134 - 0x00000004 - Read error

On PB 8 Build 3033
0x10CNBF3c4 - 0x00000004 - Read error

229312 Info from customer : I was starting to run my application (out of the IDE) and I got this error message. I have no idea what it means. (The app runs fine before and after this crash).
229316 Building and Deploying from a commandline' is a new feature in PB 8.0. The help instructions need to be more detailed. The section 'Building and Deploying from a commandline' talks about commandline parameters. However, it misses an important fact - that you have to first create and save a project object and only then you can deploy an application from commandline.

Step-By-Step Instructions: This is how it works;
You have to first create a project object and specify all options such as the exe name, machine code etc. Save the object in the pbl. RMB the target and under 'Deploy' tab make sure that this project object is
Finally, now when you run the commandline, PB starts up - deploys the project - shuts down.

229317 PB 8 build 3033 :
Two behaviors that happen with Shift+F1 key when used in the application painter :
1) In the application painter type the letter 'O' and the hit Shift+F1, the help will not scroll to the first letter you chose for e.g O......
if you do it in say window script painter it will scroll to the first topic in the list that starts with an O.
2) in the application script painter if you type " Open(w_test)" and then move the cursor to somewhere between the O and the n of the word Open then you will see 2 help window pop, one that gives you description on the Open function and second that shows you the index of help.
If you do the same in the window script then only the Open function help pops up.
229320 PB 8 Beta 2: ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Painter enhancements/modifications
229324 PB8 Beta2: Enhancement: Nice if all NVOs derived from the COM IDispatch interface
229326 When a PB component (call it component B) running in Jaguar is called repeatedly from another PB component (component A - also running in Jaguar) the calling component (A) will hang when the properties of these components are set as described below.

The calling component (A) hangs after the call to the second component (B) tries to return control to the calling component method. The method is executed correctly and deactivate and destructor events are correctly fired in the second component (B) but component A never regains control.

As component A is frozen, component B is no longer called from component A but component B can still be called again from other components/clients. The problem is that component A can no longer be called from other clients. Jaguar must be restarted to use the component again

The component being called (B) must have the following properties to reproduce the problem:

- Automatic demarcation/deactivation selected

- Bind thread selected (Note that the same component called from a PB client app works)

Also component (A) must not be pooled.

I have only reproduced the problem when both components have ONLY the same properties (as described above for component B) checked.

229393 edit mask control issue with the date edit mask dd/mm/yy.It's possible to enter a wrong value in the day mask. For instance 90/00/00. Validation of the first datemask is not working.
Failed in 6.5.1 #1240 and #1244;
229504 Dw with group crashes in preview when trying to advance to the next page. Happens only when the detail band is made slim to hide the columns below.

WA: make the columns very slim (in height) and then adjust the detail band to the columns ie. to a height of eg. 4.

229516 When setting HTMLTable.Border=0 in grid dw it still shows a Border around the table. The TABLE tag will default back to BORDER=1.

Several workarounds possible:

Change the HTML output from the generate method on the fly:

1. Change the BORDER attribute to BORDER=0

2. Insert a CSS information for the dw on the page.

229529 PB7 & PB8: mdihelp window crashes on close if Static Hyperlink has no URL
229555 Using PB7.03, I created a duplicate function (trying to overload a function).
While adding the additional arguments, PB crashed. Does not happen consistently.

Attached is the crash handler dump.

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll
File Version:
Fault address=1137B1B6 Section:Offset=01:0017A1B6

SS:ESP:0023:0012FADC EBP:00000000
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
1137B1B6 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0001:0017A1B6 E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll

OS version:
Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 5

Memory Status:
Total physical memory: 261168K
Available physical memory: 123900K
Total virtual memory usage: 139712K / 516224K
PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 99048K / 2097024K

Loaded Modules:
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PB70.EXE
C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll 4.00
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSYS70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBCMP70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\libjcc.dll
C:\WINNT\system32\WSOCK32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2_32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MSVCRT.dll 6.10.8293.0
C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\ADVAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\RPCRT4.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2HELP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\COMCTL32.dll 5.81
C:\WINNT\system32\ole32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4514
C:\WINNT\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 2.40.4514
C:\WINNT\system32\VERSION.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\LZ32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\oledlg.dll 1.0
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDTS70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWP70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSQL70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBLIB70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDEV70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBORC70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBAPL70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBUDO70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBSCR70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBWED70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDPP70.dll
C:\PROGRA~1\Logitech\MOUSEW~1\SYSTEM\LgMousHk.dll 9.10.53
C:\WINNT\system32\MSIDLE.DLL 5.50.4134.600
C:\WINNT\System32\mpr.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NOVNPNT.DLL v4.11a PTF (980408) PTF
C:\WINNT\system32\NETAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETRAP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SAMLIB.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\CALWIN32.DLL 5.1.0
C:\WINNT\System32\NLS\ENGLISH\NOVNPNTR.DLL v4.11 (970501)
C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCRT40.dll 4.20 - OS use only. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE
C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCIRT.dll 6.00.8168.0
C:\WINNT\System32\ntlanman.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI0.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\rpcltc1.dll 4.00
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\pbwep70.dll
E:\Program Files\Sybase\Shared\PowerBuilder\pbwei70.dll
C:\WINNT\System32\ntshrui.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\psapi.dll 4.00

229570 Enhancement Request:

Customer request the ability to lock any listview in the library painter so that it does not refresh to any changes in the treeview. Customer wants some sort of locking mechanism that can be turned on\off so that he can make one or more listviews 'static' so that changes in the Tview do not refresh them.

229632 Enhancement request for a "DirList()" system function that would be comparable to the PFC of_dirlist(filespec,filetype,dirlist)

The idea is to be able to get the directory list information without having to resort to a listbox. It would be a System function, like the other new directory System functions (CreateDirectory, ChangeDirectory, DeleteDirectory).
Compare to of_dirlist in the n_cst_filesrv_win32 object. That one takes an array of n_cst_dirattrib by reference to
pass the data back.
Instead of:
n_cst_filesrv inv_filesrv
f_SetFileSrv(inv_filesrv, TRUE)
inv_filesrv.of_dirlist ( yada, yada, yada )
f_SetFileSrv(inv_filesrv, FALSE)

I would just use:
DirList ( yada, yada, yada )

229654 From the documentation for olecustomcontrol, information

from the externalexception and error events will be propagated to a runtimeerror object.

The source and description fields from externalexception are not accessible

via the try/catch mechanism. These two fields contain useful diagnostic

information by the ocx vendor.

229665 PB8 Beta2: Windows 2000 input of Thai characters not displayed correctly
229668 PB8Beta2: Request that Autosize Height be available to group bands.
229707 Depending on the Database used and the connection mode choosen, DropDownListBox does not show the Display value when the column's datatype is CHAR. (or VARCHAR).
The data value is shown instead.
229728 PB8 Beta3: Can't create DW based on a stored procedure with Oracle ODBC driver
229731 The Help pbhlp80.hlp dated 11/28/2000,
indicates the following functions under it's "What's New" section:
- ChooseColor: Customer thinks Help should indicate that the first argument is also passed by reference.
- RemoveDirectory: Customer tested (verified by TSE) that this will fail if the directory that is passed is the current directory. Documentation should indicate that.
- PostURL is not a new function (as the help indicates). It has only been modified to take an additional, optional argument.
229732 Observable memory leak when repeatly execute FindMatchingFunction.

Problem was originally reported on PFC base project. But it was finally be isolated that is caused by the classdefinition object function - FindMatchingFunction.

on a simple example provided can see the leakage by NT Task Manager :

lcd_obj1 = dw_1.classdefinition
for i = 1 to 100
sd = lcd_obj1.findmatchingfunction("Accepttext", ls_args)
sd = lcd_obj1.findmatchingfunction("Accepttext", ls_args)
sd = lcd_obj1.findmatchingfunction("Accepttext", ls_args)
//repeat 12 time here -> overall 1200 call on each button click

Capture the follow from Window Task Manager for reference :

No. Mem Usage Diff VM Usage Diff
1 8572K ------ 5772K -----
2 8832K 260K 5900K 128K
3 8952K 120K 6028K 128K
4 9076K 124K 6156K 128K
5 9196K 120K 6284K 128K
6 9320K 124K 6348K 64K
7 9440K 120K 6476K 128K
8 9568K 128K 6604K 128K

229738 Using the window plugin and hitting the back or forward button
does not refresh the plugin with Internet Explorer 5.x. Works ok with Netscape.

According to Knowledge Base article, Q199805:
As of Internet Explorer 5, the browser does not refresh pages when the Forward and Back buttons are used.
The behavior of Back and Forward was changed to conform to section 13.13 of the HTTP 1.1 specification, which states the following:

User agents often have history mechanisms, such as "Back" buttons and history lists, which can be used to redisplay an entity retrieved earlier in a session.

From Q234067:
Cache-Control META HTTP-EQUIV tags are ignored and have no effect in
Internet Explorer versions 4 or 5.
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">

229800 When you print a composite Dw which contains another composite DW with a header and a footer, then some rows are missing in the printed document.
It seems the footer overlap the last row of each page.
229944 When you change the result set of a dw (ie, removing a column), the expressions of the DW are not reevaluated.
Thus, if an expression uses the removed column, PB should prevent from saving the DW because one of the expression used is invalid.
229957 Different clients calls method lead to serialized execution
229959 If detail band has height set to 0 or 1 and a nested dw is in the group trailer then pb crashes on a print.
229965 The new MS SQL Server 7.0 function Replace() cannot be used in embedded sql in PB.
When setting up a cursor for Dynamic SQL Format 3, it results in the errormessage: "Database command has not been prepared successfully.."
Write a stored procedure which acts as a wrapper for the function call.
230019 MTS functionality currently in Powerbuilder should
be backward compatible. When a com object is deploy the COM+ (the
mts version in windows 2000), and then called from a Powerbuilder client,
the which() returns 0. It should return a 2.
230028 PB Version and Build:
PB 6.0 GA -> PB 6.5.1 Build 1253 (same behaviour seen in PB 5.0).
Works in PB 7.0 GA -> PB 7.03 and PB 8.0

String editmask of upper case /lower case /number etc are ignored by datawindow when data is entered by pasting from clipboard or when retrieved by the datawindow. The same data if entered via edit control has the edit mask applied.
The desired behaviour can be seen in all builds of PB 7 ie the mask is applied to the data pasted from the clipboard or when retrieved from db.

230037 This problem is a regression from PB version 6x.
It happens for a datawindow column which has DropDownDatawindow edit style. When this datawindow is placed on a composite datawindow (thus becomes nested report object), PB will gpf when performing the composite datawindow RETRIEVE operation.
The workaround is to use a DropDownListbox or a column edit style of "Edit".
230044 When a copy of the pbvm70.dll is in the winnt\system32 directory
and you call up Powerbuilder's development environment, pb will gpf
when you right mouse click on an object in the library painter.

The pbvm's are the same version. If you start pb70.exe from the Powerbuilder
directory and not from the shared directory than no problem.

The following is the crash handler output:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: �,鵺p伫w����8�
File Version:
Fault address=02BB001F Section:Offset=00:0012F494

SS:ESP:0023:0012F954 EBP:00000000
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name

OS version:
Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:
Total physical memory: 196024K
Available physical memory: 72440K
Total virtual memory usage: 149572K / 377164K
PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 76516K / 2097024K

Loaded Modules:
E:\pb70\PowerBuilder 7.0\Pb70.exe
C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WSOCK32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2_32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MSVCRT.dll 6.10.8293.0
C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\ADVAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\RPCRT4.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2HELP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\COMCTL32.dll 5.81
C:\WINNT\system32\ole32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4277
C:\WINNT\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 2.40.4277
C:\WINNT\system32\VERSION.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\LZ32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\oledlg.dll 1.0
C:\WINNT\system32\MSIDLE.DLL 5.50.4522.1800
C:\WINNT\System32\mpr.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\ntlanman.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI0.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETRAP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SAMLIB.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\rpcltc1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\ntshrui.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\LinkInfo.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\psapi.dll 4.00

230073 GPF trying to display Foreign Key's properties when the Primary Key Table Name referenced in the relationship contains an upper case.
230074 PB 6.5.1 and higher :
ScrollToRow function triggers a gpf when the target row has its height egals to 0 or 1.
230084 PB8 Beta2: Outer Join Syntax dropdown in DB profile doesn't have default. There are three options but it defaults to blank. It should default to one of the 3 selections.
230125 OS: Win32
PB Version and Build: Broken between PB 7 build 8046 (C3 release) and post C3 ebf build 9010.
Also broken in PB 8, PB 6.x OK.
In an inherited object (tested with user objects and windows) with a user event. If this user event references AncestorReturnValue in the script, the script painter will give a compiler error for AncestorReturnValue if you had a previous compile error in this same script for any other reason and tried to save (CTRL + S) rather than simply compile (CTRL + L) that error.
Could be a regression introduced with CR 221758 (fixed around that time - related problem)
Simple workaround exists
230129 MDI application. Using the 'tab' key causes different behavior than if use the 'enter' key when exiting a datawindow on one sheet and opening another sheet with a datawindow. The cursor disappears from the second datawindow after using the tab key, on the SECOND time going from window 1 (w_selection in the example) to window 2 (w_data_entry in the example). The first time is OK and the cursor is visible. Clicking in column and the cursor returns. Using the Enter key instead of the Tab key the cursor is always present.
230134 In PB 7.0.3 if you set the FontCharSet to something other than "ansi!" for a SLE and then either de-select it or save the window it reverts back to "ansi!". If you save the window and export it the property is either missing entirely. When "defaultcharset!" was selected the entry was missing in the exported syntax and when "thaicharset!" was selected it was in the exported syntax but did not appear on the font tab.

This property is greyed out in PB 8.0 as reported in CR 228888 so cannot test.

230137 Debugging through some code. Reached a breakpoint. Switched variable
pane from Local to Instance. Reviewed some instance variables. Switched variable
pane from Instance to Local - PB Crashed.
230138 Customer requests to allow extra formats for importing ascii text files: in particular using different delimiters. The tab-delimited format is very limited. There should be an option to specify a different delimiter, such as a comma.

In database painter, open a table, edit data, then go to Rows>Import.
The only formats offered are .dbf and .txt, which must be a tab-separated file.
Customer asks that other formats be made available, such as a text format based on comma separated values....

230139 When I select multiple columns and / or headers in a gridstyle DW, the option for sizing all objects the same width is not available. You can select the option to make all the same height or to make the same width & height. Please add the option to make all the same width.
230143 Customer would like to see implemented the following function:
SizeOf (structure)
or (more OO):
(Though structures don't have methods at the moment)

ref to CR# 151102 this was reported as an enhancement request with PB 4.0 but has not been implemented.

230145 Enhancement Request - In IDE add capability to float a group of tabbed panes, versus just one at a time
230146 Enhancement Request: When you have multiple object painters open in IDE you have to go to Window menu to switch between. Customer would like to have tabs (as they are at the pane level) to work for the individual painter windows as well.
230154 Regression: GetFullState/SetFullState not getting dddw data anymore, after around build 9023 or 9028.
230176 First splash dialog refers to product in two places as "Sybase Common PowerBuilder 8.0" which seems a bit awkward... please rephrase.
230183 This problem is a regression and occurs in the development environment object painter for inheritance.
e.g. Window painter, User Object painter, Menu painter.
For example, in all the respective object painters above, in "Script pane" there are 3 dropdownlistboxes :-
- Object/Functions/Declares
- Script/Declare Type
- Ancestor/Descendant

The 'Extend ancestor script' setting is disabled if ddlb 'Objects,Functions or Declares' is toggled.
This failure happens for ALL objects which ARE inherited and EXTEND ancestor functions:-
-User object

This failure happens when toggling object scripts using the 'Objects,Functions or Declares' ddlb.
If the PB object is doubleclicked/ chosen/ toggled from either of the places below, the problem described
does not occur:
- Control list pane/ tab
- Layout pane/ tab

230187 Descendent uo inherited from an nvo declared as global var and has autoinstantiate on then immediately after a full rebuild opening the desc uo causes a gpf.
230244 Enhancement Request : Suggest adding tabs to the application project painter dialog: General (contain exe, resource file, compiler options), Libraries (list of PBLs/PBDs), Version (version information). This will enable easier use of this painter.
230245 Customer information screen has direction to "Please enter your name and the name of the company for whom you work." Companies are 'whats' not 'whos'... change the word 'whom' to 'which'. Make grammatically correct.
230246 The Select Components dialog has a Disk Space button, when pressed (on a machine with 11 shared drives) the dialog took over a minute to appear and during that time the cursor remained an arrow giving the impression the installation had hung

Suspecting the delay is due to number of remote drives being searched, if this can't be helped at least the cursor should change to hourglass

230251 Select stmts getting generated for Outer Joins is different in Graphic and Syntax mode.
230269 ASA 7 install incurs an error 75% through installation when setting up asademo.db. A message box is displayed with error and installation halts until this box is cleared. At 75% completed while 'building the asademodb' get an error box titled Interactive SQL "Error at line 1: Database cannot be started - No such file or directory"... installation halts pending clearing of this box

Second time I simply changed the drive from C: to D: and during the install received a different error as follows.

SQL Anywhere 7 Install

An error occured during the move data process -2147024909
Component: Script Component
File Group: dbtool_scripts

When I reinstalled taking all the defaults it installed just fine.

230271 Enhancement Request:
Add a view to see datawindow/datastore buffers in debugger without requriring getitems be sprinkled within code
230318 If you have Snap-to option set for mouse pointer, dw columns move on click
230324 PB 8 build 3105 :
this cr is related to cr 226289
1) In clip window delete all the characters in the name.
2) Open the file editor
3) Notice you get a error message box saying "You must type filename", this should infact say something like "You must type clip name".
4) The error messagebox comes up 4 times, not just once.
230334 Description of Problem: PB crashes if you enter value into Retrieve Blocking Factor on Transaction tab of OLE-DB database profile
230336 Description of Problem: Print option labels from File menu do not follow standard windows paradigm when dealing with ellipses
230346 From Powerbuilder, a posturl function is calling a url
with arguments. The powerdynamo web page
then prints the arguments on the web page.

The web page is using dynascript. Using the geturl(), the arguments
show up on the web page. With posturl, it appears as if the dynascript
isn't being processed. The arguments don't appear on the web page
after being called.

The stm page being called from Powerbuilder is as follows:
<H1>PostURL Test</H1>
var szUser;
var szPwd;

if ( exists( document.value.user ) )
szUser = document.value.user;
document.writeln( "User: " + szUser + "
" );
if ( exists( document.value.pwd ) )
szPwd = document.value.pwd;
document.writeln( "Password: " + szPwd + "
" );
<form id="myForm" action="posturl.stm" method="POST">
<table border="0" width="150">
<td><input name="user" type="text" size="25"></td>

<td><input name="pwd" type="text" size="25"></td>
<td colspan="2" align="center"><input type="Submit" value="Submit"></td>

230386 HTMLDW: Generating grid dw adds an extra column in between this of the select (<TD></TD>).

Workaround :
Add code in the generate()
long position1
string ls_TD="<TD></TD>"
position1 = pos(ls_result, ls_TD)
if position1 > 0 then
ls_result = Replace ( ls_result, position1, 9, "")
end if
LOOP UNTIL (position1 = 0)

230388 HTMLDW:grid dw with background color <> than windows cuase the dw to resizes to browser size. Caused by the width=100% in generated HTML.
code in generate() function of dw component
long position2
String ls_width = "; width:100%"
position2 = pos(ls_result, ls_width)
if position2 > 0 then
ls_result = Replace ( ls_result, position2, 12, "")
end if
LOOP UNTIL (position2 = 0)
230406 The original problem with cr224314 was that when
saving scripts with informational/warning messages, you were prompted to
"Ignore compilation warnings and lose changes". If you say yes, the
changes took.

The behavior now after the fix was made is, the warning message appears
"Ignore compliation warnings and lose changes". If you say yes, the
changes don't take effect. (Which is what you want it to do.). If you say no,
the compilation warning now becomes a syntax error.

230407 Description of Problem: Cannot complete source code controlled web target wizard - gets to final screen and Finish seems to do nothing (Back and Cancel do nothing either!). If you exit using the X at the top right of the window you get the message: "Error calling external function pf_getsourcecontrolledtarget at line 4 in function f_getsourcecontrolledtarget of object common_routines_win32"
230408 PB8 Beta3: Autoscript popup window cannot be scrolled far enough to see entire function prototype for some functions.
230411 PB8 Beta3: Enhance autoscript to show return values for functions
230413 PB8 Beta3: MDI application flashes when opening or closing a sheet.
230434 The identity column value with a data type of counter is not getting assigned to the datawindow in Microsoft Access 97 Database. It does get inserted into the db. You must do a retrieve to see the identity column.
230438 Informix error SQLerror -1226 Decimal or money value exceeds maximum precision
when using a cursor fetching a decimal value 0 from a column with zero precision
retrieve into datastore
use double instead of decimal datatype
230491 Selecting the synonyms in the db admin painter, the actual
synonym name doesn't display, but the tablename. For example, when logged in as user system
and enabling the 'show system synonyms', I see sys.sm_$version, which is the
tablename for the synonym sm$version. select * from all_synonyms gives a list of synonyms.
This worked in PB 7.02 build 8003
230498 Attempt to overload a global function by a customer resulted in a GPF using 7.0.3 build 10009, and a Bad Mem Pointer error using 7.0.3 build 10039. Although this is not allowed, the product should handle the error with and error message instead.
230502 Minor Beta3 setup issue. I get a set of message boxes telling me that various DLLs registered correctly. All I want to know about is the ones that failed. Hitting me with a half dozen message boxes telling me things are fine is user-unfriendly.
230541 Database profiles are stored in the registry and the password is

encrypted. When connecting thru the development environment,

pb will decrypt the password.

When running a pb application at runtime, there is no mechanism

to decrypt the password.

Customer would like to have a option in the db profile so that you

set if you want a application at runtime to automatically decrpyt

the db password. If the option is not set, than pb will not decrypt

and the user will get a db error.

230549 GUI shows Extend Ancestor Script checked (but disabled) in function painter
230552 Enhancement request for grid dw style to support multi-row and multi-column spans - like the capability you get with HTML ROWSPAN and COLSPAN tags.
230598 SYJ connection against ASE
Connection/Disconnection with SYJ driver (PBSYJ70.DLL) may result in a DB Lock when a REFRESH is perform on the component deployed against Jaguar.
It does not occur using SYC or ODBC connection
230602 ENHANCEMENT - Add a browse button for the initialization path on
the system options display.
230611 PB8 Beta3: Autoretrieve setting on dddw edit style should be true by default.
230622 Dynamically setting the Required property for an editmask , causes display of a large negative number when you set focus on the number column that has the editmask.
230623 Import an asp script into a web target and
it does not show up in the html editor. All that shows up is
<META HTTP-EQUIV=PowerSiteData...>.

You cannot edit this asp script. If you do and then save it, close
out of pb and open pb again, the changes did not save.

230624 PB 8.0 3050, 3105
Description of Problem: The GetFolder function's 2nd argument is a directory that will be initially displayed in a standard Windows browse folder dialog. Upon selecting a new directory, that argument will then contain the selected path. If you cancel the dialog, the GetFolder function returns 0 to indicate the cancellation, BUT the directory argument is also cleared. If a new directory is not selected, the argument should be left alone.

This is not a big deal to work around, but I don't think it's correct behavior. If we can't address this with a fix, can we document the behavior?

230638 If regional settings are Norwegian (either of two flavors) or Russian, Dynamo Web Target wizard claims PowerDynamo is not installed. Some other foreign regional settings seem to work without a problem such as
German and Greek.

When trying to create thte New Dynamo Website Target the Next button will be greyed out and you will notice that there is a message at the bottom of the wizard window that states : "Dynamo is not installed on this system. Install PowerDynamo and try again." If you change the regional setting to the United States default you will see that this works fine.

230642 Enhancement request to be allow a Full or Incremental rebuild from System Tree View while other painters are open.
230649 You are allowed to open multiple user objects in a hierarchy and should not be (PB 6 doesn't allow this).

Only occurs on objects that are not direct ancestor/descendants but rather have another level between them; does not occur in PB 6.

230713 New Feature Request: Provide a source code control option to check in a object and immediatly check it back out (versus requiring two separate actions check-in then check-out).
230729 Prompt on exit not working when a web target in a workspace
was the last one 'touched' or a empty workspace. No prompt is issued.
230747 Autoscript window can leave it's frame behind (no contents). Frame is still in the foreground even when another application such as Lotus Notes is brought up. Originally reported as also sometimes resulting in a crash but with beta 3 I could not reproduce the crash.

Pressing the Escape key or clicking in the script area should make the frame close.

230757 This is probably going to turn out to be an enhancement request but submitting it as a bug initially.

If using just-in-time debugging, execution stops when an exception or runtime error is encountered, even if that error is caught and processed via a TRY-CATCH block

This may be pretty tough to do, since you really don't know if the exception is being caught until you get to the CATCH block, and since we're interpreting code here, we'd have to look ahead to determine this.

230759 A dw with a dddw populates with the data column
of a dddw instead of the display column using getfullstate/setfullstate.
Problem happens if the column is in the header or the detail band of a

In pb 7.0.3 versions 8046 and 9028, the problem was restricted to the header
band of the dw. The data column showed in the header and the display
column showed in the detailed. The problem has regressed where the
data column shows up in the detail and the header band even though the
property is set to show the display column.

230762 This was first reported as CR 223556. There is a note in the resolution that if this is still a problem in Beta 3 then to open bugs on specific instances.

When installing PB8, both Custom and Compact tested, about 80% through, it starts installing 'Powersite' stuff and the InstallShield dialog says 'Copying Powersite files..." Others may have flashed quickly but these were noted.

Installing PowerSite Program Files
PowerSite Self-Registering DLLS
PowerSite Self Registering Active Xs and
PowerSite Help files.

230812 PowerBuilder 6,7:
Clicking a button within a dataWindow fires a GPF if the datawindow has :
1) a computed field which call a global function
2) some script in its CLICKED event
230834 Regression: MSS 7.0 OLEDB connection not dropped on disconnect starting around 7.0.3 build 10037.
230835 Return 2 in sqlPreview event of a datawindow does not prevent the update from being executed when the update is based on a Stored procedure
230893 If a dw object name is assigned using upper or mixed case the deployed component (Jaguar on Solaris) will not assign the dw object. when
running pb client. This works when component is deployed to Jaguar on NT.
231014 When in the menu painter and you select view/layout/default,
Powerbuilder will disappear.
231056 Description of Problem: Can not see variables and function create in a UO in the OLE Browser using the OLE Automation project wizard.
1) Create a non-visual user object.
2) Create some functions and variables in the user object.
3) Create a new automation server wizard project using the NVO just created. (make sure to generate reg and tlb files for this project)
4) Build the automation server wizard project (the reg and tlb files should be created)
5) Import the reg file into the registry.
6) Open the OLE object browser in PB, and look for the NVO, expand the NVO, no functions or variables are listed.
7) If you look at the Powerbuilder Automation object in the OLE object browser, there are functions and variables listed.
231107 PB7 Umlauted characters are ignored in EditMask Controls on GERMAN W95 and NT4
MaskDataType: stringmask; Mask: alphnumeric (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
231151 Enhancement request to provide context menu option in system tree to set current target (now, the only way is via Select and Run/Debug), additionally provide some visual of what the current target is in system tree
231183 The finditem returns the incorrect handle number
when used in a treeview.

When you click on the treeview, the root item returns the correct handle. You
then click on the child and it returns the incorrect handle number the first
time you click on it. You click again and it returns the correct handle.

long ll_handle
ll_handle = tv_1.FindItem(CurrentTreeItem!, 0)

231187 Specifying TableName or TableOwner in PBDIR TableCriteria results in no table being returned. This also fails in PB 7.03.
231191 PB8 Beta3: The Save Icon in the datawindow painter remains enabled after a save, even when no changes have been made. In other painters, the icon is disabled when no changes have been made after a Save.
231202 The identity column value with a data type of counter is not getting assigned to the datawindow in Microsoft Access 97 Database. It does get inserted into the db. You must do a retrieve to see the identity column.
231341 PB8 Beta 3 install, resrv registers some dlls. The boxes reporting that the registration succeeded remain open and have to be manually closed. It would be better if these messages were not displayed.
231346 PB8 Beta3: allowed to Edit Source and be in object painter at same time.
231347 This is probably a duplicate of CR 219374 but as that was a different HP printer a new CR was opened.

Customer has a PB 6.5.1 application that when run on WIN 95 connected to a HP950C local printer causes a gpf in in a print driver dll( HPF9XDRO.DRV). The gpf occurs when there is a picture object on the datawindow and the bitmap has been reduced in size. Size of actual bitmap seems to be an issue here.

Problem does not occur on NT 4.0 or on WIN95 with PB 7.0.3.

231362 PB error during a rebuild of an application that incorrectly has script to CREATE an autoinstantiated NVO. The error is detected in rebuild, but the PBL is then rendered useless: an attempt to run the app will crash PB; an attempt to reopen the PBL will fail with an infinite loop of migration requests.

To duplicate:

1. Run the provided application within PowerBuilder. The NVO uo_hello is currently NOT autoinstantiated and the code in the app open event simple CREATEs an instance and calls a method. You should see a Hello, World message box when running it.

2. Open uo_hello and check autoinstantiate on the property sheet.

3. Do a full rebuild - you should get an error indicating Autoinstantiated class illegal for CREATE (this is correct)

4. Now try to run the application, it crashes PB

5. Reopen PowerBuilder and now try to open the workspace/target - you get presented the migration dialog. Migration, however, will fail beacuse of the error in step 3, and you end up in an infinite loop of migration requests.

6. The only way I've been able to 'fix' it is to add the PBL to another existing target, export the uo, delete the autoinstantiate tag, reimport and remigrate the original target. Doing this 'wrong' though seems to cause PB to crash quite a bit.

Alternatively, don't run the application in PB as in step 4, but just close the workspace and try to reopen it, you'll still see the infinite loop of migration requests.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

231435 Cannot create a dsn using PB MERANT OEM 3.60 32-bit XML driver either in odbc administrator or PB.
In ODBCAD32 create a dsn based on the above driver and you will get the following error :
'Driver's ConfigDSN, ConfigDriver, or ConfigTranslator failed' and 'Failed to Initialize Setup Dialog' errors when trying to create an Integrator system ODBC data source.
231449 PB8 beta: Category axis text Format alters graph title instead.
This also happens in 7.0.3.
231477 PB8 Beta3: Library painter treeview and listview are inconsistent when using the System Options 'reopen workspace on startup' and 'reload painters when opening workspace'. If you were last in the library painter, and had both the treeview and the listview showing the most recent object (View...Most Recent Object), when you restart PowerBuilder, the library Treeview will still display the most recent object. The ListView will not.

Per Development: the library painter is not supposed to display the most recent object on startup.
What the library painter will do is have the same root at startup for the tree view.

231479 Powerbuilder will crash when in the library painter
and you select deploy workspace.

The following is the crash handler results:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: E:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBAPL80.dll
File Version:
Fault address=1080B5D8 Section:Offset=01:0000A5D8

SS:ESP:0023:0012DE8C EBP:01204F54
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
1080B5D8 01204F54 00000000 01200034 00000000 00000000 0001:0000A5D8 E:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBAPL80.dll
00000000 01204F6C 00000000 01200034 00000000 00000000 0000:00000000
00000000 01204F84 00000000 01200034 00000000 00000000 0000:00000000

OS version:
Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:
Total physical memory: 196024K
Available physical memory: 66472K
Total virtual memory usage: 158284K / 377140K
PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 179520K / 2097024K

Loaded Modules:
E:\pb80\PowerBuilder 8.0\pb80.exe
C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WSOCK32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2_32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MSVCRT.dll 6.10.8293.0
C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\ADVAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\RPCRT4.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2HELP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\COMCTL32.dll 5.81
C:\WINNT\system32\ole32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4277
C:\WINNT\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 2.40.4277
C:\WINNT\system32\VERSION.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\LZ32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\oledlg.dll 1.0
C:\WINNT\System32\IMM32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCIRT.dll 6.00.8168.0
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\Web Targets\WtGenericServ80.dll 1, 0, 0, 1
C:\WINNT\system32\WININET.dll 5.50.4522.1800
C:\WINNT\system32\SHLWAPI.dll 5.50.4522.1800
C:\WINNT\system32\TAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\mpr.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\ntlanman.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI0.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETRAP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SAMLIB.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\rpcltc1.dll 4.00
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\Web Targets\WtViewSrvc80.dll 1, 0, 0, 1
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\Web Targets\WtDataObj80.dll 1, 0, 0, 3050
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\Web Targets\pswedit70.dll
C:\WINNT\System32\MFC42.DLL 6.00.8168.0
C:\WINNT\System32\ODBC32.dll 3.510.4202.0
C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCP50.dll 5.00.7051
C:\WINNT\System32\ATL.DLL 3.00.8449
C:\WINNT\System32\odbcint.dll 3.510.4202.0
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\WEBTAR~1\WTCURR~1.DLL 1, 0, 0, 3050
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\WEBTAR~1\WtLang80.dll 1, 0, 0, 3050
E:\pb80\SHARED~2\WEBTAR~1\WTCOMP~1.DLL 1, 0, 0, 3050
C:\WINNT\System32\msjava.dll 5.00.3316
C:\WINNT\System32\VMHELPER.DLL 5.00.3316
C:\WINNT\System32\JIT.DLL 5.00.3316
C:\WINNT\System32\javart.dll 5.00.3316
C:\WINNT\system32\MSIDLE.DLL 5.50.4522.1800
C:\WINNT\System32\ntshrui.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\psapi.dll 4.00

231482 Retrieve fails on SYBASE IQ database when it is based on a LIKE clause in a retrieval argument.
ODBC/JDBC Interface
One will get a Datawindow Error :
Select Error: SQLSTATE=S1000
[Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]General error: the pattern argument in a like

predicate must have string datatype.
Error happens in developement and runtime.
Happens when retrieve is based on a argument and using a LIKE clause. If you hardcode the

value in the LIKE clause there is no error.

This is indeed an IQ bug : ASIQ 12.4.2 does not support using a parameter for the pattern of a "Like" predicate in the Where clause - in 12.4.2 this is required to be a constant. Support for using a parameter in this part of the SQL grammar has been added in 12.4.3.

231498 When creating a view in PB 7.0.3 and you want to
add a column alias, pb will give an error. Depending on what database
that you are connected to it will either give a syntax error "Incorrect syntax
near ')' or ora-00904 Invalid column name.

While trying to create the column alias and you try to tab to the alias field,
pb won't let you and you cannot enter anything in the field.

Problem happens for syc,o84 and mss.

231565 When Deleting a target in the system tree view it will be not removed from the list.
231566 Would like to have the possibility to configure the number/date/currency/ formats without relying on the registry settings, ie. that PB has a switch where it can either decide to get the information out of the registry (as it works now) or from eg a ini file.
231576 Enhancement Request:
Customer would liked the window display that was in PB 6.x in position tab in window properties. He would like that to be re-introduced in PB 8.

For example, select a window/properties/position. In pb 6.x, there was a graphical display to increase the
size of a window. When it was increased, it automatically increased the size of the x and y coordinates.
Customer would like to see this feature in pb 8.0.

231671 Wrong numeric Width property column is displayed. For example
When a column is created as numeric width=6 and Dec=2, when the table is displayed later the displayd width is
width=8 and Dec=2.
231695 If you assign a column of a nested dw to a DWObject varibale and then you do call the print() function to the dw / ds Pb causes a gpf. See code below:
DWObject ldwo_test
ldwo_test = dw_1.Object.d_nest.Object.dept_name

add "dummy assignment"
ldwo_test = dw_1.Object.d_nest.Object.dept_name
ss = ldwo_test.primary[1]

231722 After PB Jag component has fatal error, Jaguar still serves up the instance.
Verified fixed in 7.0.3 build 10049
231828 When client formatting is turned on for a html page
and a format is used on a number, item validation errors will appear inconsistently.

For example, the html page has setweight(true,true,true,true,true) set. A column
has a format of #,#00 set. When you alt tab to another application and then
alt tab back into the browser and then click on another field to give focus back
to the browser, a validation error will appear.

If you just call up the the page and tab thru the fields, than no problem. No validation
errors will appear.

If you set the setweight to (true,true,true,true,false), than no problems. The inconsistency
appears to be in the clientformatting property.

231832 Now that library lists are stored in relative paths, applications that used to get absolute paths from the PB.INI need updating, new functions would make this easier.

Many utility programs, read the library
list from the pb.ini file. The workspace and target files use relative
paths so determining the exact full path of a file would take a lot of code.

I would like to suggest adding two new functions. One would take the
argument of a workspace filename. It would return a string array with the
full path name of pb target files. Another function would take the
argument of a target filename. It would return the full path library list
in a string just like the pb.ini file has in earlier versions.

231876 Cannot have control names of inherited visual custom user object to be the same as a control on the object will get the following error
This object has duplicate control names. Ancestors and descendants must have the unique control names. Do you want to reset the names?
231877 PB8 Beta3: App with autoinstantiate global variable crashes.
231949 Deploying a dynamo dynamic website causes PB to crash.
231952 Attempt to set tab order of complex datawindow causes PowerBuilder to crash. Not the same as CR 198059 as the crash occurs even when Retrieve on Preview is turned off.
231987 PB will crash in the syntaxfromsql function. Using an ASA database. Works ok in PB 7.0.2 (build 8046). Using a grid datawindow.

ls_sql = "SELECT DISTINCT " + &
" gminfo.contact_fname_s , " + &
" gminfo.contact_lname_s , " + &
" gmcmpany.company_name_1_s , " + &
" gmin_mngr.act_code , " + &
" gmin_mngr.numb_ , " + &
" gmin_addr.state , " + &
" gmin_addr.tz_code , " + &
" gmin_mngr.recordid , " + &
" gmcmpany.comp_code " + &
" FROM " + &
" {oj {oj gmin_mngr LEFT OUTER JOIN gmin_addr ON gmin_mngr.recordid = gmin_addr.recordid}, " + &
" {oj gmin_mngr LEFT OUTER JOIN gminfo ON gmin_mngr.recordid = gminfo.recordid} " + &
" LEFT OUTER JOIN gmcmpany ON gmin_mngr.comp_code = gmcmpany.comp_code} "

connect using SQLCA;

string presentation_str
presentation_str = "style(type=grid)"
ls_syntax = SQLCA.SyntaxFromSQL(ls_sql, presentation_str, ls_error)

232076 pb 8 beta crashes on exiting pb right after a new install. After reinstalling twice ct is not able to repro the crash. Cannot repro it internally as well.
232083 An HTML DataWindow has an embedded燚rop-Down DataWindow (DDDW).  It loads a custom menu made of <DIV>'s.  When a <DIV> hovers above a DDDW, the DDDW overlays the <DIV> as though it were in the foreground, and the <DIV> in the background.  This overlay problem was originally experienced between DataWindows and the menu.  However, the Z-INDEX style property was changed to one (1) for all the <DIV> tags that make up the menu.  I also verified that the Z-INDEX values for the DDDW's were zero (0) or less, and they are all zero (you can verify this by clicking the button located at the bottom of the webpage.) I also tried setting the zindex to 3 as per the W3C via Cascading Style Sheets.

**** Mon Jan 22 12:13:05 EST 2001 *** tcapadou ****
This is a known bug or designed behaviour (you decide) in browsers today. Layers can not be placed on top of system GUI (like form elements). They will always shine through. netscape and msie implement somewhat different but both has basically same issue. even n6 let text inside elements (but atleast nolonger the element themselves) shine through.

You should swap your form elements in div tags and when activating the pull down menus you should make a function call to a function which hides the div tags holding the form elements. When the menus are later hidden the same should take place and the div tags holding the form elements should be shown again.

Please refer to newsposting from at the following link:

232111 PB8 Beta3: copying from empty clip window disables copy/paste everywhere
232176 Enhancement request
Customers want to have an option to allow early binding of ActiveX/COM components. This would allow compile time checking of the method to be called and the argument and furthermore also to allow autoscript to work with ActiveX. (Like VisualBasic does).
232180 Enhancement request for PB 8 :

Using the AND operator, PowerScript should evaluate its right-hand operand only if the value of its left-hand operand is true

232221 If EventId for an event in ScriptDefinition is -1 then pb will crash in pbvm on close. cr 171818 seems to be similar to this
232236 PB8 Beta 3: The new Map3DColors attribute for Picture, PictureButton, and PictureHyperlink has no effect.
232274 Enhancement Request:
Customers would like to have that the recent object list could be accessible from the taskbar or keyboard shortcut right away without having to define several shortcuts via the shortcut definition menu item beforehand.
Also a popup menu showing the recently used objects in the system tree would improve the handling.
232292 Selectblob function returns inaccurate data when
trying to select a column with a datatype of uniqueidentifier.

Problem happens using sqloledb,mss and odbc.

blob testblob

selectblob idcol into :testblob
from testuniqueidentifier
using sqlca;

messagebox("heres the blob field",string(testblob))

232293 Exporting a table in the library painter with a column
of uniqueidentifier as the column type will result in ????? appearing
in the activity log instead of the datatype.

CREATE TABLE tsmaint.TestUniqueIdentifier (IDCol ????? NOT NULL,

Problems happens for mss works ok for odbc to sql server.

232294 When you issue the "Run" command (say to launch notepad), PB grabs extra file handles and does not release them all until PowerBuilder (or the PB executable) is closed. Tested using performance monitor in Task Manager.
232296 Trying to create a datawindow using a table with
a column datatype of uniqueidentifier will result in the following error
using mss and oledb:

Cannot create datawindow
This column's datatype (xxxx) requires the use of an embedded sql statement

See cr 232292 because using embedded sql doesn't work either. Tried
inserting an ole database blob column but the column with the uniqueidentifier
doesn't retrieve for oledb and mss. Using the oledb driver and inserting the ole database blob
column will result in the following error:

Select error:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
An object was open

232300 PB 8 build 3121 - Row n to n of n is not displayed in microhelp in db/dw painter
232354 Menu Painter PowerBuilder 7

When typing the MicroHelp for one menu item and clicking with the mouse on
a different item in the WYSIWYG Menu view, looses the text just entered in the MicroHelp property.
When switching back to the original item, the editing changes are gone.

This does not happen when selecting menu item in the Tree Menu View.

232355 When stepping (in or over), the debugger shouldn't go into the events OTHER, TIMER, ACTIVATE, FOCUS,..., it makes debugging much more difficult. Sould be possible do some settings to disable the events during debugging. Similar to CR 148217
232411 OLE control placed on a dw won't activate after a retrieve
232414 PB crashes on Setfullstate if dw has a OLEDB Blob column
The OLEDB blob does not have to be word, tried it with bmp (paintbrush) same problem.
232423 N-up datawindow with HSplitScroll displays strange behavior when the dw control is not large enough to display the full width of the data.
232424 1. Link New DataWindow expression function should be pluralized since there's more than one function

2. When you press the New DataWindow expression function link, the resulting screen shows ACos and ASin concatenated

3. Under the New DataWindow properties link

a. DefaultPicture isn't what's changed, it's PictureName that now accepts GIF's and JPGs (cf. issue 41079659)
b. HTML.ValueIsHTML was introduced in 7.0.3 (the DBParm section specifically calls out Parms introduced previously, not sure if this section should as well)
c. HTML.AppendHTML is not included, what's done with HTML.ValueIsHTML should be done for AppendHTML
d. the HTMLGen options for Javascript caching are not included. Those were also introduced in 7.0.3 along with ValueIsHTML and AppendHTML

4. Under DBParms added since 7.0, should we add AtAtIdentity for MSS?

232464 Enhancement request :
Add the possibility to open an ancestor object in READONLY event if a descendant object of this ancestor is opened.
232482 PB 80 Beta 3: Enhancement request:
Please add HorizontalScrollSplit as a property that can be set in the DataWindow painter. That would allow to set the initial position of the split without having to use PowerScript (dot notation or Modify) to do it.
232513 Compiling a script with or typeof() crashes PowerBuilder
232528 PB8 Beta3: LibraryDirectory(Ex) doesn't list proxy objects
232579 HTML DW using Netscape browser :

Pictures using HTML datawindow are not displayed properly because the HTML generated for Netscape does not contain size attributes.
The same HTML DW is properly displayed with IE, because IE supports StyleSheet sizing for pictures.

232604 GPF trying to save an object containing the following script :
string s_array []
long ll_count = upperbound (s_array)
232610 Ctrl+Shift+W not operational in 8.0 to preview a
window. In pb 7.0, this shortcut would let you pick any window
in the library list to preview even if the window painter wasn't active.

There is a Ctrl+shift+P but is more restrictive than the ctrl+shift+w.
It previews only the window that is active. Ctrl+shift+w provides
more functionality than ctrl+shift+p for a developer.

232624 RetrieveEx of HTMLGenerator component actually returns the number of rows retrieved, if successful, not a 1 as documented. The documentaiton has been fixed for when PB 8 is released.

Also, the return type should be a PowerBuilder Long, not an Integer, as it is currently. With a return type of integer (short or integer(16) in EA Server) you will run into an error if a large number of rows, eg 49000, is retrieved.

232639 When there are multiple insert statements in a SP & the second insert doesn't insert any rows it returns the error Row changed between retrieve & update (MSS --> MS SQL Server)

This is working in 7.0.3 build 10048.

232670 Enhancement request :


Add a new feature in PowerBuilder 8 IDE : Be able to open each object in Read-Only mode

232677 When a blank row is inserted in an external datawindow and values are assigned through dot notation once the field has focus the contents of the field will vanish. The data is still there if the focus is moved to a different column though. When the value is assigned with a SetItem() there is not a problem.

Simple reproduction of problem with an External datawindow. Assign some values programatically using[1,1] = "123", etc. Bring focus to first field. Content of this field will vanish. Change focus to 2nd field, content will comeback. This is wrong. Assign value with SetItem and the problem does not exist.

232697 PB8 Beta3: Text or column border default settings ignored in DW wizard. This works ok in 7.0.3 (build 10047).
232707 Customer would like changes to layouts to take effect immediately. As it is, new layout does not apply to new instances until the instance with the old layout has been closed. (For all painters.)
232712 The informational warning message from the compiler that a variable name conflicts with an existing property with the same name, ie a scope message, acts as an error when the script and variable are of an OLE control. You cannot save the script when this message is generated, though it is displayed as an informational message, not an error.
232807 Enhancement request :
Implement the HASHTABLE in PB just like it is implemented in Java
232809 Change PB to gather PowerScript functions within "logical" packages.
For instance :
Acos, Asin, Atan in a "math" package.
String functions in a "string" package etc...
Then the methods could be called using the OO methodology:
math.Acos, math.Atan, string.Upper, etc, ect
232811 Web Target deployment :
Add an incremental deployment option in order to be able to deploy web objects only if they are newer than the destination
232841 In online help, when you select application/events and
look at the example, it references that the sqlca is populated from the pb.ini.
That is not the case anymore for PB 8.0. Also this script is not located
in the open event of the application object for a mdi template. When generated
in PB 8.0, it is in the connection object.

This code is provided in the automatically generated MDI template.

/* Populate SQLCA from current PB.INI settings */

SQLCA.DBMS = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "dbms", "")
SQLCA.Database = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database","database", "")
SQLCA.Userid = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "userid", "")
SQLCA.DBPass = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "dbpass", "")
SQLCA.Logid = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "logid", "")
SQLCA.Logpass = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "LogPassWord", "")
SQLCA.Servername = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "servername", "")
SQLCA.DBParm = ProfileString("pb.ini", "database", "dbparm", "")


232846 Unable to open and close painters in a global search when the library painter is closed and when it's closed and then reopened.
232849 Cannot edit text object from toolbar when the property
pane is behind the design pane in the dw painter.
232853 Short Desc:
Debug messageboxes display the number of columns selected for creation of crosstab dw.
232909 PB 8 enhancement request :
Edit-Find dialog box - add an option "match whole word only"
232913 PB 8 Enhancement request :
Find-search : Autoscroll script when the box hides the found word
232942 Repaint problems (when you move vertical scrollbar up/down) for computed fields if sharedataoff is called on the secondary.
Calling a ShareDataOff on Secondary affects the primary's computed field values if you have data more than the length of the dw control such that the vertical scroll bar comes on. Looks like the repainting of the dw control renders some of the values in computed fields as 0.0 / blank / some display data.
232949 Using the Try \ Catch \ End Try statements in script to invoke a component method cause the method to be invoked in an infinite loop. On the other hand, putting the same statements inside a For...Loop cause the method to be invoked only once, rather than for each iteration of the loop.
232950 The problem is a regression after build PB702_8046 and is independent of ASA version i.e. occurs for both ASA v6 and v7;
When attempting a simple left outer join sql syntax for ASA connection using ODBC,
PB will crash/ gpf in PB70.exe when executing in DB painter, ISQL session.

There exists a native driver for ASA7 OLEDB connection.
Verfified that ASA connection using Microsoft OLEDB is a problem too - see test 2 ;
Note: At this time, there is no native driver from PB to ASA 7 (or previous versions).

232956 The problem is a regression after build PB702_8046 and is independent of ASA version i.e. occurs for both ASA v6 and v7;
When attempting a simple NATURAL JOIN sql syntax with WHERE clause for ASA connection using ODBC,
PB will crash/ gpf in PB70.exe when executing in DB painter, ISQL session.

There exists a native driver for ASA7 OLEDB connection.
Verfified that ASA connection using Microsoft OLEDB is a problem too - see test 2 ;
Note: At this time, there is no native driver from PB to ASA 7 (or previous versions).

232959 PB 8.0 Beta: DDDW column is used to Specify Retrieval Criteria (Prompt checkbox is checked in the main datawindow for a column which happens to have DDDW edit style). In the "Specify Retrieval Criteria" dialog, the dddw is not populated.
232987 2nd paragraph in Usage section contains: "The HTML.AppendedHTML property allows you to specify is used to specify HTML element attributes...." - strike "allows you to specify"
232988 PB 8.0 -- Values in editmasks are truncated by one character
232992 The New DataWindow Object Properties topic mentions that DefaultPicture allows you to now use JPG and GIF files...according to the rest of help, it's actually the PictureName property that allows this, Default Picture is related though

This is a duplicate of CR 232424. Both DefaultPicture and PictureName were added to the Help. There is a precedent for the label and the property name being different on the same page (Horizontal and Vertical Alignment versus HTextAlign and VTextAlign). Picture File actually descibes the setting more accurately.

233028 Enhancement Request: Clip Window

1. Clip window: when a clip is deleted, using the delete (x) button, the next/previous item is not selected after the item is deleted, This slows the deleting of clips.

2. When changing workspaces the clip window retains clips rather than being workspace specific. Can the clips be associated to a workspace rather than being independent. I have a workspace for a PowerTool App and a workspace for a PFC App, when I change workspaces the clip window retains clips. The clips shuld be associated to a workspace rather than PowerBuilder itself.

233045 Because we say " We have mutliple VM support on EAServer in which we support PB7 and PB8 components running on EAServer AT THE SAME TIME.."
1) When pb 8 is installed we need replace the shared\powerbuilder\ with
shared\powerbuilder\pbjdbc11.jar in the CLASSPATH.
2) During tests pbjdbc11.jar created on 02/01/2001 works with both pb7 and pb8 on the same machine, the previous dated jar files still give errors (tested with jar's that came with build 3121 and 4009)
233065 Using RowsMove() to move rows from a tabular datawindow control to a richtext datawindow control causes a gpf in PB 8 beta 3.
233068 PB hangs when trying to create a dw when the
dbparm of packageprocs is enabled.

Using Oracle 8.1.6 and o84 driver.

233069 PB8 Beta3: Control List tab on dw painter doesn't work like on other painters
233111 The number of digits keyed is not limited to the number of digits specified in the editmask.
233122 When a stored procedure is declared in the instance variables, and then compiled, PB will try to execute that procedure. If you like to change / add anything in the instance declaration and save it you'll get a messagebox " Ignore compiler warnings". It seems that the object is saved but if you reopen it the changed script is gone. It is not possible to change the script.

1. comment the declaration of the Oracle stored procedure.
2. add your script and compile and save the script.
3. export the object and edit it with an editor
4. uncomment the stored procedure
5. import the object

233128 Cannot remote debug a pb component on a Solaris server.

Add symbolic link to

lrwxrwxrwx 1 pbtest staff 16 Mar 7 16:02 -> ./

The key to making this work is the symbolic link. This can be created as follows while in the $JAGUAR/lib directory:

ln -s ./

First you must remove the existing file if it exists and you should end up with the following output from a ls -l

lrwxrwxrwx 1 pbtest staff 16 Mar 7 16:02 -> ./

233133 PBFNTxx.INI substitute fonts are always used even if specified font is on PC.

The font mappings in PBFNTxx.INI are always used even if the font to be substituted exists on the PC the application is running on. The PB documentation implies that PB only looks in this ini file if the required font is not found on the machine. It seems PB always looks there first and if there is an entry for that font then it uses it as a substitute without checking if the original font is on the machine.

The PB App techniques manual (Chap 31 p661 PB 7 version) states:

"...When an application uses a screen or printer font that is unavailable, PowerBuilder looks in
the [FontSubstitutes] section of this file for a mapping..."

233138 Datawindow is built from 5 tables and has a total of 467 columns. Upon retrieve, getting a Select error:
"row's length exceeded 32767 bytes. Please exclude some columns." Problem only occurs when staticbind is set on.

Workaround: If you cannot turn off staticbind, then you can export the datawindow and change the column datatype from decimal(n) to number.

233155 PB8 Beta 3.1 Install: Select Components dialogs list the products version numbers without the decimal separators for Jaguar, ASA, and PowerDynamo.
233213 Description of Problem: Informational message presented when installing PB but not ASA 7.0.1 (and ASA 7.0.1 is not on machine) says that 7.0.1 wasn't detected, but then goes on to explain how ASA 6.0 (NOT 7.0) is required for the examples, PFC, etc.
233216 Using shift+f1 in the target properties causes an
execution error of :

PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0023):
Application Terminated. Canot assign object of type
tab_1 to variable of type base_wizard at line 8 in help event of object

After hitting ok and you go to help/about--"none" will appear
in the box.

233218 Description of Problem:
memory leak using a bitmap() expression in a computed field on a datawindow and switching the bitmaps in an event set on a timer
233220 When saving scripts with informational/warning messages,
you are prompted to "Ignore compilation warnings and lose changes", there
is no option to save scripts with informational or warning messages.
233221 If any ASA 6.0 database engine is running, you cannot connect to EAS Demo DB V4 via PowerBuilder. You can however, start EAS Demo DB V4 via the command line and then connect.
233226 PB 8 Beta 3.1: Compact Install Summary page lists ODBC driver capability under JDBC
233256 Regional settings prevent reading registry key used in wizard to create new Web Target for Dynamo Web site
233257 Description of Problem: HTML help is not being loaded for Dynamo objects in system tree.
Expand ObjectModels->Server->PowerDynamo or WebTargets and RMB on, for instance, Document. Pick Help from menu. A browser window will open, but displays an error saying it can't find the page.
Same thing occurs, when expanding Syntax->Dynascript Extensions->Operators (or Keywords or Escape Sequences or Functions)
233321 Example application HorizontalSplitScroll "split bar" no longer draggable starting with version 7. Running the example application, choose PowerBuilder Examples...DataWindows...Events & Functions...Horizontal Split Scroll.,
233352 A datawindow button has properties HTextAlign, VTextAlign and PictureName. In the property sheet, however, these are shown as Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment and Picture File. Should the property sheet show the actual property name as it does for a regular (not on a datawindow) picture button?
233396 A particular datawindow containing 3 protected columns and an editable decimal column showed some
problems entering the data. Dynamically, editmask and currency are also modified.

1. Backspace does not work properly when deleting the value 12345 from right to left
2. Impossible to key properly into editmask field with decimal places when text was fully selected.
3. SelectText did not highlight the column, when called from the rowfocuschanged event.
This last problem can be circumvented by posting the SelectText function.

233397 PB Version and Build: PB 8.0 Beta 3.0 -> PB 8.0 Beta 3.1 Build 4012

Previous autoscripting (PB 7.x) behaviour 'switched off' autoscripting as soon as the user types the first parenthesis of a function.

PB 8 continues autoscripting at this point (that's OK) and shows all the arguments for that function. But if the user types the complete function and closes the parenthesis the autoscripting remains on. The problem occurs when the user then hits enter key. If the length of the string typed in the args list is shorter than the autoscripted list then PB pastes/appends the remaining autoscript text on the end of the code just typed in by the user.

The user can just hit the escape key which is probably OK at any point before the last parenthesis but once the user closes the parenthesis the autoscripting should switch itself off

233410 If the following conditions hold then pb will crash
Happens if a you have 2 column objects in the header band :
1) One has to be a dddw
2) Other has to be ddlb
3) SlideLeft Property on both have to be set (should also be left aligned)
4) Where clause should be such that no data is retrieved
233411 As project painter window doesn't contain V.scrollbar it is very difficult to modify the last pbl entries and resource files. This inability is particularly visible at resolution of 800*600 and 640*480..

When building an EXE the project painter, with its new Version information section, is too large to be displayed in a 640x480 - if you get rid of the toolbars and output window, you can just see part of the first PBL/PBD in the library list

233419 PowerBuilder 8
TRY...CATCH does not catch Out of Memory Exception
233472 The DW SORT method does not sort properly if the column to sort contains " underscore " characters.
For example, imagine 2 columns : "AB" and "A_"
The ascending sort gives "A_" ,"AB" instead of "AB" , "A_"
233478 This is a problem with inserting a rich text format document (which contains a BITMAP e.g. signature of person) into an rte control on a window object. When the powerscript function "InsertDocument()" is called to load the rtf document, PB will gpf ;

When the bitmap is excluded from the rich text format document, the document is inserted correctly.
However when a bitmap is included, the application will crash.

The workaround is to remove the bitmap from the rich text format document :-
a)Use "InsertDocument() to load the rtf file(exclude bitmap from doc).
b)Use the powerscript function "InsertPicture()" to insert the bitmap into the rte control.

233485 Regression in pb 7.03 datawindow with editstyle DDDW. OK in PB 7.0.2 build 8046.
The displayvalue is incorrect under following conditions:
- the DDDW contains a datavalue NULL
- the DDDW contains a datavalue 0
- the datavalue of NULL is not in the first row of the Dropdowndatawindow.

The effect will be that the NULL value is displayed as a 0 (zero) value.

233501 When isvalid triggers the systemerror event and there's
code in the systemerror event, pb will stop processing. No runtime error

Here's the code:
//systemerror event
clipboard (error.text)

//clicked event of cb:
long ll_Handle
treeviewitem ltvi_Item

ll_Handle = tv_1.FindItem (RootTreeItem!, 0)
IF ll_Handle > 0 THEN
IF tv_1.GetItem (ll_Handle, ltvi_Item) = 1 THEN
st_2.text = "About to check the data of the treeview item"
IF IsValid ( THEN
messagebox("Data Item Checked Out","")
messagebox("Data item is invalid","")
st_2.text = "GetItem failed"
st_2.text = "FindItem failed"

From the code above, the clipboard will show the error but the pb will
not process the code after the isvalid function. In this case the message
of "Data item is invalid" doesn't appear.

In pb 7.0.3, running the same code, pb will process the next line of
code after the isvalid. The message of "Data item is valid" does appear.

Per Development, this is an intended behavioral change in PB 8.0:
PB 8.0 no longer behaves like PB7.0. It works BETTER! Engineering implemented a new BOOL IsValid( any argument) function to test if any argument is a PowerObject. Instead of throwing a system exception (like PB 7.0 does), this new function returns FALSE. Therefore, with PB 8.0, this test case will no longer invoke the systemerror event. Debug through the CLICKED event on the button and you'll see the difference. Much more intuitive.

233505 Library painter does not let you delete a PBL even when it's not in the current library list. You get a message indicating you need an opened workspace, which is already opened!

Try to delete a PBL that is not in the current applications search path in the library painter. It tells you that "There must be an open workspace with PowerBuilder targets to complete this operation". There is one opened. If you delete at the folder level it allows you to delete and gives messagebox confirming each delete.

233508 In the library painter if you select multiple items and attempt to delete them, the messagebox that appears to confirm the action does not let you cycle through options using the arrow keys (tab works fine).

On the dialog in the library painter to confirm deletion of multiple objects, there are four buttons 'Yes', 'Yes To All', 'No' and 'Cancel'. If you try to cycle through them using either right or left arrow keys, you get 'stuck' moving from 'Yes to All' to 'No' (forwards) and vice versa (backwards).

233509 Objects can be modified in a pbd, although scripts cannot be viewed.

This will not be addressed; and if you do this, your application will not be supported.

233517 PB 8 beta 3.1 build 3121
Please change the "set up" to "setup" in the message at the end of installation where it indicates that the self-registration process is completing
233518 This component shows up when installing PowerBuilder. It implies installation of the PBODB80 interface, but that's not the case, it actually is a container for the Merant ODBC drivers only. Suggest renaming to 'Merant ODBC Drivers' or the same as PB 7
233519 The green Sybase logo on the common install screen looks bad, it's duplicated and doesn't blend at all into the background
233526 PB8 Beta 3.1: Edit mask text property not updated when spin feature is used.
Verified fixed in 8.0 build 5018.
233527 Crash when viewing edit styles with no workspace open
233553 Customer wants to have the Menu key to behave like a right mouse click in the painter. Also a pbm_dwnContextMenu event should be available for making event mapping eg. in a Datawindow easier.
233560 Pb is unstable after adding new pbls to the target.
233562 This problem is a regression from working in PB6 to broken in PB7.
A user object function which has 45 parameters (various datatypes - all passed by "value", will gpf in PB debugger painter at a script line breakpoint.
233573 The of_convert_value method of the nv_retrieval_arg nvo which is accessed through the nv_remote_datwindow component in Jaguar does not support a datetime input without the time. The of_convert_value method has changed from Jaguar 3.5 to Jaguar 3.6 whereas the 3.5 installation did support this. The correct behaviour for PowerBuilder is to default the time in a datetime field to 00:00:00 if no time is supplied and then retrieve the rows which match the supplied criteria.

The error received is "Array boundary exceeded at line 29 in function of_convert_value of object nv_retrieval_arg". The method assumes a time will be supplied and attempts to parse the time starting at a position in the array that does not exist.

233583 If you press the <shift> key and click the mouse button together in the file editor, PB disappears with no error message
233584 A user object FUNCTION which has 45 parameters (various datatypes - all passed by "value", will gpf in PB object browser.

When the user object function name is selected from the PB object "Browser", then RightMouseButton (RMB) click and select "copy", PB will gpf.

233589 PB8Beta3: Duplicate treeview picture names with distinct icons in ddlb.
233591 "Need multi-select capability to add tables to object layout pane. It is a pain to drag/drop or RMB and add them one at a time. This capability existed in 6.5, where you selected the tables you wanted from a list."
233592 A user object FUNCTION which has 45 parameters (various datatypes - all passed by "value", will gpf in PB when "AutoScript" functionality is enabled and "function name" selection is made from listbox.
233610 Customer was using PB 6.5, which included a regresssion bug, CR 184745. The bug was fixed, but the customer does not want to go to 7.0.x because of this fix, which now causes trailing spaces to not be trimmed. Customer liked the trimmed data.
233614 PB8Beta4: Tabstops in MLEs don't work properly.

This is fixed in 9.0.2 build 7697 and 10.2 build 8065.

233668 PB 8 Beta 3.1:Enhancement Request: DataWindow painter. Make more of the dialogs into panes. In particular, Rows -> Update Properties, although Rows -> Filter, Rows -> Sort, Rows -> Suppress Reating Values, Rows -> Groups are other good candiates.
233670 PB 8 Beta 3.1: Visually denote whether an event is overridden by changing the script icon (the one that shows half full/half empty when scripts exist at both current level and ancestor level) by a mark ("o" or "x" or ???)
233672 PB 8 build 4017 :
Description of Problem: Help topic not found when clicking help from context menu on the SSLCallback object within the object browser.

Step-By-Step Instructions:
1) Open Browser, go to System tab
2) RMB on the SSLCallback object and select help from the popup menu

233676 PB8Beta4: Sharedata fails if Primary is a composite DatawindowChild.
233684 This crash does not happen in PB 7.0 GA but starts happening in 7.0.2. It happens within the Powerbuilder development environment with the 'Just In Time Debugging' feature enabled when the library list is missing essential libraries. When the application is run once one of these object is encountered a standard R0007 Unresolvable External error is displayed followed by the opening of the debugger. Trying to close out of the debugger at this point results in a crash along with the crash handler output file. A crash is also reproducable when libraries are missing with both the PFC and PB examples although the Crash Handler does not get invoked.

The customer has also reported crashing when simply running and closing the debugger which I have not been able to reproduce, but this may be related to the above.

233691 ISQL session view in Database Painter does not have a horizontal bar. This makes it difficult to see long sql statements unless you drag the view and\or close adjoining painters.

It appears that the scrollbar will display if the first line of the query is longer than the view.
It will also appear if you do a cut and paste from a file.

233692 When you try to edit the contents of an editmask control, there are strange results. For example, if you enter 200.11, then highlight the 11 and change it to 44, the editmask displays 200.00; if you enter 65.0, then highlight the 0, and change it to a 4, it becomes 65.04
233708 If you create a datawindow column protect expression which spans more than 14 lines, PB crashes
233710 PB will crash while retrieving in the dw painter.
Worked ok in PB 7.0.2 (build 9028).

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: E:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBDWE70.dll
File Version:
Fault address=106DDA60 Section:Offset=01:0011CA60

233761 PowerBuilder PB7.02 C4 regression

With an edit mask control of type datemask! of type dd/mm/yy and dd/mm/yyyy

When the value in the editmask is the last day of the month, then the cursor errornously
jumps to the month within the mask when pressing the '3' or in case of February the '2'.

Work-around: use the right arrow key.

233765 Enhancement 1: Autoscript should work with argument of event / function

When using a argument of a function or event it should also be able to be used for autoscripting as it is possible for r "normal" variables.

Enhancement 2: Autoscript should display the events and functions of an object when script start to declare a function/event using the "post" / "event" keyword

233775 The problem description is that altering the window sheet properties dynamically in powerscript within an MDI application e.g. MinBox, Controlmenu, Resizable, MaxBox etc ... disables the MDI behaviour, hangs/blocks PowerBuilder application.
233785 Autoscript feature: Protected variables and functions should be displayed only in descendant. Not when the object is used in other class.
233789 If using AppendRow to add new rows which do not supply a value for the key column (as specified in dw update properties) then on the 3rd call to the server (this time using AppendRow or any other action such as DeleteRow, InsertRow etc) the first of the new appended rows is 'lost' and the second new row 'slides up' into the first row's place, followed by 2 empty rows. eg ...

AppendRow -> a new empty row added
Add some data -> 1 row of data in dw (leave key col empty)

DW looks like this...

Key Col Data col2 Data col2
-------- ---------- ----------
[empty] 11111 11111

AppendRow -> a second empty row added under the previous new row
Add some data - 2 rows of data in dw, row 1 followed by row 2
DW looks like this...

Key Col Data col2 Data col2
-------- ---------- ----------
[empty] 11111 11111
[empty] 22222 22222

So far everything works as expected, now...

AppendRow -> First row disappears. What was added to the second row now appears as the first row
followed by 2 empty rows

Key Col Data col2 Data col2
-------- ---------- ----------
[empty] 22222 22222
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[empty] [empty] [empty]

First row has gone.

This problem is more obvious when using AppendRow but it is also reproduceable with InsertRow or even DeleteRow etc if used after the first 2 calls using AppendRow. The problem is with the 3rd trip back to the server after appending 2 new rows at the end of the dw without providing key values.

233792 Remote Debugging on EAServer 3.6.1 Build 36108 ( PBVM 10047) with PB 7.03 Build 10047 not working on Solaris.

Add symbolic link to

lrwxrwxrwx 1 pbtest staff 16 Mar 7 16:02 -> ./

The key to making this work is the symbolic link. This can be created as follows while in the $JAGUAR/lib directory:

ln -s ./

First you must remove the existing file if it exists and you should end up with the following output from a ls -l

lrwxrwxrwx 1 pbtest staff 16 Mar 7 16:02 -> ./

233799 PB 8 Beta 3.1: PB crashes instead of displaying warning C0188 if the IDE is set to open a project at startup and not load the painters
233809 Get out of memory error on compilation or execution of a stored procedure
using sqloledb.

Using the following stored procedure:
create PROCEDURE sp_test_text ( @P1 VarChar(5000) ) AS SELECT DATALENGTH( @P1 ) Data_Len

Using the following script:
str = fill( "X", 256 )
DECLARE sp_test_text PROCEDURE FOR sp_test_text @P1 = :str ;
EXECUTE sp_test_text ;
FETCH sp_test_text INTO :ret_val ;

233820 The custom install is installing pbjdbc11.jar instead
of pbjdbc12.jar even though the option to install pbjdbc12.jar is checked off.
233842 Migrated window changes cause OCX to crash
233843 Doing 2 getchild() function calls to get handles to reports in a composite and then inserting a row on the second childdatawindow crashes PB.
233885 When creating an EAServer Profile in Powerbuilder 8 if the wrong port number is entered then testing the connection will result in a Dr. Watson error and a crash of the Jaguar server. This seems to fail only when Jaguar Manager is up and running.
233887 Enhancement Request: After a full rebuild or incremental rebuild of the workspace, display in the output window the number of errors (if exist) and more information.
233889 Customer ran into an issue with a large JDBC dw retrieve that is running out of memory, he'd like to increase the JVM's heap size to accomodate this, but we don't provide an option to set properties when starting the VM within PB
233891 The new JDBC driver supports either 1.1 or 1.2 JDK. We should support 1.3 as well to stay ahead of the curve and have that capability available by the time EAServer supports 1.3.
233892 Enhancement Request: Limit global search to particular object types.
Default inclusion of all objects causes problems, particularly, datawindows
which cause alot of false hits.
233893 Powerbuiler crashes when opeing a specific psr file in a datatwindow
233906 PB Version and Build: -> 7.03.10048
Tested with Netscape 4.5 -> 4.7 (WinNT and Solaris) and Netscape 6 (OK)

HTMLDW does not respect positioning of jpg images when using Netscape layers with Netscape 4.x (Datawindow.HTMLGen.NetscapeLayers = 'YES'). The jpgs all slide to the left edge of the page.
The same page does work in Netscape 6, which would suggest that this is a Netscape problem. However, given that there are so many 4.x in use, the HTMLDW could detect the version of the browser and either workaround the problem for 4.x or turn off Netscape layers property ??

233913 When connecting via JDBC from PB to the demo DB, you get a message indicating that the metadata accessor information is not found. This is not unexpected, but we should ship the demo db to have this already installed.
233917 PB Version and Build: 7.03.10048
The PB 7.03 release introduced support for Netscape Layers with the HTMLDW but with the following note on the subject in the readme file...

"Certain functionality in a Netscape browser using absolute positioning may not be identical to the functionality available with Internet Explorer. For example, you cannot tab between DataWindow columns using a Netscape browser on an NT machine (although you can do this using a Netscape browser on a Solaris machine)."

This makes the htmldw 'readonly' when used with Netscape layers. No CR found for this so this is to track the problem.

233924 Source control symbols whether you use PBNative/PVCS/VSS seem to be dependent on the font size set on the machine. In some cases it is the Large Fonts that cause the symbols to disappear. In all cases if you set the Inactive/Active Title Bar size to more than 19 then it will disappear in PB 7.x .
233929 The problem is that PB65x is broken for PB to Oracle db native connection when statement "select 1/3 from dual;" is executed in PB ISQL session.
233942 The example for BeginTransaction function of the CORBACurrent object in on-line help has a coding error. Since this is presented as code for a client, the call to corbacurr.init() requires either a connection object or a URL as an argument.
233943 PowerBuilder GPFs when you try to open an inherited Non-Visual Object that is in the Non-Visual Object List of the application object
233946 1) Open PowerBuilder On Line help file
2) Go to Index tab and type "stored procedures"
3) Click on "stored procedures" blue tag
4) Click twice on "Microsoft SQL Server Database Stored Procedures"
5) At the end of help document, click on "Using database stored procedures in DataWindow objects"
You'll get a 129 error message telling that topic is missing.
233951 Enhancement Request: Add additional items to RMB menus. In datawindow painter, Filter, Sort, and Update in preview pane. In window painter, Save (not just compile) in script editor.
233957 6.5 Crosstab datawindow runs out of memory with lots of memory left.
234000 PB help for "DeletedCount method (DataWindows)" Last phrase "Therefore, DeletedCount always returns 0 for a nonupdatable DataWindow." is incorrect. RowsCopy() or RowsMove() can populate the Delete! buffer.
234002 PB7.0.3:If you delete a character in a string column of a datawindow where the Editmask is set xxxxxxxxxx it will be replaced by a blank.
In PB 5, PB 6 and PB 7.01 the character will be deleted.
Workaround: use Edit instead of a editmask if you like to see the old behaviour.
234003 Library painter: Without a workspace open, mulit-select many objects in a library using the treeview and attempt to delete them. => get the warning message that a workspace must be many times as there are objects selected. Once would be enough.
234010 Optimize fails after a couple of libraries
234029 The problem is that after DeleteRow() powerscript function on a freeform datawindow,
this will cause a) display blank datawindow and
b) when the vscrollbar is moved up,
all objects on the freeform datawindow are not displayed (e.g. static visual
text objects do not appear)
however "data" in the controls are displayed.
234040 Older window does not open in current version of powerbuilder but instead crashes.

Customer has old application that has been successfully migrated to PB 7.0. Full rebuild, regeneration and optimization do not result in any errors but do show warnings on obsolete functions.

On one particular window that opened fine up until build 9028 in all newer builds it crashes when trying to open from the library painter. The ancestor opens just fine.

234043 The values for paper source/tray may be different depending on the printer and printer driver.

For example, \\print-waterloo\pr-wat-04 shows the following:
Upper tray = 256
Lower Tray = 257

\\print-concord\pr-con6-09 shows:
Upper tray = 1
Lower tray = 2

The problem is that if the paper tray values are non standard (as for the pr-wat-04 printer) and not listed
in the documentation, customers are on there own to figure this info out.

Per PB Development:
This is not a PB bug. The people who write the printer drivers have the option of following the pre-defined tray-designations, or coming up with their own driver-defined tray designations.

Workaround: Use a third party utility to determine the tray numbers. One example:

234088 This could be related to a similar PB8 autoscript CR -> #233397
Autoscript is not properly pasting the user choice when selected from the Autoscript list if a fragment of script has already been typed by the user. Instead of overwriting what has been typed after the dot it preserves what the user has just written and appends the selected method/property (with the first n chars missing where n = number of chars user types in after the dot). Easier to understand by reading the repro steps
234090 Adding 'Non-Visual Object List', 'Event List', 'Function List' and 'Structure List' items through Edit>Go menue to be able to switch directly to the open frame.
For instance, if user goes through Edit>Go to>Function List the tab Function List should show up.
234091 Customer would like to have an option in PowerBuilder to ignore some specific warnings and informations when compile the script. (like warning pragma in C++)
234093 Comment, Paste ... and Compile Toolbaritems should be disabled.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new UO
2. Select View-> Default -> default layout
3. close "Constuctor tab" script frame and then 'Declare Instance Variables' frame:
only 'Event list' and 'Function list' remain
-> Paste Function , Comment , Uncomment , Compile , etc icons still enabled.
Nothing happens if you click on them

234094 PB Version and Build: PB 8 Beta 3.1 -> 4.0 build 4019


Keyboard Shortcuts.
If a shortcut key (or combination) is duplicated for another menu item then that same menu shortcut key will also appear as the shortcut for File -> Recent Connections -> Recent Connection 8 in the following circumstances...

1) One of the keyboard shortcuts is assigned to Window -> 'Close All'
2) After assigning the same shortcut a second time to another menu item the 'Keyboard shortcuts' dialog is closed

Although it is true that PB displays a warning to the user, if the user tries to go back and remove one of the dup shortcuts but leaves the 'Close All' shortcut then the dup shortcut for Recent Connection 8 does not go away.

234098 DW Control Repaint problems if dw control width is such that the complete data for the last column is not visible because the vertical scroll bar is just over it and the horizontal scroll bar does not created as all the column data would be visible without the vertical scroll in the dw control. Looks like we also need to take into consideration the width of the vertical scroll bar and its relation with the dw control.
234114 Changing the font in the System option font dialog box leads to change immediatly the Properties panel font to bold even the bold has not been chosen. When restarting powerbuilder Properties panel font reflect correctly the system font option.
234117 When doing a Ctrl-L and there were errors in the output panel. the output panel is not cleared and you can close the object and reopen it and the (corrected) error is still there. I reproduced and this is normal behavior (see first subcase note)

Declare a instance variable: string is_a = "abc"

In a function use the variable: messageBox("test", is_a)

Save the object.

Change the name of the instance variable into is_B

Save the object. There is an error in the OUTPUT window. (Error C0015...Undefined variable is_a.)

Correct the error, and compile

messageBox("test", is_B).

Save the object. The output window still contains the previous error. It is confusing. I can save the object, but I see errors messages in the output window.

Per PB Engineering, not a bug:

Compiler errors go to the error window, not the output window. Error window errors ARE cleared when doing a compile.

234123 Install overwrites newer atl.dll
234126 With the addition of exception handling in PowerBuilder 8.0, the example presented will no longer compile. You either have to catch the exceptions that might be thrown from the Resolve method (NotFound, InvalidName and CannotProceed) or throw them from the function in which they are called. Below is the existing example, to which I have made suggested fixes marked with // ********:

CORBAObject my_corbaobj
JaguarORB my_orb
NamingContext my_nc
NameComponent the_name[]
Factory my_Factory
n_jagcomp my_jagcomp

my_orb = CREATE JaguarORB

// Enclose the name of the URL in single quotes

my_orb.Resolve_Initial_References("NameService", &
my_corbaobj._narrow(my_nc, &
the_name[1].id = "mypackage/n_jagcomp"
the_name[1].kind = ""

TRY // ************** ADD THIS LINE
my_corbaobj = my_nc.resolve(the_name)

my_corbaobj._narrow(my_Factory, &

my_corbaobj = my_Factory.create("jagadmin","") // ***** DELETE SEMI COLON FROM END OF LINE
"mypackage/n_jagcomp") // ***** DELETE SEMI COLON FROM END OF LINE


MessageBox("Exception Raised!", e.getMessage())

234139 Enhancement Request: Make the object browser a tab on the system tree
234140 Provide the username/password for the database that drives the languages tab of the system tree to code partners (i.e., TeamSybase members) so that they can provide extensions for other languages.

psstatic.db stores much of the data that populates the languages tab of the system tree. Request is to provide username and password of the database to that those inclined could extend the functionality here. According to engineering, there is also a utility program used to update the database with this information. That utility could be provided as well.

234154 The common installer asks for directory to install the program files and the shared files, but it doesn't carry that information through consistently to the individual installers, which all ask for the same information again and do not default to what you provided the first time you were asked. What's the point of supplying this information the first time then?
234206 In editmask style type of the column(decimal or numeric type) in datawindow object, I found when I use numericmask style type in a column of datawindow object,if I use non-currency symbol as the formatting mask(prefix or suffix),it will not display correctly(It seems like the displaying result is the inputing data divided by 100)
234207 Win95/98 with Outlook Express ===> MailLogon() function crashes causing either the system to hang or shows a Mem_Bad_Pointer error message box.
Works ok on WinNT or Win2000.
234208 In script painter, place the pointer over the combo expanded by pressing Ctrl+2, for instance. PB keeps displaying I-Beam pointer and does not change it to an arrow. It just keeps the current pointer but should set it to Arrow!.
234235 There are a few exported functions in pborc80.dll that are not present in the latest documentation (for version 7) - the functions also exist in pborc70.dll, however
234244 OS: Any

Version and Build #: 8.0 4019

16 bit/32 bit: 32

Database/Driver File/Version: N/A


Step-By-Step Instructions:

1) Open the script painter to any script of any object

2) You'll need to resize the script view or increase the font size to force a horizontal scroll bar to appear

3) Place the cursor at the end of a long line - causing the scroll bar to be extended all the way to the right (and so the beginnings of lines do not show in the left part of the window)

4) Do a search (Edit->Find) for a few characters that appear at the very LEFT of the script, to force the script view to scroll back to the left. Note that it does scroll, but only to include the last character of the search string - it should scroll further to show the beginning of the selected text.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

234257 PB 8.0--Help>ECM doesn't take you to ECM. The link supplied in the PB.INI file is incorrect.
234268 Using /= assignment with null decimal variable causes PowerBuilder to crash.

Instead of:
x /= 3
x = x / 3

OR: do an IsNull check before the statement and if the variable is Null, don't do the assignment.

234273 Enhancement request: if you highlight text, say within a script painter, and then do a Edit->Find populate the SLE in the Find Text dialog with the current selection.
234279 The RMB clear option in the output window of the Library Search results is all or nothing, this is an enhancement request to allow you to select a single line and delete it.
234324 A DW which has newspaper column property set if is inserted into a nested or a composite report then the 2nd newspaper column in the 1st row will overwrite on 1st newspaper col of the 1st row only in a Printout, PrintPreview is fine.
Reproduced In : 6.5.1277, 7.0.8003,7.0.10049, 8.3121
Could Not Reproduce In : 6.5.1, 7.0.5031, 8.5005
234326 Cannot add more than 60 characters in comments at checkin when using VSS
234330 Open an object in script painter and press Ctrl+2, the combo flashes and you have to press Ctrl+2 one more time to make it show up.
234331 Short Desc:
Reproduced in : 7.03.10009,7.03.10049, 8.4019
Using MS ODBC based datasource, in PB a complex join will result in Select error: SQLSTATE = 37000
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The column prefix 'r" does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query.

Works : using MSS driver from PB, using PB Intersolv driver (PBSS613.dll ver 3.11), works in ODBCTest
Does not work from PB using either MS ODBC driver or PB Merant Driver (PBMSSS15.dll ver

234332 Menu Edit-Goto bug: edit-goto-instance variable opens a NEW tab even when there is already an instance variable tab opened. (same error for shared and instance variables)
234334 add Layout and Property items to Edit->Go To menu
234337 The first argument of Lookup is incorrectly documented. The example is close, but also requires a slight correction.
The documentation of the objectvariable parameter specifies "A global, instance, or local variable whose data type is the same class as the object being created or an ancestor of that class" this is exactly the same text as for CreateInstance. For Lookup though, the second argument must be a variable declared as a Factory object, as the example within this help topic demonstrates.

The example code follows:
Factory my_Factory
n_Bank_Account myaccount
long ll_result

ll_result = myconnect.lookup(my_Factory,"Bank/n_Bank_Account")
my_account = my_Factory.create()

This is incorrect, because the Factory.create() will return a CORBAObj, not a n_Bank_Account. If you try to make this assignment, you'll get a runtime error. The object returned by my_Factory.create() must be narrowed to the appropriate interface. I suggest rewriting the line my_account = my_Factory.create() to

my_Factory.create()._Narrow(my_account, "Bank/n_Bank_Account")

to fix this.
You can also look at "Examples for Resolve_Initial_References PowerScript function" for usage of _narrow.

234339 The first time I add a new EAServer profile and test the connection, PowerBuilder vanishes or crashes. Restarting PowerBuilder, the profile connects successfully.
234340 Non-standard date separator causes problems with IsDate()--using a #, @, ~ or other non-standard date separator, as specified in the control panel's regional settings, will cause IsDate() to return an invalid result
234346 New Feature Request :

The variable tab in the script painter will always open into the Instance Variable pane rather then the place where it was set last (global variables) for instance.

Request is to have it open to where the variable was last set.

234347 Double clicking on an item in the output window resulting from a search operation causes the script painter for the object to open, but not to the correct pane if the find is within a instance variable declaration (or global or shared or external function declaration)
234348 PB8.0 Beta3.1: Output window popup has Next/Previous Error but not always error ie Search Results.
234349 PB8Beta4: UO Painter lets you open ancestor object and descendant object.
234386 REQUEST : In the Event-List tab, add a combo box showing the currently selected control and furthermore enable the user to select another control.
234402 Move() returns 1, but doesn't move the object.
234404 Enhancement Request: Provide multiple tabs on output pane so that the results from multiple searches can be viewed simultaneously.
234408 CR 231346 fixed the issue where you could have the object painter and Edit->Source up at the same time (depending on what you started first). Now, though, if you have Edit->Source up and double click on the object to bring up, say, the window painter nothing happens.

Per Development, this is not a PB bug.
This statement already appears in the online Help and in the documentation for the Source editor:
You cannot open an object in the Source editor that is already open in a painter.

234432 AvailPageFileSize keeps decreasing possible leak after each connect/disconnect
234448 Similar problem was reported and fixed - cr219881.

The issue here is with crosstab datawindows. A datastore is created and
retrieves data. A rowcount is called and returns 25 rows.
A getfullstate is issued. A second
datastore is created and a setfullstate populates the datastore with the blob
from getfullstate. When a rowcount is called it will intermittently return 0.

234476 The SUP2 or superscript 2 key (math square symbol) does not give a validation error when entering into a numeric column.
234481 In a response window there is only the title visible when the icon is application!
When the window gets an icon dynamically, the title should move to the right
and the icon of the control menu should be displayed to the left of it.
However it is drawn over the title (the title does not move to the right).

To work-around it, add to the script:
<window>.controlmenu = true

234487 When creating the GetPin function in the sslcallback
and adding the arguments of :

"thesessioninfo" type corbaobject passed by value
"timedout" type boolean passed by value
a return type of string and a throwable of "userabortedexception

you cannot save the object. PB does not display any errors. If you hit save, nothing happens. If you
hit nosave, then the function is not saved.

234502 New Feature Request: Drag tables from treeview to object layout, then refresh the table list => object layout is reset as well, losing all previous work....=> request to not refresh/reset the object layout when table list is refreshed.
234511 New Feature Request: To have the columns tab in the DB painter populated to show the current table, not only show column definitions for creating a New table.
234514 New Feature Request: Would like feedback from ISQL sessions when non-query statements are run. If there are no errors, there is also no feedback. For example, a table/stored procedure create or data insert statements produces no feedback within DB painter ISQL.
234516 Multiple crash handler outputs in PBVM70.dll, PB DWE70.dll and PBUDO70.dll while in PB 7.0.3 Development environment
234525 Regression: ListView drag/drop not correctly identifying target of drop
234531 ListView drag/drop not firing dragenter and dragleave events.
234538 MM/DD/YYYY editmask in PB 7 - certain dates, when changed, cause the second digit of DAY to be skipped over - makes it difficult for those entering dates quickly. e.g. typing 06/30/2000. When you type the 3, the cursor jumps to the year part of the editmask
234540 Fixed by PB 7.0.3 build 10049. Originally duped to 230183 which is not yet fixed in build 100049.
Do the following steps exactly:
1. open w_descendant and look at the open event of the window in the script view.
2. Right click on the script to double check that Extend ancestor script is checked.
3. Delete the comment from the script, or make another change that still leaves valid script in the desc. window open event.
3. Without saving changes, in the dropdown of the script view, select Functions.
4. There are no functions, but click on the script area and RMB to see that Extend Ancestor script is greyed out. NOTE: If you skip this, you will not recreate the bug.
5. Still without saving the window, in the dropdown of the script view, select the Open event.
6. Now when you RMB on the script, Extend Ancestor script is NOT checked. If you had saved the object without coming back to this script, it would have saved as not checked.
234546 When using the decimal datatype, precision appears to be limited to decimal(15). Customer would like EITHER

a) Enhancement Request for up to 18 decimal precision OR

b )Documentation change to reflect that precision is up to 15 only

234572 SQLDBCode=999, SQLErrText='An invalid handle was passed in a call to the database driver'.
SQLDBCode=999, SQLErrText='Value has not been specified for parameter 1'.

The above errors can occur when using Dynamic SQL Format 4 using ODBC in PB7 but not in PB6.5.
Work-around is to use disablebind=1.

234588 Has a stress application, creating many clients and then doing repetitive calls to a PB component deployed on Jaguar. The memory consumed grows up in a large amount and is not released even after disonnecting all the clients.
234590 Crash Handler Case but easily reproducible. GPF/Crash handler invoked with powerbuilder 7.0.3 and not 7.0.2 when scrolling datawindows. Does not happen when run with PB 7.

This issue was closed because it could no longer be reproduced with PB 7.0.3 EBF builds 10089 or greater.

234622 OLE DB/MSSQL 7.0: Millisecond part of a TimeStamp value gets wrongly updated whenever a datawindow with a datetime column is updated.


For MS SQL SERVER , the accuracy of datetime is 1/300 s ( about 3.33 ms), you can run the syntax in "Query Analyzer" to verify the result:

UPDATE ts_datetime SET wdt = {ts '2001-03-01 16:52:04.219'} WHERE id = '1 '

select * from ts_datetime

The following is extracted from "Books Online" of MS SQL SERVER :


Date and time data from January 1, 1753 through December 31, 9999, to an accuracy of one three-hundredth of a second (equivalent to 3.33 milliseconds or 0.00333 seconds). Values are rounded to increments of .000, .003, or .007 seconds, as shown in the table.

Example Rounded example

01/01/98 23:59:59.999 1998-01-02 00:00:00.000

01/01/98 23:59:59.995,

01/01/98 23:59:59.996,

01/01/98 23:59:59.997, or

01/01/98 23:59:59.998 1998-01-01 23:59:59.997

01/01/98 23:59:59.992,

01/01/98 23:59:59.993,

01/01/98 23:59:59.994 1998-01-01 23:59:59.993

01/01/98 23:59:59.990 or

01/01/98 23:59:59.991 1998-01-01 23:59:59.990

Microsoft� SQL Server? rejects all values it cannot recognize as dates between 1753 and 9999.

234631 When 'Just In Time Debugging' is checked in the System Options and there is a scripting error PB will crash. The offending script was dw_1.object.t_3 = Left (temp_text,3) and should have been dw_1.object.t_3.text = Left (temp_text,3). In Pb 7.0.3 a R00039 Execution Error is initially encountered followed by the debugger opening up at the above line of script. If at this point in both PB 7.0.3 and 8.0 build 5005 you simply close down the debugger by hitting the "X" Pb crashes with a memory cannot be read error message.
234644 PB8 Beta 4:Modifying multiple targets with same PBLs causes PB to crash.
234681 A custom dw UserEvent mapped to pbm_dwntabdownout does not fire.
If you map in a dw a USerEvent to pbm_dwntabdownout the script in this user event is not executed if you
press for instance the arrowdown button.

Workaround: use and map userevent pbm_dwnkey add the following script and remove the other userevents pbm_dwntabdownout and pbm_dwntabupout.
IF KeyDown(KeyDownArrow!) then
if ( getrow() = rowcount ()) THEN ll_row = this.InsertRow(0)
this.SetItem( ll_row, "cola" , "tabdownout" )
ScrollToRow( ll_row + 1)
end if
IF KeyDown(KeyupArrow!) then ...

234696 The second argument of CreateInstance requires a / or the lookup will either append the application property of the connection object to the front, or if that property is not set, it will fail before even attempting the lookup.

From TSE analysis, they believe the problem is that the logic in JAG_ConnectionClient::CreateInstance within the PB code though requires a / in this lookup name. If one is not there, it attempts to create one by concatenating the connection object's application property to the value that is provided in that second argument to CreateInstance. If no application property is defined for the connection object, an SMI_MISSING_PROPERTY error is returned and the lookup is never performed.

The logic should be rewritten such that the requirement for the existence of a "/" within this second argument is eliminated. This appears the only thing preventing instantiation of an EJB via the connection object, as it's working now if the bind.naming property contains the "/".

234823 PB crashes when assigning a datawindow object to a datawindow control on a window when there are multiple groups in the dw. In the example, randomly deleting 3 of the 4 groups will allow the dw object to be assigned to the control
234824 PB8Beta4: GenerateHtmlForm() creates 2 FORM statements and no Action.
234885 8.0 Beta4: Problems with components that implement the HTMLgenerator80 interface.
234904 The System Tree seems to repaint and shift its items unnecesarily when, for instance, an object is saved in a painter. This can be somewhat of a nuisance if you are systematicallly editing all the objects in a PBL since it forces you to continually rescroll the system tree.
234962 Global function save reports erroneous error message
234965 Global function painter prompts for a name when saving, even though the function is already named. This appears redundant. It is necessary in order to select the PBL in which to save the object, but customer would like the Save prompt/dialog to make it more clear that this is the reason it appears.

Per development: the dialog appears because the user is allowed to change the function name at this point.

234966 When not immediately supplying a function name in global function painter, you receive "A prototype is needed for this script message." Supplying a name is not enough as you must also move off of the function name SLE before it's registered (kind of like an 'AcceptText' is missing).
234969 PB crashes when switching between taborder/design mode in dw. One has to have DW Design - Options - uncheck Retain Data to Design, check Retrieve data on preview and make sure Preview view is open
234995 Created ancestor menu with menu items, then inherited a descendant, where added submenu items. Then removed a menuitem in ancestor => cannot regenerate the descendant menu, PB crashes if try to inherit another menu from the first descendant and other problems. Basically, the inheritance line is broken at this point, whereas one would like to be able to make a change in the ancestor then regenerate/rebuild to carry the modification down the hierarchy.
234996 "Allow Dashes in Identifiers" option does not work as should. When disabled, then 'i-1' (no spaces) rather than 'i - 1' (with spaces) doesn't compile even though this is the subtractor operator.

Per development: This will not be fixed. This cr could be reproduced only when you haven't changed the "DashInIdentifiers" property before. Because there isn't a item in pb.ini corresponding to it pb is first built. This bug exists in both PB70 & PB80 Debug Version. But in the installation version, there really exists a item named "DashInIdentifiers", so it works well. WORKAROUND: When PB7 & PB8 is in first run, just add item mentioned above to pb.ini manually or change this property in tab pages and sanve change.

235030 Declaration of DYNAMIC CURSOR combined with many variable-size arrays declared in the "Instance" variables script for the "user object" ancestor object, causes PB to GPF when this object is inherited from and then saved.
This is not broken when the sample variables are declared as "shared" instead of "instance" variables.
Verified this is also broken for "window" and "menu" objects with respect to "instance variable
declaration" because these objects are also capable of inheritance.
235031 Declaration of DYNAMIC CURSOR combined with many variable-size arrays declared in the "Instance" variables script for the "window" ancestor object, causes PB to GPF when this object is inherited from and then saved.
This is not broken when the sample variables are declared as "shared" instead of "instance" variables.
Verified this is also broken for "user object" and "menu" objects with respect to "instance variable
declaration" because these objects are also capable of inheritance.
235032 Declaration of DYNAMIC CURSOR combined with many variable-size arrays declared in the "Instance" variables script for the "menu" ancestor object, causes PB to GPF when this object is inherited from and then saved.
This is not broken when the sample variables are declared as "shared" instead of "instance" variables.
Verified this is also broken for "user object" and "window" objects with respect to "instance variable
declaration" because these objects are also capable of inheritance.
235056 Dw based on a SP whose argument is of type TEXT gives Out of memory errors.
Connecting using OLEDB - results in Out of memory error
Connecting using MSS - results in "operand type clash" error
235059 Short Desc:
Execute Immediate SP with TEXT as arg using OLEDB gives OutOfMemory
Dynamically executing a stored procedure that has Text datatype as an argument results in

Out Of Memory errors in pb 8, execute is successfull in pb 7 using OLE DB driver.

235064 Cummulative Sum in the group trailer, based on another computed field returns 0 in dw painter.
The expression if( cumulativeSum( 1 for group 1) = 1, salary, 0)
What I understand for this is you are doing a running total of column 1 for group 1 (e.g dept_id =100). If the running total is equal to 1 then display Salary , else display 0.
If you look at the online help it says for column you can either put column name ("emp_id") or column number (#1) , but you are not putting either one of them. I get an different result alltogether if I edit your expression to reflect the column correctly.
Dw should be giving an Invalid Expression error.
235088 FindMatchingFunction does not find function with bounded array arguments.(Either array passed by value or by ref)

workaround: use unbounded arrays

235101 For large applications (with 5000 or more objects) using PBNative for source control storing all those source files in some network drive is going to be a nightmare. It would be nice to have an ASA database that can store all the objects there (something like a mini ObjectCycle database)
235102 When doing Deleterow on a dw with filter, you can scroll down to a nonexisting row, and then,
display gets messed up
235120 When a syntax error is detected in a function script, the function dropdown reverts to New Function, so if you correct your error and save, it makes it appear you can define a new function, when in fact you would be overwriting the old one.
235121 When PB is brought to foreground and a modal dialog is currently displayed in PB, only the dialog comes to the front, the rest of the PB IDE remains in the back.
235125 DB painter: need PB to do an AcceptText when developer clicks on toolbar to allow save of last item (eg. last extended attribute) changed. Otherwise previous modifications are saved but will get prompted to Save if close the dialog for the last item
235126 When Library Painter is open, a refresh operation applies only to that painter and so the system tree is not updated, even if you give it focus by selecting an item within the tree before the refresh (F5). In addition, there is no refresh option for the System Tree at all in the context menu nor when you unexpand and expand an item, but F5 will work to refresh if the library painter is closed.
235132 Enhancement Request for consistency between target types.

You can do a File => Open File once the File Editor is open and open all files but as you get the option to open All Files(*.*) when you have a Web Target but not PB. For consistency please add this to the dropdown.

The file editor file open dialog appears tied to the target type. If the target is PB, I can only open PB objects. If the target is a web target, I can open up just about anything.

The File Editor should allow this option regardless of type of target. What if you want to open .ini\txt etc, while in a PB target?

235140 Can't open file with space in name within library painter
235171 The display name (list box) of a new function is replaced by <new function> if :
- The script saved contain compilation error.
- The script has not been compiled previously
On the other hand, the tabpage name is always the good one.
235174 PB7.0 does not ask for saving a menu object although text property has been changed by user in properties frame. We should get a dialog box such "Menu - Save changes to ...\*.pbl(m)? Yes/No/Cancel". Implement messagebox in PB7 like in PB8. PB8 works ok.
235175 1. Run PowerBuilder 8 BETA III
2. open or create an nvo
3. Use the default layout (Menu) : normally, you will have 4 tabs called "constructor", "Event List", "Function List" and "Declare Instance Variables".
4. bring cursor in the constructor event script painter of the nvo
5. Click tab "Event List"
6. Choose Menu Edit-->Go To--> Function (items Event, Function and Control must be accessible)
7. You will switch to the incorrect tab "constructor" : the 1st DDDW is correct (Functions) but the second DDDW is empty !!!!!!
-> 2nd dddw should choose new funtionor should go t to the first existing function. As well the tab should be renamed
235177 PB 8 build 5013 :
Different types of dw have either Text or Column or Both Border settings as blank, it should at least be populated with "No Border"
"Select Color and Border Settings", you will notice the following :
Tabular DW - Border is blank for Text
Freeform DW - Border is blank for Columns
Group/Label/N-up/Crosstab/Grid DW - Border is blank for Text & Columns
235180 When String() is used to convert numeric values into specified formats, the results are not as specified by the format.
235186 Simply invoking the CrossTabDialog() function and pressing ok on resulting dialog causes PowerBuilder to crash.
235193 In PB8, we've introduced the EJBHome as a connection object property. It's purpose is to supply the name of the Home interface to which to narrow and EJB object returned from a lookup. It's not clear why this should be a connection object property, since it really applies to the lookup operation for a specific bean. It would seem more intuitive to overload the lookup function to accept this value as an argument; otherwise, we are resetting connection object options throughout the code, potentiallly everytime you lookup an EJB. Setting that options property will overwrite existing options as well (unless you somewhere maintain the 'original' string) which could cause problems on subsequent connections via the same connection object.

RESOLUTION: The first part of the problem is fixed.

The second part of the problem which says that EJBHome name could be looked up by PB at runtime is not addressed as this will considerably slow down the lookup at runtime. PB generally does not use the Jaguar repository service at runtime. If uses the repository service at design time, to deploy components etc.

235194 In PB 8 the option to use the concept of Work.pbl should be available for PBNative.
235205 When "Retain Data to Design" is NOT on and you have a preview pane in the datawindow painter, the following operations cause a re-retrieve to occur: a) examining tab order, 2) changing size of a column (grid dw only!) (PSE note: I could not reproduce this one.), 3) changing units on general tab.
235218 PB 8 build 5013 :
The way we have the support for ASA Groups in db painter, please support Oracle ROLES as well.
235220 In PB Help, click 'Contents - Datawindow Reference - Methods for the Datawindow Control - AboutBox Methods(Datawindow)'. The document is missing.
235222 PB 8 build 4020, 5013, PB 7.03.10052:
Error!, Hand!, and StopSign! bitmaps are the same
1. Create a window or open an existing one.
2. In window properties, look at the dropdown for icons. The Error!, Hand!, and StopSign! bitmaps are the same (i.e, a cross in a red circle). They should be different
235223 PB 8 build 4020, 5013
Put down a listview control
In property sheet for listview, go to Large Picture/Small Picture tab and activate the dropdown
Scroll down in list to OutputNext!, and notice that the same picture appears for both OutputNext! and OutputPrevious!
235330 If there is more than one DW on a page pressing the TAB key switches focus between datawindows instead of setting focus on the next column. This happens for Internet Explorer only.

1.) Instead of using the PS object model based html page use the "normal"
java.CreateComponent server side script to create the html datawindows.
(this is in case you hare working with PowerSite etc.)

2.) Use the Mozilla/4.x (Netscape 4) setting in the painter or set it in
the server side script using dw.SetBrowser("Mozilla/4.x (");

3.) Then the tabbing will behave the same on IE and NS (but will have a
slightly different look and feel).

4.) For a test you could use the script from the example (here displays e.g..
the department list from the surfside video example two times).
In the datawindow painter set the Browser property to Netscape
settings, but when you leave this you can set it with the SetBrowser call
in the code (easier).

<TITLE>Using Two Updateable WebDWs on Same Page</TITLE>

/* Before submit of DeptEmp, include context for EmpDetail dw too */
function dw_depts_OnSubmit() {
dw_depts_submitForm.dw_emps_context.value = dw_emps.GetFullContext();
dw_depts_submitForm.dw_emps_action.value = "";

/* Before submit of EmpDetail, include context for DeptEmp dw too */
function dw_emps_OnSubmit() {
dw_emps_submitForm.dw_depts_context.value = dw_depts.GetFullContext();
dw_emps_submitForm.dw_depts_action.value = "";

This page contains example client-side and server-side script to handle two
updatable WebDW controls on the same page

/* Function to test whether page parameters are defined */
function f_getParam( envparam ) {
if( exists(document.value[envparam] ) ) {
return document.value[envparam]
return ""

/* Function to test for failed function calls */
function f_testError(retVal, method_called)
if (retVal < 0) {

document.writeln("<P><H3>Error calling: " + method_called + "<BR>" +
dw.GetLastErrorString() + "</H3><P>");

/* Function to create and initialize proxy for the WebDW component, then
generate output */
function f_createDW(arg_pbl, arg_dwo, arg_objectName, arg_retrieveArg,
dw = java.CreateComponent("DataWindow/HTMLGenerator",
"iiop://kirchner-nt4:9000", "jagadmin", "" ,"DataWindow/HTMLGenerator")

if( dw == null ) {
document.writeln("Error Message: " + site.GetErrorInfo() +

/* Set the datawindow object, control name, database connection, and
other properties */
retVal = dw.SetDWObject(arg_pbl, arg_dwo);
f_testError(retVal, "SetDWObject");

dw.SetHTMLObjectName (arg_objectName);
//dw.SetBrowser("Mozilla/4.x (");
dw.SetTrans("ODBC", "ConnectString='DSN=EAS Demo DB V3' ,ConnectOption

/* allow full-featured client (scripting, updates, etc) */
dw.SetWeight(true, true, true, true, true);

/* set up arguments to pass context and action for "other" dw */
var otherAction = f_getParam(arg_otherDW + "_action");
var otherContext = f_getParam(arg_otherDW + "_context");

linkargs = arg_otherDW + "_action='"" + otherAction + ""'|" +
arg_otherDW + "_context='"" + otherContext + ""'" ;

dw.SetSelfLink(, linkargs);

/* initial retrieve of data */
if ( arg_retrieveArg < 0 ) {
retVal = dw.Retrieve();
else {
retVal = dw.RetrieveEx(arg_retrieveArg);

f_testError(retVal, "Retrieve");

/* Check if page parameters exist (passed from client) to indicate that
an action needs to be performed on the data */
var dw_action = f_getParam(arg_objectName + "_action");
var dw_context = f_getParam(arg_objectName + "_context");

if ( "" != "" + dw_context )
/* cause the context and action to be applied to data on server side
retVal = dw.SetAction (dw_action, dw_context);
f_testError(retVal, dw_action);
/* write out the html representing the resulting data */
document.writeln( dw.Generate() );

/* create two WebDW components on the page */
f_createDW("ssv_dw_reserve.pbl", "d_dept_listing", "dw_depts", "-1",
document.writeln("<P> </P>");

f_createDW("ssv_dw_reserve.pbl", "d_dept_listing", "dw_depts", "-1",



235333 PB 8 Beta 4 build 4020, 5013 :
IF you try and deply to a Dynamic File Site mapping in powerdynamo, which does not exist then on deploy you will get the following error : "Error: Unable to connect to the database site." The deployment here is done to a dynamic file site NOT a database site. The error should be corrected.
235352 OS: Win32
PB Version and Build: PB PowerBuilder 7.0.3 Build 10048 and later

A call to dw.Describe('') will crash PB if beforehand the dw browser property was modified using Modify ("DataWindow.HTMLGen.Browser = 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.x;)' ")
Also happens with HTMLGen.Browser (eg Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.x;) )
Other values work
Datawindow MUST NOT have anything in the header band (in dw painter)
(w/a is to put an invisible text in header band).
Error is an access violation in dwe.
0x10630f90 @ 0x00000054 (memory read error)

235362 The ability to revert a descendant object properties to the ancestor object properties is available in PB65x. However this appears to be no longer available in PB7 and PB8 beta.

The disadvantage of losing this functionality is that since "local changes always override inherited properties", then the devloper has to go through each descendant object in order to manually revert the values to match the ancestor object properties.

235367 The Restrictions section of "Building a Client for an EJB" in on-line help (on the Help->Find tab, search for Building and then pick the second topic) contains the following paragraph:

"When an EJB component is created, its remote interface is inherited from the EJBObject. The methods of the EJBObject remote interface are not available to PowerBuilder clients. PowerBuilder clients can only access the business methods of the remote interface."

This isn't completely accurate becuase the remove method is part of the EJBObject interface and is available to PowerBuilder clients in the proxy generated from the EJB. (To see this you can generate proxies for any EJB in EAServer and see the remove method is included).

235372 7.0.3 Regression: PowerBuilder crashing on Graph DW's and controls when creating or sometimes opening in development.
235426 Has a PB non-pooled component with the event CanBePooled which return 1. Following the PB Help "Providind support for instance pooling", this component should pooled.
It is pooled on NT but not on Solaris.
235443 In Powerbuilder or Infomaker 8 and ToDo list if you add an entry you have to hit enter before hitting x to exit in order for entry to be saved. In Powerbuilder or Infomaker 7 just hitting the x to exit would save entry.
235456 Inserting a bitmap in PB 7.x, then saving and opening the .rtf file causes the bitmap to gradually shrink inside the rte control.
235468 NUP datawindow with tab sequence 0 click on data, all disappears. Does not occur in 7.0 if the Preview View is maximized in the datawindow painter.
235511 PB 8 Beta
If you open a window which contains a reference to a non-existing user object, PB fires a GPF.
So, if you delete an object, you have to perform a full rebuild after the deletion to be sure the object is not used elswhere and to avoid the GPF.
235521 All controls that are on the edge of the bottom of the window control gets clipped the very first time you reopen a new window, if it is resized then it is ok after that. It looks like the window control shifts a little up when it is ran for the first time.
235531 Enhancement Request PB8 Beta : When having multiple targets eg. with same name customers would like a visual indicator in front of the currently edited target.
235600 breakpoint disappear from the debugger. This is very similar but not a exact dupe of CR 198105
235603 calling ExpandAll, causes no trigger of the events ItemExpanding and ItemExpanded




call the events direct in the script before you calling ExpandAll() function:

tv_1.event ItemExpanding ( handle )

tv_1.event ItemExpanded ( handle )

235606 When doing an undo after a delete of a function, the undo will loose instance variables of the object. Instaed it will replace the instance variable with the code from the function.
235609 Drag and drop cuts off right parenthesis when function returns NONE
235612 smal Memory leak in syntaxfromsql()

~ 1.4K for each call

235619 Global search fails to pick up object names themselves, just in scripts. Same is true for Target search in PB8.
235637 Prompt for DB info works against MSS 6.5 but not MSS 7. Click on the "Prompt for Database" checkbox in the database profile for an MSS connection. If the connection is to MSS 6.5, the connection will work. If the connection is for MSS 7, the connection will fail.

Some Additional information:
In the MS SQL Server 7 profile Uncheck prompt for Database Information and add the Host Name to the workstation Name on the Network Tab the DBParm will look like this SQLCA.DBParm = "Host=XXXXXXX'" Test the conection. It will Work.
Check the Prompt for Database Information check box:
Use a System Administrator UserName/Password and test the connection. You will be able to pass the Host Name and then select a Database and the connection will work

235643 Datawindows with an extremely large filters cannot be saved. Attempt to save results in "Datawindow error: Line 10 Column 1265 incorrect syntax" message.

Workaround: use setfilter and filter functions in script instead.

235649 Update documentation to include all error codes for PostURL function. For example, -5 means that an HTTPS post has been attempted, and PB doesn't support it.

Documentation has been updated. There were no additional errors missing other than the -5 error noted.

235664 PB8 Beta4: Change in implementation of Lookup not backward compatible
235665 PB8 Beta4: CRASH on second invocation of Lookup
235699 Opening more Window objects at the same time will cause GPF
235717 Multiple tables with multiple outer joins against MS Access
The graphical request generates a SQL syntax which is not supported in Access
235725 PB8 Beta4: copy/paste of controls using ctrl - t does not retain correct z-order after surrounding them with a group box.
235731 With some (non-standard) date formats specified in Regional Settings, isDate function performs unpredictably. When you change regional setting date format to dddd or ddd or y and enter a date of this format as a string and then use isdate to check it you get an invalid date error. If you set the regional setting to dddd or ddd or y enter a date in the format of mm/dd/yyyy there is no error, even though the entered date doesn't comply with regional settings. This is inconsistent
235732 8.0 Beta: Installation error message is unclear. This error occurred during installation: "PowerBuilder WebTargets require Sybase PowerDynamo 3.5.2 or later. Run the PowerDynamo setup before installing PowerBuilder WebTargets Click YES to continue or NO to cancel Setup." User initially thought if YES was clicked that PowerDynamo 3.5.2 would be installed. This turned out not to be the case. Clicking YES at this point continues with the installation of PowerBuilder. This message should be rewritten to be more clear to the user.
235734 This is really a duplicate of CR 226730 which has been duped to CR 220564.

Opening and closing objects in the library painter results in a memory leak that can easily be seen using either the Task Manager or the Performance Monitor. By the end of the day after repeated usage PB crashes.

235755 When looking at Functions/Events in the System Tree, allow a
double-click to open the object and position to the function or event listed.
235791 When update statement with tsequal() in where clause is called from PB 7.0.3 it always fails with error message "Row changed between retrieve and update" even if no other updates were made between retrieve and update.

It is not a bug. When calling a stored procedure from sqlpreview event if you do not use verb "exec" TSQL statement will be sent as is to the database server and database then correctly executes the stored procedure with tsequal() function.

235802 in a treeview control the propertie checkbox is enabled.
If inserting treeview items there is still the state pictures visible and no checkboxes.

in the constructor script
this.checkboxes = false
this.checkboxes = true

235805 Deficiancy needs to be resolvedt: Querymode and European numeric settings.
235808 This is a duplicate of CR 150139 which when fixed was backed out by CR 188111. Please refer for details.

This problem is being resubmitted for re-evaluation by engineering to see if both behaviors can be accomodated as the current behavior does not print in a WYSIWYG fashion. Text that is cut off when previewed is printed causing overprinting when sent to the printer. Placing a border around the text provides desired truncation but neither this nor the workarounds work for this customer as the datawindow is dynamically created.

235811 PB 8 Beta 4 :
1) When installing JDBC driver - the order in which the JDB/JDM/JDS drivers are displayed are not consistent between PB and IM. The ones that are going to be deprecated in future should be lower in the order as is in PB, IM should be display the same.

2) ASA install requires reselection of directories selected in the common install - ASA still doesn't pick up the drive for the install if you change it from C:. You have to respecify it when the ASA portion of the install starts.

235813 Remove all references of OR8 driver from PB and IM documentation.
235818 PB 8 Beta 4 build 4020:
On a web page if we select a text and then do a Add to Hyperlink then in the Hyperlink properties - Hyperlink Tab - Text of the Hyperlink should get populated automatically based on the selected text, one should not have to type it again.
235821 PB 8 Beta 4 :
If you install webtargets either just by itself or with other components during a custom install , on the last window that says "Start Copying Files - Review settings before copying files", WebTargets is not listed.
I think it should be displayed.
235822 Microsoft Web Browser OCX having problems with the beforenavigate2 event. The arguement "url" and always is blank instead of the correct url location. This used to work in pb703 build 10009 broke after that and also does not work in PB8.

The actual navigation still works as if you continue you will be directed to the requested site.

235831 Ct wants to be able to have the Object Browser of PB 8.0 show *tlb files for the COM Objects function list. This is provided in MS tools.

PB should be able to show *.tlb file, which holds the function list to some COM objects. MS excel gives such options and ct would like to have this as well in pb8.0

235837 There is some GUI functionality which is wrong and some incorrect references to indicate
that the "Move()" standard object function is available to a PB "line" object,
however this is in fact a false statement.
235839 In all PB version releases for on-line HELP files, Move() is mentioned as a valid function, however this is wrong
and should be removed.
235842 Short Desc:
Cannot connect to an ASA database using ASAProv provider without the OLE-ODBC bridge
get following error : "An error occured but could not retrieve the error text due to a failure in the error handler"
235901 PB Version and Build: PB 8 Build 5018

Autoscript does not allow the user to type in the keys ", !, & in the following circumstances...

Activate Autoscript (Menu->Design->Options->Autoscript)
Check all the options (except 'activate only after a dot')
Open any (scriptable) object
Type in
(ie as if you are about to type in Postevent (...) )

Autoscript listbox should pop up and offer a choice of functions with postevent( /*string e */) being the one selected.
Ignore what appears in the autoscript listbox and continue typing after the autoscript appears (without making the autoscript list disappear)
Postevent ( "

-> Cannot type in the key "
(also found ! and & as giving the same problem)

235902 PB8 Beta4: PBORC80.DLL is loading when PowerBuilder is launched.

Per Development:
As long as the .h and .lib files are not installed or distributed, this should be ok.

235992 HTML DW & Netscape Layers - layout messed up if Netscape browser resized
236014 Messages window shows all messages encountered. Please split this up (using a tabbed window approach would work) to house Migration, Warning, Error messages separately. Or have one show all messages with optional distribution.
236029 System Tree Interface Enhancement Request

- Include/Exclude full library/target path name. Most path names are way longer
than the size of the System Tree window, which then really hides the actual

- Show objects in PBL Groups/Exclude PBL groups (ie, show all objects in a
target in one sorted-by-object-type list, and exclude the PBL from the display

- Be able to Exclude certain PBL's from the system tree, although included in
the target. For example, exclude the PFC libraries from view

- Compress/Hide Ancestor stuff (such as Functions/Events/Properties etc),
especially when there's no code.

- Combine Overloaded functions into expandable list (I want to see that there is
a TriggerEvent, but I don't care that there are seventeen variations unless I'm
actually looking for one of those variations).

236038 Different query syntax is generated between versions 6.5 and 7.0 when a retrieval argument has a null value, thereby changing the result set. A null is being handled differently in 7.0+ in terms of the syntax that is being generated. PB5 and PB 6.5, dw retrieval with NULL argument (arg), was submitted to Oracle database with following where clause "where <column_nme> = :arg" --> "where <column_nme> = NULL"

where as in PB703 the same datawindow with same arguments is submitted as follows :

"where <column_nme> IS NULL"

It should be noted that "WHERE <column> = NULL" is not ANSI compliant syntax. Various DBMS vendors behave differently:

DB2/MVS treated this as illegal syntax

Oracle, ASA, Informix return 0 rows

ASE, MS SQL Server, and DB2 for AS/400 treat this the same as <column> IS NULL

Nevertheless, some customers have insisted that they want datawindows to generate WHERE <column> = NULL. To satisfy this request, the Oracle native drivers have a DBParm called GenerateEqualsNull=1.

236066 If you look at a View's definition in its property sheet, it contains the column names. If you drag that view to the database painter ISQL session, it doesn't contain column names.

PER DEVELOPMENT: This is due to a limitation in the database vendor's client software. See also CR 220099.

236112 The Recent Object List has sequence numbers for only up to 10 objects. The items appear after 10 objects in the list but not the actual number.
236120 PB8.0 Beta4: Edit Source on object saves changes even when an error occurs

Developer's comments:
Use with caution
Although the Source editor provides a quick way to make global changes, you should use it with caution, and you must be familiar with the syntax and semantics of PowerScript source code before changing it in the Source editor.
Changes you make to an object's source code using the Source editor take effect immediately when you save the object, before the code is validated. If an error message displays in the Output window, you must fix the problem in the Source editor before you close the editor. If you do not, you will not be able to open the object in a painter.

Reworked note in User's Guide description of Source editor (also added to Help on Source editor):

236122 Window with large number of controls causes a crash. Customer believes this is a problem with large length of control names (totaled for the window).
236126 Memory leaks at runtime with repeated connects/disconnects
236130 PowerBuilder component on EAServer 3.6.1 on HPUX does not respond.
236164 PB 8.0 Beta 4: Requesting support for Oracle 8.1.7 According to Doc 1011566 there is only support up to 8.16
236220 Toggling Objects,Functions or Declares ddlb disables Extend ancestor script
236224 Defining a structure that contains another structure and defining both a global variable and an object Instance variable of this structure gives error R0096 circular reference problem.
This is a regression that appeared in PB7.02C3 and later.

>>>R0096 Application terminated:
Error: Cannot save <object> because of a circular reference problem.
Possible causes:
1. This object references another class which in turn refrences this object.
2. Some other circular reference is pointing back to this object causing a dead-lock condition.

Suggested actions:
1. Temporarily remove the circular reference from the referenced object.
2. Make your required changes to this object to refer to that object.
3. Re-add the circular reference you removed in step 1.
4. Perform a Full Rebuild (recommended).

- Encapsulate the global structure variable into a user object
- change the global variable to an application instance variable

236226 Description of Problem: PowerBuilder 702 and Jaguar Server build 35036, using web datawindow and service class object for database validations (update/insert). First time, in web dw if a record is modified (with some existing values in db) in web dw and updated then the service class object will display an error in web dw and retain all the changes. This worked fine and dw given expected behavior but if record is again modified with some other values that exist in database, dw html page gives error "Page Not Found"

Per Development:
After further investigation, I found the problem had nothing to do with our PowerBuilder.
It is the problem of the user's PowerDynamo html page(profile_trial3.htm). In the profile_trial3.htm,
when update fails, user try to still show the dw in the page. But in the function ShowError(action, error)
if ( action == "Update" )
document.writeln("<BR>"+dwMine.Generate()); // to avoid ROLLBACK error and show data on the screen still
dwMine.SetSelfLink(, ''); // to avoid page refresh error
document.writeln("<B>Updates were not saved.</B><BR>");
it call dwMine.SetSelfLink(, '') after calling dwMine.Generate() to generate the html string. This
is not correct. In our HTML DataWindow, we must call dwMine.SetSelfLink(, '') before we call
dwMine.Generate() to generate the new html string because the html generator of dw needs the selflink to generate
the URLs for the Action of SubmitForm used by Button Action, such as Update Button in our case. If we call dwMine.
generate before calling dwMine.SetSelfLink, then the html generator can not generate the URL for the Action of
SubmitForm used by Update Button. You can verify this by looking at the html source of the second page in our case
from the browser. You will find <FORM NAME="dwMine_submitForm" METHOD=POST ACTION="****** ERROR NO
SELF LINK SPECIFIED! ******"> .Then when we do update in the new html page, the submit form without action
will submit NULL URL to Web Server. Thus we can not get any return page. This is the third page we see in our case.

To correct this problem, user must call SetSelfLink before calling Generate() to generate the html string of dw. The following
statement is the correct one.
if ( action == "Update" )
dwMine.SetSelfLink(, ''); // to avoid page refresh error
document.writeln("<BR>"+dwMine.Generate()); // to avoid ROLLBACK error and show data on the screen still
document.writeln("<B>Updates were not saved.</B><BR>");

In Jaguar 3.6, when HTML DW fails in update database, the follow call of function Generate() will always return NULL.
Thus we can not show the datawindow again. This is because we call TransactionSever.SetAbort() in our standard
HTML DataWindow when update fails. In Jaguar 3.5, this call will not throw a TransactionRolledbackException. But in
Jaguar 3.6, it does.Then the follow call of Generate() will always return NULL.
We can overcome this problem by setting set the DataWindow/HTMLGenerator or HTMLGenerator80 component
property in Jaguar 3.6. Setting this property to failed will ensures
that Jaguar does not throw a TransactionRolledbackException...

236256 With the library painter opened. Double-click on a window to open and then trying to edit the datawindow from the control list results in a crash. This is a very busy window with many controls and inheritance.

PB should crash with these objects.

When the Datawindow is edited directly by clicking on it in the library painter or by simply opening it, the same steps do not result in a crash.

236299 The problem is that when a newly created user event is deleted, PB will gpf in 2 situations when in the
event list pane or in the script painter.
236306 PB 8 Beta 4 build 4020, 5024
1) Cannot import to-do list from one target to another in the same workspace , you get an error "Failed to import items for target pb8_test (d:\pse\sample). pb8_test(d:\pse\sample) is not the currently selected target. " the list gets displayed in the list in the background on clicking ok on the messagebox it goes blank. I think the reason for the error is because we are now storing the path and target name for the items in the to-do list which is probably restricting the import.
2) If you try to import an exported to-do list from workspace 1 target to workspace 2 target then no error message on import but it still comes up blank.

3) Import a pb 7 exported to-do list into pb 8 , pb 8 will crash in msvcrt.dll

236314 Reproduced in : PB 8 Beta 4 build 4020, 5024
Could not reproduce in PB 7.03.10061
1) If you disable autoretrieve on a dddw column , save it , do a retrieve the dddw column gets populated with data column value not display column value and no data in the dropdown.

2) Addition of autoretrieve to a column that is a dropdowndatawindow in a datawindow does not retrieve the dropdowndatawindow until datawindow is close and reopened. This occurs when the datawindows has autoretrieve disabled and then the user enables it. When you create the datawindow that will be the drop down datawindow ensure you disable autoretrieve. Now create a datawindow that does not autoretrieve and add this datawindow as a dropdown datawindow. One you create this datawindow save it. Now enable auto retrieve and for a retrieve and test in the preview pane of the datawindow painter observe how dropdowndatawindow is not populated. Save again and exit the datawindow then reload. Now watch how since autoretrieve was on from point of opening how the dropdowndatawindow now populates correctly.

236334 When trying to print a label datawindow the right edge of the data doesn't print - it gets truncated on the right side.
User has chosen Laser Address 1.33 x 4.00 5162, 5262 as the Predefined Label, and has taken the defaults. The left label looks okay, the right side has truncated data.
236398 When using the PWDialog DBParm with Oracle 8, the dialog prompting the users for a new password is incomplete. "ORA-28001: the password has"
"expired" is missing
236408 After fix to 208069, Rows disappear from Preview View upon modification of crosstab in 7.0. Problem does not occur in the PB 8 beta codeline.

Workaround: simply re-retrieve the preview view and the crosstab will display as it should.

236430 Accessing a pb com component thru com+ will
always return false for the isintransaction.
236431 PB 8 Beta 4 build 4020 :
If dynamic website is not created in advance then when one creates a Deployment Configuration, then on Finish you get following error : "Create Mapping Failed. Cause is Create mapping routine for this site type still under construction"
FindClassDefinition should be downwards compatible
Enhance the FindClassDefinition to be able to get the class definition in a PB7 application from objects in a PB6 PBL. At the moment you only get a Null object pointer
236546 WIth library painter open and using the Object Browser, a user object function was selected and right mouse was used to try to copy. This resulted in a crash. Other user objects did not crash but this crash is reproducible every time.

Function is over loaded but other functions also do not crash.

236551 PB 8 Beta 4: Memory leak opening and closing nvos in painter
236564 In the title bar of the script view in the painters, events show up as:<ObjectName> inherited from <ObjectName> for <EventName> returns <variable>
whereas functions show up as: <Functionname> <argumentlist> returns <variable>

The customer believes that this should be consistent, and something more like: <MethodName> for <objectname> inherited from <objectname> returns <variable>

236567 A 'character sensitive' drop down list displays as soon as you type a letter in the file name field.
Windows 2000. For Example, click New Workspace. Opens the 'New Workspace' dialog box.
Type a letter (e.g; a) in the file name field. You'll see a drop down appear. If there is no file that starts with that letter, it will "turn it" into a drive letter. Otherwise it will list the files that start with that letter, regardless of the file extension.

Apparently, this ddlb contains nearest matches to the letter entered, that are available in the 'Save in; folder (includes drive letters, folder names etc starting with the letter entered).

This does not happen in NT.

236592 Allow all the available pointer enumerated data types as SetPointer() args.

SetPointer accepts the following possible arguments

But windows, controls, dws also include the following stock pointers


Customer would like to see all these available as arguments for SetPointer.

236594 PB crashes if opening a lot of objects (for example 16 datawindows and a few NVOs)

close some objects and keep only a few open.

236602 Memory Leak when repeatly execute ClassDefObject.FindMatchingFunction. The problem is related to CR229732.
236603 In the DataBase painter PowerBuilder crashes if you a drag table to the layout view while retrieving from another table. This appears to be specific to connecting to Oracle via the native driver PBO84xx.DLL.
236615 GPF using datawindow dot notation to reference a column in a nested report. Regression.
236631 Crosstab w/ ASE stored procedure crashes on retrieve when display expressions used
236653 PB8 Beta4- PB crashes when changing workspaces in library painter.
236704 Virtual memory will continue to gradually increase when one client is calling
a pb component under a rapid test (for next loop). The component is set up for
instance pooling and auto demarcation is turned on.

Problem happens on both nt and solaris. On nt after 1000 iterations, the vm size goes up
about 200k. On solaris, virtual memory started at 41008. After 17000 iterations the vsz was
161352. Snapshots thruout this test showed the vsz go up from:

The increase is gradual and it shows that the vsz doesn't appear to level off.

236710 Customer would like the project painter library list to have LiveScroll.
236795 GPF in Debugger doing step in , in a userobject that uses autoinstantiate property.
Happens when no return value on function of uo.
236800 PowerBuilder crashes if you try to add a report to an existing datawindow if you have too many datawindows (255+) listed in your library path. Very similar to 207779, but that was for composite datawindows. This is for nested.

Workaround: Remove a PBL (or more, if necessary) from the library path so that fewer datawindows are listed. You can then create the nested report, and add your library files back to the library path when the nested report has been saved.

236802 When using remote debugging and adding breakpoints,
the breakpoint is not always added to the line of code that was intended.

For example the following code:
If of_VerifyState( ls_ThisMethod ) <> SUCCESS Then
End If

if you try to add a breakpoint on the line of "if of_verifystate....", the breakpoint will show up at the next line
(ll_rc = failure).

236812 PowerBuilder crashes if the full path leading to a PBL name in the Library Path properties is deleted. If, on the other hand, you enter a PBL name without including a path, an error message displays. PowerBuilder does not crash.
236817 PB8 Beta4: "In the System Tree, highlight a workspace or target and select Run from the popup menu. If you highlighted a workspace, a dialog box opens that lets you select the target to be run".

If you highlight a workspace, the dialog box does not display, the previous target that ran is the one that runs.

236861 Using an ODBC connection to ASE 11.x with an identity column as the table key, the value of the id column is not added to the datawindow upon update. User must re-retrieve the data.
236878 Declaring a cursor and pasting SQL for Cursor Update:
RMB->Paste Special->SQL->Cursor Update

When pasting a SQL statement for Cursor Update, there are no columns in the Update Column Values dialog
to choose from, if the table name in the declared cursor has the keyword dbo before it.

236900 Library Painter: Wants Set Root RMB back, and wants it under different menu

Per Development: Set Root is on RMB if you click in empty space. Also Set Root will remain under the View menu to be consistent with the prior release.

236903 Database Painter: would like RMB option in Results pane for database painter for Save Rows As...
236907 The following is taken from the Online Help for PB 8.0 build 6002.

To rebuild a target:

Select the target in the Library painter and select Entry>Target>Incremental Build or Entry>Target>Full Build from the menu bar.


Select the target in the System Tree or Library painter and select Incremental Build or Full Build from the popup menu.

The options are available in the above cases except for in the library painter. In both the list and tree view if you select the target and then right mouse to bring up the pop up menu the only options available are "Delete", "New" and "Properties".

Either this is a missing option in the library painter or it is a documentation and online help bug.

236918 Toolbar icons are missing from the CashTrak sample app as is indicated in the online help.
Description of Problem: Opened on request from Doc team. Did not find the following buttons in toolbar as shown in online help(on "viewing an account statement"): Checking / Saving / Credit Cd / Loan
236921 Description of Problem:
The Help-About window has a disclaimer which still has "Powersoft" as the vendor. This should be changed.
236923 PB 8.0 Beta 4: Migration problem from 7.0; calling dynamic functions from any.
236957 PowerBuilder crash saving a DataWindow Grid which contains a computed field with functions CumulativeSum or CumulativePercent. Only if in a column in the visible the computed column is used with an expression like:
if ( compute_1 =number_column, 0, 1)
236972 DB Profile painter PowerBuilder 7
PB 7 on windows 2000 crashes if
- Oracle client is 8.1.7
- You use O84 PB driver
- You test the DB connection through the DB profile and then you click on CONNECT.
236985 PB 8.0 beta 4 build 6002, PB 7.0.3 build 10063

After placing an editmask control and right justifying it, PB will crash if you go to the toolbar and try to place a label on the window.

237041 When sharing data from DW_1 to DW_2 then setting QueryMode on the primary, and if there's a dddw on DW_1 with "Always show arrow" option checked it gives GPF. Only doing this operation on the secondary should give error:



ie. just disabing the "always show arrow" property before the call to query mode, and setting it after the call is made.

237042 PB 8 :
The Automation Server Generator creates a REG file containing a reference to PBVM70.DLL instead of PBVM80.DLL
237049 Using Bind variables (disablebind=0), multiple updates cannot be achieved if there is a SQL statement in the SQLPreview event.
237062 Requests additional online help for supported Oracle features:

1. Update the online help to indicate that the datawindow painter supports Oracle's user-defined datatypes,
and provide a link to the portion of the online documentation that describe it.

2. Update the online help and the online documentation with regard to whether Oracle's user-defined
datatypes are supported in other SQL operations (i.e., embedded SQL, transaction RPCFUNC).

3. Update the online help to provide more information about support for REF CURSORS within embedded SQL,
with links to the appropriate portions of the online documentation.

237072 Grid datawindows with groups have horizontal lines missing after each group header.
237078 When viewing an htmldw in Internet Explorer 5.5, the
background color of the detail band is not wide enough. It does not cover all
of the colors.

Development states: it appears to be a property of the <SPAN> tag that
doesn't appear to be set properly.

237079 Online help - generateresultset - syntax 1 - example 0- if loop :

IF ds_datastore.Retrieve() <> -1 THEN
... // report error and return

It should be:
IF ds_datastore.Retrieve() = -1 THEN
... // report error and return

237082 In a netscape 4.7 browser using a htmldw, the last column header
appears in the detail band of the dw.

Also the group header text doesn't appear to be formatted.

While testing the fix for cr228091, these problems appeared. Works ok in Internet Explorer.
Also changing the display from 800 x 600 to 1152 x 864 appears to fix the problem.

237086 PB8 Beta4: Crash in descendant function painter when accessing script of event where ancestor throws exception
237089 The Readme.1st file for the CashTrak example needs to be updated as it contains references to obsolete or sometimes unsupported versions of DBMSs. Also contains step-by-step instructions that need to be updated to the new IDE.

Per Development: The CashTrack example will not be included with the PowerBuilder 8 release.

237138 PowerBuilder 7:
When the focus in on the column, a datetime without edit format is formated like : dd/mm/yy
Now if the column had an edit format in the past but you have removed it, the date displayed is like
dd/mm/yy 00:00:00 when the column takes the focus.
237151 New Feature Request: Allow copying from favorites (clip window) into dialogs (ie, copying PFC library list into library search path dialog during new target creation).
237152 PB8.0 Enhancement Request: Provide capability to edit clipping text
237159 When you RMC an object from the system tree, and choose "Print" the dialog box can be confusing. There are print options for Window/User Object, Menu and Application, even if the object you are printing is a datawindow. User would like to see this dialog be context-sensitive--if a window is being printed, show Window options; if it is an application, show application options, and so on.

Additionally, when you press "Help" from this dialog, the help contains reference to Application, Menu and Window/User Object--this should be changed as well to reflect that the dialog is context-sensitive (if that change is made)

237163 Enhancement request to allow datawindows to be found by name in library search would be helpful in maintaining large applications.

Would be heplful to be able to search a pbl for an object contained in that pbl but which is not referenced anywhere else. Currently object is found only if it's name is included in the properties (and properties are searched).

237178 PB 8.0 Enhancement request: Increase clip string length.
237181 PB components hanging in jaguar on multicpu NT machine
237213 When using global functions defined eg. for datawindow expressions, while debugging the debugger breaks to this function automatically although no breakpoints are set. This is expected behavior so far but when you are in this global function and you try to get out of it eg. using jump out/over it is not possible anymore.

Trying to stop debugging and restarting it will cause a GPF.

PER DEVELOPMENT: A partial fix has been implemented for this problem. However, in the case when the global function is called during the WM_PAINT windows message processing, the user is limited to using only the Continue command to exit the debugger. The reason for this is as follows: When the current running position stops at the WM_PAINT event script or function, the user clicks Step In, Step Over or Step Out and the script is executed completely. The app window will be shown and another WM_PAINT will be fired. Thus the next event or function script to be executed will be also the WM_PAINT processing. Then Step In, Step Out, or Step Over will stop at this processing again. This is current behavior of our PB VM.

In the user's test case supplied for this CR, when the datawindow is painted (during WM_PAINT), the expression of the computed field will be evaluated and hence the global function is called. This is just the situation of our defect. In other cases, there is no problem in debugging a global function. As you know, the WM_PAINT message is a special windows message and it will be fired repeatly by the system.

Unfortunately, we cannot disable the Step In, Step Over, and Step Out option in this case since in the debugger UI context, it is not possible for PB to know that current script processing is for WM_PAINT message.

The problem interacting with WM_PAINT is a known limitation of PB VM and debugger for a long time. In order to fully implement a solution, a full rewrite the debugger would be required. This cannot be addressed in an EBF or point release.

237225 Custom Install: Foxpro ODBC selection missing from the Current settings window (which reviews the selections made). Proceeds to install correctly, but summary page is incorrect. For both Infomaker and PowerBuilder.
237230 PB 8.0 Beta 4: Wrap Height default value of .5 when creating a freeform dw doesn't stick, it is changed to 0..
237252 Script (javascript) in Client-side events (Clicked, ButtonClicked, etc..) do not get copied into the HTML source of a web datawindow page.

If do the same on a simple command button on a blank page (eg. script in the OnClick event), there is no problem.

237253 ORBLogFile not created if path to file does not exist. No error occurs. This should either produce an error, create the path and file, or be documented.
237263 1.Open... dialog: not possible to see the whole target or PBL name if the path is long.

2. Would like dw sort dialog better. Either add a split pane to allow for width adjustment, or add a "flyover" so that the full name would show if the mouse pointer were over the name.

3. Same as #2 for DW Specify Group dialog, or at a minimum make it wider - it is a very narrow dialog

4. DW Update properties dialog - not bad, but moving Primary Key button up slightly would allow much more room for the lists to display wider.

5. Again on DW Update properties dialog, make the Identity: dropdown much wider

237310 Ct would like to have the OptSelectBlob dbParm parameter also implemented for the odbc driver for MS SQL Server from PB 7.03 and higher.
237313 PB 8.0: Enhancement Request: Need examples of Named notation to specify the procedure arguments in Oracle stored procedures.
237314 PB8 Beta: Chapter 5 of PB User's Guide "Working with Libraries" - page 125 - following section:
"What you cannot do in the Library painter:
You cannot migrate or open objects in PowerBuilder libraries that are not on the library list.
--> You also cannot create new objects or rename a library."

1) I could RMB a current target in Library TreeView and create a new object.
2) I could also RMB any target (outside my workspace) and create a new object - but could save it only in my current libraries. Just a variation of step 1 constrained by the fact that Save dialog only shows current libraries to choose from.

237325 Using the Paste option from the menu causes PB to crash in PBSCR80.dll
237330 When you do HTML Preview on a grid datawindow, spaces appear between some of the columns.
237332 Large amounts of memory are being consumed
while stress testing pb components thru jaguar

Jaguar 3.5 C5 Jaguar 3.6.1 C1
Start Stop Start Stop
Test1 ? 555640 (hung) 37936 595304 (hung)
Test2 279752 945488 (hung) 38024 882824 (worked ok)
Test3 41444 660600 (hung) 38032 630752 (hung)
Test4 41096 925544 (Worked) 38032 762656 (worked ok)

Test1 - Using getcustomeronly with 200 iterations and 10 clients and link/unlink with
200 iterations with 5 clients on two separate workstations.
Test2 - Using getcustomeronly with 200 iterations and 10 clients on two separate
client workstations
Test3 - Same as test1 except jaguar is bound to 1 cpu
Test4 - Same as test2 except jaguar is bound to 1 cpu

237333 PB8 Beta: Migrate Target from Library Painter causes error
237357 PB 8.0 Beta 4: Grid HTML dw does not launch the Javascript generation wizard.
237412 Problem when returning a string with accent from a PB component. This problem exist ONLY if Jaguar Server codeSet is equals to UTF8.
for example a function in a pb component in Jaguar returning accent characters like:

1. change the codeset of Jaguar for instance to iso_1
2. convert the string into a blob in the server and return a blob instead of the string.
In the client application revert it back to a sting.

237450 7.0.3 Crash Dump: Getting GPF while using PBE debugger.
Resolved with 7.0.3 build 10069 and after.
237453 Oracle rowid datatype is incorrectly mappped to a char(4) column. Both for a datawindow and in the database painter.

Probable dupe of 218438, but not identical.

Modify the datawindow column and change it from char(4) to char(25).

For data manipulation, you would have to temporarily create a datawindow, do the above modification, and then make your data changes through the datawindow preview view.

237493 When the following requirements are met, a preview causes a gpf in the composite datawindow.
- Draw object in the detail band (oval, rectangle)
- The objects mentioned above have an expression set on the pen.color
- The underlying sql is in the order as demonstrated in the testcase.
237494 When placing draw objects into the detail band having a expression set eg. on pen.color, the expression is not evaluated in the composite datawindow.
From CR 155359 it is said that this is supposed to be working from PB 8 onwards only, but in issue CR 237493 it works already in PB 7. But when creating new datawindows it does not.
237495 When assigning the visible attribute an expression in a grid datawindow and saving the object, reopening it -> the expression will be lost.
237517 GPF going to function script after deleting user events from Event list.
237546 Is this a bug or is this a documentation error???

The following is the text of the online help for " Search Library Entries dialog box"

Use this search tool to search for strings in the currently selected target, library, or objects.
To search multiple library entries, press SHIFT+click to select contiguous library entries or CTRL+click to select non-contiguous entries.

I could not do a SHIFT + click or CTRL + click to select multiple libraries. A few observations here (I may have missed something):

1. I cannot make multiple selections in Library Treeview period, whether it is at the target/pbl/object level .

2. It can be done only in the Listview. For that, the root has to be changed appropriately(for e.g; to a directory containing multiple pbls). However, I cannot open more than one pbl at a time(in Listview)
if I decide to select multiple objects from two pbls.

3. For searching multiple targets, I will have to use Entry>Target>Search. This is, however, only one target at a time.

4. For searching multiple libraries - I don?t know how this can be done. Even if I have two Listviews with objects from different libraries, I can only select and search from one Listview at a time.
I guess if I perform a search on a target, all pbls in the library list will be searched. But I cannot perform a single search on multiple targets in my workspace.

5. For searching objects, I will have to use Listview. However, I can only search objects one pbl at a time (see 2. above).

237551 PB 8.0 Enchancement: Browser Target dropdown needs to be wider or add a horizontal scroll bar.
237596 PB Version and Build: PB 7.0 - all builds
PB 8.0 - all builds

When in dw painter and the taborder button is pressed, to allow tab order values to be changed, most menu options are greyed out but the save button is not (in PB 6.x this was also greyed out). However this save button does not save any changes made to the taborder values but it does prevent the 'save any changes' dialog from appearing if the dw painter is close immediately after this as the dw painter (and the user) now 'thinks' these changes have been saved.
This button should save changes or be greyed out while in 'taborder mode' (as it was in PB 6)

237609 The display value for a smallint retrieved from MS SQL Server versions 7 and 2000 through the OLE DB driver becomes corrupted upon subsequent retrieves.
237631 A PowerBuilder cannot handle a null string eurn when a client calls GetMessage function

in a NVO deployed into Jaguar server

237644 OLE DB not exposing DBHandle( ) with IDBCreateSession needed by MS DTC
237647 PB 8 Beta 4 build 5029, 6008.
Using OLE DB Driver to connect to a SqlServer 7 or 2000 database when passing a string (that has comma's embedded ) as a parameter to the storedprocedure causes "Error 999 (rc -1) : is, is not a parameter for procedure dbo.sp_test_text"

The same Storedprocedure executed using the native MSS driver works fine.

237655 The ODBC Trace file name disappears if you uncheck the 'Trace ODBC API Calls' check box in the DB Profile. This is incorrect behavior, according to PB documentation
237657 PB 8 Beta 4: Enhancement Request: Customer would like to be able to print from the script painter and have it print in same font as set in the script painter. Also, if it is in a colour printer should print the different coloured text. He wants the script to print WYSIWYG
237702 PSE NOTES
PB Version and Build: PB 8 Beta 4 build 6008 (also PB 7.x)

Current behaviour forces a new project to be created for each EAS component created using the EAServer component wizard. This new feature request is to allow the user to create EAS components without needing to create a new project so that the project can be created later to include various existing components OR alternatively, allow user to select an existing project when creating a new EAS component.

237723 If a dw expression for any band property of any dw band (detail, header, footer etc..) references a computed field then it is 'lost' when the dw painter is closed and reopened again.
The only 2 band properties which allow conditional expressions are color and pointer - both do not retain expressions supplied after closing the dw and reopening it. The expressions work fine in the dw painter preview pane (or for other expressions) but once the dw is closed and reopened the expression is lost ( looks like the dw parser is not understanding the expression when read from source and is discarding the expression).
237731 OLE: call to MS XML Parser AppendChild method fails with a PowerBuilder runtime error on the second call to the method.
237791 mle goes to background (order of controls are changed) after setting propertie. For example if setting mle_1.VScrollbar = TRUE
use following script to brin the control to front.
mle_1.bringtotop = true
237873 When you use the autoscript, the dropdownlist is not refreshed when you press the backspace key.
237876 When pressing the spacebar in a datawindow containing a dddw as the first column PB will gpf. PB 6.5.1 builds 12xx and higher only.
237878 PowerBuilder 6, 7 crashes in the debugger when a debugbreak function is called in
an autoinstatiated shared userobject. The crash can occur when stopping the debug session or
when closing the debugger.
237879 Opening objects from an application that has a big library search path over the network sometime causes freezing or hanging behavior in PB
This could be a dupe of cr 227025 which has a status of resolved, with resolution saying an architecture issue.
But essentially we are doing a lot of Read call to pbls that do are in the library search path and not linked to the object being opened.
If the pbls are over the network then one will notice that pb70.exe Queries all the folders and subfolders on the network drive that has the PB pbls located.
237901 Change in behavior from PB 6.5.1 to PB 7 and PB 8: When you change the name of a control in an ancestor window or menu (in PB 7 & 8), you must open and resave the descendant in order for that change to be reflected in the descendant. Documentation states that a regeneration of ancestor and descendant should take care of it. If a user has one ancestor and 100 descendants this will be a problem, as they will have to open and save every single descendant.
237909 In Library painter, RMB on a dll in order to view the properties. PB hangs on Win95 and Win98. THe problem does not occur on Win2000 or NT.
237910 DW Evaluate expression: Evaluate('count ( id for group 1 )', row) not being evaluated correctly in 8.0
237912 Customer would like a workaround for the general problem with binary storage of floating point numbers implemented in PowerBuilder.
237913 Installation of pb8 version 5029. When Infomaker is installed first including JDBC, OLE DB and Oracle O73/O84 native drivers and several ODBC drivers, a subsequent Powerbuilder installation with the same selections fails with the following error:

MediaName: Data
Component: Merant 2.5 ADO for Oracle 8i
File Group: OLE DB Merant Adapter
File: C:\WINNT\temp\SFGb180.rra\ivpbb180.rra
Error Number: -2147024891

237946 The graph functions like seriescount, categorycount, SeriesName, categoryname, GetData all do not work for datastores for the functions.


(1) From documentation, between datawindow object and datastore object, for datastore, ''Your can do anything to the datastore object EXCEPT graphics operations''.

(2) All powerscript function calls like ''seriescount()'', ''categorycount()'', ''seriesname'', ''categoryname'', and ''getdata'' will get a pointer to graph instance which is created during the painting processing. The pointer is used to get the attribute values and relevant data. Painting is done everytime drawing a datawindow control with datawindow object, but for datastore object, no painting process is needed.

237971 PB 8.0 Beta: A boolean expression in the Validation message should be invalid.
237981 If you have a structure defined within a user object, it is not found when you do a global search (for the structure name) from the library painter. Customer would like this functionality added.
237995 String handling functions need performance improvements. In particular, Mid function and concatenation operation ( <string1> += <string2> )
237999 Typo in the help file "Database Profile Setup - OLE DB dialog box." Under the fifth sub heading "Data Source", the first line reads, "Select the name of the OLE DB data source to which you want to connect. This value varys..."
It should be "varies"
238132 Specify ODBC API Trace File name in DB Profile painter (Options Tab). Uncheck it later and the filename disappears from the textbox. But it continues to remain in the DBParm.
238143 Merant driver for Oracle 8 shows wrong list of stored procedures and is slow

2 issues here with the Merant Oracle 8 driver (PBOR815.dll v3.60.00.16) as compared to the

PB Native driver for oracle and the PB Intersolv Driver (PBOR813.dll v3.11) for Oracle

going against Oracle 8 database.

1) Performance - Bringing up the list of Stored Procedures in database painter takes a

longer when using the Merant driver

2) In database painter or create a new dw based on SP - List of Stored Procedures and

functions seems to display only the ones whose owner is tstemp (the userid I used to connect

to database) when using the merant driver, but if you see the list displayed using intersolv

or native interface then you will see all the sp's.

238225 OS: Win32
PB Version and Build: PB 8.0 6006/ 6008 /6014

When repeatedly switching to another app using the ALT + TAB keys while autoscript is 'suggesting' the next piece of code to write, an additional bit of code gets pasted into the script painter each time you switch back to PB.

This happens when there is only 1 valid suggested method/property ie when it pastes the suggested code directly into the script , if you select from the autoscript list box there is no problem. It may take several ALT + TABs to see the problem.

238231 Wheel mouse doesn't work properly in the Properties of the dw design. Clicking on properties and scrolling the wheel will make a single change to the units dd and then cursor goes to the preview pane.
238245 Error R0023
Cannot assign object of type <type> to variable of type <type>

In PB7 error R0023 can occur when creating an object in syntax 2 (CREATE USING objecttypestring)
after the function SetLibraryList has been called.

This happens when the object is in the exe and the object was not yet loaded during script execution.
Work-around is to compile the objects into dynamic libraries instead of the exe.

238246 after calling PrintSetup Dialogfor HPLJ1100, pointer missing over command buttons when finished
Cr is closed as an HP problem with the comment that it is reproducable in other applications.
With a VB sample that problem is NOT reproduceable.
Please review CR#: 205992.
238250 If you select an invalid .ico file or .cur file PB will crash with the following error
0x10bb1e20 @ 0x0b337000 -> mem read error (PBVM)
Problem is only with .cur and .ico files, using invalid .bmp / .gif / .jpg / .rle files on picture buttons works fine (ie no crash)
238252 Please include a default function in the datawindow which would calculate the current week number of the running year.

Customer needs a function in the datawindow which would calculate and return the week number of current week in the running year. (out of the 52/53 weeks).

The international rule while calculating the week number is as follows:

1. If the first week starts any later than wednesday, then the days till the saturday are considered to be the part of the 53rd week of the previous year.

2. The first week starts from the immediate sunday onwards.

3. If the week starts any earlier than thursday, then it is considered as the first week.

238280 Local external functions on a user object of type transaction (RPCFUNC) no longer show up in object browser (userobject tab, under functions) in PB 7 and PB 8. They did show in PB 6.5.
238294 Termination of cache connections in EAS leads to PB component instability.
238410 PB 8 build 6017 :
The status refresh rate should be set to 5 not 0 by default.
238421 Short Desc:
If you use HP PCL driver then mouse cursor dissappears after going into the drivers setup, does not happen

if you use the Postscript printer driver.

238423 Web Datawindow, column with date field, format "mm/yyyy" validation error

WebDatawindow, html dw, HTMLDw.

Workaround: If you enter the date as dd/mm/yyyy, you can tab off without the validation error and the date will be displayed as mm/yyyy.

238464 Generated syntax for a DW based on stored procedure does not work with JDBC
238466 Describe(Evaluate('Page()'," + string( row ) +")")
The above expression returns the page number of the specified row.
But if the datawindow contains a nested datawindow, then the describe returns the
current page number.

To find out the page number of a particular row, the function scrolltorow can be used.
For example:
dw_1.Describe( "Evaluate('Page()'," + string( the_row ) +")")

238479 In a Drop Down DataWindow, when the user moves the mouse over it, the item does NOT highlight as the mouse tracks over it. In a real DDLB, the items highlight. This is std MS behavior. Please change the DW to comply.
238492 PB Version and Build: PB 8.0 build 6014 and PB 7.0 GA to 7.03
Allow SetFullState to pass dynamically modified dw properties.
With its current implementation SetFullState only passes properties which can be saved in a .srd file. New feature request to allow this function to pass properties which have been modified dynamically at runtime. For example DataWindow.Print.Copies property can only be modified/set dynamically. A further example is for Selected Rows to be passed (especially as GetSelectedRow() method is available in the datastore)
238495 Edit data for a valid table returns nothing after executing a select stmt against an invalid or non existing table until you disconnect and connect again

ODBC to ASA , Native Oracle, ASE all work fine. Even connecting to a MSS database using the ODBC interface works fine. The problem seems to lie only with the native interface.

238497 Delete Event is disabled for user-mapped events in the context menu accessed in the event prototype area of the script painter.
238501 Justify works correctly on a column but behaves erratically only on a computed fields
238512 EAServer Internal System Exception thrown when multiple PB components running in EAServer connect to Oracle 8.17 DB
238532 PB Version and Build: PB 7.03 and PB 8.0 docs and online help
Manual: Datawindow Reference

DW buttons and pictures do not have a property called 'PictureName' -> this should be documented as 'FileName'. Code (Modify/Describe/dot notation) which references PictureName property of a DW Button or
Picture will give an error.

Use the object browser with a dw containing a picture or button - only the FileName property exists for the picture/button.

Note: the PictureName property does exist for the PictureButton / Picture window controls however and there is no FileName property for these controls - this is correctly documented

238566 PB 8 build 6017
Status refresh rate checks if it has a valid value only when you click on "Apply", not on "Connect", should be on Connect as well.
238567 Instead of Connect if you Click "Apply" after adding all the info regarding userid, project etc , then you are automatically connected to Source Control . At this point the "Connect" button should be disabled as we are already connected, which is not the case
238595 If you call PopulateError() in script, it loads the Error Object with information such as the name of the object, the method that is being processed, the line number etc. Is there any way that I can get to these underlying functions in script? For example, is there a GetMethod() function that will give me the name of the method currently running. Classname() will give me the name of the object, but I'd really like to pick up the method name without having to
hard-code it.
238627 GPF saving changes to an object in an application that contains many global structure variables which have nested structure fields. Not a circular reference in this case.
238637 PB 8.0 Enhancement Request: Wants to Zoom in and out in the DW painter.
238669 InsertRow then a delete causes wrong row to be deleted with Web Target
238713 PB 8 Build 6017 :
Since we have moved from Target -centric pbg file to PBL Centric PBG file there is no purpose of storing the Libraries section in the PBG file
Update from development :
It may be the case that the libraries section of the .pbg is now unnecessary, but there is absolutely no compelling reason to redesign PB internal data files DURING or AFTER the GA code freeze.
238726 Using sharedata with a 2 level nested dw causes a GPF on close of window
238757 When the table contains special characters (eg. turkish character Ascii code 145 or Ascii code 146 ) , retrieving this row from the table yields in Errormessage: "Select error: PowerBuilder JDBC Internal Error"
238759 When selects an Item and then clicks somewhere else the treeview looses focus but the selected item is not visible anymore if the treeview background color is "ButtonFace" (hideselection is disabled)
change the background color of a treeview into a color that is different from "buttonface" or "gray"
238771 Run Source Control Management Tool should be available at the Workspace level
238772 Selecting Require Comments on Check-In with VSS forces user to add comments on Checkout as well.
238783 The problem is occuring for a nested outer join in the PB SQL painter when
the connection is ODBC for an Oracle 8.x db. The SQL painter does not accept the
syntax of this escape sequence and displays an Error 999 (rc -1) : SQLSTATE = 37000

However painting the above for an ASA v7 db is successful in PB SQL painter.

238838 The customer has a requirement to use Infomaker and Powerbuilder tools to work
against Oracle and ASA databases. They require that nested outer join sql is
transparent for the 2 databases interrogated.

Can a workaround be found for PB so that 'oj' syntax is consistent in PB SQL
between databases Oracle / ASA
e.g. for dw sql "convert to syntax", pb ISQL session etc.
and then code manipulation at runtime when odbc api called ?

Per Development:
The fix only applies to Oralce client 8.1.6 or above.

238845 Request for Powerbuilder to support Int(64). This is an enhancement request as a result of an EP customer trying to use AI for CICS. Please refer to CR 238711 for an associated CR.

Request is as a result of a customer having a Cobol app written from AI for CICS. With one column that has a declaration of PIC(9) and Col (3) there is a problem. A truncation error occurs when the Application Integrator Component Builder attempts to bind the column to an int(32). Since the int(32) is too small to hold up the column value from his cobol code PB needs to support int(64)

Currently PowerBuilder currently supports 32 bit integer. Refer to CR 238845 for related CR.

238855 Using Merant ODBC driver to Oracle 8, create a new datawindow with stored procedure source. The list of stored procedures never comes back. PowerBuilder hangs.
238857 From customer:
We have a PB component running in Jaguar generically processing requests.
This component operates on datawindows and datastores that many other
developers built. If a developer makes invalid reference (and did not test
their code sufficiently) it brings the generic component application down
due to PB system error. It would be extremely helpful if Jaguar would
automatically refresh that component to allow subsequent calls to go
through. Instead, now the whole thing remains down until someone either
refreshes that generic component or re-cycle the server.

In another situation it would be helpful for me to know how to refresh the
component from within a PB code. For example, I have a shared component
that caches some data. This data rarely changes, but when it does, it would
be nice to be able to trigger a "refresh" of this component to force it to
retrieve a fresh set of data. We have a C/S PB app that could change that
data and so I would then call a Jaguar primitive from within that app to
refresh the component running in Jaguar.

238878 Error trying to create a datawindow using the Merant ODBC driver to Oracle 8, with a stored procedure source
when the stored procedure has retrieve arguments.
238938 wrong dwo is given back in dragdrop event for dw for cb, textobject, pictureobject.
It should given back like in the clicked event.

use the in the dragdrop event the function getobjectatpointer() instead

String objectname

238966 Customer has a datawindow with an Oracle column of type string with a length of 2000. The datawindow alone automatically reports an error if you try to enter more than 2000 characters. The Web datawindow does not enforce the column length.

Workaround is to explicitly add a validation expression: len(gettext()) <= 2000

239051 Customer would like to have describe.dbname return the alias they are using in their select statement rather than the actual table name in the database.
239140 According to the PB 7.0.3 readme.txt, the following dbparms are not
supported by syj. However, if you do a lookup of these dbparms in the
online help, it lists that they supported for the syj driver.


239149 Executing SqlConfigDatasource dynamically with DataSourceName as part of the attributes will cause PB to crash.
239182 Trying to deploy a pb component to jaguar 3.6.1 (c1) crashes pb.
239221 implement Oracle Net 8.1.x support in 6.5.1
239223 PB8 Beta : GPF when opening a UO with breakpoints and arguments with _

to open the object delete the debug entry in the pb.ini file

239274 Dot notation loading data in datawindow doesn't re-draw datawindow in certain situations.
239333 PB Version and Build: Tested in PB 8.0 Builds 6006, 6017, 6020
DB/DLL: pbo7380.dll & pbo8480.dll

Native Oracle drivers ignore delimitidentifier = 'No' dbparm. Quotes are always put around SQL no matter what this is set to.

Checked the sql in a dw created when 'Enclose Table and Column Names in Quotes' option checked OFF (the dbparm can be seen in pbtrace.log).
Not reproduced with other dbms.

239336 A gpf can occur on inherited shared objects running in a PB7 exe when the objects have been compiled into the exe and not in pbd's or dll's.
Work-around is to compile the application with the option not to put any objects in the exe.
239341 Enhancement Request from a customer.

Customer would like the ImportString to import numbers in any format even if there is no standard symbol in either the decimal symbol and / or in the digit grouping symbol. This is allowed in a datawindow retrieve.

The ImportString function will not work if the regional settings - number has only one standard setting (period or comma or other) for the decimal symbol or the digit grouping symbol and the import is of a format other than the Regional setting. The customer uses this function to import numeric string data from a tab delimited file and would like to keep the same base line of code for each customer, regardless of the customer's country standard (ie Czechoslovakia uses spaces for a digit grouping symbol, and other countries use either commas or periods. Other countries use varying symbols for the decimal symbol). He would like the ImportString to work like the datawindow, which retrieves numbers without needing either a comma or a decimal in either place in the import string or in the regional settings - number.

239381 Allow NT authentication when using Native Oracle Interface from PB.
Assuming the oracle server alias name in tnsnames.ora file is "oracle817". After addition of userid on the Oracle server (Follow steps indicated in Oracle8i Administrator's Guide - Authenticating Database Users with Windows, Run sqlplus, leave userid and password blank, for server put "oracle817". Click OK. Then when you are prompted to enter user name again , type "/@oracle817", hit Enter , you should be connected. From PB - dbprofile, create a datasource, leave userid and password blank and for servername put "oracle817". Click ok and Connect you should be sucessfull.
239482 PB8 Beta 4 , build 6021.

Menut Items under Edit - Paste Special when a new function object is created are not similarly enabled or disabled as you would see when you right mouse button click in script painter of the function object. For example on RMB Paste Special - function - Built-In is enabled but it is not if you go to Edit - Paste Special - Function - Built-In. Same behavior is seen for SQL and Statement as well


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

239513 With a decimal field on a datawindow that has right or center alignment and is sized to be the exact size of the data to be displayed, one digit less than can be displayed can only be entered when doing data entry. As an example if the decimal value is 56.75 and the edit field is sized to correctly display this, when one would attempt to input the value only 56.7 can be entered. When one tabs off the field 56.70 is displayed and would be saved to the database.

If left alignment is used there is not a problem. Simple workaround is to accomodate for this and make the field slightly larger.

This is a simple edit field, not an edit mask as reported in a similar problem in CR 225714. This is also not a result of the Office 2000 Ariel fonts as both True Type and non true type were tested and the machine this was tested on did not have Office 2000 installed.

239515 A Disconnect in PB destructor event disables the Jaguar connection cache
239574 Getitem() failing on computed field with WebDW.
Use the following workaround until fixed.

1. Hide the computed fields on the DataWindow
2. Return two empty columns from the Stored Procedure to the DataWindow
3. Use these two empty columns as holders for the computed fields data.
4. Create a server-side service class that moves the data from the computed fields into the empty columns in the retrieveend event
5. This should allow you to use GetItem to retrieve these "Computed Fields" from regular columns

239579 PB 8 build 6022 :
Problem 1
When application is run in debug mode without any breakpoints set, then it will stop at an imaginary breakpoint at somepoint in the application.
Problem 2
Cannot switch to another app like notes/windows explorer etc when you are running a PB 8 app in debug mode , especially if PB is maximizied in the background. If you minimize pb then go into notes or some other app you will run into some weird behavior like being able to view an e-mail but not able to edit it etc.
239599 The customer is creating a system that reports on the last Windows API error that was generated. He is using the API call GetLastError() to get the information about the last error. He is also using a PB exception and in the exception object he is calling GetLastError(). It appears that the in the process of throwing the exception or in the creation of the exception object that PowerBuilder itself is calling a Windows API function, that is of course affecting what the customer is getting from GetLastError(). He wants to know what is PB doing that changes the information returned by GetLastError()

This is not a PB bug. The testcase triggers an error and then throws an exception. In the exception object the GetLastError API call is made. On the first iteration of throwing the exception PB needs to load some dlls and is making API calls that change the system error log and what the customer sees when calling GetLastError. On subsequent iterations, the dlls are already loaded and there are no api calls made by PB between the triggering of the error and GetLastError call and he gets expected results.

239619 PowerBuilder client crashes with JDBC2 compliant TabularResultSet

Per Development "Not A Bug:
It was found that the crash was due to TabularResults package not returning the correct number of rows to PowerBuilder client.
The customer will have to convert JDBC2 compliant TabularResultSet to JDBC1.1 compliant TabularResultSet before sending it back to PB client.

239632 When a response window is opened from a main window and in the open event of the response window is an error, the response window should not be opened (PB7 behavior). Now in PB8 the response window is opened and the errormessage is displayed when closing the response window.

Not a bug - feature in PB8 (see pb8readme.txt about SystemError):
I have implemented the error handling in the open event script of the
w_response window as following, which solves the problem

datastore ds
ds.dataobject = ""
catch(runtimeerror e)
messagebox("Application Error",e.getmessage())
end try

239636 When inserting a new function and using only key 'tab' to move to the newly inserted argument, defining the argument name as 'a[' -> then pressing key TAB -->>GPF
239647 PB Version and Build: 7.x/8.x/9.0 doc

Doc: Datawindow Reference - GetChild function

Chapter 9 - Page 620 (in PB 9 doc set)

'Return Value' section

'Web ActiveX' paragraph


The Datawindow Reference entry for the GetChild function states that with the Datawindow Web ActiveX the function returns ...

"an object that is the DataWindowChild or Report"

In reality it returns a Number which in JavaScript can only be handled as a simple number ie you cannot use it to reference dwchild properties or make dwchild function calls

This is a document error, the correct way to get a reference to a datawindowchild with the DW Web ActiveX is as follows

1) Call GetChild with the name of the column with the dddw (or report name). If there is no dwchild associated with the given column name then GetChild will return -1. If everything is OK it will return 1

For example...

window.dw_1.GetChild ("dept_id");

2) If GetChild returns 1 then call GetChildObject() (this is not documented)

GetChildObject() returns a reference to a datawindow child which can then be used in the usual way


dwc = window.dw_1.GetChildObject();

ls = ldwc.Describe ("Datawindow.Table.Select");

/////A simple code sample /////////

var ls ;

var ldwc;

window.dw_1.GetChild ("dept_id");

dwc = window.dw_1.GetChildObject();

ls = ldwc.Describe ("Datawindow.Table.Select");


239648 PB7.0.3/Jaguar3.6.1 C1 : SetChanges return -2 on 3rd execution without retrieve.

workaround: Use Statefull component or use retrieve.

239653 Consult with development because cannot duplicate it inhouse:
Customer using a sparcstation 20 solaris 2.6 machine and getting a return code of 52 of the createinstance.
239689 PB 8 RC: Online Books Typical install fails to correctly map entries in dynatext.ini, therefore the shortcut to the Online Books from the Start menu fails.
239724 Would be useful to get the list of usable pbm events and the PRIVATE ones. This used to be in PB 6.5 help files under the keyword: Windows messages.
239725 When copy & paste eg. a user object function it will not paste the Throws property. Happens also with Window object level functions.
239747 When using Autoscript to finish a code statement, it is possible to change the content of the clipboard. Happens also to PB 7.
239754 Using OLE customer's application opens, edits and saves multiple Excel worksheets. Happens with both Excel 97 and 2000. Memory usage creeps up and continues to increase until an Out of Virtual Memory message is displayed. This happens regardless of whether the application disconnects or not. With the testcase depending on system tested on you may only see the increase and not the Out of Virtual Memory message.

This looks similar to CR 223241 reporting the problem using OLE and Word.

The script of uf_ole in the sample is the original way that the customer sent it to us. However I thought that possibly if an explicit disconnectobject() along with connecttonewobject() for each speadsheet would correct the problem but it does not seem to release the memory. The destroy is what returns it and this may turn out to be correct behavior.

You can comment and uncomment the script and see that the problem still exists even if there is a connectonewobject()/disconnectobject() for each spreadsheet. According to PB documentation the disconnectobject () should "Releases any object that is connected to the specified OLEObject variable." and I would assume return all memory.

It is only when the object is destroyed that the memory is returned. Although the PB documentation for Destroy
states that this is when the memory is released for the object it does not make sense that memory is not returned for closed spreadsheets.

PB Help for Destroy:

When you are finished with an object that you created, you can call DESTROY to release its memory. However, you should only call DESTROY if you are sure that the object is not referenced by any other object. PowerBuilder's garbage collection mechanism maintains a count of references to each object and destroys unreferenced objects automatically.

If this is not a bug then this should be documented more thoroughly.

239760 GPF in the IDE when selecting multiple controls and Shift + Double click and being in default Layout.
239763 If you enable PBDebug Tracing, and check prompt before overwriting in the system options, the dbg file is overwritten each time PB is started.
239767 Install ASA 7.0 from the PB8 installation CD - The InProcServer32 key is missing the DLL extension for ASAEnum
239786 When WindowText colour is Dark Red, datawindow checkboxes use datawindow.color (background colour) to display the checks or X's. This makes the checkboxes invisible for 2D checkboxes all the time and for 3D checkboxes invisible if background color is white.
239789 The common installer checks for enough space before installing, and if it finds there is not enough, it does prompt you to change selections; however, dismissing that message box causes the install to continue so there is no opportunity to modify your selections.

PER DEVELOPMENT: This is InstallSheild default behavior and we cannot change it on our side.

239800 PB 8 build 6024, PB 7.03.10075 :
Pb will crash instead of giving an error message if you try to close an already closed ORCA session
239802 The on-line books shortcut does not work if the path contains a space (e.g., C:\Program Files\Sybase\OnLine Books). If you try to use the shortcut, it starts a search for the EXE.

Workaround: Go to the properties for the shortcut and switch to the General tab of the Properties dialog and back again, press OK. This will place the quotes into the path and the shortcut will now work correctly.

239805 PB application is running a rpc stored procedure call
using a ASE database. It has 2 input parms -- integer and decimal.

The pbtrace log shows that the stored procedure is cancelling on the following:
(5ac03a0): CONNECT TO TRACE SYC Adaptive Server Enterprise:
(5ac03a0): DATABASE=ts_data
(5ac03a0): LOGID=tsmaint
(5ac03a0): DBPARM=CharSet='cp850'
(5ac03a0): SERVER=ts_sybase1192
(5ac03a0): SRV 10 #5701 Changed database context to 'ts_data'. (0 MilliSeconds) (0 MilliSeconds)
(5ac03a0): PREPARE: (0 MilliSeconds)
(5ac03a0): BEGIN TRANSACTION: (0 MilliSeconds)
(5ac03a0): EXECUTE REMOTE PROCEDURE: dbo.upd_employee2
(5ac03a0): SRV 16 #241 Scale error during implicit conversion of DECIMAL value '5678.540' to a DECIMAL field. (0 MilliSeconds) (31 MilliSeconds)
Error 241 (rc -1) : Scale error during implicit conversion of DECIMAL value '5678.540' to a DECIMAL field.
(5ac03a0): COMMIT: (0 MilliSeconds)
(5ac03a0): DISCONNECT: (15 MilliSeconds)
(5ac03a0): SHUTDOWN DATABASE INTERFACE: (0 MilliSeconds)

The application is initializing the decimal variable as follows:
decimal{3} ld_val = 0.000
integer li_id
long ll_ret

li_id = 100
ld_val = 5678.540
ll_ret = SQLCA.upd_employee2(li_id,ld_val)

Also tried using set arithabort numeric_truncation off in the stored procedure
and same error.

239807 Customer is having a problem trying to display data from the database using the importstring. This problem shows up only if the data has double quotes in it. For example if the customer has "K" Line America in his database if he retrieves it by using the describe function then everything is fine but if he uses the importstring the he can only see K in his datawindow column.


Add a space at the begining the string solved the problem.

239877 O84 interface does not allow to correct errors in the SQL Script Painter
239879 Runtime error.. R6025 - pure virtual function call when trying to build project to deploy a COM object w instance variable.

Does not happen with PB 7.0.3 build 10077.

239883 Filtering on a datastore, and then calling GetFullState doesn't work with PBVM on Solaris.
239895 One of the HKEY_CLASSES entries in the registry place there by online books install points to a file that does not exist in the installation. It's not clear if this has any impact on the product.

After installing online books, there is a registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes|\CLSID\{03793450-cb6f-11ce-b1cd-0020afd60791}\InprocServer32 that has a default value of "adinet.dll"

That DLL does not exist after the installation, however.

239898 Datawindow plugin not displaying in Internet explorer or

From the registry, it appears that the plugin is registrying as
HKLM\Software\Classes\.psr Powersoft.Report.7 and application/datawindow

The mime type from the PB 8.0 online shows:

239899 Customer questioning if behavior seen in all versions of PB available for testing is a but or expected behavior.
With DW controls in print preview mode with many pages. DW contains a nested report. Dragging the vertical scroll "thumb" causes the the control to go blank for several seconds, while the page counter visibly counts. There is not a page counter explicitly on the dw so this is internal processing that is occurring.

Is this expected behavior or is it a bug?

239971 A grouped datawindow that has:
- a computed field which does a describe on a text field
- a second computed field that uses an aggregate function like avg on the first computed field
can crash when put into a composite report.

Work-around is to use a computed field instead of the text object.
This computed field can have as expression the hard coded text value of the text object, or a
global function that returns the text value based upon the current row.

239974 PB8 RC1: Javascript files for WebDW caching not installed
239975 PB Version and Build: Broke between 7.03 build 10039 (OK) and 7.03 build 10047 (crash)
Also broken in PB 8.0 build 6024
REGRESSION: A new DW which has at least 1 join and queries a table with a long table name and/or long column name will crash the dw painter if the dw preview view is open.

In PB -> 0x112a2cb1 memory read error @ 0x00000000 in PBVM70.DLL
In PB 8.0.6024 -> 0x115ef473 memory read error @ 0x00000000 in PBDWE80.DLL

Seems to be the length to the combined table_name.column_name which is causing this.
If the tablename is 50 chars long and the colname just 1 char - Crashes. Or...
If the tablename is 1 char long and the colname 50 chars - Crashes. Or...
If the tablename is 25 char long and the colname 25 chars - Crashes
SQL needs to access at least 2 tables. The size of the other column & table names not relevant
Overall SQL length not the cause as this can be reproduced with short SQL (just 86 characters in SQL).

239978 Help button on "Targets - To Be Migrated" dialog does nothing
239982 Intermittently, the rightclicked event appears to be ignored. Customer is using the rightclicked event to begin drag mode. Application intermittently does not function properly.

NOTE: PowerBuilder Treeview implementation did change between 6.5 and 7.0, so it may be that this will not be something we can fix.

239987 Activating a Wordperfect doc as OLE DB Blob, causes WP to open a documents equal to the number of rows in the table and then on a Save of the new row , wordperfect and pb will crash.
239997 Columns with Taborder 0 get focus when changing taborder value of certain columns dynamically and tabbing between the columns.
240026 PB8RC1: PB Crashes when catching an exception from EAServer Java component

Don't know if this affects all exceptions thrown from EAServer or not, but in the interest of time I am submitting this now. I suspect this is not a 'global' problem because QA automation would likely have caught it.

240058 Regression : OLE control objectdata property doesn't work since build 1253. When assigning a blob to the DataValue property the OLE container closes down and the application will GPF.
240149 GPF when using dw modify - create column with editmask
For example:

dw_2.Modify('CREATE column(band=detail id=1 ......... editmask.mask="###############0" editmask.focusrectangle=no .......... .........background.color="536870912" )')

Create column first without editmask stuff and then create the same column with the editmask.

240150 The PB error 'Initialization file is not writable' is displayed if the Registry InitPath setting is incorrect. PB shuts down automatically. This registry setting should refer to the most current location of PB.ini (required for PB8 startup).
E.g. NT4 registry
240153 R0039 error accessing external object property zoom

The zoom property cannot be used for a datawindow of type graph.
You can move or resize the graph with following statements:

dw_2.object.gr_1.sizetodisplay = 0
dw_2.object.gr_1.height = string(1.5 * integer(dw_2.object.gr_1.height))
dw_2.object.gr_1.width = string(1.5 * integer(dw_2.object.gr_1.width))
dw_2.object.gr_1.x = string(integer(dw_2.object.gr_1.x) + 500)
dw_2.object.gr_1.y = string(integer(dw_2.object.gr_1.y) + 500)

Scrolling also have to be done manually by adding separate scrollbar controls.

Alternatively a child window with scrollbars can be used, in which a graph datawindow control is moved and resized.

240176 Basic problem is that the following message box appears when installing:
> Online Books Install
> ComponentMoveData Error[]ComponentMoveData had the following e...
> i DATA
> [ OK ]
240187 PB 8 build 6024

Cannot switch to another app like notes/windows explorer etc when you are running a PB 8 app in debug mode , especially if PB is maximizied in the background. If you minimize pb then go into notes or some other app you will run into some weird behavior like being able to view an e-mail but not able to edit it etc.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

240263 The Autoscript feature in PB shouldn't overwrite content stored in the clipboard. The design of the Autoscript feature currently doesn't allow the contents in the clipbaord to be untouched.
240267 Local Root Directory is not being populated by default, which is causing PB to go in to a modal form when trying to browse projects against PVCS Version Manager.
240269 After deploying component to jaguar and then selecting another project, PB will crash in the workspace.
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: E:\pb80\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM80.dll
Fault address=10D6E323 Section:Offset=01:0026D323
240271 When running the SourceControlled Web Target wizard you are unable to Finish it after selecting the target already under SourceControl, you will get "Failed to synchronize entire target from source control. A partial version may exist locally" if you are using PVCS as Source Control System. If you use VSS then it is fine.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

240293 When retrieving certain data from an Oracle JDBC thin client connection cache on Solaris or NT retrieve results in Select error: Powerbuilder JDBC Internal Error.
240306 Please have the function list in the system tree show the scope of the function (public/private/protected...).
240355 PB Version and Build: 7.0.3 build 10065 onwards
Using a numeric editmask of ##,###
The number of #s used is not so important - this only occurs if there are 2 # before the first comma
eg #,###,### and ###,###,### are both OK but ##,###,### is not

Enter 1 2 3 4
At this point the cursor appears just before the 4
Type a 5
It gets inserted before the 4

240359 Powerbuilder crashes when making a call to an external dll that executes some queries in the Oracle database version 8.1.7 using Oracle 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 client libraries. This works with Oracle db 8.0.5 with 8.1.6 or 8.1.7 Oracle client dlls.
240360 Cannot edit new object function if an ancestor func is still open
240370 OLE control (MapObjects and Adobe) on a window goes white if switched focus to different application and come back to pb ole application
240403 Cannot center checkbox edit style in datawindow column if it has text label with it. Cannot right justify even if no text label.

This problem was originally reported in Power J but can also be seen in all versions of PB.

240404 Problem with scrolling using the thumb with mutiple group bands. The elevator will not stay at the bottom even when at the end of the datawindow.
240435 Customer is building an app using ORCA functionality and finds upon distribution that quite a few PowerBuilder IDE DLLs are required - is this expected behavior? Is this a bug, required or an enhancement request to reduce the number of dlls that need to be distributed with an exe using ORCA.

This is more of a question than a bug at this point. Team Sybase customer indicated that to distribute his application which uses ORCA, he has to distribute quite a number of PB IDE DLLs because of interdependencies. This seem like overkill for a PB end-user application (why do they need the User Object painter for instance). When using NT Dependency Checker on the PBORC80.DLL you find the following PB DLL dependencies - is this intentional?

















240448 When using OLE_DB ( SQLOLEDB), interaction between a stored procedure call and a datawindow using a stored procedure as source will cause a datawindow error and invalid reference in pbvm80.dll after the initial execution.

In this example the first execution happens without a problem. The second execution causes a datawindow error related to finding the stored procedure. The third execution causes a invalid reference in pbvm80.

The datawindow error that appears before pb crashes is:
DataWindow Error:
Select error: SQLSTATE 42000
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Procedure "sp_pay_info" expects parameter "@encounter_key" which was not supplied

240449 Customer is seeing a delay when connecting to oledb
thru the dbparms. Using a udl file, response time seems to be ok.

When using the regmon utility, noticed that pb is searching the registry for
specific entries. Customers says that while using this utility, it created 68,000
line report.

While connecting using ole db and a udl file, registry activity was about 500 lines.

240451 Using script function sharedataoff() with a 2 level nested datawindow causes a GPF on close of window object.
240452 Runtimeerror property 'classname' should be 'class' - browser shows correct property, but on-line help and on-line books still show it as classname
240453 Autoscript window is truncated on left (including vertical scrollbar) if opened too close to the edge of the screen.
240455 Using the n_cst_selection service, the resulting window has the first item already selected; however, the OK button is disabled. In PB7, no items were selected, so selecting the first (or any item) would enable the button

Root cause of this is buried in the pfc_n_cst_dwsrv.of_modify function. That function performs a modify responding to the line dw_1.inv_base.of_Modify ("protect", "1", "column", "*", true) in the open event of w_selection. In PB7, the modify causes a RowFocusChanging (currentRow=0, newRow=1) and a RowFocusChanged (currentRow=0) event to occur even before there is data in this datawindow. In PB8, these events do not occur, but the assignment of the data to the datawindow does cause the RowFocusChanged event to fire with a currentRow value of 1. In PB7, there is no RowFocusChanged event fired when the data is assigned, so the current row is never set to 1. That explains the behavior, and it's my and customer's feeling that the event behavior is correct in PB8, however, the side effect of this is the issue reported here.

240458 Reproduced In : PB 7.03.10009, 100079, PB 8 build 6022, 6026
If you have watch set on the WindowObject Control Array and the items are expanded , then during debug pb will crash in pbvm.
240462 If you set a dynamic expression for the format property of a computed field in any band then the expression icon will not reflect that it has a dynamic expression associated with it meaning it will not change to a green equal to sign.
In some cases like if you have the today computed field in the summary or header band and you have a format set to it , then it will still reflect only the general format not the one based on the dynamic expression.
240501 Opening a script painter through the output window makes duplicate entries in the RECENT OBJECTS LIST
240521 S1093 Invalid parameter number

This error appears in PB7 when calling a system stored procedure in embedded sql,
to Microsoft SqlServer7 through ODBC.

Work-around is to set Disablebind =1 just before calling the procedure.

240566 Getting a slow memory drain when using API ShellExecuteEX call to call another pb application. Initially memory is returned but over a long period of time handles go up and memory usage slowly goes up. This application is run 24X7 and eventually crashes.

The only explicit DESTROY of the nvo is on the application close but PB garbage collection should return the memory and handles.

240610 If you declare an exception for a user event in an ancestor component, you can't see the "Throws" box in the profile of the inherited user event. You can't throw an exception in the inherited user event as well. (Works fine for functions)
240614 The process that is involved here uses 2 U.are.U Activex components from DigitalPersona Inc.: one for registering a template obtained from fingerprint scanning, the second to verify this template. The template is registered properly, but the process fails upon the "done" event of the verifying phase. This event takes an argument defined as a pointer datatype. DigitalPersona debugging indicated they were getting an error back from PB when they call the Done interface.
240644 If script above a debug breakpoint is edited a false indicator for a breakpoint appears in the script painter.
240665 Script painter has odd behavior. In an NVO with an Activate event there is strange behavior when editing script. Script from a different event shows in the Activate event script is added, saved and then removed. It appears as though you are in the activate event but the script from another event is showing as the script for the activate events.
Select any other event from the list of events (Not the activate event) and then go back to the activate event.
The script will be empty
240695 The following new feature was implemented to set editmask behaviour as per what

the customer desired. Editmask autocompletion was changed from old behaviour then enhanced

to make BOTH behaviours available.

The following section needs to be added in the respective powerbuilder/ infomaker .INI files:-

[Edit Mask Behaviors]


Currently pb8beta ignores the AutocompleteDates=no setting.

Please read technical document Content ID: 1016400 ;

240719 OS: Win32

PB Version and Build: PB 7.0 from 6012 onwards

PB 8.0 RC 1


Following SQL fails in DW at runtime

SELECT col1,

col2 = :NullArg

FROM tablename

The DW converts this SQL to the following generated SQL ...

SELECT col1,

col2 IS NULL

FROM tablename

And this causes the error below when using ODBC

ODBC : Error -131 (rc -1) : SQLSTATE = 37000

....Syntax error or access violation: near 'IS' in ... dept_name [IS] NULL ...

With SYC and MSS get...

SYC and MSS : Error 156 (rc -1) : Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'IS'.

This CR is (probably) a side effect of CRs 185138, 185140, 185114, 185113 which changed the dw generated syntax when using NULL retrieval arguments from...


FROM ...

WHERE colname = :NullArg



FROM ...


This works fine when the NULL retrieval arg is used in the WHERE clause, it fails if the NULL arg is used in the SELECT as in this CR.

240721 Setpicture function returns GPF when returning picture from a blob variable.

Script used is taken from the onlne help for SelectBlob examples only using the ole table in the demo database.

240731 When editing an inherited object, if you navigate to an inherited script/function and change the drop down to view the ancestor code, the ancestor code is not editable, but the prototype appears to be. You can seemingly modify the ancestor prototype and save, but upon reopening no changes were made. Shouldn't you be prohibited from modifying the ancestor in anyway when working in the descendant?

From JimO:

I looked up the Java spec regarding one of the questions I posed within this subcase, namely in step 8 of the repro - should you be allowed to add additional exceptions onto an overridden function in a descendant?

The Java Language Specification includes the following:

A method that overrides or hides another method (?8.4.6), including methods that implement abstract methods defined in interfaces, may not be declared to throw

more checked exceptions than the overridden or hidden method.

More precisely, suppose that B is a class or interface, and A is a superclass or superinterface of B, and a method declaration n in B overrides or hides a method

declaration m in A. If n has a throws clause that mentions any checked exception types, then m must have a throws clause, and for every checked exception type

listed in the throws clause of n, that same exception class or one of its superclasses must occur in the throws clause of m; otherwise, a compile-time error occurs.

Based on that, I think the net behavior in PB is correct in this regard; however, I don't think the SLE for the throws clause should be enabled to make it look like you can change this.

240788 Window objects ancestor and a descendant. If deleting a component, for instance a label from ancestor and tries to do a full rebuild, this will cause a compiler error: Error C0001: Illegal data type: w`.....
After deleting a component from the window you have to open and save all descendant window objects
Export all descendant windows and remove the wrong data type manualy and import the modified export files.
240806 Reproduced in PB 7.03 build 10009 , 10081, PB 8 build 6026
If you try to access the Classdefinition property of an Instance of the component after a successful CreateInstance you will get a Corba Error "Corba System Exception :CORBA_BAD_OPERATION at line ................" error.
240809 Reproduced in PB 7.03 build 10009 , 10081, PB 8 build 6026
If you try to create an object of type jaguar proxy you will get "Application Terminated - Error CORBA Objects may not be created locally. at line 9831 in create event of object corbaobject of_typedef. "
240812 PB8 RC: PB crashes when accessing function that throws non-existent exception
240822 PB7:SaveAsAscii() on psr adds/ drops header, columns and data
240824 PB 8 build 6028 :
On Lookup you will get the following error :
Error : Failed to find:SVUBookstore
Required property E24 Missing property 'ApplicationName'. (11EA664) is missing
240828 PB8 Build 6028
The connection object method of ConnectToServer and CreateInstance should throw exceptions that can be caught and processed appropriately via the new TRY-CATCH mechanism.
240911 When two apps are running either in development or as
executables, and one app is overlay on the other, pb will crash in the pbvm.

The crash handler results are as follows:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: e:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll
File Version:
Fault address=112D7086 Section:Offset=01:000D6086

SS:ESP:0023:0012E374 EBP:00D0078A
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
112D7086 0012E390 00000000 00D0078A 9C0106BA 004506F8 FN_CtlResFree+5D6
112CF15E 0012E3F8 004506F8 00000133 9C0106BA 00D0078A FN_WindowWnd+D5E
77E72C6A 004506F8 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 GetFocus+31

OS version:
Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:
Total physical memory: 196024K
Available physical memory: 83308K
Total virtual memory usage: 121708K / 377048K
PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 81956K / 2097024K

Loaded Modules:
E:\pb70\PowerBuilder 7.0\Pb70.exe
C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WSOCK32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2_32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MSVCRT.dll 6.00.8397.0
C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\ADVAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\RPCRT4.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2HELP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\COMCTL32.dll 5.81
C:\WINNT\system32\ole32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4261
C:\WINNT\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 2.40.4277
C:\WINNT\system32\VERSION.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\LZ32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\oledlg.dll 1.0
C:\Program Files\Lotus\Sametime Client\ACTIVMON.dll 3, 0, 2, 1
C:\WINNT\system32\MSIDLE.DLL 5.50.4522.1800
C:\WINNT\System32\ntshrui.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETRAP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SAMLIB.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\rpcltc1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\LinkInfo.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MPR.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\ntlanman.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI0.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\NETUI1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\psapi.dll 4.00

240927 If you make a change to an object in a painter but do *not* save it, and then perform a regen on an object that references it, the regen will pick up the pending change in the open painter which then causes an error message.

C0084: Bad number of arguments for function <funcname>

241010 This problem occurs in PB6.5 GA and PB7.x releases and builds and is reproduced in a sequence of steps.
Firstly a Describe() and Evaluate() function is used to call DataWindow expressions on

a defined group.
Then a messagebox() operation is done.
Next the messagebox dialog box is dragged over the dw header group band and clicks OK

command button to close the dialog.

Scroll the datawindow, this will show the repaint problem where
- dw header group band displays as white space
- dw header group band objects disappear (see dw background colour)
- some data is no longer displayed
instead of the orginial design and colour.

241017 Regression

With an RTE datawindow when you try to insert ( Insert => Control => Picture) a picture(bmp) it shows in design initially but does not show in preview. Save and close the datawindow, reopen the datawindow and now it does not show in design either.

Works fine in build 10009.

241029 Gpf in powerbuilder 7.0.3 possible memory corruption issue with ORCA.
241064 Online documentation changes requested.

1 - Pos function should have a link to LastPos in the 'See Also' list

2 - Print Function page should list new print functions available in PB 8.0

241078 Enhancement request to streamline migration process:

Still must go through multi-step process to add an existing application as a
new target in a workspace. (New, Target, Existing Application, Go find
application etc). Enhancement: In library painter, allow me to drag the
application object over and drop it in the System Tree to automatically add as a
new target.
Benefit: Ease of use. Most users will be upgrading existing applications. This
will make their lives easier and make the product easier to adopt.
Alternative: Add a menu option to "Migrate application as New Target".

241154 A long freeform DW. Retrieve is ok and on print preview the datas are displayed correctly. But, when print this DW, some datas are lost and the pages blank are printed. Also, the printed page count is not correct. for instance
page 3 and 4 are empty and the pagcount shows 1 of 2 and 2 of 2

workaround: Use print current page to get the right print out

241161 Change in display of bmp in datawindow using SetRowFocusIndicator. Using PB 6.5 build 620, the bmp displays okay in the row. Using later builds of PB, including PB 7 and PB 8, only about half of the bmp displays.
241165 When multiple libraries are selected in the library painter,
optimize and build runtime library and print directory should be disabled because
it applies to only 1 pbl.
241192 PB8Beta :SetHTMLAction Returns -5 which is not documented in Help.

For PowerBuilder 7: Customer must double check to make sure they are using the javascript caching files from the same build as the PowerBuilder build they are using. These files include dwcomn.js, dwdate.js, dwnmbr.js, dwstr.js. This ensures that any fixes made that have been incorporated into the Web Datawindow javascript caching files are included in your application. Customers should upgrade their dwcomn.js from the same build as their pbdwe70.dll. The only exception is a pbdwe70.dll dated between 3/16/01 ( and 6/15/01, in which case, they should upgrade to the latest dwcomn.js file.

For PowerBuilder 8, Customer must generate the javascript caching files using the Web Datawindow Javascript Generator tool (which is on the Tools tab of the New window. (Click File...New and select the Tools tab.) These files must then be associated with the appropriate datawindow properties. If the customer is using an application migrated from 7.0, they are already doing this via a Modify method call. In this case they must simply be sure to use the exact same file names when they use the Web Datawindow Javascript Generator tool. They would also run the tool 4 times, in order to create all 4 files.

If they are using a new PowerBuilder 8 Web Datawindow, they can associate the javascript file(s) with the datawindow by setting the appropriate properties in the datawindow painter. The properties are found on the JavaScript Generation tab of the properties pane in the datawindow painter. The Web Datawindow Javascript Generator tool can also be launched from this properties tab via the Generate File button.

241194 BMP files not found by name only when path included in Registry app path.
241253 7.0.3 build 10081 Regression: Can't add an Edit Style to a column in DW Painter
241255 In PB7, the problem is that the 'Save As' operation on a menu object to a DIFFERENT library pbl WHILE retaining the same menu object name does not work.
This problem does not occur for PB6.5x and pb8beta releases and builds.

There are 3 excellent workarounds:
i) From library painter, export menu object and import to different pbl.
{Operation allows retention of same object name}
ii) In menu painter, use 'Save As' operation, however specify a new name for the menu object.
iii)In libary painter, highlight object and then select menu option Entry->Copy OR right mouse button click to get shortcut menu for 'copy' operation.

241257 Trying to run Sybase Virtual University example application. Attempt to create a new login fails. There is nothing listed in the dropdown listbox for Major.
241305 Running the same PB app twice with windows containing treeviews, crashes.
241356 Certain ASCII characters are not saved to the database when entered through the PowerBuilder database painter. Specifically customer has reported problem with ASCII 10 (Newline) and ASCII 92 (backslash - \ char)
241425 PB 7 gpfs if adding more than one remote stored procedure for exsample on a standard class transaction object
do not select more than one Premote Stored Procedure.
241427 There are 2 examples of string nested datatype assignments which are failing at datawindow

runtime for DW TEXT and DW COMMAND BUTTON objects with PB error code :-

PB application execution error (R0039) - Application terminated.

Error accessing external object property text at line XX in clicked event of cmdbtn ...

Datawindow COLUMN object does not exhibit problem with parsing these string values.

Notice string assignments which fail:-

ls_quote = 'This is a text containing ~"double~" quotes with tilde.'

ls_quote = 'This is a text containing "double" quotes utilising both quote styles.'

241602 Language Japanease installed with MS IME Hiragana keyboard. (Or Korean with MS Korean keyb)
Tested with Batang Font.
In a single line edit or any PB control, you cannot enter japanese Characters using MS IME keyboard . When you start entering characters on the visual IME keyboard, you can see Japanease characters but after clicking <Enter>, it puts "??????" in the field. Works fine with MS WORD.
241765 After creating an instance of an EAS component ,calling LibraryImport will fail.
241774 Apply an Edit Style to a column, it doesn't automatically refresh layout
241778 Reproduced In : PB 7.03 build 10063 and later
Could not reproduce in : PB 6.5 build 1314, PB 7.0 build 10061 and earlier , PB 8 build 6028

Editmask of type ##,###,###,### , if you put 12345678912, will display as 12,34,68,91275 which is incorrect.

241841 PB 8.0 Drag and drop from ISQL to clipwindow doesn't work.
241928 In PowerBuilder 7 and 8, opening a window from a script of a treeview control
might open the window behind the current one instead of in front of it.

Workaround is to post a user event in the treeview event and open the second window in the posted event.

241952 Win2000: in dba notepad do a select max(field) from a table causes an Out of Memory error and PowerBuilder shuts down. The same problem does not occur using Win NT.
241977 When running a nested dw report that has a
computed field calling a global function, pb produces a runtime

The problem line in the global function is in the f_exceed_acute_count_k:
st_temp = w_exceedence_acute_reports_k.dw_visit_report.OBJECT.dw_characteristics.OBJECT.violation_ct[2].OBJECT.ct_of_violations[1]

The following crash handler output is as follows:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
File Name: e:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll
File Version:
Fault address=113B1890 Section:Offset=01:001B0890

SS:ESP:0023:0012F250 EBP:01423C10
DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:0038 GS:0000

Call stack:
Address Frame Param0 Param1 Param2 Param3 Function Name
113B1890 01423C10 01423C10 01A000F8 01A00068 00000000 0001:001B0890 e:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll
01423C10 11475E70 113403F0 00000000 113419C0 113419E0 0000:00000000
113403E0 113403A0 BF000000 114790A8 A6F3C033 4C8B1775 0001:0013F3E0 e:\pb70\Shared\PowerBuilder\PBVM70.dll

OS version:
Windows NT 4.0, Build Number: 1381, Service Pack 6

Memory Status:
Total physical memory: 196024K
Available physical memory: 86056K
Total virtual memory usage: 182960K / 377040K
PowerBuilder virtual memory usage: 87864K / 2097024K

Loaded Modules:
E:\pb70\PowerBuilder 7.0\Pb70.exe
C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WSOCK32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2_32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MSVCRT.dll 6.00.8397.0
C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\ADVAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\RPCRT4.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\WS2HELP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\comdlg32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\COMCTL32.dll 5.81
C:\WINNT\system32\ole32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4275
C:\WINNT\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 2.40.4277
C:\WINNT\system32\VERSION.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\LZ32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\oledlg.dll 1.0
C:\Program Files\Lotus\Sametime Client\ACTIVMON.dll 3, 0, 2, 1
C:\WINNT\system32\MSIDLE.DLL 5.50.4522.1800
C:\WINNT\System32\ODBC32.dll 3.520.6526.0
C:\WINNT\System32\odbcint.dll 3.520.6526.0
C:\WINNT\System32\odbctrac.dll 3.520.6526.0
e:\pb70\Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0\win32\dbodbc6.dll
e:\pb70\Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0\win32\dblgen6.dll
C:\WINNT\System32\odbccp32.dll 3.520.6526.0
C:\WINNT\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\2\PSCRPTUI.DLL 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\ntshrui.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETAPI32.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\NETRAP.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\SAMLIB.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\rpcltc1.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\LinkInfo.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\system32\MPR.dll 4.00
C:\WINNT\System32\psapi.dll 4.00

241981 PowerBuilder 8 adds a new Edit Source capability which allows you to edit the source of a PowerBuilder object directly with PowerBuilder's built-in file editor. If you make an error in the edits, you will be informed of the syntax error; however, the object will already have been saved (which may be unexpected to the user). If you do not immediately fix the problem and instead close the editor, you will not be able to reopen the object in the painter because the corrupted version was already saved. This is documented in the user's guide (see CR 236120) and is apparently expected behavior; however, to alllow for recovery internal customer has suggested we save a backup of the exported object text first.

Because source is saved before syntax is validated, you can corrupt objects unintentionally using the new Edit Source capability if you are not careful with the syntax, enhancement to save backup of source is suggested

242006 After modifying a dw with groups in the painter and finally saving the dw pb crashes. When restarting powerbuilder the datawindow cannot be opened anymore. The dw can be exported, but cannot be imported anymore - GPF.
242010 Customer is getting an ORA 06550 error trying to create a datawindow with stored procedure source using the PB JDBC driver to connect to Oracle.
242027 GPF when deleting an empty function from the function list
242030 If Web Targets are not installed, only one tab page displays in the system tree. If you use Ctrl-Tab in the system tree, which would normally go to the next tab, the system tree display goes blank and you are unable to recover the display.

Normally if web targets are installed, ctrl-tab would just move to the Page tab, Languages tab, etc. and everything works as it should.

242041 If the first line of the open event script of a window is a comment, saving a window will crash PowerBuilder 8.
Changes made to the object do appear to be saved so upon re-opening the window you can proceed.

Leaving a blank line at the top of the script does NOT work as a workaround.
WORKAROUND: Save the window a second time before adding script to the control

242116 Enhancement Request:

To remote debug a PB EAServer component being called from a PB client you must have two PB IDE sessions running, request is to provide the debugging capability within a single instance of the PowerBuilder IDE

242131 Currently, you don't have the ability to trace a database connection with the PBVM on unix. You can do this
on NT. The file is not included with the PBVM files.

A file was built and testing was done in PSE using Jaguar. It returned the following errors:
"symbol GetProfileIntA: referenced symbol not found".

The PBVM doesn't include a pb.ini -- the PBVM doesn't know where to put the database log file. The pb.ini file
on NT has a section where to log the database trace file.


242190 PB8 allows you to add version information to executables. Customer is requesting native PowerScript functionality (vs. external API calls) to access that version information within PowerBuilder.
242212 Jaguar server 'Out of Memory' error using multiple (> 100) PowerBuilder components.
242239 A paint problem occurs for a second call to SetFullState() on a DW control which has:
-HSplitScroll = true
-VScrollBar = true
-has more rows and columns than will fit into the DW control
The problem is that the horizontal scroll bar (RIGHT side) is incorrectly positioned and there appears an ugly blank vertical bar on the right (next to the actual vertical scrollbar).
242334 In the rich text edit control (rte) Wordwrap is lost when PasteRTF() is used.
242342 When having an edit mask with eg:
Edit Mask = #,###0.00
Use Format checked
Format = #,###0.00;[RED]-#,###0.00;[BLUE].00;[BLUE] (NUL)

When previewing/retrieving the DataWindow, you could see NUL in a blue color for any NULL entered value
but from build 7.0.3 10048 onwards it is not displayed or displayed incorrectly.

242391 Using a dropdown datawindow column on a datawindow displayed on a Response or Popup window, if the Always Show List property is set to true and the window is dragged off the screen, intermittently the dropdown's list detaches from the datawindow display and displays on its own. Once detached, some moves of the window do not result in the list moving with the datawindow. Once the window is restored to a more normal postion the dropdown displays as expected.
242395 The syntax for projects is not obvious, and includes special characters and references to the registry. There is just too much potential for customers to get into trouble here, and we don't have any specifications on how project objects are stored to make editing the source an option anyway. Proxy objects cannot be edited right now, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal to disable the same for project objects.
242445 Project object rather than NVO is opened after running EAServer component wizard and choosing to inherit from an existing interface

When you create an EAserver component from an existing interface, after all objects are created, the project object is opened. The user object painter should be opened instead

242448 Powerbuilder crashes when populating a datetime structure variable with a date column that is null using dot notation. Using Getitem does not produce the crash.
242461 Datawindow with a source using a join of two database Views against Microsoft SQL Server causes PowerBuilder and Infomaker to crash.
242469 Second connection to database client hangs in PB-Jag-Oracle setup.
This might be dupe of cr 238512. Need confirmation from development.
Solaris 2.7 :
Jaguar : 3.6.1 build 36108
Oracle : 8.1.6 client against 8.1.7 server
NT :
PB 7.03 10079

The pb component deployed in jaguar does the connectivity to the database and also executes some embedded sql
(Insert/Update/UpdateBlob/OpenCursor etc). On connecting to the database and executing the embedded sql in a certain format ,
disconnecting and then trying to connect again to the database will make the client Hang. In some cases Jag Manager on
Solaris box also freezes (not always). In order to get back everything in order one has to bounce the Jaguar server and also
shut down PB app (sometimes one is able to just hit X and shutdown the app , but other times one has to kill the process from
Task Manager

242550 The AppendedHTML attribute is ignored for static fields (column fields are OK) unless the browser is set to Mozilla/Netscape 4.x or the HTML version is set to 4.0. There are cases where you may not want the extra HTML/JavaScript that gets generated when those settings are made, but you still want the appended html included.
242634 Regression: DDDW display for NULL-values are not shown correcty in 6.5

This problem happens when a new row is added to datawindow.
InsertRow() function is called and if the DDDW contains a DATA column(datatype is INTEGER)
value of zero (0), then the DISPLAY column value is shown in the column ITEM.

242641 After using the Activate(Inplace!) function,when users click outside of ole control, the document disapears. This happens eg. when displaytype is set to displayascontent!.
242644 When attempting to EXECUTE a simple Oracle stored procedure which returns a 2 column

multiple resultset, transaction sqlcode gives error:
for Native connection ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows
for ODBC connection ORA-06550: PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to

242645 PowerBuilder leaks memory when passing an array (in this case an array of longs) as a retrieval argument to a datastore.
242658 uccessive connects and disconnects with an PB/EAServer component seems to leak about 32 bytes per connect/disconnect with or without using a connection cache

This scenario has been run with and without the use of a connection cache, but the leak seems consistent at about 160 KB per 5000 method invocations on the component. Each method invocation simply connects and disconnect from the EASDemoDB V4. 160KB per 5000 invocations works out to about 32 bytes per call.

242716 The protectedWrite keyword does not protect against changing the values of the
individual members of the array from outside the object. It only dissallowed assigning
the complete array.

The following should generate a compiler error but doesn't:

User object:
ProtectedWrite long long_array[2]

Window script:
my_uo.long_array[1] = 1 //should have given an eror.

242740 A workspace was created in PB8_6022 and has 4 targets(all existing applications).

I opened this workspace in PB8_7031 wanted to add a new target for an existing application.

The FIRST error is msgbox: PB application execution error (R0022)

PB8:R0022 Unknown object type:

k00_existingapplication at line 20 of_dialog of pb_dev_app

Click OK to close dialog window

The SECOND error is noticeable when you repeat this action of 'add a new target for an existing application'.

However nothing happens. If this was working correctly, then selecting

for workspace

-New target

-Existing application

-Dialog box - Choose library and Application displayed

Per PB Engineering.

Not a bug. This was the result of a mismatch of PB DLLs (i.e., PB DLLs from different builds were being loaded).

242763 Memory leak using

Development determined there was no leak.

242766 The problem is for native Oracle client v8.1.x connection which is triggering a warning message for embedded sql when
- an aggregate function is called on column which has NULL values.
ORA-24347: Warning of a NULL column in an aggregate function ;
This is not happening for earlier Oracle client e.g. v8.0.5 and neither for ODBC connection.
242777 Memory leak in LibraryExport function.
242782 This editmask problem only exists with PB 6.5.1not an issue in PB 7.0.3 build 10092 or 8.0 GA.

Edit mask that displays $.00. If you select (highlight) just after the $ the entire rest of the column (.00) and enter in for ex. -.34 the resulting display is $34.00 not $-.34 as expected. If the pointer is simply placed before the decimal point and not hightlighted ,and -.34 is entered there is also not a problem.

242812 Hebrew characters are not printed correctly from any PB script. The characters printed are latin characters.

If you copy the script and paste it into Notepad, it prints hebrew.

242825 Suppose a column in an Oracle table is defined as NUMBER datatype. Then when a UNION operator is used in an SQL statement, PB binds the output column to FLOAT instead of

This occurs for odbc and native connection to Oracle database.

242839 7.0.3 EBF Regression: Grid DW not displaying rightmost border in PrintPreview
242846 Deployment Error Service Components require a 'start', 'stop', and 'run' method. Correct the component 'xxx' when trying to deploy a component that implements an existing interface and is marked as a service component.

Error when trying to deploy a component that implements an existing interface and is also marked as a service component, because the start, stop, and run methods are not implemented (as would be required for a service component). Additionally, this message is presented in a modal dialog which should be eliminated in deference to the output window. When the modal dialog box is clicked the error is reflected in the output window.

Workaround is to add start, stop, run methods all returning (none)

242872 Assume that a datawindow has an SQL data source which retrieves the same column which
is datatype decimal(0) ;
In datawindow painter, column specification tab, the column is displayed as
datatype NUMBER when data source has union operator.
However when simple SELECT statement is the data source, datatype Decimal(0) is

displayed in the column specification tab.

The column is defined as NUMBER datatype in Oracle table. The same column

displays differently in the the dw painter -> column specification section when UNION operator used on 2 tables compared to a simple SELECT statement on 1 table?

242886 When using the migration assistant on the test case pbl,

powerbuilder will crash when the Powerscript obsolete or reserved syntax is

checked and Version 8.0 is checked.

If only version 6.0 is checked than no problem. No problem migrating the pbl

to 8.0. Only problem is in the migration assistant tool.

Works ok using the migration assistant in pb 7.0.3. Migrated pbl to 7.0.3 and

then used the migration assistant in pb 8.0 and same problem. PB will crash.

242905 PB Version and Build: PB 7.03 Build 10092 and PB 8.0 GA


Following code will crash PB ...


datastore lds

lds = CREATE Datastore

lds.Create("release 8;")


In PB 7 the equivalent...

lds.Create("release 7;")

...causes the crash.

Variations without the semicolon or with more chars in the string just cause Create to return an error but not crash.

lds.Create("release 8")


lds.Create("release 8;a")

...are both OK

In PB 8.0 GA the crash is ...

0x115d788e referenced memory @ 0x000000e6 memory not read

242931 Have Powerbuilder support the Oracle datatypes nclob,nchar and nvarchar2.

Currently thru the database painter, under the meta types, the support data types are:
long raw

243008 This could be related to CR 193477.
An NVO with over a certain number of object structures will crash PB when script is changed and the NVO saved (just a comment is enough).
The repro NVO has just 17 object structures declared (with just 1 field each).
Ct's repro crashed with 12 (but it also had a lot more code)
Crash is not related to the size of the object.
243048 At Powerbuilder runtime, picture control does not display the bitmap correctly when OriginialSize property is not specified.
Firstly the picture control is assigned a very small white bitmap size 2KB e.g. square 1cm X 1cm.
On the window object, select it's original size. (Select the picture control OriginalSize property to get PB to draw the bitmap to it's actual size.) Then deselect/ uncheck this setting OriginalSize for the control. Then optionally select a Border property.
There is a breakage in the top right and bottom right of the small-sized PB picture control
i.e. 2 white dots appear for the top right and bottom right corners instead of the
border style.
This is noticeable if you use a plain/ simple bitmap e.g. bitmap which
solely has white background and no other drawing.

The paint/ drawing of the picture control is also broken when the picture control
is enlarged e.g. enlarge to 2cm X 2cm
pict_1.OriginalSize = false
pict_1.Border = true

243075 Tab order changes does not save in data window.
243188 A pb component calls a java component. The java
component creates a datastore and does a setfullstate. The setfullstate
says it succeeded but the rowcount returns 0.

Works ok on NT and solaris. Problem now on AIX.

The error message from the srv.log file says:
DWObject Error: load: invalid number of columns: got 50331647 instead of 2

243195 GIF file does not display in OLE Control
243289 7.0.3 build 10071 Regression: This seems to be specific with Grid DW's. I tried with a tabular and the problem does not occur. Setting the column to invisible and then back to visible, the header text does not change back, it's blank.
254718 In a crosstab dw with two groups and for example the following two computed field. the second computed field returns wrong sum.

computed filed in first group: compute_2 = sum( val for group 2 ) + 10
computed filed in second group: compute_5 = sum( compute_2 for group 1 ) refers to the computed filed in the first group. In preview mode, you can see that compute_5 results are wrong

254741 DW with any comment/code in RetrieveRow event will give the following Datawindow error on first retrieve when using an ASYNC connection with an ODBC datasource.
"Select Error - An invalid handle was passed in a call to the database driver"
Any additional ASYNC retrieve works fine for that connection.
Only reproduced with ODBC (repro uses ASA 7) Tested Informix 7, Oracle 8.1.7 , MSS 7 and ASE 11.9 (all
254746 Change "Dynamo Web Site" to "PowerDynamo Web Site"
254782 Copy/Paste an alphanumeric column into a Date column crashes (0x1127c87d) PB
Regression since PowerBuilder 7.0.3 Build 10075
254783 Application gives the R0011 runtime error calling an event dynamically with an argument that has Logical negation eg. not checked
Example: Script in menu item: parentwindow.dynamic event e(not checked) will result in:
" PowerBuilder Fatal Execution Error (R0011) : Application terminated Error: Internal Runtime Engine Failure: Contact PowerSoft Techsupport (NOOP)"
254877 A pb component calls a java component. The java

component creates a datastore and does a setfullstate. The setfullstate

says that it failed with a return value of -1.

The error message from the srv.log file says:

Jul 17 11:28:59 2001: DWLoader Error: <init>: File format invalid: version should be 0600, 0606 or 0700 not 0800

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: Compile Error: dwCompile: null - java.lang.NullPointerException

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: DWOutput Error: calcPaintRow: java.lang.NullPointerException - null

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: DWConsole Error: create: java.lang.NullPointerException - null

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: java.lang.NullPointerException

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DWObject.gobInit(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DWObject.create(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DataWindowServer.create(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DataWindowServer.create(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DWConsole.js(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DWConsole.setFullState(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at powersoft.datawindow.DataStore.setFullState(Unknown Source)

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at solarisjavabug.javabugImpl.solarisbug(

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: at solarisjavabug._sk_solarisjavabug_javabug.invoke(

Jul 17 11:29:00 2001: DWOutput Error: calcPaintRow: java.lang.NullPointerException: -

254946 When using the powerscript function lookupdisplay
on a computed field, no javascript is generated for that field. This limits
the ability to use javascript functions such as onclick and onfocus.

When using the lookupdisplay on a computed field, the html source code will look as follows:

<SPAN CLASS=htmlDW17 STYLE="position:absolute; left:3.459in; top:0.479in; width:3.938in" onClick="{return htmlDW.itemClicked(5,-1,'compute_2');}" ><A HREF="" NAME="compute_2_5" >Active for State using LookUpDisplay = Massachusetts</A></SPAN>

When not using lookupdisplay on a computed field, the html source code will look as follows:
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="compute_3_5" SIZE=64 VALUE="Active for State not using LookUpDisplay = Massachusetts" CLASS=htmlDW17 STYLE="position:absolute; left:3.468in; top:0.781in; width:4.282in" READONLY onClick="{htmlDW.itemClicked(5,-1,'compute_3');}" onFocus="{this.blur();htmlDW.restoreFocus();}">

254958 A dw has a computed field that has a hyperlink and a computed
expression. When viewing the datawindow in a browser, the hyperlink is missing.

<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="compute_3_0" SIZE=64 VALUE="Active for State not using LookUpDisplay = Massachusetts" CLASS=htmlDW17 STYLE="position:absolute; left:3.468in; top:0.781in; width:4.282in" READONLY onClick="{htmlDW.itemClicked(0,-1,'compute_3');}" onFocus="{this.blur();htmlDW.restoreFocus();}">

254971 PB component on Jaguar hangs with error in srv.log: "PB exception caught in tryInvoke & tryDestroy" or INTERNAL ERROR and kills the component
254975 Javascript not included in .html property of datawindow on EAServer 3.6.1 C2 for Solaris. The problem does not occur on NT.
254977 Unable to create a new UNION based on existing query in PB 7 or PB 8, could do so in PB6.
The Open Query option is not available from the menu and the open icon although looking activated does not respond and the tooltips do not appear.
254979 Deleting ancestor event parameters causes regen error in descendant.
255024 AllowEdit=0 on a dropdown dw requires calling GetChild again to get a valid reference as is the case if you look at the DataColumn or Case property of the DDDW in the online Help.

The script is in cb_1. Comments in the script are self explanatory. Perhaps, the online help (search on dddw) should be changed to mention that GetChild needs to be called again for AllowEdit property. This is not documented unlike some other properties such as DataColumn or Case.

255027 PowerBuilder generate a DataWindow error "database error" with following sql syntax : select * from database..table_name.
Happens in PB 8 and PowerBuilder 7.0.3 Build 10073 or higher

Workaround: use the older build (10071 or lower) in PB to develop PB applications and use the newer builds (10073) if needed only during runtime.

255033 Cannot change background color of DDDW column, if you try to do so it also resets the color of the dddw itself.
255039 If a crosstab datawindow has a column in the detail band made invisible after resizing / moving different Bands (eg. trailer, detail) it will causes a GPF.

Not reproducable in 7.0.3 Build 10095 !

Update:*** Thursday, June 02, 2005 15:20:57 ***

cannot be reproduced anymore using PB10.2 build 8035.

255060 The PowerBuilder help states that the 'NoWrap' attribute is for the HTMLTable element which is I've confirmed by viewing the generated source for the DW. The source is as follows: <TABLE CLASS=htmldw6C NOWRAP WIDTH=374>. I've looked up in the HTML 4.0 Specification all the valid <TABLE> elements and NOWRAP is not one of them. It is however, a deprecated element for the <TD> and <TH> tags.

Setting this property in the datawindow painter, does not affect the wrapping of the data in the table columns whatsoever. However, it does work if this element is used with the <TD> tag. ie: <TD CLASS=htmldw22 STYLE="" NOWRAP>.

255067 Regression - Datawindows with Graph presentation style crash in Print() function. This happens only on Win98/95 systems and with HP Laserjet 5/5M print drivers. The driver works fine with PB7.0.2 , but GPFs with PB7.0.3 10009/above. Also crashes with PB 8.0 GA through 7041.
255073 Too many objects in the component list for a Jaguar project causes a GPF (or PB just disappears).
255092 Crash occurs when you select large columns in the HeaderBand and try and move it with the DownArrow key to the Group Header band. This seems to happen when a large number of views are open and not when just the Design. pane is up. Problem occurs when using the default layout. Will work if you Drag and Drop with mouse.
255152 PB COM component: memory leak when passing an array of strings.
255153 Memory leak using the datawindow plugin to open a psr file.
255166 Using the OLE DB driver - If you insert a new row into a table that has an identity column, then on update the column does not show the new value of the column until you do a retrieve again.
If you use ODBC or MSS driver then on update the new value of the identity column appears immediately.
255168 6.5 Regression: Edit style column with password property checked not working. It displays the actual data instead of asterisks.
255180 7.0.3 regression with RTC Rich Text Control InsertDocument adding a space onto the end of each line in the document.
255190 Problem with dw syntax when select contains a literal string.
255201 A JSP page makes the call to the PB NVO which returns the generated source and then the page displays the datawindow properly. All the JavaScript and HTML is generated accordingly on NT no problem.

The exact same JSP page makes the call to the exact same PB NVO on Solaris which returns ONLY the generated HTML for the DataWindow and the Class definition for the DW control, rows, columns, etc. There is NO JavaScript generated. This is verified by right clicking and viewing the generated source.

PB NVO and DataWindow was created with PB 7.0.3 build 10047.
Deployed to Jaguar 3.6.1 build 36108 with PBVM 10047 on both NT and Solaris.

255211 nvo object with an event of type boolean. If there is no defined returned value for this event (it's empty) the returned value is 'false'. This is different from PB 5 (returned value was NULL). But if you migrate a PB 5 nvo object without modification it shows the old behaviour and returns NULL.

Modifiy and save the migrated nvo userobject to get the return values.

255220 Check in/ check out and export/import does not retain application icon.

Problem appears to be fixed in PB 8.

255229 When compiler encounters a problem generating an executable, it throws a catch-all "Create of executable failed". Ct would like more info, for example when a file named after the exe but with a .tmp extension is in the same folder causes the problem.

Additionally, in some cases where exe generation terminated unexpectedly, ct has found that a file with same name as the exe but with a .tmp extension was left over in the folder. This .tmp file in the folder prevented further generation of the .exe.

Removal of the tmp file allowed the compilation to be completed in successive tries once initial problem was found and corrected.

255234 Want the ability to set the EAServer Application Property within the PB Project painter.

The PB Project Window that allows the developer to specify deployment options for EAServer need to be modified to allow the developer to set the value of the EAServer Application.

The EAServer application property already exists in EAServer and can be set via Jaguar Manager. However, since the PB IDE Project does not support the ability to set this property, the developer must deploy the component the first time, without the property, then go in to Jaguar Manager, create the EAServer Application by hand and then reset the EAServer Application property on the existing packages. Once set, the PB IDE will continue to deploy components to the specified package and the EAS Application associated with the specified package.

The property that needs to be set from the PB IDE is on the package:

Wants this added to the page in the IDE where the package is

255289 Enhancement Request: Users would like to have a PowerScript function to determine the current build number at runtime.
Example: Enhance the servicereference.GetFixesVersion ( fixversion ) function eg. with a
servicereference.GetFixesMinorVersion ( minorfixversion ) function.
255317 Foreign WinNT : When using getenvironment the resulting environment object languageid property is always languagenglish! . Should be dependant on eg. german, french NT etc.

German NT: languagegerman!
French NT: languagefrench!


Workaround: Use API calls:
FUNCTION Integer GetSystemDefaultLangID() LIBRARY "kernel32.dll"
FUNCTION ulong VerLanguageName(ulong wLang,ref string szLang,ulong nSize) LIBRARY "kernel32.dll" ALIAS FOR "VerLanguageNameA"


integer languageiddefault
string ls_language=space(64)


messagebox("Languageid", string(languageiddefault))

VerLanguageName(languageiddefault,ref ls_language,64)

messagebox("Languageid", ls_language)

255353 User with read-only privilege in VSS is able to register/unregister object in PB
255380 Short Desc:
Dw with a filter will return -1 on If a filter is set on the dw then
PowerBuilder : PB 7.0.3 Build 10077
Jaguar : Jaguar 3.6.1 Build 36108
255404 When a function gets added in a parent window, in the descendant window they don't appear sorted alphabetically in the function combo-box, albeit they are in its function list tab
255499 Inconsistent behaviour between 'do ... loop while' and 'do while ... loop' when using the setnull() function. With the same code, 'do while ... loop' loops once whereas 'do..loop while' loops indefinitely. Difference between PB7 and PB8 as well

Use the isnull() function

255500 RTE Control gives no or uncorrect page-break in Preview & Print.

When a large text field gets set to multiline and fixed size to force line breaks in the text, a page preview or a page print will result in not showing parts of the text.

Policy regarding the rte control,see .

255533 Adding a computed col in a crosstab dw causes select error
255541 If you click on the Save changes to database icon in preview mode when you go through the db admin painter then it appears to be pressed but nothing happens. On a Re-retrieve you can confirm that the save did not go through. If you click the 'x' icon and then at the message box to Save Changes to database, if you say Yes then it gets saved.
255557 PowerBuilder development environment (i.e. design time) will terminate abruptly for the following steps:

-Right mouse button click on 'workspace' to open a workspace OR select from menu option File-> Open workspace

-Now drag any folder in the main box area to the 'Look in' dropdownlistbox OR 'File name' OR 'Files of Type'

of this dialog window

PB will abort silently without a gpf.

This is annoying in a development environment if multiple painters are open and there are unsaved changes.

255707 This CR is an enhancement request for the single line edit control to show the
DropDownDW DISPLAY value and ALIGN the text value to the specified property setting.
At this time, when the dddw selection has been made, the display value is always LEFT aligned
in the control irrespective of other valid property settings e.g. Justify!, Centre! ...

Suppose the alignment for a single line edit control(edit style DropDownDW) is set to RIGHT!
At window runtime, when a display value is selected for the datawindow column
(which has edit style DropDownDW), the alignment is positioned as LEFT!
However when this column has lostfocus, then the alignment changes from LEFT! to RIGHT! (as per
the single line edit control property setting at design time).

255724 This CR is a regression for the single line edit control to show the DropDownListBox DISPLAY value and ALIGN the text value to the specified property setting. Regression, this is broken in version releases PB7x, PB8x ;
At this time, when the ddlb selection has been made, the display value is always LEFT aligned
in the control irrespective of other valid property settings e.g. Justify!, Centre! ...

Suppose the alignment for a single line edit control(edit style DropDownListBox) is set to RIGHT!
At window runtime, when a display value is selected for the datawindow column
(which has edit style DropDownListBox), the alignment is positioned as LEFT!
However when this column has lostfocus, then the alignment changes from LEFT! to RIGHT! (as per
the single line edit control property setting at design time).

In script painter, tried to force the alignment after the user has selected ddlb choice.
However this produced no immediate changes i.e. alignment remains as LEFT!

255742 DWSyntax tool doesn't include new dw properties
255788 When creating an index on a table from the database painter in PB 7.0.3(any build), putting the columns in certain order is not possible. This was possible in PB 6.5 and it works in PB8.
255807 PowerBuilder 7.0.3 Build 10095
Jaguar CTS 3.6.1 Build 36110

A PowerBuilder component using the JDB interface to connect to a backend database will not connect natively, a Jaguar connection cache with matching name or credentials is needed.

255810 There seems to be somekind of limit how much info can be loaded from a target file.
Also, if you select about 222 pbls is one go and hit open to add to the mle to add to library list then nothing will happen. If you add about 50-60 pbls at one time then you can add all 222 pbls to the mle as long as the pbls are in the same folder.
255819 8.0 Regression: ODBC to Access error when using embedded SQL
SQLSTATE S1C00 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Optional features not implemented
255833 PB8 cannot catch a Java exception in a nested module (com.sybase.MyException)
255834 PB crashes when you modify an application script (or maybe other scripts as well?), close the workspace, reopen the workspace and make another modification to that same script
255864 stateful PowerBuilder component developped and deployed to the Jaguar server
Component Type = Standard
Transaction support = Requires New Transaction
Automatic demarcation/deactivation Unchecked
Support instance pooling checked
Component timeout = 90 seconds

is causing a Corba_Transaction_Rollback because the timer is not reseted if the component is called every 10 seconds. Jaguar starts to pool the component although the transaction is not completed.

255913 Presently when naming something in the clipwindow you can not have a name with a space in it. Powerbuilder will display an error message since the name contains a space.

The registry will allow spaces in the name, not sure why this is a limitation?

255920 Customer would like to save commonly used objects to the clipwindow such as u_dw. Currently we only save a strings and we save it into the registry. I believe the limit for the registry is 2048 bytes. Perhaps this would be possible for smaller objects or some other solution could be found to accomplish this.
255982 When generating Proxy objects for eg. the MessageService the resulting objects, eg. ctscomponents_propertyvalue are not correctly editable in the userobject painter.

Update:*** Thursday, June 02, 2005 15:20:57 ***

cannot be reproduced anymore using PB10.2 build 8035.

256023 When using the JDB interface in PowerBuilder 7, new after build 10079, execution of an Oracle stored procedure fails. It works fine with the o84 interface.

When executing an Oracle stored procedure that has an output parameter, a failure is seen in the pbtrace.log file when using the JDB interface, yet the same code works fine using the o84 interface.

256326 PSR Impact to all current PB versions 6, 7, 8 :
Codeline changes mean NEW or UPGRADED PowerBuilder Reports will no longer be accessible by OLDER PB builds even if the PB main version is identical.
E.g. 1)
PSR created in 703_10102 (or later builds) will not be readable by 7.0 GA because of the internal PowerBuilder source code format changes (made at this time) and needed to improve data integrity for the datawindow SaveAsAscii Function.

E.g. 2)
PSR created in 7.0 GA will be readable by 703_10102.

256389 Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 crashes when you close using the "X" control in the upper right corner of the browser, using the PowerBuilder Window Plugin. If you close from a button on the window, the crash does not occur.
256400 7.0x Regression: Composite DW, data from nested rpts overlapping
256443 Calling SetTabOrder the dw generates key events twice.
pbm_dwnkey is triggered twice for ENTER key.
256511 In a very long composite report created dynamically, text of different nested
reports is getting printed over each other, possibly caused by wrapping of text.
Problem did not occur in PowerBuilder 6.5.
256519 When a component (eg. comp1) with a function that has an argument of the type of another PB-comp on jaguar (stateful component) than each call of comp1 doesn't release memory after the component is destroyed using setcomplete on the server, although only one instace of both components are active at a time.
256555 A datawindow using a right outer join works fine in PB 7. When the datawindow is migrated to PB 8, an error occurs: "Tables 'customer' and 'customer' have some exposed names, use correlated names to distinguish".

MS SQLServer 7 is the back end database.

If you look at the dw in PB 7 and PB 8, convert to syntax for each. You'll see that PB 8 now uses ANSI syntax for the outer join. This is what is failing, although it ought to work with MS SQL Server 7 as the back end.

Copy the select statement syntax from PB 7 to PB 8 and leave the datawindow data source in syntax mode rather than graphical mode. The datawindow will work fine.

256568 When leaving a PB app with the pointer at an hourglass during an ExecRemote call and then returning the pointer into the PB app. The pointer is not restored to an hourglass.
256611 In a autoinstantiate nvo a datastore is created in the constuctor and a dataobject is assigned to this datastore.
Then this nvo is used as a shared variable in a window object -> the datastore.object is NOT valid

move the create datastore and dataobject stuff into a function of the nvo. Then post this function in the constructor event of the nvo.

256617 When using an editmask - uppercase eg. !!!!! PowerBuilder drops the numbers when focus changes to another column: e.g. ABCDE stays as ABCDE, but: AB123 becomes AB. Works fine in PB6.5 and PB 7.0.3.
256632 ORA 01008 "not all variables bound" executing dynamic SQL
256648 Documentation doesn't mention "ContextKeyword" as a possible servicename in the the GetContextService function , it only refers to "Keyword".
256655 If there are no rows in the detail band and all the data is in the summary band then on a retrieve either in the dw preview or runtime, the vertical scroll bar cannot be dragged. You can use vertical scroll by clicking on the arrows but nothing happens in the scrollbar itself.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

256706 Accessing ClassLongName or ClassShortName property of an ole control causes PB to crash
256722 PB WIndow Active X, secure PBRXS70.OCX causes browser warning. Fixed in 7.0.3 build 10110 and 8.0.3 build 7080. You'll need to re-register the new PBRXS70.OCX to enable the fix.
256728 Column using editmask of HH:MM AM/PM zeroes out the data value in PB8 when the data type on the database represents a datetime value.
256735 PB gives a MEM_BAD_POINTER error if you try to lookup an EJB with the 2 argument syntax (i.e., where the Home Interface class name is not specified). With this syntax PowerBuilder makes some educated guesses on the Home Interface name based on the EJB lookup name in the second argument. If the 'guess' is correct, there's not problem, but if it's not the error occurs.
PB will crash if you use the 3-argument syntax and provide the 'wrong' class name.
256747 Deployment of a component to EAServer with a method whose THROWS clause specifies Exception (versus a specific user-defined exception) fails with error

SystemException: com.sybase.CORBA.idl.SyntaxError: file 'PBExceptions::n_pbexcept', line 4: '`': expected ','

The component method itself throws a specific user-defined descendant of exception; however, since specifying an ancestor within the THROWS clause is valid PB syntax, I would think this should either deploy to EAServer or be more gracefully handled, perhaps with a message that says only methods with user-defined exceptions in their THROWS clause can be deployed.

256788 A Web Datawindow deployed to a Dynamo Web Site uses serverside script to do a SetItem to a DateTime field. The results displayed in the browser are incorrect for certain years:
256791 Regression: DW number Edit Mask causes bad behaviour when typing values
256898 Showing user object opens over a child window - Cust believes this is not proper PB behavior and would like development's opinion. A child window on a window opens on top of part of the user object, and customer believes that this behavior may be wrong. He works around this by hiding an object, and after turning off the SetRedraw his app works fine. Customer would, however, like our opinion if this behavior is correct.
256901 Components tab in system tree of PB displays mangled method names. PowerBuilder and Java clients that use the Jaguar ORB, which is basically anytype of client you could build with PB (a PB client, Dynamo web page, etc.) resolve the mangling when generating stubs and skeletons, so the mangled name is not useful in the confines of PowerBuilder.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

256902 External datawindows/datastore using ShareData on a composite datawindow with each displayed datawindow only using part of the original external datawindow definition.

In 7.0.3 it page breaks between the two datawindows both in run mode and when printed. PB 8.0 all builds do not have the page break. Something has changed in PB 8 and the behavior in PB 8 is what the customer is looking for.

256907 In a datawindow crosstab definition page, selecting more than two columns causes the datawindow painter to crash. If the Preview View of the datawindow is not open, then the problem does not occur. Could be related to CR 233175.
256938 Editmask on a datetime / timestamp defaults to 01.01.00 if entering 00.00.00
related to CR 201595 and CR 208484

Workaround: none

256940 When a numerical datawindow format with characters behind number characters is overflowed with a
value larger than fits in the format, then a wrong value might be displayed.
This is because is theliteral interpretation of the format.

#,##0.00 AAA

For example entering 123456 with above format might display 1234.56 instead of 123456.00 or the value 3456.00 might be displayed.

To resolve this issue the characters at the end must be escaped as special characters, i.e. the format must be:

#,##0.00 \A\A\A

See Working with display formats in the PowerBuilders User's Guide

256941 8.0 Regression: EditMask w/ [date][time] SpinControl doesn't change date


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