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187847 When using the Pipeline object and using the properties for this object RowsWritten this should equal RowsRead minus RowsInError. It appears in all versions of PB tested from PB 5.0.03 through PB 7.0 that the RowsWritten is always equal to the RowsRead and does not reflect the subtraction due to RowsInError although RowsInError is detecting the error.

This has been reported previously in Case 40385070 in PB 4.0 and was tested in PB 5.0.04 build 18 with a different sample and was reported to work there. With this current sample I was unable to get RowsWritten to reflect correct value in any version of PB 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0.

187872 If a graph is displayed on a machine running in 32 bit true color mode, you will see "hashed" patterns. If you change the display mode to 24 bit true color, or any other mode, you will see solid colors in the graph.
187881 When a standard visual UO of type "tab" is created, you cannot place any controls onto the UO until you have closed and saved the UO, then re-opened it again.

I have reproduced this against build 4021 of PB 7.0

I also found the following additional problems while testing the above problem.

- When the tab UO is initially created, there is no initial tab page, unlike in PB 6.x. So after you have saved it and re-opened it, you can add controls onto the UO. If you add a command button onto the UO, you will get an application error: "The instruction at 0x111f405b" referenced memory at "0x00000018". The memory could not be "read"".

- After you have manually inserted a tab page onto the user object. If you place a tab control onto the tab page. You cannot alter it's position by using the mouse. There is also no position property for the tab control, so you cannot alter these values manually.

- After you have manually inserted a tab page onto the user object. You can place a control onto the tab object instead of the tab page (which is not allowed in PB 6.x). If you placed a static text control onto the tab object, you cannot see it or alters its properties, but you can select it from the control list. If you placed a command button onto the tab object, then you would get another application error: "The instruction at 0x111f405b" referenced memory at "0x00000018". The memory could not be "read"".

187888 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
has a PowerBuilder NVO that inherits from an ancestor class. In the ancestor class he has implemented functions to do
SetComplete etc. When the NVO calls the function when running under Jaguar he is getting
a bad operation error. If he moves the function to the NVO itself, the call is successful.
187889 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
Wants ability to change libpath in application painter like it used to be.
187892 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
Default datawindow background color is black.
187906 Tab Controls dropped on a Window have the same color as the window, rather than the default button face color.
187909 7.0 Beta: Help wrong for Rowfocuschanging: RowsDiscard, not DiscardRows
187919 Beta3 7.0: Created a pipeline via a stored procedure. Bring up the Modify Result Set Description dialog box by clicking the SQL icon in the pipeline painter. Click the Arguments command button and a page fault occurs in PBDWP70.DLL
187923 7.0 Beta 3: Syntax error in w_jag.stm
187956 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
Memory leak using Datawindow Save Rows As... HTML
187961 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
Cannot create Jaguar proxies when other painters are open.
187962 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
Bind Thread is selected by default for the Jaguar Component Proxy.

Per development: this is not a bug:
It is required for Jaguar components written in PB that use datastores. The reason is that the datastore allocates window handles which cannot be used in other threads. If you develop a component without datastores or the datastore doesn't need to maintain state across method calls then you don't need to bind the thread. The reason why we made it the default was to keep people safe because they could run into trouble if they didn't bind thread and tried to use a datastore and never know why.

187963 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
PB GPFs every time when starting a new userobject, leaving it open, then creating and saving a new datawindow. GPF happens
right after save process because datawindow is saved to pbl.
187964 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
After periods of use, PB is insisting on saving everything when you open it whether or not you made a change to the object.
(Not reproduced by PSE - steps to reproduce not identified.)
187969 the behavior should be changed so that if a 'half row' appears in the DW then by clicking on the 'half row' the whole row should come into focus allowing it be selected - This is the behaviour of Microsoft products. CR184616 refers.
187974 Beta3 7.0: OLE control on a window is defaulted to SizeMode = stretch! In script change SizeMode; ole_1.SizeMode = clip! does not work, it stays
stretched. If you do the opposite, in the window painter set the SizeMode = clip! and in script change it to stretch!, this works.
188012 7.0 Beta: DW preview does not change after a change to SQL Select
188014 Response window (w_welcome in pbtutor.pbl ) opens behind the frame in a
mdi application. Works ok under solaris 2.5.1 using the same build (522).
188019 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
Exported PB 7.0 datawindow source still says version 6.
188021 EA Studoi 3.0 Beta:
Preview a tabular datawindow. Move through the data so focus is on some row/column other than 1,1. (Make a note of where you are.)
Alt-Tab to another application, then alt-tab back.
You cannot see where your focus was when you left the previewed data.
188029 SetFullState of a nested dw and then apply a sort, and the nest is lost.
188031 When running the pbtutor.pbl several times, pb doesn't allow you to
enter data anymore in the sle's on the logon window (w_welcome). Works ok under 2.5.1
using the same build (522). You actually have to get out of pb entirely so that it resets.
188034 When an app is generated from genapp(pbtutor) and you go to
file/toolbars, the static text items are partially truncated.
188035 Cannot resize a floating toolbar in Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 2.5.1
from pbtutor.pbl (genapp.pbl).
188036 In the dw painter, headers and labels are partially truncated.
Works ok in Solaris 2.5.1 (build 522).
188040 Once you enter an invalid logon (w_welcome) in the pbtutor.pbl, pb
doesn't show that logon window again even after you exit from run mode and rerun app.
Works ok under Solaris 2.6
188109 6.5 build 482 or > Regression - Newspaper columns defined on a DataWindow via the Print Specifications tab. Using Page() in the header, the page count is incorrect on the printouts. It appears fine in print preview.
188111 First character of a static text field gets truncated when printing thru
dw painter or using dw_1.print(). On nt, first character gets truncated when field is centered,
right justified or justified. Works ok under left justified. On win95, first and last characters
get truncated for center,right and justified. For left, last character gets truncated.

Works ok on both platforms if autosize height is checked. Problem happens in header, detail,
summary and footer bands.

188122 7.0 beta: The w_jag.stm file in HTMLDataWindow connects to PowerSoft Demo DBV6
188130 7.0 Regression. PB 6.5 allowed the use of a computed field with '<HR>' to put a nice horizontal rule between a header and detail data for instance. Now, this is echoed in the <HR> regular text computed field. There are other possible uses including HREF and other tags that the datawindow would output directly using SaveAs... HTMLTable!

This functionality was lost due to a bug fix that properly escapes special characters in the data (like < & >) with < and >. Otherwise, these characters would corrupt the HTML that was generated. In order to regain this lost functionality, we added a new property that indicates that the value is HTML, (ValueIsHTML). This new property has been placed in 7.5 and cannot be back-patched because this would require a migration.

188180 DELETE key cannot pass beyond thousand separator in edit mask. Fixed in Powerbuilder 7.0.01
188181 Has a DW group with a group header and 'New Page on Group Break' selected. When scrolling down until the last page the group header of this page is set in the middle of the page and then if you scroll up, all the headers are in the middle of the page.
188182 BACSPACE and DELETE keys behave differently with respect to the decimal separator in edit mask (datawindow of type editmask or edit mask control). eg if the cursor is within the positions of the integer part of the number and DELETE is pressed, all digits to the right of the cursor are deleted whereas if the cursor is at the far lefthand position, the decimal digits will not be able to be deleted (use arrow or mouse to position the cursor at the right of the decimal separator).
188183 Modify zoom property on a datawindow the focus moves to the upper left hand corner which means row 1 columns are displayed.
If the user happens to be on a row other than row 1, this feature is bothersome.
188186 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_039:

At minimum, the availability of some functions that would allow the trapping of the current object, scriptname and line number at runtime so that we can perform some basic exception processing in PB apps, PB COM objects deployed as OLE Servers and Jaguar components. Currently, SignalError() will trigger the Systemerror event in the app object and some code may be written to capture the object, script, line, and so on, but if you create a COM object from your NVO then this is not possible. Which leaves the choir of processing exceptions a difficult and often hard-coded type of task. It seems that this information must be somewhat available and a simple set of functions that could be called to return the current line number, scriptname and object would be greatly appreciated.

188205 Regression using PowerBuilder 5.0.04, 6.x & Beta 7.0 - SYC driver: Connecting to Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2 server installed on NT. Using two transaction objects. First one connects fine. While first one is still connected, second connection is made using a different transaction object. Disconnect second one, then try to connect again using the second error occurs: Error -1 ct_close(): network packet layer: internal net library error: Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect.

NOTE: Adaptive Server Enterprise v11.9.2 installed on Solaris does not experience this error.

188216 On windows 95 version 4.00.950 A, using PowerBuilder 6, if you are running a PowerBuilder application and click CTL+ALT+DEL to open the Close Program window and then click Cancel to close the Close Program window without cancelling anything, the PowerBuilder program cancels.

Per Development: Third Party Problem.

188243 Problem is only occuring under PowerBuilder 5.0.0x: MSS driver MS SQL Server 6.5 w/sp5 installed for some MS Y2K fixes. The problems seen are when you are in the Database Painter --> Alter a table it does not show the datatypes. Data Manipulation gives an error: <columnname> data type is not supported.
188244 After installing PB 7.0 beta3 and then select the database tab in the odbc driver setup, the EAS Demo DB points to the runtime engine of rteng6.exe. DBeng6.exe isn't included in the install.

From RE:
It is by design that PB7 only installs the runtime ASA files and not the full ASA product. It is a known/reported error in prior releases that PB installed dbengxx.exe instead of the runtime engine rt engxx.exe. So it is in fact a change in behavior to correct a problem from prior releases. If a customer wants the dbeng60.exe installed, they must also run the ASA product install.

188282 PB 6.5 with HP driver 690C : When setting margins of a DW in preview mode by moving the margins in the rulers, the memory is not released.
188296 Beta 7.0 The Connect button in the Database profile painter is not enabled if you are currently connected to the hightlighted profile; however, if you decide to modify that profile - add a DBParm for instance - the Connect button still does not enable. This forces you to connect to another database, if available, or exit PB and start over.
188310 ENHANCEMENT: Function String( <long_param>, "address" ) is limited to 511bytes. Please increase this to 32 kb
188333 All the attributes changes made on an instance of a menu are changed back to the original properties when using ChangeMenu() after the changes are made.

Changes are reflected on a popmenu() when the changes are made to the instance of the menu prior to the popmenu().

The attributes tested were for visible and enabled.

188337 customer wants to use a variable to set the column name in the dwobject variable type. See PB help, index, DWObject variables in scripts, 2nd example.
Instead of: dwo_empsalary = dw_1.object.emp_salary,
dwo_empsalary = dw_1.object.variablename
188388 FindClassDefinition() does not release memory on NT4
188389 Informix 7: money-columns are not retrieved properly when DBMoney DM, is set
188392 OR8 : No ORA-00979 error message when group by clause is not correct
188487 Enhancement Request: Allow debug break points to be set while in a script painter instead of using the DebugBreak() function.
188509 Printing a datawindow using MS Sans Serif Font and a postscript printer, text gets cut off from the right and left sides.
- this may also include non-Truetype fonts and postscript printers.
188569 Beta 7.0: When you do a File -> Select Application, select a different pbl and open the library painter, the newly selected application does not display. I have to select View -> Current Library then I can see it.
188616 There is no way to change the print orientation during a printjob. Even sending an escape sequence with PrintSend() doesn't work. It should be possible to change the orientation (landscape / portrait) during a printjob in two ways. First printing several dw in different orientations dynamicly. Second printing one datawindow with different orientations dynamicly.
188619 On NT4.0, PB7 has the feature to show localized shortcut keys in menu items.
For example in German the SHIFT key is called UMSCHALT.
When using German(standard) setting in the control panel, the painters will
display German language shortkey names in the menu items.

On German keyboards the Shift key is also labeled UMSCHALT etc.
However in Switzerland the keys are labeled with the english expression,

With German (Switzerland) regional settings, PB7 picks up the German settings,
this should be the English ones, for example SHIFT+F10 and not UMSCHALT+F10

Decimal precision lost when fetching sp result in double datatype host variable when regional settings are set to french.

Field is decimal(14,2) datatype in table definition and host variable in script is double datatype : in this case decimal precision is lost when fetching resultset. If host variable is decimal{2} datatype then all works fine.

188625 Beta 7.0: A DataWindow is created with a data source stored procedure. In the DataWindow Painter, if you choose menu item Design -> Data Source or click the SQL icon, the Column Specifications view is displayed. The Modify Result Set Description window/view should display.

Developer's comments:
DW Painter is behaving as it was designed. The ModifyResultSet dialog is no longer. In its place is the columnspec view where, if external data source (or stored proc), the dbname (scroll to the right) is modifiable.

188632 When in the call stack in the debugger and you have numerous break
points, selecting any previous break point from the call stack and dragging it over to
the script panel shows the 'forbidden' mouse cursor.

If you compare it to in the breakpoint tab and drag a break point, it shows a different mouse
cursor ONCE you're in the script panel.

188660 If you call RowsCopy but there are zero rows to copy, RowsCopy returns -1.
Should it return success because it successfully copied zero rows ?

This is correct behavior, not a bug.

188839 Tried to compile a pfc application in machine code but it always failed (got Dr Watson) => compilation gpf at object pfc_n_cst_filesrvunicode. The application compiles fine in p-code

The problem was a variable set to "~142". This is fixed in 6.5.1 and 7.0 build 7010 and higher. (PBCMPxx.DLL) (this is fixed in a build in the EBF line and not in 7.0.1 build 6012 - the GA for 7.0.1 Maintenance)

188891 Using the Window plug-in, performing 2 SetFullStates after disconnection from a DPB server causes browsers to crash when the browsers are closed.
188948 Has a frame with a Non-resizable sheet . If you resize the frame until the sheet fits exactly inside it, at a time the frame 'catches' the sheet and the sheet becomes resizable.
188953 DW edit mask with format ##0.00% on ASA numeric datatype (5,2) truncates decimal part when decimal separator is comma ','.
When Regional setting is English, this problem does not occur.
188960 Beta 7.0: DataWindow Painter Align/Size/Space icons have one 'extra' that doesn't work.
he extra icon can be seen in the dropdown of the painterbar. However, in menu choice Format -> Align/Space/Size, this is not listed on any of the menu options.
188966 Ct has a vert. scrollbar on a dw and would like this to not pass the header; in other words the top of the vert. scrollbar should not go up beyond the header, so that it is only next to the area it affects (detail band).
188982 PowerBuilder 6 and PowerBuilder 7 update the file modification timestamp on PSR files that are read in as datawindow dataobjects.
189062 Datawindow report not printing all characters that are displayed in printpreview
189137 When a datawindow is shared with a datastore
and the row height of a datawindow is too high so that it will not fit in the control and
the current row is deleted in the datastore
then the wrong row will be shown in the datawindow
When the last row is deleted, the datawindow becomes blank
When there are only two rows in the datastore and the second is deleted, the first one can not be brought into view.

Typical situation :
Master and detail window are shared with a datastore.
Rowfocuschanged event of the master is used to synchronize the display of the detail window.
Note : when deleting the currentrow the synchronization must be postponed, e.g. in a posted event.

1) Resize control or datawindow height so that it will fit or enable the horizontal scrollbar
or use following scripts
delete button ->
long ll_row

ll_row = dw_master.getrow() /* current row */
dw_detail.setredraw(false) /* don 't update screen until your done */
dw_master.scrolltorow(1) /* workaround */
IB_deleting = true
ib_deleting = false
if ll_row > 2 then
ll_row = ll_row - 1
else /* 2, 1, 0 , -1 , NULL */
ll_row = 1
end if
dw_master rowfocuschanged ->
if not IB_deleting then dw_detail.scrolltorow(currentrow)

Per Development:
Not to be fixed.
The problem only occurs when the row height is larger than the datawindow height.
To work-around either the horizontal scrollbar can be enabled or the dw control height be increased.

189142 Beta 7.0: Grid DataWindow with a background color = ButtonFace or Silver. The grid lines no longer display in Preview or printout. They can still be seen (lightly) in the Design view.
189361 Enhancement Request: We are currently not handling propagation of null values to/from PB Jaguar component methods for arguments of type Arrays and Structures.
189372 If you select a table with a timestamp column and you try to modified
the table (insert,update,delete) using the ms odbc driver, you get the following error:

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'timestamp'.
No changes made to database.
UPDATE timestamp SET datachar10 = ? WHERE primarykeycol = ? AND tsequal(, 00000000100001783)

PB does not display the prefix '0x' when connected to the odbc driver. Under the native driver
it does display.

189376 Enhancement Request: Please allow system directories (ie Windows/System) that are not set "Hidden" to be listed in the Library Painter.
189391 PB 6.5 and OLE DB. PB does not execute database commands properly when ADO 2.0 is the OLE DB provider. Testing shows that the PB testcase works when ADO 1.0 is the provider. The PB 6.5 example shows that the SQLExecute pulls 'bad' data from the buffers only if the input is an array of type any. There is a VB example shows that ADO 2.0 works with variant arrrays as input.
189403 Given MS Explorer or NT Explorer as TreeView object example , the user wants the ability to change the text font colour of any TreeViewItem. Currently there is NO color property for TreeViewItem control in PB.
For example NT Explorer has the ability to show compressed disks in BLUE text font colour and ordinary uncompressed disks as BLACK font colour.

sybase (font text colour pink)
|-----------ase11 (font colour blue)
|----------- include (font colour red)
bin (font colour blue)
|---------- books (font colour red)
windows (font text colour pink)
|-------Cookies (font colour red)
|-------Config (font colour red)

189407 An error occurs if you attempt to run an Oracle stored procedure from a script if you reference the procedure with a package synonym. This affacts the OR8 and O84 drivers.
189412 In the Retrieval Arguments dialog, pressing ESC doesn't close the window (ie. perform a Cancel).
189423 Opening an existing graph datawindow, always prompts for save even with no changes made.
189425 PB 7.0 Beta: Can't type in library path and name in New Application Wizard
189432 PB 7.0 beta: Save a window as ' W ', the script view stays 'untitled'
189477 Using the dbparm of async and posted messages sent during the db retrieval, non-window messages are not being processed until after the retrieve is completed. Behavior worked ok in PB 5.0.04.
189493 PowerBuilder native drivers for Oracle 8 require that packaged procedures referenced by a PUBLIC package alias include the PUBLIC qualifier when the preocedure is referenced in Powerscript. This is a change from Oracle 7 behavior because the Oracle 8 OCI describe calls require objects to be fully qulified. This was not a requirement in Oracle 7 OCI.
189495 When referencing an Oracle stored procedure inside a package, you must not enclosed the stored procedure name in quotes. Quotes cause an internal look-up failure.
189547 The SetFullState() function causes the datawindow to change position within the window.
189550 Pipeline painter dialog only shows one table containing blobs even if multiple tables in pipeline source contain a blob.
189564 When connected to ASA 6.0 if you try to create a new table in the database painter it is not possible to create a primary key. Even when you bring up the properties the tab for a new or existing table the primary key tab is missing. When an exhisting table is brought up that already has a primary key the Primary key tab is there but there is no ability to change it.

Not a problem in PB 7.0.

189568 Please document the fact that the SaveAs() utilizes the regional settings set when saving dates. This is especially important when thinking of Y2k issues as if the short date style is set to only YY then the resultant date saved is only YY even if the actual database entry has YYYY.
189606 Datawindow SaveAs() funktion save not correctly a WMF file.The square and borders around a column is messed up and the border is to big or splitted in several lines. This happen only with several rows.
189642 After passing a resultset to pb and then using dot notation
to copy the data from the datastore to the dw control, causes a null object reference.
189647 Passing a resultset to pb by reference will cause a memory
reference error in pb and causes pb to crash.
189660 Beta 7.0: In PB 5 and PB 6, you could go into the window properties, go to the position tab and move the 'window' around to the position you wanted to have it at. You could also right mouse click on the lower window. A popup menu came up with "Center Horizontally" and "Center Vertically." Are these options are not available in PB 7.0?
189662 7.0 Beta: Window painter properties get stuck on non-visual object properties
189663 Enhancement request: Add an entry for "create database" to the help
189665 In the menu painter and your modifying toolbar properties,
wysiwyg menu shows different results. The following are a list of problems:

1. Using right/left arrow will make the menu items disappear.
2. Can't close out of dropdown menu items
3. If you open more than 1 wysiwyg menu, the other wysiwyg menus don't
show the toolbar items
4. Selecting a dd menu item and scrolling thru the values of toolbaritemindex
and toolbaritemorder and then return to its original value will change/rearrange
the order of the toolbar icons.
5. The toolbar icons that show up in the wysiwyg menu and when you run the
app show different icons. If the toolbar icon shows a toolbarorder of zero, the icon
appears on the wysiwyg menu, but does not show up when running app.
6. Attaching a menu to a mdi window and than viewing the menu thru the wysiwyg menu,
changes the appearance.

189669 7.0 Beta: A 6.0 popup window migrated to 7.0, has no popup menu on right click
189693 A DropDownListBox has got an entry 'abcdefg'. If you just type 'abc', drop down the listbox (do NOT click on the highlighted column) and move the focus to another object, then the modified-event is not triggered.
189707 The popup menu for the AutoScript feature is inaccessable for certain view positions
189745 Prior to PB 6.5 EBF build 520 when changes were made to the enabled and visible properties of menu items, the order of the changes did not seem to matter. After build 520 and tested through build 545 if the change was made to the enabled property and then the visible property the menu items were visible but not enabled.

Workaround: Make sure "visible" property changes made prior to "enabled" properties.

189746 Enhancment request: Ability to change colors for progress and track bars. Currently these controls stay
button face. The ability to change the color on these controls would provide better contrast with the window.
189789 Gpf when building a com object with a particular type and order of private instance varibles

Per Development: Dup of CR186862 (inspect buffer buffer overrun fix) appleid to both pb65 and pb70 codelines.

189804 Desc:

The problem is when a datawindow which has a nested report is saved as file type 'PSR format', the edit style dropdowndatawindow saves the 'code' column instead of the 'display' column.

This problem occurs for a nested report which has a column object with edit style 'DropDownDW'.

The result is that for a nested report, the data column "code" (e.g. company_id) for the DDDW is saved instead of the "display" column(e.g. company_name).

However if the main datawindow is previewed in the datawindow painter or dataWindow print preview, this problem does not occur. DDDW correctly shows the "display" column(e.g. company_name).

189823 Enhancement In the Window Painter you can Insert Objects (Non-visual) ie DataStore. In the non-visual object pane you will see datastore_1, there is no way to rename it...
189833 Regression from PB 5.0.03. Does not exhibit problem when running with PB 5.0.03.

Starting with PB 5.0.04, including all version of PB 6.X and 7.0 the application results in a Powerbuilder Application Execution Error (R0035) Error: Error calling external object function coomandbars at line ....... OLE Automation connecting to Word 8 using (word.application.8) in all versions of PB. Application is failing in a customer developed Macro that is trying to change the CommandBars.

189854 EAS3.0 beta - PB7 build 5011. New created user event from a menu is missing after being saved correctly when you exit and then reopen the menu.
189888 Need to be able to modify the column names of columns that are added to an external datawindow via the column specification view.
189934 Builds of PB 6.0/6.5 GA through build 540 are setting the colors of a pie graph using the SetDataStyle() function. The same syntax that was used in pb 6.0 GA through pb 6.5 build 540 does not change the color in either build 545 (current build) or Pb 7.0 build 5011.
189963 In datawindow querymode, criteria is supplied at runtime.
If querying for column = y, n, or null.
Criteria is entered in the appropriate column (when the dw is in querymode).
After data is retrieved and querymode turned off, there is no simple way to select a column on an "is null" criteria.
189973 A GIF with its transparent value set to a color on its image pallette does not display the color as transparent.

Applies to PictureButton, PictureHyperlink, and Picture controls on a Window.

A Picture Button is based on the Button control and cannot assume a different background color.

For Picture Hyperlink and Picture Controls there is an Architectural limitation on PowerBuilders internal control structure.CR 273347 (enhancement request) has been created for resolving the architectural limitation.

For a workaround datawindow userobjects can be used to achieve a similar result. A short technical document is available on

189975 7.0 Beta: Global functions invoked from datawindow expressions don't work.
190025 When building a machine code exe and the
ascii symbol of alt + 159 is used in the pb script, pb will crash with a reference
memory exception error. (Open event of app painter for symbol.)

Works ok in pb 5.0.04 and win95.

190065 When using the UpdateBlob() function with the Informix IN7 driver, the update fails on build after PowerBuilder 6.5 build 444 when the table to be updated is a temporary table.
190070 When using the application template wizard and on the
"Name Individual Sheets" window you delete the names for sheets 2 and 3,
once you hit the finish button, the following error will show up:
Wizard Error:
Error generating d:\genapp.pbl, Reason is : Compiler Error.

If you click ok, pb creates a corrupted pbl.

190079 HTML DataWindow / Web DW does not display column pointers:
ASP/IIS: Setting the pointer to a non-default type is not displaying in the HTML DW.
190081 A change in 7.0 to include export headers ($PBExportHeader$..... & $PBExportComments$...) when an object is checked into a source managment system is causing an error when using ORC API import; ORCA functions PBORCA_CompileEntryImport() & PBORCA_CompileEntryImportList()
190131 Need a SetProfileString function that control when the data are really written on disk
190133 GPF during migration in a window which has a shared variable declared
190143 Call to PB Automation Server function with Argument type ANY by REFERENCE fails
190145 If you create a new user object of type datastore and create a function on the object with an argument. Saving the object may cause the argument name to change.
190161 The help text and Datawindow reference should be updated to specify the data type for VerticalScrollMaximum and VerticalScrollPosition as longs, not integers.
190286 Regression PB 6.5 ASE 11.5:
With European regional settings (decimal separator = comma)
Selecting into a double value with Embedded SQL numeric and decimal types truncates the decimal part.
Selecting into a decimal variable works fine.
This happens using the SYC interface but not with O73 or SQLAnywhere.
190349 PB Library for Lotus Notes. Customers forms database has random failures when trying to retrieve form based on clicking in a row in the database. It is failing in the of_retrieve() of n_cst_notes_service on the call to the Lotus Notes HiTest C API external function PBhtgetform() . When it fails it returns a '0' rather than a value for iul_dochandle. All other arguments to the function appear to be the same whether it works or fails. Additionally running the application a different time that form is found and the iul_dochandle is returned correctly.

PBhtgetform() is in PBnote60.dll. This is a protected and private function.

Lotus Notes DB does not appears to be corrupt as it works fine in Lotus Notes and only fails randomly from within PB.

190383 7.0 Regression. Press TAB key to tab off any treeview item in development or runtime and the system beeps.
A sound beep is triggered when TAB out of the treeview control.
The behaviour is annoying for data-entry end-users because a sound beep is an audible signal to signify possible 'error' made and should not be signalling that the user has lost focus of the treeview and is now onto the next control on the window object.
190437 When a window has 1 control with a tab order, you cannot
capture the tab key. The other event fires sporadic. PB will capture other keys
but not the keytab!.
190448 Problem with the Common Dialog OCX from Microsoft. With 7.0 I get this error during migration, and with any attempt to regenerate:
Object: w_main
ole_1 Class Declaration
(0016): Warning C0088: Duplicate property name: binarykey

When I attempt to run the app, I get: PB70 caused an invalid page fault in module PBVM70.DLL at 0137:1138c618.

This seems to be Microsoft support DLL version specific:
COMCTL32.DLL - 4.72.3609.2000 - everything works fine
COMCTL32.DLL - 4.72.3611.1900 - we get "invalid property" on the control's property page but NO GPF.
My test case: PB7 bld 5019, NT4.0 SP4

My current theory is that the binary stream (the IPersistStorage) from the OLD version
of the control is incompatible with the NEW version of the control (which breaks the rules).
Everything works fine if the OLD control is deleted from the window and a NEW control is added.
Doesn't look like there's anything I can do when the control changes its binary data stream format.
Delete the OLD control and add the new one.

190514 Simple genapp application that was created in build 444 through 555 and simply trying to do File=> Close on the already open sheet results in an illegal page fault in pbvm60.dll in all builds tested through 555. This does not appear to be a problem in either PB 5.0 or PB 7.0. Furthermore when I create, or do a full rebuild of the genapp in PB 6.0 GA, it does not fail when run in any build, until I do a full rebuild in build 444 or above.
190533 PB7.0 Beta: Right clicking off container object no longer selects container obj.
190545 PB 7.0 Beta: Can't print out just the script for an event or function.
190591 Powerbuilder SaveAs "Excel5" format is broken for Croatian fonts. The error is reproduceable when the "saved-to-format-file" is opened in MS EXCEL, then font change to Croatian, then copy and paste operation.
190592 This is now fixed in 6.5 Build 580 and PB 7.0 Build 5027

CrossTabDialog() - Changing the order of the columns in the Values expression list will cause an Access Violation when you hit OK. Also happens in DW painter when previewing a crosstab dw and you click on the Design menu and click Crosstab... to get the same dialog window

PB 5.0.04 -> OK
PB 6.0.251 -> OK
PB 6.5.444 -> - (0xc0000005) 0x10b96cca
PB 6.5.555 -> - (0xc0000005) 0x1055f177

No workaround, fails from the dw painter in preview mode, using CrossTabDialog and also if using Modify()

190593 Customer would like to have a migration Information/Warning message when the handle function is called with parameter such as Datastore.
190607 When row > 1 , computed column not evaluated when the dw is a nested datawindow
190614 Customer has an application which at times passes null values read from a table to a user object function that parses the string catatonating a name into first name, middle initial, last name and name suffix. Starting in PB 6.5 build 444 the machine code exe fails if any of the columns contain a null. The p-code exe still works fine and if the strings, including the nulls, are read into temp variables and then passed to the function for parsing the machine code exe also works fine.

Workaround: Use p-code or read into temp string variables prior to passing into function.

190616 PB 7.0 Beta: Find expression using numeric columns leaks memory in a datawindow
190639 Enhancement Request:
Ability to open an object in the library painter without it being in your current library path.

In pb 7.0, you need to click on the application object and than click on the object you want to open.
Its a two step process. In pb 6.0/6.5, it was a one step process.

190671 I should be able to explicitly place the registry key wherever I want not just under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/<Your Company Name>/appname.

You can do this after using the wizard by opening n_genapp_connectservice and modifying the function of_getconnectioninfo to have it point to wherever you want. The Wizard at this point is just meant to generate a typical situation.

190675 Embedded SQL can cause Internal Script Overflow errors depending on the amount of errors there are in the SQL statements and the total length of all the statements.
190748 Regression: Menu are not redrawn correctly when menu attributes are changed
190760 RTL- In Script editor, cannot enter special characters at the left of RTL word
190780 7.0 Beta: Application object test, data, and header properties do not show in dw
190807 If any rows are selected when a datawindow sort is done, after the sort, the rows selected befire the sort are still selected in addition to the first row.
190911 Datawindow Rows To Disk option does not work
190940 Getting error when trying to pass an output parameter
back to pb using a stored procedure and the declare/fetch/execute.

Using odbc to connect to ms sql server. Using disablebind=1. Using
sqlsrv32.dll (version 3.60.0319). Works ok using ms native driver (though
using slightly different syntax.)

Getting error of:
Cursor is not open.

Used the following syntax:
@var_date_1 = :ad_start,
@var_date_2 = :ad_end,
@rtn_diff_prd = :ls_duration
Execute sp_duration;
FETCH SP_DURATION INTO :ad_start, :ad_end, :ls_duration;

190992 Unable to call DefinedName() function on Formula One control version 5 and above.
191002 The window icon no longer defaults to icon assigned to application in PowerBuilder 7.0. Prior versions of Powerbuilder always defaulted to the same icon as the application. This meant that in Win9x and NT platforms, the icon in the upper left of the title bar was the same as the application Icon and when minimized, the taskbar icon would also be the same as the application icon. In 7.0, this defaults to the windows default icon.

Problems may arise with MIGRATED applications. You have to explicitly set the window icon on the frame window in MDI or on every sheet in an SDI application to "AppIcon!".

There were several performance problems related to this change (window open performance) as well. Migrated applications would have a blank window icon as "" and PowerBuilder would search down the PBD path for the "" icon (which it would never find). The performance bug associated with this change in behavior is CR204779 fixed in 7.01ebf build 7014.

191046 When an nvo is deployed in jaguar as a service and
you're editing the nvo in pb when live editing is enabled, saving the object
will result in the following error message:
"save of object failed"
191057 When an nvo is deployed in jaguar and you're in pb editing
the nvo that has live editing enabled, saving the nvo several times,
will cause pb script to disappear in the nvo.
191058 When running the windu deamon of windu_registryd4x, the -d
parameter should allow redirection of output.

windu_registryd4x -vers2 -prog xxxxxxxxx -d /tmp -k

191109 The problem appears when the scenario is tab control, dropdownlistbox with Sorted property OFF, Border type-StyleShadowBox ;
The ddlb border type style -"StyleShadowBox" does not toggle off when the setting is changed.
The problem manifests only when ddlb is on tab control.
191135 Beta 7.0(RC0): In the window painter, insert a control of type datawindow or uo of type datawindow. Change the properties of the datawindow control to have a vscrollbar and hscrollbar. The changes are not seen until you save the window, close it and reopen the window in the painter.
191136 If you move column(s) to different orders, and try to reset them to the original order, it does not work.

In a grid datawindow the original column order is 1,2,3,4, if you move the columns by clicking and dragging to the following order 4,1,2,3. If you try and reset the column order to 1,2,3,4, with the following powerscript:


It does not work, the columns get ordered 2,3,4,1. If you run the same code again the column order gets set back to the original 1,2,3,4

191141 In the menu Painter and you modify toolbar properties,
wysiwyg menu shows different results.

1. Can't close out of dropdown menu items.

191142 If you open more than 1 wysiwyg menu, the other wysiwyg menus don't
show the toolbar items.
191143 Selecting a dd menu item and scrolling thru the values
of toolbaritemindex and toolbaritemorder and then return to its original value
will change/rearrange the order of the toolbar icons.
191144 The toolbar icons that show up in the wysiwyg menu and when you run the
app show different icons. If the toolbar icon shows a toolbarorder of zero, the icon
appears on the wysiwyg menu, but does not show up when running app.
191146 Attaching a menu to a mdi window and than viewing the
menu thru the wysiwyg menu, changes the appearance.
191151 PB 7.0 Beta: COM/MTS generator does not put helpstring in IDL file.
191176 Regression/ Change of Behavior in PB 6.0 GA through PB 6.5 build 560 on an IsValid() that is resulting in an illegal page fault in PBVM60.dll after the close of window with Dynamic Objects. The sample application is parsing syntax from a text file to create all dw's and all object on the window are user objects and/or created dynamically. Could not reproduce illegal page fault in simple sample using standard PB objects.
191198 Printing a datawindow in 6.5 sends 50 times as much data to printer as 5.0.04.
191231 Provide the stock picture icons that are special enumerated images in the menu painter as bmps so that they can be used on a window picture button.
191232 This is a regression bug (worked in PB5, broken in PB6 and 7).
The expression ((333 -30 -61.5) /840)* 100 in a computed field produces an incorrect result of 27.7 when format is 0.0 instead of the expected result of 27.8
Other expressions tested with produce the desired results with format 0.0 : E.g. 2/3 expression calculates result as 0.7 ;
191247 PB5.x and 6.x (all OS): regression from PB4.x: Cannot map a sle user event to pbm_settext without getting compilation errors at regeneration of window or exe creation.

steps to reproduce:
on a window, add a sle.
With sle selected, go to Declare> User events, and add a new user event mapped to: pbm_settext
exit and save window.
From the library painter, right click on the window, Regenerate
=> get following compilation warning:
Library: d:\mypbl5\mywindow.pbl
Object: w_mywindow
sle_1 Class Declaration
(0002): Information C0148: The identifier 'text' conflicts with an existing property with this name. The new definition of 'text' will take precedence and the prior value will be ignored until this version of 'text' goes out of scope

191283 ORCA regeneration produces an object that gpfs under some conditions when that object contains embedded SQL. Same object regenerated through the library painter works fine. Size of regenerated object is also smaller when regenerated with ORCA than through the library painter. A general CR (173731) for this problem was submitted previously and the resolution was that the size of resulting object was not an issue.
191287 Beta 7.0: When running application, a page fault will occur in PBVM70.DLL@0137:1152dcd4 if assigning a .jpg file that has been renamed from a .gif file.
191303 This may be a duplicate of CR 166871 which has been determined to not be a bug.

Composite report with two reports where the second report has 'New Page on Group Break" checked. Neither report in the composite has 'Start on New Page' checked.

In PB 5.0.02 and 5.0.03 the first report in the composite displays then the first group from the second report is directly under the first report. The second group then starts on the next page.

In PB 5.0.04, 6.0, 6.5 through build 560 andPB 7.0 through build 5020 the first report in the composite displays and then the second report immediately breaks to the next page.

Workaround: Place composite report into another composite report and the report appears the same as in PB 5.0.02 and PB 5.0.03.

191314 Typo in main menu of Application Painter.
Under the "View" menu in PowerBuilder, there is a typo. It should say "Non-Visual Object List" rather than "Non-Viusal Object List".

Fixed in 8.0 only.

191335 The font color of a drop down list box column in a datawindow does change even user specify a font color in the property -> Font window. The font color would always be widnow's default color.
191349 Datawindow limit on the number of nested reports in a dw with two groupings.
191351 When connected to Oracle8, if the Oracle server is brought down, a subsequent attempt to call a stored procedure causes a GPF.
191357 Help on WindowType attribute isn't correct (can't dynamicly modify it as written).
In WindowType topic from online help we can read :
The following line sets the type of a window.
w_2.WindowType = Response!

- In reallity this can't work and compilator raises error "(0001): Error C0143: A readonly property may only be modified in an event or function in its parent class" when trying to compile such a line from a button put on the window.
- compilator raises error "(0001): Error C0143: A systemwrite property may only be modified in an event or function in its parent class" when trying to compile such a line from the window itself.
- Help should specify that it's a read-only attribute

191359 Creating a com pb object and than importing the object
as an activex/tlb in jaguar fails for the first method. If the pb object has more
than 1 method, the import fails on only the first method. The following error
appears in Jaguar when importing the com object:

"The import completed but not all methods could be imported.
See Jaguar Manager console for details."

The jagman.log file has the following entry:
AX Importer Warning: f_a was not imported. Lookup failed for list of operations:
Component testing/PB70_uo_tjaguar_1 does not exist

The methods that do get imported into jaguar work ok when called from PB 7.0.

191372 Add a browse button/feature to the additional properties/variable types section for the application object to select objects for the "SQLCA", "SQLDA", "SQLSA", "Error" and "Message" objects.
191382 dwo_empsalary = dw_1.Object.emp_salary
FOR li_cnt = 1 to 100
!!!!!!!!!!!!! li_data = dwo_empsalary[li_cnt]
.. // Code to process data value
Must be changed into
li_data = dwo_empsalary.Primary[li_cnt]
191388 PB 7.0 Beta: Autoscript dropdown goes below bottom of window and out of range
191408 The client needs to deploy 16 bit PowerBuilder 6.5 executables onto WIN 95 or NT 4. He uses these in conjunction with some other 16 bit apps on the 32 bit platforms.

Application 1:

This application connects and disconnects from a 16 bit SQLAnywhere 5.5.x database.

Application 2:

This application just opens and closes a main window.

If app 1 is run on its own, the user can connect and disconnect as many times as he/she wants.
If app 2 is run alongside with app 1, the user can still connect and disconnect as many times as he/she wants.
If app 2 is stopped, if the user tries to connect with app 1, he will get the following GPF:

Application Error
PBSTB60 caused a General Protection Fault in Module PBODB60W.DLL at 000A : 09D5

Choose close. PBSTB60 will close.

I have reproduced the problem with build 560 of PowerBuilder 6.5, it also fails with all previous builds.

NOTE: The above scenario works on WIN 3.x and also with 32 bit deployed executables.

Per Development:
Not to be fixed.
There are no plans for Development to address 16-bit issues on 32-bit platforms. These types of issues, as stated in the Product Management Tech Doc below:

47860 PowerBuilder 6.5: 16-Bit Applications on 32-bit Platform

"Since the PowerBuilder development environment can produce applications for 16 or 32-bit native deployment on Microsoft Windows, the applications must be deployed to the corresponding Windows platform. 16-bit applications are only supported on Microsoft Windows 3.x."

191432 SetSort() returning returns 1 if a wrong column name is specified in the format (sortlist)
Only the column in front of the wrong column name are set to sort.
Workaround: use describe function to check if a column name is valid or invalid
191433 PICTURE LIST BOX : Bad display of strings containing tabs
Tab stops do not work in picturelistbox. Tabs are shown as un-printable chars.
191442 A composite datawindow report may print an extart blank page at the end of the report.

Workaround Per Development:
The bug was a formula that was doubling of the space to the left of the nested report, during printing calculations, making the DW Engine think there were 2 horizontal pages.

So, a workaround in 6.5 would be to keep the nests against the left side of the primary report -- if information has to be indented, indent it within the nest.

I also noticed that the bug was exaggerated when the nested DWs had smaller units of measure than the primary DW. I had as many as 10 empty horizontal pages coming out. Therefore, a side-bar for 6.5 would be to make sure the nested DWs have the same units-of-measure as the primary DW.

191443 The Online Help file does not indicate how one can dynamically assign tabpage properties in script. Since the tabpage is inherited from userobject, properties such as 'picturename' are available during runtime, but you wouldn't know if from the docs.
191444 Customer would like the edit style for radiobutton and checkbox to have the Required checkbox property.
191453 PowerBuilder GPFs if you insert one or more rows in print preview mode (into an empty dw) and then scroll to the previous page

Workaround: don't insert new rows in previewmode. You can switch between preview and non preview mode when you have to insert rows into a new dw without data like
dw_1.object.datawindow.print.preview = "no"
dw_1.object.datawindow.print.preview = "yes"

191458 The value axis may be incorrect when value is a time. The groups are being calculated (in four hour increments) incorrectly because the maximum value for the axis is based on rounding the maximum value down to the next group increment instead of up as it should be. For example if your maximum data value was 22:23:11, the maximum axis value would be 20:00:00 instead of 24:00:00 as it should be.,
191469 Enhancement Request: Implement the property SizeMode for the DataWindow Object. This new property was implemented in 7.0 for an OLE control on a Window. This would be a nice to have in the DataWindow Painter for OLE DB columns. Currently all OLE DB columns have a default of Stretch! (and there is no way to change this).
191482 Datawindow control size to be the same height of the detail band - using RowsDiscard() function will cause the control be blank out.
191483 A bar graph coneverted from PB 6.5 to PB 7 no longer shows the bars.
191552 When creating a Jaguar Service component from PowerBuilder, the component attributes may not default correctly. The component attributes should be:

Concurrency -> checked
Bind Thread -> unchecked
Pooling -> unchecked
Sharing -> checked

191555 Once you call a com object from pb, and then go back and try to
re-execute the (com) project, the following message appears in pb:

Linking object files for server failed! Error linking d:\xxxxxx See log file

If you close out pb, and recycle the jaguar server than go back into pb,
no problems. The execution of the project is ok.

191566 The icons in the floating toolbar are not visible on Unix
191571 Beta 7.0: When you declare a CONSTANT instance variable on an object (window or uo), then inherit from that object, PowerBuilder allows you to change the value of that instance variable (even though it was declared as a constant in the ancestor) but that new value is not saved when you save the object.. When the instance variable is not declared as a constant, there is no problem.
191572 resizing detail band height to -2 or lower value causes GPF

W/A is to check the value and set to 0 if negative.

191574 Freeform : Clicked event from datawindow is fired when you click on the window

Although the behavior changed between 5.04 and 6.0, this is not a bug. You should not issue a message box from a clicked event. The DW clicked event is issued from the buttondown part of the click, when the messagebox comes up, being modal it causes the edit control to have captured the mouse. Therefore, any subsequent click is routed to the edit control, no matter where the mouse pointer is.
The actual behavior change was in the runtime engine (PBVM) between 5.04 and 6.0. Dan further suggested that DWE ought to process the clicked event from the button up and this might prevent this condition. We may consider this in a future release but it would itself be a huge behavior change for DWE

191577 Filtering on Shared Datawindows may cause application to crash/GPF
191579 should be possible to get FirstRowOnPage before the page actually starts to print.
should be possible to set a range (say page 3 and 4) and then find the firstRowOnPage (FROP) before he prints so he can change things, then change page 4 based on FROP.

Fax Document 42041 ="Determining the Row Number of the Row at the Top of the Page about to Print (PB 4.0, 5.0)". It does seem to imply that one can obtain the row number of the first row before the page is actively in memory, BUT this is not possible.
string lsFirstRowOnPage
lsFirstRowOnPage = this.Describe("DataWindow.FirstRowOnPage")
Using the above code does not find the First Row On the Page about to print but instead, it finds the First Row on the Page that is currently in memory.

191588 reference the a mdi menu with dot notation is not possible, because shared frame menu reference is deleted by closing a sheet window.

Workaround: use parent instead of mdi frame name or better use the menuid to refer to menu.

191594 In the structure painter the column headers are not layered properly, e.g the VarableName Text in the column headers should be brought front as the Type Text.
bring the variable name to the front and the datatpe after the var name like in PB4, 5 and 6
191639 RTL - Need a right to left attribute for a computed field in a datawindow
191641 GPF in PBDWE60.dll if sharedata is done between a DS and a DW and no rows are in the primary dataobject and the secondary is a Rich Text datawindow.

Insert a dummy row into the datastore before you share the data. See Script

lds = CREATE datastore
lds.dataobject = dw_richtext.dataobject

//Workaround start
ll_rows = lds.Retrieve(1)
IF ll_rows = 0 Then lds.InsertRow(0)
// workaround end


191656 SmartHeap Library : MEM_BAD_POINTER After calling MailLogon function
191666 Setsort sometimes on columnname synax with joined table and works when using column id syntax.

Workaround: Use column id syntax instead of the columnname syntax

191674 The file editor in PB6 shows the line and column that you are on. This is missing in the PB7 editor. It's a very useful feature, please don't remove it.
191677 Expression in Y property of a computed field is using a wrong unit

Create a global function (f_utp) that returns an integer and that has a integer parameter. The script for this function is :
return UnitsToPixels(ai_yParam, YUnitsToPixels!)

Then use your global function in your expression to return the y coordinates :
if( len(string(cf_1))>4,f_utp(10), if( len(string(cf_2))>4,f_utp(10), if( len(string(cf_3))>4,f_utp(10), if( len(string(cf_4))>4,f_utp(10), if( len(string(cf_5))>4,f_utp(10),f_utp(84))))))

The problem of this workarouond is that there's a problem when you print your datawindow...

191690 Changing a DW Column object's password property to 'yes' at runtime allows the pasword to be seen when focus is removed from the object.
191696 In pb design mode, dw painter, for a rich text dw, there is only a default choice for paper size and source on the dw properties sheet, print specification tab. In pb 5.0, could you see wide number of sizes and sources.
191701 Printing a dw with different print drivers changes position of magnetic coding
191723 Graph is trailing values when autoscale = off and the minimum and maximum values are decimal values like "90.4" and "100.6". Worked fine in PB 5
191724 Cust would like to see <Profile> instead of <userId> for the prototype of MailLogon() in our online help and in our paper documentation.
191732 Queries that have retrieval arguments cannot be used for the source of datawindows
191734 When an internal error is recieved in a PB Wizard, a window appears to show the error. This window is non-modal.
191739 Machine code only - reference embedded structure returned from a function directly (by dot notating from function call) causes a GPF in PB 6.5
outer is a structur wich include the a other structure (here called type inner)

function getstruct()
outer temp
// set integer fields of structure to 1
temp.field1 = 1
temp.embedded.field1 = 1
// return structure
return temp

Calling the function which cause the gpf.
integer embed_field
embed_field = getstruct().embedded.field1

outer embed_struct
integer embed_field
embed_struct = getstruct()
embed_field = embed_struct.embedded.field1

191740 Edit Data Source for external datawindows changed dramatically in 7.0. In 5.0 and 6.0, you would access the columns though the Design/Data Source menu/Modify Result Set Description.

In 7.0, you modify the External Source datawindow through the Column Specifications view.
If the View is active, you will see Design/Data Source disabled in the menus. If the View is hidden, Design/Data Source will be active and clicking on it will bring up the Column Specifications view.

This is mentioned in the on-line books too.

191744 Beta 7.0: Autoscript does not work for new controls inserted on a window or user object until the object is saved and either you exit out of the painter and come back in or bring focus to another control then back to the original control (see below).

In commandbutton_1 (cb_1):
I can type: this. and the list will display
I can type: parent. and the list will display
I can type: cb_2. but the list does not display
If I save the window, bring focus to cb_2 and then back to cb_1 and then type: cb_2. the list will display.

191747 When more than 50 connections are made to a distributed PB application, the creation of an oleobject fails with code R0021.
191748 PB 7.0 Enhancement Request

Add to the prompt-for-criteria dw functionality, so the developer can "pre-select" a value. This value would appear in the prompt-for dialog to the user. User could change this value or not depending on his permissions.

191751 Specifically, page 2 has 5 basic steps that describe what the synchronizer does. Step 4 says it "copies changed source files". Since at least one customer was confused by that, perhaps it could say, "copies newer and/or larger source files".
191754 Allow dw_control.Object.graphname.axis.MaximumValue and
dw_control.Object.graphname.axis.MinimumValue to accept quoted datawindow painter expressions.
191773 Doc update: When sharing dws, that any secondary dddws are not retrieved
191782 6.5 builds > 530 Regression: (PBIN760.DLL) Informix db.
Extended Attributes are not displayed in the Table Painter. They all display the defaults. If you modify any of them, say the Header, save it, exit out and come back it the change is no longer there.
191816 Would like the ability to put a horizontal line <HL> in the data for HTML output (either SaveAs(HTMLTable!) or HTML datawindow output. This is a regression from 6.5.

In 6.5, you could use '<HL>' in a computed field anywhere and get a horizontal line in SaveAs..(HTMLTable!) output but in 7.0 it escapes the greater than and less than signs with an ampersand. It has the same behavior for the HTML Datawindow output. This is a more generalized need to allow things like links or SRC tags in computed fields to be output "as is" as was the case in PB 6.5.

A new attribute for computed fields "ValueIsHTML" has been added to 8.0 to allow full support of this functionality. This is/will be available in 7.0.2 ebf too but only through Modify() of the attribute. This is so you won't require a migration.

Customers using 6.5 computed fields needing this functionality (with Web.PB or SaveAs(HTMLTable!) to move to 7.0 can make a few changes to their code and get this functionality back..

191823 Intensive assign value to array items is 4 slower in V6.5 than V5.04
191825 Get union not compatible message in graphic mode even if union has a valid syntax.

Steps to reproduce :
1. Connect to our sql anywhere psdemodb database
2. Create a new grid datawindow
3. Select employee table
4. Select emp_id, emp_fname columns
5. Go in design/unions menu to create a new union in graphics mode
6. Select employee table
7. Select emp_id, street columns
8. Click on return painter to validate the union => Get error message 'This union is not union compatible', but this union is compatible!!!

NB: If you go in syntax mode and you manually set the same query then it works

191841 Specify an edit mask with more than 108 characters leads to a GPF
191863 PB 7.0.00 ENHANCEMENT REQUEST--Autoscript feature

A nice enhancement to the autoscript feature would be to enable to programmer to choose how the selection list pops up. That is, should it execute via a pause... if so, after how long of a pause. May we always want it to show up immediately after we append the dot to a class name. Maybe we could use the new keyboard shortcut customization feature to invoke the popup list with a keyboard shortcut. I would prefer to press CTRL+DownArrow to invoke it myself.

191882 Enhancement Request: Running MAPI application in batch mode

RETURN CODE CHANGE actually returns a NULL not a 3 when the following conditions are present: No DataWindow object associated with DataWindow control or DataStore; new one assigned from DataWindow blob

USAGE SECTION CHANGE If the target of SetFullState does not have a DataWindow object associated with it, the blob will assign one. In this case, SetFullState has the effect of setting the DataObject property for the target.

Response from Development on this is as follows: We do not populate the dataobject property hence it returns a null, then the above mentioned script from help is incorrect that it gets assigned.

191977 Datawindow with a checkbox style column. Insert a new row. Enter other information, but do not tab to or click on the checkbox. Instead of being assigned the value for "Off" specified in the properties for that column, the data value is left as NULL, which causes a database error when the column does not allow NULLs.

Solution: Checkbox columns are implicitly required so the FindRequired function is one way to handle this problem. You could also set
the initial value of the column.

191989 Component deactivation fails with the following error:
AFLIB Messages: 18241/11/0: Transaction::Rollback(): Failed to
deactivate an instance of math/addcomponent.

Problem occurs when the component has the following properties:
1. Participating in a transaction
2. Times out (demarcation/deactivation is not checked)
3. There's code in the deactivate event that disconnects from a
connection cache.

192063 Choose 10,001 in Dropdown, press tab key, then item indicates 10,000
192065 PB should be able to generate JAVA Byte code and should be better integrated with PowerSide and PowerJ and Jaguar
- Add a JAVA generator to PB. So that PowerBuilder is able to generate PCode or Machine Code or Java Byte code for a whole PowerBuilder Application.
- Integrate PowerSide into PowerBuilder so that a developer is able to generate HTML inside the PB development enviroment (Example.: Should be able to edit and design the HTML Part of the datawindow)
- Integrate PowerBuilder and PowerJ so that both tools can be used for Java development
- Better integration between PB and Jaguar. (Automatic generation of Jaguar components for a Datawindow see 192165.
Better error handling: see CR 187449, Better Database connection handling see 184098)
192072 6.5 EBF build 545 regression: SetFullState does not display a v scroll bar.
192073 6.5 EBF build 545 regression: SetFullState memory leak.
192076 PB7.0 Beta: Line controls on a window do not display proper thickness
192082 Beta 7.0: When in a painter, when you single click on a control, the property view reflects the properties for that control, but the script painter reflects the script for the previously selected control. You must DOUBLE-CLICK on the control to see its script.

Developers comments: This is not a bug, works as designed.

Product Support Engineering comments: Submit as a New Feature Request

192087 Beta 7.0: When in the database painter, you must double click on a column in order to view the attributes (or properties ) of that column, In other painters, you need only single click on the object to change the property sheet.

This was a conscious design decision because so much of the information displayed in the db painter is db driven. Instead of always retreiving data/information when an item is selected, users must explicitly choose to look at the properties by either double clicking or RMB and selecting properties. This would be painful against some remote servers such as DB2 that have thousands of objects. This will not be changed.

192096 Connecting to MS SQL Server 7.0 and creating a DataWindow from stored procedure that has datetime datatype as input argument, the following error occurs:
"Cannot create datawindow: Error converting datatype varchar to datetime."
192099 When using the libraryexport and than creating a dw
using dw_1.create, shows incorrect or no value in the computed field.
Problem happens in development and runtime.

The expression for the computed field is 1.5*1.6.

ls_syntax = LibraryExport("decimalpoint2.pbl", "d_test2",ExportDatawindow!)

shows the dw in the dw control but the computed field is not evaluated or evaluated

192103 PB 7.0 Beta: Nested reports with retrival arguments, painter problem.
Fixed in 7.0 build 7021
192134 Simple email application worked fine using 6.5 GA. Worked okay through build 510. Starting with the next weekly build, build 515, you get a Smartheap Library error: MEM_BAD_POINTER. Also broken using beta 7.0 build 5024.
192137 Global search in library painter has a long pause
before search begins and there is no indicator of action.

Problem is noticeable when the code examples is the selected/current

192164 Use Painters (for example.: Window Painter and UO Painter) for a WYSIWYG HTML generation. It's known that not all controls can be used but a lot of things can be used.
192165 Today it's only possible to use SPUD. If you look forward, it should be possible to use the Datawindow as a Codegenerator for Jaguar Components
(use the SELECT statemente insert, update and delete functions) It should be possible to generte this components as Java or C++
!!!WITHOUT blob (getfulstate) we had a non Sybase proprietary solution!!! This sould include as well transactions over several datawindows!!!
192166 a transfer PowerScript to JavaScript/DynaScript could be used for example
a) in the validation of a Datawindow
b) it could be used for a code generation for Dynamo -> HTML as Outcome.
192167 Informix empty strings of type varchar are sometimes incorrectly retrieved into the DataWindow as NULL values

Developer: There are two problems this causes:
To fix data retrieval problem, you must install SqliNet 9.20 or higher
To fix update problem, PBINxxx.DLL must be 6.5.1 (build 620)

192184 PB already has an expression for format of a column on a dw which is how a field gets displayed but
what I need before is to conditionally change the format in what they are keying in

We have a system that copes with mutli companies and each company has a
different way of keying in a certain code e.g.:

company 1 = ### ### ###
company 2 = #### ######
company 3 = ## ########

so if you had a expresion for the edit mask it would a whole lot easier to, at the moment its done with
allot of code in the rowfocuschanged event which is messy !

192189 When you add a button on a datawindow. it would be good to have a text expression dialog box available for the button to allow you to change the text conditionally in the datawindow painter.
192193 Cust would like an enhancement to get number of lines of code in PBL's (from his library painter) or in a compiled PBD or in a dll (using a specific function in this case)
192195 Enhancement request: Add required property to the expressions of a column in a dw.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open an existing dw. Select a column and choose Properties.
2. Click on the Edit tab, there is a property on the edit tab of fields called "Required".
If this is checked you need to enter a value before coming off a column.
The problem with this is that it makes all the columns for all of the rows required.

Customer has a lot of datawindows where a field is required dependent on another field value.
His workaround is he has to do a for loop before update to check for these. (time consuming
and annoying)

Customer quite often need to make a field required conditionally on whether they
have entered a certain value in a field on that row

192199 This looks similar to CR 160765, with the difference being that in that case the 'data column' was numeric and in this case it is a string.

DDDW with a string Null 'data column' with a corresponding display value, in this case the word "none". Problem is that the display value does not remain after tabbing off row. The user is allowed to select it but it does not remain in column. In PB 5.0 - 5.3 the corresponding display value of 'none' could be selected and would remain in place when user tabbed off column.

This worked in PB 5.0 - 5.0.3 but does not work in PB 5.0.4, PB 6.0,6.5 through build 575 or PB 7.0 build 5025.

Workaround: Put a blank space in rather than null and you can select and retain the value.

192201 Build up a new PFC and templates for distributed application which can be used with Jaguar and PowerDynamo
192208 Application painter crashes on open (and sometimes close) after a new object (such as a window) has been added.
192210 In Grid style datawindow preview, current column resizing (small to large) causes data overlap with left-side column(s). This is in spite of the fact that that the current column is resized to large (thus adequate for data display )- e.g. data in the 3rd column will be displayed in the 2nd column and when exit from dw preview -2nd and 3rd columns are overlapping each other in the dw painter.

This seems to be a dw display problem because when the dw is saved to psr format, the columns are displayed correctly with no overlap.

192228 PB 7.0 Beta: Script Painter no longer provides Import/Export capabilities
192237 GPF on dw stored proc update with disablebind=1.
Reproduced for ODBC to ASA EA studio demo db V3, ODBC to SQL Anywhere PB demo db V6.

WORKAROUND: Use disablebind=0 ( or do not explicitly set the dbparm. Disablebind is off by default.)

192241 When a pb nvo is deployed to jaguar and that nvo has
instance variables declaring objects (such as TransactionServer, ErrorLogging,
ContextKeyword or structures). running a pb client app thru the debugger that calls
the deployed nvo will crash pb when you try to expand (by clicking the + sign) it.

The following error message appears:
pb70.exe application error
The instruction at "0x112acf9d" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The
memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the application.

192294 Enhancement Request:
Under the menu item of Window, customer believes there should not be "..."
after the "Browser" and "To Do List" menu items in Powerbuilder 7.

Customer feels they should be placed under a separate menu item such as Tools,
since looking under Window for them is not intuitive.

192296 Enhancement Request:
When the property name is changed for a column in the dw painter, the column specification panel
does not reflect the change. You need to close the panel and reopen it for the change to show.

Have the ability to refresh the column specification panel when a change is made in the dw painter, without
closing it.

192301 Unable to use functions in Formula One OCX (v5, v6)
192304 Rows To Disk setting on a DW, fails when importing or retrieving over 220,000 rows
192314 When attempting to create a second com/mts project
within the same PB session, pb crashes with the following error:

On nt:
PB70.exe Application Error
The instruction at "0x112bcdcb" referenced memory at "0x066c0f8e". The memory
could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the application.

On win95:
PB70 caused an invalid page fault in module pbvm70.dll at 0157:112bcd9b

192321 You cannot reference public synonyms in the datawndow painter or the database painter if Delimitidentifier is set to "No". You get error Ora 00903 - Invalid table name.
192407 PB crashes in the dw painter when selecting a column
that has a edit style of dddw. Once a dw is associated as the dddw in the edit style tab,
and you go back and click on that column in the dw painter, pb crashes.

pb70.exe Application Error
The instruction at "0x113b99e0" referenced at "0x00000065". The memory
could not be "read".
Click on OK to terminate the application.

Using ASE 6.0x and the EAS Demo DB.

192452 PB crashes in dw painter when selecting multiple
computed fields.

The following error occurs:
pb70.exe - Application Error
The instruction at "0x1083ffd4d" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The
memory could not be "read". Click ok to terminate the application.

192482 The customer wants to save a single space in a column in his database. By default Sybase System 10, 11.5 and ASE 11.92 right trims any spaces in a varchar column. E.G. if "a " was saved into the database "a" would be retrieved into the datawindow. If a single space is stored in the column, it is ignored when it is retrieved back into the datawindow. This works as intended if you connect to the Sybase database (10, 11.5 or ASE 11.92) with the Intersolve ODBC driver version
192492 PB 7.0: Performance Problems with libraries on the Network

At design time opening a window is much slower in PB7 than in PB6.
Opening the window in runtime takes about as long in PB7 as in PB6

Much more information is required to be read in for the new window layout in the painter.

192515 Beta 7.0 Regression: Changing the Application font properties for Text, Column, Header, and Label are not applied when building a new datawindow. They are however, applied for the static text if you create a new window or user object, but not a datawindow.
192517 Tablecriteria with pbdir against TRS is not working.
192530 Dynamic SQL using an integer column in where clause is being described as a float in the informix native driver.
192570 Request that list of object was organized by object class within library, or even if it was alphabetical within library.
192571 PB 7.0 beta: Problems with the oneclickactivate & twoclickactivate on listviews.
192572 When a pbl is deleted and than recreated with the same name,
the items from the "to do list" do not get removed. It appends items to the list.

It seems that if the pbl is deleted, the items from the "to do list" should be removed/wiped out

192592 Enhancement Request:
Have the "To Do List" refresh automatically without having to close and reopen the "To Do List".

For example, if you click on a task that opens to a wizard to generate another object. New "To Do List" entries
are created. But you have to close the "To Do List" and reopen it to see the new task.

192638 When scrolling down a Grid Datawindow with the thumb in the verical srollbar and scrolling back, vertical lines are displayed.
192660 When Windows regional settings are set to US English (also happens with Trinidad, Jamaica and Caribbean English flavours) DW Edit styles or Edit masks or Formats of �#,##0.00 cause the displayed data in these columns to be divided by a factor of 100 (eg �50.00 -> �0,000.50).

This works OK with all other English regional settings (Canada, Australia, South Africa etc)
The same problem exists with DM, FF, Pts (German Marks, French Francs, Spanish pesetas etc) using US English settings but not with the other English settings (except the above 3 Caribbean ones)

Simple Workaround: Prefix a '\' before the � sign - works with all regional settings.

192676 PB hangs when the print to file checkbox is checked on
the print dialog box.

The following error occurs before pb hangs:
Can't access this folder
Path is too long

192698 A crash can occur calling the function LinkTo of an OLE control when the OLE Server is busy or not started.
Work-around is to set redraw off for the control before the LinkTo call.
192750 Netscape 4.x using a dddw with the property "Required" set causes an endless validation messagebox to come up (from the Javascript). 'Item <picked_item> does not pass validation test'

When selecting an item from the dropdowndatawindow that has "Required" and "Empty String is Null" set, you will get a messagebox "Item 'null' does not pass validation test" regardless of which value is selected from the drop down list. With a dddw, there should be data in the buffer after the user has selected an item and you should never get this error.

192758 Blob columns in label datawindows do not populate correctly. Second and subseqeuent pages repeat the blob data from the first page.
192773 Compilation of a COM object fails with a BAD_MEM_POINTER error when there are more than 14 arguments.
192780 Use Original check box in DW Stored Procedure Update gets reset after saving.

The new 7.0 feature, DataWindow Stored Procedure Update, has a check box called "Use Original". When you setup the SPs for the Update, Insert and Delete tabs and check off the Use Original box for some of the arguments, you will notice that the check box changes are saved to different tabs when you view the DW SP update window again after saving it. This behavior differs based on the order in which you create the SPs. For example:

1) Going Left to Right (Update, Insert, Delete tab)

If you select a procedure for the Update tab and then check off the Use Original box for one of the arguments, then do the same for the Insert and Delete tab but check off the Use Original box for different arguments, you will notice that all the Use Original check boxes are set to whatever order was set in the LAST tab, in this case the Delete tab.

2) Going Right to Left (Delete, Insert, Update tab)

If you select a procedure for the Delete tab and then check off the Use Original box for one of the arguments, then do the same for the Insert and Update tab but check off the Use Original box for different arguments, you will notice that all the Use Original check boxes are set to whatever order was set in the MIDDLE tab, in this case the Insert tab.

3) Mixing up the orders (Insert, Delete, Update tab)

There is no consistent pattern as to what the check boxes are set to when you mix up the order of entering the procedures for each of the tabs. In any case, they are not set

I have also noticed the Use Original check box disappearing and also unicode or garbage characters showing up in the Argument names for all the tabs but I have not been able to reproduce these behaviors.

192831 A computed field in a datawindow in the header or footer band no longer paints when the datawindow displays (before there was a retrieval). It really doesn't matter what the expression is - Now(), etc. This worked fine in pb 6.x.

In order for the computed expression to show, you must code in setredraw(true).
In pb 6.x, you didn't have to do this.

192874 Enhancment Request: In PB 5 and PB 6, you could go into the window properties, go to the position tab and move the 'window' around to the position you wanted to have it at. You could also right mouse click on the lower window. A popup menu came up with "Center Horizontally" and "Center Vertically." These options are no longer available in PB 7.0
192895 Datawindow retrieves under SYC native driver take a long time when the source is a stored procedure and the retrieval is done asynchronously.
192908 Request for SetLibraryList to work dynamically at any time in the application when they want to call it, not just at the open of the application as is recommended. Furthermore, they want the current (prior) cache to be blown away at the time that the function is called so that old information from the previous path is not maintained in cache.
192909 A datastore is shared with two child datawindows. A filter on the datastore causes a gpf.
192914 PBMSS70.dll - enhance for the new features of SQL Server 7.0 for PB7.0 GA,
192917 When in the database painter, make a change to the display width extended attribute in the column view
Then go to the tree view of the same table and change the focus to another column. PB7 asks you to save changes before allowing the focus to another column in the same table.
This is most annoying. Changes to columns in a single table should be done as a unit of work, as in the prior release, and should only prompt for changes when exiting the table and not saving.

Enhancement - Changes to columns in a single table should be done as a UOW

192919 Enhancement Request:
Customer would like to have powertips on treeviews and command buttons. Powertips are only available for
toolbars. Tags are only used on mdi frames.
192938 When a "normal" user tries to choose SCC API from the Library painter, source control vendor drop down, the following error message is displayed:

"Unable to Read Registry Value: SOFTWARE\Powersoft\ObjectCycle\2.0.00\MSIDE\SCCServerName"

NOTE: The above error message is specific to ObjectCycle, but you can reproduce this against other 3rd party vendors.

If the user has administrative rights then this error message is not displayed. Also if you give "Full Control" to this registry key via REGEDT32, you will have no problems.

192982 OLEDB. If you try to build a dw based on a stored procedure data source, you get an error message when you click OK in the window "Ready to Create Tabular DataWindow". This problems occurs with the following providers only:

MSDAORA connect to Oracle 8.0 using the Net8.05 client:
Error: "Cannot create datawindow Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle ORA-00900 invalid SQL statement" 1 execute system.CR169371_pss;0 RC1 = 0"
Note, when you select the sp, you will see a message stating "The database does not currently support retrieval of procedure text."
Also, this problems does not happen with the native O84 driver.

Intersolv Oracle 7 and Oracle 8 OLEDB connected to Oracle 7.x via SQLNet 2.3.x and Oracle 8.05 via Net8.05:
Because of CR192975, you cannot see the sps list when you are connected with the Oracle 7 provider.
Error: "Cannot create datawindow. SQLSTATE=37000 Intersolv Oracle8 OLEDB Provider [Intersolv][OLEDB Oracle8 Provider][Oracle8] ORA-00900:
Invalid SQL Statement"
Note, when you select the sp, you will see a message stating "The database does not currently support retrieval of procedure text."
Also, this problems does not happen with the native O84 driver.

Intersolv Informix 7 and Infomrix 9 OLEDB connected to Informix 7.x server via I-Connect 7.x and Informix 9.x servcer via I-Connect 9.16:
Error: "Cannot create datawindow. SQLSTATE=37000 Intersolv Informix7 OLEDB Provider [Intersolv][OLEDB Informix Provider][Informix] A syntax error has occurred.
Note this problem does not occur with the native IN7 and IN9 drivers.

192988 On some versions of Windows 95, printing an object from the library painter only produces one blank page.
193071 Beta 7.0: External DataWindow: Column Specifications allows you to INSERT ROW and DELETE ROW by rmb clicking in the Column Specifications view, but there is no ADD ROW option as in previous versions. Using the ADD option would put the new item at the bottom. Right now the only way you an add a new row is to TAB. Inserting a row inserts one above the row where the cursor is currently at.
193074 Enhancement Request:
Remove or change the warning message when retrieval arguments are created but
not used when creating the dw.

If a retrieval argument is not used in a Select statement than a message pops up
"The (...) argument for the Select statement was not referenced. Do you wish to continue anyway?

The customer feels that this a popular way of passing data to a datawindow for sections not used
by the dw select.

The customer proposes the following message instead:
"The arguments were not referenced in the Select and are assumed to be datawindow arguments?

And in the datawindow, why not just call these "arguments" and not "retrieval arguments".

193102 When previewing a datawindow with print preview + print preview zoom (30%) if you scroll right down to the bottom then scroll back up using the slide control on the scrollbar (not arrow keys/buttons) PB freezes up. Need to kill it using task manager.
193114 6.5 Regression: 16 bit machine code exe fails in Windows 3.1 (works in 5.0.02)
193128 Beta 7.0: Changes made to one view (ie like the script view) under Design -> Options are not reflected in other script views lready opened. Change Design Options such as font type while script view '1' has focus. Script view '2' will not take on the font change but if you look in the Design Options dialog it will show the changes made. If you click OK, then the changes are reflected in the second view.
193129 In the online help under transport objects, the list of options
does not include threadpooling.

Threadpooling is a new option for the transport object for pb 6.5 and 7.0.

ThreadPooling: (valid values: 1 = on, 0 = off, default = 0 in pb6.5 and pb7.0)
Feature that was added to 6.5 to increase scalability. The basic
concept of this feature is that as a connection is completed, instead of destroying
OS process threads, they get pooled. It is faster to pull a thread out of a pool than
to destroy and recreate one via the OS. When a client is not processing anything,
the thread is available for other active users.

193138 Datawindow update results in a SQLSTATE = 07006 (Sybase)[ODBC Driver]: invalid host variable. No changes made to database
or SQLSTATE=07006 [Sybase}{ODBC Driver}: cannot convert date/time to a decimal. No changes made to database when attempting to update database when two column values have been deleted and there is a scripted change to a DateTime field. If only one of the columns is nulled out or if the script to update the datetime field is removed the update processes without the above errors.

WORKAROUND: DisableBind =1

193144 When pb calls a ole method that takes two arguments
(Variant) the method returns incorrect results.

The method takes two arguments of:
ole_1.object.meth1("This is string1", "This is string2")

Pb will return the following:
This is string2
This is string2

Pb should be returning:
This is string1
This is string2

193166 New entry in a DropDownListBox does not get accepted when the drop down list is displayed and you tab to a other control in a window. Instead of that after leaving an existing entry of the DDLB is getting displayed.
193169 The problem appears when the datawindow has column with a dddw edit style.
PowerBuilder retrieves ENDLESSLY when focus is on the column with dddw edit style AND dddw is empty(no data) AND QueryMode=Yes.
193170 Database Painter. If you retrieve from a large table and then try to retrieve from a different table while PB is still retrieving from the first table, you get a message stating "Only cancel command is allowed when the rows are pending".

However, once you get this error message, you cannot get rid of it. If you try to retrieve from another table, you still get the same message. The only way to get rid of it is to disconnect and reconnect to the database

193187 This may be a duplicate of an old bug CR152406. Reported by customer again as part of PB 7.0 Beta.

When previewing or running a crosstab datawindow and the user uses the mouse to drag the right side of a column to the left so that nothing in the column is visible and then drags the right side back out again the data will be visible, but the column header is missing.

193192 When using the dtawindow Find() function, if the expression contains two consecutive '%', you will get a GPF in PB 6.5. You will get 0 (nothing found) in PB 7.
193203 Some of the new window controls don't have links to their
properties/functions and events the way some of the other controls do.
(For example, listview and treeview).

The new controls are:
- HProgressBar
- VProgressBar
Static Hyperlink control
Picture Hyperlink control

For consistency and clarity, these new controls should have links to show a description
of properties/events/function the way treeview, listviews controls do.

The format is inconsistant to other controls.

193231 Page number in Print preview mode may be incorrrect. Test case showed first page labelled page 2.
193242 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
In database painter, in the Procedures & Functions tree in the Object Panel, the Edit Data menu on RMB should not be enabled when a Function is highlighted. This is not a high priority because clicking the Edit Data menu does nothing, but it could be confusing to users.
193244 EA Studio Beta: Free form HTML datawindow. Netscape 4.x shows all Edit style fields having the same width, regardless of the actual datawindow setting for the width.
193284 The IsDate() and Date() functions may return incorrect values when the regional setting for date is 'yyyy/dd/mm'.

Example is using "1998/25/12" which returns FALSE with IsDate() and '1900-01-01' with Date() which means "invalid" .
No good workaround with regional settings set this way.

Closely related to CR197884, 197886)

193287 When a window has a rightoleft attributes it does not appear in 3D.
In 6.5 it happens the second time you open the window and in 7.0 it is not in 3D at all.
193296 If you change the background mode of a column when the DW has no rows, the column turns to protect mode.
193298 WRAP attribute not being set for TEXTAREA fields in HTMLDW forms. As a result, the behavior defaults to OFF
(the user must type in CRs, and they are embedded in the result).
193304 Updatabale cursors do not work with OR8 and O84. A GPF occurs when a row is fetched from the cursor.
193349 When decimal datas are saved in a datawindow and field is NUMBER datatype, then decimal part is lost when previewing datawindow.
193365 ImportFile doesn't work with graph controls (returnCode is -8 : not a txt file)
193374 A page fault will occur while previewing a DataWindow in the painter or at runtime.
It appears to be directly related to: Line objects side-by-side and the following scenario:

1) AutoSize Height for a column is ON
2) Line objects: Align Top or Bottom edges
3) Line objects Position property: SlideUp = AllAbove
If ANY of these three is NOT set, the page fault will not occur.
If all three ARE set but the Position property is set to DirectlyAbove the page fault DOES NOT occur.

*This does not happen in PowerBuilder 7.0.

#1. Don't ALIGN top or bottom edges using the menu option
#2. Set the Slide Up property of all fields of the two left-most Line Objects to "Directly Above" while leaving the Slide Up property of all other fields in the datawindow as "All Above".

Per Development:
Not to be fixed.

193379 Customer built an OCX using Visual Basic. It works fine when used on a PB window in an NT 4.0 environment but when used in a WIN95 environment when the user tries to close out the window the user will get an illegal page fault in user.exe at 0004:00000497. The actual OCX appears to work fine on both platforms until the user tries to close out the window on WIN 95.

Running with both PB 6.5 and 7.0 resulted in the same page fault when run on a WIN95 machine.

193386 PB 7.0 Beta 3 build 5028

IM7/PB7: no help for rtf replace option

193402 When applying SetFilter + Filter() to a Crosstab datawindow if there are 2 rows selected in the crosstab dw definition and the filter is carried out on the second of the 2 selected rows then if the filter expression filters out what would be the last row of the dw the result is that the summary band slides up and is superimposed on top of the detail band.

eg a dw with 4 cols in select: dept_name, status, sex and salary (psdemodb)

Crosstab definition:

Rows: sex

Columns: dept_name

Values: sum(salary for crosstab)

Filter expression dw_1.SetFilter("status = 'A'") Shows the problem because the last row in this dw has a status of L (at least it does in my db) and this will get filtered out.

Status='L' works OK as do filter expressions Sex='M' and Sex='F'

193411 Using an SYC connection. Fetching from a cursor that references a Sybase proxy table causes error: 'No CS_command pointer passed to function RTFETCHNEXT'.
193454 EA Studio 3.0 Beta:
PB 7.0 DB Oracle - Cannot export view syntax correctly. If the syntax for the view itself is longer than 812 characters, it's truncated.

This is fixed for post-7.0, and has been back-patched to 7.0 for the first EBF.

193455 PB 7.0 Beta 3 -View Syntax no longer contains column aliases

1. Add support for packages in addition to procedures and functions
in the painters. There is a system package now that properly
describes the functions/procedures within a package, so there is no
longer a reason not to include them.

2. Show sequences as another object type that PB can work with.

3. Use "CREATE OR REPLACE" rather than "CREATE" when
generating syntax for objects that support the "CREATE OR REPLACE"

193464 If you call SelectRow() for a datawindow row that is not completely in view, it will not show as as selected until you scroll it into view.
193557 The client would like an enhancement made so that the password is going to expire soon message is passed through to PB so either it can be used by the PWDialog DBPARM or allow the application to programmatically trap the message.

PWDialog currently allows the user to change an "expired" password.

193559 Datawindow with datatype number column and a mask #,##0.00;[Red] -#,##0.00 fails when regional settings is set on English (USA).
The red color, the decimal and thousand sepeators are not displayed anymore. This happen with German NT4.0 and only with English(USA), (Trinidad), (Jamaika) reginal settings. Works fine for example with German (Deutschland) or English (Grossbritanien) settings.

Per Development, this is not a bug:
The problem is in the format mask itself. The compiler does not like the '-' after the [Red], it will only accept a '-' at the beginning of a section. A section begins just after the ';'. The following is a mask which will compile for English and German:
IF (figureunit = 2, '#,##0.00 %', '#,##0.00;-[Red]#,##0.00') Note the '-' is before the [Red] and directly after the ';'
The example is directly from the pbl and works for both German and English.

193577 6.5 Regression builds > 560 and Beta 7.0: DropDownDataWindow in preview mode is missing the left and top outer border.
Possible workaround: If "always show arrow" is checked, set border = box on column
193592 In the user event with map to PB predefined event ID
pbm_dwescape, the line "Close(parent)" in
the dw user event script causes a gpf in the exe e.g. PB060.exe
193598 When your in the printer setup display and than select "setup", once you
hit the "save" cb the current printer is not hightlighted or selected anymore on HPUX or AIX.

On solaris 2.5.1, the first printer in the box is always hightlighted after you hit the "save" cb.
On solaris 2.6, the second printer in the box is always hightlighted after you hit the "save" cb.

193607 Weird formatting of the HTML datawindow using datetime columns. If you have the following conditions and do a Design/HTML Preview, you will get strange data in the columns.

- having HTML Generation/Client formatting on for the datawindow.
- a datetime column (not just a date column)
- not the initial generation of the HTML, but the HTML resulting after a SetAction.

Tabbing OFF the column shows this data...

NaN/undefined/aN undefined:undefined:undefined

193609 Powerbuilder 7.0 Beta:
Delete functionality for HTML DW does not work if DW is on the last row
193621 1) The search result dialog box in the library painter is not resizable, or add a 'full screen' button

2) There is no search (&replace) across multiple PBLs.

193667 PB generates an error Exception Access Violation/Out of memory in all versions of PB on NT4.
Win98 has a problem with versions PB6 and later.

SaveAs PSR format OK on Win98 (all versions)
SaveAs PSR format OK on NT (except low versions - PB5 crashes)

PB6.5 does not have a Deployment DLL kit for Finnish language.

PB Deployment Tested SaveAs WMF:
Win98 with French Deployment DLL's result PB65_444 Broken
Win98 with English Deployment DLL's result PB65_444 Broken

193685 Saving a large window after adding a large visual user object lead to GPF
193689 When specifying an editmask for dates (window or datawindow) the symbols used as 'place holders' are zeros
eg 00/00/0000. Ct would prefer to have the option to use a different character in the date editmask eg ??/??/???? (l
to make it possible to differentiate between 'real' zeros or those used as 'place holders'
193713 Memory usage goes up by just connecting and disconnecting from server
in PB 6.5 and PB 7.0.
193719 When a column has a font escapement set, then part of the text can be drawn outside
the normal column area.
PB6.5 Builds 482 and later do not properly redraw the text part outside the column rectangle
193734 Datawindow with newspaper columns that contain a nested report lose its formating when placed in a composite report
193752 Once a client connects to a server and you create and then
destroy the shared object, the thread count does not go back to the value of what
it was before you did the create of the shared object.

If you continue to connect/create shared object/destroy object and than
disconnect from the server, the thread count continues to incremate by 1.

193776 The resetupdate() function on a "master" datawindow alters the current row of a shared datawindow to 1. The workaround is to use getrow() before the resetupdate function and do a setrow() after the resetupdate() function on the shared datawindow. See below the code example:


long ll_row
ll_row = dw_detail.getrow()

Tried the above workaround and setrow() did not work but ScrolltoRow() did.

Code sample that worked for me:
long ll_row

ll_row = dw_1.getrow()

193793 Inability to check in to PBLs not in library path is considered by customer to be a major problem. Background:

If your source control system does not support Add Object function, then you are going to have to use the old method of performing version control. You'll have a set of registered libraries that everyone will check-in/check-out from and another set of libraries that people will test run their applications against to avoid the locking of the libraries.

So it sounds as though we'd have to:

1) change our lib list to include the registration pbl.
2) check out the object
3) change the lib list again to remove the registration pbl.

This is extremely inconvenient and difficult to work with.

193810 HTML DW broken using IE 5 GA.

Per development: This is believed to be a bug with IE 5. HTML DW works prior to IE 5 GA, and worked using IE 5 beta. Development
will attempt to code a workaround on our side, but can make no guarantee.

193812 Beta 7.0: This is NT specific
When using "Snap mouse to default button in dialogs" - mouse settings: Clicking tab pages in a view such as the Properties view, makes the pointer "jump".
193836 When in a For loop changes are made to the dw using dot notation to change values using GetitemNumber, the performance has gotten significantly worse when migrating from PB 5.0.04 to PB 6.5.

The line of code causing the performance problem is :

lds_merged.Object.format_code[ll_row] = lds_merged.getitemnumber(ll_row, "source_flag")

In the example that accompanies this case what used to take 2 seconds with pb5.0.04, now takes 2 minutes with pb6.5. If the line of code within the For loop is commented out, the performance is essentially the same as in PB 5.0.04. In this example the changes are being made to a datastore but when used with a dw it appeared essentially the same.

There were many CR's that appeared related, both still open and some fixed in 5.0.03/04. I did not find one that appeared to be exactly the same.

193843 Retrieving a resultset from jaguar returns nothing to the
dw control.

A couple of things needed to be changed (in the client pbl) to work properly.
1. Declaring a datasore as an instance variable rather than with in the event code and
2. Associating the datawindow control with a datawindow object

After the above changes, the dw control worked properly.

193891 Deleting an object from a window when that object is still referenced somewhere in the object causes
an Access Violation on Save As - instead of compiler warning.
193905 If you click in spaces between rows the clicked event no longer returns 0 for the row argument with ebf 585. this is broken between builds 492 and 585. Works fine for the maintenance Release 6.0.01 and 6.5. Happens only with latest EBFs.

implemt in clicked event something like:
long myrow
if = 'datawindow' then
myrow = 0
myrow = row
end if

193920 Problem with dw HTML generation when the dw object property "generateCSS" is set to "no".

(dw_1.object.datawindow.HTMLtable.generateCSS = "no" or ls_rc = dw_1.Modify("datawindow.HTMLTable.GenerateCSS="no")

No is the default according to the documentation, but even if set explicitly it does not take effect in PB 6.5 for any style but grid.
With PB 7.0 it does not take effect for any style including grid.

When it is set to "no" the generated HTML should not include any reference to the classes generated in the "StyleSheet".

193954 EA Studio 3.0, Powerbuilder 7.0:
Online help implies that HTML DW supports Nested datawindows. HTML DW has not been implemented for Nested datawindows.
The following places incorrectly included nesteds, and should not:
Online help discusses HTML DW and includes Nested reports. HTML was not implemented for nested. Details from customer:
In the "Data.HTMLTable DataWindow Object Property", "Generating HTML" and "Writing the user object method" pages, the following quote is found:
"The Composite, RichText, Graph, and OLE 2.0 presentation styles and nested reports produce HTML tables based on the result set only and not on the presentation style."
I haven't been able to produce HTML for any nested reports.
On the "Displaying DataWindow Objects As HTML Forms" page, the following quote is found:
"Embedded nested DataWindows display as HTML tables within the form"
193980 In a shared datawindow, InsertRow() and ResetUpdate() fires RowFocusChanged and RowFocusChanging events and changes the current row to 1.

ResetUpdate() was fixed and does not cause RowFocus events to fire. However InsertRow() does. See below.

Per Development:
This is not a bug. RFC has to fire in the InsertRow() circumstance. All actions in the shared DataWindow environment take place on the parent DataWindow and the shared children are sync'd to the parent. The process of sync'ing to the parent sets the current row to 1 and current column to 1 and this will fire the RFC events. It is always necessary to sync to the parent and it is always necessary to set the current row and column.

193987 The "properties" button of the select object dialog box
doesn't appear to do anything. It's enabled when a component is hightlighted.
Once you select it (properties button), nothing happens and then it just becomes
disabled again.
194019 with edimask dd/mm/yyyy you can't change date 12-02-98 simply to 31-03-98 because 'online-type-checking' will not accept febr 31st as a valid date. You'll have to change first the month and then back to the day.
if you like to change it without 'online-type-checking' set date to null
194029 a composite dw cut the last Column of his nested grid datawindow when you zoom in print preview
194064 GetFullState() on a datastore that has a DropDownDatawindow in Jaguar, the returning blob will contain duplicate entries for the last dropdowndatawindow.
194101 When the datawindow object and datawindow control are almost the same size,
PowerBuilder 6.5 Build may draw scrollbars in the datawindow control where earlier
Builds did not. PB7 Build 5031 has the same behaviour as the later Builds of PB6.5
194134 In all versions of PB tested from 5,0,03 through PB 7.0 build 5031 when the detail height of rows in a tabular datawindow is set to 0 using dw_1.setdetailheight(start row, end row, 0 ) the user is unable to use the up arrow key. The down arrow key and the mouse work fine for navigation, but the up arrow key does not work when a point is reached in the datawindow where there is a row with a height of 0 right above it.
194148 Using DDE's getremote function for a cold link returns -3 under nt 4.0 sp 4. Under sp3, works ok. The app works fine using dde warm link under nt 4.0 sp3 and sp4.

6/25/99 Per Development this is not a PB bug:
The problem is that when doing a getremote function call for a cold link in service pack 4, the user is getting a return code from us of -3. In service pack 3, it returns cleanly. Even with a return code of -3, the data is coming back fine. In the code, after we've received the data we do a post of WM_DDE_TERMINATE and then we wait for our WM_DDE_TERMINATE. We never get the terminate and thus the -3. When I compare dde messages in Spy between service pack 3 and 4, indeed, we get our terminate in sp3 but not in sp4.

The following article describes problem with sp4 on nt 4.0 from Microsoft:

194180 COM generator link errors when long filenames have spaces, period.

You can create a project with a path that contains spaces/periods, but the build fails intermittently. If you move an existing project to a path which contains a space and/or a period/dot, you cannot change the properties to reflect the new path. You will get an error message of "Missing or Invalid Component Server File Name"

Workaround: Use directory names with no spaces or periods.

194181 Graph is changed dynamically using modify to change the category, value and series on a graph. Sample is a 3d pie graph but trying other types of graphs resultied in the same behavior. Eventually making these changes results in an illegal page fault in pbdwe60.dll. Sometimes several changes can be made, other times it crashes the first time they are changed. Specific changes do not seem to matter.

Problem occurred on both WIN95 and NT4.0 and when tested on NT 4.0 this did not appear to be related to any memory leak. Tried using Yield() and Setting redraw to false but this did not correct the problem.

194183 If a column (from a database table or external datasource) has a datatype of datetime and EditMask mm-dd-yyyy, if you clear out the date by hitting the backspace key or delete it refreshes to 00-00-0000 which is should do, BUT when you tab off the column it changes to 01-01-0000.
If the column is of type DATE and is 'cleared out' the date EditMask will remain 00-00-0000 when tabbing off.
Also if the EditMask uses slashes instead of dashes, mm/dd/yyyy this behavior will NOT occur.
194186 When creating a jaguar component of type "service" and
its deployed to Jaguar, the jaguar's server ""
property isn't being updated with the package/component name.

You must manually entered it in. According to the Application Techniques manual
for PB 7.0, "Creating a service component", this property is automatically updated
for you when you deploy the service component.

194201 Errors when calling an external global function.

The function declaration is as follows:
FUNCTION string getcwd(REF string buff, UnsignedInteger size) LIBRARY "/usr/lib/libc.x"

The function is being called as follows:
string ls_return, ls_directory
ls_directory = space(100)
ls_return = getcwd(ls_directory, 100)

Sun Solaris: On sun, the function works ok. Although if you take out the line ls_directory = space(100), pb will crash with a segmentation fault.
HP-UX: Calling this function above will just hang pb.
AIX: Calling this function will result in the following error:
Error opening DLL library xxxx/libc.a for external function at line 5 in clicked event of object cb_1 of w_test
Also ran as root and got the same error.

Application works ok using PB 6.5 solaris 2.6 (build 565).

194207 he Application Techniques manual for pb 6.5 and 7.0 that
describes "Calling external functions and programs on Unix" shows a function
declaration for Solaris. This function declaration is incorrect. If this function
is typed in this way on Unix, you'll get a syntax error.

FUNCTION string getcwd(REF string buff, unsigned int size) LIBRARY "/usr/lib/"

Should Be:
FUNCTION string getcwd(REF string buff, UnsignedInteger size) LIBRARY "/usr/lib/"

In the Powerbuilder Powerscript Reference: Volume 1, Chapter 3, it discusses the datatypes
to be used for external functions. For unsigned int (32 bit platforms), it list UnsignedInteger.

194209 When running an application with the debugger, but with no breakpoints set, the debugger stops at the line of code that causes an error.
194239 6.5.1 Regression. Setfullstate() on a dw that is placed on a uo tabpage on a tab control move the dw to a other place on the uo/tabpage. This might be caused by triggering the resize event when you call setfullstate(). When this happens iteratively, the datawindow control on the tab page gets smaller and smaller until it disappears.

Workaround: for example place in the resize event of the dw the values of the x and y propertie of the dw or move the dw back after the the setfullstate call by code.
this.x = 90
this.y = 200

See 200150 as well for memory leak fix related to setfullstate().

This works fine in 7.0 and in 6.5 builds > 1065.

194279 In PB 7.0 on a treeview when the default textcolor is changed the change does not take effect when running the window. If you export the syntax the textcolor is changed. Also the backcolor on the actual tree is white while the bigger part of the control's color is changed to what the backcolor has been changed to.

In PB 6.5 the problem with the textcolor still exists but when running the window the entire backcolor is changed to the color selected.

Other information: The Treeview control uses the WindowText and WindowBackground for the font regardless of what is chosen. The background will be the font background but the the label (text) of the treeview items always uses the windowbackground text color. You can see this by importing the .srw and twiddling the NT defaults:

The treeview is taking on the Window Text color of the NT system. To see this.
- Right Mouse on NT Desktop
- Go to "Appearance" tab
- click on "Window Text" area to populate the Item/Font values.

For the items:



This is what controls the background of the treeview and the treeview icons (things like Folders). The user believes this should be controlled by the


attributes instead of going directly to the NT defaults. (and ignoring any changes to these two treeview attributes.

194376 MS SQL Server 7.0 w/ODBC: DateTime column update causes error if DisableBind=1. Error also occurs in a SELECT statement w/a WHERE clause that contains datetime argument.
"Error 241 SQLSTATE=22008 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Syntax error converting datetime from character string"

Workaround: There is a DBParm that you can set in script or in the Profile in the Syntax tab under formats. Format DateTime to: =' \''mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss.fff \'' ' so the time part will have 3 digits instead of 6.

194382 The dw plugin (psr report) does not view in the Netscape browser
when using nt 4.0 sp4 and win95b. When viewing the page source, it shows
the correct mime type of application/datawindow7.

Under nt 4.0 sp4, when closing out of Netscape 4.5, the browser will gpf.

On win95b, (KFrantz) used Netscape 4.06.

Workaround: Works ok on nt sp3 and win95a.

194383 When a datawindow is regenerated using ORCA's CompileEntryRegenerate the resulting datawindow is not evaluating expressions properly.

The example expression on the dw is as follows:

If (cmp_frame = 1.1, 'L', if (cmp_frame = 0.9, 'S', 'M'))

So entering a value of .9 for cmp_frame should have this expression
evaluate to 'S'. And it does, when regenerated from the Library Painter, or from an exe generated by the project painter. But
when the datawindow is regenerated with ORCA, or an executable is made through ORCA it does not evaluate
properly, returning 'M' instead.

The following expression which should be equivalent and always evalutates correctly:

If (cmp_frame = Dec ('1.1'), 'L', if (cmp_frame = Dec ('0.9'), 'S', 'M'))

If a full rebuild in the Library Painter is done after the ORCA regeneration then it also evaluates correctly. Although I could not test it because the ORCA sample only includes PB 5.0 functionality there is a possibility that if the PB 6.0 ORCA pborca_application rebuild was performed prior to building a runtime library or executable the resulting evaluation will be correct.

194421 When using the clipboard function to copy a graph to the
clipboard, it always returns -1. Copying a string text works ok. Clipboard function
returns -1 when trying to copy a graph object and a graph inside a datawindow
194450 When migrating a pbl that has local external functions
declared as RPC FUNC, the functions show up under local external functions
and as functions of that object. They show up twice.

When viewing an export of an nvo from pb6.5 and 7.0, the exports look the same.
It doesn't appear that the functions are in their twice.

194488 PB 7.0 Beta: Can't open window w_nested_criteria in the PB7 examples. GPF.
194511 Beta 7.0 build 5031 does not print the dw plugin if using WIN95b or WIN98. This happens if using IE4. If using Netscape and PB 7.0, the dw plugin does not view (see CR 194382)

This was also a problem in PowerBuilder 6.5 but it now works okay with build 590 (NPDWE60.DLL)

194513 When connected to EAS Demo DB V3 in the DB admin painter
and you try to execute a stored procedure in the isql pane, you'll get a error
(Select error Sql State=S1010 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function
Sequence error) using the following syntax:

execute sp_customer_list;

The following statement works ok:
exec sp_customer_list;

The above two statements both work in PB 6.x.

194529 If you add a second occurence of a table to a datawindow that already has a where clause on the table, you will get a syntax erro. The error is in the where clause which still reflects the originalk table name. the where clause should reflect the newly asisgned correlation name.
194546 If you are creating a datawindow with manual result set and pick a type which has another parameter (string, decimal, etc), after you pick the type and then tab, the cursor goes immediately to the name of the next argument, not to the other parameter. In 6.x, when you tabbed, cursor went to the next parameter for that argument.

Quick repro:
1) Create an external datawindow
2) Name the first argument, tab to type (string) and either leave it string or change to decimal. Now tab again: goes to the next argument line, not to the length (for string) or dec (for decimal). You have to click or Shift-Tab to get back.

194552 Change of event firing order when an event is posted from a response window
194570 By opening window and closing it from window painter resources go down drastically (memroy leak). The same bug was created for datawindow painter group (CR191993)
194585 Linecount() returns incorrect values for RichText when there are large amounts of text involved (approx 32000)
194598 Opening a window in the ItemChanged event accepts value even though event returns 1

Use a validation rule and move the code from the ItemChanged event to the ItemError event

194603 This CR looks like a duplicate of CR 172725,

Under certain circumstances if one modifies the color of the background on a DDDW while program is running it will cause the text in the first row to dissapear. This only happens if the DDDW has focus and the text reappears when you tab off the column. This also only happens the first time the column has focus.

194606 Sample application has a menu with a large number of menu items on it. Actual sheet does not have any other controls on it. Also as the problem is on NT 4.0 and not WIN95 this is not the WIN 95 limitaiton mentioned in Case 40507590.

When the sample is run on NT 4.0 it is impossible to open more than 12 sheets on my machine. If sheets are closed and then new ones are opened the limit is still 12 on my machine. If the menu is changes so that the sheet's menu has less items them more sheets are able to open.

When sample with large number of menu items was run on WIN95 in excess of 50 sheets were opened.

194613 An invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll at 0137:bff798e9
occurs when closing an application after the application performed the following
1) connected to informix 7.3,
2) called a local external function
3) disconnected

If the application just called the external function without connecting to
Informix than no problem. Using the native informix driver. Works ok
using informix thru odbc. Worked ok on win95b in PB 6.0. Works ok on nt 4.0.
Works ok in PB 7.0 (build 5031) on win95 and nt 4.0.
Failed in (builds 444 thru 585) on win95b. Failed in win95a in PB 6.0 and PB 6.5.

Per Development, this is not a PB bug, it is a Third Party problem. Customers can use the following workaround:
1) Declare the following local external functions:
FUNCTION ulong GetModuleHandleA(string dllname) LIBRARY "kernel32.dll"
FUNCTION boolean FreeLibrary(ulong hMod) LIBRARY "kernel32.dll"

2) Add the following logic PRIOR to disconnecting the transaction object for PBIN760:
ulong hMod
boolean bRC
hMod = GetModuleHandleA("TestDll.dll")
if IsNull(hMod) then
MessageBox("Error", "Unable to obtain handle for testdll.dll")
bRC = FreeLibrary(hMod)
end if
/* Now that TestDll has been freed, the atexit processing for isqlt07c will occur while pbin760 is still in the process address space */
disconnect using sqlca;

194758 yyyy-mm-dd editmask on a datetime dw column causes incorrect data if the value is deleted from the column

The data value for that column is 0000-01-01 00:00:00:000000 instead of NULL

Try to update the database with a datetime deleted from this editmask and the SQL generated is...

UPDATE tablename SET datetimecol = '0000-01-01 00:00:00.000000' WHERE ...etc

Up to 6.5.502 the SQL generated was...

UPDATE tablename SET datetimecol = NULL WHERE ...etc

The data is also correctly set to NULL if it's a date column instead of datetime or with other editmasks eg dd-mm-yyyy or even yyyy/mm/dd

Also happens with datetime editmask controls and GetData() -> gives 0000/01/01 00:00:00 and returns 1 (success)

194804 A embedded ole2 excel sheet ole object on a dw will not be filled with the db data,
when you add some columns in the data tab of the ole object.
Happens only on German NT and with German Office97
194815 Unicode executable creation: If the user binds an icon in the properties of the application, the unicode executable build will fail with the following error:

Link Errors - Create of Executable file failed. If the Icon is removed the executable is created without a problem,

194834 When running the app as a machine code exe, the app
will crash with a reference memory error on nt. On win95, invalid page fault
in pbvm60.dll. The problem seems to be in w_csr_browse_claim/ue_viewclaim.
The structure consist of powerobject datatypes, integers,strings, etc.

Works ok as a pcode exe and in development on nt/win95. Works ok on nt as a machine code
exe when using /pbdebug.

194844 Deployment of PowerBuilder component to Jaguar:
Setting the "Component Timeout" (found on the Components tab of the "Properties for Jaguar Component Generator" dialog in the project painter) has no effect on the deployed component. The Jaguar property ( is NOT set. The Jaguar
property ( IS being set. ALl of the help file verbiage refers to the component timeout NOT the transaction timeout.

This causes a component to never get deactivated (assuming that autodemarcation is off and setcomplete is never called) and thus never destroyed.

When the property (.timeout) is set manually from Jag manager, everything works properly.

194846 Deploying a PowerBuilder component to Jaguar:
Deploying a component causes any currently active components of the same type to be terminated. Deactivate and destroy events do not appear to be executed when this happens.
194850 Registering shared objects in the same thread that has a database connection may cause PB to crash
194887 Calling HALT in window open event of an application's first window will not halt the application at this point - it still executes the code in Application open event which comes after the call to open the first window. Only happens in machine code compiled exe. Simple w/a is post a user event from window open event and put the HALT call there. HALT CLOSE also works fine.
194911 Using the Oracle OR8 and O84 drivers, you cannot run a stored procedure by referring to its public synonym unless you qualify the procdure with "PUBLIC".
194944 PB Catalog tables cannot be found or created when MS SQL is enforcing ANSI conventions regarding the use of quotation marks, upon connection.
194945 Multiple datawindow retrieves for SP datawindows using the OR8 and O84 drivers cause cursors to be left open on the server if SQLCache DBParms > 0.
194946 Regression: 6.5 Crosstab datawindows using 4 times memory of 5.0.04 crosstabs
195013 PB 6.5 does not support Oracle 8 Password expiration.
195017 When using embedded sql and calling a sp when
tracing is turned on, the output parm doesn't work and pb crashes with
a referenced memory exception when closing out of pb.

Problem happens using Sybase Adaptive Server 6.01.

Works ok when tracing is not turned on. No crashes and output parm returns
result. No problems using rpc.

195038 Entering data into a data edit mask control where the date does not fit into the control may cause a GPF in POINT.DLL.
195057 Using Oracle O84 driver. If you perform an EXECUTE IMMEDIATE on a SQL strring that contains "->" embedded in a comment, a GPF will occur.
195100 New Feature Request:
Customer wants to print multiple datawindows to the same print file while retaining the print attributes from the individual dtawindows.
195102 Datetime field with an editmask of mm/dd/yyyy allows a year of 0000 to be valid when a user inputs month and day and does not input in a year but tabs off. When this happened in PB 5.0.04 the date was simply recognized as Null. This would seem correct as this is an invalid year. When this is tested using PB 6.5 build 600 the year is 0000 but when this same app is tested with PB 7.0 the year is changes to 1900.

Additionally in PB 7.0 the same thing is happening on a Date field with the same editmask of mm/dd/yyyy. In all other versions of PB tested the Date field would see this as Null.

195136 If you use SetTrans to assign transaction info to a daatwindow, subsequent retrieve leave the connection open.
195186 Machine code exe is crashing on a retrieve. It appears
that a retrieval argument is probably not initialized and is causing the crash.
In a odbc trace log file, the error was S1010 Function Sequence Error.

Works ok in pcode and in development.

The problem is in the of_detail_list function in the cvuo_lv_container.
Crashes in exe:
ll_row_count = lds_level1.Retrieve(ast_keys.location, ast_keys.work_id, &
ast_keys.hardware_id, ast_keys.hardware_type, ast_keys.cost_centre )

Works in exe:
ll_row_count = lds_level1.Retrieve(ast_keys.location, ast_keys.work_id, &
integer(ast_keys.hardware_id), ast_keys.hardware_type, ast_keys.cost_centre )

195215 datawindow.update (true,true) then dw.setfocus lead to change the current row
195237 PB7.0 :
Pressing <Ctrl><Shift> and l or r or c key in the script of a custom non-visible user-object painter
crashes PB7.0 .
The same key combination in the script of other type of objects do not immediately crash, but a crash can occur
195239 informix nchar & nvarchar variables in dws and with embedded sql are padded with spaces to their maxlength in PB7.0 GA
195242 If you indicate a comma separator in you local regional settings, the datawindow ImportString() function may incorrectly convert numeric values.
195256 ctDate is a ole control on a window or ole object in a dw object. When you right
mouse click to change the ocx properties, some of the properties don't save after
you hit "apply" and "ok" or they don't change when running app.

The properties that don't save are: Day, Month, Year under the general tab.

Properties that don't take effect when running app are all the properties under the
font tab.

Properties do change when scripted programmically.

Note: Same happens using the Desktop Toolkit 5.1 for ActiveX: Genesys TButton Control
ie. the objects properties like Font and Fontsize are not saved in development environment.

195262 When you add script in the resize event of a window to
resize an ocx (ctDate) control, the resize doesn't fully complete
until you click on the ocx.

Problem: resize event
ole_1.width = this.width
ole_1.height = this.height

Workaround: resize event
ole_1.width = this.width - x
ole_1.height = this.height - x
(Where x can be 100, 200, etc.)

Using the workaround will fully resize the ocx so when you click on the ocx, nothing
happens--ocx will stay the same size.

195268 I've just spent the last two days trying to figure out why a small HTMLDW example I was putting together wouldn't work. I would generate an HTML form, enter data into it, and then send it back to the DPB/Web.PB application. The only problem was, it was failing with a -1 for the etHTMLAction when I tried to apply the data.

Well, it turned out (forehead slap) that I hadn't set the update specs for the datawindow. (I'm not really using the datawindow for an update, I'm nly using it to generate a form I use to get retrieval arguments for the _next_ datawindow).

I guess that I had just expected different behavior (HTML form not generating, or something else) rather than a 'Reloading the current context failed' error message if I forgot to include the update specs....

195275 HTML Datawindow problems with self links:

I'm trying to add a SelfLink to the text items that are in the header of a grid datawindow. I set the self link to:


Because I want the web page to tell the user object which column header the user clicked on. What gets generated as the link for those text items though is:


That is, if the static text is called 'mycolumn_t' and the text on that static text is "MyColumn", the link that is generated has "mycolumn_t=MyColumn" stuck on the end of the link. Where is this coming from? How do I get rid of it?

What I tried before I tried this was to put a command button on the datawindow, tie it to the Sort event, and have the datawindow automatically generate the link based on that. According to the online help, Sort is one of the events that will result in a link. However, when I generate the HTML, there is no link for the Sort button.

195377 Tabbing out of a DDDW that contains a NULL in the list may cause the value to revert to NULL.
195398 The PFC Security scanner fails with error "A valid INI file is required" due to an error in the PowerBuilder Install. The InitPath entry is not being entered in the registry at installation. This entry is used by PFC Security.
195412 PowerBuilder 7.0 GA: Invalid sheets listed under Window menu in the datawindow painter. To reproduce:
1. New, DataWindow, <Grid>, <SQL Select> (Choose Data Source for Grid DataWindow is now open)
2. Next, Select Table, Open, then close painter.
3. Repeat step 2 several times.
4. Next, Select Table, Open (and don't close painter).
5. Now look at sheet list under Window. There will be a disabled, untitiled, sheet listed for each time you did step 2. You can choose a column or two for your datawindow and proceed through the wizard to the "end" where you're in the datawindow painter itself. The list still appears.
6. If you close the painter, the list goes away. If you reopen the painter, the list will return.

This is not a serious problem because the sheet menus are disabled and do nothing, but it is a regression and could be confusing.

195474 Infomaker/ PB automatically records login and username in a im.ini file, everybody that reads the ini file can use these login and usernames to connect to a certain database. Like to have encryption to make login and username unreadable
195528 Using SelectBlob to access an ole database blob and store it in objectdata property of an ole control
Use ole_1.Copy() to copy the contents of the ole control to clipboard then paste the contents to an oleoblect (iole_1.application.Selection.Paste(AsStatement!))
On exiting PB you get an Invalid Page Fault in Kernel32.dll 0217:bff857e7.

Must have all 3 steps to reproduce: SelectBlob -> Copy -> Paste -> Exit PB.

195554 The example code fro the Resolve_Initial_References() contains declaration for invalid data types. They are NamingContext, NameComponent and Factory.
195612 PB ActiveX Window stops working in specific circumstances
195623 When compiling this app to pcode, pb crashes with a
reference memory exception on nt 4.0 and invalid page fault in module
pbvm60.dll at 0137:1124e3e9 on win95. App uses pfc.
195625 Source Control Issue: Unable to check-out objects that pass the pronoun "this" to functions if the registered libraries are not in the library search path

Per Development:
This issue cannot be addressed in PB6.x or PB7 or pb7ebf. T he resolution of this problem is being deffered to a major release.

195627 The PostUrl function is only working when server is running on default http port (80) when trying to post HTTP statements.

PostUrl arg Server Port Result
"http://localhost:80/" 80 OK
"http://localhost:8080/" 80 OK
"http://localhost:8080/" 8080 KO
"http://localhost:80/" 8080 KO

195628 When a file is generated using the saveas function with the filetype of Excel5!, the file becomes locked and you cannot delete the file until you exit out of pb. If you try to delete the file in windows explorer, you get the error of: Error Deleting File - Cannot delete xxxx: There has been a sharing violation. The source or destination may be in use.

Workaround: Use the filetype of Excel!.

195637 Has a RichTextEdit control on a window. A ReplaceText() with a string of 31,438 or > in length, then a SelectAll() and Clear() is done. After a few iterations of toggling from ReplaceText() to Clear() a page fault occurs.
195654 Enhancement Request: Migration Assistant: Have the ability to save the report to disk in a PSR, CSV, or Excel format. Currently it can only be viewed on-screen or printed.
195690 Executing a pcode exe using pb 6.5 (build 565) on solaris
2.5.1 gives an error of exe not found. Using windu 40.

Using the command "file <exename>" generates a response of data. The
correct response using this command on an exe should be:

ELF 32-bit MSB executable SPARC Version 1, dynamically linked not stripped

Works ok on solaris 2.6, hpux and ibm aix.

195709 Sets regional settings to any european settings (with decimal separator as set comma).
Resaving a dw that hold decimal datas (retained on save datas) gives truncation on this decimal datas.
195744 Getting compile link errors when creating a machine
code exe in the project painter.

Using pb 6.5 (build 565) using windu 4.0 and 4.2.

Per Development this was a User Error:
Resolved by adding /usr/ccs/bin to the path statement.

195805 Datawindows containing numeric retrieval arguments sometimes fail when using European regional settings (decimal separator is comma) and certain ODBC drivers. This particular problem occurs when the column datatype is decimal or numeric.

PB fails using the MS SQL Server ODBC Driver
The error in PB is:
"A Database Error occured, Database Error code 999
Select error: SQLSTATE = 22005 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid character value for cast specification"

Two workarounds exist:
1) use version and Disablebind =1
2) SELECT col1, col2 from mytable
WHERE convert(char(10), col1) = :arg1

195919 Enhancement Request: Add Text Color and Column Background Color as settings in the DataWindow Wizard and also under the menu choice: Design -> Options -> Generation tab.
195925 The EA Studio 3 install may display the default program groups inconsistently. Most componetnts display the defaulkt program group as "Sybase\<Component Name>". However the default group fro Powersite may show as "Sybase". The proper default program group is created in all cases.
195978 The problem is that a nested Report Header group 1 overlaps the detail section when retrieval is more than 30 rows. The problem occurs for a composite report which has 2 nested reports.
For example, if a datawindow named dw_group_ped032 has 2 nested reports in Detail section:
The error occurs with the second nested report dw_group_ped032_01 when the number of rows retrieved happens to be greater than 30.
195999 Enhancement Request:
In the Object Browser, if I am positioned on an object, or a function, or a variable and I press Ctrl-F1, what I am looking for is usually not help about the browser. (Theres a Help button on the browser for that purpose). I am looking for help with whatever I have selected. Can the link to the help system from the object broswer be made context sensitive?
196000 Enhancement Request:
Object Resize: PFC adds resize capabilities to objects based on the window or datawindow. This functionality should be built into the base product.
196001 Enhancement Request:
Commenting: Need something to automatically put comments into new Functions / Events. Can quite easily provide a customizable template that will automatically put a comment block into a new function. May have some argument about what the comment block should look like.
196002 Enhancement Request:
Window Toolbar: The Window Toolbar now contains several options not relating to Windows Operations at all (such as Library Painter, System
Options). Shouldn't these be put under a Tools menu?
196004 Enhancement request:
Library Painter - Allow "Direct" editing of object source. IE, have an option that allows me to go directly to the source of an object without
physically Exporting to file and opening the exported file with the file editor.
196008 Enhancement Request:
Add additional wizards to handle common functionality, such as Master...Detail relationship handling, etc.
196009 Enhancement Request:
Add the capability to develop one's own wizards that will integrate with the IDE
196016 Enhancement Request:
Add Local Variables as a list of stuff I can select from to paste into my code - or add to the AutoText feature.
196024 The idle event timer should reset on all keystrokes and mouse movements. It does not reset if the activity is limited to keystrokes in the datawindow.
196028 Enhancement Request To Add "Modify Datawindow" to DDDW RMB.
196035 Deploying to jaguar from pb, the following messages
appear in the project painter:

Bypassed Objects:
The following objects contained circular references and were bypassed:

196041 Calling a function on a jag component from another jag component fails
196069 6.5 Regression. A DDDW does not appear (disappears) or is blank after SetFullState. This will also make it impossible to edit the records

This worked from 6.5 build 444 to build 530.

196070 freeform DW where the first field is 'Autosize' the field below is set to Slide up = 'direclty above' and the first field has no data, then the second field is displayed on top of the first field and it is shown twice.
196073 Regression 6.5 around build 576 : SetFullState on reinitialized datawindow makes control disappear
196088 Enhancement Request:
Would like migration to be prevented if any objects are checked out.

Workaround: check in all objects prior to migration.

196090 Enhancement Request:
Powerbuilder GUI. In painters such as Window painter, UserObject painter, where functions can be defined:
When you're in the Function Definition area and press enter, go to the Script area. Tab and Shift-Tab are generally used to move between fields, and right now it REQUIRES a mouse click to get from the definition area to the script area. Please add keyboard support.
196120 Overriding a system function, one argument is dropped when the function saves.
To reproduce:
Create a New Window
In the script painter, choose New Function
Function Name - Move
Function Args - Integer Movex, Integer Movey
Get an error message signifying that the function already exists in the object.
Still saves function anyway, but with only one of the arguments.
196137 Calling Resolve_Initial_References on a JaguarORB object returns -6.

Per Development:
Not a bug, but several documentation errors in example code.

196140 Visual Object Layout view: Add the capability to "Zoom" the layout view. eg: 50%, 75%, 100%, 200%, Custom and Fit to View. This will solve the
problem that you can't see the whole object with properties and script views open, and would be very useful.

Add the ability to "resize" the layout view to a proportion of actual size. For example: upon opening a window, the Layout view would show 100% of the window, even though actual size may be reduced to 75% in order to display it. A setting can control whether or not this should happen at load time. Standard proportions should include 50%, 75%, 100%, Window Size (or Best Fit) and Custom. All settings except for Best Fit would remain static between objects, while Best Fit would resize the object to fit the view.

196142 Migration - Add the ability to "Fix" some problems. Certain functions are known obsolete functions and can be directly converted to a new function. Do it instead of telling the developer that "This is obsolete and will not be supported in a future version".
196144 View Freezer - Add the ability to "lock" a view so that contextual changes around it are ignored (Drag and Drop events, Double-Click events etc). This will allow you to set a script painter to show Instance Variables for example, and not change when a new script is selected.
196151 Global search is limited to PBLs in current application. I need to be able to select any number of PBLs and do a search on a specific item, for instance to find all datawindows that access a certain table.
196157 Enhancement Request:
Would like the ability to edit ancestor scripts - It's nice that we can see the ancestor script, but add the capability to either directly Edit the ancestor OR add the ability to "Open the Ancestor" which closes the current object (with save), and then opens it's ancestor. (Allow capability to "Disallow PFC objects" for example.
196162 Enhancement Request:
Would like a quicker way to add PBLs to the current library path, such as a toolbar button in the library painter.
196189 When Informix Environment Variable is set to e.g. DMY4. Trying to update a date value leads to
SQL error -1205 : Invalid month in date
No changes made to database.
UPDATE dbdate1 SET date = ? WHERE id = ? AND date = ?
Workaround: DisableBind = 1
196193 Printing a 3-D graph in a datawindow may result in the actual graph size being very small in the printed output.
196220 Right mouse button (RMB) Print is disabled for objects that are "Not in the current library list", but is accessible from the menu.
196243 Description: Getting a reference memory exception on nt 4.0
and PB60 caused an invalid page fault in module Pbdwe60.dll at
0137:11587588 on win95 when the following line is executed in PB:

dw_1.modify("Datawindow.crosstab.rows="' + ls_setting + '"")

The ls_setting is populated from:

The crosstab dw is defined with a symbolic notation at the end of the row.

In the dw painter, if you uncheck the "Rebuild columns at runtime", previewed the dw and
rechecked the option, app worked ok. This works unless you plan to use the column tag
property. If you do, the gpf or reference memory exception still happens.

196244 When using any ODBC driver against an Oracle back end, attempts to insert a row with a duplicate primary key will cause sqlcode to return as 100 instead of -1.
196249 Make the DataWindow Painter the same as the Window Painter for duplication. 1st: Show the "Duplicate" option in the pop-up menu. 2nd: Support Ctrl+T.
196251 In the Window Painter, for the drop down menu of objects (controls)that can be placed on the surface of a Window. Please sort this list. It makes it easier for new PB programmers to locate objects by their name.
196326 PB.6.5/7.0 Regression - Pipeline needs DBO hardcoded

This is not a bug and has been explained by engineering as follows:

This 'regression' is caused by a change of behavior intorduced in 5.0.4. Earlier the development behavior used to be different than the runtime behavior. An internal DBI call DBI_ADJUST_CONNECT was missing at runtime. When this behavior changed a lot of regressions were reported mainly due to the dependency on an unrecommended approach. The table names should be qualified with the user name if they are to be used by any user other than the owner...

Pipeline does not work unless you hardcode the DBO into the pipeline object.

This worked in PB 5.0.3 and appears to be the same or similar to CR163406. This may turn out to be an intentional change requiring a fully qualified table name as the destination. but as it worked as submitted in PB 5.0.03 it is being submitted as a regression.

Build tested for CR163406 are not available to test and next available builds (5.0.04 build 76 and PB 6.0 build 251) fail with this sample. In all versions tested the workaround stated in this CR worked.

WORKAROUND: Export the pipeline object and fully qualify the table name with the owner in the destination section. I was able to simply open up the pipeline and choose the correct table name and then the sample worked. What leads me to believe that this may be an intentional change is that when I tried to change the table name back to the original empty destination in the painter it would not allow me to change it back

196356 In a DDDW when the background color is changed using either modify or dot notation in the itemchanged event and then the user tries to change the value of an entry in the DDDW the changes are reflected with a one step delay.

Per Development:
Not to be fixed.
1. Create a User Event in which to perform the Modify
2. Post that event from within the ItemChanged event.

196363 Down arrow in dw inconsistent when rows have 0 height and 1st column invisible.
196369 Enhancement Request:

Add built in error handling such as On Error, or Try, Catch.

ISUG Enhancement Request e15_038.

196403 When there are multiple instances of the sheet window and the mdi frame toolbar is moved to be vertically between the other toolbars then the 2nd or 3rd
menu option on the MDI Frame toolbar is activated.
Problem occurs if the toolbars are at the TOP or BOTTOM of the mdi window in a vertical line.
Customer had File --> Close as the second frame menu option with this script:
- The application would GPF.
196470 Repeated connect/run stored proc/disconnect may cause a memory leak with MSS driver.
196478 FindClassDefinition () returns incorrect results when a descendent object is the argument.
196489 Datawindow Clicked Event will report a row number when the header band is clicked with certain sized datawindows
196490 Problems updating to System 11 using the SYJ driver from a PB Jaguar component
196547 ODBC connection to DB2 UDB. Running recursiv sql statements in a dw using retrieval arguments and PBSupportBindSelect = 'Yes' in PBodbx0.ini cause in in deveopment a PB60.exe gpf and at runtime no data will be retrieved. ^

Example for the select stamente:

Workaround: Set PBSupportBindSelect = 'NO'

196560 If you pass 0 to the LogTen PowerScript function as a parameter, it should return 0 as the result.

This works fine in development and in P-Code executables. If you try this in a machine code executable, you will get the following error message:

PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0005)
Application terminated.
Error: Negative value encountered in function

If you pass any other number to LogTen there is no problem.

196562 Calling a PB generated COM server from VB, passing uninitialized string by ref does not work. (Works fine from PB client)
196582 A scatter graph may not show all points when more than one point has the same x coordinate.
196591 When the edit label property is checked for a treeview
control and you expand an item in the treeview, if you right mouse click on an
item so that a popup menu appears for that item and then click on the window's
title bar, the treeview item immediately snaps into label edit mode.

The documentation states that if the treeview's editlabels property is enabled,
the user can edit an item label by clicking twice on the text.

196820 When the CREATE statement is used to instanciate a visual userobject(e.g.cmdbtn iu_cb), script iu_cb.GetParent() gives an unknown result.
On Win98 , NT4
PB 6.0.251 Broken
PB 6.5.444 Broken
196866 A datawindow with one or more nested dtawindows will incur a GPF on retrieval if the datawindwo contains more than 32766 rows.
196890 You may experience compilation error when compiling PBl's inot DLL's.
196947 If you use foreign / accent character with HTML Datawindow you'll get stange behaviours. Causes wrong retrieve and update with the database. HTML datawindow / Jaguar and Dynamo hangs up. This is related to the charset settings in the dw example. If you use in the HTML Side
<META content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type">
instead of the charset=iso-8859-1.
Please change the example to UTF-8 to avoid such problems or our documentations should mention it.
196948 A pbl with a html dw is protected from jaguar if the html dw was retrieved from a browser.
If you like to make changes to the html dw in PowerBuilder you have to shut down Jaguar.
This is very uncomfortable for developers.
196955 Once a PowerBuilder script containing a SQL statement is compiled. Subsequent script compiles will not reflect errors. Occurs with SYC driver.
196982 Customer has a RichText DW, saved as PSR File. Display PSR in dw, but result shows only one Row.
Action: Load PSR file in a dw as the dataobject and then use functions below for scrolling the document instances.
Presentation Datatype Result
Rich Text PSR Broken
Tabular PSR OK

Action: Load SaveAs file in PB6.5 dw plug-in using Netscape Communicator v4.51 browser.
Datatype Presentation Style Result
PSReport! Tabular PSR OK
PSReport! Rich Text PSR Not supported
HTMLTable! Rich Text HTML OK (Display data in the form of a table)

Dw_1.rowcount() does return the correct number of rows in the PSR file.

However the following functions do not work for scrolling the document instances on the Rich Text PSR file when the file has been loaded in the dw:
ScrollNextRow() Result returned = 0
ScrollNextPage() Result returned = 0
ScrollPriorRow() Result returned = 0
ScrollPriorPage() Result returned = 0

Property value for the following is incorrect whereas for a Tabular PSR, PB determines values correctly.
Integer(dw_1.describe("Datawindow.FirstRowOnPage")) Result returned = 0
Integer(dw_1.describe("Datawindow.LastRowOnPage")) Result returned = 0

197001 Using dot notation to assign the current DW buffer to an array may cause the array to become corrupted if the datawindow contains single character columns. The array will appear OK in the PB debugger but asisgnments of the character array entries to other variables may result in incorrect data or a GPF if the corresponding array elment is a string.
197029 In some case, SetChanges() will not properly update the individual column item status flags causing updates to not happen.
197035 If the primary or secondary DataWindow's values are changed, and then an update is performed , the secondary DataWindow displays the information from the first row in the table. Instead of showing the information from the current row as displayed in the primary DataWindow.
197093 An update performed on a shared datawindow/datastore causes the row number to be reset to one.
197100 Provide the SaveAS option to save as a pdf file.

PDF is a fairly common document format on
the internet. Because Adobe wants to promote the use
of that format, they allow for third-party products
to write that format.

197116 Enhancement request: Add a facility to specify table schema's for tables used in datawindow retrievals at run time.
197133 The Powersite install in the EA Studio install refers to an IE 4.01 install on this CD when the stuff is actually onthe second CD.
197248 If a function returns a numeric value and the function result is returned as the result of another function. You may get a GPF if the numeric value is NULL.
197251 PB 7 crashes when using JaguarORB object to access a Jaguar component.
197257 Passing decimal by ref to a C dll does not work.the value returned is NULL
197309 Left mouse click and hold on the title bar of a view allows you to drag it somewhere else. How about Right-mouse-click and hold will make a Copy of the view somewhere else ?
197314 7.0 Regression. File/Open and File/Inherit dialogs don't have default button as OK (execute 'OK' by hitting enter) until you fiddle with the "Object Type" listbox dialog.
197320 In the Window painter, if you put a datawindow control on a window, on the properties for the datawindow control the make sure that the title bar property is not checked. Properties associated with a title bar, such as min and max box, should be disabled unless the title bar is checked. But they are enabled.
197322 7.0 Regression. String column w/numeric mask such as #####, deletion broken using arrow keys. When you delete the 3rd number in the editmask ##### in the field, it leaves a space instead of closing up the space as 6.5 did. If you tab off the field, numbers in the 4th and 5th positions get deleted.
197340 Most recently used window menu different than other Microsoft Windows applications. Word and Excel are different in the way they handle the "Window" menu (the menu pick that holds all the active windows). Powerbuilder is slightly different as well though consistent through 5.0-7.0. For instance, when you open up 10 windows in Word, Excel, Powerbuilder, you get the following in the window list.

% denotes document that is current after 10. Notice:

1. Word sorts it by name (if you opened Document11, it would be right after Document10)
2. Excel sorts it in Reverse order. 10,9,8,7...
3. Powerbuilder, with > 9 windows puts the last window opened or currently active window in position 9 at all times.

1 Document1
% 2 Document10
3 Document2
4 Document3
5 Document4
6 Document5
7 Document6
8 Document7
9 Document8
...More Windows

% 1 Book10
2 Book9
3 Book8
4 Book7
5 Book6
6 Book5
7 Book4
8 Book3
9 Book2
More Windows...

Powerbuilder Genapp
1 Sheet:1
2 Sheet:2
3 Sheet:3
4 Sheet:4
5 Sheet:5
6 Sheet:6
7 Sheet:7
8 Sheet:8
% 9 Sheet:10
More windows...

197344 Why is Create New Library not part of the File | New paradigm now in place in PB7? You have to be in the library painter and invoke Library | Create. And yet, from the Datawindow Builder, File New allows you to create a library.
197348 I do NOT like the fact that functions and events are sorted by "Those that contain script", then "Alphabetically". When I'm looking for a
function/event, I don't necessarily know if it has code in it (or an ancestor) or not. I don't really care either. Sort the list appropriately.
Additionally, if I select a function from the function list (one that does not have code), and add code to it, if I hit SAVE, (which saves the whole
object), the function list is NOT updated to reflect that the function now contains script. If I open a New function list view, it does (and the function is sorted to the top).
197390 The IN7 native database driver from build 595 of PB 6.5 onwards displays negative values as positives values in decimal columns.
197393 Script painter may seem to slow down if the object being edited is a descendent of a multi-level inheritance or the number of objects in the application is vey large.
197434 Script view doesn't prompt you to save changes when you change/add to an event or Declare Variables and close with the control menu on the view. Changes ARE saved, but you are not prompted to save them unless there is a compile error
197435 Using new MS DHTML Active X which uses an API call to load HTML documents from a file. When resizing the container dynamically the ActiveX does not resize with it.
197481 6.5.00 EBF Regression. Datawindow Painter. Can't change editmask by typing over. Any datawindow column with editmask can't be changed by typing over. (all datatypes affected).

Workaround: You must paste the mask from the clipboard in order to change it. IE bring up notepad and type in the editmask you want - copy and then paste it into the Powerbuilder datawindow dialog.

197488 TeamPS: Enhancement Request
Allow libraries selected in the Listview to be added to the LIbrary Search Path
with a single right mouse button click. (Add selected libraries to current library
197556 Crosstab datawindows may contain zero for numeric row values.
197558 This ONLY happens with PBSYT (dblib) AND if server is installed on NT, if installed on UNIX and using PBSYT the behavior reported does not occur. Also, PBSYC (ctlib) works okay.
Uses embedded sql scripts for inserting into a table, an error is encountered a violation of primary key or a constraint.
After the duplicate insert we get: SQLDBCode 2601 SQLErrText =Attempt to insert duplicate row constraint violation"
Subsequent operations results in SQLDBCode = 20019 SQLErrText = attempt to initiate a new sql server operation with results pending.

Developers comments: Deferred since PBSYT60 is not strategic and was never delivered for PB 7.0

197583 In PB 6, I could create a function, put some code in it and Save the function. If I created an object structure, I entered the details and closed it, saving the contents. Now, I create a new function by choosing the object (in the script painter), selecting New Function and entering my code. I cannot SAVE the function. Save only works on the object, so it goes through saving EVERYTHING, a process which is much slower in PB7 already. The same applies to structures.
197584 Inconvenience: When setting up a connection object using the connection wizard, when I get to profiles and the one I want i s not there, I would like to be able to create one without canceling out and starting over.
197585 The properties tab of an object invariably shows a list of available options. Many times the option is a checkbox. If you click to the right of
the checkbox name (way over to the right), it will change the option. Not all that critical, but then resize the properties tab to be much bigger, or
even full screen. Now clicking over to the way right is nowhere near the option itself, and yet it still changes. I think the options should NOT be
resize-enabled controls that resize with the screen. In fact, I think the standard Windows operation for checkboxes is that you have to click in the checkbox, not on it's name.
197601 When entering a partial date in a date or datetime column
and then you either tab out, press enter or use powerscript dw_1.accepttext(),
the itemerror event does not fire.

Type in 00/00/2000 and then tab out
returns 01/01/2000

Type in 01/01/0000 and then tab out
returns 00/00/0000

In the edit control validation process, the above examples should fail
in the validation process triggering the itemerror event.

197642 SYC Timestamp in dynamic SQL format 4 returns error on fetch.
Error 2 (rc -1)
CLI 1 #132 ct_fetch(): user api layer: internal common library error: The bind of result set item 3 resulted in truncation.
use a datastore with a dynamically created DataWindow instead of SQL format 4
197661 Description: When deploying a PB jaguar component to an
existing Java package, the following error message results:
Jaguar Error Code:
SystemException: comp.sybase.CORBA.idl.SyntaxError: file
D:\Program Files\Sybase\Jaguar CTS 3.0\Repository/SVU.tmp
CTS: PB UserException : expected IDL type

Edit the IDL module as follows:
#include <TabularResults.idl>
#include <CTS.idl> <-- add this line

197674 JDS - JDBC Sun VM - JDBC 2.0 driver to informix connect error. "Catalog tables cannot be created" warning. You then cannot create any tables and the metadata folder in the database painter is empty (it should have valid datatypes).
You get various errors: "No such column name", etc.

As of May 20th, 1999 only version 1.4 of the JDBC driver is supported. You need to go to the site (which redirects you to to get either the 1.4 or the 2.0 driver). Support for 2.0 should be added shortly.

Although not completely documented, the URL should contain the user and password fields delimited as shown. Here is a good example:


Workaround: Use ODBC driver or use the supported JDBC 1.4 driver.

197725 Run function increases memory usage in task manager.
197749 Resizing bitmap in window painter causes lines to disappear.

Per Development:
Resizing a bitmat may alter the view of the bitmap, such as the disappearance of line segments. This change was cause by a deliberate behavioral change in PB 5.0.04 where the default StretchBit mode was changed from BLACKONWHITE to COLORONCOLOR. This introduced the problem with lines in the black and white BMP images.

197755 Sending a Tab message to the datawindow control from the EditChanged event causes PB to crash.
197770 When using the Formula One OCX on a PowerBuilder window, the mouse pointer does not change to an arrow when it passes from the cell area over the scroll bar area.
197776 When a datawindow is modified (whether modify function or dot notation) in the editchanged event, in this case a protect property for a different column is changed, the itemchanged event is fired. This did not occur in PB 5.0.04 and does not occur in PB 7.0 build 5031. The following results were found when testing the sample.

PB Version/build Occurs in Development Occurs in EXE
PB 5.0.04 NO NO


PB 6.0/620 YES YES

PB 7.0/5031 NO NO

197805 PowerBuilder 6.5 and 7.0:
When using UPDATEBLOB to update an Oracle 8 LOB dataype, a ROLLBACK will make the LOB column empty.

Work-Around :
Use a LONG RAW column when clobs or blobs can be ROLLBACKed in script.

197830 The buttonclicked (and probably buttonclicking event) returns the wrong row in the row argument in an n-up style datawindow. It seems to do what an earlier bug with n-ups and the datawindow clicked event (since fixed) giving the user the rightmost element row number (ie if it's a 3-UP, it would only return 3,6,9 for the row argument) in the horizontal row.
197841 Enhancement. Excel 97 format for SaveAs() function.
197862 OLE1 blobs do not activate in datawindows in PowerBuilder 6 and above.
197868 Memory Leak when using a dynamic cursor. Possibly related to an open CR - 159694.

Customer reported this when connected to Microsoft SQL Server but it also occurs with Adaptive Server Anywhere. Loses between 1000-1500K per 9900 records processed. Similar results when run with PB 7.0 build 5031.

Each run represents processing of 9901 records
Using NT 4.0 Task Manager to see Memory Usage

Results when run with PB 6.5 build 620 and EA Studio
Memory Difference
Memory Usage at Start 52344K 0
Memory after 1st run 53452K 1108K
Memory after 2nd run 54436K 984K
Memory after 3rd run 55836K 1400K

Close out of app 55712K
Close out of PB 6.5 Memory returned

Results when run with PB 6.5 build 620 and MSS SQL Server
Memory Difference
Memory Usage at Start 45664K 0
Memory after 1st run 46956K 1292K
Memory after 2nd run 48124K 1168K
Memory after 3rd run 49284K 1160K

Close app PB still running 49150K
Close out of PB 6.5 42224K

197880 Using window activeX, a backspace in an SLE causes the prior page to display.
197884 When the client PC is set up for Regional Settings yyyy/dd/mm, datawindow columns of type DATE with edit style "edit" (NOT editmask), tabbing off after data entry causes the month and day portions of the entered date to get switched before your eyes. This bug has been in the product since 5.0.

This is a dangerous bug since it affects data entry, validation (and validation rules) and datawindow expressions using this date column.

Closely related to 197886 and 193284.

197886 If your control panel regional settings are set to yyyy/dd/mm, retrieval arguments sent will switch the day/month and submit incorrect queries. The retrieval argument dialog is an Single line edit with no editmask so this is like an edit style "Edit".

Example: enter 1999/03/05 in a retrieval argument dialog for a date column (May 3, 1999). The pbtrace.log shows:
1999-03-05 which is really March 5th, 1999.

IE. For SQL Anywhere, the PBDateFmt default in the PBodb<60,70>.ini is 'yyyy-mm-dd'.

Closely related to CR197884 and CR193284.

Development: We ask Windows what the date sequence is ( 0=m/d/y, 1=d/m/y, 2=y/m/d, note there isn't one for y/d/m). Windows says the sequence is "2" which is what we use.

Expanded note in User's Guide on date columns and regional settings. See pbman.chm dated 12/11/00 or later.

This requires the use of an edit mask. Sorry, not a bug and here's why; when we read a date column with no editmask, we ask windows what the date sequence is ( 0=m/d/y, 1=d/m/y, 2=y/m/d, note there isn't one for y/d/m). Windows says the sequence is "2" so we interpret that way. yyyy/dd/mm is kind of unusual as a date format and evidently isn't something Windows recognizes either. However, an edit mask ought to work fine for them.

As part of work on CR 193284 it has been determined that the support for yy/dd/mm will NOT be added to PowerBuilder in order to preserve the current applications that may be relying on the current behavior of switching to yy/mm/dd when yy/dd/mm is encountered. We believe that it is too high a risk to be changing at this stage and since this is a very unusual, an unsupported by WIN32 date format, we will not be supporting it.

197928 7.0 Datawindow painter issue. With Regional Settings yyyy/dd/mm and a date column of edit style "edit"... the Format tab of a date column is shown as 15989/??/??.
197934 When in the webpb wizard and you select the pbl, the
next screen displays the uo's in the pbl. In this case only three out of the
six uo's appear.

It appears from the test case that uo_listener is the problem preventing
the rest of the uo's from showing in the list.

Workarounds: Export the uo_listener uo. Delete uo_listener. Import
the uo back into the pbl. Now when you go into the wizard all the uo's will
show up.

Another workaround is to modify the comments for uo_listener in the
library painter. When you go back into the wizard all the uo's will show up.

197936 Scrolling a datawindow with a scroll bar may cause the data in wide text columns to not scroll with the datawindow.
197937 After selecting the object from the webpb project wizard
and then populating the properties, the webpb wizard does not populate
the function, page title, page style and link text. You can select a function
from the ddlb and populate the rest of the fields. After hitting ok, the above
properties are not populated. The "apply" cb button remains disabled.
197962 5.0/6.0/6.5 (not in 7.0). Severe handle leak - 80-100 handles - each time you enter and exit the script painter. Over time, in NT, if you get to around 6000 handles (as viewed through Task Manager/Performance Tab), you won't be able to open another script painter or do anything in PB. Sometimes when you hit a high number of handles, the next action causes PB to just disappear (GPF). This can also cause other programs (Explorer) to GPF or not be able to bring up simple dialogs.

Exiting PB frees all the handles.

Other related handle leaks:
Saving an object leaks around 40 handles.
Going in and out of the library painter leaks 80 handles.

Several painters: Profile (350), DB (100), Function (100-110), Application, Project, Menu leak at least 50 handles opening them and 20-40 handles saving an object.

197982 If you have three levels of DDDW PowerBuilder will terminate with an application error if you try to preview the DataWindow in the DataWindow painter.

PowerDesigner generates such DataWindows in certain scenarios.

198030 Grid datawindow column expression width=0 makes column disappear in painter. This is a behavior throughout 5.0-7.0. Since changing the visible attribute of a column to "0" in the expression leaves the column STILL VISIBLE in the painter, it's hard to say why the width with an expression of "0" would immediately shrink the object to '0' width in DESIGN mode. This only happens for a grid datawindow and the width is a "live" property in grids.

Development: This is actually a feature. In the case of objects with attribute moveable/resizable specified or when presentation style of grid, actions in preview will be reflected back to the design view. Forget, for a moment, the expression thing: with grid, resizing columns will immediately take effect in design. When expression has been set, we won't react immediately in design view BUT, as soon as you do another move of column in preview, we'll rebuild the whole dw in design based on how it currently looks in preview.
NOTE: You can also simulate this same behaviour using expression on an object that has moveable and/or resizable options set.

198032 A static text control on a window or datawindow allows multi-line properties. A long string can word wrap if you make the static text control narrow in width. When you modify the long string that is already word-wrapped in the control, it automatically resizes the static text control onto ONE line. This is an old reported behavior.
198044 PB7.0 does not print correctly a datawindow which has a jpg/jpeg picture control object.
The result is a solid black filled in/ shaded rectangle instead of the graphic/picture.
198052 Suspected memory leak with describer() method of Test_DW, using pbtapi.h.
198058 SetItemStatus() is performed on a key col of the datawindow to change it to DataModified(), if the row has the status of NewModified!, PB generates a Delete and Insert statment as if the row had the status of DataModified()
198061 There is a memory leak when you use OLE automation and an array of OleObject[] instances. Destroying the instances doesn't release all the memory.
198062 The combination of GetChanges()/SetChanges() will not set the column flag to DataModified! if the value of the changed column is NULL.
198063 Enhancement. SaveAs() rich text format for regular and nested datawindow.
198123 ActiveX created in VB5 has a couple of functions, one of them contains code Form1.Show. If the style = 1, the form is modal, if style = 0 the form is modeless and PB displays an error when the function is called: R0035 Application Terminated. Error calling external object function...
198184 If a structure passed by reference to a PB Jaguar component passes the structure to another method in a different component, an error occurs.
198193 In the Define Result Set dialog, if you tab out of the 'Type' column, instead of tabbing to the next column (Size), you tab to a new row.
198197 7.0 Regression. Creating a user object function that overrides an existing function deletes the original function from the object. The missing function is no longer found in the source either.
198207 Datawindow Plugin from 6.x and 7.x does not display a 5.x PSR reports properly
198214 Memory leak with datawindow synchronization in 7.0
Verified fixed in 6.5.1 "MJD" EBF (build 7021), and in 7.0 build 7014
198265 OLE custom control events Clicked and DoubleClicked are not fired
198348 When in the Edit tab of the Properties View in the DataWindow Painter if you drop down the choices for Style Type and click the same choice you had originally ( say DropDown DW) it blanks out everything else that had been set originally. Even if you simply drop down the list and move the mouse to a different choice, but do not click anything and then try to close the painter by clicking the' X' in the right hand corner all properties are set to the defaults although the Type has not changed. You do have to close the painter again, but unless you notice that these properties have been changed, the defaults are now saved. In Pb 6.5 if you choose the same edit style no changes are made.

Additional regression in the Edit Tab of the Properties View in the DataWindow Painter is that in PB 6.5 if there is any change to any of the the properties the Style Name is removed but in 7.0 it allows you to make changes to the properties but the Style Name remains.

Additionally an enhancement to be able to remove the Style Name without the other properties changing would be helpful.

198410 Trying to develop a way to communicate errors to the client in a stateless environment and are running into problems not being able to raise exceptions.
198423 If you declare a variable of type char in a PB script and pass the value in SQL statement with DisableBind set to one, an error will occur during the database update.
198447 Piping a table (while creating the new table in the pipeline) from a MS SQL server 6.5 database to an MS SQL server 6.5 database may fail due to an ill-formated table create statement
198459 If you try and save microseconds into a time datatype and retrieve the data back again. The value is saved as zero e.g. 12:12:12.12 -> 12:12:12.00
This can be done using ISQL. Using ISQL I can save 12:12:12.12 into the database. If I retrieve this in PowerBuilder I get 12:12:12.00.

Note: Microseconds can be saved using the timestamp datatype.

198499 Ancestor object needs regeneration when controls added or deleted to/from last descendant given there is a Dynamic event call from an ancestor user object/ window function.

PB procedure: The descendant object modified and it's parent need regeneration so that the parent is aware of
the descendant's changes - so regenerate object at current (level) and (level - 1).

In this scenario:
w_charity (Grandfather) has function wf_valid()
w_main (Father)
w_support (Child)

A cmdbtn on the ancestor window (w_charity) has this code:
boolean lb_test
lb_test = wf_valid() //call window function on ancestor

Window function: wf_valid() has the following code:
Long i, max_number_of_objects
boolean lb_success = TRUE , lb_newvalue = TRUE

string ls_str , ls_powerbuilder_object
ClassDefinition cl_def

max_number_of_objects = upperbound(Control[])

for i = 1 to max_number_of_objects
ls_str = this.control[i].classname()
ia_any = this.control[i].event dynamic ue_invest() //returns classdefinition instead of null value for ia_any if the family hierarchy has not be //regenerated after new control objects added to last descendant
IF IsNull(ia_any) THEN
messagebox('At grandparent Level 1:object ' + ls_str , 'NULL value returned from dynamic event call because this control does not have this User Event defined.')
cl_def = ia_any
ls_powerbuilder_object = cl_def.classname()
if ls_powerbuilder_object = 'classdefinition' then messagebox('ia_any ', ls_powerbuilder_object )

lb_newvalue= ia_any //this line has problem with new control objects added to LAST/FINAL descendant only
//error msg- Cannot convert classdefinition to boolean from any value
// however if regenerate family hierarchy ,then works fine
if NOT lb_newvalue then lb_success = lb_newvalue //Change variable only if result is Boolean FALSE


return lb_success // return TRUE only if all control objects perused returned TRUE

When controls are ADDED or DELETED on the last descendant window (w_support) the following error occurs:
PB Application Execution Error R0063:
Function/Event with no return value used in expression at line XX of wf_valid of object

The customer reported this problem when using User objects and user object functions.
I expanded my tests to use standard control like window objects with window functions.

PB6.5.444 and 70_5031 on Win98:
Type of object Type of function having dynamic call Result
Visual User object User object function in ancestor Broken
Window object Window object function in ancestor Broken

Testing log PB6.5.444 and 70_5031 on Win98:
Add/Delete control on w_main, regenerate next descendant w_support.
Run app, call ancestor window function --> Result OK.

2)ACTION: Test dynamic event call in an ancestor window function:
Add new controls on last descendant w_support
Call ancestor window function --> gives error msg above.
Regenerate w_support, run app --> gives error msg above.
Regenerate w_main, run app --> gives error msg above.
Regenerate w_charity, run app --> Result OK.

3)ACTION: Test dynamic event call in a window function on last descendant:
Cmdbtn on ancestor window has code:
boolean lb_test
lb_test = parent.function dynamic wf_pay()
wf_pay() is a window function in the last descendant w_support which has the same code
as above for the wf_valid function.
Add new controls on last descendant w_support
Run app, call descendant window function --> Result OK.

198545 If you have an edit mask of ##-##-## on a window object and if copy and paste 123456 into the edit mask. The edit mask will display 00-12-45 instead of 12-34-56 as you would expect.
198637 Setvalue() causes gpf when when populating ddlb. Using PFC and of_additem function to a uo.
In pfc we are using setvalue() which causes a gpf depending on the index order.
uo_1.of_additem(70, "Hair")
uo_1.of_additem(60, "Slisk")

causes a crash

uo_1.of_additem(60, "Slisk")
uo_1.of_additem(70, "Hair")

198670 if you use a trim() function without a retrun value the machinecode executable causes a Dr. Watson
string mystring
mystring = " hallo "
trim(mystring) -> Dr. Watson

use the trim() function with a return value.
string mystring
mystring = " hallo "
mystring = trim(mystring)

198709 O84 driver: OS authenticated connection to Oracle 8 without user/password fails with Error:
ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied
Workaround - use o73 driver with required support files
198710 If you use a rectangle object in a datawindow to hide other objects underneath the rectangle, when the datawindow is printed, it still prints the hidden objects. The strange thing is that print preview hides the objects correctly. You can see this behavior using HP IV drivers. (you do have to use "Bring to Front" on the rectangle object so the drawing order is correct to hide the objects.

Workaround: Use Modify() to set the visible attribute of all objects you want to hide.

198719 PB7 regression
When one sheets uses ChangeMenu , then this menu will stay in the menu bar when closing the sheet or clicking on another sheet. Only opening the next sheet will work.

Work-around : add a proper changemenu call in the activate event of the sheets

198743 Setfullstate() does not draw/redraw data on a graph object placed on the datawindow. You will see the graph object but it will be blank after the setfullstate().

Workaround: The setfullstate does not bubble up information into the "child" graph object but should. To get around this, you can do one of 2 things.

// force it to redraw by forcing the visible attribute to 1 (yes, it's already visible). Make sure you name the graph object "gr_1"

// or
dw_1.filter() // This is a little more "destructive" - and might affect the data if you have a filter defined.

198752 Getfullstate()/Setfullstate() has a noticable memory leak after many iterations. It looks like it's not cleaning up the blob from the previous setfullstate() in the datawindow control. (very similar to CR192073, 198214.)

Works fine in 7.0.1 build 6012.

198780 Informix 7 IN7 - serial value shows as zero after DataWindow update() when DisableBind=1
198840 Passing a numeric argument to a stored procedure or returning a numeric argument (Sybase SYB driver) may cause a data conversion error.
198851 HTMLDataWindow component is spelled incorrectly in the

\powerbuilder 7 \code examples\HTMLdw in the Remote datawindow example pbl (PBDWRMT.pbl).

198865 If you use modify or dot notation to change the number of copies to be printed (datawindow.Print.Copies) the number of copies that gets printed is squared, i.e. if you set it to print 2 copies, you will get 4 printed, if you set to 3, it will print 9, etc.
198909 Enhancement Request: IN7, SYC, & ODB RowsCopy should refresh autoincrement after DataWindow update() automatically
198952 Compiler should check all possible paths through a function in order to ensure that a correct value is returned in all possible cases. This would safeguard against coding errors.
198955 6.5.1 Regression. The rowfocuschanged event fires when the Sort() function is invoked after a retrieval when the user clicks to a row > 1 and then uses the tab key or clicks into another column of the same row.
198959 6.5.1 Regression. Setfullstate no longer works correctly on NT 3.5.1 Nothing displays in the destination datawindow though the return code is good.
198968 Enhancement Request:
Customer would like a way to add defaults to the to-do list. This facility should support multiple developers using PB. They would like to update the pre-defined list of To Do's for each wizard. For instance, say the Jaguar Component Wizard has 8 To Do's which normally pop up after the wizard. Customer would like to modify the list of 8 default To Do's to delete one and add 3 more customized for their purposes. Not a huge issue but would be nice. These lists should be available to transfer among all the developers in each company for standardization.

See TechDoc for PB 7.x & 8.x (#1013138)
Adding Customized Items to Wizard Generated To-Do Lists (PowerBuilder 7.x & 8.x)

198983 The file editor behaves differently than before. PB6 behavior - Click on the File Editor Icon and you get a File Open Dialog to choose the file to edit. PB7 behavior - Click on the File Editor Icon and you get the File Editor. Click on File Open to get to the Open File Dialog.
198988 Variable Access Not good. Getting to Instance Variables has to be made easier.

1. From a script painter - I have to open another script painter and select DECLARE (which is not intuitive), or use the popup menu and choose
GoTo | Instance Variables (which I can't do if I'm in the middle of a piece of script), or choose Edit... GoTo... Instance Variables from the menu.
Instance Variables whould be selectable from the View menu.

2. If I do NOT have a script painter open, I cannot get to instance variables at all. Why do I have to open a script painter to get to
instance variables? They belong to the object not the script.

3. If I do NOT have a script painter open, I can't get to Global Variables. I should have access to Global Variables from ANYWHERE. They're not tied to an object, but to an application.

198996 Receive a PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0035) when running an Excel Macro using OLE Automation. Receive different results when run on different platforms and with different number of rows as input. Initially also recieve a MicroSoft RunTime Error '1004' . The text of the Microsoft error is 'You cannot save this workbook with the same name as another open workbook or add-in. Choose a different name, or close the other workbook, or add-in before saving. there is a choice to choose a Debug Command button and this brings you intot he Visual Basic Debugger within the custoemr supplied Macro. The MicroSoft Error did not consistently come up when running on NT 4.0. Also when run with a smaller numebr of rows in WIN95 neither error came up and the Macro completed successfully.

When run on WIN 95 the resulting Excel report appears to actually be generated although when the number of rows selcted is greater than 2500 the error is still generated. When you exit PB and go into Excel the report appears to be complete. In NT 4.0 regardless of the number of rows the error is generated although again the actual report appears to be created properly.

When the macro is run directly through Excel or through OLE in VB 6.0 it runs without the problem.

Solution is to add the following line of code right before running the macro:

excelobj.SetAutomationTimeout( 900000 ) // 15 minute timeout

The documentation states that if you timeout you will receive a 1037 runtime error but in this case we received a R0035 instead.

199079 MS SQL Server columns of data type bit do not display properly using the PB OLEDB driver. Instead of displaying as 0 or 1, a floating point external value is displayed.
199089 6.5 Regression: Passing decimals in a structure; something has changed from 5.04
199110 The browser ignores style sheet rules with _ in their names. The HTML generation uses the ObjectName to generate the rule names. IE5 works fine, but IE4 does not display it correctly.
199111 Without diving into the implementation, it is not possible to keep two Web DW's on the same page in sync.
199190 New Feature Request: Microsoft has OLE DB providers for OLAP but they are not supported by PowerBuilder.
199199 Datawindow goup headers may repeat when a datawindow is printed.

Per Development:
No Bug -- DW design breaks the DW header/row size-restriction rules (it was only a fluke that it worked in 5.04 as this design is NOT supported). The user has the wrong DW design for the desired report. Instead of huge page headers and group headers, that break DW design rules, the data should be presented in a series of nested DWs. The nested DWs would ensure proper pagination.

199204 PB7.0. If a DW select statement contains an ORDER BY and this DatwWindow also prompts for criteria (column specification) Powerbuilder places the ORDER BY clause between the first part of the where clause and the second part which is generated from the criteria column specification. On retrieve the DataWindow gives a Syntax Error
199209 Within the PFC pbls if you try to declare an instance variable of type u_dw PB crashes when trying to save the variable. If you migrate a copy of the object that already has an instance variable of this typ,e and then try to declare another one it works fine. Also tried with u_tab and it did not have a problem. This did not happen in PB 6.X. Also if you create the same type of object with a small sample the instance variable saves without a problem. Object is corrupted after this happens.

Workaround: To recover object. Export the object in the Library Painter. Edit it to remove references to the instance variable and then reimport it back in.

199219 Enhancement Request:
Add the java package name as part of the properties in the java deployment in Powerbuilder.

Java package name is the name of the java "package" ( basically directory
off the Classpath ) that you will deploy generated stubs to. For example,
the way it is setup now, you will by default generate stubs to a directory
that is the same name as your Jaguar package. You can change this by
setting the "java package name" property in module properties in Jaguar
Manager. This is helpful when creating a commerical application as the
stubs should go in the "com" directory off the classpath. For us, the java
package names that we assign are something like
The problem that we are having is that we often have to deleted entire
modules and we lose these settings every time that we do. We have to go
into Jaguar Manager and set these properties for each module. It would be
nice if the PB deployment projects supported this property as well as the
other Jaguar properties that it does not.

199220 Enhancement: Animated gif support has not been added for picture objects in a datawindow. It has been added for picture controls on a window.
199221 Add transaction timeout to project properties in PB.

In Jaguar there is pool timeout and transaction timeout.
In the PB project, only one is supported. If we change the other's value in
Jaguar Manager, it gets overwritten every time we redeploy.

199244 <ALT><ARROW DWN> and <ALT><ARROW UP> no longer opens and closes DropDownDataWindows and DropDownListboxes within a datawindow
199250 The PB6.5.1 maintenance release has memory leaks with some Scroll type Functions.

Scroll functions tested:

ScrollToRow() // dw_test.scrolltorow(ll_nr)
ScrollNextRow() // li_ret = dw_test.scrollnextrow()
ScrollNextPage() // li_ret = dw_test.scrollnextpage()

Action:PB6.5.1 on NT4.0(Build 1381 SP3) in development environment.
Iteration RESULT
il_max=1000 | 2000 | 6000
No Scroll function in DO LOOP :
Before run app 60348K | 60944 | 60916
Exit App 60240 | 60948 | 60924 OK

With ScrollToRow function statement:
Before run app 61388K | 60864 | 60916
Exit App 62092 | 62000 | 63644 Leak

With ScrollPriorRow function statement:
Before run app 62212K | 60936 | 60924
Exit App 62148 | 60944 | 60916 OK

With ScrollNextRow function statement:
Before run app 62148K | 61996 | 60472
Exit App 62896 | 63532 | 63276 Leak

With ScrollPriorPage function statement: il_max = 10,000
Before run app 60516K | 60740 | 60568 | 60868
Exit App 60524 | 60840 | 60552 | 60912 Leak

With ScrollNextPage function statement:
Before run app 60516K | 57612 | 54432
Exit App 60516 | 57608 | 57580 Leak

Action:PB6.5 on NT4.0(Build 1381 SP3) in development environment.
Result: No memory leaks with any of the scroll functions.

199252 Enhancement request: Need the ability to specify opjects as READONLY so that their code can be viewed, stepped through in the debugger etc, but may not be changed in any way unless "Protection" is deactivated.
199255 Enhancement request : Would like Object Browser as an additional view in painters.
199256 Enhancement Request: Views: Add capability to place Instance Variables, Arguments etc (Paste Special List) as separate "lists" such as Function and event lists. Double click on an item to copy into your code. (Edit | Paste Special | Arguments | Choose from list does not seem to be a good replacement for the dropdown list of arguments that were available in PB6).
199289 Scrolling a DW with an Intellimouse produces an application error when the height of the detail band is set to 0 :
Application error : The exception Integer division by zero .......

Fixed in 6.5 1048, 7.0.2 build 8025

199299 SaveAs PSR (Powersoft Report format) only saves 2 levels of nesting. The 3rd and subsequent levels are missing. causing: "Load of nested report <report name> failed" error when loading PSR into a plug-in, datawindow control or in InfoMaker..
199300 7.0 regression: Declaring large instance arrays hangs when saving object.
199340 Structure view open in the UserObject Painter causes PB to crash if the structures have long names
Declaring structures with long names in the user object painter causes PB7 to crash
199349 Provicde option to print footer only on last page .

As far as an enhancement request, giving the Footer band an option to only print
on the last page would do the job.

I would also request something a little more generic. I would propose what
I would call a "Positioning" band that the user could chose to put anywhere
(within any band) within a datawindow (maybe even limited to a report type
datawindow - one that does not allow updates). This "Positioning" band
would have characteristics as follows:

Have it start immediately following a previous item (autosize height) or
give it space increment (inches or powerbuilder units). The previous item
could be a previous band (top of the band or bottom of a band), or could be
the top or bottom margin of the datawindow (report).

It would be nice if it would allow you to specify that this "Positioning"
band would have some "Page" mode options such as 1) no page break, 2) always
start a new page or 3) start a new page if less than xxx inches/pb units
available on bottom of page."

199364 Create a New DW presentation style with Data Source - Query with retrieval arguments.
Powerbuilder/ Infomaker error message at the end of the DW Wizard :
'Arguments for select are invalid or incorrect'
199388 For a listview, the rightclicked event and the rbuttonup event are not firing in the proper order.
In 6.5.1 the order of the events are reversed when right clicking on an item.
In PB7 the rbuttonup event is not firing at all.


There was a fix in pb6.5 for issue # CR 183803 that was made specifically to change the behavior of ListView Right Mouse processing. With this fix, the behavior should match what is expected and that is in fact why the behavior changed between builds mentioned in the description.

In PB7, we are using Microsoft's ListView and TreeView controls and the behavior we are seeing is the way it is intended to work per Microsoft and we cannot change that behavior without doing something very ugly in PB which we want to avoid doing. In PB7 the rbuttonup is never received by the application, however, this is the way Microsoft has coded it.

199395 Retrieval argument on a decimal datatype (ex numeric 7:2) does not work properly.
The SQL statement sent to the server truncate the decimal part of the variable.
for instance : where variable = 24,24 is sent like this : where variable = 24,00 (see pbtrace.log )

dw_1.retrieve(24,24) will send to the server as 24,00

If you specifiy the retrieve like

dw_1.retrieve(24.24) will send to the server as 24,23

199407 If you deploy an object to jaguar with the option to include inreferenced objects in consolidated PBDs, you may not be able to open the object because the constructor event fires.
199427 UNIX: App server crashes with a segmentation fault using
webpb on solaris 2.5.1. Using performix test tool to stress test app server.

Using Open Client 11.1, ASE 11.5, pb 6.5 with windu 4.2, netscape 3.61 web server.

199433 Memory leak using datawindow dot notation on a large range of data and populating an array of type Any. Becomes a problem when this is done repeatedly within a loop.
199439 Disconnect using pbmdi takes longer in PB 6.5 than it did in PB 5.0.04
199447 Using the WheelMouse or Intellimouse with a wheel sometimes hides items in a listview or treeview. In the cases with the problem, there is no vertical scrollbar on the particular listview so the scrolling gets a little confused. (#1. It scrolls all items up through the top of the listview. #2. PB forgets to repaint the area so if you scroll the items back down using the wheel, the items aren't visible).

NOTE: Using lv_1.setredraw(true) will display the items when you scroll them back on the screen. Unfortunately, there is no event that captures this easily (no pbm_mousewheel) to script a setredraw(). An enhancement has been entered for this support.

199448 Enhancement Request: When you use the browser and select the user object tab on the right hand side you can select instance variables, customer would like the ability to see variables, methods, properties associated with those instance variables
199450 ENHANCEMENT: Allow computed column and property expressions in datawindow objects to call methods of custom classes (non-visual objects).
199451 *** Occurs in 6.5 build 600 or >. Works OK in 7.0 GA, Problem with 7.0 build 6005 & 6009 ***
Issue originally came in reporting the datawindow object could not be regenerated without a page fault occuring. It is not specific to just regenerating the object. In the dw painter, if changes are made to the dw, when trying to save the object a page fault will occur in PBVM60.DLL@0137:11313588. or PBVM70.DLL@0137:113da5cb (7.0 build 6005)
Also importing the source object a page fault occurs in the same module and address.
Isolated it down to a computed field on the dw that also has a Filter. This combination is causing the page fault.
199452 We should expose the event pbm_mousewheel (wm_mousewheel in Microsoft). We currently have pbm_mousemove, etc.
199462 Function prototype DDLB has limitation on width. Function prototypes with a large number of arguments show up blank in the function list and sometimes cause the system to GPF. If the prototype is > 1024 bytes, this can cause unpredictable results including a GPF.
199464 Ancestor object constant instance variables should not be editable in the UserObject Painter of a descendant.
199518 Need animated .gif support in datawindow control. The documentation mentions that it's supported for other picture type controls but it's not supported for datawindow controls
199523 When using newer versions of the ODBCJT32.DLL ODBC driver from Microsoft, errors will occur when passing datetime values to MS Access. This is due to the inclusion of decimals of a second in the datetime value which the driver ignored in earlier versions.

The error you get from the driver is:
SQLSTATE = 37000 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Reserved error (|); there is no message for this error.

The fixes are in the PBODB70.ini from 7.0.2 and above.


PBDateFmt=''{d '\'yyyy-mm-dd\'' }''
PBTimeFmt=''{t '\'hh:mm:ss\''}''
PBDateTimeFmt=''{ts '\'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.ffffff\''}''

NEW PBODB70.ini (7.0.2 and up)

PBDateFmt=''{d '\'yyyy-mm-dd\'' }''
PBTimeFmt=''{t '\'hh:mm:ss\''}''
PBDateTimeFmt=''{ts '\'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss\''}''

The newer driver you're using requires this format.

You can prove this is the cause issuing the following SQL:
Select {ts '2000-05-24 14:48:19.580000'}
vs a
Select {ts '2000-05-24 14:48:19'}

The first (using the old PBODB70.ini formatting) gives the 37000 error, the new
formatting doesn't.

199568 1) Create a new window
2) Choose the Move Function from the function list tab (double click on it)
3) Add code to the function: Return 1
4) Compile the script
5) Go back to the Function List tab. The move function is now at the top because it contains script.
6) Right click on the Move function, and select Delete.
On Win95, you get a GPF. On NT4, PowerBuilder just disappears.

This is easy to work around by just opening the script and deleting the code, but it should not happen.

199641 In PB7 the FindItem function for listviews does not find the item that is selected or has the focus.

Following calls always return -1 :

lv_1.FindItem(0, DirectionDown!, True, False, False, False)

lv_1.FindItem(0, DirectionDown!, False, True, False, False)

Workaround :

Replace DirectionDown! by DirectionAll!

199645 Crosstab datawindows embedded in composite reports may cause multiple blank pages to be printed.
199661 Declaring BOUNDED INSTANCE string ARRAYS causes the object painter where these variables are being declared to be very slow opening the object or saving it.

For example, open window painter (any object painter would do) and paste the following into the declare instance var pane...

string is_1[2000]
string is_2[2000]
string is_3[2000]
string is_4[2000]
string is_5[2000]
string is_6[2000]
string is_7[2000]
string is_8[2000]
string is_9[2000]
string is_10[2000]
string is_11[2000]
string is_12[2000]
string is_13[2000]
string is_14[2000]
string is_15[2000]

Takes around 15 seconds to save this window. Change this to shared, global or local and it takes a fraction of a second

199662 The PB manual clearly states that DataWindow definitions may be included dynamically in a deployment project by defining them in a resource (pbr) file.
This currently does not work for PB non visual objects deployed as Jaguar components.
199728 The datawindow HTML output (using SaveAs() HTMLTable!) or through the painter isn't putting <BR> - linebreak/carriage returns (CR) characters in the HTML output when there are line feeds. For example, if a large text column is formatted with newlines, etc, all the lines get concatenated together and the end of line characters aren't generated in the final output and the output loses its formatting.
199765 ATL control are not resized correctly when used in an OLE Custom control
199768 Wrong decimal separator displayed with string editmask control (format !!!!!) and french regional settings.
When hiting decimal separator on keypad then ,. is displayed.
199774 I have verified that there is a memory leak for this case where specific PB functions are nested for program evaluation.

This is the script tested in my pbl:
//Test memory leak when multiple function calls made
int li_count
string ls_app_name
FOR li_count =1 TO 20000
ls_app_name = Left(Lower(GetApplication().AppName), 8)
Messagebox ('Iteration','Done 20,000 times ')

Tested ls_app_name = Left(Lower(GetApplication().AppName), 8)
NT4, PB 6.5.444 10,000 | 20,000 | 30,000
Before start app 59560 | 59536 | 59560
Exit application 59556 | 59552 | 59556 Sometimes Leak

Tested ls_app_name = Left(Lower(GetApplication().AppName), 8)
NT4, PB 6.5.1 10,000 | 20,000 | 30,000
Before start app 59748 | 59748 | 59768
Exit application 59748 | 59764 | 59768 Sometimes Leak

199780 You cannot create a datawindow using a saved query that contains retrieval arguments.
199787 if a systemerror is created by the FindClassDefinition() function the systemerror event will not be triggered in some cases.

a.pbl with an ancastor object ---- w_ancastor
b.pbl with an descendant object ---- w_descendant

If you scripted the systemerror event and you use the FindClassDefinition() function in the following way, then the systemerror is not fired.

ClassDefinition myDefinition
String ls_class[]
ls_class[1] = "c:\b.pbl"
myDefinition = FindClassDefinition("w_descendant", ls_class)

then a systemerror occurs because the classdefinition can't be resolved by BowerBuilder, becuase the a.pbl is not specified in the ls_class string array. This systemerror does not fire the systemerrror event in the applicationobject.

199790 ImportFile may lead to "System process - Out of Virtual Memory"
199803 The problem is with columns that have a decimal editmask e.g. ##0.0 : ##.## : #,##0.0
When the whole column item/text/value/field is highlighted and then BACKSPACE or DELete
key is pressed, the EditChanged and ItemChanged Events are not triggered by default
in PB.

However if anything but the whole selection of the column item is made, PB triggers
the EditChanged and ItemChanged Events correctly :
e.g. If the item is 123.4 then highlight 4 and press BACKSPACE or DELete and PB will
trigger the EditChanged and ItemChanged Events.

This problem is not specific to any country regional setting therefore decimal separator
of '.' or ',' is irrelevant to the issue.

Select/ Highlight whole column item, the EditChanged and ItemChanged Events are not
triggered by default in PB. This is broken for all versions below:
PB 6.0.251
PB 6.5.444
PB 6.5.1
PB 7.0.5031

If the column has an editmask with NO decimal positions defined e.g. ### with datatype dec(2), the events are triggered correctly.

199814 TeamPS - LibraryImport fails after dataobject assignment.
199815 The script painter allows you to set a debug breakpoint at an invalid line. The breakpoint disappears when the object is saved.
199826 Regression migrating 5.0.04 to 6.5:

myfunc is a function that returns a structure. The structure contains two string fields, and the values are initialized properly.

Using 5.0, the following code worked. Migrated to 6.5, and tested using 7.0, the code returns garbage in foo.

string foo

foo = myfunc().field1

Per PB Engineering:

The reason this worked in 5.0 was because we were not deleting the temporary struct returned from the function call in the expression myfunc().fieldname. This resulted in a memory leak which has since been fixed.

As part of fixing this memory leak, the field elements were also free'd after the expression evaluation. Because the field here is a string, the string value therefore is free'd resulting in the garbage that you see when you run this test case.

It is expected that this syntax will work for simple data types at this time, but not for strings, or arrays.

Please issue a separate change request for a compiler warning against this, to eventually be a compiler error in the next major release of PB. Due to this, I would strongly recommend to customers that they change all occurrances of this syntax to use a local struct variable, and return the function result into that. This ensures that the data will be correct and avoid any crashes until we fix the compiler to warn against this.

(CR 203969 was added to request the compiler warning.)

199828 Custom Toolbar items don't run PB7 exe.
199880 when IE 5 is used as the browser, data are not displayed properly, all data messed into one line
when IE 4 is used as the browser, data displayed properly
199883 In the script painter, if you delete the line following a line with a breakpoint set, the breakpoint icon will disappear. The icon will return when the object is saved.
199885 The debugger does not allow you to set a conditional breakpoint if the expression contains dot notation.
199894 Using a graphical object with style of line in data window the catagory access text does not appear with just one data point if the category label is rotated.
199897 If you run setup.exe from x:\LDDDK32 and you choose Norwegian DK. You will get the following error: "Doinstall failed with a return code of -2"
Workaround: Use setup.exe from x:\LDDDK32\NORWEG\DISK1.
199930 If you add multiple PBLs to you library path from the root directory of any drivew, the added path entries will conatin an extra backslash. For example d:\mypbl.pbl would be d:\\mypbl.pbl.
OS: Win 95
199939 6.5.1 Regression: In Query Mode SetItem used to work in 6.5 GA, no longer does.
199961 DW Synchronization may fail (Getchanges) if the Original Data Value from the database column is NULL.

Fixed in 7.0.1 and beyond..

200022 Ct would like to see the icon name in the application object export file, so it can be used in version control tools. Now needs to workaround by checking in/out the whole pbl or using the resource file for the icon name.
200033 DW with stored procedure for Update get an ORA-03115 or ORA-912 during Insertion when a column that allows nulls is blank
200037 You cannot use the mouse to drop a dropdown list box or dropdown datawindow if the column slide left option is set to TRUE.
200038 when dw object has buttons on header and footer, columns becomes overlapping each other in preview mode under netscape 4.5
200050 TeamPS: 7.0 Object Browser Show Heirarchy slower than 6.5
200053 Datawindow preview dissappears when doubleclicking detail band
200069 Debugger: flickery when stepping through code. It seems as though every RETURN statement of a stepped into function causes the screen to minimize and restore.
200077 File...Import to import a script should not have been change to Edit...Paste Special...From File. Would like interface changed back.
200081 Editing object functions:
When positioned in the argument list area, right-mouse click brings up several options. The first one is Delete which can easily be clicked by
accident, misread to mean that it applies to the Arguments only etc, but it actually deletes the whole function. This Dangerous process should, at the very least, be moved to the bottom of the menu and named "Delete Function", have a delete confirmation message displayed, and have UNDO capability.
200085 Enhancement: would like the capability to drag a property into a script.
200094 Jaguar remote debugging hangs when one component creates and calls another
200131 Gets null value when enter 00:00 in a Datetime field with an EditMask HH:MM
200134 The text of the icons in a toolbar does not appear in RTL (Arabic, Hebrew) language. The font used to build the toolbar is Small Fonts but the ccharset is not set for the RTL language.
200136 If you have an edit mask of YY and querymode is set to TRUE for the DataWindow object, then problems arise if 00 is used as the year. Instead of showing 00 in the edit mask, it shows a blank. If you then regain focus on the edit mask, 00 is displayed. Also when using querymode the mask displays the full underlying date thus ruining look of the field. The customer needs to display the YY element of the date only i.e. using masking techniques to improve date display based on their datawindow requirement.
200144 Example of the HTML editor modifing mixed HTML and server side scripts

<INPUT value=<!--EVALUEATE EXPR="addQuotes(mydate)" --> >

When a change is made in page view then the following gets changed to

<INPUT value="<!--EVALUEATE EXPR="addQuotes(mydate)"> >

Case originated from issue 41042980

Another example is

<input value=<% =Session("somevalue") %> >

which is changed to <INPUT value=<%" Session> >
when a change is made using Page view.

200147 select Design->Options->Script and enable Database Warning with OR8 you get no compiler errors if you use unknown table / column names in embedded SQL. default behaviour with ASA / ASE / OR7.x a compiler error occurs.
200150 6.5.1/7.0 GA Regression. SetFullState to a datawindow memory leak.
6/18/99 fbashaw PSE: Tested in 6.5 build 1022; there is no leak.
200151 Here's information I received from development on the rawdata option used in the transport object for DPB:

While I was at it, I searched to see what exactly RawData=1 does. It is no longer used by the WinSock Driver, and therefore does not have any effect on a DPB application.

This information is true for PB65 and up. I don't know exactly when it was removed, but I know it is not there in PB65 winsock driver.

200159 PB 7.0: Error '(' expected after function name occurs on a composite DataWindow
- when trying to assign the composite retrieval arguments to the arguments of the included DataWindow
- if the included DataWindow has more than 3 retrieval arguments
200167 Enhancement. AlwaysOnTop attribute for windows. Today, this has to be accomplished with the SetWindowPos() call.

Workaround: Use SDK.

Function boolean SetWindowPos(Long hWnd, Long hWndInsertAfter, integer X, integer Y,integer cx, integer cy, UINT uFlags) library "user32.dll"

Code to set window to Top:
// get pixels for API calls

long lx,ly,lwidth,lheight
lx=UnitsToPixels ( x, XUnitsToPixels!)
ly=UnitsToPixels ( y, yUnitsToPixels!)
lwidth=UnitsToPixels ( width, XUnitsToPixels!)
lheight=UnitsToPixels ( height, yUnitsToPixels!)

boolean rc
rc=SetwindowPos(hwnd, -1,lx,ly,lwidth,lheight,64)
if not rc then
messagebox("Problem", "Problem with setwindowpos, "+string(rc))
end if


To return to normal
SetwindowPos(hwnd, 1,lx,ly,lwidth,lheight,64)

NOTE: The x,y,width and height in the UnitsToPixels code assume this code is in an event of the window itself (not under a command button where this will cause problems)

200171 When in the Function View in the Window Painter it is confusing as to what argument will be deleted when choosing the "Delete Parameter" RMB option. If you simply RMB in the Function View the option is greyed out until you either highlight a specific argument or place the cursor into the argument name. Once this has been done RMB anywhere else within the Function View gives you the "Delete Parameter" as an enabled option and choosing it deletes the argument that had originally been highlighted. If you happen to RMB on the Argument Type area for a different argument the "Delete Parameter" option is enabled but choosing it deletes the previously highlighted argument not the one that you RMB on.

Additionally the terminology should be consistent as the RMB options refer to parameters while the painter uses arguments.

200179 In PB 7.0 the following is taken form the documentation.

Instance variables defined in an ancestor window display in a descendent window

If you create a window by inheriting it from an existing window that has public or protected
instance variables with simple data types, the instance variables display and can be modified in
the descendent window's Properties view. You'll see them at the bottom of the General tab

ENHANCEMENT REQUEST: Allow Drag and Drop of these ancestor Instance variables that are on the property sheet.

200235 ORACLE 8.0.5
Gets ORA-06502 when retrieving on a stored procedure based datawindow containing a retrieval argument that is number datatype (Oracle column is float)

Workaround :
1) set oracle NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS parameter to '.,' and set decimalSeparator dbparm to '.'
2) set decimalSeparator dbparm to '.' and just after your connect statement in scripts add the following statement : execute immediate "alter session set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS='.,'";

200238 Get/SetChanges or Get/SetFullState between datastore and datawindow and a second retrieve with the same datastore shows differend behaviour. SetChange function returns -2 after a second retrieve().
See code

SQLCA.AutoCommit = False
SQLCA.DBParm = "Connectstring='DSN=PowerBuilder Demo DB V6.0;UID=DBA;PWD=SQL'"
connect using sqlca;
ids_data = create n_ds
ids_data.dataobject = "d_multi"
// 1. retrieve
li_rc = ids_data.Retrieve(1)
li_rc = ids_data.GetFullState(lblb_daten)
li_rc = dw_1.SetFullState(lblb_Daten)
// 1. change
dw_1.object.text[1] = "change"
li_rc = dw_1.GetChanges(lblb_daten)
li_rc = ids_data.SetChanges(lblb_daten)
li_rc = ids_data.Update()
li_rc = ids_data.GetChanges(lblb_daten)
li_rc = dw_1.SetChanges(lblb_daten)
// 2. changes
dw_1.object.text2[1] = "change"
li_rc = dw_1.GetChanges(lblb_daten)
li_rc = ids_data.SetChanges(lblb_daten)
li_rc = ids_data.Update()
li_rc = ids_data.GetChanges(lblb_daten)
li_rc = dw_1.SetChanges(lblb_daten)
// 2. retrieve
li_rc = ids_data.Retrieve(2)
li_rc = ids_data.GetFullState(lblb_daten)
li_rc = dw_1.SetFullState(lblb_Daten)
// 1. Change
dw_1.object.text[1] = "change"
li_rc = dw_1.GetChanges(lblb_daten)
// SetChanges returns -2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
li_rc = ids_data.SetChanges(lblb_daten)

Workaround :
// insert following lines just before the 2. retrieve
ids_data.dataobject = "d_multi"

200268 6.5 Regression. SetFullState error after inserting a row in nested datastore and executing GetFullState(). Datawindow works OK. The error is 'load of nested report failed'. This never really worked correctly for datastores since 6.0.00 GA. The datawindow now works fairly well but the datastore does not.

NOTE: This works fine if the data is RETRIEVED from a database.

200293 Using pb 6.5 (windu 4.2), using the shift + number on the
keyboard doesn't work with Exceed in painters and file editor.

Characters such as @#%^&*()&^! <>?": don't show up. Works ok with the windu
4.0 version.

200365 Enhancement request: Customer believes we should continue to include the art gallery directory with PB 7 since customers have used the icons and bitmaps we shipped with previous versions of pb in their applications.
200367 Enhancement. In pb7 library painter users want to copy all the objects from one pbl to another pbl that already has some of the same named objects in it. When you do this pb asks the user if it's ok to overwrite the object for EVERY object being copied. It would be nice to have a "Yes to All" option as well.

PB 7.0 added the optional dialog to overwrite when a name conflict was found during the copy.

The enhancement would be to have a dialog that had {YES to ALL} {YES{ {NO| {CANCEL{ as many "install" programs have.

200373 The 7.0 pre-maintenance release is missing the HTML tab from a datawindow column's properties view. When the datawindow is exported, the HTML properties for the column still exist, but there is no way to set the column's HTML properties because the HTML tab does not appear.
200392 The category and other SLEs in the DATA tab of a graph datawindow don't allow long expressions to be pasted in. You must resize the entire tab page to allow a large text expression to be displayed. The autohorizontal scroll isn't being set for these SLEs. 6.0 had autohscroll set.
200432 7.0 Enhancement. Should be able to print any object from the library painter, even if it's not in your current library list. With Windows and User Objects, you get an error.

"Print Error" (Print Failed. Report Terminated).

200435 7.0 Regression. When defining (on a nested datawindow of a composite) an expression for one of the nested arguments, if there are > 3 arguments, you will get an error:

')' expected after function name. This does not happen with 2 arguments or at all in 6.5

200437 In the DBP application the thread created on the server when a client connect to, are not released when the client is unplugged abnormally.

Per Development, this is not a bug:
This issue does not describe a bug, but a misuse of DPB. To avoid the threads from remaining, you must use the timeout feature available in DPB as follows:

There is a feature on the Transport Object where you can set the Timeout Property and it will tell the DPB Server to disconnect the client after some amount of time of inactivity. The value that you set this property to is documented to be in seconds, however, I have found that it is actually in milliseconds, therefore 1000 would tell it to wait only 1 second.

Inactivity could mean either of the following:

- The client is sitting idle and not making requests to the server for the timeout interval
- The client has been shut down abnormally due to power outage or network cable being disconnected.

For this reason, you must be careful when setting this value to an unreasonably low value, such as 1 second.

The intended use for this feature was to have the customer code in the client application, a polling mechanism that would continually issue some function call or remote object property get/set repeatedly while the client is running so that when the client is abnormally shut down, the server would detect this and do the necessary cleanup. This polling would only take place during what otherwise would be idle time for the client application.

When this timeout property on the transport option is NOT set, there is NO timeout and the server will never detect a client has been disconnected abnormally. In the case of a normal shutdown where the client actually issues a disconnect from the server, the server does handle the necessary cleanup.

200441 When a HTML page (wich contains a DW WebActiveX) is opened using the JScript statement as follow
var win1 ="TheHtmlPageThatContainsThe DW.htm","win1","height=800,width=800,toolbar=yes");
then events are not fired.
200457 7.0 Regression. There is a huge usage of memory when using 7.0 and connecting with the MSS (Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 driver). Memory usage typically is 100MB+. For some users, the system may swap so much that it takes minutes to connect. Others will see their memory drop by 100MB immediately after connecting. Disconnecting from Powerbuilder also takes a long time.

2 workarounds:
1) Install latest NTWDBLIB.DLL (a version from 1998). 1995-1997 versions causes the problem. This requires that the customer contact Microsoft and upgrade their Client Software for MS SQL Server 7.0. This seems to get rid of the problem.
2) To keep existing software, add benign dbparm to apps and DB profiles. Ex: sqlca.DBParm="appname='mssapp' ". Adding anything to the DBPARM gets rid of the huge memory usage. Setting the "Application Name" on the "Network" tab of the database profile painter is benign and the best solution. This puts "appname=myapp" in the DBPARM.

200479 7.0 Regression. Pressing the "Primary Key" button on the Rows/Update Specifications dialog on a table with a primary key causes a GPF.
Happens connected to Sybase (SYC). Informix, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server native drivers are fine as are ODBC drivers.
200482 Enhancement. Would like to have the ability to control the thickness of the grid lines in a grid datawindow. Perhaps another attribute like "weight".
200486 Enhancement for Sybase System 11. A user-defined-role which gives table permissions cannot be accessed via Powerbuilder datawindow SQL painter 'Select Tables' dialog although you can use SELECT statements in the database adminstrator to access the tables.

The problem is the PBSYC2.SQL script SP_pb60table, SP_pb70table procedures that are used in several places to bring back the table list. This script doesn't have the necessary SQL in the stored procedure to pull the tables accessable through roles to the Powerbuilder 'Select Tables' dialogs. (This script is supposed to support only bringing back tables the user has access to)

You can use the PBSYC.SQL version of sp_pb60table, sp_pb70table (which brings back ALL tables whether you have permission or not) as a workaround.)

NOTE: If you get the following error: Select error: "select permission denied on object XXXXX(table name)", database (database name), owner (dbo). Do you want to correct errors?

after adding the roles, you might have forgotten to ACTIVATE the role by doing the following in ISQL:
sp_modifylogin User1, "add default role", Role1

(the example assumes a user of 'User1' and a role of 'Role1'

200555 Performance problem expanding an array in debugger.
For example a array of char with 9000 items from structure variable in the debugger. This takes along time.

No workaround available

200581 If you use auto horizontal scroll in a datawindow, you may not be able to scroll to the rightmost characters of a column with a large number of characters.
200583 PB 7.0 Executing a Left outer join SQL statment in interactive SQL without '{oj' and '}', or '('and ')' causes an access violation.
200588 If you have an MDI window with a menu associated with it. A few of the menu items are enabled on the toolbar. Each of the toolbar menu items have the following code in clicked event: This.PopMenu(Parentwindow.PointerX(),Parentwindow.PointerY()).

I have discovered that if there are sub-menu items on the second level in a certain scenario the clicked event of a particular menu items do not get fired.

200605 Resolution: Tested with builds 1057 and 1062 and it does not fail. Rechecked with build 1052 and it failed there . All testing was done with the same ODBC driver

When using PB 6.X and connected to Microsoft SQL Server through the ODBC driver downloaded from the Microsoft Web Site you will receivean error similar to

pb60.exe Aplication Error

The instruction at '0x10bff94c' referenced memory at '0x033c00a'. the memory could not be read.

This applicaiton is using shared objects.

This does not happen on the first Selectblob but on the second or a subsequent one.

This is not a problem when connected to MSS thorugh or native driver and it was not a problem when connected to ASA through our ODBC Driver.

200650 The following code produces an incorrect result with a Tabular or Freeform presentation style datawindow.

FAILS Tabular style PB6.5.444 on Win98, NT4:
In the PrintPage event of the datawindow control for Tabular style dw:
// PageNumber is an argument in the PrintPage event:
if pagenumber > 1 then
li_ret = integer(dw_1.Modify("Datawindow.Header.Height=0")) //Make the header band of the dw equal to zero height
// on page 1
end if

Result Tabular/ Freeform style PB6.5.444 on Win98, NT4:
Page 1 : Header and column data displayed correctly
After Page 1:
Header is not displayed after page 1 (correct result)
Duplicate data of page 1 is repeated on next pages.
Page() function evaluates to page 1 on all pages instead of counting as second page, third page etc.
The number of pages output on printer is correct however data of page 1 is displayed on all pages.
Printing to PSR format produces the same result.

Using a composite presentation style.
On this composite(d_composite) there are 2 datawindows d_titles and d_emp:

In dw d_titles, the label names of the columns are text objects and placed in the Detail
band with Autosize height set to yes/ true.
a)In the header band of d_composite, place a report object dw (d_titles) which contains the
header information for the final report e.g. Cust ID Cust Name
b)In the detail band of d_composite, place a report object dw (d_emp) which contains the
detail information e.g. Cust ID column object Cust Name column object
In the Detail Band object, select Autosize height to yes/ true.

WORKS Composite style PB6.5.444 on Win98, NT4:
In the PrintPage event of the datawindow control for Composite style dw:
// PageNumber is an argument in the PrintPage event:
IF PageNumber > 1 then
This.Modify("DataWindow.Header.Height='0' ") //Do not display header info after page 1.
//or This.Object.DataWindow.Header.Height='0'

200702 6.5 Development environment leaking resources until painters lock up. From tracking resources in NT 4.0 (handles, memory, etc), it doesn't appear that typical memory resources are being used up but perhaps Graphical resources. Often dialogs won't come up (presumably because there are not enough resources to paint the dialog). Sometimes exiting Powerbuilder helps, sometimes Powerbuilder gets to a point and disappears.

NOTE: Duplicate of CR197962

200706 When server scripts are embedded inside of a partially hard-coded HTML tag, the PowerSite parser reformates the content to a single line.

To workaround, modify the script to write out the entire tag, instead of a portion of it.
For example, instead of using script like this:
<INPUT value="
" id=INPUT2 name=input2>

Use script instead that generates the entire tag:
document.writeln("<INPUT id=INPUT2 name=input2 value="+Math.random()+">");

200709 When converting data from a datastore to a resultset
using getfullstate/setfullstate, causes corruption of data.

Problem happens for getfullstate/setfullstate and when the original buffer
is changed.

200713 Datastore memory leak using structure array to load row data and ds.reset()
200714 PB crashes in pbdwe70.dll when populating a datastore using createfrom. The resultset was generated from a datastore
that was populated from getfullstate/setfullstate and the original buffer was changed.

Error is : unhandled exception in pb70.exe (pbdwe70.dll) 0xC00000005:
Access Violation

200743 pos() should return long instead of integer in pfc of_getToken()
200749 Unable to pass a long string from NVO in PB to PJ using Java proxy when the string is > 2000-2500 characters, the rest of the characters will become unreadable
200751 Report/Datawindow object painter. Clicking on tab order button causes Format/Modify Report button to enable. There is no use for this menu pick at this point. Also, the datawindow object painter (in InfoMaker ONLY) has no Format/Tab Order menu pick although it's available from the toolbar menu when you have the design view selected.. This might be related to the problem.
200752 7.0 Regression. Several toolbar icons are enabled when the tab order action is active. The dropdown menu for picking text fields, computed fields, picture buttons, etc should be disabled.
200753 When in design mode of a datawindow and the user clicks on the tab-order editing button, then on, for example, the 'General' tab of the property pane, the tab order button gets automatically deselected and the tab orders disappear. This is a bit confusing. You can, for instance, change the background color of the entire datawindow while having tab order editing ON by using the DROPDOWN toolbars - the tab orders in red stay active. If you however, try to do the same using the property pane 'General' tab 'Color' dropdown to another color, the tab order editing mode immediately shuts off - you can see this when the tab orders disappear and the disabled menu bar items suddenly become enabled..

Development: This is intended behaviour! as soon as you click on a view other than design view, we force the taborder processing to be
turned off. Consider it a bonus that you can do some extra processing via the toolbar when tab order is on!

200773 Euro sign showing up in the datawindow and in print preview but not printout in PCL for datawindow printouts (using HP4 printers). This happens after installing the Microsoft Euro fix, the HP fixes and the downloadable Euro fonts.

This works OK sending to postscript printers.

HP Information and drivers

Microsoft Information
(for example to get NT4_euro.exe from the Microsoft site)

The important thing is to see the Euro, you have to have an Editmask on the column of [currency(7)] or [currency(n)] and on the Regional Settings, Currency Tab, you must select the Euro as your currency symbol.

Turn on 'Print Text as graphics' in the printer driver print setup (HPIV printers). There is still a problem with the HP PCL driver.

For HP IV drivers
Document Options
Print Text as Graphics=ON

200800 6.5 Regression. Possibly caused by CR192530. Using the MSS and SYC drivers. The datawindow is binding the decimal(0) column incorrectly when using a retrieval argument. The integer retrieval argument is being converted to a float (example '5' is converted to '5.000000000').

Other drivers might be affected. The datawindow engine PBDWE60.DLL after build 570 is causing the problem.

200811 Open another painter and the structure painter. Create the structure, occasionally using the ctrl-shift-tab to switch back and forth between the structure painter and the other painter. Occasionally, the structure painter won't add a new line while you are adding the last item on the structure, and you will not be able to add additional items to the structure within closing and re-opening the structure.
200860 For an editmask in a datawindow column, if the size of the frame of the editmask is less than the editmask itself, you can enter more number than allow and auto skip doesn't work
For example ###,###,##0.00 is the edit mask but the length of the column is set in such a way that ###,### is visible then you can enter more than 11 digits and autoskip fail to work.

Per Development:
No fix is possible for this one. In this condition, Windows is sending the Editmask code an unexpected BS causing us here to lose track of characters and where they belong. Under many similar conditions this caused a loop until an eventual GPF. In 7.5 this is fixed by reworking how the Editmask code writes data to the control. This particular fix would be much too destabilizing for 6.5, 7.0. Editmask controls should be sized large enough to contain all of the data.

200888 5.0.04/6.5 Regression. When using the space bar on a datetime column in a datawindow, the past behavior from 4.0.07-5.0.03 was when focus was on the date portion (if the user just tabbed into the datetime column), hitting the space bar would put the cursor JUST BEFORE the time portion of the datetime value. (this assumes an editmask of something like mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss:fff). In 5.0.04 and 6.5.00 build 444, the space bar has no effect.
200927 Using the Web Datawindow (sometimes referred to as HTML datawindow) if you use the CheckBox column style, updates to the data are not saved to the database for that column.

Workaround: other column styles are working correctly. Use a different style, such as Radio Button or ListBox.


200932 There is a large resource leak in the datawindow object painter using Win95/98 systems. This is a datawindow painter issue so it affects Powerbuider and Infomaker and the Datawindow builder. When the system runs out of resources, it can GPF or lock up and not allow any other objects to open until you close Powerbuilder/Infomaker and reopen.

GDI is lost manipulating text objects (changing fonts) but you can see the leak going into and out of the painter.

Eventually invalid page fault (GPF) in KERNEL32.DLL 0167:bff9db61

200940 7.0.1 Regression. The rowfocuschanged/rowfocuschanging events no longer fire on initial retrieve() and they should. The Reset() command against a datawindow control should fire the rowfocuschanged when the control has rows. It no longer does.

This worked in 6.5.1, 7.0 GA.

200943 7.0 Regression. The window editmask (type numeric) with an all required mask such as (000000) does not work correctly when the field has data, is blanked out and the user tabs away. The field should have its editmask "000000" return. Instead, it stays "null" or blank. The datawindow editmask works fine.
201010 Jaguar component creation never finishes for simultanious instance requests
201028 The PBCGI interface does not read all information coming from a Netscape Pipe
201031 HTML Datawindow. Can't update fields that have the "Radio Button" presentation style when using a Netscape browser. The same application/datawindow works fine with IE 4.0. Netscape browser for test was 4.5.
When the properties of the DPI (Graphics Resolution Setting) on the local PC (the PC that make the print request) is not the same as the one define by default on the printer server , the printed datawindow is smaller or bigger (depending on the value you set in the PC that make the print request)
201099 New crosstab datawindow wizard. Include a computed column in Select statement when you reach the window in the wizard titled 'Define Crosstab Rows, columns and values..." the computed column does not show the computed column in Source Data list.

Must return to SQL, change something in the SQL (add/remove a column from SQL), now the computed column is visible

201100 When connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0 database and using a subselect containing a retrieval argument, the SQL Server ODBC driver errors out when preparing the statement.
Error 999 (rc -1) : SQLSTATE = 37000
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Syntax error or access violation

Happens with even the newest ODBC Driver 3.70.0623 SQLSRV32.DLL. Note that retrieval arguments work fine when they are not embedded in the sub-select.

Workaround: Use disablebind=1 in the DBPARM or check disablebind in the profile in development.

201102 OLE Control with the DisplayType of DisplayAsActiveXDocument!, loses previous updates when activated again
201111 If OLE Control's DisplayType is set to ActiveXDocument in the painter, at runtime, the sheet menu disappears when the control is deactivated
201119 HTML Datawindow. Checkbox changes in Web DataWindows do not update. for both IE 4.0 and Netscape 4.x (The old data is retained after the round trip).
201121 No way of specifing a retrieval agrument for a DDDW in a Web DW

When a drop down DataWindow contains a retieval argument it can not be used in a Web DW as their is no way of programmatically specifing the value of the retieval argument.

201125 When you run an app that has a dwc control on a window and
you scroll horizontally, the column headers disappear when you scroll back.

Also if you resize the dw on the window the rectangle comes into foreground and
hides some of the fields even though its suppose to remain in the background. (Rectangle object
is behind the text objects (Sent to back))

The header band of the dw has a rectangle object and column text objects on it.
If you take away the rectangle object than problem goes away.

201142 ConnectToObject() will cause the desktop to bleed into Excel if it was closed outside of PB if you had a reference to a worksheet before the program window was closed.
201202 Sample is dynamically adding a menu item to the menu's control array and was then forcing the menu to repaint by explicitly setting the visible attribute to true. Prior to build 520 the menu was redrawn at this point and the new menu item was visible. When viewed in the debugger you can still see the menu item as added although it is not visible because the menu does not get redrawn after the changes are made.

Starting in build 520 the menu is not redrawn when visibility is changed so the new menu item is not visible. As setredraw() does not apply to menus it is not possible to force the menu to redraw after the dynamic changes have been made.

Per Development, This is Not a Bug.
By product of new way menus handle visibility changes.
This is probably a change in behavior rather than a bug. The change in behavior is probably a result of the several bug fixes dealing with changing the way menu visibility is handled internally. Refer to the resolution for CR 184160 for more explanation.

201212 Having 'transparent' as a text background for columns or static text with text color other than BLACK text makes the text disappear on printout in NT only. Any column of the datawindow defaults to transparent background. If you have a column whose text is not black (either through directly setting text color or through an expression), and you've left the 'default' transparent background, it will show up in print preview but not in the printout.

Most often reported as "RED" text doesn't print using NT 4.0 and HP printers on the final printout.

Workaround: Go into the datawindow painter and RE-SAVE each column where you have text with non-black color. You will see the background.color of the text change from ' 536870912' to '553648127'. When the background.color is 553648127, the (for example) RED text will show up on printed output. You can also change the background to WHITE for all the columns with RED/text with color but this only works on white background datawindows.

201234 7.0 Regression . In the datawindow painter, SQL section, compute tab, entering one or more computed columns don't always get saved. The user should get "Select change has force an update specification change. Also, you cannot add a retrieval argument as a computed column and click on the SQL icon to go back to design mode, the change to the SQL statement doesn't 'take' and when you go back in the SQL painter, your computed columns are gone..

Also: Notice to ADD another computed column, you hit the TAB key (not intuitive) as the ENTER key does nothing. BOTH keys should add rows as it did in 6.5 and in 7.0 in the database painter "add column" mode. The tab key should add a row when at the last field of a row and the ENTER key should add a row no matter where you are.

201237 If you create a crosstab datawindow using a stored procedure (SYC driver), selecting a column whose data type is float will cause a GPF.
201246 7.0 Regression. A datawindow column of type number with Regional Settings set up as comma decimal separator truncates the fractional part after editing a number like 12,34 to 34,56 and tabbing off. (the result is "34").

This seems to work fine in 7.0.1 (7.0 build 6012)

201280 Calls to Modify() (or dot notation) fire ItemError event if the datawindow has required fields.
Only happens in 6.5.1, OK in 6.5 and in 7.0
Workaround: Set a boolean flag true just before and false just after, check this flag in ItemError event and if true Return 2
201303 7.0 OO regression. Painter detects duplicate control names when there are none.
201366 IgnoreDefaultButton properties specifies whether the Clicked event for the window's Default command button is triggered when user presses enter. Pressing <enter> key does not insert new line in the mle.
201393 The DW DTC not the Web DW does not support DDDW's in PowerSite 7.0

They show up as edit style instead of as DDDW's.

To reproduce:

Create a freeform style datawindow on employee.

Create a tabular style datawindow based on dept_id and department_name from department

Edit the dept_id column on the employee datawindow so it is of type dddw and uses the datawindow based on department.

Convert both datawindows to syntax in the Design menu of the painter where you can choose tables and columns.

Use the DW DTC to create a page based on the datawindow. Deploy the page. Notice that the drop down does not appear.

201400 ORCA regeneration does not regenerate a window that was created with Allow Dashes In Identifier unchecked. When the window is regenerated in the library painter there is not a problem. When regenerated with ORCA you will receive an error C0015 Undefined variable when trying to do subtraction without spaces between the variables as the regeneration is assuming a-b is an undeclared variable when regenerating with ORCA.

As the purpose of unchecking the "Allow Dashes In Identifier" checkbox specifically allows you to do this, a-b when this is unchecked should be interpretted as subtraction.

201404 Win95/98 doesn't read [shortdate] date format from registry, instead uses win.ini - even for 32 bit. This causes problems when the user(developers) have to have their users change the win.ini for Win95/98.

Workaround: As in CR154227, while Windows95 refuses to write any date with MMM clause to the WIN.INI file, you can manually set it.

NT 4.0 has a different behavior. The best way to insure consistency in Win95/98 platforms is to check the Registry "sShortDate" setting and compare it with the win.ini. If they are different, the developer has 2 choices.
1. Notify the user to change the win.ini to match the Registry and shut down the application.
2. Modify the win.ini based on the registry settings for sShortDate in code and notify (or not notify) the user.

// win.ini section that has sShortDate setting

// code to check 32 bit WINTEL platforms
environment env
integer rtn
string ls_shortdate, ls_shortdateini
int rc

// Check Win95/98 or NT environment
rtn = GetEnvironment(env)

CASE Windows!

RegistryGet("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International", "sShortDate", ls_shortdate)
ls_shortdateini=ProfileString("win.ini", "Intl", "sShortDate", "None")
if lower(ls_shortdate) <> lower(ls_shortdateini) then
messagebox("Date Error", "Registry setting does not match win.ini")
end if

CASE WindowsNT!
// calls get redirected to the registry. The sShortDate does not have to be in the win.ini.



201406 Problem with the Web Datawindow (WebDW or HTMLDW) using Internet Explorer and the Browser Back Button:

Use a tabular datawindow which accesses the Employee table of the EA Studio 3.0 Demo DB. It has a Next and a Previous button on it. We tested the first row, firstname column. In our database, the initial value retrieved from the database for that row/column is "Fran".

Using Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0:
1. Bring up the datawindow (html file) in the browser. Initial Data value = "Fran"
2. Change Fran to Fran1.
3. Click Next
4. Click the Browser's BACK button. The data value displayed reverts to "Fran"
5. Change Fran to Fran2.
6. Click the Next button.
7. Click the Previous button. We expected to see "Fran2", which was the last thing we entered, but the
data value at this point is now "Fran1", which was not expected.

Using Netscape Nav 4.04, Communicator 4.04 and 4.51:
1. Bring up the datawindow (html file) in the browser. Initial Data value = "Fran"
2. Change Fran to Fran1.
3. Click Next
4. Click the Browser's BACK button. The data value displayed is "Fran1" but when you click on the column, it reverts to "Fran"
5. Change Fran to Fran2.
6. Click the Next button.
7. Click the Previous button. You see "Fran2", which is what was expected.

201489 Enhancement. PBTrimCharColumns using ODBC to Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. Want it to trim space-only-padded char() columns to NULL like the native PBMSSxxx.DLL driver during retrieval into the datawindow...
201501 7.0 Regression. Itertative dot notation setting of values in the filter buffer of a datawindow GPFs. (iterating through, it gets to about 6 values).

Something like:
string ls_state = "NY"
long ll_index
dw_1.Object.state.filter[ll_index] = ls_state

Workaround: Since dot notation in the Primary buffer works, invert the filter so the rows to be modified are in the primary buffer (Not {filter expression{) then apply the filter when done modifying (via dot notation) against the primary buffer.

Ex: If the filter is "state='MN'", make it NOT(state='MN') and change the dot notation filter to:

dw_1.Object.state.primary[ll_index] = ls_state

then apply the real filter "state='MN'"

201507 SetRow return -1 if the Web DataWindow has not been clicked

Add a button to a page containing a Web DataWindow

<INPUT TYPE=BUTTON VALUE=SetRow onclick="alert(dwMine.SetRow(3))">

Deploy page and click the button before clicking on the DataWindow

201508 GetClickedRow return NaN if no row has been clicked instead of 0

Add a button to a page containing a Web DataWindow

<INPUT TYPE=BUTTON VALUE=GetClickedRow onclick="alert(dwMine.GetClickedRow())">

Deploy page and click the button before clicking on the DataWindow

201510 Web datawindow: DeleteRow(0) always deletes the first row instead of the current row.

WORKAROUND: Get the current row before calling DeleteRow, and pass the correct row number instead of using 0.

201560 6.5 Regression. Build 1011-1037. Setfullstate GPFs when replacing dataobjects when one already exists in the datawindow. (even a Reset() to the destination datawindow where the blob is written doesn't help.)
201595 Affects Version: 5.0.04 EBF2, 7.0 GA (build 5031) 7.0.1 (Builds 6012, 7003)

DW ItemError Event incorrectly identifies NULL Values as dates with a column that has the required option set and also has a Date EditMask.
- NULL in an EditMask of MM/DD/YY will incorrectly identify the value as 2000-01-01.
- NULL in an EditMask of MM/DD/YYYY will incorrectly identify the value as 1900-01-01.

Note: The dates listed are the internal PB format which is returned by the ItemErrorEvent regardless of what the EditMask is set to.

201638 I have created a very simple client/server application which demonstrates the above problem.

On Solaris 2.5.1 with PowerBuilder 5.0.04, when the client application connects to the server application, memory is allocated each time. But when the client application disconnects from the server application the memory is NOT de-allocated. I have also tried the same application on WIN NT 4 SP 3 the memory is allocated and de-allocated accordingly for each client connect/disconnect.

NOTE: The problem also exists with PowerBuilder 6.5 on Solaris.

201662 GPF in MSVCRT.DLL using some command line options such as /p execute. Even in 6.5, a bad painter name after the /p didn't cause it to GPF.
201666 Enhancement.. Ability to Modify() or use dot notation to change /Toggle NewPage (New Page on Group Break) and ResetPageCount (Reset Page Number on Group break) on datawindows with groups during runtime.. Another related issue would be to change the Group Sort attribute in runtime as well (the Sort for the particular GROUP not the datawindow top level sort).
201669 7.0 Regression. Enter or return used in MLE does not go to next line for default MLE.

Workaround: User must use Control-Enter.

201673 7.0 Regression. Decimal(n) numbers in datawindow column specifications. can't be changed. Most often this would happen with stored procedure sourced datawindows where a column might come back as decimal(4) AND BE EDITABLE (unlike a regular SQL Select datawindow). An external datawindow also (in 7.0) allows you to change the precision of the decimal datatype in the 'Column Specifications' Tab.

This works correctly in 7.0 build 6012.

201724 GPF in PBDWE60.DLL when printer name is > 32 characters while changing printers and clicking on the print icon.
Exename caused an invalid page fault in module PBDWE60.DLL at 0137:005360de.


The 'name' is the part after the '\\network'.

201725 7.0 Library painter bug: Clicking on pbl y while opening pbl x, opens pbl y.
201726 7.0 Library Painter; backspace key does not work when editing To Do List entry.
201757 In the datawindow painter, do an HTML Preview of a freeform datawindow which has columns (including their labels) dragged into the header band. The HTML Preview of the datawindow displayed in the browser does not render the header correctly. It looks fine in the Preview View of the datawindow painter.
201804 customer would like to open item with external viewers or applications ( notepad )
201805 If the Adaptive Server Anywhere stored procedure does not have Default values set for input arguments then, PB7 has a problem when empty string arguments are passed to the procedure.
201851 Need to add a compiler error for the following syntax. This worked in 5.0, but it worked because of a memory leak. The fix to the
memory leak causes this syntax to fail for any field of the structure where underlying pointers are involved. This would include
structure elements of type string, and also involves structure elements which are arrays. This change must be done for a release
where a migration occurs so that the change can be documented in the migration notes.

struct mystruct
long field1
string field2

mystruct myfunc ()
return mystruct

///////////event or function script:
string lstr
lstr = myfunc().field2

201856 Jaguar/PB 7.0 Memory leak passing blobs from standard comp to shared component.

See Jaguar CR 202352 for status.

201955 When named/ retrieval arguments are specified for an ASA stored procedure, PB ignores the named argument and gives it a position in the parameter list. This is mostly a PB7 regression problem with drivers. In PB6 named arguments are successfully executed with various ODBC drivers and database.

Development: A new dbparm 'StripParmNames' has been added to remove parameter names around 7.0.1 build 7020. If this dbparm is set to 'Yes', all parameter names will be removed from generated call escape syntax. Note that this means that values passed will be inserted in the order passed regardless of the associated parameter name.

201968 Red - negative numbers in datawindow not printing from NT 4.0
This is a third-party problem. The problem is resolved with latest MS printer driver.
202034 DropDownDataWindows (dddw) do not display properly in HTML Preview. When you drop down the column using the arrow, the display and child window that appears should take on the DESIGN (look and feel) of the dddw dataobject preview, NOT the actual display value. When the dropdown closes, it should revert to the display value expression specified in the painter. Currently, it shows what the user entered as the display value property both in dropdown and non-drop down mode.
202073 How do you move around in the panes without using the mouse???
Should be possible to move around the panes. For xeample in the windowpainter beween Layout and Script pane without using a mouse.
202074 When you presses on one of the bands in the DW painter, then it moves some pixel up or down if the mouse is not direcly in the middle of the band.
202082 7.0 UI issue. The Format page should be disabled if the edit style is editmask and 'Use Format' is unchecked. (this means editmask overrides display format mask which is the standard default behavior). By not disabling the Format page, users often get confused about how the editmask and format interact (they have no relationship unless 'Use Format' is checked on the 'Edit' tab page for a column for an editmask edit style).
202085 In the Web DataWindow, attempting to call SetItem on a date field results in
NAN/undefined/NaN displayed in the column.

However, if you call Update (even though NAN displayed, the data is updated ok and the display is fixed properly.

202087 Missing Buttons for WebDW using Netscape 4.5 and IE 4.0.

Per Development:
If no columns have tab order, and the datawindow is not updateable, a button which is associated with the Update action will not be rendered in the browser.

202102 HTML datawindow deficiency. Need to include the PBVM, PBDWE and database driver DLL version in comments in the generated HTML source for the HTML datawindow (or even for the HTMLTable attribute?). It would help an HTML datawindow source sent to them to have

VM=7.0 6012, DWE=7.0 6012, Database=MSS, 7.0 6012.

This is similar to what we do for stamping exes..

202127 An Updateable external datawindow with a Decimal Column appears to be dimensioned with an addtional 256 places when in the column specifications for the datawindow. Thus a decimal column which is actually Decimal(2) appears to be Decimal(258). When the datawindow is exported the export shows correctly, but re-importing does not correct the problem.

This also shows up with similar datawindows when migrated from previous version of PB.

202140 Using the Web datawindow, a.k.a. the HTML Datawindow, controls defined in the footer band display directly below the data where the summary band would be, instead of displaying at the bottom of the page.
202193 Memory usage/leak when using fetfullstate and
shared objects.
202195 the classname function causes a gpf when you use it with a any array and you assigned a structure with one string variable to the any array.

// str_test contains only one string var
str_test lstr_Tests[]
any la_Param[]
la_Param[1] = lstr_Tests
Classname(la_Param[1]) // gets a gpf

202200 Under "Create a new Powerbuilder application", page 28

1. Enter pb70 at the command-line prompt.
Click an icon linked to Powerbuilder (if you added it to the desktop).

This last sentence should be expanded to direct customers to their
System Administrator or System documentation.

202203 When the powerbar is set to floating, you cannot expand it.
202208 Font sizes don't show up when trying to change the
point size for static text from the font properties tab sheet. The ddlb
is empty.
202216 When a static text field is selected and you try
to change the font or text size with the style bar, pb will crash with a
bus error.
202219 When clicking preview from the painterbar or selecting
design/preview to preview a window, pb is minimized. You have to maximized
the pb icon to view the window that you want preview.
202222 When in the menu painter and you select "edit menu
item text" , this never resets once you click to another menu item.
202224 Description: When creating a new window (w_welcome)
and changing the tab order, will change the size of a command button.
202243 HTML Datawindow. The TABINDEX property for a dropdowndatawindow (dddw) column is not generated when a dropdowndatawindow has the Always Show Arrow attribute on. . This causes problems with navigating the datawindow in the browser (you cannot tab to the dddw - it skips over the column) when in fact there is a tab order on a dddw column. If you put focus on the dddw column, hitting the tab key keeps the focus on the same column and changes the row (it stays in the dddw column only).

Workaround: Even older versions of the datawindow engine would work with dropdowndatawindows (generate a TABINDEX correctly) if the "always show arrow" was off.

202258 Datawindow using the new Update Stored Procedure feature, which is using the TSEQUAL in its where clause with the passed timestamp does not allow it to update, rather it gives an error..

When trying to update the datwindow the following error is received. The value appears to always be the timestamp of the first row in the table.

"The error is: "The timestamp (changed to 0x00010000013da7f5) shows that the row has been updated by another user.

No changes made to the database."

Fixed in all builds after 7015.

This problem has been fixed in both pbdwe70.dll and pbsyc70.dll.

To correct this problem an enhancement to the stored procedure update method that includes a TIMESTAMP column was added to these dlls.
To support this new feature, one needs to use the correct technique for coding the update method. An example follows:

create procedure shk_timestamp_upd (@int_col_new integer, @int_col_orig integer,
@string_col varchar(25), @timestamp timestamp output )
update shk_timestamp set int_col = @int_col_new, string_col = @string_col
where int_col = @int_col_orig and timestamp = @timestamp
if @@rowcount > 0 and @@error = 0
select @timestamp = timestamp from shk_timestamp where int_col = @int_col_new
else begin
raiserror 20001 "Update Procedure Failed."

Several things are significant:
1) You need input arguments for both the original key field value (@int_col_orig) and the new key field value (@int_col_new) since we must include @int_col_orig in the where clause.
2) Declare the @timestamp argument to be of datatype timestamp. Make it an input/output parameter in order for datawindows to automatically refresh itself with the new value.
3) Don't use "where tsequal(timestamp, @timestamp)" in the where clause. Specify "timestamp = @timestamp"
4) Immediately after the update, check @@rowcount. If @@rowcount = 0, you did not update the row even if there were no errors reported.
5) If @@rowcount > 0 and @@error = 0 then it is the responsibility of the stored procedure update method to refresh the @timestamp output parameter with the new timestamp value from the table. This technique should work correctly even if there are update triggers associated with the table!

At this point, stored procedure updates of Timestamp columns will only work with PBSYC70and PBMSS70 They will most likely fail when connected to PBODB, PBOLE, and PBJDS.

202303 When the SCC API is used with version control, if an object is exported to the harddrive from the library painter, subsequently, if the user clears the check out status of that particular object, the exported file is deleted from the harddrive.
202308 When calling a stored procedure qualified with an owner in Powerbuilder 7 with DECLARE and EXECUTE as in:
DECLARE update_contacts procedure for "dba".sp_contacts EXECUTE returns: Error 999 (rc -1) : SQLSTATE = 07001 [Sybase][ODBC Driver]Count field incorrect
202310 DW Synchronization (Getfullstate/Setfullstate) does not copy the original buffer. This is fixed after 7.0.1 build 7010
202340 Apparent resource leak opening sheets repeatedly. Opening and closing sheets causes a slow resource leak that over time uses up some memory but more importantly causes sheet opens/closes to get slower and slower as time goes on.
202344 When data has been modified in the 'parent' datawindow of a datawindow synchronization pair, the ORIGINAL buffer date, datetime, integer, numeric fields (decimal(n) or number) contain bad data in destination datawindow after SetFullState(). It seems GetFullState() is not recording the BLOB correctly. This didn't happen in 6.5 since we didn't correctly pull the ORIGINAL buffer at all in GetFullState(). The original buffer seems to contain the correct values ONLY for string columns.

If you try to run an Update() on the destination datawindow of the Setfullstate(), you will get:

"-3", "Row changed between retrieve and update"

This is fixed after 7.0.1 builds around 7010 (July 8th, 1999 or newer). This enhancement now copies the blob totally including the original buffers and should clear up a lot of problems with sql generation using SetFullState().

202354 Automatic refreshing of properties in the library listview.

In the library painter, if you choose the directory level in the treeview, the available PBL's are displayed in the List View. If you then RMB on a PBL, choose properties and enter a commen,the comment is not displayed until you refresh the view. Customer feels this should automatically refresh when a property is changed.

202368 Informix ODBC CLI 2.8 problem with columns with a datatype of SERIAL. If using ODBC, and inserting a new row, save the data and re-retrieve.

The Serial column displays numbers like: 12344, 12600, 12856, 13112.

If you do a retrieve on this same table using the native driver the serial column displays: 80, 81, 82, 83, as it should.

WORKAROUND: In the PBODBxx.INI file go to section:





202400 When the ReadOnly property of the EditMask in a DW is set to 'no' in powerscript
code, the column which is specified appears as having spin controls associated with it.
This also happens when having no EditMask associated to the datawindow column.

The codeexample is: dw_1.object.dept_id.EditMask.ReadOnly="No"

Set the spin property to no after setting the readonly property to no,
like: dw_1.object.dept_id.EditMask.Spin="No"
This will prevent the spincontrols from showing up in the datawindow.

202401 PB causes a gpfs when the retrieve() function is used in timer event and RetrieveRow event is coded. If the timer is so short that the last retrieve is not finished PB cuases a gpf.
-timer is set to 1 / timer(1)
-dw_1.retrieve() is coded in the timer event of the window
-a comment is added to the RetrieveRow event
when you open the window pb crashes.

use retriev() instead of dw_1.retrieve()

202402 7.0 Regression. Rich Text Control GPFs placed in painter/migrated in Win98 and Win95B. Simply placing a Rich Text Control on a window GPFs in PBRTC70.DLL 015f:10d6130b. Running a migrated window with rich text control GPFs as well. Also, previewing or creating a new rich text datawindow causes the same problem.

Related to length of printer driver name and mapping name.

The actual problem can be reproduced with any printer driver. It has to have the characteristics of it's "name", "port", "driver name" and "mapped name" to exactly equal 64 bytes. (we build a structure of these elements internally that causes this behavior - the user would never know this).

Also, the OBJECT BROWSER right-mouse support using "Document.." causes a window with a rich text edit control to appear and data to be written in the development environment. This also GPFs in PBRTC70.DLL.

NOTE: This doesn't seem to happen on ALL Win98 or Win95 machines.

Workaround: Point to a different mapped printer or create a new printer and use a shorter name.

The fix requires only PBRTC70.DLL in builds > 7.0.2 8027.

202403 selecting a number in dropdowndatawindow (dddw) and tab to another field
change the values in the dddw from from 0,1 to 1 (or from 0,5 to 5)
if in the dddw both values (0,1 and 1,0) exist.
202405 On Windows 95 if you have a tab control that contains OCX controls, you may get a GPF when the window is closed.
202429 Web Datawindow:
Customer has a service class nvo. He checks for a condition in the UpdateStart event and then returns 1 or 0 depending on the outcome. If he returns 0 the datawindow continues to work as expected. If he returns a 1 the Generate() method returns null. In 7.0 we asked him to code an additional SetAction() passing "" as the first argument. This redisplayed the datawindow and maintained the state of the datawindow prior to issuing the update. I have been working with this in 7.0.1 and now the additional SetAction() brings the datawindow back, but now the last new row displays twice. (The customer also sees strange behavior when trying to insert a new row from a retrieveEnd event where two rows get inserted instead of one) This also requires that the Jaguar Server be shutdown.


When the update fails (for ANY reason), the Generate() method is getting back null and having an exception thrown.
This is fixed by setting a property on the DataWindow/HTMLGenerator component:
This should be done manually using Jaguar Manageger in 3.0.x (and will default correctly in 4.0):
Open the DataWindow/HTMLGenerator component properties in Jaguar Manager.
Go the all properties tab

202435 If a column has a NULL value in the Original Buffer and the value changes to one that is not NULL, PB will crash if GetFullState() is performed
202447 Regression: syntax of a function (that returns a structure) followed by .element accesses garbage instead of the element value
202491 Databasepainter:
Menu option Design ->Strip comments in the Database Administration pane is missing in PB 7 . In the former PB versions it was possible to check or uncheck the Menu option Design ->Strip comments in the DB Adminpainter.
In PB 7 there is not such an option, although the DocuPB 7 User's Guide page 450 (left side) talks about it in
the section Controlling Comments.
202525 7.0 Memory leaks in Window Painter and Script Painter.
202532 Issue with Web Datawindow buttons not appearing:

In order for a button that updates or inserts into a web datawindow to appear in the generated HTML, the datawindow must be updateable and have at least 1 column with a tab order. The problem with this is that there is no indication to the developer, who will waste hours of time trying to figure out why it does not appear. It would be better if it would generate the button disabled or something similiar as an indication rather than asking the developer to figure out why it never appears.

202561 SYC driver with regional settings using a comma as a decimal separator:
Selecting a numeric database column in embedded SQL into a double PowerScript variable cuts off the digits after the decimal separator.
Workaround: selecting the numeric into a decimal works fine.
solved with OpenClient EBF 8060
202563 Window does not appear when LIBRARY="file:///mypath/my_file.pbd" with IE4
202586 Numerous windu errors with several client
calls to dpb server when using shared objects. Holds up processing. When the
PBENABLEXERRORMSGS is set to 1, the following error messages appear.
You can see that PB waits until windu errors have processed before control
goes back to PB.

Some of these error messages are:
Wind/U Error (234): Function SetScrollRange, must only be called from the primary thread.
Wind/U Error(237):Function CreateSolidBrush, GDI API's must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function GetFocus, must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function GetClassName must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function RedrawWindow must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function InvalidateRect, must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function UpdateWindow must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error (234):Function GetDC must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error (234):Function ReleaseDC must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function RegisterClipboardFormat must only be called from the primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function SetCursor must only be called fromt he primary thread
Wind/U Error(234):Function ShowCursor must only be called from the primary thread

202602 Incremental rebuild problem with duplicated/Control-T'd objects. When a window ancestor has an object such as a command button created from using the Control-T (Duplicate) functionality and incremental rebuild is chosen in the library painter, the system doesn't rebuild the descendant window. This can cause the wrong scripts to execute in the runtime. Works OK in development.

Workaround: Full Rebuild.

202605 The Oracle 8 native drivers limit the number of stored procedure arguments to 256. Customer would like this limit raised or eliminated.
202631 GPF when trying to edit a foreign key using OLE DB when user is not dbo

Workaround :
Connect with a system user ( = sysadmin server role checked for this user in MS SQL SERVER 7 for example )

202638 6.5.1 Regression (6.5 build 555 and higher). Datawindow truncating display at far right about 2-3 characters from 5.0.04 and 6.5 build 444 for same datawindow..
202639 When using SetDataStyle function to change the fill pattern of a datapoint, the colour of the legend for this datapoint changes to red.
202640 Enhancement. Install. Need file location schematics to make sure files are in right place after installing maintenance releases.
202644 Adding column to external datawindow causes dw corruption. Data in the new column will be "linked" to one of the existsing columns. Changes to either column will be propagated to the other.
202649 Visible attribute not evaluated for columns/computed fields located in header/footer of a nested report

Set height and width column/computed field properties to 0

202677 6.0.00 Regression. Nested or composite datawindow with sort expression using Lookupdisplay() causes a GPF in DWE during preview in PB 6.x versions only..
202681 If you add a text control to a web datawindow, then give it a 3d border, either raised or lowered, it is rendered incorrectly. Reproduced with both Netscape 4.5 and IE4. In Netscape there is no border at all, and in IE, there is a heavy, ugly, black box around the text. Incidentally, there is also no difference in the way a column is rendered when you choose 3d raised for a border versus 3d lowered for a border. But it is much less obvious because a "nicer" border is rendered for a column. This is not true for text which has a border.
202702 Open an existing datawindow that will be used as a web datawindow in the painter. Enter a link (i.e. w_abc.html) and then enter something in the link arguments that is not complete (i.e. user=') and then do alt-tab to switch to another application and watch PowerBuilder just disappear!..
202717 Any datawindow object that is created using stored procedure as datasource will not be able to go back to the data source to make modification.

Per Development, this is not a bug:
The Column Specification view has become the replacement for modifying external/stored procedure datasource information ... if you open this Column Spec view and rightmouse, you'll see an item "Stored Procedure..." that allows you to modify whatever.

202737 Using the SetDataStyle function in order to change the fill pattern of a datapoint, the legend for this datapoint does not show the pattern.
202748 Changes to printer settings in the PowerBuilder development environment do not always "stick". The problem does not occur for all printers.
202765 A service component with start, stop, run methods in ancestor fails to deploy
202771 15-20% degradation in window open/close performance from 6.5 to 7.0 runtime.
202774 Jaguar connection cache slower than DPB transaction pooling.
202809 BackSpace does not behave correctly with EM such as ##-##-##
202815 When a non-visual object is loaded in the 'function painter', the powerbuilder environment will cause an application error and gpf. This sample non-visual object function has 110 arguments and the function object prototype cannot be loaded successfully in the 'function painter'.

The sample NVO has 50 object functions. One of the object functions has 110 arguments.

202821 7.0 Regression. SetfullState crashes (GPF) when 64 or more rows are deleted or filtered first. Does not work in 7.0.1 build 6012.
202837 I have a datawindow using the new stored procedure update feature. This DW works fine in every other way, but when I call GetFullState() on this DW I get the message "Row 22, Column 144: Invalid syntax." If I remove the stored procedure update option GetFullState() works as designed.
202844 HTML Datawindow - Pictures on buttons or picture objects don't show in HTML Preview. The problem is two-fold:

1. Absolute paths in the painter when translated to HTML show ' e:\program files\common files\holes.gif ' which in a browser will never translate to a picture when you click on Design/HTML Preview. This is just a simple rendering for the datawindow painter.

It's part of a more generalized problem in that the HTML generated (dw or ds.HTMLGen) should (suggestion) always be missing the full directory path or the code on the server should substitute into the datawindow where this is being generated (via dot notation) the actual Web Server Virtual directory path to the images stored on the web server - ie something like /images/holes.gif instead of e:\pb7\images\holes.gif)

2. The HTML DW source (dwtemp.html) is copied to the \windows\temp directory but the .gif files are not. The browser doesn't search the path for the .gif file. Since this html file is not returned by a server (with the .gif too), unless we physically check the dw for picture objects and copy the files to \windows\temp, they won't display in the painter.

A workaround could be to copy the .gif files manually to \windows\temp, change the location of the .gif from FULL path (e:\pb7\images...) to simple filename "holes.gif" and try Design/HTML Preview again. (if the browser cache doesn't find the new page, you may have to click on the refresh or reload button or Control-Reload to get the new page.

202847 Solaris. Default datawindow button action build-in pictures (such as Filter, etc) display as black.

Workaround: The user has the ability to use a workaround of using .bmp files on the hard drive for the datawindow button pictures.

202861 Unable to check-out objects with source control with PB7 and ClearCase
202862 PowerBuilder causes a GPF when you try to place a an MS Word Document OLE control on a window.
202883 DIR driver SQLErrText should return more information in SQLErrText for login and RSP failures
202903 Importing an object using CompileEntryImport through ORCA, when the object has a name that includes a foreign character with an accent mark, the import will fail with a -9 return code (Invalid Name) . If the name of the object is changed to not have the accented character, even if there are accented chartacters within the object it, will import correctly.

The object will also import correctly from the library painter.

202908 7.0 Regression. CreateInstance of sharedcomponent failing when running more than one client. With Machine code server application ONLY. Works fine with Pcode in all builds of 6.5 and 7.0. Worked fine using machine code server exe in 6.5.1.

The second client application might fail with a R0002 Null Object Reference. The server log shows:

SMI02 Connection <X> ERROR OCCURRED: The request caused an abnormal termination. The connection has been closed 80042008.It's

Another possible message: You might get a createinstance error return value of 55, which is defined as request terminated abnormally. If you run just one client createinstance will succeed. If you create a pcode executable of the server app this will succeed.

202910 In webpb, when calling a function where it is saving
multiple psr reports using the saveas function causes problems in PB.
The problem only happens when the app server is compiled to pcode.
Works ok in development and machine code. Works ok in distributed
pb (client app and server app).

Using a webserver and pbcgi60.exe, the error is:
The instruction at 0x100034d5 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The
memory could not be read.

When you click ok, the following error message appears in the browser:
CGI Error:
The specified cgi application misbehaved by not returning a complete
set of HTTP hearders. The headers it did return are:

Also ran a test with pbisa60.dll and same problem but the error message was
No document header

202911 When a service class nvo is used for one web dw and instance pooling is set to true for the Jaguar generator component and then you go to a web dw that does not specify a service class nvo you will receive the error: on component call 'Generate' = 'Exception thrown: org.omg.Corba.Transaction_RolledBack:in method Generate of class DataWindow/_st_HTMLGenerator.'
202912 6.5.1/7.0.1 Regression. DDDW (DropDownDatawindow) does not scroll to and highlight associated row when arrow is clicked on the FIRST time. After the dddw column loses focus once, when the user clicks on the column, it then scrolls to and highlights the correct row.

Fixed in 6.5 build 1108 and above and 7.0.1 build 7022 (after the MJD 7021 build - Modified Julian Date)

202918 The following examples are from Crystal Reports.
(a) All bands should be sub-dividable into multiple bands.

(b) The sub-bands should each have their own attributes such as auto-size, 'suppress if empty', and 'suppress if true' based on a formula.

A major use of this might be to have a variable heading. For example when printing an invoice you might want to show a lot of information such as the invoice number, customer's name and address, ship-to address, etc. on the first page but only show the customer name and invoice number on subsequent pages. In this case you could create a header-a and a header-b. Header-a would be printed for page 1 and header-b would be printed for all subsequent pages.

202919 Add vertical and horizontal allignment bars. These will allow a group
of fields or text to be aligned, locked together, and moved as a group. (as in Crystal Reports)

There should also be a 'snap-to-allignment-bar' option.

*I let cust know that while there are no allignment bars, there is a snap to grid option - and the granularity of the grid can be adjusted. You can also lasso or select several fields at once and move them as a group.

202921 Enhance req: Graph title - need sub-title field with different font from main
Title allows multiple lines, but all must be in the same font. There should be a sub-title field which can be a different font from the main title.
202922 Enhancement request: add footer and sub-footer bands to graph datawindows.
202923 Ability to put a data table on the graph and have the legends appear as part of the data table.

While it is possible to create a datawindow, I usually would use an n-up presentation style, and create a data table it is a lot of work and does not look as if it is really part of the graph. This is especially true when there are several series and it is necessary to have the series descriptions appear both as legends on the graph and as text on the data table.

202924 Wants New graph type: High/Low/Open/Close/Volume
202934 3d dw graphs look fine at runtime (on the screen) in the painter but not when printed - they come out reduced in size - sometimes up to 50%. 3D Bar graphs seem to reduce the most..
202976 oleobject.IsAlive () leads to GPF
202979 You get error :"Select error: SQL Error -930 Can not connect to database server (ts_informix7), has occurred" when you attempt a retrieve as needed datawindow retrieve using the IN7 driver
202980 Got GPF when using SetChanges and if a date/datetime/time field is modified and its previous value was NULL
203023 Executing a COM/MTS project leads to generate an exe file instead of dll file
203026 6.5 Regression. Datawindow with outer joins and 350 columns retrieving over 50000 rows causes "out of memory" message before pagefile is exhausted.
203053 OLE DB: Executing a stored procedure that has another SQL command before the SELECT that returns the result using SQLOLEDB provider causes access violation in address 0x14f18854 in SQLOLE70.DLL.
This is a problem with the Microsoft provider SQLOLEDB - MSDASQL works fine.
203064 Building a PFC peat application machine code executable aborts (GPFS).
The object most often noted is pfc_n_cst_filesrvunicode. This doesn't seem to have the autoinstantiate problem that was fixed in 7.0 GA in PFC.

This issue is the same as Change Request 188839. This issue found the problem to be a variable is set to "~142" could not be compiled. pfc_n_cstfilesrvunicode happens to be the first one the compiler hits - all of the pfc_n_cstfilesrv(hpux,win32,aix,sol2) have this coded somewhere.

203088 CreateInstance of shared comp fails in Start method of a PB Jag Services comp.
Do the createinstance in the Run method, or:
Go to the All Properties for the server and set = start
This will cause the nameservice to build its bindings in start() instead of run().
203119 Alignment is not saved in the dw when using in the propertie tab the alignment ddlb.
works fine if you use toolbar or if you do it dynamicly.

workaround: use toolbar

203130 OLEDB. Binding for database/datawindow painter datatypes in the table listing appears not to be working. MS SQL Server 7 via OLEDB with Microsoft SQLOLEDB provider.

In the database if the column is varchar, PB7 shows as a char.
In the database if the column is datetime, PB7 shows as smalldatetime.
In the database if the column is money, PB7 shows as smallmoney.
In the database if the column is numeric, PB7 shows as decimal.
In the database if the column is nvarchar, PB7 shows as nchar.
In the database if the column is varbinary, PB7 shows as binary.

The datawindows created from these are generally correct. Varchar and char become char in the datawindow and so on.
The worst one is the Money datatype since it becomes Decimal(0) in the datawindow instead of Decimal(4). Powerbuilder uses can export the syntax. Datawindow Builder users (PowerJ) and InfoMaker cannot fix this and the fractional part will be truncated to "0"

203139 OLEDB Microsoft SQL Server. Outer Joins not allowed in Join Selection dialog.

Also, if you have a datawindow containing an outer join in the where clause and you examine it using the OLEDB interface, you'll see it blows away the where clause to something like:


203142 The customer is unable to connect to their Sybase database and run a shell script in their distributed/web.pb application when it is run as a deployed executable.

This scenario works fine in development mode for the customer.

I was able to reproduce the problem the customer was experiencing and also reproduce a memory leak issue that I am also working on (CR 201638).

I am able to run my sample application a total of 33 times in development, but only managed to get it to run 3 times as a deployed PCode executable.

This was tested against build 565 of PowerBuilder 6.5 on Solaris 2.6 also using Stronghold Web Server (Apache)

203154 This could possibly be the same issue as CR 188549 although that was determined to be a 6.5 issue only.

This exhibits similar symptoms of memory loss when the component simply creates and destoys a datastore on a component on Microsoft Transaction Server. The memory does not appear to be released until PB itself is shut down.

My results of memory usage when running the sample under NT 4.0 are as follows:

Initial 77068K
Start PB 81972K
Start App 82144K
1st run 83340K
2nd run 83480K
3rd run 83524K
Close App 83440K
Close PB 77068K

203168 To reproduce:

change the raise % from 5 % to 10 % and then changed it back to 5 %

the error item does not pass validation appears.

The solution is to change the static value .05 to .06 as shown below

SELECT "DBA"."employee"."emp_fname",
FROM "DBA"."employee",
WHERE ( "DBA"."employee"."dept_id" = "DBA"."department"."dept_id" ) and
( ( "DBA"."department"."dept_id" = :deptid ) )

And then to change the data values from .06, .1, .15, .20 etc to 0.06, 0.10, 0.20 etc.

203174 Placing a large number of tabpages onto a tabcontrol gpf's on saving in PB 7.0 on NT 4.0 only. PB 6.5 and Catalina do not appear to exhibit the problem.
203178 This button shoulud be removed or the DataWindow made updateable.
203180 It is only added to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sybase\Sybase Central\Profiles registry key. It should also appear under HKEY_CURRENT_USER. I assume this is the fault of the install program

When creating a profile using Sybase Central it places information in both trees.

It is a problem because the profile does not show up when selecting Tools, Connection Profiles.

203181 To Reproduce:

Open the HTML DW sample provided with EA Studio
Click on Scott to open manager details
Notice that the phone field contains a client side formatting of (617) 555-3246
click on the phone number
Notice that it changes to 6175553246
Click it again
Notice that it changes to (617) 555-3246
Now make a change to it and tab off the field
Notice that the phone number is now messed up and if the update button is pressed it fails.

203209 Timestamps cannot be used in OLE DB to MS SQLServer. When trying to create a DataWindow from a table with a timestamp column or selecting timestamp in an ISQL session:
Error: This column's data type (timestamp) requires the use of an embedded SQL statement. occurs
203221 If you have a datawindow based on a stored procedure with retrieval arguments enter retrieval arguments through the argument prompt put up by PowerBuilder, when you enter "NULL" for a numeric argument, 0 is passed as the argument. When you enter "NULL" as a data arguemnt, a format error occurs.
203224 Page numbering on datawindow printed reports may be incorrect. The problem is the Page() datawindow function. The grey box that echos the current page in print preview seems to show the correct page but the Page() computed field in the header shows 3 pages for 1 real page. IE Page 1 of 40, 1 of 40, 1 of 40 for pages 1-3 then page 4,5,6 is page 2 of 40 - I guess it may depend on the datawindow size at the time.

This happens most often when the data for a particular row is beyond the 1 page limit of the datawindow for a single detail row.

203226 There is a property on the HTML Table tab of a datawindow where you can assign a style sheet to the datawindow. Anything you enter there is ignored, though. The style sheet does not end up being included in the HTML that is generated.

Workaround: Assign the style sheet from within Powersite instead of PowerBuilder.

203243 Closing the Find Dialog by click the X close box will cause PowerBuilder 7 to hang or GPF.
to reproduce
1. open a window which contains a command button with a script
2. right click on command button and chose script
3. place cursor at beginning of clicked script
4. right click and chose find from pop-up
5. put a short string which is included in the script as the string to find and click find next
6. after the first th is found click the x button in the top right corner of the find dialog. PowerBuilder will gpf, hang or shutdown
203244 Accessing the dwo.type attribute in the clicked, rbuttondown and other events in a CROSSTAB datawindow causes a R0039 Application Execution error. " Error accessing external object property TYPE at line xxx in clicked event..." Other simple datawindow types (grid, tabular) work fine.
203246 Customer wants to eliminate {oj .... } requirement that populates the ddlb of table names in "update Properties"
203254 Enhancement. Powerbuilder size ID for paper size should be transparent to the printer for the most common sizes of print jobs. Powerbuilder saves the Size attribute as a numeric specific to the printer used when creating the datawindow. When printers are switched, the ID might represent a different SIZE PAPER for the new printer causing problems.
203288 when you select a new item in a dddw and press a tab key fast enought aftes the selection you get a gpf 0x7800fa15. This happen in preview and in runtime.
203294 Machine code executable only problem :

The call::super statement crashes in machine code when the event is a user event that returns a string parameter,
it does not crash with a long return value.

The same crash oocurs when the ancestor script of the user event is not overridden and both ancestor and descendant have script in the event.

Workarounds :

- Override the ancestor script
- Do not write any code in the descendant event but e.g. use an ancestor instance variable
- Override ancestor script and call the ancestor using the new syntax (without the Call keyword), for example :
string s
s = super:: event get_string()

203309 Customer would like to have the ability to reference more than one database within a single connection. Requested specifically for Informix, but many back ends allow this by fully qualifying table names with the database name.
203341 DOCUMENTATION. Missing PBDWDynamic, PBBlobDynamic for pbodb70.ini. These control whether we piggyback a connection with retrieveasneeded (using PBDWDynamic) and Blob columns contained in datawindows (PBBlobDynamic). These settings work in ODBC but only with SOME drivers.
203353 Create a datawindow with a dropdown datawindow column. Deploy it as a Web datawindow. (Include an Insert button, and if required, Next and Prior buttons. Click the Insert button. Tab to the new row, then tab to the dddw column. Click the down arrow. It does nothing, and no value displays in the column. Click the up arrow instead. You'll see the last item in the list display, and you can arrow up through them.
203401 If Object.DataWindow.Retrieve.AsNeeded property is set to 'yes' then it is not possible to see all the rows in the datawindow. This defect appeared from build 645 to 655 of Powerbuilder 6.5 and can be reproduced in PB 7.0.01.
The workaround is made of the last 2 lines

integer li_row

li_row = dw_1.insertrow(1)

203424 HTML datawindow generated output missing data if you place a column from the SELECT statement in the FOOTER or SUMMARY band. It appears to be OK in all the other bands. including GROUP HEADER, DETAIL and GROUP TRAILER
203438 With Control panel regional settings set to Swedish, datawindow.find("col_id=10,10") fails.
dw.find("col_id=10.10") still works.

Per development, this is not a bug. In DW expressions, '.' must be used as the decimal place.

203467 Can't type the letter 'p' in the datawindow painter to change a text box or any property or computed field. The View/Preview menu pick has a shortcut of 'p' causing this problem. The user might have a few shortcuts defined - one with 'P'.

The default datawindow layout setting restored ON STARTUP of the datawindow painter IF THE REGISTRY KEY
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sybase\Powerbuilder\7.0\Layout\Default\Datawindow is missing has the View/Preview [p] using a shortcut of 'p' - it should have no shortcut. When the datawindow is fully previewed, the View menu is disabled and the user is unable to type a "P" anywhere in the datawindow painter at this point.

NOTE: If the user goes to Design/Options/Layout 'tab' and clicks on the "Default" button to restore the default layout in the datawindow painter, it DOES NOT make View/Preview with a 'p' shortcut. There seems to be some leftover beta initialization code that puts the View/Preview[p] on startup if it doesn't find the 'datawindow' layout key. When the user actually uses the product to set the default in the painter, no shortcut is created and the painter works OK.

203522 Using Pb6.5.1 and running an application that retrieves datas in a tabular datawindow that holds a VScrollBar and a HScrollBar, the VScrollbar overlaps last column, if application was previously created with pb6.5.
203545 Enhancement. Increase size of script (64k limit) /embedded SQL (32k string) limits.
203575 When moving columns (3D Raised Border) between each other in a Grid datawindow, the border between the header of the coloumns are not correctly repainted.
203595 SetFilter/Filter and update on a DW with 'use delete then insert' generate a GPF
203604 dw.clipboard function does not work as documented.
The documentation states the following, but this does not work:
Calling Clipboard in a DataWIndow control or DataStore object
To retrieve or replace the contents of the system clipboard with text from a DataWindow column, you must call Clipboard using the pronoun Super:: as follows:

Super::Clipboard("Employee Data")

The Super pronoun points to the system function version of the Clipboard function instead of using the DataWindow version. The DataWindow version of Clipboard, documented in Syntax 2, is only applicable to graphs.

WORKAROUND 1: use the Copy() function instead. I believe this is a documentation error, and the clipboard function would not be expected to work as documented, but development will make final determination.

WORKAROUND 2: Define a new function eg. wf_clipboard (string a_clipdata) and in the function just call the
clipboard(a_clipdata) function. In the datawindow event call wf_clipboard("string to paste to clipboard").

203635 This request is an enhancement for rotated text within the datawindow.
Currently the background is rotating with the text , but not the border.

In particular with a font escapement of 900 (vertical text) the enhancement is
to have the border positioned properly around the text.

203636 PB 7: EditMask control with Mask : xxxxxx and MaskDataType : StringMask! or datawindow editmask with (uppercase) mask like '!!!!!!!'

Typing in some characters (the number of characters must be smaller than the length of the mask in either the window control or the datawindow string column) causes pb 7 to add spaces to fill out the column when the user TABs off the datawindow column or editmask control.. .

In PB 6.5 no spaces are added.

Possible Workaround:
Use the trim() function to remove leading and trailing spaces from a string.

Fixed in 7.0.2 ebf codeline (build 8014)

203663 Window migrated from 5.0 to 7.0 cannot be modified in 7.0. Any attempt to change the code, even by adding a comment, causes PowerBuilder to crash.

This is an extremely large window with many datawindows and tab controls. The root cause of the problem has not yet been isolated. No other similar cases have been reported to date.

203668 6.0 and 7.0 Regression. RTF datawindow Print Specifications setting papersize and paper source no longer works in 6.0. These worked fine in 5.0.04. Orientation seems to be OK (see note below)

NOTE: In 5.0.04, 6.0, 6.5+ and 7.0, orientation 'sort of' works in that it lists Default, Portrait and Landscape but there is also a blank row at the end of the list so even Orientation is messed up.

203673 Can't return a resultset from a component deployed to MTS as a by ref argument
203730 To reproduce

import( site.GetRootDocument().location + "/ObjMod.ssc" ); = true;
myString = new String "Hello world, hello";

Warning: undefined variable myString.substring[substring]

This is because in the objmod.ssc there is a

function String(x)
return (x)

203735 PB6 and PB7 probblem :

When in a script an Autoinstiated UserObject is assigned to an any instance variable for the second time,
the class of the ANY variable errornously changes to type "string".

This does not happen in an identical situation when the ANY variable is a local variable.

Workarounds :
- use a PowerObject instead of an ANY variable
- set the ANY variable to NULL before the assignment

203763 Memory associated with a large string array is returned to OS when string goes out of scope.
203803 OR8/O84 GPF when sql statement contains '->' characters

Connect with O73 driver

203805 In the menu painter, the shortcut 'Ins' is displayed as 'Del'
203824 String edit mask control doesn't allow further input after the first space character
Workaround: append spaces at the end of the edit maskand type another character, e.g. dash;
examplefor Mask: "aaa ##########" Woraround: "aaa ########## -"
203826 Customer has a freeform datawindow with a large number of fields. It worked in 5.0.04, but when they migrated to 6.5 and 7.0, they can no longer scroll to the bottom of the datawindow. Using the scrollbar causes the datawindow to scroll to the next record rather than to scroll down to the bottom of the datawindow so you can see the remaining fields in the current record. The problem occurs in both the painter in preview and at runtime.

Per development:
Error in the design of the user's DataWindow -- when InfoMaker constructs a Form, it creates a DataWindow with a fixed-height Detail Band, with a height larger than the page. The DataWindow looks for this configuration to identify an IM Form. In 6.5+ we had to formalize the Form definition as being Fixed-Height. In 5.0 it did not matter but, with the LiveScrolling enhancements of 6.5+, we needed the additional condition. Somehow the DW in the test suite has been given an erroneous AutoSizeHeight property on its Detail Band -- probably through manipulations in PB. Turn this flag off and the DW once again behaves like an IM Form.

NOTE: this will be the case for any datawindow, whether created in Infomaker or PowerBuilder. If the detail band
is larger than the "page" (which in the case of display on a window means the datawindow control itself) then you must turn AutosizeHeight off in order to have the scrolling work the way the customer wants.

203870 *** 7.0 REGRESSION ***
StaticText control with DragAuto property checked (=TRUE), cannot drag control @runtime. This can be a StaticText control placed directly on a window or a user object of type StaticText. This appears to be the only control that is having this problem.
203893 PB 7.0.1 regression: datawindow update when many rows are filtered GPFs.
Verified fixed in build 7013.
203928 Current limitation of the datawindow is that a single detail row (with all it's nested reports if any) requirement must fit on a page. Common problems seen:
1. The last DETAIL line on the page will repeat as the FIRST line on the next page (after whatever header or group header) in the printed output. There are exceptions but often this happens when using Long text fields (multiline 'memo' like fields that go beyond a page).
2. The datawindow can cause another behavior called "clipping" which could be severe in print preview. Whole lines might be partially clipped. Generally these print better than they display. Playing with print preview Zoom factors often help in some cases but not all.
THIS IS NOT EXACTLY RELATED to the '1 page for a detail row' limit but is often reported as the same. You can reproduce this with 3 lines of a long text column that is much less than 1 page. This second problem is due to the text box on the screen which we translate from a printer box on the printer. The inaccuracy of translating printer lines to screen lines (due to resolution differences 600dpi to pixels on screen, rounding of font sizes used) causes this problem.
203954 The problem is that PB7 does not save the Border property value if other than 0(zero).
PB defaults to value No Border(0) on a computed field in a datatwindow design mode
when asked to save a different value e.g.border="5" Lowered
203969 Please add compiler warning that func().struct_member should not be used.

See CR 199826 for more details.

204004 The edit mask date with a spin control is not initialized to the current date
204005 Memory leak when setFullState is called on a datastore
204020 Filtering a decimal column in Print Preview mode of the Datawindow painter causes a GPF.
204041 Spin Max = 0 is equivalent to having no max at all. This has been reproduce since Powerbuilder 5.0.04. As a workaround, use a max value for the spin control greater than 0 and lower than the spin increment .
204046 Fatal Disk Error when using NetTech radio frequency transmission software
204146 DataWindow access violation with statement in visible property
204147 In any PB script painter, if you close the Find window using the control menu, PB dies and leaves the PB window on the desk top.
204215 7.0 Regression. The Find dialog used in the script painter is now modal. The user used to be able to type behind the find dialog to fix errors (like Word or any other find dialog in windows.) 5.0 and 6.0 allowed the user to edit behind the find dialog.

Additionally, closing the find dialog via the X in the upper right corner closes the window, but doesn't give focus back to PowerBuilder rendering PowerBuilder development environment inaccessible. The Powerbuilder development environment is in a weird state where it doesn't even show up on the taskbar and you can't do work or get out of PB without killing it from the task manager.

204227 Listview setcolumn() function does not handle the alignment in the right way.
If you use setcolumn on a listview the alignment is not diplayed right. The rows are not aligned after the function call. If you click on rows the alignment will change to the alignment you set with setcolumn().
204228 The current settings for paper source and paper size in the datawindow are numeric. They are based on RELATIVE position of the pick in the print specifications dialog - specifically the Paper Size and Paper Source settings have the most problems.

If a user creates a custom FORM style and calls it "My Form" and associates it in the "Paper Size" attribute, it will get a relative position.

Letter 8 1/2 x 11 in
Letter small 8 1/2 x 11 in
Legal 8 1/2 x 14 in
Executive 7 1/4 x 10 1/2 in
A4 210 x 297 mm
My Form

This is at position 7. But on another machine, there may be multiple other user-defined forms so "My Form" might be number 11 in the form and this causes a problem. Saving a setting as for example 8.5 x 11 in one printer driver (relative position 1) might translate to 11 x 19 inches in another driver (relative position 1).

Workaround: Get the current form list from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry setting:

// This example creates the list of Forms in the numeric order. How the user can manipulate this with
// Modify() on each desktop can be tricky but is doable.

string ls_valuearray[]
long ubound,i


ubound = upperbound(ls_valuearray)
FOR i=1 TO ubound

Also reference Microsoft Articles:
Q157172 - How to Create Custom Forms in Windows NT 4.0
Q183693 - Cannot Choose Custom Forms on HP III and HP 4 Family Printers

204242 Using cascading menus, if you disable the menu item which the cascaded menu "hangs off of", although the cascaded menu items are disabled when accessed from the menu, (you cannot get to them) if you use a shortcut key defined for the menu, the shortcut key still works.
204286 The same OLE object call to the IsError() function in Excel gives different results depending on the deployment form. In machine code the error is : Application terminated / Illegal any data type in expression : void

Workaround: Use Pcode

204287 1)Create an OLE control object on a window of type Microsoft Word document
2)Run application and doubleclick on OLE control - Microsoft Word application is opened.
3)Type text 'line 1' in the document
4)Click on MSWord's File menu, Save option.
5)Type text 'line 2' in the document
6)Click on MSWord's File menu, Save option.
7)Exit Microsoft Word application
8)DoubleClick the control to reactivate the OLE control
- the changes 'line 2' are no longer there
9)Close the application and change the DisplayType property of the control to Icon! and perform steps 1 to 8 again. Notice the changes remain when the control is reactivated.

OLE Control with the DisplayType of Icon, loses previous updates when activated again.

Action: OLE control activates object MSWord97.
Type some text into the Word doc, Save in Word (first update). Do this twice more.
Exit Word Application.
Doubleclick on OLE control to activate the same doc.
Notice that only the first update is displayed and the others lost:

OS: Win98, NT4
PB6.0 Result Broken
PB6.5 Result Broken
PB6.5.1 Result Broken
PB6.5.1 Build 1067 Result Broken
Error: OLE Control with the DisplayType of Icon, retains only first update and loses all others when activated again.

PB7.0 Result OK

204302 *** 7.0.01 Regression***
Edit mask ###-###-#### on CHAR or VCHAR column. Run/Preview datawindow and delete data in column using backspace/delete key will also delete the dashes. Then try to type in some new data and you can only get type the first three char's, it will not allow you to type anymore char's. If you tab off the column, the dashes do 're-appear', the editmask will refresh and then you can type in the rest of the data.

This happens in the datawindow painter and runtime.

204323 It is not possible to specify, using Powerbuilder 7.0, negative values for the DW edit mask spin control MIN and/or MAX attributes. If you try and do so the entered value will revert to 0 while validating whatever negative value has been entered. Entering negative values for the MIN and/or MAX values of a spin edit mask control (on a Window) works fine.

Dynamically modify the SpinRange at execution time ie dw_1.object.COLUMNNAME.Editmask.SpinRange="-10~~~~-1"

204390 Enhancement request from ct:
Ct would like to access the CURRENT value of a variable from the VariableDefinition object.
At this time, this feature is not present in the VariableDefinition object.

PB6.x, 7.x : Feature does not exist

For example: The VariableDefinition object has information about:
-The variable's name and type
-Whether the variable is a scalar or an array and information about the array
-The variable's initial value, whether the value overrides an ancestor's value, and whether the variable is a constant
-The read and write access levels for the variable
-The scope of the variable (global, shared, instance, local, argument), including whether the variable is an argument and how the argument is passed

204404 SQL error -1803 Connection does not exist" when using Distributed Powerbuilder and the Informix native driver after the second client connects to the database. Using SetTransPool. The Informix client software must be thread safe.

Using ODBC to SQL Anywhere works fine. The connection is using SQLCA and the code is doing an explicit disconnect after retrieval in script.

Workaround: Commenting out the "Disconnect using SQLCA" in script gets rid of the error but also does not use the transpool correct as it continues to create connections up to the maximum limit of the transpool. At this point, the user gets an error "Transpool limit exceeded". There is no "reuse" of connections and the connections stay open.

9/17/99 Fixed by Development: Also, in order for the fix to work, you have to set dbparm ThreadSafe=1

204408 The HTML DataWindow DTC can not be used successfully anymore once Service Pack 5 is installed.
At the end of stepping through the wizard, a GPF occurs, then PowerSite shuts down.

However, if you run PowerSite again, you will see that the file was actually created.

To workaround to crash, use one of the File wizards to create an HTML page, then edit the page and insert a Web DW, by choosing Insert->ActiveX->Design Time->Sybase HTML DataWindow DTC

204439 Window type: MDI
Description: Problem with Toolbar property when selection made in menu painter.


With Menu object:
Define a Submenu Item:
Assign a bmp file which has a path and filename length longer than 63 chars to property ToolbarItemName.
Result: PB 7.x will GPF.

204460 OLE DB driver does not read extended attributes (catalog tables) when you create a datawindow. With 'Use Extended Attributes' ON in the database painter and 'dbo' as the PBCatalogOwner, using the native MSS driver to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 the user can both SEE and EDIT the extended attributes and they are included when you create a datawindow. Connecting through OLE DB to Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, you can see and edit the extended attributes (for columns, etc) but when you create a datawindow the painter doesn't use them.

Workaround: Use the native MSS driver to create datawindows.

204475 Using the uploaded test case, search for a string which does exist in the script of a menu object. The string searched for is in a quoted string within the script. The same thing works okay in a window object.
204497 the documented syntax for Saveas() does not work when saving a datawindow of type Graph in WMF format. Empty Graphs are saved in a WMF file or infalid files are created.
SaveAs ( { filename, } { graphcontrol, saveastype, colheading } )

two possible workarounds:
1. insert the graph dw into a comosite dw.
- then saveas() and saveas('d:\d_gr.wmf',WMF!,FALSE) syntax work fine.
2. use the following script:
ret = dw_1.saveas('d_gr',WMF!,FALSE)
ret = dw_1.saveas()
- then you can save the graph with the saveas dialog as WMF

204509 PB connects to WebServer running a CGI script. When using PostURL() the function returns back 'Access Denied'. Using plain HTML post method works. If you make the same call using HTTPRequestBuilder.exe it works as well.

It is possible to use the POST method using the Powersocket 2.1 library which is not FREEWARE.
This has to be purchased seperately.

204512 Regression in PB6.5.1 and PB7.

After a user has selected a printer in the PrintSetUp function, then a different printer
can no longer be selected dynamically in script using either the method described in
TechDoc 47627 or through an external utility.

204621 2 Series line graph, fails to draw line if both don't have the same cat values.
Verified fixed in 6.5.1 build 1127, and 7.0.1 build 7021
204667 A datawindow has one decimal column. This datawindow is used in another datawindow as a drop down datawindow.
Click on the drop down and choose a value such as 10.001. Press the tabulation key then, if a 10.000 value exists in the drop down datawindow buffer, then the main datawindow show no longer 10.001 BUT 10.000. If the 10.000 does not exists in the drop down datawindow buffer then all works fine.
204702 Redraw problem with an OCX after minimizing the window or after any dialog is put up in front of the OCX. Sometimes the OCX background will blank out (white) and users cannot see the data until they resize the entire sheet. Problem did not occur using 6.5, but it happens now with 7.0. The problem occurs only when the OCX is compiled using Visual C++ version 6.0, not when Visual C++ version 5.0 is used.
204779 6.5 and 7.0 performance of iterations of window opens (with no controls on the window) are visibly and measurably slower in 7.0 than in 6.5 in the EXECUTABLE. Development environment speeds are similar for opening windows. Related to several other performance issues including CR202771.
12/29/99 Update:
Fixed in pbvm70.dll build 7014 (Post 7.0.1 Maintenance Release)
This was a problem where PowerBuilder was not handling windows with no icons specified. In 6.5, the system translated a window icon to application! by default (if no Icon was specified). In 7.0, there was no default (it was taken away) and this was no longer being translated because of conflicts between the bitmap named Application! and the icon named Application!.

In 7.0 we now have an
icon called AppIcon!, which does the same as Application! and no icon specified is translated to this icon. AppIcon! is selectable from the list in
the window painter and no icon is now translated to this solving both this problem and the name conflict issue. The performance degradation was caused because we were searching the library list for icon of the name "".

204847 Regression. In PB 7.0 doing a search of selected objects in the library painter fails to search scripts that strart with a blank line.
204883 The PowerSite object model, and the WebDW DTC only allow you to associate a single Jaguar server/port for the WebDW component, such as:
jagConn = new PSJaguarConnection("localhost:9000", "jagadmin", "", "DataWindow/HTMLGenerator", false);

If you set up a cluster of Jaguar servers to take advantage of high availability etc. then you will run into issues if the Jaguar server on port 9000 goes down.

WorkAround: Write your own script instead that references the PowerDynamo object model with:

204888 Here, a DataWindow is created via a stored procedure.
Column Specifications allows you to INSERT ROW and DELETE ROW by rmb clicking in the Column Specifications view, but there is no ADD or APPEND ROW option as in previous versions. Using the ADD option would put the new item at the bottom. Right now the only way you can add a new row is to TAB. Inserting a row inserts one above the row where the cursor is currently at.
204897 CR149163 states that "Due to all the problems with the query mode and UNIONS we now disallow query mode if the select clause has a UNION statement. We don't parse the select if it has UNION (too complicated) and we have no idea where the ''WHERE'' should go."

But our "Datawindow Programmer's Guide" in Chapter 3 section "Providing query ability to users" :
You cannot use query mode in a DataWindow object whose data source you have modified syntactically (as opposed to graphically) and that contains the UNION keyword or nested SELECT statements"

And this is not correct according to CR149163. The "Limitations" should be replaced by :
You cannot use query mode in a DataWindow object whose data source that contains the UNION keyword or nested SELECT statements"

204899 7.0 regression: Regening selected objects in library painter, updates the modification date.
Fixed in 7.0 build 7021 (MJD EBF)
204915 NT 4.0 only - MLE TabStop has no affect if set in painter.

Workaround: Set TabStop in script: mle_1.TabStop[1] = 10
mle_1.TabStop[2] = 15

DO NOT set any tabs in the painter.

204939 N-Up datawindow goes blank when clicked at runtime
204994 7.0 File/Print Setup in development and the PrintSetup() dialog in runtime should be made wider (the listbox containing the list of printers) and have a horizontal scrollbar so users can see all the printers. Long printer names often get chopped off. When you have more than one printer defined, it's annoying to go back and forth in the dialog just to see if you have the right printer.
205036 This is a regression from PB6.0.00.

The shared datastores/datawindows become unlinked when a GetFullState() is done on a non-shared ds/dw object and a SetFullState() done on one shared ds/dw object.

The latter should cause the synchronization of all the shared ds/dw objects. This synchronization feature is

205046 6.5.1 regression: In dw clicked event, row argument sometimes is wrong.
205097 After calling a combination of several modify() function PB causes a gpf / dr. watson.
This could be related to creating computed fields associated to other computed fields with a modifiy function.
205128 7.0 Regression: You cannot alter the 'text' property of tabpages so that the text appears on multiple lines. Both PB5 and PB6 gave the user a multiline edit on the propery sheet so that the user could do this. PB7 only provides a single line text field for this property so entering multiple lines is not possible.
205184 If you create a ASA DB with the option "Emulate ASE" then all primary keys
and custom stored procedures are not displayed in the Database Painter.
This is related to the "Case sensitivity for all names and values" propertie if you create
a ASA DB in Sybase Central
205207 SetFullState copies the blob correctly to the datastore/datawindow.
However if the dataobject property of the target datastore/datawindow is verified, the value is missing/ not available.
The workaround is to assign the dataobject property to the datastore/datawindow before calling SetFullState.
205242 Using PB 6.0, you could set the multiline property of a tab page, and then initialize the text on multiple lines within the painter. In 7.0, you can set the multiline property, but the entry for the Text property does not allow you to enter text on multiple lines. Workaround: initialize the text in the constructor event of the tab control. (Use "~r~n" for the newline within the string.)

DUPLICATE BUG: See 205128 for current information.

205249 If you have a datawindow with a DateTime retrieval argument defined, you cannot use the WebDW DTC to specify a constant value for it. If you choose Constant as the Value Type and specify a datetime Value (such as 04/12/1999 03:02:01), this information is not saved by the DTC.
The Value Type is cleared, and only the last couple of positions of the Value are saved.

WORKAROUND: use a script variable to pass the value instead.

205254 In the UO painter, the Help item is disabled on the popup menu for the Property sheet.
205273 7.0.1ebf and 7.0.2 Regression. The Tab and Enter keys no longer work in the Edit Find/Replace text dialog used in various script painters.

There were several bugs in 7.0 in the dialog.
CR204215-dialog is modal (fixed 7.0 7015). Users could not "type behind" dialog to fix script like most replace dialogs. CR204215 fixed the modality but broke the ability to use the tab keys and hotkeys in the dialog.
CR205273- Broken tab and hotkeys in the dialog. Fixed in 8.0 but not in the 7.0 ebf line yet as of 2/9/2000.

205288 The problem described in this CR is related to PB 32 bit versions running on Windows95 32 bit operating system.
The function DirList() works correctly for pattern searches which have a file extension e.g. *.txt, *.dat
205309 Execution of Sybase-provided RPC syb_pem fails with GPF
205338 Using Autosize Height on a Freeform datawindow, after doing an InsertRow and a SetItem with data that causes the height of the column to change, in 6.5 the display of the datawindow refreshed to show the complete data. Using 6.5.1, this no longer occurs. Behavior in 7.0 is the same as in 6.5.1.

Workaround is to add SetRedraw(true) and the display is then refreshed, but this was not necessary using 6.5.

205404 7.0 Regression:
DataWindow control on a window. If there is anything in the OTHER event, even a comment, after a few times of double-clicking on the dw, the page fault will occur (using WIN95) @PBVM70.DLL@0137:112cb9f8 or an access violation will occur (using NT): The instruction at 0x112cb9f8 referenced memory at 0x00000010 the memory could not be "read"..
This crash occurs if running from development or runtime.
205423 The fileopen and fileclose PowerScript functions are producing a memory leak. The leak is very small (approx 200k per 5000 iterations). Then after 30 or 40 thousand iterations, the leak increases to between 2 and 3 MB per 5000 iterations. After 64863 iterations PowerBuilder will core dump.

I also migrated my altered test case back onto NT, where it is still running happily after over 2 million iterations with no sign of a memory leak.

205511 Datawindow editmask DATE YY returns NULL for YY=00 (as in 2000)
This problem happens with Powerbuilder 5.0.04 EBF 2, 6.5 buld 1077 and 7.01 build 7013
205512 Datawindow editmask DATETIME YY returns NULL for YY=00 (as in 2000)
This problem exists for PB 5.0.04 Ebf2
This problem is fixed in PB 6.5 buld 1077 and 7.01 build 7013
205531 This is a regression from PB6.5 GA.

Function GetFullState is not releasing memory after application is terminated on 2 tier application i.e. PB with ASA.

205678 WebDW cannot handle a DateTime retrieval argument.
In the DW painter, you can successfully retrieve rows using a datetime value such as: 04/12/1999 03:02:01

However, when you try to use the dw object in a WebDW component, no rows are returned.

205724 Unable to set the WSID property in an OLE DB Connection to MS SQL Server7
205751 Using a sample PB mapi application to attach and send a file - the attachment and the text are merged together when the e-mail is recieved in Outlook or Exchange.
205811 Sybase server 11.92.1, setsqlselect then retrieve causes GPF when the network db connection is lost.

use the latest OC on 11.1.1 will solve the problem

205862 The ModifiedCount method is wrong for a datastore interaction with datawindow when :
-datastore has inserted rows
-saved inserted rows to database table
-then data modification done on any row in the datawindow
-then GetChanges and SetChanges done.

The problem described in this CR does not happen for either of the following:
-if there have been no new inserted saved rows affecting the datastore/datawindow.
-for datawindow to another datawindow

Per Development:
This is not a bug.

205956 When computed column(s) are defined on the datasource SQL statement for a new crosstab datawindow. The problem is that the computed column does not appear in the crosstab definition 'Source Data' box.
205963 Documentation:
In the documentation we state that if [time] is used as a display format for the time data type, PowerBuilder will use the display format for time that is specified in the Microsoft Windows Control Panel. In fact, all that is read from there is the separator character.
See CR 156337 for details that led to this change request.
205992 After displaying HP8000 printsetup dialog window, pointer goes missing when over command buttons
206028 OLE object passed by reference as parameter to an oleobject method lead to GPF.The oleobject passed as parameter is a PB COM generated Object.
206033 dd/mm/yyyy editmask has different behaviour then in PB 4 and PB 5. Days will not be entered correctly. If you've 00/00/1999 try to type in 30.08.1999 you can only enter the "3" (03/00/1999).

type first the month and then the days

206038 7.0 Regression: SetText of a string with commas to a dddw column ignores commas.
206045 Ole mailmerge.field.addset stopped working.
When you right mouse click in the word doc,
you should see the following:
{set str2 "TEST STRING with []!"}{set str1 "TEST STRING with ()!}

In pb 7.0.01 you just see:
{set str2 " "}{set str1 " " }

Worked ok in PB 7.0 (build 5031) and pb 5.0.04.

206117 PB Version and Build: 7.0.5013 (GA), 7.01.6012 (MR), 7.01.7015

Datawindow Painter will crash with Crosstab datawindow when adjusting band size if 'Preview' view & 'Design' views are both open and 2 rows have been selected in the crosstab definition.

Build 7015 -> 0x10695e95 referenced memory at 0x00000004 - Memory could not be read
Build 6012 -> 0x10695d15 referenced memory at 0x00000004 - Memory could not be read

Workaround is to close 'Preview' view before moving any band in the 'Design' view

Engineering note: DW Runtime problem
I can recreate the GPF using the following syntax at runtime:

206119 For PB6.5.1 deployment to 16 bit Windows operating system (e.g. Win3.11, Win95), the problem occurs for String to Double to String conversion when comma is the decimal separator.
The fractional part of the value is truncated e.g 100,25 becomes 100 ;
206140 Create a datawindow with stored procedure datasource (which requires retrieval arg(s)), preview, supply the args, save the dw. Now create a Quick Select datasource datawindow against any table without any retrieval args. Preview it and you are prompted for the retrieval arguments for the previous sp dw. Only happens with a quick select dw (not query or sql select data source) created after creating a stored procedure dw.
206208 rounding errors on numeric fields with editmask #,##0.00 format.
For example Number 1,005 will be incorrectly rounded to 1.00 instead of 1.01 by computed field with #,##0.00 mask.

Workaround: Using Round() function on computed field works ok.
exapmle: round(column_name) instead of only column_name in the computed field

206212 While building a dw based on a ORACLE stored procedure having an array as an input parameter PowerBuilder is not able to finish the creation. The array input parameter is not currently supported for a sp based datawindow. Customers view this as an enhancement.
Current Error-Message: Error 999 (rc -1) : Invalid stored procedure parameter type of 'COMPOSITE' on '........'.
206221 The existance of an unbalanced quotation mark in a script causes the PowerSite editor to add extra ending HTML tags such as </BODY> and </HTML>. This is occurring with version 7.1.297 of PowerSite with the additional PowerSite patch named This behaviour is occuring in both client side or server side scripts such as alert('hello) or psdocument.write('hello). In a more complicated page from a customer he was seeing about 40 additional closing tags being added.
206246 COM objects crash frequently bringing down ASP application when used with IIS and MTS. Crashes
using the Web Application Stress Tool after only 15 connections. The following error appears
in the event viewer for Transaction Server:

Failed on creation from object context: CoCreateInstance (Package: IIS-{Default Web Site//Root/41051303Ssite}) (ProgId: ie.uo_testcrash1.1) (CLSID: {4C9410D3-977D-11D3-90F9-00A0C9ED4BAC}) (Microsoft Transaction Server Internals Information: File: d:\viper\src\runtime\context\ccontext.cpp, Line: 1292)

When trying to call the com object thru asp in a browser, the following error message also appeared:
error 'ASP 0115'

Unexpected error


A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running. -2147418113 007~ASP 0115~Unexpected
error~A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running. Server objectCreate Object
424 Object required Microsoft VBScript runtime errorof_testcrash1:

206257 PB 7.0.01/7.5 Regression--on a datetime column with edit mask mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss if you enter a date or retireve it from the database and then zero it out, the value defaults to 01/01/1900.

This happens with both external and non-external datawindows. Date colums with an editmask of mm/dd/yyyy do not exhibit problem.

206309 Jaguar server GPFs at startup if a PB Component is used for custom authentication.
206310 Getting IDL Compiler error when deploying a PB Component that uses CTSSecurity package. This component implements a Custom Authentication server.

** The error message actually indicates a generic problem that will be encountered anytime a user will try to implement an existing Jaguar interface. SO this issue needs to be addressed ASAP. **

206321 When you use a user object inherited from a datastore, neither the dberorr event or error events fire when you trigger a retrieve error that is caught by PowerBuilder.
206343 Update of datastore after SetChanges to an empty datastore fails due to incorrect buffers.
Verified fixed in 7.0 MJD release (build 7021)
206354 Repro
Add a Web DW DTC to a page
Select a pbl and dw
Switch to the Jaguar tab. Select the HTML generator
Close the DTC
Notice that the name of the DTC on the page is Object1 instead of htmlDW
Notice that the connection information is empty.
Notice that if the DTC had any page params needed if it had a retrieval argument that the information is empty.

Delete the DTC and readd it
Select a pbl and dw
Before switching to any other tabs attempt to close it and notice that it does not let you.

Notice that the difference here is that the Jaguar tab was selected previously. This is an inconsistency.

206376 Createfrom(ADOResultSet) drops the last row. A blank row appears.
Works ok with resultset.


Add a new record before calling the CreatFrom function:


206382 When you right mouse click on a dw plugin, and you
select 'save rows as' option and save the psr report to another psr, the
file that is created is distorted once you view it thru a browser.

Problem happens in Netscape and with Internet Explorer.

206418 sqlErrText & sqlDbCode transaction properties not properly set when connecting with an invalid user to any db from a jaguar component (with or without any connection cache defined)
206423 PB7 should automatically connect to the selected source control system if PB Native is used.
206500 Using ODBC and SQLCache. If SQLCache is set to a small number and update statements with variables are repeated, SQLSTATE 07001 will occur on a repeated update.
206510 When you connect to a database using one of the following
ODBC (Microsoft 6.5 sqlsrv32.dll 3.60.0319)
SYC (OpenClient 11.1.1)

and autocommit=false, running the following script will execute incorrect
return codes:

ls_string = "Begin Transaction"
execute immediate :ls_string using sqlca;
commit using sqlca;

The update() returns a successful return code. The sqlca.sqlcode and sqlca.sqldbcode
return 0 after the execute statement and commit statement although the database
does not get updated.

206515 Connect to ms sql server 6.5 with autocommit=true and
a dw gets updated, when the following script is run the db doesn't get updated
nor do the return codes from update(), sqlca.sqlcode or sqlca.sqldbcode
indicate that.

ls_string = "Begin Transaction"
execute immediate :ls_string using sqlca;
commit using sqlca;

Using sqlsrv32.dll version 3.60.0319. Works ok with syc, mss and ASA.

206560 Netscape browser crashes when closing browser with the following error:
The instruction at "0x115cc8b0" referenced memory at "0x115cc8b0". The memory could not be read.
Works ok with win95 and win98. Crash happens in ie 4.0 and 5.0 and netscape 4.06 and 4.5 on nt.
206567 Setting a property for an OCX ( GLG.OCX ) leads to GPF
206615 Updating a ds/dw after a setfullstate or setchanges, does not empty delete buffer.
Not a bug. If dw/ds is populated with a blob and updated, the delete buffer reset is delayed until a subsequent GetChanges is applied.
206655 Painting the following SQL Statement on Microsoft SLQ Server 6 (7) via the Native driver (ODBC as well) results in the Errormessage in the SQL painter: "Select Error: Query contains an outer-join request that is not permitted"
The painted syntax looks as follows:
SELECT t.tid, t.somecols, u.uuid, u.somecols, v.vid, v.somecols, w.wid, w.somecols
FROM t, u, v, w
WHERE ( t.tid *= u.tid) and
( u.uuid *= v.uuid) and
( t.tid *= w.tid)
In the trace the error is: Error 301 (rc -1) : Query contains an outer-join request that is not permitted.

Convert to syntax mode and replace the syntax with:
SELECT t.tid, t.somecols, u.uuid, u.somecols, v.vid, v.somecols, w.wid,w.somecols
FROM {oj {oj t LEFT OUTER JOIN u ON t.tid = u.tid
LEFT OUTER JOIN v ON u.uuid = v.uuid}
LEFT OUTER JOIN w ON t.tid = w.tid}

Per Development:
Not to be fixed. Easy workaround.
A portable datawindow that behaves identically against both ASA 6.x and SQL Server 7.0 can be easily created if the customer converts to syntax mode and uses the following select statement that is compatible with ASA 6.0, SQL Server 7.0 and DB2/CS:
SELECT t.tid, t.somecols, u.uuid, u.somecols, v.vid, v.somecols, w.wid, w.somecols
FROM {oj t LEFT OUTER JOIN u ON t.tid = u.tid
LEFT OUTER JOIN v ON u.uuid = v.uuid
LEFT OUTER JOIN w ON t.tid = w.tid}
Enhancing the SQL Painter to generate this SQL graphically won't happen anytime soon, so use syntax mode in datawindow painter. This works and lets the customer create a datawindow portable across several DBMSs.

206669 Doing a <dw>.saveas() to the clipboard followid by a <dw>.ImportClipBoard() may cause a GPF if an Office 2000 program has the clipboard viewer window open.
206674 According to the documentation this is supposed to work with global variables:

Class Variables
Check to include global and instance variables that are in scope.

206729 PB crashes in the project painter when creating a pcode or mcode
executable. Getting a reference memory exception error.

Happens only when creating an exe and no pbd's or dll's are checked off.

206801 PowerBuilder 7 does not display Informix synonyms (public or private) in table lists (DB painter or DW painter) or synonym lists.
206803 PowerBuilder database drivers for Oracle 8 (OR8 and O84) do not support schema/object names that begin with a numeric character.
206805 Very similar to CR 170917. Dynamic call to protected function causes a runtime error if the function call is made from the script of a userobject on the window which is descended from the window where the protected function is declared. CR 170917 fixed this problem when the dynamic function call was made from a "regular" control on the window (eg. commandbutton) but the problem still exists in this case.

From Development:
In PB5, we had a major hole in the product. This hole was that we allowed people to make function calls using the dynamic keyword all over the place in terms of protected and private functions. There was not any checking done at all in PB5 to see what the accessibility of the function being called was.

In PB6, we closed this gap... and in doing so we have eliminated the ability to call a protected function from outside of the class it is declared in, or from one of its descendants or nested classes.

In looking at the documentation for PB7, I see that we document protected to include only descendants of the class where the function is declared. It also happens that we allow nested classes to call a protected function as well (this was the fix you mentioned in your bug description (CR 170917)). The idea is that a nested class should have access to anything that it's parent has access to.

In the case that this bug, 206805, was reported against, you have a UO (uo_button) that is dropped onto a window. The UO happens to contain the CB control and because of this, the Window Painter creates a CommandButton control on the window that inherits from the UO. If you export the syntax for the window w_genapp_sheet you will see that. This makes the UO class, where the script containing the function call lives, not allowed to call the protected function because it is not in either a nested class or a descendant class. The actual command button that is placed directly on a window, containing the same script, happens to be a nested class and therefore it is allowed to call the protected function.

The bottom line here is that it is actually a feature that we don't allow this. It is unfortunate that the hole in PB5 it was relied on by this customer. In addition, the fix to this would be an architectural nightmare and as a result we are very reluctant to go down that path without a very good reason to do so. If we were to do this it would definitely require major testing efforts and probably only be allowed to be fixed in a major release, or a specially tested EBF or something (if there is such a thing!).

I apologize that I don't have better news. I agreed that this looked like it should work, until I saw what is actually created underneath. Enforcing the protection laws of OO is what dominates this decision and if you check most other OO languages, they also would not allow this. It is unfortunate that we ever allowed this in the first place.

ALSO NOTE: In another customer test case, the UO was an SLE. Customer found that by putting the code on the SLE in the window, and choosing the option to Override the ancestor script. This makes that particular script behave as if the ancestor does not exist. That means that it acts as a nested class on the window, and then the function call works.

206822 When maximizing the painters various GUI problems are present in both PB 7.0.1 and 8.0. The problems were also different on WIN 95 and NT 4.0. The problems were also not evident when the painters were not maximized. Problems observed ranged from illegal page faults to items under menu items not appearing.

Workaround: If experiencing problems do not maximize painters.

206836 Customer has migrated from 5.0.04 to 7.0.1. Several of their migrated datawindows cannot be opened. PowerBuilder crashes. This does not apply to all of their datawindows, but they have a large set of similar datawindows which cause PowerBuilder 7 to crash.
206850 Workaround: Export syntax and delete then import new syntax.

Add a link to the link field for a web datawindow and then delete the link. Link = "" is left in the source which generates a hyperlink when the web datawindow is generated. Must export and delete.

206853 Enhancement Request for Web Datawindow buttons to have HTML links allowed as button clicked action.
206858 Happens when printing using the HP8000 printer and
driver. Using pfc and the print service. Powerbuilder will crash.
206914 Numeric Edit masks when used in a Window plugin (on datawindows or on controls) corrupt data entered
in those fields .
206917 10 - 15 % Degradation in performance from PB 6.5.1 to PB 7.0.1 when calling functions.
206922 Most of the time I get a Page Fault (using WIN95) in PBVM70.DLL@0137:113daa40 (build 7015). Once I did get a SmartHeap Library error MEM_BAD_POINTER and Runtime Library error Visual C++, (see zip file for .bmp files customer sent...I got those same errrors). This is all happening when connecting via the native Informix driver IN7.
However, using the ODBC driver with PB 7.x does not experience the page faults or application errors.

The problem with this application is the error does not occur in the same place consistently. Basically adding records and deleting records from one particular dw. Sometimes it takes a few minutes of using the app, other times it happens immediately. Sometimes it does not happen until the app is closed or closed and then either try to open an object like a window (in development) or re-run the application.
The only consistency is the module & address where the error occurs.

I also ran with the PB Intersolv OEM 3.11 32-bit INFORMIX ODBC driver connecting to informix and never got an error.
Also tried with ASA database and MS SQL Server via MSS, still no errors.

206934 OLEObject Function SetAutomationTimeout(Interval) GPF's if the interval value is set to zero or a negative value.

To prevent the GPF, set a value greater than zero.
PowerBuilder's default timeout interval value is 300,000 milliseconds(5 minutes).

206943 DDDW contains a column name that is the same as the table name + column name without the "." (dot).
ie tablename: product_group DBname: description.
Name in dw painter: product_group_description

If a column in a dw has an edit style of dddw and that dw is (as described above), and you click on the column with the edit style dddw, that's when the error will occur. The error: Page Fault PBVM70.DLL@1037:11239c15 (using 7.0.01).
If the name is changed in the dw (in the one that is the dddw), to something else like description, the error will not occur.

This was not a problem in 6.5

206952 The DataWindow.printer property which is modifiable for DataWindows is not modifiable for Datastores.
207000 With PB 7.01 the HorizontalScrollMaximum Datawindow Object property in a datastore doesn't return a value anymore. The propertie is not documented for a datastore but worked since PB5.
207029 When a column in a grid datawindow is made invisible, there will be an empty grid column inbetween other columns in preview or run-time, after the datawindow has been reopened. This happens in preview or at run-time.

The empty column is the result of the expression "1~t0" that gets saved for the value of the visible property.

Work-arounds :
- Export the datawindow and modify the expression to "0", i.e. remove the 1~t from the string
- Modify the datawindow column with the statement dw_x.modify("<column name>.visible=0")

207086 On a command button I have the following script:

m_main.Item[1].Visible = true
m_main.Item[2].Visible = false
m_main.Item[3].Visible = true
m_main.Item[4].Visible = true

When I run the window and the script on the command button gets executed I get the following results:

With 32 bit PB on WIN NT/WIN 95

Menu items 1, 3 and 4 are visible ---------> works as expected.

With 16 bit PB on WIN 3.11

Menu items 1, 2 and 4 are visible ---------> Regression, because it worked with PB 5.x

207110 ReSelectRow( ) doesn't work if the dw datasource is a stored procedure.

string ls_select
ls_select=dw_1.describe ("datawindow.table.procedure")
dw_1.modify ("''")
dw_1.reselectrow (dw_1.getrow())
dw_1.modify ("datawindow.table.procedure='"+ls_select+"'")

207116 PowerBuilder 7 gets an access violation when the datawindow edit or editstyle CodeTable limit of
255 characters was exceeded.
There should be a validation error when the user has entered more than 255 characters and moves to another field.
207120 Has two datawindows dw_1 and dw_1 and wants to report changes done on dw_1 to dw_2 using Getchanges() and Setchanges().
It works fine if dw_1 was populated by a Retrieve() but not if it was populated by a SetFullState().
207140 comments or script in an GLG OCX event "Input" causes an memory leak.
207182 When using the window activex plugin that has a dw, you cannot tab thru the columns using the tab key. Using the page up, page down, up arrow or down arrow also don't work.

Happens on IE 4.0 and 5.0

207183 Stored Procedure Inserts do not work with floating point datatypes
207194 While running a shellscript from a UOF within a DPB PB server application a major memory leak can be observed on both the server and client applications.
207204 Dynamically modifying a crosstab datawindow's Columns, Rows or Values property will result in unhandled exceptions in pbvm using any of the syntax below.

dw_1.Modify("Datawindow.Crosstab.Columns = 'Dept_name'")
dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Crosstab.Columns = ls_columns
dw_1.Modify("Datawindow.Crosstab.Columns = '" + ls_columns + "'")

Only workaround is to uncheck 'Rebuild columns at runtime' option in the datawindow painter but in many cases this will not be practical

207211 The problem is regarding vertical scrollbar affecting External Tabular datawindow summary band.
When ALL detail rows fit in the dw control height setting and property vscrollbar is TRUE, the summary band is too large to display in the dw control, then a vscrollbar is appropriate.
However vscrollbar does not show.

This problem does not happen for External datawindows of type Grid or Freeform.

207227 Access Violation in library painter when closing all views and then chosing menu item View - Tree or View - List
207244 If a datawindow column has a DDDW edit style with 'always show arrow' checked then any format for that column is lost.
If the 'always show arrow' option is unchecked the format appears correctly.
207245 The datawindow ScrollHorizontal and ScrollVertical events are not triggered with mouse movements when property LiveScroll is set to TRUE.

These 2 events are not triggered when vscrollbar or hscrollbar positions are altered with
a) click and drag mouse on the scrollbar itself
b) click on the arrow markers on each end of the scrollbar e.g. |<| |>|

207311 PB6.5.1, PB7.0 RPC call to MS SQLServer 6.5
When an empty string is passed to a MSS database and used to insert into a column, then
an ASCII character 0 instead of a space gets inserted into the column.
This happens with an RPC call, not with Embedded SQL.

Work-arounds :
- Call the RPC function with a string with a space in it instead of an empty string
- Check the argument within the stored procedure and modify the argument

207313 When selecting one or more rows in a DataWindow control, the customer would like to include these with the getfullstate/setfullstate powerscript functions, so that on doing a setfullstate he sees the selected rows from which he highlighted previously.
207348 Dot notating to load a specific buffer datasource overwrites other datasources.
11/9/99 Development: This behaviour is as designed. When an assignment is made to the "current" buffer, the semantics are to delete all existing data and "insert" all the new rows. These rows then have a status of New, so there are NO original values maintained.
207354 Using a stored procedure as a datasource, the following error message occurs when trying to create a crosstab datawindow:
"cannot recreate base environment. Please verify your database connection". The same stored procedure can be used for a tabular datawindow source. The problem involves something specific to this customer's stored procedures. Other stored procedures could be used for a crosstab datawindow source without any problems.
207357 Graphs Enhancement Request: Customer would like the order of the colors in the legend to match the order that they display in the graph.
207360 In html dw preview mode, tabbing thru a dw will
change the value of the column when it is listed more than once on the same line.

Happens when tab order is greater than 0. Happens with n-up datawindows.
Happens under ie 4.0 and 5.0.

207415 If an sql statement, a newly defined database table is specified in lowercase, then PB7 will cause a GPF.
For an existing database table which also has tablename specified in lowercase, PB7 will not GPF but produce an error 'possible invalid table format'.
207421 PowerBuilder Jaguar Integration and Remote Debugging
When a variable is set to NULL either through SetNull or through a function like GetItemString,
the Remote Debugger gets a System Error.

This happens when the Watch view is open in the debugger.

In the serv.log there is an Fatal Exception on GetRemoteVars of the component PBDebugger/PBDebugBroker

207422 PB 7.0/7.01 Performance Degradation with OpenSheet especially over a LAN. (PFC most likely)

Development: No change to PB is required for this issue. A 7.0 enhancement caused a change in PATH requirements for PB to perform properly.

With PB7, we introduced a new feature that allowed users to associate BMPs and ICOs to their TOOLBAR items. With the addition of this feature,
at runtime we added the lookup and resolving of these BMP file. When BMP files are referenced but not found, PB does a search for them and it's often worse on a network. This happens every time a sheet is opened that contains a menu with a BMP (missing or not)

When the application is loaded, PB tries to locate each of the missing BMP files in the search path and in the EXE. This takes time and this occurs each time you call OpenSheet. PB goes out and looks for the same BMP files each time OpenSheet is called since the runtime has no way of knowing the BMP, ICO files will be there or not.


Adding the BMP files necessary to the PATH or as a resource to an application EXE file will cause a 7.0 application to perform the same as PB6 does without the BMP files available. This is because PB6 doesn't attempt to load these BMP files and when they are not found, it simply set them to the NotFound! stock icon.

For PFC users:
The typical missing icons are in m_master under View and Help. Most of the icons/bitmaps used are stock icons and are not a problem. If you deploy a PFC app and either forget to create a .pbr file or deploy these icons, PB will search for them (and fail) an sheet open performance will be worse if on the network or with a large path or multiple network drives in the path.

Large icons - largeico.bmp
Small Icons - smallico.bmp
List - listv.bmp
Details - detailv.bmp
Help Topics - helptop.bmp

The other option is to go to stock icons.

207499 In a group datawindow, if the name of a computed field in group trailer is changed and that computed field is referenced in a group sort expression PB gives the following crash...

Build -> 0x010697a4c at 0x04dc06b8 memory could not be read (pbdwe70.dll)

207520 MS SQL Server 6.5 & 7.0
DataWindow w/RetrieveAsNeeded. During Update() process the application hangs.
This will happen under the following scenarios:
1). If RetrieveAsNeeded is on AND
2). Column contained in where clause is of type decimal 1,0 (sometimes column's w/datatype of decimal 12,0 also) AND this column is part of an index on the db.

11/8/99 -Develop'ers comments:
Tested here with service pack 3 on server. The update works with retrieve as needed on. So apparently
somewhere in between 6.50 and service pack 3 a locking bug was fixed. Then the bug was reintroduced in 7.0 and it is not known at this time if there has been a service pack for 7.0 with this fix in it or not.
Need to follow-up with Microsoft for server fix.

207526 In the window painter switching to edit an event script in one control after editing a USER EVENT in a DIFFERENT control will cause a gpf if both these controls are created on an inherited window .

Also reproduced error in custom visual classes and in menus

207609 Memory leak when using CTRL+C key to copy script in clipboard
207619 To reproduce make a nonvisual userobject uo_test, with one userevent (ue_test) with no return type and one argument (long, al_array).
In the ue code the following:
long ll_Array[]
ll_Array[] = al_Array[]

This will give a error:
Warning C0014 : Undefined variable: al_array
Error C0070 : Mixing array and non-array in assignment statement

1. save the empty event
2. add
long ll_array[]
3. save uo
4. add ll_array[] = al_array[]
5. save uo
close uo
Problem if you open the uo and compile the script two times the error comes up again.

207624 Example in help file for of_isvalid function is incorrect -it will always return a valid date because example uses date function to convert variable to a date datatype. Date function returns 1900-01-01 for an invalid date. Of_isvalid returns this as valid
207649 When a shortcut key is assigned to a sub-menu item (The lock name check box has to be unchecked). The first 3 or 4 characters after m_ are displayed as garbage.
207714 With the migration of a PB 5.0.04 to PB 7.01 the override edit propeties of a datawindow will be disabled.

If you've enabled the override edit propeties of a column in a PB 5 0.04 and you migrate the datawindow to PB 7.01
you have to enable the propeties again.

207716 Migrated PB 5.0.04 to PB 7.01 Application.
Setting the override property of a column in the dw painter change the fontsize of the column. If you reopen the dw the "Equality Required" property of the column is enabled.

Set resize the font and the disable the "Equality Required" property and then save the dw.

207733 With remote debugging, there's an arrow on the left
hand side that shows what line the debugger is on. If you hit "step over",
it skips the next line. It's misleading because the line that was skip does get
process, it just confusing. Problem only happens in remote debugging.

Problem also happens with no breakpoints and you hit step in and then hit
step over. The arrow skips a line but that line does get process at the next line.

207744 7.0 Regression. Creating a crosstab connected using native or ODBC drivers (Informix 7.3.2 -PBIN770.DLL,Sybase - PBSYC70.DLL, etc, ODBC - PBODB70.DLL), causes a GPF/crash just prior to completing the datawindow in the painter when hitting the FINISH button. This only happens when the user that creates the crosstab is not the owner of the table.

On WIN95 received the following:, "n70 caused an invalid page fault in module pbdwe70.dll at 015f:105bf8f6"
On NT 4.0 received: "The instruction at 0x105c0936 referenced memory at 0x00000008. The memory could not be read."

(Fixed in 7.0.02 build 8011 and above PBDWE70.DLL)

207745 When saving a webpb project, it
doesn't same the html title, anchor link text or the function selected.

The html page gets created, but it is missing the title and the anchor link text so
that when it is viewed, the page is blank. Workaround is to add the html title
and anchor link text directly to the html file that got created.

Workaround is to add the html title and anchor link text directly to the html file that got created.

Another workaround is just to export the project object and add in the fields that are missing (that get stripped out). This seems to be the function, link text and page title.
L c:\test.pbl
O u_globals
FUNC:of_sendtext <-- ** This gets stripped out unless you add it manually
PAGETITLE:Here is a Page Title <-- ** This gets stripped out unless you add it manually
LINKTEXT:Here is the Link Text <-- ** This gets stripped out unless you add it manually

207752 Edit style upper/lower case does not work with HTML Datawindow.

Per Development:

This is working correctly in PowerBuilder8. (tested build 8002) The edit style of the column should be an editmask with a mask defined as !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (all upper case) or ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (all lower case) and the Client Formatting property for the datawindow (on the HTML Generation tab of the datawindow painter) should be checked. If these things are done the upper/lower case mask will work.

207764 Memory leak in a PB Jag component if no PB service component is running.
Fixed in 7.0.1 build 7023 and after.
207771 In an external datawindow, the changes are not saved when
changing the "case" property of a column.

For example, if the case property is "upper" and you change it to "Any" and save
the dw. Open the dw again and the property for that column still says "upper".

Workaround: Export the dw and modify the column property in the *.srd file.

207779 If you have an extremely large number of datawindows included in the application library path, you will crash if you try to create a composite datawindow.

In order to create a new composite datawindow, you would have to reduce the number of datawindows included on the library path. For example, you could create a PBL with nothing but an application object. Select that as your current application. Then copy whichever datawindows you wish to reference in the composite datawindow into that PBL temporarily. Create the composite datawindow, and then you can copy it back into your large application.

207822 Enhance source control interface implemented in PB 7, like the fact that there is no 'Yes to all' button when confirming deletes.

1. If a developer wants to use a new project, there is no way of connecting to a
project, and building the .pbl files with the correct objects, without creating
the .pbl files first, and then adding the objects manually (which could be
several hundred within many pbl files).
2. there is no way of synchronising all pbl files and adding new objects,
without manually selecting objects in each .pbl file, then manually adding new
objects into many different .pbl files.
3. Also suprising, when an object is deleted, a synchronise shows an error,
instead of removing the object from the .pbl.

207827 Generate a java proxy for an nvo which accepts a structure (containing a char array and a blob)
as an argument, causes java compiling errors.
PB created following invalid Syntax:

for (idx0=0 ; idx0 < 50 ; idx0++ ) {
fixed_doc_desc[idx0] = new Character( ); <------######INCORRECT SYNTAX#####
doc_fmt = new Character[5];
for (idx0=0 ; idx0 < 5 ; idx0++ ) {
doc_fmt[idx0] = new Character( ); <------#####INCORRECT SYNTAX#####
doc_content = new Blob( ); <------ #####INCORRECTSYNTAX#####

207842 With IF statement in protect property -when ALL other columns are protected - or the taborder is set to zero -
DataWindow scroll functions like dw_1.scrollnextrow() don't work correctly
207850 Memory leak repeatedly opening and closing the datawindow painter. Other more severe memory leaks have been fixed, but this leak remains testing in the 7017 ebf.
207951 Function ReselectRow() broken for PB7 when using OLE DB database interface.
PowerBuilder incorrectly strips the database table columns names in the sql statement sent to the database.

The datawindow SqlPreview event will show the sqlsyntax string to be empty values for column specifications e.g. :

207959 PB 7.0 /7.0.1 results in an Illegal Page Fault in PBRTC70.dlll if you simply try to place a Richtextedit control on a window. This happens only on Win 98 machines. It will work fine using PB 6.0 on Win 98 machines or PB 7.0 on either WIN95 or NT 4.0.
207999 If a string expression is entered into any of the three DW bands for color property. It passes validation test.
If you preview the DW, the value is ignored and if you regenerate the DW, the string in the expression vanishes.

For example type in "255" for the Color property expression of any dw band. It is ignored and disappears on regenerating the datawindow.
The same value for other properties such as Pen.color, text.color etc - passes validation and is ignored but not lost on regenerating the dw

Cust would like a more consistant behaviour.
Should either give a validation error or work as a string. If it passes validation it should not disappear on regenerating

208003 Setting dynamically the sort order in HTML DWs.Set the sort order in a HTML DW using the following code:
<FORM name="Sort_by_name">
<INPUT value=Sort onclick="{htmlDW.SetSort('task_name'); htmlDW.Sort();}" type=button> </FORM>
The page is reloaded with the right sort order. But when a ScrollNextPage is called through a standard DW button the sort order is lost.
208020 Modifying background property of a dddw causes a retrieve when transobject is set on datawindow control
WORKAROUND: do the modify before the transobject is set
208032 When there are nulls in the data, do update using getfullstate/setfullstate to get original values, the first null value can get correct original value, but all other original data will change to what was typed into the DW .
208038 Using DDE and the client and server are on the
same machine, will return a -1 for a second openchannel call.

Problem only happens if the client and server are on the same machine.
Works ok remotely and if you wait for a undetermine amount of time.

208059 When using the Replace dialog, the Tab key no longer works, and neither do hotkeys such as Ctrl-A (Replace All). Just beeps and does nothing. Must use the mouse to switch fields and make selections. Did not happen in prior versions.
208069 5.0 Regression. (GPFs in PowerBuilder 6.0-7.0.2 C3 as well) When you have 2 or more columns selected for either the Rows and Columns settings in the Crosstab dialog, you will get a GPF in PBDWE70.DLL moving any of the bands or changing an attribute of an object when the datawindow painter is showing the "preview" view AND the datawindow is retrieved into the preview view.. (PB 7.0). Prior versions required you change the band height or object attribute at runtime with Modify() to get the GPF. (PB5.0-6.5)

More visible in PowerBuilder 7.0 since the views allow the developer to resize the design and have it immediately reflected in the preview "view" in the development environment. This could only be achieved during runtime prior to 7.0.

WORKAROUND: WHEN WORKING ON A CROSSTAB REPORT IN THE DW PAINTER, DO NOT VIEW A LIVE PREVIEW OF THE REPORT IN ANOTHER PANEL OF THE PAINTER. Wait to preview the datawindow until after changes have been saved to the datawindow object and then INSTEAD of using the preview panel, click the Run/Preview Object button in the ToolBar to open and view the report.


This CR was reviewed and closed as part of the Quarterly CR Review process. It is "Not targeted for any future release".

208090 Unable to print a mle in PB 6.5.1. Problem is in the following line:

Returning 0 in PB 6.5.1 (32bit), PB 7.0 and PB 4.0.07. Worked ok in 16 bit pb 4.0.07. The message
number of 1035 should be sending the windows message em_lineindex.

208114 SELECT statmente has computed columns. After converting from syntax to graphic in the SQL painter it could cause incorrect syntax if you switch several times between SQL Painter and Datawindow Painter because computed columns are deleted.

If you switch from SQL Painter to the DW Painter and you got the message that the SELECT has been changed but you didn't changed it
then check in the SQL painter if computed columns are lost. If yes add the comupted columns again and save the dw.

208123 /= result in GPF when using the division operator shortcut for a null variable.
1. The script below works fine :
decimal{2} ldc_Result
SetNull( ldc_Result )
ldc_Result = ldc_Result / 1.00

2. The script below GPF :
decimal{2} ldc_Result
SetNull( ldc_Result )
ldc_Result /= 1.00

208126 Oracle o84 incorrect SQL syntax does not return parse error on compile
208133 Documentation Error :
You can't use GetChild to get the reference to a report in a composite Datawindow, if the report itself is a composite or nested DataWindow. GetChild will return -1
208134 The DW query Mode doesnt accept any criteria if AccepText() is not called.

Per PB Engineering:

This is not a bug, it is how query mode works now. CR 169396 was a change to require the AcceptText or tab off the column to cause an acceptance of the string. This fixed a loop which could occur when we "automatically" accepted the text when switching modes (to query mode or from query mode).

208205 Painting problem when using dragdrop with a treeview control. When you select an item from the bottom of a branch of the treeview, if you drag it upwards over the text of the other branches of the treeview, they are highlighted. As you drag, they become partially highlighted, and several can paint this way at the same time

Put at the end of the BeginDrag event setredraw(false)
Put at the end of the DragDrop event setredraw(true)
This prevents PB drawing in the meantime of the drag process.

208213 Online help for GetChild states: "You can't use GetChild to get a reference to a report in a compoiste DataWindow when the data source of the nested report is external. ". I seem to be able to use GetChild with an external datawindow within a composite report. Is this sentence incorrect or is there a good reason not to do this?
208225 PB crashes or does an immediate close/exit after all
columns are deleted in a grid dw. The dw had two tables that were joined and
all columns were selected.

Problem happens when connected to syc,o73,or8,o84,mss.

When connected to SYC and after all columns are deleted, if you close pb the following error
message appears:

Smart Heap Library

208314 PB6.5 and PB7 Control Panel issue with Decimal Separator Comma
The edit mask control function GetData copies only the fractional part of a number into a double variable,
em_1.GetData(<double Variable>)

Work-around :
- em_1.GetData(<decimal Variable>)
- <double Variable> = double(em_1.text) (PB6.5.1 onwards)

208315 TIBCO activex control to receive messages generated by a TIBCO daemon which
is spawned by a Java component running in Jaguar. Everything is fine and
dandy until the user clicks in several fields within a datawindow ( dw is
not on the same window as the activex ). After enough clicks, PB GPFs every
time. Removing the TIBCO activex control makes the problem go away

Running this resulted in the following error "The instruction at '0x00000000f' referenced memory at '0x00000000f' The memory could not be read. Another time PB itself shut down without an error message.

Need to determine if this is a PB problem or a problem with the activex.

Per Development, this wasn't related to the TIBCO ActiveX:
This is a problem with the clicked event not cleaning up an object reference and a subsequent event is causing a crash.

208383 Application migrated from 6.5 to 6.5.1 or 7.0.1. Now a datawindow with both a horizontal and vertical scrollbar has the vertical scrollbar paint on top of the far right column/label of the datawindow. There was no platform change.
208384 Using a spin control editmask and migrated to 7.0. In 7.0 the size of the spin arrows is different than in 6.5, causing the arrows to sometimes paint on top of the data when the field has focus. The display is okay when the field does not have focus.
208386 Cannot change the concurrency property of a
component after it is deployed to Jaguar.

When a component is deployed to jaguar, the following the property of
is missing from the all properties tab.

You cannot change the concurrency property unless this property is out there.

208396 When creating a new jaguar component, you are asked if you want to create a project for the component - This will not allow you to add to an existing jaguar project meaning that you have to either have multiple jaguar projects, or must manually adjsut the project you have afterwards.
208403 In Jaguar under the instances tab, it shows
that bind, pooling, sharing and concurrency are checked for a
shared component deployed from Powerbuilder with the bind thread
option checked.

In the Jaguar CTS Programmer's Guide on page 81, if sharing and bind
thread options are selected, the concurrency option is implicity disabled.

208461 pb 7 causes gpf when moving the mouse over a datawindow if the dw has no script in the doubleclicked event.
If dw was double clicked and you click on a button on a window. And this button has focus for some seconds after it was clicked. And if you move the mouse back to the datawindow -> Pb causes a gpf.

Workaround. Put a comment in the double clicked event of the datawindow

208484 DataWindow EditMask shows keyboard entered NULL date (e.g. 00.00.00) incorrectly. The NULL date is shown in the Editmask as a date (e.g. 01.01.00) - related to 201595, but here with dot date separator.
208533 In the dwpainter when a db blob column is defined with a
ole class desc of Paint.Picture: Bitmap Image and you try to either insert
a new row or update a row, the db blob column is not saved to the table.

When you update or insert in the dw painter and you double click on the
db blob column, mspaint will appear. Once you add or change the image
and then select file/update id in mspaint and then select save in the dw and
re-retrieve, the image is not saved to the table.

208556 MS Access has linked tables which are not viewable in PB ODBC database connection Objects tab.
PB is aware of the linked tables though they are not viewable for the user to handpick with other regular Access db tables.Possible to query linked tables using dynamic sql or dynamic datawindow object creation.
208565 When using the Geomedia OCX, the map legend child window does not open when the map is displayed. Also, a GPF occurs when you close a PowerBuidler application with an active Geomedia control on it
208615 When the error message "Library Manager Fatal Disk Error" is displayed, the customer would like that PB
display also the OS system return code and the OS message that leaded to the error.
208619 When more than 1 row is to be deleted in a DW, and in SQlpreview Event is coded a sql Statement (insert or select) an DB error appears "a invalid handle was passed in a call to the Database driver" appears if Bindselect and Bindupdate are set to "Yes" in the PBODBxx.INI file.

Set Bindupdate and Bindselect to "NO"

208654 PB crashes on a setfullstate call with the following error
message when a column has null values:

"Out of memory"
PB 70.exe - Fatal Application
Insufficient memory to continue

208703 If a row is inserted into a Sybase database using the SYJ driver, the datastore update may indicate success, even if the row contained NULL values in columns that do not allow NULL values. Subsequent retrieves indicate that the rows were not inserted.
208707 Allow Editing on DDDW/DDLB has changed looks since 6.5. It does not let the datawindow colour
come through between the edit and the arrow and looks bad if background colour of text is
not the same as the datawindow colour
208721 Modifications to datetime column are not being propagated to a Sybase back-end when getchanges() and Setchanges() ared used. Driver was SYJ.
208775 Create a datawindow that access a column which generates a column name of greater than 40 characters. Do not save the datawindow yet. Click on one of the long-named columns. Sporadically this will cause a GPF. If the datawindow has been saved before you attempt to make any column property changes, then this problem does not occur.

WORKAOURND: If you save the datawindow before making any changes the problem does not occur.

208832 EAS 3.01 running on Solaris 2.6 using Oracle 8i as database and OCI for connection, htmldw failed to generate
EAS 3.01 running on Solaris 2.6 using Oracle 8i as database and ODBC for connection, htmldw can be generated
208886 On a char field in a dw, if the default editmask is set and if you do a gettext() what you get is the actual string along with blank spaces. For example, if you have an editmask 20 chars long and the field has 10 chars. doing a gettext() gives you the 10 chars and 10 spaces. Getting the Len() of this always yields the length of the editmask regardless of what is in the column. Additionally if the cursor is placed in the column and the "End" keyboard key is pressed the cursor jumps to the end of the editmask.

In PB 6.5.1 the correct length is returned and the column is not padded with spaces.

208917 date column with editmask If date column is NULL (00.00.0000) -> gettext()
returns empty string in PB 6.5.x code line. Returns 1900-01-01 in PB7 codeline.Should there be a default behaviour?

Problem is that you are not able to check with gettext() if a column is null or not. You have to use isnull(dw_1.object.<columname>[row]) to check if a column is NULL or not.

208928 Regression in PB6.5.1 and post builds.
PB6.5.1 and post build behave incorrectly when synonyms for Oracle tablenames are referenced.
209001 Datawindow and datawindow plugin not displaying vertical scrollbars correctly after printing. If the datawindow contains a group that has 10 pages, after printing, the scrollbar thumb changes size and the datawindow shows only 1/2 of a page even though there is 10 pages of data. If the datawindow contains NO group, after printing the vertical scrollbar completely disappears.

Workaround: RELOAD the psr after printing.

209023 6.5.1 Regression. Related to CR200800. A datawindow with retrieval argument of type NUMBER ARRAY when retrieved generates SQL that has float numbers. For example, an array with integer elements 1 and 2 causes 1.000000000 and 2.000000000 to be generated (actually 18 zeros after the decimal point).

This can cause enormous performance problems on retrievals. This is not database specific and was found in ODBC, SYC and MSS drivers.

CR200800 was fixed for single numeric (INTEGER) retrieval arguments but not for NUMBER ARRAYS.

Fixed in 6.5 1127 and above.

209035 Customer has a dddw column.
For each row, he wants only rows in the dddw where (dddw_column.status = dw_current_row.status ) to be available to pick from.
He cannot filter the dddw to include only the rows for the current status because then all other rows in the parent dw lose the display value. He has code which keeps the user from being able to select a non-matching status when it runs. This works great except when the
user uses the up or down arrow keys. Then the value displayed for the column itself shows the row with the invalid status, but the selection in the dropdown is a different row.
209066 7.0 Function painter missing Control-S for "Save"
209069 Using large fonts causes problems when using source control. None of the icons will display
next to the object like the barrel representing the object is registered. Or the lock icon representing the object is checked out.

Workaround: Set Display to Small Fonts.

209089 When connected to either in7 or in9 and inserting, updating
or deleting data in the database painter, pb will either crash or get the smartheap
library error: Mem_bad_pointer.
209096 Memory leak using PB and Jaguar, with a component that uses instance pooling, and does a create datastore.
209136 Edit mask - ####/####/#####/##### Different behavior from PB 6.5 to 7
if typing "/" key cursor does not jump to the next #### insert part.
209155 Customer has dw she is using to generate HTML. When generated and displayed using PB 7.0 build 6012, the dw displayed neatly aligned, very similar to it's appearance in PowerBuilder. When the HTML is generated using PB 7.0 build 7017, the display in the browser is very messy. Occurs for both IE 4 and Netscape 4.5.
209169 Enhancement request description:
Re:Editmask control
Would like a new mask character to be supported in PB for masking alphabet letters only
e.g. re: English language alphabet - chars A-Z(upper or lowercase) only to be allowed.

For example in PB, '#' mask character signifies character can only be numeric values [0-9]

209170 Library Painter: Search fails on scripts where first line is blank
209179 PB crashes on a registryget function with the wrong datatype.

The registryget function is trying to retrieve a reg_dword using a valuetype of regstring!
and a valuevariable of string.

On win95 machine, the following error occurs:
pb70 caused an invalud page fault in pbvm70.dll at 0137:1133dc6e

On nt, app crashes. PB doesn't crash when using a valuetype of regstring!
and a valuevariable of ulong. (See testcase).

209202 Enhancement request description:
Would like Autosize Height feature for datawindow SUMMARY band.

These bands exist in a datawindow:

At this time only the Detail band has the Autosize Height feature.

209266 Modifying Y2 line object expression in a DW sets X1 expression
209270 Treeview control on window object GPF's if the control has not been populated(i.e. state is empty) and a <BACKSPACE> key is pressed when the control has focus.

This GPF occurs only for Pb6.x versions and not for PB7.x.

209275 An Excel spreadsheet created from a template should include basic styles so such toolbar buttons as the $ button and the % button work. A new sheet from the default template in Excel includes this. Customer would like PowerBuilder to incorporate Excel styles into the spreadsheet created by SaveAs or Save Rows As... to an Excel or Excel5 format.

Workaround is to set up a new toolbar item that executes Format->Cells->Currency, which does work.

209277 When a result set is saved to Excel or Excel5 format, no default styles are included. This is logged as enhancement request 209275. However, even if there are no styles present, you should be able to merge styles from another existing spreadsheet. You can do this with "regular" .xls files, but if you try to do this with a .xls file created by Save Rows As... Excel5 in PowerBuilder 7.0, Excel will crash when you try to merge the styles. There seems to be a problem with the format created.

Workaround: Manually create styles instead of merging them from another spreadsheet.

209300 Using dw synchronization doesn't update to db when
used in a distributed application where the client and server apps are on
different platforms. The update works ok if the client and server pbls are on
the same machine.

Problem happens when the server pbl is on unix and the client on nt AND
when the client is on unix and the server is on nt.

Problem happens using the o84 and syd driver so it doesn't appear to be
db specific.

209329 The errors on a DB connection from component in Jaguar are not raised to PB
209334 PB 7 Switching the scripts between functions and main object (using the dropdownlistbox) causes
a memory leak.
On on Win 98 and 95 this can cause an invalid page fault in user.exe at 0003:00008290
209335 7.0 EBF Regression (Build 7017). When editing a nested report in the datawindow painter and adding or deleting columns from design mode and saving, the retrieval arguments and their associated expression linking to the parent report are deleted.

The symptom would be later in preview of the parent report or in the application, the user would be prompted for retrieval arguments (from the nested report) since the nested reports retrieval argument is no longer tied to the parent.

209345 Customer declares an instance variable of a structure in a non-visual user object. The compiler issues a warning, but the declaration has disappeared when they re-open the user object. Compiler should issue an error instead of a warning to make it more clear that this is not allowed.
209378 Portions of detail in a composite datawindow may be cut off if the entire DW cannot be printed on the current page.
209384 Regression: Tables are being prefixed with their ownder names with aliases for those owners are being used.
209387 File...Print in the function painter does nothing. Nothing prints.
209388 Create a visual uo with a command button called cb_ok and place that on a window. Then try to add a command button called cb_ok to the window. You get an error message that the name is duplicate. The problem did not occur using 6.5. This is being evaluated to determine whether it is a bug, or a function of a less tolerant compiler.
209390 When you sort a datawindow on a specified column, if the data is NULL it remains at the top, regardless of whether you chose Ascending or Descending for your sort. This is correct behavior, since NULL is an unknown value, so it is not possible to determine where it should fall in a sort. But it would be nice to add an brief explanation of this behavior to the documentation.
209407 ole automation project does not compile (dlls) and gpfs if the uo has an instance variable or a simple comment in declare instance variable

a) use the "COM Generator" rather than the old style "OLE automation" style of project.
All development efforts are in the "COM Generator".
b) use PBDs instead of DLLs

209411 a column which has many lines is displayed partially
209455 SaveAsAscii() is dropping columns in the text file after the import into MS Excel in 7.0 build 7017 and higher
209458 Profiling trace output differs between pcode and machine code.
Making a trace file of an application using TraceBegin function. The profiling tool shows different trace information between profiles made with p-code or run and machine code. For instance, when done with p-code, clicked event of a window is shown as clicked event. However, clicked event on the same window is shown as created when the profile was made by machine code exe.
209460 If you have the Database painter open and looking at a database, there is no refresh button.
If changes are made to the database, you cannot simply refresh the view. You must
disconect, reconnect and then reposition to whatever it was you were looking
209463 the Preview option is under View and also under File. Developers are used to it being under file, but choosing this then requires you to choose the object you wish to preview. In the DW painter, this should of course be the datawindow currently open. The Preview under the View menu is to open the Preview View which most people don't want on the screen as there is a real-estate shortage.
209465 Jaguar Component Wizard should allow selection of existing PBL.
Choose File New, then Start Wizards. Select Jaguar Component and when asked for the library where components will be housed, specify an existing library. It will tell you that this library already exists and will not allow you to proceed any further.
209490 6.5 ebf Regression (build 1117). When a row is inserted at the bottom of a datawindow, it no longer displays at all. The buffer contains the row but no row is displayed in the datawindow control. As a side effect, horizontal and vertical scrollbars that are normally drawn - caused by the inserted row - are not drawn at all.

This worked fine in build 1112.

Fixed around 6.5 build 1127 and 7.0 build 7022

209491 Aligment problem on edit mask control (stringmask!)
Steps to reproduce :
1. Create a new window
2. Add an editmask field (Mask = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Mask Type = StringMask!)
3. Click on the editmask and set its value to 0, click on alignment combo box and set alignment to left, reclick on alignment combo box and set alignment to right ==> 0 is not aligned to the right
4. Save the window and run the application that opens this window ==> 0 is not aligned to the right
209492 PB 6.5 SYC Error with UNION SELECT and ORDER BY
UNION SELECT with ORDER BY causes error: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'union'
209525 If DisableBind DBParm is set to 1 and you are using a PowerBuilder Oracle native driver, dates passed to non-English Oracle databases will be formatted incorrectly. They will always contain the English abbreviation for the month.
209556 identity column refresh issue in dw when issuing simultaneous updates
209583 When a nested report is placed in the detail band has data beyond 32" (say 50") in the x direction, the nested data no longer prints out. Data for normal columns in the parent report at, say 50" print fine (although it takes 8 horizontal pages to print them).

If the nested report and the data contained in it is less than 32k units (32.765 inches), it prints fine.

209632 7.0 Regression. GPF in PBVM70.DLL or MSVCRT.DLL in datawindow painter changing edit styles from anything (but usually the default "edit") to dropdowndatawindow and back and saving. The GPF can happen while assigning the dataobject to the dddw column or saving the object and sometimes when switching property sheets after you've made the dddw association to the parent datawindow column. Most often it's related to having a long name in a column used for either the display or data value column of the dddw (19-20 characters or more)

Other related problems:
- the list of columns produced when assigning the "Display" or "Data" columns are duplicates
- if the column name is > 20 characters, garbage characters appear after the name in the "Display value" or "Data value" column list.

209635 PB Function IsDate() fails when evaluation of year portion with zeros in position thousandth, hundredth, tenth e.g. 0###, 00##, 000# ;

If year is specified without preceding zeros e.g. '999-mm-dd', then IsDate() evaluates correctly that this year value 999 is out of bounds.

209659 Performance of iterative PB database connects/disconnects through ODBC much slower than Visual Basic for various databases. The query of the PBODB70.ini file causes a lot of the slowdown.

You can improve the performance 50-60% by cutting down on the size of the pbodb70.ini.

Some suggestions:
- Cut down the size of the INI file. Only include the section(s) for the driver you are using.

There are some fixes in 7.0 build 8006 and above to improve performance in reading the .ini file.

209713 SetFullState copies the blob correctly to the datastore/datawindow.
However if the dataobject property of the target datastore/datawindow is verified, the value is incorrect.

The workaround is to assign the dataobject property to the datastore/datawindow before calling SetFullState.

209714 6.5 ebf/7.0 ebf Regression. Calling setdetailheight() to change the height of the datawindow detail band from one that would show 5 lines of data per detail row in a large text field to one that shows 1 line of data per detail row causes a blank, white, area to appear at the bottom of the datawindow display.

6.5 build 444 and 6.5.1 build 620 work OK as does 7.0 GA but not 7.0.1 6012 and above. Resizing the datawindow control somewhat seems to fix the redraw issue but this was not necessary in earlier builds and is not a workaround if the window or datawindow control is not resizable by the user..

209719 Change for DataWindow Case property cannot be saved when edit style is DropDownDataWindow
209751 7.0 Regression. Retrieve() issued on a datawindow with 'Retrieve As Needed'=Yes uses up new connections each time. (Property Retrieve.AsNeeded). Each time you perform a retrieve on the 7.0 datawindow, more connections will be used up and won't be released when the window containing the datawindow is closed but only when the application is closed. (if it's a global transaction object)

Disconnecting the transaction object (disconnect using sqlca;) will not free the connections unless the transaction object is destroyed.

// Shut off retrieve as needed and turn it back on before calling Retrieve()
// This frees the connection

If you're using a class library, query the value first:

if string(dw_test.object.datawindow.retrieve.AsNeeded)='yes'
// Shut off retrieve as needed and turn it back on before calling Retrieve()
// This frees the connection
end if

209865 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_043:

Window functions for scrolling a window vertical and horizontal. The functions should make it possible to ensure that the user is at the upper left corner of the window.

209866 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_036:

Add to the Global Search, ability to replace text and compile.

209867 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_030:

There is no way to use the PB structure painters (local or global) to add comments about each element in a structure. Having comments would in many cases be used to provide embedded documentation (like we can with most other things in PB) for users of the structure. Note: Comments can actually be in the source files for structures and the compiler handles them properly but the structure painters do not allow them.

209868 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_029:

Add a 'Default Checkout PBL' property to the application object. When the Library:Source:Checkout dialogue box opens, that library would be the one selected. This will save programmers many minutes navigating to a directory and library, which, for each application, is ALWAYS the same.

209869 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_027:

Support ByReference Variables in OCX Controls. Currently, you can call OCX functions and reference OCX Attributes when the OCX is placed on a window. However, PowerBuilder does not support OCX variables by reference. You can declare them to be ByRef, but they are in fact ByValue. You can prove this by calling a function in the OCX which updates a variable -- you can see the updated value in MS Access, for example, but not in PowerBuilder.

209870 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_025:

Need to have the pborca.lib and pborca.h files distributed for PowerBuilder 7.0.

209871 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_024:

Create a new SaveAs option called ExcelFormatted! This will save the report to Excel *and* format the spreadsheet to really look like the report.

209872 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_016:

In the Datawindows, text object have a transparent property, but static text has not got that property at window painter. Also you can not draw a line on the pictures , it always goes behind the objects. It is not like that at datawindows also... And Group box objects are not containers of the objects which are in the group boxes. They are only for radio buttons, or check boxes.They should be a container also.

209873 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_008:

PB should allow auto-retrive of DDDW selectability (on/off).

209874 ISUG Enhancement Request e15_001:

PB should allow for better drag and drop support in PB painters including: a) move/copy functions + events between objects b) expendable ancestor code window c) ancestry drill through when selecting scripts for debugging.

209877 PFC Documentation on listviews u_lvs
Due to complying to Microsoft listviews, the RButtonUp event does no longer fire when
a user rightclicks on an item in a listview.
209921 When the Datatype Double is being used without the exponential notation and used in a relational operation to compare "decimal like numbers", the compiled machine code executable behaves differently than in development environment (or in pbd's).

Obviously a PBD application works ok.
1.) For relational operations there is no type promotions ie. datatypeconversions (page 79. Powerscript Reference 1) Hence if you would convert both values to Double using Double() and than compare works fine.
2.) If there should be decimals compared, use the datatype of Decimal ie. Decimal cd_small = 0.005
Comparing the decimals also works fine.
3.) Double values are Numeric literals with a decimal point and explicit exponent ie. double cd_small = 5.0E-4 (see page 79 table).

209938 The SQL Painter always terminates the generated SQL with ';' without regard to the designated SQL teminator.
209939 Enhancement. CR165824 added a visible horizontal line that appears after each page (a page being described as the height of the datawindow control). This was a change in behavior in 6.5.1 and above.
209942 Auto-horizontal scroll property does not work with column objects of numeric datatypes (number or decimal)
209943 The HTML Datawindow does not show the sort button when previewed in the datawindow painter or when deployed. (This assumes you "Check" the HTML DW attribute before rendering the output and when saving the datawindow)
209952 Customer has code to continually populate a treeview, adding on children as the user expands items. It worked using 6.5, but migrated to 7.0, the code does not populate the treeview. It *appears* that the value of children = true is ignored. When the treeview comes up in 6.5, there are pluses next to the items to indicate that they can be expanded. Using 7.0, this is not the case.
209955 Saving a datawindow to Excel 5 format using the SaveAs() function. When used in Excel, unable to copy the contents of the spreadsheet to a new workbook; Excel '97 will crash. Copying into the existing workbook appears to be fine.
209959 Calling a pb com object from c++ causes
error. C++ can't find the pb com object.

Customer says it worked ok in pb 5.0.04.

209977 When a nested datawindow contains a dddw, using getfullstate()/setFullState() failed to display the 'display
column' of the dddw, it only showed the 'data column'
209980 In the database painter, when trying to create a new column copying the
attributes of an existing one, doesn't copy the extended attributes and the
source column loses their attributes too.
209985 When using the print services of pfc and you change
the printer from default, the copies will still print to the default printer even
though you changed the printer in the print dialog box.
209989 7.0 Regression. Migrated datawindows with column names > 40 characters hang in PB 7.0 when opening in the datawindow painter. The painter limited you somewhat in 6.5 but the painter itself sometimes creates JOIN names that could exceed 40 characters which migrate to 7.0 but cause the painter to hang.
210031 After depolying a component from PB, then try to modify the UO, PB will crash, if the uo is calling the external function "JagGetUserName" from Jaguar.
workaround: Restart PB before opening the UO after deploying.
210036 In the DataWindow painter, if you specify an ObjectName (HTML Generation Tab) for HTML Datawindow generation, save it, and then delete the name again, the HTML generated is invalid.
210038 Oracle 8.0.x does not support NON-Blocking mode so the Async DBPArm was removed from the PB 7.0 interface for Oracle 8. Powerbuilder actually had ASYNC for the PB Oracle 8.x driver for PB 7.0 but the support had to be taken it out due to Oracle's API not supporting it.

The Oracle 8.1.5 now supports NON-Blocking mode so the support can be re-added to the PB 7.x codeline.

The support for ASYNC using the PBO84 driver is already implemented in Powerbuilder 8.0.

210073 Global function with 16 string array arguments and an additional string argument created. If you try to open it after doing the initial save, PowerBuilder will crash. Probable duplicate of bug 193870.
210097 DataWindow date EditMask shows keyboard entered NULL date (e.g. 00.00.00) incorrectly. The NULL date is shown in the Editmask as a date (e.g. 01.01.00) for datetime column - related to 201595 and 208484, but here with datetime column instead of date column.
210105 The New PFC DLL PFCCOM32.DLL which includes re-written routines for calling print functionality. With HP 4 drivers, this seems to work correctly in most cases. Using specifically the HP 4050 driver, invoking the function call to the DLL (used by PFC) causes a GPF "The instruction at "0x77c0dd0e" referenced memory at "0x00160000". The memory could not be read.
210126 Setting the return code to 1 in the itemchanged event
does not appear to affect the outcome of the event in a grid dw. Once
you enter data in a cell and then click to a cell that is text or a computed field,
focus changes to that cell. With a return code of 1 focus should not be allowed
to changed.
210144 Powerbuilder 7 against ASA .The predefined edit-styles of type date are not always available in the datawindow painter for a date column. Only every second column in a sequence shows the right available edit styles.

Use the Style Type "Editmask" instead of the default value "Edit" and select the date mask from the selections which comes up when pressing the > button to the right of the MASK field.

210152 Problems with datawindow 3 state checkbox : checkbox locks up if two data values have the same value

Workaround: Use diffent datavalues or use a 2 state checkbox to save wo different states.

210172 7.0 Regression. Creating a datawindow in syntax mode with a SQL statement going against SQL Server 7.0 or Sybase 11.5 (could be others) causes a GPF in PBSQL70.DLL or KERNEL32.DLL when you go from design mode to SQL painter after the datawindow is created when logged on as a non-dbo user and you are using a table alias.

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
select a.au_lname from authors as a <- GPFs
select a.au_lname from dbo.authors as a <- works OK.

Sybase SQL Server 11.5
select a.au_lname from authors a <- GPFs
select a.au_lname from dbo.authors a <- OK

Since these datawindows are normally migrated, it's unreasonable to work around this by stripping off the dbo.

210175 7.0 Regression. Edit Styles of type date not shown in property sheets for date columns if the columns in the select statement are in an EVEN position. For example:

If you build a datawindow with the following select statement:

Select start_date, end_date, termination_date from employee

Only the 1st and 3rd columns will show all the edit styles of type "date". The second column "end_date" will not show any date edit styles the user has defined in the database.

210176 When a column has a edit style of type edit mask (for example, ###-###-####)
and you delete the data in the column the edit mask does not format properly.
It will show (-- ) instead of ( - - ). Happens with a editmask of type string.

When you first insert a row to a table, the editmask appears properly ( - - ). Problem
only happens if you delete the data in the column, than editmask doesn't function

Works ok in PB 6.5.1 (build 1127). Does not appear to be db specific.

210180 GetChanges/SetChanges after update of server ds, corrupts client dw.
210211 Cosmetic Problem : Displays incorrect icon to indicate dw Format property has an expression.
If a valid expression is in the Format property, the green equal sign/ symbol/ icon is not displayed. The red equal sign with slash through it is displayed instead.
210212 PB7.x datawindow PREVIEW tab : Computed field displays expression contained in the Format property.
In PB7.x computed field should display as blank values or best-fit format values(as expected from PB6.x behaviour) when there exists a Format property expression for this object.

Instead the Format expression for this computed field is visible in the datawindow preview section.

210216 Problem synchronizing modification of expression when brand new expression entered

PB7.x datawindow saves Format property expression when in expression dialog window. However expression is displayed in the dw painter entry after the object has lost focus.

210218 Problem synchronizing modification of expression for pre-existed expression
PB7.x datawindow saves Format property expression when in expression dialog window.

However if expression is modified then this is saved but not displayed in the dw painter entry.

However expression is not displayed in the dw painter entry till the object has lost focus to a different object and then focus returned to the computed object.

210223 String arguments and return values from PB-generated COM objects are incorrect when they include german, hebrew, or french characters > Ascii 127.
210226 Enhancement. Update Characteristics dialog. Confusing GUI.

Confusing area of the Rows/Update screen of the datawindow. Unfortunately, due to the placement of the "Key and Modified" in the "Where Clause for Update/Delete" groupbox, developers assume there is a linkage between this 'Key and Modified" selection and the "Updateable Columns" listbox below it since this is indeed the case for the "Key Columns" and "Key and Updateable Columns" radio button selections.

We should NOT leave this listbox selectable in this case.

NOTE: If the user does select "Key and Modified", they must realize this is an advanced feature of the datawindow and they must control item statuses of modified columns in script (setitemstatus) in order to keep them from showing up in the WHERE clause if they should not be included.

210240 When creating a series graph and changing the font size (autosize unchecked) PB crashes when right clicking on the design view. 4/27/2000: Verified fixed in 7.0.02 build 8026 and after.
210245 run this app, it will display a window with a button entitled 'Go'. Press Go. The counter will go up to 8190 and then you will get the 'Out of memory' error. Essentially what the code is doing is executing a
datastore.Describe(Evaluate) within a loop and updating the counter each time through. After 8190 iterations, it gives the error.
210251 There is a 12K to 18K memory leak each time the Powerscript Run function is called on NT 4.0.
210256 DropDowns on ActiveX datawindow may appear behind browser if browser is moved downwards, minimized and then restored.
- DropDowns may appear to be inactive
210267 include A1 or A2 paper size in the properties of the dw (in the painter) or by using modify for a dw object. At the moment the propertie <DW Control Name>.Object.DataWindow.Print.Paper.Size does not include this.
210268 PB 7 Print item disabled in the menu painter. Not able to print menu definition.
This was possible in prior releases.
210270 Html dw doesn't support differnt background colors in the differnt bands.
210273 PB Version and Build: PB 7.0, 7.01
DB/DLL: Docs (CD, Sybooks, printed manual)

Comments: Powerbuilder User Guide wrongly describes date editmask behaviour (it is actually describing the date EDIT edit style behaviour)

The manual says the following for the date edit mask behaviour:
<< A nonzero number in the first position of dd, mm, hh, ss, or mm (minutes) followed by the delimiter character, will cause the typed digit to be preceded by 0.
For example, typing 1/1/97 results in 01/01/97. >>

Actual behaviour in PB 7 is
Typing a '/' jumps to next section of date (from dd to mm or from mm to yy) leaving whatever is in the second digit untouched (0 or non-zero)

For example, typing 1/1/97 results in 10/10/97.
Being an EDITMASK you should not need to type in the '/'

The description in the manual is actually describing the behaviour of a date EDIT edit style and not the date EDITMASK edit style.

210277 When setting a display format with a european date format eg. German in a HTML datawindow the wrong datesequence in the HTML gets generated.

-for the Usage in a Browser-Jaguar environment is as follows:
The generate() method in the server component(HTMLGenerator) of the DataWindow packeage needs to be modified. Clearly if an already customized version is being used the cust. version needs modification.
Basically the wrong variable values for the date sequence need to be replaced by the ones for the intended date sequence.
As an example the values for the German sequence is
var DW_PARSEDT_monseq = 1;
var DW_PARSEDT_dayseq = 0;
var DW_PARSEDT_yearseq = 2;
so the code for the generate method would look like this:

string ls_result

if ib_trace then of_log_enter("Generate()")

ls_result = ids_datastore.Describe("DataWindow.Data.HTML")
// This is the date order without modification
//var DW_PARSEDT_monseq = 0;
//var DW_PARSEDT_dayseq = 1;
//var DW_PARSEDT_yearseq = 2;
// This should be the date order for German date sequence
//var DW_PARSEDT_monseq = 1;
//var DW_PARSEDT_dayseq = 0;
//var DW_PARSEDT_yearseq = 2;
string DW_PARSEDT_monseq ="DW_PARSEDT_monseq = 0" //Month-String to be found
string DW_PARSEDT_dayseq ="DW_PARSEDT_dayseq = 1" //Day-string to be found
string DW_PARSEDT_monseq_new ="DW_PARSEDT_monseq = 1" //Replacement for default month
string DW_PARSEDT_dayseq_new ="DW_PARSEDT_dayseq = 0" //Replacement for default day settings

long position

position = pos(ls_result, DW_PARSEDT_monseq ) //Gets the variable position in the html code

ls_result = Replace ( ls_result, position, 21, DW_PARSEDT_monseq_new )

position = pos(ls_result, DW_PARSEDT_dayseq ) //Gets the variable position in the html code

ls_result = Replace ( ls_result, position, 21, DW_PARSEDT_dayseq_new )

if ib_trace then of_log_exit("Generate(), length = " + String(Len(ls_result)))


return ls_result

210278 Decimal digits (scale) are truncated for numeric argument of a DataWindow Update Stored Procedure
210279 When creating a new composite DW with PowerBuilder 7 you will get an application error if the total number of characters in the list of available DWs is greater than 4000.
210303 Using an NVO that contains a PUBLIC structure. If you use CREATE to create the instance of the user object, you can modify the structure members from outside the object. However, if you use SharedObjectRegister() / SharedObjectGet(), you cannot modify the structure members from outside the object. In both cases, you can modify non-structure variables from outside the NVO.
210334 The profiler exe GPFs in PBVM60.DLL in all views (Trace, Class, Routine) in 6.5 (with a built EXE using w_starttrace from profiler.pbl) and in 7.0 in PBVM70.DLL in the development environment reading certain .pbp files.
(7.0 integrates all profiling in the development environment where 6.5 uses a separate profiler.exe tool)

In 6.5, you can see specific views crash in different places (Constructing Display) but always in PBVM60.DLL though. In 7.0, no UI is shown so after choosing a type of Profiling, it GPFs in a few seconds.

210354 Powerbuilder crashes in the dw painter after you connect
to informix 7 thru jds and you select a stored procedure.
210375 When using the "commit using transactionobject;" statement in a script a small memory leak can be observed in the task manager. Problem occurs in the informix native driver IN7. Calling the statement in a loop can cause a gpf when reaching the memory limit.

No workaround - suggestions:
-Use Informix ODBC driver instead, if possible.
-Do not commit in a long running loop, ie. don't commit too often, eg commit after every 100 iterations.

210385 PowerBuilder is not releasing memory from datastore during aplication execution when connected
to Informix db.
This is a problem in both PB development and runtime environments with Informix db only.
Testing indicates that PB datastores and Informix db (with ODBC or native drivers) are
the drawbacks.
210402 PB Version and Build: Builds 6.5.1042 onwards. Same behaviour in PB 7.0 GA onwards

Datawindow which uses ShareData with a datastore/datawindow fires RowFocusChanged event when:

1) ShareDataOff() is called
2) Whenever a row is deleted (regardless of the current row ie even if it is row 1 - see below)
3) If DeleteRow() is called and there are NO rows in the dw

Above behaviour is only true for DW using ShareData with dw/ds
Above behaviour changed in PB 6.5 build 1042 onwards. Did not happen with earlier builds

210408 First occurrence of problem in PB701_7021 EBF (EA Studio 3.0.1 Maintenance release)
Crosstab datawindow is unstable when expressions are defined for the properties AND
if there has only been one crosstab build for it.
Once the crosstab dw is rebuilt after the initial creation, then the problem goes away.

(A rebuild is only possible by modifying the SQL statement e.g. adding another column,
changing the WHERE clause.) PB issues a message after SQL painter modification :
'The action just taken has forced the preview view to be rebuilt. You may need to re-retrieve
your data.'

210427 There is a PB memory leak for datastore after disconnect from an Informix db.
210430 DDDW property change causes problems with filter buffers
Workaround 1 - reretrieve before setting second filter
Workaround 2 - take filter off before setting color
210433 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select MSS driver conversion from float to Powerscript decimal causes error:
float conversion attempt failed, the source is invalid - selecting into double works fine
210436 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select MSS driver conversion from real to PowerScript decimal does not show decimal separator
210437 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select SYC driver conversion from decimal to PowerScript double cuts off the digits after the comma
210439 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select SYC driver conversion from decimal to PowerScript real; cuts off the digits after the comma
210440 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select SYC driver conversion from numeric to PowerScript double cuts off the digits after the comma
210442 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select SYC driver conversion from numeric to PowerScript real cuts off the digits after the comma
210443 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select SYC driver conversion from float to PowerScript decimal sets decimal separator incorrectly
210445 When decimal separator is comma embedded SQL select SYC driver conversion from real to PowerScript decimal sets decimal separator incorrectly
210446 Wants to be able to copy = even when the source datawindow includes a timestamp column. If you use this syntax with most datawindow objects, it works perfectly well. If you do it with a datawindow which includes a timestamp column, you get an error message that there is a type mismatch.

Originally called in as a bug, but here is the evaluation from development:

This is a behavior. We do not support timestamp columns for this operation. Why?
The reason we do not support it is when we are setting the target data we are setting DW column data types from PB data types ... or at least types known to the object manager.

In the statement:
lds_2.dataobject = lds_1.dataobject
we do not really copy the dataobject as a block but as parts (objects) the object manager can recognize. Each row/column in turn is copied from one to the other in object manager representation to data window representation and there is no corresponding obj_mgr timestamp type.

Likewise; obj_mgr types of data of; bool, binary and char are unsupported as are obj class values and any obj_mgr data which is more than a single value.

210489 The CreateFrom function crashes on

numeric and decimal columns passed in an ADOResultset

from a VB COM server.

Workaround :

select the column as a string, for example:

select convert(varchar(23), salary)

instead of select salary

210511 ORCA regenerated Pcode EXE will experience run-time errors and machine code exe will not build correctly if they contain an UPDATE/DELETE WHERE CURRENT OF CURSOR clause. This was because ORCA
applications do not have a database connection and the powerscript compiler would only generate the correct
PCODE if the database you are currently connected to indicates support for updatable cursors.

The pcode exe appears to build fine but causes a runtime error at the update where current of cursor statement: " The instruction at '0x112db729' referenced memory at '0x00000038'. The memory could not be read."

There is no such problem in the development environment if you regenerate the application while connected to a database server that supports updatable cursors.

210556 6.5 EBF Regression. The page() function returns incorrect page # in a tabular or group datawindow that contains a nested report in the detail band. The page() function returns only ODD page numbers, so it would number page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 as page 1,3,5,7,7,7,7.

Broken around 6.5 build 1112.

A partial fix went into 6.5 1155 and 7.0.2 8014 for print preview but the printed output still has the problem.

210557 Tag values are missing for columns when crosstab datawindows are switched to staticmode.
210578 The table painter does not display the next level of the treeview for table "Users". Instead, it shows "<empty>".
210585 Datawindow/HTMLGenerator component in Jaguar constructs updates differently for radio buttons from a Netscape browser. When using Netscape 4.x browser and making a change to either a radio button or check box, the update is not being propogated correctly to the database. If the datawindow is redisplayed, it does not retain the change. Radio buttons work correctly from an IE browser but checkboxes do not work from this browser either.
210596 7.0 Regression. GPF when doubleclicking on a datawindow column and slowly moving cursor (but not clicking) outside same column to the border after waiting for the timer event to fire at least once.

This only happens if there is a timer event on the window.

210601 Just in time debugging will give an application error if the script contains a null object reference.
210621 PB crashes on a disconnect from WordPerfect Oleobject.
Problem happens after the second or third time running app (without closing pb down).
Happens in development and runtime. Using WordPerfect 8.0. WordPerfect document
opens successfully first and second time until PB crashes.

Crashes with the following error:
An application error has occurred and an application error log is being generated
for pb70.exe
Exception Access Violation (0xc0000005) address 0x78001628

Using the following code:
oleobject lole_document
lole_document = create oleobject
destroy lole_document

210625 Line graph starting from a point not suported by data points.
Verified fixed in 6.5 1229, 7.0.2 9023, and 8.0 2036
210643 ODBC: If you have multiple foreign keys (e.g, 12) from child table to the parent - In database painter
only the first six foreign keys show up. The sixth foreign key contains the remaining 6 keys that did not show.
210649 When creating a dw object in the dw painter using the
JDS driver, pb gives the following error when the data source is a stored procedure:

Cannot create DataWindow
'Internal Error: No ResultSet. The command did not produce any Resultset.
1 execute dbo.getTCWUsersSPHtml;1'

Using ASE 11.9.2 as a the sqlserver.

210662 Observed behavior in all versions of PB 7.0 tested ( 5031, 6012, 7021 and 7022) Edit mask of mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yy, when you highlight a date, hit the backspace key or the delete key it zeros out the date to 00/00/0000 or 00/00/00. When you then hit the Tab key when you have previously hit the delete key the value stays as 00/00/0000 and gets updated to the database as Null but when you previously hit the Backspase key and you tab out the previous value is restored and also remains in the database.

In PB 6.5 and 6.5.1 the value would remain all zeroes after tabbing out regardless of whether the delete or backspace key had been used to clear the column.

UPDATE: 01/14/2000
This also occurs with all EditMasks regardless of type.

210668 Connected thru ASE 11.9.2 thru the jds driver will
produce the following error:

Internal Error : No ResultSet. the command did not produce any ResultSet.

Problem happens when using Stored Procedure as a datasource for a datawindow and
returns a value.

Works ok with syc.

Running the app the first time also produce the following error:
Stored Procedure 'getTCWUsersPHtml' may be run only in unchained transaction
mode. The 'SET CHAINED OFF' command will cause the current session to use
unchained transaction mode.
Used the following command to turn off error:
Set Chained Off

Or use
sp_procxmode "getTCWUsersPHtml", "anymode"

210699 Under certain conditions, a datawindow button that brings up a modal dialog, response window or messagebox - through a script in the buttonclicked event - will look "depressed" or "clicked" after you dismiss the modal dialog and the mouse is moved back over the button.
210703 Deactivate/ Destructor events not fired when refreshing PB service component
210707 The original column value is lost by PowerBuilder when the column's status is altered from DataModified! to NotModified! using function SetItemStatus().
210710 Getting error when trying to connect to Oracle 8i
using the o84 driver. The o84 driver is looking for Oracle 8i

Workaround: Create a symbolic link called and point it to

210722 Proxy objects show as Windows objects in list Objects view in project painter
210726 Enhancement request. Provide an option when printing User Objcet Info to print the info of nested objects.
210731 PB 7.0 Regression: Deleting column from extermal datawindow causes data corruption
210732 After you save data to an "excel5" format using the saveas
powerscript function and you copy and paste data from that saved file into a new
worksheet, excel will crash. Works ok when you copy and paste data to the
same worksheet. Problem only happens when you open a new worksheet and
paste to it.

If data is saved to an "excel" format and than you copy and paste data from that
file into a new worksheet, than no problem.

210735 Internal CORBA system error received retrieving image data through cached connection managed by Jaguar Connection Management.
210782 DOC Update: Correct usage of accelerator keys on window controls. When the current object is *NOT* a DropDownListBox, ListBox, MultiLineEdit, or SingleLineEdit, the clicked event will be performed on a control if you press the accelerator key for the control (you don't need ALT-<accelerator>.
210786 Columns don't show in the ddlb in the dw wizard for
category, values and series when creating a graph dw in the dw painter and
you selected "convert to syntax".

If the datasource was left in graphical mode, than columns show in ddlb's in
the dw wizard.

Works ok in PB 6.5.1 (build 1137).

210789 Enhancement. PBDIR, ODBC support for old TableCriteria format (pseudo WHERE clause could be used for table list) from the native PB 5.0 PBIBM050.DLL driver (no longer supported). 7.0 now doesn't have the granularity of 5.0 in terms of limiting (or selectively showing) table lists.

The PBDIR driver now uses the Sybase sp_tables procedure which limits us to allowing just wildcards like percent "%".

Users can look at sp_tables and see how it handles the 4 arguments. One argument "@table_name" is only 32 characters and is not used directly for WHERE clause generation as in was 5.0.

210792 Structure painter displays structure variable names with trailing space padding
210818 When you have an action of "edit" for a painter function in
the to do list and you either doubleclick on that task or right mouse click and
select "go to link", a warning message appears saying that it could not find
that function.

Could not find the function f_xxxxxx ( ) returns (none)

The painter will open but it doesn't necessary take you to the script of that function.

210842 App error in window painter if all views are pinned, closed and re-opened.
210855 DataWindows with Outer Joins may have incorrect database column associationed with column objects and may rename column objects when modifying the SQL and returing to the DataWindow painter.
210931 Affects: 7.0 Builds 7021, 7022, 7023
ENTER key does not work with MLE control when control loses focus and regains it by the TAB key. If the mouse is used to lose/gain focus, the key will continue to work.
210948 PB client using disconnectserver doesn't appear to
be disconnecting from Jaguar. In the Jaguar Manager under Runtime
Monitoring/Network/iiop, session number doesn't decrement after
disconnect. Connecttoserver does increase the session number. Only
way to decrement the session number is to close out of pb or exit out of
the exe app entirely.

Disconnectserver isn't disconnecting from jaguar. Return code returns success.

210960 Connect to DB2/UDB fails with pbjds70.dll when running app via running man or if pbnocatalog=yes with error:
[IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0611E Invalid column name. SQLSTATE=S0022.

Workaround in Dev environment is to use the pbcat tables. In runtime there is no workaround.

210982 The Null date in an edit mask control is interpreted as 01/01/2000
This happens regardless of the date separator (dot, slash..)
210983 Tested with PB 5.0.04 EBF 4
An invalid date (example 01/00/0000) interpreted as 01/01/2000
211010 Regression from PB 6.5.1. DropDownListBox appears to have a limit to the number of characters it can contain. Regardless of number of items the limit seems to be around 992. In PB 6.5.1 3000 characters were saved without any problems.

When saving past this limit an error is encountered and you are unable to save. The error is as follows:

Library: D:\Tempdj\ISSUES\Jordan\jordan.pbl
Object: w_1
ddlb_1 Class Declaration
(0015): Error C0037: Unclosed quoted string
(0015): Error C0031: Syntax error

211047 If you have the following Swedish characters in a deployed HTML DW, they are displayed as garbage:

邃� 拍�

The characters appear as normal in the development environment.

211070 Computed field using retrieval argument not working after SetFullState of a crosstab datawindow
211072 While in the script painter highlight a section of text menu/edit/replace/ check 'search selection only' pressing replace all , the whole line in which the replaceable characters are will be replaced or with replace nothing happens.
211086 When executing a stored procedure in the db painter
using jds and connected to informix, the following error will result:

(0001:) C0195: Method can only be called once

Stored procedure will execute and give a result set in db painter. Also stored procedure
will work using the following embedded sql:

declare proctest procedure for testjdbc;
execute proctest;
fetch proctest into :ls_string;

211136 The Oracle 7.3 native driver to a 7.3 database using the Oracle 8i client software GPFs in PBO7360.DLL when trying to connect with any version of Powerbuilder 6.0 or 6.5. The version shown for OCIW32.DLL is (from February 17, 1999) and the DLL list shows 1.0.05. Seems to work fine with 7.0
211175 Memory is not freed before objects are destroyed when copying data between DataWindow controls with dot notation
211182 When the script contains words with umlaute, the specified search pattern is not found.

Check the checkbox 'Regular Expression' and the word containing umlaute can be found.

211190 This is a regression of CR 192780
211218 Documentation. Using the SYC (native Sybase driver), you get errors creating datawindows with simple UNIONs as shown below. This doesn't happen if you turn ModifySyntax OFF (ModifySyntax=0) in the DBPARM. The option is on the Syntax Tab "Optimize Syntax for prepare". We should update the ModifySyntax doc to include both references to Subselects causing this and UNIONS too.

SELECT employee.emp_id,
FROM employee
WHERE employee.emp_id < 120
SELECT employee.emp_id,
FROM employee
WHERE employee.emp_id > 1120
ORDER BY employee.emp_id

211223 A Jaguar component uses SyntaxFromSQL to create a dw definition, retrieve data, and return it all in a blob to the client application. This is successful when done using a Jaguar server running on NT but not on Solaris. On solaris, data is returned but no the datawindow formatting (column headers, etc.). Also successfull when done directly from the client application to the db.
211239 The PowerBuilder VM does not handle marshalling correctly for IDL union types, for example
CtsComponents::PropertyValue in Jaguar 3.5.

** This issue must be addressed so that PowerBuilder clients and components will be able
to access the new Message Service component. **

211252 PowerBuilder does not return an error, but hangs and eventually causes an access violation when executing an Oracle stored procedure with the o84 driver and the user doesn't have execute rights on the procedure. This happens on Dynamic SQL and DECLARE PROCEDURE - an RPC correctly returns an error. Driver o73 also returns an error.
211256 PB cannot pass array argument to OCX control when OCX is expecting argument of type VARIANT ARRAY. You will get the error message:
PB App Error R0035
Error calling external object function <function>..............
211266 6.5 build 444 Regression. Retrieval of a serial type column in 6.5 and up comes back zeros or the wrong number. This doesn't happen with the native PBIN7060.DLL driver.

This is also broken in 7.0 up through 7.0.1 build 6012.

User should change PBODB60.INI to the following:

211308 One handle is leaking when connecting/disconnect from a database
- affects PBSYC, PBO84 drivers

1) Declare a global or instance variable as appropriate:
ulong hLib

2) Declare local external functions for the following windows API calls:
Function ulong LoadLibraryA(string dllname) Library "kernel32.dll"
Function boolean FreeLibrary(ulong hLibrary) Library "kernel32.dll"

3) During application open (or object constructor), issue the following:
hLib = LoadLibraryA("PBSYC70.DLL")

4) During application close (or object destructor), issue the following:
boolean bFree
bFree = FreeLibrary(hLib)

Our testing indicates that the memory and handle leak is associated with all of the following DLLs being removed from the process address space when the PBSYC70.DLL reference count goes to 0. This usually happens when a PB app issues a disconnect. As you can see, there's more than just PBSYC70.DLL involved. All of the Sybase Open Client DLLs get loaded and removed together with SYC:

0x15E00000 0x6D000 7.00.0001.7007 3/20/00 5:44 AM D:\pb70_ebf\build\nt\PBSYC70.DLL
0x3BE0000 0x4B000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\libct.dll
0x3C30000 0xB000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\libintl.dll
0x10200000 0x55000 4.10.0000.6038 12/21/98 11:26 AM C:\WINNT\System32\MSVCRT40.dll
0x3C40000 0x4B000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\libcomn.dll
0x3C90000 0x1B000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\libtcl.dll
0x3CB0000 0xE000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\libcs.dll
0x77670000 0x15000 4.00.1381.0131 10/15/98 12:04 PM C:\WINNT\System32\MSWSOCK.dll
0x77660000 0xF000 4.00.1381.0037 10/15/98 12:04 PM C:\WINNT\system32\msafd.dll
0x77690000 0x9000 4.00.1381.0037 10/15/98 12:04 PM C:\WINNT\System32\wshtcpip.dll
0x74FF0000 0xD000 4.00.1381.0131 10/15/98 12:04 PM C:\WINNT\System32\rnr20.dll
0x4120000 0x6000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\nlwnsck.dll
0x4130000 0x6000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\nlmsnmp.dll
0x4140000 0x6000 4/28/99 12:34 PM d:\SQL12B~1\dll\nlnwlink.dll

Any one of these may be causing the handle leak, and the ONLY dll that PowerBuilder engineering has any control over is PBSYC70. Our analysis of PBSYC70 indicates no problem with our DLL. What this does is keep all of these DLLs in the process address space for the duration of the application, whether the app is connected to the database or not. The extra LoadLibraryA("pbsyc70.dll") prevents the reference count from ever going to zero on a PB disconnect.

With this workaround in place, leak handle will be leaked when the application is closed, but should not leak handles and memory for each database connect/disconnect.

211311 In previous version of PowerBuilder the control list displays both visible and invisible controls. In PB 7.0, the control list displays invisible controls only if the show invisible controls painter option is turned on.
211312 Many Datastores use up resources and crash when plenty of memory available.
Per development: Not a bug. Datastores use visual resources too, and they may run out before memory does. Windows gives a generic "Out of memory" for either case. Workaround: In dataobjects used exclusively for datastores make columns invisible if resources are a concern.
211347 New Feature Request:
In case you get corrupt pbl's, you cannot open the library anymore and gets a GPF in pbvm70.dll. Ct would like to get a utility that will allow to repair them. Other tools like winzip etc. reporting a problem if they detect corruption.
211445 In PB7 DecimalSeparator,DelimitIdentifier is not working for Informix DB.
See Techdoc document #47934:
" ... in PB 6.5.1 we added some DBparm parameters for the Informix native driver.
These enhancements are NOT currently part of the PowerBuilder 7.0 release...."
211449 DW SaveAs in Excel5 format over the network is much slower

workaround: use Excel format

211453 When a edit mask is associated with a column such as
a date, ssn or phone number, pb does not skip over the '/' , '-', '.'. You have to
reposition the cursor after the '/' or '-' and continue entering the data.

For example if you enter in a ssn with a edit mask of xxx-xx-xxxx. You can enter
in the first 3 numbers but pb does not skip over the dash. You can't type anything
until you reposition the cursor of the 'xx'.

Problem can also be seen using an edit mask control.

211457 DB OLE Column does not activate when there is NULL Data.
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 9010.
211494 Port an application from windows to aix or hp and pb will
crash when trying to open dw painter.

Works ok on Solaris. Works ok if application and dw were created on unix.
Application will run on aix and hp ok. Problem is when opening dw painter.

211533 Assigning a huge text to a static text control on an external dw and saving the dw as htmltable! with the saveas() function causes a access violation.

workaround: use a computed field instead a static text and assign the text as to the expression of the computed field.

211536 DW,Editmask control: For a number field choose an EditMask like ###,###
Type 123456. It appears correct as 123,456. Then highlight it and type it again.
The comma will not appear until pressing BACKSPACE. -> Inconsitent behaviour.
211537 Datastore Retrieve function when connected using SYJ driver leads to memory leak
211542 When using Web DW component, PBL is locked preventing datawindow updates (overwriting an existing datawindow with another) when the system is "LIVE". This CR contains a proposed modification that has not yet been implemented in the main code line.

In the PBL PBDWRMT.PBL, normally in the "Code Examples\HTMLDW\ directory in the install, in the object 'n_remote_datawindow' and the user object function SetDWObject(). Change the existing case statement to include a specific one for PBLs.

case "PBL"
string ls_syntax
if ib_trace then of_log("Doing PBL")
ls_syntax = LibraryExport(as_sourceFileName, as_dwObjectName, ExportDataWindow!)
if ls_syntax <> "" then
if this.Create(ls_syntax) = "" then
li_result = 1
end if
end if

case "PBD" // was case "PBL", "PBD"

The old code actually assigned a datawindow dataobject from the PBL. This assignment causes the PBL to be locked in READONLY mode preventing a developer from saving changes to an existing dataobject or overwriting the PBL once the system is "LIVE". This happens to a lesser extent in Client/Server.

The default behavior is to lock the PBL/PBD once a data object is assigned from it to a datawindow control or datastore.

211549 Enhancement. Currently, Powerbuilder has WordCap() for datawindow painter expressions only. It would be nice if this was exposed in the Powerscript too.
211551 New Powerbuilder 7.0 function GetLibraryList() documentation missing from on-line help and Powerscript reference books. Should be something like:


Return Value:
String. In development, GetLibraryList() returns a comma separated current library file list that includes the full path nmes to the PBLs. At runtime, the list includes the executable name and full path as the first item with the PBD files, if any, in a comma separated list.

211553 6.0 Regression. Large number of rows retrieved or large imports from text files into a datawindow give misleading 'Out of Memory' error BEFORE all virtual memory is exhausted. In 5.0, the datawindow would continue to retrieve and use up all Virtual Memory. In 6.0, sometimes 200MB of Virtual Memory on NT 4.0 is left when Powerbuilder shuts down with an 'Out of Memory' error.

This problem has been fixed in builds after Dec/20/1999 in PBVM60/70.DLL. The fix for CR203026 also solved this 'Out of Memory' problem.

Fixed in the following builds:
6.5 build 1098

7.0.2 ebf builds > 8011. This was not fixed in 7.0.2 Maintenance build 8003 or 8011.

211569 CreateFrom() with an ADO resultset (not created with GenerateResultSet()), returns -5 using MS ODBC driver for Oracle driver, or crashes PB with ASA

RESOLUTION: Use the following workaround:

datastore ds_local

OLEObject Con, Cmd, Rec

ADOresultset lrs_ADOresultset

Eec = CREATE OLEObject

Con = CREATE OLEObject

lrs_ADOresultset = CREATE ADOResultSet


Con.Open ("DSN=EAS Demo DB V9;UID=dba;PWD=sql")

Cmd.ActiveConnection = Con


Rec.Open("SELECT id, fname,lname FROM customer", Con, 3) -> number 3 is adOpenStatic



211588 After a page is made invisible on a tab control or a tab userobject the PowerTipText is still visible.
211622 When creating or opening a descendant object an ancestor object in the painter, there is an execution error R0023 - "Cannot assign object of type cb_1 to variable of type cb_1 at line 3 in create event of object uo_1"
or "Cannot assign object of type cb_1 to variable of type cb_1 at line 3 in create event of object uo_1".

It generally references a simple object in nested in the custom visual user object.

This also can happen running a window containing a user object (custom visual usually) in the development environment.

The problem happens in 6.5 build 1102 and 7.0 Build 7021. It worked in 6.5 build 1094 and 7.0 build 7017.

It is fixed in the builds after March 30th, 2000 in 7.0.

211625 OLE Automation connecting to Excel 97. Opening a sheet and running a macro that sets a NumberFormat for all selected cells.In Excel, the macro works fine. Calling from PB, the format is set incorrect. In VB works fine.

Excel Macro:
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Example Macro for Woraround demonstration
Selection.NumberFormat = _
"_(* #.##0\.00_);_(* (#.##0\.00);_(* """"-""""??_);_(@_)"
End Sub

Set the NumberFormat property from PB using the syntax below:

//The format is an example for an Excel custom format for the range A1 to A2
ole_obj.Application.Range("A1","A2").NumberFormat= '_(* #,##0\.00_);_(* (#,##0\.00);_(* ""-""??_);_(@_)'

This gives the same effect as the macro.

211703 When a menu item is made visible and it has no ToolBarItemName,
then modifying the ToolBarItemName has no effect, it will never appear on the toolbar.

If at design time the ToolBarItemName had a value, then the ToolBarItemName can be
changed at run-time and it will appear on the toolbar.

Putting just one space in the toolbaritemname of the menuitem at design time is sufficient to make it appear dynamically.

211708 The 'dd' portion of a date editmask on a dw column does not allow '3' to be entered unless whole item is selected..
For example if the current displayed date is 09/15/99 and the cursor is at the 1 in the day and you wanted to chnage the day to 30, you cannot enter a 3.
211714 PB Version and Build: 7.0 GA -> 7.02 Catalina

Cannot specify order in which columns for an index are selected when creating a new index.
The index order is a determining performance factor and performance is why you create an index in the first place. This was easily controlable with PB 6.5

211778 If you create a datawindow with retrieval arguments against a database that supports lower case or mixed case and then try to use the datawindow against a database that requries upper case identifiers, you will get an error on the retrieve because the where clause will contain lowercase identifiers.
211805 When designing datawindow object that use the function "stored procedure update" to trigger certain stored procedure, options selected during design time are not being saved correctly. Tested in PB 7.0 build 7024
211806 A stored procedure having output variables while connecting with ODBC cannot be accessed by PowerBuilder. Inconsitant behavior connecting to ASE and ASA.

Using a native connection, it works fine. (ASE).

211832 Edit mask behavior change on integer column edit mask with format #,###,##,0 does not work the same way that it did in build 6012. Created a new external data window (works on any data_window that retrieves an integer)
Created 1 column of type number. Took default for datawindow parameters in the column properties/ format change from default to #,###,##,0
In the column properties/ edit / change style type to edit mask change the mask to be #,###,##,0
In preview, pb puts the zero automatically in the row. If you insert 65, you get a 650 which is expected.
It acts as if the highlight gets replaced by a zero, not overwritten. This did not behave this way using build 6012
211893 Using dot notation to computed field in a nested report does not return the correct values in most cases. The example is a Page() or Pagecount() computed field in the header or footer of a nested report. By using:


(if pageheader is a computed field of "page()" in the header of a nested datawindow)

you can obtain values but this seems to have never worked correctly. In normal and composite reports, it's possible to use the Describe("Evaluate("page()", <row>)") to get the value of a computed field based on a certain detail row. Using a nested report, each parent detail row has a child handle result set that is of type "dwobject" which is not "Describe'able()". This is why dot notation seems to be the only avenue.

Fixed in 6.5 build 1155 and 7.0.2 build 8014, and 8.0 build 1232

January 24, 2000
With the fix to CR210556, dot notation to a computed field on a nested datawindow in a composite or nested report now works correctly. If 'dw_level_1' is a named child/nested datawindow in a composite or nest and "pageheader" and "pagecountheader" are "named" computed fields, you can get the array of values for each row by:

long ll_values[],i,ll_counts[]
// For composite. This works Now for getting an array for each row. You don't need GetChild() and Evaluate()
// anymore
ll_values= dw_1.object.dw_level_1.object.pageheader.primary
ll_counts= dw_1.object.dw_level_1.object.pagecountheader.Primary

Nested: (example shows for FIRST row of nested report - denoted [1] below.
long ll_values[],ll_counts[]
ll_values = dw_1.object.dw_level_1[1].object.pageheader.Primary
ll_counts = dw_1.object.dw_level_1[1].object.pagecountheader.Primary

211932 7.0 Regression. A Global Function used in a datawindow object expression(such as protect attribute of a column) will GPF when that column object is clicked on or the datawindow is repainted causing the global function to fire. Another similar case will GPF when clicking a datawindow button if a computed field that contains a global function is located somewhere on the datawindow (band doesn't matter).

System functions in the datawindow work fine (getrow(), Abs(), Page(), etc), just user-defined global functions are the problem.

211944 6.0 Regression. Printer escape codes no longer work in computed fields. In 5.0.04, you could place a computed field with an embedded print escape sequence such as


to set the type of font to BOLD. In 6.0 and 7.0, it doesn't seem like we're passing these codes directly to the printer when they're embedded in computed fields.
NOTE: PrintSend() still works but requires the use of PrintDatawindow() which does not allow the user any control over the print setup dialog.

211980 A date or datetime editmask will fail with a PB70.exe Application Error of "The instruction at "0x11219615" referenced memory at "0x00000004". The memory could not be read. This occurs when the editchanged event contains an accepttext(). This did not happen in PB 6.5.1.

This was originally reported as an Oracle datetime problem when the editmask was a spin control but it can be reproduced also in Adaptive Server with any date or datetime editmask.

211985 When modifying a column's attribute edit.displayonly and there are no rows in datawindow, inserting a
new row will not enable the first column.

The following sequence will not enable the first column to be updated until another column has been
ll_new_row = dw_1.insertrow(0)

211998 The format of the name returned from GetObjectAtPointer() has changed when pointing at a column heading in a dynamic crosstab datawindow. In PB 7 build 5031 (7.0 GA), the neme was in the format <column name>_<number>_t. In build 7024 it is in the format <column_name>_t_<number>.
212021 A nested report saved as a psr will result in the
"Load of nested report failed" when viewing in a browser. Happens with
Internet Explorer 5.x, Netscape 4.5, and 4.7.

Viewing the psr report in PB 7.x (report painter) appears to view properly.

212055 Nested reports that are in the trailer band of a datawindow
appear to get swapped when viewing a psr thru a browser or thru the report painter.

When viewing thru dw painter/preview, dw appears ok. Save the dw to a psr and view
it thru the report painter or thru a browser and the nested reports are swapped.

Problem happens with Internet Explorer 4.0,5.0, Netscape 4.5 and 4.7.

212081 BlobEdit() GPFs when the data argument is an any variable containing a decimal
212116 PowerBuilder 6.5 and PB7 connecting to DB2/NT 2.1 DB2CLI ODBC Driver

When updating a datawindow with a large number of columns in the where clause,
a crash can occur when using the following parameters in the pbodb60.ini or pbodb70.ini :


212121 Using the OLEDB driver withthe SQLOLEDB provider produces a script compilation error if you use the 'OUT' argument indicator in the declare procedure statement.
212137 Composite DW returns inconsistent results using GetBandatpointer()/Getobjectatpointer(). This seems to be something in the product since these functions were created.
212139 Library Painter GPFs when invoked. Occasionally, the library painter will GPF. Most often this is caused by corrupt settings possibly caused by low resources or some other issues.

Workaround: Go into Regedit, navigate your way through the tree structure into the following key:

You will see a set of values such as:
"PBTV{0 _PL_TVBV_{..."

Doubleclick on the right pane for value associated with Library. When the 'Edit String' dialog comes up, null out the information and save it, then exit Regedit. The next time you use the library painter it will come up in default mode.

It's somewhat related to CR203467 (datawindow painter related) in that it appears to be a parsing problem once the string for this key value gets corrupted but there are probably many ways to get a corruption.

212144 When migrating from PB 4 to 5, Singlelineedit (SLE) fields now have a blank leading spaces in the window SLE control which shifts everything over by one. In some cases, a space has been added to the end of the singlelineedit too causing developers to have to resize their controls after migration.

This happens most often when using TRUE TYPE fonts.

Win95/98 has more blank space at beginning and end; Win NT has only a little blank space at beginning and end.

Development: Some of the size changes is due to the way 3d borders changed from 4.0 to 5.0--this is documented. The remaining size of the control is governed by the operating system and the font, not PowerBuilder. This behavior is expected.

212146 Double-clicking on a picture object that is being programatically moved, the doubleclicked (and Clicked) event does not fire.
212221 Passthru connections via OMNI fail in PB due to warning message 11217
212239 When certain Chinese characters in which the second byte is a ~, update to htmldw will resulted in Corba error and Jaguar will crashes. The test was done in EAS 3.5
212250 Pipeline incorrectly identifies Timestamp column as Char(31) when column is named TimeStamp and the datasource is ODBC
212294 Cannot trigger dw click event on HTMLDW when using Netscape Browser, no problem in IE4 and IE5.

Per Development this is not a PB bug:
Capturing the Click event for a text field in Netscape is impossible. Exhausted all potential workarounds. It seems Netscape is strictly controlling the text field at their level, preventing any kind of interposing--you get a Focus, a Blur, an I-bar cursor, and that's it.

Would suggest customers exploit ItemFocusChanged, RowFocusChanging, RowFocusChanged, etc. instead.

212299 File editor search dialog box does not respond to tab or return keys, but still responds to the mouse.
212332 6.5 EBF/7.0.2 Regression. Crosstab with expression on field causes a GPF in KERNEL32.DLL after retrieval and while building the crosstab. Appears to be a problem in NT 4.0 only. Win98 SE works fine. Other expressions on crosstab columns also cause a GPF (example: a Textcolor expression or a FORMAT expression on "val" of '##0;[RED](##0)' normal for expressions)

The Microhelp says "Building Crosstab".. This happens after the retrieval is complete and while building the crosstab.

Started in 6.5 and 7.0 ebf builds around 9/13/1999.
Fixed in 6.5 1219 and 7.0.2 9015.

212341 Window classes in new IDE are very unpredictable. Script Painter view is
sometimes detectable, sometimes not. Caption of Script Painter is usually
incorrect (showing Constructor instead of the script name shown in the
Rollup Caption). Affects a few external modules I have which rely on the
ability to "read" the IDE. (Source Code reader, ToDo List Wizard etc)

Results confirmed with Watcom SPY.

This is not one which will affect everyday PowerBuilder developers, but affects
3rd party tool developers like myself.

212346 Opening a window on WindowsNT over the network takes twice the time as Windows98
212383 PB Version and Build: PB 7.0 GA and 7.02 (Catalina)

When in the ISQL view in the database painter, click RMB -> Paste special -> From file... select a directory and file. If you later click Menu -> File -> Save as... the save as dialog does not 'remember' the directory you already selected in the earlier 'Paste from file operation. You must select it again.

However if you click Menu -> File -> Save as... select a directory and file. THEN when you click RMB -> Paste special -> From file... the paste from file dialog DOES remember the directory already selected in the earlier 'Save as operation'

The equivalent operation in PB 6 ( 'Save as' and 'Import from file') is more consistant

212401 PowerBuilder 6.5.x should show an error and not give an access violation when selecting tables in the database painter the Database Painter against an Oracle 7 server through o84 driver.
Note: Oracle 7 servers have to be accessed through the o73 driver.
212413 PBLIB70 - Integrate SCC interface with CONTINUUS to allow duplicate object names in various subprojects.
212452 Win95/98 only. If Menu item toolbar text matches title name for FindWindowA call, the application does not open correctly. The example is a menu item script trying to open "calc.exe"

Workaround: Since the menu item toolbar text is "calculator" and is the same name as the Title of "calc.exe", you can workaround this by renaming the menu text and include a space like this -> "calculator ".

212456 Netscape browsers only. Opening a popup type window from the Powerbuilder window plugin causes problems with tabbing through edit fields (SingleLineEdit)'s on the popup window. It seems like the popup window is not using the correct parent window (even if given one). It appears to be using the Netscape browser window as the parent since if you tab from an SLE, it goes to the URL SLE on the Netscape browser. Tabbing from SLE to SLE on a popup window using IE 4.0 or above works fine.
212502 PSE NOTES

OS: Win32
PB Version and Build: 7.0 GA (5039) -> 7.02 build 8009
Declaring object instance variables can give an unhandled exception in PBVM70.DLL when the following combination occurrs:

Any stored procedure (declared as public) followed by...
At least 2 private instance variables the first of which must be initialised to some value ...

Var1 - Initialised. Reproduced with integer, long, real, boolean (not reproduced with dec, date or string)
Var2 - No need to initialise. Reproduced with date, string or decimal (not reproduced with long or integer).

Gives unhandled exception in PBVM70.DLL, for example with Var1 as an int and Var2 a string using 7.02
Instruction at 0x111e8873 ref'd mem at 0x00000001 mem could not be read

An example of a combination of Instance variable declarations which would crash.

DECLARE iproc_dummy PROCEDURE FOR sp_help;

long Var1= 1
string Var2

212510 Using the describe function on Datawindow.Table.CrosstabData
will show only 1 level of info.

Using the following code:
string s_describe
s_describe = "Datawindow.Table.CrosstabData"

According to the documentation crosstabdata should return a string containing
a tab-separated list of the expressions used to calculate the values of columns
in a crosstab Datawindow.

212511 The function SetText() is used to replace text on an edit control with edit style DropDownDW.

For European settings (non-English) e.g. French, Turkish - the problem is that this function strips/ removes space characters when there is a dot char followed by a space char.

DDDW 'Display' values are OK for the following pattern string:-
-dot char(s) with NO space(s) char(s)
-text with space(s) and NO dot char(s)

212558 SCC API connected to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (Version 6.0 build 8163) does not save more than 61 characters for comments.
212561 DOCUMENTATION. DataWindow.table.arguments property not documented (from enhancement 155919) in 7.0 help . This new property brings back a list of datawindow arguments and their datatypes.

It was difficult to parse the datawindow syntax to get a list of retrieval arguments AND TYPES for a datawindow. This often relied on whether the datawindow was in syntax or graphic mode too.

This property can be retrieved independent of how the datawindow is saved (syntax or graphic).

212562 Changing the background color in the pbm_dwnkey event in a datawindow loses the typed character.
212567 Typing an escape in a Window EditMask causes application to halt.
212568 Enhancement request:-
The datawindow object has a column object. This enhancement request is for the datawindow column object to have an 'IgnoreDefaultButton' property. With respect to the column object, <CTRL><ENTER> needs to be pressed for specifying new line.
If press <ENTER> on the column object, the dw control loses focus and a window control receives focus e.g. cmdbtn.

This property exists for window multi-line edit control (mle).

212571 Background color is not set for a web datawindow in
internet explorer 5.0. For netscape 4.5 and 4.7, background color shows
as a border around columns and text fields.

Background color is ok with internet explorer 4.0.

212574 Setting a watch on a variable that is a member of an object that is instantiated in script causes a GPF in the debugger when the debugger starts.
212576 Inconsistent editmask behavior with ####0
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 8024.
212608 Running a pb 6.5.1 app exe and a pb 5.0.04
app exe will crash the pb 5.0.04 app. Getting error of:

Application Error
PBstb050 caused a general protection fault in
module pbrtf050.dll at 0020:2d21

Problems happens when creating a transaction object in pb 5.0.04 app. Gpf
happens randomly. Crash will happen after creating 10 transactionsobjects or
14. Crashes in same place. Also doesn't matter the order that the apps run in.
For example, running the pb 6.5.1 app first and then the pb 5.0.04 app will still
crash and vice versa.

212617 When PowerBuilder connects to Oracle using an Oracle 7 native driver, it attempts to open a cursor immediately after the successful connection. If this cursor open fails, the error is not handled porperly, causing a GPF as soon as the Oracle Cursor Data Area (CDA) is referenced.

This had not been a problem until the Oracle 7 drivers were used with the Oracle 8 client. If you install Oracle 8.1.5 after having installed an earlier Oracle 8 client, there may be residual references to the earlier Oracle client release in the registry that caused the cursor open failure.

212655 OLE-DB. An UpdateBlob request causes OLE-DB driver to hang and CPU resources to soar to 100%.
212764 Two differents components with a function named "getname". When deployed to Jaguar server the function
name are changed to getname__SS and getname__SL. Even they are no inheritance link between them. When deployed using seperate project it's ok.
212772 PB Version and Build: WDK 1.1.0 and PB 7.02 Build 8009

If the shift key is pressed after sending WM_SYSCOMMAND with SC_MOVE parameter, the shift key is not detected on the client.

For example, with WDK, if user clicks RMB on the title bar of a window and selects MOVE from the pop menu the SHIFT key is not detected if used afterwards.

In a non-WDK environment the SHIFT key is detected and any move of the mouse after SHIFT has been pressed results in the window moving (mouse click to quit this mode)

If we code the equivalent in PB...

Send(HANDLE(parent), 274, 61456, "")

Then hit the shift key, a move of the mouse will move the window/control.
The same example when run remotely using the WDK does nothing. Sending a SHIFT message - with
Send(HANDLE(parent), 256, 16, 0)
will not help.

212776 The Master/Detail linkage for 2 web datawindow on the same page failed to link when any buttons on the html dw is clicked. This work in EAS 3.01
212780 Each of the columns in the DW are protected using the following syntax:
dw_1.Modify("id.Protect = '1~tIF(IsRowNew(),0,1)'")
If a new row is inserted into the DW and if the focus changes to a row which is currentrow - x, the getrow() function returns currentrow instead of currentrow - x.
212782 Columns on a datawindow have a transparent background so it will display whatever color is set for the background. This is fine until you modify the background color of the datawindow. The column will display the new color only to the size of the text in the column. So if you have the column size larger than the text size, whatever is 'extra' for the size of the column still displays the original datawindow background color.

An easy workaround is to change the background color of the column.

212795 When a datastore is the source for a share with a datawindow control, a GPF may occur if there is code in the RowFocusChanging() event that alternates whether a row will change or not AND code in the RowFocusChanged() event that protects a column. This may occur during an InsertRow() function is called and a ScrollToRow() is issued after.

If the above conditions are not met, then a GPF will not occur.

Crash occurs after approximately 150 rows entered into the datastore.

212802 Pb crashes on a file/close of a sheet in the genapp (application template).

On win95 or 98 the error message is:
PB60 casued an invalid page fault in pbvm60.dll at 0137:112dd03a

Problem happens for a pcode executable. Works ok for a machine code exe
and in PB 7.0.

212809 Drawing objects: dropdown color wells seemed to be reversed when changing colors.
212810 Drawing Objects: Design control & Preview pane not always in sync
212811 A dw.reset() does not free up all memory used in the datawindow
212813 Oracle allows column names with non-standard characters as long as they are enclosed in double-quotes when they are used in SQL statements. When I try to create a datawindow with such a column, I get errors as follows:

O73 -> ORA-00904 Invalid column name
O84-> ORA-00911 invalid character

212851 Regarding downward compatibility for viewing PB v5 PSR reports in a PB v6.5.x plugin :-
PowerBuilder DataWindow Plug-in npdwexx.dll for v651.x loads the v5.x psr however the display shows the column widths as wider.

Also for large and complicated reports, there is truncation, overlapping, shifting of data
on PB v5 PSR reports when viewed in PBv6.5.1.x plugin. Customer has provided
sample psr reports.

212856 A dw editmask of #,###.00 does not restrict the number
of decimal places if the number is less than zero.

Using a edit mask of #,###.00 when entering .666666666 doesn't restrict
you from entering the number. When you tab off the column, the value
becomes .67. When using a editmask of #,##0.00, the editmask does
restrict you from entering the number and it doesn't round up. It leaves the
column value at .66.

Entering a value of 5.66 does restrict the number after the decimal using
#,###.00 in PB 6.5.1.

Editmask works ok in PB 7.0 (build 8011). When entering a value in a
editmask of #,###.00, it only allows you to enter .66. When you tab off, value
stays at .66.

212863 When a column is not wide enough to contain all of an
editmask and the column is not justified or left justified, the number of digits entered
is not restricted. You can enter more digits than the editmask allows.
212890 The HTML Datawindow 'HTMLGenerator' component does not handle inserting a new row well when a query returns no rows. Most applications will insert a new blank row in this condition for user input. (like an InfoMaker form) You have to modify the component to get it to insert a row in the "0" retrieve case which defeats the purpose of using the "gold" component.

In the general case, this would be required only if an INSERT button (with insert action) and an UPDATE button was in the datawindow. In the case of a reporting application or an application that just does updates, you would not want a row inserted on a retrieve that returned 0 rows.

212895 6.5 EBF/7.0.2 Regression. Group headers scrolling up in non-print preview mode. Data or text objects in the group header should remain stationary when the datawindow is NOT in print preview (but in just preview mode) and the user scrolls using the arrows at the top/bottom of the scrollbar.

Regression started around 6.5 build 1131 or November 16th, 1999 builds. This affects 7.0x and 8.x builds of the same date. 7.0.2 8003 works.

212907 Oracle with EBCDIC data format, Datawindow may display erroneous data or identify NUMBER(x,x) columns incorrectly.
212918 Pb crashes on scrolltorow function in pbdwexx.dll when
a column object of type radio button or ddlb has the lowest tab sequence
number in the dw.

Happens on the following code:

datawindowchild dwc_termido

Pb crashes on the dwc_termido.scrolltorow(0). If you change the tab sequence to something other than
the lowest, than no crash.

Worked ok in PB 6.5.1 (build 620,1094,1097,1102,1107 and 1117). Crash
begins in 1127. Works ok in pb 8.0 (build 1233).

212980 Computed fields containing Retrieval Arguments as expression do not show values eg. in the Header band when no rows are retrieved. This could be caused by the change of behavior from PB 6 to PB 7 of not showing null values in computed fields in a datawindow when no rows are retrieved.
213029 The following instance variable declarations causes PB version 7.x to GPF after a full rebuild:

constant integer ii_one = 1
constant integer ii_two = 2

constant integer ii_divide = ii_two / ii_one //Causes GPF
constant integer ii_multiply = ii_one * ii_two //Causes GPF

213030 If you have many objects (50 plus) in your PBL and in the library painter if you scroll down to the last object in the listview and perform a regenerate on that particular object. The scroll position resets itself to the top of the listview. The object will still be highlighted if you scroll back down to it using the vertical scroll bar.
213060 Garbage values appear in static crosstab datawindow for Values section.
Problem appears for 'display numeric' values and 'display numeric as string' values.
213071 It is possible to specify a command line arg for a WDK PB app in the launch file. It would be useful to have an option to permit the Username and Domain (supplied for WDK client login) to be passed in the commandline arg for the PB app to use.
213122 computed fields shouldn't round decimal values.

Problem: computed fiels are rounding decimal values (18 digits) becuase computed fields using double values (15 digits).

Workaround: calculate decimal values in PowerScript and not with computed fields.

213126 PB 7 GetFullState fails when a stored procedure update capability with expression has been declared.
Also fails when a computed field is declared.
Datawindow Error: Line: x Column:xx
213151 Customer has MIcrosoft Pen Drivers installed on a WIN95 machines and when running in the PB development environment they appear to function as they function within other programs. When functioning properly they show a capital A at the beginning of each editable field that indicates that if the A is clicked a virtual keyboard will come up that can be used to enter data.

However when running a PB application with either the running man or an executable the icon indicating the pen drivers being enabled is usually not present. In most cases right mouse clicking in the field will bring up an option that allows the user to bring up the virtual keyboard but this workaround is unacceptable to the customer.

These drivers are WIN95 specific and do not function under NT 4.0.

213152 PB crashes in the dw painter when selecting the
nested report. When the two dw's are linked together by a retrieval argument
and you go back in and add a retrieval argument to the dw that is the
nested report and then try selecting that nested report, pb crashes
in the pbvm70.dll.

If the two dw's are not linked with a retrieval argument and then you go back in
and add a retrieval argument than no crash.

213180 Straight retrieve of 1 table in db painter (or preview of a datawindow in datawindow painter) is significantly slower in the following builds and later:
6.5.1112 - >
7.01.7017 ->
Also observed in 7.02 and 8.0

For example, a preview of sales_order_items table in easdemo db now takes around 10 seconds compared to around 1 second with earlier builds (6.5.1 1112 / 7.01.7017 and earlier).
Using 550 MHz PC with 256 MB RAM, on a smaller 233 Mhz + 64MB this took over 30 secs

Not dbms dependent, get the same behaviour with ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle 8.04, SYC...
Performance problem only happens in datawindow or database painters in PB development env, a dw retrieve at runtime takes around 1 sec

213214 Using a Geomedia ocx in a pb app shows a cursor
of "resize" in the legend instead of an "arrow". In the ocx it shows a arrow but once you move
the cursor to the legend it shows the "resize".

This is now fixed in pb 6.5.1 build 1169 and 7.0.2 build 8021.

213229 PB does not use the digit grouping specified in the Regional Settings. Only 3 digit grouping appears to be supported.

Fixed in 7.0.2 EBF.

Development: Before the fix was implemented, PowerBuilder ALWAYS assumed a digit grouping of 3 for both currency and numeric. In Windows, you could have different digit groupings for either one. In PB, numeric and currency editmask display are tightly coupled so they must have the same grouping values in the control panel.

India and Pakistan use a mix of grouping for numbers, ie. ##,##,##0.00. Windows does not support a mix of groupings. So to get this to work, there are two places in the control panel/regional settings where you must change the grouping value; both the Numeric and Currency settings must match. If you do not change both to match, this fix will not work properly.

213233 Editmask control with a datemask (mm/dd/yyyy) has a inconsistent
For example, enter in 12/31/1999 and then go back and change the month
to 01. Now change the month to 02 and it lets you enter it in. So you have a
date of 02/31/1999. Same happens for 11/31/1999.
213246 Rightclicked event does no longer select the rightclicked treeviewItem
213261 When choosing the Edit Data option in the DB painter the retrieval of the rows is significantly slower than in past builds of both PB 6.5.1 and PB 7.0.

To see this problem simply connect to a database and choose a table. Choose to edit the data in either a freeform or grid and watch how slow the data is retrieved. Try this in an earlier build of PB 6.5.1 - anything prior to build 1137 and 7.0.1 and the retrieval is significantly faster.

213263 Moving the mouse pointer in a datawindow with computed field, leaks memory.
Verified fixed in 6.5 build 1187, and 7.0.2 build 8033.
213275 Using a geomedia ocx in an olecontrol will not fire the following events
in that control.

In pb 6.5.1 events that don't get fired are:
ue_mousemove (mapped to pbm_mousemove)

In pb 7.0.2 events not firing are:
ue_mousemove (mapped to pbm_mousemove)

Events that are firing in pb 6.5.1 are:

Events firing in Pb 7.0.2 are:

In pb 6.5.1, the other event is firing when you click, doubleclicked, rbuttondown on the
ole control.

213287 Oracle o84 driver some select from dual statements with concatenation cause access violation
213332 Unlike a PowerScript expression, a computed field or datawindow Evaluate expression "not (A) and (B)" is evaluated as "not ((A) and (B))" instead of "(not (A)) and (B)".

The brackets must be explictly included in the expression to evaluate it in the second way.

213333 When registering userobjects using SharedObjectRegister() and you call a function upon the second created userobject the call fails with an R0035 Runtime Error. Cannot call external function <unknown>, then gpfs.
Additionally this only happens when the function contains a CREATE USING syntax inside of the function
Mind: No problem in development or pbds.

For the sharedobject you need to create a variable of the shared object and then do a create on the shared object.

uo_sharedobject iuo_sharedobject
iuo_sharedobject = create uo_sharedobject

This then creates a reference to the shared object in the machine code dll.

213334 If a datawindow is based on a select statement that contains a decimal constant, the datawindow retrieve will produce error: "Decimal conversion error. PowerBuilder only supports 18 decimal digits."
213368 If you leave a web page with an HTML datawindow on it by entering another URL or clicking a link and then return to the original page by clicking the 'Back' browser control, data entered into new rows in the HTML datawindow may disappear when you click on them.

This is a browser problem (See Workaround below) :
The generated JavaScript has a datastructure which corresponds to the the
various fields in the form. This keeps the datastructure in sync with what
is on the form. When you change the data and tab out the underlying
datastructure gets updated (after a data validation etc)... Now when you go
to another page and press the back button the underlying datastructure is
REINITIALIZED because we have lost the state... However the browser caches
the values on the form and you see the new values (these are OUT OF SYNC
with the underlying datastructure)... Now when you click on a field (and you
have client scripting on) then the value on the field is refreshed/replaced
with the one in the datastructure (which is essentially the old value)...
Therefore you lose your changes...

However point to be noted...
Even when you see the new values when the back button is pressed (and you
don't have client side events turned on) and you update the DataWindow, you
will see that the updated data in the db is still containing the old values
and not the ones that you saw on the page.

The only work around I can think of is refresh the page so that the data on
the form is in sync with the underlying datastructure (ofcourse you will
lose the changes but at least you will not be out of sync...)

Another simple workaround can be
- Create a javascript function :
function validateChanges() {
if ((htmlDW.modifiedCount > 0) && (confirm ("Save Changes" ) == 1)) htmlDW.Update();
- add the event onunload : <BODY onunload="validateChanges();"

213397 User objects of type "tab" (inherited or not) that contain window controls will GPF when the user uses Control-C and Control-V to Copy/Paste an object such as an SLE or static text onto a tab control tabpage (example). It only takes one object (no inheritance) but PFC users often complain about this problem too.

The tab is especially susceptible since it's the only STANDARD VISUAL USER OBJECT that allows other controls to be nested in it. A CUSTOM VISUAL USER OBJECT does not have the same problem - even if it's composed of a tab control with embedded controls.

5.0.04 GPFs in PBRTE050.DLL
6.0, 6.5 GPFs in PBVM60.DLL
7.0 GPFs in PBUDO70.DLL

Workaround: Use "Duplicate" or "Copy/Paste" from the menu instead of the clipboard Copy/Paste.

213401 DW stored procedure updates using update, delete or insert procedures always fail with the message
"Row changed between retrieve an update" when using OLEDB interface.

The same dw & procedures work correctly with ODBC/native drivers
Same procedures work correctly with oledb when executed from script
Get exactly the same error if the stored procedure called in the dw update doesn't even exist

Some differences observed:
MS SQL Server 7.0 (dbms used in the original case) always gives the above error and never updates
ASA 6.0 - always gives the same error but successfully updates the first modified row of any pending updates

213406 IN7, IN9 driver when using Informix database with normal LOG mode or BUFFERED LOG mode Extended Attributes cannot be saved in DB Painter
213442 Deficiency/Enhancement. The File/Select Application "Browse" tabpage does not have a 'Network Neighborhood' icon which means you can't open a PBL on a network unless you map a drive.

The "Name" field at the bottom of the browse tabpage (File/Select Application) also does not support UNC mapping such as \\<yourComputer>\<your drive>\<some pbl>.pbl

213449 The problem appears where the day part(dd) of the editmask(e.g. mm/dd/yy) has been typed as 00 OR ommitted by the user.

When the column object loses focus, PB replaces the date part from 00 to 01.
Please read technical document Content ID: 1016400

213452 6.5EBF/7.0.2 Regression. DDDW (dropdowndatawindow) selection (focus) is incorrect when typing first character to use internal search. It scrolls to and highlights the SECOND entry instead of the first matching entry.
213456 PB hangs when retrieving from ASE when lock is set to
"3" (serializable transactions) and another session is connected to ASE. The
sqlpreview and retrievestart events fire. DBerror event doesn't fire.

The same app when used with embedded sql returns "Lock Timeout Error"
12205: The table is locked by a different user. Please try again later. Could
not acquire a lock within the specified wait period.

PB should indicate that the table is locked and is the case when used with
embedded sql. Also happens with mss and odbc connected to mss.

213493 Creating a new Jag component with the wizard always stores the generated objects in the PBL with the application object, not in the specified pbl at the beginning.
213498 If you make a syntax error when creating/modifying a datawindow, instead of getting a warning of a the error ( "A syntax error etc...Would you like to correct errors Yes/No ") all the columns are lost from the dw.

This only happens with OR8 and O84 drivers and also ODBC when used with an Oracle 8.x datasource
Not been able to reproduce with other datasources eg ODBC (non-Oracle 8.x), Informix, ASA, OLEDB etc...

213499 PB 7 error Oracle driver o84 and o73 DataWindow error "Select error: ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression" when using binding and Oracle functions that use DW retrieval arguments as their arguments in a group by expression

Instead of declaring the group by in the datawindow create a stored procedure for the select statement and from that sp create a sp source datawindow.

This is an example:

Declare and define a PAckage:
PROCEDURE proc1(rc1 IN OUT rctl); END;:

Create the stored procedure and define the retrieval argument:
CREATE or REPLACE PROCEDURE spm_proc1k(rc1 IN OUT klaus_pack1.rctl, TEST IN number)

Then create an datawindow based on spm_proc1k and use it like you would use any other datawindow.
Works in PB 6.5, 7 and 8 beta.

213506 PB 7 DW SELECT binding depends on case of FROM keyword
213551 Inserting rows in a datastore causes RowFocusChange events to fire on shared dw.
Per development: This is not a bug. RFC has to fire in the InsertRow() circumstance. All actions in the shared DataWindow environment take place on the parent DataWindow and the shared children are sync'd to the parent. The process of sync'ing to the parent sets the current row to 1 and current column to 1 and this will fire the RFC events. It is always necessary to sync to the parent and it is always necessary to set the current row and column.
213594 7.0 Regression. Running an identical cursor (DECLARE, OPEN, FETCH, CLOSE) in Powerscript runs much slower in 7.0 than it did in 4.0-6.5.

The databases tested are Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase SQL Server.
Using ODBC - Performance is about 20 times slower than Powerbuilder 4.0-6.5.
Using MSS (native driver) - Performance is about 4 times slower than Powerbuilder 4.0-6.5.

In tests using PB 4.0 exclusively, ODBC was always faster than the native driver by a factor of 7 or 8.

213601 In a numeric Editmask like #0, get wrong values if column is selected (highlighted). For example if you type 4 you get 40.
213630 7.0 Regression. The Farpoint Technologies Listpro ADO GPFs when you close the window the OCX is placed on. This worked fine in 6.5. (GPF in FPFLP20.OCX)
213650 The PowerBuilder 7 window Painter does not compensate for the titlebar height.
When a control is positioned at the bottom of a new window, it may have dropped of the page when
re-opening it or running it.
213723 Setting a DATE val to null in an date editmask (happens with both editmask controls or dw editmask) places the cursor just after the first digit on the left instead of just in front of the first digit when called from a user event mapped to pbm_dwnkey (dw) or pbm_keydown (em).

If called from another event/object there is no problem.
If the code is POSTed there is no problem.
Works fine in PB 6.x and PB 8.x

213725 Enhancement Request: ODBC - Informix serial value should show without re-retrieve after DataWindow update() with ODBC driver
213752 Memory leaks in 3.5 EAS with PB components calling other PB components.
213784 7.0 Regression. This is a small bug. You can't use File/Inherit from the toolbar to inherit from objects in a PBD file (when you rename it to a PBL and place it in your library list). Often, 3rd party developers only give users a PBD and not source. This was supported in previous versions and the painter(s) could open objects and you could inherit from them.

In 7.0, the library painter (right mouse) will allow you to inherit from a PBD (renamed to a PBL). (The source is not seen but this is OK). Using File/Inherit, if you point to the PBD, you will not see any objects (though you can TYPE in the object name and it will work.). Occasionally, you get a BAD_MEM_POINTER.

213795 7.0 Regression.

If another script is selected by clicking it in the event list view or the event dropdown or if the object is saved or compiled (via CTRL + L or compile menu option ) then there is no problem.

Also, once the override ancestor setting has been 'accepted' there is no longer a danger of it being reset unless the setting is changed back to 'extend ancestor script' and again to 'override...'

213842 PowerBuilder 6 and 7.0
When a datawindow is in querymode and a column has both an editable dddw and format defined,
then the column can show a strange value (large number) after typing a value that is not one of the datavalues
of the dddw.

Modify the format to '[General]' when in querymode.

213858 ODBC to MS SQLServer second outer join on the same table creates self-join in ANSI syntax returns error SQLSTATE = 37000
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Tables 't' and 't' have the same exposed names. Use correlation names to distinguish them
213867 7.0 Regression. This is a pseudo regression since the view technology wasn't available in 5.0 and 6.0 datawindow painters. In 7.0, if you have Retrieve on Preview ON in a grid datawindow and use the default layout, when you use SHIFT-RIGHT Arrow, SHIFT-LEFT arrow to resize a column, it no longer works. It worked fine in 5.0 and 6.x.

Workaround: Make sure the preview view isn't showing or doesn't have any rows (Retrieve On Preview set to OFF in Design/Options/ General Tab.)

213979 Enhancement/Deficiency. Web Datawindow needs ScrollToPage or JumpToPage type of method to mimick other search engines (alta vista allows you to jump to any page in the result set rather than scroll page by page).
214003 Define an expression to convert a date column to a string value within a crosstab datawindow. This expression will convert the date value to a string format however the sort order is incorrect.
1.13.98 10.12.97 10.17.99 {e.g. String order(months) 1,10,11,12,2,3,4 ...}

The correct sequence for ascending Date order is:-

10.12.97 1.13.98 10.17.99

Other datawindow styles e.g. tabular, freeform ; the functionality is correct and working.

214007 Stock icons missing from PBVM70.dll in build 8014.
Fixed in 7.0.2 build 8023 and after.
214020 PowerBuilder 6.5,7.0 and up using Oracle 8.1.5 (Oracle 8i) client GPFs in Oracles OCI layer when a second attempt is made to connect to the database using the PowerBuilder Oracle native driver PBO8460.DLL or PBO8470.DLL drivers.

We know this is an Oracle Client issue (The DLL unloading problem) but we're documenting this and the workaround until Oracle comes out with a fix.

Workaround: You must avoid unloading the DLLs (don't disconnect from the database until the application is closing). Anytime you connect a second time (even using a separate transaction object), you will GPF.

Local or Global External Function declaration:
function ulong LoadLibraryA(string filename) library 'kernel32.dll'

uLong PBOr8Handle
Connect using sqlca;


NOTE: Fixed in 6.5 1191 and 7.0.2 8036.

214027 7.0 Regression.Column Edit "Case" property on a string column can't be changed from Upper(1). Once a change is made to the case of a column (to upper), you can't change it back.

Also with a migrated application from 5.0 or 6.x, if the case is set to Lower, it will show up Lower at first in the Properties dialog but the UI will only let you change it to Upper and not to Any. Once it's Upper, you're stuck again.

Workaround: Export the datawindow and in the find the syntax for the specified column and change it to (or lower)

214054 COM project painter Component Server File Name and idl file name are not displayed when decimal separator regionnal setting is different from "."
214098 Ancestor event that returns an object and a descendant that extends the event, will not compile to Machine Code. P-Code if fine.
214121 Enhancement Request:
An EditMask for a field of type Date eg. with Mask '' should be enhanced as follows:
1. When the user leaves the year empty the current year should be added;
2. When the user only has entered only 2 digits for the year it should place a 4 digit year automatically similar
to the functionality to normal edit fields.
214124 Enhancement request for higher precision for numeric literals with explicit exponent without decimal point.
Without decimal point after first digit a numeric literal only shows precision of 8 digits.
Numeric literals with a decimal point and explicit exponent have a precision of double.
214126 Debugging the constructor event of an autoinstantiated userobject will crash PB if the object was declared as an Instance variable. Verified fixed in PB 7.02 build 8046.
214138 PowerBuilder 7.0. The new Find/Replace dialog available in the "Preview" view in the datawindow painter from the right mouse selection does not work correctly. The FIND portion seems to work correctly and brings up the find dialog (not made to work with nested reports). The REPLACE menu pick on this same popup menu is always disabled, however.
214143 Datawindow stored procedure Update to Oracle 8 fails when the column value passed
in the stored procedure is NULL.
The error message is : ORA-00932: Inconsistent datatypes
214179 PowerBuilder crashes when pipeling Sybase TEXT columns to an Oracle CLOB column.
214193 The online help and user manual entry for SetFullState() were incorrectly changed in PB 7.02 (see 191945) and now give wrong information for the Return Value

In 7.02 it states the following:

Returns -1 if an error occurs and one of the following values if it succeeds:

1 DataWindow objects match; old data and state overwritten
2 DataWindow objects do not match; old object, data, and state replaced

Null No DataWindow object associated with DataWindow control or DataStore; new one
assigned from DataWindow blob

It should read:

Returns -1 if an error occurs and one of the following values if it succeeds:

1 DataWindow objects match; old data and state overwritten
2 DataWindow objects do not match; old object, data, and state replaced
3 No DataWindow object associated with DataWindow control or DataStore;
the DataWindow object associated with the blob is used. The value of the DataObject property
remains an empty string.

NULL If any argument's value is NULL, in PowerBuilder and JavaScript the method returns
NULL, and in Java a NullPointerException is thrown

I tested each of the possible scenarios and confirm this is the behaviour.

214219 OLE Datawindow with ASE SP source fails with > 50 columns targeted.
214246 The problem appears when large populated column objects are displayed in nested report objects. In this example, columns of varchar(1000,2000,3000) have been defined and used. The error are blank page(s), pagination and summary band cut-offs.

Per Development, this is not a bug:
This is yet another case of breaking the DW design rule of creating a data row greater than the size of the target page. The blank pages are basically one blank page for each nesting level, as the DW Engine bumps the start of each nest to the next page in an attempt to find a page where the first row of that nest will fit on the page. It gets to the lowest level and the data row still does not fit, and the Engine gives-up. It is the responsibility of the application programmer to design DWs with data rows that do not exceed page sizes.

The proper way to deal with huge text-string columns, is to break the large string into a series of small strings. The smaller strings are used to populate individual data rows within a nested DW -- instead of an AutoSizeHeight text column. This can be accomplished with the sample WordWrap DLL (see PSE for distribution).

214254 f you have two HTML DW (ie. master detail), if you move from first frame to second one,
the data entred in first frame is lost. The field is reset to its original value.
The onblur event is triggered twice when it's triggered once if you stay inside the frame.
This happens only on IE4 and it works fine on Netscape.
214290 The EAS 3.5 upgrade causes some OLE registry settings to be lost. This results in PowerBuilder's OLE interface to fail. The workaround is to download and execute the included .REG file which restores the missing registry settings:

Once the bug fix is incorporated into the next maintenance or major release, this file will be deleted.

214305 PB 6, 7, 8
Using European keyboard settings ie a comma for a decimal separator
(Windows control panel -> regional settings -> regional settings tab -> select any Spanish/French/German
from the list).
If you have a datawindow user event declared which is mapped to pbm_dwnkey this will not fire when you hit the decimal point/delete key on the numeric keypad.
214313 6.x Regression. A radio button in a groupbox is not getting checked (and the clicked event isn't being triggered) if the user issues a Setfocus() to the radio button in the open event of a window AFTER the toolbar has been set to floating. The sequence for the open event would be:

settoolbar(1,true,floating!,"Floating Toolbar")

For radio button "rb_1", with the automatic property ON, when the user clicks or sets focus through a function call, 2 things should happen.
1. The radio button should become checked.
2. The clicked event should fire.
#1 isn't happening and once this happens, you can't check the radio button through any method (clicking, etc) - it seems like the messages aren't going to the radio button.

1. Put the code for floating the toolbar in an event Posted from the Open event of the window.
2. Put the rb_1.setfocus() BEFORE the calls to set the toolbar floating.

214334 Assume FOCUS is on the datawindow DATE column object which has an Edit style property of editmask. When a property on this DATE column object is modified/ changed in the script(e.g. background colour), the date is nullified i.e. the text in the edit control displays as e.g. 00/00/00;

After the current column has lost focus, the original value from the dw primary buffer is restored irrespective of definition as null/non-null column.

214367 Broken in 6.5 Build 454 and later. Also in all 7.0 and 8.0 builds

Assigning data to DW/DS fields using dot notation is much slower in builds onwards, especially using datastores. SetItem performance is hardly affected.
No computed fields, sums etc used in the dw.
Looping + inserting empty rows alone is not affected between above builds, neither is looping and reading data using dot notation.

- Dot notation with a Datastore -> 400 - 450% slower

- Dot notation with a Datawindow
(NOT using SetRedraw ) -> 300 - 350% slower

- Dot notation with a Datawindow
(using SetRedraw FALSE) -> 30 - 40% slower

214417 There is a memory leak with Format 4 Dynamic SQL's function GetDynamicString().
The leak happens when the retrieved value in output parameter is NULL instead of a non-NULL string.
214421 If you have a cross tab DW which has mouse selection enabled. If you tried to retrieve the data while a field is highlighted, you will get an application error.
214434 If a datastore object goes out of scope because the datastore variable is assigned a new object via a CREATE statement, the out-of-scope object may not be immediately garbage-collected.
214438 Creating a machine code executable may cause the folowing error:
C:\WINNT\TEMP\cgfqpdyh.c(2567) symbol 'PBDevDbgTraceActive' has not been declared
214444 When you use the build Runtime library option on a PBL to create a DLL, all PBLs in the path are regenerated, not just the PBL that is the source ofr the DLL.
214445 RowFocusChanging/Changed fires incorrectly with Sharedata on secondary dws.
The sort part is fixed, but the firing on the sharing of an empty primary to a secondary can't be fixed.
214455 ActiveX's with an Expired License will FORCE PowerBuilder to die.

Per Development, this is not a PB bug, it's a Third Party Vendor issue:
No Fix Possible.
Some ActiveX's have date sensitive licenses. If the license has expired, the control terminates the entire process. To a user, it appears that PowerBuilder just evaporates.
This has no fix and no workaround (other than keeping your license up-to-date).

214575 When a freeform dw returns only 1 row and autosize
height is turned on, the scrollbar will bounce back to the top when dragged.
Also if you click in the grey area of the scrollbar, it won't scroll.
Happens when the dw control is slightly smaller than the freeform dw.

Works ok when more than 1 row is retrieved and when autosize height
is turned off. Also when the dw control is adjusted so that the all the data
from the freeform shows in the dw control.

214587 Getfullstate/Setfullstate doesn't store images in blob. This is really a Distributed Powerbuilder, Jaguar with Powerbuilder issue. If you use a Powerbuilder client and use Getfullstate() on the server to serve down a datawindow to a client, it doesn't send down the images that might be either in

1. Picture objects on the datawindow.

2. Picture objects in computed fields referenced in a Bitmap(s) type of call.

The problem with this (and there might not be a good solution) is that you must deploy all the bitmaps the user could use on each PowerBuilder client. This causes problems since if these are catalog pictures, they would probably always be out-of-date.

Suggestion: If you're trying to build some kind of shopping cart application with a PowerBuilder Client talking to Jaguar you need to find a better way to present the data. One way is to have a static hyperlink on the window next to the datawindow on the PowerBuilder client instead of the actual picture in the datawindow computed field or picture object (which requires the .bmp, .gif on the path somewhere just to render the picture).

When a person clicks on the row in the datawindow "catalog", set the static hyperlink on the window to " or a page containing a link to the .gif(s). Let the click on the hyperlink in the datawindow bring up a browser window that displays the bitmap - perhaps on a simple page served up off a web server.

This solution requires a web server but web servers are better at serving up images anyway, plus the browsers are set up to check "stale" files like bitmaps, .gifs or images - something the server application would have trouble doing.

214589 OO problem with custom visual user objects.
Fixed in 7.0.2 build 8030 and after.
214628 Adding arguments in the function painter of a uo, nvo, menu,application
or window caused pb to crash.
214631 7.0 Behavior. The new Find window for 7.0 (found anywhere in the script painter where you can use Control-F) does not automatically begin searching after you enter a string and hit the enter key. The reason is PowerBuilder 6.0 had a FIND window where the input was an SLE, the new 7.0 FIND window has an input field that is a dropdownlistbox which contains the last 10 searches. Due to this change in the interface, the default button "FIND NEXT" no longer works in this dialog.
214635 PB crashes in the debugger when selecting a function
with numerous arguments.
214677 Customer wants to have ability to fetch values from a Sybase ASE database text field that are bigger than 32 k into a string variable directly, both via a Select statement and via a stored procedure.
214703 A function with numerous arguments gets truncated
in the function list view. This is happening in the uo, window, menu, and application
painters when you select view/function list. Scroll to the right and argument
list is truncated.
214707 Clarification of Display Format Masks and EditMask Masks.

Legal Display Formats (Focus OFF or Print Preview)
[ShortDate] and [LongDate]. This uses the Registry ShortDate and Long Date formats. This is not documented.

[Currency] is documented but a user could also use $#,##0.00 The meaning of this is $ (an anchor symbol) should always replace whatever is in the Control Panel "currency" symbol setting. If your setting is Euro () in the Control Panel Regional Settings, you should still enter "$" in the mask if you want the symbol to appear and the runtime engine will substitute <EURO>3,343.34 for example. Do not use the Localized Symbol in the Display Format Mask
Ex: <Euro>#,##0.00 is not a legal display format mask. <Euro> represents the actual Euro Symbol..

Legal Edit Mask Formats (Focus ON)
[Date] and [Time] are legal arguments as are combinations already documented with mm dd yy , etc.
[ShortDate] and [LongDate] are NOT valid (they are Display Format Masks)

[Currency(n)] - ex [Currency(7)] - is a legal format. [Currency] is not a legal Edit Mask. It will not be editable when focus is on the column.

New Property on Edit Style EditMask "Use Format"
A new property of the Edit Mask was added in PB/IM6.0 called "Use Format" (it's on the edit tab of a column when you choose edit mask as an edit style). This allows you to have a different display format (focus off) than edit mask (focus on). Prior versions of PB/IM caused an edit style of Editmask to always carry over and override any Display Format Mask (focus off or print preview)

214708 Creating a datawindow in the painter or by using SyntaxFromSql() takes a long time if the database contains many synonyms.
214741 Font charset isn't saved in the syntax . When syntax is exported, modified so that it matches the desired charset value and reimported, the dw painter does not select the charset but show ansi! instead.
214747 This is a regression from PB6.x ; The change in behaviour hinders fast deployment and upgrades for applications.

This problem occurs for "user" object functions. When a library pbl is incrementally
rebuilt as machine or pcode, the minor changes in the source code of
"user" object functions causes a PB execution error "R0021 - Bad runtime reference" ;

Per Development, this is not a bug:
Issue with the order of functions in exported source code is NOT the cause of the problem. This is normal behavior with how the painter writes out function prototypes and has nothing to do with the compiled object. The problem is occuring because you are not allowed to build specific PBDs and deploy to older versions ESPECIALLY when the changed object's ancestor is in a different PBD.

214754 'Recent Applications' list is case sensitive causing duplicates in rare cases. For example:

are seen as different entries and will show up separately in the Recent Applications list off on File Menu.

214759 Documentation. In Version 7.0 Datawindow Programmer's Guide page 168 bullet 7, the "PowerBuilder Application" property of the DataWindow/HTMLGenerator component should be "remote_datawindow_appl".
214768 SmallInt/SmallMoney/SmallDatetime datatypes not seen by DW Stored Procedure Update Screen using ODBC drivers. Other parts of the datawindow painter handle them well enough to create a datawindow. (The native Driver SYC does not have this problem).

If you get a "301" illegal outer join request using the ODBC driver, this is caused by a call to the stored procedure sp_tables. You will need to update to a newer version of this stored procedure.

1. Define the arguments to the stored procedure temporarily as "INT" instead of "SMALLINT" when you build the stored procedures used in the Stored Procedure Update dialog if using ODBC. Later, Drop and Recreate the procedure(s) with the correct Smallint arguments.
2. Use the native driver (SYC - CTLIB).

214769 This problem occurs when a customer leaves a script to go to another pane, such as attributes and the comes back to the script by clicking the tab at the bottom of the script editor. The cursor does not return to the script. You must click the left mouse button in the script to bring the cursor back.
214816 Sybase SQL Server 11.x (Adaptive Server Enterprise) will throw an error if you issue an Update() call from a datawindow into a character column and it contains certain symbols like the Euro symbol.

This happens using the PBSYC driver (CTLIB) and with the Intersolv 3.11 ODBC driver and doesn't happen with the PBSYT (DBLIB) driver (NT). The update also works fine using the native Microsoft driver PBMSS against Microsoft SQL Server.

The error is: Error converting client characters into server's character set. Some character(s) could not be converted. No changes made to database.
INSERT INTO dept ( dept_id, dept_name ) VALUES ( 400, '<euro symbol>something' )

The ODBC error would contain "SQLSTATE S1000 [INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver][SQL Server]"

214817 7.0.2 Regression. The Horizontal Scrollbar appears to now be obscuring the footer band in the datawindow painter "preview" mode (not print preview). It appears the datawindow calculations for display is putting in one more detail line and this extra detail line obscures the footer band field(s) that should be displaying there.

There seem to be runtime problems associated with this bug too when either the resizable or horizontal split scrollbar is used separately - again with the painting of the footer... Painting problems (specks) are observed when you manipulate the horizontal scrollbar with horizontal split scroll on.

214822 7.0 Regression. A crosstab with a numeric retrieval argument will GPF on the second retrieve if you enter a value that is out of range (16 digits). The error in SQL Anywhere would be: SQLSTATE 22003 [Sybase][ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Anywhere]Numeric value out of range: Value 1234567890123456 out of range for destination.

The second time you submit a query (even if it's within the numeric range), the retrieval will GPF.

214827 SImple application with two identical structures. Identical character data is entered and then a test of equality is applied to members. Testing equality of structure variables works in development, pcode, but fails in machine code.
214842 Unable to make an Intercomponent call from a PowerBuilder object on EA Server for Solaris if the function passes a variable by reference.
214858 Last row in dropdown isn't visible. But it can be selected by clicking on the space. If height of detail band is changed from 64 to 60 PBU the last row becomes visible.
214901 Setting the tray selection for PCL printers such as the HP 4si using datawindow.paper.source does not work. It always selects the upper tray.

This works for postscript printers.

4/28/2000 Update:
If you are printing LETTER for upper and lower trays, you should make sure their lower cartridge is for LETTER (not just loaded with letter but an actual LETTER cartridge). If the LOWER cartridge is truly a LEGAL or A4 size cartridge, the only way the printer will print there is if you set the Paper Size to LEGAL or A4 and the tray to LOWER.

Also, the documentation is incorrect for Paper.Source. It states the Paper.Source=2 means "Lower Tray" when this is really only for HP III, IV printers. The value for (ex) Lower Tray can be determined by using API calls but it's generally different for each printer. Utilities exist to query this value: is one.

dw_1.Object.DataWindow.Print.Paper.Source = 257

might be a perfectly legal use of setting Paper.Source to "Lower Tray" on a specific printer.

214903 HTML DW DDDW width does not display as in PowerBuilder when you have a width other than 100% for the dropdown. This is because the HTML datawindow renders the DDDW as a list and there is no way in HTML to control this width except by the width of the largest item in the listbox.
214904 Unable to debug functions that contain long argument names in the arugment list.
214920 HTMLDW layout may be wrong in specific circumstances.The HTML generated will span a column "N" over 2 columns and the "N+1" column goes down.
214924 The 7.0 documentation (on-line) has an error for the return codes for SetFullState(). I shows return values of 1,2 and NULL. The 7.0 code still returns 3 in the condition described below but the doc says "NULL".

Return value condition that is incorrect:
Null - No DataWindow object associated with DataWindow control or DataStore; new one assigned from DataWindow blob

The correct return code value is "3".

214925 PB Version and Build: Docs PB 6.x and PB 7.x
Doc: Powerscript reference Vol1, Chap 4, Page 79

In the section concerning 'Data type promotion when evaluating numeric expressions' the manual gives rules for data type promotion with operators / and ^

It states: The minimum precision for division and exponentiation is double. All types are promoted to double before doing the calculation, and the expression's resulting data type is double.

Not so, if all the types in the calculation are decimals or lower, then the data type is not promoted to double for the calculation, it remains decimal. This behaviour is as described in 'Data types of operands' rule on the previous page. The documentation states that all data types always be promoted to double whereas they are only promoted to the data type of higher preference.

214926 7.0. RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) functions normally used in Local External Function declarations (to call stored procedures with Powerscript coding that looks like a normal function call) are now showing up in function list for an object such as a user object, menu or window (they should not).

This is dangerous since you can pick the function from the (Function) list in the Script view or through View/Function List from the menu pick. You can actually place code in the script painter (for the RPC) and save it and the behavior might be to create a new "overloaded" function call (an object function call) with the same prototype as the Local External Function call that might get called instead.

214932 When regional setting are set to decimal separator comma (e.g. German Standard) and the PBScript is compiled with that setting then exponential literal scale is lost.
Workaround: Switch to English regional settings to save exponential literals in PBScript - afterwards application runs fine with all settings
214970 7.0 Regression. The composite datawindow wizard is very slow if the number of datawindows in the application is large (hundreds). It can take 5 minutes on a very large application to build the list of datawindows to pick from.

Fixed in builds after March 10th, 2000.

214996 There appears to be a regression or requirement in Internet Explorer (IE) 5.0 that upsets the display of a background color for the detail band in the HTML datawindow when the developer chooses the "Generate CSS" checkbox . ( checking this checkbox creates style sheets in the HTML datawindow generated output which IE uses to render a background color to, in most cases, the tabular rows)

Some users will report the background color works in IE 4.0 but disappears in IE 5.0.

214999 Structure Painter is in overstrike mode when editing element names.
215001 DataWindow EditMask in PB6, when the column datatype is NUMBER, mask has dashes in it (ie. ###-##-###), when you highlight the contents and enter a value, can only enter 1 digit.
215003 During creation of NEW dw of Crosstab, Graph OR Group presentation style with Data Source - Query with retrieval arguments. PB gives the following error at the end of the dw wizard :
'Arguments for select are invalid or incorrect' .
215043 Open/close sheet with menu leaks GDI and Systems resources in Win 95.
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 Build 8024
215118 Pfccom32.dll regression: Unable to change default printer in registry after pfccom32.dll is loaded.
215142 PowerBuilder 7.0 component on Jaguar 3.0.1 and 3.5 on Solaris 2.6. SetFullState against a datastore is failing and causing the component to immediately - as in mid-method call - deactivate (when stateless) or immediately return with no error in srv.log. (immediate deactivate is the result of a VM crash)
215148 The problem is that in the dw ItemError event, the edit control of the CURRENT row-column STORES the item value of the PREVIOUS row-column which had received focus (irrespective of the current column datatype).

In this scenario, the customer is calling the AcceptText() method in the RowFocusChanged event.

The value which should be in the ItemError "data" argument is empty string "" because the user has pressed the TAB key to exit the column and triggers the warning :
"Datawindow error" default msg "Value required for this item" ;

Within PB DEBUG mode, the erroneous value is displayed in the edit control AND is erased at the end of RowFocusChanged event.

215164 Unable to check-out objects when PVCS is installed on a network machine. Check-out will work for most objects, however there may be a few that cannot be checked out.
215257 Objects in a dw summary band are displayed incorrectly at runtime of dw PRINT PREVIEW mode.
The 2 problems are:-
-Summary band information overlaps the last imported row (test 1)
-Repaint is incorrect for vertical scrollbar(test 2)

This is not a problem for
-DW (with or without) summary band displayed at runtime.
-DW WITHOUT summary band displayed at runtime in PRINT PREVIEW mode.

215259 Getting ''This database does not support the retrieval of procedure text.'' trying to see procedure syntax in several areas of the product (datawindow painter, etc) connected to Adaptive Server IQ (ASIQ).

The Adaptive Server IQ 12 driver is really the same as SQL Anywhere but because there is no section in the pbodb60.ini, pbodb70.ini and pbodb80.ini for Adaptive Server IQ, certain things default and, for instance, you can't see procedure text in the datawindow painter when painting a datawindow with stored procedure source.

A NEW section needs to be added section to the pbodb60.ini pbodb70.ini pbodb80.ini called

[Adaptive Server IQ]

The contents of this section should be the ENTIRE contents of the [Adaptive Server Anywhere] section in the pbodbxx.ini file. The ASIQ driver identifies itself as "Adaptive Server IQ" - this is why the name of the section must be exactly this.

NOTE: This fix and it works correctly after adding the section to the PBODB70.ini file. For the stored procedure text problem, what fixes it for ASIQ is the [Adaptive Server IQ] PBSyntax='WATCOM50_SYNTAX' setting which if you follow it through to the [WATCOM_SYNTAX] section, has a "PBSelectProcSyntax" section that has the actual SQL that brings back the text of the stored procedure.

215287 DPB Server leaks memory on simple remote object function call
215299 You will get the following error message if you try to open a window which contains a custom visual user object, which has just been modified:

PowerBuilder Application Error (R0023)
Application terminated.
Error: Cannot assign object of type xxx to variable of type xxx at line x in create event of object xxx.

215336 Running two sessions simultaneously of the same PFC app with a treeview, gets memory error.
This has been reproduced in house using the peat app. It happens in development mode as well as with exes. Run a session of PB with the Peat app and the initial frame and sheet open. The sheet has a treeview in the left pane. Now without moving the visible window, start up another PB session agin with the Peat app. Run it and the error occurs before the second sessions treeview sheet is visible.
Efforts to simplify this have failed. Simple windows with treeviews do not fail. Simple PFC apps with sheets inherited from w_sheet and that have treeviews do not fail. Even creating a different sheet in the treeview app with a treeview does not always fail. The original peat app is the best reproduction.
215399 PFC: The of_rollback function in the pfc_n_tr object has the rollback inside the test for isvalid on gnv_app.
All other functions of n_tr have the actual sql statement outside of this if block.
215458 7.0 Regression. A label style datawindow that once printed fine on 5.0.04 now shifts down each label (one label per page) on each subsequent tractor fed page.
215462 7.0 Regression. Listview (rightmouse up) pbm_rbuttonup (and LEFTmouse up pbm_lbuttonup) don't fire anymore. May be due to the fact that we're using the Microsoft Listview Control. When the user rightclicks using the mouse on the treeview, PowerBuilder 6.0 would fire the rightclicked (pbm_lvrclicked), then the rightbuttonup (pbm_rbuttonup). In 7.0, the rightclicked event is being fired but not the rightbuttonup.

The rightbuttonup event only gets fired when the user rightDOUBLEclicks on the listview, not when they rightclick. This would affect code in the rbuttonup event. PFC uses this event to popup a menu (2 different ones depending if you rightclick in a blank area or over a specific item in the listview).

Workaround: If using the PFC_U_LV and PFC_U_LVS and the feature to use popup menus... Rightdoubleclick seems to bring up the popup menus. (mostly because it does fire the rbuttonup event)

NOTE: The leftbuttonup (pbm_lbuttonup) also doesn't fire on clicked or doubleclicked events for the LEFT mouse in 7.0 - similar to the rightbuttonup (pbm_rbuttonup). This is not a standard event, you have to map it.

215488 If the country settings are set to:
- decimal separator to comma
- grouping symbol to space.
And a dddw stores for example the decimal values 10,000 and 10,001 and 10,002 and 10,003.
If you choose for example 10,002 from the dddw and if you then press tab key.
=> It will show 10,000 instaed of 10,002.
This doesn't happen if you type in the value or if the dddw does not include the 10,000.
215513 7.0.2ebf Regression. Datawindow rows getting cut off (scrolling up into header) when the horizontalscrollsplit property is set on and the user scrolls by page by clicking beneath the thumb on the elevator of the vertical scrollbar. After 2-3 clicks, the top row on the datawindow is half scrolled into the header band text (if there are objects up there)

Related to CR214817. "7.0.2 Regression. Footer band data no longer showing in datawindow painter." and broken around the same time.

Related to CR219443. You cannot click on the LAST visible row in the detail band in the datawindow control.

Update from Development:
The problem with datawindow rows getting cut off (scrolling up into header) when the horizontalscrollsplit property is set on and the user scrolls by page by clicking beneath the thumb on the elevator of the vertical scrollbar has been fixed.
NOTE: As a result of re-working the ScrollBar Initialization routines:
1) If the dwControl is wide enough to show the entire width of the report, then a Horizontal ScrollBar is NOT required and is not shown.
2) If the Horizontal ScrollBar is not shown then the Split Control is not shown.

215525 Database driver handle leaks showing up using O73, O84 drivers. This is particularly bad in Web.PB, distributed and Jaguar applications.
215545 GetItem & SetItem don't function properly with a Web control for ActiveX if value is null.
SetItem doesn't actually set the value and returns -1 return code.
GetItem doesn't return NULL value when column value is indeed NULL.
215553 Openwithparm may lead to GPF in PBVM60W.DLL at 004F:2844 in specific circumstances.
215556 Script Painter swapping script between function and event on a save.
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 8046 EBF C3.
215622 7.0 Regression. The Find/Replace dialog (also known as the 'Replace Text' dialog) "Replace All" with "Wrap at Beginning and End" checked does not replace the LAST instance BEFORE the cursor position as it wraps around.

For example, if the script shows:

// sqlca (Line 1)
// sqlca (Line 2) < > <---- Put cursor inside brackets
// sqlca (Line 3)

If you perform a Edit/Replace replacing sqlca with another string (with "Wrap at Beginning and End" checked and click on the "Replace All" button, it won't replace the sqlca in Line 2.

215628 7.0 Regression. 7.0 Regression. Treeview pbm_tvnrbuttonup (right mouse up), pbm_lbuttonup (left mouse up) and pbm_tvnrdoubleclicked (Right doubleclicked) events don't fire. May be due to the fact that we're using the Microsoft treeview Control in PB 7.0. The rightclicked event does fire, however.

NOTE: The change in behavior is due to us using the Microsoft Treeview control in 7.0. Unlike the listview, the treeview doesn't have the WM_Contextmenu (pbm_contextmenu) so the user might use the rightmouseup to handle any popup menus.

Differences between 6.5 and 7.0

right mouse click:
6.5 rightbuttonup, rightbuttonclicked
7.0 only fires rightbuttonclicked, not rightbuttonup

right mouse doubleclicked:
6.5 rightbuttonup, rightbuttonclicked, rightbuttondoubleclicked,rightbuttonup, rightbuttonclicked
7.0 rightbuttonclicked, rightbuttonup (reverse order + other events missing)

LEFT mouse clicked:
6.5 leftbuttonup, leftbuttonclicked
7.0 leftbuttonclicked,leftbuttonup (opposite order from 6.5)

LEFT mouse doubleclicked:
6.5 leftbuttonup, leftbuttonclicked, doubleclicked, leftbuttonup, leftbuttonclicked
7.0 leftbuttonclicked, leftbuttonup, doubleclicked,leftbuttonup (different than 6.5)


For rdoubleclicked, (pbm_tvnrdoubleclick), use pbm_rbuttondblclk
For lbuttonup, use pbm_lbuttonup.

215633 7.0.2 Maintenance update CD (contains all updates, InfoMaker, Desktop, Professional, Enterprise to go from 7.0 or 7.0.1 to 7.0.2) doesn't update PB Professional 7.0 to 7.0.2. When running setup, you receive the error:

"You do not have the required version of 7.0 or 7.0.1 Enterprise installed on your machine. Please install those products and then run PowerBuilder 7 maintenance setup again."

The artwork on the CDs is wrong. PB Professional and Desktop customers and InfoMaker customers can download the "PowerBuilder 7.0.2 EBF#2" from "MySybase". These customers must already be using PB 7.0x in order to apply this EBF (PB 6.x customers need to upgrade to version 7).

215642 7.0 Regression. User object painter is crashing in PBVM70.DLL when working with a custom visual user object "a". If you first delete one nested object "b" from "a" and then insert another custom visual user object "c" to replace "b" and "c" contains a treeview, when you try to save the object, it crashes.

NOTE: Custom Visual User Objects "b" and "c" have a common ancestor.

215653 Win95B/Win98 GPF in PBDWE60.DLL/PBDWE70.DLL manipulating Scale MinimumValue on Value Axis (changing it to anything but zero and trying to save). This does not happen on Win95a machines or NT 4.0.

Workaround: Export the datawindow and change the value manually and re-import.

215673 A com object created in pb 6.5.1 (build 1173) fails
when running in MTS. The following error is given in the browser:
error 'ASP 0115'
Unexpected error

The com object is just creating and destroying a datastore.

The problem happens when the com object is registered and installed
under IIS. Happens when the package properties "run in separate
memory space (isolated process)" is unchecked. Works ok when checked.

215706 Fonts are not correctly printed (PB 6 and PB 7) for a driver called "Tharo Gemini " on windows 95
Works fine on Windows NT
Works fine on Windows NT and windows 95 when using PB V5
215720 This problem appears for outer join syntax using ODBC interface connection to Oracle database and NOT for PB NATIVE Oracle database connection.
"Outer join" construct is a standard method in SQL.

The PB 7.x error msg when try to preview an SQL query with an outer join is:-
[Oracle][ODBC Oracle Driver][Oracle OCI]ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended.

215722 Having the option 'Show Focus Rectangle' for a datawindow column object will replace the EditMask format with 'yes'. Turning the option off will change it to 'no'
215753 6.5.1 Regression. Grid lines in grid datawindow not correct at runtime. In 6.5 444, both used "AppWrkSpace" (application workspace) color for development and runtime. In 6.5.1 and above, it uses "AppWrkSpace" in the painter but ButtonFace at runtime.
215775 Problem: Oracle -Datawindow retrieval with comma decimal separator does not work if DisableBind is not set to 1.
215781 breakpoints set in the scriptpainters could disappears if changing code of an object
215812 OLE object connected to Word: oleobject.Selection.HomeKey(6) leaks memory.
Use tempory oleobject for oleobject.Selection to avoid the leak.
215813 Enhancement request to re-instate "reset properties" in PowerBuilder 7.x

The following should also be included in this enhancement request:

There should be the possibility to select the individual items to reset instead of a global reset.

215866 Unable to open existing Jaguar Component project object. The error is: "Unable to open this project because the add-on software was used to create it could not be found. Perhaps this project was build on anther system?"

The reason is PowerBuilder found PBVM and PBDWE on the path somewhere BUT NOT IN THE SAME DIRECTORY as PBCOM70.DLL or PBJCG70.DLL (the Jaguar component generator DLL is). This seems to be a requirement to build or look at an existing project.

- Check your system for duplicates.
- With PB running and the error message up., run listdlls > list.txt and see where it's finding PBDWE and PBVM. Rename or delete them. Set up your path so the DLLs are in the same directory.

215869 If you have an EditMask of DD/MM/YY on PowerBuilder 6.5 for Solaris. You are not able to populate the DD section of the date field until you have populated the MM section of the date field.
215884 When bringing up the datawindow sort dialogue in runtime, the dialogue does not have a horizontal scrollbar. In development, this same sort dialogue has a horizontal scrollbar.

This is a problem when the table names are long with same prefix.

215886 Jaguar 3.5 error running a PB component. Related somewhat to CR173311. Getting "bad run time function reference." or R0094 Application terminated "corba system exception: corba_internal at line xxx calling the remote object from a client application."
CR173311 was the general pass by ref (since fixed). This has a twist in that the argument passed to jag is then again passed by reference to an External DLL.

The workaround is to have the remote function argument described as "by value".

215969 Date datatype editmask 'day' part allows values 44,55,66,77,88,99 till 'month' part evaluated
This is a problem for PB6.x only.
For PB7.x, the user entry cursor validates at the first digit position of the editmask 'dd/mm/yyyy' when numeric
keys 4 - 9 are pressed.
215993 If you have any text/computed field in a DataWindow footer with build 8004 of PowerBuilder 7.0.2 onwards and you try and enable the HSplitScroll property in the DataWindow control. The text/computed field will no longer be visible.
215997 When application uses syntax to dynamically create a sorted group dw and then the syntax is retrieved through either dot notation or through a describe the resulting syntax is missing the sort information making it hard for the customer to modify the sort criteria dynamically without building the syntax anew each time.
216037 WebDW cannot handle DateTime retrieval arguments.

The code inside the of_convert_value function does not properly handle a DateTime value.
All strings are passed in as a string containing both the date and time. The current code tries to use this string without parsing it first. Therefore, the value is dectected as an invalid date, causing a result of 01/01/1900 00:00:00.

Following is the current code, and a potential code fix.
Within nv_retrieval_arg of_convert_value function, here is the problem code:
date ld_date
time lt_time
ld_date = Date(as_passedValue)
lt_time = Time(as_passedValue)
aa_newValue = DateTime(ld_date, lt_time)

This will always result in aa_newValue as 01/01/1900 00:00:00, since both the Date and Time functions will detect as_passedValue as invalid. The Date function expects a string containing only a date, and the Time function expects a string containing only a time. Therefore, there needs to be logic to parse the as_passedValue string, to extract out the date and time portions seperatly.

Here is new code to fix the problem:


date ld_date
time lt_time
string ls_date, ls_time
char c[]

// convert he passed string into a character array
c = as_passedvalue

// parse characters to extract date, until find a space
integer li_ndx = 1
DO WHILE ( li_ndx <= 10 )
if c[li_ndx] = " " then exit
ls_date+= string(c[li_ndx])

// parse rest of characters to extract time
integer li_length = 1
DO WHILE ( li_length <= 8 )
ls_time+= string(c[li_ndx])

// use the extracted date and time strings to create a DateTime value
ld_date = Date(ls_date)
lt_time = Time(ls_time)
aa_newValue = DateTime(ld_date, lt_time)

216095 This is a problem for PB7.x .
PB6.x is stable.
PB produces an application error (gpf's) for this circumstance :-
Create new crosstab dw wizard {Manipulating number of columns in the "column" OR "rows" part of the crosstab definition is unstable.}
216105 Spin control icon overlaying data at smaller editmask heights.
Verified fixed in 7.0.2 build 9023.
216115 In the DW painter:
The problem is that the graph dw properties, tabpage "Axis" does not redisplay the "sort" property
and it's attribute value after a change has been made.
However if the dw object is saved and closed, then re-opened in the painter, the "sort" property is viewable and enabled.

This is a regression problem for post PB7.02MR ;
PB6.x and pre-release PB8.x do not exhibit this problem.

216182 phonenumber style editmask not working. Mask (###) ###-#### cursor can be placed before parentheses. First character is dropped when typing from this position.
216196 In the DW painter:
The problem is that PB gets an application error when tabpage focus is changed and "Axis" tabpage properties toggled. These are the following steps to reproduce the error.

a)Connect to EASDemo db
b)Create New -> Graph -> SQL Select -> Next.
c)From table "employee", select columns emp_lname, state
d)Set category to be "state"
e)Set value to be "count(emp_lname for graph)". Save dw.
f)Select dw properties, choose tabpage "Axis"
g)Change "Axis" property to "category" (ddlb)

h)Change "sort" property to a different choice from the existing one- unsorted/ascending/descending
i)Change focus to a different tabpage.
j)Return/change focus to "Axis"
k)Change "axis" property to "Value" instead of "Category"
GPF in module PBVM70.dll ;

216198 A PowerBuilder-Built COM object works fine called from a PowerBuilder client crashes (Exceptions) out at RtlSizeHeap( b60000, 1090020 ) when running the Visual C++ 6.0 client executable calling the same PowerBuilder COM object. The VC++ application then crashes with a box "OleMainThreadWndName: Comtest.exe - Application error. The instruction at 0x00b49ca1 referenced memory at 0x00000008 could not be read. Click OK to terminate the application..
216218 An array element as a reference variable used to access an nvo constant, fails.
216277 7.0 Regression. MinimumValue/MaximumValue on value axis of a graph datawindow (or graph object on a datawindow) is limited to 65535. Follow on from CR215653. There was a 2 billion limit to these spin controls for the value axis in 6.5
216279 Documentation Issue: Online Help: PWDialog for Oracle is not listed as a valid dbParm.
216293 An html dw page shows different results in the browser
than what's in dwmine.context after a priorpage,nextpage,pagefirst,pagelast
thru javascript.

From the html page if you insert 2 empty rows and then populate the columns
except the primary key column and then hit the prior page button, the page
refreshes but the last row inserted is empty. If all columns are populated
(including the primary key) and then hit prior page than all the data is retained
in the html page.

216303 Can't save a userobject with a user event that references an array argument.
216447 7.0 Regression. Crosstab and Graph datawindow types do not allow the user to complete the datawindow when using retrieval arguments AND SYNTAX MODE when creating a NEW datawindow. This worked fine in 6.5 and you got the crosstab definition dialog. When using retrieval arguments and SYNTAX MODE, the 7.0 wizard page equivalent of the crosstab or graph definition dialog has no data in it.

This "Syntax mode" is often required on complex SQL that can't be painted and might be pasted in from another datawindow where the user wants a Crosstab presentation of the same select shown already in, say, a tabular.

The workaround to perhaps use a real number or value (the dept_id = 100 below):
select dept_id,etc, etc from department where dept_id = 100

and going back to add the retrieval argument later doesn't work either since 7.0.2 8025 now GPFs in PBDWP70.DLL at the last stage (after the "Define Crosstab Rows, Columns, Values" wizard page while actually creating the crosstab.) This means you can't create a crosstab in syntax mode even if it doesn't use a retrieval argument.

216460 Enhancement - MAPI - Add the ability to read messages from folders other than the inbox.
216528 If GetFullState is used with a datawindow or datastore which contains a nested dw with more than 20 args PB crashes. Reproduced in PB 6, 7 and 8.
With 7.02.8025 it crashes PBVM at 015f:113ec066
Same code with a composite dw will also crash
Same code with 20 or less args also works OK.
216529 if you create a composite dw and you add a nested report with not used retrieval arguments or if you add later a new retrieval argument, the dw painter causes gpf if you click on nested report to view the properties. This could be similar to CR 213152 & CR 209335.

- After adding the new retrieval argument to the nested report export the composite datawindow
- edit the exportfile of the composite datawindow and delete the retrievalarguments - for example:
a) nest_arguments=((" id ")) in a row starting with "report".
b) delete -> nest_arguments=((" id "))
c) save the exported report
- import the composite dw into PB again
- reassign the retrieval arguments in the composite dw

216535 For a background to this problem see CRs 148750, 154422, 193974 and 207244 (very closely related to this case).

When a datawindow column has a dddw associated with a date column AND the 'allow edit' property is checked
the following behaviour occurs:

If the date entered corresponds to a date in the dddw list of values everything works fine.
If the date does NOT correspond to a date in the dddw list one of the following will occur:

When 'always show arrow' selected - the date appears in format yyyy-mm-dd when the column has focus and also when focus moves to another column (this is CR 207244)

When 'always show arrow' selected - the date appears in format yyyy-mm-dd ONLY when the column has focus then it returns to the system shortdate.

Other CRs for this problem have concentrated on trying to make it possible to specify an edit mask for a dddw
This CR is being created to ask for that hardcoded date format of yyyy-mm-dd be changed to either the system shortdate or is made configurable in some way (ie in pb.ini/registry or a checkbox for the dddw properties).

216619 When a datawindow is in query mode, columns of edit style dropdowndatawindow do not collapse when you click on other columns in the dw ONLY IF THE UPPER case conversion is set on.
PB 6.x only : Then, if you choose an item of the DDDW, it fires a gpf
216630 7.02 Regression

Cut and paste from one string field in a datawindow into another. If only part of the string is selected, the copy and paste will still take the entire field instead of only the part selected. Problem is with the copy/clipboard functions

216631 Memory leaks using datawindow dot notation. Workaround is to use dw.Describe.
216640 6.0/6.5 Regression. PSR file generation -SaveAs(PSReport!) - spins PB 6.5 with no output and gives "out of memory" message in 7.0 and crashes when table has around 300,000 rows. In some cases, depending on your configuration, this can happen with a fewer number of rows (75000). A small PSR file will be created (maybe 40-80k bytes) and the system just keeps spinning and using up Virtual Memory. In 5.0, the file saved very quickly (15-20 seconds) - you could hear the disk writing - and there was no use of virtual memory.

There is another similar 'out of memory' problem 6.0 in
CR211553-6.0 Regression. Large retrievals and/or imports into datawindow result in 'Out of Memory'. These two bugs are not directly related.

Fixed in 6.5 builds > 1195 and in 7.0.2 ebf builds > 8033.

216725 7.0 Regression. Datetime or time editmask shows 'tt' in mask (part of the control panel regional settings for time mask) when it shouldn't. This happens in the datawindow and window editmask when using
[time] or [date][time], the defaults..

Notice the Control Panel Regional Settings for Time are 'hh:mm:ss tt'

Workaround: In 7.0,
Datetime columns: Change the editmask from [date][time] to
mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM

Time columns: Change [time] editmask to 'hh:mm:ss AM/PM'

216812 Desc-
The problem is that the fontcharset does not get translated correctly for some
text entry properties.
This CR is concerned with the East European Charset (CE) and Polish(214) keyboard setting.
The incorrect conversions display as upside-down question mark symbol and
small subscript numbers(see htm source code file below for wrong character
216819 A memory leak occurs with the use of dot notation while parsing through the rows in the DW. The rows have to be NULL and if the datatype of the column is time related i.e. time, timestamp, date and datetime.

There is no problem if the value in the column is NOT NULL.

The following section of code is used to demonstrate the memory leak:

ll_rows = dw_1.rowcount()
do while ll_counter <= ll_rows

216847 Jaguar server crashes with the following error in the
jaguar server console:
SmartHeap error handler recursively re-entered
Abort, Ignore?

Problem happens using a date field and then doing a insert and update. Problem
happens using jds and o84 driver.

216894 Real/Double conversion using Dec() - precision displays differently if cast into a Decimal datatype (rather than a Decimal{n} datatype.

decimal test
real r1,r2

The first one will have 12 decimal places, the second 13.

Workaround: Use Decimal{n} in PowerScript to specify exact precision.


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