SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(9)

随着Sybase被完全整合到SAP下,Sybase原来的支持网站被SAP Support Portal取代。
只有购买了SAP服务的用户才能使用账号登录SAP Support Portal进行介质下载、补丁升级、报Incident等。
考虑到Sybase数据库的初学者或者没有购买原厂服务的Sybase客户情况,现提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息。
在SAP Support Portal网站或者google上搜索Targeted CR List for ASE,可以看到针对不同版本的CR(CR表示Change Request)简单描述信息列表。
需要注意的是:Targeted CR List for ASE列出的CR虽然绝大多数是BUG,但有一些是更改需求。
以下提供SAP ASE/IQ/RS/SDK/SQL Anywhere/PB等产品的BUG信息!

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Adaptive Server Enterprise的所有已知BUG列表(9)

776152 The message "current process infected with 11 (SIGSEGV)" in the module 慸bts_ptscmp� together with a stack trace which includes the modules 憈h_lct_admin� and 憂um_logpages� may be reported in the SAP ASE error log when the lct_admin() built-in is used to get total number of log pages for databases with mixed log and data segments.
776153 Master db replication of passwords do not allow utilization of pwdhistory table at the replicate site.
776170 A 622 error, "Opentable was passed a varno of 0. Object <> in database <> already has that session descriptor in use. This occured while opening object id <> in database id <>.", together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'crt_main' and 'sdes_hookup' may be reported in the error log when CREATE TABLE following ONLINE CREATE INDEX on a hot table is executed.
776176 A 1142 error, "Invalid OAM Page <oampgid>. Found pstat=<page_status>, object=<objid>, database=<dbid>, indid=<indid>.", may be reported when CREATE INDEX and DROP INDEX commands are executed in a user transaction and while the database option 'ddl in tran' is enabled.
776222 A 644 error, "Index row entry for data row id (<page#>, <row#>) is missing from index page <page#> of index id <value> of table '<name>' in database 'name'. Xactid is (<page#>,<row#>) ). Drop and re-create the index.", may be reported on little-endian platforms when a clustered index on a Data Only Locked table permits duplicate keys and the index refers to pages of which the hex value of lowest two bytes is 0xffff.
776266 In rare cases, a 1503 error, "Sort Internal Error: The Root page of right/left sub-index tree is missing." may be reported if LAVA parallel index creation is ongoing and one of the child thread is killed by SQL command: "KILL <spid>".
776348 After installing HADR or Warm Standby Replication, materialization may fail or permission errors may occur on the standby server for privileged logins.
776357 internal only
776402 In rare circumstances a server hung might be related to access CIS tables in remote MS server.
776409 In rare circumstances a task may not be able to abort its current active transactions and hang when sp_hadr_admin deactivate was issued by another task. The task will appear to hang in the module 'stack_abort' followed by the modules 'getpage_with_validation' and 'hadr_endxacts'.
776418 Error 442, Maximum number of user tables under all sides of a UNION statement can not exceed 512. Please simplify the query and retry.

The number of allowed open tables has been increased from 512 to 2048. This should help with union queries which have many sides of a union, and the number of total tables in the from list or inside views exceed 512. This should also help avoid sort nodes with hyper partitioned tables with a local index in which an ORDER BY is performed on the index key.

776433 ASE Agent Plugin shows incorrect version string
776454 sp_dump_history creates history file despite dump hist disabled
776470 When upgrading ASE from versions prior to 16.0 SP0 PL5, if configuration option "enable functionality group" is set to 1 then it can happen that not all members of functionality group are enabled by default.
776539 The fact_table hint is disregarded for snowflake queries when one of the

dimension tables is larger than the hinted central fact table. This limitation

is eliminated when the relax_fact_table_hint optcriteria is enabled.

776549 The message "Assertion(!"xfep->xfe_up_skip_in_clr_ctr < 0") failed' in the module 'rec_undo_log' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'online_database' and 'rec_onlinetime' may be reported in the SAP ASE error log if the diagserver binary is used, duting ONLINE DATABASE recovery after loading a database dump that contained CREATE INDEX rolled back operations and the database had the option "ddl in tran" enabled.
776601 In rare circumstances executing stored procedure and uodates a table might hit the Signal 11 in memmove() in ASE 15.7 SP130
776653 An invalid record with dump type 6 will be added to the dump history file when the option 'dump history' is enabled and a DUMP TRANSACTION WITH STANDBY_ACCESS is executed.
776684 Error message 692 may be raised when table OAM scan is used in a long transaction if database option "ddl in tran" is enabled and a clustered index is created before the table OAM scan under the same long transaction. The message says "Uninitialized logical page '<page_id>' was read while accessing database '<database_name>' (<db_id>), object '<table_name>'(<object_id>), index '<index_name>' (<index_id>), partition '<partition_name>' (<partition_id>). Please contact Sybase Technical Support."
776692 suser_name() may display incorrect user name after a cross database execute as owner stored procedure is executed from a parent stored procedure.
776700 In rare circumstances executing a LWP and INSERT might hit the error 2622, state 4 of Insufficient room on this page to insert a row.
776748 In rare circumstances, Adaptive Server may hang as a result of an undetected self-deadlock for a process that is doing DUMP DATABASE if the database option 慳llow incremental dumps� is enabled.
776755 FX Purge done after noon purges all rates loaded for the day.
776796 When Granular Permissions is enabled, a user with CHANGE PASSWORD privilege but not

MANAGE ANY LOGIN privilege fails to change another user's password with the

following error:

Msg 10331, Level 14, State 2:

Line 1:

Permission denied, database master, owner dbo. You need the following

permission(s) to run this command: MANAGE ANY LOGIN.

776827 In a HADR configured ASE, msg 3957 - 揘ew transaction cannot be started due to an ongoing HADR deactivate operation. The command could not be completed� is raised even after completing deactivation, i.e. server is in inactive state. The message text in this case is incorrect.
776846 In rare circumstances the server is constantly getting 3475 error, even after fixing the logfree space.
776950 Inserting an empty string value as a variable into a table that does not allow NULLs will incorrectly fail with Msg 515, "Attempt to insert NULL value into column ...; column does not allow nulls"
776952 ASE does not print transaction info to the error log when HADR deactivation (sp_hadr_admin 'deactivate') fails due to active transactions.
776981 User with sso_role can not create database encryption key when granular permission is enabled.
777035 insert, update and delete can silently fail on tables with triggers which have been renamed using sp_rename.
777062 Unbinding an object which is made as hot des with dbcc tune(des_bind) would require database to be in single user mode.
777087 sortkey(sjisbin/eucjisbn) function in an order by clause doesn't make the result set sorted correctly if the sorted column contains a WAVE DASH (0x8160 in sjis and 0xA1C1 in eucjis) or a MINUS SIGN (0x817c in sjis and 0xA1DD in eucjis) and etc.
777104 auditinit failed load messages during startup on ibmaix, solaris and hpia.
777205 In rare circumstances, timeslice error might be reported when running query on monCachedStatement.
777210 A 631 error, "The length of <> passed to delete row routine for the row at offset <> is incorrect on the following page of database '<>' ... The offset should be no greater than <>.", in the module 'rec_undo_session' together with a stack trace which includes the modules 'LeBulkOpOpen' and 'xact_rollback' may be reported in the error log when a table is encrypted and eligible for incremental transfer and BCP utility is used to load data into it.
777250 Re-materialization for all databases is no longer supported even though the GUI text says so on Disaster Recovery dialog.
777296 940 error when running a stored procedure
777308 The message 揑NTERNAL ERROR #74051 CAP Parser 厰 may be reported in the SAP SRS error log while data for a table that has default not-null non-materialized columns is replicated from SAP ASE and the streaming replication is enabled. This error will cause the replication stream with SAP ASE to be stopped.
777489 In rare circumstances the signal 11 may occur when executing LWP in parallel in ASE 16.0 GA PL05.
777553 Undetected deadlock involving dbcc checkalloc(sybsecurity) and audit process
777813 Stacktrace when online parallel create index with non-empty DOL table which first partition is empty.


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